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#rockbox log for 2007-09-09

00:04:18 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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00:05:27maxkelleydoes the flipit plugin compile? it doesn't for me.
00:06:13amiconnThe build table shows that it does
00:07:02maxkelleyI'm missing dependency files for it, flipit_cursor.h and flipit_tokens.h
00:07:21maxkelleyand I don't see them when browsing svn, either.
00:08:07amiconnThose files are generated when building bitmaps
00:08:19 Join sofianbabai [0] (
00:08:51sofianbabaihello all!
00:08:56amiconnA plain 'make' of latest svn does definitely work
00:09:34sofianbabaiare there some sansa guru in here ? :)
00:09:43maxkelleysofianbabai: what sansa?
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00:09:57maxkelleyamiconn: I figured.. I'm just wondering as to why those files would have disappeared.
00:10:33sofianbabaisansa e200 : just wanted to know if htere is a reset button on this one. i got problems to get it recognized by my xp box :)
00:10:35Lloreanmaxkelley: They don't "disappear"... They just don't "appear" until you run the plain make.
00:10:58maxkelleyso, I need to build the normal portion before building a uisim?
00:11:17LloreanIf you make a sim as per the normal instructions, they should be generated.
00:11:52maxkelleyI'm building UIsim right now, and it fails at "no rule to make target flipit_cursor.h"
00:12:02maxkelleythis uisim is for the c200.
00:12:25amiconnPlugins don't compile for c200 right now
00:12:26sofianbabaia reset button or something allowing me to get my usb back lol
00:12:44Lloreanmaxkelley: Ah, as amiconn said, the c200 isn't really "done" yet.
00:12:46maxkelleyamiconn: I know, I'm working on making them. I'm adding the proper keymaps for all of them.
00:13:01maxkelleyI talked to lowlight about it, and he told me to do so.
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00:13:15maxkelleysofianbabai: reboot into the original firmware for us.
00:13:28maxkelleytake a look at
00:13:28amiconnThen you need to make the necessary bitmaps and enable them in th erespective SOURCES files as well
00:13:36maxkelleyah, ok.
00:13:38amiconnAfter that the related .h files will appear
00:14:00sofianbabaibut the unit seems to be freezed :(
00:14:11Lloreansofianbabai: Hold the power button for 15-20 seconds
00:14:20sofianbabaii'll try that
00:15:25sofianbabaiit's fine ! thx !
00:16:25sofianbabaiand a last question: is there someone here who have built sapi4 voicefile with success for a sansa player or any other
00:16:41sofianbabaii'm trying to do that under cygwin and i have some problmes :)
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00:21:45 Part agm3nt
00:22:11amiconnsofianbabai: What kind of problems?
00:22:28amiconnSAPI4 takes ages, but apart from that it should work
00:22:30sofianbabaiok for sapi 4 we'll see
00:23:39sofianbabaibut another one lol: is there a way to convert the charset of a lang file under cygwin ... some kind of command. the voice file i'm building is in french and the utf-8 chars are really bad pronounced obbiously
00:23:41amiconnSAPI5 works far far better
00:24:16sofianbabaiyour right amiconn but many blind users like me prefer the eloquence voice
00:24:17amiconnAre you using the latest scripts from svn?
00:24:41sofianbabaiyes i'm using the lastes script
00:25:19amiconnThen utf-8 shouldn't be a problem. The only problem I could imagine is that the problematic strings are *not* proper utf-8
00:25:39sofianbabaii can convert my charset using windows but i would like to automate the process
00:26:06amiconnYou shouldn't convert the charset. The voice build system needs utf-8 now
00:27:20sofianbabaiamicon: ho my I don't know how to do that. the bad pronounced string are things like etc
00:28:32amiconnAll .lang files are utf-8, and the voice build needs utf-8. It should work with no extra steps
00:28:55sofianbabaidon't you have a few minutes to look a the francais.lang file ?
00:29:05amiconnIf there is a problem, it's either due to a mistake in the .lang file, or due to a pronunciation problem in the tts engine
00:29:20sofianbabaisory i'm newbie just tring to help french users to have a new voice file lol :)
00:29:24dionoealooks like valid utf-8 here
00:29:50dionoeado you have an example string which doesn't work well for you? (so i can check if it's using non utf-8 chars)
00:30:09amiconnPronunciation problems aren't uncommon; take a look at the at&t enigne specific replacement list in
00:30:18amiconn(I mean for german)
00:31:30sofianbabaidifficult to give you an example since i can hear the mistake only in the voice file
00:32:04sofianbabaibut it seems that the accentuated letters have problems and we have many of those damn things in french :)
00:32:26dionoeaand they all look ok :) (at least up to 15% of the francais.lang file)
00:32:51amiconnGerman also has such letters (the umlauts), and they work fine after I added the conversion from utf-8
00:33:17sofianbabaiwhen i was generating my voice file under windows, i had to convert the charset first ... really don't know where the problems comes from
00:33:23amiconnPerhaps I should try to actually build a german voice with sapi4 and compare (the at&t voices are both sapi5 and sapi4)
00:34:03sofianbabaiamikonn: my sapi 4 script is not working proprerly :( sory
00:34:07amiconnsofianbabai: I really don't understand where you have to convert the charset. The .lang files are utf-8, and the voice build needs utf-8
00:34:40amiconnIf you convert the .lang to something else, it will of course produce wrong results for accented letters
00:35:27sofianbabaireally dunno amikonn but when i have coverted my lang file to iso 8859 when i was building my voices files under windows the problem disappears
00:36:01amiconnAre you talking about the old scripts in the wiki?
00:36:18sofianbabaiyes i was generating with the old script on the wiki
00:36:32amiconnThose needed conversion to iso 8859-1. But voices built with those scripts won't work anymore
00:37:08sofianbabaigosh! so what do i have to do :) i'm lost
00:37:11amiconnThe new systems is just svn checkout, configure for voice build, 'make voice'. Nothing else.
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00:37:44sofianbabaii've tried with two tts engines acapela and scansoft, same result
00:38:25amiconnThe old scripts in the wiki should be deleted
00:38:39sofianbabaiamiconn: yes for that, it's ultra simple to use no problems
00:39:28sofianbabairight now, i don't use the old script anymore, only cygwin
00:41:13sofianbabaii may try on another system so. it means more hours installing cygwin lol
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00:44:27 Join Noah0504 [0] (n=noah@
00:44:52Noah0504Anyone home?
00:46:34Noah0504So, I've been trying to figure out an easy way to keep music sycned between my iPod and my computer while running RockBox. Should I just use something like Banshee that will add music to the iTunes database?
00:47:22amiconnpetur: The crash you observed - I guess that it happens on track change or when skipping...
00:47:41peturnope, at start of playback
00:48:25amiconnThen I have no explanation
00:49:07amiconnThe crash on track change/skip is a known problem on 64 bit sims. Happens with all codecs if the next track uses the same track as the current one
00:49:19amiconnErm, the same codec
00:49:42peturmy cpu may be 64bit, my ubuntu is plain x86, no 64bit
00:50:00petur(insert 'but' in the middle)
00:50:51amiconnSomehow I overlooke dthat you run x86. But then I don't understand your remark either
00:51:07amiconnmp3 worked on 32 bit before, and also did after my commit
00:51:48dionoeaNoah0504: rockbox doesn't use the iTunes database.
00:51:50peturWell it already crashed before your commit ;)
00:51:51amiconnMaybe jhMikeS' commit causes those problems - couldn't try this on 32 bit linux myself (only 64 bit linux and win32)
00:52:07amiconnThen you might have a problem with your sdl installation
00:52:31peturhmmmm I'm not a linux guru :/
00:52:48peturcan you force a re-install?
00:53:01amiconnSound support on linux is a pita if you ask me
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00:54:07dionoeapetur: what distro do you use ? apt based ?
00:54:28petur so debian I guess
00:54:34dionoeathen sudo apt-get install −−reinstall <the packages> should work
00:54:57 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
00:54:58amiconnI don't think that a package is damaged
00:55:04Noah0504dionoea: But it can read it by having the Rockbox database enabled. Other than that. I can't think of a good way to keep things synced.
00:55:27amiconnIt's most probably a configuration issue (and that's the pita part)
00:55:53 Join BigBambi [0] (
00:56:30amiconnpetur: What sdl sound package do you use?
00:56:47peturwhere can I see? ;)
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00:57:18 Join webguest18 [0] (i=4c10ea95@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:57:31DarkStylistGuys is s1mp3 project dead?
00:57:48amiconnThere are (on debian) libsdl1.2debian-alsa, libsdl1.2debian-arts, libsdl1.2debian-esd, libsdl1.2debian-nas and libsdl1.2debian-oss
00:58:09amiconnWhile alsa should be de-facto standard, only the -oss variant works for me
00:58:09LloreanDarkStylist: That'd be a good thing to ask the s1mp3 project...
00:58:17webguest18hi i have a question i just got 2 new ipods the ipod touch and the ipod classic with 160GB is there a way to get rockbox on them??
00:58:20amiconn(i.e. lets the sim play sound and not crash)
00:58:40DarkStylistyea they never posted a distro of their os
00:58:42dionoeawebguest18: no
00:58:45webguest18they are brand new i havent even opened them.
00:58:54dionoeaand there probably won't be for a long time
00:58:55*amiconn should perhaps try different variants again
00:59:15webguest18will there ever be a way to put rockbox in them?
00:59:23 Join Steve132 [0] (i=84aaa38c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
00:59:26DarkStylistthat s1mp3 mp4 players that hard?
00:59:41peturI seem to have the alsa one installed
00:59:55dionoeawebguest18: since it's entirely new hardware (as far as i know) compared to previous versions .... i doubt that anyone can answer that question
01:00:14DarkStylistwho knows if there be a way the s1mp3 hardware is pretty alien
01:00:19dionoeanew + undocumented hardware
01:00:19webguest18oh ok thanks anyway
01:00:33webguest18i have another question
01:01:10webguest18i got rockbox on my ipod video 390GB about 2 months ago shoul i install it again
01:01:12DarkStylistunless someone dissasembles the s1mp3 firmware and makes sence for cpu parts
01:01:15Steve132I am looking into writing a plugin...does anyone know how hard it would be to port a subset of libbz2 to rockbox?
01:01:20webguest18i ment 30GB
01:01:56amiconnpetur: Alsa should be default if the soundcard is handled by alsa. However, while my sound card *is* handled by alsa, the libsdl-alsa variant didn't work for me
01:02:18amiconnBut -oss works because (iiuc) alsa emulates oss
01:02:49dionoeaSteve132: depends on the memory requirements. zlib should be doable. Don't know about bz2.
01:03:28peturamiconn: do I need to recompile after swapping? I guess not...
01:03:32dionoeazlib has a very low memory footprint decoder (as an example in their source code)
01:04:14dionoeamost plugins only have 512 kB of memory available (someone correct me if i'm wrong)
01:04:18peturnow it crashes even before it shows the peakmeters :(
01:04:20amiconn-esd crashes here
01:04:54Lloreandionoea: Not most. All, unless they steal the audio buffer (no music). Though the hwcodec players it's a different situation entirely (32k if I recall)
01:05:37peturamiconn: sim won't close too, how did you force close?
01:06:05amiconnYou need to kill the process. I uses the gnome system monitor
01:06:07Steve132dionoea: Has anyone done either one before? it would be nice to be able to link in a library if it is used elsewhere in the OS
01:06:20dionoeaSteve132: not that i know.
01:06:44peturamiconn: got it... just like taskman on w32
01:07:13amiconnLinux purists will say 'bah', but I don't care...
01:07:37dionoeaSteve132: the small version of zlib i was thinking about is available in contrib/puff/ in the zlib source
01:08:04Steve132ok...second question....the rockbox build system is really good, but non-standard...are there any good examples in the source of porting a library to the build system?
01:08:10Steve132for use in a plugin?
01:08:27dionoeaaudio codecs maybe ... but they're not really plugins
01:09:10Steve132thanks :)
01:09:14dionoeathis is the interesting sentence in the puff readme: "puff.c may also be useful in applications where code size or memory usage is a very limited resource, and speed is not as important."
01:09:24dionoeasince it's one file only it shouldn't be too hard to port
01:09:27Steve132oh yeah
01:09:31Steve132thats perfect
01:09:44dionoeayou're welcome.
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01:18:23amiconnpetur: Looks like changing the sdl audio output flavour requires a reboot
01:18:39peturah.. will do that
01:18:46amiconnNasty thing...
01:19:38amiconnPerhaps it would suffice to restart some daemons... if I knew which ones...
01:20:19peturit's rebooting already...
01:23:11amiconnI need to use -oss and the esd disabled in gnome
01:23:31 Quit Frazz ("Leaving")
01:23:47amiconnAll other combinations will either crash (-oss with esd running, -alsa), or not work properly (-esd with esd running)
01:23:58*ender` yawns
01:24:43 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
01:25:43 Quit qweru ("moo")
01:25:56peturwhat's esd and how do you disable it?
01:26:17zeesound daemon
01:26:31zeenlightenment (and gnome?)'s sound mixer daemon
01:27:06zeand probably by running the esd or esound initscript with 'down' as the parameter (and removing it from your default runlevel or whatever, if youwant it not tos tart on next boot)
01:27:18zealternatively just finding the running process and killing it
01:27:53zeof course there's probably some distro-specific means of removing it from your default startup
01:28:04amiconnThere is an option in gnome to disable esd
01:28:13peturkilled the esd process.. still crashes...
01:28:18amiconnSystem->Settings->Audio (?)
01:28:34zepetur: did it stay killed?
01:28:52zegnome or your distro's init for it might make itrespawn orsomething
01:28:53amiconnIt requires to restart gnome to take effect
01:29:07*petur gives up.. to much other work to do
01:29:07zethats funky
01:29:14amiconnze: And yes, esd is also gnome's sound daemon
01:30:14 Quit funky ("leaving")
01:30:49zenow that dmix is configured by default, it'd seem logical for the desktop environments and such just to drop sound daemons and more tightly integrate with alsa directly
01:30:59peturwell... if OS ever gets its act together linux might be ready for desktop in a few years... I'd rather have one working tool than 20 half-working ones + the choice...
01:31:07zebut that whole kindat hing is kindof a mess, but oh well far OT
01:31:19 Quit ender` (" Theory of relativity in practice: How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on.")
01:31:24amiconnze: dmix?
01:31:33zeamiconn: alsa's built-in software mixing
01:31:43amiconnHow would I configure that?
01:31:49zeor is it a plugin? either way, its standard
01:31:57zeamiconn: with recent versions of alsa, it's setup by default
01:32:08amiconnAha, hmm
01:32:13zejust tell alsa apps to use the 'default' device, and they'll all get mixed automatically
01:32:27 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
01:32:31zeunless you've changed your setup with asound.conf or asoundrc
01:32:33*amiconn is running debian/amd64 unstable
01:33:01 Quit SiM99 ()
01:33:15zei think it started being setup by default as of alsa 1.0.9 or something likethat
01:33:19maxkelleyI'm hungry..
01:33:39zeafaict, its been in the last several versions
01:34:14 Quit webguest18 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
01:34:47zeof course anything accessing hw:0 or plughw:0 directly will bypass the mixing 'default' device and hog it still
01:35:57 Join kugel [0] (
01:37:02kugelwhere do i find the svn activity of the last days?
01:37:09kugeli cant find it on the new site
01:37:25peturyes you can
01:37:31 Quit My_Sic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:37:54linuxstbAre the "since 4 weeks" and "since august 2006" links somewhere?
01:37:57peturclick 'subversion'
01:38:18kugeli did
01:38:20peturlinuxstb: good spotting, they're gone
01:38:24[aB]DaRkNeSSrockbox is the shizzle
01:38:54kugelyes they are gone
01:39:24kugelthere are just the last 10 changes listed, but nothing more
01:39:50linuxstbThe page is still there -
01:39:56linuxstb(it's just not linked to...)
01:41:26kugelcan you fix thatß
01:41:37*linuxstb just notices the front page also doesn't have the svn log messages...
01:42:09linuxstbkugel: Only Zagor, Bagder or LinusN can...
01:43:14kugellets hope they do so
01:48:59 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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02:14:34Buschelseems like I've managed to merge/adapt the sansa scrollwheel-acceleration to iPOD (at least tested on 5.5G)
02:15:03Buschelneed to tweak the parameters now
02:19:06Butsumetsuwanted to ask something.... when it comes to applying a patch do I still need to rewrite a code or does the cygwin does that for me?
02:20:41aliaskButsumetsu: A patch is designed to automate the code-changing part
02:20:54aliaskSo you apply the patch, and compile the modified source
02:23:04Butsumetsuaahhh so actual coding knowledge is needed damn
02:23:28 Join decayedcell [0] (i=792cfd7c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:23:49ButsumetsuIm asking because im looking at the wiki and it looks simple enough
02:24:56aliask... I just said that NO coding knowledge is required.
02:25:22decayedcellin the recent activity page how do i check the last 4 weeks of commits to SVN
02:27:30Butsumetsuoh ok sorry misread that
02:27:47Butsumetsuthanks for the help
02:36:50 Quit kkurbjun (Nick collision from services.)
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02:39:07 Quit darkless (Remote closed the connection)
02:41:32chrisjs169Bagder, is there a need for another build server?
02:52:57 Join JdGordon [0] (
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03:05:09 Join scorche` [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
03:05:54*DarkStylist tries to revive s1mp3 project
03:07:01 Join floam [0] (n=flaom@
03:07:14 Join ByronFortescue [0] (
03:07:22floamanyone know what main chip the new ipod classics are using yet? there's this ( but I can't make it out
03:07:24ByronFortescuehello there
03:09:01ByronFortescueI was wondering, I would like to shuffle my whole 'library' on the iPod, one of the features of the original software on the iPod, how could I achieve this in rockbox?
03:09:34 Join iamben_ [0] (
03:09:52JdGordonByronFortescue: are you using the file browser or database?
03:10:20ByronFortescuedatabase, but I think I already found it, just playing one of the tracks in the all tracks list, and then turning on the shuffle function
03:10:44JdGordonor insert shuffled from the context menu of the "tracks" item in the db
03:11:34 Quit Noah0504 ("Lost terminal")
03:11:38 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
03:11:44 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
03:12:37jbitdoes anybody know how to get a 5.5g ipod to output some random stuff from its rs232 port?
03:12:57 Nick iamben_ is now known as iamben (
03:12:58ByronFortescueIs this a bug, or is something wrong with my settings, when I scroll trough a playlist, it goes well, but after a few cycles the scrolling slows down and I feel the disk spin?
03:14:18 Quit miepchen^schlaf ("Verlassend")
03:14:27 Quit scorche` (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
03:15:23 Join RudMan [0] (
03:15:27 Join scorche` [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
03:15:29ByronFortescueand is there anyway to get a playlist out of iTunes into rockbox?
03:15:47ByronFortescueto get = of getting (sorry, it's late around these parts of the world ^_^ _
03:15:50JdGordonthere may be a plugin on the tracker to do that... but i dont think so
03:17:16ByronFortescueok cheers for that
03:17:23Butsumetsuthere were a couple of threads on the forums that describes how to do that
03:17:27ByronFortescueand do you know anything about my previous question?
03:17:59JdGordonByronFortescue: turn on dircache
03:18:34ByronFortescuedircache? How do I turn it on? ^_^
03:19:19Butsumetsuyou should look around in Settings
03:19:20JdGordonsettings > generel > system > disk > dircache
03:19:41ByronFortescueawesome, cheers
03:22:08 Join Pwner5889 [0] (i=4ce5b631@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:22:52 Quit Pwner5889 (Client Quit)
03:23:52JdGordonreboot to enable it
03:24:03ByronFortescuedoesn't change that much really
03:24:10ByronFortescueor should I wait for it to be cached?
03:24:30JdGordonno, it shuold be "instant"
03:24:47JdGordondo your files have non-latin characters?
03:25:55 Nick elcasey is now known as RonJeremy (
03:25:58JdGordonumm... then the disk access shouldnt be happning..
03:26:12ByronFortescueI have no disk access this time
03:26:22Butsumetsutime to try patching >__>
03:26:34ByronFortescuebut it still runs slow after I run my thumb down the clickwheel a couple of times
03:26:45ByronFortescuemaybe it has something to do with my scrolling settings?
03:26:46 Nick RonJeremy is now known as elcasey (
03:31:52ByronFortescuebtw, it only happens during playback
03:37:26Butsumetsuin regards to patching.... when cygwin is asking me which file to patch is it an indication i used the wrong -p#?
03:38:11 Quit HellDragon (Client Quit)
03:39:02DarkStylistdo you rockbox guys know why porting rockbox from s1mp3 project stopped?
03:39:23JdGordonI didnt know it started
03:39:40DarkStylistthat was what they said long ago
03:40:14 Join HellDragon [0] (n=Nocebo@unaffiliated/helldragon)
03:40:35DarkStylistim bringing back the concept trying convince them to modify rockbox to load s1mp3 native drivers dumped by some resource editor
03:40:40DarkStylistyes the devs
03:40:47scorche`what devs?
03:41:20DarkStylist#s1mp3 devs have to mail em since many of em are not in the channel
03:41:30 Quit ByronFortescue ("leaving")
03:42:11zeAccording to the THC Ministry, the references to cannabis as an ingredient of the holy anointing oil is actually from the Torah (Five Books of Moses), Exodus 30:23. The plant is called in Hebrew "kaneh bosem" (literally "fragrant cane"). Contrary to the translation of the Septuagint, and supported by both Aramaic translations (the Targum and the Peshita), this is identified as the cannabis plant.
03:42:22zeer woops
03:42:23zewrong chan
03:44:05DarkStylistthe s1mp3 os becomes larger all the time because chinese s1mp3osdevs compile 1 version over another that could be used to an advantage if the players could be listed and autoed as profiles
03:44:22DarkStylistwith rockbox
03:46:33DarkStylista rockbox using resources from s1mp3firmware in other words
03:46:53DarkStylista more natural approach i presume
03:47:21 Join perrikwp [0] (i=4aa794a0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:47:56DarkStylistdevelopment begins on monday as i got a few intrested s1mp3 forum guys , anyone from rockbox intrested to give a hand?
03:48:36DiceRyAny aussies here ? Harvey Norman are clearing out X30 Toshiba gigabeats for $222 :D almost half retail price ;) (bought mine today to give rockbox a go)
03:50:01Butsumetsuhas anyone got the wikipedia plugin working here?
03:51:36 Nick elcasey is now known as zsh (
03:52:03 Quit scorche` ("Leaving")
03:52:27 Nick zsh is now known as cdda2ogg (
03:52:52 Part DarkStylist
03:56:17 Nick cdda2ogg is now known as elcasey (
04:10:02 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@nat01-southtowers-ext.Rutgers.EDU)
04:31:42 Join Febs_ [0] (
04:36:26 Quit k-man (Connection timed out)
04:40:33 Quit perrikwp ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:41:29 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
04:45:42decayedcellim ozzie DiceRy
04:48:00 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
04:50:20 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
04:53:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:57:52 Nick nearn is now known as nurn (
04:58:18cendresany of you have a scale and an empty beer bottle?
04:58:58cendresim going to put up signs to offer close to equal deposit value for broken glass, just to get it out of the grass and fields
04:59:21cendresi guess i should buy a scale
04:59:24 Nick elcasey is now known as casey_zzz (
04:59:33chrisjs169JdGordon, same
04:59:44Lloreancendres: This is #Rockbox, please stay on topic.
05:00:27cendresLlorean: i understand, but this is an unusual thing im asking and no where to ask. google doesn't know weight, just volume
05:00:31jbitso after six hours of hardware hacking
05:00:44jbiti still have no working sio
05:01:14jbitgonna reverse something and write a program to output some char from the port over and over so i can get it working
05:01:43Lloreancendres: Just because you can't find another place to ask, doesn't mean you should ask here. I've never understood that train of logic, but people offer it as an excuse a lot.
05:02:03cendresi asked it in many channels, not just here
05:02:10cendrespls dont be upset
05:02:45LloreanIn the future, why not just follow the guidelines then?
05:03:14Butsumetsui actually have a question kinda relating to rockbox...
05:04:01floamso no idea yet what chip it is on the new ipod classic (or the nano? I'm betting they're the same)
05:04:13Lloreanfloam: I think they've narrowed it down to a sigmatel chip
05:04:23Butsumetsuim in the compiling process in applying a patch... after executing make i get a "command not found" for a arm-elf-gcc eventhough i selected it during the installation process
05:04:32Butsumetsuthis is in cygwin btw
05:05:22floamto a specific one? or to being "a sigmatel chip"
05:05:34cendresim not trying to spite the channel etiquette, but there is no channel for this question. i understand that you don't want this channel to turn into #dating or #politics, but i think some slack is fair
05:05:47Lloreanfloam: I think the model number's out there, but it's not terribly useful on its own
05:05:49Butsumetsugo to #rockbox-community then
05:06:02floam/join #freenode
05:06:15floameerrr, I got some weird character stuck between my /
05:06:43Lloreancendres: And we think that this is an on-topic channel. "No channel for this question" is not an excuse to spam. I bet there's no channel for actual spam either.
05:06:59 Join kkurbju1 [0] (
05:07:01floamLlorean: it's useful if I just want to read the datasheet and get an idea of how much (if any) more powerful this might be than what it replaces
05:07:10 Quit kkurbjun (Nick collision from services.)
05:07:14 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
05:07:23 Nick kkurbju1 is now known as kkurbjun (
05:07:37Lloreancendres: This channel is logged for developers to search, if everyone decided that they could ask non-Rockbox questions so long as there wasn't another channel for them, the logs would quickly fill with useless fluff, so please just respect the rules as they're stated.
05:08:03Lloreanfloam: That's the thing, I believe there wasn't a datasheet found.
05:08:28cendresLlorean: okay, that makes sense
05:08:38floamwell then that's not terribly useful :)
05:08:47Lloreancendres: The rules do exist for a reason, they aren't just because we're anal. ;)
05:09:10LloreanBesides, we at least offer a channel for off-topic stuff, if you'd read the topic...
05:10:31cendresyou're right
05:11:12chrisjs169success :D
05:11:33chrisjs169JdGordon's modified e200tool works
05:11:41Butsumetsudamnit still getting errors during make process
05:14:34krazykitButsumetsu, did you change your $PATH correctly?
05:15:16Butsumetsui probably didnt but which instruction are you referring to?
05:15:32Butsumetsuis it the adding cross-compiler path?
05:15:44 Quit bb (Nick collision from services.)
05:15:51 Join bb_ [0] (n=bb@unaffiliated/bb)
05:16:01Butsumetsukk ill give it a try thx
05:17:34 Join jhulst [0] (
05:23:11 Join ddalton [0] (
05:23:20 Part ddalton
05:26:27 Join ddalton [0] (
05:29:55 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
05:30:07floamyeah, these are totally both the same chip
05:30:47floamnothing obvious to me identifying either as sigmatel, though
05:31:40LloreanI was thinking Samsung when I said Sigmatel.
05:32:10LloreanAnd I think it's more assumption that they're Samsung than testing
05:32:25LloreanSigmatel is the shuffle, iirc.
05:33:02 Quit ddalton ("leaving")
05:59:48 Join perrikwp [0] (n=chatzill@
06:14:46 Quit Butsumetsu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:17:38 Join My_Sic [0] (
06:18:20 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
06:47:19 Quit Febs_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:52:45 Join chrisjs169|brb [0] (
06:53:23 Quit chrisjs169 (Nick collision from services.)
06:53:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:53:29 Nick chrisjs169|brb is now known as chrisjs169 (n=jack@unaffiliated/chrisjs169)
06:55:37 Quit RudMan (Remote closed the connection)
07:21:59 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
07:30:46 Join scorche|ltop [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
07:57:13 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
07:57:19 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
07:57:21maxkelleyI wish plugins actually used the PLA_* keymappings.
07:58:24maxkelleyWould make it a hell of a lot easier for me.
08:04:21 Join grndslm [0] (
08:05:58amiconnjhMikeS: You mean rockboy, not rockbox...? ;)
08:12:49 Join JdGordon [0] (
08:16:40 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:17:18amiconnjhMikeS: Now there's the opposite effect on linux: The sim draws so little cpu power that buffering takes ages, and playback skips like hell ("sdl_audio_callback: No Data" every few seconds)
08:18:51jhMikeSamiconn: say what? I test on VMWare and things go ok. I've nowhere to put a straight linux install.
08:19:04amiconnThat's on 64 bit
08:19:42jhMikeSand I meant rockboy, indeed :)
08:19:48amiconnClosing the app works now though
08:21:16jhMikeSthrough a nasty fix...terminating threads on anything in that manner is rather iffy.
08:21:38jhMikeSdid you watch the audiobuffer screen?
08:22:33amiconnGnome system monitor shows 0% cpu for that skipping sim btw
08:23:39LloreanWhy is plugin use of the audiobuffer an all-or-nothing thing?
08:25:52amiconnjhMikeS: Hmm, I can't check the audio debug screen. As soon as playback started, the ui is completely unresponsive
08:25:54jhMikeSamiconn: obviously SDL_Delay(0) works as thread yield like it should so that will need limiting
08:26:10jhMikeSwill it ever finish buffering?
08:26:21jhMikeSand it's ok after that?
08:26:29amiconnIt does (from what I can tell from the console output)
08:27:24amiconnIt's only after buffering finished that it even starts to play - and then it skipis and skips and ..
08:27:46amiconnUI is unresponsive from the moment I select a file
08:27:59jhMikeSI suppose a counter could go back on the SDL_Delay call to find a good number. No reason to use 1. I also don't want to deny 100% utilization if needed.
08:28:48amiconnwps also doesn't update
08:30:15 Join chris__ [0] (
08:30:35jhMikeSI'll put the counter back in but with SDL_Delay(0) instead. It should be fine with VWWare and the like no matter.
08:31:24amiconnIf I take out the SDL_Delay(0), it works again
08:31:43jhMikeSI thought it was starving other threads without it
08:31:50maxkelleyyet another magical compiling error.
08:32:12amiconnNo it doesn't. It did because of the peakmeters calling sleep(0), and sleep(0) wasn't behaving like on target
08:32:48amiconnIt might though in another situation than playback
08:33:18jhMikeSSDL_CondWait(c, m, 0) probably doesn't give up remaining quantum
08:33:51 Quit My_Sic (Client Quit)
08:33:55amiconnI.e. my sleep() fix commit fixed playback on linux/amd64 with peakmetered wps (no excessive start delay, and no 100% cpu load)
08:34:29amiconnCPU load was around 7% - same with your more accurate version now
08:34:51 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:35:14jhMikeSSo what's the op. about SDL_Delay? Take it out or use a counter to balance it?
08:35:53jhMikeSIn switch_thread that is.
08:36:22 Quit perrikwp ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
08:38:30 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
08:38:53amiconnHmm, and on VMware + linux/x86 I have the same skipping problem as on 64 bit...
08:39:17amiconnDisabling the SDL_Delay(0) helps there too
08:41:21jhMikeSso just dump it alltogether?
08:43:07 Quit eigma ()
08:44:06jhMikeSyou're using a debian image, right? I don't know the fact I'm also using XP/VMWare+debian/x86 indicates anything. I just want to get this tuned back up asap.
08:46:37amiconnYes, I'm using debian
08:46:42 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:47:03 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
08:49:03jhMikeSamiconn: are you checking something out re: a counter for SDL_Delay(0) or anything? c'mon, help me out here :)
08:49:58amiconnNo counter atm
08:50:31amiconnI'm trying to find out whether mpegplayer will work without the SDL_Delay(0) - but on 64 bit mpegplayer just loads the file and bails out
08:51:07amiconnOn windows it draws 100% cpu power, but plays fine
08:52:46jhMikeSIsn't something not working with libmad on 64 bit?
08:52:46 Join ddalton [0] (
08:53:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:53:33amiconnLibmad is working now....
08:53:43amiconnI fixed that yesterday
08:54:21amiconn (7 Sep 23:45)
08:54:45amiconnAnd if that bug were still there, it would crash, not just bail out
08:55:06jhMikeSI'm worried that SDL_Delay(0) at all, ever will potentially starve other threads in the sim.
08:58:05jhMikeSoh, btw, which sim are you running?
08:59:43amiconnOn linux/x86-vmware, mpegplayer works without the SDL_Delay(0), but it doesn't keep up
09:02:25 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
09:02:38JdGordonanyone have an idea how to put the e200r bootloader/installer into the build system?
09:03:28amiconnIsn't the bootloader the same as e200?
09:03:55JdGordonyes, but there is a installer "bootloader" which needs to be built before the boootloader can be run
09:04:13JdGordonit uses the code from the bootloader/ folder
09:04:27jhMikeSThe e200 svn bootloader should probably be made available as "the bootloader" since there's that lcd fix.
09:06:37amiconnJdGordon: Do you have that on-target patcher working?
09:06:47*jhMikeS wonders about the semaphore use and if perhaps that should just be pulled. it will cause more blocking than should really be there I think.
09:09:46amiconnnice :)
09:10:05amiconnSansapatcher will handle the installation I presume? (in manufacturer mode)
09:10:19JdGordonim hoping to merge the sansapatcher code into the installer
09:11:21 Join ipodbootloader [0] (i=4118a0c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:11:30JdGordonheres trouble....
09:11:56 Quit Llorean (Remote closed the connection)
09:12:26 Join Llorean [0] (
09:12:27ipodbootloaders it possible to load the ipod firmware on default instead of rockbox and have rockbox as the one for the hold switch?
09:13:25ipodbootloaders it possible to load the ipod firmware on default instead of rockbox and have rockbox as the one for the hold switch?
09:13:35ipodbootloadermy bad on double post
09:15:23nurnI assum you would have to get the souce code for the boot loader and change the if statment around, then recomile it and install it.
09:16:36scorche|ltopand, would need to recompile the bootloader
09:19:30amiconnjhMikeS: I think the delay should just be removed for now. A more sophisticated mechanism could be added later if we run into trouble somewhere
09:19:39amiconnI have no idea about the semaphore thing
09:20:11ipodbootloaderthanks guys, ill try it
09:20:11jhMikeSjust comment out the two calls in switch_thread and see
09:22:29 Part chris__ ("Konversation terminated!")
09:22:33 Quit ipodbootloader ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:28:44kkurbjunhey jdgordon, how difficult do you think it would be to modify the gui code to respond to a touch screen or a mouse as an input method? - I know that's a pretty open ended question, but I'm wondering if you have any impression of how feasible it is with the current code.
09:31:00JdGordonkkurbjun: well, I was thinking about that actually (blame apple :p) and it would be _difficult_...
09:31:26JdGordonunless a dedicated screen keybaord area was implemented
09:34:00kkurbjunyeah, buttons on screen seem doable, but I'm thinking for the all the lists, right now I'm thinking that the screen could be divided up into segments for up down, left, right and it would work well enough, but it really wouldn't be using the touch screen's capabilities much.. I guess that's something for the future (hopefully not too far future though :-D)
09:34:53JdGordonfor the sim it shuold be easy to do... but for real targets.. yeah, it would need regions on the screen which wouldnt work all that well i tihnk
09:34:56JdGordonnot with the current ui
09:35:12 Quit Ebert ()
09:35:22kkurbjunwhy would the sim be easier?
09:37:02kkurbjunthere's another platform I'm interested in that has a touch screen - no multi touch stuff, just a single point.
09:37:52JdGordonwell... the sim has "buttons" which the user would press, real targets would be interesting...
09:37:56JdGordonwhich target you have in mind?
09:38:16kkurbjunthe M:robe 500
09:39:37JdGordonmaybe it could work
09:39:56kkurbjunit's a DMS320 based player, but alot of the chip and device have already been figured out by two others who started a medios port and did a linux port
09:40:37*JdGordon would love to help with that port :p
09:41:06JdGordonif the button driver returned an x/y coordinate instead of a real button, the list code could figure out an action
09:41:14JdGordonno idea how other screens would cope though
09:41:50 Join Redbreva [0] (
09:41:52kkurbjunwell there's alot of information if you want to get a player, I already have a target tree setup - havn't gotten the lcd running yet, but like I said before there's alot of work and code to refrence
09:42:12kkurbjunyou can get used ones really cheap on ebay
09:42:28kkurbjunI got one in mint condition for 70 w/ shipping
09:44:40*jhMikeS no sem, 50 count as before
09:44:47amiconnjhMikeS: Btw, it should be possible to prevent the rockbox threads from starving other threads (e.g. the i/o) without SDL_Delay. We'd need to set a lower priority for the rockbox threads
09:45:45jhMikeSis it confirmed the screen/key/io threads are being starved?
09:46:26jhMikeSI don't think SDL support prioritization anyway
09:46:35amiconnThey are if you put it back to sleep(0) not sleeping at all
09:46:52 Join bones [0] (
09:48:02jhMikeSwell, yeah, I don't think a zero wait on SDL_Cond actually did a thread yield but just a test and return, unlike SDL_Delay(0).
09:49:16jhMikeSthat semaphore in switch_thread will increase the yield count too high for the RB threads and those seem to be the ones starving if mpegplayer for example loses ground.
09:50:50JdGordonanyone know anything about the file? it doesnt seem to like my extra define i put int he Makefile ?
09:51:33jhMikeSnow I'm getting some pretty fast buffering save for occasional page file swapping. seems better here with a counter.
09:53:44 Join aliask [0] (
09:54:12 Part bones ("Leaving")
09:55:01 Join bones [0] (
09:55:27bonesis it OK to ask for help on installing rockbox here?
09:55:56ddaltonyes if you have read the manual
09:56:07 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
09:56:53 Join desowin [0] (
09:57:03bonesI'm using LInux and when I try to extract the rockbox zip files, I'm getting a "you don't have permission " type error
09:57:55desowinbones: dis you mounted drive with user priviledges?
09:58:31boneswas automounted when I plugged in.. I have user priviledges tho..
09:58:49bonesdrwx−−−−−− 8 marty root 4096 1970-01-01 10:00 MARTY'S IPO
09:59:48aliaskType "mount" at a terminal and see if it's mounted read only
10:00:52bones/dev/sdc2 on /media/MARTY'S IPO type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,shortname=mixed,uid=1000,utf8,umask=077)
10:01:15aliaskCan you create a folder on the drive regularly?
10:01:48bonesI've not tried before.. can't do it now
10:03:17aliaskWell, you might be better off asking for support in a linux channel, I'm not entirely sure what's wrong.
10:03:45bonesok - thanks anyway.. cheers
10:04:07 Join davina [0] (
10:09:38 Quit scorche|ltop ("Leaving")
10:10:22jhMikeSbuffering happens so fast now there wouldn't even be time to make it to the audio debug screen were it not for the occasion page file hits :\
10:11:11jhMikeS<1s for 32MB :P
10:14:48 Part bones ("Leaving")
10:25:22 Quit Caliban (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:29:15 Join billytwowilly [0] (
10:33:27jhMikeSamiconn: hopefully this one will do the trick
10:36:16jhMikeSeek, what's with all the "ld"
10:37:30jhMikeSevery one I look at is
10:41:03amiconntemp file system is read only...
10:41:06amiconnlinuxstb: ping
10:41:38 Join ender` [0] (
10:43:10amiconnjhMikeS: Hmm, the shutdown problem is back...
10:44:24jhMikeSlol. ok. what about the rest of it?
10:45:11amiconnWorks on linx/amd64 (except mpegplayer, but that's another issue)
10:47:05amiconnHmm, on windows cpu load is now higher than before (but still <50%)
10:48:10jhMikeSup from what?
10:48:45amiconnHmm, don't remember exactly...
10:48:52 Join RaRe` [0] (
10:49:04amiconnI don't think it's a problem
10:49:42jhMikeSI don't know why the peak code spins instead of just waiting on the queue until the next frame. Seems an odd thing to do.
10:49:50 Join gromit` [0] (
10:50:15amiconnIt does effectively wait for the next frame, unless highperf is set
10:50:27amiconnAnd highperf is never set on the sim
10:50:35 Join pixelma [0] (n=Marianne@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
10:51:52 Join n1s [0] (
10:51:53jhMikeSjust waiting on the queue just block until the next frame is due is worth a few uS. makes no sense to spin at all imho.
10:52:13amiconnThe spinning makes very much sense on hwcodec
10:53:09 Quit desowin ("use linux")
10:53:23amiconnOn hwcodec, peak_meter_peek() must be called as often as possible. The more often it is called, the better the peak reading will reflect the actual peaks
10:53:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:54:16amiconnHowever, doing this always slows down other stuff, so the highperf variable is used to slow down peak reading to once per tick if ata is active
10:54:42amiconnWithout that, recording will break when the fat code has to scan for the first usable cluster
10:58:17jhMikeSok, for hwcodec it might be needed for accuracy but on SWCODEC just waiting for a keypress would be way more efficient since it gets a whole buffer to peek at
10:59:17*amiconn just found why the peakmeters in swcodec sims seem to be totally unrelated to the music...
11:00:17LloreanBecause it is due to some bug?
11:00:29jhMikeSthe mpegplayer sync is skewed too. it would be nice to have a good audio sync.
11:00:59amiconnLlorean: It's because it just uses random values in the sim, although it calculates the actual peaks
11:01:13n1shehe, nice
11:01:15LloreanSo... less a bug, and more just "not intended to work"
11:01:33amiconnThis randomisation is obviously there to cause some motion in the sim's wps - but it's only actually needed for hwcodec sims
11:01:34*jhMikeS thought it actually read the darn buffer :)
11:01:52amiconnjhMikeS: It does - but it doesn't use the value...
11:03:02jhMikeSwhy is that needed even for hwcodec? it's not really hwcodec in the sim anyway.
11:03:32amiconnNo, it's no codec in the sim
11:03:47jhMikeSno audio?
11:03:48amiconnWithout the randomisation, the peakmeter would look static
11:04:39jhMikeSsheesh. I'd think you could build libmad into it and fake it.
11:05:36jhMikeSI guess a sim MAS would be fun to work on
11:05:36amiconnWell, it would need a mas emulation using libmad
11:06:01amiconnI don't think it's worth the effort. Interesting it might be though
11:06:02 Quit RaRe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:08:58jhMikeSwell, if I ever find myself with nothing else to work on...
11:09:27 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
11:09:30LloreanjhMikeS: *cough*mpegseeking*cough*
11:11:31pixelmaehmm mpegplayer+voice would be a more important fix...
11:11:49jhMikeSsince it uses IRAM, that's certainly impossible
11:11:57JdGordonyou guys know your allowd to cough more than 1 word at a time right?
11:12:25LloreanActually, I could care less about mpegplayer seeking, since I've never really felt its missingness.
11:12:33jhMikeS<1 one words at a time :)
11:12:34LloreanI'm more eager for dual core, but people whine about no seeking a lot.
11:13:11LloreanjhMikeS: Does mpegplayer need the IRAM while you're in the menus, or could it swap?
11:13:12jhMikeSThere is one thing I hate working on and that's circular buffers. Everything else seems ok.
11:13:15n1sLlorean: we'll never stop the whining and you know it ;-)
11:13:24Lloreann1s: I can dream, can't I?
11:13:43n1syes, yes of course
11:14:02pixelmaI didn't mean it should voice mpegplayer menus, just that voice enabled doesn't break mpegplayer...
11:14:03jhMikeSLlorean: all the IRAM would be trashes as soon as the voice comes back. perhaps a mechanism could be devised
11:14:29amiconnNow linuxstb isn't even here...
11:14:34jhMikeSpixelma: ah. all it really needs to do is disable it but it doesn't.
11:14:48amiconnBagder: Could you disable linuxstb's build server temporarily?
11:15:42jhMikeSThe voice codec can be loaded and mpegplayer will work properly so it's definitely just when the voice tries to run.
11:19:14amiconnjhMikeS: Iirc *you* already devised a mechanism for this... and doom uses it
11:21:30jhMikeSactually, recording originally just set global_settings.talk_menus (or whatever) but then someone else came up with some interface to do it.
11:22:18 Join seablue [0] (
11:23:06*jhMikeS wonders if just letting all the threads die with the sim process would do the job. let the OS handle it.
11:28:34 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- Po-ta-to, boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.")
11:41:07 Join Bagd3r [0] (i=52b61a05@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:41:27Bagd3rI've disabled linuxstb's server for now
11:41:31 Join desowin [0] (
11:41:55*scorche wonders where b4gder went
11:42:23Bagd3rb4gder is my work client, this is just me on my wife's laptop using the web client...
11:42:34scorcheah...there is a system! =)
11:42:56pixelmait's just the working one of the 3 ;)
11:43:48JdGordonBagd3r: can you have a quick look at my patch for the e200r installer to make sure its done OK and doesnt break any other targets?
11:44:40Bagd3rwhat patch is that?">
11:47:15Bagd3rtry the new title on the build table...
11:47:27Bagd3rnow showing ld version too
11:50:15pixelmain the "recent" page, could there still be the "last 4 weeks" "since..." links after the "Subversion" headline like it was on the old frontpage?
11:51:16Bagd3rJdGordon: that dump array could use a comment explaining what it is and where it came from...
11:51:28JdGordonthats going...
11:51:36JdGordonim more worried about the configure and Makefile edits
11:51:39Bagd3rthere's also a few // comments
11:51:48Bagd3rIhose looked fine to me
11:52:01JdGordonok cool
11:53:30Bagd3rI would prefer if the fix was done by changing the IRAMORIG define outside of the file instead of the #ifdef within the file...
11:54:22Bagd3rbut that's only minor details
11:54:26Bagd3rI'm off
11:54:30scorcheBagd3r: might i talk to you about the new front page, or shall i wait for zagor?
11:54:39scorchewell, thet answers that =)
11:55:03Bagd3rback again tonight my time
11:55:05 Quit Bagd3r ("CGI:IRC")
11:58:46 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
12:00:20 Quit ddalton (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:04:10 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
12:04:13 Join XavierGr [0] (
12:04:15 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:05:05pixelmalinuxstb: checked your server?
12:07:55linuxstbI could hardly miss it - it's my main workstation as well...
12:08:11linuxstbIt's currently checking and repairing its filesystems.
12:09:11pixelmaah, ok.
12:10:05linuxstbBut thanks anyway ;)
12:10:33 Part Redbreva ("User is away.")
12:12:37pixelmayou're welcome ;)
12:14:35 Part pixelma
12:18:05 Join juk [0] (
12:19:17 Join Thundercloud [0] (
12:19:31JdGordonlinuxstb: what does strip sansapatcher do at the end of the sansaptchr makefile?
12:25:41 Join kubiixaka [0] (
12:29:16 Join Hedi [0] (
12:30:13 Quit kubiixaka (Client Quit)
12:30:45 Nick Hedi is now known as [aaa] (
12:31:10 Join kubiixaka [0] (
12:31:17 Join agm3nt [0] (
12:31:39[aaa]Hello there is a firmwares for the mp4 GV40 ?
12:33:23n1s[aaa]: There's no Rockbox port for that player
12:33:52linuxstbJdGordon: It removes all the symbols from the binary - to reduce the size.
12:36:29linuxstbJdGordon:: Your e200r installer patch is looking good. You should be able to use sleep() for your delays though - the bootloader implements it on PP using the hardware usec timer.
12:37:43JdGordonwhich sleep()?
12:37:53linuxstbJdGordon:: Also, if the button driver is working reliably, maybe add an "press any key to reboot" after its finished?
12:38:00JdGordonthats on the list
12:38:04linuxstbI mean use sleep() instead of your for() loops.
12:38:09JdGordoni havnt tested the button driver at all
12:38:54linuxstbBut maybe those loops will disappear in the final version anyway...
12:40:39linuxstbHas anyone tested it on a real E200R yet?
12:40:54JdGordonno, chrisjs169 tested it on his converted e200 though and it worked
12:41:04linuxstbAlso, has anyone made any effort on Windows?
12:41:14JdGordonit does a full crc32 check and a quick check of the 4 bytes being changed so it shoudl be safe
12:41:17JdGordonand no
12:41:44linuxstbI assume the dump[] array will go away as well in the final version?
12:42:03JdGordonI'm not sure weather to put the whole thing in the main-pp.c or a new file
12:42:16linuxstbA new file IMO.
12:42:37linuxstbAs it's not a bootloader...
12:42:48[aaa]What's the best progs for convertir in .MTV ,?
12:43:21scorche[aaa]: what does that have to do with rockbox?
12:43:25linuxstbAlthough if there's a lot of shared code, maybe add a common-pp.c file or similar? That would also have the advantage of making main-pp.c itself smaller.
12:44:37JdGordonanyone feel like playing (c) lawyer and telling me if my "e200tool" is ok for svn?
12:49:01linuxstbIt doesn't look rewritten at all...
12:49:15JdGordonhehe, you notiiced then :p
12:49:39JdGordonit all uses the libusb though, so I'm not really sure how different it could be done
12:50:00aliaskJust add some while(0) statements in the middle of it all
12:50:14 Quit [aaa] ()
12:50:31JdGordonI wonder if we could just get MrH to sign over the (c) to us...
12:50:53LloreanBut it's not the copyright that's the problem, is it? It's the no-real-name policy?
12:50:56scorchean anonymous person signing over copyright...
12:51:35 Join funky [0] (n=repulse@unaffiliated/funky)
12:52:38 Join Buschel [0] (
12:53:22 Quit Llorean (Remote closed the connection)
12:53:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:57:32n1sDoes e200tool even have a licence?
12:57:46n1sI mean is it distributed with a licence?
12:57:48 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
12:58:06JdGordoni dont tinhk so
12:58:49n1sso technically we don't have permission to change it at all... hmmm
12:59:42JdGordonwhy make things difficult...?
13:01:20*linuxstb switches computers
13:01:23 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
13:02:01 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:02:05n1swell IANAL but I think that it's worth considering, also someone (Bagder) should discuss it with mrh
13:02:27JdGordonyeah, probably
13:03:28linuxstbIMO, the e200tool code we're using is very simple. So it wouldn't be too much work (less work than arguing about licenses...) for someone to describe what it's doing (with reference to libusb functions), and then for someone else to just implement them again without looking at the original source.
13:04:09JdGordonthis is what I recon... its so simple that it would end up the same code...
13:04:26linuxstbI did that in the past with mi4code, when I incorporated it into scramble.
13:08:58 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:09:55 Join ByronFortescue [0] (
13:10:49ByronFortescueI want to add those flashy icons to my rockbox theme, but how do I accomplish this.. The fontsize of the theme is rather small and it seems like the icons get squished..
13:12:02n1sByronFortescue: then you have two options, 1) Find a theme that uses a larger font 2) use smaller icons
13:12:32ByronFortescueok thanks ^_^
13:12:45ByronFortescueand what is this EvilGFusion build I read about?!
13:15:54 Join pixelma [0] (n=Marianne@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
13:16:42 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
13:16:49 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
13:17:57 Part agm3nt
13:18:27n1sByronFortescue: it's an unsupported build that includes some patches
13:19:59ByronFortescueOk, cause in order to use some themes, it says it needs those patches (for album art for instance), but do I just overwrite all the files in the package to my .rockbox dir? and does it use the album art in the mp3 files itself?
13:22:53JdGordonlinuxstb: your saying I need to tell someone else how it works? or I just need to redo the whole thing from scratch?
13:23:30linuxstbJdGordon: Leave it with me - I'm working on it...
13:23:40JdGordonah ok
13:24:19*JdGordon maybe shouldnt have done svn cp main-pp.c main-e200r-installer.c :p
13:26:00n1sByronFortescue: yes, just overwrite all files in you rockbox dir and no it doesn't read art from the mp3 files and we do not support these builds so we can not really help you with them, if you have questions or problems ask the person making the buidl (in the fourms)
13:26:43 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
13:29:35ByronFortescueok cheers
13:35:20 Join Genre9mp3 [0] (
13:38:54 Part ByronFortescue
13:40:11 Quit desowin ("use linux")
13:46:37 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
13:49:04 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
13:53:00 Quit decayedcell ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:53:21 Join desowin [0] (
14:00:34 Join Frazz [0] (
14:13:28 Join ByronFortescue [0] (
14:13:34ByronFortescuehello there again ^_^
14:14:49ByronFortescueI was wondering, I like to sync my iPod with iTunes (just lazy to do it manually), it works wonderfully, but when I choose to view the current playlist, I get the filenames instead of the ID3 tags, is there any way to choose to show the ID3 tags in the playlist instead of the filenames?
14:15:19linuxstbNot currently.
14:15:44 Join FOAD_ [0] (
14:17:43ByronFortescueI think it's a bit weird that the database shows all ID3 tags and the player as well, but the playlist view does not..
14:18:01 Join freqmod [0] (
14:18:44 Quit Stalwart ("$PATH upgrade")
14:19:10Soapplaylists are based on files. Thus they show the file names. You can imagine the Database as a layer running on top of the basic structure of Rockbox - another layer of abstraction.
14:19:36ByronFortescueYes, I understand, but a playlist is a layer of abstraction as well..
14:19:44Soapnot on rockbox.
14:19:46ByronFortescueA file list on the other hand..
14:19:54Soapplaylist = filelist.
14:19:57linuxstbBut showing the id3 tags in the playlist viewer is often requested - it's just that no-one has implemented it in an efficient way yet.
14:20:01Soapopen a .m3u on your windows machine.
14:20:27ByronFortescueI'm no windows user ^_^
14:20:43*linuxstb slaps Soap for making such assumptions
14:20:56Soapplaying the odds.
14:21:10Soapopen a .m3u on your Mac, then.
14:21:45 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
14:22:11SoapNotice I didn't cap "windows" - thus it isn't a proper noun, thus I was refering to ANY machine with a modern window manager. :P
14:23:17linuxstbSoap: Not convincing...
14:23:48 Join Febs_ [0] (
14:25:05*amiconn tried the modplayer plugin now (on 2nd gen)
14:25:58amiconnWorks quite well. Boosts a little bit on PP5002
14:29:13Buschelhi folks, I have a quite some problems with creating a new menu item. I've added a new language item (LANG_WHEEL_ACCEL_START) to english.lang, but compiler always can't find.
14:29:31 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:29:31 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
14:30:37 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:30:42n1sBuschel: did you add it for the correct target? or use *: ? also0 did you try a full rebuild with 'make clean' ?
14:35:03Buscheln1s: did make clean and ../tools/configure
14:35:56n1sBuschel: so how does your new string in the lang file look?
14:37:01Buscheln1s: *: "Wheel Acceleration Start"
14:37:47n1sBuschel: that looks ok, could you pastebin the whole <phrase>..</phrase> ?
14:38:16Buschel id: LANG_WHEEL_ACCEL_START
14:38:16Buschel desc: wheel acceleration start
14:38:16DBUGEnqueued KICK Buschel
14:38:16Buschel user:
14:38:16Buschel <source>
14:38:16***Alert Mode level 1
14:38:16Buschel *: "Wheel Acceleration Start"
14:38:18Buschel scrollwheel: none
14:38:20Buschel </source>
14:38:22Buschel <dest>
14:38:24Buschel *: "Wheel Acceleration Start"
14:38:26Buschel scrollwheel: none
14:38:28Buschel </dest>
14:38:30Buschel <voice>
14:38:32Buschel *: "Wheel Acceleration Start"
14:38:34Buschel scrollwheel: none
14:38:36Buschel </voice>
14:38:45pixelmaisn't there a similar phrase already`?
14:39:03amiconn#rockbox != pastebin...
14:39:55n1sBuschel: which target are you building for?
14:40:04 Join BigMac [0] (
14:40:08BuscheliPOD Video, simulation
14:40:26amiconnEh, isn't that the wrong way 'round?
14:40:50amiconnShould be *: none scrollwheel: "Wheel acceleration Start" iiuc
14:41:46n1samiconn: that depends on what you want to do, the ipods don't have "scrollwheel"
14:42:27n1sthat means they don't define the HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL define that controls jhMikeS' new acceleration stuff (sansa only)
14:43:31amiconnHow "intuitive"...
14:43:37Buschelahh, that's it maybe. I've defined this stuff :o) gott check
14:43:50amiconnBut I'd think that's what Buschel is trying to adapt...
14:44:06n1sthen this won't work obviously :-)
14:44:15amiconnWhy not?
14:45:04n1sbecause if he defines HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL and excludes the string for 'scrollwheel' and then try to use it, well the compiler will barf
14:46:04n1sif this is true amiconn was right initially and you have the strings the wrong way around
14:46:17Buschelok, looks better now. thx for the hint!
14:47:16SoapI was under the impression jhMikeS thought the iPod wheel driver needed a complete reworking to allow the type of scroll acceleration he implemented for the Sansa.
14:47:25SoapBut you got it working Buschel?
14:48:17***Alert Mode OFF
14:53:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:53:53Buschelsoap: yes, it works. nevertheless I don't like the hardcoded acceleration factor. I want to add some minor configuration which allows you to set the wheelspeed from which acceleration starts
14:54:09Soapis this in the tracker yet?
14:54:40Buschelno, not yet. I will post this today −− if not with configurability, then without...
14:55:04Soapjust curious. I do want to play with it!
14:56:24 Join Arathis [0] (
14:59:19jhMikeSSoap: I doubt it needs a complete rework but who knows.
14:59:51Buschelok, gotta leave for 1h or so
15:00:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:00:41*jhMikeS isn't clear why odd options like "Wheel Acceleration Start" would be needed. If that's a timeout, it will surely make it less responsive than it should be.
15:04:42 Join qweru [0] (
15:06:11jhMikeSamiconn: there's no issues with setjmp/longjmp on the 64-bit stuff or anything is there? I need it to make sure every thread does a graceful exit (since they're all scrambled up) and that will avoid any problems with shutdown.
15:06:37amiconnUmm, I don't know
15:07:36jhMikeSI guess it's standard C-lib stuff. Just wondered if anything ever came up.
15:08:34 Quit BigMac ("Konversation terminated!")
15:11:29 Join kugel [0] (
15:12:11 Quit kugel (Client Quit)
15:12:25 Part ByronFortescue
15:13:44 Join kugel [0] (
15:17:18 Join Diamonds_and_Rus [0] (
15:41:00 Join darkless [0] (
15:42:38 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:42:48 Quit Arathis ("Verlassend")
15:44:02 Quit ompaul ("to meet zorro!")
15:54:30 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:55:53 Join agm3nt [0] (
15:56:10 Part pixelma
15:58:54 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
15:59:01 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
16:00:01 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
16:05:24 Quit kubiixaka ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
16:05:46Buschelok, back agin
16:08:13Buscheljhmikes: you did the sansa scrollwheel acceleration?
16:13:29 Join webguest56 [0] (i=5348b43f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:13:35 Quit webguest56 (Client Quit)
16:22:22jhMikeSBuschel: yes
16:23:43Buschelahh, that's good. I would like to discuss some things about it
16:24:14Buscheli adapted the patch to the ipod-wheeldriver and came around some stuff
16:25:19Buschele.g. in my patch i do not use the flag for fast scrolling at all. i always set it and let the calculation in button_apply_acceleration() do the rest
16:25:48Buschelso, if v > 1 -> accelerate, if v<=1 -> only step further by 1
16:26:25jhMikeSyou could run into trouble. the reason that is there is so that it _never_ skips when moving slowly to ensure you can always go to the next/prev item.
16:26:46Buschelworks fine here
16:27:02Buschelmaybe a special thing with the sansa-driver?
16:27:50jhMikeSno. skipping could still be indicated because a queue_post was missed
16:28:56Buschelhmm, would be a good idea to take a look at the patch as soon as it is submitted
16:28:59jhMikeSan integral part is allowing multiple item skips to preserve the perceived movement velocity and you don't want that when being precise.
16:29:28 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
16:29:48Buschelhmm, as long as v < 1 the multiple skips would be done as well
16:30:58Buschelnevertheless: through this proceeding you can interprete the scaling factor as a limit in wheelclicks/s above which the acceleration takes place
16:31:15Buschelthat's what the configuration is about
16:31:38Buschelahem, the configuration i talked about one hour ago...
16:34:36jhMikeSMy main concern with that was that the point at which any skipping could happen would be a well-defined speed and not subject any scaling factor.
16:36:44Buschele.g. for sansa in current configuration: v < 1 for <90 clicks/s, so acceleration starts with >=90 clicks/s
16:37:06jhMikeSso many factors are used in the sansa wheel driver. at slow speed you have directional hysteresis so that two clicks are needed after reversing direction. there's also hysteresis applied to the switch from slow->fast back to slow.
16:38:03Buschelyes, i saw this. is this really needed? without such hysteresis you get a more smooth reactivity
16:39:24 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
16:40:12jhMikeSprecise selection is more imporant imo when moving slowly. if you just passed a click point, reversing would otherwise jump back with a tiny movement without it
16:40:52jhMikeSI'll admit the iPod hardware could be made differently and not need that. I really don't know.
16:41:23 Quit tchan ("WeeChat 0.2.6-cvs")
16:41:25Buscheli only reset the velocity to =0 on timeout (500ms) and reverse scroll
16:41:35 Join tchan [0] (n=tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
16:43:34 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
16:43:42 Join Seed [0] (
16:43:43jhMikeSwhere's the 90 clicks/s figure come from? did you work out everything precisely?
16:43:56Buschelanother thing: could the v-stuff in button_apply_acceleration() be calculated in int? if we would write the data in clicks/s we would merely exceed 400 or so. multiplications could then be done via uint32
16:45:27jhMikeSmmmm...not sure. that about 6 revs/s on the wheel. it could exceed that by flicking it and overflow the values then.
16:45:36 Nick casey_zzz is now known as elcasey (
16:46:16elcaseyDaft Punk ftw :P
16:47:01jhMikeSBuschel: you mean literally passing the value in clicks/S. I think retaining fractions is important for this..
16:47:35elcaseyoi, whoops...wrong channel
16:49:19jhMikeSBuschel: and don't forget that it's v^2 so a simple 8.8 velocity would neither hold the range and would overflow int32 when squared
16:49:24 Join sofianbabai [0] (
16:49:59sofianbabaihello friends
16:53:26 Join naurus [0] (n=chatzill@
16:53:27jhMikeSI actually desire to use a fractional power between 1.0 and 3.0 which go from no acceleration to cubic ramp (which is very _fast_).
16:53:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:44naurushello everybody
16:54:23naurusi just started using rockbox yesterday, and am wondering if it is possible to change the boot splash screen (sansa e260)
16:55:36naurusi'm not one for plain, windows 3.1 looking themes, and i really don't like the default splash (the rockbox one)
16:55:45Soapif you compile your own build it is a very easy change.
16:56:09naurusok, could you point me in the right direction?
16:56:34naurusi'm pretty computer savvy, so i should be able to figure it out once i get going
16:56:40 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
16:57:20 Join jac0b [0] (
16:57:38SoapFirst step is the wiki. There is a Simple guide to compiling page, with links to the two pre-made build enviroments, as well as instructions for setting up a Linux or Windows build enviroment (using cgywin).
16:57:53sofianbabaiis there someone who has time to help me adding some strings to the pl script in order to generate a french voice file with well pronounced words? i'm lost with all those {} and i don't wanna make mistakes. it would be nice
16:58:18naurusthank you, i'll check that out when i get home
16:58:58nauruswow, irc is clearly the best way to get Q's answered, but my dad blocks it, so i won't be back online for a long time
16:59:02naurusthanks much
16:59:06Buschelok, submitted the patch for ipod scrollwheel acceleration. let's start the discussion :)
16:59:33jhMikeSummm...submitted whenceforth? :P
16:59:38jac0bI have ubuntu is it okay to add the path to my bash profile so I don't have to enter it everytime I want to build
16:59:51SoapThen it is just a matter of replacing the bitmap with your new one. There is a current thread on "Logo Swapper" in the forums. While this thread started out about using somebody else's program to do a simple swap of logos on pre-compiled Rockbox builds, it evolved into a discussion of how this program is not adaquate for what most people want to do and one of the messages in the thread explicitly points out the two lines of C code which need changed to
16:59:51Soap enable proper full-screen logo support.
17:00:08jac0bor will it mess up on trying to build something else
17:01:07Soapnaurus: there is the web-client you can try from the webpage. Though you should probably either respect your father's wishes, or explain to him what it is which you want to do on IRC, and have a discussion on why he chooses to block it.
17:01:49sofianbabainobody for my strings? :)
17:01:54maxkelleyI keep getting this error, "no rule to make target `sudoku_normal.h'", and I'm wondering how to correct this. this is for the c200.
17:01:55naurussoap: he did it completley by accident and can't get it back :P
17:02:01krazykitjac0b, it'll be fine, as the cross-compiler is named differently from the regular gcc.
17:02:10SoapIRC has been historicly a hive of villainy, as well as a real-time developement discussion tool.
17:02:15BuscheljhMikeS: FS #7738
17:02:21jac0bkrazykit: thanks
17:02:40krazykitnaurus, i think you can connect to irc on port 8001 or 8002 on freenode (don't recall which)
17:03:04naurusonly pop and http are open because of our firewall, my dad is security paranoid
17:03:20naurusoh, and ssh out
17:03:24naurusbut thats ALL
17:03:33naurusbut thats off topic
17:03:46maxkelleynaurus: I can provide you with a shell, if you like.
17:04:26naurusno thanks, i already have a few
17:04:40maxkelleywell, that's a way to use irc..
17:04:58naurusi think i can try out the web client
17:05:02nauruswheres that at?
17:06:44naurusthat'll help
17:06:55naurusi was wondering if there was something like that earlyer
17:07:02 Quit jac0b ("Leaving")
17:07:20 Join naurus_web [0] (i=4273c483@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:07:26chrisjs169am i going to need to do more testing? ;_
17:07:27naurus_webyea, this'll work
17:07:43 Part naurus_web
17:08:01naurusthanks guys
17:08:38sofianbabaisince we are on the irc topic, is there an irc client we could use under cygwin
17:08:59sofianbabaimine is not so speech friendly and cygwin can help since it's installed now
17:09:05jhMikeSBuschel: I find the use of 1000000 odd. Everything is done in 0.24 fixed point where 0xffffff = 1. so any fraction <= 1 is frac*0xffffff to fit 24 bits.
17:09:32maxkelleysofianbabai: irssi
17:09:53BuscheljhMikeS: this is because of calculation from click/s -> 1000000 = 1 million
17:10:33BuscheljhMikeS: first attempt :)
17:11:33sofianbabaimaxkelley: and how do i invoke this one from cygwin? sory, i'm a windows user
17:17:40jhMikeShow many clicks/turn are the iPod wheels?
17:18:07Buschelin the driver 96 are mentioned
17:18:31Buschelnevertheless i only get about 10-20 /sec when rotating fast
17:19:36jhMikeSand the interrupt is operating? smaller numbers should be needed than on e200. hmmm.
17:20:19 Part agm3nt
17:20:45Buschelin the interrupt-handler there's a u-delay of 50us -> max. 20 int's per sec, but per interrupt there shall be several clicks
17:20:56XavierGrZagor, Bagder: Is there a reason why SVN history is on the bottom of the page? I find it very annoying, not only that but even if I click on the Subversion link I have to scroll down to see the SVN commit log :(
17:21:12maxkelleysofianbabai: it's gotta be installed.
17:21:30XavierGralso where are the SVN older-history links? (Like "since 2.5", "4 weeks old"
17:21:34SoapXavierGr: try
17:21:44XavierGrnot found!
17:22:01SoapXavierGr: try
17:22:05Soapmy bad
17:22:12Genre9mp3XavierGr: or
17:22:42XavierGrSoap: that's what I am talking about, even if on that page you have to scroll down
17:22:50XavierGrIMHO SVN log is a serious priority
17:22:56XavierGrso better put it on top!
17:24:42jhMikeSBuschel: isn't 50uS 20000 int's/sec or 208 1/3 r/s? fast fingers.
17:25:34 Join hanklords [0] (
17:28:53Buschelooops, you're right. but doesn't change the fact i only see 10-20 clicks/s
17:28:56 Join mschneider [0] (i=4237241a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:32:49chrisjs169without the patch, what's the limit for the number of WPS images?
17:32:52jhMikeSmust be some reason behind it and fixing that problem would improve the situation a whole lot. really, I can't imagine anything working well at all like that.
17:33:22Genre9mp3chrisjs169: 52 + background
17:33:42chrisjs169Genre9mp3, 'k, thanks
17:34:09jhMikeSBuschel: from where are you measuring the rate? right in the button driver and not the button_queue?
17:34:12mschneiderthere's also an image buffer limit. So you can't have 52 huge images (or even medium sized ones for that matter)
17:35:12chrisjs169mschneider, any idea on what that limit is?
17:35:15 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:35:30chrisjs169Kratonator from ABi is asking me for help with a WPS
17:36:23Genre9mp3chrisjs169: depends the screen resolution and bit depth
17:36:35chrisjs169Genre9mp3, ok
17:37:05mschneiderI think it might be twice the screen resolution (as a total image area)
17:38:51 Join My_Sic [0] (n=MySic@
17:38:51 Quit mschneider ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:39:00chrisjs169 ok
17:42:15Genre9mp3chrisjs169: from trunk/apps/gui/gwps.h
17:42:23Genre9mp3#define IMG_BUFSIZE ((LCD_HEIGHT*LCD_WIDTH*LCD_DEPTH/8) \
17:42:27Genre9mp3 + (2*LCD_HEIGHT*LCD_WIDTH/8))
17:42:38chrisjs169Genre9mp3, thanks
17:43:59 Join BigMac [0] (
17:44:43BuscheljhMikeS: the measurement come from the acceleration factor which had to be enlarged to an amount which equals a click-velocity of 10-20
17:45:28 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
17:50:10maxkelleywhat is the key for the quit button in uisim?
17:50:38 Join JumpLink [0] (
17:50:53 Quit JumpLink (Client Quit)
17:52:20 Quit petur ("switch")
17:52:29 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
17:56:12 Join JumpLink [0] (
17:57:54 Part JumpLink
18:00:07 Join BigBambi [0] (
18:02:03 Join Arathis [0] (
18:02:40 Join linuxstb_ [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
18:04:22 Quit Diamonds_and_Rus (" mIRC 6.21 in Italiano by TuttoIRC & ^DaNGeR^")
18:07:54 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:08:51 Join spiorf [0] (
18:11:55 Quit hanklords (Remote closed the connection)
18:12:41BuscheljhMikeS: found the bug with the low vlaue for click/s. nullified the accumulator in the wrong place.
18:13:00linuxstb_scorche: Does dual-booting work OK on your E200R? There are a few reports of it not working (screen fading to white) in the forums, but maybe it's just user-error...
18:18:53maxkelleyhow do I get arm-elf-gcc?
18:19:11chrisjs169maxkelley, you have to manually compile it AFAIK
18:19:24chrisjs169maxkelley, tools/ can do that for you though
18:19:46 Quit naurus ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
18:19:50 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
18:20:02chrisjs169linuxstb_, Dual booting is fine on my e200 (with R firmware/bootloader) but I'm not using the most up to date firmware
18:20:14maxkelleyI knew there was some script that did it...
18:22:34chrisjs169maxkelley, yeah, it usually takes a little while to compile though
18:23:38maxkelleyI figured as much :) too bad apt doesn't have arm-elf-gcc (at least, I don't think it does..)
18:24:01maxkelleyactually, it's speeding by pretty nicely.
18:24:38 Join dandin1 [0] (
18:24:47krazykitemdebian has a toolchain for arm (an apt repo), but it's better to simply use rockboxdev
18:25:08maxkelleywhile it's compiling... food!
18:27:21maxkelleymmm.. peach cobbler.
18:27:21 Quit dandin1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:44amiconnlinuxstb: Calling that patcher bootloader.bin might be a source of confusion
18:27:54amiconnWhy not call it e.g. bootpatcher.bin?
18:28:48maxkelleyor donotuseasbootloaderbecauseitsabootloaderpatcher.bin.
18:28:50 Join Arathis_ [0] (
18:29:37 Quit Arathis (Nick collision from services.)
18:29:42 Nick Arathis_ is now known as Arathis (
18:30:43 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:32:53linuxstb_amiconn: Yes, I agree it needs changing - hopefully we can eventually put it on the download server and rbutil will download and transfer it. That's just what it's currently called when it's built.
18:33:27amiconnI don't understand why JdGordon made it a separate build option
18:33:56amiconnI would probably have integrated it into the bootloader build
18:34:18amiconnI.e. selecting (b)ootloader would build both bootloader.bin and bootpatcher.bin
18:34:44 Quit BigMac (Remote closed the connection)
18:34:58linuxstb_That's a good idea.
18:35:16 Join BigMac [0] (
18:36:24maxkelleywhat should I build first, bootloader or normal?
18:37:03linuxstb_It's normally best to install the normal build first - so the bootloader has something to boot when you install that.
18:38:42 Join eigma [0] (
18:39:04 Join agm3nt [0] (
18:39:57 Join bluey- [0] (
18:44:05maxkelleyok, I built both, so I have to go into manufacturing mode, pop in the bootloader then the mi4, or both at the same time?
18:46:28linuxstb_You just put the bootloader .mi4 in recovery mode. The rockbox.mi4 lives inside the .rockbox folder on the FAT32 partition.
18:46:42maxkelleymy recovery mode isn't working.
18:47:25maxkelleyit gives me a black screen (not off, but black)
18:47:42 Join hanklords [0] (
18:48:34 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
18:48:36 Join XavierGr_ [0] (
18:49:38maxkelleyany ideas?
18:51:13 Join dsk [0] (i=c95f592d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:51:20dskHi all there
18:51:24maxkelleyhallo dsk.
18:51:33 Quit dsk (Client Quit)
18:51:38maxkelleybye dsk.
18:53:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:57:05 Quit linuxstb_ ("CGI:IRC")
19:03:14 Quit BigMac ("Konversation terminated!")
19:05:28 Join BigMac [0] (
19:07:06 Quit BigMac (Client Quit)
19:10:31 Join massis [0] (
19:10:55 Join pixelma [0] (n=Marianne@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
19:13:01 Quit chrisjs169 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:14:43 Join BigMac [0] (
19:19:44 Join seren [0] (n=james@unaffiliated/seren)
19:20:06serenis there a way to use two different fonts in a theme
19:21:00linuxstbNot officially. There's a "multi-font" patch someone has written, but it's not included in the official Rockbox.
19:24:15 Quit massis (Remote closed the connection)
19:24:42 Join Nightcrawler [0] (
19:25:01 Join jwilen [0] (
19:25:16serenlinuxstb: is it possible to rotate the display on e200 players?
19:27:03serenlinuxstb: bummer there is themes for the i river H3xx that is same dimentions but landscape
19:31:02 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
19:31:46maxkelleylinuxstb: what should I do if I can't get into recovery mode, and only manufacturing?
19:32:31linuxstbRestore the bootloader in manufacturing mode? I don't own a Sansa, so can only guess.
19:33:00maxkelleymehh.. I've tried a billion times :(
19:33:32 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:34:07linuxstbTried what, recovery mode or reinstalling the bootloader? Has recovery mode ever worked for you?
19:34:24linuxstbBTW, by "bootloader" I mean the original Sansa bootloader...
19:34:32maxkelleyit has worked previously.
19:34:46maxkelleyI tried upgrading the sansa firmware, and when I booted, I got a black screen.
19:34:52maxkelleyI tried recovery, got the same.
19:35:02linuxstbSo your C200 doesn't boot currently?
19:35:07jhMikeSamiconn: per chance you want to test graceful sim thread shutdown real quick before committing it? Just one shutdown should be enough to tell.
19:35:14maxkelleymanufacturing was the only thing that worked, so I used e200tool to recover the original bootloader.
19:35:18maxkelleythat's correct.
19:35:52maxkelleyafter it copied the bootloader, it restarted and went into the firmware, but froze on the "connected" screen.
19:36:13maxkelleyso, I press-and-held the power button, restarted, and I'm back to the black screen.
19:36:21amiconnjhMikeS: Can#T test on my linux box now. Will do when I'm back home
19:41:18jhMikeSamiconn: ok, I'll leave a patch up and link here. I might not be around.
19:41:31 Quit eigma ()
19:42:17 Join eigma [0] (
19:48:52maxkelleyI fixed it!
19:54:06 Join Wofl [0] (
19:55:03 Part pixelma
19:55:25 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
19:57:58 Quit sofianbabai ()
19:59:08 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
19:59:15 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
20:20:00 Join Wiwie [0] (
20:20:13*ender` yawns
20:22:21 Quit seren (Remote closed the connection)
20:33:46 Quit bluey- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:33:51 Quit hanklords (Remote closed the connection)
20:34:02 Quit agm3nt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:34:04 Join Agm3nt [0] (
20:34:10linuxstbmaxkelley: What was the problem?
20:34:26 Quit Wofl (Remote closed the connection)
20:38:15 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:38:30 Join BigMac [0] (
20:45:50 Join kasba_ [0] (n=kasba@
20:46:15linuxstbamiconn: Looking at bootloader/Makefile, I can't see how it could easily be changed to build a second binary without duplicating almost all of the Makefile. JdGordon's approach seems less invasive...
20:47:37kasba_hem, got an issue with an ipod 5G and can't find any help on website : could someone help me ?
20:48:16linuxstbJust ask.
20:48:55 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:49:23maxkelleyI unzipped the rockbox zip I created to my target, but it won't boot rockbox.. what do I have to put on the player in recovery mode?
20:49:47linuxstbmaxkelley: You installed the Rockbox bootloader mi4?
20:50:06kasba_I've updated my rockbox today and when trying to read a mp3 file I got the message : "data abort at 00030B70"
20:50:19maxkelleywould that be firmware.mi4?
20:50:27maxkelleyor rockbox.mi4?
20:50:41linuxstbkasba_: When did you last update Rockbox?
20:50:57linuxstbmaxkelley: firmware.mi4
20:51:06maxkelleyupload that in recovery, then?
20:51:15kasba_it was during last spring : version like 12xxx
20:51:17 Join bluey- [0] (
20:51:19Agm3ntmaxkelley:copy firmware.mi4
20:51:26linuxstbmaxkelley: That's what I said earlier... And the rockbox.mi4 stays in the .rockbox folder on the FAT partition.
20:51:36Agm3ntmaxkelley: it have about 54KB
20:51:59linuxstbkasba_: You need to update the bootloader. See the install section in the manual - updating the bootloader is the same as a first-time install. Basically, just run ipodpatcher and select "i" for install.
20:52:03maxkelleythanks.. sorry to cause all this trouble.
20:52:37kasba_ok linuxstb : I'm going to try now
20:53:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:55:04maxkelleyI get "invalid main image"
21:03:12n1sjhMikeS: do you need another tester of that patch on linux amd64 ?
21:05:35kasba_linuxstb : my ipod is up again and works fine. If I was a nice girl I would give you a french kiss but I'm an horrible man, so I give you a friendly hanshake ;-))
21:06:06Agm3ntmaxkelley: when you copy firmware.mi4 you unmount and then disconnect?
21:06:54kasba_now I'm testing my brand new Sennheiser PX100 : sounds very good
21:07:11maxkelleykasba_: I head those are good.
21:07:30Agm3ntmaxkelley: maybe is rockbox.mi4 is bad
21:07:43maxkelleyAgm3nt: it boots into the sansa firmware.
21:08:07maxkelleyif the rockbox bootloader were installed, wouldn't it give an error code?
21:10:05Agm3ntmaxkelley: "invalid main image" this is error code
21:10:17maxkelleyfrom the sansa recovery mode.
21:10:52maxkelleyWhen I upload to the sansa, in recovery mode, and I unplug it, it says "reading main image/ invalid main image/ resetting system"
21:11:19maxkelleythat image is firmware.mi4
21:11:21linuxstbYou built the firmware.mi4 file yourself?
21:11:52maxkelleyI believe I have to.. I don't think the e200 bootloader works on the c200.
21:11:59linuxstbNo, it won't...
21:12:05Agm3ntmaxkelley: what size it have??
21:12:24linuxstbAgm3nt: Have you built and installed firmware.mi4?
21:12:39Agm3ntmaxkelley: yes and it"s work
21:12:45maxkelleyfor the c200?
21:13:05n1syou 2 could maybe compare md5 sums of your bootloaders or smth
21:13:05maxkelleymay I try that one, if you still have it?
21:13:19maxkelleyn1s: might work.
21:13:21linuxstbDoes anyone have any idea where the patchset linked to from the PluginMidiPlay wiki page came from? Is it freely redistributable, and hence OK to move to the download servers?
21:13:42jhMikeSn1s: sure, give it a try. it's basically 64-bit I'm wondering about.
21:13:53Agm3ntmaxkelley: yes
21:14:18maxkelleywell, wanna email it to me?
21:14:28Agm3ntmaxkelley: thanks
21:14:28linuxstbAre you both using the same version of the C200 original firmware?
21:14:47Soapanyone know the C200 screen res off the top of their head?
21:14:49maxkelleyI grabbed 1.00.03 or something like that.
21:14:55maxkelleyyeah, 132x80
21:15:04Agm3ntI have 1.00.00P
21:15:07maxkelleyit's on my todo list :)
21:15:10linuxstbSoap: 132x80
21:15:11*Soap has a sneaking suspicion his C100 is a C200 minus the microSD and LiIon
21:15:28maxkelleyalso known as a c100? :P
21:15:47maxkelleyit's worth a try, soap.
21:15:51Soapthe C200 has microSD and a rechargeable battery, does it not?
21:16:08maxkelleydid you compare chips?
21:16:17Soapno screws to open it.
21:16:29*n1s hands Soap a hammer :-)
21:16:34maxkelleyno pcbscans online?
21:16:36Soapreally. I was going to get playing with it this week while out of town.
21:16:57maxkelleyAgm3nt: lemme know when you send it.
21:17:31maxkelleyif you want, I can give you the patches to get most plugins working, by the way... which I need to upload to flyspray.
21:18:43n1sjhMikeS: sim works a well as it did before :-) no problems closing although it takes noticably ylonger to start it up and getting music playing, that might be recent svn changes though...
21:19:06maxkelleyhow do you quit the sim without kill -9? :)
21:19:21n1smaxkelley: klick the cross in the corner?
21:19:32maxkelleynah, doesn't work for me.
21:19:43maxkelleyneither does xkill, or ctrl-c.
21:19:50maxkelleybut kill -9 does :)
21:19:58n1smaybe that is what the patch was supposed to fix...
21:20:00 Join rrae [0] (
21:20:19rraehi you guys
21:20:21maxkelleyoh... I didn't know there was one.
21:20:24 Join Rob2222 [0] (
21:21:14rraei just googeled and tested very much... and came to the close, heretic and hexen wad's will not work neither with prdoom nor rockdoom :(
21:21:27Agm3ntmaxkelley: done
21:21:35maxkelleythanks :)
21:22:00Agm3ntmaxkelley: remember about unmount
21:22:09 Join Pro [0] (n=jo@
21:22:09maxkelleyhere it is!
21:22:13n1sjhMikeS: ok, tested with clean svn, the delays are there but I have no problem closing the sim either
21:22:22 Quit juk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:22:24rraei don't know if this is the place to ask something like this... but are there plans to make rockdoom compatible to heretic?
21:23:04jhMikeSn1s: as long as it plays well and stops well. I mean, it does actually play for real (no skips or extremely odd stuff)?
21:23:06rraei testet the wad's with zdoom and they worked great with that
21:23:08 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:23:29n1srrae: not that I know of, the most active Rockdoom dev, kkurbjun hasn't been around for a while
21:23:30maxkelleydoes it matter if there's a VERSION.TXT in the recovery partition?
21:23:46linuxstbn1s: He's here now though...
21:23:47kkurbjunI'm here
21:23:55linuxstbHello here.
21:24:02n1sah, hi kkurbjun :-)
21:24:07rraethats said :(
21:24:14maxkelleyAgm3nt: still boots into sansa fw.
21:24:33kkurbjunand no, I don't have any plans to make it compatible with heretic - the source between doom and heretic is pretty different
21:24:40n1srrae: I'm sure a patch would be accepted if you made it
21:24:44Agm3ntmaxkelley: maybe rockbox.mi4 is inwalid
21:25:14rraewell i know C
21:25:41maxkelleybut the rockbox bootloader should display an error code though, if it can't find the rockbox.mi4, or is invalid? at least, that's what I saw someplace on the wiki
21:25:48rraebut at least someone to talk about it who knows what would be to do, would be nice
21:25:49maxkelleywant me to rebuild it, or send me yours?
21:25:51n1sjhMikeS: yup playback works fine :-)
21:25:57linuxstbkkurbjun: Do you have any idea where the patchset linked to from the PluginMidiPlay page comes from?
21:25:57kkurbjunyep, if you make one I would be glad to accept it - currently rockdoom uses nearly the entire plugin buffer, so you'd have to use the overlay stuff
21:25:59rraei have no clue how much work it would be
21:26:07jhMikeSn1s: good. thanks for checking.
21:26:16kkurbjunrrae, it would be a LOT
21:26:24kkurbjunto put it simply
21:26:29n1sjhMikeS: np :-)
21:26:38kkurbjunlinuxstb, no, I'm not sure where it came from
21:26:56rraeah you are there, nice
21:26:58Agm3ntmaxkelley: ok I send you
21:27:16rraetoo crowded here ;)
21:27:42maxkelleyAgm3nt: I tried again, removing VERSION.TXT, and putting only firmware.mi4, I got "Reading main image/invalid main image/upgrade finished/resetting system"
21:28:14Agm3ntmaxkelley: what OF version you have?
21:28:54rraehmm k
21:29:06maxkelley1.00.03 I think.
21:29:13Agm3ntmaxkelley: maybe this is a problem
21:29:14maxkelleywhat's yours?
21:29:19maxkelleythat's what I was just thinking.
21:29:33Agm3ntmaxkelley: 1,01.00P
21:29:40rraewell there are very few sources about what is the difference between doom and he** wads
21:29:53kkurbjunrrae, rockdoom isn't a straight source port of doom or any of the variants - it's this half doom, half prboom mix - the heretic source has alot of other code/features that were added in, I don't think it would be as straightforward as it would have been if I just used the doom original source, or it was at least a clean port of prboom
21:29:55maxkelleyok, I'm downloading that one now.. is that for the americas too?
21:30:14Agm3ntmaxkelley: AFAIK main-pp have a most recent key
21:30:29Agm3ntmaxkelley: yes
21:30:41Agm3ntmaxkelley: you mean OF??
21:31:21kkurbjunI havn't looked at specifically the wad code - I would imagine that the headers were the main things that changed in the wads
21:31:36maxkelleyyeah, sansa firmware
21:31:43kkurbjuneither heretic or hexen (or both) had scripting engines on top of the doom engine
21:31:46rraewell for the start we could just ignore all script stuff
21:32:00maxkelleyoops, gotta eat.
21:32:04maxkelleywill you be around?
21:32:12kkurbjunthere's also changes to the rendering engine
21:32:14Agm3ntmaxkelley: if you have 1.00.03A, 1,01.00P is good
21:32:15 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:50kkurbjunand all the ai code is probably different
21:32:51 Join spiorf [0] (
21:33:35kkurbjunI think the doomsday engine has support for all 3 if you wanted a refrence how they did it
21:34:00rraedo you have a good source of information of how wad files are structured so i could make me a picture of it?
21:34:35rraeok i just found this:
21:34:38 Part kasba_ ("Bye au chan")
21:34:47kkurbjunI really think the wad files is the least of the concerns.. they are basically just a package of files
21:35:09maxkelleyROCKBOX BABY!
21:36:48 Join AceNik [0] (n=AceNik@
21:37:00rraePSP-doom can run heretic/hexen wads and i don't know if it is also based on prdoom
21:37:21Agm3ntmaxkelley: work, what was the problem??
21:37:33rraethought so because some wiki said, prdoom was ported to PSP
21:38:04kkurbjunI looked at the psp port once a while ago - I don't think it's prboom
21:38:41 Join selman [0] (n=mIRC@
21:38:58AceNikguys the new builds from svn14604 have a problem in h10[20GB] where the playlist doesnt resume or play new tracks after start up, solution -> the file "playlist.control" needs to be deleted, then things work fine for that session
21:41:13kkurbjunrrae, I just checked out that source - it looks like it's a mix of different code also
21:41:23kkurbjunsimilar to rockdoom
21:41:29kkurbjunbut it definately didn't use prboom
21:42:30 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
21:44:22n1sAceNik: have you narrowed it down to being revision 14604 that causes this, seems a bit unlikley as that was an update of brazillian translation...
21:45:29rraeweren't all previous attempts to enhence doom to enhence the WAD format itself?
21:45:47 Quit amiconn (" HydraIRC -> <- Would you like to know more?")
21:46:31AceNikn1s: i basically used this build after 14577,whih also had this problem sometimes basically i think this issue is older than 14577
21:47:04kkurbjunrrae if you have questions on the source I would be happy to give you whatever information you need, you can reach me on the forums via pm if anything comes up. The WAD format is just a collection of files - there were enhancement to the levels, the palettes, ways of adding translucent objects.. there were some enhancements to the wad loader and the caching engine, but they didn't change the format of a wad file.
21:47:15n1sAceNik: It would probably be helpful if you could find out which change causes it
21:47:23 Quit Agm3nt ()
21:47:31AceNikn1s: but yes after the playlist.control file causes things to work perfect
21:47:42rraeyea thank you very much
21:47:47AceNikn1s: gimme sometime ill work on it
21:47:48n1sAceNik: even after a reboot?
21:48:06rraei'll see how far i can get in my spare time
21:48:23AceNikwell everytime you want to reboot n resume tracks, you need to delete the file
21:48:50 Quit bluey- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:48:59AceNikactually sometimes after rebott it works sometimes it doesnt
21:49:07kkurbjunthere was higher resolution rendering - prboom is designed to be as compatible as possible with the different versions of doom and some of the older source ports. there were changes to the code between doom1 and doom2 - they also had access to the original dos version of doom source to fix some of the incompatiblity with the linux release
21:51:31 Quit Nightcrawler (" mIRC 6.21 in Italiano by TuttoIRC & ^DaNGeR^")
21:51:49kkurbjunalot of those compatibilites fixes were also done for the demos, this page has information about what they did: rockdoom includes most of that except the menu code, there are also alot of changes to get it to work with the rockbox functions that are available.
21:51:49AceNikn1s:where do i see older version details
21:52:13n1sAceNik: here for example
21:53:10 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:54:15 Join BigBambi [0] (n=alex@
21:54:16AceNik doesnt work
21:55:24AceNikn1s: what do you use to scrobble your tracks to
21:56:43 Join e-ric [0] (
22:00:57n1sAceNik: I don't srcobble, and no only that page and the "since25.html" and "since-4weeks.html"
22:01:52 Quit kugel ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
22:01:53 Quit selman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:02:32 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
22:02:35 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
22:04:10 Join pepie34 [0] (
22:06:25AceNikn1s: the recent usb improvements made on pp targets, works for eben h10?
22:06:44AceNiki dont have any sign of automation on my h10 when i plugin my usb
22:07:10n1sAceNik: I don't know
22:07:39 Join bluey- [0] (
22:07:41AceNikn1s: ok i think this patch made a difference to the playback.c file , it makes it wait for somethin
22:08:12AceNikthis has been committed to svn on 29 Aug 15:11, is it by you ?
22:08:21 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
22:08:51 Join sofianbabai [0] (
22:10:56sofianbabaihi again how do i register on the svn server in order to commit a file ?
22:11:17linuxstbsofianbabai: You don't - you post patches to the patch tracker.
22:11:39 Quit e-ric_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:12:14sofianbabaihum i just wanted to add a modified lang file i'm not so clever to make patches for the moment lol :)
22:12:29linuxstbAre you using svn?
22:12:48linuxstb(as opposed to downloading the source code as a .tar.bz2 file)
22:12:53sofianbabaiyes with cygwin i know the syntax but it is asking for a pwd obviously
22:13:00AceNiklinuxstb: the recent usb improvements made on pp targets, works for h10?
22:13:03n1sAceNik: Yep I comitted that patch, are you sure that it's the one that caused the problem?
22:13:36AceNikn1s: im not sure, im asking you thats why ?
22:13:54linuxstbsofianbabai: From the top-level of the source (same place as apps, firmware etc), type "svn diff > mypatch.diff" and that will create a patch.
22:14:11AceNikn1s: i jus think it makes some changes to playback.c ,t hats why
22:14:14linuxstbsofianbabai: You then post that to the patch tracker (see the links on the homepage)
22:14:37AceNik linuxstb: nthin regarding the usb happens when i plug my h10 in it
22:14:39n1sAceNik: THe problem is that I don't have an h10 so I can't test it, but I can't see why that change should break readingor writing of the playlist_control file
22:14:53linuxstbAceNik: Are you holding the RIGHT button?
22:14:56sofianbabaihm ok lol i'l try this ! sounds complicated for a windows user
22:15:01sofianbabaithx anyway
22:15:12 Join freqmod [0] (
22:16:09AceNikn1s: i have no clue as such, all i can say is that after deletin the file things work fine, now please can you recommend this prob to people capable of pointin it in the right direction, cause im not sure
22:16:32 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:16:44AceNiklinuxstb: but thats how i get it into the disk mode right "power + o"
22:17:08AceNiklinuxstb: thats the ums mode , how does rockbox help then ?
22:17:11 Quit BigMac (Remote closed the connection)
22:17:32linuxstbAceNik: You hold RIGHT in Rockbox as you're inserting the USB cable.
22:17:36linuxstb(and keep it held IIUC)
22:17:40AceNiklinuxstb: does the update mean USBOTG has been mplemented
22:18:10linuxstbAceNik: No.
22:19:21sofianbabailinuxstb: does the name of the patch is important? I suppose it must reflect the changes made isn't it?
22:19:22 Join BigMac [0] (
22:19:51linuxstbsofianbabai: The name of the patch is up to you - but it makes sense for it to be descriptive.
22:20:11AceNiklinuxstb: but ultimately it does enter UMS mode right
22:20:12sofianbabailinuxstb: ok, many thanks
22:20:28linuxstbAceNik: AFAIK, yes. Is it not working for you?
22:20:47AceNiklinuxstb: it is perfect
22:21:26maxkelleythanks to everyone who helped me.
22:21:29AceNiklinuxstb: thanks although did you read of the other problem i commented about earlier with n1s?
22:23:22linuxstbAceNik: Yes, but I don't know any more than n1s.
22:25:11AceNik linuxstb: ok but please dont forget about the problem , please recommend it to someone havin a clue, otherwise i can live with deleting the playlist.contol file :-)
22:25:53 Quit Frazz ("Leaving")
22:26:23 Join Chronon [0] (i=18147773@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:26:43 Join pepie34_ [0] (
22:26:55 Join Wiwie [0] (
22:27:04sofianbabailinuxstb: sory i''ve typed svn diff > lang_francais.diff and hit enter and now i have a window with a > sign but not clues about a created patch. i'm usign cygwin
22:27:21 Quit AceNik ("bye guys have fun , enjoy !!!!!")
22:27:55linuxstbPress CTRL+C and try again - you probably typed a quote on the line (which shouldn't be there).
22:28:05 Quit BigMac (Remote closed the connection)
22:28:38 Join BigMac [0] (
22:30:10sofianbabaiok! i've my diff file :)
22:30:12sofianbabaithx !
22:30:15 Join einhirn [0] (
22:31:02 Quit Genre9mp3 ()
22:31:26 Quit pepie34 (No route to host)
22:31:34 Quit ptw419 ()
22:34:31 Quit Chronon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:35:16 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:35:57 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:36:35 Quit bluey- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:42:56 Join BigMac_ [0] (
22:43:50 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:45:36 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:45:42 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
22:46:06 Join docgonzo [0] (
22:46:10docgonzoHello all.
22:46:37docgonzoi just installed the rockbox firmware to my sansa e200 player and it loads/boots fine.
22:46:52 Join Chronon [0] (
22:46:57docgonzois there a way to get a more 'graphical' interface, than simply the blk/white one?
22:47:09docgonzoi really like the colorful sansa menus. ::Shrug::
22:47:16maxkelleyyes, wps.
22:47:30maxkelleywho knows much about the structure of the rockblox plugin?
22:48:59maxkelleyor, what would extern const fb_data rockblox_background[]; mean? :P
22:49:33maxkelleyobviously rockblox_background is some sort of constant, but where does it come from?
22:49:48linuxstbIt's the bitmap for the background.
22:49:56linuxstbSee the files in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/
22:50:05maxkelleythere's not one named that.
22:50:36linuxstbThere are 9 named that...
22:50:38maxkelleyoh, I lied.
22:51:12linuxstbThe appropriate bmp (see the SOURCE file in that directory) is converted to a C array at compile time and linked to the plugin.
22:51:21maxkelleyso, in that case, I must make one for me.
22:51:38linuxstbYes - you'll need to create lots of bmps for the c200...
22:51:55pixelmadid lowlight disable the plugin for the c200 s in the make file or in SOURCES? (In case someone knows from the top of their heads, otherwise I go looking)
22:52:08maxkelleypixelma: yeah, I'm making a crapload of patches for them,
22:52:21maxkelleyit's in tools/configure
22:52:45maxkelleyno plugins will compile because they'll all complain of not having proper keymaps.
22:53:03maxkelleyI'll upload the patch to flyspray in the next few days.
22:53:06 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
22:53:13amiconnlinuxstb: Do you have an idea why mpegplayer would just bail out on a 64 bit sim?
22:53:24 Join chrisjs169 [0] (
22:53:30pixelmamaxkelley: I'd suggest something like solitaire first - it could use the same bmp as the small H10 (128 pixels wide, colour) - you would "just" define a nice keymap
22:53:47pixelma+need to
22:53:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:54:16maxkelleywell, for most of them, the e200 keymap works, except for those that use the scrollwheel, for which I substitute volume keys.
22:54:28maxkelleyor, something suitable.
22:54:31linuxstbamiconn: Not really... I assume your libmad changes are being compiled?
22:54:52amiconnIt doesn't crash, just bails out and I'm back in the file browser
22:55:29amiconnThat happens after the 2nd call to mpeg_malloc() is logged on the console
22:55:57linuxstbHow big is that? IIRC, only 2MB is allocated to the malloc implementation.
22:56:18 Quit pepie34_ ("Ex-Chat")
22:56:21amiconnThe first is ~18KB
22:56:39linuxstbWhat video are you using? Elephants Dream?
22:56:52amiconnH300 sim, 224x176 version
22:57:15maxkelleyI remember trying to play that in 1080p on a integrated video computer.
22:57:25maxkelleyover 802.11g.
22:57:28pixelmamaxkelley: I'd really like to work on the graphics related things that needs to be done, but since I don't have a c200 myself I could only test keymaps in the sim which doesn't always tell how "handy" the keymaps are...
22:57:57maxkelleyif you'd like to work on the graphics, feel free to, I hate all these pesky graphics mods myself.
22:58:06maxkelleythe keymaps are already taken care of, I believe.
22:58:14 Join pepie34 [0] (
22:58:14 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:27maxkelleywell, no, I know. I spent all yesterday taking care of that little problem (and part of this morning)
23:00:34pixelmaI see... did you put your keymap tweaks somewhere where they are available opeenly?
23:00:47 Quit pepie34 (Client Quit)
23:01:27 Quit freqmod (Connection reset by peer)
23:01:29amiconnrasher: around?
23:02:10maxkelleypixelma: I will pretty soon, I want to put everything in one large patch instead of a billion small ones.
23:02:40 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
23:02:41maxkelleyif you'd like, I can set up an ftp account for you so you can dev with my patches.
23:02:43linuxstbamiconn: Nothing obvious comes to mind... I've just tested a h300 sim on 32-bit linux, and it's fine.
23:03:08amiconnI know that it works on 32 bit
23:03:18amiconnIt does so on windows as well
23:03:29pixelmamaxkelley: just read your comment earlier again, I'll watch flyspray the next days a bit (don't have time myself tomorrow but could start then)
23:04:04 Join pepie34 [0] (
23:05:57amiconnlinuxstb: On 32 bit, there is a total of 11 mpeg_malloc() calls. The second identical to those I get on amd64, but the first is a tiny bit larger on amd64
23:06:39 Join webguest49 [0] (i=52887484@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:06:55 Quit kkurbjun ("Leaving.")
23:06:57amiconnjhMikeS: The patch seems to work fine on linux/x86 and amd64
23:07:19webguest49where can I find the hole list of actual changes made to the SVN? I just see the last few entries....
23:07:36amiconnlinuxstb: Sorry, mpeg2_malloc() of course
23:09:27 Quit BHSPitLappy (Remote closed the connection)
23:11:05n1swow, my transcoder script actually works :-D probably my first shellscript that is actually useful
23:11:21ChrononI just wanted to toss this offer out once more. I have an iPod Nano that suffers from the recent playback bug. If anyone with the expertise would like to take a crack at looking at this problem I would be willing to send my unit to them.
23:12:08 Join Llorean [0] (
23:12:08 Quit pepie34 ("Ex-Chat")
23:12:37linuxstbChronon: Where in the world are you?
23:13:32scorchelinuxstb: as i said in the thread, yes, dual boot works fine for me
23:13:41 Join k-man [0] (n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man)
23:13:59linuxstbscorche: OK, I missed that - it's been mentioned in multiple threads. So we're blaming user error?
23:14:06 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (
23:14:31Bagderwebguest49: "svn log"
23:14:53scorchei would atm, but there could be another unknown reason, i suppose
23:15:14 Join bluey- [0] (
23:15:21n1sBagder: IMHO it would be more useful to see the commit message in the frontpage table than which files were edited
23:15:22ChrononI am in the USA
23:15:32ChrononOregon, to be more precise
23:15:40pixelmaBagder: any plans on adding the "since...", "last 4 weeks" links somewhere again?
23:15:42Bagdern1s: I agree, Zagor's doing the front page changes
23:15:50*Bagder points to Zagor
23:15:56linuxstbBagder: Maybe this is Zagor's domain, but the since-4weeks and since-august-2006 pages are no longer linked to (afaics)
23:16:03linuxstbAh, it is.. ;)
23:16:14Bagderyes, they should be there somewhere I think so too
23:16:38linuxstbIMO, both files and message are required - one normally doesn't make sense without the other.
23:19:14maxkelleyit's too bad the c200 doesn't have tv-out.. I'm sure it could play videos if it had the screen for it.
23:19:27webguest49badger: is it on the mainpage? or where can i find it?
23:19:44maxkelleywell, it's more like "I wish" instead of "i'm sure" :)
23:19:50Lloreanmaxkelley: It couldn't
23:20:05linuxstbmpegplayer should work well on the c200 - tiny LCD...
23:20:06maxkelleyyeah ^^^
23:20:08Lloreanmaxkelley: The portalplayer chips are too slow to play video at 320x240 at more than about 7-10fps
23:20:30maxkelleyI thought I heard something about video on the nano?
23:20:34sofianbabailinuxstb: can you quickly explain the process to me. so, i'v my diff fyhle. i've registered on flyspray. i create a task. what do i DO WITH my dif file? would i post my modified lang file to the svn repository?
23:20:43Lloreanmaxkelley: Yep, video plays relatively well on the Nano
23:20:48linuxstbsofianbabai: You attach the file to your comments.
23:21:03maxkelleywell, that's PP, isn't it? :)
23:21:06 Join webguest46 [0] (i=4a469c81@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:21:21Lloreanmaxkelley: As I said, at 320x240
23:21:27 Quit Wiwie (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:21:29maxkelleyoh, that's true.
23:21:32Lloreanmaxkelley: The Nano is 176x132, a fraction of the number of pixels
23:21:51LloreanOn the c200's screen, I'm sure video will run quite well. But if you tried to have the c200 draw it on a bigger screen, not so much.
23:22:02 Join Wiwie [0] (
23:22:13maxkelleyaside from the astonishingly slow refresh rate.
23:22:15sofianbabailinuxstb: OK
23:22:54Lloreanmaxkelley: Do you know the actual refresh rate of the screen?
23:22:56webguest46Man, I hope someone makes an auto-intaller for the e200r soon so we don't have to use linux
23:23:09 Join jhulst [0] (
23:23:18Lloreanwebguest46: The auto-installer will probably still require linux for quite some time.
23:23:23 Quit Arathis ("Verlassend")
23:23:28maxkelleyno, but even moving the menu item selector leaves ghosting.
23:23:31Lloreanwebguest46: I would think that linux would be the easy part, and all the steps be the hard bit.
23:23:40linuxstbwebguest46: That's very pessimistic...
23:23:49linuxstb^That was meant to Llorean....
23:24:29webguest46well my comp. is extremely slow so linux would not work well on it.
23:24:37linuxstbQuite the opposite...
23:25:09 Join Marslyr [0] (
23:25:13dionoea+ you can use a live cd to run linux without needing to actualy install linux on your computer
23:25:18Bagderbesides, you wouldn't need to run it a lot, just for the little installer
23:25:43 Join actionshrimp [0] (n=nn@
23:25:44webguest46Sorry for the noob question but what is the live cd
23:25:46Bagderbut still, there may exist windows programmers who knows how to communicate over usb...
23:25:48amiconnLlorean: I'm sure that a large part of the mpegplayer slowness on ipod video is due to the slow lcd updates
23:26:15krazykitwebguest46, a liveCD is a cd you boot from; no hard drive interaction takes place
23:26:19krazykitsystem-on-a-disk, basically
23:26:23Lloreanamiconn: It's still not too far off the line shown by the increasing screen size on other portalplayers.
23:26:47maxkelleyI can't wait till oled.
23:26:48webguest46but i would have to either make the cd or buy it, correct?
23:27:01LloreanBagder: I'm hopeful. When I said quite some time, it's based on the fact that most people seem to be hoping for something "tomorrow, or the day after"
23:27:09maxkelleymake or get... it's free.
23:27:18scorchewebguest46: it is basically an extremely easy way to run an iso, burn it to a disk, then boot with the disk in, and you are running linux
23:27:19Chrononwebguest46, you can download an image and burn it to disk if you have a CD burner
23:27:42BagderI'm quite pessimistic since not a lot of people are interested in working on/for the e200R, and even less that run windows
23:27:47linuxstbLlorean: Last time I spoke to JdGordon, he was fighting with libusb-win32. Hopefully he'll have some luck.
23:27:48webguest46do you know of any sites where i could learn to do all of this
23:28:01Chronongoogle for "Live CD"
23:28:08maxkelleyyay rockbox.
23:28:19Lloreanwebguest46: I'm pretty sure Ubuntu will mail you a free LiveCD too, I think.
23:28:40linuxstbBut yes, if we fail to get e200rpatcher running on Windows, a minimal livecd image with e200rpatcher installed will be the next best thing...
23:28:46maxkelleyby the time I had gotten mine, I forgot I ordered them.
23:28:48dionoeawebguest46: you can also find USB live stuff (ie you put it on a usb key instead of a CD). That doesn't work on every computer though.
23:28:54maxkelleythat was to Llorean
23:29:00ChrononLlorean: Hahaha. Mail.
23:29:15Lloreanmaxkelley: Just pointing out that if w'46 there doesn't have a burner.
23:29:22scorcheLlorean: "but the delivery may take up to ten weeks"
23:29:28webguest46i am definitly going to try to make the live cd
23:29:44Lloreanscorche: So he can wait to see if windows installation is done before his free CD arrives. :-p
23:29:47amiconnI'd think that it shouldn't be too difficult to get usb communication working on windows, but it'd require a dev with windows and a sansa
23:29:55 Quit sofianbabai (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29:59maxkelleythere was supposed to be sound on the c200, right?
23:30:28Bagdermaxkelley: yes
23:30:43 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
23:30:48webguest46i thought it i read somewhere that it doesn't work with ubuntu?
23:30:49maxkelleyhmm.. I'm not getting any.
23:31:13maxkelleyah, nvm.
23:31:15scorchewhere does it say that?...i used ubuntu just fine
23:31:30webguest46Oh, sorry, must have misread
23:32:32Bagderlinuxstb: your build host fine again?
23:32:45BagderI disabled it before due to the build problems on it
23:32:51linuxstbSeems to be - I'm typing this on it...
23:32:57linuxstbIt had a bad night...
23:33:08 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
23:33:13maxkelleyhmm.. I'm getting popping.
23:33:46webguest46Wow, 700MB to download ubuntu
23:33:53webguest46that's quite a lot
23:34:05Nico_PBagder: hope you don't mind... I allowed myself to add the rockbox category of your blog to the feeds in ohloh
23:34:15 Quit YouCeyE (Remote closed the connection)
23:34:24Bagderaha! but no, not at all
23:34:30scorchewebguest46: that is the typical liceCD
23:34:42LloreanBagder: Would it be possible to use the RSS feed here as an "Official" Rockbox RSS?
23:34:52linuxstbscorche: Wow, there must be simpler text-only CDs...
23:34:58LloreanI've been using it for months now, and find it quite a bit better than the other one.
23:35:17scorchelinuxstb: there are, but i am looking for "easy" atm
23:35:26webguest46there is a text-only, maybe i should try that
23:35:34scorchefeel free to point to another, smaller one
23:35:55webguest46as long as it gets the job done
23:36:02BagderLlorean: how would it be official? you mean adding a link to that somewhere?
23:36:08dionoeayou only need usb support ?
23:36:33dionoeathe gparted live CD has usb support and it's about it
23:36:33linuxstbdionoea: Yes.
23:36:34Nico_PLlorean: what's the other one ?
23:36:36LloreanBagder: A link to it on the main page, or really anywhere, so that when people are looking or asking about an RSS they can find it.
23:36:42dionoeait's small
23:36:45dionoeahas a GUI
23:36:50LloreanNico_P: There's one using.. um.. Can't remember the site's name? Same one that people use to index the mailing lists I think?
23:36:53dionoeadoesn't have network support though
23:37:07Nico_PLlorean: ah, gmane ?
23:37:10LloreanYeah, gmane
23:37:25LloreanThere's an RSS feed through gmane, but in nearly every reader I've tried, the formatting on commit messages is terribly messed up.
23:37:43 Quit Wiwie ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:38:31dionoeawebguest46: you could check that link (you'd only need to download the rockbox files first before booting on the CD since it doesn't have net support)
23:38:48webguest46i have a program called easy cd creator basic 5 but i don't think that will work. I have a cd burner but does anyone know of free software that i can use to make this livecd?
23:39:05 Join My_Sic [0] (
23:39:07chrisjs169isorecorder might work
23:39:07dionoeaeasy cd creator should be able to burn an iso
23:39:13chrisjs169haven't used it in ages though
23:39:14 Quit webguest49 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:40:07advcomp2019you can use cdburnerxp pro too
23:42:31webguest46I'm going to check out that link now
23:42:48amiconnVirtually any cd burning app should be able to burn isos
23:43:26 Quit funky ("brb")
23:43:46Chrononlinuxstb: any particular reason you wanted to know where I am?
23:44:49krazykitimgburn is pretty good for burning CDs
23:45:00 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
23:45:29webguest46i am trying to use the easy cd creator 5 basic right now
23:46:15 Quit spiorf ("Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)")
23:47:58krazykitwebguest46, do make sure you are "burning from disk image" or "burning from iso" rather than simply dragging the ISO to a data cd.
23:48:35 Join sofianbabai [0] (
23:49:11webguest46is there a big difference
23:49:27linuxstbChronon: It may affect which dev takes you up on your offer.
23:50:40sofianbabailinuxstb: last question : i've posted my patch. but since I can't commit the modified file, how the users could benefit from my modifications ? :)
23:50:48Chrononlinuxstb: OK. Maybe I should check into freight charges on this.
23:51:30linuxstbChronon: It's not just the freight charges - there may be customs charges to pay if you ship internationally.
23:52:07ChrononOkay. Thanks for the info. I'll try to find someone in the USA, if possible.
23:55:19linuxstbsofianbabai: The intention is that a developer will commit your patch.
23:56:37 Quit markun ("leaving")
23:57:01linuxstbsofianbabai: It seems you didn't attach a file to your comment...
23:57:05 Join markun [0] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
23:58:51 Quit webguest46 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")

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