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#rockbox log for 2007-09-17

00:00:52Bagderit probably has a fancy dsp in there
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00:04:48oranges2So is there any difference between the 2X0 and 2X0R, aside from heavier security?
00:07:26Bagderthe R models seem to always have an fm tuner
00:07:33Bagderthe e200 ones come with or without
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00:09:21oranges2And the method described in the Wiki is the only way of patching the bootloader?
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00:15:47flpwchCould anyone explain to me how I would go about coding images for my volume and battery life?
00:17:01n1sflpwch: take a look at another wps that has those functions and see how it is done?
00:17:09flpwchyeah i am
00:17:25flpwchi'm slowly beginning to comprehend.
00:18:18n1swhat you do is generaly making lots of images for different levels and displaying them in a conditional like so %?bl<|%xda|%xdb|%xdc|%xdd>
00:18:37flpwchyeah thats what i'm understanding
00:18:44flpwchbut i've yet to find a full list of code in the wiki
00:19:03Bagder <= my take at a summary
00:19:24n1sflpwch: the CustomWPS page really has all the info there is
00:19:37flpwchok, n1s, i'll keep looking around on it
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00:19:46flpwchi'll have a mudkip-based wps if it kills me
00:20:22oranges2And it probably will
00:21:36flpwchAnd just to make sure, play, pause, and stop images can be layered on one another to show when one is being used, right?
00:21:50flpwchthe wps i'm looking at has play/pause layered, and stop near it.
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00:54:00RoC_MasterMindhas anybody looked at Microsoft's Zune?
00:54:28oranges2I always avert my eyes when one comes near
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00:54:41oranges2I hear you'll turn to stone
00:55:23flpwchi heard it ate a baby last week
00:55:44flpwchlike, its usb cable just got up and ate the entire thing
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00:56:26oranges2how do you think it got the nutrients to produce such a grotesquely large screen?
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01:01:26AceNikjdgordon u here
01:01:33JdGordoni is
01:02:06AceNikwell there is a bug i found
01:02:12AceNikplease refer
01:02:33AceNikit been a hell of a timelocating this
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01:05:42AceNiki do not know why this confirms to the h10 or it should be affecting other players too, can you please onfirm
01:06:23JdGordonits interesting
01:07:40JdGordonthat doesnt make sense.... text editor doesnt use that part of the code
01:08:00AceNikJdGordon: well please tell me if its possible, but does it confirm on your player too?
01:08:19JdGordonjust checked on my sansa and it works
01:08:21AceNikwell this is just one bu i thought i had on my player
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01:08:42AceNikas in the bug works? or exiting the text editor works?
01:09:11JdGordonas in there is no bug
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01:10:01AceNikwell i got this thin repeatedly
01:13:38AceNikwith the newer builds rockbox get all the more worse nt he h10's it freezes randomly , this bug was just the first one prbably, the latest 1's have a bunch of them workin in unision
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02:39:44Lars_GSay hi all
02:39:57Lars_GQuestion, has anyone here migrated from an iPod to a sansa?
02:46:47*Lars_G waves
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02:48:31drunkenmonkeyI use Rockbox on my H340, but right now I'm actually trying to figure out Irssi
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02:53:06Lars_Gdrunkenmonkey: do you come from an ipod?
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02:54:00drunkenmonkeyno, sorry
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02:57:11krazykitLars_G, is that your only question, or is there some comparison you want to know about?
02:57:33Lars_Gkrazykit: I am a current iPod user, I use both the OF and rockbox a lot
02:57:51Lars_GI was dreaming of a new fat nano, but the thing with the changed itunesDb ruins things for me a little
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02:58:05krazykitand the complete lack of rockbox.
02:58:08 Join Ju [0] (n=Ju@ubuntu/member/ju)
02:58:11Lars_GSo I'm wondering about moving to an e280 which if I get it right runs rockbox well
02:58:15JuHello !
02:58:35krazykitLars_G, i'm quite happy with my Sansa
02:58:43krazykiti only use the original firmware to transfer files, though
02:58:59Lars_GMy problem is right now I have a few podcasts I listen to, and those are the reason I still boot the OF and all (to sync the listened count between pod and itunes)
02:59:28Lars_GMy worries here is specifically finding a good program to sync podcasts and music between the ipod and linux AND os x
02:59:35JuOn the rockbox page I see : "(not the 2nd gen Nano)" but there is a daily build for it, is it safe to try it ?
02:59:43Lars_Gbeing OS X in the mix I wont be able to use my favorite (amarok) until 2.0 goes stabler
02:59:55krazykitJu, rockbox will not run on the 2nd gen nano, period.
03:00:06Juoh ;-/
03:00:12alienbiker99there is no daily build for the 2nd gen nano
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03:00:25Lars_GMy question is, would any of you switchers know of any good sync tool with good podcast support that works in os x?
03:00:46Lars_Gor I guess I'll have to wait for amarok to be stable on 2.0
03:00:46krazykitLars_G, some podcast tool that downloads stuff to a directory + rsync ;-)
03:01:18fxbalienbiker99: 2nd generation naos aren't supported
03:01:18Lars_Gkrazykit: the trouble there is that I leave the ipod on the dock at night, the idea is it syncs by itself and next day early I grab it and listen during commute.
03:01:28alienbiker99fxb i never said they were
03:01:41Lars_Gif I have to sync by hand listened and unlistened, new episodes and such it'll add too much time to my mornings :/
03:01:52fxbok, looked to me like you requested one.
03:01:55Judamn... I wanted to read "Ipod nano 2nd gen" so much... it was mini pfff... /o\
03:02:19fxbheh, didn't read the other lines above
03:02:34Lars_Gbtw just to make sure before I change, when you guys say sansa e200 that includes the e280 right?
03:02:53Lars_GWell I might save and buy it to myself as a birthday present
03:03:10Lars_GI guess OF is needed on the e200 since we aint got a functioning usb stack yet?
03:03:16krazykityeah, for now
03:03:23Lars_Gor is the sansa handled by the cpu in disk mode?
03:03:30 Join barrywardell [0] (
03:03:51Lars_Gsigh ok I guess I'll save and buy it
03:04:01 Quit scorche (" HydraIRC -> <- Po-ta-to, boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew.")
03:04:04krazykiti think has refurbished ones for reasonably cheap
03:04:22Lars_Gtell me something, does the e280 use dual chips for it's video play like video enabled ipods?
03:05:05krazykitdunno, i've never played video on my sansa. something about the tiny resolution seems wrong for video
03:06:43krazykitthat's just me, though :P
03:07:04Lars_GAh well
03:07:16Lars_Gthanks people I think I'll do that. try the sansa... sad for the docks I lose
03:07:34krazykitnow, i THINK it does, but i'm honestly not sure.
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04:57:26corevetteif i install rockbox on my ipod, will it wipe out everything in the itunes DB?
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04:58:13oranges2I just got back from Circuit City with a new Sansa e260 :]
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05:02:23 Part corevette
05:02:24Gorbulasis the mpegplayer broken for anyone else? I'm only getting green and black squares
05:03:33 Quit Gorbulas (Remote closed the connection)
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05:07:01Gorbulasok better. is anyone else having trouble with the mpegplayer? on my ipod nano all I get are green and black squares. the sample movie doesn't work
05:09:58RudMansorry, don't have a nono
05:10:03RudMannano even
05:10:38Gorbulasdoes it work on your player?
05:10:57RudMannever tried it, I've got a sansa
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05:18:55JerryLangefor some reason when i load vmware i cannot type to log in
05:19:37RudManvmware under windows?
05:20:07RudManyou click in the window or the title bar and you cannot type?
05:20:44JerryLangeoh i got it. when i typed the password nothing would show up
05:21:28 Nick Soap_ is now known as Soap (n=Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
05:22:00JerryLangebut i do not see a pop up window to type comands
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05:24:27jeff_hello is anyone active
05:25:03scorchejust ask your question..
05:25:23JerryLangethis is a very good guide but is out of date because rockbox uses svn now
05:25:54jeff_Does anyone know if the 6th gen ipods are being actively cracked?
05:26:01scorchejeff_: they arent
05:26:06jeff_b/c I wanted to purchase the new 160gb one
05:26:24scorcheJerryLange: tutorials dont belong in the forums...look in the wiki
05:27:08jeff_They cracked the older gen ipods when they weren't compatible though right?
05:27:51 Quit mokkurkalve ("leaving")
05:27:54scorchethe other ipods were different
05:28:29JerryLangeis this the tutorial for vmware on the wiki?
05:32:33JdGordondoes anyone have a archos player?
05:33:00*scorche knew he should have bought those batteries today..
05:33:06oranges2The buttons on the Sansa are kind of hard to push :[
05:36:33advcomp2019oranges2, you can talk in #rockbox-community about that
05:36:41RudManorange: I agree. I got a silcon skin for it and it made it easier to push
05:36:51*JdGordon has no problems with the sansa buttons
05:36:55RudManoops - sorry wrong channel for such chat
05:40:39 Join mokkurkalve [0] (
05:42:11JerryLangein vmware i get working copy of rockbox locked when i type this svn co svn:// rockbox
05:43:51JerryLangein vmware when i type "svn co svn:// rockbox" i get "working copy of rockbox locked run svn cleanup to remove locks"
05:45:11scorchethen run svn cleanup...
05:46:42JerryLangehow do you do that
05:48:31RudManI had some issues also with svn
05:48:49RudMansvn would hang and I'd end up in your situation
05:49:15RudManI had to rm the rockbox dir a couple of times before I finally got it to work
05:49:38JerryLangewhat directory do i remove?
05:50:09JerryLangein the vmware folder?
05:50:18JerryLangec:\programfiles\vmware\rockbox ?
05:50:24RudManummm no
05:50:39RudManyou should be doing the svn IN vmware
05:50:54RudManand all file manipulation INSIDE of vmware
05:51:05JerryLangethen where?
05:52:00RudManafter you start vmware and log in, what dir are you in?
05:52:16JerryLangehow do i check?
05:52:47RudMando you have ANY linux experience at all?
05:53:43JerryLangewell i had some coding but i dont think thats the same but it was a long time ago i havnt done any like cmd stuff roa while
05:54:12RudManwhy do you want the rockbox source? it's not exactly something for beginners
05:54:46JerryLangei want to compile my own build
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05:58:43 Nick Benjamin_Woodruf is now known as Benjamin (
05:58:49JerryLangewell i couldnt get it to download to the rockbox so i just am installing the files to sockbox. quickest thing i could think of.
05:58:51Benjaminwhats up guys
05:59:41 Part chrisjs169|winxp
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06:01:27Benjaminon my 4gb 1st gen nano, when i play mp3s it clicks, beeps, or skips ahead. i did read on the forums and it looks like the build that was done on 2007 6 27 is working just fine with no problems, i wanted to know where i can find this build, i searched on rockbox with the oldest being 2007 8 17, and i searched google with no luck
06:02:02Gorbulasrockbox from may works fine for playing mpeg files, but the current builds fail with black and green blocks
06:02:14Gorbulasit looks like the b frames aren't being decoded at all
06:03:19JerryLangewhen will i know when the source is done downloading in vmware?
06:10:30 Join chrisjs169|winxp [0] (
06:14:13 Join Neatchee [0] (
06:18:56Benjaminnever mind, i found it in the forums
06:19:10Benjaminthanks guys, rock box is awesome
06:19:18 Quit Benjamin ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
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08:49:27 Join maxkelley [0] (
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08:49:27 Join GodEater_ [0] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
08:49:27 Join sslashes [0] (i=sslashes@
08:49:27 Join joshin [0] (n=joshin@unaffiliated/joshin)
08:49:27 Join andrewg867 [0] (n=andrew@
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08:49:27 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
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08:49:27 Join Bagder [0] (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
08:49:27 Join crashev [0] (
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08:49:27 Join delYsid [0] (n=user@debian/developer/mlang)
08:49:27 Join gammy [0] (
08:49:27 Join jbit [0] (
08:49:27 Join lostlogic [0] (n=lostlogi@rockbox/developer/lostlogic)
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08:49:27 Join smurf [0] (n=smurf@debian/developer/smurf)
08:49:27 Join flynux [0] (n=flynux@2a01:38:0:0:0:0:0:1)
08:49:27 Join [mbm] [0] (i=mbm@openwrt/developer/mbm)
08:49:27 Join Slasheri [0] (
08:49:36oranges2Any solutions?
08:49:54 Quit logbot_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:50:05scorchelooks like they are trying to get teh site back up
08:50:16scorchesolutions to what?
08:50:27oranges2To my player being fucked
08:50:30RedbrevaWhat would be required to include "nimbus+uming-14.fnt" in the fontpack? It's quite a popular one, and is included in may themes, adding approx 400K to the download every time
08:50:40oranges2I used the sansapatcher to install the bootloader
08:50:43scorcheplease dont use expletives liek that
08:50:52oranges2And placed the daily build to the root of the cart
08:50:53GodEaterRedbreva: clear licensing is the usual requirement
08:50:54scorcheyou are going to have to say why it is messed up as well...
08:50:57oranges2RockBox boots and works fine
08:51:04oranges2But when I try to boot into the original firmware
08:51:09oranges2It displays some text
08:51:11oranges2Then freezes
08:51:15scorche"some text"?
08:51:16oranges2And the screen starts changing colors
08:51:37oranges2its hard to see what it says
08:51:48 Join B4gder [0] (
08:51:48oranges2Because the screen goes white after it gets to the bottom
08:51:53oranges2Then it starts changing colors
08:51:57scorcheand please try not to use the enter key as your periods and commas...use paragraphs
08:52:08scorchewell, that text is a bit important...
08:52:24oranges2Well I've been trying to see it, at the top it says "Rockbox Boot Loader"
08:52:37oranges2I have to spend 30 seconds rebooting every time
08:53:08JerryLangesweet i just patched my own build. the patch isnt the best for the scroll wheel on ipods but its better then normal behavior
08:55:16Buscheljerry: you are talking of fs #7738?
08:55:35*GodEater thinks 7738 is the puppies privates of scrollwheel patches
08:55:39 Part Redbreva ("User is away.")
08:55:42GodEatercan't wait till it gets committed
08:56:14oranges2video ->
08:56:19amiconnB4gder: Did you see my question regarding the build system not picking up commits sometimes?
08:56:48B4gderwhat time?
08:57:03amiconnMy sudoku commit y'day didn't trigger a rebuild although it should have...
08:57:18JerryLangesorry was away. yes i am talking about 7738
08:57:31B4gdervery odd
08:57:36GodEaterJerryLange: what do you think is wrong with it then ?
08:57:40scorcheoranges2: i cant read that...
08:57:45Buscheljerry: ok,which ipod do you have and what is the problem?
08:57:55B4gderamiconn: I'll do some investigating on this later on
08:58:19oranges2Theres not some particular issues that causes the screen to bork like that?
08:58:23JerryLangeGodEater: it still seems laggy, not as smooth
08:58:41scorcheoranges2: well...tell us what teh screen says..
08:58:43 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:58:51oranges2I have like
08:58:54GodEaterlaggy is not a word I would use to describe it's behaviour at all
08:58:55oranges2A third of a second to read it
08:59:17scorcheit looks much longer than that from the vieo you just posted
08:59:20 Join ender` [0] (
08:59:48Buscheljerry: which ipod are you using? you are having "laggy" behaviour in accelerated or in normal mode?
09:02:20oranges2And now the forums aren't working.
09:02:46scorcheif you arent going to do what we ask to get information, then i really doubt you will get any help...
09:03:00oranges2What the hell do you think I've been trying to do?
09:03:05oranges2I can;t read it fast enough
09:03:16oranges2And it takes a minute in between each try to reset it
09:03:23scorchethen take a have already taken a video
09:03:29oranges2I tried
09:03:30JerryLangewow i rebooted my ipod and now the patch is working very well. strange it was a bit buggy when it first loaded after the new build
09:03:33oranges2It turned out blurry
09:03:45scorchethen focus the image...
09:03:59oranges2I only have my cell phone as a camera
09:04:44 Join webguest10 [0] (i=44bed5e8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:05:26 Quit webguest10 (Client Quit)
09:05:39 Quit qweru ("moo")
09:06:22 Quit Chronon ("Leaving")
09:06:32JerryLangeits laggy when you are playing music.
09:07:21JerryLangecan i run "svn update" on vmware?
09:10:00ddaltondid you check out with svn?
09:10:33 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:10:55ddaltonJerryLange: I was talking to you :-)
09:11:25JerryLangeddalton: what do you mean "check out"?
09:11:40GodEaterJerryLange: did you use svn to get the code in the first place ?
09:11:45ddaltondid you run the check out command?
09:11:50GodEaterthen you "checked out" with svn
09:11:51ddaltonHow did you get the source?
09:12:07GodEaterin which case, yes, you can use "svn up"
09:12:09JerryLangesvn co svn://...ect
09:12:15 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:12:20ddaltonok then type svn up from the root of your source tree. Where you applied the patch before.
09:12:23GodEaterJerryLange: co = "check out"
09:12:45JerryLangealright thank you
09:13:03ddaltonyes you checked out so svn up svn diff and svn revert will all work. All the svn commands will.
09:13:21JerryLangeit seems actually pretty easy to patch and build your own build with the instructions. ill have to read thenover a few times but i think i can get the hang of it.
09:13:46ddaltonyes but when you get hunk errors it is a lot harder.
09:14:13JerryLangehunk errors have to deal with the patch itself correct?
09:14:17ddaltonGodEater: Got a couple of minutes?
09:14:52JerryLangeis the scroll acceleration "broken" on all ipods?
09:15:17JdGordonnot broken... just not working
09:15:28GodEaterddalton: kind of if I don't have to concentrate too hard ;)
09:16:22ddaltonGodEater: Could you have a look and see if I am on the right track with this voicebox thing? I think it is mostly in vb and a bit of html. The part I don't understand is in vb script.
09:16:41ddaltonI tried the guy who wrote and the mailing list and no luck :-(
09:17:10GodEaterddalton: where's your code ?
09:18:30ddaltonIf you open the hta file you will see what I am talking about. If you open it in a browser you will see the tick box problem.
09:18:33GodEaterddalton: file is corrupt, can you try again
09:19:17oranges2Phew, recovered
09:19:29ddaltonis it what happens?
09:19:55GodEaterthe zip command errors out when I try and extract from your file
09:19:59JdGordondaurnimator: ?
09:21:03ddaltonok I am uploading it.
09:21:44JerryLangeGodEater: the scroll acceleration patch seems to lag when you are playing music
09:22:03ddaltonok try: ddalton/">
09:22:14ddaltonI used win rar is that ok?
09:22:33GodEaterJerryLange: I don't find that personally
09:22:49GodEaterin fact, I think it's the exact opposite - it's a bit laggy when the CPU isn't boosted
09:24:27GodEaterddalton: same thing - are you using winzip 7 by any chance ?
09:24:42ddaltonno win rar I will try zip in cygwin.
09:24:42JerryLangeGodEater: what are your settings?
09:24:54GodEateror winzip 9
09:24:59GodEaterwinrar ?!?!?
09:25:19oranges2So I recovered the player, and tried installing the bootloader again. RockBox still works fine, but now whenever I boot while holding <- it just reboots.
09:25:35GodEaterJerryLange: I left them at default
09:25:39oranges2Instead of freezing and the screen changing colors like it was doing before
09:26:01BuschelJerryLange: I guess this is because the queue is a bit delayed (less list jumps per second).
09:27:10 Quit ShadowCode ()
09:27:49JerryLangeGodEater: i have no music playing and the scrolling is very smooth for me. no i played one song and its smooth for about 4 pages of songs maybe then it starts to just show a page or sometimes the inverse bar is in the middle of a page of songs
09:28:22 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:28:36Buscheljerry: what kind of music format do you play at which bitrate? -> how much cpu consumed?
09:28:50oranges2So nobody has any input?
09:29:06 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
09:29:18JerryLangemost are mp3 very rare do i have a wam file and cpu boost is at 1
09:29:27JerryLangewma file*
09:29:53ddaltonok will this work? ddalton/voicebox.tgz">
09:30:31ddaltonGodEater: Did you get that link?
09:30:57GodEaterddalton: a) that's not a .tgz file, it's still a .zip file, so why not call it that, and b) No - it still won't unzip at this end.
09:31:05JerryLangealso for some reason when i go to cpu frequency the sound is very skipy. this happened before i ran the patch
09:31:22ddaltonok what os are you using?
09:31:31 Join davina [0] (
09:32:03GodEaterddalton: linux of course :)
09:32:57ddaltonWhat should I zip it with?
09:33:20ddaltonwhat is that in cygwin?
09:34:01GodEaterddalton: make sure you're in the directory above the folder you're trying to zip up, and then do "zip whatever-the-folder-is-called"
09:34:03ddaltonwhat is the command in linux
09:35:39GodEaterddalton: or if you're still in cygwin, again from the directory above do "tar czvf voicebox.tgz whatever-the-folder-is-called"
09:39:32 Join BigBambiWork [0] (i=86ceaf30@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:39:51oranges2 :[
09:40:20ddaltonok does this work? ddalton/voicebox.tgz">
09:41:13 Join ^JimmyRidge^ [0] (
09:41:14ddaltonGodEater is it working?
09:41:30^JimmyRidge^heh cool just realized rockbox plays NSF <nintendo sound files> thats pimp
09:42:12GodEaterddalton: no - that's still broken
09:42:28GodEaterddalton: why don't you create a flyspray task for it, and upload it there
09:43:06ddaltonGodEater: There are still some bugs. is that ok? And how will that fix the zip problem?
09:43:13hcs^JimmyRidge^: SPC and SID, too
09:43:17GodEaterddalton: I've no idea what you're doing wrong with the zip files
09:43:25GodEateryou're either uploading them before they've finished zipping
09:43:25 Quit BigBambiWork (Client Quit)
09:43:28GodEateror your hosting is broken
09:43:36GodEaterdo they unzip at your end ok after you've made them ?
09:43:49ddaltonso can I upload them to the tracker and see if you can get them that way?
09:44:27GodEaterddalton: that would be my plan yes :)
09:45:16JerryLangeGodEater: i have proof of what i was talking about. can you view videos on youtube? i am going to upload it
09:45:32GodEaterJerryLange: show it to Buschel - he's the patch author :)
09:46:16^JimmyRidge^yeah hcs but NES is better quality ;)
09:46:34ddaltonwhat was the command again?
09:46:40ddaltonto zip
09:46:41JerryLangeI did not know this. is Buschel around?
09:46:44*^JimmyRidge^ listens to the contra snow level
09:46:58GodEaterJerryLange: he was speaking to you earlier :)
09:47:10GodEaterddalton: "zip" is the zip command
09:47:28ddaltonso "zip voicebox"?
09:47:54GodEaterddalton: that should work yes
09:48:10GodEaterassuming "voicebox" is your directory where all the code is"
09:48:47JerryLangeBuschel: you there?
09:50:06Buscheljerry: yes
09:50:34ddaltonGodEater: what was the tgz one?
09:50:50JerryLangeBuschel: i will have the video uploaded shortly of what its doing. i guess my ipod is doing the complete opposite of GodEaters?
09:50:54GodEaterddalton: tar czvf voicebox.tgz voicebox"
09:51:15Buscheljerry: what kind of ipod do you have?
09:51:49JerryLange5.5g 80gig
09:52:16Buschelhmm, mine is a 5.5g 30gig. so the behaviour should be nearly the same
09:54:01Buscheljerry: config is 270/s and (/s)^4?
09:54:03ddaltonok it says its done I will open a task
09:54:25homielowewhen attemping to patch gcc (cross-compile tutorial) I get this
09:54:44 Join spiorf [0] (
09:55:16JerryLangei would just upload the video but idk if your computer can support 3g2 files
09:55:36Buscheljerry: i do not knwo this format :/
09:55:44 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
09:56:03JerryLangecan you view videos from youtube?
09:56:15homieloweI think it a phone format 3gp, etc
09:56:20Buscheljerry: let's try :)
09:56:29oranges2VLC Player would play it
09:56:34 Join kclaf [0] (i=kclaf@
09:56:39linuxstb_homielowe: It looks like your patch file could be corrupt - you could try downloading it again.
09:56:39GodEaterddalton: check to see you can extract the files again at your end before you attach it to the FS task
09:56:49ddaltonok then
09:56:50JerryLangehold on its still processing on youtube.
09:56:55ddaltonwhat is the command for that?
09:56:57 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:57:52 Join Rick [0] (
09:59:04oranges2Any ideas?
09:59:23ddaltonok it worked with win rar I will upload the file
09:59:31JerryLangeBuschel: the first time im scrolling im playing music, the 2nd time you see my stop the music and then start to scroll
09:59:46 Join ender [0] (
09:59:50GodEaterddalton: could you just check it with "unzip" too ?
10:00:12homielowelinuxstb_:that worked :)
10:00:41 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:01:45ddaltonSorry GodEater I have uploaded it. How do I unzip with "Unzip" ? it is fs 7790
10:02:02GodEaterddalton: "unzip" :)
10:02:10 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
10:02:14JdGordonquick call for any other archos player owners?
10:02:47 Join spiorf [0] (
10:03:00ddaltonsame problem as you got. is there ment to be a file inside voicebox.tgz?
10:03:48Buscheljerry: is there any HDD-loading going on while playback and scrolling?
10:03:50GodEaterddalton: not unless there was one in the voicebox directory you zipped up
10:04:19JerryLangei only had one song and let the buffer fill
10:05:23Buscheljerry: ok. could you try a theme with larger fonts? maybe this behaviour is connected to the amount of lines which is loaded and displayed?
10:06:06ddaltonok well win rar handles it fine. and I zipped it with "zip"
10:06:12Buscheljerry: it definately seems like there are only few display updates...
10:06:50JdGordonamiconn: is accessing pointers more bin-heavy than regular ints?
10:07:51JerryLangeBuschel: i tried the default rockbox theme with a font with the number 17 near it. its pretty big, and it still does it
10:08:57ddaltonGodEater: can you try this one I upload?
10:09:03GodEaterthe one on FS ?
10:09:14ddaltonno I am about to add a comment
10:09:27GodEaterok - let me know when you want me to try
10:10:53JerryLangeit seems as if the acceleration is working but is still lags like originally but with page jumping
10:11:31ddaltonGodEater: Can you try the last comment on p7790?
10:11:45GodEaterddalton: one second
10:12:29 Join SofianBabai [0] (
10:12:34GodEaterddalton: that one worked ;)
10:13:38GodEaterddalton: now remind me - what did you want me to do with it ? :)
10:14:04Buscheljerry: i think the same. i can reproduce here (playing mp3)
10:14:22ddaltonwell if you open the hta file you will see voice files twice. The second check box should be voice file extensions. Do you know what needs fixing?
10:14:35JerryLangewhat do you usually play? ogg?
10:14:40SofianBabaihello all. is there a way to create a script in cygwin which allows me to automate some tasks. i need to build voice files for many targets and i would like to have it wuickly done
10:14:45GodEaterddalton: ah - you want me to actually run it ? That will be tricky on linux :(
10:15:24Buscheljerr: mpc
10:15:37JerryLangeoh. ive never heard of that format
10:16:06GodEaterSofianBabai: yes there is - read up on bash scripting
10:16:17ddaltonah ok can you have a look at the code?
10:16:21JerryLangei might be able to get this tested on the nano also :O
10:16:33ddaltonI have to go for dinner but will be back in 15 minutes is that ok?
10:16:44SofianBabaiGodEater: is it hard to do ?
10:17:02GodEaterSofianBabai: depends on how good a programmer you are
10:17:19SofianBabaii'm NOT a programmer
10:17:29SofianBabai...definetely not :(
10:17:31GodEaterSofianBabai: then you will find it quite hard I imagine
10:17:34JerryLangeBuschel: would that be cool?
10:17:42Buscheljerry: do you are able to recompile in short time? my PC is quite slow :/
10:17:52 Join wraith [0] (
10:18:00 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
10:18:06JerryLangei have no idea. ive only compiled once lol
10:18:06SofianBabaiarf is it harder than creating batch files ?
10:18:26GodEaterSofianBabai: not harder - just different
10:18:27JerryLangeBuschel: you have a updated patch?
10:18:57SofianBabaiho my ... :(
10:18:59Buscheljerry: i would just aks you to comment #define HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL in firmware/export/config-ipodvideo.h
10:19:10*JdGordon is after some testers for
10:19:24Buscheljerry: this way the patch is deactivated -> just to check if the new driver creates this effect
10:19:50JerryLangei do not know how to do that part
10:20:31Buscheljerry: hmm, just open the file (see above) and write // right before the "#define HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL"
10:20:48GodEaterSofianBabai: all you need to do is a bit of reading up on bash scripting
10:20:59JerryLangeJdGordon: what is that patch?
10:21:22JdGordonif it works you shouldnt notice any change in the lists
10:21:31JdGordonbut the file and databse browser needs checking
10:22:00JerryLangeBuschel: so i just open the acceleration wheel patch and input that where?
10:22:51Buscheljerry: wait. I'll better do it here
10:23:36JerryLangeJdGordon, Buschel: what time is it for you?
10:23:51Buschel10:21 (am)
10:25:17SofianBabaigodEater: gonna try to find something understandable.
10:26:11JerryLangeBuschel: i can do more testing for you earlier if you want i usually get on at 8pm-??am here. im 7 hours behind you
10:27:06Buscheljerry: what is the behaviour with an unpatched version?
10:27:31delYsidWhat is running time supposed to display? SOme kind of uptime, or total runtime?
10:27:47delYsidI am getting 92 hours, which is a bit strange
10:27:52JerryLangesame but with no page skipping
10:28:07wraithanybody able to tell me how to get rockbox to remember a backdrop? specifically with an ipod nano
10:28:14Buscheljerry: so, its also kin of laggy?
10:28:25 Part homielowe
10:28:47pixelmadelYsid: it displays the running time but you have to reset it manually
10:29:26JdGordonpixelma has a archos player, doesnt you?
10:29:28linuxstb_wraith: I think the backdrop needs to be in .rockbox/backdrops
10:29:44JerryLangewhen i use the "remove patch" command "patch -p0 -r < nameof.patch. does this undo what it first patched or delete it?
10:30:07pixelmaJdGordon: one of the Archos devices but not teh Player
10:30:37JdGordongrr... im sick of the damn charcell player :D
10:31:45JerryLangecan somebody verify this for me?
10:32:55amiconnJdGordon: Yes, and it's also slower
10:33:06JerryLangeif you need, i can get this patch tested on the nano also.....that is..if my cousin can find his player. he misplaced it.
10:33:28Buscheljerry: this would be nice :)
10:33:29JdGordonamiconn: ok, so maybe i will stick it into a variable untill it needs to be set
10:34:03JdGordonim getting a 50byte +delta on the rec which is a bit annoying, but close enough to nothing
10:34:47*JdGordon itching to commit this :p
10:35:06wraithi have tried moving the exact picture file to the backdrops folder but it didn't seem to do anything
10:35:09JerryLangeok just answer this. im trying to compile a non patched buld. so i just run the -R command?
10:35:40hcsJerryLange: did you check out from SVN? if so just do svn revert
10:35:41JerryLangepatch -p0 -R < patchfilename
10:35:49Buscheljerry: if the lagging is also happening with a unpatched build (like recent build from then the lagging is not connected to the acceleration patch. you will see it more clearly as there are more lines/pages to jump at one time...
10:35:58ddaltonGodEater: Did you get a chance to look at that code?
10:37:37JerryLangehcs: but would the patch -p0 -R < patchfilename command work also?
10:38:03hcsJerryLange: yes
10:38:32JerryLangethank you
10:40:40GodEaterddalton: I can't run it here - it doesn't work on linux
10:40:56JerryLangealright ran the command and now i get this error: " export/config.h:24:22: error: audoconf.h: no suck file or dirctory
10:41:19hcsJerryLange: what directory are you running the command in?
10:42:34hcsis there in fact a rockbox/ipod5g/export/config.h, or is it rockbox/ipod5g/rockbox/export/config.h ?
10:42:56ddaltonGodEater: Can you have a look at the code?
10:43:10ddaltonor should I just forget about and install ubuntu
10:44:01JerryLangehcs: i do not see that file at all
10:44:20GodEaterddalton: I can look, but without being able to run it - I'm not sure what use it'll be
10:44:43JerryLangei see autoconfig.h in the ipod5g folder
10:44:49ddaltonok could you have a quick look otherwise I will just ask on there and see if it gets looked at
10:45:04hcsJerryLange: do you have the rockbox source tree?
10:46:27hcsJerryLange: oh, it should be run in firmware/
10:47:37ddaltondelYsid: Around?
10:47:41 Quit atsea-15 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:47:41 Quit tictoc (Remote closed the connection)
10:47:51JerryLangehcs: and i am looking for autoconf.h correct?
10:48:41hcsJerryLange: I don't know what you mean, you should run the patch -R in the firmware/ directory
10:48:43ddaltonGodEater: Do you have time to take a quick look at it?
10:49:00GodEaterddalton: I *am* looking at it - I can't see where there's a problem
10:49:09JerryLangeoh. i ran it in /rockbox
10:49:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:49:32ddaltonIt seems that there are to check boxes called voice file names and no voice extensions
10:50:23JerryLangehcs: what did i do wrong?
10:50:51ddaltonis Jens Arnold on here?
10:51:00 Join Entasis [0] (
10:51:05hcsJerryLange: you ran the patch program in the wrong directory
10:51:19ddaltonwho is Jens Arnold? His name is on a read me file
10:51:20JerryLangehcs: how do i fix this?
10:51:47hcsJerryLange: change into the rockbox/firmware directory and run it there
10:52:06GodEaterddalton: amiconn
10:52:24ddaltonAmiconn: Do you have a few minutes?
10:52:49JerryLangesays no such file or directory when i try to unpatch it
10:52:53JerryLangeor remove it
10:53:09 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
10:54:43 Join spiorf [0] (
10:55:37 Join lee-qid [0] (
10:55:47hcsJerryLange: is there a rockbox/firmware directory that you can change into?
10:56:18JerryLangehcs: yes i was in there
10:56:20ddaltonwhy don't you just run svn revert?
10:56:51JerryLangenot enough arguments
10:57:09hcsJerryLange: what file doesn't exist?
10:57:15JerryLangehsc the patch
10:57:16ddalton"svn revert -R ." This will remove all patches from your tree.
10:57:17hcsJerryLange: svn revert .
10:57:21JerryLangei did
10:57:40ddaltondid you try my last command?
10:58:08hcsJerryLange: you have to give it the path to the patch, if it was up one directory then do patch -p0 -R < ../patchfilename
10:58:43 Join preglow [0] (n=thomj@rockbox/developer/preglow)
10:58:56preglowsome assmuncher keeps rebooting my shell"#%"#"#
10:59:22JerryLangewhen i do svn revert -r it says missing argument
10:59:42hcsJerryLange: the . in that command is important, and it is -R
10:59:43ddaltonyou need a . at the end
11:00:11hcsJerryLange: the . means "this directory"
11:00:14JerryLangenow i get a syntax error
11:00:15*GodEater is always amazed at the number of people who type that command wrong, even when it's been explicitly typed here for them
11:00:31hcsit looks like the end of a sentence
11:00:50GodEaterhcs, not with the space it doesn't
11:00:54*amiconn agrees with GodEater
11:01:01amiconnThere's even copy & paste...
11:01:10ddaltonamiconn: are you there?
11:01:13GodEaterbesides, in speech marks, the command is clear
11:01:34JerryLangeinvalid option character
11:01:40*ddalton has to admit he typed it wrong.
11:01:54GodEaterddalton: you're excused - you only did it once :)
11:02:09GodEaterI don't even know how your screenreader read it back to you
11:02:43ddaltonI think it is mostly the blind users. (Not an excuse) but it is hard to tell punctuation with a screenreader. You need to read by character.
11:02:53hcsJerryLange: use a capital -R
11:02:57ddaltonit said svn revert -r
11:03:06JerryLangei did and now i get a "invalid option character"
11:03:15ddaltonwhat are you typing?
11:03:31JerryLangesvn revert -R.
11:03:45hcsspace between the -R and the period
11:03:48GodEaterJerryLange: you forgot the space between R and .
11:04:04JerryLangewhoops. sorry i cant see very good at this moment
11:04:08ddaltonyep just a space needed between "R" and "."
11:04:11GodEaterJerryLange: so cut and paste
11:04:20GodEaterddalton gave you the command here a few minutes ago
11:04:44*ddalton Wonders why people don't use copy and paste
11:04:53*GodEater wonders that too
11:05:05JerryLangehow do you copy from windows window and vmware?
11:05:17ddaltonBTW how do you copy and paste on linux? I know how to do it on windows.
11:05:17JerryLangeok did that command
11:05:25ddaltondid it work?
11:05:31 Join bluebrother [0] (i=RZUj0yGY@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
11:05:46JerryLangeuhh i didnt get any errors just had a yellow block and now its letting me type commands again
11:05:50GodEaterddalton: there are a variety of ways to do it
11:06:08ddaltonGodEater Can you give me one example? :-)
11:06:27GodEaterddalton: the "original" way was to simply hilight the text in one window with the mouse, and then click in your destination window with the middle mouse button
11:06:32JerryLangei cant copy and paste. well i dont know how to from windows to vmware
11:06:53bluebrotherJerryLange: pasting on linux works with the middle mouse button
11:06:55GodEaterddalton: however, most "modern" desktop environments in linux now support the Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste that windows uses
11:07:22JerryLangecan you copy from a eterm window?
11:07:24ddaltonso how can you select text? A mouse is difficult to use when you are blind :-(
11:07:43bluebrotherselect with the left mouse button
11:08:02ddaltonbluebrother were you talking to me?
11:08:25*ddalton Better read a basic book on linux
11:08:31bluebrotherddalton: no, but I guess you have a similar issue ;)
11:09:03JerryLangeoh to copy text i select with the left button? and then what
11:09:09*ddalton Wonders if amiconn is going to talk to me!
11:09:17bluebrotherthen paste it with the middle button
11:09:45JerryLangeno i want to copy text from eterm and paste it in my chat window
11:09:54JerryLangei have vmware and windows
11:10:09 Quit oranges2 ()
11:10:16JerryLangeso i can show you my error im getting
11:10:18bluebrotherwell, it's in the clipboard. I don't know vmware too much but you should be able pasting with the usual Ctrl-V on windows
11:10:32bluebrotheryou could also run an irc client in linux ...
11:10:40bluebrotheror use a pastebin.
11:10:40ddaltonWhy don't you copy and past the following message? Don't copy my name of course
11:10:48ddaltonsvn revert -R .
11:11:00ddaltonthat should be "paste"
11:11:08SofianBabaiwow i'm trying to learn this bash scripting and i've still never find any clue on what i want to do. it's desperating :)
11:11:23JerryLangei did that already and now when i run "make" i still get an error
11:11:42ddaltonso if you run svn revert what does it say?
11:11:48bluebrotherdid you run "make clean" first?
11:12:00ddaltono yeah forgot to say that
11:12:43JerryLangealright i did "make clean" now what?
11:12:51ddaltonrun configure
11:12:55amiconnrasher: Is there a reason for LANG_BUTTONLIGHT_TIMEOUT being left out for C200?
11:12:56bluebrothernow invoke "make"
11:13:20GodEaterSofianBabai: I thought all you wanted to do was to make voice files for multiple targets ?
11:14:25SofianBabaigodeater: yes, only that, in fact, just want to automate the commands i type on the keyboard. I'm getting lost with those insructions, constants and variables :(
11:14:58JerryLangeso i did "make clean" now i go in my ipod5g folder and run "make" ?
11:15:19bluebrotheryou run "make clean" from the build folder, as you run "make"
11:15:47 Join atsea-15 [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-b7b600430e2756ac)
11:16:15GodEaterSofianBabai: I'd look at the automated build script in svn if I were you
11:16:20JerryLangecrap i always run the commands in this window
11:16:20GodEaterit already does what you want
11:16:25GodEateryou just have to call it multiple times
11:16:26ddaltonno you need to run configure you need a makefile
11:16:56bluebrotherif you haven't run configure "make clean" also won't work because of the missing Makefile ...
11:17:06JerryLangealright "make" command is running and so far i have no errors as fast as i did before.
11:17:30 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
11:17:52 Join spiorf [0] (
11:18:07ddaltondid you type ../tools/configure from your build dir?
11:18:25 Quit kubiixaka (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:18:27ddaltonand before that you ran make clean
11:18:38JerryLangedid make clean then ../tools/configure 22 64 then make
11:19:01ddaltonwhy 64?
11:19:06 Join seablue [0] (
11:19:09ddaltonis that how much ram your player has
11:19:32JerryLangeisnt that how much memory my ipod video has?
11:19:42ddaltonwhat's the hdd size?
11:19:44bluebrotherthe video asks you about the ram size of your player.
11:19:53ddaltonyep it is
11:19:59bluebrotherthe hdd size is completely irrelevant for building Rockbox.
11:20:18GodEaterit's relevant to work out how much memory your ipod has though
11:20:24SofianBabaiGodEater: good idea. can i find it in my source tree ? tI mean the svn script
11:20:24ddaltonI know but doesn't the 60 and 80 have 64 mb ram and 32 for the 30?
11:20:34GodEaterddalton: yes
11:20:47GodEaterSofianBabai: it's somewhere in the svn source tree yes
11:21:03JerryLangeso this build im compiling is a unpatched build?
11:21:08SofianBabaiok gonna check for that, it may be a good starting point
11:21:29ddaltonbut bluebrother said it is completely irrelevant for building rockbox
11:21:50ddaltonI don't know did you apply any patches?
11:22:14JerryLangeyes but i did the revert command i thought that got rid of the patch
11:22:45bluebrotherif you reverted the complete source tree all patches are gone
11:22:49*ddalton Is going to forget about voicebox. 5 mailing lists and irc and he can't figure it out
11:23:02ddaltonyes it did if it worked.
11:23:10ddaltonDid it say what files it reverted?
11:23:40JerryLangejust to clarify. next time i just go to root source and do "svn revert -R ." ?
11:23:50ddaltonis it worth closing p7790? GodEater?
11:24:09ddaltonyes why don't you write it down?
11:24:14GodEaterSofianBabai: that's a perl script which does what you want
11:24:25GodEaterddalton: why? It's not done yet is it ?
11:24:40SofianBabaiGodEater: thanks you very much !
11:25:11ddaltonGodEater no its not but I can't work out what is wrong with it. As I said I tried here and 5 mailing lists and brian who wrote it but no luck.
11:25:37JerryLangeafter that do i have to do the make clean in the build directory every time?
11:25:59ddaltonno! Unless you revert I think but I never do it actually.
11:26:14bluebrothermake detects which files have already been compiled and which are out of date so it can rebuild only the ones needed.
11:26:29ddaltonand it speeds up compile time on cygwin
11:26:43JerryLangei have vmware
11:26:46bluebrotherif something fails with this detection (which usually happens rarely) you need "make clean" to remove all old files. Then you get a complete rebuild
11:27:06JerryLangeok. like the errors i was getting
11:27:07 Quit Pro (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:27:12 Part LinusN
11:27:14ddaltonwell it will speed that up of course but it is pretty fast anyway isn't it?
11:27:15bluebrotherbut if you get compile errors it's an easy way to rule out old files.
11:27:31bluebrotherddalton: compiling is never fast enough ;)
11:27:41JerryLangehow long does it usually take?
11:27:50ddaltonon what?
11:27:57ddaltoncygwin vmware or linux?
11:28:03bluebrotherdepends on your os, envionment and pc.
11:28:13JerryLangethats what i thought.
11:28:45bluebrothercygwin is known to be dog slow.
11:28:51ddaltonhere with 1 gb ram dual core 2.1 ghz with cygwin about 15 minutes (clean build)
11:29:18 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
11:29:19bluebrotherand it depends on the target you're building
11:29:35JerryLangei dont know how long it takes. i just have the window over to my right and have this window open so it dont bother me i just glance at it to see when its done.
11:30:05bluebrothersure. The player f.e. has much less code −− no codecs, no doom etc.
11:30:16 Join Thundercloud [0] (
11:30:30ddaltonGodEater What do you think we should do with p7790?
11:30:40JerryLangeyes. i noticed that bluebrother. i just compiled a build for the nano and it didnt take very long
11:30:59ddaltonvmware must be fast then (better than cygwin)
11:35:19delYsidddalton: did you have any luck with the patch I sent you?
11:35:46 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
11:35:58ddaltonWhat exactly should it do? Also do you know stephane who has been writing some voice patches. Well your patches don't apply with his.
11:36:10 Join spiorf [0] (
11:36:37ddaltondelYsid Did you get my pm?
11:37:11JerryLangeextracting my new compiled build. hope this works
11:37:33ddaltonGodEater: around?
11:37:35delYsidddalton: I actually use three of stephane's patches since saturday.
11:37:45GodEaterddalton: still here yes
11:38:42ddaltonGodEater : so what should we do about p7790? I can't be bother fixing and I don't know how. I don't know what else I can try. I emailed the author, a programming list, html list, rockbox dev list and I tried here.
11:38:55ddaltonWhat do you think?
11:39:20GodEaterddalton: just leave a comment on it saying what you've done, and what needs fixing
11:39:25ddaltondelYsid: I use all of his but what does the big one you sent me do?
11:39:27GodEaterand someone else may pick it up
11:40:08ddaltonok I will but I doubt it will be fixed.
11:40:30 Quit atsea-15 (Remote closed the connection)
11:40:33ddaltonIt works for me I have a shortcut and hit enter and it just reads the options in the ini file and works great.
11:40:48ddaltonBut it won't for others if they don't understand it.
11:41:07ddaltondelYsid: Are you getting my messages?
11:41:19GodEaterddalton: someone will fix it
11:41:24delYsidddalton: yes, patience, I am at work :-)
11:41:35ddaltonok then lets see how long it will be there for.
11:41:57 Join AceNik [0] (n=AceNik@
11:41:58delYsidwell, my patch basically just enables some plugins to talk...
11:42:05ddaltonwhat ones?
11:42:13AceNikJdGordon: you there
11:42:24delYsidit also includes jingle support for the fm tuner and other goodies I wanted to have on my sansa
11:42:37bluebrotherjust if someone is curious: a clean rebuild of the mini2g build took less than 4 minutes on my machine −− P-M 1.4GHz, native linux
11:42:51 Quit SkinInd95 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:43:03JerryLangecool. i got it to compile a unpatched build. now lets see if i remember tomorrow when i repatch it.
11:43:18delYsidddalton: for now only the chessbox is really usable, some others like the clock have usable menus now and the pgn viewer also works.
11:43:36ddaltonyou just apply your patches and run make in your build dir. No need to run configure or make clean
11:44:07bluebrotherthat is with ccache enabled :)
11:44:08 Join hannesd [0] (
11:44:22JerryLangeunless i want to compile a build for a different player then i run configure
11:44:44 Join turbotoast [0] (
11:44:49bluebrotherJerryLange: I suggest using a different folder for a different build
11:44:52ddaltondelYsid Can you reply to my pm?
11:45:01JerryLangeoh yeah. i know that
11:45:05turbotoastgood morning. could someone spare a few minutes to help me with a problem?
11:45:11*bluebrother just found
11:45:12ddaltonthat wasn't meant to go to the channel
11:45:24bluebrotherturbotoast: only if you dare to tell us your problem ;-)
11:45:30ddaltonwhat is the problem?
11:45:37turbotoastbluebrother: no, you have to guess :D
11:45:45turbotoastokay, I just installed rockbox on my ipod mini 4gb
11:46:11delYsidddalton: pm? where, on IRC, I got nothing
11:46:11turbotoastit boots up nicely, but when I try to build a database, it outputs "367 files scanned" or something in the like, and then freezes
11:46:13bluebrothergreat decision :)
11:46:29bluebrotherI assume you have the most recent build installed?
11:46:32turbotoastand if I connect it to my mac, it displays the usb-cable-symbol and then shuts down
11:46:35turbotoastyes, i have
11:46:58JerryLangewell im out. talk to you people later.
11:47:13bluebrotherso it does not reboot to disc mode? Does the cable symbol disappear or does it stay displayed?
11:47:21turbotoastit disappears
11:47:23JerryLangeits 5am here :(
11:47:32turbotoastthe ipod just completely shuts down (or so it seems)
11:47:40JerryLangeand i havnt gone to bed yet. later.
11:47:49turbotoasti also tried to do the same thing on my linux machine, but to no avail
11:47:53 Quit JerryLange ("Leaving")
11:47:56turbotoastcould it pose a problem that I formatted it on a pc
11:48:28bluebrotherwell, there is a known issue with some ipods not rebooting to disc mode properly.
11:48:46bluebrotherI get that on my mini too −− but it seems to appear only with some builds.
11:48:51turbotoastI see
11:48:58turbotoastwait a sec, how can I reboot it to disk mode?
11:49:00bluebrotheralso, the reason is currently unknown.
11:49:19bluebrotherreboot the Ipod by holding Menu + Select. Once the Ipod reboots press Play + Select.
11:49:37bluebrotherthis loads emergency disc mode. To leave it you need to reboot the Ipod again.
11:49:45*turbotoast tries
11:50:14turbotoastokay, it mounted
11:50:18turbotoastI feel like an idiot now
11:50:47ddaltonis there any interest in any of my patches?
11:50:55turbotoastso, what do I have to do to put music on it? I browsed the manual but can't find anything
11:51:12ddaltoncopy and paste maybe! :-)
11:51:20turbotoastah, cool
11:51:20AceNikturbotast, just dum music anywhere anyfolder
11:51:33turbotoastso I just make a folder called music and put all in?
11:51:38rasheramiconn: I imagine the c200 doesn't have button-light - I simply mirrored the changes in english.lang
11:51:42ddaltonwhat ever you like
11:51:49AceNikturbotoast: thats fine
11:51:51bluebrotherjust put it on the player.
11:52:09turbotoastcool. guess I'm not used to so much user-friendliness on my ipod :D
11:52:27bluebrotherif you want to be able using the music from the apple firmware you need to keep something maintaining the ItunesDB.
11:52:30AceNikbluebrother: do you have a h10[20GB] ?
11:52:35pixelmarasher: maybe it's not implemented yet but the c200 has buttonlight (see )
11:52:43bluebrotherif you don't care about that use any method you like.
11:52:56rasherpixelma: probably just not implemented yet then
11:53:07turbotoastokay, let's see...I have to build the rockbox database after copying, I think?
11:53:32SofianBabaiho rasher , amiconn: since you're looking after the voices files, don't you think that putting the replace strings you have put in the voice-pl in a separate "dictionnary file" like a .dic could be a good idea?
11:53:48AceNikamiconn: you have a h10 right?
11:53:50SofianBabaiit will be easier to add, delete edit replace strings for newbies
11:53:54SofianBabaii think
11:54:21pixelmarasher: I think so too, wondered also a bit about it
11:54:55rasherSofianBabai: since the replacements are perl code, I don't think we'd gain much to be honest
11:55:03SofianBabaii can't figure out how to manage those stings proprely to have my voice files well pronounced
11:55:26AceNikuys would the simulator emulate the same problems faced by the player in terms of functionality
11:55:41SofianBabaiin the vbs before, it was easier to manage them
11:55:46 Quit wraith ()
11:56:03SofianBabaicouldn't we imagine a simplest way to do ?
11:56:05rasherSofianBabai: I don't see how. It's done using the exact same mechanisms. Only the syntax is slightly different
11:57:45 Join Shijima [0] (
11:58:30SofianBabairasher: could we have a little discussion 'bout this one day? gotta go :(
11:59:02SofianBabaijust to help me to add a french section in the pl file. it will help me and others too
11:59:08turbotoastit worked!
11:59:12turbotoastthanks a bunch, you guys!
11:59:15SofianBabaisee you all and thanks for the help
11:59:15turbotoastthis rocks ;)
11:59:29turbotoastgreat product, and great support to go allong
11:59:39 Part turbotoast ("Kopete 0.12.3 :")
11:59:55rasherSofianBabai: Maybe taking it up on the mailinglist is a better idea.
12:01:20rasherI really don't see a nice way to put perl statements into an external dictionary though
12:02:53pixelmaisn't that also dependent on the specific tts engine a bit?
12:05:11rasherYeah. The script has sections for all->language->tts->vendor(in the case of tts=sapi)
12:05:14 Join stuporglue [0] (n=stuporgl@
12:05:42ddaltoncan someone close p6097? See my last comment for details on why.
12:05:49JdGordonamiconn: im 99.9% sure this doesnt break charcell, and it works in the sim, so im going to commit it... youve got full permissions to be pissed if it breaks :)
12:06:43 Part hcs
12:10:46delYsidddalton: I never got any pm from you
12:11:01 Join SkinInd95 [0] (
12:11:12bluebrotherddalton: you are not registered so you can't send pm's
12:11:27AceNikJdGordon: did you please see the bug i told you about
12:12:00JdGordonAceNik: yes i saw it.. ill investigate on the weekend if i remember (h10 isnt a high priority for me)
12:12:42AceNikJdGordon: ok thank you
12:13:35bluebrotherddalton: task closed. Btw, if you use the prefix "FS#" instead of "p" it gets automatically linked.
12:13:48amiconnJdGordon: too impatient?
12:14:06ddaltonamiconn: Can you have a look at the task I just opened?
12:14:50ddaltondelYsid: Can you go on the other channel I want to ask you a question.
12:16:50JdGordonthats an odd delta!
12:18:55delYsidddalton: sure, which channel?
12:19:55 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:20:39ddaltondelYsid: #rockbox-community
12:21:12stuporglueWhen I'm on the WPS, should I be able to press next/prev/etc. ? To go to a different song, I have to go back to the playlist and manually pick one.
12:21:37 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:22:55pixelmastuporglue: what type of files do you play
12:23:01stuporglueogg, mp3
12:23:27pixelmathen you should be able to press next, prev etc.
12:23:45 Join spiorf [0] (
12:24:44hachihas anyone studied the difference between mtools and dosfstools for making a fat32 partition?
12:24:59stuporglueThat's what I though. They don't do anything. The buttons themselves work on other screens, and the menu and select keys work on the WPS screen.
12:25:01hachiI mean, the end result... why rockbox doesn't like the dosfstools stuff
12:25:11bluebrotherstuporglue: check if you have party mode enabled.
12:25:41stuporglueI did. What does that do?
12:25:52bluebrotherwell, you noticed the effect ;)
12:26:06stuporgluehaha. What does that do besides disabling the fwd/back buttons?
12:26:28bluebrotherIIRC makes queue last the default action when selecting songs.
12:26:38bluebrothercheck the manual, I haven't used that feature ...
12:26:55stuporglueok. Thanks. That makes this work a whole lot better. :D
12:33:48 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:35:36 Join spiorf [0] (
12:36:18 Part stuporglue
12:47:33 Join imphasing [0] (
12:48:36 Join linuxstb [0] (i=d556da1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:49:10linuxstbhachi: No, I don't think anyone has investigated the differences, and IIUC, it's not just Rockbox that complains, it's the Apple firmware as well.
12:49:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:49:30 Quit AceNik ("bye guys have fun , enjoy !!!!!")
12:49:45 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
12:50:06 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:50:57hachihow did you see my question? you weren't even in the channel
12:51:21hachialso, thanks much... as a note I figured out why my ipod was acting all corrupt somtimes, and slow to mount
12:51:22linuxstbThis channel is logged.
12:51:50 Join spiorf [0] (
12:52:01hachimformat -t was specifying the track count for the partition that was being formatted... and the mformat options on the wiki waid to do like -t 2032 or something
12:52:22hachiand fact of the matter was, I only had 2010 available, so it was making a partition bigger than the device or something
12:53:19hachias usual, reading the docs gave me a good smack upside the head and made me realize what I had done wrong
12:54:34 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
12:54:40 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:04:04 Quit imphasin1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:04:21 Part hoobop ("leaving")
13:06:39 Join Rob2222 [0] (
13:08:37 Join wraith [0] (
13:09:28wraithIs there a way to see what applications or programs are using an ipod? (preventing disconnection)
13:09:41dionoeawhat os do you use ?
13:09:57GodEaterwraith: if you're on windows look for "who lock me"
13:10:29 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
13:11:38SofianBabairasher: about dictionnaries and voice files, i'hve already atempted to take it uun on the dev mailing list.... no result. but, never mind, i'll try manage it by myself
13:15:00wraithappears nothing is 'locking' it
13:16:38GodEaterwraith: then you should be able to eject it
13:20:49oskiejust placed my order on the e280... :]
13:21:21SofianBabaihow do i register my nick on the channel please ?
13:22:01GodEaterSofianBabai: /msg nickserv help
13:22:29SofianBabai*msg nickserv help
13:23:42 Quit SkinInd95 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:24:21SofianBabainickserv register
13:24:58GodEaterSofianBabai: try "/query nickserv" instead
13:25:02GodEaterand do it all in the new window
13:25:17SofianBabaiyour definetely right :)
13:28:51 Join darkless [0] (
13:34:25 Quit ddalton ("leaving")
13:37:11 Quit Jon-Kha ("leaving")
13:37:25 Join Jon-Kha [0] (
13:38:08 Quit wraith ()
13:42:18 Join barrywardell [0] (
13:43:43dionoeaJdGordon: does your touchpad patch also render the mouse on screen ? (looks like it doesn't from looking at the patch). Also, does any target (other than sims) have a 2D touchpad (or touchscreen)?
13:44:36B4gderthe mrobe 500 apparently does
13:44:55Nico_Pis there a start of a port for it ?
13:45:06dionoeai was going to ask that question :)
13:45:20B4gderJdGordon got one, and at least one more core rockboxer does
13:45:40B4gderTI dm320 based target
13:47:01bluebrotherhmm, why not use the right mouse button for long click?
13:47:31dionoeathat would be hard to emulate on a touchpad (unless you use some two finger action like some laptops do)
13:47:58GodEaterI think bluebrother meant in the sim only
13:48:14bluebrotheryep. As that patch is sim only right now.
13:48:33dionoeawell it has the ifdef(TOUCHPAD) too :)
13:48:36bluebrotherfor a touchpad I imagine you would rather use a double click
13:48:41 Quit darkless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:52:03 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
14:02:34 Join ender` [0] (
14:03:25 Quit ender (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:04:12 Quit spiorf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:04:55 Join spiorf [0] (
14:05:30 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:06:21 Join mikae1 [0] (i=c2477b02@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:07:45mikae1is anyone doing any progress with the 3g nano?
14:08:06mikae1what is the hardware like?
14:09:41JdGordonbluebrother: yeah, i was tihnking right click might be ok for the sim... unless im mistaken, (or without a bit of hacks) you cant do "long click" in sdl which is what would be best
14:10:43mikae1linuxstb: an undocumented i suppose?
14:13:37B4gdermikae1: all ipods are undocumented
14:14:00B4gderthe new ones just a bit more undocumented...
14:14:08B4gderand encrypted
14:17:44GodEaterby "a bit more undocumented" you mean "not even documented unofficially by very clever people doing lots of reverse engineering" ;)
14:18:13B4gderyes, and the fact that some of the ipods actually use codecs that are similar to ones that are documented (iirc)
14:18:54 Quit austriancoder (Remote closed the connection)
14:33:01 Join kubiixaka [0] (
14:33:10 Quit kubiixaka (Client Quit)
14:35:38GodEaterOT Request - Anyone doing large scale ESX Server virtual workstations deployment? If so - please either PM me, or come to -community.
14:36:33 Part Ju
14:37:48*JdGordon fears he will have to add some _pre stuff back into the code for the mouse stuff :(
14:38:41 Join Pro [0] (n=Pro@
14:40:24JdGordonwoo! long mouse press working
14:45:42JdGordonSo, I guess I should ask... does anyone object to the mouse in the sim stuff?
14:46:16gammywhat is it for?
14:46:41gammyas a replacement for key simulation?
14:47:03JdGordonnot a replacement... just another option
14:47:31gammyI have never used the sim stuff yet
14:47:41gammybut I am going to play with it on saturday I think
14:48:58mikae1saw that the database ipod classic hash issue had been solved at least
14:49:18Lloreanmikae1: Th issue has nothing to do with Rockbox though
14:49:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:53:23B4gderit is amusing though since people occasionally claim Apple is open-source friendly
14:53:44B4gderlike they use lots of open source
14:54:14mikae1i guess it's the whole freebsd/darwin thing
14:54:40mikae1they're pretty good at collecting goodwill, not sure why
14:55:02*GodEater refrains from saying what he thinks about apple fanboys
14:55:08mikae1actually, i'm sitting at a mac pro right no, at work
14:55:19mikae1at home i use a mac mini, but i'm thinking about switching back to xp again
14:56:51*B4gder uses linux
14:56:52mikae1on a some sort of midi tower with a decent graphics card
14:57:53mikae1to get that without a crappy glossy screen (read: the imac) you have to buy a mac pro
14:58:29Zagorhmm, I just failed installing on my c200. copying firmware.mi4 to the recovery partition had no effect. (is the file supposed be gone the next time you look?)
14:58:50JdGordonyes it is
14:58:59JdGordonunless its different from the e200?
14:59:01B4gderZagor: yes, when you disconnect it should be removed/installed
14:59:09Zagorshould I do anything with the version.txt file that is there?
14:59:35B4gderis that really in recovery mode?
14:59:46B4gderI don't remember any files present on the e200 in recovery mode
14:59:58mikae1i've tried coping with linux a couple of times, it still is too much hassle for me
15:00:02Zagorthere's a version.txt both in normal usb mode and in recovery mode
15:00:03*mikae1 will be beaten
15:00:06B4gderI'll admit it was a while since I tried that
15:00:42Zagortried again - no effect. OF comes up.
15:01:15B4gderZagor: the only other little thing I can think of, is that on the e200 they called the firmware file pp5022.mi4 before they renamed it to firmware.mi4
15:01:20mikae1B4agder: linux?
15:01:29B4gdermikae1: ?
15:02:29mikae1B4gder: you wrote: "i'll admit it was a while since i tried that" and i thought you meant linux
15:02:46ZagorB4gder: they=sandisk? you mean I should try that name instead of firmware.mi4 then?
15:02:48B4gdermikae1: I dropped the off-topic stuff for topic things
15:02:49 Join jgarvey [0] (
15:03:07B4gderZagor: exactly, it could be an issue of that sort I'm saying
15:05:09Zagorwell, using the name pp5022.mi4 it said "upgrade completed", which it didn't say before. but it still starts OF.
15:05:46B4gderok, that indicates a different bootloader version
15:05:55B4gderand then it may want/need a different mi4 key for the mi4 file
15:06:14B4gderthe e200 name switch got a key switch at the same time
15:06:52B4gderso a task for you is to extract your bootloader from the hidden partition
15:07:16Zagormy c200 looks pretty old. version.txt says "Build Date: 2006.10.04"
15:07:26Zagorthe sdb2 one?
15:07:42B4gderif we have the BL and a working mi4 it can load, we can scan for the correct key
15:07:46Zagorjust dd the entire partition, or something else?
15:07:54B4gderdd it first
15:07:55*amiconn thinks that rombox on iAudio X5/M5 should be fairly easy
15:08:33B4gderI gotta go
15:08:35 Quit B4gder ("It is time to say MOOO")
15:10:15 Join nicktastic [0] (n=nick@unaffiliated/nicktastic)
15:13:12 Join darkless [0] (
15:16:40 Quit SofianBabai ("bye all")
15:17:09linuxstbamiconn: How much flash do they have?
15:18:04amiconnMore than enough... at least 2MB
15:18:34amiconnNot all of that is usable if we want to just let the cowon loader do the flashing, but we have at least as much as the OF's size
15:18:43amiconn...which is almost 1.6MB for X5
15:22:14 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
15:23:37 Quit mikae1 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
15:39:50 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
15:40:04 Join DerPapst [0] (i=usertour@
15:40:29DerPapstgreetings from jaroslavl :)
15:40:51*DerPapst runs
15:40:56DerPapstbye all
15:40:58 Part DerPapst
15:41:12 Join senab [0] (
15:46:38 Join low_light [0] (i=c730180a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:48:28low_lightZagor: early c200 firmware use a different mi4 key. You need to upgrade the OF to a more current version (both pribootloader.rom & firmware.mi4).
15:48:56Zagoraha. can I do that in linux or do I need their updater?
15:49:43 Quit senab ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:50:18low_lightyou can do it on linux using recovery mode
15:50:49low_lightZagor: download from here
15:51:20low_lightI think 1.01.00 is the latest "official" version
15:51:47low_light.05 or .06 disables usb msc mode
15:51:55low_lightavoid those
15:53:00 Join MethoS- [0] (
15:54:23 Join SofianBabai [0] (
15:54:28Zagorlow_light: so I copy all four upgrade files to recovery mode?
15:54:53Zagori.e. font.fnt and header.txt too?
15:54:54low_lightyes. even the fonts file
15:56:11 Join Nic0_P [0] (
15:58:24Zagoryay, works now. thanks
15:59:46Zagorwhat is system/OF.bin?
16:00:38 Join linuxstb___ [0] (
16:00:41Zagorcan I copy the sansa firmware.mi4 there to make it run from usb mode?
16:00:44pixelmalow_light: is the microSD slot in the c200 already supported in Rockbox?
16:02:06amiconnlow_light: Do we know the key for the earlier firmwares?
16:02:12low_lightZagor: yes. You will rename the original firmware.mi4 to OF.mi4 and put it in System/. However, booting the OF does not work right now.
16:02:32Zagorah, too bad
16:03:11low_lightpixelma: maybe :). I don't have one to try. There were some slight changes from the e200, but I've got my fingers crossed that it works
16:03:51 Join desowin [0] (
16:04:25low_lightamiconn: no, but Bagder/MrH should be able to get them.
16:04:54 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:05:41pixelmalow_light: could make updating to a newer build easy if you also have an external card reader
16:06:29delYsidThere is no context that would bind scrollwheel to prev/next and left/right to something like inc and DEC, is there?
16:06:40delYsidIf not, how do I create a custom context?
16:07:22low_lightpixelma: yes it would
16:09:07low_lightI think the problem may be that the OF uses parts of iram that were set up by the bootloader and the rockbox bootloader overwrites that area
16:10:17 Quit bluebrother ("Lost terminal")
16:10:37 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:10:50Bagderlow_light: mi4code can scan for the key just fine if we just have the bl and the mi4
16:13:16 Quit linuxstb__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:13:27 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:13:44 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
16:15:53low_lightBagder: some point I'll have to go through the firmware revisions on zefie's site
16:19:00 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
16:23:26 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:24:40 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
16:25:17 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
16:30:22 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
16:38:10 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:39:41delYsidfor the FM Tuner Jingle support to get accepted, what do people think, should we have a setting to allow the user to disable/enable jingle playback?
16:44:39 Quit Nic0_P (Remote closed the connection)
16:45:03 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
16:46:23 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:49:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:16 Join Artanicus [0] (
16:53:51LloreandelYsid: I think it needs to be a bit more flexible still. For example, right now if I simply label my stations by content ("Oldies" "Rock" "Hip Hop") and want station jingles, I need to rename my stations so that they have unique identifiers, right?
16:53:55Artanicushia.. How long should the first shutdown after creating the database take? Sofar its been "Shutting down" for about 10 mins.. seems a bit odd
16:54:04preglowBagder: what, now YOU are asking me google-style questions too= :P
16:54:18Lloreanpreglow: I know, they looked a bit familiar, didn't they. :)
16:54:19Bagderhaha, yeah
16:54:30*Bagder is a secret google agent
16:55:10LloreandelYsid: I don't know the internals of FM, but does it know which preset file you're using? You could use a folder sharing the preset file name, then the jingle based on the frequency perhaps? (Assuming this is even possible)
16:56:12 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
16:57:43delYsidLlorean: well, to your first question, yes, the jingle filename has to match the station name.
16:58:03delYsidat least in my country, this makes a lot of sense, since some stations are available in every city, and some are just city specific.
16:58:32delYsidso I can have a bunch of jingles and just switch my preset file based on where I am, and I can share the jingles that are common to the country pretty easily.
16:59:37LloreandelYsid: In that case it could be hierarchal. If it's in /jingles/ then it uses station name, if it's in /jingles/preset_name/ then it uses the frequency?
17:00:13delYsidwell, that should be fairly easy to implement
17:00:42LloreanOf course, I'm just offering suggestions for improvement, I doubt this would bar committing if it weren't implemented, if someone wants to commit the feature.
17:00:43delYsidjust strip of the .fmr and use that as directory name...
17:03:12low_lightwhy not extend the format of the fmr file...hz:name:jingle
17:04:08delYsidlow_light: because I think its not necessary, you can just lookup a filename based on stationname
17:04:26delYsidand user files dont break...
17:07:29Artanicuswell, the shutdown just keeps on going and nothing is happening.. Any way I can force it to actually just cut power? iPod color in use, software downloaded 15mins ago
17:10:12Artanicus..or do I just have to leave it on a shelf for a week and wait out the battery to depleat? :)
17:10:14markunlinuxstb_: are you there?
17:11:19 Join toffe [0] (
17:11:58markundoes anyone want to comment on this before I commit?
17:12:04markun(replaygain for WMA)
17:13:55 Quit preglow ("leaving")
17:15:08 Join Frazz [0] (
17:16:29 Part toffe82
17:16:51 Nick toffe is now known as toffe82 (
17:17:26Lloreanmarkun: Is there anything that does replaygain scans for WMA files?
17:17:36markunI used foobar2000
17:17:47LloreanAh, I thought someone tried it and it said WMA tag writing wasn't supported
17:17:51 Join preglow [0] (n=thomj@rockbox/developer/preglow)
17:18:02 Part toffe82
17:18:03markunLlorean: that was me... using an old version :)
17:18:59markunWMA replaygain works in rockbox (except for the files not sounding equally loud, even in foobar)
17:19:08 Join Crysal [0] (n=Cry@
17:19:17 Part Crysal
17:19:25Artanicussorry to repeat and nag, but my ipod is slowly dying.. is there no way to force a shutdown short of opening the case and prying the battery off?
17:19:40markunLlorean: maybe I'll even write a rockbox replaygain plugin (for use in the sim mainly I guess)
17:20:22pixelmaArtanicus: you can always reset your Ipod
17:20:42Artanicuspixelma, so it will work even though its stuck on shutting down rockbox?
17:21:19markunArtanicus: only one way to find out :)
17:21:23Artanicusheh.. true
17:22:21LloreanArtanicus: The reset button combination should work no matter what.
17:22:50Lloreanmarkun: If you do, it might be able to be adapted as a plugin for RBUtil too. :)
17:23:24pixelmamarkun: maybe saratoga would like to comment before?
17:23:33ArtanicusLlorean, thats start+menu together? Nope, no response.. I even tried pressing all keys at the same time for a minute, zero response
17:23:52markunpixelma: yes, I'll wait for that
17:24:01LloreanArtanicus: Pressing all keys together won't work. There is no "Start", but if you mean "Menu+Select", that will work if your iPod is 4G or later if you do it right.
17:26:07 Join toffe82 [0] (
17:26:13ArtanicusLlorean, thanks, that worked.. (:
17:26:24LloreanIt always does. ;)
17:27:06Artanicusyeah, I though so too.. just remembered it wrong afterall, though it was menu+start
17:27:26LloreanThere is no "Start"
17:27:35markunthat's why it didn't work :)
17:29:08 Join My_Sic [0] (
17:31:25 Join n1s [0] (
17:31:33Lloreanmarkun: I think a replaygain scanner in Rockbox code would be nice though, as for one Linux is apparently lacking a good one, and for two, if RB-as-an-app ever happens, it'll be useful too
17:34:40Artanicusbah, I constantly say start when I mean play.. (:
17:35:01Artanicusoh well, now it booted and all is well.. thanks for the help
17:42:08 Join Domonoky [0] (
17:44:39n1sLlorean: vorbisgain works wonders in linux :-)
17:44:44 Quit blithe (Client Quit)
17:45:06 Join blithe [0] (
17:45:26Lloreann1s: Non-xiph codecs?
17:46:12markunvorbisgain uses the same code (a bit older version) as mp3gain to calculation the gain
17:46:13n1sLlorean: dunno, never tried any
17:46:28markunit has a lot of floats, so needs some work
17:46:48n1sso the only major difference is the built in decoder?
17:47:25LloreanIn the end, that should be the only difference, right? Decode and analyze, then write the tags. So, one algorithm, but with a variety of decoders and metadata flavours supported?
17:48:08n1sperhaps it could be a plugin similar to test_codec that uses the codecs we already have to do the decoding
17:48:46n1sand gets metadata through the plugin api, would be unbearably slow on most targets though
17:49:08LloreanIt would be handy if you added like, one album, and realized you forgot to scan it first, though.
17:49:39n1sLlorean: or if the port to gigabeat S gets usable :-)
17:51:17markunn1s: what other option is there?
17:52:06n1smarkun: I dunno, that's the only one I could think of really and it seems fairly KISS too
17:52:25markunyes, it was also how I planned to do it
17:52:27 Part Artanicus
17:52:38markun*if* I do it ;)
17:53:21barrywardellIs there any more progress from austriancoder on the usb stack? Is he still working on it?
17:53:46barrywardellOr even an update on the current status?
17:56:38 Part SofianBabai
17:56:56peturI think ac was online today, didn't have time to ask him (by the time I saw he was here he was gone again)
18:03:29 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@
18:07:39markunjhulst: any luck with the creative?
18:09:22jhulstmarkun: nothing that isn't on the forums, we are still having a heck of a time figuring out how the checksum is calculated
18:10:17jhulstWhen I get some time, my next plan is to start doing some disassembly of the firmware to see if we can figure out where the checksum is calculated
18:10:20 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:11:12markunjhulst: that was also how the checksum for the Gigabeat was found
18:11:19markun(with an ARM emulator)
18:11:54markun(and not by me)
18:11:57jhulstyou actually ran the code with an emulator? That would be helpful, do you have a link to the emulator?
18:12:12markunmaybe it's in our IRC logs
18:12:20markunbut I'm afraid we didn't log back then
18:14:20 Join linuxstb [0] (i=d556da1b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:15:40pixelman1s: wouldn't that have been better to put him into the CREDITS-MANUAL file?
18:16:06 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
18:18:10 Join jas4711 [0] (
18:18:15 Join kubiixaka [0] (
18:20:50jas4711Hi. Does anyone know about port status to the newer hard drive based archos player? I'm thinking of getting myself an Archos 605. Any possibility that rockbox will work on it?
18:21:39 Join atsea-15 [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-67918c983030717a)
18:22:09Domonokyjas4711: nobody is woking on it..
18:23:33markunjas4711: but check-out
18:23:49jas4711ok thanks for replying. there doesn't seem to be many options if you want a >>100gb mp3 player, ipod or archos.
18:24:02 Join SofianLabai [0] (
18:24:20 Quit SofianLabai (Client Quit)
18:24:24jas4711yup been there, but they only support older devices.
18:24:29linuxstbmarkun: I've just looked at your replaygain patch... I'm not sure if I completely understand what should be going on, but the call to replaygain_parse is storing the value in id3buf, but then this will be overwritten by the next metadata tag the asf parser parses. I think you can just pass NULL instead of id3buf.
18:25:27markunlinuxstb: I thought id3buf was just used as a temporary buffer, but I'll look at it again
18:25:57markunby repplaygain_parse I mean
18:26:24linuxstbI'm just looking again - possibly ignore what I just said...
18:27:13markunI also wasn't sure what it wanted the buffer for
18:27:30markunand what happens when we run out of remaining space in id3buf..
18:28:31 Quit rocko (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30:00LearNot knowing what the patch really does, but replaygain_parse writes text to a buffer for use in the WPS or the ID3 info screen.
18:30:06linuxstbIt should just fail to parse things if the buffer becomes full.
18:30:42linuxstbLear: But the input to the function is a buffer containing the text...
18:31:16linuxstbSo I'm guessing in this case, we don't want replaygain_parse to copy the text, but use the original copy.
18:31:18LearThe "buffer" argument is an output buffer. Thought you talked about that one.
18:31:47linuxstbWe are, but in the case of asf, the input buffer is already in id3buf, so can be used directly.
18:32:06markunlinuxstb: but with clipping prevention the original value might not be valid anymore
18:32:39linuxstbBut replaygain_parse just does "strncpy(buffer, value, len);"
18:32:52 Join kreativefinally [0] (n=steigerw@
18:33:02kreativefinallyim having problems
18:33:09 Quit kfazz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:33:24kreativefinallymy battery cant hold a charge when playing roxbox
18:33:56linuxstbMy understanding is that when calling replaygain_parse from the asf parser, we can pass NULL for buffer, and then change replaygain_parse to check for a NULL output buffer, and in that case, just do *p = value (instead of *p = buffer and the strncpy)
18:34:22markunkreativefinally: which player?
18:34:43LearOr do like mp4, and call parse_replaygain with same value for "value" and "buffer".
18:34:50markun(and it's roCKbox)
18:34:58 Join SofianBabai [0] (
18:35:40n1spixelma: hmm, right forgot about that one, should he be in the CREDITS_MANUAL only or in both?
18:35:41linuxstbLear: Wouldn't it be better to pass NULL in mp4 as well, to avoid the strncpy/
18:36:15 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@
18:36:22LearMaybe, but the cost is negligible...
18:36:34kreativefinallyipod 5g
18:37:23markunkreativefinally: rockbox is quite a bit less efficient on the ipod 5g compared to the original firmware. How big is the difference?
18:38:50kreativefinallymarkun: after i turn off the ipod. leave it sit for a few hours, come back and its dead
18:38:53linuxstbLear: Maybe, in which case, the asf parser could just copy the logic in the mp4 parser.
18:39:38pixelman1s: I just saw that it was a manual contribution so I thought it was more suitable there, don't have a strong opinion whether he should be in both or not. In case you change something in that file, you could maybe put the name of the patch submitter of petur's manual commit (on friday, I think) in it too
18:40:33linuxstbkreativefinally: The Apple firmware (actually the bootloader) has a bug where it misreports a low battery. Try resetting it with MENU+SELECT.
18:40:38n1spixelma: Ok, I'll add him there and leave regular CREDITS for now, actually I don't even understand why we have different credit lits...
18:41:10kreativefinallyIt doesnt show a low battery, it just wont boot or load until i charge it.
18:41:33pixelman1s: one for the frontpage (or almost) of the manual and one for a long list in the appendix ;)
18:42:08n1spixelma: "People that have contributed to the project, one way or another. Friends!" is the first line of CREDITS so I guess they should be in both
18:42:12linuxstbkreativefinally: Have you tried resetting it when it is in that state?
18:42:58pixelman1s: think so too
18:43:28kreativefinallyyes, the reset doesnt work, i cant even get diskmode loaded
18:48:38 Join Lynx_ [0] (
18:48:54 Join kfazz [0] (
18:49:14 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
18:49:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:49:43Febskreativefinally: when my ipod is in that state, reset works. If the battery is truly low, it will flash a low battery screen and shut down. If the battery has a charge but the ipod thinks its low because of the bug, reset will work normally.
18:50:14 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
18:53:40 Quit low_light ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:54:32 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
18:59:16 Quit kfazz ("Leaving")
18:59:30 Part kreativefinally
19:09:07 Quit obo ("bye")
19:10:48 Quit inakibjch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:11:01 Join onakijoko [0] (i=0@
19:12:41 Quit onakijoko (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13:54 Join hnakichbc [0] (i=0@
19:16:23 Join [cc] [0] (
19:26:27 Join Arathis [0] (
19:29:36SofianBabaicould someone remind me the syntax to execute a perl script ? is it perl
19:30:32GodEater_Soap: that would work
19:30:39GodEater_SofianBabai: sorry - that was to you
19:30:42GodEater_Soap: Sorry!
19:31:09SofianBabaibizarre the script i'm executing seems to work but it finally do anything :)
19:32:23amiconnn1s: Why do we have 2 CREDITS lists in the first place?
19:32:51n1samiconn: I actually have no idea
19:33:14pixelmaI already answered that indirectly
19:34:06GodEater_we have the cool people credits
19:34:09GodEater_and everyone else ;)
19:34:13n1spixelma: the list is not used in the manual
19:34:20pixelmaat least this is how they are used
19:34:53krazykitSofianBabai, if it's done right, you really only need ./
19:34:56pixelmahmm... I thought it was (maybe it was a plan once)
19:34:57n1si mean the manual-only list
19:35:02GodEater_krazykit: depends on os
19:35:19krazykitwhich one is the silly one?
19:36:15SofianBabaikrazykit: it's okay, your right
19:36:40SofianBabaibut the script seems to work as if it was in simulation mode :) is it possible
19:37:01krazykit"simulation mode"? like, it appears to run but doesn't actually do anything?
19:37:36SofianBabaikrazykit: it creates folders but everything seems to be removed when finished :)
19:37:57SofianBabaiI may have done someting wrong but i've just edited an existing script
19:38:43krazykithm. can't really help much with perl troubleshooting :-/
19:39:02 Quit BigBambi ("Leaving")
19:39:05GodEater_I used to think understanding perl was cool
19:39:10GodEater_now I know better
19:39:16 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@
19:42:09SofianBabaimaybe the script is too old.... it works but it seems not to generate voice clips ....
19:42:17 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
19:47:41 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
19:50:53 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:52:12DomonokySofianBabai: what do you want to generate ? a voicefile, or talk clips for speaking of dirs and files ?
19:52:51Domonokyfor talkclips you could try rbutil.. i can generate talk files, but only with filte or espeak.. :-)
19:53:32SofianBabaidomonoky: i still want to build voice files for some targets and automate the task. godeater gave me a script to do that automatically but i think it has not been updated
19:53:56SofianBabaiLaughing Out Loud i have harassed everybody with that all the day sory :)
19:54:19 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
19:54:34Domonokyah, voicefiles, they are now generated with the normal configure/mak script..
19:55:10SofianBabaiyes but i have three voices to generate and with cygwin .... long .... long.... :)
19:55:36 Join jgarvey [0] (
19:56:10Domonokydoes it really take this long ? voice building can use a pool to reuse generated clips..
19:56:42Domonokyand the configure/make thing can easily be automated with a little script..
19:57:15SofianBabaihmmm ieasily.... i'm sure your right ! :)
19:57:28amiconnSofianBabai: Voice file generation on cygwin is quite fast now if you use sapi voices
19:58:01amiconnFor SAPI5, that is
19:58:07SofianBabaii use sapi voices... ok... i may exagerate a bit when i say long :)
19:58:23SofianBabaibut i'm kind of lazy man :)
19:58:25delYsidgood work needs time :-)
19:58:36amiconnOn my box a _full_ build of one voice takes ~2 minutes
19:58:57delYsidamiconn: about the same here with swift and native linux
19:58:59amiconnFaster for subsequent targets when using the pool
19:59:05delYsidbut I actually never measured it
19:59:14 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
19:59:30SofianBabaihere with a sapi voice it must take 10 15 mn
20:00:27amiconnThen you either have an incredibly slow PC (my figures are on a >3 years old laptop), or not using latest svn scripts
20:00:52delYsidor a slow sapi backend :-)
20:01:05delYsidthere are actually voices that are very expensive to run, like RealSpeak
20:01:09Domonokyor sapi4.. that realtime.. :-)
20:01:23amiconnI am measuring with AT&T, and their voice databases are huge
20:01:39amiconnDomonoky: Then the figures are several hours, not minutes anymore
20:02:14SofianBabai0i'm using scansoft voice and i think i have the last sscript
20:02:28SofianBabaimy pc is a PIV 3ghz
20:02:47amiconnOn a desktop PC of that specs I'd expect a minute or so
20:03:39LeareSpeak (via sapi) is really fast on Cygwin. Less than a minute here.
20:03:47SofianBabaii could retry and measure but it's longer than that here... it says on "generating voices scripts about 10 mn surely
20:04:01amiconnThen check your script versions, really...
20:04:09SofianBabaihmmm ok ...
20:04:41SofianBabaiis svn up sufficient,
20:04:49markunSofianBabai: no other stuff running in the background?
20:05:28SofianBabaisure yes there're stuff running
20:09:00SofianBabaiwhat is the best way to get the last version of the script
20:09:06SofianBabaiplease ?
20:09:23Domonokysvn up :-)
20:09:54SofianBabailet's try again :)
20:11:28SofianBabaians my modifications of the are merged isn't it?
20:14:28 Join Peter15 [0] (
20:15:05 Join MethoS- [0] (
20:16:39SofianBabaiafter inputting "make voice", is it normal that the soft talks about bmp file ?
20:17:18SofianBabaihtere is a long moment before the voice generation starts
20:17:57SofianBabaimake[1]: `rdf2binary' is up to date.
20:18:05SofianBabai... this kind of things
20:18:18LloreanYes, it has to do other things before it starts.
20:19:40 Quit Peter15 ()
20:19:49rasherBagder had a look at why it generates bitmaps, but fixing it would be a lot of work
20:20:04 Join hannesd [0] (
20:20:19SofianBabaii understand
20:24:09SofianBabaibut with all those stuff it has to do before, i definetely don't understand how you can have voice files generated in 2 minutes, with cygwin using windows xp
20:24:23SofianBabaikind of mystery
20:24:42LloreanSofianBabai: Don't assume that because your computer does it slowly, it's a slow process.
20:24:43SofianBabaianyway, thanks you all for all the nice support
20:24:55SofianBabaigotta go see you later
20:25:08amiconnThe C200 LCD driver has quite some optimisation potential...
20:25:20LloreanThe c200 LCD is... kinda ugly.
20:25:25LloreanI finally saw one in a store.
20:25:39amiconnMe too, and I don't find it ugly
20:25:54amiconn(other than my usual complaint about pitch-black colour LCDs)
20:26:17*amiconn wonders why sandisk chose the PP's greyscale LCD bridge over the colour LCD bridge
20:26:25LloreanThe one I saw had very dull colors compared to my color targets.
20:26:30LloreanKinda washed out looking
20:36:46 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
20:40:01 Quit Bal_Zac ("Leaving")
20:40:59 Join test_rb2 [0] (i=d4cc2f81@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:42:00 Quit test_rb2 (Client Quit)
20:49:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:52:51 Quit darkless ("Leaving")
20:54:57 Join agm3nt [0] (
21:02:01 Join krazykt [0] (
21:02:03 Quit krazykit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:02:48 Nick krazykt is now known as krazykit (
21:04:15 Quit petur ("switching")
21:04:26 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:04:49 Join Shoopuf [0] (n=shoopuf@
21:05:50ShoopufI would like to download Rockbox but I don't really know what model my iPod is. :P It says "nano" on the box, it's 8GB, but on the download page it only says "nano 1st gen" and I'm not sure what generation mine is −− I bought it in february.
21:06:10rasherIs it all metal?
21:06:30ShoopufYes, all metal, black.
21:06:38rasherThen it's a second generation and will not work
21:06:49ShoopufAhh OK. :[ Thanks anyway then.
21:08:42 Quit Shoopuf (Client Quit)
21:09:32 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
21:10:10GodEater_rasher: even the 8GB ives it away
21:10:20 Join hannesd_ [0] (
21:10:29rasherAh true
21:13:10 Quit jhMikeS ("Meow!")
21:15:05 Join Arathis [0] (
21:16:13 Join hannesd__ [0] (
21:16:29 Join pill [0] (
21:22:13 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
21:22:41 Join advcomp2019_ [0] (n=advcomp2@
21:22:45 Quit desowin (Remote closed the connection)
21:22:53 Quit advcomp2019 (Nick collision from services.)
21:22:59 Nick advcomp2019_ is now known as advcomp2019 (n=advcomp2@
21:23:12 Quit BobShield (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:45 Join desowin [0] (
21:24:14 Quit morrijr (Remote closed the connection)
21:25:53 Quit hannesd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28:38 Quit chrisjs169|winxp (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:31:51 Quit hannesd_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:32:53 Join matsl [0] (
21:32:54 Join hannesd [0] (
21:33:22 Join chrisjs169|winxp [0] (
21:33:29 Quit BigBambi ("Leaving")
21:33:44 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
21:38:03 Nick linuxstb___ is now known as linuxstb (
21:39:34 Quit hannesd__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:39:44 Join funky_ [0] (
21:44:27 Quit Buschel ()
21:44:34 Quit SofianBabai ("bye all")
21:44:51 Join morrijr [0] (
21:45:44Shijimahi room
21:47:15ShijimaI need some help anyone with the current build of rockbox
21:47:42*linuxstb shines his crystal ball
21:48:21Bagderand the answer is... 42!
21:48:21Shijimai need to know how to get my pacman running
21:49:11*amiconn spots Bagder around
21:49:35*Bagder ducks
21:49:40amiconnBagder: While I would like to commit the mod player, I'm not sure about licensing
21:50:00amiconnfs #5241
21:50:33amiconnIn the header it says: "Sequencer taken from Gravis Ultrasound open source mod player (forgot the name, if anyone finds out, please insert *g* )"
21:51:50linuxstbamiconn: Have you tried to find that player?
21:52:07Bagderthere seem to be several
21:52:15amiconnwever, I could not find it
21:52:39BagderGravis Ultrasound is just a card and I find at least three mod players for it
21:52:40amiconnIt's definitely not gmod, a that is both more capable, and C++
21:53:34 Quit agm3nt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:53:57Bagdertried searching for file names etc?
21:54:10preglowmore than three mod players for gus
21:54:14preglowthere were tons
21:54:35Bagdergoogle lists loads of them
21:55:16linuxstbIt seems odd that the original author had the source for a player, but doesn't know the name.
21:55:20amiconnI tried searching for function names. No hits at all
21:55:32Xerioni still have a gravis ultrasound <3
21:55:35preglowis this the player myth submitted?
21:55:57preglowthen it's probably some private stuff coded by kb once upon a time
21:56:18preglowweird he wouldn't remember that, though...
21:56:24preglowamiconn: german scene coder
21:56:32Xerionwhat was wrong with the player based on dumb made quite some time ago?
21:56:36rasher this seems to be based on the same
21:56:43Xerionit did seem to play the few mods i tried
21:57:27amiconnI don't know of any working rockbox mod player based on dumb
21:58:09Xerionmaybe i'm remembering things wrong :)
21:58:20amiconnDumb was checked into svn ages ago, as a basis for a mod player. Nothing happened for a long time, and dumb was removed from svn again
21:58:27Xerioni see
21:58:38Xeriontoo bad :)
21:59:16amiconnThis mod codec doesn't support nearly as many formats as dumb would, but it works
21:59:42amiconnIt just supports soundtracker/noisetracker/protracker/startrekker, and fasttracker 1
21:59:52preglowxm :/
22:00:08preglowamiconn: too bad playback.c is ill-equipped for this kind of format yet, though
22:00:10amiconnThat'd be fasttracker 2
22:00:25preglowwhy, is that so...
22:01:04*petur still has a bunch of s3m around
22:01:32preglowi've got a bunch of mod, stm, s3m, xm, and it
22:03:32peturhaven't played any of it in 10 years
22:03:49*petur wonders if the CD's are even readable....
22:05:18 Join bluebrother [0] (
22:05:55 Join Zagor [0] (
22:06:20amiconnBagder: So what do you think about this codec and its license?
22:06:27 Quit BigMac (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:07:53Bagderso it is the one rasher linked to?
22:08:32rasherPerhaps not, I just used to seek for some values and that came up
22:09:05linuxstbrasher: I couldn't see any license/copyright text in that source at all though.
22:09:13Bagderme neither
22:09:25Bagder might be a good search alternative to try as well
22:09:51 Join bluey- [0] (
22:12:09 Join Darkjedi [0] (
22:12:38DarkjediHey, I havent updates my ipod in ages, and have forgoten how to put it into usb mode, anyone care to shed some light?
22:13:16linuxstbJust plug in the usb cable - it should enter usb mode. Or google for "ipod disk mode".
22:13:47DarkjediWhen I plug the cable in it flashes the usb logo and then shuts off and boots into the apple OS :S
22:14:30 Part chrisjs169|winxp
22:14:43desowinDarkjedi: linux?
22:15:13DarkjediIm running Windows, but i have a really old version of rockbox, should probably update it
22:15:48desowinok, rockbox still doesn't own usb code, so it uses apple OF for usb connections
22:15:52linuxstbDarkjedi: If you're in the Apple OS, then your computer should see the ipod.
22:16:19amiconnrasher: I'm not sure whether this matches. It's similar (expected given that these are both mod players), but not identical code, even in the functions I'd expect to be nearly identical
22:16:20DarkjediIt just says "Ok to disconnect" but its not showing up
22:16:53rasheramiconn: I just found a define with similar values and comment, but they may just come from a common source
22:17:26rasher(which may very well be something like a spec)
22:18:11rasherAh, // This is ripped right out of Protracker.
22:18:38DarkjediAh, must of been the USB port lol, working now thnx :)
22:18:50Darkjedimight as well update rockbox whilst im at it
22:19:24tumuanyone tried if compiles rockbox for arm targets?
22:22:18tumulatest release claims to be stable
22:22:43obotumu: I don't think anyone has - it's listed as a potential GSoC task for next year
22:22:52DarkjediIf i have the bootloader already on my ipod can i just put a new .rockbox onto the root and that will update it?
22:23:18pixelmadepends on how old your bootloader is
22:23:31 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:23:35Darkjedinot sure lol, anyway i can check?
22:23:48 Quit nicktastic (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:23:57linuxstbDarkjedi: No, run ipodpatcher and select "i" to install - that will update the bootloader. (see the manual for info)
22:24:08Darkjediok ty
22:25:56 Join mr_pink [0] (
22:26:30Bagderrockbox comments again
22:28:00Shijimalinuxstb do I need pacbox also and I only have 5 of the 6 files shown on the page the bottom pacman.6j is not in any of the files i got what should i do
22:29:42[cc]ah, damnit. wrong channel. Why am I still here?
22:29:43mr_pinkwow, just stumbled upon something old lookin:
22:29:45 Part [cc]
22:30:04linuxstbShijima: pacbox comes with Rockbox. And you'll need all the files the wiki page states.
22:30:24bluebrotherwow, that is really old.
22:30:30Zagormr_pink: Page was last modified "Dec 9 2002" gave it away huh? :)
22:30:37bluebrothermaybe it should redirect to the manual page? ;-)
22:30:45 Join Oldgeek [0] (i=a277e869@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:31:08Shijimaok yeah I got both the zips but they dont have the last file
22:31:23 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
22:32:39Shijimaand I named the folder both pacman and pacbox an neither work
22:32:59LloreanShijima: Everything needs to be named exactly as they are in the manual. Getting ahold of the ROMs is your business.
22:33:13LloreanYou're supposed to use ROMs from an arcade machine that you own.
22:33:28Shijimai am
22:34:17ShijimaI got the rom its mine its works for my pc just cant get it to work on my ipod
22:34:37LloreanWell, I'm quite certain the arcade machine didn't store its data ZIP compressed.
22:35:02OldgeekIf someone has a minute, I have a Sansa e280 that goes to a white screen after being "awakened" from a display timeout. Is this a known bug?
22:35:07mr_pinkI find it amazing how many rockbox users own original pacman arcade machines!
22:35:25Shijimawhat should i do then i'm lost
22:35:30LloreanShijima: You need *all* the files the manual says you need. You said you're short one: That is why it does not work.
22:35:49LloreanIt's pretty clear: If you don't have what the instructions say you need, it will not work.
22:36:00LloreanOldgeek: Display timeout?
22:36:23LloreanOldgeek: Do you mean "when the backlight comes back on"?
22:36:45Shijimadamn thanx guess i got to go back on the hunt lol thanx again
22:38:35OldgeekYeah, the backlight. Sometimes after the backlight has been off, and I push a button, the screen will illuminate again, but pure white and I can't see the text. If I turn the screen to the side at a sharp angle, I can see there is text there, but the screen is so bright that the text is completely washed out.
22:39:19LloreanOldgeek: What SVN revision are you using, and what bootloader version?
22:40:38LloreanThis sounds like an old bug that was fixed quite some time ago.
22:40:50OldgeekI was running the SVN version from September 6, 2007 and bootloader from the same day. I loaded the SVN version from yesterday and the problem hasn't reoccurred since, but I was just wondering.
22:41:22LloreanHm, it should've been fixed long, long before that.
22:41:43LloreanIf it happens again, file a bug report documenting the conditions and anything useful, especially if you can reproduce it regularly
22:42:36 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:42:43 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:43:17OldgeekOkay great, will do. BTW, to you developers ... thanks for making my barely useable Windows only e280 truly a thing of wonder on Rockbox. It's the most awesome piece of open source I have every used, bar none.
22:48:10 Quit bluey- ("Leaving")
22:48:20 Quit Oldgeek ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
22:48:30markunamiconn: what's wrong ami?
22:48:49 Join blufox_ [0] (
22:49:07blufox_whats up
22:49:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:50:01amiconnStill searching for that mod codec origin
22:50:31amiconnOf course I could just assume that the gpl is being met because myth added the standard rockbox source header
22:50:32blufox_will the ipod classic eventually support rockbox, in your opinion?
22:51:14Bagderblufox_: we just have no idea
22:51:25Bagderwe don't know of any serious dissect/research done on that player yet
22:51:58blufox_ok Bagder, it is pretty probable though, right?
22:52:17Bagderwe don't know of any serious dissect/research done on that player yet
22:52:25Bagderso how can we tell?
22:52:27peturseems the database key was already cracked...
22:52:37Bagderyeah, that was fast
22:52:57blufox_I say it's probable just because it's on all the other versions of the ipod
22:53:08Lloreanblufox_: It's new hardware.
22:53:09Bagderno it isn't
22:53:19LloreanIt shouldn't be seen as "Another iPod" it should be seen as "A whole new player"
22:53:33DarkjediThey suck anyway lol ;)
22:53:37Darkjediget iPhone :)
22:53:58Bagderthat doesn't run rockbox either
22:54:10Bagderso you get some lame apple firmware attempts
22:54:20Darkjedidoesnt the iPod touch use some of the same hardware as the iPhone, think i read that somewhere
22:54:30Bagderthey're next to identical it seems
22:54:46Bagdercpu wise at least
22:54:56 Quit Frazz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:55:15Darkjedithink il just stick with my 60gb video heh
22:55:37blufox_do you guys think the new classic is worth a buy?
22:55:45BigBambiNo rockbox
22:56:00LloreanHardware wise it's really got nothing special, just a big disk
22:56:02markunblufox_: this is probably not the right place to ask :)
22:56:03Bagderblufox_: only to rip apart and start working on a rockbox port with
22:57:40amiconnBagder: Would this assumption hold?
22:57:52amiconn(see 7 minutes ago)
22:58:05blufox_does anyone know how long it took for the 5.5g ipod to support rockbox from its initial release?
22:58:20Bagderamiconn: I think it feel like a rather weak assumption, based on that people in general are pretty license ignorant
22:58:23Bagderit feels
22:58:48Bagderblufox_: a while, but that has no significance in this case really
22:59:16Bagderbecause 1) all ports are unique and 2) this platform is much more different than the 5.5 was
23:01:16Lloreanblufox_: The 5.5G iPod was basically a 5G iPod. A better question would be something like "How long did the H100 port take from when it was started" since, in all honesty, it's possibly the most unique "new port". That or the Gigabeat, right guys?
23:01:49Bagderthe h1x0 was slightly different since that was basically the first swcodec
23:01:55Darkjedidamn 50gb used on my ipod :A
23:01:58LloreanThat's true.
23:02:02blufox_ok, how long did the H100 take to support rockbox from its initial release?
23:02:12Bagderbut the gigabeat should be a fair comparison, but we had/have docs for parts of that
23:02:22 Join Ste--- [0] (i=53471dbe@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:02:27LloreanBut most of the players after the H100 were either based on existing ports (H300, X5, etc), or were based on iPL code or later portalplayer discoveries?
23:02:42Bagderbasically, yes
23:02:57tumuwould sansa fit a SD wifi card hardwired to the microsd port?
23:03:06Bagderblufox_: "from its initial release" ? to mean *to* its initial release?
23:03:31Bagdertumu: a microsd card fits, whatever you do with it
23:03:36Lloreanblufox_: It doesn't really matter, each player is almost entirely unique: Different levels of documentation, different discoveries that can't be predicted when they'll be made, encryptions, etc.
23:03:40BigBambiProbably from work starting to music playback
23:03:45blufox_how long did it take to get rockbox on the H100 from the time it went on sale?
23:03:54Bagdera few years?
23:03:56tumuBagder, are there microsd wifi cards?
23:04:00amiconnBagder: 'from' was correct
23:04:03Bagdertumu: I have no idea
23:04:08BigBambiA better question is from work starting to music playback
23:04:16BagderI didn't realize he meant when the h100 was released by iriver
23:04:17amiconn(had to think a bit about that sentence as well)
23:04:55Bagderblufox_: but again, the h100 is not a fair comparison in several aspects
23:04:55 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:05:09BigBambiNot encrypted for a start
23:05:15Bagderwell scrambled
23:05:22Bagderbut the scrambling was already "cracked"
23:05:29Bagderand we have docs for the microcontroller
23:05:36BigBambisure, but not to the new iPod level
23:05:57Bagderbut for the h100 we had no swcodec architecture in place
23:06:28Bagder... which all then goes back to my initial comment: all ports are unique...
23:06:35Bagderat least they've been so far
23:06:37LloreanAt least all ports so far. :-P
23:07:13 Join Sparky [0] (i=9f8682c9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:07:27 Quit BHSPitMonkey ("Leaving")
23:07:43tumuBagder, well, found one:
23:08:07tumuos support looks nifty.. :/
23:08:55*bluebrother is about to give up on the windows PID thingy
23:09:00Bagderget the data sheet, write rockbox drivers! ;-)
23:09:29LloreanThen Rockbox can have *real* podcast support. :-P
23:12:15 Quit Arathis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:12:25 Quit Sparky ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:12:33 Join Sparky [0] (i=9f8682c9@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:12:40 Quit petur ("EOD")
23:13:04 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@rockbox/developer/austriancoder)
23:13:04 Join Arathis [0] (
23:13:30 Join chrisjs169|winxp [0] (
23:13:50Bagderthat's a short question, and the answer is:
23:14:11Sparkyhaha sorry
23:15:10 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:15:57 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18:39 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (n=stephen@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
23:20:27 Join rocko [0] (
23:20:29blufox_does anyone know a channel just for general ipod questions?
23:20:55scorche#apple ?
23:21:11blufox_I looked at that, not good
23:21:19blufox_thanks though
23:21:21*scorche shrugs
23:23:05 Quit Sparky ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:24:01 Quit hnakichbc (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:24:07 Join la [0] (n=dey_barb@
23:25:30 Quit Ste--- ("CGI:IRC")
23:25:59tumuBagder, there seems to be some sdio drivers available:
23:28:02 Part la
23:28:06 Quit bluebrother ("leaving")
23:29:03 Quit spiorf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29:50Bagderso go ahead, get the card and write the driver!
23:29:53 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
23:30:10tumuthe card doesn't seem to be sold yet
23:30:25tumutho one could use normal sd card as well
23:31:35 Quit Darkjedi ("( :: NoNameScript 4.1 :: )")
23:33:49 Join perrikwp [0] (i=9821486c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:38:46 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
23:40:35 Join lee-qid [0] (
23:43:03|Marco|tumu: My e270 uses that type of cards, it would be awsom if/when it's possible to use it in the player :D
23:43:38|Marco|not that I know squat about HW programming, sorry to say
23:44:24tumui looked at the drivers, the hardware interface didn't seem that complex
23:45:00tumui believe most work would have to be done on the networking side, ip+tcp etc
23:45:42|Marco|mhm, in any case, that's not my cup of tea :/
23:45:42tumuone could use existing ip stacks for such to reduce the amount of work
23:46:15 Quit Llorean (Remote closed the connection)
23:46:35 Join Llorean [0] (
23:47:36|Marco|I'm still wondering how on earth they can press all the Wifi tech needed into a so small card :D
23:48:39markuntumu: maybe this could help
23:49:22 Quit seablue ("life, death, life, death")
23:49:28tumumarkun, yeah, that's one of them
23:50:44markuntumu: ported to ARM7
23:52:01|Marco|hum, internett radio, playing directly from a smb share or the likings ++ for small players it might be overkill with a browser, but it might hit it for iPod video etc
23:55:14 Join JdGordon [0] (

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