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#rockbox log for 2007-08-07

00:00:46sarixewhy? it's good to panic, isn't it?
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00:01:15krazykitno, because it's a reference to the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy :D
00:01:23krazykitwe can put it in big, friendly letters
00:01:28bluebrotheryeah :)
00:01:49*bluebrother just read the "my ipod if f***ed up" thread in the forums ...
00:01:52sarixewhy didn't i get that the first time?
00:02:14bluebrotheror add a big don't panic tab in rbutil that gets shown upon startup?
00:02:22bluebrotheror even a splash screen? ;-)
00:04:30LloreanJdGordon: I didn't know that was the official reason for nothing on short record.
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00:04:49n1spetur: hmm, I might have confused bitswap and byteswap before, it was the bitswap for swcodec that I removed, does the voice file work ok on your h300 and did voice work ok in the sim before i butchered it?
00:05:21peturno idea, I'm not into voice...
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00:07:20sarixeeither way... is there a way to make rockbox skip to the next zero crossing in order to make songs gapless that aren't already?
00:07:38n1ssarixe: no
00:07:42 Join maffe [0] (
00:07:57JdGordonLlorean: but, I like the idea
00:08:03JdGordonanyway, breaky time
00:08:16LloreanThe "short record for backlight" or the "User Folder" idea?
00:08:33sarixewould it be relatively easy to implement, n1s, do you know?
00:09:08sarixeor anyone else?
00:09:11n1ssarixe: i don't know if it's easy but it is not a wanted feature
00:09:30Lloreann1s: I think people are okay with a gap removal feature if it's optional, and fairly slim.
00:09:46n1sLlorean: but i'm grumpy ;-)
00:10:00sarixewell, i'm thinking along the lines of xmms's gapless plugin, just stripped down a bit
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00:10:51amiconnThe 2nd gen seems to come with one of 2 different lcd panels which need slightly different power setup in the controller
00:10:59n1sand I think it's simply not rockbox' job to fix broken files, just as we don't support id3 in oggs and whatnot
00:11:40amiconnIt needs an obscure check in the memory controller register range to distinguish them
00:11:55n1samiconn: anything else you think should be done regarding voice while it's hot?
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00:12:02*amiconn hopes is other 2nd gen (out of reach atm) has the other lcd type to verify this check
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00:12:26LloreanThat would be a stroke of luck to come from accidentally ending up with two
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00:14:15sarixeso then... i guess i'll get to work on a gap remover...
00:14:44sarixehaving no experience with the source other than building it
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00:16:33amiconnn1s: Build scripts for cygwin+sapi...
00:16:48*amiconn can't test voice atm
00:17:07sarixehaving no experience with ever programming any (multi)media software, how hard would it be for me to come up with a gapless player?
00:18:04n1samiconn: unfortunately I can't work on that since I have neither windows nor a sapi engine... I think pondlife was looking at it though
00:18:21sarixeor rather, gapless fixer (skipping to zero crossings)
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00:29:41markunsaratoga: still here?
00:30:27toffe82:) wrong window
00:30:48 Join inversion [0] (n=none@
00:31:10saratogamarkun: yeah whats up
00:31:21markunsaratoga: shall i commit this?
00:31:44markunor is there a reason you didn't do it this way?
00:33:23markunmaybe the 'ugly' comment needs to go too?
00:33:46markunand I will remove 'a'
00:34:07saratogamarkun: yeah I'm fine with it
00:34:17saratogadid you notice a speedup?
00:34:33saratogai originally did it like that because I didn't realize rockbox could take higher precision
00:34:46saratogapreglow suggested removing that step ages ago, and i forgot about it
00:35:01saratogai'd say remove the comment too
00:35:29markunsaratoga: I didn't check if there was a speedup, will do that
00:37:27amiconnG3 ROM LCD init uses structs with pointers to structs :(
00:39:24 Join jordan912003 [0] (n=viki_vik@
00:39:34jordan912003hey, can someone help me with something pls
00:40:44markunjordan912003: just ask
00:42:05preglowthere will be a speedup
00:42:07preglowalmost certainly
00:42:20preglowi've optimised codecs this way before
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00:47:50preglowsaratoga: can you fit the decode buffer in with 32 bit accuracy, though? i can't remember if the decode buffer already is in iram, but i assume it is, since you split up the superframe decode
00:49:34 Quit ender` (" I spilled Spot Remover on my dog... Now he's gone.")
00:51:58 Part n1s
00:54:19markunpreglow, saratoga: with and without about 484% on my F40
00:54:27markunso no difference
00:54:33preglowyou're in gigabeat, you don't count :P
00:54:36preglowon too
00:55:31saratogapreglow: no its not in IRAM anyway
00:55:46preglowit's usually worth putting it there
00:55:49 Quit Febs_ ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
00:56:32saratogaat 32 bit it wouldn't fit
00:56:50saratogathat'd be 4*2048*2=16kb
00:56:55preglowwhat size is it? 8192*2*sizeof(sample) ?
00:57:01preglowahh, yeah
00:57:14saratogai've got about 12KB left I think
00:57:26saratogathough maybe I can reuse one of the old buffers
00:57:50saratogai'll look and see if it can be shared with the memory used as input into the iMDCT
00:59:32 Quit jordan912003 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:00:42saratogapreglow: can you look at the memset at line 1563 and tell me if that does anything?
01:01:16saratogaoh never mind
01:01:39preglowcan do :)
01:02:05 Join daugustine [0] (
01:02:09saratogapreglow: i've got to test it, but i think i can just use s->coefs for input to the decode block function and output
01:02:25saratogain which case the whole thing could be in IRAM
01:02:38preglowthat would rock indeed
01:03:36markunsaratoga, preglow: so should I commit it?
01:03:44preglowmarkun: if it sounds the same, then go
01:03:53markunit does
01:03:56preglowmarkun: but please do a sim -debugaudio comparison
01:04:01preglowif you can be bothered
01:04:13saratogamarkun: seems like a good idea to me
01:04:17markunthe sim didn't build here for a while. Will try again.
01:06:05 Join elinenbe [0] (
01:06:27preglowin bed!
01:16:54markunpreglow: they differ. Is there a small tool to compare how much they differ?
01:17:35markunsaratoga: do you know?
01:18:34preglowi usually just use cool edit to compare by subtracting one from the other :/
01:18:46preglowbut them differing doesn't surprise me very much
01:19:01preglowbut they shouldn't differ by large amounts
01:19:03preglowjust a bit or two
01:19:06preglowpreferably jus tone
01:19:10markunI know, but how to check..
01:20:09preglowif just .raw files, just make a quick program to decode the files as 16 bit ints and do a quick subtract and printf yourself :>
01:20:24markuncould do that
01:20:31preglowmight actually be the quickest
01:20:34 Join hannesd_ [0] (
01:20:37markunI'll check the freebsd ports first
01:20:49saratogamarkun: I use matlab
01:20:54preglowi've yet to find a good open source sound editor, so i've never really performed the task in linux
01:20:58preglowmarkun: or octave
01:21:05preglowmarkun: wavread() should do the job
01:21:05markunah yes, octave
01:21:14preglowgood idea, that
01:21:15saratogax1 = wavread('test.wav');
01:21:34saratogaplot the diff
01:22:13markunhm, for octave it's going to compile gcc42 first :(
01:22:18markunI'll do it some other time
01:22:26preglowi remember why i hate ports, now
01:22:58markunin case one of you wants to check it for me:
01:23:09markunI can also host the .raw files
01:23:16preglowi did, and it looks ok as far as i can tell
01:23:28elinenbedoes anyone know the battery life with Jens recent commit?
01:23:31markunno, I mean check the difference
01:24:25preglowi can't, linux
01:24:38preglowand going to bed pretty much asap to boot
01:24:45markunme too
01:27:26saratogamarkun: got to head across the street to get my sansa
01:27:43saratogaactually, i can probably run the sim from here
01:27:46saratogai'll check now
01:29:09markunI found a tool to compare audio files
01:32:17saratogamarkun: you're off by 1 bits rounding error
01:32:27saratogajust commit it
01:34:39 Part toffe82
01:34:50 Join SeanInglis [0] (i=3ea4f633@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:35:05markunsaratoga: will you be stay here to fix any problems? I really need to get some sleep..
01:36:24SeanInglisamiconn: Noticed your remark re Rio Karma and possible port. I have a 30Gb I don't use any more (broken scroll wheel, cosmetic damage) that I'd be willing to donate if you think it would help
01:36:39 Quit hannesd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:36:40 Nick hannesd_ is now known as hannesd (
01:37:31 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
01:38:00SeanInglisIncidentally, the Rio Karma OF *is* excellent, but the lack of drag-and-drop from the client is an irritation. ISTR that reflashing it is not a simple matter - for details.
01:41:43 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
01:42:13saratogamarkun: sure, i'm just starting for the day
01:43:00zei've been dreaming of rockbox on a karma for years... its original firmware is indeed very good, but i'd still take rockbox any day
01:43:28zeespecially if it could make better use of the ethernet port :p
01:43:42saratogano IP stack in rockbox, so probably not
01:43:47zeand the display
01:43:49saratogaunless you're intersted in writing one
01:47:11zewell ya know
01:47:21zei'm still skeptical about rockbox ever making it onto the karma :/
01:48:18zegetting it to accept new firmware is a stumbling block i haven't heard of any progress on
01:48:29zethough *shrug* maybe the right people just haven't tried yet :p
01:49:28krazykitze, i dunno, the karma's a dead player anyway
01:49:31krazykitsadly :-(
01:49:54krazykitit's hard enough to frankenstein them together anyway
01:51:05 Quit Galois (Remote closed the connection)
01:51:14 Join Galois [0] (
01:53:01SeanInglisMy Marma is well-worn and no longer used. Had a Rio Carbon, a Sport and a couple of Forge's - all spot on. F40 + RockBox is near perfect now, at least if I ignore the touchpad and use the remote. The touch-sensitive cross is bloody awful.
01:53:29LloreanIt works pretty well if you treat it like buttons, rather than like something touch-sensitive.
01:53:33SeanInglisAnd my *Karma* is even *more* weathered.
01:54:29krazykitman, it'd be sweet to have rockbox on the carbon... i might have to look into what kind of guts it has, see if it'd be somewhat possible
01:55:01SeanInglisLLorean: I wondered if perhaps I was just being too gentle, but I' a bit paranoid about using too much force and sticking it "on" is some direction. Remote use is very well thought out, so I'm happy :-)
01:55:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:55:33LloreanYou don't have to be very gentle. I mean, excessive force is bad, but you can apply about as much as you do to the side buttons.
01:59:10SeanInglisAh, and if I follow your advice and bust it, you'll give me a refund on RockBox, right? :-) Trouble is it's still a bit too shiny - I need to scratch it up a bit and all will be well.
02:01:15krazykiti've pushed them pretty hard. you'd pretty much have to work very hard to hurt it
02:02:22 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC")
02:04:03LloreanIf a Gigabeat F is too shiny, good thing you didn't get the X.
02:04:18LloreanThey have silver/chrome-looking bits
02:05:21SeanIngliskrazykit: Then I will relax and start using a toffee-hammer.
02:06:20krazykitthat would be work ;-)
02:06:41krazykitthough i can't say i actually know what a toffee hammer is...
02:07:33SeanInglisLlorean: A narrow escape (due solely to ignorance - didn't know there was an X-series). Anyway if the old Karma is any use to devs, you're welcome to it (PM mrsean2k). Night all.
02:07:37 Join BobShield [0] (
02:07:42 Part SeanInglis
02:07:58krazykitoh man, i could get an 80 gig drive for my gigabeat
02:09:36 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:09:37LloreanIn the case of 40gb Gigabeats, it's pretty much cheaper just to buy two more.
02:10:09krazykitsomehow, that doesn't surprise me
02:10:33krazykitaccording to froogle, more like 4 f40s.
02:11:49 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
02:11:53 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
02:12:18krazykitand it's not worth 100 bucks to get the 60 gig drive. alas.
02:12:33 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:24:21Soap_Where did you order your S60 from, Llorean?
02:24:21 Quit Llorean (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:24:22 Join Llorea1 [0] (
02:25:45Soap_and you don't think SeanInglis knew how punny he was being saying "toffe(e) hammer" do you? Esp. when talking about zhigabeats?
02:29:35 Quit Soap_ ()
02:29:59 Join Soap [0] (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
02:31:02 Part maffe
02:31:44 Join maffe [0] (
02:47:01saratogai need help with pointers
02:47:29saratogai changed a struct member from this:
02:47:38saratogafixed32 frame_out[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE * 2];
02:47:41saratogato this
02:47:44saratogafixed32 (*frame_out)[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE * 2];
02:47:51saratoganow i can't seem to dereference it correctly
02:53:05 Join tihoc4n [0] (
02:53:53saratogaheres what i got so far
02:54:05tihoc4n"Reduced battery consumption on PP5002 targets (iPod 1st/2nd gen and 3rd gen). Now rockbox battery runtime is better than OF, verified on 2nd gen :-)" Can someone explain what has been done? And How long is rockbox's runtime? :) Its good news!
02:54:12 Join Wofl [0] (
02:54:42saratogaamiconn made it so that voltage scaling works normally and the hd is switched fully off when its not used
02:54:52saratogamaybe some other things
02:56:00tihoc4nThats neat, so I'm assuming that later iPod targets are different, so this theory cannot be applied to them?
02:56:31saratogayes, the changes are onyl for the pp5002
02:56:47 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
02:57:02saratogaso anyone want to give me a hand with c ?
02:57:04tihoc4nIts still really good news
02:57:53Llorea1saratoga: What were you intending with that change?
02:59:52 Join aliask [0] (
03:01:15saratogaLlorea1: basically, i want to put something in IRAM, so I had to make a pointer to it rather then put it in the struct
03:01:44saratogaoriginally I had this
03:01:46saratogamemmove(&s->frame_out[ch][0], &s->frame_out[ch][s->frame_len], s->frame_len * sizeof(fixed32));
03:02:04saratogawhen I made frame_out a pointer in a struct, I changed it to this
03:02:22saratogamemmove(&(*(s->frame_out)[ch][0]), &(*(s->frame_out)[ch][s->frame_len]), s->frame_len * sizeof(fixed32));
03:02:36saratogawhich crashes
03:02:41Llorea1I think you don't need the *s
03:02:43Llorea1The first two
03:03:36 Join iamben [0] (
03:05:56 Nick Llorea1 is now known as Llorean (
03:07:33saratogahmm doesn't seem to make a difference either way
03:08:30 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
03:09:41LloreanTake the * and the & off.
03:09:52LloreanI didn't read the first line properly.
03:10:29LloreanMy brain is not working well right now
03:10:56saratogasame thing
03:11:02saratogai'm really bafffled on this one
03:12:37LloreanAs an array is a pointer anyway, why can't you just have the original pointer point to the location in IRAM?
03:12:52saratogaits because of how it gets linked together
03:13:24saratogaif i decalre it as int var[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE];
03:13:31saratogathen it ends up being continuous in the struct
03:13:49LloreanSo you need to put the array in IRAM, and a pointer to the array in the struct?
03:14:02saratogai've done this before
03:14:06saratogai don't know why its not working here
03:14:44LloreanWhy then not just "fixed32 (*frame_out)" without the []s?
03:15:07LloreanI'm not sure I see how they're necessary.
03:15:11saratogathat would break the array notation
03:15:33saratogai'd end up with a 1D array that was really long instead of the 2D array
03:15:47LloreanAh, right.
03:15:53saratoga(learned that one the hard way)
03:15:53LloreanSomehow I never think in 2D array.
03:16:25LloreanAnd *(s->frame_out)[ch][0] gives the proper value?
03:21:14 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
03:22:40 Join Cruleworld [0] (i=4c100dd9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:23:41 Part tihoc4n
03:24:08saratogaLlorean: no it doesn't
03:24:16saratogaso i guess i'm setting this whole thing up wrong
03:24:42LloreanWhat does just s->frame_out[ch][0] give? An appropriate value or an address?
03:25:07CruleworldIs there a way to setup a server i'm paying for to make a custom build?
03:25:28krazykitCruleworld, depends. do you have root access to that server?
03:26:25saratogait gives a pointer
03:26:29krazykiter, assuming, of course, it's a *nix server.
03:27:12saratogaCruleworld: sure, i do all my rockbox work on a remote server
03:27:29Lloreansaratoga: Is it in the right location to be IRAM?
03:27:47saratogaLlorean: for now i'm just doing it on the PC so its not actually going into IRAM
03:28:08saratogai'll outline the whole process
03:28:34saratogai decalre this: fixed32 frameout[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE*2] IBSS_ATTR;
03:28:35 Join FOAD_ [0] (
03:28:50saratogainit the pointer like so: s->frame_out = &frameout;
03:29:17LloreanThen fixed32 frame_out[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE * 2]; should work
03:29:20LloreanWithout the *
03:29:21saratogaand the entry in the struct looks like this fixed32 (*frame_out)[MAX_CHANNELS][BLOCK_MAX_SIZE * 2];
03:30:12LloreanI think
03:30:18Cruleworldwhat do you mean root acess?
03:30:26Cruleworldand it is easy to setup?
03:30:26 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:30:27LloreanCruleworld: Shell access.
03:30:50Cruleworlddoesn't that require a deticated server?
03:30:54 Join Rob2222 [0] (
03:31:15saratogayou don't actually need root
03:31:27saratogathought its somewhat easier if you do
03:31:31iambeni build mine w/ my normal user account
03:31:32LloreanNot necessarily, though often they may not offer shell access unless you at least have a virtual server, out of security wishes
03:31:51iambenwhy would you need root?
03:32:22krazykitwell, you don't NEED root
03:32:33krazykitmakes it easier for toolchain stuff, i suppose
03:32:34Lloreansaratoga: Oddly enough I don't have any shell access to my hosting, but I do have the ability to set up a crontab. I guess I don't understand security or something, as to someone newish to Linux like me, it seems about the same level of access as a properly restricted shell account.
03:32:40iambenwhy would you want root?
03:32:50saratogayeah i don't have root either
03:33:04krazykitthe problem is, some web hosts don't have gcc available to users
03:33:07saratogathe only thing that was slightly annoying was running the shell script for installing rockbox
03:33:21Lloreaniamben: I think root helps when running depending on how you're configured.
03:33:29Cruleworldi'm using 1&1
03:33:48LloreanBut manual cross compiler install is pretty easy, if you read the documentation
03:34:47iambendoesnt work fine if you just specify a $prefix that you can write to?
03:35:00saratogaalright i'm simply too annoyed to work on this now, going to look into seeking
03:35:05Cruleworldi have no clue what any of you are talking about
03:35:09saratogaiamben: yes you can make it work
03:35:16saratogai forget how but it wasn't that difficult
03:35:18Cruleworldwho me?
03:35:20saratogait might even prompt you
03:35:35iambenits not like its an ugly hack to make it work, you are supposed to edit the script and change options before starting it
03:35:55saratogahence my remark about it being "slightly" more difficult
03:36:13iambenright, we're on the same page now =)
03:36:24Lloreaniamben: "You are able to". It's runnable without any options changed, as it's expected to help people who don't know the first thing about linux.
03:36:29Cruleworldsoh ow it is done?
03:36:46LloreanCruleworld: If you don't have shell access, it's not done.
03:38:02Cruleworlddern i don't have SSH
03:39:36saratogayeah i think yo'ure going to find runing a compiler on your server is pretty hard if you can't run anything on it
03:39:56 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:39:57 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
03:40:17Cruleworldi can run stuff, just not a compiler i guess
03:40:31Cruleworldi can run stuff just not a compiler
03:41:04 Join jhulst [0] (
03:41:14saratogawhat can you run
03:41:42Cruleworldother php and MYQL stuff
03:41:44krazykitthat's different.
03:42:03Cruleworldif i upgraded one more package up then i would be fine
03:42:32 Quit dandin1 ("goodnight")
03:42:35krazykitcheaper to install cygwin, really
03:44:27Cruleworldcan i run it though?
03:45:12iambencouldn't you get vmware player (free) and an image of ubuntu or fedora to run?
03:45:26Lloreaniamben: We provide an image for VMWare as it is.
03:45:29krazykitor the available debian image that's already set up
03:45:36iambenoh cool
03:45:42iambenim... new here
03:46:05Cruleworldi tried that but past getting the player installed i didn't get it
03:46:31Cruleworldwell i got it to boot into the os
03:46:42Cruleworldbut i couldn't figure out how to go any farther
03:46:46LloreanCruleworld: Well, compiling on a remote host is in fact more complicated than on VMWare
03:46:47Cruleworldso i uninstalled it
03:47:28 Join wandan [0] (
03:49:11LloreanWell, not "far", but at least mildly more complicated.
03:49:55wandanHaving a bit of an issue: sometimes when i boot rockbox on my sansa e200, it plays fine. Other times, it has(ERR) next to every song in a playlist. Other times it says "No Codec For" any song i have. But then i just reboot, and it somehow plays fine. If i try to open a text file, it may say "cannot find viewer", but then i reboot, andd it will work. Nothing is being modified between restarts, it seems purely random.
03:50:00krazykitthe vmware image should be dead simple.
03:50:16 Quit Insectoid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:50:43wandanMaybe a id3 tag priority issue?
03:50:54 Quit inversion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:51:36wandanAlso, the database will suddenly not be iniialized every once in a while, and then hang at "zero" when i try to index files.
03:51:58wandanbut then i reboot, and it is back to normal, but with something else not responding.
03:53:36wandanDoes anyone have any input?
03:53:55krazykitare you using the latest build?
03:54:59wandanYes, i just updated to the latest last night, and still same problems. been hapenning for about a week or so.
03:54:59 Quit Cruleworld ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
03:55:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:57:39Lloreanwandan: You're using official builds? Also, 'last night' isn't the latest build, as a heads up.
03:57:42wandanShould i run chdisk on my mp3 player? ..and will that delete my music?
03:58:09LloreanA check disk might be good, you should only lose files if they were corrupt anyway.
03:58:18wandanYeah, the rockbox build from how often are the builds updated?
03:58:28LloreanEvery time a change is made
03:58:34LloreanWhich can be as often as several dozen times a day
03:58:38wandanoh wow
03:59:00LloreanThe link that says "Current build" really does mean "Current" ;)
03:59:05wandani thought it migt be weekly at most
03:59:30wandanok. and should i use current, or daily build? def. not using bleeding.
03:59:42LloreanCurrent is the bleeding edge.
03:59:53LloreanWhy wouldn't you want to use the most up to date build?
04:00:10LloreanWe don't even link to the daily build page except as an archive for if the current builds aren't available for some reason.
04:00:17wandani read that the bleeding edge build is likely to have bugs
04:00:25krazykitno more likely than daily
04:00:45wandanso, use current build, not daily if possible.
04:00:51LloreanIf the daily build has a bug, you're stuck with it for 24 hours or unless you download an older one. If a current build has a serious bug, it's often likely to be fixed in the next build.
04:01:12LloreanAll the dailys are are the last "Current" build of that day.
04:01:38wandanSo its just for archival purposes.
04:02:11wandanIs there nothing that could be conflicting in my settings?
04:03:34LloreanNot like that.
04:04:03iambenwandan: you could make a backup of your .rockbox on your pc then start w/ a fresh rockbox install and see if its still broken
04:04:15wandanWill do
04:04:55 Join Rob222241 [0] (
04:04:57wandanI dont have any customizations really, except for one wps. Would that be the only thing i have to back up then?
04:06:34 Quit Spiorf_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:07:19iambenwell its only a couple of megs, i'd just copy the whole thing over so its easy to put back when you're done
04:08:05wandanand, if im not so good at compiling from source, am i SOL when it comes to patches?
04:09:35iambeni think so
04:11:43wandanah well.
04:15:53wandanhow many people officially have access to the website and update the current build? aka how many developers are there?
04:16:10 Join enyc_ [0] (
04:16:58LloreanUpdating the current build is different from having access to the website.
04:17:20LloreanBut there are a lot of people with commit access (updates the current build)
04:17:41wandan5? 30? 200?
04:18:23LloreanI think in the 50-60 range
04:18:43LloreanI know it's "more than 41" but I can't remember the current number
04:19:59 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:25:23Soapwandan: nobody manually uploads the current build.
04:25:52SoapIt is scripted to build automagicly whenever a developer commits a new bit of code to Rockbox
04:27:41 Quit enyc (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:28:18 Join tihoc4n [0] (
04:28:26Soapwhich is cool. Rockbox, unlike many other open-source projects doesn't require laymen to need to know how to compile to get the freshest changes avaliable.
04:29:54SoapThat being said, Rockbox does have excellent instructions and excellent tools avaliable for those who with to build their own. Really first-rate support for those who want to tinker.
04:30:05wandani see. but are some patches deemed necessary and incorpoated into the official build?
04:30:42Soappatches are those bits of code which /aren't/ in the official build.
04:31:35LloreanOnce they're incorporated, there's not a patch any more
04:31:56wandanfor example, sansa e200 rockboxdoesnt have native album art support. But you can get it thtough a patch. Does this mean the oficial build will neve have album art support/
04:32:12Soapbut who would call album art "necessary"?
04:32:32Soapit's pretty, it's nice. But Lord known it isn't essential.
04:32:51Soapbut you are mixing your tenses also.
04:33:03iambenlook at the plugins list, plenty of unnecessary stuff makes it into mainline =)
04:33:07Soapjust because Rockbox doesn't have album art now doesn't mean it won't in the future.
04:33:55 Quit spiorf ("Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)")
04:34:04midgeyspeaking of patches, has anyone given FS #7546 a try?
04:34:16tihoc4nIn my opinion, album art is a battery drainer that has little cosmetic use. I don't even use it in the OF firmware, there are others who share my opinion there.
04:35:43Soapre: 7546. I only have color targets midgey.
04:35:58midgeysame here, i had to do all testing on the sim
04:36:23iambentihoc4n: would the battery drain really be significant?
04:36:30midgeyi hope the new lcd code is faster, but there's a good chance it isnt...
04:37:16saratogawandan: theres a GSOC project to properly implement album art
04:37:26saratogathe patch will never be accepted as is, but a better one would be
04:37:46saratogaand no, album art will consume negligable battery life
04:38:11wandanGSOC? sounds familar...vaguely
04:38:26saratogaat least when properly implemented
04:38:39saratogathe current patch has been rejected because it does consume too much power
04:38:45Lloreantihoc4n: On a flash based player, album art probably won't make a noticeable difference in battery life.
04:38:48saratogaGoogle Summer of Code
04:41:36tihoc4nLlorean: yeah, but I'm using a HDD iPod, but its just personal preference anyway.
04:43:31Lloreantihoc4n: On an HD based player, it's entirely dependent upon filesize of the album art, then.
04:47:22tihoc4nLlorean: I think its just bad experiences with me then, I've used "iTunes Art Importer 0.9.2" and it downloads large images, so yeah.
04:47:36saratogaLlorean: what was the issue with the patch anyway? did it just preallocate enough memory for X pictures and then start reading the disk if you had more then X pictures to load before the next rebuffer?
04:47:52wandangotta go, thanks everyone
04:47:59 Quit wandan ()
04:48:48Lloreansaratoga: It just added a static buffer for the album image as part of the ID3 struct, I believe
04:48:58LloreanSo for every song, whether it had AA or not, a chunk of the buffer was used
04:50:06saratogawow thats really dumb
04:50:25saratogayou'd think they'd just put a pointer to a global buffer
04:50:38saratogaat least try to minimize the waste
04:51:03LloreanWell I'm not really sure
04:51:12LloreanBut honestly, we waste the same way with ID3 data don't we?
04:51:25LloreanWe reserve X bytes for all the tags, even if the tags are minimal.
04:51:28 Quit ToHellWithGA (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:52:26LloreanI'm not really familiar, so I'm really uncertain, I just remember hearing it described once.
04:52:54LloreanI mean, I'm pretty sure there was a point at which it spun up the disk every song to load the AA, early on. But memory is imperfect so I could be wrong about that too
04:53:45tihoc4nWho did the iPod 2nd Gen Runtime test? What is the current rockbox battery life?
04:54:31LloreanThere is no current overall battery life.
04:54:40LloreanThe 2nd Gen battery life should only matter to you if you're using a 2nd gen
04:55:28tihoc4n"verified on 2nd gen" I'm just interested on how much more efficient rockbox is on it.
04:56:03LloreanYes, the code should actually work on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen but hasn't been tested on all three
04:56:22LloreanIt won't affect newer iPods at all
04:56:49 Join Albright [0] (n=Albright@
04:57:23 Join iamben_ [0] (
04:57:27AlbrightIs the iPod 32MB release buggered?
04:57:35LloreanThere's no "release"
04:57:40LloreanSo, what are you talking about?
04:57:43AlbrightDaily build.
04:57:48AlbrightAll of them.
04:57:52AlbrightToday's, yesterday's...
04:58:00AlbrightThe earliest one on the page…
04:58:01tihoc4nI'm aware its just the earlier models, I'm just curious what it gives on that iPod, I know the OF runtime is 8Hours and that is pretty bad, just wondering what rockbox gave it.
04:58:05LloreanWell, first we don't recommend the daily build. It's not even linked to on the main page.
04:58:11LloreanSecond, I don't know which iPod you're talking about
04:58:19LloreanThird, "buggered" isn't a technical term, so I have no clue what you're talking about
04:58:24Albright30GB, most recent generation (fifth).
04:58:28LloreanI'll assume you mean "iPod Video"
04:58:49AlbrightAfter about ten seconds of play, there's a short burst of static and Rockbox crashes.
04:58:51Lloreantihoc4n: Wait untill amiconn is around and ask him.
04:58:59midgeytihoc4n: amiconn got around 16 hours on his 2G IIRC
04:58:59AlbrightVarious different error messages...
04:58:59LloreanI think he expected 13 hours, but it had a larger battery
04:59:07Lloreanmidgey: It was with a larger battery though
04:59:17 Join perrikwp_ [0] (n=chatzill@
04:59:18midgeywas just typing that in ;)
04:59:21 Nick perrikwp_ is now known as perrikwp (n=chatzill@
05:00:41AlbrightI was just hoping to find out if there were known issues...
05:01:10LloreanWell even if there were known issues, we could only know if it was the same as yours if we knew your issue
05:01:29tihoc4nLlorean: its still good to know rockbox is heading in the right direction for the ipod runtime. (not that it wasn't, just until a couple of days ago they were "all" remarkably shortened.)
05:01:29LloreanIt may be the IDE timing thing, amiconn mentioned something about 5Gs and it as well
05:01:42Lloreantihoc4n: And the later iPods may stay so for quite some time
05:02:03LloreanThere's no guarantee that a similar discovery will be made any time soon
05:02:26AlbrightHmm, I jsut tried playing a short MP3 and it worked fine.
05:02:37AlbrightThen I tried a 24-minute track and it crashed in about fifteen seconds.
05:02:53AlbrightHmm, maybe this is something only happening with longer tracks.
05:03:27LloreanAlbright: Why don't you find an older build that works, then use binary elimination to figure out which build/commit caused the problem?
05:03:48Albright8:45 Ogg is staticky, but hasn't crashed yet...
05:04:02tihoc4nLlorean: yeah, I just have an interest in digital audio (and players) and the rockbox is proving to be a very interesting project to follow.
05:04:10AlbrightLlorean: I tried the earliest build I could find on the current build page... It was still having the problem.
05:04:24LloreanAlbright: On the daily build page you mean. The current build page only has one build on it.
05:04:35AlbrightArg, yes.
05:04:50LloreanYou'll have to compile older builds for testing
05:04:59LloreanIf you want to eliminate down to which revision it was
05:05:47saratogai don't tihnk theres a problem with the 5G builds
05:06:02saratogaif there were, i'd expect a couple hundred agry posts about it by now
05:06:09saratogaunless it was literally just broken
05:06:16Lloreansaratoga: Well, with the Nanos, so far it's only affected 4 people out of hundreds.
05:06:25AlbrightOkay. 12-minute Ogg, 11 seconds. Undefined instruction at 03F0053C.
05:06:28LloreanOn the Nano at least, it seems to be a specific hardware revision that doesn't react well
05:06:34Albright11 seconds into it, that is.
05:06:39LloreanAnd amiconn did say something about LinusN's 5.5G having IDE timing issues too
05:07:11LloreanAlbright: It'll be much more helpful if you simply identify when the problem started, as if it's the issue that I suspect it is, the addresses are nearly meaningless.
05:07:54AlbrightLlorean: It started happening yesterday when I decided to try to upgrade my version of Rockbox.
05:07:54saratogayeah that address doesn't map to memory in the PP chips, so its not very helpful
05:08:15AlbrightSorry, I couldn't tell you what version I was using before that, but it had to have been at least a couple months old.
05:08:39AlbrightSorry, I know that's probably not very helpful...
05:08:42saratogawell how much is a couple months
05:08:51saratogathe bootloaders were updated last spring
05:09:00Lloreansaratoga: Well it's probably a case of the codec itself being corrupt in memory if it's the IDE timing issue
05:09:13saratogaif you haven't update a botoloader since then you probably won't have much luck
05:09:35AlbrightI think it was late winter.
05:09:45AlbrightI'll go ahead and try updating the bootloader too, then.
05:10:22AlbrightHell, I'll just start fresh with a clean iPod wipe… I've got everything backed up (knock on wood).
05:11:30 Join ctaylorr_ [0] (
05:12:37saratogai don't think formating does anything that deleteing the rockbox folder wouldn't
05:12:55 Quit iamben (Connection timed out)
05:14:27AlbrightWell… too late. =P
05:14:34AlbrightThe bootloader is stored in .rockbox too?
05:15:32tihoc4nThe bootloader is stored in the flash memory of the iPod, you will need to click "Restore" in iTunes to get rid of that.
05:15:45AlbrightOh, okay.
05:15:46 Quit ctaylorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:16:07tihoc4nor uninstall it using ipodpatcher.exe
05:16:12tihoc4nI forgot about that haha
05:16:24 Quit secleinteer (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:16:34AlbrightI'm on a Mac. No .exes for me.
05:16:36saratogathe bootloader isn't in flash memory
05:16:45tihoc4nok.. I've missed something
05:16:47saratogaits on the hard disk somewhere, but i don't believe a format deletes it
05:17:33 Join secleinteer [0] (n=scl@
05:17:38aliaskIt's on a separate hidden partition
05:19:09tihoc4n thats where I've got that idea from
05:19:49Lloreantihoc4n: It's strongly suggested you read the manual
05:20:20LloreanAlso, if you read that thread, he's not talking about our current one, but a hypothetical future one to be put into flash
05:20:39tihoc4nLlorean: I have done although it was a while ago now.
05:21:04tihoc4nI understand that now. thanks
05:21:13AlbrightHmm, I just tried uninstalling the bootloader using the bootloader installer, and it said "no bootloader found."
05:21:36AlbrightSo I got rid of it somehow.
05:22:09LloreanDid you use the bootloader installer when you installed it?
05:22:33AlbrightThe very frist time, yes.
05:22:44saratogayou could try rbutil
05:22:48AlbrightWith this iPod anyway.
05:23:02saratogait seems to work nicely on the ipods for updating
05:26:58AlbrightArg," No partition found." =[
05:28:00aliaskAlbright: Is the iPod FAT32 formatted?
05:28:25AlbrightUnless restoring it in iTunes "fixed" that for me... Hm.
05:28:44tihoc4nIt will be in HFS probably
05:29:01AlbrightAha. Good thinking, aliask.
05:29:45 Quit donutman25 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
05:50:32 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
05:55:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:56:15 Part tihoc4n
05:58:19 Join TriNguyen [0] (n=tri17039@
06:01:07AlbrightOkay, finally got everything back up and running. Things seem to be working so far...
06:01:19AlbrightThanks for the help everyone.
06:05:09 Join markun_ [0] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
06:07:31 Quit markun (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:11:49 Quit midgey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:13:37 Part TriNguyen ("Kopete 0.12.5 :")
06:14:23 Join jhulst [0] (
06:21:16 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
06:23:03 Join advcomp2019- [0] (n=advcomp2@
06:23:09 Quit advcomp2019 (Nick collision from services.)
06:23:13 Nick advcomp2019- is now known as advcomp2019 (n=advcomp2@
06:28:05 Join ToHellWithGA [0] (
06:30:11 Join midgey [0] (
06:37:07 Quit lazka (Remote closed the connection)
06:45:06 Join Siku [0] (
06:51:33 Quit Albright ()
06:54:12 Join ptw419 [0] (
06:54:39 Quit ToHellWithGA ("You know you'll miss me a lot.")
07:04:08 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
07:15:33 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:19:17 Quit secleinteer (Remote closed the connection)
07:39:01 Join pondlife [0] (
07:44:27 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:44:48 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
07:45:57 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:46:18 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
07:46:31 Join nerochiaro [0] (
07:47:19 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Connection reset by peer)
07:47:20 Quit enyc_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:47:40 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
07:51:10 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
07:53:07pondlifeHas anyone managed to get voice working on a simulator since langv2?
07:54:23 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
07:55:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:07:00 Quit jhulst (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:08:29 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
08:11:14 Join davina [0] (
08:11:32 Join kubiix [0] (
08:12:13 Join webguest79 [0] (i=c0231115@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:20:00 Join GodEater [0] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
08:35:35 Join Nick_Brackley [0] (i=cb57494b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:36:46aliaskSure is quiet in here...
08:36:47 Quit Nick_Brackley (Client Quit)
08:36:48 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:36:52*GodEater looks for the handle to crank the forums back up to speed
08:37:26 Join ender` [0] (
08:37:26advcomp2019yea it is quiet
08:37:27LloreanIt's that time of day again
08:37:37GodEateryep - database must be down
08:38:17LloreanThe server's just slow at this time of day/morning/night
08:39:07*GodEater goes huntin' for a gigabeat S again
08:39:30GodEaterheh - there's an F40 going for $11.47 at the moment!
08:39:36GodEaterand no reserve apparently
08:39:44LloreanI'm buying an S.
08:39:45LloreanI think
08:39:57LloreanIt's CL, so he may not email me back to make the final arrangement, you never know
08:40:06*aliask feels the pressure :P
08:40:26GodEaterCL ?
08:40:29Lloreanaliask: I'll find a use for the disk if you fail. Or I'll work on it.
08:40:43LloreanGodEater: Craigslist. A general sorta... posting board. Personals, sales, jobs, etc.
08:40:48GodEateroh yeah
08:40:57LloreanSomeone's selling an S60 for US$175
08:40:58GodEaterwe have it London
08:41:05GodEaterI see one from $180ish
08:41:16LloreanSeems a fair price for me, it's new and unopened
08:41:20GodEateronly ships to USA tho
08:41:21LloreanAnd local, so no shipping.
08:41:53LloreanYeah, seems the right price for me to go ahead 'n pick it up
08:42:08 Join scorche [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
08:42:36*GodEater wonders where all the Gigabeat S that Toshiba made have ended up
08:42:44LloreanI think they didn't make many
08:42:58GodEaterscorche! Welcome back. Did you get in on the throwing insults at the NBC Dateline chick ? :)
08:42:59LloreanIt wasn't long between its introduction and the Zune project, was it?
08:43:11GodEaterno idea really Llorean
08:43:19scorcheGodEater: it really was quite amusing
08:43:23*GodEater saw the video footage
08:43:33GodEaterwas looking for the Rockbox T-Shirt - but didn't see it
08:43:33scorchei still have yet to
08:43:38scorchehold on
08:43:50scorchelet me find you a pic of me
08:44:07GodEaterwell I've already seen one of those ;)
08:44:20GodEaterunless it's one of you from DefCon with lockpicks in hand...
08:44:35scorchei (my team and i) actually won the lost competition (i shall explain details later in -community if you wish.....insanely hard and damn fun
08:44:55scorcheactually, i help run the lockpick villiage and was doing tutorials and help and such
08:45:59advcomp2019i just wish i knew if or when rockbox for the r version will come out but never know tho
08:46:17GodEaterr version of what ?
08:46:34advcomp2019of the sansa
08:46:51GodEaterno-one's working on it at the moment
08:47:01GodEaterthat I know of anyway
08:47:10scorcheno dev has one afaik
08:47:54advcomp2019that is why i said if or when
08:48:19scorchewe dont give timelines =)
08:48:52advcomp2019i know that
08:49:21scorchethen why did you ask?
08:50:08advcomp2019to see if anyone was reading what i type
08:51:25GodEaterwell it's definitely a case of "if" at the moment I'd say
08:51:27advcomp2019some irc rooms just dont answer people
08:51:49scorchewell, you arent helping the matter
08:52:33 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
08:53:32advcomp2019i might keep my sansa and get another player tho too
08:55:36GodEaterhas anyone got a Gigabeat V ?
08:55:44scorchetoffe does
08:55:52scorcheyou can see it in the tower pics
08:56:08GodEaterwas it working ?
08:56:20GodEaterboth before and after you made it fall over ? ;)
08:56:44aliaskYes, it is working, but he can't get code to run on it yet
08:57:16GodEaterso it's possibly not such a smart purchase as the S right now ?
08:57:34aliaskNot at the moment, but who knows what could happen
08:57:36scorchewow...i have so much to catch up on..
08:58:00BigMacGigabeat V?
08:58:12GodEateryou should go away more often - we could have break throughs *every* weekend scorche ;)
08:58:13scorchea DAP...
08:58:29scorcheGodEater: referring tot he battery consumption thing i saw int he commit log?
08:58:29BigMacI know what it is, I am wondering if it is new
08:58:39scorcheno gigabeats are "new"
08:58:45GodEaterscorche: yep ;)
08:58:46aliaskBigMac: I think they have gone out of production
08:59:04scorcheGodEater: ming catching me up on that? will be quite a while before i get to the logs..
08:59:14scorchein PM or community will work
08:59:15 Join B4gder [0] (
08:59:15ptw419i don't think it would be hard to get code working on the V
08:59:18GodEaterin brief :
08:59:23 Join inversion [0] (n=none@
08:59:28scorcheB4gder: good morning! =D
08:59:28ptw419its just a matter of figuring whats wrong w/ the updater
08:59:38GodEateramiconn got his 2nd gen, and disassembled either the flash or OF - I'm unclear which
08:59:48GodEaterfound some routines we'd not seen before doing hardware init
08:59:58B4gderscorche: mooorning!
09:00:00GodEaterimportantly they were to bits of the PP that don't have any docs for
09:00:12GodEaterhe copied them into the RB bootloader
09:00:20GodEaterand he also found out how to properly power off the HD
09:00:24GodEaterthat's pretty much it
09:00:38advcomp2019seven days is on
09:00:40GodEaterI'm sure he can add detail if you require more
09:00:47 Join Rob2222 [0] (
09:01:18scorcheB4gder: i talked to a couple lawyers from the EFF about a bunch of things this weekend, and came up...there is no issue with hosting copyrighted material as long as i make a few changes
09:01:44GodEaterdefcon is useful for all sorts of things
09:01:45scorcheGodEater: was it for all 502x?
09:01:59scorcheGodEater: i had a f***ing GREAT time
09:02:05scorchebest defcon evar =)
09:02:11GodEaterscorche: no - it's for PP5002 only
09:02:21GodEateramiconn has ideas for stuff to try on 502x now
09:02:24GodEaterbut nothing concrete
09:03:34GodEaterdammit - there are SO many more S30s out there than S60s
09:03:56GodEaterand doing an HD upgrade will look stupid, since you'd need the back from an S60 - which are all black, and the 30 is silver
09:04:03GodEaterso you'd end up with FrankenDAP
09:04:16aliaskGodEater: My s60 has a silver back
09:04:24GodEaterreally ?
09:04:32GodEaterI thought they only came in black
09:04:37LloreanEvery s60 picture I've seen has had a silver back
09:04:47GodEatermust just be the front then
09:04:55LloreanMuch like black iPods, 'eh?
09:04:59aliaskYeah, I think the s60's only come in black on the face
09:05:15GodEaterguess so!
09:05:37scorcheLlorean: see my above comment as well
09:06:05LloreanI saw, re
09:06:23ptw419mmm defcon :)
09:06:31ptw419sounds like fun
09:06:44scorchethis year was incredible
09:07:08scorcheand, as i didnt sleep the entire time, i wore my rockbox shirt the entire time...good conversation piece among hackers =)
09:07:10pondlifeIs the Gigabeat S series ever likely to be Rockboxable? I thought it was unlikely to happen due to the use of Freescale..?
09:07:50GodEaterpondlife: good god man - read the New Ports forum!
09:08:03*pondlife doesn't do the fora often
09:08:16GodEateraliask and ptw419 have code running on it already
09:08:17 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:08:44pondlifeNow if someone could get voice fully back up and running again....
09:10:53ptw419pondlife: the S is very rockboxable ;)
09:11:25ptw419the zune on the other hand...
09:11:34pondlifeSo I hear, but the forum server is busy :(
09:11:40ptw419everyone is still waiting on zune linux
09:12:08*GodEater thought that had died...
09:12:12advcomp2019if i knew what i was doing i would help on the r series
09:12:15GodEaterwhich is a shame
09:12:34LinusNptw419: Duke Zune'em
09:12:35GodEateradvcomp2019: no-one knows what they're doing with the R
09:12:44GodEaterDuke Zune'em Forever
09:13:04 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:13:11advcomp2019that is what i mean
09:13:24 Join ddalton [0] (
09:13:50 Part ddalton
09:13:56GodEateradvcomp2019: well if everyone takes that attitude, then the port will never happen
09:14:26pondlifev.00000001 :)
09:14:46aliaskMaybe that could be a 2 now...
09:16:10ptw419maybe soon we can knock of one of those zeroes
09:18:09 Join enyc [0] (n=enyc@
09:18:46 Join ddalton [0] (
09:20:00ddaltonso was p6159 commited?
09:20:29Lloreanddalton: Yes.
09:20:36Lloreanddalton: It says so on the task, and in the changelog
09:20:38pondlifeBut I can't get voice to work at all now.
09:20:40ddaltonand how do the new voice files work?
09:21:12Lloreanpondlife: Are you using a voice file generated for the new language system?
09:21:15B4gder"someone" needs to make the voice things work again
09:21:27B4gderas it seems nobody has voice working now
09:21:37pondlifeLlorean: I'm using one n1s made for me after the endien-ness change
09:21:48pondlifeBut it segfaults the sim and does nothing on target.
09:21:58scorcheB4gder: did you catch my highlight earlier?
09:22:03pondlifeEndien-ness is still in a confused state I believe.
09:22:14ddaltonthat's maybe why simulator wasn't working last night about 18 hours a go
09:22:19LinusNi just tried one of daniel's voice files, and it works, but all phrases are mixed up
09:22:41 Quit ddalton ("#c")
09:22:44B4gderscorche: I did, but I missed some details in your explanation ;-)
09:23:04pondlifee.g. look in voicefont.c for SWAP4() (and remove the unused SWAP2() while you're at it). Then look at the #ifdefs in talk.c ...
09:23:07B4gderso we need to figure out why my voice files are screwed up
09:23:47pondlifeAlso the Windows voice building script needs fixing up.
09:24:02B4gderI also wonder why the player's voice file grew again some 100K yday
09:24:17LinusNall the splashes, i guess
09:24:23B4gderaaah, yes
09:24:34 Join ddalton [0] (
09:24:45LloreanAre the splashes sorted by target-specificness?
09:25:06ddaltonI will just run the voice file on my h300 and see what happens
09:25:22ddaltoncan I build voices on cygwin?
09:25:35 Join bluebanana [0] (n=Bana_Na@unaffiliated/bluebanana)
09:25:47pondlifeddalton: Not AFAIK, unless you can find a suitable TTS package.
09:25:57bluebananaI need a program on my iPod that will log the "time of day" (hours:minutes:seconds) when I press the middle/circle button.
09:26:11ddaltonpondlife how would you install it?
09:26:17pondlifeddalton: (Although I'd be very interested if you find one.)
09:26:23ddaltonpondlife do you know of a good windows synth?
09:26:25bluebananaI've talked to some linux users and they said it's just a matter of binding [ echo `date` >> log.txt ] to the circle-button. I think that
09:26:26bluebananathis is a super-easy program to make, but I've got no programming experience whatsoever. (I'm a recent convert from Point-and-click Windows)
09:26:41bluebananacan anyone help me with this?
09:26:48B4gderbluebanana: rockbox has no command line
09:26:54pondlifeddalton: I have always used the SAPI 5 synths (e.g. MS Mary) but that's broken at the moment, so I cannot build any voice files.
09:27:13bluebananaB4gder, yeah, I don't need command line
09:27:13B4gderbluebanana: as rockbox is not linux, that advice is totally bogus
09:27:16Lloreanbluebanana: Perhaps you meant to join #ipodlinux?
09:27:29bluebananai've asked for help there too
09:27:37pondlifeddalton: n1s built an H300 file yesterday evening - look in the IRC logs for a URL.
09:27:39bluebananabut i understand that rockbox users can make programs
09:27:40B4gderbluebanana: you'd need to modify rockbox and recompile
09:27:48Lloreanbluebanana: Well, as Rockbox isn't Linux at all, the advice you were given doesn't relate to this project.
09:27:48bluebananaB4gder, i see
09:27:52bluebananaso it wont be easy
09:27:56B4gderbluebanana: but i would advice you to make a plugin for this particualr purpose
09:27:56bluebanana i suppose
09:28:10bluebananaB4gder, oh, plugins. yes. that may be what i am looking for
09:28:23pondlifeddalton: But, as I said, it crashes the sim and doesn't give me voice on the device :/
09:28:28bluebananai have no idea how to program. can anyone help me create this simple plugin?
09:29:24GodEaterwhen you say "help" sounds more like you mean "will you write it for me?"
09:29:34B4gderbluebanana: I'm sure you can hire someone, or you can try getting someone interested in your idea to do it. Just asking for someone to do your dirty work might not work very well...
09:29:44 Join My_Sic [0] (
09:30:13bluebananaB4gder, i didn't think this work was _too_ dirty. Just a bit of dirt around the fingers
09:30:17scorcheB4gder: i am doing a bunch of stuff atm, but what i meant was "we dont need to be so strict about removing it and refusing to host anything remotely copyrighted" see−−−−000-.html (section c) for more details...the one thing about it, is that it is US law, which is what i wanted to speak to you is basically how isps/hosting providers host their sites...the term "sa
09:30:27ddaltonpondlife I will see what happens with this one.
09:30:38B4gderbluebanana: sure, but we all have todo-lists and priorities and life and families and paid jobs and...
09:30:51Lloreanscorche: cut off at 'the term "sa'
09:30:55bluebananaB4gder, yes
09:31:00GodEaterpondlife: is building the voice file as simple as picking "V" when you run configure ?
09:31:18Lloreanbluebanana: You can get started with Rockbox plugins by finding a good C tutorial online, and looking at the hello world plugin code.
09:31:22scorchei do have access/contact with a lawyer who specializes in copyright issues now as well, for future reference
09:31:31bluebananaLlorean, gulp
09:31:33scorcheLlorean: the term "safe harbour" applies
09:33:07 Quit bluebanana ("Ex-Chat")
09:34:00B4gderscorche: that page basically says that as long as we remove them when we find out, that's ok
09:34:07scorchepretty much, yes
09:34:25B4gderand it makes sense
09:34:35pondlifeGodEater: It should be, but it requires a suitable TTS engine.
09:34:45GodEaterpondlife: I have all three
09:34:45scorcheand we do not actively search/question images/content as is planned now, it is alright
09:34:56pondlifeGodEater: For Cygwin...?
09:34:56B4gderGodEater: then run "make voice"
09:34:59scorchebecause, that would give us knowledge of the material
09:35:03GodEaterpondlife: no silly - gentoo!
09:35:11Lloreanscorche: So, then we make it fully automated?
09:35:13B4gderscorche: yes
09:35:18scorcheLlorean: eventually, yes
09:35:33GodEaterB4gder: ah - that's what I was missing!
09:35:41GodEatermake doesn't do much otherwise
09:35:47 Part modules
09:35:50scorchebut for now, we will be reviewing the entries based on technical aspects instead of issues of copyright
09:36:08B4gderGodEater: we should probably poke it to work with just 'make' as well...
09:36:14B4gderone day
09:36:17B4gderin the distant future
09:36:19GodEaterone day... :)
09:37:06LloreanIt would be nice if "make" did whatever you were configured for.
09:37:10ddaltonpondlife it doesn't work I will try the latest build. but will have to compile (because the current build page isn't accessible from what I can tell. I will also try the latest english.lang. but they are both from the same revission. the ones I tried just then.
09:37:35pondlifeddalton: I'm pretty sure that it won't work :/
09:37:58ddaltonhave any other blind users found the current build page not accessible. I can only get the source from it.
09:38:31B4gderddalton: I'm open for suggestions on how to improve its accessability!
09:38:35ddaltonyeah your probably right. do you know why this is cause the .talk files work. (probably got nothing to do with it)
09:38:40GodEatershould the encoder options besides Lame work for voice too ?
09:38:52GodEaterfor some reason oggenc didn't work
09:38:56B4gderGodEater: I don't think so
09:39:02pondlifeddalton: I have too many unknowns to know what is borked in talk-land at the moment.
09:39:04GodEaterthat explains that then
09:39:12GodEaterwould have been nice to use speex
09:39:21B4gderpondlife: linus seems to get a few phrases to work with my voices on x5
09:39:36ddaltonwhat exactly has changed since that patch?
09:39:44pondlifeB4gder: Did you rebuild after r14220 ?
09:39:44ddaltonis anyone working on this?
09:39:59pondlifeI am, kind of.
09:40:00ddaltonI was trying revision 214
09:40:06B4gdermy voice files were built 3 hours ago
09:40:15Lloreanddalton: Please use whole revision numbers
09:40:15pondlifeOK, I'll use them.. same link?
09:40:38ddaltonok sorry about that!
09:41:38 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
09:41:44 Join darkless [0] (
09:42:08 Quit inversion (Connection timed out)
09:43:45ddaltonI am using english.lang that comes in the apps folder with the revision I am downloading. is that ok?
09:44:00ddaltonwho has got the voices to work?
09:44:45B4gderddalton: nobody atm I believe
09:44:50B4gdernot completely at least
09:44:50pondlifeB4gder: OK, your file works on H300 target but with a nasty click at the end of each clip
09:45:07pondlifesim segfaults though
09:45:38pondlifeB4gder: Actually, it's not reading the right things at all..!
09:46:03pondlifeFiles...Settings are correct, but after that it's all out.
09:46:29B4gderyeah it seems something screws up the order/ids somewhere somehow
09:46:55pondlifeDo you hear the click too? It's unpleasant.
09:47:06pondlifeWith spelt filenames it's almost painful :/
09:47:20B4gderI've not tried these files
09:47:23 Join JdGordon [0] (
09:47:32B4gderthe click sounds like festival problem or something
09:47:39B4gder(insert 'a' somewhere)
09:47:46ddaltonI am using revision 14226
09:47:52ddaltonso I will see if that works
09:48:08B4gderI should probably use a rev number in the voice files instead of date...
09:48:16JdGordonB4gder: I assume for the sake of the blind users you wont let me put the plugins that are actually for the file at the top of the open with list?
09:48:24pondlife14224 is the latest, I thought?
09:49:19pondlifeHmm, svn up says r14226, but svn log only gives r14224
09:49:26B4gderJdGordon: I don't really have an opinion on that
09:49:43Lloreanpondlife: 14225 and 14226 are probably Gigabeat S commits then
09:50:27ddaltonI don't know. it just said that when I did the check out thing in cygwin.
09:52:08pondlifeLlorean: Why are they not visible in the svn log? Different branch?
09:52:39aliaskThe mails still get sent out, but it isn't visible on the front page
09:53:14pondlifeWhy not in the main branch?
09:53:42pondlifeI'd like to see this on the main page :)
09:53:50aliaskNot entirely sure - but I guess it has to do with us messing with shared files
09:54:41 Join safetydan [0] (n=dan@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
09:55:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:56:17JdGordonif anyone wants a nice surpirse, svn up, then have a look @ the open with menu
09:56:45pondlifeJdGordon: Nice? I was in the minority who thinks it should be limited to sensible viewers....
09:56:58JdGordona different nice...
09:57:03pondlife(Although the viewers.config needed work.)
09:57:43JdGordonwe have wiggle room there... it can be made a setting
09:58:01pondlifeWe have a setting file... viewers.config. images
09:58:59GodEaterputting my new built voice file in appears to have hung the bootloader on my ipod
09:59:01B4gderscorche: nice huh! ;-)
09:59:15GodEaterI asked when they arrived - and no-one told me!
09:59:22dionoeaor maybe list the matching viewers first, and then append those that don't match. (Or print the matching viewers in bold ...if that was possible)
10:00:07JdGordondionoea: I thought about that, but that screen isnt voiced, so blind users would get very confused if the order changes
10:00:10scorchesome...i think a background might be nice, or something...some devices have light borders, while others have dark...consistency is needed a bit
10:00:32scorcheam i correct in assuming they are scaled down versions of the vector images in the manuals?
10:00:34JdGordondionoea: also, I realised thats not as easy as I was hoping
10:02:07scorcheand the iriver h1x0 devices look a bit different than the scanner image (i dont have one, so cant attest to style variations if any)
10:02:09dionoeaisn't it possible to add voice support to the screen then?
10:02:24*dionoea never used voice
10:03:05GodEaterhmm - yep - voice file loaded to ipod = no boot possible
10:03:21B4gderscorche: yes, the pics are generated by bluebrother from the svg ones used in the manuals
10:05:59 Join Nick_Brackley [0] (i=cb57494b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:06:19B4gderpondlife: we seem to be able to generate working voice files
10:06:28B4gderthe ones I host are broken though
10:06:41B4gderLinusN pokes on it and we should have a new set soon
10:06:47B4gderpondlife: possibly
10:06:57B4gderI blame my cache system for the script
10:06:59pondlifeGreat. Also the ability to generate under Windows would be good.
10:07:05B4gderhe re-ran a fresh set that worked for him
10:07:17pondlifeI like to have a single voice for menus and .talk clips.
10:08:54*GodEater notes that for whatever reason, the gentoo version of festival does not include festival_client
10:09:04B4gderI would like the windows way incorporated into the rockbox build system
10:09:15 Part LinusN
10:09:16Nick_Brackleythere seems to be a conflict with the record button on the h300, when holding it for usb charging it now enters the recording screen :/
10:09:19 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
10:10:15pondlifeNick_Brackley: Good catch. I just blasted myself with feedback testing though :/
10:11:50 Join Nibbier [0] (
10:11:51JdGordonis walking a linked list much slower than iterating through an array?
10:11:57pondlifeShouldn't be.
10:11:57GodEateris the voice file loaded by default (i.e. with default settings) ?
10:12:04pondlifeIf it's present
10:12:18pondlifeVoice menus are enabled by default, for blind users.
10:12:19GodEaterit's properly broken on the ipod then
10:13:01Nick_Brackleypondlife: so has a solution been proposed?
10:13:08GodEaterthe splash screen shows, and then nothing else happens
10:13:11pondlifeNo, you only just spotted it!
10:13:28Nick_Brackleypondlife: lol sorry i'm a bit off today....
10:13:31 Join MySic [0] (
10:13:43pondlifeI would prefer to revoke the record button change (and maybe put the configurable record button in its place).
10:14:10pondlifeAlternatively we could use long play for USB charge, but I don't like that as much... and it'll probably break something else :)
10:14:17Nick_Brackleypondlife: yes I much prefer that as I never use the record screen and would prefer it to go somewhere else
10:14:24LinusNi personally think the rec button should take you to the recording screen
10:14:29Lloreanpondlife: Long menu, like on iPods, should work?
10:14:36LloreanIt brings up the quickscreen, but that's readily banished
10:14:47pondlifeYes, that would work
10:15:18pondlifeLong play does nothing at all (in WPS and browser) as far as a quick poke reveals.
10:15:36LloreanLinusN: How do you feel about a short press of record bringing you to /.rockbox/user (or some hard-coded folder) so that users can use it as a replacement browse .cfg, or themes, or favourites or playlists?
10:15:38pondlifeAlthough it is used as a shift key
10:16:12pondlifeLlorean: The configurable record patch that was rejected recently was nice.
10:16:13Nick_Brackleywhat about if the unit is on hold, it could just charge?
10:16:14LinusNLlorean: i saw that idea in the tracker, but i haven't given it much thought
10:16:26LloreanLinusN: Not a customizable menu, but it allows you to do some things a customizable menu can't at the same time as not really adding complexity anywhere.
10:16:37JdGordonLlorean: that needs to do nothing if the folder doesnt exist.... but thats easy enough to do
10:16:42Lloreanpondlife: Remember, customizable menus themselves generally are frowned upon.
10:16:58JdGordonpondlife: also, his implementation wasnt very nice imho
10:17:06pondlifeAh, I never looked at the code.
10:17:21LloreanI think a hard coded folder like that is kinda a "best of both worlds" situation.
10:17:48pondlifeLlorean: And make menu the USB charge override?
10:17:56pondlifeMENU I mean
10:18:23Lloreanpondlife: I'm indifferent. If play works better, that's fine with me.
10:18:33LloreanI was just suggesting Menu because it was one button I knew was "safe" to use like that.
10:18:45pondlifeNo. PLAY is needed as a shift key for folder skip and pitch.
10:19:01Lloreanpondlife: Aye, but play can do both without harm, right?
10:19:11pondlifeSuppose so.
10:19:20pondlifeMENU is completely clean though
10:19:33JdGordonplay as override for usb? I think menu would be better
10:19:56LloreanAnd that's just a change to the keymap for the h300 then?
10:19:57pondlifeSorry, not clean... wrong word...
10:20:04pondlifeYes. How about H100?
10:20:11LloreanH100 doesn't have USB charging.
10:20:20 Join Rob222241 [0] (
10:20:30LinusNok, the latest voice files at seem to work
10:20:32LloreanAnd on the Sansa you hold "Select" if I recall
10:21:04 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
10:21:04 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:21:04GodEaterLinusN: no ipodvideo?
10:21:39B4gderhm, I guess ipodvideo perhaps fails due to that size prompt
10:21:53pondlifeLinusN: Still crashes the sim.
10:22:20LinusNpondlife: wouldn't that be a sim issue rather than a voice file issue?
10:22:37GodEaterB4gder: ah yes!
10:22:39pondlifeJust pointing it out ..
10:23:02B4gderGodEater: I'll work on a fix and generate a video one
10:23:06GodEaterthank you
10:23:07pondlifeH300 target = big-endien, H300 sim = little-endien
10:23:14GodEateralthough I'm still not sure why my local voice files don't work
10:23:14pondlifetalk.c needs not to care.
10:24:37GodEaterwhat version of festival are you using ?
10:24:48LloreanIsn't that just a case of using fixed files (LE) and letoh?
10:24:59B4gderGodEater: 1.4.3
10:25:14LloreanOr are the voice files the same endianness of the target arch for some reason?
10:25:27 Quit Siku ()
10:25:43pondlifeLlorean: They shouldn't be any more (except for Archos), but talk.c has incorrect checks in, I think.
10:25:53pondlifeI would fix, but I don't know this for certain,
10:25:56GodEaterI appear to have 1.95 here
10:26:27Lloreanpondlife: Is it swapping for H300, rather than using the to-host macros?
10:27:10pondlifeNot sure.. #ifdef ROCKBOX_LITTLE_ENDIAN is the suspicious line.
10:27:27pondlifeWhich will be true on x86 sim
10:27:51pondlifeShould probably be checking for Archos
10:29:14aliaskLinusN: Do the ipod mini 2g voices work on the ipod mini 1g?
10:29:22pondlifeIf I change it, I no longer crash, but I don't get speech either.
10:29:29LinusNaliask: i have no idea
10:29:44aliaskIt's just that they aren't on daniel's site
10:29:48JdGordonLlorean: re the .icons file, is it actually necassary to allow more than one? I mean can we just just hardcode the filename? It would make my filetypes.c cleanup/rework a bit simpler
10:29:53aliaskOnly 2g voices
10:30:06B4gderI guess I need to add mini 1g ones
10:30:09LloreanJdGordon: Don't you need one .icons file per icon theme?
10:30:18JdGordonshit, i meant .colours
10:30:24pondlifeBagder: Your voice files - I suspect the click might come from VOICE_PAUSE.
10:30:28ddaltonLinusN: Are those voices on daniel's site built under linux? should the makevoices script generate more than one file?
10:30:47B4gderddalton: they are built on linux, yes
10:30:50LinusNddalton: they are built on linux, yes
10:31:02B4gdernow, that's hilarious
10:31:06B4gder_exactly_ the same
10:31:13pondlifeSeperated at birth...
10:31:26LloreanJdGordon: I'm not sure. In theory, users might want different .colours with each theme, especially if say the colors conflicted with the backdrop
10:31:33JdGordonaliask: they are the same target, so I guess they would work
10:31:36pondlifeMaybe "ddalton: they are built on linux, yes" should be a GoldenQuote?
10:31:55B4gderJdGordon: not if the exact target id is checked in the lang file loader
10:32:10JdGordonarnt they the same target though?
10:32:19aliaskI suspect they are compatible
10:32:29aliaskI can test if needed - I have a mini 1g
10:32:32B4gderGodEater: ipodvideo voice done
10:32:36ddaltonLinusN: should my makevoices script generate more than one voice file. (One for each player)
10:32:41JdGordondoh, didnt read the mini part
10:32:44*JdGordon shuts up
10:32:51LinusNddalton: no
10:33:10ddaltonok so why does daniel's site have voice files for different players?
10:33:19LinusNddalton: the makevoices script needs to be updated
10:33:38B4gderddalton: starting just a few days ago, voice files are target-specific so you need to built each for a specific target
10:33:38LinusNto select which player to build for
10:34:00ddaltonLinusN: so when it is updated it will make a voice file for each player and it will work again?
10:34:26GodEaterB4gder: thanks
10:34:27LinusNit will probably let you select which player to build for
10:34:53ddaltonLinusN: Ok I will try this voice then.
10:35:06LinusNddalton: which voice?
10:35:12*pondlife looks forward to rbutil incorporating the voice file building :p
10:35:24ddaltonIf I really want to get in to rockbox coding should I be using linux?
10:35:37LinusNddalton: not necessarily
10:35:42ddaltonLinusN: the one off daniel's site
10:35:48pondlifeddalton: No
10:35:54LinusNddalton: yes, that voice should work
10:35:57pondlifeI mean no need for Linux
10:36:11*pondlife types slowly - and goes off for more caffeine.
10:36:22B4gderI'll move these voices over to get hosted somewhere on soonish
10:36:49pondlifeB4gder: Can you sort the click out first?
10:37:04ddaltonpondlife I am blind so what about the vm should I be using that. I find cygwin slow sometimes and would linux help at all?
10:37:19B4gderthe clicks is not due to my script or anything, its a flaw in the voice build
10:37:37pondlifeNot the VOICE_PAUSE source?
10:37:44B4gderI don't know
10:37:53B4gderI've not even tried my voices...
10:38:21GodEaternope - that voice file doesn't work either
10:38:25pondlifeHmm, someone who understands genlang and voicefont needs to look at makevoices.vbs...
10:38:49pondlifeOr, I need to understand genlang and voicefont :)
10:39:00B4gderhave anyone using an ARM-based target got voice working?
10:39:17pondlifeIs ARM little-endien?
10:39:32pondlifeOK, has anyone got any little-endien target working?
10:40:07pondlifeMaybe the sim problem is the same bug.
10:40:15B4gderthat's my thinking too
10:40:40pondlifevoicefont should not be using SWAP4() ?
10:40:54ddaltonwell it still doesn'
10:40:58pondlifeAnd talk.c should not be #ifdeffing on endienness.
10:41:00ddaltondoen't work
10:41:13ddaltondoesn't I mean
10:41:20B4gderddalton: on what target?
10:41:24LinusNddalton: did you rename the file to "english.voice"?
10:42:25pondlifeddalton: Cygwin ought to work fine. I've yet to try VMWare, but that might at least allow you to build a voice file.
10:43:30ddaltonthere are 2 h300 links on his site
10:43:45pondlifePick today's date
10:43:50ddaltonI will try the other one
10:43:50LinusNddalton: there are 4
10:44:17pondlifeBlimey how much HD space does a VMWare image need?
10:44:18ddaltonok I didn't see them what is the difference with them
10:44:27LinusNddalton: this is the one you need:
10:44:36ddaltonI got the wrong date that's why
10:44:48B4gderpondlife: a lot, since it'll need disk space for the vm
10:44:54ddaltonI didn't see the dates until now.
10:44:58 Join Ishi`` [0] (
10:45:28pondlifeI thought the 145 VMWare download was big, then I saw the VM... :)
10:45:49aliaskHow does the tm_year variable represent the current year? It's range is 100->199? 1800 + tm_year?
10:45:56pondlifeMight stick with Cygwin after all, hard disk is pretty full...
10:46:13B4gderaliask: 1900 + tm_year
10:46:27ddaltoncan you install voices on cygwin?
10:46:51ddaltonor applications maybe a TTS thing
10:46:56aliaskB4gder: Thanks
10:47:23B4gderddalton: if you can get one of the TTS engines for cygwin, then sure. But I don't think anyone has tried much doing that so far
10:47:39pondlifeB4gder: I've tried and failed (so far)
10:48:00ddaltonso a standed linux synth won't work?
10:48:07B4gderddalton: cygwin is not linux
10:48:15pondlifeddalton: might be useful...
10:49:00pondlifeBut it only works for older versions of Festival apparently.
10:50:06markun_pondlife: Something was added to
10:50:07 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:50:16 Join Rob2222 [0] (
10:50:21markun_(about why TTSbox hasn't been so active lately)
10:50:25 Join harmattan [0] (
10:50:34pondlifemarkun_: I saw...
10:50:46 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@
10:50:56pondlifeI don't like the use of past tense in "I also liked the Rockbox firmware a lot..." ;)
10:51:06pondlifeBut that's probably a language thing
10:51:15markun_I guess so too
10:51:28markun_but I don't know anything about the turkish language
10:51:29 Quit TiMiD[FD] ("leaving")
10:53:03aliaskaustriancoder: Hi!
10:53:15peturmarkun: did you already see some code from him?
10:53:15 Quit webguest79 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
10:53:31*petur waves at austriancoder
10:53:42austriancoderpetur: good morning
10:53:58 Quit harmattan (Client Quit)
10:54:07markun_petur: I got some code but didn't take a look at it. linuxstb did take a look at it and said it was basically the unchanged flite code with a dummy plugin file added
10:54:15aliaskNo good morning for me then? :(
10:54:36LinusNaliask: you must deserve it first :-)
10:54:47aliaskI am not worthy!
10:55:15maddleranyone using Plain Blue theme?
10:55:57ddaltonok I got it to work. the voice file i am talking about. And will ubuntu work for rockbox. cause it has a built in screen reader.
10:56:08ddaltonubuntu is as a vm
10:56:09markun_maddler: not me
10:56:13B4gderddalton: ubuntu is fine, sure
10:56:21ddaltonwhat about the compilers
10:56:26ddaltonfor rockbox
10:56:46B4gderddalton: what about them?
10:56:54ddaltonhow do I install them?
10:56:56markun_ddalton: the rockbox source has a tool to build them
10:57:04 Join bdgraue [0] (
10:57:05ddaltonhow do I use that?
10:57:10markun_just run it
10:57:23 Nick markun_ is now known as markun (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
10:57:32ddaltonI know this will sound like a dumb question. But how do I run it?
10:57:37austriancoderas i need a linkedlist in the usb stack, could somebody review this one and if its okay, I want to commit it
10:58:16markunddalton: maybe you should invest a little time to learn about the basics of linux.
10:58:20B4gderaustriancoder: isn't that a lot from the linux kernel?
10:58:35B4gderI mean, why is it (c) you ?
10:58:36ddaltonDo you know of any documentation on linux?
10:58:55B4gderddalton: the internet is crowded with it
10:59:00markunddalton: no, but try google
10:59:15ddaltonok then
10:59:18austriancoderB4gder: as its written in the header its taken from linux source - sadly, there is no copyright notice in it
10:59:59markunaustriancoder: still doesn't make you the copyright holder then :)
11:00:03B4gderaustriancoder: right, but that doesn't make a copy of it your creation, so it shouldn't be copyrighted by you
11:00:23austriancoderB4gder: will fix it..
11:00:36B4gderbut to get techy, why commit it if nothing uses it?
11:01:40austriancoderB4gder: Copyright (C) by Linux Kernel Develeopers - I want to commit it today, with a part of the usb stack
11:02:04B4gderaha, usb stack coming with it then I agree with it
11:02:28Ishi``ipod nano unstable :'(
11:03:37pondlifeIshi``: Do you hsve a voice file?
11:03:48pondlifeIf so, try deleting it....
11:04:11 Quit pondlife ("rebooting")
11:04:19ddaltonI am reading a c book and does rockbox use main()
11:05:28Ishi``yes voice files
11:05:34Ishi``is a desactivate
11:06:47JdGordondoes atoi() work with hex strings?
11:07:21markunddalton: not in the usual way
11:07:26B4gderJdGordon: strtol()
11:08:01JdGordondoes rb have that?
11:08:12JdGordondoesnt look like it
11:09:29markunaustriancoder: maybe you can find the copyright holder here:;a=tree
11:09:44markunbut I'm unable to find list.h
11:10:23 Join nero [0] (n=hoor@
11:12:26markunah, yes :)
11:12:48austriancodermarkun: but how should i give the copyright?
11:12:55neroarg, #ipodlinux is dead, maybe someone here cna answer my question
11:13:09nerois it safe to install loader2 v2.5 over v2.4?
11:13:11markunI was hoping the history would go back to the original commit
11:13:13nerowould anyone happen to know?
11:13:28scorchenero: that is offtopic here...
11:13:45scorcheplease read the guidelines linked in the topic
11:14:07neroI know it's a bit offtopic, but if you can answe,r I would greatly appreciate it
11:14:08markunnero: does ipl have a forum or only the IRC channel?
11:14:27B4gderthey have a forum
11:14:37scorchenero: if #windows was dead, would you go to #apple to ask your question?
11:14:40markunI think most people who come here use the rockbox bootloader
11:14:40neroif the irc channe; is dead, i dont expect their forums to be filled with people :/
11:14:50nerothis isnt apple vs ms
11:15:05neroa lot of peopel use loader2 for rockbox, thats why i considered asking here
11:15:09nerothanks anyway
11:15:14markungood luck
11:16:28 Part nero ("In Soviet Russia, channel parts you.")
11:17:34scorche3 min and declaring the channel "dead"...
11:20:20 Join pondlife [0] (
11:24:19ddaltonI have a vista pc here will I be able to run any vmware images to compile rockbox I have 1 gb of ram.
11:24:49Ishi``voice files desinstalled over bug for ipod nano :(
11:26:12LinusNddalton: i am not sure, but i suspect that you might encounter issues with screen reading with the vmware images
11:27:14pondlifeStupid Linux noob here, but now I have the VMWare/Debian image up and running (and building Rockbox), how should I install Festival (or Flite etc.)?
11:27:37scorchepondlife: apt-get
11:27:39ddaltonLinusN I have a ubuntu image here and that has speech in it. But I just need to read up on linux so I can try and figure out how to install the compilers for rockbox.
11:27:46Ishi``prefetc abort : c0edbabe
11:27:48scorche(assuming it in the repositories)
11:27:56Ishi``over bug ! for : 25/07/07
11:28:13pondlife"apt-get install festival" ?
11:28:16ddaltonany blind people here using the vm?
11:28:40ddaltonhow much ram does the rockbox vm use?
11:28:57markunpondlife: that's not a copmiler, or what are you talking about?
11:29:14pondlifemarkun: Speech synth
11:29:23pondlifeSeems to be working..
11:29:30 Join Entasis [0] (
11:29:37pondlifeWell, it's downloading lots of stuff!
11:31:19 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
11:34:19ddaltononce I make my voice file on the vm how do I copy it to my player?
11:35:58pondlifescorche: Hmm, seems to have failed - lots of unmet dependencies.
11:36:39Ishi``prefetch abort , data abort
11:36:43scorchehave you tried -f?
11:36:45Ishi``NOOB NANO
11:36:52scorcheIshi``: we heard you the first time
11:37:09pondlifeYes. e.g. "Depends: libc6 (>=2.5-5) but 2.3.6.dsl-8 is to be installed"
11:38:18 Join barrywardell [0] (
11:38:42 Join barrywardell_ [0] (
11:38:55scorcheyou might need to add a different repository into the mix to get newer versions of packages if they are needed
11:38:59pondlifeapt-get -f install gives lots of "readlink: invalid option −− e" errors
11:39:44pondlifeIshi``: Don't PM me either. just delete your voice file or go back to an old buld.
11:40:42scorcheit isnt is considered rude
11:40:43Ishi``scorche is a version stable : 25/07/07
11:41:06Ishi``after is bug :/ ( prefetch abort etc )
11:41:28scorcheas i have said before, there is no need to repeat yourself
11:41:43pondlifeIshi``: Maybe try a build from 4th August.
11:41:59pondlifeAnd a bootloader too.
11:42:21Ishi``4th august ?
11:42:23pondlifescorche: Sorry to be a PITA, but can you explain how I might add a repository?
11:42:31pondlifeI know nothing :)
11:43:52scorchepondlife: there are plenty of walkthroughs on google
11:44:25scorche(sorry if i appear rude at all, but i have been away from my computer for entirely too long and am in the process of catching up.....and i havent slept in over 4 days)
11:45:13 Quit HellDragon (Connection timed out)
11:45:28pondlifeNo problem, I googled but it's going to take more work than I have time for too.
11:45:35pondlifeWill give up for today
11:45:51aliaskpondlife: Take a look in /etc/apt/sources.list (iirc)
11:47:00maddlerhow do I take a screenshot?
11:47:11scorchemaddler: in rockbox?
11:47:11aliaskmaddler: On rockbox?
11:47:17pondlifemaddler: On the sim or target?
11:47:45maddlerno windowns box to run sim on
11:47:51pondlifemaddler: Enable screenshot (in Debug), then plug in your USB cable when you want a picture.
11:47:51scorchei believe the manual explains this, although i could be mistaken
11:48:09pondlifeThe sim will run under Linux too..
11:48:40Ishi``4th august : bug
11:48:40maddlerhmmm... I gave a look at it tonight... and thought I only saw win32 bins
11:48:52pondlifeYou'll need to build it.
11:49:55maddlerpondlife: oh... ok... I'll give it a try then.. :)
11:50:08maddlertrying to build a new theme... :)
11:50:57 Join bluebrother [0] (
11:51:21aliaskscorche: What's the status with
11:52:10 Quit ddalton ("#linux")
11:52:22 Join ddalton [0] (
11:52:29scorchealiask: untouched from 2-ish weeks ago atm...i just got home from vacation and intend to get a long sleep, arrange some new furniture, finish catching up, then immediately getting to work on getting the site ready for debut
11:52:51*aliask looking forwards to it
11:55:22 Quit Nick_Brackley ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:55:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:55:42pondlifeIshi``: Did you upgrade your bootloader?
11:57:48maddlerscorche: drop me a line if I can help...
11:58:38scorchephp, i am not to familiar with, but i do have many other people willing to help...thanks for the offer though =)
11:58:39bluebrotherscorche: welcome back ;-)
11:58:47scorchebluebrother: thanks!
11:59:25bluebrotherI rewrote the php file you send me to output ini files. Just ping me when you look into the themes site.
11:59:29Ishi``pondlife is a bootloader : 1.1
11:59:31maddlerscorche: : np... :)
11:59:53Ishi``how to make
12:00:00Ishi``tutoriel plz ? :)
12:00:07 Part Llorean
12:00:20scorchebluebrother: and these ini files are accessed and read by rbutil?
12:00:51 Part maffe
12:00:51bluebrothernot yet −− it seems Qt works a bit differently if I want to pass GET arguments. But I'm working on it
12:01:00 Join maffe [0] (
12:01:06scorchebut they will be, i am assuming?
12:01:10Ishi``pondlife ? :p
12:01:32bluebrotheryes, that was my intend −− it's much easier to parse them (as there is a completely ready-to-use class in Qt)
12:02:01scorcheIshi``: please be a bit more patient in your messages...people will get to them in time, and writing additional lines will not help the matter
12:02:15scorchebluebrother: great...if you can, can you mail me the updated file?
12:02:26scorchenot instantly, but whenever
12:02:43pondlifeIshi``: I don't have an iPod and don't know which bootloader is current, but I do know the using an older bootloader can cause the symptoms you're seeing. I suggest you just repatch with the current one...
12:02:50bluebrothersure, will do
12:03:21pondlifeIshi``: But an iPod user will need to explain how to do this if you don't know how.
12:03:59Ishi``ok sorry scorche :)
12:04:56Ishi``Thanks pondlife i'am testing :)
12:05:49bluebrotherIshi``: have you updated the apple firmware recently?
12:07:57Ishi``yes :(
12:08:23Ishi``is a solution for Downgrade ? :s
12:08:28bluebrotherwell, there have been reports about that combination.
12:08:37bluebrotherbecause of the changed clock setup
12:09:01bluebrotherthe easy solution is to simply use an older build for now.
12:09:46Ishi``the version which I found who fonctione am 25/07/07
12:09:50Ishi``Thnaks for respons :)
12:10:24Ishi``Bootloader not correction problem alors )
12:10:56bluebrotherno −− it seems the newer apple firmware does some setup things differently
12:11:12bluebrotherbut nobody knows what exactly, so it's not easy to fix the issue
12:11:59Ishi``ok :(
12:12:06Ishi``not solution for downgrade ? :s
12:12:31bluebrotherI don't know if / how you can downgrade the apple firmware.
12:13:36 Join Nick_Brackley [0] (i=cb57494b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:15:28 Join Rob222241 [0] (
12:16:14 Quit perrikwp ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
12:17:22bluebrotherIshi``: check this task:
12:28:40 Quit kubiix (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:20Nick_Brackleypetur: the histogram is a very nice feature
12:33:43Ishi``Rockbox test1 is fonctionnaly 28/07/07 :)
12:35:12 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:36:07pondlifeShould there be a warning on the frontpage that iPod users should NOT upgrade their Apple firmware?
12:37:44Ishi``I don't know :/
12:42:01B4gderLinusN updated the voices again
12:42:13B4gderwith his wavtrim fix it shouldn't click anymore
12:42:47GodEaterare they still breaking little-endian targets tho ?
12:42:54B4gderI assume so
12:48:11 Join alien___ [0] (
12:48:26austriancoderJdGordon: ping
12:49:21 Quit MySic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:49:21austriancoderJdGordon: are you the man for settings suff?
12:49:52JdGordonyeah, I guess so, whats the prob?
12:50:21 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
12:50:32 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:51:27austriancoderJdGordon: I want to integrate an usb stack confing menu. And i dont know exactly how to do it... this is what i have so far :)
12:51:37safetydanSort of related to Rockbox question. Has anyone had to add exclusions to employment contracts so you can keep working on open source stuff (particularly Rockbox)?
12:52:14 Join My_Sic [0] (
12:52:48 Join iamben [0] (
12:53:12B4gdersafetydan: I've not heard anyone mentioning that at least and I know of any
12:53:25JdGordonaustriancoder: use an int instead, then have a look at the CHOICE_SETTING() macro in settings_list.c to add it to the config file. then use MENUITEM_SETTING() in the menu file you want to add it to a menu
12:54:08 Quit majeru (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:54:14B4gder*don't know of any
12:54:26B4gdernow where's that typing class again?
12:54:42safetydanB4gder, interesting. The usual employment agreement around here generally have something like "the company owns everything you write" clauses. I'm just working on getting exclusions added to the contract.
12:55:22B4gdersafetydan: I see, and yeah I've heard similar stuff before from US people but here in Sweden that sort of contract is not that common
12:55:41austriancoderJdGordon: will try it.. .oO( oh my god, need to add some i18n stuff too )Oo.
12:55:59JdGordonits not too hard
12:56:07JdGordonill be round for a while if you need help
12:56:17safetydanAh Sweden. Land of contract Freedom :)
12:56:43B4gderwe have pretty detailed laws on this
12:56:55B4gderwhich prohibits lots of contracts like that
12:57:44B4gderdifferent pros and cons as usual
12:58:28 Quit iamben_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:01:42 Quit Nick_Brackley ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:05:41safetydanI doubt that a Java shop is going to be at all interested in firmware for DAPs so it shouldn't be too much to ask for an exclusion.
13:07:13B4gderwell, I guess it depends on their policies and how badly they want you etc
13:07:43B4gderbut yeah, it's hard to see why they couldn't agree to it
13:08:47 Quit daugustine ("Leaving")
13:09:08*B4gder has added bonus links on the daily build page
13:14:27safetydanI don't think I've ever looked at the daily build page.
13:15:00B4gderwell, the voice links are brand new
13:15:13safetydanAh, I was wondering what changed.
13:15:43safetydanIs there no voice file for the H120 because it should be the same as the H100/115?
13:15:45B4gderand I've setup things now so that the voices are built daily using the same rev as the daily builds
13:16:00B4gdersafetydan: no, that's just because my script didn't make any such voice yet
13:16:30B4gderI'm adjusting things and it should be better tomorrow
13:16:39*safetydan wonders about the complexity of the all the scripts maintaining the build pages
13:17:00B4gderhaha, there's quite a few of these now
13:17:00safetydanIt's a pretty sophisticated distributed automatic build system.
13:17:11B4gderit is indeed
13:20:58austriancoderJdGordon: soo... -> i get in sim an USB entry and then a "Not Done Yet!"
13:21:25JdGordonyour almost there then :)_
13:22:21JdGordon"not done yet" means it cant find the setting....
13:22:36JdGordonalso, you cant have spaces after the commas in the config string
13:23:18JdGordonmaybe comment out the #ifdef USBSTACK in settings_list.c?
13:25:54austriancoderJdGordon: settings_list.c:1253: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
13:26:30JdGordonah, you need to i8n the config options....
13:26:43JdGordonor use the CHOICESETTINGSTRINGS_SETTING macro
13:26:53JdGordonits named something like that
13:28:42austriancoderJdGordon: so then lets do the i18n stuff :)
13:29:26 Join Thundercloud [0] (
13:30:01JdGordonyeah, a bit easier
13:30:48 Join kubiix [0] (
13:32:02 Part LinusN
13:34:33 Quit ddalton ("I was using BOFHNet IRC version 1.2 by fmillion - get your copy today from !")
13:40:04 Join Falen [0] (
13:40:10JdGordonaustriancoder: sorry, looks like i will be running off for a while, If you get stuck email me
13:40:37austriancoderJdGordon: okay.. thanks for your help
13:40:53JdGordonnope, friends ditched me, im staying :p
13:41:02JdGordonthey rang just as i hit enter :p
13:42:45austriancoderCC settings_list.csettings_list.c:1255: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
13:42:48austriancoderwith this patch
13:43:33JdGordonthe same one on pastebin?
13:43:59FalenCan anybody help me out?, I can't figure out how to pass an array of structure to a function.
13:44:11austriancoderJdGordon: int usb_controller_select(enum usb_controller_type type);
13:44:57JdGordontypecast it, or change the enum to int
13:45:46FalenThis seems not to work :/
13:46:42JdGordonexcept i forgot MAX_TILES in the functino call
13:47:11JdGordonpetur: i'm confused by your comment on 7547, do you like the idea and want it for the long press instead?
13:48:07FalenJdGordon: Thank you!
13:50:13 Join spiorf [0] (
13:51:29 Join daugustine [0] (
13:54:07austriancoderJdGordon: my first rockbox menu works ;)
13:54:36JdGordonsee, its not so hard is it ?
13:55:04austriancoderit is really easy
13:55:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:55:51 Join DomZ1 [0] (i=d980df98@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:56:57DomZ1is rockbox can play all video formats ? (divx, xvid, ...)
13:57:42DomZ1ok so what formats are supported by rockbox ?
13:57:54DomZ1ok thanks
13:58:17scorchesee the wiki page PluginMpegplayer for more details
13:59:49rasherBagder, do you know if LinusN's commit fixed FS #6278?
14:01:14B4gderrasher: it certainly looks that way to me
14:01:46rasherI'll just close it now and check later, in case I forget.
14:01:47B4gderthat short burst is a comment
14:02:36 Join alberink_ [0] (n=alberink@
14:03:09 Join rogelio [0] (n=rogelio@
14:03:28 Quit alberink (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:03:43 Part rogelio ("Kopete 0.12.4 :")
14:03:55rasherNice to have automatically generated voicefiles. Now we'll just have to wait for festival/flite/espeak to become better quality so people will actually want to use them.
14:04:07B4gderhaha, indeed
14:04:18*GodEater tried flite earlier
14:04:21GodEaterit's dreadful
14:04:29GodEaterespeak is much better
14:04:34markunGodEater: I love you :)
14:04:36GodEaterfestival doesn't want to work at all
14:04:39 Nick austriancoder is now known as ac_away (n=austrian@
14:04:42B4gderbut since the windows way of making voices isn't yet up to speed, the ones we now host are about the only ones available
14:04:42rasherI actually found flite the better of the 3.
14:04:54GodEaterflite speaks in slow motion
14:05:21*aliask likes Loquendo
14:05:24GodEaterwhy on earth did the festival people choose to write it with OSS in mind?!?!
14:05:28aliaskGood luck using that though :)
14:05:30GodEaterOSS is SOOOO old
14:05:37 Quit barrywardell_ ()
14:05:44DiDjCodtoss117 is better
14:05:50DiDjCodtoups, wrong channel...
14:06:07GodEaterit doesn't like working with aoss either - it segfaults
14:06:09markunGodEater: festival is also old
14:06:12rasherGodEater, well so is festival
14:06:20markunrasher: beat you :)
14:08:05markunI wonder how espeak could be improved to have a more real-voice like quality
14:08:30markunthere's also a very old open source TTS program called rsynth
14:08:37*GodEater wishes he could get festival to work even slightly so he could heat what it sounds like
14:08:39rasherit sounds very metallic, iirc
14:08:47rasherespeak, that is
14:08:47markunrasher: yes
14:08:57peturJdGordon: I just wanted to say I'm in the group who use the rec button to switch on the backlight, and any such extensions (which I do like) can go in the long-press (that's just my opinion)
14:09:13*petur suffers work stkov :(
14:09:16markunrasher: would be nice we could add some kind of 'voice skin' to it
14:09:37rasherWhich is what put me off and pushed me towards flite instead. The sound was eardrum-piercing to me. couldn't stand it.
14:10:32markunrasher: do you know much about speech synthesis?
14:11:04JdGordonpetur: you tihnk that idea is a better use than actually going to the rec screen?
14:11:07rasherNot a thing. I just listened to the three when I was writing voice-file generation into the build-system
14:11:12 Join xNibbler [0] (
14:12:18peturJdGordon: it would be nice if it were configurable with rec screen amongst it, but I also like the idea of being able to browse some cfg files with it
14:12:55peturmaybe we need cfg files that bring you in a certain screen :)
14:14:06peturbut... no time to think about that much, too much work here :/
14:14:22rasherBagder, you should announce the auto-built voicefiles on the mailinglist. The natives are restless
14:15:01B4gderbut I want to wait until someone at least have some kind of attempt at the arm problems
14:15:47rasherAh, I wasn't aware there were problems. What goes wrong?
14:16:14B4gdercurrently voice doesn't seem to work on the ipods
14:16:16B4gderand in the sim
14:16:28B4gderpossibly the same problem
14:16:29*JdGordon hates getting typos stuck in bash history :'(
14:26:05 Quit Nibbier (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:28:49 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:29:10 Join qwm [0] (
14:29:23 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
14:29:27 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:30:58*JdGordon getting frustrated with this code
14:32:20 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
14:34:08 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:34:42 Join Rob2222 [0] (
14:34:44 Join iamben [0] (
14:40:43 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
14:40:45 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
14:45:40rasherbluebrother, rbutil idea: Make an option of saving backups when upgrading rockbox. Simply copying .rockbox to .rockbox-$TIMESTAMP should do.
14:46:23B4gderthat's a good idea
14:46:52 Join pixelma [0] (i=HydraIRC@
14:47:02rasherEspecially when upgrades mess up stuff like voice, I
14:47:17rasher'm sure a lot of people would welcome an option to downgrade painlessly
14:49:15 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:51:23Toki_Can someone please tell me if Automatic Gain Control (AGS) option for recording is currently implemented for iAudio X5?
14:51:26morrijrcould they be a .zip or use some other form of compression rather than just a copy please?
14:52:10B4gder"they" ?
14:52:22rashermorrijr, I suppose they could, but how large is the .rockbox dir really?
14:52:34rasher(I honestly don't know)
14:52:38morrijrdepends on how many themes etc you've got installed
14:54:27 Quit DomZ1 ("CGI:IRC")
14:55:12JdGordonrasher: easily a few mb
14:55:43 Quit Falen (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:52 Join Falen [0] (
14:57:25rasherOh well. Anyway, it's not like you'd be forced to keep many backups. It should be an option, and could even be in the form of "keep backup of last __ installations" (from 0 to infinity, with appropriate steps)
14:57:47B4gderyeah, making a zip out of it will be a lot more complicated
14:58:03 Quit spiorf ("Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)")
14:58:17rasherRbutil does include zip-handling code already though.
14:58:18 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:58:25rasherDon't know if it can handle compressing as well
14:59:01 Join Rob2222 [0] (n=Miranda@
14:59:08B4gderpersonally I would not like it to zip but I could appreciate a backup copy
15:00:08pixelmaToki_: automatic control is not implemented on X5 at the moment, maybe you can find a build somewhere that has it enabled (but the gain levels on X5/M5 aren't as fine as on the iriver h100/h300s in general...)
15:00:09obothe QT zip class in use does compression as well
15:01:00Toki_thanks pixelma! pity that those irivers are almost impossible to buy in good condition
15:01:45rasherI know, another option! Compress or not. Might not be a bad idea really, I can see why someone might want it.
15:04:09 Quit XavierGr_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:04:15 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
15:04:19 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:04:23bluebrotherrasher: nice idea.
15:05:14bluebrothermaybe put the files to /.backup/r<revision>/ ...
15:06:00 Join Rob222241 [0] (n=Miranda@
15:06:05 Join Falen_ [0] (
15:07:02rasherhrm, you can't always know that the currently installed build is an official one. I'd just use a timestamp to avoid confusion.
15:09:21B4gderexactly, and you can easily have install the same rev again
15:09:24JdGordonuse the version string in rockbox-info.txt?
15:09:31 Join Falen__ [0] (
15:10:08bluebrotheryou could also have the timestamp several times
15:10:35B4gderit clearly needs to check if the target dir already is in use
15:10:40bluebrotherand a unofficial build usually will have the M flag in the revision
15:10:43pondliferXXXXX(M) would be best IMHO
15:10:58bluebrotherit needs to check, sure.
15:11:06pondlifeIf it already exists, maybe use rXXXXX(M)2 etc.
15:11:10 Quit Rob222241 ()
15:11:11B4gderdo custom builds even ship rockbox-info.txt ?
15:11:18pondlifeThey should.
15:11:31bluebrotherit could also write the backuped info to an ini file so all information is present for restoring
15:11:44B4gderyeah I bet they do since they probably use make zip
15:12:10 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
15:12:11bluebrotherunless they are too old ;-)
15:12:34*JdGordon 's stupid code isnt working :'(
15:12:43B4gderyeah, or the user removed it manually or similar
15:13:07bluebrotherpeople using rbutil shouldn't even think about doing such a thing ;-)
15:13:29B4gderas long as they _can_, people will do funny things
15:14:17*bluebrother wonders how long it will take until someone writes a plugin for rbutil to handle unofficial builds / unofficial theme repos
15:14:49B4gdercustom rbutil builds
15:15:01bluebrotherwell, I'd like to have rbutil extensible by plugins
15:15:04B4gdercustom themed
15:15:17bluebrotherf.e. scrobbler submission.
15:15:20 Quit luckz (Remote closed the connection)
15:15:24 Join luckz [0] (
15:15:51pondlifeAn unofficial rbutil :(
15:16:07 Join leftright [0] (i=d9e1fb5d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:16:41pondlifeSomeone who understands the format of voice files needs to look at talk.c. :/
15:16:55pondlifeI have tried to make sense of it, but it's not helping.
15:17:11pondlifePreferably someone with access to an Archos
15:17:18leftrightnow there's an idea, why not make rbutil it be able to apply patches as well :>
15:17:52B4gderrbutil should be able to run as a build server!
15:17:59bluebrotherdo we distribute binary patches? *g*
15:18:11 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:18:20bluebrotherB4gder: do you want to replace the build farm scripts with rbutil?
15:18:56leftrighta nice little tab which says, please select patches to include
15:19:13*B4gder keeps a straight face
15:19:20pondlifeA slider that goes from official to buggy
15:19:35pondlifeOr from buggy to buggier?? :/
15:19:53 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:20:12bluebrotherfrom supported to unsupported :D
15:20:22JdGordonin supported, all known files are supposed to not show their extension right? not just the build in ones?
15:20:32bluebrotherwith the interface background turning red :)
15:20:50pondlifeTwo tickboxes - one marked "tech support available", the other marked "album art"... ticking one unticks the other annoyingly.
15:21:45leftrightnow that would be a support nightmare
15:22:42bluebrotherwe could provide a default cfg file which sets a red background with a bomb image on color targets
15:22:44 Quit Falen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22:59bluebrothersimilar to the graphical setup of the root user on S*se Linux
15:23:35 Join Falen___ [0] (
15:23:36 Join Rob2222 [0] (
15:23:37 Nick Falen___ is now known as Falen (
15:23:51 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
15:23:52 Join low_light [0] (i=c730190b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:24:47 Quit Falen__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:25:03*bluebrother found the function he was searching for
15:25:47low_lightquick do I do an arithmetic right shift in C?
15:27:10 Join Falen___ [0] (
15:28:03low_lightthat's a logical shift
15:28:05 Quit Falen_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:28:19dionoealast time i checked GCC used arithmetic shifts
15:28:49dionoeaEasiest way to know is to test with a negative int or something :)
15:29:22dionoea(in fact i beleive that it uses logical on unsigned and arithmetic on signed)
15:29:48preglowlow_light: there is no such thing as an arithmetic shift in c
15:29:59preglowlow_light: but gcc always does the right thing anyway, afaik
15:30:13preglowjust make sure to use signed types
15:30:29bluebrotheraccording to K&R shifting signed values is implementation-defined
15:30:55preglowbut like i said, gcc (and most other popular compilers) use arithmetic shifts for signed types
15:31:35low_lightI'm not writing code..I'm trying to understand some disassembly
15:31:46low_lighttoo may shifts
15:34:43low_lightcan someone interpret this
15:39:01 Part leftright
15:39:18B4gderI feel a bit rusty in the reading-asm department
15:39:59B4gder1. shift r1 31 steps to the right, store in r2. isn't it?
15:40:50preglowseems like it takes a number, adds its own sign bit to it, shifts result right by one, subtracts one, then masks away the top nine bits
15:42:39preglowits own sign bit shifted down to lsb, that is
15:42:50preglowso 0 for a positive num, 1 for a negative
15:44:24 Quit Falen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:48:34low_lightso for positive num... it's ((R1 / 2 - 1) & 0x7fffff
15:50:43low_lightand negative... ((R1 + 1)/2 -1) & 0x7fffff
15:51:22B4gderyes, something like that
15:52:31preglowyeah, that's my understanding
15:53:27 Part pixelma
15:54:27 Join pondlife [0] (
15:54:46 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
15:54:49 Join XavierGr [0] (
15:54:50pondlifeHmm, the talking splash screens are a little annoying sometimes.
15:55:18pondlifee.g. When it times out and powers off it announces it. Useful for the blind, but annoying too.
15:55:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:55:46pondlifeThe count when it's initialising the database is rather amusing.
15:56:53 Join Insectoid [0] (
15:57:14pondlifeI shall be dreaming of the words "entries found for database" tonight :)
15:57:20 Join sdfoihawv [0] (
15:57:23InsectoidHow does one generate a .voice file for the new voice format?
15:57:59bluebrotherhow about just beeping in some cases like upon shutdown?
15:58:11Insectoid... Is there any way to do it on windows? Festival just can't compete with viavoice.
15:58:26bluebrotherthe beep setting could get applied to the poweroff splash as well −− I'd like that ...
15:58:30pondlifeIt's consistent at the moment, but I'd like a silent shutdown so I can go to sleep.
15:59:21pondlifeI can imagine dropping off to be woken by a robotic voice announcing "SHUTTING DOWN"
15:59:23 Quit qwm (Remote closed the connection)
15:59:26 Join qwm [0] (
15:59:55 Quit bdgraue (Remote closed the connection)
16:00:18pondlifeWill probably be less annoying when using a better voice file.
16:01:34InsectoidIs all I need a version of voicefont from latest svn? I can use mingw32-gcc if so and make windows voicefont to work with that vbscript voice file generator from my gentoo machine.
16:01:38 Join sarixe [0] (
16:02:39rasherThe scripts will probably need changing. And you'll need a new version of voicefont (and genlang?)
16:02:46sdfoihawvI'm having a problem, I can't seem to find answers on the forums/faqs/manual, so here I am. The problem is that my files are not displayed in Rockbox. The directories are all in place, and when I look at the directory properties, it shows there are files in the directories, but when I browse to the directory, it shows no files. There are files in the directories when I hook up it up to Windows.
16:02:48sdfoihawvI have reloaded Rockbox and the bootloader without success. The hardware is a Ipod 4th Gen grayscale. Any help would be appreciated.
16:03:46sarixeon the subject of gapless playback... if 2 mp3 files are encoded to be gapless, and they're decoded and added to a buffer, why wouldn't they be gapless on playback?
16:04:05B4gdersarixe: no reason, they should be gapless
16:04:11rashersdfoihawv, What's your file browser setting, and which files are we talking about? (File View > Show Files)
16:04:48sarixeright, but rockbox seems to have a problem with mp3's. i don't know why, because theoretically a buffer is a buffer. any decoded material added there is the same, right?
16:05:12Galoisofficially, every standards compliant encoded mp3 automatically has silence added to the end
16:05:37sdfoihawvAlphabetical. Any files are not shown, mp3's, oggs, flac's, everything
16:05:46Galoisbecause officially an mp3 can only end at a frame boundary, so if your music happens to end at a time not equal to a frame boundary, then that's just tough luck
16:05:56 Quit Insectoid ()
16:06:07sarixethat sucks
16:06:16rashersdfoihawv, Alphabetical is not an option in that menu. "All / Supported / Music / Playlists" are your options
16:06:23Galoiscertain mp3 encoders like LAME support unofficial headers to circumvent the stupidity of the official spec
16:06:26sdfoihawvRasher: I got it
16:06:38sdfoihawvI figured it would be something simple like that :)
16:07:13B4gdersarixe: rockbox does not normally have problems with mp3 and gapless if you did them with a somewhat modern lame
16:08:10rashersdfoihawv, so what was it set to? Playlists?
16:08:11sarixemeh, anyway... i was thinking of programming a gap fixer that skips to the next zero crossing. having no experience programming any multimedia software, how hard would this be?
16:08:30sdfoihawvyeah, I'm not sure how it got set to that though
16:08:35Galoisthe problem with gap fixers is that they sometimes remove end-of-track silence which is intentional
16:08:56sarixewell that's dB detectors
16:09:08sarixei'm talking about skipping right to the next zero crossing
16:10:20sarixealong the lines of XMMS crossfade plugin
16:10:35B4gderskipping from where?
16:11:23sarixefrom the last zero crossing of one song to the first of another, which i believe would only apply to tracks that meant to be gapless, but for some reason weren't.
16:11:36GaloisI don't see how any gap fixer could even theoretically work without occasionally discarding wanted silence, unless major advances are made in AI
16:11:43B4gderme neither
16:12:04B4gderjust skipping from the last zero crossing seems... weird
16:12:24sarixewell i'm thinking that any intended silence would have to be a bit noisy, right?
16:12:41rasherProblem is, so is the "silence", iiuc
16:13:00sarixeif the end of the frame is past the end of the song
16:13:06GaloisI've added completely zero silence to CDs before, intentionally
16:13:07Galoisthat's not noisy
16:13:27sarixethen it would all be zero from the intended end of the song, to the end of the fram
16:13:58rashersarixe, I wouldn't be so sure. I'm pretty sure some artifacts of the compression "spills over" into the added silence.
16:14:15sarixehow would that even happen?
16:14:16rasherpreglow should be able to clear this up, I think
16:14:28*B4gder can see preglow hiding in the corner
16:14:56B4gderyou'll be forced to mention that liquid to get him here... :-)
16:18:38 Quit sdfoihawv ()
16:19:16*preglow reads
16:20:23 Join spiorf [0] (
16:20:32preglowsarixe: the end of an mp3 frame might contain tons of zero crossings not supposed to be there
16:20:52 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
16:21:24preglowthere really is no good way to detect an added gap
16:21:35preglowuse lame and be merry
16:26:46 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:32:53 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:34:40 Part toffe82
16:34:40 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (n=hihi@
16:35:09 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:39:11 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (i=c19e01ec@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:39:56[IDC]Dragonpetur, do you read?
16:44:31*petur returns from meeting...
16:45:33[IDC]DragonI'm trying to link "our" USB effort with a diploma thesis activity I found
16:45:57[IDC]Dragonis the code from austriancoder visible somewhere?
16:46:25peturyes, but I don't have the url handy
16:46:35peturjust a sec
16:46:51[IDC]Dragonis it public, or just amoung us?
16:47:42 Quit Cripps (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:47:47[IDC]Dragongreat, thanks
16:48:54 Join Falen____ [0] (
16:48:56 Nick Falen____ is now known as Falen (
16:52:07[IDC]DragonI guess the patches there are against rockbox svn?
16:55:01peturcould use a bit of order, the patches are not really sorted to date or test :/
16:55:13 Quit B4gder ("It is time to say MOOO")
16:58:07 Join Infinoid [0] (
16:59:40InfinoidI'm editing the HardDriveReplacement page, to add a table of 2.5" drives. Are there any 2.5" drive targets which support SATA drives, or are they still all PATA? (in other words, is it still just the archos target?)
17:00:08bluebrotherjust archos targets.
17:00:18bluebrotherall other use smaller drives
17:00:22Infinoidfigures. in that case, should I even bother listing SATA drives in the table?
17:01:04Infinoid(at the moment, I'm thinking "no")
17:01:15bluebrotherI don't think it's worth the work. No player I'm aware of is capable of using SATA drives.
17:01:25bluebrother(at least no rockbox-capable player)
17:02:12Infinoidgreat, that simplifies things
17:04:35 Quit Falen___ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:09:19*ender` yawns
17:09:52*[IDC]Dragon would like a 300 GB disk in his Archos
17:10:18[IDC]Dragonbut SATA definitely is a nogo
17:10:33 Quit Falen (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:12:43 Join Domonoky [0] (
17:14:49 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:57 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
17:20:06 Join atsea- [0] (i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-415ec968f538ebc2)
17:23:37 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
17:27:42 Join JavaMan22 [0] (
17:31:35Febsamiconn, I don't know if this has been brought to your attention, but it looks like something between r13989 and r14018 causes crashes with certain Nanos:
17:32:55*Febs spots FS #7510.
17:35:20preglowfour pages article??
17:35:43 Join tihoc4n [0] (
17:38:20 Join Arathis [0] (
17:39:16 Quit tihoc4n (Client Quit)
17:40:07Infinoidok, got Toshiba 2.5" drives listed on the HardDriveReplacement page. I'll work on listing Hitachi, Seagate and Samsung drives when I get off work
17:41:40 Quit Bawitdaba (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
17:50:01 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:50:48 Quit gromit` (Remote closed the connection)
17:51:55 Join thegeek [0] (
17:55:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:56:22bluebrothernice. New mountpoint selection works :)
17:56:41 Join gromit` [0] (
17:56:42 Part Infinoid
17:57:06JavaMan22hi bluebrother
17:59:25Domonokybluebrother: thank you again for fixing my code :-)
18:00:00 Quit low_light ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:00:05 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:00:15 Join spiorf_ [0] (
18:01:04 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01:44 Join Rick [0] (
18:02:40 Join iamben [0] (
18:03:08 Quit Weiss (Remote closed the connection)
18:03:20 Join Rondom [0] (
18:05:52bluebrothergrrr. Why fails building again?
18:06:48 Join dandin1 [0] (
18:09:42 Quit spiorf (Network is unreachable)
18:12:04bluebrotherDomonoky: what do you think about this mountpoint choose dialog?
18:14:24*Domonoky will try, one moment :-)
18:16:50 Join bdgraue [0] (
18:17:48 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:19:46 Join desowin [0] (
18:20:59 Quit Guile`` ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
18:21:46 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("CGI:IRC")
18:24:39 Join Arathis_ [0] (
18:26:08 Join webguest67 [0] (i=de652c71@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:26:46markunwebguest67: doesn't work from the webclient
18:26:47 Quit webguest67 (Client Quit)
18:27:12 Quit Arathis (Nick collision from services.)
18:27:14Domonokybluebrother: the choose dialog looks nice.. but it misses the macosX part..
18:27:17 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
18:27:31bluebrotherwhat macos part?
18:27:55Domonokyyou use the old filedialog for mac
18:28:01bluebrotheryou mean #ifdef __linux?
18:28:26Domonokyoh, i miss read the if defs..
18:29:23Domonokybut the path for mac is still missing.. on mac all drives are in "Volumes" dir i think..
18:29:27bluebrotherhmm, macos doesn't have drive letters. So it should be #if defined(Q_LINUX) || defined(Q_MACX) I think
18:31:36bluebrotherand using /media as default folder if no valid one is given is wrong on windows too -)
18:32:16Domonokyhm..on linux can you navigate through the dirs ? i see you set NoDotAndDotDot for the DirModel, how do you go a level up ?
18:32:41 Quit obo ("bye")
18:32:55bluebrotherit's a tree view. On Windows I only show drives as we don't have a folder as mount point
18:32:56Domonokyno /media isnt the right default for win.. and for mac it should be /Volumes
18:33:44 Join D0ug [0] (
18:33:50bluebrotherbut I haven't changed that with this diff ;-)
18:33:51Domonokyah i understand.. its a Treeview..:-)
18:34:08bluebrotheryep ... after quite some searching I started to understand how that works ;-)
18:34:34Domonokyits really nice.. good example of mode / view conzept :-)
18:34:47Domonokymodel / view ..
18:34:57D0ugHello, I have just finished placing the art for every album on my sansa250, although I am unable to view the art from any of the AA themes.
18:35:14bluebrotheralbum art is neither official nor supported.
18:35:19D0ugI have titled every file folder.bmp, and placed them correctly
18:35:44D0ugDosent the e200 have a bmp resize patch?
18:35:58DomonokyD0ug: you use a build which supports Album art ? the official build doesnt have album art..
18:36:08bluebrotheras thw word "patch" tells its a patch.
18:36:20bluebrotherso it's not present in official builds.
18:36:37bluebrotherif you want to use album art you need to use an unofficial builds. But those are not supported.
18:36:37D0ugPlease then, would you be able to tell me how I would go about applying a patch?
18:36:53bluebrotherRockbox doesn't support album art.
18:37:07D0ugYes, I am asking how you apply a patch now.
18:37:09bluebrotherhrm, misread the last line :(
18:37:20bluebrothercheck the WorkingWithPatches wiki page
18:37:26D0ugthank you
18:37:34 Join mschneider [0] (i=42444ee1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:37:35D0ugI've been trying to find somtheing like that
18:37:46bluebrotherand possibly a few more −− look for the "for developers" section in the wiki DocsIndex
18:38:54Domonokybluebrother: so the chooser looks nice, i also check the code, and everything looks ok.. so commit it :-)
18:39:28bluebrotheryou tried on windows?
18:39:45bluebrotherI'm currently recompiling Qt on my windows box so I can't test.
18:39:53bluebrotherok, will commit and test later ;-)
18:40:28Domonokyit works on windows.. and as all widgets are Qt widgets, talking and navigation should also work :-) ( i havent tested. )
18:40:43 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
18:40:46 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
18:41:13bluebrotherbut in that case it's also possible to manually enter the mount point, so if that dialog doesn't work it shouldn't be a big issue.
18:41:59bluebrothermaybe I'll manage to build a static binary with included accessibility plugin later ... hasn't worked before (that's the reason I'm recompiling)
18:42:09 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:42:38Domonokyand we can reuse this dialog in the talkfile generation for selecting the dir to generate talkfiles for..
18:43:16bluebrotherright. A reason why I haven't hardcoded the filter ;-)
18:44:01 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
18:44:15Domonokyhow about fileselection, is it possible withis dialog, or should we use the old one ?
18:44:51bluebrotherit is possible. You just need to use the correct filter
18:44:58 Part JavaMan22
18:45:19bluebrotherbut I haven't tried −− maybe you need to use model.fileName() instead of model.filePath()
18:48:55GodEater_Febs: Wow - Mr. Grumpy in the apple install forum there huh ?
18:49:08bluebrotherok, committed −− now back to themes installation ...
18:49:15 Quit mschneider ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:49:40 Join Falen [0] (
18:49:44FebsGodEater_, yeah. I just edited my response to him.
18:49:54 Quit Falen (Client Quit)
18:50:11GodEater_I thought that was quite a nice response for me ;)
18:50:47*GodEater_ files stevenkelby in his "list of people to be an asshole to in future"
18:54:00pondlifeLinusN: Thanks for the voice fix, just testing..
18:54:49GodEater_how boring, I just search the headfi forums too, looking for the post that warned him I was a jerk, and I can't find it :(
18:55:04FebsGodEater_: Heh. I did the same. He's full of crap.
18:55:26GodEater_I was hoping my jerkiness was now world famous
18:56:49FebsIn my response, I refrained from telling him exactly where he could put his $100.
18:57:56GodEater_you mean you believed he has $100 ? ;)
18:59:09pondlifeWell, seeing as GodEater_ just cost the project $100, I think he should donate it :p
18:59:26GodEater_I'll armwrestle you for it
18:59:41FebsGodEater_: Well, according to his Head-Fi thread, he did just buy an "iModded" iPod, which runs about $700 USD.\
18:59:44*LinusN bets $100 on GodEater
18:59:45*GodEater_ is not even breaking a sweat
18:59:51*pondlife has a broken arm
19:00:14pondlifeOK, you win again... where's the Paypal link
19:00:23*Febs observes that GodEater and pondlife can both type extremely well with just one hand.
19:00:33pondlifeOne finger
19:01:00GodEater_my tongue here
19:01:07 Quit desowin ("use linux")
19:01:47GodEater_Febs: he's clearly made of money then
19:02:49FebsSee, and you thought *I* was crazy for what I spent on my E500s. My friend, I am nothing compared to some of these Head-Fi folks.
19:02:52pondlifeLinusN: Your wavtrim fix - will that resolve the nasty crackles in the daily built voice files? Or is that a further problem?
19:03:17 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
19:03:20 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:04:38*pondlife has to leave but will try again with the next daily built voice file...
19:04:44 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
19:04:57LinusNpondlife: that's what the fix was for
19:06:04LinusNand the files from today have been regenerated without the crackles
19:06:24GodEater_Febs: I still think you're crazy for dropping all that money on a pair of headphones
19:08:50 Join spiorf [0] (
19:11:45 Quit spiorf (Client Quit)
19:11:58 Join spiorf [0] (
19:12:47 Quit spiorf (Client Quit)
19:13:55 Join Soul-Slayer [0] (n=jonno@
19:15:04 Join anathema [0] (n=none@
19:15:32 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
19:15:58 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
19:19:31bluebrotherhmm. We need installing voice files in rbutil ... but where to put them?
19:21:02 Join secleinteer [0] (n=scl@
19:21:05bluebrotherBagder: can we get a build-info file for voices as well?
19:21:52*GodEater_ takes his red rag, and waves it in the headfi forums
19:22:11 Join Siku [0] (
19:23:01 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:27 Join XavierGr [0] (
19:26:27 Quit D0ug ("Leaving")
19:31:00 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
19:31:22GodEater_does anyone know if you buy this "iMod" thing in Australia, or has he paid a fortune to get it shipped from the good ol' US of A too ?
19:31:47*GodEater_ is trying to get a measure of the level of stupidity^H^H^H^H dedication to his sounds here
19:32:39peturbluebrother: voice files go in the lang directory iirc
19:33:01 Quit spiorf_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:33 Nick ac_away is now known as austriancoder (n=austrian@
19:37:30 Quit alienbiker99 ("( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )")
19:38:30LinusNbluebrother: the same build-info applies to the voice files, if i'm not mistaken
19:41:07bluebrotherhmm. Are there plans to provide voice files for other languages than english?
19:41:33bluebrotherI hoped to have some more information for the voice files. E.g. language and tts engine used
19:41:52LinusNah, i see
19:42:10bluebrothernot that we offer much of a choice but to be able informing the user. That information could be part of the dailies build-info file
19:42:53bluebrotherpetur: I was referring to where to put the installation button in rbutil, not on the player ;-)
19:44:36*GodEater_ is glad he avoided that trap placed by bluebrother
19:45:14GodEater_I was going to answer the same as petue
19:45:21bluebrotherah ;-)
19:45:25GodEater_but then thought "nahh, bluebrother MUST know that"
19:45:31bluebrotherit wasn't meant as trap ...
19:45:43GodEater_of course, of course :)
19:45:46Domonokybluebrother: maybe make a new tab named "Accessibility"
19:45:46bluebrotherhehe ... otherwise I would know where to look first ;-)
19:46:15bluebrotherDomonoky: sounds reasonable to me. Would be more suitable for the talk files too ...
19:46:35Domonokyyes.. and you dirchooser works fine for files :-)
19:46:56Domonokybut i changed it a bit, to allow to run it without using signals..
19:47:16bluebrothernice, my Qt build just stopped with an error. Bad me, simply deleting the examples file for space reasons ... tsts :D
19:49:15LinusNbluebrother: i'm not sure the build-info file is the best place to put the information about engines and languages
19:50:08bluebrotherhmm. I'm open for suggestions.
19:50:21bluebrothermaybe a voice-info file using a similar syntax=
19:50:54LinusNcontaining a list of the languages available?
19:51:28bluebrotherfor example.
19:51:46LinusNi'll discuss it with daniel
19:52:29bluebrotherfor now we can extract the needed information from the daily file, but that just doesn't feel "right" to me.
19:52:32LinusNat present, there will be a build-info file containing the same info as the daily build-info file, but with [voices] instead of [dailies]
19:53:38 Quit secleinteer (Connection timed out)
19:53:40LinusNthe voice files are not on the server, but on
19:54:05bluebrotheryeah, I noticed that. Is it planned to have them on the download server too?
19:54:14LinusNnot yet, we'll see
19:54:32LinusNbut we'll probably have them all on the same server eventually
19:54:32bluebrotherok. No hurry, there is enough other work left.
19:55:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:49Domonokybluebrother: just put another url in the ini file.. its easy to change that :-)
19:56:18bluebrotheryeah −− as long as the information in that file doesn't change ;)
19:56:41bluebrothergtg in a few minutes anyway.
19:57:20 Quit midgey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58:19 Quit petur ("switching...")
19:58:28 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:58:42 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
20:00:10obobluebrother: any objection to me commiting ??
20:01:42bluebrotherobo: absolutely not
20:01:54*bluebrother gotta run now, bbl.
20:01:59Domonokyobo: the first part is enabling CCache, but the rest ?
20:02:14ompaulwhat are the correct ownerships on the rockbox?
20:02:18 Join HellDragon [0] (i=Nocebo@unaffiliated/helldragon)
20:02:33oboDomonoky: the rest makes QT create all temp compiled objects under a build folder
20:02:49LinusNompaul: ???
20:02:55 Quit anathema ()
20:03:10Domonokyobo: thats good, but i dont need the the INCLUDEPATH on windows.. i wonder why you do need it..
20:03:25oboDomonoky: you will after setting the build paths :)
20:03:33ompaulLinusN, I managed to do the "power off before eject" with laptop not spotting the connection and the box is currently not letting me write to it (don't laugh too loudly)
20:03:55Domonokyah.. now i understand.. so it looks okey, commit it :-)
20:04:02LinusNompaul: linux?
20:04:03ompaulLinusN, so currently I can't write to the drive
20:04:07ompaulLinusN, yeap
20:04:26LinusNthat happens when the FAT filesystem is dirty, perform a dosfsck
20:08:40austriancoderpetur: ping
20:09:09austriancoderpetur: have a question: Why is firewire stuff in the usb driver? usb-fw-pp502x.c
20:09:25peturask amiconn....
20:09:43austriancoderbecause I am rewritting usb-fw-pp502x.c at the moment
20:09:51austriancoderneed to wait for him
20:10:28ompaulLinusN, thanks, working away
20:12:39LinusNyou're welcome
20:14:58austriancoderpetur: so.. my current state: 1) have some settings stuff done 2) working at the moment on autodetection of host/device mode 3) Integrated some parts of usb stack into rockbox 4) Have a dummy device driver 5) a very small arotg_dcd driver 6) support for device and host controllers −−- next stuff I will work on: a) code dcd driver so far, that I can rx packet, and let driver work with it b) selection of device driver to use in settings menu c) autod
20:14:58austriancoderealing with #defines
20:15:13peturaustriancoder: look at the commit amiconn did on 1 aug 22:44
20:15:37 Join My_Sic [0] (
20:15:42 Quit Arathis ("Verlassend")
20:16:22austriancoderpetur: so there need to be some firewire framework that does the same, because later we dont reboot, but use the usb stack. And there is no place for firewire in usb
20:18:09peturaustriancoder: re (b) you mean that you can choose whether you present yourself as UMS or serial port (for example)?
20:18:49austriancoderpetur: yes.. thats the plan.. need only to programm the settings menu code.. the rest ist already done
20:19:25austriancoderpetur: in host mode, we go through every host driver and ask him, if we can handle the new device
20:22:44peturaustriancoder: do not forget the tx problem too.... I'll do some code comparing now, there must be something different that makes MrH code work and yours not...
20:23:25austriancoderpetur: if you tell me what is different, I can try it... mabe its time to ask mrh?
20:23:28FebsGodEater_: the "iMod" is from Red Wine Audio, in Connecticut in the US.
20:23:52GodEater_Febs: so yes he paid a fortune in shipping too
20:24:06peturaustriancoder: the code is not that big, we should be able to find it...
20:24:39austriancoderpetur: okay.. the latest version is this:
20:25:00peturyes, I already have that one ;)
20:25:01FebsNot only that, but the "iMod" for the 5G requires a special dock cable sold by ALO, which is also in the US, I believe. (The caps used in the "iMod" don't fit in the 5G, so they are instead built into a separate dock connector.)
20:25:21austriancoderpetur: this is the diff to em200tools - generated against mrh_try4 or 5 :
20:25:40GodEater_Febs: so he's definitely a bit wacko
20:25:42petursaw that too, yes ;)
20:26:35austriancoderpetur: did you manage to get an pp based target?
20:29:48peturdidn't find anything affordable close to me.... will have to ebay some more
20:30:11 Quit My_Sic (Client Quit)
20:33:24austriancoderpetur: I could sponsor some money, as I realy need help debuging this problem and i think that your expirience is much bigger than mine
20:35:07rasheror maybe rockbox could
20:36:38peturin the short term I'd bet on jhMikeS and amiconn to help debug.... let me search some more first...
20:37:58 Join Entasis_ [0] (
20:38:16 Quit Entasis (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:39:01austriancoderohhh yes... amiconn has pp target too
20:39:16 Join salty-horse [0] (n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse)
20:39:17LinusNwhat is the problem?
20:39:36peturusb transmitting
20:40:20salty-horsedoes rockbox use the ARM-optimized tremolo library?
20:40:30 Join jgarvey [0] (
20:40:43LinusNsalty-horse: tremolo?
20:41:06salty-horsetremor hand-optimized with ARM assembly
20:42:42LearWould mean separate libs for ARM and non-ARM, it seems...
20:43:01LinusN...and a weird license
20:43:41 Join spiorf [0] (
20:44:01salty-horse"if you want to use Tremolo as part of a free piece of software, please do."
20:44:21rasherNot GPL compatible though.
20:44:28rasherSo it's a no-go for rockbox.
20:44:37LinusNaustriancoder: so it refuses to transmit?
20:44:45GodEater_why these people can't use the GPL I'll never know
20:45:09*petur puts his eye on an ipod 3G... more news in 4 days :)
20:45:32 Join haemmy [0] (n=stefan@
20:45:49rasherGodEater_, some people feel very strongly about the "no getting rich off my work!" aspect
20:46:09GodEater_I guess
20:46:18 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:46:36 Join Robin_Watts [0] (n=Javacat@
20:46:43 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:46:45salty-horserasher, the author (Robin_Watts) says the new release is GPL-compatible
20:46:53austriancoderLinusN: yep... I have used e200tool source as basis to get things working... rx works fine. This is the patch; and this is a diff with e200tool based on mrh_try4/5:
20:47:21 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
20:47:23rashersalty-horse, Well if it's under the same license he outlines on his page, it isn't.
20:47:33 Join DerPapst [0] (
20:47:33Robin_Wattsrasher: Hi.
20:47:44austriancoderLinusN: but petur and I have no concrete idea, what could be wrong.. and petur as no pp target to help me debuging the code
20:47:47DerPapstgood evening at all :)
20:47:58GodEater_good evening DerPapst
20:48:01Robin_WattsIf you look at Tremolo006 you'll see that I've released it under dual licenses.
20:48:19*petur shouts goodmorning to DerPapst :p
20:49:04Robin_WattsGPL for those that need it to be GPL, and my own homebrew license for those people who want to avoid the creeping viral evilness of the GPL.
20:49:06DerPapstthis time my watch is working fine :P
20:49:32rasherRobin_Watts, fair enough, didn't see that on a quick reading of the webpage
20:49:40*Robin_Watts updates webpage :)
20:49:50Soul-Slayerrasher: It's in the licence file of the latest release, not on the page though
20:50:14LinusNaustriancoder: how do you know that nothing is being transmitted?
20:50:31DerPapstaustriancoder: afaik amiconn put the fw and usb code in the same file because he wanted to get reboot to diskmode working when an firewire cable is inserted to the iPod.
20:50:59GodEater_sweet - so perhaps we could use it after all. Although it would introduce weird dual-libness as already stated
20:51:14DerPapsthe knows that this has to be separated once the usb code or the firewire code is doing more.
20:51:23salty-horseGodEater_, any policy against processor-specific optimizations?
20:51:42GodEater_salty-horse: no - we have that in some places already
20:51:53LinusNsalty-horse: if you look at our tremor code, you will see lots of ARM assembly
20:51:56rashersalty-horse, far from it, we have been using the same lib with processor-specific optimizations already
20:52:00GodEater_but I don't think we have anything as large as an entire codec that is processor specfic
20:52:07austriancoderLinusN: a register of the controller should change from 0x0 to != 0x0 (UDC_ENDPTSTAT) and in linux there is something called debugfs and with it can watch what is send and recived over usb. Also dmesg prints that usb device failed to...
20:52:13Robin_WattsTremolo will still build in C only mode.
20:52:42*GodEater_ suspects we probably have coldfire assembly too
20:52:53Robin_WattsAnd it's very close to tremor, so could probably absorb other stuff too.
20:52:55LinusNaustriancoder: what kind of packet is it?
20:53:03DerPapstafaik for all 3 architectures rockbox runs on
20:53:17GodEater_Robin_Watts: so your pretty handy with ARM assembly then ? :)
20:53:39LearRobin_Watts: Rockbox doesn't use the lowmem branch though.
20:53:59GodEater_DerPapst: we don't run tremor on SH1 though :)
20:54:03Robin_WattsGodEater_: I figured out that I had about 20 years experience of it the other day :)
20:54:15Robin_WattsLear: Why not?
20:54:20GodEater_neat - perhaps you can help us hack other stuff :)
20:54:33 Quit SolarWar1 (Remote closed the connection)
20:54:55austriancoderLinusN: respone to a get* setup request. It should work, as it is almost the same code as e200tool, but I have never tested e200tool, if it works
20:55:02LearRobin_Watts: Don't know really; I didn't make that choice...
20:55:41Robin_WattsPrevious versions of Tremolo were the non low memory branch.
20:56:02LearTried it a bit on a Coldfire target, but it was pretty slow. I suspect it was caused by the relatively slow RAM, but I don't know for sure.
20:56:25Robin_WattsGodEater_: Subject to time, sure.
20:56:42salty-horseRobin_Watts, do you need a supported portable media player? :)
20:57:10Robin_WattsI have a Rio Karma, and my wife has a Cowon iAudio thingy.
20:57:56*GodEater_ keeps meaning to ask someone that's ex-Rio how easy it would be to port to the karma
20:58:20GodEater_I wish I knew what I'd done with my karma
20:58:47salty-horseGodEater_, losing karma is bad
20:58:54salty-horse(bad karma)
20:58:59Robin_WattsLear: Are you saying that the low memory branch is noticably slower than the non low memory branch?
20:59:04GodEater_I have positive karma at slashdot, does that help ? :)
20:59:14*petur has too
20:59:32GodEater_not that I think I've commented on much in the last year or so
20:59:37peturand many tickets at :)
21:00:14*GodEater_ also has a four digit slashdot id
21:00:39LearRobin_Watts: If memory accesses are slow, I suspect it is, yes.
21:00:48*dionoea wanted to try the apple remote with embedded radio on his iPod ... but it sells for 54 euros here! That's a ripoff
21:01:07LinusNaustriancoder: what would happen if the address+endpoint was wrong?
21:01:19Robin_WattsLear: Do you know the differences between the branches offhand? (I don't)
21:01:39LearMoving frequently accessed stuff from normal ram to iram on the Rockbox coldfire targets makes a big difference.
21:02:15 Join Buschel [0] (
21:02:19austriancoderLinusN: I never got to the step that i can accpet an usb device address. And endpoint is not wrong as in this state I am using ep0.
21:02:55LearRobin_Watts: Lowmem uses less memory by only partially unpacking codebooks (or something like that). Needs to do more processing/memory accesses during decode though.
21:03:48LinusNaustriancoder: i would suspect a clocking problem, but i am a usb lamer
21:04:42austriancoderLinusN: do you mean wrong time when i want to send?
21:05:00austriancoderLinusN: or wrong register settings of cpu?
21:05:48Robin_WattsLear: Right.
21:07:36*GodEater_ is very disappointed that his red rag at the headfi forum has not produced a torrent of people calling him a jerk
21:10:03 Quit lostnihilist ("Leaving")
21:10:17markunGodEater_: I can call you a jerk if it makes you feel better
21:10:29GodEater_if you wouldn't mind please :)
21:10:38markunbut I guess it wouldn't be the same thing
21:10:44markunok, here it goes..
21:10:47markunGodEater_: jerk!
21:10:56GodEater_ahhhh - I feel much better now :)
21:11:14markunnow get back to programming!
21:11:21GodEater_sir, yes sir!
21:11:30*GodEater_ looks for something to program
21:11:47markunGodEater_: DTMF tone generator?
21:11:48*Robin_Watts is now pondering if he should have a look at the non-low memory branch.
21:12:02markunfor all your telephone needs
21:12:09GodEater_Robin_Watts: did you have a target in mind for your lib?
21:12:23Robin_WattsThe first version was done for a RISC PC.
21:12:28GodEater_markun: are you a closet phreaker ?
21:12:44Robin_WattsThe latest stuff has been done with ScummVM in mind. Specifically for the WinCE/DS/GP2X ports.
21:12:57Robin_Wattswell, all the ARM ports really.
21:13:04*GodEater_ would love to see a ScummVM port for rockbox
21:13:11GodEater_shame they chose to write it in C++
21:13:18markunGodEater_: not really, but I had to type very long phone numbers when I was in Paris
21:13:30*DerPapst likes the idea of a tone generator... something to tune a guitar with or so...
21:13:42DerPapstnot that i really play guitar...
21:13:58GodEater_a guitar tuner is somewhere in the feature requests already I think
21:14:44*markun has to go now
21:14:48GodEater_bye bye
21:14:56DerPapstit hasn't to be for tuning a guitar... it would be enough to annoy people with it.
21:15:01salty-horseGodEater_, the C++ choice is actually a rewrite of the original C code. I believe it's mainly due to lots of different versions of the SCUMM engine that needed to gracefully override each other
21:15:20GodEater_salty-horse: which is fine - but makes a port to rockbox a PITA
21:15:25Robin_WattsYeah, but there is no need to resort to C++ for that...
21:15:40*salty-horse pulls out the article in mind
21:15:45 Quit haemmy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:50GodEater_Robin_Watts: you say C++ like it's a dirty word.
21:15:53GodEater_I like that
21:15:59 Join haemmy [0] (i=stefan@
21:15:59Robin_WattsI'm a recent addition to the ScummVM devs, and I'm still finding my away around.
21:16:11Robin_WattsBut I'm a long time hater of C++.
21:16:21GodEater_interesting choice of project then!
21:16:43Robin_WattsC++ is like a swiss army knife that you have to use with all the blades open at once. Its quite powerful, but very easy to cut yourself on.
21:16:52GodEater_nice analogy
21:17:10salty-horsesearch for c++
21:17:32GodEater_makes Java the same - only more blunt
21:17:43GodEater_so harder to hurt yourself initially
21:17:49GodEater_but when you do - it bleeds worse
21:17:50Robin_WattsIt's very rare to see a C++ thing that couldn't have been done perfectly well in C.
21:18:03Robin_WattsJava is Fisher Price "My first OO language".
21:18:14Robin_WattsIt's like C++ with all the sharp edges blunted.
21:18:50GodEater_could have sworn that was SmallTalk...
21:19:16DerPapstit's proven that you can convert every piece from one coding language o another... you can even convert c++ to c0... but who wants to end up with one mainfunction and a giantic while loop?
21:19:42*GodEater_ is now waiting for the "shoot yourself in the foot" analogies to get wheeled out for <insert hated language of choice here>
21:19:54*Domonoky thinks: use the right tools for the right task.. so you dont write a desktop app in assembler, and a embedded app not in java :-)
21:20:13Robin_WattsDerPapst: CFront is the existence proof for that.
21:20:16*DerPapst insterts halkell
21:20:28GodEater_haskell?? ewww
21:20:30DerPapst*haskell even
21:20:40GodEater_I had to use that back when it was called Standard ML
21:20:45*GodEater_ still has nightmares
21:20:51Robin_WattsDomonoky: There are *massive* reasons for using languages other than Java on embedded devices.
21:20:53 Join alienbiker99 [0] (
21:21:00DerPapsti "wrote" a c0 compiler in haskell once....
21:21:19DerPapstc0 -> am0 infact
21:21:22Robin_WattsBut all this is getting massively off topic for this channel.
21:21:24*GodEater_ thought the first c0 was a typo - but now is going to google it
21:21:39GodEater_Robin_Watts: it's okay - there's not much on topic going on right now :)
21:21:48GodEater_the usb guys have gone quiet
21:22:14DerPapstc0 = c with only once function... called (surpisingly) main and you are allowed to have one while loop.
21:22:29DerPapsthow about rockbox.c with only one loop? :P
21:22:29GodEater_thanks google!
21:23:57 Join google_ [0] (i=d9eb1259@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:24:12google_GodEater_: glad i could help.
21:24:38GodEater_nice touch
21:24:52 Part google_
21:25:38DerPapstfun ^^
21:26:50GodEater_wonder where amiconn is this evening
21:27:32DerPapstmaybe same location than pixelma
21:27:53DerPapstsecret rockbox devcon
21:27:58GodEater_ah ha
21:28:14 Join lostnihilist [0] (
21:28:28 Join Dimacus [0] (n=dkoval@
21:28:49GodEater_Dimacus: the answer to your question is "turn on hold as soon as you power on your ipod"
21:29:11*GodEater_ demonstrates his psychic powers
21:29:12DerPapstthe mind reading GodEater_?
21:29:24DimacusGodEater_: thanks, it was stupid of me to i re-read the instructions that answered the question
21:29:25 Part bdgraue ("ups!")
21:29:30*DerPapst is scared
21:29:32GodEater_ah damn
21:29:33Dimacusi have a separate issue that might be a bug
21:29:39DerPapstGodEater_: what do i think right now?
21:29:40GodEater_that must mean you have another question
21:29:58Dimacusi only have about 3000 songs on my 5G iPod video
21:30:00GodEater_DerPapst: sorry - too much solar wind tonight - I'm not getting a good signal from you
21:30:15GodEater_something about pizza and girls
21:30:17Dimacusi started to build the DB for the first time, but my file counter went up to 78,000
21:30:33Dimacusthen my battery died b/c it took too long with hd thrashing
21:30:47 Join perrikwp [0] (n=chatzill@
21:30:49DerPapstnot that wroing though ;)
21:31:03GodEater_Dimacus: assuming you've now got it hooked up to the pc and charging again, have you tried running a file system check on it ?
21:31:14GodEater_DerPapst: :)
21:31:28Robin_WattsIf rockbox are seriously interested in using Tremolo, I could rerelease the older version (not the low memory branch) as GPL too.
21:31:44DimacusGodEater_: on the ipod or the pc?
21:31:50GodEater_the ipod
21:32:36DimacusGodEater_: well that's the ting, i'm not able to exit the "don't disconect ipod" screen without dismouinting the ipod, which stops the charging
21:32:48 Join Llorean [0] (
21:32:52 Quit Buschel ()
21:33:00DerPapstwith your pc you check the hdd of your ipod
21:33:02GodEater_Dimacus: you want it hooked to the PC to do the check though surely ?
21:33:37Dimacusyes, let me run scan disk on the ipod to make sure there are no errors on the hd
21:34:03DimacusGodEater_: yes
21:34:37GodEater_Dimacus: also - are the 3000 songs that are there added from iTunes ?
21:34:47GodEater_and do you use it for anything else (like a portable HDD) ?
21:35:02Dimacusno, i try to avoid abusing the tiny hd :)
21:36:01GodEater_so there's no other files on it apart from the iTunes music basically ?
21:36:27Dimacusmaybe some images, let me check
21:36:48Dimacusyeah, i do have about 100 images
21:36:55GodEater_not 78,000 though :)
21:37:12Dimacusnope, nothing in that range
21:37:34GodEater_hdd check done ?
21:37:38LinusNaustriancoder: i mean that the clock to the usb chip could be wrong
21:37:55DimacusGodEater_: yap, windows says it's all good
21:38:39DimacusI guess it would be nice to have some sort of an indexing app that would run PC side
21:38:43GodEater_Dimacus: okay - well reboot it into Rockbox mode, and then re-insert you USB cable whilst keeping "Menu" held down, and make sure you KEEP menu held down or about 20 seconds or so
21:38:44peturLinusN: that would mean it is different between running e200tool and rockbox?
21:38:45austriancoderLinusN: hmm.. maybe, but how to check it? How to controll the clock? Why does rx works and tx not?
21:38:59GodEater_Dimacus: that's be suggested before - no-one's done it yet though
21:39:01Dimacusthat would be much faster then running it on the ipod with it's weak resourses
21:39:28DimacusGodEater_: I'll try the reboot option
21:39:33*GodEater_ wishes someone could work out why the menu button needs to be held down so long these days
21:39:56GodEater_if you don't hold it down for ages Dimacus then your ipod will reboot into disk mode
21:40:04GodEater_so give it a good long hold ;)
21:41:22GodEater_once it's back into rockbox mode, try intialising the database again
21:41:35 Join amiconn [0] (
21:41:35Dimacustrying now
21:41:48GodEater_at least with it plugged in it won't run out of juice now
21:42:14Dimacusgreat, thanks a lot guys :-D
21:42:25GodEater_no problem
21:42:40Dimacusmaybe if i'm board one day, i'll write a short hack to do indexing on computer side
21:42:53Dimacusjust b/c i like pain, i'll do it in VB :-D
21:42:54rasherDimacus, could you perhaps have a lot of files in the recycle bin on the ipod?
21:43:25Dimacusrasher: i don't think so, i haven't deleted anything from it ever
21:43:34rasherDimacus, Such a program already exists (although only for mp3/ogg I believe), tools/ in the source package
21:44:20austriancoderpetur: autodetection of device mode works :) Need to buy or build a cable to connect a usb mouse etc to check if host driver gets loaded
21:44:28austriancoderbut it should
21:45:28LinusNaustriancoder: i am by no means a usb expert, but reception might work because the data is NRZI coded, providing a clock sync
21:46:47austriancoderLinusN: but i dont see anything to sync clock in e200tool source
21:46:50austriancoderdo you?
21:47:09LinusNthat was just a wild guess
21:47:12Bagdere200tool runs in manufacture mode, it may very well be inited differently
21:47:28GodEater_rasher: I thought that script was LOOONG out of date ?
21:47:48LinusNaustriancoder: what docs do you have on the usb controller?
21:47:54 Quit xNibbler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:48:06austriancoderLinusN: chapter 32
21:48:14rasherGodEater_, I'm pretty sure it's been updated for tagdb (that's still its internal name right?)
21:48:19austriancoderBagder: ahh.. manufacture more
21:48:36GodEater_rasher: no clue - I've not used it for a looong time though
21:49:02BagderGodEater and rasher: yes it has, hardeep updated it
21:49:10salty-horsehow would rockbox benefit from optimizations to ARM tremor optomizations? less power consumption? or is it negligible?
21:49:14BagderI'm not sure if it still is 100% though
21:49:34rasherAh, I even modified when we renamed it to Database.
21:50:09rasherWhich was the latest change. I'm betting it needs to be updated, yes
21:50:48Lloreansalty-horse: Any optimizations to lower CPU usage will result in less power consumption.
21:50:52Domonokywould be nice if *someone* write such a songdb thing for rbutil :-)
21:51:02Dimacusrasher: where is the location of the ""? does not seem to be a link to the actual pl file
21:51:11GodEater_you're not volunteering then Domonoky ? ;)
21:51:15BagderDomonoky: the rockbox code can be built for host...
21:51:23BagderPC_TOOL or whatever the define is
21:51:23LloreanDomonoky: Of course, rbutil will then need to be updated like... every time tagcache.c/h (or whatever the files were named) change?
21:51:34GodEater_Dimacus: think it's in the source archive
21:51:39Bagdermake database I believe in tools/
21:52:05rasherBagder, you might want to check out what's going on with
21:52:27Dimacusyeah, the file seems rather empty in there :-P
21:52:28DomonokyBagder: sounds nice.. so if *someone* has time.. :-)
21:53:16BagderDomonoky: well, since the code is there and at least already mostly made for getting built for host, it is a good start for rbutil... of course still takes someone to do the rest
21:54:09*Domonoky will take a look into this, when i find time for it.. it shouldnt be too hard then :-)
21:54:15Bagderso any ipod owner tried the latest build with the latest voices?
21:55:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:48 Join Guile`` [0] (n=Guile@
21:55:49Dimacusrasher: ah... the svn build has the code, the website does not
21:56:24rasherDimacus, it should be in the source distribution:
21:59:27LinusNaustriancoder: which mode are you using right now?
21:59:57austriancoderLinusN: device mode
22:00:49dionoeaCan a plugin load another plugin ? (loading the new plugin over the old one would be ok)
22:01:43amiconndionoea: No it can't, because plugins are linked to a fixed address. It would overwrite itself, causing a crash
22:02:05dionoeaok. Thanks for the explanation.
22:02:06LinusNaustriancoder: i see that you use OR to set the bits in the registers, but do you know for sure that they contain what you expect from the beginning?
22:02:30LinusNfor example USBMODE
22:02:32amiconnYou could work around that, but only for targets which allow plugins to use iram (and then this chained loading would have to stop playback
22:02:42DerPapsthi amiconn :)
22:02:48austriancoderLinusN: I debuged this problem now for about 2 weeks.. and I looked at each register
22:02:52*dionoea wanted to make it possible for the link "viewer" to launch the corresponding plugin if it was linking to a .rock
22:03:18Bagderwell, a plugin loading a plugin could store the next plugin in a global area and return, and the parent would check the global and load the next
22:03:28salty-horseso is anyone interested in pursuing tremolo integration? :)
22:03:46 Join Juice^ [0] (n=Juice@
22:03:54alienbiker99does pausing when headphones are removed work on every target?
22:04:14dionoeaBagder: yup, but that would require in the core (which i could do if it doesn't sound too stupid)
22:04:20dionoeaor useless
22:04:29DerPapstnot at 1G iPods afaik... and probably some other targets too
22:04:34Bagderyes, it would require core support for it
22:04:38DerPapst^ alienbiker99
22:05:04*dionoea hates it when his sentences are missing words.
22:05:36LinusNaustriancoder: TTL or PHY?
22:06:32LinusNi see no writes to USBCONTROL, where are they?
22:08:38austriancoderLinusN: USBCONTROL?
22:08:54Lloreanamiconn: So far, only one person who's having the Nano problem has reported the "old" firmware version for the flash. Everyone else has the newer version.
22:08:59LinusNpage 32-9
22:09:49austriancoderLinusN: Because I am happy with the defaults
22:10:13LinusNok, so it is using TTL and not PHY?
22:11:21austriancoderLinusN: I am not sure.. can tell you it in some minutes
22:11:27 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
22:11:33LinusNTTL is default
22:12:09austriancoderso TTL
22:12:12LinusNand i don't think that's correct
22:13:00rasherBagder, I don't understand genlang -o.. Why does it list some of the strings multiple times? Does each use in the code get a seperate id?
22:13:26austriancoderLinusN: okay.. will try it with PHY
22:13:45Bagderrasher: each id should be output only once
22:17:46Bagderwe may have introduced a bug with the latest changes, I don't think we tested -o (much)
22:17:46rasherBagder, this is not what Im seeing. $ ./genlang -e=../apps/lang/english.lang -o -t=h120 ../apps/lang/dansk.lang |grep -c LANG_SET_BOOL_YES
22:17:46Bagdercompletely bad then
22:17:46rasherThe automaticly built voice files are rather large too
22:17:46*dionoea just learned about autorock. It's nice to delete the Apple folders when rockbox boots :)
22:17:46DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
22:17:46Bagderrasher: might be due to that flaw, yes
22:18:27rasherActually, it's only set_bool_yes
22:18:38Bagderthat's the first phrase in english I believe
22:18:57FebsDoes anyone have any objection to me cleaning out zajacattack's posts from the Sansa E200R thread (again) and asking zajacattack not to post there again?
22:19:19rasherBagder, Doesn't happen with english.lang, so it's something else
22:19:33BagderFebs: I won't object
22:20:00rasherBagder, The filesize, that is. Perhaps that's just a matter of encoding settings.
22:20:16Bagdermight be yes
22:21:04rasherStill weird about the repeated bool_yes
22:21:39LinusNthe festival voice is rather slow, so the phrases are quite long
22:22:06dionoeaWhere is the plugin size limit defined?
22:22:30 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
22:24:30Lloreandionoea: The target-specific config-blah files.
22:24:34LloreanIf I recall
22:24:44 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:25:00 Quit perrikwp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:25:38dionoeaLlorean: ah right, thanks.
22:27:22Bagderbtw, I added voices on the "old" link from the daily build page
22:27:36Bagderso that you can now get older voices too if you pick an older daily
22:27:38rasherI don't like the look of VOICE_OF. It's used for creating "x of n" sentences. That's bound to cause troubles for some non-english voices.
22:28:15rasherBut perhaps it works out for current voice-targets. It's just not very nice
22:28:37dionoeawhat thread do plugins run in ? do they have their own thread ? or is it just the interface thread ?
22:29:13Domonokydionoea: plugins run in the main thread..
22:33:18peturaustriancoder: are you sure about the PRIME_TIMER and other timeout loops? I don't know how long those loops take...
22:33:55 Join tedrock [0] (
22:33:56austriancoderpetur: looping works... but if you tell me an other way to do, i will try it
22:34:23peturnono, I just asked to make sure you wait long enough
22:35:29austriancoderpetur: I will multiply all TIMER values with 10
22:36:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:36:15*amiconn is positively surprised :)
22:36:51amiconnProper initialisation of that other register (DEV_EN2?) drops idle current by another 3mA on 2nd gen :)
22:37:21peturamiconn: do we already power down the usb controller?
22:37:35amiconnUSB controller? On 2nd gen??
22:37:52Lloreanpetur: You're talking strictly firewire-era iPods right now. :-P
22:37:59DerPapst3rd gen is the first ipod with usb contoler
22:38:15peturI know, I was thinking of the later ipods ;)
22:38:18LloreanDo we have a runtime test for 3G with amiconns changes?
22:38:34DerPapstafaik no
22:38:41amiconnLlorean: Not that I know of. DerPapst or saratoga could perform one ;)
22:38:55amiconn(or dan_a)
22:39:13DerPapstto catually comper that i probably have to test with the OF too?
22:39:17amiconn3mA is about 6%
22:39:31austriancoderLinusN: So...It seems I cant modify UOG_CONTORL
22:39:34austriancoderLinusN: UOG_CONTORL |= (1 << 4) | (1 << 5);
22:39:40amiconnDerPapst: I didn't bother doing that myself. I just compared to what apple states
22:39:55LloreanDerPapst: Just a runtime test in Rockbox would be a good starting point. Then, while an OF one would be nice, it wouldn't need to be as strict.
22:39:59amiconn(properly scaled for my battery)
22:40:11LloreanIf you get 10 hours in Rockbox, you check on the OF after 9, so you don't have to do any real observation for most of the time.
22:40:19LinusNaustriancoder: that's weird
22:40:28DerPapstand rockbox logs the runtime somehow before it dies?
22:40:37LloreanIf you use the battery_bench plugin, yes.
22:40:40austriancoderLinusN: maybe I have done something wroing: #define UOG_CONTORL (*(volatile int *)0xc5000600)
22:41:11LinusNare you drunk? :-)
22:41:31DerPapstthat is the bug
22:41:35austriancodera beer would be cool :)
22:41:38*petur takes weizen away from austriancoder
22:41:50petur... and drinks it himself
22:42:06DerPapstmmmh... beer
22:42:23austriancoderLinusN: It happend some times that i cant modify all documented register values...
22:42:44austriancoderLinusN: do you own a pp target?
22:43:39DerPapstafaik yes. at least the G5.5 that amiconn has :P
22:44:04amiconnHe has a G5 as well
22:44:13LinusNaustriancoder: G5
22:44:27DerPapstwell.. then the answer is just yes :)
22:46:55austriancoderLinusN/amiconn: If you want to help me, try to get tx in usb controller working: - petur and me need help
22:48:55 Quit safetydan ("Ex-Chat")
22:51:15LinusNaustriancoder: well, the register map in arcotg_udc.h comfuses me a little, but if it is correct, it is possible that USBCONTROL might be at USB_BASE+0x200
22:52:32LinusNthat is 0xc5000200
22:52:44*austriancoder is compiling
22:52:53*amiconn updated IpodRuntime and noticed that 16h 03min is so far clearly the longest rockbox runtime on iPod :)
22:53:22amiconnAnd I expect maybe another 30..60 minutes from DEV_EN2 init...
22:53:46*LinusN bows for the portalplayer ninja
22:54:17Bagderindeed impressive!
22:54:54amiconnWell, ipod OF disaseemblies are relatively easy to follow, compared to H10 or Sansa disassemblies
22:55:17austriancoderLinusN: with 0xc5000200 I get the same value as with 0xc5000600 (0x22fa05) -> seems that I really can not modify this register
22:55:23amiconnIt seems apple either used an older compiler, or less aggressive optimisation
22:55:38amiconn(or both)
22:56:18 Part Domonoky
22:56:28amiconnAnd PP5002 is easier to understand than PP502x.
22:56:43amiconnBoth the chip is simpler, and there's less extra hardware in the old ipods
22:57:01LinusNaustriancoder: well, i'm sure you can modify it once you find it
22:57:02 Join midgey [0] (
22:57:04*amiconn suspects disk poweroff on PP502x ipods to reside somewhere on PCF GPIO
22:57:06rasherBagder: another genlang question: why does -o output strings where english.lang has an empty ("") voicestring?
22:57:09 Part Dimacus
22:57:28Bagderrasher: I don't think it should
22:57:31LinusNaustriancoder: or maybe there is no such register on the PP?
22:57:48rasherBagder: Hrm, interesting. I'm pretty sure it does. Let me check again
22:58:48rasherBagder: Yeah, it does. First example #9\nid: LANG_LOADING_PERCENT\nvoice: ""
22:59:09*amiconn needs to buy a 0.1ohm resistor, and a new battery for his multimeter tomorrow
22:59:13LinusNamiconn: do you see any writes to 0xc5000xxx in the init code?
22:59:30LinusNin the ipod disass
22:59:41Bagderrasher: thinking about it, the old lang file did have those strings like that and -o kind of outputs data the old way
22:59:51amiconnSo far I didn't dig very deep into PP502x disassemblies
22:59:59LinusNi see
23:00:02amiconn(eexcept of clock setup of course)
23:00:13Bagderrasher: but -o is _only_ made to satisfy the voice script makers so we can make it do whatever is fine to make voices easy
23:00:27amiconnI hope to be able to implement true suspend on 1st/2nd gen btw :)
23:00:29austriancoderLinusN: i dont think so... I cant also modify value of Setup Lockout Mode in USBMODE. Keep in mind that the pp usb controller uses same logic as the usb chip −−> pp chip needs not to be identical to chip
23:00:45LinusNaustriancoder: i understand
23:00:56amiconnWe can't shutdown for real anyway, and this way rockbox will be instantly available
23:01:57amiconnI'll still make it save settings before suspending, in case the battery runs out (which might happen)
23:02:08amiconnIt will be much like going into usb mode
23:02:15austriancoderamiconn: it would be very cool if you could look whats writen/read from 0xc5000xxx of PP502x. If you tell me how I can find it out by my own, I will try to do it on my own
23:03:47 Quit DerPapst ("So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!")
23:04:21*amiconn would like to see some further arm Tremor opts
23:04:57 Join scorche` [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
23:05:02amiconnPlaying ogg works on PP5002, but somewhat higher quality oggs (~190kbps) skip occasionally
23:05:25amiconn(with only treble/bass processing enabled)
23:05:28LloreanThe test_codec comparison showed that >128kbps Ogg was more efficient on PP502x than MP3 at those bitrates.
23:05:33LloreanAt least, I thought it did.
23:05:37 Join harmattan [0] (
23:06:04amiconnPP502x != PP5002
23:06:15amiconnDon't forget the broken cache on PP5002
23:06:39 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
23:06:53amiconnBut with the proper PP inits, going 90MHz for CPUFREQ_MAX shouldn't cause problems (with the old setup it might have caused too much heat)
23:06:54LloreanAnd the broken cache affects the vorbis codec more than the MP3, or the MP3 alread has some fixes for it?
23:07:19amiconnStill, optimisation would save power
23:07:33LloreanOh, absolutely
23:08:08amiconnMP3 got a lot better when tomal's optimisations were committed
23:08:26LloreanI think the results I was quoting are after that. 07-07-08
23:08:31amiconnOn PP5002 the gain was significantly higher than on PP502x
23:08:56LinusNaustriancoder: so you receive a setup packet and get an interrupt?
23:09:01amiconn129->165% realtime (that was still at 78MHz iirc)
23:09:08 Quit Juice^ ("Leaving")
23:09:08austriancoderLinusN: yep...
23:09:57amiconnGoing dualcore will also help, but that's less important atm than suspend mode
23:10:15amiconn(and it requires figuring out some further details about cache control on PP5002)
23:10:23LloreanIs the plan now to have the codecs themselves decide how they want to make use of the second core?
23:10:28 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
23:10:31 Join XavierGr [0] (
23:10:33LloreanI notice there's an SPC patch that handles it this way
23:11:16amiconnWell, I am no dualcore expert. All this mutexing and synchronisation causes me headaches...
23:11:25LinusNaustriancoder: and the packet looks ok? what request type?
23:13:21austriancoderLinusN: yep... packet looks like linux debugfs showed me.. get descriptor -> USB_DT_DEVICE
23:13:26LinusNthis code:, what is it?
23:13:37LinusNdoes it work?
23:13:53LinusNyou said that mrh's version worked?
23:13:59LinusNi'm confused
23:14:23austriancoderLinusN: it should... -> arm_code.c - i have copy almost 1:1 e200tool source of usb into this patch.
23:14:57austriancoderLinusN: I dont know if mrh version works...
23:15:03Bagderbut again, e200tool runs in manufacture mode
23:15:21Bagderquite possibly inited differently
23:15:54Bagderand yes it works
23:16:18austriancoderBagder: but it looks like descripted in chapter 32
23:16:20Bagderor else we wouldn't have had much rockbox on the e200
23:16:45 Quit harmattan ("Saliendo")
23:16:59 Join harmattan [0] (
23:18:08LinusNi'm a little confused, does the PP have separate instruction and data caches?
23:18:24 Part toffe82
23:19:39 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
23:19:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
23:20:20 Quit scorche (Connection timed out)
23:20:20 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
23:20:44amiconnIt has a unified cache
23:20:56amiconn..but both cores have their own
23:21:08LinusNthe flush_icache() calls confused me
23:21:29LinusNshould probably be renamed to flush_cache()?
23:21:57amiconnIt's probably just to save some ifdefs
23:22:16LinusNof course
23:22:17amiconn(the function was called flush_icache() because coldfire only has icache)
23:22:39austriancoderLinusN: a note: I had to put queue heads into IRAM that i was able to recive a valid packet
23:22:59LinusNi can imagine that
23:26:07 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
23:26:09 Part maffe
23:26:16rasherBagder: is it possible to get a list of all voice strings on all targets? (something like -t=all)
23:26:39 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
23:27:24Bagdernot that I can remember
23:27:26 Join maffe [0] (
23:27:51 Part maffe
23:28:20 Join maffe [0] (
23:28:35 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:53 Part maffe
23:29:11 Join maffe [0] (
23:29:12rashersuppose I'll just cycle through the targets then
23:29:49Bagderor modify the source to support an 'all' target
23:30:15rasherBut that'd require understanding genlang, which I can't claim to do
23:31:25austriancodergood night guys
23:31:44austriancoderpetur: yes?
23:31:56peturcan you verify the address offset
23:32:11 Quit gromit` (Remote closed the connection)
23:32:19austriancoderpetur: how?
23:32:37peturon page 32-7, using some regs to compare
23:32:46 Join DerPapst [0] (
23:33:32DerPapstheh... the voice file seems to be slightly confused when i'm in systems on my ipod video sim at least
23:33:48peturnah, it should be xxxxx600 from the look of that table
23:34:11DerPapstDebug (Keep out!) -> voice says "Erase dynamic playlist"
23:34:20austriancoderpetur: ah okay...regs for controller otg are working... tryed xxxxx600 and xxxxx200 -> same results
23:34:46petur200 = UH1_ID
23:34:54*austriancoder hopes amiconn looks at the usb controller init asm
23:35:03austriancoderpetur: was idea of LinusN
23:35:20peturso 200 and 600 show the same data?
23:35:56peturand 200 is read-only anyway
23:36:02LinusNmaybe not that weird
23:36:16LinusNi bet it repeats every 0x200 bytes
23:36:21austriancodervalue: 0x22fa05
23:36:38peturLinusN: I'm looking at page 32-7
23:36:47austriancoderLinusN: yep.. datasheet talks about 3 controllers - otg, host1 and host2
23:37:09LinusNbut we probably only have host2
23:37:10peturor rather 32-8
23:37:12pixelmaDerPapst: but you are using a new voice file?
23:37:27austriancoderso guys.. need to go - my girlfriend is waiting
23:37:35austriancoderLinusN: you could run the code on your IPOD too
23:38:10LinusNaustriancoder: will try if i find some time
23:38:23pixelmaLinusN: "och"? ;)
23:38:25DerPapstpixelma: yes. but i guess the problem is that the voice file is for the target and not the sim
23:38:25austriancoderLinusN: you only need to modify pp5202 like firmware/target/arm/system-pp502x.c in patch
23:38:31 Nick austriancoder is now known as ac_away (n=austrian@
23:39:23 Part maffe
23:39:46 Join maffe [0] (
23:39:48DerPapstinfact... i'm not able to bild voicefiles my self... and i don't really care to do so. :P
23:39:55rasherLinusN: perhaps voice configuration is better done in the "advanced" part of config?
23:39:58 Quit haemmy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:59DerPapstjust wanted to try them out.
23:40:05LinusNrasher: perhaps
23:40:10 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
23:40:14 Join XavierGr [0] (
23:40:51LinusNtypo i guess
23:40:52 Quit gregj ("tez mam was wszystkich w dupe....")
23:41:00LinusNi'm going to bed
23:41:03LinusNnite all
23:41:05rasherLinusN: that way it should be possible to build voice AND a target build also without having to reconfigure
23:41:14LinusNrasher: yeah
23:41:15DerPapstshould probably be pp5002 or so−−-
23:41:19peturLinusN: I would think it is sensible to expect 'general' registers to stay on the same spot (cleaner driver design for multiple chips)
23:41:32DerPapstLinusN: night :)
23:43:26 Join scorche` [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
23:43:38 Part LinusN
23:44:39 Join JavaMan22 [0] (
23:46:08peturdoes e200tool write to the LCD?
23:46:18peturI mean the usb part
23:47:07peturdoes it have any ways to output/store something?
23:47:28Bagderonly in ram on the player
23:48:05DerPapstmaybe dump the ram afterwards?
23:48:07peturit would be interesting to know that control register value
23:48:19Bagderyes, it can read ram too
23:48:20DerPapstanyways... good night everyone
23:48:29 Quit DerPapst ("So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!")
23:49:07Bagdere200tool can start code on the player
23:49:15Bagderso it could upload a program and run it
23:49:16 Part maffe
23:49:49peturthat value austriancoder mentioned looks strange... I think it is not the register we need
23:50:58 Join maffe [0] (
23:51:00BagderI guess we can use e200tool to read those addresses
23:51:08Bagder"lw load a word"
23:51:13Bagder(a e200tool command)
23:51:20 Part maffe
23:51:38 Join maffe [0] (
23:52:01peturI saw a 2GB sansa (2nd hand) for sale for 90 euro - would that be a fair price?
23:52:33LloreanSounds a bit much to me.
23:52:46Bagderthey go for 100USD new in the US...
23:52:51LloreanThough I only know US prices, a new one is often $80 or 90 USD
23:52:58petur'2 weeks old'
23:53:22 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:53:58Bagderoffer 70 ;-)
23:54:00 Part maffe
23:54:17rasherJust found a new one for 60 euro (in Denmark)
23:54:22peturhe says it cost him 130 so 90 is the minumum
23:54:33 Join maffe [0] (
23:55:01rasherNow why did I have to search for that. Now I'm tempted to buy it.
23:55:04 Join jhulst [0] (
23:55:24LloreanIf the battery life is solved on the e200, it'll be a really nice Rockbox target (in my opinion)
23:55:41Bagderthe e200 has fairly good run-time already it seems
23:55:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:55:51rasherAgreed. The fact that it supports microSD is neat, since my phone also does.
23:55:52peturI find new ones here for 108 :/
23:55:53 Join ddalton [0] (
23:55:53JavaMan22i wish someone could make the text viewer not turn the disk after you quit and no settings were altered
23:55:57Bagderrasher: buy two and seel one to petur ;-)
23:56:09 Part maffe
23:56:12peturI'll give 50 :p
23:56:14LloreanYeah, the runtime is certainly acceptable.
23:56:25rasherBagder: it's secondhand, (still sealed) so only one available
23:56:33LloreanIf you're charging at the end of the day, it's fine.
23:56:42 Join maffe [0] (
23:57:18 Part maffe
23:57:24bluebrotherhmm. Do we want to keep FS #5555 and FS #5240 open?
23:57:37bluebrotherit's configurable buttons *urgh*
23:57:57 Quit ompaul ("later")
23:58:11Lloreanbluebrother: I think they can both be rejected.
23:58:15peturdon't close 5555 just yet until it's clear what we want to do
23:58:16FebsDoes Rockbox Utility install the H300 bootloader?
23:58:19Bagderpetur: 95 euro new in germany =>
23:58:35bluebrotherFebs: yes ... it patches the firmware and puts the hex file on the drive
23:58:37LloreanFebs: I believe it patches the .hex (or at least the wx version did)
23:58:39rasherI don't think it'd be a stretch to declare configurable buttons (in all cases) a nodo.
23:58:44Bagderbluebrother: regarding build-info for voices, I intend to have them built with the same dates and revs as the daily builds
23:58:49bluebrother(you need to download the hex separately unsurprisingly)
23:58:58ddaltonhas anyone worked out what the problem is with building voice files on windows?

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