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#rockbox log for 2007-08-19

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00:16:01peturany suggestion on how to call the units for peak release? it's expressed in scale units per HZ
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00:19:38parafinjust_some_unit :)
00:20:01*petur goes hunting old lang files because it existed in the past
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00:32:50peturBagder: around?
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00:35:22peturnevermind, found it...
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01:16:11xxhotman198all these people and no comments lol
01:16:34hcsxxhotman198: only the wise can see our conversations
01:17:42xxhotman198the wise dont need to use mirc for conversations
01:18:14peturno, the wise use a decent irc client :p
01:18:30xxhotman198which is...
01:18:47*petur is using konversation atm
01:19:19*hcs uses gaim, but never claimed to be among the wise
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01:20:17xxhotman198Im only claiming to be a wise ass
01:20:45hcslikewise :)
01:20:45*petur is just claiming to be tired... 'night
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01:21:32xxhotman198so when r we gonna be able to play xbox360 games on S30 lol
01:22:03xxhotman198sry Im just a dumb ass
01:22:18hcsIn all seriousness, we generally just have technical discussions here. People make an effort to read all the logs to keep up to date, so idle chatter is discourages.
01:22:32xxhotman198oh ok
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01:23:04*scorche sighs
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01:25:40toffe82nobody wants a gigabeat F40 with rockbox install for 125$ :
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01:34:52Eviladorcan someone help me with the sansa e250 installation of rockbox, i messed up my MP3 player and can't access it via USB
01:35:35EviladorWhen I placed the rockbox files on the mp3 player i didn't place them in the .rockbox directory now i can't access via MP3
01:37:14EviladorDoes anyone have the Windows drivers for Sansa e250 so I can access it via USB
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01:40:24Eviladoranyone know anything about RockBox in here
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01:44:20Soapis that your auction toffe82 ?
01:45:54GRaTTI have made changes to plugin.c to be able to call a plugin from a plugin. This works but...
01:45:57Soapnope, I guess not - I see the Wisconson location.
01:46:09GRaTTI get an undefined instruction when exiting the called plugin.
01:46:42GRaTTany ideas how I can force the first pluging to quit when the second is called??
01:49:55DerPapstno. good night ;)
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01:53:17toffe82Soap: no :)
01:54:15DyvnDoes anyone know when RockBox will be working for the ipod nano second generation?
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01:57:10Soappossibly never
01:57:25Soapbut nobody _could_ know as nobody is working on it.
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01:58:49DyvnAh, alright. Thank-you.
01:59:13DyvnCertainly makes me regret buying an ipod second gen. :S
01:59:36SoapI sold my 2GB model for enough cash to get a brand new 4GB first gen.
01:59:52Soapand $40 extra spending cash
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02:00:49DyvnAwesome. Doubt I'd find someone willing to buy an ipod around where I live. :P
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02:14:31GRaTTAnybody here good with Rockbox bitmap image display. lcd_bitmap()
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02:31:37EviladorWhen I connect my Sandisk Sansa to my computer via USB im not able to browse the files
02:31:46EviladorWindows dones't recongnize the device
02:31:55EviladorAny help please
02:32:12JdGordonis it set to mtp? or msc?>
02:32:42EviladorHow do you change that setting in Rockbox
02:32:45EviladorI can't find it
02:33:56tumuoriginal sansa firmware has it
02:34:02tumurockbox does not support usb yet
02:34:11EviladorHow do I load the original fireware
02:34:17tumupress left while turning power on
02:34:28tumuor hookup usb while powering on
02:35:15EviladorI placed the .rockbox folder onto the player and used sansapatcher program to override the bootloader
02:35:17tumuall this is mentioned in the user guide
02:36:23EviladorIt not mentioned
02:36:36Eviladorthey assume USB connections will work
02:36:38Eviladormine doesn't
02:36:55tumurockbox does not support usb yet
02:37:02tumuuse sansa original firmware for that
02:38:08Eviladorhow do I use the original firmware
02:38:16Eviladoris it still installed on my sansa
02:38:24tumupress left while turning power on
02:38:27EviladorI didn't override anything
02:38:44LloreanThe easiest way is to turn off your sansa, and while it's turned off, plug in the USB cable and wait
02:39:25tumuLlorean, i always do the left key routine because of the OF db update messing with usb detection
02:40:43Lloreantumu: I've never had it mess with USB connection on any of my computers. Odd.
02:41:13LloreanHave you reported the DB update as interfering to Sandisk? It seems the kind of thing they'd want to fix, since it would probably cause a lot of confused users for them too.
02:41:14EviladorThank you guys so much :)
02:41:18DBUGEnqueued KICK Evilador
02:41:37tumuEvilador, next time read the guides
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02:41:46EviladorIve been playing around with this thing for a couple days now and couldn't figure it out
02:41:48EviladorWill do
02:41:50EviladorThanks again
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02:42:52tumuLlorean, haven't and simple replug fixes it after the db update anyway
02:43:26tumui tend to just turn it on and plug it after the db update
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02:45:23TTSboxHi, I had been using the wmware debian linux from rockbox site for development
02:45:32TTSboxbut now I bought a new laptop
02:45:37TTSboxwith vista
02:46:05TTSboxAFAIK vista doesn't support vmware
02:46:24TTSboxdo you have any recommendations for development on Vista
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02:48:59LloreanTTSbox: I'm pretty sure it works. Have you tried it?
02:49:04tumumaybe try the cygwin dev install
02:49:44TTSboxyeah maybe I should go cygwin direction
02:50:35LloreanWhy not try VMWare first, and verify whether it works...
02:50:41TTSboxI couldn't try since
02:50:57TTSboxvmware site is off for maintenance today.
02:51:39LloreanI'm pretty sure it's that certain versions of Vista are resistant to being virtualized, not the other way around. Though I'm not certain.
02:52:09TTSboxOh I found another download site
02:52:13TTSboxI may try it now
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03:02:18TTSboxOk, it works with vista
03:02:19TTSboxWindows Vista support - You can use Windows Vista as a host and guest operating system.
03:02:33TTSboxVMware Player 2.0
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03:51:32webguest81Hi Guys .....just a quick question.....can the gigabeat still play music and access the menu system while hooked to the USB????
03:52:38LloreanNot if you're using it for file transfer.
03:52:45LloreanIf you hold Menu so you're in charge-only mode, yes.
03:53:18webguest81Cool thankyou thats awesome!!!
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05:50:48saratogapreglow: those ffmpeg people actually benchmarked a few fft implementations
05:50:59saratogai want to look into trying them on ARM
05:51:10saratogamight be cool to see what a split radix version can do on arm
05:51:16saratogaor coldfire too
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05:53:41LizzardIs this the right place to ask rockbox questions?
05:54:48LloreanYes, assuming they aren't in the documentation.
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06:15:13DogBoydoes the sansa not charge very fast?
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07:36:34hfliezfhDogBoy: it charges more slowly under rockbox than under the OF
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09:41:32ashokhi all
09:43:45 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@
09:43:52markunhi ashok
09:52:28markunashok: got a question, or just saying hi?
09:56:29ashoki need to know if i can uninstall rockbox after installinh whtout harming the original OS
09:56:41linuxstb_What device do you have?
09:57:16linuxstb_AFAIK, the only target where a Rockbox installation in non-reversible is the iriver H3xx - you lose the DRM capability forever.
09:57:36 Join einhirn [0] (
09:57:55markunso only for the US version of the H300, right?
09:58:06linuxstb_markun: Yes.
09:58:08ashoki got ipod 3)GB video (5.5G)
09:58:22ashoki mean 30GB
09:58:59linuxstb_ashok: On the ipods, you always have the option of a restore via itunes - this restores your ipod to factory settings. But that's a last resort - the manual describes how to uninstall Rockbox, and you can dual-boot when Rockbox is installed.
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10:04:33LloreanGodEater_: Alright, before I respond, whose problem are we talking about.
10:04:40 Join n1s [0] (
10:04:51Llorean"Other thread" "First poster in that thread" or "Guy in that thread who says 'I have the exact same problem'"?
10:05:46linuxstb_markun: Does the gigabeat bootloader enable interrupts? (IIUC, it doesn't)
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10:34:29n1sLlorean: can I habe one of those flashy badges in the forum?
10:35:35Lloreann1s: You're nls in the forums, or?
10:36:15LloreanShould be done now
10:36:21n1sthanks! :-)
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10:36:36n1syup working fine
10:36:55 Quit ashok ()
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10:38:21markunlinuxstb_: no, the bootloader doesn't
10:39:50 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:40:40linuxstb_markun: I was about to ask how you handle sleep(), but see you've implemented a special case for the gigabeat bootloader...
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10:41:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:41:43*linuxstb_ has resumed the av300 port
10:41:48*Llorean cheers
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10:44:08n1slinuxstb_: this change might become a nice gotcha for you if you try to build a bootloader for it...
10:45:30linuxstb_n1s: Yes, that got me. I changed it to test for cpu type instead of manufacturer.
10:45:46n1sok, good
10:46:39linuxstb_The bootloader now compiles and links - I now need to make it do something...
10:54:54einhirnHello, does anyone use Replaygain on a software platform?
10:55:12einhirnCould they just try something for me?
10:55:37markunI use replaygain, but what do you mean by software platform?
10:55:48linuxstb_swcodec I assume
10:55:56einhirnYes ;)
10:56:05einhirnmy bad
10:56:10linuxstb_But there's nowhere else anyone could be using it... (atm)
10:57:16einhirnI found something in the code which I think is wrong and I wanted to try if it was really wrong - only I don't have a player with swcodec.
10:58:09einhirnmarkun: can you try turning up the "Pregain"? Does that change the volume much?
10:58:13linuxstb_I think it should work in the sim though.
10:58:38einhirnNote to self: Build sim and try ;)
10:59:39markuneinhirn: yes, it does
10:59:56markundid you think that was a bug?
11:00:48einhirnHmm, according to my understanding of fixed point calculation it shouldn't get much louder ;)
11:00:48einhirnMaybe we can handle this in theory: I found that "dsp_set_replaygain()" in dsp.c converts the pregain value from the configuration with the routines in replaygain.c
11:01:27einhirnThen it multiplies the converted value (a 19.12 Fixed Point from my understanding) to a 7.24 Fixedpoint gain value.
11:02:11einhirnSo either I don't understand it correctly or the calculation is wrong ;)
11:02:22markunat least it doesn't sound wrong
11:02:43markun(rockbox doesn't sound wrong I mean)
11:02:47einhirn*g* yes - at least.
11:02:51n1seinhirn: try to get ahold of Lear when he's around he coded the ReplayGain for swcodec
11:02:58LearI'm here...
11:03:53n1sah, hi :-)
11:04:02einhirnLear: Can you enlighten me about this particular multiplication?
11:04:23LearWhich one, more exactly?
11:05:13einhirnline 1386 in dsp.c
11:05:59einhirnI think (as said above) that it cannot be right because the fixed point format of gain and preamp differ.
11:06:09 Quit ygfperson ("CGI:IRC")
11:09:06LearBoth come from convert_gain in replaygain.c, so the formats should be the same...
11:10:42einhirnBut "track_gain" is set from "id3->track_gain" which in turn is a 7.24 Fixed point.
11:10:52einhirnaccording to a comment.
11:11:23einhirnwhile convert_gain produces the 19.12 fixed point I was talking about...
11:11:40*einhirn greps around in source code.
11:11:42LearNo, the last thing convert_gain does is to adjust to 7.24.
11:12:00LearAnd convert_gain is used to calculate the track_gain value too.
11:12:27einhirnOk, then there is a comment that was misleading.
11:12:35 Quit petur ("reconfiguring")
11:13:09einhirnOh, concerning comments: line 1409 in dsp.c seems to be out of place...
11:13:45 Join My_Sic [0] (
11:13:59einhirnThe operation to that comment is (i think) found in line 857 of dsp.c
11:14:03 Join seablue [0] (
11:14:42 Join spiorf [0] (
11:15:33LearThat would make sense, yes...
11:15:51LearWhich comment was misleading, by the way?
11:16:13einhirnfirmware/export/id3.h: long track_gain; /* 7.24 signed fixed point. 0 for no gain. */
11:16:13einhirnfirmware/export/id3.h- long album_gain;
11:17:28einhirnWhich isn't the case since it's produced by get_replaygain_int
11:18:29 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
11:18:33einhirn(at least in apps/metadata/mpc.c)
11:20:03LearBut get_replaygain_int calls convert_gain too, and returns a 7.24 value too.
11:21:46einhirnWaitaminit - I was really convinced that all in "replaygain.c" was 19.12...
11:22:33 Join lazka [0] (
11:22:49 Join kretender [0] (
11:23:26einhirnOh, it seems that I misread that one line...
11:23:32LearYes, all calculations are done in 19.12, but return values are 7.24. That bit could be easy to miss, I guess. :)
11:24:13einhirnYes thats what I missed: << (24 - FP_BITS)
11:25:02einhirnOk, then - two days of hurting head for nothing...
11:25:16*einhirn slaps his forehead
11:26:16einhirnThanks for that clarification ;)
11:27:19 Join kratonator [0] (i=5449e6df@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:27:32kratonatorhi all
11:27:58kratonatori have a might sound stupid but...
11:28:12markunjust ask :)
11:28:25kratonatorwhy cant i see the .rockbox folder on my 3rd gen ipod? i can see it on my sansa...
11:28:35kratonator(using rockbox)
11:28:50ddaltonselect show all files
11:29:36 Quit pepie34 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:30:01kratonatorthanks, haven't thought about that one...
11:30:55kratonatori didnt have to select "show all files" it on my sansa though...
11:31:37ddaltonwell I don't know why. did it work? I have to do that on my iriver. Maybe it is a bug.
11:31:51kratonatorit did work
11:32:25kratonatori thought there is yet again an apple related problem...:))
11:33:29ddaltonwhy would it be an apple problem? aren't you using rockbox. And maybe it is a bug with your other player because the same thing happens on the iriver.
11:34:09ddaltonmaybe all folders with the . starting there name are only shown when not in all files mode.
11:34:16ddaltonI don't know
11:34:28kratonatorwhatever...i can now design wps' directly on the player
11:34:42markunkratonator: good luck
11:34:55ddaltonwith the text editor?
11:34:58markunis the editor good enough to work with?
11:35:03kratonatoryeah, sabayonlinux also hides folders starting wiht "."
11:35:15ddaltonI would have thought it would take a long time.
11:35:23kratonatorand for the ipod grayscale wps i dont need to write too many things
11:35:45kratonatorbut it works
11:36:02kratonatori added album art for a lot of themes for the sansa
11:36:19ddaltonwhat would be nice is voice for the text editor. I know not possible. And it would probably be anoying having a whole document spelled.
11:36:20kratonatorall of them were edited on the player itself
11:36:47ddaltonwon't the click wheel on the ipod make it hard?
11:37:24kratonatorbut the wps file is almost only @#$%^& would be a pain in the *** to listen to that:D
11:37:44kratonatorthe clickwheel makes it easier
11:37:54kratonatoras you can cycle through the letters faster
11:38:20ddaltondoes it? I hate the nano click wheel.
11:38:30n1sddalton: voiceing of plugins is certainly not impossible, it's just that no-one has done it yet :-)
11:38:33ddaltonjust a slight touch makes it do something.
11:38:44kratonatorwell i have the 3rd doesnt have the click wheeel
11:38:59ddaltonso navigating through menus is anoying because I usually skip some not meaning to.
11:39:07kratonatorit has a touch sensible wheel but its not the click wheel
11:39:14ddaltonwhat does it have?
11:39:27ddaltonso how is it used?
11:40:00ddaltonwell is that a photo?
11:40:11kratonatorits almost the same thing...but it doesnt have buttons
11:40:19kratonatorits a photo
11:40:38ddaltonIt is a bit hard to look at it when I can't see. but don't worry.
11:40:57kratonatorsorry, didn't knew that
11:41:41kratonatorits basicly the same touch sensible wheel but it doesnt have buttons on it
11:41:51ddaltonok that's fine
11:41:54kratonatorthe four buttons are placed on the top
11:42:01ddaltondoes rockbox use sizeof?
11:42:31kratonatori dont know
11:42:38n1sddalton: yes
11:42:49ddaltonn1s: what for?
11:42:50n1sor rather the compiler uses it most of the time
11:42:55Learn1s: Those keylock messages don't quite fit on an archos player...
11:43:03n1sto find out the size of something
11:43:18ddaltonand then do what with that infomation?
11:43:25ddaltonwhat for file sizes?
11:43:27n1sLear: according to amiconn they would, the splash will word wrap and have two lines
11:43:41 Join ender` [0] (
11:43:47LearAh, didn't think about that... :)
11:44:03kratonatordoes somebody know if FS #6733 still works?
11:44:11Learddalton: sizeof isn't for files...
11:44:25kratonatorit tried to compile yesterday and it didnt compile correctly
11:44:26ddaltonso what does rockbox use it for then?
11:44:33n1sddalton: it returns the size in bytes of a data type
11:44:51ddaltonso then what does rockbox do with that information?
11:45:08n1sfor example sizeof(long) will return 4 on any of our targets but 8 on a 64 bit machine
11:45:28n1sddalton: it's useful when foing stuff like memcpy and memset
11:46:24LearIt's better to use sizeof than to assume anything about how much memory a variable uses. If the size should change for any reason, sizeof will still be correct. A must for structs, since you have alignments issues there.
11:46:53ddaltonabout p6733 it should but does it apply cleanly?
11:47:07 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:48:07 Join merbanan [0] (n=banan@
11:48:21ddaltonkratonator: it should but do you get hunk errors?
11:48:35ddaltonp6733 I am talking about.
11:49:36 Join pepie34 [0] (
11:57:18Learn1s: Another lang thing: Should LANG_DISK_FULL and LANG_SYSFONT_DISK_FULL really differ the way they do?
12:00:49kratonatoryes, if i remember correcty i got hunk errors
12:00:54n1sLear: yes, because they are cancelled by different actions, one by ACTION_FM_STOP and the other by ACTION_STD_CANCEL
12:02:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:02:47markunkratonator: what you could try is update rockbox to the date of the patch, apply is, then update to now again and fix the conflicts
12:04:14kratonatori am not that savvy...but ill try...
12:04:18 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
12:04:42kratonatorwhat can i do when i see such a conflict?
12:08:50ddaltonkratonator: I am looking at it just give me a second
12:09:31ddaltonI don't know if I will be able to fix it but I will try. I also want to make a splash screen from that patch voice as well.
12:09:45kratonatorthank you, very kind from you
12:09:53ddaltonso what do you like about the patch?
12:10:10kratonatorit doesn't compile
12:10:40kratonatori don't remember what error message i get but...
12:12:21ddaltonI am just checking out.
12:13:22ddaltonso you get hunk errors?
12:13:33ddaltonor does it apply cleanly but not compile?
12:13:59kratonatorapply cleanly but not compile IIRC
12:14:50ddaltonso there are no hunk errors?
12:15:13kratonatori guess not
12:15:28ddaltonwell can you apply it now and see?
12:15:29kratonatorbut i tried to add so many patches that didnt work...
12:15:42kratonatorif you wait a minute or two
12:16:03ddaltonit will just make it easier if they are hunk errors not code errors.
12:16:24ddaltonbut since you have had it working before I would have thought the code would be ok.
12:16:44kratonatori didn't have it work before
12:16:53kratonatorthat's the problem
12:17:16ddaltonwell just try one tell me the other patches as well. But when you are testing a patch you shouldn't add more patches. Then it is easier to find the problem.
12:17:37ddaltonso it has never worked?
12:18:05kratonatori know...i just tried one patch, didnt work, than another one...didnt work either...and so on
12:18:21kratonatorno, never worked
12:18:22 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
12:18:25ddaltonso you have never got this patch to work at all?
12:19:00 Join kratonator19 [0] (
12:19:13ddaltonI will try to fix it. But no garrentees
12:19:18ddaltoni will be able to
12:19:26kratonator19switched to sabayonlinux
12:21:27kratonator192 hunks out of 8 failed
12:21:49ddaltonis that with p6733?
12:22:34ddaltonok that must be the problem
12:22:44kratonator19should i paste the output?
12:23:05ddaltonno the rej files.
12:23:34 Quit kratonator ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
12:23:44 Join smail [0] (
12:24:41kratonator19rej files?
12:25:28ddaltonyes if a hunk fails on english.lang for example, you then should locate the file english.lang.rej and paste its contance
12:25:43ddaltonon a website not on here because it won't fit.
12:26:15kratonator19pastebin or something
12:26:22kratonator19but i can find it
12:27:09kratonator19it should be in the same folder with the patch?
12:27:52ddaltonno the file it failed to patch for example if english.lang failed it would be in /apps/lang
12:28:05kratonator19found it...
12:28:17ddaltonthis check out is taking for ever of the source.
12:28:27ddaltonit has been like 40 minutes
12:29:40kratonator19heres the first one
12:30:23ddaltongot it didn't see your message
12:31:31kratonator19and heres the second one
12:31:45ddaltonis that all?
12:32:15kratonator19only two hunks failed
12:33:27ddaltondon't you mean two files. Did only one hunk fail from each file? And what files were they?
12:34:18kratonator19hunk #4 failed
12:34:42ddaltonwhat files?
12:35:12 Quit barrywardell ()
12:35:17kratonator19and the second one powermgmt.c
12:36:17ddaltonok now I have finally got the source
12:36:55ddaltondo I apply with p0 or p1?
12:36:58 Nick kratonator19 is now known as kratonator (
12:38:01kratonatori dont know if its ok or not though
12:39:50 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
12:40:44 Join freqmod [0] (
12:44:57 Quit barrywardell ()
12:51:45ddaltonthis line is from a patch shutdown_timeout += HZ*20; should the + be removed?
12:51:59ddaltonfrom the file it should go into
12:52:11kratonatorare you asking me?
12:52:29aliaskddalton: No, that is the same as "shutdown_timeout = shutdown_timeout + HZ*20;"
12:52:31ddaltonanyone who knows. it is p6733 I am working on.
12:52:52ddaltonaliask thanks for that I will leave it.
12:53:34 Part qweru ("So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!")
12:58:31 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
12:59:54smailis there any help ida pro ? i got a copy but i'am totaly new to all that
13:01:14smailany reading to recommend ?
13:01:21markunsmail: what are you planning to do?
13:02:04smaildisassemble the rom of my elio
13:02:32ddaltonis "reboot" a function or a variable?
13:02:39ddaltonbecause I get an error.
13:03:32markunsmail: load the file, select the correct CPU type and then you need to press a button at some address to start disassembling (C or L of something)
13:03:37markunbut ida will tell you
13:04:14 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
13:05:01linuxstbmarkun: The Elio bootloader is a mixture of ARM and Thumb code - so I assume IDA Pro has an option for that/
13:05:24markunno idea
13:05:47markunperhaps it will switch automatically
13:06:59peturI thought it didn't - maybe it depends on the version of ida
13:17:15 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
13:17:43 Join Nick_Brackley [0] (
13:18:05barrywardellpetur: I was looking at the usb stuff a bit more
13:18:22barrywardelli see that austriancoder got error -71
13:19:05barrywardellwhich looks like EPROTO in the linux source (
13:21:18peturbarrywardell: I haven't had much time for this. austriancoder claims the setaddress is handled (which I don't see in the code) and that the sending is failing. I will have an H10 5GB tomorrow noon so I'll be joining the debugging ;)
13:22:33barrywardellpetur: and IIUC that only happens in usb_get_descriptor() if bytes are transferred (
13:22:42aliaskpetur: I was thinking, would the USB code be applicable to the gigabeat s? If so, I'd like to test on it.
13:22:54barrywardellpetur: I think set address is handled all right
13:23:24barrywardellaliask: I think it would be - you just have to change the base address
13:23:45aliaskWhich is the current patch?
13:23:49*barrywardell looks forward to petur getting a delivery
13:24:18barrywardellaliask: I'm using this:">
13:24:23ddaltonI created a new file in the rockbox source how do I tell the patch this?
13:24:28barrywardellnot sure if austriancoder has anything more recent
13:25:04scorcheoh fun..."begin final evaluations" is tomorrow
13:25:44 Join Tri [0] (n=Tri@
13:27:14barrywardellpetur: also, here's some usb debug messages from my mac:
13:28:10barrywardellthere are no errors about "GetDeviceZeroDescriptor (size: 8)", just errors for "GetDeviceDescriptor (size 18)"
13:28:23markunpetur: what does the USB code do so far?
13:28:31ddaltonand then run svn diff >filename after that?
13:29:13ddaltonand filename is like: /apps/menus/power_menu.c in my case?
13:30:06linuxstbddalton: You need to (locally) add it to svn - "svn add apps/menus/power_menu.c"
13:31:34linuxstbaliask: Does the gigabeat s only have a software usb mode? i.e. there's no ata<->usb bridge?
13:31:55aliasklinuxstb: Correct (iiuc)
13:32:13barrywardellit has the same usb controller as PP
13:32:36barrywardellor at least register compatible
13:32:53linuxstbbarrywardell: Yes, I was just wondering if there was a hardware bridge as well.
13:33:02barrywardellah, ok
13:33:19aliaskI'm basing my assumptions on this diagram:;filename=gigabeat_s60_logic_block_diagram.png
13:34:50peturbarrywardell: it's not really a delivery, more a pick-up ;)
13:35:36LearAnyone know of a Windows program creating RVA2 ID3V2 frames?
13:35:54peturI found somebody 10 minutes from my work and managed to get him drop the price from 100 to 75 euro
13:36:14barrywardelleven better!
13:37:38*barrywardell has gtg now
13:37:57 Quit barrywardell ()
13:38:03peturbarrywardell : would you agree that getting the first 8 bytes seems to work and then it fails? To be sure, can you run the same test with sending disabled in the code. Just to be sure that the mac isn't requesting the 18 bytes regardless of the previous
13:38:15 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
13:38:24 Quit Tri ("Leaving")
13:39:58 Join The_Compiler [0] (
13:41:02 Quit The-Compiler (Nick collision from services.)
13:42:07 Quit The_Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
13:42:30 Join The-Compiler [0] (
13:43:30 Quit ddalton ("I was using BOFHNet IRC version 1.2 by fmillion - get your copy today from !")
13:45:16LearSeems MediaMonkey does it...
13:46:03*petur gtg too.. real life calling...
13:46:12 Quit petur ("*plop*")
13:52:11 Quit kratonator ("Leaving")
13:52:14 Join kratonator [0] (
13:54:25 Quit kretender (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:57:16 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
13:58:30 Nick kratonator is now known as ihateallaustrian (
13:59:02 Nick ihateallaustrian is now known as actuallyonlyone (
13:59:27 Nick actuallyonlyone is now known as awannabebassplay (
13:59:33 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
14:00:11 Part awannabebassplay ("Leaving")
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14:05:22 Join kratonator [0] (
14:06:21 Join latchema [0] (
14:14:26 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
14:16:40 Join Arathis [0] (
14:16:56barrywardellpetur: when you get back. I tried disabling the usb_send() like you suggested and I get a different result
14:18:18barrywardellpetur: my mac now complains like so:
14:18:46barrywardellso it no longer receives the 8 bytes for GetDeviceZeroDescriptor
14:20:42barrywardellto me that sounds like the send is indeed sending 8 bytes as it should, but maybe the bytes it is sending are wrong somehow (that would agree with the error -71 austriancoder had on linux too)
14:20:58barrywardellI also get done=8 as the result of usb_send()
14:22:32barrywardellwhen the send is enabled
14:23:45 Join ctaylorr [0] (
14:26:45barrywardellalso, with usb_send() disabled just in the case of the device descriptor, I get in logf the sequence: bRequest = 6,6,6,6,5 followed by TIMEOUT->port
14:27:07barrywardellso setaddress happens without getting the descriptor first
14:33:36 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:34:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:37:33barrywardellhmmm...ibss means zeroed data, right?
14:38:16barrywardellif it is, then I don't think devdsc, dqdsc, or confdata should be ibss
14:40:41 Quit smail (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:45:30 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:48:55 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
14:51:11*barrywardell thinks that he has figured out the usb send problem
14:51:30barrywardellit was the ibss: we were sending ok, but just sending zeroes!
14:52:09 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
14:52:55aliaskbarrywardell: Nice! How well does it work (if at all) now?
14:53:15barrywardellI still don't get a drive appearing
14:54:38aliaskMore problems with transfer, or simply unwritten msc stuff?
14:57:02barrywardellbut it sends the device descriptor (8 bytes), sets the address, sends the full device descriptor (18 bytes), sends the configuration descriptor (4 bytes), sends the full configuration descriptor (18 bytes),
15:00:08 Join webguest86 [0] (i=4a64ab5f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:00:10barrywardellthen sends device descriptor (18 bytes), sends config descriptor (4 bytes), sends full config descriptor (18 bytes), sends the dqd (10 bytes), then gets a request type 7 which we don't deal with
15:00:33barrywardelli.e. s-wValue>>8 = 7
15:00:45barrywardellaliask: looks like the transfer is good now
15:00:50webguest86hi guy's do you know where i can download x5 bootloader for rockbox??
15:00:54barrywardellthe problems are elsewhere
15:02:20aliaskbarrywardell: I'm eager to test this all, but it'll require a bit of work because the gigabeat s branch has drifted a bit from trunk.
15:02:47barrywardellaliask: great. here's my current patch:">
15:03:19barrywardellaliask: you'll have to change the UOG_* defines to use a different base address
15:03:28webguest86found it. thnx anyway
15:03:31 Part webguest86
15:03:33barrywardellinstead of 0xc5000000
15:04:21aliaskAnd I'm sure I'll have to de-pp it too in terms of where all the code is stored.
15:04:45 Join kretender [0] (
15:04:49aliaskOh, no - doesn't look like I will actually
15:05:02barrywardellexactly, most of the code is in drivers/arcotg_udc.c
15:05:32barrywardellI'm not sure if .irodata is the right thing to use, but it seems to work
15:05:38aliaskDo you know if this will work without interrupts?
15:07:25barrywardellthe current code doesn't use interrupts
15:07:39barrywardellkind of anyway
15:08:35barrywardellthe usb_int() function just gets called every time the timer ticks
15:09:41 Quit parafin (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:10:17 Join parafin [0] (
15:12:27barrywardellanyway, gtg again now. I'll check back in later
15:13:02 Quit barrywardell ()
15:17:17 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@
15:18:54aliaskaustriancoder: Did you just see barry's discovery?
15:19:20austriancoderaliask: yes... I am tring out my selfe right now
15:20:32*austriancoder would be happy to test the stack more with working tx :)
15:25:30 Quit Nick_Brackley ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:26:21 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
15:26:48austriancoderfor what is __attribute__ ((section(".irodata"))) used? For what is this section?
15:27:04austriancoderbarrywardell: I am trying your patch at the moment...
15:28:33barrywardellI think it's read only data in iram
15:28:52barrywardellhere's a debug log from my mac:">
15:29:17aliaskTo quote amiconn when committing something from mid 2005 "allowing to put 'const' data into IRAM without causing a section type conflict"
15:29:22barrywardellyou can see around 4022.073 that the correct data is being sent
15:29:36austriancoderbarrywardell: yes... thats by there is
15:29:37austriancoderunsigned char buffer[BUFFER_SIZE] __attribute((aligned (1 << 12))) __attribute__ ((section(".ibss")));
15:30:02barrywardellyes, but that isn't initialized to any value so it's ok
15:30:12barrywardellibss means that rockbox writes 0's to it on startup
15:30:26barrywardelloverwriting whatever was there before
15:30:53austriancodersure... but when i do a send:
15:30:54austriancoder+usb_send(const void * buf, int size)+{+ const char * ptr = buf;+ int todo, done = 0;+ int error;+logf("usb_send");++ logf("buf[1]=%u",(unsigned char)ptr[1]);+ do {+ if (USB_BUS_RESET) {+ longjmp(reset_env, 1);+ }++ todo = MIN(size, BUFFER_SIZE);++ memcpy(buffer, ptr, todo);
15:30:59barrywardellbtw. it looks like everything is working now from that log
15:31:12barrywardellwe just don't have a msc device driver yet
15:31:24austriancoderIt should copy my data i want to send into that buffer and send it then.. or?
15:31:30austriancodermsc driver is in work...
15:31:33barrywardellyes, it will
15:32:09barrywardellbut the data it is copying is from devdsc, which is all zeroes if you put it into ibss
15:32:26 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
15:32:38austriancoderbarrywardell: was the idea of petur to put everything in iram.. for testing
15:32:45austriancoderusb 2-6: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 32usb 2-6: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choiceusb 2-6: USB disconnect, address 32
15:32:50austriancodergreat :)
15:33:24aliaskGood timing too, half an hour until the 20th where I am :)
15:33:25barrywardellyes, in iram, but not ibss, because that overwrites the data. you should use idata or irodata (for read only data) to put non-zero stuff in iram
15:33:30barrywardellaustriancoder: great:)
15:33:48barrywardellgotta go again now, but I'll check back later how you're getting on
15:34:11austriancoderbarrywardell: thanks you very much... if i see you in real life.. you get two or more beer from me
15:34:22 Quit barrywardell ()
15:34:37 Quit parafin ("So long and thanks for all the fish")
15:36:38Soapdo you get to choose your USB device ID since you are writing your own stack?
15:37:10 Quit latchema (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:37:34 Join The-Compiler [0] (
15:38:29austriancoderAt the moment I dont thinking about the usb device id... at the moment i want to get all running up
15:43:03 Join parafin [0] (
15:54:51 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:55:33 Part _jz
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16:03:11 Nick chrisjs169__ is now known as chrisjs169 (
16:11:19 Join haemmy [0] (n=stefan@
16:15:53 Join tri170391 [0] (n=tri17039@
16:16:34desowinaustriancoder: congratulations!
16:17:03austriancoderdesowin: barry helped me... without him tx would not work
16:24:15 Quit tri170391 ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
16:24:41 Join cayetano1 [0] (
16:25:17dionoeaaustriancoder: so you have a native rockbox USB stack working now ?
16:25:54austriancoderdionoea: almost... msc driver is not ready... and some cleanups are needed
16:26:18dionoeacool :)
16:31:30 Join freqmod [0] (
16:33:59 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:38:39 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
16:38:41 Join idnar_ [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
16:50:01 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
16:52:40 Join My_Sic [0] (
16:52:57 Join frederv [0] (
16:57:09 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:58:05DerPapstaustriancoder, barrywardell: nice work :)
16:58:58 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:00:20 Join bluey- [0] (
17:07:23 Join agm3nt [0] (
17:07:51 Join toffe82 [0] (
17:08:08 Part cayetano1 ("Konversation terminated!")
17:08:48 Quit darkraven (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:11:47 Join fadelse [0] (
17:13:52chrisjs169TX works
17:14:26fadelsehow can i get rockbox on my ipod?
17:14:34*chrisjs169 looks through logs
17:32:02 Quit fadelse ()
17:36:57 Part agm3nt
17:37:34 Join agm3nt [0] (
17:51:28 Join Phalangees [0] (i=4cc7a04e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:52:14PhalangeesHello everyone. I was wondering if there is an easy way to revert from all patches wihtout redownloading all of SVN.
17:53:15markunPhalangees: "svn revert -R ./"
17:53:32markunwithout the quotes of course
17:53:45PhalangeesThanks markun!
17:58:59 Quit Phalangees ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
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18:16:59 Quit haemmy ()
18:25:13 Join sim_ [0] (
18:26:17 Join Arathis_ [0] (
18:27:35 Join bdgraue [0] (
18:32:50 Join iamben [0] (
18:35:55 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
18:37:07 Join My_Sic [0] (
18:40:57einhirnGot to go - see you later.
18:41:07 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:43:14 Quit Arathis (Nick collision from services.)
18:43:19 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
18:47:29 Join perrikwp [0] (n=chatzill@
18:53:08 Join yonkeltron [0] (
18:56:47 Join Rondom [0] (
18:57:24parafin - latest source archive link doesn't work
18:58:01 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@
19:00:44 Join scorch999 [0] (
19:01:44n1sworks for me
19:04:37parafinThe requested URL /daily/source/rockbox-20070819.tar.bz2 was not found on this server.
19:06:18iambendownloads ok for me too
19:06:41parafin0819? or 0818?
19:07:29iamben downloads for me
19:08:03parafinnow it works
19:08:37parafinbut didn't work 5 minutes ago
19:08:49LearHrm, seems RVA2 frames doesn't support peaks above full scale...
19:08:49scorch999heeeeeeeeey ... ok so I've got a Mini i'm trying to restore ... this situation is kind of convoluted, so here goes: replaced the (failed) hard drive with a 4GB CF card, so I don't have any backups of the MBR, boot partition, or any data ... so i've had to repartition it myself ...
19:09:01scorch999i can get it to boot with the firmware i placed in the first partition
19:09:13scorch999but i can't get it to be recognized as an ipod for transfer of linux automatically
19:09:36scorch999and as logs would have it, people in this room have transferred copies of MBR's before
19:09:47scorch999so if anyone has an MBR from a mini, that would be extremely helpful
19:11:15scorch999God bless you, Soap.
19:11:16Soapthere is a 4GB partition map for both a 1st and 2nd generation mini there
19:11:50Soapyou might need to tweak it - as I doubt your CF card is exactly the same size as your MD was...but I am not 100% sure this is needed.
19:12:05SoapYou also realize you need to be running a patched build since you have a CF card?
19:12:30scorch999i'm not quite to that hurdle yet
19:12:38scorch999i'm to the "i need this ipod to be recognized as one" bit
19:12:48scorch999it reports across usb
19:12:56scorch999k thx
19:12:59scorch999i'll read up
19:13:35 Quit BigMac (Remote closed the connection)
19:16:18 Join BigMac [0] (
19:16:42 Quit sim_ ("Leaving")
19:16:59scorch999it seems that only affects the 2g mini?
19:17:04scorch999this is a 1g
19:17:45parafinis there a way to apply patch to svn checkout that new files would be added automatically?
19:18:16SoapI /assumed/ the attempt to perform an ATA sleep would apply to all flash players
19:18:46SoapI'm not sure where you see it's a 1st Gen issue only.
19:19:06scorch999email 1 on that page
19:19:12scorch999he asks if it's a 2g issue only
19:19:18scorch999i guess the concensus was no?
19:19:36scorch999thanks for the MBR link −− that actually worked! :)
19:19:40SoapI see little concensus from those emails.
19:19:42scorch999now i have to get the filesystem right
19:20:04SoapIf I Recall Correctly bluesbrother is using a CF card in his Mini.
19:20:04 Join rotator [0] (
19:21:41 Part austriancoder ("Kopete 0.12.4 :")
19:26:06 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
19:29:48 Quit perrikwp ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
19:31:31 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:32:06 Quit krazykit ("Connection reset by beer")
19:33:28scorch999the firmware did sucessfully write the ipod directory structure to disk
19:35:03 Quit kretender (Remote closed the connection)
19:37:59 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
19:46:03 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
19:51:20 Join freqmod [0] (
20:02:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:02:38parafinhmm, apps/plugins/chessbox/chessbox_pgn.[ch] has dos newlines :(
20:02:57 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
20:03:10 Part agm3nt
20:05:06 Join jhulst [0] (
20:05:42 Join lee-qid [0] (
20:08:48linuxstbparafin: "svn blame chessbox_pgn.c" is useful in such cases... ;)
20:14:03 Join Buschel [0] (
20:19:51 Quit lazka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:25linuxstbparafin: Thanks - I've now fixed it in SVN.
20:25:24 Join PaulJam [0] (
20:25:46PaulJamn1s: are you here?
20:26:51 Join sarixe [0] (
20:30:43PaulJamn1s: there seems to be a problem with your fix for FS #6220. If i understand the code correctly it now only takes the width of the last character in the .kbd file for calculating the grid for the keyboard. with my custom keyboard the grid becomes too narrow and most of the characters are only half visible.
20:33:53*Llorean points to the "Bugs" link on the left side of the website.
20:36:12PaulJamok, i'll post a bugreport later.
20:36:28 Quit Pyromancer ("Leaving")
20:36:32 Quit PaulJam (".")
20:37:59 Join lazka [0] (
20:48:51 Join GodEater [0] (
20:55:15parafin - why this patch was rejected? very nive feature imho. however may be it needs reimplementation for not needing reinit of db
20:57:05GodEaterso you've actually answered your own question
20:57:19 Join spiorf_ [0] (
20:59:49 Quit barrywardell ()
21:00:26parafinhmm, follow playlist option doesn't work as expected
21:00:42 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:00:46parafinif i was in db view last time - it opens db instead of current dir
21:01:18LloreanYes, there has been some argument as to where it should take you.
21:01:34GodEaterwhich is probably why it's not been changed
21:01:42GodEatersince there's divided opinion on it
21:02:10 Join klaxian [0] (
21:02:13parafinwell, may be then it must be an option in preferences
21:02:41klaxianis there any way to set my iriver H10 to stay in UMS mode so that i don't have to start it special each time i want to connect to my computer?
21:02:51GodEaterthere's also been some resistance to adding yet more options
21:03:07GodEatersome people feel rockbox has enough already
21:03:15 Join Thundercloud [0] (
21:03:25 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:04:04LloreanThough I'm of the opinion "Follow Playlist" could be removed entirely, and Select-in-WPS always highlights/selects the current song in filetree, while "Files" in the main menu works as normal (non-follow, last known position)
21:04:27LloreanIt makes sense (to me) that "Select" would select the song you see in the WPS.
21:04:27GodEaterI wouldn't mind that option either
21:04:34LloreanEven though I don't use follow playlist at all. :)
21:05:05*GodEater does
21:05:07 Join Pyromancer [0] (
21:05:24parafinwell, follow playlist is usefull to look at albumart image in fullscreen
21:05:29 Join Robin0800 [0] (
21:05:54parafinwell, may be i should apply yet another patch for this feature :)
21:06:00 Join uberushaximus [0] (
21:07:35 Part klaxian
21:09:10uberushaximusI know this is a fairly redundant question that you must often get
21:09:17XavierGryay the tx problem was solved, congrats to all guys involved! :)
21:09:25 Quit Arathis ("Verlassend")
21:09:34 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
21:09:41uberushaximusbut what is the best supported player out there for rockbox?
21:09:54GodEateruberushaximus: depends on your requirements
21:10:13uberushaximusjust pointing out a device for my mom ;)
21:10:38SoapThe Archos, iRiver H1xx, iRiver H3xx, iAudio and Toshiba Gigabeat units are all pretty much 100%
21:10:43GodEateruberushaximus: do you want FM radio, do you want recording ability, do you want colour / black and white screen ?
21:10:56GodEaterhow much storage do you want ?
21:11:01GodEaterhow big a unit do you want ?
21:11:04GodEaterand so on and so forth
21:11:10uberushaximusI see the ambiguity
21:11:35GodEaterif you can help us out with those questions, we're in a better position to recommend something
21:11:48LloreanThere's also just the BuyersGuide wiki page, no?
21:12:06GodEaterthere is indeed
21:12:18uberushaximusFM would be nice not required, colour as well, storage isn't a /big/ deal
21:12:44*Llorean would like to recommend the Gigabeat F for all your "just want to play music" needs.
21:12:59*GodEater would second that recommendation
21:13:08GodEatergiven it's also fairly cheap to get hold of :)
21:13:44*Soap is a bit worried about future battery replacements for the Gigabeat, though.
21:13:49 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
21:14:02LloreanSoap: Yeah, I have that fear too.
21:14:23GodEaterdo iPod batteries not fit ?
21:14:27LloreanBut I do have my H120 to all back on, and a hope that a new Rockbox disk-based target will show up.
21:14:33SoapI don't mind salvaging the PCB from the existing battery, if that is what is required, but I doubt many other people will.
21:14:44GodEaterit needs a pcb ?!?
21:15:23Soapfor safety reasons many LiIon batteries do their own basic charge control.
21:16:32*GodEater looks in the wiki for a picture
21:17:06SoapOh, I can't speak to the gigabeat's in specific - just been following the forum thread.
21:17:09jbitthey also have short circuit/temperature control most of the time
21:17:26*GodEater hasn't noticed this feature on recent ipod batteries
21:17:32GodEaterso they must be differnt
21:18:07jbitit'll be inside the protective coating most of the time
21:18:11GodEaterI see no pcb
21:18:53uberushaximusGodEater: do you know of a good merchant by chance? :)
21:19:01uberushaximusselling aforementioned model?
21:19:10jbit'Inside a Li-Ion pack there is always a safety circuit that consists of four main sections:'
21:19:20GodEateruberushaximus: I bought mine on ebay
21:19:33uberushaximusI see
21:22:29toffe82I have 2 used f10 for sale with remote :)
21:22:55GodEateruberushaximus: or buy from toffe82 :)
21:23:26GodEatertoffe82: let me know when you have a working S for sale :)
21:24:05toffe82I have 2 actually but I don't know if I will sell them , perhaps I will seel one
21:24:58*GodEater lines up in the queue to buy
21:24:59toffe82Have to go, talk to you later
21:26:57 Join sarixe [0] (
21:28:57 Quit sarixe (Client Quit)
21:31:31 Part scorch999
21:35:22 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
21:35:40 Quit GodEater ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
21:40:29 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
21:41:47 Join stefanha [0] (
21:42:39stefanhaHi, I'm trying -current on iPod nano and it just crashed "Data abort at 40001324". How do I reboot? ;)
21:44:04linuxstbHold MENU+SELECT
21:44:06 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
21:44:10stefanhaoooh, hold MENU and SELECT
21:44:14stefanhaThanks linuxstb
21:44:38linuxstbWhen did you last update Rockbox (before today) ?
21:44:56stefanhaJust got -current + loader today.
21:47:13 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
21:48:12 Join sarixe [0] (
21:52:49 Join PaulJam [0] (
21:53:31 Quit stefanha ("leaving")
21:56:36 Join ze [0] (
21:57:11 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
21:58:06 Part uberushaximus ("Leaving")
22:00:45 Quit freqmod ("Konversation terminated!")
22:02:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:02:21 Join freqmod [0] (
22:04:20 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
22:04:48 Join sarixe [0] (
22:08:13 Join YouCeyE [0] (n=YouCeyE@unaffiliated/youceye)
22:15:48 Join Merthsoft [0] (
22:17:12 Join little [0] (n=agnth@
22:17:18MerthsoftHi, I was wondering if there were some other way to develop in windows other than cygwin/vmware/coLinux
22:17:46Bagder3 different ways is not enough?
22:19:07Merthsoftwell, I tried VMWare and it just freezes at a black screen right when I start the image, and as far as cywin, I already have dev-c++, which has all the MinGW crap with it... So I didn't know if there was a way using what I already have that would be easier then setting up cygwin
22:19:43 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
22:19:50LloreanI'd imagine getting dev-c++ to work with MinGW would actually be a good deal harder.
22:20:14desowinMerthsoft: you would need to have crosscompiler for dev-c++ which I doubt is possible atm
22:20:34Bagderyeah, I figure that's the major problem
22:20:47MerthsoftHmm, ok...
22:21:01MerthsoftWell, what about the VMWare problem, any ideas about that?
22:21:09Bagderor perhaps the only problem, if msys is good enough at running the shell scripts
22:21:13iambenhave you tried booting any other vmware linux images?
22:21:45Lloreandesowin, Bagder: It's possible to convince dev-c++ to use *one* cross-compiler, iiuc, but it's a hassle.
22:22:02DerPapstgetting dev-cpp running is acually as easy than a double click
22:22:10Bagderyeah, but I meant the problem of building the cross-compiler as a native windows tool
22:22:20LloreanBagder: As far as msys is concerned, you can convince it to run (or whatever it's named, I hate my memory)
22:23:30LloreanIt's slow as molasses though, when I tried it, but that was in a Windows image loaded in VMWare.
22:24:09 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:24:50Merthsoftso my best bet is probably coLinux?
22:24:56 Join ie [0] (i=3eb4bc86@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:25:17*Bagder likes and prefers native linux ;-)
22:25:20*Llorean agrees
22:25:29desowinmerbanan: I would say, as for now, dual boot, then only linux ;-)
22:25:32markunfreebsd also does the trick
22:25:32LloreanPut linux on a USB stick, and boot from it for development sessions. ;)
22:25:33MerthsoftWell, I lack that, so...
22:25:37 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
22:26:15ieShouldn't every word in menues be capitalized (as in "File Settings" vs "File settings")? The new entry "Show file extensions" isn't capitalized properly IMHO
22:26:31MerthsoftI don't really need dev-cpp to be doing anything, I rarely use it, I just would be perfectly fine doing it int he commad line
22:26:38merbanandesowin: I concur
22:28:46*Soap runs a full Beryl'd Ubuntu with games and Rockbox enviroment and room left over on a $35 4GB USB key.
22:29:23Soapand CoLinux
22:29:47Soapbut native is faster, easier, and all that.
22:29:56MerthsoftSo there's no easy, command line way to do this in windows?
22:30:18 Join amiconn [0] (
22:30:26Soapnot to be a jerk - but there are three easy ways as mentioned before.
22:30:49 Join sarixe [0] (
22:31:00Bagderthe 4th way is: DIY however you like ;-)
22:31:01Soapassuming you have at least a Pentium III, and aren't on Vista or XP 64 - vmware should be pretty easy and foolproof.
22:31:15LloreanSoap: His VMWare isn't completing booting
22:31:15linuxstbMerthsoft: You need a POSIX-like command-line - something Windows doesn't come with natively...
22:31:50LloreanMerthsoft: You're more than welcome to come up with a way to get it working in Msys, or Services for Unix, or something else if you think it's so lame.
22:31:52*amiconn enjoyed the gread battery time of the ipod 2nd gen under rockbox during the weekend :)
22:31:59linuxstbMerthsoft: That's why I don't use it.
22:32:03Lloreanamiconn: What about fixing things for us PP502x users? ;)
22:32:04SoapI was getting to that Llorean...;) I was going to say I bet that is either a corrupt image (unlikely?) or an issue vmware could sort out for you in their forums, or the unofficial IRC channel.
22:32:40 Part ie
22:32:43MerthsoftI got the image from
22:32:44linuxstbWhat is the battery life? Have you done a full test?
22:32:45 Quit hfliezfh (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:01LloreanSoap: A corrupt image is rather unlikely since I doubt it'd decompress.
22:33:26MerthsoftMy processor is a Celeron M 1.5 ghz
22:33:35*Soap suspects amiconn will never fix PP 5020 runtime. Can you image the influx of iPod users if _that_ issue were overcome?
22:33:41SoapLlorean: point.
22:34:37linuxstbSoap: Plus proper scrollwheel acceleration, support for accessories, broadcom-assisted video playback, itunes database integration, ....
22:34:44iambenMerthsoft: you could just get another distro's vmware image, ubuntu or fedora or whatever, and install the build environment on that in minutes
22:34:46Lloreanlinuxstb: D'you know what sansapatcher looks for when identifying a device as a sansa?
22:34:59amiconnBut something is wrong with voice on swcodec
22:35:17linuxstbLlorean: Use the source ;) I remember writing a comment listing what checks it does.
22:35:21 Join webguest32 [0] (i=56cb0147@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:35:26amiconnWith voice enabled, I got 2 crashes within a few minutes on the 2nd gen - and that can't be a dualcore issue
22:35:32webguest32hi all
22:35:52Lloreanlinuxstb: Okay
22:35:56 Join pixelma_ [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:36:23webguest32hi all
22:36:33amiconnOne prefetch abort at 0xc0000004 (there's no hardware at that address we know of!), and one data abort in the core code range (0x00025??? - unfortunately forgot to write it down)
22:36:33linuxstbLlorean: I've just checked - it's in sansapatcher.c
22:36:36webguest32i'm new here
22:36:40 Quit pixelma (Nick collision from services.)
22:37:08 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:37:18Lloreanlinuxstb: Thanks
22:37:23linuxstbLlorean: One possible problem could be the partition type - sansapatcher only seems to check for 0xb, but I think some people have reported 0xc. We should change that...
22:37:46webguest32is someone here?
22:38:22Lloreanwebguest32: Many people are here, you haven't really asked a question though
22:38:31linuxstbwebguest32: Yes, but we normally don't say hello to everyone that joins - don't take it personally ;)
22:39:32webguest32which formats does ipod supports when you use rockbox?
22:40:17amiconnSoap: See. There's already an example for your theory ;\
22:42:09webguest32which formats are supports when you use rockbox in pod 5th gen?
22:42:15 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:42:30webguest32i meant for music and movie
22:42:48parafinyou may forget about movies
22:42:53webguest32ok thanks
22:43:29linuxstbparafin: For information about video support in Rockbox (and why it's not very good on the ipod video), see here -
22:43:31webguest32damn it! i asked this question 5 min ago and it just appears now?
22:44:52 Join Domonoky [0] (
22:45:06*amiconn curses the irc log reader
22:45:26amiconnWhy can't this thing remember that I want to see joins and quits??
22:45:56parafinlinuxstb, i tried it, it's too slow and audio often goes out of sync
22:46:19 Join donutman25 [0] (n=chatzill@
22:47:01webguest32what about tag? will the tags apears efficiently if i'm using a tagged flac file?
22:47:32parafinwebguest32, may be you should try to read website?
22:48:10markunn1s: I don't understand your 'fix' for calculating the glyph distance
22:48:37DerPapstimo the log reader should be set to show joins and quits by default
22:48:58iambenwebguest32: yes it supports flac tags
22:49:09amiconnImho the log reader should store the personal selection in a cookie
22:49:23*Llorean agrees with amiconn
22:49:45DerPapstit does for not live running logs. e.g. when you look at loader ones... at least for me
22:49:56 Quit cmvjk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51:05markunn1s: I think a "pm->font_w = 0;" before the loop would make much more sense
22:51:46amiconnImo, the log reader is unusable for the current log (because it lags like hell), but it makes some sense for archived logs (was reading yday's log)
22:51:55amiconnFor current, I always switch to raw immediately
22:52:40LloreanI just type in the /irc/current.txt url anyway.
22:52:59*markun too
22:53:13 Quit merbanan (Remote closed the connection)
22:53:59 Quit webguest32 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:56:48amiconnAnother data abort
22:57:01 Join JerryLange [0] (
22:57:48JerryLangei was wondering if somebody would know how to fix my ipod for me. i have an abort code and was wondering what it ment
22:59:35pixelmaLlorean: as amiconn had those data aborts now that he enabled voice, we were wondering if the Nano problems could be voice related too - I think you weren't using voice, right? Worth it to ask the others about it?
23:00:11amiconn... in pcmbuf.c:pcmbuf_flush_fillpos()
23:00:38Lloreanpixelma: Does amiconn's problem produce choppy music playback / distortion too?
23:00:53 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@
23:00:55LloreanThese have mostly reported that as an additional symptom
23:00:58LloreanBut I'll ask about voice
23:00:58amiconnJust random crashes when navigating the menu
23:01:15LloreanThey also all experienced the crashes only during playback, iiuc
23:02:05JerryLangeanybody know where i can find out what my abort code means? when i try to browse files on my ipod?
23:02:26 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
23:02:33pixelmaLlorean: but how knows what interactions there are...
23:02:38LloreanJerryLange: Assuming you mean "Data Abort", the number is the memory address it occurred at
23:02:45Lloreanpixelma: As I said, I'll still go ahead 'n ask. :)
23:03:11JerryLangeall i did was hook it up to a mac as a usb device copied stuff to it and then i disconnected it (this is a windows ipod)
23:06:23parafinhow does morse input work in keyboard?
23:06:37 Quit Siku ()
23:08:15 Quit JerryLange ("Leaving")
23:09:02DerPapsthmm... the live log reader works perfect for me. never lags compared to my irc client
23:09:06 Quit iamben ("leaving")
23:09:54parafinand what does third field in apps/keymaps/keymap-ipod.c tables mean?
23:12:09 Quit spiorf_ (Remote closed the connection)
23:12:24parafinok, i see how works morse input
23:12:54parafinwhat does BUTTON_REL and BUTTON_REPEAT mean?
23:15:20 Join Darkideal [0] (i=4cb1c9b6@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:16:16Bagderparafin: release and repeat
23:16:46 Join iamben [0] (
23:16:47Lloreanamiconn: At least one of the people experiencing the problem on Nano doesn't use voice, nor have voice files.
23:16:57DarkidealHello, I have a few questions about Rockbox, could anyone answer them please?
23:17:06iambenDarkideal: yes
23:17:08iambenthats 1
23:17:43Darkideallol, alright, then 2 more. First, Anyone know if the Sansa c250 can handle Rockbox? and if so, do they recommend it?
23:18:19iambenc250? no. e250, yes.
23:18:21parafinBagder, and what about that third field in apps/keymaps/ ?
23:18:58BagderDarkideal: on the c250 there's only some very early work atm, the e250 runs rockbox just fine
23:19:05Bagderparafin: I don't remember right now
23:19:34 Join dave [0] (
23:19:47daveHi all. My nano housing/screen is scratched to crap and its 1rst generation
23:19:51davedoes anyone know where i can buy one?
23:19:52DarkidealHmm, do you know if there will be a c250 version any time soon? or near the future? the factory firmware for c250 is...ughh..I'd try anything to replace it.
23:20:09 Join ddalton [0] (
23:20:37DomonokyDarkideal: someone is working on c250, but it will take time, nobody knows how long..
23:20:41BagderDarkideal: we can never tell such things for sure of course, but if everything is fine and dandy we might have a c200 port in the future
23:20:59davesigh why do companies have 2nd generation nano housing
23:20:59ddaltoncan someone have a look at: And tell me what is wrong with it? The error is at the bottom.
23:21:03davebut nto first generation
23:21:22DarkidealAwesome! Thanks for the help! I'll be looking forward to it, if/and when it does come out
23:22:18 Quit Darkideal ("Thanks for the help Bagder, iamben, domonoky")
23:23:43daveanyone? Has anyone ever replaced the housign on 1rst generation nano?
23:23:49 Join Febs [0] (
23:23:55davei know this is the wrong site but it is rockbox and ...ppl have nanos :)
23:23:58Domonokyddalton: you use the variable "reboot" in cancel_shutdown(), this function doesnt have a variable called "reboot"
23:27:25 Join cmvjk [0] (
23:27:55 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
23:28:23 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:34 Quit ompaul ("night all")
23:34:15 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
23:34:28n1smarkun: agreed, I couldn't have been thinking clearly, proper fix comitted
23:34:46 Quit Domonoky ("Trillian (")
23:35:51 Nick little is now known as r4v5 (n=agnth@
23:36:11ddaltonso if this patch uses the variable reboot. What should I replace it with? I am working on p6733
23:36:26PaulJami guess FS #7623 can be closed then.
23:37:32n1sPaulJam: have you tried it out?
23:37:49 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
23:38:37PaulJamn1s: not yet, but if i remenber correctly i use the same fix in my build, and there it works.
23:38:56n1sOk, will close then
23:39:38parafinbtw, why svn status doesn't notice .rej files but sees .orig files...?
23:42:57 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
23:43:04 Join Seed [0] (
23:43:58 Quit kratonator ("Leaving")
23:44:30 Quit Buschel ()
23:49:16MerthsoftOk, guys, I just got done setting up cygwin, but now there's a problem... When I do which arm-elf-gcc it says it's not a command
23:49:36PaulJamn1s: just tested with the latest official build. everything works as expected. thanks for fixing.
23:49:51DerPapstMerthsoft: put it in your PATH variable.
23:49:58Merthsoftput what?
23:50:11 Quit PaulJam (".")
23:50:15BagderI believe that is mentioned on the page for how to do the cygwin install
23:50:21n1sPaulJam: thanks for testing, that bugreport had been sitting around in the tracker for almost a year :-)
23:50:38MerthsoftI'm there right now and it doesn't
23:51:11Merthsoftah, nvm, I was on the one with screenshots and it doesn
23:52:01ddaltonWhat is wrong with this? MENUITEM_FUNCTION(do_shutdown_item, 0, ID2P(LANG_SHUTDOWN), there seems to be a lang_shutdown in english.lang. But I get a compile error on this line.
23:52:04Merthsoftthat should be put on the other one too
23:52:28iambenMerthsoft: if only wikis were editable
23:53:09 Join jonno_ [0] (
23:55:42n1sddalton: you need to include the string for your target it's only included for targets with "soft_shutdown"

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