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#rockbox log for 2007-08-17

00:00:02malsynedparafin: I mean, on the iPod with the built-in firmware, scrolling through a huge list of artist names is not painfully slow. with RockBox, however, it is.
00:00:13parafini see
00:00:16parafinthere is a patch
00:00:28malsynedyeah? can you point me at it?
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00:01:35malsynednice! thanks!
00:01:41parafini don't remember is it up2date, if not, i can give you version that applies clean
00:02:26 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
00:05:28parafindoes anyone use ?
00:05:43parafini guess nobody, because is doesn't work... :/
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00:12:28*n1s is seriously lost in settings_list.c all those macros...
00:13:40amiconnjhMikeS: Do I remember correctly that you have a gigabeat?
00:13:47 Join bospaadje [0] (
00:14:31*petur completely understands n1s
00:16:39Bagder32800 zips downloaded from so far in august
00:17:29Bagder49% being ipod video...
00:18:01parafinwell ipod video rulez, but native firmware suxx :)
00:18:17parafinit even doesn't play flacs
00:18:39n1sBagder: we should allocate more resourses to ipod vide development! :-P
00:18:52parafinyeah. yeah :)
00:19:01Bagderyes, we better hire some fresh blood
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00:22:53parafini can't understand why jpeg_zoom patch doesn't work
00:22:57parafinit seems fine
00:25:10n1sparafin: of all our target IIRC only the iaudios play flac in their OF
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00:27:25parafinwell alsa ipod official firmware stores music in strange way
00:28:46parafinaha, i found stupid typo in that patch
00:29:09parafini think
00:31:17robin0800Bagder,bloods no good need bodies
00:31:55peturwtf? the plugins where I changed the backlight code now all freeze, except for mpegplayer
00:32:24parafinthere is some practical use for mpegplayer? =)
00:33:07pixelmapetur: turn spelling filenames on and even mpegplayer won't be fun...
00:33:35pixelma(needs a voice file present I believe)
00:35:17parafinwhy ipod has 2 partitions on disc?
00:35:27amiconnparafin: Sure there is. Don't draw conclusions based on just one target
00:35:41linuxstbparafin: One partition is for the firmware.
00:36:08parafinhmm... there goes rockbox bootloader?
00:36:16amiconnThe iPod video is no fun at all, since its lcd update is awfully slow. Nobody stepped forward and figured out the video capabilities of the chip
00:36:21linuxstbparafin: yes
00:36:35 Quit nerochiaro ("vacation! back Mon Aug 27th")
00:36:45amiconnOn H10, iPod color and Gigabeat, mpegplayer is completely smooth
00:37:37parafinwell, i hope some day it will be smooth on ipod video too.
00:37:55parafinand ipod video would run more time on batarreis
00:38:04linuxstbThat will almost certainly require using the broadcom chip
00:38:24parafinthere is no spec?
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00:38:39amiconnahaaahaa, good joke ;)
00:38:50amiconnBroadcom and specs....
00:39:15zeya know for the potential capabilities along with the widespread distribution of the device
00:39:28zei'm almost surprised if nobody'll do a cleanroom driver like they did for the wifi
00:39:36zei guess nobody cares about it as much
00:40:12amiconnThe ipod video is just one target among many, and the chip is only used there
00:40:22parafinyeah, i fixed jpeg_zoom patch
00:40:24linuxstbIt's not a matter of a driver, IIUC, it's a complete SoC in its own right - an unknown (speculated to be MIPS-like I think) CPU, plus DSP.
00:40:26amiconnAnd figuring out the PP is already difficult enough
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00:47:37pixelman1s: found a small problem with the unification of the "Gain" strings - it is used in the recording screen where it was shortened in the german translation for example, so that it fits on the Archos displays - and now it would either don't fit or has to be unnecessarily shortened in the EQ settings...
00:47:54pixelmathe root of the problem might be something else though
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00:54:53pixelmaI compared with the up to date swedish language file (the term has a comparable length) - there only the "dB" at the end of the line in the recording screen aren't visible on Ondio - I think I can find a compromise...
00:55:03parafinwhat is format of apps/plugins/viewers.config? extension,pluginname,numberoficon ?
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01:02:23*petur heads off to typo class :/
01:03:24 Join Soap [0] (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
01:03:44*pixelma hands petur a "c"
01:04:05peturthanks :)
01:04:21*petur mounts "c" on keyboard
01:06:14n1spixelma: I don't think duplicating strings is the way to go here, and btw the shortened string can be hwcodec only as they don't have eq anyway it doesn't matter much
01:08:10pixelmaI don't say it should be duplicated, just stating my problem here
01:09:13pixelmaI like that hwcodec suggestion, didn't think of it
01:11:19pixelmathough it's not really "clean" - the feature itself doesn't have to do with the line not fitting on the screen
01:11:26n1spixelma: this does however raise another question, is it possible to have that shortened string only available in deutsch.lang or does it have to bee included in english.lang too? I guess it needs to be in english.lang, just don't thin anyone tried...
01:12:23pixelmayou mean having different exceptions from the master language?
01:12:38n1spixelma: maybe introduce a new feature, like small_lcd or something, there are a few strings with shorter variants for ondios and players
01:12:40 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- The professional IRC Client :D")
01:12:54n1spixelma: yes, but I don't think that will work
01:13:21pixelman1s: but that won't be true for the recording screen on the irvier remote btw...
01:13:37n1spixelma: ah true
01:13:42peturhmmm build server stuck :(
01:13:59parafinstrange, i'm trying to get gifview patch working
01:14:10parafin/home/parafin/junk/src/rockbox-20070815/build/apps/plugins/gifview.o: In function `loadgif':
01:14:10*petur pokes B4gder
01:14:11parafingifview.c:(.text+0xf58): undefined reference to `memcpy'
01:14:19pixelman1s: the only clean solution would be viewports maybe... ;)
01:14:21parafinbut there is no call to memcpy...
01:14:25n1sUI programming in rockbox is becomming quite complicated...
01:15:06n1spetur: I would guess he's asleep...
01:15:12peturparafin: the call is made by gcc
01:15:43pixelman1s: I'll go with my "little bit shortened" version for the moment
01:16:06n1sparafin: do this after you declare the rb pointer MEM_FUNCTION_WRAPPERS(rb);
01:16:06 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:16:33pixelmaor maybe missing the "dB" isn't that important? At least I can see the number...
01:16:43n1spixelma: there are many places where there is no optimal solution unfortunately...
01:16:43peturn1s: we'll see how high that counter goes then...
01:17:13parafinn1s, there is ; or not?
01:17:16 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
01:18:14n1sparafin: you should have a line like this in your plugin static struct plugin_api* rb;, put the other line directly after it
01:18:14 Quit Echelon ()
01:18:22peturparafin: are you updating patches? If you think some have been forgotten and should really make it, you can always mention them here (aka nagging)
01:18:42amiconnWow 92KB .diff and growing...
01:18:53peturn1s: "Build should have been done 12m 20s ago, at 01:06:26"
01:19:00peturand counting
01:19:02parafinn1s, i understood, i asked about is it MEM_FUNCTION_WRAPPERS(rb) or MEM_FUNCTION_WRAPPERS(rb);
01:19:15n1spetur: ah, I'm half asleep :-)
01:19:36amiconnBagder: ping...
01:19:55pixelmapetur already tried...
01:20:08n1sparafin: you should include the ; or else it will not compile
01:20:23peturpixelma: no, I tried B4gder ;)
01:20:26parafinn1s, why? it compiled fine without ;
01:20:47n1sparafin: oh, guess it's not needed then
01:21:38parafinpetur, you mean that, this is a work for authors of patches?
01:21:55parafinit's just plain faster to do it myself :)
01:22:14peturno I mean adding to svn
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01:23:39parafinwell, it's allready 7 working patches i applied and one that doesn't work =)
01:24:18parafinbut most of them needed updating
01:25:47parafini'll post after sleep updated versions on tracker, so you'll see :)
01:27:03 Join lucaferr [0] (
01:27:23parafinhmm, there is a bug in albumart patch
01:27:38parafinit shifts bmp 1 pixel up
01:28:04*amiconn would like to commit his powermgmt split, but doing so without getting proper feedback from the build system is kinda scary :(
01:28:21 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
01:28:34n1samiconn: no-one will see the red :-)
01:29:50parafingifview actually works
01:30:25pixelman1s: btw... just saying because your sentence sounded as if the Ondios were a special case - they have the same display like the other bitmapped Archos :)
01:32:13amiconnThe commit would touch 43 files, 14 of the are new
01:32:15n1spixelma: right, it was probably this comment from LANG_DISK_NAME_MMC i remembered "(Ondio; keep short!)"
01:32:56parafinit's very simple though, only displays gif without scaling
01:33:02n1samiconn: I'd say commit and fix it tomorrow, unless you plan to go missing for an extended period of time :-)
01:33:46amiconnI also want to see the delta, which might indicate that I overlooked things
01:33:52parafinoh, it doesn't work very well
01:34:02n1sanyway, goodnight
01:34:06 Part n1s
01:34:43parafinwell, at least it doesn't crash rockbox how dict2 does =)
01:34:53 Join midgey [0] (n=tjross@
01:34:55 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
01:35:02peturI wonder what's wrong, it looks like all builds made it...
01:35:57 Quit kubiixaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:36:13petur...but not the source archive
01:36:38Nico_Pamiconn: the WPS tokenizer patch was'nt far from 200 KB :)
01:37:02amiconnYeah, but you didn't commit into a hanging build state iirc
01:37:15Nico_Pindeed I did not
01:38:00 Quit barrywardell ()
01:38:03Nico_Pmabe Bagder should give a trusted someone access to the build server to avoid this kind of problem
01:38:23Nico_Pthe swedes are all in bed...
01:40:18parafinhmm, albumart patch shifts even 2 pixels, not one... bad patch, bad
01:40:24*amiconn is in the same timezone...
01:40:56*parafin in GMT+4, it's even easter :)
01:41:05scorchehe typically goes to bed around an hour:40 ago
01:42:01scorchepart of the issue (from what i understand) is that it is a company server
01:42:09pixelmaand according to Murphy's Law the build servers get stuck later...
01:43:03peturhmmm it's been a while since I had a Murphy...
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01:51:05*petur bows
01:52:54*scorche wonders why someone walked in here naked
01:54:13parafinthere is no way to turn off ipod while usb cable is pluged?
01:55:04 Quit petur ("Zzzzzz")
01:56:28 Quit The_Emperor ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
01:59:00pixelmagenlang only picks up changes depending on features in the "source" part of the phrase - not in the "dest" or "voice" part? :\
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02:02:49 Join whitej8 [0] (
02:03:31whitej8any body running rockbox on a gen5.5 30G video?
02:04:15whitej8do video podcast work?
02:04:47whitej8are there any recommendations for syncing from debian?
02:05:46 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
02:07:57parafinvertical size of album art is 97, but should be 100
02:08:05parafinwhat the?
02:09:46 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
02:13:33 Part parafin ("If you don't like rock'n'roll | It's too late now")
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02:51:17whitej8I'm new to irq I posted a question before having to restart. Is it still active or do I need to repeat?
02:51:38krazykitwell, the question is still on our screen
02:51:46whitej8thats what I thought
02:51:56krazykitand video podcasts sorta kinda work
02:52:05krazykityou can still sync them to the OF with amarok or whatever you use
02:52:11whitej8I've been reading
02:52:22whitej8everything is over 1 year old
02:52:23krazykitor you could run the files through a script that converts them to mpeg2
02:52:33whitej8the OF?
02:52:37krazykitand then adds them to your player. some simple bash script could do it
02:52:39krazykitoriginal firmware
02:53:00whitej8most of the video is generated by my mythtv
02:53:05whitej8as mp4
02:53:20krazykityeah, you can't play mpeg4 video on rockbox.
02:53:33 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
02:55:01whitej8will amarok sync with the OF?
02:55:25krazykitmusic, for sure. dunno about video
02:55:38krazykitnot having an ipod, i haven't looked at any of the offerings
02:55:42whitej8I'm a bit confused about the new filesystem that rockbox uses
02:55:51whitej8can it be accessed by the OF?
02:56:12krazykitlet's see if i can explain it
02:56:30whitej8I've recently replaced MacOSX with debian on my iBook
02:56:39whitej8so I dont have access to iTunes anymore
02:56:56krazykitthe OF uses the iTunes database to know where the files are located. it renames them to stupid 4-letter filenames and such. the apple firmware can NOT see anything outside of that
02:57:09whitej8thats what I thought
02:57:22krazykitso for video, you have two options
02:57:36krazykituse the OF with whatever will sync to it (preferred, in the case of the ipod)
02:57:55krazykitor download the podcasts, re-encode them to mpeg2, then transfer them
02:58:29whitej8I'm hoping to go with option 1 but I havent found anything that will sync video podcast
02:59:15krazykitgtkpod might do it.
02:59:18 Join sarixe [0] (
02:59:39whitej8my old mp3 player was a Neuros so the ability to play ogg would be a great plus but I'm not sure I'm ready to replace the firmware on the ipod
02:59:54Soapbut that is really a subject for another #IRC channel. (solutions to Apple Original Firmware questions that is)
03:00:42Soapbut wikipedia, I believe, has a chart of all the iPod database programs (anapod, gtkpod, elphpod, sharepod, yamipod, etc) and their features.
03:00:54whitej8I'll check that out
03:02:47 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
03:04:43 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
03:09:15 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
03:11:31scorcheugh...i am being such an idiot today...
03:18:31sarixeyeah, i agree :P
03:19:04 Quit perrikwp (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) arent allowed to agree!
03:25:44 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
03:27:49 Part pixelma
03:31:42whitej8thanks for the 411 and the link to wikipedia
03:31:49 Part whitej8
03:36:05 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
03:40:49 Join hfliezfh [0] (
03:41:05 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
03:53:48 Join Rondom [0] (
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04:05:34 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
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04:11:46 Nick perrikwp_ is now known as perrikwp (n=chatzill@
04:27:31 Join sakamoto [0] (
04:28:00sakamotoi do not follow rockbox developments closely
04:28:14 Join mexicankiller [0] (n=chatzill@
04:28:29sakamotohowever i would like to know if there's any progress in nano 2nd gen support
04:28:36scorchethere isnt
04:28:51sakamotowhat's the reason?
04:28:52scorcheyou can see any progress in the thread in the new ports forum
04:29:00sakamotolemme check
04:29:01scorcheit is listed in that thread
04:31:14 Quit courtc ("Lost terminal")
04:32:20 Join courtc [0] (n=court@unaffiliated/courtc)
04:39:49 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Connection timed out)
04:39:55sakamotohmmm ... pretty stuck at the moment
04:40:49sakamotohave all latest ipod models they same unsupported samsung chip?
04:40:58sakamotoor is nana 2g specific
04:41:03sakamotois it*
04:59:00 Quit perrikwp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:01:21scorchejust the 2nd gen nano
05:14:08*tonyyarusso just bought that and found out :(
05:19:44 Quit midgey ()
05:25:54 Join perrikwp [0] (n=chatzill@
05:28:37 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
05:34:24 Join aliask [0] (
05:38:48 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
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05:53:25 Quit tedr0ck (Client Quit)
05:59:28 Quit Lucias_D ()
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06:57:39 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
07:10:01amiconnBagder: build *still* hanging :(
07:17:56 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
07:20:55 Join carlos1234 [0] (
07:29:58 Nick carlos1234 is now known as cayetano1 (
07:34:15 Join benners [0] (n=benners@
07:34:21 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@
07:47:44bennershas anyone in here even taken an interest in porting the iRiver pmp-120 and pmp-140 players for rockbox?
07:48:49scorche402 that a new record?
07:50:38scorchedoubt it...still a while though
07:56:35 Quit sakamoto ()
07:56:58 Join Transience [0] (
07:57:45 Join kubiix [0] (
07:57:47Transiencewas anyone here involved with the iPod port?
07:58:08Transiencei've got a question about firmware checksums
07:59:12 Part benners ("Konversation terminated!")
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08:02:57Transiencewas anyone here involved with any of the sucessfull ports?
08:03:09Transiencei don't mean to exclude
08:04:16aliaskTransience: Just ask your question, and if someone knows the answer they will respond
08:04:48Transiencewell i'm trying to figure out how the checksums on the sucessfull ports were dealt with
08:05:08 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:05:26Transiencei'm working on the ZVM port, but i'd rather not re-invent the wheel
08:05:30 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (
08:05:48aliaskWhich checksums? The rockbox binary checksum?
08:05:49alienbiker99im not sure, but i dont think any of the ports had checksums like the zvm
08:05:57alienbiker99i think he means in the firmware
08:06:03Transiencei thought the iPod firmware had a checksum in it
08:06:22scorchewell, if you want info on the iPod port, ask linuxstb
08:07:09Transiencewell not necesarily the ipod port
08:07:27Transienceany port where the stock firmware contained a checksum
08:07:43 Join little [0] (n=agnth@
08:07:51Transienceif something like this has been beaten before
08:07:59Transiencei'd like to know how it was done
08:08:06amiconnThat really depends on what checks the original firmware, its flashing routine, bootloader, etc does
08:08:19Transiencewell the bootloader on the ZVM does
08:08:32Transienceis this the case for any of the other ports?
08:08:41ptw419have you tried to overwrite the opcodes that check against the checksum?
08:08:53Transiencei can't
08:08:59Transienceas far as i know
08:09:09Transiencethe bootloader that's already on the player does the checking
08:09:24aliaskCan you dump the bootloader to examine the process?
08:09:40Transiencewell it's in the player's flash memory
08:09:42Transiencenot the HDD
08:09:52Transiencehow would i go about dumping the bootloader?
08:10:04Transiencethere's an FBOOT block in the firmware
08:10:18Transiencebut i'm not sure how to debug it
08:10:23amiconnWell, rockbox has to be adapted to each target's original bootloader in order to be loaded, one way or another
08:10:50ptw419i looked a littel at the ZVM info at one point, doesn't it contain an nk.bin?
08:11:12amiconnWhat specific checks the original loader does is rather different per target
08:11:12Transienceyeah that's the entire upgrade
08:11:37amiconnSome do none, some do simple checksums, and some do descrambling or decryption
08:11:57alienbiker99doesnt the zvm checksum the firmware files before it lets it flash?
08:11:58Transiencewell the firmware upgrade isn't encrypted
08:12:05amiconnSo there can be no general way to handle it
08:12:17Transiencebecause the images used in the GUI can be easily extracted
08:12:28Transienceno decryption needed
08:12:43amiconnYeah, so it probably checks one or more checksums or signatures
08:12:47Transienceif the check doesn't pass, the player rejects the update
08:13:01amiconnWhat checks that are needs to be reverse engineered per target
08:13:02Transienceit's possible to get modified firmware onto the HDD
08:13:16Transiencebut it won't update with it
08:13:49Transiencei can find the firmware on the HDD of the zen
08:14:00Transienceusing 010 editor's open drive tool
08:14:11Transiencebut i'm not sure that helps
08:14:30ptw419i'm not sure how different the S is from ZVM, but both have an nk.bin.
08:14:32 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:14:42Transiencethere's one checksum value at the end of the nk.bin file
08:15:12ptw419the S was cracked by inserting a custom record into the nk.bin which contained an opcode that overwrote the sig check instruction in eboot.bin
08:15:30ptw419gigabeat S
08:16:00alienbiker99man, that build is still building
08:16:26Transienceso the gigabeat's bootloader didn't check the firmware being passed to it?
08:16:45Transiencei.e. it didn't check the firmware before upgrading?
08:17:00aliaskIt did, but we worked out the checksumming
08:17:09aliaskOr at least, it was worked out already by someone else
08:17:56ptw419i think the only checksums that were checked were the record checksums
08:18:09Transiencethe ZVM has 14 blocks in the firmware
08:18:20Transiencethe last seems to be a checksum
08:18:33Transience10 are data
08:18:40ptw419so even if a custom record was entered, if the checksum was valid it passed. aside from that, i believe it also checked time stamps, and also the signature
08:18:45Transienceone is @TL
08:18:49Transienceone is EXT0
08:18:55Transienceand the first is CINF
08:20:15Transiencei have the FBOOT block
08:20:25Transiencewhich i figure is the bootloader upgrade
08:20:45Transienceis there some way that i could examine it besides raw hex?
08:21:15amiconnLinusN: Could you please please kick the hanging build?
08:22:04*amiconn wanted to commit a pending 46-file change, but didn't dare to without being able to get status and size delta feedback
08:22:51alienbiker99what happens to the files that arent built, do they get built on the next svn update?
08:23:33amiconnI would like to see a way to restart hanging builds if none of you 3 is around. Perhaps the build master could start a monitoring script the same time as it starts a build, and if it's not done in, say, 30 minutes, kick it
08:24:21LinusNamiconn: we have some ideas for that, but as always, more important things come in between
08:25:06 Quit hfliezfh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:25:11 Join ptw [0] (
08:26:46 Join davina [0] (
08:27:54 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:29:04LinusNamiconn: build done
08:31:01 Join lostnihilist [0] (
08:35:55 Part Transience
08:36:59aliaskWhere is the tree is the rockbox svg logo?
08:40:13 Quit ptw419 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:47:41 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
08:53:52 Join Rob222241 [0] (
08:54:12 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
08:58:15 Join ackbahr [0] (
09:03:08 Quit cayetano1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:04:39 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@
09:05:11 Join ie [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:06:14 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:06:45 Quit ie (Client Quit)
09:12:05LinusNamiconn: great commit
09:12:07 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:12:45 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:13:23 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
09:15:31 Join ie [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:15:38ieHello. Does anybody know whether the FM radio in the european model of Sansa E200 series is disabled by the firmware or does it just lack the FM hardware? I asked this question yesterday but got no answer so far.
09:16:08 Join ddalton [0] (
09:16:48ddaltonhow do I search for text in emacs? like using the find feature in notepad. and how do I get emacs to do the indentation?
09:18:32LinusNddalton: search by using ctrl-s
09:18:33ieddalton: by searching (google?) emacs docs and doing what it says
09:18:33linuxstb_ddalton: This may be helpful -
09:19:14desowinie: lack of hardware
09:19:23 Quit ddalton (Client Quit)
09:19:29 Quit aliask (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:20:33desowinie: atleast it's information that I've seen here and there
09:24:15iedesowin: thanks
09:26:50 Join tedrock [0] (
09:33:16 Quit ackbahr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:34:15B4gdergood to see a range of commits
09:34:22B4gdernow i can work on my "ram usage" delta
09:34:35B4gderand really mess up the table
09:34:58peturthis will be a separate table, no?
09:35:14B4gderI'm not sure, currently I've made a second line for each build
09:35:22B4gderI'll show an example soon
09:36:24B4gderit's almost boring how the ram delta moves exactly as the bin delta
09:36:32ieB4gder: make this a hover tip? Or add two radio buttons to switch between disc and ram?
09:36:55B4gderhover is annoying since it doesn't give an overview
09:36:58 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
09:37:00hcsB4gder: throw in some random noise to make it more exciting
09:37:25ieB4gder: what about radios?
09:37:31 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
09:37:44B4gderie: that'd require javascript fuu that I don
09:37:47B4gder't posess
09:38:23ieB4gder: how did you implement the counter on the buidl page then? ;-)
09:38:29B4gderI didn't ;-)
09:38:55B4gderor rather, I managed to invoke the script but I got the script handed over to me
09:41:43ieB4gder: that should be rather simple. Two tables are generated in their own div blocks. And in the onclick event of the radio button you change the display style from none to visible
09:42:29B4gdercan you write up a html page for me that I can copy and paste from?
09:45:21 Join bdgraue [0] (
09:50:13 Join pondlife [0] (
09:50:15 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
09:51:06 Quit perrikwp ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
09:51:07LinusNhehe, i really like this theme:
09:53:06peturnow we need a scribble font :)
09:54:14LinusNhe should join the logo contest :-P
09:54:20 Join einhirn [0] (
09:55:57peturLinusN: I still like that logo very much (the one next to RockBox on the main menu screenshot)
09:59:15 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
09:59:29einhirnHello all, I'd like to have Replaygain for the Archos (recorder) Target - to Implement it, I'd use the "DSP Volume Control" - am I correct to assume that I
10:00:27einhirnhave got the values 0-80000 Hex to set the Volume Gain?
10:01:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:01:58ieB4gder: try this:
10:02:26B4gdercool, thanks!
10:03:49einhirnHmm - seems that I did get that value wrong...
10:04:10B4gderie: I'll give it a shot in a while
10:05:10pixelmaie: about the radio in the european Sansas - there was a thread in the forums that claimed there are both: european models where the tuner chip is still there and only disabled in firmware and others without the chip (said to be on the anythingbutipod forums as well)
10:05:20 Join pipoka [0] (
10:05:31pipokahello guys
10:07:46iepixelma: how can you tell? Was it so that e.g. until a certain date all devices had the chip and then no chip (or vice versa)? Or does depend on the factory (if there are many)? Or...?
10:07:46 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:08:11B4gderie: nobody knows
10:08:18 Join lostnihilist [0] (
10:08:30ieB4gder: ... the troubles I've se-e-en... :-)
10:08:41B4gderor well, sandisk might known but they won't tell
10:09:00B4gdermy contact actually said the fm was disabled in firmware only
10:09:08pixelmaI don't know, the poster just said that some could enable it by putting the us firmware on
10:09:19B4gderbut I know people tell that the chip is absent in (some) euro models
10:09:51 Quit sneakums ("reconfiguring")
10:10:01pipokahey can any of u guys plz help me?
10:10:16peturpipoka: just ask the question
10:10:22pipokathx =)
10:10:33B4gderlet us guess the question!
10:10:40pipokaok guess it
10:10:45*petur guesses target = ipod
10:10:59B4gder"any of you guys want a lot of money for hanging around here all day for the rest of this year?"
10:11:10*hcs raises hand
10:11:11pipokanooo =(
10:11:34pipokaactually, i got a gigabeat f20
10:11:46pipokaheres the problem...
10:12:25pipokai formatted it with windows and now i get a system error "no hdd found"
10:12:35pipokaany1 know what is it?
10:15:49LinusNpetur: i like that one too
10:16:59peturpipoka: I get the feeling you shouldn't have formatted it...
10:17:15LinusNpipoka: it could be a problem with the partition table
10:17:22pipokaso.. in other words... im fucked?
10:17:28LinusNpipoka: nah
10:17:39pipokai just throw it in the garbage?
10:18:02peturgigabeat has only one partition, correct?
10:18:11pipokalooks like...
10:18:48 Join lost|X40 [0] (
10:19:03peturdoes your pc see it when you conenct it?
10:19:18pipokayes it does...
10:19:35peturhmmm... let's ping a specialist
10:19:39pipokaactually the gigabeat room does recornize it
10:19:41*petur pings markun
10:21:21 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
10:21:57peturpipoka: you formatted it fat32?
10:22:18peturI think you have to copy the GBSYSTEM directory back on it
10:22:34pipokathen after i got the sytem error, i formatted it with the toshiba gormat program
10:24:36pipokaim trying it right now...
10:26:42pipokawell i copiedt the GBSYSTEM...
10:27:16pipokanow it appears like its in usb mode... but its not plugged in my pc
10:27:23pipokathats weird o.O
10:28:07 Quit lostnihilist (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:28:20peturpipoka: sorry I'm not very familiar with gigabeat... I think there's a #gigabeat channel maybe they can help
10:28:44pipokano problem man...
10:28:49pipokai will try that
10:29:00pipokathanks for ur attention =D
10:29:23pipokais that guy, markun, an specialist of gigabeats?
10:29:33pipokacan i try to contact him later?
10:29:50pipokaok... =D
10:29:57pipokathx man
10:30:01pipokasleep well
10:30:08B4gderor post a question in the forum
10:30:15*petur is still waking up :/
10:30:20pipokarockbox forum?
10:30:26B4gderyes, we have 11000 user there
10:30:35B4gderI bet one or two know something about gigabeats
10:31:06pipokasure i will try that too...
10:31:09pipokathx :)
10:31:50amiconnLinusN: Thanks. That's only a first step though, but it was necessary to get 1st gen battery reading right (different scale factors)
10:32:28amiconnLinusN: Regarding radio - do you think you could add radio detection to the X5 build? Right now X5V users get a useless and confusing FM radio menu item...
10:32:49einhirnOpenOffice helped me with calculating the Hex values - and since the MAS datasheet recommends to set "-1.0" for normal use, I recon that I'd set values from -1.0 to -0.0 (0x80000 to 0xFFFFF) to apply Replaygain.
10:34:01 Join ddalton [0] (
10:34:22ddaltonhow do I access the playlist viewer?
10:35:22amiconneinhirn: You can use the dsp volume control for implementing replaygain. However, keep in mind that channel mapping also uses these. It should be doable with some (quite simple) fixed point arithmetics
10:37:30ddaltonwhat there isn't a playlist viewer?
10:38:01einhirnamiconn: Yes, I thought about adding a Parameter to "set_channel_config" from firmware/sound.c
10:38:12B4gderddalton: surely this is mentioned in the manual?
10:38:37einhirnwould that be feasible?
10:39:26ddaltonB4gder: Well I installed a patch and went to the context menu from the wps then playlist then viewer current playlist. Is that how you get to the playlist viewer?
10:39:44ddaltonThe patch is meant to voice the playlist viewer.
10:40:00B4gderI never use it so I'm not sure
10:40:05B4gderbut I'm quite sure it is documented
10:40:21 Quit ddalton ("I was using BOFHNet IRC version 1.2 by fmillion - get your copy today from !")
10:41:12 Quit kubiix ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
10:45:38 Join My_Sic [0] (
10:45:48einhirnamiconn: I just have doubts about the Gain range - Rockbox SW-Codecs use -48 to 17 dB, but that would mean that Tracks with Replaygain 0 would be played back at less than one fifth of the original volume... I don't think that the Analog Volume can be cranked up enough to compensate that. So I'm thinking about Cutting of the Replaygain db values at, say 12dB...
10:52:34 Quit gtkspert (Remote closed the connection)
10:52:58amiconnSwcodec doesn't compensate automatically for the replaygain volume drop afaik. You have to crank up volume manually
10:53:04 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:53:17amiconnI never used replaygain though so I'm not sure
10:54:11LinusNamiconn: radio detection on x5 sounds like a good idea, hopefully it will work better than on fmrec :-)
10:54:21 Join gtkspert [0] (
10:54:30amiconnLinusN: What's wrong with it on fmrec?
10:54:42*amiconn has no fmrecorder... :/
10:54:58LinusNwe have a flyspray report about it failing to find the radio on the fmrec (on some devices)
10:55:12B4gderone of the oldest bug reports...
10:55:26LinusNand still valid
10:56:28 Join spiorf [0] (
10:56:36amiconnLinusN: In fact I would like to see radio detection implemented on sansa as well
10:56:58LinusNah, of course
10:57:17amiconn(as iiuc the us models all have a radio, while the european models have it deactivated in firmware, but some still have it mounted)
10:58:03 Join webguest51 [0] (i=c0231115@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:59:23B4gdermore thoughts on how to visualize the new ram size deltas?
10:59:32B4gder...uses two lines for each build
11:00:03ieamiconn: is sansa's a good dap (in your opinion)? How's manufacturing etc? I.e. how's the HW? Of course, the software is crap compared to RB :-)
11:00:05pixelmanot very readable IMO
11:00:11B4gderI'm not sure a radio-button to select either one is the best choice
11:00:17B4gderpixelma: exactly
11:00:38amiconnie: I don't have a sansa. Imho it's too bulky for a flash based dap
11:01:45ieI only have a player with a HDD and would like to buy a flash based one. And can't decide what should it be
11:02:06pondlifeB4gder: The RAM delta is closer to the "resulting audio buffer size" delta, right? Except for codec (and voice file) size changes...?
11:02:17B4gderie: i think it feels solid
11:02:29B4gderpondlife: yes
11:02:48pondlifeSo, do we need both deltas? Sounds like the RAM one would be most useful.
11:03:12ieB4gder: only feels? Or is as well?
11:03:16LinusNpondlife: the binary delta is important for archos
11:03:21pondlifeAh, yes
11:03:25LinusNsince the files are compressed
11:03:58B4gderie: I don't know really but I haven't heard much about hw-related problems
11:04:00pondlifeAnd the H100 flashing too..
11:06:16pondliferasher: ping
11:06:29 Join ender` [0] (
11:07:39pondliferasher: never mind
11:07:46pondlifeaka unping
11:07:57 Join Shaid [0] (
11:11:36 Join pLy`Br3iZh [0] (
11:13:04pLy`Br3iZhi got a little problem
11:13:18pLy`Br3iZhMy ipod video 30Go doesn't want to boot again
11:15:43petur ?
11:18:51 Join AceNik [0] (n=AceNik@
11:20:08pLy`Br3iZhI'm so stupid
11:20:12pLy`Br3iZhI tried to reboot it
11:20:21pLy`Br3iZhBut i was using menu and play boutons
11:20:28pLy`Br3iZh thak you petur
11:20:39AceNikguys ive not made a build since a long time now about 10 days i guess, im getting an error that says " permission denied" & " permission denied" can you help please
11:22:12 Join DerPapst [0] (
11:22:17DerPapstGood evening :)
11:23:03*petur slaps DerPapst with an old joke
11:24:23 Quit webguest51 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:24:27AceNikguys : permission denied?
11:25:08peturAceNik: something changed at your end. Check the file permissions? Do you log in as another user?
11:26:01AceNikpetur: no but i did install ubuntu on another drive , im using vmware in XP
11:26:19 Join n1s [0] (
11:29:21AceNikpetur: i guess you had this problem a while ago , i googled, & did a chmod + x tools/
11:29:30AceNiklet c if it works now
11:30:00DerPapstdo a chmod -R 777
11:31:58AceNikits working now , but do i need to a oa chmod -R777 now that it works?
11:33:02pixelmawith the ":P" at the end, I don't think DerPapst was serious...
11:33:57AceNikya i saw that later
11:34:01DerPapstAceNik: no
11:37:53markunamiconn: yes, the Gigabeat ADC is 10-bit
11:39:10 Join webguest51 [0] (i=c0231115@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:39:47 Join _kch_ [0] (
11:40:40peturpipoka: markun is here now...
11:40:56_kch_I have an ipod nano with a damaged screen (the top two lines are always blank). Is it possible to add two blank lines at the begining of any menu?
11:40:57markunpipoka: I also wouldn't know what's causing your problem. You are sure there's just 1 partition and it's not NTFS?
11:41:00 Part AceNik
11:41:05markunpetur: I was typing already :)
11:41:20amiconnmarkun: Thanks. I figured it from the scale factor, and implemented powermgmt-meg-fx.c accordingly
11:41:52markunamiconn: do you think the battery reading could be a bit more accurate now?
11:42:52amiconnThere won't be +/-1 rounding errors anymore. Nothing really important though
11:46:07*amiconn will change battery adc precision to 10 bit on H300, like it is done on the iaudios
11:47:42 Join datasleep [0] (
11:48:12 Quit datachild (Nick collision from services.)
11:51:07 Join My_Sic [0] (
11:53:58 Join parafin [0] (
12:01:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:01:51ender`any idea why would rockbox suddenly start to forget my settings?
12:02:25peturis there a config.cfg in .rockbox?
12:04:22ender`let me see
12:05:03peturis it readable and does it contain your settings?
12:05:14ender`it's 74 bytes
12:05:20ender`(and binary)
12:06:12XavierGrDerPapst, petur: actually I did that on my first installation of ubuntu(linux in general) on my PC, after I was annoyed to all those "access denied" messages. A very quick and easy way to destroy your linux installation if you do it on root
12:06:18XavierGrthe thing never booted again
12:07:09peturender`: it should be plaintext and contain your settings
12:07:40peturender`: in a readable param:value form
12:07:40ender`ok, i'll try deleting it
12:08:07peturwhen your settings are as you want them, make a backup copy ;)
12:08:36XavierGrah it was pixelma that commented on "chmod" not petur
12:09:29pixelmathe first one was DerPapst...
12:11:03_kch_I have an ipod nano with a damaged screen (the top two lines are always blank). Is it possible to add two blank lines at the begining of any menu?
12:12:04 Join Arathis [0] (
12:15:31pregloweverything is possible
12:15:38preglowso get coding
12:15:56DerPapsti would never do chmod 777 on my whole system
12:16:29petur_kch_: maybe you can change the HEIGHT define and write a fix in the lcd driver so you get a smaller screen
12:16:33DerPapstbut if i accidently co'ed rockbox svn as root i'd probably chmod 777 trunk :P
12:16:57petur_kch_: but none of the wps would still work ok of course...
12:17:26preglowand i bet some stuff would glitch pretty badly
12:17:28_kch_petur, i've already hack a wps theme, y only miss the tow first lines of each menu entry
12:17:55peturpreglow: why?
12:18:02preglowjust a feeling :>
12:18:33peturpreglow: it shouldn't, the height isn't hardcoded anywhere except using the define
12:18:53pixelma2 lines - as 2 in pixel rows? Or two lines of text
12:18:56_kch_petur, if i can find the place where to put two empty line at the begining of each menu will be enough for me
12:20:10XavierGrDerPapst: I did that as well! :P chmod worked wonders on that :)
12:20:40pixelmapetur: wouldn't one need to define an offset? Aren't the coordinates measured from the top left corner?
12:20:59_kch_but I don't not understand the way the menu lines are printed. Could you give me a hint or an example where a line is printed?
12:21:18peturI would hack that in the lcd driver (the offset)
12:21:34 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
12:21:40pixelma_kch_: are only the 2 first pixel rows defective or is it more than that
12:22:04petur_kch_: almost nobody understands the menu and settings code :)
12:22:16_kch_pixelma, no they should be around 20 pixels (two text lines with 10pt fonts more or less)
12:22:46DerPapstthat's a lot
12:23:07_kch_not so bad, the wps looks fine :)
12:23:39DerPapstbetter follow peturs advice. :P
12:24:02_kch_the problem is, for example, when the on screen keyboard appear I can't see the firsts rows of it
12:24:54DerPapstjust change the HEIGTH define and hack an offest in the LCD driver
12:25:07DerPapstthe first is easy
12:25:11DerPapstthe second...
12:25:23DerPapsti wouldn't know how to do it ;)
12:25:55_kch_and this is easier than adding two "printf()" at the beguining of each menu?
12:26:38petur_kch_: the problem with your approach is that you will need to do it in many places and it depends on the font size
12:26:40_kch_whoa, the menu code should be awful
12:26:53pixelmawell it would save you further work when menus change too
12:27:39_kch_ok, i see but as DerPapst says... it doesn't sound easy to hack the LCD driver
12:28:11DerPapsti haven't looked at it
12:28:26DerPapstany my skills in c are.. well... not so good :P
12:29:28_kch_ok, thanks. I would try to understand how this driver works
12:32:06 Join GodEater [0] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
12:32:53DerPapst_kch_: dunno but i think \firmware\target\arm\ipod\lcd-color_nano.c the function lcd_blit seems a good starting point (line 145)
12:33:23DerPapstHi GodEater :)
12:33:36parafinsmb uses albumart?
12:34:40DerPapst_kch_: or maybe all the functions below that :P
12:37:27amiconnDerPapst: I'd never chmod 777 large amounts of files, unless they're intended to be shared. In case of a wrong checkout I'd either scrap it and re-checkout, or use chown <intended_user>
12:38:18 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:38:19parafingroups in unix is very usefull for sharing files
12:38:22amiconnDerPapst: lcd_blit() does nothing on colour targets
12:38:59 Join kubiix [0] (
12:40:12DerPapstamiconn: chown sounds like a better solution indeed ;)
12:40:29DerPapstlcd_blit() is for the nano isn't it?
12:40:44*parafin is away: away
12:40:52amiconnnope. Re-read my comment
12:41:33_kch_i'm not familiar at all on how LCD system works, so I first need to read a lot about how it is writen on it. Thanks anyway DerPapst
12:41:44 Join Crash91 [0] (i=510a6f0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:41:47DerPapstand why is it in the source file when neither the nano nor the color iPod uses this function?
12:41:48Crash91hi guys
12:42:06*DerPapst is confused
12:43:13Crash91does anyone here use a microSD card with their sansa?
12:43:36Crash91im going to buy one, and was wondering how rb handles it compared to the OF.....
12:45:04 Quit Crash91 (Client Quit)
12:45:42amiconnDerPapst: It's an empty function on colour because it is in the plugin api, and it was thought that it might become implemented for colour
12:46:01amiconnBut now it looks like that won't happen.
12:46:27amiconnThe standard lcd update functions are lcd_update() and lcd_update_rect() - for all targets
12:47:07amiconnlcd_blit() blits directly from an external buffer (on mono and greyscale targets). This is used for the grayscale lib and video.rock
12:47:20DerPapstmeg.. i missed the closing }\
12:48:02 Join zanq [0] (
12:48:31zanqanyone awake?
12:49:24*GodEater pinches himself to check
12:49:29DerPapstamiconn: so basicly all _kch_ has to change is line 500? From lcd_update_rect(0, 0, LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT); to eg lcd_update_rect(0, 20, LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT); ?
12:50:17jbitDerPapst: dont think so
12:50:18zanqi was about to bitch for help: but i'll check the trusty FAQ first.
12:50:53 Join fairway [0] (
12:50:58fairwayhello all
12:51:13fairwaydoes itunes only support track-based replay-gain?
12:55:46DerPapstjbit: mmhh.. looks like it could work if you reduce the LCD_HEIGHT by 20 as well
12:57:57amiconnIt will require reducing LCD_HEIGHT, and taking the offset into account in lcd_update_rect()
12:58:54DerPapsti thought that is what x0 and y0 are for
12:59:14 Join Thundercloud [0] (
12:59:43jbitDerPapst: that specifies the source and destination
12:59:50jbit(from what i can see)
13:00:08 Nick Arathis is now known as Arathis|afk (
13:00:28DerPapstah ok
13:01:28DerPapstso the one of the 2 for loops then? from "for (r = 0; r < h; r++) {" to "for (r = 20; r < h; r++) {"
13:01:45DerPapstanyways... isn't my problem :P
13:06:48 Quit ie ("CGI:IRC")
13:07:05_kch_thanks for your investigation DerPapst
13:11:06 Quit fairway ()
13:12:25*parafin is back (gone 00:31:41)
13:12:59parafinok, time for some posting to tracker
13:13:31preglowrecording just told me my disk is full
13:13:33preglowit's not...
13:14:24peturpreglow: weird, it has been reported before (even in the tracker iirc)
13:14:35 Quit barrywardell ()
13:14:41peturforce a disk scan?
13:14:43preglowlinux and rockbox doesn't seem to agree on how much is left...
13:14:54preglowten megs...
13:15:07preglowi wonder what the hell is up with this
13:15:32preglowdoesn't rockbox update the number of free clusters?
13:16:39 Join all999 [0] (i=3ee9a352@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:17:23 Quit all999 (Client Quit)
13:19:44preglowhmm, doesn't rockbox save stuff in recordings/ anymore?
13:20:17peturit's configurable now
13:20:27preglowi got R_LINE_0001.wav straight on the root now
13:20:31pixelmanot by default
13:20:40peturselect a dir in the browser and use the context menu
13:21:26peturthe default seems wrong, it shouldn't use the root
13:22:19 Quit lucaferr ("Peace and Protection 4.22.2")
13:22:44pixelmathat's because it was the only way to set the root as recording dir
13:23:28preglowi don't get why that should be configurable
13:23:43preglowgood old feature bloat
13:25:24pixelmaI find it quite handy for recording on the MMC for example - the only way before was "current directory" but I always hated to loose control because it could end up everywhere when you don't remember and browsed a bit before
13:25:45preglowyeah, mmc/sd is a good reason for it
13:26:09peturpreglow: many users asked for it...
13:26:27peturmaybe not many but some ;)
13:26:50pixelmapreglow: there was an even more complicated patch in the tracker for it...
13:28:34preglowseems this phono amp business is doomed
13:29:17preglowthe un-deemphasised sound sounds better than the deemphasised one :/(
13:29:47 Quit Rick ("I… don't need to be here.")
13:29:48 Join spiorf [0] (
13:30:28preglowi wonder if this is because of the h120 line in or what
13:30:49 Join Gibbed [0] (
13:31:56 Nick Gibbed is now known as Rick (
13:31:59 Join lee-qid [0] (
13:33:41preglowwtf, the "start above" and "stop below" settings in the trigger screen are inited to "db" values, but change to % values when i change them
13:37:49 Quit DerPapst ("So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!")
13:38:47 Join DerPapst [0] (
13:47:54 Quit webguest51 ("CGI:IRC")
13:48:22parafinthere is smth wrong with tracker
13:48:31parafinWarning: mime_magic: invalid type 0 in mconvert(). in /usr/share/flyspray/htdocs/includes/class.flyspray.php on line 967 Warning: mime_magic: invalid type 0 in mconvert(). in /usr/share/flyspray/htdocs/includes/class.flyspray.php on line 967 Warning: mime_magic: invalid type 0 in mconvert(). in
13:49:27parafinwhen i added comment with patch
13:50:01parafinAnyway - here i go
13:53:00*petur looks at Zagor
13:53:14*Zagor stares back
13:53:30*petur points 4 lines up
13:54:55Zagormueh, that thing again. well at least the patch got uploaded :-)
13:56:55 Join MySic [0] (
13:57:15 Join midgey [0] (
14:00:36 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:00:54 Join My_Sic [0] (
14:00:58 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:01:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:01:56parafin - this is really good idea, imho.
14:05:07parafin - this is good patch too and no harm done :)
14:05:58 Join aliask [0] (
14:08:10 Quit parafin ("So long and thanks for all the fish")
14:09:44DerPapstD: he stole my quitmessage (or probably uses kirc :P)
14:10:11B4gderhe stole my fish!
14:11:23 Join ddalton [0] (
14:12:27 Quit midgey ()
14:14:56 Join parafin [0] (
14:17:38 Nick datasleep is now known as datachild (
14:22:00 Quit ddalton ("I was using BOFHNet IRC version 1.2 by fmillion - get your copy today from !")
14:27:16 Join rogelio [0] (n=rogelio@
14:27:52 Part rogelio ("Kopete 0.12.4 :")
14:30:30 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:31:40 Join tedr0ck [0] (
14:35:34 Quit tedrock (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:39:00parafinwhy this patch not in official tree: ?
14:39:53B4gdersee viewports
14:40:10LinusNparafin: because it implements it in a way that we don't like
14:53:28 Join kravlin [0] (i=18095daa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:54:31kravlinI keep seeing something about a patched build of rockbox to use album art in the Themes section. Could someone explain?
14:54:54GodEaterkravlin: look in the unsupported builds section of the forums
14:56:01kravlinGodEater: thanks.
14:57:04 Quit kravlin (Client Quit)
14:57:54parafincan someone help me with album art patch btw? i use slant theme and album art draws as 100x97 but should be 100x100, so 3 top lines are missing
15:01:47 Quit aliask (Remote closed the connection)
15:02:26 Join cayetano1 [0] (
15:02:27n1sparafin: you should probably try to ask the creator of the patch
15:02:44parafinnoone here uses it? :)
15:03:56*amiconn really wonders why album art seems to be so popular
15:05:00LinusNamiconn: it could be that people like having the album cover in the wps :-P
15:05:13n1samiconn: yeah, it's a pretty stupid feature for a dap IMO
15:05:28*GodEater won't ever bother using it either
15:06:45amiconnImo it's nice to have, but no way a priority
15:06:48LinusNi think it's one of those "neat" features
15:07:03*n1s wonders if anyone will actually make an album art implementation using MoB when it gets in...
15:07:11amiconnIf I want to see the album cover, I can still browse and use the jpg viewer
15:07:37GodEaterdidn't Nico write the original AA feature ?
15:08:18n1sGodEater: I guess he'll do it then :-)
15:09:08GodEaterI suspect so ;)
15:09:34parafinwell there is usability and there is good-looking
15:09:42 Join aliask [0] (
15:09:43parafinalbum art is about good-looking :)
15:09:51GodEaterwe care much more about the former than the latter
15:10:02parafini can tell :)
15:10:05dionoeaisn't a DAP about good-sounding ? :)
15:10:11GodEateris to me
15:10:20GodEaterit spends all day in my pocket
15:10:25GodEaterI don't give a rats ass what it looks like
15:10:43parafinyeah, good-sounding is too, but there is no problem with that :)
15:10:48parafinin rockbox
15:10:50dionoeasame here :) (except for hte games when I take the train/bus and don't have anything to read)
15:11:13GodEatermy bus journey features cute women to look at :)
15:11:23GodEatercute women > album art
15:11:37peturwhat, in England?
15:11:40*petur ducks
15:11:41parafinwell, rockbox is media-player, and now most of them displays album art
15:12:30peturyeah, why even have a WPS, you can use the playlist viewer to see what is playing
15:12:34amiconnRockbox is an audio player, not a mediaplayer
15:12:54parafinwell, why there is jpeg viewer than? :)
15:13:01parafinand even mpegplayer
15:13:13dionoeathose are plugins, not core features
15:13:19LinusNparafin: we have games too, but rockbox is no portable gaming system
15:13:42peturnot yet ;)
15:13:50parafinwell than album art is one of those nice bonus features of rockbox
15:14:11jbitjust need tv out and usb host... could make quite a nice game system :P
15:14:14parafinand people like that one
15:14:20amiconnRockbox *might* become a media player in case it gets ported to a dmp. But that didn't happen yet
15:14:27n1sit should be possible to run Quake on the Gigabeat S :-)
15:15:02 Join webguest29 [0] (i=40d329c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:15:10aliaskQuake 3
15:15:55aliaskI did an LCD framerate test today - 274.5. How does that stack against the Gigabeat F/X?
15:16:12peturaliask: there's a wiki page somewhere
15:16:14amiconnIt's the fastest rate so far - for a colour target
15:16:22aliaskBut the gigabeat f/x isn't in the wiki page
15:16:41aliaskH100 has a rediculously high fps
15:16:55aliaskover 3000 fps for 1/4 screen update :P
15:16:59amiconnYes, parallel i/f and only 2bpp
15:17:07amiconnM5 has the same rate
15:17:12webguest29Hello all. I am looking for help with my sansa e200.
15:17:17parafinhow do you count framerate?
15:17:42peturlcd refreshing only
15:17:53petur(sending data to lcd)
15:17:58parafinwell with what plugin/tool?
15:18:13webguest29Are there any sansa users on the channel?
15:18:27peturparafin: it's not build normally
15:18:33peturyou have to enable it
15:18:48peturin SOURCES
15:18:54n1saliask: see commit message here seems to be about as fast as the S
15:18:59parafinpetur, i see
15:20:06GodEaterwebguest29: just ask your question
15:20:25 Quit MySic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:20:40aliaskn1s: Ah, thanks.
15:21:17webguest29My player freezes on the refresh database screen when booting to the OF. This prevents me from accessing the player over USB.
15:21:29webguest29I can connect to the player in recovery mode.
15:21:43webguest29What I notice is that on the recovery partition the VERSION.TXT is corrupted.
15:22:34webguest29If I put a version.txt from anythingbutipod forum on the partition, I can run a program that is supposed to format the player and reinstall the OF.
15:22:40 Join xorAxAx [0] (n=xorAxax@moinmoin/coreteam/alexander)
15:22:43webguest29However, this program doesn't work correctly.
15:22:55xorAxAxhmm, the battery of my nano 1st generation ran empty and now it says "use itunes to restore"
15:23:02xorAxAxwhen using ipodpatcher, i get io errors
15:23:09webguest29My player always boots to either rockbox or the version of the OF that is having the refresh database problem.
15:23:28xorAxAxi think i already had this scenario once and used itunes and then ipodpatcher to get it working again
15:23:37webguest29The recovery mode procedures that seem to work for others are not working for me.
15:23:41xorAxAxdoes anybody know why this happens?
15:24:28xorAxAxmaybe half-written flash blocks and broken battery low check in rockbox?
15:25:30GodEaterxorAxAx: that wouldn't explain the IO errors from ipodpatcher though
15:25:40GodEatersince Rockbox doesn't write anything to the 1st partition
15:26:10xorAxAxdmesg showed errors as well on the first partition (i guess automounter trying to automount)
15:26:24jbityou should probably let the ipod charge a bit before doing stuff with it
15:26:25GodEaterwhy would automounter be trying to mount it ?
15:26:29GodEaterit has no file system
15:26:32xorAxAxjbit: its fully charged
15:26:33jbiti've noticed ipods are super flakey when they have low battery
15:26:36jbitah okay :)
15:26:42xorAxAxGodEater: well, its figuring that out while trying i guess :)
15:27:01GodEaterit should just look at the partition type label and not even go any further
15:27:12GodEaterI don't get any such error from my 5.5G
15:27:51parafinipod video got only 22.5 fps 1/1 and 46 1/4 ... not much i guess
15:28:48parafinstrange, but it seems to be bug in theme about those 3 lines
15:29:31parafinor more exactly using bmpresize fixes this bug
15:29:47jbitdoes anybody know much about the portal players memory managment system? since it's arm7tdmi based it doesn't have normal cp15 mmu/fcse right?
15:29:54xorAxAxGodEater: the werid thing is that the reset stuff of the apple flasher will probably fix it again
15:30:11GodEaterxorAxAx: I believe you
15:30:25GodEaterxorAxAx: I'm just saying I doubt the cause is as simple as you thought
15:31:00 Join sarixe [0] (
15:32:21GodEateralso - depending on how comfortable you are in linux, I wouldn't use iTunes to do the restore, since it'll wipe your music
15:33:03*parafin is proud that he hasn't ever used itunes =))
15:33:16DogBoyit's not easy to use
15:33:28DogBoya lot of bs to wade thru
15:35:49Aveanyone here with 0xc0005 hw rev ipod nano?
15:36:38xorAxAxGodEater: hmm, i have an bootloader-ipodnano.ipod file
15:36:49xorAxAxGodEater: what do you suggest to fix this issue? :)
15:36:53xorAxAx(yes, i am running linux)
15:39:03GodEaterxorAxAx: I'd do the bit of the that doesn't involve formatting your music partition
15:39:18GodEaterand possibly also not bother with the MBR bit either
15:39:22GodEaterjust do the .ipsw bits
15:39:36GodEater(i.e. steps 2,3 and 4)
15:39:46GodEaterthat'll do the firmware flash, without wiping your music
15:40:39xorAxAxhmm, felix's site lists 2 firmware versions for the 1G nano
15:41:09*xorAxAx chooses the one with the highest number :)
15:43:09xorAxAxok, rom flashing
15:43:51xorAxAxup and running :)
15:44:58amiconnLinusN: I'm not sure for what part(s) I should/could add myself as a maintainer
15:45:36amiconnE.g. the targets - it says "if you use them on a daily basis" - but obviously I cannot use all my targets on a daily basis
15:45:44 Quit webguest29 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:46:12LinusNamiconn: i was wondering about that too :-)
15:46:28 Nick lost|X40 is now known as lostnihilist (
15:47:24amiconnAnd my usage habits change over time. I tend to use those targets most which I am working on at that time (or vice versa)
15:48:29 Quit B4gder ("It is time to say MOOO")
15:50:17GodEateramiconn: just list yourself as a consultant then ;)
15:53:16 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
15:56:30 Part LinusN
15:57:46 Quit cayetano1 ("Konversation terminated!")
15:57:55 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
15:58:08xorAxAx"data abort"
16:00:16xorAxAxafter changing the time and going into the playing mode again
16:00:47GodEaterxorAxAx: see if you can find that address in the map file :)
16:01:05xorAxAxwhere is the map?
16:01:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:02:08pixelmaxorAxAx: you said you have a nano?
16:03:37xorAxAxpixelma: why?
16:05:03pixelmasome nanos have problems with the recent builds, unfortunately the reason's not found yet. I'm trying to dig the forum thread where you can find some information and the latest build that was working ok for most of the people - I think yours may have the same problem
16:05:16xorAxAxhmm, ok
16:05:52amiconnI think the reason can't be found without someone having a problematic nano and a clue stepping forward
16:06:11xorAxAxhow do you debug these devices?
16:06:26xorAxAxconsole via the connector?
16:06:31parafini found why album art was truncated
16:06:35GodEaterxorAxAx: lord no
16:06:45xorAxAxbut? :)
16:07:00GodEaterheaps of "printf()" equiavalents
16:07:05GodEaterand dumping stuff to disk usually
16:07:23xorAxAxwouldnt some kind of serial console debugger be more usable? :)
16:07:24GodEatersome devices have JTAG connectors which allow a bit more useful debugging
16:07:28GodEaterbut not the Nano as far as we know
16:07:39GodEaterthe problem is the undocumented hardware in the PP
16:07:41xorAxAxhmm, doesnt jtag need special software?
16:07:56GodEaterxorAxAx: No idea - LinusN is the expert :)
16:09:30pixelmahere's the thread - can't find the info about the latest working build atm, but maybe you can if you read more thouroughly
16:12:35xorAxAxwell, according to #7510 the problematic changeset was found
16:13:58xorAxAxGodEater: where is the map file?
16:15:30GodEatershould be in the .zip file I think
16:16:40parafinyeah, i fixed slant theme
16:16:47parafinwhat does %C do in wps?
16:17:14pixelmaisn't that a "developers thing" only? I mean not provided in a zip from the download site?
16:17:27xorAxAxGodEater: cant find it
16:17:54pixelmaparafin: I believe that has to do with album art (if it's the uppercase C)
16:19:15xorAxAxhmm, nano is playing fine
16:19:16 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
16:19:34xorAxAxi dont think that the bug caused the crash
16:19:57xorAxAxmaybe it was something overflowing because the 6 year time travel
16:20:10parafinpixelma, yeah, thanx, i found it
16:20:22parafinso blank lines matter in wps...
16:21:30 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:22:09 Join sarixe [0] (
16:24:43xorAxAxthis time it shut itself off
16:24:52xorAxAxhmm, its kind of warmer than usual
16:26:44 Quit sarixe (Client Quit)
16:29:23 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29:30 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=d556da1b@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
16:31:07linuxstb_amiconn: Regarding the target maintainers, the intention when I wrote "on a daily basis" was to try and find people who use that target as their main DAP. But if you can think of a better definition for a target maintainer, please change it.
16:32:07 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:32:31preglowyeah, that'd disqualify me as both a nano maintainer and a h120 maintainer, heh
16:33:27 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
16:33:30 Join idnar_ [0] (n=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
16:33:50 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (n=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
16:35:19 Quit zanq ()
16:35:36 Join sarixe [0] (
16:41:40 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
16:43:18 Quit BobShield (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:44:42 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
16:49:10 Join BobShield [0] (
16:50:30 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:51:11 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:56:52 Quit petur ("connection reset by beer")
17:00:37 Quit pipoka (Remote closed the connection)
17:02:40 Join DefineByte [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:03:52 Quit DefineByte (Client Quit)
17:04:23 Join DefineByte [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:06:27 Quit DefineByte (Client Quit)
17:06:28amiconnlinuxstb: Hehe, then I can't add myself as a target maintainer, as I have no fixed main dap
17:06:49amiconnQuite difficult to select a main one from a pool of 10 ;)
17:07:35 Join DefineByte [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:11:59 Quit DefineByte (Client Quit)
17:12:40 Join jgarvey [0] (
17:24:27DerPapstGood bye :)
17:24:36 Quit DerPapst ("no fish today :-(")
17:30:05*pondlife thinks "Show Supported Files" should include all types configured for viewers (even .tzx files)
17:32:13amiconnIt does, if the viewer is included on the respective target
17:32:23 Quit Arathis|afk ("Verlassend")
17:32:47pondlifeHmm, shouldn't H300 include zxbox?
17:33:02pondlifeThe H300 sim does!
17:33:17*pondlife will check
17:34:06pondlifeNope, it's not there.
17:34:40amiconnChecked viewers.config?
17:36:36pondlifeYep, it's in there... I forgot to look in rocks/viewers
17:36:47 Quit jgarvey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:40:21amiconnpondlife: Works here (H300 sim)
17:41:46 Join rasher_ [0] (
17:43:21 Quit rasher (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:45:32 Join DefineByte [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:45:41 Quit darkless (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
17:46:12 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
17:46:34 Join DByte [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:47:48 Join jgarvey [0] (
17:47:49pondlifeamiconn: Hmm, works here now... I did something stupid - Friday mode...
17:48:21 Quit DByte (Client Quit)
17:56:30 Join at0m|c [0] (
17:57:57 Join darkless [0] (
18:01:07 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
18:01:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:02:34at0m|chi, i'm looking for a new battery for my iriver h340. found some discontinued 2600mAh ones, and others. anyone can hint me on a high capacity battery currently available for that box?
18:02:45at0m|cmost pages i find are a bit old..
18:04:36 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:09:07alienbiker99we dont really deal with hardware here, cehck on misticriver
18:11:10 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
18:13:48 Part xorAxAx ("Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!")
18:14:08alienbiker99wow flashing hthe e200 was really easy
18:14:20n1sat0m|c: rplacement batteries for ipod 1G and 2G fit the h300, you just have to reverse the polarity of the connector
18:15:50n1salso be aware that they might balloon, (a Bad Thing (tm))
18:16:39alienbiker99mine ballooned =\
18:24:17 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:28:25 Quit advcomp2019 ("Leaving")
18:28:42 Join Falen [0] (
18:29:39 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
18:30:19 Join wwalker [0] (n=wwalker@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/wwalker)
18:30:24FalenAnybody know about any good C/C++ forum community?
18:31:39preglowtry #c++
18:31:41wwalkeranyone got a Sanasa e250 or similar? It appears that FM tuning is off a little bit...
18:33:56 Quit thegeek (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:41 Join e102gamma [0] (i=5751c305@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:37:55 Join thegeek [0] (
18:38:26 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
18:39:23 Join rotator [0] (n=e@rockbox/developer/rotator)
18:39:53 Join thegeek [0] (
18:41:09 Quit e102gamma ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:41:30 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
18:41:38 Join thegeek [0] (
18:44:23 Quit thegeek (Client Quit)
18:46:13 Quit DefineByte (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:32 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
19:01:29 Join DefineByte [0] (
19:03:11 Join perrikwp [0] (n=chatzill@
19:04:33 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:04:41DefineBytedoes "CONFIG_BACKLIGHT==BL_IPODNANO" mean anything to anyone? I realise it's deprecated since april but what should i be replacing it with?
19:06:40 Join pipoka [0] (
19:10:57 Nick sbeh is now known as gentoo (
19:11:04 Nick gentoo is now known as sbeh (
19:15:27DefineByteno-one here knows the backlight code/it was a stupid question/i'm too impatient. delete as applicable
19:22:13at0m|cnls: cheers, those seem most common indeed. will look some further, for hopefully higher capacity
19:23:54 Part DefineByte
19:26:04 Join thegeek [0] (
19:27:13 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
19:40:52 Join chrisjs169 [0] (
19:44:58Febslinuxstb: there is someone on the forums claiming to have put the nano bootloader on a 5.5g. Is that even possible?
19:54:21 Quit barrywardell ()
19:58:55 Join robin0800 [0] (
20:00:29 Join My_Sic [0] (
20:01:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:04:29 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:06:02 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
20:07:50 Join My_Sic [0] (
20:11:32 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@
20:11:40 Join agm3nt [0] (
20:14:13pixelman1s: do you remember when the differentiation between keypads got removed from the "disk full" splash? It's not very important but e.g. my Ondio would now also say "Press STOP to continue" but according to the manual there's no such button...
20:14:13 Quit agm3nt (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:30pixelmaerrm... I mean in the english.lang...
20:20:59 Quit thegeek ()
20:29:28 Join Arathis [0] (
20:35:48 Quit ompaul ("have fun")
20:38:33pixelmaFebs: do you mean "shouldn't" in the latest forum post? ;)
20:39:09pixelmaor maybe I'm misunderstanding...
20:39:22 Join Wofl [0] (
20:39:28FebsNo, you're right. Fixed. Thanks!
20:40:13pixelmaheh, I was just wondering :)
20:41:03 Join thegeek [0] (
20:43:17 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:44:59linuxstb_Febs: Anything's possible if you try hard enough - e.g. use the old install method (ipod_fw). But I doubt that happened - the poster seems very confused...
20:51:10amiconnlinuxstb: Btw, today I realised that all ipods must have the ability for disk poweroff in hardware. How else would suspend work? The disk would continue drawing 10..20mA ...
20:51:35amiconnSo it's just a matter of figuring out how it's controlled...
20:52:37linuxstb_Did you find the suspend function in the 1g/2g firmware?
20:53:10amiconnSure. I already talked about it in here (before you went offline for >1 week)
20:53:24amiconnI even hacked the asm function into rockbox, and it works
20:53:41amiconn(but that's not committable of course)
20:54:00linuxstb_I was asking because I was wondering if you also found the disk power-off for the 1g/2g in the same place? (I know it's documented in the ipl wiki anyway).
20:54:52amiconnOn the later ipods it's either a gpio pin (unlikely, otherwise ipl will (probable? eventually?) have found it, or one of the pcf50605 gpios, or a 3rd possibility:
20:55:32amiconnIirc the pcf50605 can supply multiple output voltages, which can be switched on and off independently. Maybe it's one such voltage
20:56:07linuxstb_Maybe no-one in IPL looked for it? I'm assuming the only practical way to search is to hook up a multimeter and experiment..
20:56:11amiconnThe 1st/2nd gen disk poweroff is not handled in the suspend function. It must be in one of its callers
20:56:55amiconnThe only practical way is digging into a disassembly imo.
20:57:43linuxstb_But wouldn't that just narrow down the possibilities? You would still need to test things, and runtime tests would be painful.
20:58:22preglowwouldn't just opening up the unit be quicker?
20:58:23linuxstb_Or maybe you're more skillful in understand disassemblies than me...
20:59:09amiconnWell, how would you experiment without disassembling first? Just switching gpios, hoping they are doing something useful and nothing potentially danbgerous?
20:59:40*linuxstb_ remembers barrywardell and his gpio experiments -> dead hard disk...
20:59:41amiconnThe PP502x has too many GPIOs for this method to work, I think
21:00:05amiconnBtw, I suspect the H10 disk poweroff isn't working, at least on the small model
21:02:41amiconnRegarding reading of disassemblies, I think there are people who are way better than me in that
21:03:58amiconnStill, I found the lcd parameter table in the 1st/2nd gen rom and the minig2 rom. There's some complication in that parts of the rom are copied into iram at startup, so matching addresses needs a lot of offset calculatiions
21:04:06 Join aowzone [0] (i=4a841ae7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:05:04amiconn(and also into DRAM: the lcd parameter table itself is an example. It's part of the OF's data segment)
21:05:39linuxstb_amiconn: regarding the target maintainers, maybe it would be most useful if you put your name next to the devices only you (amongst the devs) own or have access to - 1g/2g ipods, M5, some of the Archoses?
21:06:10 Quit pipoka ("CyberScript - Breakfast of champions (")
21:06:58 Join webguest23 [0] (i=94c9016f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:07:11pixelmahe doesn't always have access to the M5 ;)
21:07:31webguest23has development started on power management for 5.5g ipod?
21:07:33linuxstb_pixelma: Then you've just volunteered ;)
21:07:43amiconnpixelma: In fact you could put yourself as the M5 maintainer
21:08:06amiconnIt's more a matter of using it regularly in order to notice bugs.
21:08:22pixelmahaha... but I'm afraid I'm not much of help - I thought a maintainer would also be someone who could fix something in the code...
21:08:57pixelmaok, I think I'm quite good at finding bugs
21:09:06 Quit aowzone ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
21:09:47amiconnI'm not entirely sure, but my 3 usually most used targets are probably (in that order) archos Recorder, iriver H180, and archos Ondio FM
21:09:54 Join Ratty [0] (
21:10:40amiconnMy least used target is probably the X5 (apart from the Ondio SP which is defective (but usable for quick tests))
21:11:35 Quit webguest23 (Client Quit)
21:11:47linuxstb_Then I would say definitely put your name next to the recorder and Ondio - it's more a matter of trying to cover everything. The h1x0 hardly needs an explicit maintainer as almost every dev has one...
21:12:03 Join mexicankiller [0] (n=chatzill@
21:12:32pixelmaso I could put my name to the M5 and the OndioFM too?
21:12:57RattyCan I manually backup the IPOD by copying the Music folder off my IPOD to my pc ? This is a friends IPOD and the itunes that I have on my pc include no songs, and itunes wants me to auto-sync. The only problem now is that iTunes has locked the IPOD, and wont let me do anything with it, because I stopped it in the middle of a sync. Would copying that music folder in the IPOD control folder be good enough on backing up the music ?
21:13:50linuxstb_Ratty: That question doesn't seem related to Rockbox...
21:14:08preglowi could put myself on a nano, i don't use it so much, but i've got one, ported rockbox to it and am familiar with it
21:14:14Rattylinuxstb, But I was curious as to if you would know though
21:14:52 Quit Falen ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
21:14:56linuxstb_Ratty: I don't use itunes, so have no idea.
21:15:58RattyAlright then, I cant access my IPOD to copy rockbox onto it, because iTunes has locked it. How do I unlock it, with auto-syncing it.
21:16:13amiconnBagder: I just realised that the ram usage information is incomplete. It doesn't cover the rom-executed variants (H1x0, Player, Ondio SP atm)
21:16:19linuxstb_amiconn: What about the 1g/2g? Did you say you were planning to get rid of them after you finished the ports?
21:16:54amiconnI won't get rid of them, but I will probably give one of them (the dual platter 2nd gen, upgraded to 40GB) to pixelma
21:17:12amiconnThe other 2nd gen is currently unusable because of no hdd
21:17:13Rattyget the sandisk mp3 player
21:17:13linuxstb_Ratty: Uninstall itunes - it's not needed with Rockbox. Your ipod should then work as a normal external hard disk.
21:21:36FebsRatty: there is also an option somewhere in iTunes that lets you use the iPod as an external disk. I'm not sure exactly where, because I don't use iTunes much.
21:22:58RattyFebs, Yeah the only problem is that it wants to auto-sync the b*tch each time I plug it in befor eI can do anything... Irritating
21:23:06RattySince it isny mine
21:23:30FebsI'm sure that there is an option in iTunes to disable that "feature" as well.
21:23:49*amiconn knows at least one option for that ;)
21:24:04amiconnIt's called uninstall
21:25:02RattyCTRL + SHIFT +ALT should, but I have had no luck with it... Oh typical day in the life of a rat, do it the hard way
21:25:19linuxstb_Ratty: You can also disable autosync...
21:25:48Rattylinuxstb__ Yeah that is after you auto-sync it the first time
21:28:31 Join webguest08 [0] (i=466b9156@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:28:33 Join ie [0] (i=d9b95454@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:29:50ieamiconn: today, I've been in a local store and have held Sansa E250 in my hands. And also found too bulky for a flash based player.
21:33:04preglowit's actually shorter than my nano
21:33:06preglowbut thicker
21:33:57webguest08Thanks to Rockbox I am able to use a 15GB 3g Ipod with a bad disk sector in the firmware part of the HD, so couldn't load Ipod firmware via Itunes reset.
21:35:12 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:36:03webguest08But I have a question - I got 5 hours playback, which is good, but I am charging now - as soon as I put it into the cradle the indicator (NOT animated) showed 82% charged, and now after 20 mins it is at 100% - will it keep charging, as I know it needs about 5 hours for a top recharge.
21:39:08preglowcan i do a full bad sector search from linux?
21:39:15preglowa file on my h120 seems to be glitching badly
21:40:04iepreglow: yes, the thickness is what I didn't like
21:41:12ieipod nano 2G has a nearly ideal size. Pity that it can only be fed via iTunes :-(
21:41:25preglowhrm, when i try to read this one file, the disk just seems to retry again and again
21:41:54*preglow hopes this isn't the start of the end for his h120 :/
21:43:12preglow[127657.071623] sdb: Current: sense key: Medium Error
21:44:24iepreglow: tried checkdisc or something?
21:44:47preglowie: i don't know of any such program for linux, only fsck, and that doesn't check for bad blocks
21:46:11preglowthere is a program called badblocks, though...
21:46:43iepreglow: hrm... I'm not a linux expert. But I can't believe that something of the kind doesn't exist
21:47:04preglowrunning badblocks now
21:48:26preglowman, i'll be depressed if my h120 is dying
21:49:58ieyes, that would be really bad. h120 is one of the best RB capable daps. Can you replace the HDD (I hope you won't need that though)
21:50:50peturpreglow: time for a 30GB upgrade?
21:50:58 Join latchema [0] (
21:51:19 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51:30preglowpetur: how much do they charge for 30 gigs?
21:51:46peturhow would I know?
21:51:51 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
21:51:56preglowbecause you have upgraded yours? :>
21:52:07peturI only know that 80GB was expensive
21:52:10pixelma40GB single platters are said to exist too
21:53:19preglowpetur: how much for that?
21:53:29peturabout 220 euro
21:53:46preglowabout what i'd expect
21:53:49iepixelma: but with other IF
21:53:53preglow40 gig would be nice
21:54:12iepreglow: or an iAudio X :-)
21:54:26pixelmano there were ones with the right connectors
21:56:01pixelmafrom our fine wiki: MK4007GAL (
21:56:08preglowie: i like the recording capabilities of the h1x0 series
21:56:38pixelmabut I doubt they are easy to get
21:56:45 Quit jgarvey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:05 Join iamben [0] (
21:57:06 Join jgarvey [0] (
21:57:38preglowif i am to buy something else, i'll probably go gigabeat or something, heh
21:57:57pixelmafor the recording capabilities? ;)
21:58:05 Join DerPapst [0] (
21:58:14DerPapstBon Soir :)
21:58:16preglowfor the horribly overspecced cpu :D
21:58:30Bagderthen go gigabeat S ;-)
21:58:34preglowmight as well get a gigabeat s, though
21:58:36preglowand help port
21:59:28 Quit Ratty ("Trillian (")
21:59:31 Quit perrikwp ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
22:01:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:01:26linuxstb_They don't seem easy to find.. At least, I haven't spotted any in Europe.
22:01:31 Join Wofl [0] (
22:02:27 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
22:03:12 Join Wofl [0] (
22:05:09 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
22:05:33linuxstb_Would it be better for the .voice files to be distributed in a zip file with the correct path/filename? (reading this post -;topicseen#msg92152 )
22:05:44 Join Wofl [0] (
22:07:20preglowbadblocks just spat out about 20 sector numbers :/
22:07:37preglowconsecutive, the lord be praised
22:08:33Bagderlinuxstb: that might be a good idea indeed
22:08:40 Quit Febs ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
22:13:46 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:14:48 Quit webguest08 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:15:42 Quit ie ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:17:54BagderI'll fix that "soon"
22:19:00 Join iamben [0] (
22:20:51preglowbadblocks says i have 66 bad blocks
22:21:32 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
22:21:47 Join Wofl [0] (
22:21:50preglowis it possible to tell a fat part to don't use these blocks?
22:21:54preglowi know ext2 can do it, but...
22:22:58amiconnfat can mark clusters as bad, so as long as the bad blocks are not in the fat area, it's possible
22:23:27amiconnBut if a hdd has bad blocks showing up at that level, I wouldn't trust the disk at all anymore
22:23:34preglowthey're not
22:23:35preglowand i don't
22:25:07amiconnAll modern hdds hide bad blocks internally. If bad blocks start appearing at the os level, that menas there were already lots mapped out internally before, so many that the defects list is full
22:26:23preglowgeh, i should just get a h140 or something, this unit is starting to wear anyway
22:26:44peturpreglow: MK3006GAL on ebay going for 40 euro (2nd hand) or 60-100 euro new
22:27:36amiconnThere are even 60GB single platter disk (not from Toshiba for a change), but they're ZIF only
22:27:58peturwe need that zif adapter ;)
22:28:05*amiconn wonders if/when small ata50->zif adapters will show up
22:28:19preglowthink i'd rather buy disks new just to be sure
22:28:29tumuamiconn, the moment one makes one?
22:28:56amiconntumu: I mean in somewhat larger quantities than homemade
22:29:27tumuit isn't too difficult to get them made in bulk nowadays
22:30:02 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
22:30:59 Quit ctaylorr_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:32:37 Join einhirn [0] (
22:35:35scorchelinuxstb_: busy?
22:37:22 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:38:23Bagderyes, not even ping got time to respond it seems ;-P
22:41:43 Join kubiixaka [0] (
22:46:30 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:47:07 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:47:07 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:49:13 Join midgey [0] (
22:51:23 Join latchem1 [0] (
22:57:31einhirnYay - Build environment setup successful - thanks to fine documentation
22:57:47 Join Derk [0] (
22:58:30 Join hannesd [0] (
23:01:13 Quit kubiix (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:03:06einhirnthe current (as of an hour ago) svn revision built fine, and I already tested if I could support +17dB in Archos Replaygain ;) Yes, I can - I just reduced the changed the default Setting for "val_ll" and "val_lr" in sound.c to the new "0dB" value and tested - I can crank up the analog volume setting enough to restore the Volume I like on my earphones.
23:03:08 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
23:03:38einhirnNow to the automatic setting of gain values from track to track ;)
23:03:48*einhirn digs into the source code
23:04:07Bagderjust remember to come up for air every now and then ;-)
23:04:10amiconneinhirn: In order to make up for the reduced digital reference level with replaygain, we can gain an additional 6dB in the analog part, by upping the mixer volume to maximum
23:04:35 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
23:04:43amiconn(on MAS35xxF that is, didn't check the MAS3507/DAC3550 pair yet)
23:04:59einhirnOk, then users wouln't need to crank up their volumes?
23:05:07linuxstb_scorche: I'm around now...
23:06:09einhirnamiconn: but usually you have to crank up your volume when you enable Replaygain - at least thats what happened, when I first used it in FooBar...
23:06:25 Join DefineByte [0] (
23:06:40amiconnYou would still have to crank it up, but not as much
23:06:41 Quit desowin ("use linux")
23:06:51einhirnamiconn: So the additional +6dB would be a nice to have, but not mission critical ;)
23:06:59amiconnAll we can do is (almost) 6dB extra
23:07:23 Quit latchema (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:08:10einhirnAnd - Replaygain recommends +6dB offset to the Values in the Tags for pop music anyway...
23:08:52einhirnSo the digital volume would be reduced a little less (I like language ;) )
23:09:19amiconnIt's +5.95dB to be precise. Mixer volume is 7 bit (maximum is therefore 127), and the 0 dB setting is 64.
23:09:45einhirnBut maybe the Replaygain offset should be user configurable (if it isn't already).
23:11:41einhirnOk. First I'll try to implement what's necessary to change the Digital Volume Matrix from track to track, then maybe change the Analog volume - if the +5.95dB aren't needed as headroom for eg. Bass or Treble settings.
23:13:10DefineByteI've read that crossfeed can increase the bass (I think) by up to 2dB. Is that right?
23:13:36 Quit midgey ()
23:15:53 Join ToHellWithGA [0] (
23:16:16ToHellWithGAin the current playlist i don't see a way to clear it. am i missing something obvious?
23:17:29DefineBytewhy do you want to clear it? inserting a new track will create a new playlist.
23:23:49ToHellWithGAso "insert" isn't insert per se
23:23:58DefineByteamiconn, why was CONFIG_BACKLIGHT (from config.h) multi-value? seems like it would just be a way of detecting a specific target.
23:24:14ToHellWithGAi'm used to mpd so i clear the playlist before adding new stuff
23:24:18DefineByteno, queue is more like how you're thinking of insert
23:24:35ToHellWithGAalso i don't quite get why things are left in the playlist sometimes and removed after play other times
23:24:38DefineByteunless I'm mistaken. ^^
23:25:04ToHellWithGAi'll download the .pdf manual and print it 4 pages per sheet on 11x17 on our awesome plotter here at work
23:25:20ToHellWithGAif i reuse paper it should only cost the boss toner
23:25:23DefineBytesounds like a plan. :D
23:25:53DefineBytewatch for the deadly tonwer particles flying through the air
23:26:21ToHellWithGAis toner volatile?
23:27:01DefineBytetheir was a recent study stating it was pretty dodgy stuff. gets into the lungs.
23:27:49*petur spots talk drifting offtopic
23:28:06DefineByteyou about amiconn?
23:29:49ToHellWithGAjust for petur: i used rockbox on the plane trip to new mexico for work and on the going there and coming back trips the folks next to me were interested in the "different-looking" display
23:30:21preglowand if we're drifting off-topic, we might as well discuss beer!
23:30:26ToHellWithGAi'll check out some themes this weekend so i can shock even more people on the way to tennessee next week
23:31:48pixelmapreglow: I want one... sat here all day syncing the lang file, almost done now...
23:32:17DefineByteokay, if amiconn's not around, anyone else got any knowledge of the backlight code?
23:32:31preglowpixelma: just had one... but that's all i have, unfortunately :/
23:32:39preglowsycning lang files, ahh...
23:32:43preglowjust did that twice, more than enough for me
23:32:46ToHellWithGAi made a 2 pm pot of coffee after a girl took me out to lunch but didn't eat (i guess she likes me XD) and am sitting at work after hours drinking it.
23:33:10ToHellWithGAbeer would be nice, but i'm not going to start at 4:30pm on a friday
23:33:31peturpfff it's 23:33 here
23:34:17ToHellWithGAcolumbia, missouri, USA here
23:34:34linuxstb_DefineByte: What do you want to do?
23:35:00ToHellWithGAfridays are supposed to be half days but i just about lost my job by leaving the company's camera in the rental car on my first trip ever so i'm making up for lost time after the rental company overnighted it to us
23:35:02pixelmapreglow: yeah, was much fun... especially because I wanted to have the order right and genlang couldn't cope with the renamed, semi-new strings
23:35:03peturpreglow: if it makes you feel any better, I'm also out of beer (and too lazy to go to the shop now - yes, we have shops selling some beer open till 2 in the morning)
23:35:51amiconnDefineByte: It was multi-value because it defined which backlight code to use. App level only ever checked it for presence/absence
23:36:06amiconnIt was removed when backlight handling got moved into target tree
23:36:18 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
23:37:31 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
23:37:33DefineBytei'm updating a patch that uses it and i was wondering if i could just remove it or if it needs replacing with something
23:37:43*petur wonders if miepchen^schlaf went to bed :)
23:37:49preglowpetur: curse you!
23:38:04DefineBytei'm fondling in the dark really
23:38:13amiconnDepends on what the patch did with it
23:38:50DefineByteit just tested it to see if the target was an ipod video/nano
23:39:17amiconnAnd on what level was that check done? (firmware or apps)
23:39:24DefineBytejust seemed a roundabout way to detect the target to me.
23:39:53 Quit BobShield (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:40:26amiconnChecking for a specific model is strongly discouraged, except in the target tree of course. That's why this multi-value thing existed, which was removed in favour of code in target tree
23:40:36 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
23:41:07DefineBytehow many targets support pwm?
23:41:09amiconnThis is because rockbox is multiplatform, and features should be implemented for all targets as far as the hardware allows it
23:41:21 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
23:42:22DefineByteit was controlling the brightness with pwm, not sure how many targets support that at the mo
23:43:33 Quit robin0800 (" HydraIRC -> <- Wibbly Wobbly IRC")
23:43:38amiconnAll which have HAVE_BACKLIGHT_PWM_FADING defined
23:44:08amiconnBut this shouldn't be used for extended periods, especially not on coldfire targets
23:44:11DefineBytethat's what i was about to say, you could just test for that, job done
23:44:32 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:45:22DefineBytei've heard talk of a better way but i don't know it
23:45:26amiconnThis is software PWM, firing loads ióf interrupts while active. And on coldfire, it requires the CPU to stay boosted all the time. Not because it would be too slow at the lower clock frequency, but in order to ensure short-period timer stability
23:46:18amiconnThe bootom of that is that it costs battery runtime. Some on PP targets, some more on coldfire. For fade in /fade out it's okay, but not for longer periods
23:47:27DefineByteso the correct method for setting the backlight brightness is not currently known and pwm is best avoided?
23:47:42DefineBytehmm, might forget it then
23:47:46barrywardellamiconn: just reading the logs about the H10 disk poweroff. I'm fairly convinced it is working on my own H10.
23:47:52amiconnNot all targets allow setting the backlight brightness using hardware pwm
23:48:08amiconnOn those targets where we know that and how it works, we use it
23:48:15peturlike h300
23:48:30amiconnYes, and X5 and Gigabeat
23:48:33DefineBytethe ipod video/nano supports it i think
23:48:36barrywardellit improved battery life, and flipping the GPIO without spinning the disk down first gives a disconcerting 'click'
23:48:48amiconnbarrywardell: You have the "big" H10, right?
23:48:56 Quit datachild (Client Quit)
23:48:56barrywardellamiconn: yes, 20GB.
23:49:02DefineByteit's just unknown (or so i've read,...a while ago)
23:49:03peturamiconn: it's not a standard feature of the pcf?
23:49:09amiconnI was talking about the small one
23:49:13barrywardellso it's quite possible that it's different for other models
23:49:30amiconnpetur: The pcf can do pwm, but the backlight is not necessarily controlled by the pcf
23:49:40austriancoderpetur: a short status update: integration of stack into rb is almost done. missing is 1) call of usb_stack_shutdown in apps 2) get settingscode done. The stack design for device driver part is done and I started working on storage driver. The problem with tx still exists (jhMikes tried is luck, but I got no success message from him - he was fighting with gpio interrups for the usb controller), but I will continue working on the st
23:49:43DefineBytecan you detect hardware pwm?
23:49:48peturah, it depends on how they connected it
23:49:54barrywardellamiconn: ah, ok. that's the first difference in the gpio stuff that I've seen so far between models
23:49:56amiconnAnd even if it is, some condenser can prevent it from working
23:50:37amiconnBack when backlight fading was new (introduced by Slasheri for H100), I tried porting it to archos player, which has a LED backlight controlled via a gpio pin
23:51:13peturaustriancoder: ok, if you put a patch online I'll have a look some time tomorrow
23:51:16amiconnIt didn't work. Backlight stayed on until the pwm duty cycle was reduced quite far. Then it started to flicker, but didn't fade
23:51:46austriancoderpetur: fine
23:51:57amiconnThe routine itself was working perfectly, I verified it with the red LED (which we normally use for hdd activity), and which is also connected to gpio
23:52:03ToHellWithGADefineByte: 19 11x17 pages. i feel like the anti-hippie
23:52:08Nico_Paustriancoder: nice :)
23:52:24ToHellWithGAmy work goes through paper like trees are easy to come by anyway though :/
23:52:33austriancoderNico_P: linux linked list works here fine :)
23:52:39DefineBytehow can you live with yourself? think of the trees! :p
23:53:07ToHellWithGAi now have a rockbox manual in 1/2 sheet form, 2 pages per half sheet. 70some pages thick at 8.5" wide by 5.5" tall
23:53:11Nico_Paustriancoder: I can imagine that... Is it in the core with your patch ?
23:53:12ToHellWithGAit is cute and a quarter
23:53:27 Part wwalker
23:54:03austriancoderNico_P: yes
23:54:30Nico_Paustriancoder: then i'll probably start switching to it once your patch will have been committed
23:54:41DefineByteso HAVE_BACKLIGHT_PWM_FADING is it? no HAVE_HW_BACKLIGHT_PWM_FADING or some such? :(
23:55:34austriancoderwhere is the shutdown function in rb? cant find it
23:55:38amiconnbarrywardell: I didn't verify my theory yet, it's just a suspicion (because of the very short runtime - I got less than 4 hours runtime in actual usage)
23:56:20barrywardellit sounds like the runtime is much worse on the small models
23:56:24DefineBytewhere is all this kind of stuff documented? can't find it on the wiki. do you just have to traul through the code? >.>
23:56:49barrywardellI get ~10 hours compared to ~15 with the OF
23:57:03amiconnDefineByte: If you want backlight adjustment on nano and know the OF can do it, so that there must be hardware support for it, then that hardware support needs to be figured out
23:57:04 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:57:24Nico_Ppetur: I'm not sure I'll be able to come back here much before I leave for a vacation so I probably won't catch Llorean... could you tell him I'll be back on the 25th ?
23:57:40Nico_PI think I mentioned it on my wiki page anyway but I'm not sure he reads it :)
23:57:52peturwhy not mail him?
23:57:59amiconnThe channel is logged... and you can use memoserv as well...
23:58:51Nico_Ppetur: yeah, I'll probably just do that... amiconn: true but I don't like to rely on people reading the logs

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