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#rockbox log for 2007-08-29

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00:04:12linuxstbfm2: There's no PLUGIN_HEADER macro in shortcuts_append.c (I removed it from shortcuts.h and put it in view but forgot to put it in append)
00:04:17linuxstbOops, too late...
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00:09:27preglowhrm, i'm not getting commit mails
00:10:08*linuxstb just accidentally formatted his 80GB gigabeat...
00:10:33pixelmamaybe related to the server problem earlier? Commits didn't show up on the frontpage too...
00:10:44linuxstbpreglow: No, I've had none for the last 11 hours
00:12:10*pixelma didn't have any emails at all for about the same time :\
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00:13:04preglowi wonder why crossfade and crossfeed is put in the same item in featurecomparison
00:13:07preglowthey're not related at all
00:13:31linuxstbpreglow: It's a wiki ;)
00:13:48*bluebrother is missing some commit mails too
00:14:08preglowi'd just remove crossfeed altogether, i doubt we'll ever see a firmware that comes with that
00:14:23linuxstbWell, they wouldn't call it something that dull...
00:14:48linuxstbAnd will Rockbox ever have "Proprietory DSP effects" ?
00:15:00preglowwell, no, they're proprietary...
00:15:09rasherlinuxstb: It's something to alert users to, that Rockbox doesn't have
00:15:22preglowanyway, i'll remove crossfeed, anyone against?
00:15:29linuxstbMaybe change that line to "DSP effects", and put crossfeed in there for Rockbox?
00:16:15preglowit's not really the same as srs wow or the other stuff
00:16:20preglowpeople might think we're doing something like it
00:16:48linuxstbHmm, OK...
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00:54:48rasherlinuxstb: any reason not to delete the Harry Potter fonts from the tracker? We clearly don't have permission to distribute them
00:55:30linuxstbI was hoping the poster would attempt to get permission, but looks like he isn't...
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00:56:04rasherI'll remove it and put a note that he should get permission if he wants to keep them in the tracker
00:56:49linuxstbDo you mean "close", or do you have special removal powers?
00:57:08rasherWe can remove the file and leave it at that?
00:57:11rasherIs what I meant
00:57:18rasherProbably close it as well
00:57:54rasherWe should remove the file at any rate
00:58:04linuxstbYes, sounds the right thing to me.
00:58:11rasherClose or not?
00:58:12linuxstbI didn't realise we could remove files...
00:58:18linuxstbYes, close as rejected.
00:58:26rasherWill do.
00:59:03rasherLooks like I can't close and delete the file in one action
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01:10:59*bluebrother committed the new talk file dialog
01:12:25bluebrotherlet's see what I broke with this change ...
01:12:39rasherJdGordon: Did you see my attempts at an usb icon?
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01:18:37fxb :) my usb icon
01:19:24fxb and firewire.
01:20:13rasherNot exactly 6x7
01:20:21bluebrotherbut I'm not sure if I'd prefer a 90 degree rotated usb icon ...
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01:21:29JdGordonrasher: no, where is it?
01:21:56rasherBottom row
01:22:30rasherTwo of them are the same by accident.. And then there's the whole mono/stereo fiasco
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01:23:21JdGordonrasher: hmm they could work :)
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01:24:18rasherI'm not really happy with any of them, but I think it's the best I can do
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01:24:59TOGGI3Hello everyone
01:27:59TOGGI3I was just wondering to anyone it might concern/interest, I have Samsung YH-820 player here, and I used to own an H320, I've been reading logs and messages which hint at a port for the YH-820
01:28:07TOGGI3anyone happen to know where that is development wise?
01:28:22bluebrotherthere is no development for that player.
01:28:37bluebrotheryou can check the New Ports forums if there is a thread about it.
01:28:46TOGGI3ah, too bad, I miss rockbox so after losing my h320 :D
01:28:59bluebrotherwell, why'd you loose the h300?
01:29:10TOGGI3fried one day
01:29:19rasherJdGordon: I changed one of the icons to look like the usb logo (as much as possible)
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01:29:33bluebrothertoo bad. I hope my h120 will live a looong time :)
01:29:43rasherJdGordon: Connection1
01:30:10JdGordonthats good
01:30:28rasherProbably best of them, yeah
01:30:43rasherfxb: Thanks for the inspiration
01:31:21TOGGI3well for what its worth to those involved, thankyou each and every one of you, I love rockbox alot and will probably end up buying another player that supports it ;D
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01:35:30pixelmathere is a thread in the new ports forum about this player but rather short...
01:36:39bluebrothertoo bad, he already left
01:38:58pixelmaJdGordon: what do you need this icon for? I'm asking because there already is a usb plug alike icon that's used in the status bar...
01:39:40bluebrotherlet me guess ... it's an icon for the usb debug menu entry?
01:41:02JdGordonicon for the upcoming usb settings
01:41:10JdGordonthe statusbar one is the wrong size
01:41:16bluebrotherwhat settings are needed for usb?
01:42:40JdGordonPP targets will have at least 2 settings
01:42:42*JdGordon goned
01:42:44*rasher gives the Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovak and Turkish translations a very stern look
01:42:49 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
01:43:11*bluebrother wondered why JdGordon didn't tell what kind of settings
01:43:29rasherProbably something related to what happens when you plug usb?
01:43:58bluebrotherwell, that was discussed for other players as well −− usb charging :)
01:44:39bluebrotherand I still think using the hold key to disable disc mode (and use charging only) would be a good choice.
01:44:43peturbluebrother: host/device and device type?
01:45:12bluebrotherdevice type? What device would you like the player to act? UMS?
01:45:29*bluebrother wonders which average user would need anything else
01:45:44peturserial would be nice for debugging
01:45:47bluebrotherserial might be nice for debugging :)
01:45:55bluebrotherpetur: beat me :)
01:46:12*bluebrother falls to floor
01:46:23*petur didn't beat that hard...
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01:51:40SoapLlorean, bluebrother, Febs: Can't we just shit-can the "3D racing-game" thread? It is getting more painful by the minute. It is not as if there is any archival value to it.
01:52:16bluebrotherSoap: I don't think I can delete that thread ...
01:52:22Soapand while on the subject of that thread... Below cocobomb's photo... what is a "hedgehod"?
01:53:03Soapbluebrother: you can move it to trash...
01:53:15bluebrotherlook here:
01:53:40Soapbut I wasn't proposing to do it personally - I was soliciting opinions.
01:53:51Soapyea, I know what a hedgehoG is. ;)
01:54:13*bluebrother had to look it up first
01:54:41SoapI was refering to his hedgehoD
01:55:10Nimdae3d racing thread? i have to see this...
01:55:37Soapno. You really don't. :(
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01:55:51bluebrotherI'd vote for locking that thread −− it doesn't have any real purpose anymore ... is taking bets for the banning on pink floyd?
01:56:19bluebrotherbut I'm off for sleep now. Gotten late with my recent rbutil work
01:56:21SoapI don't think a seasoned troll could be more successful at wasting time and bringing out the testy side in people.
01:57:01NimdaeSoap: too late
01:57:08Nimdaeactually, it's a good ending to my work day
01:57:41*petur wonders if he could find two more commits to make the build table green
01:57:50Soapso happy with rbutil on QT. Now I didn't install all those libraries in vain. It felt so dirty to install them all just to make QTscrobbler.
01:58:02Nimdaepetur: just update some comments ;)
01:58:13rasherpetur: Code police!
01:58:30rasher(the perfect "sneak something under the radar" commit message)
01:58:31Soapyou could just commit a 3D racing game and Quake 4.
01:58:35peturgood idea, that looks good on ohloh too (% comments)
01:58:36Nimdaethen i'll download the source, build it, and be happy i have a build from an all green table
01:58:40SoapI know you have been holding back on them.
01:58:58rasherOr a port of firefox (there was even a feature request for it!)
01:59:31*bluebrother really wonders how ohloh calculates that comment ratio for me ...
01:59:34peturpdf viewer?
02:01:20rasherOh dear, I now have "visual basic" on my ohloh profile. UNCLEAN
02:02:17Nimdaepetur: btw...mahna mahna
02:02:23peturyes yes
02:02:30fxbrasher: /me thanks google for the inspiration ;)
02:03:57 Part toffe82
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02:04:57Nimdaewhat's a hedgehod?
02:05:44*bluebrother notices that the initial commit of rbutilqt was 25th Jul −− so it's only about a month in development
02:05:53Nimdaethe 3d racing thread got locked :(
02:06:14Nimdaei logged in to the forum for the first time in forever just to respond to it
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02:34:00rasherSo Llorean gave up on that gigabeat owner? That's no way to win a bet!
02:34:15rasherOr lose one, I forget who bet on what
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03:07:40chrisjs169what file do I need to include to get rid of a global_settings is not defined error?
03:08:55*Nico_P got his hands on an iPod 3G and installed rockbox on it with rbutilqt... a breeze
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03:26:28Nico_Pam I the only one not getting the SVN commit emails ?
03:29:32rasherNope. Seems they are broken, possibly due to a server upgrade earlier.
03:30:03Nimdaethere's svn commit emails?
03:30:43rasherNimdae: see rockbox-cvs
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03:31:33 Join sarixe [0] (
03:32:00chuy_maxhi, I've tried ipodlinux in the past, but mp3 playback was terrible, does rockbox mp3 codecs work well in ipods?
03:32:49Nimdaechuy_max: i don't have a problem with it
03:33:04Nimdaeof course, rockbox is a dap firmware, not a port of linux
03:34:07chuy_maxNimdae, what is dap firmware?
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03:42:16Nimdaechuy_max: digital audio player firmware
03:42:31 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
03:42:34Nimdaemeaning it is designed specifically to play mp3s and whatnot
03:43:42chuy_maxI suppose that was the problem with ipodlinux, mp3s lag because of the overhead
03:43:55Nimdaeyeah, it's playing on top of a fully OS ;)
03:44:05Nimdaeon a slow cpu
03:45:46Tracycan rockbox enable an ipod mini to work on rhapsody?
03:46:00Nimdaein what way?
03:46:13Tracysorry, with rhapsody to go
03:46:37Nimdaei think it uses DRM'ed files...if it does, no, it won't work
03:46:55Tracyok. that is what i figured. Thanks Nimdae. :)
03:47:02 Quit Tracy ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
03:48:31Nimdaehopefully after this restore, the ipodflasher thingy will detect my ipod
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03:50:37 Join Cruleworld [0] (i=4c100dd9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:51:21CruleworldI was wondering do the sponsoring mirroirs have to build the builds on the server?
03:53:00chrisjs169sponsoring mirrors?
03:53:54Cruleworld"007-06-20: added download mirrors, thanks to some new sponsors"
03:54:22chrisjs169i don't think they have to build them
03:54:34chrisjs169all the builds are done via the server farm AFAIK
03:54:51chrisjs169*build farm
03:54:56rasherThe files are provided through rsync I believe
03:55:13Cruleworldso does the mirroir have to build it?
03:55:22Cruleworldcause if not i'd be willing to mirroir
03:55:27chrisjs169"i don't think they have to build them"
03:55:37chrisjs169do you have the bandwidth to handle it?
03:56:12CruleworldWell then i own a small hosting service that'd love to mirror for Rockbox.
03:56:35Cruleworldi have Terabytes of bandwidth
03:56:47Nimdaethe build farm is separate
03:57:52CruleworldWho do i talk to about setting up a mirror?
03:57:55chrisjs169Cruleworld, so do I, but it also depends on connection speed/etc
03:58:11Cruleworldit's 30GBit
03:58:32Nimdaewow, that's a lot
03:58:50*chrisjs169 wonders how it's connected to the 'net
03:59:01Cruleworldi pay for hosting
03:59:16Nimdaewell, company i use to work for had over 30gbit before i left, it was all in 1 gige connections
03:59:25chrisjs169let me rephrase - is there an ip (or domain) to try tracerouting?
03:59:55CruleworldI don't have a decticated server
04:00:35chrisjs169what's a domain that's on the server?
04:01:01scorcheCruleworld: i believe we are quite good for the moment on hosting...thanks though
04:01:04Cruleworldthere are over 80 sitews on the server
04:01:15Cruleworldthe url it woudl be would be tmohost
04:01:44chrisjs169hmm -
04:01:46rasherCruleworld: talk to Bagder
04:02:12rasherCruleworld: or send him an email. DanielStenberg in the wiki
04:02:21chrisjs169after hop 7 on my computer ( i don't get any replies
04:02:50Nimdaeprobably filtered
04:03:07Cruleworldwell I GTG
04:03:15Cruleworldthanks for the info guys
04:05:34 Quit Cruleworld ("CGI:IRC")
04:06:21 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:07:24Nimdaeheh, reseller of a reseller...i'm glad i don't work in the hosting business anymore
04:07:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:09:12 Join iamben [0] (
04:12:04Nimdaei'm gonna try out the experimental usb and watch it fail ;)
04:13:20 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:15:07 Join iamben [0] (
04:21:25 Join LinkinXp [0] (
04:21:43LinkinXpis USB support by rockbox?
04:21:56Nimdaeyou mean in rockbox?
04:22:20Nimdaeby default it only detects it on most devices
04:22:26LinkinXpso u dont need the other Firmware i mean the original one
04:22:30Nimdaei think some devices it works, but i only have experience with the ipod
04:22:39LinkinXpi have a SAnsa sandisk
04:22:49Nimdaei couldn't tell you then
04:23:09 Quit homielowe ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
04:23:18Nimdaei'm about to see if it works on ipod
04:23:44LinkinXpim gonna put he new firmware
04:24:17Nimdaei just built a new firmware with usb enabled
04:24:35Nimdaewell, it detected a connection, but didn't reboot
04:24:51Nimdaebut my cable is being flaky so i don't know if it's working or not
04:24:56rasherLinkinXp: Status on Sansa is the same as on ipods and Iriver H10: currently Rockbox can only detect a connection and reboot into the OF. As Nimdae says, work is ongoing to extend this to proper USB support
04:26:44LinkinXpit charge the battery
04:26:54Nimdaewell, it detects connectoin, and windows detects the ipod being connected, but it's like it's not able to communicate...when i disconnect it, windows detects it being disconnected and rockbox goes back to normal
04:26:59Nimdaei'd say that's progress
04:27:06LinkinXpwell yea
04:27:19LinkinXpi git the USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED error
04:27:24 Quit TiMiD[FD1 (Remote closed the connection)
04:27:34NimdaeLinkinXp: on the ipod (and i'm sure the sansa), there's a key you can hold during connection to leave it in rockbox so you can play and charge
04:28:01LinkinXpplay music?
04:28:08 Join jack__ [0] (
04:28:24 Quit chrisjs169 (Nick collision from services.) detects it as a mass storage device
04:28:34 Nick jack__ is now known as chrisjs169 (
04:28:45rasherNimdae: I believe right now the usb support only supports the connection setup - no actual transfers
04:28:46 Quit chuy_max (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:29:00Nimdaewell, i can confirm it works ;)
04:29:08 Join TiMiD[FD] [0] (n=TiMiD[
04:29:21LinkinXpwell really i dont need that! i just that mmm if rockbox do the RIGHT conecction trough USB u dont need the Original Firmware
04:29:46Nimdaeit's definately headed in the right direction
04:30:10Nimdaethe only thing that bothers me is when it goes into usb mode (in rockbox in this case), i won't be able to, say, run the clock app
04:30:21LinkinXphow much space has the original Firmware?
04:30:30LinkinXpNimdae: hoo
04:31:10Nimdaesec, lemme reboot to disk mode
04:31:24LinkinXpand MICROSD is OK?
04:31:35LinkinXpcause mine is still Virgen xd
04:31:51Nimdaemine is still an ipod ;) no expansion
04:32:27Nimdaeapple firmware is 28mb
04:32:30rasherLinkinXp: Rockbox even supports microSDHC
04:32:35Nimdaemy .rockbox directory is 36mb
04:32:39LinkinXprasher: thats nice!
04:32:43LinkinXpNimdae: WOW
04:32:44LinkinXpso much
04:32:54LinkinXpNimdae: in IPOD
04:33:00LinkinXpis different in SANSA?
04:33:03LinkinXpthe size?
04:33:15LinkinXpmine is 4.54mB
04:33:17Nimdaenaa, i have a bunch of themes and stuff
04:33:44Nimdaethe rockbox i just built without the new usb is 6mb
04:33:50Soapapple firmware is 28MB? (I assume you mean B as in bytes, not b as in bits)
04:33:54LinkinXpi need to buy a MIcRoSD hey rasher whats the diference? between MIcroSd and microsdhc
04:34:02Nimdaeyes, bytes
04:34:17LinkinXpNimdae: what?
04:34:22LinkinXpNimdae: new usb?
04:34:24iambenLinkinXp: 4gb and above are microsd "high capacity"
04:34:28Nimdaethat's according to right clicking the ipod_control dir and selecting properties
04:34:31LinkinXpisnt include in the latest firmware?
04:34:39LinkinXpiamben: mmmmm ok thanks
04:34:45SoapNimdae: that's your itunes database
04:34:49NimdaeLinkinXp: i was testing the new usb functionality
04:34:49scorcheLinkinXp: usb isnt ready yet
04:35:03LinkinXpscorche: yea i know its just charge the battery
04:35:03NimdaeSoap: it builds a big db stock? because i just reloaded it through itunes
04:35:27scorcheit has charged the battery for a long time
04:35:37Soapmine is 25MB right now and I only have one album in there (for battery_bench comparisons)
04:35:38LinkinXpscorche: jajajaj im new on rockbox
04:36:09Nimdaei didn't bother to check if the reload put in some music for me
04:36:12Nimdaeoh well
04:36:17*Nimdae hits delete
04:36:20Soapmind you I've taken things on and off in the past, but the firmware is in the firmware partition, not in ipod_control
04:36:50Nimdaewell, i just freed up 28 mb ;)
04:37:11Nimdaei should really start fresh on rockbox
04:37:21LinkinXpfreed (PAST OF) free?
04:37:38LinkinXpok im just learning
04:37:53Nimdae11.5 mb in the wps directory, heh
04:38:10LinkinXpwhat u have therE?
04:38:12LinkinXpa NUKE?
04:38:30Nimdaei installed a bunch looking for something that i'd like
04:38:37Nimdaeended up making my own in the end and haven't changed since
04:38:53LinkinXpis it hard to make one?
04:39:05Nimdaenot really
04:39:58LinkinXpu can customize
04:40:04Nimdaea lot of it
04:40:21Nimdaeoh yeah, i made 2 themes, one i don't use
04:40:28Nimdaei should update my current theme and upload it
04:40:53LinkinXpim gonna give it a try
04:40:56LinkinXpto the TUTO
04:41:03Nimdaetake care
04:44:10Nimdaei think petur might have missed something on his update for the usb defines...there's a define for USBOTG that's outside of the comments
04:46:49Nimdaecrap, i'm gonna have to redo my theme it seems
04:47:42Nimdaei was afraid of this
04:49:23 Join tchan [0] (n=tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
04:57:57 Join My_Sic [0] (
04:59:26 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
04:59:53Nimdaewow, when loading themes, rockbox freezes, it's not just my theme
05:00:07 Quit My_Sic (Client Quit)
05:11:05RudManI've seen that when it tries to load a bmp that isn't there
05:29:39 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
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05:37:21 Quit w0rd54 (Client Quit)
05:37:35MyAdleranyone know what the next major change is gonna be?
05:38:17 Join w0rd54 [0] (
06:07:01 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
06:07:18 Quit lazka (Remote closed the connection)
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06:09:08NimdaeMyAdler: whatever they do that causes one, perhaps ;)
06:09:18Nimdaeit looks like usb is up there on that list though
06:09:22Nimdaeand i'm all for that
06:12:42 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
06:20:47 Quit midgey ()
06:27:42 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
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06:35:26 Quit RudMan (Remote closed the connection)
06:38:13EnterUserNamedoes anyone have a macos x and sansa e280?
06:48:47EnterUserNamehey al
06:50:19 Quit EnterUserName ("leaving")
06:54:06`sam`hey i reformatted my ipod video, and now i'm having a problem with disk mode... i can get the ipod into disk mode but i can't mount it or access the drive with fdisk
06:55:03`sam`fdisk says "unable to read /dev/sdb"
06:59:50 Join EnterUserName [0] (
07:01:48 Join mikae1 [0] (
07:02:22mikae1anybody here?
07:03:21rvvs89/who #rockbox gives quite a long list of people
07:03:48mikae1yeah, i see that. but that doesnt mean anybody will reply :)
07:04:25rvvs89true :P
07:04:27scorchewell, you havent asked a question to reply to yet
07:04:48mikae1i asked if anybody was here, and i got a reply :)
07:04:57mikae1i will buy an ipod tomorrow. i dont know if im gonna go for the nano 2nd gen or the latest ipod. if theres a chance there will be a firmware for nano within 6 months or so, i really want the nano more
07:05:02scorcheread the link in the topic ;)
07:05:14 Part toffe82
07:05:26scorcheno one is currently working on the 2nd gen nano port
07:05:41mikae1ok, so i shouldnt hope too much
07:06:01scorcheit isnt my place to tell you how much to hope =P
07:06:35mikae1hmm, doesnt look too bright though
07:06:41mikae1its been out for quite awhile
07:07:16scorcheports are made by people who want them and have the capabilities to do them
07:07:42mikae1i guess i could use floola with the standard firmware
07:07:54mikae1but id like to have flac playback capability
07:08:37mikae1with rockbox installed, will the ipod work as a regular mass storage device player?
07:09:13mikae1just drag and drop folders/files to the device
07:09:21mikae1thats so nice
07:09:33mikae1i do not digg itunes
07:09:35mikae1im afraid
07:10:12mikae1the nano feels like a sturdier player though, no hdd, flash based memory and all
07:10:48mikae1the latest ipod is 5.5g, true? it is fully supported from what i see?
07:12:22mikae1ok, ill go for that one. thanks alot for developing rockbox, judging from the paper it looks great.
07:12:36mikae1ill guess i will have a chance to try it tomorrow
07:12:52 Quit mikae1 ("sleep well")
07:13:08scorche"the paper"?
07:23:11 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
07:24:23 Quit bejic ()
07:28:37 Join hannesd_ [0] (
07:34:10 Quit Jon-Kha ("leaving")
07:34:21 Join Jon-Kha [0] (
07:40:38 Quit `sam` ("brb")
07:42:27 Join krazykit [0] (n=kkit@
07:44:45 Quit hannesd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:44:46 Nick hannesd_ is now known as hannesd (
07:53:50 Quit kk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:57:49 Join kubiixaka [0] (
08:00:55 Join `sam` [0] (
08:01:24 Join webguest12 [0] (i=81ed99ec@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:01:47webguest12yo i need help installing rockbox
08:02:10webguest12anybody here?
08:03:14scorchewhat problems are you having?
08:04:52webguest12i installed the rockbox current build and the font package into my ipod
08:05:06webguest12then when i run the boot loader it says no ipod found
08:05:46scorcheyou mean no rockbox.ipod found?
08:06:51webguest12umm u know wut i just started i tunes back up and then i closed it and then ran the bootloader and it found the ipod
08:06:59webguest12sry about that
08:07:14 Join fnakidcck [0] (i=0@
08:07:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:08:12 Join ddalton [0] (
08:08:18scorcheare you talking about the bootloader, or ipodpatcher?...please be precise, and dont guess
08:08:42ddaltonhow would a 2.6 ghz cpu and 512 mb ram build rockbox?
08:08:47webguest12its ok never mind i got it workking now
08:08:48ddaltonon linux
08:09:06`sam`with gcc?
08:09:24ddaltonwell the normal compilers.
08:09:32ddaltonhow long would it take?
08:09:51`sam`won't take too long, 2 minutes at most is my guess
08:10:19ddaltonok I can get it for $100 and then just install a hard drive in it. will that work?
08:10:31ddaltonit's on ebay now.
08:10:34ddaltonbuy it now
08:11:36scorchei would assume so, but i would be guessing...
08:11:52ddaltonwhat could be wrong
08:11:57ddaltonI will try #linux
08:12:03ddaltonor maybe it is ##linux
08:12:13scorchei dont know...i am not looking at the auction (and dont link it is offtopic)
08:12:17`sam`ddalton, i'd recommend reading and
08:12:21`sam`at least those 2
08:12:53ddaltonbut if I can run linux on it will it be ok for rockbox?
08:13:03ddaltonand I wasn't going to paste the add on here.
08:13:36`sam`are you talking about getting another computer to build rockbox on?
08:13:39scorcheyes, it should be
08:19:54ddaltonI am talking about getting another computer to build rockbox on. Why?
08:20:00ddaltonI will also program on it.
08:23:34 Join Siltaar [0] (
08:29:46*GodEater is pleased to see the forums in their usual sparkling tip-top shape this morning
08:31:24 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
08:35:01 Quit webguest12 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
08:36:02 Join ender` [0] (
08:40:47GodEaterboom, and the database is dead
08:41:26amiconnrasher: around?
08:41:28 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
08:45:35 Quit MyAdler ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
08:46:38 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:49:29ddaltonp7639 can probably be closed. What do people think?
08:49:38ddaltonit isn't going to get committed.
08:50:35GodEaterI think you may be the most prolific patch writer I've seen in ages ddalton, and I'm continually impressed that you manage all this without the use of sight :)
08:51:03GodEaterI think you're right though - I don't think this will get commited
08:52:01ddaltonThanks. But I need to continue reading this c book.
08:53:04ddaltono you closed it.
08:53:13ddaltonam I able to close stuff?
08:53:21ddaltonor don't I have those rights.
08:53:36 Join pepie34 [0] (
08:53:39markunddalton: how do you read the book?
08:53:49ddaltonJaws for windows.
08:53:54ddaltona screenreader
08:54:51GodEaterddalton: no - you can't close stuff - but I can.
08:55:02GodEaterthe book is an ebook then ?
08:56:07markunddalton: at which speed do you listen to the screenreader? (just interested)
08:56:41ddaltonabout 170 words a minute I think.
08:57:25ddaltonhow can I get those rights.
08:57:25markunah, that's also the espeak default, but I prefer 200 now
08:57:38ddaltonmaybe quicker.
08:59:42GodEaterddalton: you have to be made rockbox staff to get those rights.
09:00:03GodEatermaybe when you've been around for a few more months someone will grant you them
09:00:40GodEaterthat new Gigabeat T sure looks pretty :)
09:00:42 Join bluebrother [0] (i=J69QBSBB@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
09:01:09GodEaterlooks like it's flash only though
09:01:15bluebrotherBagder: I haven't got any commit mails for about one day ... is there a known issue?
09:01:32 Join joseph_ [0] (n=joseph@
09:03:33 Quit joseph_ (Remote closed the connection)
09:04:57 Join TiMiD[FD1 [0] (n=TiMiD[
09:06:07GodEaterbluebrother: suspect it's to do with the server upgrade yesterday
09:06:11GodEaterso I'd bug Zagor :)
09:07:37 Join joseph_ [0] (n=joseph@
09:07:59bluebrotherthere was a server upgrade? Ok ...
09:08:07GodEatersoftware upgrade
09:08:14joseph_is there anyone person/group whose main concern is the ipod?
09:08:17GodEateran "apt-get dist-upgrade" if I'm not mistaken
09:08:21GodEaterjoseph_: not really
09:08:34GodEaterjoseph_: just ask your question and we'll do our best to answer
09:09:01 Quit LinkinXp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:10:42joseph_Well, I installed rockbox on my ipod video more than 6 month's ago, and keep upgrading every month or so I still can't use it :( The scrollwheel is not up to scratch.
09:11:04joseph_It is such a shame as ther are so many nice features I miss with apple firmware
09:11:16GodEaterit's not a trivial thing to fix
09:11:26 Join Buschel [0] (
09:11:41bluebrother"up to scratch"?
09:11:54GodEater"doesn't accelerate properly" I'm guessing
09:11:58joseph_unusable :)
09:12:12GodEaterthat's not fair
09:12:17GodEaterit's not unuable
09:12:21GodEaterit's just you don't like it
09:12:24bluebrothermy Ipod works absolutely fine here. It's perfectly useable
09:12:27GodEaterI find it more than usuable
09:13:03 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:13:09GodEaterspeak of the devil
09:13:22*GodEater prods bluebrother into bugging Zagor
09:13:29joseph_perhaps I am unaware of the right settings?
09:13:42joseph_there are quite a few of them
09:13:45bluebrotherZagor: I'm missing commit mails since about a day.
09:14:04GodEaterjoseph_: wheel acceleration does work on the ipod as far as I'm aware at the moment - but this does not make it unusable
09:14:46GodEaterI *believe* someone is working on a fix for this - but as ever, we cannot estimate when it'll be fixed
09:14:47joseph_ok, it is usable, perhaps it was too strong a word
09:15:18GodEaterjoseph_: if you still use the Apple OS every day, I can imagine there's a frustrating difference between the behaviours in the two firmwares
09:15:26 Part pixelma
09:15:33GodEaterbut to be honest, if you don't use it every day (as I don't), then you quickly forget abuot it
09:16:02joseph_I have participated in open source projects in the past and realize that. I just wanted to point out this is the only thing that stops me from using rockbox. I think it is an amazing achivment
09:16:19GodEaterjoseph_: well if you've participated, perhaps you'd care to help fix it
09:16:28markunjoseph_: maybe you can participate here as well?
09:16:31BuschelI never used OF. I just first time booted the iPOD into disk mode and put rockbox on it ;o)
09:16:33 Quit `sam` ("bbl")
09:17:15joseph_Just started a Phd, so I think the chances are slim, but if I have free time later on ...
09:17:32*daurnimator pokes joseph_: PhD boy
09:17:37 Quit TiMiD[FD] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:17:55GodEaterjoseph_: I assume you use the Database feature in Rockbox when you try it ?
09:18:22GodEatershame :)
09:18:43 Join davina [0] (
09:19:01joseph_until I feel confident I don't need to go back to Apple OS i don't see what choice I have?
09:19:01markunjoseph_: well, perhaps you could write some detailed feature-requests or bug-reports and hope that someone else will have the time to work on it
09:19:53markunmorning daurnimator
09:20:03joseph_I assume this is an ipod specific problem and other models (which has no clickwheel) are fine?
09:20:23GodEaterjoseph_: it's not a "clickwheel" feature
09:20:39GodEaterjoseph_: other ipods, such as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gens all suffer from it too
09:20:59joseph_an ipod specific issue, then?
09:21:03GodEateras I understand it, we have working wheel acceleration on the sansa
09:21:07daurnimatormarkun: sup
09:21:15GodEaterbut I don't understand why the solution there works, and doesn't for the ipod
09:21:16markunword :)
09:21:32GodEateresp. given they use the same processor family
09:21:53GodEaterI believe jhMikes was the author of that solution, so he might know why it works in one place and not the other
09:22:03GodEaterother than that, we have no other wheel targets, they're all buttons
09:22:27joseph_BTW, does all players share the same UI?
09:22:30 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
09:22:45GodEaterthe UI experience is the same on all players which run Rockbox
09:22:58 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
09:22:59GodEaterwithin the limits of the controls available of course
09:23:07GodEaterwhat's displayed is identical
09:23:09joseph_and screen size
09:23:15*bluebrother leaves for food
09:23:49 Quit idnar_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:23:54joseph_is jhMikes on this channel?
09:24:12GodEateryes, he's in the list - but idling at the moment it would seem
09:24:48GodEaterI can't remember where he is geographically, so not sure on his "active" period
09:25:20joseph_ jhMikeS has been idle for 6 hours, 46 minutes, and 18 seconds.
09:25:28GodEateryes I can see that :)
09:25:33 Join fm2 [0] (i=c27f0811@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:26:08markunA Gigabeat S user dislikes iPods for using proprietary formats for audio and video, how ironic :)
09:26:17GodEatermarkun: hahahaha
09:26:29GodEatermarkun: where is this? mygigabeat ?
09:26:37LloreanGodEater: I believe he's here in the US, meaning he's likely to be unavailable for a while yet.
09:26:39 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:26:48GodEaterLlorean: that's what I thought
09:27:03fm2linuxstb: I've seen the comment you made shortly after I left. Thanks, I'll try. And now I understand the error messages with duplicated definition of __header etc. I should look into it before to see what should be where and why. Now it's clear.
09:27:04GodEaterLlorean: join community
09:27:21 Part fm2 ("Bye for now")
09:27:42linuxstbGodEater: jhMikeS has said that something (I don't know what) needs changing in the ipod button drivers to make the scroll acceleration work. He doesn't own an ipod though.
09:28:36GodEaterjoseph_: there you go - we need an ipod owner to investigate this it seems.
09:28:56Lloreanlinuxstb: It needs to provide deltas, I believe.
09:29:20 Join pepie34_ [0] (
09:29:23joseph_well, where is the information to set up a build env for rockbox on ubuntu?
09:29:30scorcheon the wiki
09:30:06Lloreanjoseph_: It's basically just "Run, then add the appropriate locations to your path"
09:30:26GodEaterjoseph_: and is under the tools directory once you've checked out the svn source code....
09:32:08linuxstbjoseph_: Go to, click on "index" under Documentation on the left, and see the "For Developers" section. There is a fair amount of info there.
09:34:31linuxstbmarkun: From that gigabeat thread - "wma @ 64kbps sounds the same as mp3 @ 128kbps. thats a fact" ....
09:35:14JdGordonre: the pitch and quick screens not being able to use unicode chars... does anyone have an idea what to do if the user font doesnt fit?
09:35:17markunlinuxstb: it was a fact on, but the page doesn't exist anymore (or maybe was moved)
09:35:34LloreanMicrosoft has some REALLY interesting comparisons between WMA and AAC
09:35:44Zagornice "fact" :)
09:35:48scorcheinteresting as in untrue? =)
09:35:59JdGordonmarkun: they got a deaf person to compare?
09:36:11JdGordonthat should ave been to linuxstb i mean
09:36:19markunlinuxstb: the listening test I linked to shows that lame at 128 beats all other codecs at 64
09:36:25LloreanFor example, something like 38% liked WMA better, 34% liked AAC better, and 28% thought they were equal, so "66% found WMA better or equal to AAC"
09:36:35LloreanWhich is, y'know, mathematically true, but kinda hides where the balance lies.
09:36:45Lloreanscorche: Just badly misrepresented.
09:37:58markunhere in the netherlands they can predict the results of the election all year round, until the actual day of election, then it's impossible to predict accurately
09:38:37JdGordonmarkun: thats mostly the same everywhere...
09:38:58 Quit pepie34_ ("Ex-Chat")
09:39:11 Join pepie34_ [0] (
09:39:23joseph_thats just human nature, ever read Malcolm Gladwell?
09:39:56LloreanEspecially bad here in the US after that whole "Everyone predicted Bush lost, but he won despite losing the popular vote, so now TV channels will always state that they're not predicting, over and over and over"
09:40:30peturmarkun: because then it can actually be verified. The other times the just claim they can predict...
09:40:47markunpetur: indeed
09:40:50linuxstbpreglow: I don't know if you still want a backup H120, but someone just posted this link on the forums -
09:42:38*Llorean orders is GigabeatS
09:42:57GodEateryay - welcome to the club ;) people
09:43:30 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
09:44:40Lloreanscorche: Well once it's running Rockbox I intend to eBay the Gigabeat F with voice preconfigured and a good, reliable build to hopefully help out some blind person.
09:44:43 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:45:13 Quit pepie34 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:45:53markunLlorean: F40?
09:52:23 Join JGabcde [0] (i=46177202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:52:44JGabcdeHey I have a problem with Rockbox could you help?
09:53:24 Quit pepie34_ ("Ex-Chat")
09:53:32GodEaterwe're not psychic
09:53:35GodEaterwhat's the problem ?
09:53:39 Join pepie34 [0] (
09:55:08JGabcdeumm when i put a theme in it doesnt work
09:55:25GodEatercould you be a bit more detailed on exactly what you did
09:55:31markunand which theme?
09:55:34scorcheand what happens
09:55:36GodEaterlike, what player you own, what theme etc etc
09:56:04markundo the built-in themes work?
09:56:55JGabcdeO ok my mistake umm im using rockbox for the ipod 4th gen color photo and i was putting on the Zenpod theme and when i load it its say load sucessful or w,e, and the it just shows a regualr background like a blue background
09:58:33JGabcdewait i got a different theme to work but i really want the zenpod theme or iPod Color Max
09:58:44GodEaterI can't even find a ZenPod theme for the 4G colour
09:59:04JGabcdewat about iPod Color Max
09:59:22GodEateror that
09:59:25JGabcdeand it has to be in the 4G color section
09:59:43JGabcdeo wait could i have the link to where u looking
10:00:19GodEaterwth happened to the wiki link ?
10:00:39GodEaterwell that's where I'm looking anyway
10:00:45*scorche looks over in Zagor's direction
10:01:29JGabcdewat im trying to do
10:01:31Zagorheh, that's an old unusd domain name
10:01:36GodEaterI can find the ipod color max one on the page
10:01:41GodEateris that where you got it from ?
10:01:44JGabcdeis get a theme that makes rockbox look like a regular ipod
10:01:44scorchedoesnt look very unused...
10:01:51Zagorrockbox is the default site on this server so every unallocated name (and ip) goes to rockbox
10:02:12JGabcdeis there anything like that?
10:02:13Zagorwe used to run a counter-strike server, and have a site around that little community
10:02:30markunJGabcde: yes, looks like iPod Color Max would be the one:
10:02:42GodEaterall the links to the model specific galleries have that DNS name in them
10:02:54JGabcdei know markun but i have a 4G Color
10:03:10GodEaterJGabcde: so that's the right one then
10:03:13markunJGabcde: yes, that's the one I clicked on here:
10:03:33JGabcdeo ok ill try it
10:03:55GodEaterJGabcde: I note you've still not told us where you got your ones that don't work from
10:04:55JGabcdei got mine from
10:05:05JGabcdeand the iPod Color Max
10:05:09JGabcdeits wierd
10:05:25markunJGabcde: it's possible that the WPS is outdated
10:05:40GodEaterJGabcde: well where's the ZenPod theme? I don't see it there
10:06:01JGabcdehow do i update it? Im sorry i know im a loser when it comes to hacking ipods but psp is my thing
10:06:04markunGodEater: but the iPod Color Max is there
10:06:13GodEatermarkun: yes I know - I found it there!
10:06:43markunJGabcde: it's perhaps not so easy if you are completely new to rockbox, but I don't have time right now
10:07:06JGabcdewait but is it possible to update rockbox
10:07:38JGabcdedamn, is there a easy installer or something
10:07:47 Join spiorf [0] (
10:07:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:07:53markunto install rockbox?
10:08:16JGabcdewell a updated version of the wps
10:08:28markunno, I don't think so
10:09:09JGabcdewat does this do?
10:09:21GodEateramongst other things, it installs themes for you
10:10:17JGabcdeo thanks and theirs one thing i wanna do so bad ok u know when u restart ur ipod
10:10:21JGabcdeand see the apple
10:10:29JGabcdeis it possible to change that
10:10:50GodEaterJGabcde: not with Rockbox anyway
10:11:43JGabcdewat would i have to do to get that
10:12:10GodEaterJGabcde: as rockbox doesn't do it - it's offtopic in here
10:12:52JGabcdeo ok thats fair and the the bootloader when my ipod starts should i have a choice of ipod firmware or rockbox
10:13:10scorcheyou do have a choice
10:13:19GodEaterJGabcde: please go and read the manual
10:13:35 Join pondlife [0] (
10:14:01markunJGabcde: with the bootloader of ipodlinux you get a menu to chose what you want to start
10:14:14markunit supports rockbox as well
10:14:29pondlifeamiconn: Only calling LAME once has got my voice building down to about 8 minutes!
10:14:35JGabcdei read the menu a million times and its really confusing could u help me or is it gonna take a while
10:14:48amiconnpondlife: Yes, and there will be further speedups, hopefully soon
10:14:54markunJGabcde: which menu?
10:14:56*amiconn pings rasher again
10:15:07joseph_switch the hold key when booting
10:15:13JGabcdethe bootloader menu
10:15:18JGabcdewait wat joseph
10:15:22GodEaterJGabcde: there isn't a bootloader menu
10:15:36joseph_switch the hold key when booting to get the apple firmwhar on an ipod
10:15:48JGabcdeare u serious?
10:16:02JGabcdeo wow didnt know that
10:16:11JGabcdewhich is better linux or rockbox
10:16:15scorcheJGabcde: that is why we told you to read the manual...
10:16:23markunJGabcde: depends on what you want
10:16:30scorchewell, they cant be compared, as they have different goals
10:16:33JGabcdeWats the difference
10:17:19JGabcderockbox is better
10:17:28amiconnlinuxstb: That 'fact' about wma isn't too far fetched. Both sound quite crappy at the stated bitrates ;)
10:17:35JGabcdeipod linux doesnt work on 4G
10:17:39JGabcdethat sucks
10:17:50JGabcdecan u watch videos on rockbox
10:17:52scorchesure it does
10:18:03JGabcdewait wat scorche
10:18:10GodEateramiconn: hahahaha
10:19:19markunJGabcde: you can watch video with rockbox and ipodlinux does run on the ipod 4G
10:19:28markunand please stop the "??"
10:19:36scorcheand the "wat"
10:19:43JGabcdeis there a way to have all 3
10:20:03GodEaterJGabcde: but it requires you reading, and not just keep asking one word questions
10:20:34JGabcdelol ok and does the rockbox video have sound
10:20:57scorcheyou can find all this out from that manual we told you to read
10:21:08joseph_does ipodlinux has full C (or C++) support, i.e. an malloc?
10:21:19markunjoseph_: yes, I think so
10:21:22scorchejoseph_: why dont you ask them...
10:21:41scorcheand no malloc doesnt mean it doesnt have full support...
10:21:52JGabcdealright alright ill read the manual just 3 questions please
10:22:10*markun stops answering questions for a while
10:22:11GodEaterno - read the manual first
10:22:15GodEaterthen ask questions
10:22:27joseph_"full support" I mean in the sense of "I can compile my C code as is"
10:22:29scorcheit says that in the link in the topic that you were supposed to have read
10:22:46 Quit qwm (Remote closed the connection)
10:22:50 Join qwm [0] (
10:23:16Zagorjoseph_: if you don't use any external libraries, chances are good it will compile...
10:23:26GodEaterglibc works on iPL AFAIK
10:23:37GodEaterbut a better place to ask that would be in #ipodlinux
10:23:39Zagorhehe, yeah I'd hope so :)
10:23:50joseph_is the "no malloc" in rockbox due to limited resourses of target, or something else?
10:23:52 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
10:24:02markunjoseph_: it's a religious thing :)
10:24:03GodEaterjoseph_: that's in the wiki too :@)
10:24:14linuxstbjoseph_: IPL has malloc, but it doesn't have "free" - with the expected consequences...
10:24:17joseph_then I am sorry I asked it :)
10:24:28markunGodEater: I win!
10:24:49GodEaterI think Zagor has broken the wiki :)
10:24:51Zagormeh, stop posting those links.
10:24:59scorchehurry and fix it =P
10:25:02joseph_reading ...
10:25:19Zagorfix what? just go from and you'll get the right links
10:25:27 Quit Buschel ()
10:25:53GodEaterwe are
10:25:55GodEaterand we're not
10:26:04markunZagor: ah, oops
10:26:07linuxstbI am...
10:26:11ZagorGodEater: ok explain how you get it then
10:26:30GodEaterI'm currently looking at :
10:26:42GodEaterevery link on that page has the cstrike dns name in it
10:27:06*JdGordon also
10:27:14linuxstbGodEater: Yes, that's true...
10:27:15Zagorok, checking,
10:27:21markunfor me only the table of contents
10:27:35markunno, also a lot more
10:27:40*linuxstb always just types in
10:27:47GodEaterWebHome is ok
10:27:55GodEaterbut every sublink from there is cstrike.
10:28:28JGabcdeok ok ok
10:28:32joseph_Lets take a game/application for rockbox. Perhaps a better approach would be for an application to set it's max memory usage at start and let it have malloc/free up to that amount - or perhaps there is already some standard component doing that?
10:28:35JGabcdei read everything i need to know
10:28:44JGabcdequestion time woo hoo
10:28:58GodEaterjoseph_: you can do that by implementing your own malloc() in your plugin
10:29:03scorchewell, if those questions were answered in what you have read...
10:29:08GodEatera lot of our plugins / codecs do that
10:29:28JGabcde1. Can Rockbox play radio? 2. Could i have a link for the ipodlinux 4G? 3. How do u record yourself through the headphones?
10:29:30joseph_why not standarize it then. duplication of code is evil
10:29:31GodEaterjoseph_: so you grab the plugin buffer, and then malloc frmo that
10:29:58GodEaterjoseph_: that's hard to argue with :)
10:30:37GodEaterJGabcde: did you see a way for the ipod to "play Radio" in the manual ?
10:31:08linuxstbjoseph_: A small number of plugins/codecs use a faked malloc. For codecs there is a library with malloc amongst other functions, but not for plugins. But almost all plugins are written to use memory statically.
10:31:09JGabcdei think so
10:31:23GodEateryou think so
10:32:39JGabcdewhat so interesting?
10:32:48scorchethat you read something that isnt there...
10:33:08GodEateror that if you read it, you don't already know the answer.
10:33:35joseph_I have this backgammon library written in C++. Converting that to static memory is not the optimal way to spend time. This may be the case with other potential applications/games
10:33:54JGabcdecant find where i read it
10:33:59GodEaterwell you're not going to get raw C++ code running in rockbox either
10:34:13GodEaterso at the very least you'd have to port it to straight C
10:34:54GodEaterand as I said, you can then always implement your own malloc()
10:34:56GodEaterit doesn't take long
10:34:59joseph_shame, probably not an option then. Damn, it would have been so nice to get something like that going
10:35:26GodEaterimplementing a decent free() however - THAT would be challenging :)
10:35:29linuxstbI've ported a C++ app to Rockbox before, and found it just as easy to declare things statically as to use malloc.
10:35:42linuxstbBut of course that depends on the nature of the app.
10:36:29joseph_porting C++ back to C is not typically trivial
10:36:48linuxstbNo, which is why IMO malloc is a trivial aspect of it.
10:36:52Lloreanjoseph_: Since the main focus of Rockbox is "Music" rather than "Applications and Games", the architecture has been designed around this.
10:36:59Zagorplugins can implement their own malloc. mpegplayer and doom already does.
10:37:09joseph_point taken
10:37:17linuxstbZagor: Yes, but that's not something we want to encourage, is it?
10:37:20*Llorean goes back to not being here.
10:37:54joseph_more applications and games make a platform more attractive
10:38:19amiconnRockbox' first goal is to be a good dap firmware
10:38:21JGabcdeWait how come when i play wat i just previously recorded it says code error?
10:38:30amiconnPlugins are addons for fun.
10:38:52linuxstbjoseph_: Agreed. But don't underestimate the differences between a Desktop PC and an embedded environment.
10:39:11Zagorlinuxstb: I think rules can be a bit more relaxed for plugins than for the core.
10:39:14JGabcdeCome on help me please and ill leave
10:39:29linuxstbi.e. a good quality port to Rockbox is more than just getting something to compile.
10:39:36Zagorbut naturally it's preferrable to use static, because it teaches you to write code that way.
10:40:14linuxstbZagor: Yes, I agree. But still a lot of the WhyNoMalloc principles apply to plugins.
10:40:27joseph_if an application is small enough, you can get away doing it the "dirty" way. That have always been the case
10:40:58 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@rockbox/developer/austriancoder)
10:41:10linuxstbjoseph_: I'm not saying to never use malloc, just that it's not the preferred approach.
10:41:32joseph_In the non embedded world, what you can write in Python/Perl you don't want to do in C/assembler
10:41:59 Join Rob2222 [0] (
10:42:32joseph_All I am saying is that perhaps you can "relax the rules" in some cases without losing the benifits you all outlined
10:42:33JGabcde1. Can Rockbox play radio? 2. Could i have a link for the ipodlinux 4G? 3. How do u record yourself through the headphones?
10:42:52scorcheJGabcde: we answered those
10:43:01linuxstbjoseph_: The rules are relaxed - that's why some plugins are using malloc.
10:43:30austriancoderwhere can I find rockbox code police?
10:43:40linuxstbThey're behind you...
10:44:06JGabcdeu guys didnt answer them
10:44:07peturaustriancoder: read DOCS/CONTRIBUTING
10:44:26Zagoraustriancoder: I guess I'm one of the more grumpy officers :)
10:44:36*linuxstb noticed a few new TABs creeping into the USB code yesterday...
10:44:42scorcheJGabcde: 1) read the manual 2) 3) read the manual
10:45:08*petur discovered anjuta stores the tabs/space settings per project :(
10:45:29joseph_perhaps I am wrong and at this stage it is too early. First rockbox have to be the ultimate music playing platform, then worry about other stuff
10:45:56GodEaterjoseph_: that's sort of the goal we strive for
10:46:02linuxstbjoseph_: I think it's more that the design goals are to emphasise being a good DAP firmware, rather than a general-purpose OS.
10:46:13austriancoderlinuxstb: "When writing new files, you may use the brace placement style of your choice." so my brackets where okay :)
10:46:18Zagorfound the cstrike bug. the problem was that someone updated the cache from the cstrike address
10:46:19 Quit JGabcde ("CGI:IRC")
10:46:23ZagorI'll kill that domain
10:46:23 Join JGabcde [0] (i=46177202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:46:24linuxstbaustriancoder: That's an unwritten rule.... ;)
10:46:57GodEaterno it's not
10:47:01linuxstbJust for function declarations, the opening brace should be on a new line. For the rest of the code, the choice is your own.
10:47:23JGabcdehow come my ipod keeps saying data abort
10:47:25linuxstbGodEater: What is not?
10:47:33GodEaterit's not unwritten
10:47:36GodEaterit's very clearly written
10:47:40 Join Thundercloud [0] (
10:47:43scorchewhen is it data aborting?
10:47:46linuxstbThat's good - where is it written?
10:47:58JGabcdewhen i try to watch mpeg
10:48:07JGabcdeand play the voice recording
10:48:15JGabcdeand some gameboy games
10:48:34peturZagor: I managed to land on rockbox via cstrike when googling yesterday... I didn't notice until I saw the address in the browser
10:48:47scorchehow are you recording the voice, what video are you playing and how is it encoded?
10:48:53Zagoryeah, I guess that is the source of this problem
10:49:05GodEaterlinuxstb: under the "style" section
10:49:17JGabcdeo i was recording my voice through the microphone
10:49:23JGabcdeno i mean
10:49:51linuxstbGodEater: I'm talking about the unwritten rule that says that the opening brace for a function must be on its own line.
10:50:03GodEaterlinuxstb: ah I see
10:50:11GodEatersomeone ought to change contributing then
10:50:17*linuxstb hopes he's not talking rubbish...
10:50:18*austriancoder thinks its maybe time for a CodingStyle like the one from Linux Kernel
10:50:19GodEaterI personally don't like that though - it's a waste of a line
10:50:43linuxstbGodEater: Whitespace is good...
10:50:46ZagorGodEater: lines are cheap
10:50:49GodEaterI always write mine as : int do_stuff_to_the_thing() {
10:50:59*petur puts _all_ braces on a new line - more readable
10:51:01joseph_the svn co is very slow. is that a problem on my side?
10:51:18*amiconn agrees with petur
10:51:19peturGodEater: buy a bigger display :p
10:51:27GodEaterlinuxstb, Zagor: then change the contributing page
10:51:35*austriancoder not ... k&r is better in my mind
10:51:45*GodEater agrees with austriancoder
10:51:59ZagorGodEater: yes, we should. it is an actual rule we want to keep, so it should be written.
10:52:01GodEaterbut it's one of those things people just can't agree on
10:52:02GodEaterso just write it down
10:52:46*ddalton agrees with petur
10:53:58*ddalton Finds it anoying with a screen reader to have the braces on the same line as the code. For example if(x==y){ isn't how I like it.
10:54:07GodEaterI can imagine
10:54:16ddaltonare you talking to me?
10:54:25GodEaterI can see your point of view perfectly
10:54:36ddaltonyeah your right listening to the whole line is quite anoying.
10:54:38GodEaterwhich underlines my request to have the rule written down
10:54:55ddaltonI thought you like if(x==y){ ?
10:55:12GodEaterI do
10:55:20GodEaterbut that doesn't mean I won't agree to follow the rules here
10:55:20ddaltonanyone want to close p7525?
10:55:29ddaltonok then
10:55:56 Join DerPapst [0] (
10:56:03DerPapstGood morning :)
10:57:26Zagorthe rule only applies to function declarations. inside the function you may brace as you wish.
10:57:33Zagoror rather function definitions...
10:57:41ddaltonok then
10:57:47ddaltonwere you talking to me?
10:58:01Zagorhehe, to anyone caring
10:58:24ddaltonok so your talking about my line that said: "if(x==y){ is ok?
10:58:32 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
10:58:44ddaltonso that is ok
10:58:58Zagoryes, if you're writing a new file
10:59:11Zagorif you're modifying a file, you must follow whatever style the file is already using
10:59:21peturddalton: are you sure you want your own patch closed?
10:59:40ddaltonok as a blind half programmer if that makes any sence. I would prefer the braces on a new line.
10:59:57ddaltonthis makes reviewing code easier and quicker
11:00:26ddaltonwell do you think it does anything useful?
11:00:44ddaltonpetur I was talking to you
11:01:26peturddalton: I can read it, so I'm not to judge if it is usefull for you...
11:01:46ddaltonwell I thought most people would know how big there disk is.
11:01:51ddaltonand wouldn't want to know
11:02:06 Quit JGabcde ("CGI:IRC")
11:02:15*ddalton needs to update it because p7561 was committed.
11:02:44*petur directs attention to payed work before boss complains...
11:03:15markunddalton: did you hear the output of espeak + mbrola ?
11:03:33ddaltonI will update it and then you guys can close it, committed it or just leave it there. doesn't worry me...
11:04:33ddaltonmarkun: no what is that?
11:05:36ddaltonmarkun: does it sound ok?
11:05:55*ddalton wonders why it takes 3 minutes to copy rockbox source!
11:06:12scorchelots of files
11:06:26ddaltonok does your's take that long?
11:06:37markunddalton: it thought it sounded pretty good. Llorean made a rockbox voice file using it.
11:06:50markunddalton: which player do you have again?
11:07:04ddaltonmarkun: so it is a synth for linux/windows?
11:07:52ddaltonmarkun: iriver h300
11:09:08markunddalton: yes, mbrola is a diphone synthesizer for linux/windows and can be used as a backend with espeak
11:09:21markunLlorean: care to make a h300 voice file?
11:09:37ddaltonmarkun: so how can I get that on cygwin?
11:09:50 Quit spiorf (Connection timed out)
11:11:34linuxstbmarkun: Are there no moderators at to clean the spam?
11:11:40 Join tvelocity [0] (
11:11:41markunlinuxstb: nope
11:12:06markunlinuxstb: I was made moderator but that didn't give me any extra options
11:12:17markunit's very very anoying
11:13:32markunddalton: I don't think that mbrola works with cygwin
11:13:37ddaltondo you indent #if?
11:14:02linuxstbmarkun: It's a shame. The Monkey's Audio forums are similarly neglected.
11:14:14*ddalton will have to waight for this linux box.
11:14:31markunlinuxstb: I talk to tomas about it from time to time, but he has 0 time to do anything about it
11:14:55markunand doesn't want to switch to a new forum without being able to import the old threads (excluding SPAM I hope)
11:16:04morrijr <−− cygwin mbrola tools apparently
11:16:29 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
11:16:43markunmorrijr: I stand corrected :)
11:17:01morrijrnp :)
11:17:21morrijrnot that I've tried them.
11:28:02 Join kubiixaka [0] (
11:28:28 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
11:28:41DerPapstddalton: preprocessor stuff like #if #else #endif #ifdef aren't indented
11:30:16ddaltonok thanks that's what I found when searching through the code.
11:30:47*ddalton Should probably know these basics even though indenting is a visual thing.
11:31:03linuxstbAnyone know anything about replacement batteries for the (FM) recorder v2? Apparently it uses the same battery as the AV300, which I'm looking for a new battery for. Or does anyone have any general advice on how to choose from those many sellers on ebay?
11:31:39scorchelinuxstb: i think i posted a couple links in the forums semi-recently about v2 batteries
11:32:41markunLlorean: I'll just remove this post, ok?
11:33:05scorchethe move notice? =P
11:33:11markunit hurts my eyes and the poster already know it has been moved
11:33:13markunscorche: yes :)
11:34:18bluebrotherthe whole thread should be deleted imo ...
11:34:41scorchei expect he shall be banned soon if he keeps it up
11:35:52markun"Sorry, but you don't have the privilege to remove just any topic."
11:35:57markunbastards! :)
11:36:16bluebrotherblame Llorean ;-)
11:37:28DerPapstis it just me or are the forums lagging?
11:37:52linuxstbscorche: Thanks - I've found the thread.
11:38:11markunddalton: who will be banned?
11:38:21bluebrotherDerPapst: forums are fine for me
11:38:23DerPapstPink Floyd i guess
11:38:39DerPapstthey don't load.. bummer :-/
11:39:01ddaltonanyone know how to voice a gui_syncsplash?
11:39:17DerPapstnow they work again... ah whatever :P
11:40:23 Join bsdfox__ [0] (
11:40:26markunddalton: just an anoying forum user
11:44:17JdGordonddalton: wasnt the patch to automatically voice splashes commited?
11:44:55ddaltonJdGordon: I have found one that doesn't talk. and I don't know how to make it voice.
11:45:01ddalton"Scanning disk"
11:45:36JdGordongui_syncsplash really should atumatically voice every time if the string is a LANG_
11:45:50bluebrothermaybe voice isn't loaded at that point yet?
11:46:01ddaltondoesn't it have to be id2p instead of str?
11:46:12JdGordonanyone know Linus's whereabouts?
11:46:16ddaltonhow do you load the voice?
11:46:30JdGordonddalton: you dont....
11:46:38JdGordonif its not loaded yet you cant do anything about it
11:46:42 Join lee-qid [0] (
11:46:46bluebrotherwell, if the system hasn't loaded the voice already it simply isn't up "enough"
11:47:02ddaltonok so if it has do I change str to id2p?
11:47:11ddaltonor ID2P
11:47:41bluebrotherif voice isn't running yet this won't work
11:47:42JdGordonI think bluebrother might be right... that splash just wont talk
11:48:24bluebrotheryou need to go through system boot far enough until you can voice something. I guess that point simply isn't reached when that splash appears.
11:48:54JdGordon.... and I think the voice wont be loaded untill after the audio has been setup, which is well after dircache runs
11:49:02 Join spiorf [0] (
11:49:04ddaltonin his patch he removes the line: gui_syncsplash(HZ*2, str(LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_ACCESS_ERROR));
11:49:14ddaltonand replaces it with: gui_syncsplash(HZ*2, ID2P(LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_ACCESS_ERROR));
11:49:35ddaltonno I am talking about under the info screen.
11:49:41ddaltonand I think that does work.
11:49:53bluebrotherthere is a "scanning disc" splash too?
11:49:55ddaltonI will and find out.
11:50:10ddaltonI think it is!
11:50:17bluebrotherok, for that case it should be possible. Thought you'd refer to the bootup "scanning disc"
11:50:42preglowJdGordon: did you remove the eq menu low latency callback when converting the eq menu?
11:50:46ddaltonno that wouldn't be possible I don't think.
11:51:21JdGordonpreglow: umm, cant remember...
11:51:34JdGordonacctually.. I think the eq menu was converted by someone else
11:52:08preglowreally? i could have sworn the commit logs says it was you
11:52:26 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
11:52:40preglowBagder: i'm not getting any commit mails, what gives?
11:53:18JdGordonpreglow: ok, well either way, I cant remember doing it... why?
11:53:44preglowJdGordon: because eq menu doesn't enter low latency mode any longer, and the menu macro system is confusing me :>
11:54:05 Quit bsdfox_ (Connection timed out)
11:55:34JdGordonpreglow: alrighty, when should it go low latency? entering any setting or make it easy and enter when the menu it entered?
11:55:39ddaltonI think there is probably about 4 or 5 splash screens that still don't talk.
11:56:39preglowJdGordon: might as well just enter it when entering the main eq menu
11:56:51JdGordonddalton: do a search fo gui_syncsplash in the sources... i can see a few which use str() instead of ID2P
11:56:57preglowJdGordon: so the low latency mode has time to wait for some buffer flushing before another setting is attempted
11:57:07JdGordonalrighty, ill do that now
11:57:14JdGordonhweq also?
11:57:19JdGordonor not needed there?
11:57:19preglowno reason for it, that's hardware
11:57:30preglowand has no latency
11:57:50ddaltonI am not getting all commits.
11:59:21preglowJdGordon: there's a callback for entering low latency mode already, at the top of sound_menu.c
11:59:25JdGordonpreglow: the sw eq is only on swcodec right?
11:59:26preglowdon't know if you can reuse that
11:59:29preglowJdGordon: aye
11:59:48JdGordonI guess that could be reused...
11:59:58preglowwell, reuse is good :)
12:01:58Lloreanddalton: Still want to try an H300 voice file with the voice Markun was talking about?
12:02:05Lloreanmarkun: I was out eating, I can make it now
12:02:47markunLlorean: np :)
12:02:59markuna nice girl? :)
12:03:07 Quit daurnimator ("Cyas later...")
12:03:25LloreanJust dinner alone. There's a nice cafe where I can have peace.
12:03:42*ddalton build might compile!
12:03:42LloreanIs not available right now?
12:03:56JdGordonpreglow: do you want to test this out before I commit?
12:04:17bluebrothermarkun: we should definitely have more girls in here ;-)
12:06:44*Llorean pokes
12:06:51markunLlorean: I only tried the voice file in the sim and heard a lot of clipping, is that normal?
12:07:07DerPapstthen you probably have to increase the eyecandines factor a bit :P
12:07:21Lloreanmarkun: I don't hear a lot of clipping on-target, at least on my Gigabeat. There are a few pops at the beginning of clips when you interrupt another clip, but I think that's just normal with voice
12:07:38 Join Entames__ [0] (
12:07:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:08:12bluebrotherDerPapst: make irc more fluffy? ;-)
12:08:19preglowJdGordon: sure
12:08:34*JdGordon was half way through commit message :p
12:08:42preglowgo ahead anyway
12:08:47preglowi can test after commit too, i don't really care
12:08:55Lloreanddalton:"> There's an english-h300.voice there, try it as english.voice and see what you think.
12:09:10JdGordonthe patch does nothing more than change the NULL on line eq_menu.c:639 to soundmenu_callback
12:09:36JdGordon... commited
12:09:51JdGordonthe patch is yeah, tiny, so if it doesnt work no big deal :p
12:10:39bluebrotherrasher: I just added auto-detection of encoder / tts binary to rbutil. It's just linux for now −− if you know / have an idea how to do this on w32 please let me know.
12:10:46JdGordonaustriancoder: hey, whats the story with usb? (you btw commited config-e200.h, so usb is enabled)
12:11:10Lloreanbluebrother: Is there any way you could add the option for a custom TTS commandline?
12:11:18*JdGordon apologies, missed the next commit :p
12:11:21preglowJdGordon: checkin it out now
12:11:25LloreanFor use with any program / command line that can except a string as input, and output a .wav file
12:11:47bluebrotherwell, the idea was to only provide presets
12:12:05LloreanWell, for mbrole you have to pipe the espeak output through mbrole, so it's not quite "simple"
12:12:11LloreanThough an espeak+mbrole preset would also work.
12:12:31bluebrotheryou can simply add new engines to rbutil.ini −− if that file is in the program folder it will be used rather than the compiled-in config
12:12:41LloreanBut for that you need to either predefine where they should install the mbrole voices, give RBUtil the option to download the mbrole voices for them, or let them define it.
12:12:49bluebrotherhmm, no idea how piping can be handled ...
12:12:51markunLlorean: it's mbrolA, right?
12:13:06 Quit Entasis_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:13:07LloreanYeah, for some reason my brain really wants it to be mbrole, I don't know why
12:13:20Lloreanbluebrother: The command line looks like this: espeak -v mb-en1 -f textfile | mbrola -e /usr/share/mbrola/en1 - test.wav
12:13:32preglowJdGordon: thanks a bunch, that's fixed
12:13:33 Part wookey__
12:13:37LloreanWhere /usr/share/mbrola/en1 is where you've manually downloaded the voice file (none are installed automatically)
12:13:42bluebrotherhmm. How does it work on windows?
12:13:46JdGordonpreglow: k great
12:13:48LloreanIn windows it's fine
12:13:53Lloreanbluebrother: The windows espeak uses the mbrola dll.
12:13:57LloreanNo piping necessary
12:14:14LloreanWindows user just need to have the mbrola voices in the right folder
12:14:15 Join spiorf_ [0] (
12:14:16preglowdouble-closed the fs entry too :>
12:14:17bluebrotherbut it might work if you use the "espeak (user-adjusted)" preset and adjust the executable line
12:15:04Lloreanbluebrother: At least with the ../configure for normal Rockbox voice building, they set it up in such a way that while you can modify the command line options for espeak, how it adds -w blah.wav at the end is hard-coded so you can't get around it like that.
12:15:28LloreanEspeak needs to not have a set output, since it instead outputs a bunch of text on stdout which mbrola then speaks to the wav file
12:16:00 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
12:16:04preglowby the way, anyone got any ideas on how to implement codec options?
12:16:17linuxstbSame way as recorder codecs?
12:16:34*linuxstb hopes preglow doesn't ask what that is...
12:16:36preglowhow's it done there?
12:16:44*linuxstb points to jhMikeS
12:16:46bluebrotherwhere are codec options needed?
12:16:46JdGordonjhMikeS is the one to ask I tink
12:17:22preglowi was just looking at the fs entry for ac3 mixdown options
12:17:37preglowand thought it was a valid enough request, might also make room for codec quality options some day
12:17:45Lloreanddalton: If you'd like to try the espeak+mbrola voice, there's an english-h300.voice here, that you can rename to english.voice and try:">
12:17:58LloreanYou should probably choose to save-as rather than just clicking on it.
12:19:50 Join scorche` [0] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
12:22:23ddaltonyep thanks I got it
12:22:29 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:25:02ddaltonsounds good
12:26:48 Join The-Compiler [0] (
12:28:07The-CompilerHi there
12:28:10markunhi The-Compiler
12:28:12 Join fm2 [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:28:39fm2GodEater: why did you choose to disable removing entries from non-default link files?
12:33:25JdGordonjhMikeS: your asleep arnt you?
12:34:49 Quit scorche (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:34:49 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
12:36:51DerPapstfm2: read linuxstb's message ~0:04am?
12:40:31fm2DerPapst: yes. I now understand how and why. (But not the makefile :-)
12:40:49 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
12:41:09 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:41:23DerPapstheh ;)
12:43:47 Part fm2 ("back to non-existence")
12:43:51*Nico_P borrowed an iPod 3G from a friend to test rockbox on it
12:44:10Nico_Pinstalling with rbutilqt was a real pleasure... one click :)
12:44:37Nico_PI don't really like the wheel though
12:44:57Nico_Pand sometimes the buttons just seem to act up
12:45:06Nico_Plike they think I'm still pressing them
12:45:11DerPapsti think the wheel is pretty nice of the 3G
12:45:45DerPapsthrm.. i have that button porblem on a semi broken 3G too
12:46:06DerPapstbut i thought that was a hw issue since i didn't get this problem on my other 3G
12:46:26DerPapstthough i haven't used it much in the past few weeks.
12:46:38linuxstbpreglow: As codecs are hard-coded (in metadata.c), we could just add any codec-specific settings to the global settings. Especially as I can't imagine many codec-specific options.
12:46:53Nico_PDerPapst: right now I almost can't do anything, it's worst than yesterday
12:47:52*DerPapst hast to play a bit with his working 3G, testing the buttons, using plugins...
12:48:21amiconnrasher: ping...
12:48:22DerPapston my half broken 3G the buttons don't work after a minute or less
12:48:44Nico_PDerPapst: here they seem to work when they want to
12:48:48Nico_Pvery annoying
12:49:01DerPapstiirc flipping hold on and off fixes it for a short time. not sure though
12:49:02Nico_Pthe wheel seems to work fine though
12:49:21 Quit ddalton ("leaving")
12:49:27 Join ddalton [0] (
12:49:30Nico_Pyeah it seemed to be related to hold ad it started appearing after the first time I flipped the switch
12:51:15*Nico_P bbs
12:53:37rasheramiconn: here now
12:54:01amiconnrasher: I was trying to extend the vbscript in order to allow specifying the voice to use.
12:54:19amiconnBut there is a fundamental problem with the Makefile:
12:54:47amiconnWhen specifying more than one language, configure asks for engine and encoder options for each language,
12:55:05amiconnbut only the last selection is used
12:55:39 Quit pepie34 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:56:03rasheramiconn: That feature's disabled (hidden) for now
12:56:04preglowlinuxstb: yeah, i guess that'd be the straightforward way of doing it, but i'd hate to extend the codec specific stuff in the core
12:56:10preglownot that it matters much...
12:56:13rasheramiconn: for that exact reason
12:56:47rasheramiconn: so for now it's one configure-run per language/setting
12:57:41preglowlinuxstb: but yeah, anyway, i don't have any good codec settings to add anyway
12:57:51preglowlinuxstb: would ac3 have any worth adding?
12:58:15amiconnrasher: Hmm? I was able to configure more than one language today...
12:58:31 Join Redbreva_Away [0] (
12:58:32 Quit spiorf_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:58:50 Nick Redbreva_Away is now known as Redbreva (
12:59:14rasheramiconn: As I said, it's just hidden - the configure script no longer says "you can select more than one language", but the code is still there (in the language-select part)
12:59:57rasherBecause I did away with the "voicesettings-$language" file
13:00:06rasherMaybe I need to reintroduce that
13:01:36amiconnEven that wouldn't be a nice solution. I would like to be able to select the same language more than once
13:01:47amiconn(precisely, 4x english + 2x german)
13:02:17amiconnMaybe configure could generate a script, adding lines as it goes?
13:03:07rasherSure, it just seems cleaner to have everything inside the makefile, but I guess it's more or less our only choice
13:03:24 Join pepie34 [0] (
13:07:32amiconnI wonder whether it's better to change the vbscript into a "command server" and keep the logic (generate clip, wavtrim, encode) in, or make the vbscript execute all 3 steps (requires exceptions for sapi in
13:07:50amiconnAll 3 steps at once, I mean
13:08:11rasherActually, it doesn't require exceptions iirc
13:08:37rasherAh, yes, I'm talking crazy talk
13:09:26amiconnI will also add sapi4 support
13:09:41amiconn(that's almost trivial)
13:10:08rasherI think adding special-cases for sapi is acceptable
13:10:46rasherUnless it turns out to not give much benefit, in which case I guess we can scrap it
13:10:59rasherAlthough I'm not sure how we're going to pass encoder options to the vbscript?
13:11:31preglowand the commit mails started pouring in
13:11:57rasherNot here. I must obviously be less important.
13:13:18rasherFS #7672 ( sounds really bizarre
13:13:31 Join `sam` [0] (
13:13:39Lloreanrasher: That's a known H10 issue really
13:13:55LloreanWhen the voltage gets low, the ADC used for reading the touchpad gets unreliable, and picks up a lot of "Up" presses, shortly before the power goes out.
13:14:05 Join rvvs89_ [0] (n=0d1N@unaffiliated/rvvs89)
13:14:29LloreanSo, dips can trigger both this and the low-voltage poweroff apparently
13:14:44amiconnrasher: Either as command line options, or via stdin
13:14:51`sam`i've restored my ipod, followed the instructions for installing from the manual, and i still get rockbox.ipod not found when i try to start rockbox, on a 5.5G ipod video
13:15:09amiconnThat was my idea with the command server - passing commands to execute in the script
13:15:11rasheramiconn: I guess the safest option is to pass stuff on stdin. A few setup-lines
13:15:30rasherAh, just giving it commands, that would work even easier
13:15:44amiconnE.g. SPEAK<tab>VOICE_ONE.wav<tab>one<crlf>
13:16:15amiconn...and EXEC<tab>lame −−whatever-option infile.wav outfile.mp3
13:16:16GodEater`sam`: try using RockboxUtility instead
13:16:50amiconnThe EXEC would be a literal exec of whatever command line you pass it - would work the same for other encoders or wavtrim
13:17:05rasherSounds good
13:17:14amiconnBut that involves more data passing than making the vbscript execute all 3 steps at once
13:17:40rasherDo you think that's going to be a problem?
13:18:08rasherI really don't. The perl script has proven itself to be quite fast once it's started
13:18:30 Quit ddalton (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:18:39amiconnYeah, but I don't know how much overhead the stdin passing of text adds
13:19:12`sam`GodEater, should i delete the .rockbox folder first, before trying the RockboxUtility ?
13:19:30rasheramiconn: I'm guessing "very little".
13:19:37GodEater`sam`: it shouldn't matter
13:20:00 Join fm2 [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:20:16fm2GodEater: seen my question at 12:28?
13:20:18`sam`is there an amd64 deb anywhere?
13:20:47rasherbluebrother: I'd say check the PATH on Windows as well. That's probably the best you can do.
13:20:47GodEaterfm2: I did. I think the reasoning was that since you have to manually create the things outside of the plugin, that's where you should manage their content in whole.
13:21:48rasherbluebrother: The same should work, I imagine, on OS X
13:22:10fm2GodEater: ah, you mean that only the default file is created / appended to by the plugin so the removing of entries should do the same? That's sensible!
13:22:31GodEaterfm2: precisely
13:22:47 Join ze [0] (
13:23:03fm2GodEater: I'll put this in as a comment then
13:23:44GodEaterfm2: good idea ;)
13:24:17 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:24:33fm2I often find myself not understanding my own decisions (after some time). And am always glad to find a comment explaining why.
13:24:57GodEaterin fact - I could have sworn I did comment that
13:25:02GodEaterI must have dreamt it :)
13:25:13 Join ddalton [0] (
13:25:39 Part fm2 ("gone commenting...")
13:25:40ddaltonhow do I run dos2unix on a dir and all sub dirs?
13:25:44amiconnrasher: QUIT would then be a normal command, and we could have some CONF_* commands as well
13:25:58GodEaterddalton: I don't think you can
13:26:02GodEaterddalton: not directly anyway
13:26:04rasheramiconn: sounds good, as long as you write the vbs
13:26:13GodEaterddalton: you'd probably have to do some fancy bash scripting
13:26:26rasherddalton: find . -type f -exec dos2unix "{}" ";"
13:26:39ddaltonbecause I wrote a patch that modified about 8 different files.
13:26:50ddaltonanyway I will see if I can remember them all.
13:27:48ddaltonI got my disk scan thing to work as well. So if you press select in the info screen and it says "scanning disk" it also voices "Scanning disk"
13:28:36ddaltonso I just type find . -type f -exec dos2unix "{}" ";"
13:28:51rasherddalton: That should work, yes
13:32:00amiconnrasher: No problem...
13:33:09amiconnHmm, we probably need feedback...
13:34:30amiconnThat is, we need a way to synchronise operation - sometimes...
13:36:19amiconnWhile generating clips, slight asynchronous operation is in fact desirable, but all speaking/trimming/encoding must be finished before voicefont is executed
13:37:44amiconnHmm, and there is pool operation
13:38:03ddaltonwhere can I get main_menu.c from?
13:38:14 Join spiorf [0] (
13:42:22 Quit Siltaar (Remote closed the connection)
13:42:30markunddalton: apps/menus/
13:43:30ddaltonwhat is the site?
13:43:59 Join jac0b [0] (
13:44:44 Quit rvvs89_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:44:54rasheramiconn: ugh.. having to read from the vbs script makes things much more complicated unfortunately
13:45:15 Quit jac0b (Client Quit)
13:47:44 Quit ddalton ("Leaving")
13:54:44 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@
13:54:52 Join Tri [0] (n=Tri@
13:55:26 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:03:23 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
14:03:37 Join midgey [0] (
14:07:01Nico_Pbluebrother: how does rbutil translation work ?
14:07:13Nico_PI'd like to try doing a quick french one
14:07:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:08:01bluebrotherNico_P: add a new file to the TRANSLATIONS in
14:08:14rasherDoes kdevelop have an interface for it?
14:08:20rasherBecause the xml file looked rather unfriendly
14:08:36bluebrotherthen run lupdate on the project file
14:08:55Nico_Prasher: I clicked on the ts file and it was opened with "Qt linguist"
14:08:59bluebrotherand then fire up linguist-qt4 :)
14:09:11rasherAh, there's a linquiet
14:09:13Nico_Pbluebrother: thanks
14:10:17bluebrotherto use the language you need to run lrelease. This will create the output .qm file
14:10:18Nico_Pbluebrother: how come the german translation doesn't appear in the config dialog ?
14:10:43bluebrotherbecause it isn't "released" ;-)
14:11:35bluebrotherafaik the makefile doesn't do this. No idea why ...
14:11:52rasherbluebrother: How would you feel about a first rbutil release soon?
14:12:15rasherSome magazine wants to distribute Rockbox, and rbutil might be a better choice..
14:12:23Nico_Prasher: I agree
14:12:27rasherEven though it's not complete yet
14:12:41LloreanIt supports installing Rockbox and the bootloader though, "fully", right?
14:12:48Nico_Pbluebrother: I used rbutilqt to install rockbox on an ipod 3G I borrowed and it was *smooth*
14:13:04bluebrotherrasher: my intention is to make the current state a first test release
14:13:29rasherCan't get better testing than including it on a cover-cd...
14:14:13bluebrotherindeed ... but maybe we should add a "support" entry in the help menu first?
14:14:34bluebrotherpossibly linking it to a wiki page or some rbutil-dedicated forum (if we decide to create one)?
14:14:49rasherSounds reasonable
14:17:11`sam`ok i used the rockboxutility, and i'm still getting the error about rockbox.ipod not found
14:17:25bluebrotherhmm, path detection on windows is a bit different to linux ... those quoted paths are annoying :(
14:18:28 Quit midgey ()
14:18:41 Join JdGordon [0] (
14:19:21bluebrotherwhile rbutil supports all basic functionality (imo ;-) it isn't well-tested.
14:19:38bluebrotherso we need testers ... ;-)
14:20:03 Join midgey [0] (
14:24:10 Quit Tri ("Leaving")
14:24:22preglowwhat's this driver stuff switching thing in the usb stack?
14:24:30 Join jgarvey [0] (
14:24:49amiconnrasher: Do you have a better idea?
14:25:26Nico_Pbluebrother: I see a bad english string here: "Firmware doesn not exist: %1"
14:25:50rasheramiconn: I'm not sure I quite understand why we need feedback?
14:26:42`sam`looks like my partitions are messed up, or rockbox bootloader is detecting something wrong: Partition 1: 0x0B 7130 MB, but the partitions is like 28 GB
14:27:01 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
14:27:06amiconnrasher: The perl script passes commands to the vbscript, which runs in its own process. For some operations the perl script needs to know that the vbscript finished executing the command(s)
14:27:11GodEaterPartition 1 ?
14:27:17GodEateras in the first one ?
14:27:23amiconn...e.g. you can only copy the .mp3 file after it has been generated
14:27:45amiconnIt's pure luck that it works right now
14:27:52rasherOh dear, yse
14:27:58`sam`GodEater, there are 2 partitions, one that says "empty" in fdisk, and the 2nd one is vfat
14:28:00rasherActually, no
14:28:10 Join The-Compiler [0] (
14:28:12rasherThe write will not complete until the vbscript has eaten it
14:28:26amiconnHmm, and it probably doesn't work correctly right now, as it seems the wavtrim step isn't applied
14:28:26GodEater`sam`: I think you may need to do a restore of your MBR - it sounds like your partition table is screwed up
14:28:39rasherBut there's still a time from the read in the vbscript til the mp3 is available, I guess
14:28:42 Quit obo ("bye")
14:28:46amiconnrasher: Are you sure? I would expect the streams to be buffered
14:29:04amiconnAnd even if the vbscript eats the command that doesn't mean it finished executing
14:29:17rasherYeah, that's my second point, so it's a problem regardless
14:29:21 Quit tchan ("WeeChat 0.2.6-cvs")
14:29:22 Join ender` [0] (
14:29:37rasherI guess we do need bidirectional communication
14:29:45amiconnBut if it's only that, and not additional buffering, the solution is simple
14:30:02 Join tchan [0] (n=tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
14:30:02amiconnThen we can have a SYNC command that doesn't actually do anything
14:30:33amiconnThe perl script would issue the SYNC command, which would block until it's eaten by the vbscript, which means that the previous command finished
14:31:06rasherah, that might just work
14:31:33rasherOf course, assuming it's not actually buffered
14:32:26*petur points preglow towards austriancoder
14:32:30`sam`GodEater, after restoring the mbr, will i need to repartition and reformat?
14:32:55GodEater`sam`: well if your partition layout matches what's in the MBR then no
14:33:00GodEaterotherwise, yes you will
14:33:10JdGordonBagder: you round?
14:33:49bluebrotherNico_P: yep, that's a typo
14:34:00austriancoderpreglow: that it is possible to switch between serial and storage usb device driver at runtime... default is storage
14:34:24Nico_Pbluebrother: what should I do about it ?
14:34:52JdGordonaustriancoder: we have a usb icon thanks to rasher which we'll commit once its finished... (breaks themes when it goes in so best wait as long as we can) :)
14:34:53bluebrotherignore it or fix it ;-)
14:35:00JdGordon.. for the menus im talking about
14:35:03bluebrotherI can fix it too if you like that better
14:35:05Nico_Pbluebrother: how do I fix it :)
14:36:10austriancoderJdGordon: cool
14:36:17bluebrotherNico_P: just did it ;-) It's a string in installbootloader.cpp
14:36:32bluebrotherQt puts all translateable strings into tr() calls.
14:36:48Nico_Pbluebrother: ah so the strings aren't in a special file ? that's cool
14:37:08Nico_Pbluebrother: what does that change for me now ? do I have to rerun lupdate ?
14:37:08bluebrotherencoder / tts detection should now work on windows too. Stupid OS.
14:37:11rasherbluebrother: Perhaps I should ask our tango-dude for a "talk" icon?
14:37:33bluebrotherNico_P: yes ... you'll get a new string now (and need to translate that new string again)
14:37:42bluebrotherunless you simply hack the xml file ;-)
14:38:38bluebrotherrasher: I like the current icon, but if someone does a better one we can include I won't intervene
14:38:52 Join O112358 [0] (i=52236176@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:39:12rasherbluebrother: It's not tango though :\
14:39:33bluebrotherrasher: feel free to improve the icons with better ones.
14:40:02bluebrotherI just used the gnome-desktop icons from my box (which should be gpl)
14:40:34O112358is it true that h300 battery life issues have been solved?!
14:40:37Nico_Pbluebrother: I didn't even need to retranslate :)
14:40:43rasherIt's only the talkfile_btn.png that offends me
14:40:55bluebrotherNico_P: cool.
14:40:56GodEaterO112358: what h300 battery issues ?
14:41:20O112358rockbox was eating more battery than original firmware
14:41:25bluebrotherGodEater: maybe he referrs to the USBOTG chip issues ... that were solved _really_ long ago
14:41:40GodEaterI was going to say - I wasn't aware of any recent issues with it
14:41:44O112358that's the one ><
14:41:51bluebrotherI think it's at least one year now
14:42:03O112358my battery has been dead for about a year..
14:42:30*bluebrother would have replaced the battery when it died
14:42:35O112358i did
14:42:42O112358and then it ballooned
14:42:56O112358and now my player smells like acid
14:43:00bluebrotheroops. Doesn't sound nice.
14:43:03peturO112358: buy a good brand
14:43:07*O112358 cries into his iriver
14:43:08bluebrothercheap replacement?
14:43:25bluebrotherO112358: don't make it wet ... ;-)
14:43:37*O112358 stops crying
14:43:46 Quit `sam` (Nick collision from services.)
14:43:50peturO112358: I have one of these now:
14:44:00 Join `sam` [0] (
14:44:15O112358i was looking on ebay today at batteries.. but i'm not sure if i'm better off getting one that says it's for the h320 or a ipod battery..
14:44:30peturget one that says h3x0
14:44:32bluebrotherO112358: r10128 solved that issue ... 16th jun 2006
14:44:34O112358the ipod batteries are cheaper and i hear they are the same just wrong polarity
14:44:36petursee link I just gave
14:44:53O112358bluebrother: hehe
14:45:08peturI also got an ipod batt and it ballooned - never again!
14:45:33`sam`GodEater, i restored the mbr, but i'm still seeing the same thing when i reboot the ipod
14:45:38bluebrotherI have an ipod battery in my h120. Seems I got luck, works fine
14:45:42O112358yes the ebay seller i was looking at was selling cameronsino batteries
14:46:15peturI know of several using cameronsino batteries and all are fine
14:46:20GodEater`sam`: I'm thinking you may need to do a proper iTunes restore in that case. Something is badly wrong with your disk
14:46:48 Join PaulJam [0] (
14:47:23Nico_Pbluebrother: do you know how I can insert a newline in the translator ?
14:47:35O112358i may go for that.. they say they do a 90 day money back guarantee..
14:47:50 Join seablue [0] (
14:48:17peturO112358: looks like the one I am using now
14:48:41PaulJamhi, is there a way to see if a file is mono oe stereo in rockbox? there doesn't seem to be a WPS tag and i didn't see this info in the id3 info screen.
14:48:58O112358petur nice
14:49:08 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
14:49:59O112358argh.. i wish i could play around with rockbox with my iriver plugged into the mains.. it's impossible to boot into rockbox without a battery though right?
14:51:09O112358i have a feeling ipod batteries are bigger than h320 batteries.. people who use the ipod replacements probably have h340s..
14:51:55rasherbluebrother: I don't think the speech-bubble idea will work very well (in tango style - since it's viewed from the front) - it'll end up covering much of the player. Perhaps a generic DAP with a pair of lips, rather than a screen, or something?
14:52:18peturO112358: the cameronsino battery is a little thicker but also a little less wide, and it fits perfectly (better than an ipod battery, which is a bit too big)
14:53:05amiconnpetur: It probably depends on the quality of the replacement battery. At least the 1st/2nd gen ipod batteries are of the Vmax == 4.2V type like the iriver batteries
14:53:34O112358i was looking at
14:54:41O112358same manufacturer..
14:54:42rasherbluebrother: imho, the encoder/tts options should be shown in the grayed-out input box when selecting a preset
14:55:14bluebrotherrasher: they are −− on windows. Linux default style Plastique only shows the text greyed out
14:55:19peturO112358: get the one that is specified for h3x0
14:55:31 Join freqmod [0] (
14:55:31rasherbluebrother: okay, fair enough
14:55:39 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
14:55:52bluebrotherbut I was surprised at first too ;)
14:55:54O112358i'll do that.. and if it says it's for h340 and i have a h320 it'll be too big right?
14:56:28peturI think h320 and h340 have the same battery
14:58:18O112358hmm.. wonder why they name them differently..
15:00:26rasherbluebrother: how about"> .. Now if only I could find some lips that weren't quite as "kissy"
15:01:01bluebrotherhehe −− looks funny.
15:01:21bluebrotherI thought about something similar to the icon I saw for kmouth once too
15:01:48rasherA big grin..
15:02:22 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
15:02:28 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
15:02:33bluebrotherfound it:
15:03:33rasherAre we going to use the tango icons as a sort of "this is what you selected" indicator in rbutil?
15:03:57rasher(of course we'll need to have a full set to be able to do that)
15:04:21 Join n1s [0] (
15:04:28bluebrotherit's a possibility −− like displaying the device icon somewhere in the "Device" box
15:04:43bluebrotherand I thought about using the Icons in the device selection dialog as well
15:05:37rasherSomething like that, yes
15:05:42rasherWould be a nice touch
15:05:56rasherOf course, it'll add to the binary size
15:06:10`sam`on a 30GB 5.5G ipod, are either of the default partitions marked bootable? and if so, which one?
15:07:02n1srasher: I saw you message about bitmap stuff being built for the 'features' target, I had seen this but am not sure how to fix it, not being familiar with makefiles etc...
15:07:42rashern1s: I think I have Bagder on the case, but it sounded like it'd be quite some work
15:08:47n1srasher: ok, it doesn't brak anything, just isn' tvery nice...
15:09:14rasherYeah, it's harmless except for the time penalty it gives on cygwin
15:09:23rasherOn linux it's no big deal
15:09:27amiconnrasher: The stream *is* buffered :(
15:09:38rasheramiconn: Ah, that's a bummer
15:09:57*amiconn made 2 tiny test scripts to verify
15:10:02rasherI guess the perl script will have to wait for a "SYNC" message or something
15:10:29 Quit O112358 ("CGI:IRC")
15:10:55amiconnSo, how do do bidirectional communication?
15:12:41rasherin perl? Take a look at how festival gets handled. In particular you want either open2() or open3()
15:15:26bluebrotherbinsize shouldn't be that much of a concern for rbutil −− on windows its about 3MiB packed with upx
15:18:16rasherNot too bad
15:18:55 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:18:56bluebrotherno. In fact, I was impressed how much upx'ing helps
15:19:41 Join Wiwie [0] (
15:19:54 Join kubiixaka [0] (
15:21:44 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
15:22:17amiconnrasher: Hmm, ok. I wonder how init_tts() should handle the various file handles then. Currently it returns the single handle...
15:22:31amiconnMaybe we need globals for that
15:22:34rasheramiconn: it can return a list
15:22:45rasherEh, hash, I believe it's called in perl-speak
15:22:45amiconnOh, hmm
15:23:04*amiconn needs to read up a bit about perl
15:23:41*amiconn spots an odd thing in
15:24:05amiconnrasher: Can you tell what lines 77 and 78 are supposed to do?
15:24:44rasher77 is old cruft
15:24:53rasherShould just be deleted
15:25:11bluebrotherrasher: what do you think about dropping the archos icon as rbutil icon? IMO this is a bit unfair −− we have lots of other devices now
15:25:23rasherbluebrother: I completely agree
15:25:56bluebrotherthen I'll replace it with the yellow logo-icon
15:26:15bluebrotherthat was the last thing I want to get done before m1 is reached ;-)
15:26:19rasheramiconn: I was planning on passing the opened filehandle along, but the $pid was more interesting. The filehandle will be closed by perl automatically
15:26:25rasher(on end-of-script)
15:27:12 Join Thundercloud [0] (
15:31:19*n1s suspects linuxstb had a severe case of boredom :-D (AOL language)
15:33:00`sam`GodEater, i think i got it now... i think it was the problem of trying to use mkfs.vfat with 5.5G, i used mformat and i've got rockbox installed and running now
15:47:43rasheramiconn: Shouldn't firmware/target/arm/ipod/1g2g be in the tarball?
15:50:01amiconnIt should, I think
15:50:11Nico_Pbluebrother: I'm not sure it's a good idea to specifiy the font-size for the texts in rbutilqt
15:50:43rasherI assume the pnx0101 stuff in target/ should also be included? Some of the files are left out at the moment
15:51:00markunbluebrother: and what about renaming the 'archos' folder in the simulator..
15:51:30rashermarkun: I brougth that up once, no one agreed
15:51:57rasherBut I think something like "disk" would be more descriptive
15:53:03JdGordontarget/ maybe?
15:53:27 Quit PaulJam (".")
15:53:28LloreanOr player/, or device/ or data/ or any of a number things are "more obvious" than archos.
15:53:45LloreanBut really, if you're building a simulator, you at least know somewhat what you're doing.
15:53:55LloreanAnd if you're providing prebuilt simulators, you can name the folder whatever you like. ;)
15:53:57rasherLlorean: My users don't
15:54:26rasherI'd rather keep my version the exact same as what you'd get if you built svn yourself
15:54:30rasherExcept for the few shortcuts
15:55:08rasherSame reason I didn't make −−background the default, but opted for the .bat file route
15:55:09LloreanWell, I wouldn't object to it changing, though it is kinda nice to have that nod in there to the original targets.
15:57:21rasherThen again, I can't remember anyone actually asking what this "archos" folder meant
15:57:44rasherSo it's probably a non-issue. It just seems wrong, somehow.
15:59:03 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
15:59:09bluebrotherNico_P: I haven't specified a font size ... designer did ;-)
15:59:36Nico_Pbluebrother: oh... these html blocks are a PITA to translate too
16:00:04 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:00:14 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
16:00:19bluebrotheryeah ... the only thing I really dislike about designer.
16:00:29 Join kubiixaka [0] (n=Miranda@
16:02:50rasheramiconn: Should firmware/test/ be in the tarball? It isn't now, and I'm thinking it shouldn't?
16:03:51Nico_Pbluebrother: isn't there a way around it ? like concatenating the designer output with tr() strings ?
16:04:04amiconnrasher: why not?
16:04:07Nico_Pis the designer output in tr() calls ?
16:04:14linuxstbrasher: I don't think any of those test apps even builds any more though...
16:04:26rasheramiconn: don't know, is it any use? It looks like that dir is pretty stale
16:04:39`sam`does anybody know of a nice way to sync files between a folder on my computer and one on my ipod?
16:04:45bluebrotherNico_P: I haven't investigated yet.
16:04:57 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
16:05:11amiconnIn fact I wonder why we need FILES and its ever-missing updates instead of just zipping up the whole source tree
16:05:21Nico_Pbluebrother: better to investigate before people start to do a bunch of translations ;)
16:05:22rasher`sam`: rsync?
16:05:41bluebrothera reason why I haven't bothered too much about the german translation ;-)
16:05:58 Join Wiwie [0] (
16:05:59rasheramiconn: that's probably a good point. I have no idea
16:06:51amiconnWell, if you zip the tree without 'make veryclean' first, you'll get all the compiled tools ziiped as well
16:07:14amiconnAnd we'd need to exclude dotdirs
16:07:51rasherHopefully the build server has space enough to keep a copy of the sourcetree without being used
16:07:58Nico_Pbluebrother: hmm judging from the file I don't see a way around this...
16:07:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:59rasherI'm sure zip can do tat
16:08:28bluebrotherJdGordon: we have paged scrolling ... at least on h100 series (play + up / down)
16:08:46rasherzip -x@exclude.list
16:08:55Nico_Pbluebrother: unless the strings were set at runtime by a source file and not in the ui file
16:08:59rasheror just zip -x .svn might work
16:09:18preglowlinuxstb: would ac3 have any codec options worth adding?
16:09:20JdGordonbluebrother: im pretty sure he wants the "scorlling" like the ipod of does when you enter a submenu
16:09:21linuxstbbluebrother: IIUC, that FS request was for menu transition animations
16:09:39bluebrotherah. Then I misread it.
16:09:49Lloreanbluebrother: I agree with their interpretations to. The post was unclear, but I think that's what he meant
16:10:09bluebrotherbut I also just did an oops commit, so ... ;-)
16:11:04 Join petur2 [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
16:11:07 Quit petur (Nick collision from services.)
16:11:09 Nick petur2 is now known as petur (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
16:11:54linuxstbpreglow: a52dec (the sample application with liba52) has a command-line option to disable dynamic range compression, and another to "disable level adjustment based on output mode" (I'm not sure what that means...)
16:11:57`sam`are there any programs similar to banshee or amarok that can use the rockbox database?
16:12:40rasher`sam`: not that we're aware of
16:13:01linuxstbpreglow: You can also specify a gain, but I can't remember where in the decoding process that gain gets applied.
16:13:06`sam`i might look into that, might not be too hard to add the support into banshee
16:13:37rasher`sam`: if you need information on the database, Slasheri is your guy
16:13:46rasher`sam`: or the source..
16:13:50preglowlinuxstb: but nothing regarding mixdown to stereo?
16:14:07linuxstbpreglow: No.
16:15:13`sam`rasher: ok, i was going to look at the source, but i'm not gonna mess with it right now, i guess his name will appear in the source somewhere?(so i can remember who to ask if i need help) otherwise i should make a note of it...
16:16:32rasher`sam`: He's in there by his full name - a quick lookup in the wiki should convert that to Slasheri. apps/tagcache.[ch] is where you'll probably want to look
16:16:48rasherComplete with scary-looking ascii-diagram
16:16:50 Quit CaptainSquid (Remote closed the connection)
16:17:17 Join pfarmer [0] (
16:17:30linuxstbpreglow: The downmixing seems to be hard-coded. I don't know much about a52 though - maybe the spec would be worth reading:
16:18:03rasherbluebrother: rbutilqt has no make install target?
16:18:27 Join BobShield [0] (
16:22:41Nico_Pbluebrother: for the theme install dialog, IMHO it would be better to have checkboxes to select the themes to be installed
16:23:24*amiconn hates menu animations
16:24:02amiconnThey cost both ui time and cpu performance, with no benefit
16:24:37linuxstbpreglow: Seems that's the new Enhanced AC-3 spec... The old spec is here -
16:24:50 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:25:50rasheramiconn: Some people would disagree with the "no benefit" part.
16:26:25LloreanNo functional benefit, and an aesthetic benefit of dubious quality, especially relative to any associated costs, then?
16:27:32rasherThe "of dubious quality, especially relative to any associated costs" part is entirely dependent on who you ask
16:27:51LloreanThat's why it's dubious quality. Not everyone wants it.
16:29:12*rasher decides that creating a proper debian package of something not distributed as tarballs is too hard
16:29:21preglowlinuxstb: i don't really care too much about that specific case, just wondering if there's any point in bothering about codec options at all
16:29:58 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
16:31:13rasherbluebrother: Does rbutilqt look for rbutil.ini in /etc/ ?
16:35:34linuxstbpreglow: I don't think there's enough potential options to warrant a new mechanism for codec-specific settings. Anything we want to add, we could just use global settings for.
16:36:13bluebrotherrasher: no. It uses its compiled-in rbutil.ini or (for portable installation) in the program folder
16:36:49rasherAha, why different for portable installation?
16:36:50preglowlinuxstb: yeah, and the fact that no one has bothered asking so far is a good indication it's not needed
16:37:07preglowlinuxstb: know what this fella means?
16:37:19bluebrotherwell, portable installations usually have the configuration in the program folder ;)
16:37:38bluebrotherbut ideally rbutil.ini is always the compiled-in version so it can't get lost.
16:37:53bluebrotherwouldn't be that of an issue for linux but I bet for windows users
16:38:39n1sI agree with amiconn about the animations, have been using my old phone this week, no animations in the UI makes it much faster to navigate, where my newer phone that probably has a cpu twice as fast lags like hell when navigating fast
16:39:16 Join christophe [0] (
16:39:55*bluebrother still uses a phone without animations and likes it
16:40:53 Part christophe
16:40:56markunbluebrother: wouldn't surprise me if a lot of rockbox devs have very basic phones
16:41:12rasherI'm not saying I personally want animations. And of course, it should not be done so as to make the interface seem sluggish. I'm just saying that animations are not "obviously useless"
16:41:22markunmine has a b/w screen and virtually no extras
16:41:22rasherI would like an option to turn them off though..
16:43:24 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:43:44 Quit pfarmer ("leaving")
16:44:05 Join christophe [0] (
16:49:08linuxstbpreglow: I'm not sure what you're asking me... I assume he's asking about adjusting the downmixing co-efficients to something different to the A/52 standard.
16:49:16 Join mpeccorini [0] (
16:50:09 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
16:50:27markunlinuxstb: I think so too. Looks pretty clear.
16:50:56amiconnrasher: Looks like open2() is the way to go. This way the vbscript is still able to display messages (for verbose operation) on its own, via stderr
16:51:06preglowlinuxstb: ok, sounds like a straight reject to me, i don't know why anyone would want that
16:51:12n1smarkun: did you see my idea about grouping fonts and let the gui request a font with a max size?
16:51:17Nico_Phow long am I supposed ot hold MENU+SELECT to reboot an ipod 3G ?
16:51:21markunn1s: no
16:51:31rasheramiconn: good point. Can it detect V=1 being set?
16:51:41rasherI guess ther perl script could tell it, if not
16:51:42linuxstbNico_P: The key combinations are different on the 3G
16:51:42amiconnWe need to pass that
16:52:08amiconnOr, if the cygwin env vars are standard env vars, it should be able to read it
16:52:16markunpreglow: is AC3 the only multichannel format we support?
16:52:37rasheramiconn: no idea if they are
16:52:42linuxstbOther codecs, even mpeg, support multichannel. But the Rockbox decoders don't.
16:52:48n1smarkun: basically I suggested that fonts in the same font are grouped together in someway and a UI screen can request a font with a max height of say 20 pixels, if the userfont is larger, a smaller one in the same group is used
16:52:50amiconnNeeds testing in my test script pair
16:53:11markunn1s: like a "nimbus" group, right?
16:54:02Nico_Plinuxstb: thanks
16:55:26Nico_Pthe manual and bootloader mignt need to be changed
16:55:43amiconnThe bootloader *is* changed in svn
16:55:58Nico_PI got mine with rbutil
16:57:15linuxstbNico_P: Call yourself a developer? ;)
16:57:35*Nico_P has his translator hat one right now
16:57:51*linuxstb mentions MoB
16:58:17 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
16:58:24Nico_PI did make a couple new commits yesterday
16:58:41Nico_Pbut currently I'm supposed to be focusing on resits I have soon
16:59:54preglowmarkun: i think ac3 is all that supports decoding more than two channels in a sensible way
17:00:05preglowbut i don't get why anyone would want to change the stereo mixdown from anything but the spec
17:00:14Nico_Pbluebrother: the talkfile creation button makes rbutil segfault here
17:00:33linuxstbpreglow: What do you mean by "sensible way" ? What's wrong with, e.g., storing 5 channels in a FLAC file?
17:00:48Nico_Pbluebrother: actually no, "ASSERT failure in QSettings: "empty key", file io/qsettings.cpp, line 235"
17:01:13linuxstbpreglow: Or are you just talking about lossy compression?
17:01:42Nico_PI guess there is a missing error check there, I might go and check it
17:03:34markunlinuxstb: maybe that there is no convension for which channel should be at which location
17:03:52 Quit The-Compiler ("Connection reseted by god")
17:04:12 Quit `sam` ("bbl")
17:04:48 Join The-Compiler [0] (
17:05:22 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
17:07:06preglowlinuxstb: i mean changint the downmixing coefficients
17:07:12preglowwhy we'd want to allow that
17:08:17 Join The-Compiler [0] (
17:09:56amiconnrasher: it works.
17:10:13rasheramiconn: Neat
17:12:25 Join webguest34 [0] (i=d558f5ba@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:16:35 Quit webguest34 (Client Quit)
17:17:04 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:17:27 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
17:19:15 Join Cruleworld [0] (i=4c100dd9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:20:01 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
17:21:32CruleworldBadger You there?
17:23:11bluebrotherNico_P: what system? I tried on linux, worked fine
17:23:28Nico_Pbluebrother: linux too, but I haven't entered any TTS settings
17:25:06 Join lee-qid [0] (
17:28:01bluebrotherah, that might be the reason. But it should give you an error instead ...
17:28:14bluebrotherwill check.
17:28:35rasherWhy would any tts settings be needed?
17:29:09bluebrotheryou need to choose the profile. And if the setting doesn't exist ...
17:29:48 Quit Cruleworld ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:30:13 Part mpeccorini
17:32:00 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:32:43bluebrotherNico_P: strange −− I only get a "path to encoder wrong" error
17:33:28 Join O112358 [0] (i=52236176@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:33:42O112358argh i'm so confused
17:34:35O112358has anyone else had mysterious problems with their h300 usbotg before?
17:35:37markunO112358: no, do you think it's rockbox related?
17:36:33 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Connection timed out)
17:36:40O112358markun: I'm not sure, it used to work before i had rockbox, but i'm not sure if it worked with rockbox aswell..
17:37:27peturO112358: usbotg is not (yet) supported in rockbox
17:38:08O112358petur: yeah, i've been switching to original firmware for usbotg though
17:38:57Nico_Pbluebrother: yes it's strange... have you chosed a profile ? I haven't even done that
17:39:32bluebrotherno, I even removed the configuration file completely (~/.config/
17:40:29preglowhmm, perhaps i should have a shot at making the ipod fiq also write interleaved 16 bit samples to the dac
17:42:20markunpreglow: would it solve any problems?
17:43:27preglowmarkun: well, we'd spend less time in fiqs
17:46:20LloreanCould that improve responsiveness a little during playback?
17:47:02 Quit n17ikh|Lappy (Connection timed out)
17:47:15 Join Wiwie [0] (
17:49:51 Join SirFunk [0] (
17:50:54 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (n=stephen@
17:56:14 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01:08 Join XCrazyXLegsX [0] (i=46177202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:02:00DerPapsti can't hear you
18:02:01 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
18:02:07XCrazyXLegsXyo can Rockbox play radio
18:02:20DerPapstyo on some targets
18:02:35XCrazyXLegsXwat do u mean?
18:03:11linuxstbWhat kind of mp3 player (iriver, Sansa, archos, ipod, etc) do you have?
18:03:33XCrazyXLegsXIpod 4G Color
18:03:51DerPapstafaik the iPod doesn't have any radio.
18:03:53linuxstbThen no, there is no radio tuner inside the ipods...
18:04:26XCrazyXLegsXo and does anybody have a link to ipod linux for 4G Color
18:04:54LloreanXCrazyXLegsX: You were in here earlier asking the exact same thing, and getting the same answers...
18:05:13XCrazyXLegsXI tried that and i bricked my ipod like a milion times they say they dont support 4G Color
18:05:24linuxstbXCrazyXLegsX: And why is that our problem?
18:05:45XCrazyXLegsXguess it not how do u record yourself through the headphones?
18:05:59 Join webguest76 [0] (i=46177202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:06:33linuxstbGo into the "Recording" menu, start recording, and then shout loudly into your headphones.
18:06:54XCrazyXLegsXI know that but how is it doing it??
18:07:31DerPapstdo you mean the technical aspect?
18:07:43webguest76Im trying to make a theme could someone tell me how to start off or give me a program to help me?
18:07:47linuxstbThe right channel in the headphone socket doubles as a mic input.
18:08:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:08:21XCrazyXLegsXo wow so if i but it in the computer where a mic should be would it work
18:08:27DerPapstwebguest76: the program is called notepad.exe :P
18:08:46markunwebguest76: or maybe
18:09:08webguest76thanks but i have a theme already im trying to port it
18:09:25*DerPapst heads home
18:09:34 Quit DerPapst ("work->home")
18:09:54webguest76What could I do if i wanted to port a theme
18:10:21XCrazyXLegsXi tried to port a theme
18:10:21 Quit O112358 ("CGI:IRC")
18:10:30XCrazyXLegsXand then my ipod wasnt working
18:10:53Lloreanwebguest76: The exact same things you do to create a theme, you're just modifying one instead of starting from scratch.
18:11:26webguest76What file would I have to modify?
18:11:44LloreanThe wps file...
18:11:54LloreanHave you read those pages?
18:11:58 Join pondlife [0] (
18:12:23webguest76And what if the theme is for another player model could I convert it somehow for usage with another player?
18:13:05Lloreanwebguest76: Read those pages, please. You'll see how to modify one.
18:13:45markunXCrazyXLegsX, webguest76: and why do you use 2 nicks?
18:14:15markunit makes it a pretty confusing
18:14:22webguest76Sh** Cuz I knew u guys wouldnt answer me so
18:14:33webguest76i made another forgetting about ip
18:14:33Lloreanmarkun: Same reason he changed nicks from the one he used earlier today
18:14:44webguest76damn u guys are good
18:14:48Lloreanwebguest76: But then you asked the exact same questions.
18:14:48webguest76hi five
18:15:08webguest76And it couldnt be a coincendence
18:15:15LloreanIt's not you that would keep you from being answered, it's the questions you ask. If anyone came in asking for help with iPodLinux they'd get the same response.
18:15:21pondlifeamiconn: Don't know if you've already checked (or discussed) it, but perhaps the last commit fixed your iPod lockup-with-talk-clips problem?
18:15:37LloreanIt doesn't matter if it's coincidence: Questions that are answered in the docs get pointed to the docs.
18:15:51webguest76o i guess ur right
18:16:04webguest76but the manual is 154 pgs
18:16:09webguest76i cant read THAT fast
18:16:16LloreanSo take your time.
18:16:19pondlife154 pages of goodness...
18:16:34bluebrotherworth every penny ;-)
18:16:45pondlifeEvery time I look at the manual I learn some little new thing.
18:16:46webguest76What the hell is this?
18:16:57markun"/ignore -replies 46177202@*" doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?
18:17:24Lloreanpondlife: Of course the most interesting tweaks are undocumented it often seems.
18:17:29LloreanAnd I always forget which ones are.
18:17:35LloreanIs fixed.cfg documented yet, for example?
18:18:18rashermarkun: misisng a *!?
18:18:30rasherMissing a '*!'?
18:18:59webguest76Do I open the WPEntrust Signed Document in Notepad
18:19:15bluebrotherwith your fingertips.
18:19:22bluebrotherbe careful or it will explode
18:19:24pondlifeUse the force.
18:19:32Lloreanwebguest76: It's not an WPEntrust Signed Document, some program on your computer stupidly told it all files named .wps are that, I guess.
18:19:46Lloreanwebguest76: Run notepad, choose open, browse to file, open. It's the same as opening any file with notepad.
18:19:47*pondlife suddenly understands
18:19:56webguest76O ok
18:20:06markunrasher: still doesn't work :)
18:20:23bluebrotheror install gvim and use the "edit with vim" context menu entry ;-)
18:20:32pondlifeMaybe RbUtil can overwrite the file association info in Windows :)
18:20:48*Llorean never could get the hang of vi
18:21:05 Join `sam` [0] (
18:21:06pondlifea la Quicktime - .mp3 could be named "Rockbox Music File"
18:21:45webguest76Does the background have to be the size of the screen?
18:22:04Lloreanwebguest76: What does the CustomWPS wiki page say about it?
18:22:48webguest76It says you have to make it the same size but the it looks all distorted
18:23:47`sam`does anybody know about this "bitmap resize patches", i think i need to compile with that for the theme i want to work
18:24:16Llorean`sam`: They exist, and some themes expect them for album art, yes.
18:26:49`sam`Llorean, do you know where that patch is?
18:26:59LloreanI would assume it's in the patch tracker.
18:27:36`sam`nevermind... i should look more closely next time.. i thought there was just that one page of patches :)
18:27:58*Llorean heads off for a while
18:30:06 Join Diamonds_n_Rust [0] (
18:30:57 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:32:05 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:36:47 Quit Diamonds_n_Rust (" mIRC 6.21 in Italiano by TuttoIRC & ^DaNGeR^")
18:45:13 Quit jhulst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:45 Join Wiwie [0] (
18:53:36 Quit chrisjs169 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:53:59 Join Domonoky [0] (
18:56:07 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
18:56:15 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:59:03bluebrotherhi Domonoky
19:00:30Domonokyhi bluebrother..
19:01:18 Join Rondom [0] (
19:01:39 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:01:49 Join pepie34 [0] (n=pepie34@
19:03:39`sam`well i patched it, but the theme isn't working right with my build...
19:04:11`sam`it's working in the EvilG build though
19:04:35bluebrotherI think rbutilqt has reached m1 stage ... what do you think?
19:05:26GodEater_bluebrother: if all the ticks are to be believed - then yes :)
19:05:41Domonokyyes i think we reached m1..
19:05:43GodEater_binary time!
19:05:50bluebrotherGodEater_: well, try yourself. And please tell if you find errors ;-)
19:06:05`sam`is there an option to set the select button to select stuff on the menu? because that is the way it worked before, but with the EvilG build i have to use the >> forward button to select
19:06:09Domonokyit would only be nice to resolve the wrong urls before making binarys
19:06:33bluebrotheryou mean the links to and the bootloader-info stuff?
19:06:47Domonokywith wron urls, i mean the non-official theme site.. where is scorche ? and the bootloaders-info file
19:07:23GodEater_scorche was having trouble with no zip libs built into the php version on the hosting site
19:07:33Domonokythe bootloaders-info file is easy to resolve, somebody just has to move it to the download server ..
19:07:37GodEater_so he was going to try using syscalls to run the zip binary
19:07:47GodEater_that was yesterday though
19:07:50GodEater_no idea how he got on
19:08:00GodEater_he got a mass order of Gigabeat S to process today
19:08:08bluebrotherwell, if he could move the rbutilqt.php script to the official site it would help ... unless that page is really different.
19:08:08GodEater_which probably distracted him
19:08:20bluebrotherhe sells or buys them?
19:08:29GodEater_buys them
19:08:42GodEater_one for me, one for linuxstb, and one for BigBambi
19:08:54*bluebrother wants more money
19:09:22elinenbe_workWho's buying the gigabeat S and from where? I'd like one!
19:09:29 Part Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
19:10:01 Quit pondlife ("disconnected has pondlife")
19:10:39webguest76How come when i download a theme it doesnt come with icons
19:10:40*bluebrother just bumped rbutilqt version string
19:10:51bluebrotherbecause it doesn't include icons?
19:13:04webguest76how do i get the icons
19:13:17webguest76wait wat
19:13:51webguest76how do i get the icons
19:13:53bluebrotherwell, I thought I just use 2 characters only for my sentences. Nice, isn't it? Save so much space.
19:14:16bluebrotherwhat are "the icons"? You can download and install icons.
19:14:27Domonokywebguest76: which icons.. if a theme doesnt include icons, it doesnt have icons..
19:14:29bluebrotherif your theme doesn't ship with icons then it doesn't ship icons. Period.
19:14:47webguest76o well is there a website that has icons
19:15:02*bluebrother upx'es the current windows binary
19:15:11bluebrotherno. There is a wiki page about icons
19:15:17GodEater_where do we find these geniuses ?
19:15:27Domonokywow, we have a french translation for rbutil..
19:15:34GodEater_yeah - neat hey ?
19:15:54 Join x1jmp [0] (
19:16:08webguest76could i have the icon wiki
19:16:23GodEater_the rockbox wiki
19:16:28GodEater_not "the icon wiki"
19:16:45bluebrotherfast! someone setup "the icon wiki"!
19:17:40Domonokybluebrother: how big are such translations for rbutil ? is it feasable to include them in the zip.. or should we try to build something to download the translations from rbutil ?
19:17:57 Join Siltaar [0] (
19:18:04 Join Nic0_P [0] (
19:18:20GodEater_webguest76: in future, please use the wiki's search feature. We're not your personal google.
19:19:26Nic0_PDomonoky: not very big... the qm file for the french translation is 70635 B
19:19:27bluebrotherfrench translation binary is 68kiB
19:19:40 Join DerPapst [0] (
19:19:53bluebrotherwe could even include them in the resource file −− I added support when I did i18n.
19:20:06Nic0_Pbluebrother: will the binary be distributed in a zip file ?
19:20:22Nic0_Pbluebrother: how is that done ? (inclusion in resources)
19:20:44bluebrotherpossibly. I think the added crc check that the zip adds is useful
19:21:03 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:21:13bluebrotherjust add it to rbutilqt.qrc to the lang folder (i.e. create a "folder" called lang)
19:21:48 Join DerPapst [0] (
19:22:05bluebrotheryou need to make sure to lrelease the project before building the binary though.
19:22:35DerPapst*search even :P
19:22:38bluebrotherrbutilqt will look in the resource for a translation and in the current folder. Not sure in which order.
19:22:39Nic0_Pbluebrother: I did that with the trnaslaton utility I think
19:22:56GodEater_DerPapst: search = icons
19:23:21bluebrotherNic0_P: no −− at least not in svn. But IMO we shouldn't include translations in the binary until final release
19:24:11Nic0_Pbluebrother: I kept the qm file locally as I doubt we want it versioned
19:24:28bluebrotheryes −− we only need the ts file in svn
19:25:00Domonokybluebrother: found a bug.. the button to browse for a encoder exe doesnt work..
19:25:09Nic0_Ponce I changed rbutilqt.qrc, what should I do ? make ? then how do I know if the lang is in the binary ?
19:25:35bluebrotheroops :)
19:25:55 Join Wiwie [0] (
19:25:56bluebrotherNic0_P: just remove the qm file from the executable folder
19:26:07 Part Llorean
19:26:53Domonokybluebrother: will you fix it.. or should i try to do it ?
19:27:01bluebrotherI'll do.
19:27:14 Join desowin [0] (
19:27:14Nic0_Pbluebrother: yay it works :)
19:27:28Domonokythere is no browseEnc function.. :-)
19:27:38bluebrotherok, rbutil will search the local folder first.
19:27:50bluebrotherDomonoky: yep ... seems I simply missed that.
19:28:45bluebrotherbut ... do you think the tree browser is good for browsing to a binary?
19:28:51Nic0_Pbluebrother: it seems the "at" between the selected device and the mount point isn't translatable
19:29:01bluebrotherthe list will get quite long, especially for folders like /usr/bin
19:29:14bluebrotherotoh, as we try to autodetect from the path variable ...
19:29:33Domonokybluebrother: yeah it could be better.. :-) or maybe just use the normal filechooser dialog
19:30:10bluebrotherthat was my idea. I wanted the tree selector for folder selection. Didn't think about file selection ...
19:30:23Domonokyif you do a normal install of espeak/ lame on windows, you dont get the exes in the path..
19:30:39bluebrotheryep ... but I'm not developing on windows ;-)
19:31:25 Join stripwax [0] (
19:31:49 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
19:32:21 Join spiorf [0] (
19:33:28bluebrotherNic0_P: you translated that "at" with ... "at" ;-)
19:33:43bluebrotherit's the string <b>%1 %2</b> at <b>%3</b> in RbUtilQt
19:34:25 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:34:33bluebrother(it's <manufacturer> <player> at <mountpoing> −− the two parts at the beginning could be confusing)
19:35:14 Join sarixe [0] (
19:36:11bluebrotherok, I think we should add some kind of help entry to the about menu in rbutil.
19:36:38bluebrotherdo we want to add some small "online"-help later? It could be a simple html page explaining the basics
19:36:55 Quit Guile`` ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
19:37:07Domonokysome online help would be nice
19:37:47bluebrotherI'll add a help entry for now and try to link it to the rbutilqt wiki page.
19:38:47 Join amiconn_ [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:40:18 Quit sarixe ("Peace")
19:45:52 Join Llorean [0] (
19:48:17 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
19:48:51 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:49:41 Join bluey- [0] (
19:51:36bluebrotherok, current version is available at
19:52:11bluebrotherBagder: do we want this on the download server? If yes then please move (and ping me when done so I can go and make some noise in the forums :)
19:55:06 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:55:06 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:55:09*Domonoky commited another fix for rbutil.. :-)
19:58:16 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:58:46 Quit `sam` ("bbl")
19:59:04preglowthings are happening on the rbutil front, i see...
20:00:59*bluebrother leave for some hours ... can update the binary later today
20:02:43 Join Buschel [0] (
20:03:14 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:03:16 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
20:05:48 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:08:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:11:03 Quit petur ("switching...")
20:11:11 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:14:13n1spetur: shouldn't the LANG_PM_CLIPCOUNT string be marked as SYSFONT as it is used in the rec screen?
20:15:18peturprobably, yes
20:15:41n1sThere's a question about it in FS #7675
20:17:34peturbetter change it I think
20:18:10peturthat will mean deprecate the existing and adding a new one I fear?
20:18:31n1spetur: not if you change the ID in all lang files
20:18:42peturoh fun
20:18:57peturexactly what I needed tonight :)
20:19:05peturextra work...
20:19:23n1sit's only present in 4, I can do it, if you don't have time
20:19:49webguest76OK if i have a mp4 player and its not listed under the rockbox models how will i know which it is
20:20:03peturonly 4... that should be doable...
20:20:11n1swebguest76: how should we know?
20:20:22n1spetur: oh, 4 + english
20:20:36webguest76why the hell are u flaming me on n1s
20:21:01peturwebguest76: that was not flaming at all
20:21:08Lloreanwebguest76: Maybe because it's a rather silly question. None of us can see the player, you bought it, and Rockbox only runs on the listed ones.
20:21:37webguest76What if the player looks like a nano could it work?
20:21:57linuxstbNot unless it _is_ a Nano.
20:21:57LloreanRockbox ONLY runs on the listed ones.
20:22:51 Join Cruleworld [0] (i=4c100dd9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:23:51 Quit Cruleworld (Client Quit)
20:26:17 Quit webguest76 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:27:05desowinyea, the market is quite full of cheap chinese forges of good players...
20:28:00Lloreandesowin: A lot of those use the s1mp3 hardware, which I believe someone is supposedly working on a replacement firmware for, unrelated to Rockbox.
20:28:07LloreanAs they want to use a BSD-like license, it seems.
20:28:37preglowjhMikeS: there?
20:29:48jhMikeSpreglow: yep. good timing too.
20:30:21preglowi do that
20:30:43preglowjhMikeS: what do you figure i'd need to do in the wm drivers for making ipod i2s transfers 2x16 bit too?
20:30:53preglowjhMikeS: seems all you did in the as driver was change the pll control reg
20:31:32jhMikeSno, it was set that way because clocking was bad
20:31:56preglowso you don't do shit in the as driver? it's all pp side?
20:32:30jhMikeSI changed the i2s setup to 16-bit. Set the PLL to the correct value just wrote the packed values to the TX fifo.
20:33:18jhMikeSA wm test did record ok but silence on playback. perhaps the format register will make a difference there.
20:35:44preglowwhat format reg?
20:36:07 Join mirak [0] (
20:36:15jhMikeSon the WM codec. I can't remeber the name but it's in the drivers there.
20:36:56preglowonly format reg i found was part of AINTFCE
20:37:21preglowwhere you can select between 32, 24, 20 and 16
20:37:24preglowcurrently set to 16
20:37:34pixelmapetur: I planned to update the german translation tonight, shall I wait a bit?
20:37:35joseph_what is the amount of ram on an ipod video ?
20:37:53GodEater_joseph_: depends on which model
20:37:59peturpixelma: change was just committed
20:38:04GodEater_30GB has 32MB, the 60/80 both have 64MB
20:38:04jhMikeSI wonder if that's right though. It might need 32?
20:38:22joseph_60gig, so 64MB, right?
20:38:24preglowjhMikeS: why, really? if anything, it should be 32 now
20:38:27GodEater_joseph_: correct
20:38:29pixelmapetur: good, should have waited on more minute with the question :)
20:39:22jhMikeSThe clocking register could be wrong as well.
20:40:12jhMikeSAS3514 runs as a slave since that's all it can be but the WMs run as i2s master
20:41:37jhMikeSheh, you don't think I went through alot of pain to get it right on e200? that other clocking reg was a lucky find indeed.
20:42:04preglowdon't expect no such thing, but you did mention in the commit log fixing it on ipods should be done in a matter of minutes :P
20:43:03jhMikeSWould think so. Given recording did work as packed, playback can't be too far off.
20:43:17jhMikeShave you even tested it?
20:44:01preglownopes, just reading the datasheet for now
20:44:10preglowguess i should just try it
20:44:14preglowcan't try out no recording, though
20:44:58*jhMikeS says it _could_ be 525,949.2 x N minutes
20:47:28joseph_jhMikeS, hi what are the chances your fix for the scrollwheel can be adapted to the ipod?
20:48:46jhMikeSjoseph_: pretty certain if the driver sends the right info
20:49:31GodEater_joseph_: as linuxstb said earlier, we think the button driver for the wheel needs to send deltas
20:49:36GodEater_correct jhMikeS ?
20:50:14 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:50:23jhMikeSbit 31 recomends no acceleration or skipping. bits 30-24 = skip delta. the remainder are clicks/uS sent as fixed 0.24
20:51:08preglowwhy, unless i've messed up again, this works
20:51:14GodEater_jhMikeS: so the driver is not fillin in bits 30-24 currently ?
20:51:16preglowprobably me messing up
20:51:19jhMikeSactually bit 31 _set_ recommends it. sansa wheel driver has slow mode which never skips
20:51:35amiconnpreglow: There is a bit in a WM* register where you can select to transfer 2 16bit samples packed into a 32bit word. It's called DSP mode iirc
20:51:44preglowamiconn: really now
20:52:21jhMikeSGodEater_: you won't get acceleration without computing the velocity and setting bit 31 as well. I recomend not setting bit 31 at really low speed so that fine control is kept.
20:52:29linuxstbGodEater: Llorean said that. I didn't know what needed doing.
20:52:51GodEater_jhMikeS: gotcha
20:53:00GodEater_linuxstb: I do beg your pardon
20:53:11LloreanYes, I accept any blame
20:53:16preglowwell, i changed the i2s mode to 16 bit, and changed the asm, and i'm listening to music right now
20:53:20preglowstereo and all
20:53:25jhMikeSGodEater_: just read the e200 scrollwheel function. you also need an acceleration factor defines as well as HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL
20:53:35 Join qweru [0] (
20:53:57jhMikeSpreglow: I guess it really is minutes. go figure.
20:53:58GodEater_whilst I shall certainly take a look at this, I by no means promise to implement it!
20:54:37linuxstbGodEater: pardon granted.
20:54:42jhMikeSIt's kind of a by-feel thing for picking the factor and when bit 31 should be set.
20:54:42preglowjhMikeS: well, i figure you tried this as well, so it's probably just luck it works here
20:55:04*petur wants to commit 7669 :)
20:55:08jhMikeSpreglow: I did no personal experimenting on a WM based device.
20:56:00LloreanDoods, vot3 for 7669! It's l337
20:56:12jhMikeSpreglow: run it packed for each verified device?
20:56:32preglowif i keep the asm as it is and change to 16 bit mode only in iisconfig, it's twice as slow
20:56:37 Quit XCrazyXLegsX ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:56:44preglowjhMikeS: only got a nano here
20:57:12preglowand i don't know if we know how to set this stuff up on pp5002
20:57:21jhMikeSWell, change it for nano then :)
20:57:30linuxstbpreglow: So nothing to change in the wm driver?
20:57:35 Join fm2 [0] (i=d9b95451@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:57:37preglowlinuxstb: nah, don't look like it
20:57:43preglowlinuxstb: and there's no reason either, now i think about it
20:58:02linuxstbSo it _should_ be OK on all PP502x...
20:58:06preglowi2s format is the same no matter what is transmitted in it
20:58:12preglowlinuxstb: care to test on some of the ones you've got?
20:58:28linuxstbJust commit and wait for complaints ;)
20:58:28fm2linuxstb: I've just uploaded the final shortcuts patch. Thank you for your help!
20:58:29amiconnpreglow: You do need to change a WM register, don't you?
20:58:36preglowamiconn: well, not here
20:58:52amiconneh? How does tahat work, then?
20:59:06linuxstbpreglow: Do you have a patch?
20:59:20preglowlinuxstb: can cook up one fast
20:59:49linuxstbfm2: No problem. I don't use the shortcuts feature, so can't comment on the patch itself...
21:00:06GodEater_don't think many people here do
21:00:16GodEater_I only have one case I use it in
21:00:22LloreanIt was a "public relations" feature. :-P
21:00:27GodEater_and I've not had cause to change the shortcut since I installed it
21:00:46GodEater_wasn't it fm2 who originally requested it ? :)
21:01:02preglowamiconn: well, i'm figuring it doesn't matter for the wm anyway, the i2s signal looks the same anyway
21:01:07preglowbut i'm not i2s expert
21:01:42 Join stripwax [0] (
21:01:49preglowhack, just to test
21:02:18jhMikeSlinuxstb: that's my preferred strategy.
21:02:37preglowhaven't even touched recording
21:02:37 Quit GodEater_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:02:49 Join dirkson [0] (
21:03:26dirksonHeyo. Does the default rockbox loader support booting rockbox from a third partition? (I.e. I've stuck rockbox in a firmware partition, and am now having troubles making it boot)
21:03:27jhMikeSif H10 will take it...I guess the PCM patch can go in then and clean all that code up.
21:03:45fm2Llorean: he-he. Yes, now nobody can say we don't support links (in a sense)
21:04:12linuxstbdirkson: The Rockbox bootloader will load Rockbox from the first FAT32 partition it finds.
21:04:40linuxstbdirkson: (and only mount that partition)
21:05:22amiconnpreglow: The code isn't PP version specific, so it should work on all PP targets
21:05:32dirksonlinuxstb, Alrighty. So it will load the first fat32 partition in the partition table, yes?
21:05:49dirksonlinuxstb, And if there's another fat32 partition, it will ignore it.
21:05:55preglowamiconn: the i2s code ain't
21:06:06fm2GodEater: yes, I wanted something like this. What I proposed was not exactly what shortcuts does, but shortcuts does fully satisfy me. Now I can sit back and be quiet :-)
21:06:16jhMikeSamiconn: I had a test done on H10 and silence came out during playback and the time was running double speed. only switching back to 32-bit unpacked did sound come back.
21:06:32linuxstbpreglow: Hmm, it doesn't seem to work on my ipod color. I get the symptoms jhMikeS just described (2x speed, silence)
21:06:41preglowwhat about 5g?
21:06:47 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:06:58linuxstbWhich as confused me as I thought the Nano and Color shared the same codec...
21:07:12fm2Hm... Why do I get a compile error in main.c:118 if using a custom VERSION file?
21:07:15preglowoh? i thought 5g and nano did
21:07:15linuxstbHaven't tried the 5g yet.
21:07:27jhMikeSPP5020 ruining everything of course :P
21:07:30linuxstbpreglow: No, we didn't get sound on the 5g until much later than the Nano/Color.
21:07:36fm2This is the line with const char appsversion[]=APPSVERSION;
21:07:51preglowlinuxstb: codec shouldn't matter, pp revision should matter more
21:07:55preglowlinuxstb: yeah, remember now
21:08:14linuxstbSo another case of the PP5020 not playing fair...
21:08:22amiconnDo nano and color really use the same wmcodec?
21:08:33 Part christophe
21:08:39linuxstbWell, they use the same driver in Rockbox - HAVE_WM8975
21:08:39jhMikeS rm target H10, iPod-Color ;)
21:08:42fm2Ah, it contained a new line
21:08:57 Join toffe82 [0] (
21:09:06amiconnIf not, it most probably is a wmcodec problem
21:09:09 Part fm2 ("bye all")
21:09:18 Part toffe82
21:09:22amiconnMaybe the codec in the nano autodetects i2s format, but some others do not
21:09:38 Join toffe82 [0] (
21:09:39preglowthe i2s format is the same, afaik, only the fifo reg format changes
21:09:48amiconnIf it really wouldn't matter, I wonder why there is a bit for that
21:10:06 Join Guile`` [0] (n=Guile@
21:10:20amiconnI would expect the i2s format to change if you set FIFO_FORMAT_LE16
21:10:55amiconnIiuc, i2s uses a word sync, which changes polarity every 32 bits right now, and with that change changes polarity every 16 bits
21:11:12amiconnSome codecs might auto-adjust to that, but not all
21:11:36preglowit still changes polarity every 32 bits, i think
21:11:46preglowi don't think word clock ever changes polarity any more than that
21:11:58preglowthe surplus bits are just ignored by the codec
21:12:07jhMikeSif it changes polarity sooner, the receiver is supposed to zero-fill to its internal word length
21:12:38jhMikeSif it's late, it should ignore extra bits
21:15:02amiconnWell, what it's supposed to do is one thing. What it actually does is not necessarily the same
21:15:32jhMikeStrue. perhaps the AINTFCE bits need to be worked differently for each.
21:15:33*amiconn had to learn that every data sheet has to be taken with a grain of salt
21:16:58jhMikeSthere's also the "SIZE_MASK" bits which could have effect. I never worked out what those really mean, but poking at that might work too.
21:17:01*petur is happy to see austriancoder is busy :)
21:17:06 Quit Llorean (Remote closed the connection)
21:17:21 Join polygonal [0] (i=80dc3b21@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:17:23 Join Llorean [0] (
21:18:01*preglow wants to connect to his ipod!
21:18:09 Quit thegeek ()
21:18:19rasherpolygonal: Do I have the labels of the chinese languages right?
21:18:30polygonalhmm, will there be strong objection if I completely replace the current chinese-traditional translation with a "transcripted" chinese simp translation?
21:18:43rasherpolygonal: on my translate page, that is:">
21:19:22polygonalrasher: yeah! I think the labels are wrong a while ago on your website : )
21:19:44rasherpolygonal: Yes, someone mailed me about it. I was wondering if the fix was correct?
21:19:49peturrasher: do you know the reason why genlang strips the header (comment) of the langfile?
21:19:50 Join thegeek [0] (
21:19:58polygonalLlorean: the simp and trad version of chinese is translation by a one-to-one function, so to speak
21:20:02linuxstbpreglow: Works fine on my 5g...
21:20:08preglowrasher: man, why isn't that page on it's very nice
21:20:11rasherpetur: It strips all comments (for whatever reason)
21:20:16preglowlinuxstb: yeah, i'm pretty sure it's a pp issue, then
21:20:18polygonalrasher: I was to tell you about it, but now it was right :)
21:20:29peturrasher: that's... too bad :/
21:21:16linuxstbpreglow: I know you normally ask me this, but what WM datasheet did we use for the Nano/Color?
21:22:32polygonalback to my original question: I'm getting too lazy to find out where the untranslated strings in the chinese-trad file; seems like the order is changed a lots...
21:22:54polygonalI wonder if a clear replace is a better option than tedious finds...
21:23:17amiconnFrom the config-*.h both color and nano use WM8975
21:23:28amiconn...while video uses WM8758
21:23:36amiconnVery suspicious...
21:23:52linuxstbamiconn: Why suspicious?
21:24:14amiconnI think one of these must be wrong
21:24:26polygonalthere is some slight difference in expression between the two chinese translations, but liguistically speaking there is no big difference between chinese simp and trad so there won't be big problems
21:25:01amiconnAnd yes, the AINTFCE register is what I meant (for WM8975)
21:25:07polygonalI can run the current chinese simp translation through some automatic translator and get a chinese-trad translation
21:26:06linuxstbamiconn: That's what's listed on the IPL wiki page - and I would expect they're identified from dissection photos. Although the Nano is listed as WM8975G, and the Color is WM8975
21:27:55amiconnI would think FORMAT needs to be set to 0b11 (DSP)
21:27:57 Quit midgey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:28:08 Join midgey [0] (
21:28:11amiconnLRP needs experimentation
21:28:16preglowlinuxstb: 8750
21:30:02 Quit bluey- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:30:07linuxstbpreglow: I'm looking at the 8971... That matches wm8975.h
21:31:29linuxstbamiconn: OK, I'll try DSP mode
21:32:20preglowi doubt that'll work
21:32:47linuxstbpreglow: It doesn't take long to test...
21:34:42 Quit Nic0_P (Remote closed the connection)
21:35:23 Quit HellDragon (Client Quit)
21:35:48 Join HellDragon [0] (n=Nocebo@unaffiliated/helldragon)
21:36:04rasherpolygonal: I doubt any of us have knowledge to comment on the accuracy of automatic translations from simplified to traditional
21:36:54Llorean polygonal: Honestly, all most of us can do is hope that the translation is the best possible. If you think something will improve it, we'll welcome it even if we can't see the difference ourselves.
21:37:06linuxstbamiconn, preglow: I still get silence in DSP mode, but the elapsed time indicator in the WPS went back to normal.
21:37:10linuxstb^normal speed
21:37:30preglowthat doesn't indicate too much
21:37:38linuxstbI tried both DSP modes (the LRP bit).
21:38:22preglowi'm pretty sure it's a pp issue
21:38:27preglowtoo bad we don't have docs on that...
21:39:43jhMikeStry LRP
21:40:11jhMikeSDSP mode B
21:40:21scorcheDomonoky: need something?
21:40:31 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
21:40:32linuxstbjhMikeS: I did.
21:40:37jhMikeSah, ok
21:41:59 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
21:42:04linuxstbjhMikeS: Do you own any PP5020 devices yet?
21:42:10jhMikeSno messing with data size bits in IISCONFIG
21:42:28Domonokyscorche: when do you think will the new themes page go online ?
21:42:29jhMikeSlinuxstb: I'm looking to go shopping soon for a bunch of stuff I need
21:43:00scorcheDomonoky: i thought we didnt give out timelines =P
21:43:48*amiconn builds preglow's patch for the 3 untested pp targets he has
21:43:51polygonalrasher: it should be about 99% accurate :) the difference between simp and trad is is on the way to write the characters, and there is well-known map of what character maps to what
21:44:38 Quit kubiixaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:44:51scorcheDomonoky: i dont know...i have proven myself wrong at each guess...i have a lot on my plate atm
21:44:55polygonalLlorean: I will post a patch of the automatically translated chinese-trad with some little fixes by me; it is at least better than some 100 missing strings
21:45:22rasherpolygonal: I guess an automatic translation is okay in that case - we can always accept fixes in case of errors
21:45:50polygonalno obligation to accept it :) I hope there are users to test it out though since I personally use english interface and can do only limited testing
21:46:08Domonokyscorche: would it be possible to put the new rbutil.php into the old themepage without problems ?
21:46:20*jhMikeS sees lots of 20GB H10s on woot (if he didn't miss something about them being sold)
21:47:31scorcheDomonoky: would you like me to do that now?...and do you want it named rbutil.php again, or keep the rbutilqt.php
21:48:00Domonokyhm.. lets ask bluebrother first.. he has redone the theme thing..
21:48:54Domonokyit would just be nice, that when rbutilQt goes live (binary aviable) for testing.. that it could use the correct theme page..
21:50:08Domonokyhm in the old theme page it should be named rbutilqt.php, so that the wx version will be still working..(with the old php file)
21:51:30 Join perrikwp [0] (i=98215e76@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:51:40scorcherbutilqt.php is now on the current site
21:51:59preglowanywho, i can't do any picking on this, seeing as i have no targets that trouble me
21:52:03Domonokynice.. i will change the url in rbutil and try it.. :-)
21:52:05preglowat least we know it kinda works now
21:52:15 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:37 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@
21:52:56jhMikeSthis woot thing works weird
21:53:18scorchewoot is great
21:53:54 Join JGabcde [0] (i=46177202@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:54:02jhMikeSbut it's one item/day ... can't really pick what you want
21:54:19*jhMikeS hates shopping ... just ask his girlfriend :P
21:54:30scorcheyeah...when they do sell something you want, it is usually pretty cheap though
21:54:35scorcheand there are the wootoffs
21:55:55Domonokyis someone online with write access to ?
21:56:39jhMikeSwoot seem more anxiety-inducing that wall street :0
21:56:48 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
21:56:48 Join chrisjs169 [0] (
21:56:51Domonokyif so: please move domonoky/bootloaders-info"> to
21:56:55amiconnpreglow: Hmm, patch seems to work on mini G2
21:57:03JGabcdeCould I have the link for the Rockbox Patch Installer Please
21:57:34scorchewhat rockbox patch installer?
21:57:36DomonokyJGabcde: what do you mean with "Rockbox Patch installer" ??
21:57:58 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:58:09 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
21:58:11JGabcdethe program that installs the patchs for you
21:58:19amiconn...and that's WM8721 (or rather WM8711 which is register compatible)
21:58:40linuxstb_JGabcde: There isn't such a program.
21:58:51scorchethere is no program that installs the patches...these are source code patches, which you then patch a copy of the source and compile
21:59:14JGabcdeIs there like a noob lesson somewhere on how to do that
21:59:33scorchethe wiki page SimpleGuideToCompiling
21:59:43JGabcdeThats not simple.
21:59:48JGabcdeTried It
21:59:57linuxstb_It's as simple as compiling gets...
22:00:15scorcheit tells you the exact commands to type...what is so hard about that?
22:00:25JGabcdeOk ill try it again but its confusing
22:00:26LloreanJGabcde: Compiling and patching is not really a "noob" thing. You need at least some technical skill and ability to follow written directions to have a decent chance at succeeding.
22:01:37JGabcdeits to confusing for me
22:02:08linuxstb_JGabcde: Then your only alternative is to look for unofficial builds that already include the patches you are interested in using.
22:02:22 Join GodEater_ [0] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
22:02:30JGabcdeThey Have Those
22:02:43scorchelook in the forums...
22:02:44linuxstb_See the "Unsupported Builds" forum
22:04:46amiconn2nd gen has the same "double speed silence" problem (although not with mp3 because it can't keep up)
22:05:38amiconnSO something isn't quite right concerning the fifo format bits on both PP5020 and PP5002
22:06:06 Quit DogBoy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:06:52amiconnAh, hmm, those definitions aren't used for PP5002
22:08:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:08:21JGabcdecould i have a link to the "Unsupported Builds" forum
22:08:41scorchethere is a link on the side of the page called "forums"
22:11:05amiconnpreglow, linuxstb: Hmm, maybe PP5020 i2s fifo can't hande 2 packed 16 bit values per 32 bit register, and sends just 16 bits of it
22:11:37amiconnThe solution might be to *not* change the fifo format to 16 bit, but still write packed values *and* set dsp mode in the wm codec
22:16:34*bluebrother returns and goes updating w32 binary ...
22:16:47linuxstb_amiconn: Don't you have a H10? (I've lost track of your collection of DAPs now...)
22:18:46bluebrotherhow about a HowOwnsWhichDap wiki page? *g*
22:19:28n1sbluebrother: don't we already have something similar?
22:19:36bluebrotherdo we?
22:19:46*n1s searches the wiki
22:20:07scorchethere are listings of that on the DevCon pages
22:20:10rasherI think we do..
22:20:57JGabcdeDo i have to have a certain icon for my certain rockbox model?
22:21:14n1sha, my memory still sort-of works :-)
22:21:47bluebrotherah, nice.
22:22:03 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:22:06rashervery out of date
22:22:20bluebrotherwe could update it ;-)
22:22:36scorcheJGabcde: a certain icon?...what are you talking about?
22:22:41amiconnThat plays, but with only white noise coming from the right channel, and very distorted music from the left
22:23:11 Quit polygonal ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:23:19JGabcdeOk i put in a icon set and i still see the regualar icons
22:23:29bluebrotherthen load the icons
22:23:43bluebrotherthey won't magically do that themselves.
22:23:54JGabcdei know i loaded them
22:24:00 Join Zagor [0] (
22:24:24*Llorean adds himself to the RockboxTesting page.
22:24:25 Quit dirkson ("Leaving")
22:25:19JGabcdeby going to load theme
22:26:09 Quit perrikwp ("CGI:IRC")
22:26:11scorchefollow the instructions int he manual about loading an iconset, and come back to us if that still doesnt work
22:26:34amiconnNow I have it playing without distortion + noise....
22:27:26amiconnHad to adjust some more bits in IISCONFIG
22:27:47jhMikeSamiconn: you got the recipe?
22:27:52*amiconn wonders whether AS3514 could handle that format too
22:28:09jhMikeSas3514 is strict, by-the-book i2s
22:28:47amiconnjhMikeS: What I did: (1) take the asm for AS3514 (enabled preglow's patch). (2) revert the change in i2s-pp.c to use FIFO_FORMAT_LE32
22:28:50bluebrotherLlorean: I just noticed that I can't create topics in the announcement forums. Do I need to be in the developer group / admin to do so?
22:29:18amiconn(3) change it to use FORMAT_LJUST above, and change the size to (3 <<8) which I *believe* is 32 bit
22:29:19Lloreanbluebrother: Yeah, announcement topics require Developer status.
22:29:28 Quit The-Compiler (Remote closed the connection)
22:29:33amiconn(4) make thw WM8731 use DSP mode
22:30:00Lloreanbluebrother: Mostly because I wanted to make sure anything posted there was always, always "Official"
22:30:20amiconnThat's playing fine on H10 (the only target I tested it on so far)
22:30:25Lloreanbluebrother: Though I guess you are a developer now, at least in regards to RBUtil
22:30:28scorcheLlorean: i think it is time he moved up to developer...already has commit access and has been doing a bunch of coding lately
22:30:31 Join kk_ [0] (n=kkit@
22:30:50Lloreanscorche: You're one step too slow on that
22:30:52GodEater_we need one less green person
22:31:00scorche2 seconds by my count
22:31:34 Quit jhulst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:31:46Lloreanscorche: Yeah, but I said that *after* I changed him to a developer in the forums. :-P
22:31:55Lloreanbluebrother: announce away
22:31:55amiconnjhMikeS: So either the 5020 cannot handle 16 bits per LRC, or we're not using the correct bits
22:32:03bluebrotherLlorean: cool, thanks.
22:32:21jhMikeSamiconn: btw, I have a pp cache routine you might want to look at. I haven't been able to get it to behave but I'll post the disassembly and decompilation after testing these i2s changes
22:32:21amiconn(and I do believe that FIFO_FORMAT_LE16 indeed switches to 16 bit per LRC
22:32:32bluebrothernow I only need to know if we'd move the rbutil binary to the official download server or not
22:32:54amiconn...which makes changing the WM* setup unnecessary because it pads as per i2s specs
22:33:08rasherbluebrother: I'd say certanly yes
22:33:21rasherPerhaps Zagor is awake. He just joined.
22:33:30*bluebrother pings Zagor
22:33:54*Zagor wakes up
22:34:03amiconnjhMikeS: Btw, what do you think about i2s-pp.c line 77? Maybe that statement doesn't apply to 5020, only to 5022+ ?
22:34:07jhMikeSamiconn: you think FIFO_FORMAT_LE16 actually sends 16-bits before switching LRCK, right?
22:34:27jhMikeSthat would explain the double speed
22:34:32jhMikeSyou mean the comment?
22:34:35Zagorbluebrother: rbutil binary location?
22:34:51jhMikeSI put that there since on e200 it made no difference
22:34:52DomonokyZagor: can you please move domonoky/bootloaders-info"> to ?
22:35:27bluebrother(I also labelled it "m1.0" as Milestone 1 internally, in case you want some version number)
22:35:33amiconnjhMikeS: The double speed would be due to the AS3514 asm code only writing *one* 32 bit value per sample "tick", expecting the PP to split that into 2 words on the i2s bus
22:35:36jhMikeSI put all the commenting and extra defines in there actually
22:35:56amiconnDid you actually test all values, and how?
22:35:57jhMikeSI was referring to the H10 double speed + silence
22:36:17jhMikeSI even tested and rand big-endian samples but forgot which do what
22:36:24amiconnYes, but that would not be due to the 16 bits per LRC
22:36:42jhMikeSThe LJUST requires an extra shift right to work properly since there's no dummy bit
22:36:58jhMikeSas3514 accepts any work length
22:37:04amiconnIt doesn't with DSP format
22:37:26amiconnHmm, maybe I'm not clear enough
22:37:37amiconnThe WM codecs also seem to accept any word length
22:38:03amiconnBut FIFO_FORMAT_LE16 doesn't seem to do what it is supposed to do on PP5020
22:38:18jhMikeSwith those settings I get double speed
22:38:23amiconnSo i2s will still be in 32 bit mode, and send both samples in one LRC cycle
22:38:49jhMikeSI could set the clock divider to 0xf instead of 0x7
22:38:49 Quit BobShield (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:49Zagorbluebrother: sorry I have not followed this. is this a qt version for windows?
22:39:03amiconnjhMikeS: Yes, you get double speed on AS3514 as AS3514 doesn't have dsp mode
22:39:27bluebrotheroh, have you moved the bootloader-info file already? In that case I could also fix the url in rbutilqt
22:39:37jhMikeSit sounds ok otherwise
22:39:40Zagori'll do that now
22:40:05amiconnjhMikeS: That won't help. YOu get double speed because your AS3514 is only playing samples from one channel, alternated between both output channels
22:40:07bluebrotherok. Gimme a minute and you'll get an updated download too.
22:40:07jhMikeSwill check the divider change. I also need to be sure it's accurate with wave interference test
22:40:30amiconnTry an L-R test file
22:41:03jhMikeSI've got a whole #audio_tests directory on every player :)
22:41:16amiconnBut maybe we can live with different i2s setup for sansa and ipod, as long as we get the same benefit? (half as many fiqs)
22:41:44jhMikeSyeah, I get mono and nasty wrapping noises
22:41:46amiconnI'm quite certain you'll only hear one of the source channels (not sure which one)
22:42:02bluebrotherZagor: zip updated.
22:42:20 Quit krazykit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:01 Join Domonoky_ [0] (
22:43:14jhMikeSLJUST will make it wrap since it expects the dummy bit which isn't there
22:43:31Zagorbluebrother: how about I'll simply call it I'm not too fond of all this 0.x mucking about for things that are actually working.
22:43:36amiconnYes, and WM* in DSP mode expects no dummy bit
22:44:00bluebrotherok. I don't care too much about version strings either ;-)
22:44:23jhMikeSthat's sort of the way I went about finding all that stuff out, just deducing it from the audio behavior
22:45:00jhMikeSnow I have mono but no wrapping noise
22:45:20rasherbluebrother: shouldn't the version number in the binary (if there is one?) be updated as well?
22:45:36bluebrotherwell, it's svn revision + m1.0 ;-)
22:46:09scorcheZagor: entering no longer works
22:46:26jhMikeSSIZE_MASK bits had no effect on an as3514, so I couldn't figure out any more
22:46:41Zagorscorche: did it ever?
22:47:05bluebrotherscorche: it's /wiki, not /twiki ;-)
22:47:16scorchedoh =P
22:47:31amiconnA logic analyzer would tell
22:47:33*rasher recommends a quick bookmark
22:47:44amiconn(well, not on sansa as the as3514 is built into the pp)
22:48:20jhMikeSamiconn: I was just going to say
22:48:43jhMikeSand I wish I could have just used one but ears had to suffice
22:49:09 Part Llorean
22:49:25jhMikeSIt can accept SIZE_32BIT just fine
22:49:31 Quit qwm (Remote closed the connection)
22:49:34 Join qwm [0] (
22:49:36jhMikeSall other setting must as in SVN
22:50:49amiconnHmm, so probably the PP5020 either doesn't support FIFO_FORMAT, or support is buggy
22:51:18amiconnThanks to DSP mode we can still get the same benefit as on sansa
22:51:45amiconnHmm, the mini OF should tell, as it has code for both 5020 and 5022
22:52:33 Join jhulst [0] (
22:52:58jhMikeSrecording works fine with SIZE_32BIT as well
22:54:45amiconnI would think that 32 bit / LRCK needs (slightly) more power
22:55:23jhMikeSThe guess that would double BCLK
22:55:24amiconnI think that if you set SIZE_32BIT and FIFO_FORMAT_16 the PP pads
22:55:34 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
22:55:58 Quit seablue ("life, death, life, death")
22:56:17rasherbluebrother: would it be okay if I filed a bugreport in debian, asking for packaging of rbutilqt?
22:56:29jhMikeSI suppose FIFO_FORMAT_* is one regarding the FIFO. SIZE_* is like the BCLK/WCLK on coldfire
22:56:42bluebrotherrasher: I won't intervene ;-)
22:57:02bluebrotherthough I'm not sure if it would be better to wait some weeks until users started testing rbutilqt
22:57:19amiconnjhMikeS: According to the IPL wiki, bits 4..6 are always set to 7, and bits 8..9 always set to 3 in the OF
22:57:37amiconnBits 10..11 are set to 1, 2 or 3 (but not 0)
22:57:54rasherbluebrother: I'm sure Debian can handle a few updates
22:57:58amiconn , I2S Controller
22:58:17rasherBesides, it'd probably be a while before it got in anyway
22:58:22rasherAssuming someone picks it up
22:58:51 Join lee-qid [0] (
23:00:46jhMikeSTheir mailbox assessment is a bit off. I think they can be used for read/write arbitrarily and have no special purpose.
23:00:49 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01:09jhMikeSthere seems to be one more as well
23:02:33jhMikeSI see they have some other info for CPU/COP_CTL as well
23:03:41 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
23:03:45 Quit GodEater_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:04:09 Quit GodEater (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:04:14*jhMikeS wonders why they don't use bit tables like most datasheets
23:06:01*jhMikeS will put up that cache routine. IPL oversimplies the usage of flush/invalidate.
23:09:10 Quit nicktastic (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09:54jhMikeSI think its for cache ranges...gimme a moment
23:11:34amiconnIISFIFO_CFG for PP5002
23:11:45amiconn...erm, on PP5002 seems to be similar to PP502y
23:12:14*bluebrother just did his first announcement post in the forums :)
23:12:15amiconnAt least bit 16 is a reset bit (probably dac)
23:12:16jhMikeSit looked roughly so
23:13:01 Quit desowin ("use linux")
23:15:25rasherbluebrother: There we go
23:16:32 Quit Buschel ()
23:17:11 Join stripwax [0] (
23:18:13 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
23:21:25 Join Rob2222 [0] (
23:22:21preglowsounds weird that the fifo only takes 16 bits
23:22:32jhMikeSamiconn: Interpretation of everything probably isn't right but the c is what is reduced to unless I messed up my maths.
23:22:34linuxstbrasher: Have you built a Debian package for rbutilqt?
23:23:02 Quit JGabcde ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:23:20rasherlinuxstb: No, I was going to have a go at it, but I was never really happy with the package for the wx version either. It was not Done Right
23:24:20rasherAnd the "new maintainer" document I was reading told me that if the source didn't come as tarballs, I should find something else
23:28:18DerPapstrasher: the svn co link from your bugreport excludes ipodpatcher and sansapatcher doesn't it?
23:28:36rasherDerPapst: oh, rbutilqt isn't self-contained?
23:29:16Domonoky_rasher: it has the ini file now inbuilt.. but it can use a external ini file..
23:29:32rasherDomonoky_: I meant the sourcedir
23:30:10linuxstbCan we just kill the old rbutil now and move rbutilqt to rbutil?
23:30:24DerPapstat least /rbutil/rbutilqt doesn't contain ipodpatcher and sansapatcher
23:30:25bluebrotherrasher: for building rbutil you also need to get ipodpatcher and sansapatcher
23:30:25Domonoky_ah.. no, it depends on the patchers... sometime in the future we will replace the wx version.. then it will be selfconatined..
23:30:49linuxstbDomonoky_: What are you waiting for now?
23:30:55DerPapstcant you just switch the locations?
23:30:56rasherI'll send a correction once I get the confirmation mail
23:31:15rasherDomonoky_: That means it looks in ../../tools/ ?
23:31:27DerPapste.g. move rbutilqt one level up and put the wx version in rbutilwx?
23:31:49Domonoky_we could of course switch now.. rbtuilqt reached m1 .. so we could remove the wx code..
23:31:53rasherJust remove the wx version alltogether. It'll still be in SVN history anyway
23:32:06DerPapstor that was
23:34:34linuxstbrasher: Is there a preferred source directory organisation for Debian? If we're going to rearrange SVN, we may as well think about packaging.
23:35:26bluebrotherisn't it common to have the main program in a folder src/?
23:35:30rasherlinuxstb: Not that I know of - everything related to the Debian package goes into a "debian/" directory added by patching the "source distribution"
23:35:57rasherso as long as there is a single directory with everything in it, it should be fine
23:35:58linuxstbbluebrother: That's what I was thinking...
23:36:12bluebrotherin that case we could just rename rbutilqt to src ...
23:36:21rasherThere's no reason to do that
23:36:33 Part n1s
23:36:33linuxstbbluebrother: But then ipodpatcher/sansapatcher wouldn't be inside that dir...
23:36:39bluebrotherotoh that's right.
23:36:56rasherCreating the package mostly consists of putting "commands to configure the package" "commands to build the package" "commands to install the package" in the right scripts in the debian dir
23:37:02bluebrotherwell, aren't external libraries usually outside of src/? It would be similar
23:37:44linuxstbbluebrother: It would certainly be an easy way to clean it up. Rename as you suggest, then delete all the old rbutilwx files.
23:38:30rasherthen you'd also move rbutilqt/icons to rbutil/
23:40:18 Quit midgey ()
23:40:43 Join BobShield [0] (
23:40:50 Join jac0b [0] (
23:42:15 Join bsdfox_ [0] (
23:42:18amiconnrasher: Hmm, as open2() requires returning 2 filehandles, I would have to return a list, however, the caller of tts_init() then needs to know what tts_init() returns, which would be engine dependent...
23:42:50rasheramiconn: Does it matter? It's still a single variable, and the speak() would know what the variable is
23:43:11amiconnIiuc, scalar variables use $ while arrays use @
23:43:21 Join n17ikh|Lappy [0] (
23:44:18 Part Domonoky_
23:44:38rasherAh, hrm
23:45:23jac0bhas there been any major changes in the past couple days?
23:45:42jac0bbecause now my wps doesn't work
23:46:08rasheramiconn: I imagine you can create a "pointer" of sorts to hold either value, but I have no idea how. Some perl person should come to our aid here..
23:47:00amiconnHmm, maybe it could return an array reference, which is a scalar itself
23:47:29 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
23:47:37amiconnI don't know whether that'll work though, as the array is defined within the function, and then a reference returned to the caller?
23:49:10rasherProbably not.. maybe it could just always return a list
23:49:21rasherSometimes with a single element
23:49:24rasherOr none
23:49:41rasherProbably the simplest solution
23:51:26 Join thommy [0] (
23:52:51rasherjac0b: Nothing that I'm aware of
23:53:29jac0bI am clearing my directory and trying to recompile
23:53:43x1jmpdoes plugin_get_buffer() always return an aligned address?
23:53:50 Quit maddler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:54:58thommywhat is the usual way to put music on a rockbox-ipod? drag n drop, right?
23:55:05amiconnrasher: Hmm, returning an array reference actually works...
23:55:08jac0byeah it should be
23:55:30mirakis there a way to increase to sound record volume faster after it was reduced by the limiter ? Sometime when you are in an audience a bit far from the stage, the applause are way louder than the music, so the limiting works fine though it would nice if it could be increased also.
23:55:43peturaustriancoder: any status update?
23:55:58rasheramiconn: Quite unlike C-behavior.. but I guess it's a reasonable solution
23:55:59 Quit bsdfox__ (Connection timed out)
23:56:30 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:56:31jac0bthommy: yes it should be
23:56:38thommyi m using Amarok for my music collection, but amarok copies my music anywhere on the ipod
23:57:09jac0bthommy: you can't make it copy to a certain folder
23:58:17thommyso drag n drop is the best way
23:58:40amiconnBah, vbscript is way easier than perl :\
23:58:50jac0bthommy: yea, what I did was make a Music Folder and i copy and paste everything to that folder

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