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#rockbox log for 2007-09-18

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00:01:03TMMhi all!
00:03:02TMMI have a question: I want to buy an MP3 player, but it is apparently impossible to get a rockbox supported model in my neck of the woods, iAudio X5 isn't available anymore, the toshiba models aren't etc. I was wondering if there was some guide somewhere about what is required to start a rockbox port. I'm kind of leaning towards the iAudio 7 16Gb model. Is there any chance of cooperation from cowon? I heard that they helped with the X5 ports, but I'm
00:03:03TMMnot sure if that's just a rumor
00:03:44Bagderbut its not for the faint of hearts
00:03:51TMMI do know how to code C, and I've dabbed in some X86 assembly, wrote a more-or-less working 16bit 'OS' (well, lots of bios calls) ;)
00:04:06TMMapart from echoing stuff back to the screen it didn't do much though ;)
00:04:26Bagderthen you might have what it takes! ;-)
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00:05:57linuxstbTMM: afaik, cowon didn't help at all with the Rockbox ports to their players.
00:06:19TMMlinuxstb:It's what I heard, I'm not sure if it's true
00:06:39BagderI'm sure you can ask them. I'm pretty sure you won't get a positive response... :-/
00:06:40TMMO dear... I don't even know what a BDM/JTAG emulator IS :)
00:06:58TMMand it looks like I'll be buying two then...
00:07:15BagderTMM: it really helps to find others that are interested to help out and join in the effort
00:07:34Bagderthe one man ports tend to never reach goal
00:08:05TMMmight be difficult, it's a fairly expensive player
00:08:18TMMbut, then again, so are ipods
00:08:35TMMit SOUNDS like fun :)
00:08:56tumuTMM, provided you can document it enough, others might get interested sooner on it
00:09:18Bagderbesides, when we did the first ports, all players were a lot more expensive...
00:09:43TMMI will most certainly keep this under consideration, it really sounds like a fun project, albeit a bit expensive...
00:10:08markunTMM: I can tell you from experience that a port is indeed a lot of fun
00:10:25TMMbut, I kind of feel I have to put my actions where my mouth is, I said I don't want to use any device with proprietary firmware, so, I don't suppose I have much of a choice :)
00:10:35TMMdamn hitachi :P
00:10:54TMMI will be able to turn here for help? :)
00:11:24Bagderand do use the wiki and forums to collect info and find friends to join in
00:11:41markunand look for a forum with a lot of iaudio 7 users
00:11:45TMMone more question though: did any of you have to port GCC to support your target player?
00:11:57BagderTMM: no, they all use basic archs
00:12:01TMMor do they tend to use ARM?
00:12:09Bagdersh, coldfire and arm
00:12:17Bagderbust most use arm these days, yes
00:12:17TMMwell, that's good news :) I know a bit of arm assembly
00:12:51TMMI'll think about it :) it really does sound like fun
00:13:14TMMmore interesting than 16bit X86 stuff, that's been done millions of times
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00:13:27jbitplus x86 is a mess :)
00:13:34TMMamen :)
00:13:40*TMM misses mips :)
00:14:13Bagderreally? I find that... a bit rough to read
00:14:38*jbit loves mips :)
00:14:45TMMit 'feels' quite high level in places
00:14:49*markun is still waiting for a nice blackfin powered player
00:15:16TMMso, has anyone ever started by just asking the manufacturer for specs?
00:15:24BagderTMM: many times
00:15:26jbitmy asm preference is probably like mips, vu, arm, ppc, tonnes of other things, x86
00:15:35BagderTMM: they usually just not respond at all
00:15:48*tumu used to eat 68k asm for breakfast
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00:16:28TMMBagder: did anyone ever give specs?
00:16:41n1stumu: add in a bit of emac instructions to the mix and that could be really useful for our coldfire targets :-)
00:16:47TMManyone ever tried to contact cowon before?
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00:17:09markunTMM: blackfin looks even more high level:
00:17:15n1sBagder: well AMS did sort-of give out specs
00:17:22Bagderah true
00:17:25tumuwas fun calculating internal cycles to make them pipeline without creating stalls
00:17:30Bagderbut they're a chip maker, not player manufacturer
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00:17:44tumufor opcodes that is
00:18:08TMMmarkun: I'd have to see some specs for that :)
00:18:47markunof the idct or the blackfin cpu?
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00:19:17TMMmarkun: blackfin assembly :) this is the first blackfin stuff I ever saw :)
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00:22:12TMMYeah, I'll probably do it, I'll order one tomorrow, see if I like it enough to buy another one to tear apart
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00:22:45Bagderwell, mostly you can tear apart (and scan) the only one
00:22:56TMMdid any of the players you guys used initially ever actually run rockbox?
00:23:02TMMie: did they survive?
00:23:39markunTMM: my gigabeat survived, I use it every day now
00:23:46Bagdermost of them survive
00:23:56Bagderif you just are careful
00:24:00TMMalso: did anyone ever see the ipod nano 2 type encryption used in any other player ?
00:24:06TMMor was I misinformed on that as well?
00:24:16markunhow were you informed?
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00:26:06TMMmarkun: a user that bought a mark 1 player because SAID he read somewhere that the mark 2 players weren't supported because of some elaborate encryption scheme in the bootloader, that's pretty much all I know
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00:26:54BagderTMM: I don't think anyone knows enough about the nano 2nd gen encryption to be able to tell if that same one is used elsewhere
00:27:13markunmaybe in the shuffle 2nd gen
00:27:21TMMI didn't mean the same sort, but just, if other players have such a nifty feature as well
00:27:35TMMie: what are the chances of that iaudio 7 having such a neat little 'feature'
00:27:42BagderTMM: most players have the firmware scrambled or encrypted in one way or another
00:28:03TMMI suppose that's where the emulator comes in?
00:28:42markunnot really
00:28:45Bagderwell, an emulator would be handy for that but so far no such scheme has been cracked with an emulator afaik
00:29:27markunBagder: shonky supposedly used a ARM emulator to figure out the encryption of the Gigabeat's firmware files
00:29:31TMMI'm not entirely sure what a BDM/JTAG emulator is, so far google has only turned up product pages designed for people who already know what they are buying
00:29:38amiconnHrmph. There are tons of module players for the GUS, but they're either asm, pascal, or c++ and much newer than what I'd expect. Or not open source at all
00:30:31rasheramiconn: perhaps preglow was right about it being private stuff by kb then
00:30:40rasherCan't myth be contacted?
00:30:44tumuamiconn, i'm trying to integrate dumb to rockbox, so hang on :)
00:30:58TMMhardware-based debugger? am I reading this right?
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00:31:38amiconn(1) That mod codec is working right now (2) It's simple enough to have a chance to optimise it enough to make it run on the archoses (using the mas pcm codec)
00:31:47amiconnDumb is far from (2)
00:32:20tumuamiconn, achieving (2) sounds like fine plan :)
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00:32:29*markun says good night
00:32:47TMMmarkun: wouldn't they deliberately make it impossible to use that standard then? if it is so widely available?
00:32:53amiconnDumb's aim is precision, not speed, afaik
00:32:57 Part toffe82
00:33:07tumuwhich is what i'm after
00:33:16amiconnYes, and I am not, obviously
00:33:18tumui'm not interested on inaccurate playback
00:33:32markunTMM: it's also useful for the company developing the player..
00:33:35amiconnYou won't be able to make dumb run on an 11MHz CPU, will you?
00:33:47amiconn(I mean realtime of course)
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00:34:09TMMmarkun: so, the JTAG ports should be available on most boards then?
00:34:22tumuamiconn, have to try first
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00:35:09markunTMM: if the CPU has a JTAG interface it's not unlikely
00:35:11tumuamiconn, i used to write own module players in my 68k times
00:35:43amiconnEven the current codec needs quite some asm optimisation to make it realtime on such a low-end cpu
00:36:03TMMmarkun: hum... might be fun to try on a PCI bus then, see if I can understand what the fuck's going on
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00:36:10amiconnThe amiga has the advantage that it doesn't need to mix, as it has 4 native channels
00:36:41tumuamiconn, i also experimented with both hardware and software mixing
00:37:39TMMmarkun: ahh :) is the software/hardware required expensive?
00:41:30 Part n1s
00:42:57TMMO well, time for sleep anyway :)
00:43:12TMMI'll let you guys know, I'm pretty psyched to try this actually :)
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00:44:35TMMmarkun: that looks doable
00:44:41 Quit hannesd ("Client suicide")
00:44:47TMMman, the last time I soldered anything was 10 years ago :)
00:45:42TMMI'll start with a 486 board, see if I can make some sense out of this
00:46:04TMMmarkun: Bagder and the rest, thanks for the initial help :)
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01:08:04tumuhmm, HowToWriteCodecs is missing adding metadata/codec.c to apps/SOURCES
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01:28:33oranges2Still isn't working :[
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02:28:09RxDxdoes rockbox uses more or less battery than apples firmware (nano 1st gen)?
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02:36:23FebsRxDx: More.
02:39:14RxDxFebs, thank you
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02:56:08webguest76Hello. is the current release of rockbox for the h10 stabe? my friend said that i should not update and use angrymans build. is this true?
02:56:56aliaskwebguest76: It's stable, and if there are any updates, they will go to ours well before angryman's build
02:57:11aliaskAlso, we can't provide support for 3rd party builds
02:57:23webguest76ok thanks
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03:02:05JdGordon|workapparently the h10 does have some problms atm...
03:07:28JdGordon|workhehe, oh well :)
03:11:18alienbiker99it tends to ranomly freeze
03:19:51 Join rich0 [0] (n=rich@gentoo/contributor/rich0)
03:21:57LloreanI hear the 20gb H10 build does, but not the 5/6
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03:46:48alienbiker99the usb stack isnt usable yet, correct?
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03:51:00LloreanI'm sure it'll be announced on the major changes wiki page when it is
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03:59:48BillGod_sansa 200r problems. patched bootloader following instructions on Then loaded rockbox following this guide. When I am finished it boots into rhapsody firmware. refreshes database then says upgrading firmware. It reboots and hang at "load image failed" anyone got any suggestions. I
03:59:49BillGod_have reset it back to factory and tried again thinking i missed something but it does not seem to work.
04:01:09scorchethen you did not do something right
04:01:37scorchedid you follow those instructions exactly without deviating from them even a tiny bit?
04:02:35 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
04:04:13 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:04:19 Join webmind [0] (
04:08:09BillGod_I did it 2 times and as far as i know i didn't miss anything. I even cut and pasted all the commands just to be safe
04:09:06 Join enakieece [0] (i=0@
04:10:30BillGod_just wondering but the instructions on patching the boot loader STEP 3 says to Rename BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom to doneBL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom but never says anything else about that file?
04:20:27BillGod_sansa 200r trying to install rockbox. hangs at "load image failed" does anyone know if I screwed up the boot loader patch or the install of rockbox?
04:23:42 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
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05:03:09Egretmsg nickserv identify flibbit66
05:03:44 Quit Egret (Client Quit)
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05:18:07 Quit BillGod_ ("Ex-Chat")
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05:26:11IrreducibilisWould it be possible to run rockbox on my Creative Zen MicroPhoto, even without it being supported?
05:27:00IrreducibilisBut "supported" is not a requirement to work.... for example I use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 with Linux on it, and that is not supported
05:27:03Irreducibilisstill works though
05:27:32 Quit bb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:27:36GodEater_the answer is still no
05:28:05IrreducibilisIs your answer a biased personal preferance or a technically plasusible statement?
05:28:31GodEater_Rockbox runs on the players listed on's front page, and that's all
05:28:51IrreducibilisAnd have you tried it with other players with no success?
05:28:53GodEater_it doesn't magically run on players until people do the *very* hard work to make it happen
05:29:32IrreducibilisWell then, do you know of anything else that is for the Zen?
05:29:38GodEater_nope sorry
05:29:42IrreducibilisMaybe they have linux for it...
05:29:51GodEater_if they do - we've not heard of it
05:30:00IrreducibilisYou sure are disagreeable today.....
05:30:04IrreducibilisIll ask somewhere else
05:30:07 Part Irreducibilis
05:30:59GodEater_didn't think I was disagreeable
05:32:40 Join My_Sic [0] (
05:34:39alienbiker99is it that hard for people to understand that
05:36:02 Join JdGordon1924 [0] (n=Miranda@
05:36:07 Quit XavierGr ("One firmware to rule them all!")
05:37:52 Nick JdGordon1924 is now known as JdGordon|work (n=Miranda@
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05:59:43JerryLangefor some reason when i run the patch command now in vmware i cannot compile rockbox
06:01:18JerryLangeit patches fine but when i go to compile i get errors
06:04:12GodEater_that would imply that patch is either incomplete, or just plain wrong.
06:06:01 Join My_Sic [0] (
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06:08:58JerryLangeGodEater: i just patched yesterday though. and reverted svn and now want to patch again
06:09:45GodEater_the same patch as before ?
06:11:37GodEater_well despite rumours to the contrary - we're none of us psychic
06:11:42GodEater_so pastebin your error
06:11:47GodEater_and I'll have a look
06:13:21JerryLangeok just a moment
06:14:54JerryLangeby pastebin you want me to take a screenshot and upload it?
06:15:17GodEater_no - by pastebin I mean I want you to copy the text, and load it to
06:15:53JerryLangei dont know how to copy from vmware to notepad. i am on windows
06:16:57GodEater_so load up the web browser in vmware
06:18:09 Quit JdGordon|work (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:18:44JerryLangei dont know how to do that either
06:19:51GodEater_what *do* you know how to do in the vmware image ?
06:20:34GodEater_presumably you know how to launch terminal windows ?
06:21:00JerryLangeyes ive only used eterm because thats what it seems i only have to use
06:21:25GodEater_so how do you launch eterm ?
06:22:59JerryLangeright click >xshells> eterm
06:23:14GodEater_ok - what else is there in that menu you get when you right-click ?
06:24:00JerryLangeapps, games, help, screen, windowmanagers, xshells, configuration, styles, workspaces, reconfigure, restart, exit
06:24:10GodEater_and under apps ?
06:24:48JerryLangeeditors, graphics, math, net, programming, shells, system, tools, viewers
06:25:02GodEater_apps->net ?
06:25:20JerryLangemutt, telnet, w3m, xbiff
06:25:40GodEater_JerryLange: ok - in one of your eterms, and you type "apt-get install dillo"
06:25:50 Join SkinInd95 [0] (
06:25:57 Quit SkinInd95 (Client Quit)
06:26:19JerryLangecould not open lock file
06:26:28GodEater_do it as root
06:27:08JerryLangesame thing
06:28:09*GodEater_ gives up, not being a debian person
06:28:29JerryLangeand for some reason i cannot access \\debian\user
06:31:58JerryLangeGodEater: here is my error
06:32:17JerryLangesorry for double typing
06:32:58 Join My_Sic [0] (
06:41:06 Quit idnar (Nick collision from services.)
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06:41:55 Quit Rick (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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06:42:40 Join Rick [0] (
06:47:22 Join Chronon [0] (
06:49:19ChrononFolks might be interested: someone named kfazz (a first time poster) has posted several patches and a test build to the forums −−
06:49:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:50:15 Quit RaRe ("Quit msgs should be longer.")
06:54:10kfazzthat'd be me
06:54:20kfazzbeen lurking here for a year or two
06:54:35Chrononok. Is there a reason you didn't post to the patch tracker?
06:54:41 Join homielowe [0] (
06:54:46 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
06:54:59kfazzdidn't get a confirmation email yet, one of the patch's wasn't mine
06:57:27ChrononFor a tracker account, or for permission to post someone else's patch?
06:57:54Chrononjust curious... :)
06:58:13kfazzfor the tracker account
06:58:31kfazzthe patch came from a chinese pastebin, i have no clue who wrote it
06:59:25ChrononI see.
07:03:28 Quit kfazz ("sleep")
07:04:49 Quit newbyx86 ()
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07:05:33 Quit ptw419 ()
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07:07:38 Quit newbyx86 (Client Quit)
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07:09:10 Join zblach_ [0] (
07:09:41 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
07:10:22zblach_hi. a couple questions. 1) I've had rockbox on my iPod (5.5g) for a while, and I was wondering if any progress has been made at all on the 3rd party hardware integration front.
07:10:33 Join SofianBabai [0] (
07:11:16zblach_2) rockbox have any problems with wmvs? mom got some audiobooks, and i'm trying to convince her to switch
07:11:30zblach_**wmas. wmas and bookmarking
07:12:55 Join sgsax [0] (
07:16:39homieloweablach: Do you mean wma's? I'm not quite sure about your mom, Is she technologically inclined? Rockbox supports very early wma support.( no seeking, replaygain added today)
07:17:21 Part homielowe
07:17:34 Join homielowe [0] (
07:17:39zblach_she has a CS degree, but she's useless with computers. :)
07:17:49zblach_but the no seeking is a dealbreaker.
07:18:12zblach_i'm assuming seeking is required for bookmark restoration?
07:19:11homieloweI assume so lemme try right now
07:20:31homielowenope doesn't work atol
07:20:37zblach_ok. thanks for checking
07:21:05zblach_browsing the rockbox site, it appears that i can't expect my pod to work with my car adaptor
07:22:34zblach_output yes, input no
07:23:00zblach_and i'll check on data output in a few weeks
07:27:41zblach_ok. thanks
07:27:47 Part zblach_ ("Konversation terminated!")
07:31:25 Join RaRe [0] (
07:44:38JerryLangeGodEater: if your still there. i think its something in the ipod5g folder. because i just compiled a build for the nano patched and it compiled with no errors
07:48:32JerryLangeis there a command that will extract a file from a certain location and put it somwhere else in vmware?
07:50:17Chrononyou mean like "mv"?
07:50:41JerryLangei dont know what that is please explain more
07:51:46 Join ddalton [0] (
07:52:08SofianBabaihello ddalton
07:52:40ddaltonHello SofianBabai
07:53:30 Join ender` [0] (
07:58:16JerryLangeChronon: could you help me with that command?
07:58:48ddaltonWhat command? :-)
07:59:19JerryLangethe mv command im trying to move the folder to any hard drive because i cannot access \\debian\user
08:04:19JerryLangeor jut help me get access to \\debian\user
08:05:03 Quit Shijima ()
08:08:26JerryLangeim doing to try a computer restart
08:08:29 Quit JerryLange ("Leaving")
08:11:34SofianBabaiddalton: just for info, how much time does it take for you to generate a voice file using ciygwin ?
08:16:48 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
08:17:47 Join JerryLange [0] (
08:18:12JerryLangei tried a computer restart but that did not help me get access to "\\debian\user"
08:21:37ddaltonSofianBabai: 5 to 6 minutes. Very quick here. I think.
08:21:57ddalton(2.1 ghz dual core processer and 1 gb ram)
08:22:15 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
08:23:00ddaltonaliask: around?
08:26:18ChrononJerryLange: what happens when you try to run \\debian?
08:26:58JerryLangeijust "//debian" ?
08:27:21 Join wayg [0] (
08:27:31 Part wayg
08:28:16JerryLangewhen i do \\debian\user it says it is not accessable
08:28:54ddaltonwhat dir are you in? ;-)
08:29:41JerryLangei do not get that question. i am in any open folder and i just type "\\debian\user" and hit enter
08:29:45 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:29:48ChrononStart −−> Run... −−> "\\debian"
08:29:56ChrononDid you do that?
08:30:04ddaltono that didn't work for me :-(
08:30:12ddaltonAre you running the vm?
08:30:15JerryLangenetwork path not found
08:30:21JerryLangeyes i am running vm
08:30:36ddaltonDon't you need to be log on as "Root"
08:30:47Chrononhmph. It always works for me...
08:30:55ddaltonWhat should happen?
08:31:04JerryLangeit doesnt even give me an option to log in
08:31:14ddaltonno on the vm.
08:31:16ddaltonin the image
08:31:21Chrononit should bring up an explorer window containing the VMWare's file system
08:31:35ddaltondo you need to be logged on as root?
08:31:42Chrononin XP?
08:31:51JerryLangei logged in as user with password rockbox
08:32:02Chrononyou mean administrator?
08:32:16ddaltonmaybe try root.
08:32:20ddaltonShould he?
08:32:27 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:32:44ChrononYou should probably use an administrator account in XP, yes.
08:32:52JerryLangei am the admin on this computer
08:33:00ChrononXP doesn't have "root". That's linux.
08:33:19ddaltonI am talking about the vm. You are trying to access another computer. That's how the vm acts from my understanding
08:33:39JerryLangei even ran a program that created a file to \\debian\user\folder and it said it did not exist
08:33:52Chrononddalton, you run \\debian from XP's "Run..." command in the Start menu to gain access to the VM filesystem
08:33:53JerryLangei am trying to access "\\debian\user" from the same computer i compiled on
08:34:08Chrononyeah. That always works for me.
08:34:16ChrononI'm not sure what the problem is... :/
08:34:36ddaltonWhy don't you log on as root?
08:34:36 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
08:34:38ddaltoncan you?
08:34:50ChrononI really don't see how that would make any difference.
08:34:55 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
08:35:12JerryLangeyou want me to log on as root on vm?
08:35:16ddaltonwell I don't know. I don't know much about this. Just wait a minute
08:35:49 Quit oranges2 ()
08:36:07ddaltonJerryLange: I am just going to open the site to try and help you
08:36:22JerryLangewhat site
08:36:38 Join hcs [0] (n=agashlin@rockbox/contributor/hcs)
08:36:39*ddalton Looks up the vm site for JerryLange
08:38:13 Join Rob222241 [0] (
08:38:18JerryLangeisnt it supposed to ask me for a password when i type that in? i set it to remember me next time i have to log in
08:38:42ddaltonok try "\\debian\root
08:39:38JerryLangewindows cannot find that path
08:39:54ddaltonis your vm open?
08:40:08JerryLangeand debian\user is not accessable
08:40:24ddaltonyour logged on as "user"?
08:40:44JerryLangesays i do not have permission to access debian\user
08:41:15ddaltonis that a different message to typeing \\saysomething
08:42:07JerryLangei mean yes that i have vm open and that i am logged in as user
08:42:23ddaltonok try logging on as "root" and typing "vmware-toolbox&" from a terminal. Remember to not include the quotes
08:42:36JerryLangewhat is the password as root
08:42:49*ddalton Thinks
08:43:13*ddalton Was right!
08:43:28ddaltonSo your now log on as root?
08:43:34JerryLangeok now i got a tools properties thing
08:43:42JerryLangeyes i am logged in as root
08:43:49 Quit JdGordon_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:43:49ddaltonWhat are you logged on as?
08:44:02scorchealright...there are a lot of wrong assumptions around here...
08:44:04ddaltonok sorry didn't read your message
08:44:16ddaltonso you typed "vmware-toolbox&"
08:44:20ddaltonfrom a terminal?
08:44:44scorchesamba doesnt care whether you are root or not and you do not need to install vmware tools to have it work either
08:44:46ddaltonand some window came up?
08:45:03ddaltonok don't close it and hang on
08:45:28scorchethis wont make it work...
08:45:31ddaltonnow go to run and type : \\debian\root
08:45:38ddaltonI don't know what will happen
08:46:00ddaltonok then well I don't know.
08:46:09ddaltonyou my as well give it a shot
08:46:15JerryLangethat didn't work
08:46:16 Join DavidGWRawson [0] (i=18eddffa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:46:54ddaltonwhat happens if you type: \\debian
08:47:00DavidGWRawsonHow practical would a command line program for rockbox be, like linux or dos?
08:47:08scorcheDavidGWRawson: why?
08:47:19DavidGWRawsonIt would be useful.
08:47:21*ddalton Was about to ask the same thing
08:47:30scorchewhat would yopu use it for?
08:47:34DavidGWRawsonTo run software from different platforms.
08:47:42ddaltonlkie what?
08:47:46ddaltonlike what?
08:47:50ChrononThat's not what a command line does
08:48:21scorcheDavidGWRawson: please stop saying useless feature requests...learn what things do, /then/ request them
08:48:39ddaltonJerryLange: Did you try That path I gave you?
08:48:56JerryLangeyes. it didnt work \\debian\root did not work
08:48:58scorchedo you really think that all we need is a command line in order to run other software?
08:49:22DavidGWRawsonWhat if you format the 20mb boot partition on a sansa e200?
08:49:33ddaltonwith out the quotes
08:49:36scorcheDavidGWRawson: once again...why?
08:49:46scorcheddalton: as i said, that will not solve his issue
08:49:46*ddalton doesn't think it will work :-(
08:49:52DavidGWRawsonI thought that it would become readable.
08:49:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:50:04DavidGWRawsonWhen formatted to fat.
08:50:07 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
08:50:12scorcheif you formatted it, it would be empty...
08:50:28JerryLangeddalton: that did not work
08:50:40DavidGWRawsonThen you can put bootloaders and firmware without using any special software,
08:51:02DavidGWRawsonBut the device may not read it....
08:51:02scorcheDavidGWRawson: once more...please make an attempt to learn how things work before saying this sort of stuff...
08:51:42ddaltonI don't know. Turn off all fire walls and then try the normal way log on as user with user as the user name and rockbox as the password and then type: \\debian\user
08:51:45 Join B4gder [0] (
08:52:03JerryLangescorche: do you know how to fix my problem?
08:52:20JerryLangei have no firewalls
08:52:26scorcheJerryLange: there isnt *one* fix...there is a long section in the forums about there for it
08:52:41JerryLangewhat do i search for?
08:52:41ddaltonso no securety software?
08:52:53JerryLangeddalton: yes but its already disabled
08:53:07 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
08:53:08scorcheJerryLange: there are many things you could search for..
08:53:10*ddalton Has ran out of ideas :-(
08:53:33JerryLangewell im stupid i dont know
08:53:48ddaltonwhat about windows firewall?
08:54:02JerryLangeddalton: that is turned off like i said its all disabled
08:54:38DavidGWRawsonWould an emulated OS enviorment be any good on rockbox? Maybe commodore 64, or very old systems. If this is also dumb, then I will say nothing more.....
08:55:14ddaltonhey a suggestion that everyone probably won't agree with but with the next vm that gets upload to the rb site could we have the software needed for connecting through ssh?
08:55:17markunDavidGWRawson: we already have some emulators, adding some more is always welcome
08:55:18ddaltoninstalled to the vm?
08:55:34scorcheJerryLange: "samba vmware", "\\debian\user"...many things...just try different things
08:56:05DavidGWRawsonReally? I'll have to look at them. Where can I find them? In the feature request?
08:56:33 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:56:43scorcheDavidGWRawson: rockboy, doom, pacman, spectrum....
08:57:02ddaltonSomeone correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't a blind user have to do the following: 1. install vmware and extract the image. 2. run the vmx file. 3 waite 5 minutes 4 it to load 5 type user and press tab. 6 press enter 8 waite 9 connect through ssh with their screenreader.
08:57:09DavidGWRawsonSpectrum? Is that new?
08:57:14ddaltonI did the numbers wrong
08:57:50ddaltonno one agrees with me?
08:58:05 Join nerochiaro [0] (
08:58:17DavidGWRawsonI have to download a new build?
08:58:25scorchefor what?
08:58:39ddaltonscorche: You talking to me?
08:58:44scorcheddalton: no
08:58:50SofianBabaii've tried vmware one day but when i've right-clicked in the window my jfw froze
08:59:19DavidGWRawsonoh, it's the one with the tape thing. I didn't understand it.
08:59:54ddaltonSofianBabai: Well you can very easily get into the image. You can install vmware server and press control g when it prompts for the password. and user name.
09:00:08ddaltonThen the hard part is using the image.
09:00:23ddaltonI actually got a talking ubuntu working on vmware with orca
09:00:28SofianBabaiin anyway, it is better than cygwin? faster?
09:00:36JerryLangeim looking stuff up. hopefully i find something to fix this problem
09:00:36DavidGWRawsonSo there's TAPE images? Wow.
09:00:37scorchecygwin is very slow
09:00:39ddaltonlots faster
09:01:26SofianBabaiso it's rater normal it takes me so much time to generate voice files with cybwin ...
09:01:48ddalton"rater" ?
09:02:02ddaltonBut building voice files on windows is pretty fast
09:02:04SofianBabairatehr sory
09:02:13SofianBabaiwhoops rather
09:02:18 Quit TMM ("Ex-Chat")
09:02:36ddaltondoes it take a long time on your cygwin?
09:02:48SofianBabaibizarre don't understand whay it is so long for me ...
09:02:54ddaltonhow long?
09:03:04SofianBabaimy computer is not so old
09:03:15SofianBabaiabout 10 mn
09:03:37ddaltonmine takes about 5 but it has a dual core so that helps
09:03:59ddaltonwell it is to processers
09:04:20SofianBabaiso that's why i still want to automate this building stuff
09:04:24DavidGWRawsonThe DS has two arm processors
09:04:34ddaltonso what do you want to happen?
09:04:51scorcheDavidGWRawson: were you getting somewhere with that?
09:04:51JerryLangewhat do i want my ethernet set up as in vm?
09:05:03DavidGWRawsonI'm wondering if arm processors are similar.
09:05:03SofianBabaiddalton: r u talking to me ?
09:05:10scorchesimilar to what?
09:05:40SofianBabaijust want to automate the process to build three voices files (for three targets)
09:05:51ddaltonwhen should it run?
09:05:57DavidGWRawsonThere are DS homebrew games that were built for arm based processors. If you modify the source code, then you may run it on a sansa, or other arm processors.
09:05:58ddaltonwhen you run a script?
09:06:00JerryLangedo i want my eithernet in vm bridged, nat, or host?
09:06:11ddaltonbridge I would say
09:06:23B4gderSofianBabai: you should make sure you make use of the POOL feature
09:06:57SofianBabaibagder: i don't know how to uise it
09:07:14SofianBabaigotta have some reading but it's quite hard
09:07:16scorcheDavidGWRawson: feel free to try
09:07:35SofianBabaib4gder sory
09:07:38ddaltonSofianBabai: You want to run a script that will build 3 voice files for separate targets?
09:07:48SofianBabaiddalton: yes
09:08:00ddaltonso it should build them when you run the script?
09:08:19DavidGWRawsonwill spectrum run .tzx files?
09:08:24SofianBabaiddalton exactly
09:08:32 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:08:37B4gderthat's basically the script we use to build the daily voices
09:08:50ddaltonok let me have a look. You might be able to just run 3 make files but not sure.
09:08:55ddaltonor write a shell script
09:08:59SofianBabaii've tried this script but it seems to make the folders but nothing is created
09:09:23SofianBabaii've modified it for the french language with rasher's help
09:09:45SofianBabaii'm sure it's simple
09:09:58SofianBabaibut it requires knowledge that i don't ave yet :)
09:10:39ddaltonI am going to try and write it for you. It will hopefully build for all targets but let me see how far I get
09:11:19SofianBabaiddalton: thanks. it would help me to understand hox it works to build it by myself for something else
09:11:33JerryLangeam i typing this correct? "\\debian\user" ?
09:11:34markunDavidGWRawson: it's in the wiki page
09:11:42ddaltonYou could read the script once it is done. (If it gets done)
09:11:47markun"For using it you must get a tape (tzx,tap) or snapshot (sna,z80) file."
09:11:51ddaltonI am reading about it now
09:12:27SofianBabaimaybe the script is using the old voice generation process or it may be adapted to run under cygwin
09:13:18 Join davina [0] (
09:13:24DavidGWRawsonthanks, markun. I think that software made by the public is better that software made by large companies.
09:14:44markunalso depends on what you call 'better'
09:15:18SofianBabaiddalton: have you succeeded in pllying the "improved bookmark selection patch?
09:15:32SofianBabaidon't remember the fs #
09:15:51ddaltonapplying do you mean?
09:16:08DavidGWRawsonThis is out of topic, but can the .tzx images be written back to tape?
09:16:26DavidGWRawsonJust curious
09:17:07scorchewhy are you asking it if you already know it is offtopic?
09:17:17JerryLangeim about to throw my computer out the window
09:17:19scorche...havent you been warned enough about this sort of thing?
09:17:35SofianBabaiddalton: i mean itegrating successfully this patch in a build
09:17:49ddaltonif so it should work but stephane sent me all of his patches to test in one big patch.
09:17:51SofianBabaibecause it involves many other patches
09:17:52 Join lee-qid [0] (
09:17:56 Quit DavidGWRawson ("CGI:IRC")
09:18:01ddaltonIt should work. i give him way too many chances?
09:18:12ddaltonI will try later. I am just trying to do this script for you.
09:18:59ddaltonwhat targets?
09:19:06ddaltondo you want the voice files for?
09:20:11SofianBabaiddalton: sansa e200 , iaudio x5, iriver h120 iriver h340
09:20:15JerryLangei set my ethernet to bridged and i get this error "The virtual machine may not be able to communicate with the host or with other machines on your network."
09:20:31SofianBabaibut i think we just need to comment the lines of the other players
09:20:39SofianBabaithose we don't want to build a voice file for
09:20:47SofianBabaisapi yes
09:20:52ddaltonwhat there is already a script?
09:21:16SofianBabaithe pl script b4gdeg gives the url
09:21:26SofianBabaibut maybe a bash script would be easier to do
09:21:44amiconnSofianBabai: The first build of a voice in a build dir takes a bit longer because it (unnecessarily) builds bitmaps, but subsequent voice builds in the same build dir should be fast (only deleting the old .voice from that dir before 'make voice')
09:21:50ddaltonyeah I will try a shell script
09:22:05ddaltonIts a good project for someone like me. :-)
09:22:10B4gderddalton: why not just use the already-written script?
09:22:23SofianBabaiamiconn brb
09:22:26B4gderI mean, feel free to do what you want, it just feels a bit... unnecessary
09:23:17 Join ppanther [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
09:23:21ddaltonok what's the url?
09:24:01ppantherWhy is it that sansa e280 can only record at 22500 hz? Is it a SW or a HW limitation?
09:24:08GodEater_JerryLange: what was the network set to BEFORE you changed it to bridged ?
09:24:49JerryLangeGodEater: host
09:24:52amiconnppanther: Hardware (but the maximum is 24000Hz, not 22050Hz afaik)
09:24:53ddaltonhow do I compile it?
09:24:58GodEater_change it back then :)
09:25:26ppantheramiconn: is the CPU too slow? Or what is the limitation?
09:25:38 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:25:43ddaltonhow do I compile the pl script?
09:25:50GodEater_JerryLange: when you've changed it back and restarted the VM - I want you to check something for me
09:25:54B4gderddalton: it's a perl script, run it with perl
09:25:59B4gderperl scriptname
09:26:42JerryLangeGodEater: you want me to actually reset it or just turn it off suspend my window and then open it up again?
09:26:46amiconnppanther: The clock source for the ADC can't be set in a way to allow higher sampling rates iiuc. jhMikeS is the expert regarding Sansa recording...
09:27:05 Quit midkay ("Leaving")
09:27:11GodEater_JerryLange: I think when you've messed with the network setting, a complete reboot of the VM is a good idea
09:28:05JerryLangeGodEater_: currently resetting. i will get back to you when it has booted back up and at the login screen
09:28:31ppantheramiconn: ah... so the problem is that the ADC can't be made to take samples at that freq. Ok then. I knew that RB wouldn't be the reason, just wanted to know what it is. Thanks amiconn.
09:29:46ddaltonno I might have more luck with a shell script I can't work this one out.
09:30:40 Part ppanther
09:30:59JerryLangeGodEater_: I am at the login screen
09:31:14GodEater_ok - login as you do normally
09:31:19GodEater_and then launch an Eterm
09:31:52JerryLangeGodEater_: ok
09:32:02GodEater_JerryLange: now type "su -"
09:32:31JerryLangeit asks for a password
09:32:33GodEater_type "rockbox" for the password
09:33:04JerryLangenow says "debian:~#
09:33:36GodEater_ok, now type "netstat -a | grep LISTEN" and tell me if you see anything in the list it shows that says "netbios-ssn"
09:33:44 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul)
09:33:51 Nick homielowe is now known as homielowe_viewin (
09:34:31 Nick homielowe_viewin is now known as homielowe (
09:35:23JerryLangei tried -a | grep LISTEN and it says "-su: -a: command not found
09:35:35JerryLangesorry read it wrong
09:36:24JerryLangeGodEater_: what am i looking for now?
09:36:41GodEater_you got the "netstat -a | grep LISTEN" run okay ?
09:36:54JerryLangei see the netbios-ssn
09:37:00GodEater_ok that's good
09:37:10B4gdernetstat -al you mean? ;-)
09:37:23GodEater_B4gder: any time you want to take over - you just jump right in :)
09:37:33*B4gder ducks and runs
09:37:43GodEater_JerryLange: try you windows explorer again, and the "\\debian\user" please
09:38:31JerryLangeFINIALLY wtf. ok now it asks for a username and password.
09:38:44JerryLangeuser, rockbox?
09:38:48GodEater_use the same username and password as you do to login to the vm
09:39:13*GodEater_ awaits applause and adulation
09:39:14JerryLangealright. thank you so much. do you know what the problem was?
09:39:32JerryLangeGodEater_: thank you so much
09:39:32GodEater_JerryLange: no clue - but I suspect the restart of the VM was all that was required
09:39:37ddaltondid you get it working? The access from run?
09:39:47 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
09:39:52JerryLangewell this time i didnt tell it to remember me.
09:40:15GodEater_JerryLange: now as to your original problem - I'm afraid I'm stumped on your compile error (assuming you're psycho_maniac in the forums)
09:40:34JerryLangeyes i am i really should change my irc nick
09:41:04GodEater_JerryLange: to be honest, I'd be tempted to wipe your entire svn tree, and checkout the whole thing again
09:41:10GodEater_but it's up to you
09:41:25JerryLangethats what i was thinking actually but that takes awhile
09:41:44GodEater_indeed - but it may be quicker than diagnosing what went wrong with your patching
09:42:00JerryLangeim going to try this build i compiled in a new folder and see what that does.
09:42:26GodEater_it's taken us nearly 4 hours to fix your VM issues after all :)
09:42:46GodEater_JerryLange: while you still have that Eterm open
09:42:55GodEater_could you type "apt-get install dillo" as well ?
09:43:03 Nick Chronon is now known as Chronon_ (
09:43:24ddaltonI just need to work out how to tell when scripts are done and then I should be able to write this script
09:43:26JerryLangeits working :D
09:43:32GodEater_JerryLange: good :)
09:43:57GodEater_JerryLange: dillo is a very small webbrowser - will be useful for you to post pastebin's instead of screenshots in future
09:44:07GodEater_it's not very good for complex sites though
09:44:19GodEater_so if you plan on doing much webbrowsing, you might need something better
09:44:26JerryLangewhoops talked too soon. also i dont have like dsl internet just dial up. does this matter with vm?
09:44:32GodEater_for pastebin though - it should do
09:44:47GodEater_JerryLange: it shouldn't matter, it will just be slower is all
09:45:02JerryLangei got a lot of errors after i typed y to tell it to use 4mbs of space
09:45:26pixelmaJerryLange: just reading the forum post (not the log yet) so maybe that's been asked before but: did you try a "make clean" and to configure again?
09:45:44GodEater_JerryLange: maybe best to forget about that for a while then
09:45:57 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:45:57*GodEater_ heads to the kitchen for breakfast
09:46:47JerryLangeforgot about "make clean"
09:47:03 Nick Chronon_ is now known as Chronon (
09:49:04SofianBabaiamiconn: is it necessary to delete everything in the build dir? i've tried to build a voice file after another without typing a "make clean" and my voice file got messed up on my player
09:49:48 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
09:50:23B4gderyou should use the POOL
09:50:38B4gderthen it doesn't matter that you remove all files between the builds
09:51:01SofianBabaibut i don't understand what is a pool. a template ?
09:51:17JerryLange after i run make clean i repatch and then compile again?
09:51:23B4gderno, it's a directory where the script puts the output mp3 files
09:51:32B4gderso that subsequent builds can re-use them withotu regenerating them
09:51:56SofianBabaiok i got it. here i always delete the whole stuff
09:52:00SofianBabaito be sure
09:52:03B4gderyes you should
09:52:09B4gderexcept the POOL dir...
09:52:17SofianBabaireally interesting those stuf... but so hard :(
09:52:37SofianBabaibut where is normally the pool dir
09:52:51SofianBabaimy mp3 files seem to be created in the root of the build dir
09:52:58B4gderyou set the environment variable called POOL to mention the dir you want to use as pool
09:53:00SofianBabaiLaughing Out Loud
09:53:46SofianBabaimaybe in another life :)
09:54:05pixelmaJerryLange: think I'd try a clean run without patches (and maybe you also need reconfigure)
09:55:40 Join SkinInd95 [0] (
09:56:01SofianBabaithanks b4gder and all for all the help. think i will be able to do something for the project one day :)
09:56:06JerryLangealright thank you
09:56:12SofianBabaigotta work see you
09:56:46 Quit SofianBabai ("bye all")
09:57:11 Join webmind_ [0] (
09:57:11 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:57:26 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
09:57:45JerryLangeis the rockbox site down?
09:58:24JerryLangewhen i run "svn up" i get svn: unknown hostname ""
09:59:07 Join scorche` [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
09:59:35LinusNworks for me
09:59:36B4gderthat's not a problem in my end
10:00:16B4gderand both the name servers are up and running fine
10:00:42JerryLangeany idea why it wont work for me? and yes i went to in my browser and it works
10:01:34delYsidbrowser cache...
10:01:36 Join JdGordon [0] (
10:01:49 Quit scorche (Nick collision from services.)
10:01:49 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
10:02:16 Quit Chronon ("Sleeping")
10:05:39ddaltondelYsid: Can you help me on the community channel with BRLTTY?
10:05:44ddaltonabout BRLTTY
10:06:22JerryLangemaybe ill restart vm and see if that fixes my problem
10:07:15 Join Shijima [0] (
10:09:50*ddalton Turns atention to his c book
10:10:57JerryLangei still get unknown hostname
10:12:32 Nick JerryLange is now known as psycho_maniac (
10:13:51 Quit Shijima ()
10:16:23 Join ord [0] (
10:18:18 Quit qwm ("Reconnecting")
10:21:17ddaltondelYsid: Around?
10:21:54 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
10:21:57 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
10:25:50 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
10:26:16psycho_maniacBuschel around?
10:26:40 Join tomv_w [0] (
10:27:06delYsidddalton: sort of, I am at work and pretty busy right now.
10:28:16 Nick ord is now known as qwm (
10:35:20Zagordo we know why system/OF.mi4 doesn't work on c200?
10:37:01B4gderZagor: lowlight mentioned a theory about iram usage
10:37:41B4gderthere's not that many people besides lowlight hacking on the c200 at that level afaik
10:40:31B4gderbut, it seems we have problems to start the OF on the e200R and on some e200 models too now
10:40:51B4gderwhich may or may not be related of course
10:47:37 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
10:47:52 Quit pill (Nick collision from services.)
10:48:42 Join pill [0] (
10:49:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:50:43 Join jbl87 [0] (n=jesse@
10:54:43 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
10:56:20peturB4gder: re gsoc summit, did preglow and markun respond?
10:56:48B4gderno, although preglow replied in the channel so I know he read the mails...
10:57:34B4gderI'm treating silence as a sign of inactivity ;-)
10:58:17tomv_wHi. May I make a humble suggestion regarding the front page? How about actually linking each model's page from the list of supported models? Right now it takes three links from the list of supported models to the E200 wiki page...
10:58:51scorchei would rather them link to the manual than the wiki page
10:59:01scorchebut, they seem fine for now
10:59:28markunscorche: or maybe link to the wiki and have a link to the manual there?
11:00:04 Quit homielowe ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
11:01:53 Quit psycho_maniac (Remote closed the connection)
11:02:26tomv_wscorche: at least in E200's case, I'd think it's interesting to know usb doesn't work and the information is more readily available from the wiki page...
11:03:51B4gderI think suitable links on the model names make sense
11:04:26tomv_wI've found it somewhat difficult to access port-specific information from the rockbox start page, so I usually click my way through main page -> development targets content -> devlopment targets -> wiki page without any useful (for that purpose) information in between.
11:05:00B4gderwell, you can also do "wiki => SansaE200Port" for a two-clicker
11:06:45 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:08:16GodEater_B4gder: re: your blog posting on the ipod classic
11:08:32GodEater_there are a couple of steps you could add for the merely confident user, not just the brave ones :)
11:08:38GodEater_like the output of fdisk -l
11:08:51GodEater_and assuming there's a firmware partition as with older ipods
11:08:54GodEater_a dump of it
11:09:21GodEater_worth adding perhaps ?
11:09:32B4gderindeed, me update
11:10:03GodEater_both steps seem uninstrusive to me, and avoid scratches to the case :)
11:10:44 Join Arathis [0] (
11:11:03GodEater_important to many apple users for some reason
11:11:33 Join haemmy [0] (n=stefan@
11:11:58 Join Entasis [0] (
11:13:13 Nick Arathis is now known as Arathis|afk (
11:22:10 Join kicker [0] (i=c27f0814@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:23:58 Join homielowe [0] (
11:24:11kickerThere is (in RB, I mean) an implementation of strcasestr which (as the comment says) is very fast. Why not adjust it for strstr? Or a these two funcs so different?
11:24:51 Join seablue [0] (
11:25:11ZagorI would be surprised if the linux strstr isn't very fast too
11:27:08Zagorhowever if you enjoy that sort of thing, by all means dig in and start benchmarking.
11:27:14kickerZagor: I have not looked inside strcasestr but I've heard that there are very fast string search algorithms (by Knuth & Co?). So I thought that strcasestr implements them. But for short strings it might not be worth the hassle. Simplicity is also a gift.
11:28:18 Part kicker ("...kicked out myself...")
11:34:16 Join Shijima [0] (
11:34:55ShijimaHey Room
11:35:20 Part ddalton
11:35:42markunhi scorche
11:35:49markuneh, Shijima
11:36:15Shijimaquick ? with the doon wads do i have to put them in diffrent folders
11:37:12 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:39:05 Quit atsea-15 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:40:29markunShijima: no idea, did you check the doom wiki page?
11:41:14Shijimanah didnt think to
11:41:24Zagorif we want wiki links on the front page, we need to become better at keeping them updated.
11:41:31 Quit webmind_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:42:00 Join webmind [0] (
11:43:50markunZagor: firefox here at work doesn't show the nice boxes around the various parts of the frontpage, any idea what could cause it?
11:44:41Zagordo you perhaps have a personal style sheet?
11:44:51markunnot that I know of
11:45:00markunand other pages using css look just fine
11:45:31Zagorotherwise I don't know. they look fine in firefox for me.
11:45:42markunthey also look fine in ff at home
11:45:52markunand in IE at work
11:46:10Zagornot an ancient version?
11:46:11 Join atsea-15 [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-f8ac9c7656ee8d66)
11:46:32markunsame as I have at home
11:47:42markunI have no idea how to debug it
11:47:52Zagorme neither
11:49:05markunthe CSS validator of gives a java servlet timeout
11:55:01Shijimathank you for the help if your still here Night yall
12:07:04 Quit Entasis (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:11:53 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:13:21 Join Entasis [0] (
12:15:01 Quit indro (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:15:53 Quit homielowe ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
12:21:13 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:29:50 Quit SkinInd95 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
12:29:55 Quit atsea-15 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:34:32preglowjhMikeS: what, msac is slow?
12:39:25 Join directhex|work [0] (
12:39:40directhex|workmy gigabeat has started misbehaving :(
12:47:31markunin what way?
12:49:59 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
12:50:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:51:01directhex|workit keeps forgetting settings between boots
12:51:13directhex|worki.e. turn off, turn on, i'm back to default settings with no music to resume
12:51:14 Quit haemmy ()
12:51:35markunHDD problem?
12:52:32 Join sammy [0] (i=d31c041a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:53:00directhex|workmarkun, i haven't noticed any disk freezing or clicking though
12:54:12sammyhey, im new to ubuntu and i need some help converting videos for my gigabeat
12:54:37 Join guest41 [0] (i=54bcce33@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:54:39sammywinff seems to work, ececpt it doesnt convert!
12:54:44sammyand same with vlc
12:55:03directhex|workmarkun, possibly a file system problem? shouldn't rockbox be able to report problems with writing the file if there are problems?
12:56:54guest41i think there were cases of rockbox not saving its settings because of filesystem errors. try running chkdsk.
12:57:06markunsammy: in what way do they work but don't convert?
13:00:08sammywell, on vlc, I get erroes, il paste soon
13:00:16sammyand on winff it just flashes a black terminal looking box
13:00:51sammysam@Hummer:~$ vlc ¨/media/Downloads/rar/272.wmv¨ −−sout={#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=600,width=320,height=240,acodec=mp3,ab=128,samplerate=44100,audio-sync}:std{access=file,mux=ps,url=¨office.mpg¨}}VLC media player 0.8.6 Janus[00000292] stream_out_standard private error: no access _and_ no muxer (fatal error)[00000291] main stream output error: stream chain failed for `std{mux="",access="",dst="{#transcodeaudio-
13:01:07sammydamnit, didtn keep structure
13:02:24markunsammy: use some pastebin site
13:02:59markunpasting multi line error messages in IRC is not very nice anyway
13:03:29sammyil paste a line at a time
13:03:38sammysam@Hummer:~$ vlc ¨/media/Downloads/rar/272.wmv¨ −−sout={#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=600,width=320,height=240,acodec=mp3,ab=128,samplerate=44100,audio-sync}:std{access=file,mux=ps,url=¨office.mpg¨}VLC media player 0.8.6 Janus
13:03:46sammy[00000292] stream_out_standard private error: no access _and_ no muxer (fatal error)
13:04:01sammy[00000291] main stream output error: stream chain failed for `std{mux="",access="",dst="{#transcodeaudio-sync:stdurl=¨office.mpg¨"}'
13:04:12sammy[00000289] main input error: cannot start stream output instance, aborting
13:04:22sammy[00000280] main playlist: nothing to play
13:04:27markunsammy: don't paste in here!
13:04:40sammywell thats abouta ll
13:05:04markunjust don't do it
13:05:29sammyim getting up a pastebin site
13:06:39ZagorQ&A with steve jobs about iphone: Q: "Is unlocking a concern?"
13:06:53ZagorSteve: "It's a constant cat and mouse game −− we have the same thing with the iPod with music." "We have to stay one step ahead of them."
13:07:29ZagorI think that's the first I've seen about him commenting about this
13:07:42B4gderwell, for iphone its a huge loss of revenue, but for ipod I don't see any great loss
13:07:51 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
13:07:59Zagorrockbox users don't buy from itunes
13:08:15B4gdertrue, but I don't see how that's because of rockbox really
13:08:26jbiti assume he was refering to itunes hacks
13:08:32jbit(getting music without drm)
13:08:41jbitrather than running other firmwares
13:08:44B4gderyes I would rather think so too
13:08:47Zagorjbit: ah, right
13:08:49Zagormakes more sense
13:08:55B4gderbut then again of course more and more music is sold DRM-free
13:09:06B4gderjust not all of that on itunes... .-)
13:09:42jbithave apple actually done anything to prevent the current iphone unlocking hacks?
13:09:47 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
13:09:51B4gderso that's just confirming that even Steve confuses itunes with ipod ;-)
13:09:57jbiti think maybe hes just saying stuff to save face
13:10:17B4gderI don't think they can do much to prevent the unlocking
13:10:20jbit(to at&t ;)
13:10:22 Quit akaias (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:10:27B4gderother than making it as hard as possible
13:10:54jbiti personally doubt apple even care that much
13:11:34B4gderapplet get a share of the monthly fees, so yeah they care
13:12:48 Part guest41
13:13:07 Quit nerochiaro (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:13:40 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
13:13:46 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:15:09 Join pixelma_ [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
13:15:24 Quit pixelma (Nick collision from services.)
13:17:12 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@
13:20:21 Quit pixelma_ (Nick collision from services.)
13:20:53markunsammy: looks like there are some UTF-8 quotes in there, don't know if that's the problem
13:26:27 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
13:26:46sammyseems to convert now
13:26:54sammybut I cant find the output file
13:27:23 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
13:28:44markunsammy: not in your home folder?
13:28:56sammyit seems it outputted .flv
13:29:00sammythats from winff
13:29:06sammyive looked
13:29:40markunwell, I have no idea
13:29:45markunmaybe someone else can help
13:30:48sammyif the output file is just set to office.mpg not `/office.mpg it should convert in the same folder right?
13:31:55sammymaybe I should add sudo at the end
13:33:45B4gderI doubt a converter needs to run as root...
13:34:02B4gderunless you have the ownership of the target directory messed up or similar
13:36:05 Join agm3nt [0] (
13:36:14 Join Thundercloud [0] (
13:37:16sammybah, il work it out
13:37:19sammythx for the help
13:40:24 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
13:43:21 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
13:43:25 Quit sammy ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:43:42 Join My_Sic [0] (
13:43:53markunZagor: the site works fine again btw
13:44:11Zagorhaha. any idea what fixed it?
13:48:41 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:51:31 Join atsea-51 [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-ec0215c4cff58d05)
13:52:09 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
13:52:15 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:54:34 Quit iamben (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:02:02B4gdertime to re-iterate the "let's make a simpler and nicer gui rockbox" argument
14:03:57 Join SkinInd95 [0] (
14:04:21 Join linuxstb [0] (i=d57b9aa9@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:06:50 Nick idnar_ is now known as idnar (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
14:08:36markunB4gder: maybe he comes up with something nice
14:08:48B4gderhopefully, yes
14:08:51 Join rogelio [0] (n=rogelio@
14:09:43 Part rogelio ("Kopete 0.12.4 :")
14:12:19 Quit SkinInd95 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
14:22:10 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
14:22:16 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
14:25:11*GodEater_ likes BigBambi's reply
14:25:53 Join Falen [0] (
14:26:00markunGodEater_: I think he's a bit negative
14:26:21GodEater_initially perhaps - but I think he finshed well
14:29:22directhex|workit's pretty negative overall. the OP has some decent enough points. but whenever someone says "the project you've dedicated man-years to sucks" or words to that effect, it's more than normal to go on the defensive
14:29:56*amiconn agrees with BigBambi too
14:30:05B4gdernot only that, it is just *so* easy to criticize and come up with all sorts of "good" ideas when you don't provide anything at all yourself
14:30:17B4gderapart from a list of ideas
14:30:23directhex|workB4gder, aye
14:30:44B4gderbut yes, it easy to take criticism "personally"
14:31:33 Quit Falen ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
14:32:10GodEater_until someone with those ideas comes along and actually spends some time attempting to implement them - I just don't see any of that happening.
14:32:34GodEater_we don't handle such sweeping requests - for better or worse
14:32:48B4gderironicly, 95% of these attempts halt when they start talking about which logo they should use
14:32:55directhex|workthat's not always the case though - often with an OSS project, you can do as much work as you like on an idea, it still won't appear upstream
14:33:19GodEater_directhex|work: he already talked about forking though
14:33:27directhex|workif upstream conceptually disagrees, then your idea is dead in the water. so it makes *sense* to start off looking for conceptual agreement
14:33:32GodEater_then "upstream" would not be relevant
14:34:03B4gderdirecthex|work: yes, that's right
14:34:21directhex|workB4gder, so, how's album art support looking in trunk?
14:34:30 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:34:36B4gderwell, that's not shut down due to it not being appreciated
14:34:51B4gderthat's just shut down because nobody did a proper implementation...
14:34:56B4gderuntil nico_p's gsoc work
14:35:00markunB4gder: should we tell him it's probably a copyright violation to use the Gigabeat splash in a WPS?
14:36:04B4gderyou could if you bother enough, yes
14:36:19B4gderbut it isn't clearly such a one
14:36:30B4gderI mean fair use etc
14:37:24markunyes, it's not like he's going to sell his WPS or something :)
14:39:19 Join GodEater__ [0] (n=vircuser@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
14:41:06 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
14:43:25 Part darksaboteur
14:44:29 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:49:01LloreanY'know, thinking about it, I'm somewhat surprised Apple didn't use the same kind of security on their database as they do on their firmware.
14:49:20 Nick Arathis|afk is now known as Arathis (
14:49:20darksaboteur /msg NickServ IDENTIFY shithead
14:50:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:50:14B4gderLlorean: well, that would mean they would need to include that code in itunes and thus "expose" themselves quite a lot more
14:50:40B4gderI mean, whatever means itunes does it is just about diassembling itunes to figure it out
14:50:48 Quit darksaboteur ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
14:51:01jbitLlorean: why would they do that anyway? to stop people using non-itunes software? how does that benefit them?
14:51:17B4gderso why did they add this new checksum/hash ?
14:51:25 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
14:51:27directhex|workjbit, doing Not Allowed(tm) things like creating ringtones and not paying for them
14:51:30B4gderto make sure their own software works?
14:51:43 Join Arathis [0] (
14:51:43 Join XavierGr [0] (
14:51:52directhex|workor using non-ITMS music stores. or whatever
14:51:53LloreanB4gder: Yeah, but I mean it seems like this checksum turned out awful easy to bypass.
14:52:21B4gderit makes you wonder what its purpose is
14:53:09directhex|workit's a set-up for dmca violation suits!
14:55:07 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:55:13 Part agm3nt
14:55:35 Quit darksaboteur (Client Quit)
14:55:48 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:56:06 Quit darksaboteur (Client Quit)
14:56:20 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:57:22 Quit darksaboteur (Client Quit)
14:57:36 Join darksaboteur [0] (
14:57:40 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:01:58 Join freqmod [0] (
15:03:31 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
15:11:11GodEater__Llorean: have you got hold of the checksum defeating code to work out what it's doing? (i.e. what algorithm the checksum uses)
15:12:12 Quit jhMikeS (Nick collision from services.)
15:12:18 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
15:12:20 Quit darksaboteur ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
15:12:54 Part jbit
15:13:04LloreanGodEater__: No, I haven't looked at it yet.
15:13:23LloreanI must say, I'm not *too* interested in it, though.
15:15:20*B4gder gets maaaany sansa firmwares from to finally do the big key scan
15:15:40GodEater__"big key scan" ?
15:15:48B4gderI'll scan them all for the mi4 keys
15:16:21*GodEater__ didn't know we didn't have all of them
15:17:03B4gderI'm sure most of them are using the same keys still though
15:19:42 Join SkinInd95 [0] (
15:19:59*GodEater__ has oodles of respect for any successful cryptanalysts - working out how to turn random sequences of stuff into meaninful data
15:27:34B4gder61 7zip files...
15:27:42B4gdernow I'll just need to write a fancy script
15:28:26 Join fir3 [0] (
15:29:49krazykitgood morning/afternoon/evening
15:31:57fir3what player would you recommend me for use with rockbox? it should have long battery lifetime and shouldn't be too expensive
15:33:37krazykitlet's see, we have a wiki page for this... lemme find it
15:33:57sgsaxI'd say it'd largely be a matter of personal preference
15:34:21sgsaxI just got a sansa e260 and have been very happy with it so far
15:36:48 Quit ^JimmyRidge^ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:41:19Zagorbadly-formed album art crashes the ipod classic. possible exploit vector...
15:41:56krazykitnot terribly useful, though, without knowing how to use any of the hardware.
15:42:02LloreanBut it's a start.
15:42:08B4gderwe "know" its an arm
15:42:15Zagorat least so says Peter Glaskowsky:
15:43:30GodEater__get in there now kids whilst that version of firmware is available :)
15:43:39B4gder ...
15:43:45B4gderthe classic ;-)
15:43:48GodEater__I read that article once
15:44:18GodEater__assuming it's the phrack one
15:44:51B4gderit is
15:45:25B4gderZagor: I found a new c200 mi4 key
15:45:48B4gderall those files and only one new key... :-)
15:45:55Zagoraha. hehe.
15:46:15Zagorapparently my old/original firmware had a different key
15:46:47Zagorthat's why I couldn't install rockbox
15:47:19Zagornow we just need to fix usb or OF.mi4 to make it mother-in-law proof :)
15:47:58 Join lymeca [0] (i=lymeca@
15:48:13lymecaCan Rockbox work on 1st and 2nd generation iPods?
15:48:19Zagora downside to the OF.mi4 option is that the OF scans the files every time you disconnect USB. annoying, AND uses up precious disk space
15:49:06B4gderZagor: yeah, it does that on the e200 too
15:49:08 Join billytwowilly [0] (
15:49:16B4gderlymeca: it already does in fact
15:49:42lymecaB4gder: so rockbox works on 1st-5th gen ipods and 1st gen nanos
15:49:52Zagorand mini
15:49:54B4gderyes, and the minis
15:50:02*Zagor fixes the front-page text
15:50:03 Join kubiixaka [0] (
15:50:10B4gderZagor: hold on
15:50:17B4gderthere's no bootloaders for the 1g2g yet
15:50:25B4gderso people can't really install it very easily
15:50:36B4gderwhich is why it isn't mentioned
15:50:47lymecaBoot loader...
15:50:51 Join webguest02 [0] (i=591a9f55@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:51:05Lloreanlymeca: bootloader is the noun representing the file that contains the boot loader. :-P
15:51:05lymecaHmm but once you install it it works right?
15:51:37Lloreanlymeca: You can't install without a bootloader.
15:51:50lymecaOh dear
15:51:55LloreanAnyway who installs successfully has compiled their own from SVN.
15:52:35Zagorso what are we missing to ship 1/2g bootloaders?
15:52:43lymecaThen how can you run Rockbox on 1st/2nd gens if you can't install it?
15:52:53LloreanZagor: I believe we're missing a process to install them other than the old ipod_fw tool.
15:53:14Lloreanlymeca: It can be installed, just not in an easy / "safe" way.
15:54:26lymecaLlorean: Is there a place I can go to read about the process?
15:54:34lymecaI don't mind it being difficult
15:54:48B4gderamiconn's the man to talk to about it
15:55:03 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
15:58:54 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:59:01 Join desowin [0] (
16:00:49LloreanAt least I *think* iPodPatcher doesn't work with firewire iPods.
16:02:34fir3sgsax: what plugins are working with your player?
16:03:00sgsaxeverything I've tried has worked so far
16:03:49fir3even video playback/games(doom)
16:04:10sgsaxvideo playback: yes; doom: I haven't tried yet
16:04:23sgsaxI got about 21-23fps on video
16:05:39fir3is video still fine with 21fps?
16:05:40oboLlorean: I thought it was to do with being unable to shut the unit down (without booting into the OF)
16:05:41JdGordonwithout reimplementing the scrollbar logic.. does anyone have any idea how to rouphly guess which item in the list to select to have the scroll bit at a certain pixel on the screen?
16:06:03sgsaxlooked good to me
16:06:22sgsaxforeground looked great, background got a little washed out
16:06:28markunBagder: can you also try the new keys on the firmares that didn't pass? (philips HD6330 for example)
16:06:29sgsaxat least on the elephant dream demo
16:06:33Lloreanobo: The units never shut down, so it's really just a question of our sleep vs their sleep.
16:06:49fir3sgsax: so i could even watch a movie without any probs? what codecs are supported?
16:07:09sgsaxpretty sure the mpegplayer plugin only suports mpeg1 & 2
16:07:17oboLlorean: true, but I don't think any way of making them sleep has been worked out... :)
16:07:47B4gdermarkun: I doubt that'll lead to anything...
16:07:49Lloreanobo: Yeah, I believe amiconn's working on our sleep code, but I don't think that's what's preventing posting a bootloader, it's just what's in the way of that port being "working well"
16:07:56fir3sgsax: these .3gp videos don't work, right?
16:08:05sgsaxbut there are good docs on the plugin wiki for converting
16:08:27sgsaxat least not with the built-in plugin
16:09:04sgsaxbut if mplayer or vlc can play it on your workstation, you can convert it to mpeg and then upload it to your player
16:09:42 Join japc [0] (n=japc@
16:09:42markunB4gder: ok, I thought that various firmwares used the same keys
16:09:43 Quit japc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:10:00B4gderI've not seen that on anything but the default key
16:10:01delYsidIs video supposed to work on sansas? I've been told the screen looks pretty scrambled when I try to playback a video.
16:10:47 Part directhex|work ("Leaving")
16:10:48 Join low_light [0] (i=c730180a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:11:03markundelYsid: according to this list it works:
16:11:25LloreandelYsid: Are you sure the video was properly converted, and is in the format Rockbox expects?
16:12:15low_lightBagder: I see you found a new key...nice
16:12:44low_lightThe problem with the old firware loading rockbox was that the rockbox firmware.mi4 was not encrypted correctly and wouldn't. Will this help?
16:13:40 Quit SkinInd95 ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
16:15:04fir3the sansa players have an sd card slot right?
16:15:15sgsaxdelYsid: I haven't tried converting one of my own yet, but the demo worked fine for me
16:15:23sgsaxfir3: microSD
16:15:32 Quit lymeca ("...and don't forget: 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 !")
16:16:11fir3are these cards expensive?
16:16:23Zagorlow_light: any idea what's preventing rolo/bootloader from loading OF.mi4 ?
16:17:15delYsidLlorean: I used the demo on the rockbox page, but honestly, I didnt check the format.
16:17:17sgsaxfir3: shop around, I think I was able to find a 2GB card for <$30
16:17:47delYsid4gb microsd is about 60 EUR around where I live.
16:19:06pixelmadelYsid: you are using voice?
16:19:22 Join Rondom [0] (
16:19:26*markun remembers how amazed he was when he heard of a 1GB HDD for the first time..
16:19:28delYsidpixelma: no rockbox, yes, on computers, usually not. I prefer braille.
16:19:37low_lightZagor: no. It's loading the OF (and presumably executing it), but it just freezes.
16:19:39fir3sounds like the sandisk is a quite decent player
16:19:40linuxstbamiconn: Is the ipod 1g/2g bootloader in SVN OK to release? If so, I'll try and prepare it this evening.
16:19:44amiconnobo: I know how to put the 1st/2nd gen into suspend
16:19:50amiconnlinuxstb: yes
16:19:51low_lightI tried loading the rockbox bootloader into dram (0x10600000 like the OF bootloader) instead of iram, but it still freezes
16:20:10delYsidpixelma: s/no rockbox/on rockbox/
16:20:22fir3could there be any problems with the sandisk/rockbox/amarok?
16:20:28sgsaxI've really been enjoying my sansa, and I bought a refurb so it cost about 50% of list
16:20:30amiconnlinuxstb: I am running plain svn bootloaders on my 1st and 2nd gen
16:21:18pixelmayeah, I mean in rockbox - currently there is a bug when you use voice and mpegplayer, basically mpegplayer becomes unusable then. There already is a bug report for it.
16:21:31sgsaxis the usb problem being actively worked on?
16:21:36*low_light sees that the sansa connect wifi is now down to $140
16:21:43delYsidpixelma: oh, I see, thanks for making me aware.
16:21:53sgsaxI may be able to help debug
16:21:58delYsidits not like that I really need the video player, it would just be nice for showing off :-)
16:22:10sgsaxshowing off is good :)
16:22:11amiconnLlorean: Ipodpatcher works nicely for installing the 1st/2nd gen bootloader
16:22:11JdGordonhey low_light, do you know anything about running code on the mr500i? or just the 100?
16:22:22fir3do all player support the rockbox feature "pull out headphones-pause-plug in-playback resume"?
16:22:40low_lightJdGordon: just the 100
16:22:51Lloreanamiconn: When was that fixed. I know until recently people were still reporting troubles with RBUtil which was supposed to have code that would work for 1G/2G iPods.
16:22:55JdGordon:( ok
16:23:01B4gdermbrobe 100 is a PP target
16:23:05delYsidfir3: my sansa does not.
16:23:05B4gder500 is a dm320...
16:23:10B4gderquite different
16:23:22Zagornot all targets have headphone detection
16:23:36low_lightI thought there was linux on the 500
16:23:40JdGordonyeah, ok, i was hoping the way to get the code on was the same though... ill just sit and wait for kkurbjan then
16:23:43fir3too bad :/
16:23:46amiconnLlorean: That was fixed a looong time ago, however, rbutil can't install a bootloader it doesn't have access to
16:23:49B4gderlow_light: most likely yes
16:23:52JdGordonthere is.. its painfully slow..
16:24:02B4gderbut they tend to not release any interesting code anyway
16:24:08Lloreanamiconn: Hm.. Okay, my mistake then. I thought it was still reporting it couldn't detect the devices. =/
16:24:17B4gderneuros of course has linux on a dm320 as well
16:24:17delYsidfir3: agreed, it would have been nice to have.
16:24:28amiconnZagor: Speaking about headphone detection... there is a problem I have to solve for the 1st/2nd gen build
16:24:40amiconn2nd gen does have headphone detection, 1st gen doesn't
16:24:53amiconnSo there will be another dynamic option...
16:25:26 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
16:25:46sgsaxhaven't tried headphone detection, but that's not a feature I was looking for
16:26:10markunfir3: only the ipods and the gigabeat support headphone detection I think
16:28:00 Quit Llorean ("Leaving.")
16:28:25B4gderI've never quite understood that feature. who wants to pull their headphones?
16:28:39JdGordonits for when it accidnetly gets pulled out
16:29:08B4gderoh well, if it makes someone happy...
16:29:16sgsaxthe mini jack they use is pretty dang tight
16:29:38sgsaxit has a very solid positive click when you plug in
16:29:40fir3but the ipods are not fully supported and the gigabeat has no flash and it's hard to get one :/
16:30:23B4gderI'm tempted to poke on the sansa view, as 16gb flash + microsdhc is a cool combo...
16:30:41linuxstbB4gder: Is that another PP ?
16:30:45B4gderi doubt it
16:30:57B4gderif it is PP, they have a co-processor of some sorts
16:31:10B4gder320x240 h264 30fps video...
16:31:16B4gderthey claim at least
16:31:25 Join Llorean [0] (
16:31:31linuxstbOK, PP seems unlikely then...
16:31:46B4gderyeps, unless they did like the ipod 5g
16:32:35 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
16:33:03fir3oh i see the ipod video supports video playback now
16:33:30fir3btw is it possible to replace the batteries in the sansa players?
16:33:37linuxstbB4gder: Do you know what battery life is claimed for the View?
16:33:55B4gder ;-)
16:34:11 Join lazka [0] (
16:34:13B4gder35 hours
16:34:26B4gderpretty hefty claim
16:34:32B4gder7 hours video
16:34:58B4gderthat's another hint it isn't PP anymore I'd say
16:35:07lazkadoes the last commit of austriancoder mean i can now charge at full speed with rb?
16:35:37GodEater_B4gder: sure is a pretty player
16:36:01B4gderI agree
16:37:22GodEater_I could have sworn I read somewhere the other day that it's using a Samsung SOC thing
16:37:23markunI could imagine that ipod used a Samsung CPU again like the nano 2g
16:37:32GodEater_but I can't for the life of me remember where I read that
16:37:57B4gderit's slightly confusing that sandisk reused the name sansa view
16:38:09B4gdergoogling for it shows so many hits for the older player with the same name
16:38:39 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:38:43GodEater_glad they abandoned that one
16:38:44 Join elmargol [0] (
16:38:46GodEater_it was less pretty looking
16:39:06elmargolHi I installed the current build of rockbox and the font is very tiny ist this normal?
16:39:18 Quit GodEater__ (No route to host)
16:40:10GodEater_elmargol: yes, just change the theme to something else. Make sure you installed the font pack too.
16:40:55elmargolWich font does apple use?
16:41:15GodEater_elmargol: it doesn't matter, since we don't have t
16:41:18B4gderelmargol: their own
16:41:21sgsaxfir3: yes, sansa batteries are user-replacable
16:41:29elmargolok is there a very similar one?
16:41:38sgsaxelmargol: linux just calls it the mac font
16:41:49sgsaxyou can use it for your framebuffer if you want
16:41:50fir3sgsax: usual aa batteries?
16:41:52GodEater_elmargol: why don't you just look and see ?
16:42:07sgsaxfir3: nope, it's a li-ion pack
16:42:49fir3how does it look like?
16:43:28sgsaxyou should be able to google it
16:43:28*JdGordon is touch-screen/mouse king!
16:43:35JdGordoni got the scroll bar working
16:43:39 Join freqmod [0] (
16:44:10 Quit grndslm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:45:47GodEater_well done JdGordon :)
16:47:41fir3looks like i found a replacement for my creative (was my last product from that company) zen micro
16:47:50 Part LinusN
16:48:23fir3JdGordon: are you working on the ipod touch already? ;)
16:48:37JdGordonwhat you mean already?
16:48:47JdGordonrockbox was released on the touch 3 weeks ago
16:49:30markunB4gder: ah, found another Blackfin based player :)
16:50:01fir3you are fast :o
16:50:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:50:13B4gdermarkun: looks nice
16:50:23 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:51:03JdGordon# Games: NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy Classic, Game Boy Advanced and Neo Geo Emulator <- the OF comes with those emulators?
16:51:07fir3the ipod touch is expensive :/
16:51:53elmargolthere is no wikipedia for rockbox?
16:52:01fir3rockbox supports neogeo and gameboy emulators? :o
16:52:02markunJdGordon: yes, but where are the buttons?
16:52:13JdGordongood point...
16:52:15markunfir3: no, only gameboy
16:53:10B4gderthe rockbox wikipedia page is great
16:53:26peturand also :)
16:53:27elmargolno i mean. can i have a copy of wikipedia on my ipod?
16:54:19preglowonly thing wrong about the wikipedia page is that most of the wpses are ugly :/
16:54:22peturelmargol: check the last link of me
16:54:30fir3neogeo would be cool then i could play metal slug :D
16:55:26GodEater_B4gder: I like the fact that even wikipedia is ambiguous about which version of the GPL we are under ;)
16:55:32fir3no performance probs with the gameboy emulator?
16:55:53B4gderGodEater_: :-)
16:55:54GodEater_fir3: depends which player you run it on
16:56:25GodEater_fir3: couldn't say - I don't own one
16:56:36*B4gder never tried rockboy
16:56:41B4gderon _any_ target...
16:57:10fir3sgsax: have you already tried rockboy?
16:58:41markunB4gder: the firmware of the Ainol V1000 looked like 1 big GPL (and other licenses) violation so I expect it's the same with the V2000
16:58:56LloreanGodEater_: It could be that they're *not* being ambiguous, and think that whole "It's under any version of the GPL" clause is in effect.
16:59:05B4gdera good old chinese approach then
16:59:08GodEater_Llorean: could be :)
17:00:37 Quit B4gder ("It is time to say MOOO")
17:01:08 Join jgarvey [0] (
17:13:11*amiconn wonders why markun is hunting for those blackfin beasts
17:14:09markunamiconn: just for fun :)
17:14:24markunsomething different
17:19:01 Quit JdGordon ("yaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr")
17:20:11 Nick parafin|away is now known as parafin (
17:20:11 Quit enyc (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:30:48 Join AKX [0] (
17:36:40AKXHello. I installed the custom senab build of Rockbox to see how the piezo feature would work.. But does anyone know how to find it?
17:37:24 Join devaudio [0] (
17:37:43markunAKX: maybe you can find some info in the patch tracker entry for the piezo feature
17:37:52SoapAKX: I don't want to sound rude, but those builds (Senabs, etc.) are in the "Unsupported Builds" forums because we do not, and can not, offer support for them. That being said - I do believe questions regarding the configuration of the piezo are to be found in the forum thread itself.
17:38:26AKXmarkun, I'll look. And Soap, sure, I wasn't asking for.. official support, just wanted to see if anyone would know :)
17:39:36 Quit petur ("time to say nothing")
17:40:47AKXAh. Solved. Piezo doesn't seem to be supported on a 5g.
17:41:04AKXOr.. Hmm.
17:41:25SoapAKX: That is all well and good, but as stated in the IRC topic - you are asked to read the IrcGuidelines wiki page, in which the off-topic nature of unsupported builds are addressed. Despite the slow nature of the IRC channel at this time of day, it is primarly a developement channel, and is logged. Piezo WAS supported on the 5G, I used to play with the patch, but haven't in months so I can not speak as to its current state.
17:42:50AKXAlrighty, Soap. I'll try and figure it out. Just going to say this - I've only had Rockbox for two days and I'm liking it much more than the retail firmware already :)
17:42:51markunbut just a discussion about the piezo patch is not completely off topic
17:43:19oboI've got a slightly newer version of that patch at home, I'll have to post it at somepoint...
17:45:17oboit still sounds a bit odd without using timer_register
17:46:21 Join DefineByte [0] (
17:46:32 Quit barrywardell ()
17:47:15SoapI wish I understood that.
17:47:17oboamiconn: oops, my mind must be playing tricks on me again
17:47:40fir3do sansa players support gapless playback?
17:47:44 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:48:08Soapfir3: Sansa players support gapless playback on all natively gapless codecs, and on LAME mp3s.
17:48:14oboSoap: which bit?
17:48:29Soapobo: most all of it ;)
17:49:23fir3is there anything bad about these sansa players? :o
17:49:44 Part AKX
17:49:55sgsaxother than USB not working (yet), nothing I can find
17:50:33 Join AKX [0] (
17:50:46DefineBytewhich RB supported players feature line-out?
17:50:57fir3sgsax: usb not working sounds bad :/ how do you organize your music/charge the player then? by booting the original firmware?
17:51:22AKXOh, yeah, forgot.. How do I reset Rockbox's settings on iPod 5G/60GB? (I tried using the hold switch, but it either did nothing, or started the orig firmware.)
17:51:38krazykitfir3, yes, that's how.
17:52:12fir3any idea if/when usb will work on sansa players?
17:52:21SoapAKX: you can reset the settings on your ipod by using the hold switch toggle /after/ rockbox starts to launch.
17:52:36DefineByteoh, thanks
17:52:39AKXWhen it's in the splash screen? Tried that, to no avail...
17:52:49AKXDo I need to toggle it on and off, or on only.. or?
17:52:51Soapfir3: You can use USB with your sansa e200 series player, you just need to reboot into the original firmware at this time to get USB mode.
17:53:14oboAKX: on, it should splash "settings cleared" or something similar onto the screen
17:53:24AKXOkay.. I'll try again.
17:53:37 Join linuxstb__ [0] (
17:53:42fir3sgsax: yep but are there chances someone will be able to make it work with rockbox too?
17:54:09Soapfir3: it is being worked on as we speak, so there is actually a pretty good chance.
17:54:34 Join barrywardell [0] (
17:54:35fir3anyone wants to buy a zen micro 5gb? :)
17:55:23fir3hey it can store 5gb ;)
17:56:07 Part AKX
17:56:09DefineByte5 gigabit? pah
17:58:30fir3someone's selling the same player on ebay looks like it'll be about €30 :/
17:59:11SoapISHO technology is always worth more in the hand than in cash.
17:59:53fir3yep that's why i never sell old devices/hardware
18:03:18sgsaxfor charging and uploading files, I make sure the sansa is shut off (not just sleeping), and then plug it in
18:03:37sgsaxthe bootloader takes over and loads up the original firmware automatically
18:03:57fir3i understand the people who would like to buy something from creative?..
18:04:38fir3so i can select which firmware to boot, alright
18:04:54 Join The-Compiler [0] (
18:04:55sgsaxthe biggest annoyance is that the original firmware wants to rebuild the database every time it comes up when plugged in
18:05:07sgsaxand with a full device, it can take a while
18:05:19krazykitsgsax, not a problem if you don't use one of its supported filetypes, like vorbis ;-)
18:05:24 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:05:31 Part devaudio
18:05:33sgsaxfir3: yes
18:05:56fir3sgsax: the microsd card fully fits in the player, right?
18:06:06sgsaxkrazykit: lemme just start converting my mp3 collection then :)
18:06:19 Join n1s [0] (
18:06:19sgsaxI believe so, I don't have one, myself
18:06:34sgsaxI got the e260 which is 4gb
18:10:55 Join Chronon [0] (
18:16:19fir3can you set gamma level in rockbox?
18:16:44fir3and does the sansa have a clock?
18:17:05markunfir3: no gamma adjustment
18:17:25sgsaxmany themes have a clock in the status bar
18:17:41sgsaxbut that can be easily changed in the wps config
18:17:50sgsaxand there is a clock plugin
18:18:15fir3markun: because no one wanted to work on it or because it's unsupported on the player?
18:18:46krazykitsgsax, no, lossy to lossy is bad!
18:19:29sgsaxmost of my mp3s are low-quality stream rips, anyway
18:19:50fir3sgsax: but when batteries are empty the clock keeps ticking?
18:20:14sgsaxhaven't had mine long enough to drain the batteries yet
18:20:57sgsaxI haven't read the manual yet, but I don't think there's a backup battery in there
18:21:36markunfir3: could be either. For the Gigabeat we don't have the datasheet of the LCD driver IC to know how we can change the gamma
18:22:13 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
18:22:37n1sfir3: rtc fuctions in chips usually drain _very_ little power and the player has hardware protecting the battery from being drained too low when the player is on so you will always have enough to power the rtc
18:23:00sgsaxnow that's cool
18:25:20sgsaxI'd like to find a theme that uses the vumeter plugin in the playback screen
18:25:58n1ssgsax: there are none
18:26:07sgsaxnot that I've found
18:26:19sgsaxwas hoping to find some kind of template to get me started
18:26:31Soapnor is there a way to mix plugins and wps screens in such a manner.
18:26:51sgsaxI had wondered about that
18:27:20 Quit obo ("bye")
18:27:28sgsaxI was playing with the simulator last night
18:27:40sgsaxcouldn't find the hotkey for the power/menu button
18:27:49 Join RaRe` [0] (
18:28:45 Join maffe [0] (
18:30:40sgsaxand there's no hotkey list for the sansa on the wiki
18:31:02sgsaxbut it does run great in wine on linux :)
18:32:24linuxstbIt also runs great when you compile it as a native linux app...
18:32:37 Join vcardenas [0] (i=c8767629@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:32:38 Quit vcardenas (Client Quit)
18:34:29 Part DefineByte
18:34:45fir3cool i just read that it's possible to replace the zen micro hd with a cf card :o
18:35:55 Join GodEater__ [0] (n=vircuser@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
18:36:12sgsaxeasily, or a nasty hardware hack?
18:36:54fir3i'm still searching for a guide but it sounds easy
18:36:56low_lightsgsax: did you run the sim with −−background?
18:37:24 Join Domonoky [0] (
18:37:38 Quit lazka (Remote closed the connection)
18:37:48low_lightit will show you the button mappings
18:38:03 Quit Chronon ("Leaving")
18:38:34 Quit enakieece (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:38:37sgsaxlemme build a native copy, first
18:41:46GodEater__anyone looked at the stuff posted into the ipod classic thread ?
18:41:54GodEater__No firmware partition at all!
18:42:32linuxstbOr maybe it's hidden like the E200R...
18:42:44GodEater__I shall rephrase
18:42:46 Quit RaRe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:51GodEater__no *obvious* firmware partition
18:42:53 Quit gtkspert (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:43:09GodEater__I didn't buy the posters assumption that the firmware is in the iPod_Control folder either
18:43:52linuxstbI'm sure that fxb's ipod firmware download page includes the classic now.
18:44:22linuxstbAh no, it doesn't...
18:44:54linuxstbThere's everything else though - 3G nano and iphone and touch...
18:45:09GodEater__3g nano would be interesting
18:45:30fxblinuxstb: it should.
18:45:58fxbfirst select box - bottom
18:46:03fir3looks like the zen micro hd has the same size and connectors like usual cf cards
18:46:13*linuxstb should learn to use the scrollbar...
18:48:10fir3the zen micro just reformats the cf card after the replacement and all is fine :o
18:50:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:53:16SoapThis is not a general MP3 player discussion channel. Please keep all discussion on topic.
18:53:42GodEater__or earn the SoapSealOfDisapproval
18:54:16preglowany way to find out what os version my nano is at?
18:54:37GodEater__boot into apple os
18:54:47GodEater__it's under the menus somewhere
18:54:52preglowfound out, i somehow misinterpreted the number
18:55:29preglowthe firmware site has both and
18:55:41preglowwould be hard to find out which of those i have, though, since all my ipod says is 1.3.1
18:56:03 Quit hcs ("Leaving.")
18:56:16linuxstbI _think_ they're identical - you could download both and compare.
18:56:28preglowwhy would they offer identical firmwares? :>
18:56:47linuxstbJust a moment, I'll ask Steve, he's just sitting next to me...
18:56:55preglowcool! tell him i said hi
18:58:12linuxstbAnyway, enough of this nonsense, I'm going home.
18:58:17 Quit linuxstb ("CGI:IRC")
18:58:45*GodEater__ assumes preglow meant "please stab him in the eye"
18:59:04preglowi'd use the word "harpoon" instead of "stab", but basically, yes
18:59:46*GodEater__ opens the classic firmware file up in a hex editor
19:00:19GodEater__no surprises so far
19:00:25 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
19:00:30GodEater__OSOS, AUPD, etc
19:01:05preglowi expect you'll encounter some...
19:01:07 Quit qwm (Remote closed the connection)
19:01:25GodEater__preglow: you're right - there's an ascii picture of steve jobs with no clothes on
19:01:29 Join MethoS- [0] (
19:01:30 Join qwm [0] (
19:02:25Domonokywhoa ascii porn.. :-)
19:02:33GodEater__of steve jobs ?
19:02:36GodEater__you freak :)
19:03:19 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
19:03:50preglowany mob news?
19:05:27 Join Chronon [0] (
19:13:07sgsaxlow_light: the −−background tip was good, unfortunately, it doesn't help me on my laptop
19:13:27sgsaxdefault keymappings are for the numpad, though curser keys work for basic navigation
19:13:32Nico_Ppreglow: sorry, no :(
19:13:56Nico_Ppreglow: right now I want to try moving "elapsed" out of struct mp3entrt
19:14:11Nico_PIMO it has nothing to do there
19:14:38preglowsounds reasonable
19:16:21low_lightgsax: since you can build it, just edit uisimulator/sdl/button.c and change the button mapping it to something usable
19:16:38low_lightsgsax: ^
19:17:53 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
19:18:07GodEater__or turn numlock on
19:18:34sgsaxI was hoping it would be something easy to hack, I'll play with it tonight
19:19:19sgsaxnumlock is a "special" key on this thinkpad
19:19:37GodEater__shouldn't matter
19:19:46 Join Dark [0] (
19:19:48GodEater__it should still allow you to use the middle of the keyboard as a numeric keypad
19:20:29GodEater__789UIOJKLM,. are what is mapped here
19:20:56*GodEater__ peers closer
19:21:05GodEater__actually so are 0P;/
19:22:56 Join lnakiangh [0] (i=0@
19:23:19 Quit The-Compiler ("Connection reseted by god")
19:24:05 Quit GodEater__ ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
19:25:56 Quit barrywardell ()
19:28:54 Join barrywardell [0] (
19:30:14 Part pixelma
19:35:59 Quit Shijima (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:36:32 Quit obo (
19:36:32 Quit Nico_P (
19:36:32 Quit spiorf (
19:36:32 Quit Rick (
19:36:32 Quit GodEater (
19:36:32 Quit lostnihilist (
19:36:32 Quit tumu (
19:37:15NJoinobo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
19:37:15NJoinNico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
19:37:15NJoinspiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
19:37:15 Join Rick [0] (i=rick@unaffiliated/rick)
19:37:15NJoinGodEater [0] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
19:37:15NJoinlostnihilist [0] (
19:37:15NJointumu [0] (
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19:37:50 Quit rocko (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:38:12amiconnNico_P: [19:13:56] <Nico_P> preglow: right now I want to try moving "elapsed" out of struct mp3entrt
19:38:19 Join DarkJedi [0] (
19:38:25amiconn^^ the hwcodec playback engine needs it there
19:39:06DarkJediHey, I updated my iPod video yesterday with the latest build but now my themes arent displaying correctly, do I need an updated version of the theme or something?
19:39:29*ender` yawns
19:39:32Nico_Pamiconn: does it really need it there or can I change that ?
19:39:49amiconnThe hwcodec engine has no separate track management struct
19:40:07amiconnSo it needs it there, unless you want to rewrite that
19:40:13Nico_Pit only uses the struct mp3entry ?
19:41:13Nico_Pamiconn: what file should I look at ? I'm in mpeg.c and it has a struct trackdata
19:41:26amiconnAh, yes, it hast struct trackdata
19:41:36amiconnBut that's only defined in mepg.c, nowhere else
19:41:45amiconnAnd the wps needs access to the elapsed time
19:41:56amiconnWhy do you want to remove it *now*, btw?
19:42:08 Quit Dark (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42:10 Join The-Compiler [0] (
19:42:18Nico_Pamiconn: I don't think the WPS is much of a problem
19:42:20amiconnI agree that it doesn't really belong there, but I'd leave it as-is until we switch engines
19:42:39Nico_Pamiconn: it's a part of my merging MoB
19:43:08DarkJedianyone help with this theme issue?
19:43:10Nico_Punless I don't put the id3 info in the main buffer
19:43:27Nico_PDarkJedi: best thing to do is to just ask your question
19:43:33DarkJedii already did :)
19:43:42Nico_Poh sorry :)
19:43:42DarkJedi(18:39:03) (DarkJedi) Hey, I updated my iPod video yesterday with the latest build but now my themes arent displaying correctly, do I need an updated version of the theme or something?
19:43:59Nico_PDarkJedi: how old was the version you updated from
19:44:08n1sDarkJedi: with that info all we can say is probably...
19:44:19DarkJediaround 3 months or something lol
19:44:49Nico_PDarkJedi: there have been some changes in the WPS code that made some WPS break
19:44:55amiconnHow old was the version you upgraded from, what theme are you using, and what kind of "not correct" display are you experienceing?
19:45:36DarkJediI was using the jBlack_glass one i believe
19:46:10DarkJedithe background image shows, but nothing else
19:46:12ChrononThat requires a patched build. Did you apply the patches?
19:46:35DarkJedino I didnt know about said patches, what do i need to look for
19:46:36Nico_Pamiconn: do you agree that the ID3 info should go in the main buffer as part of MoB ?
19:47:06amiconnI think so, but you still have to buffer the info of the currently playing track somewhere else
19:47:29amiconn(where it's available all the time until the track ends, even if the track is way larger than the buffer)
19:47:48ChrononThe theme should describe what patches it relies on. You can either find these in the tracker and try to patch the source yourself if you want an up-to-date build. Or you can look for a pre-compiled build that contains these. Often these pre-compiled builds lag behind SVN by quite a bit, though
19:48:29Nico_Pamiconn: I agree about that, but IIRC I still had problems with "elapsed"
19:49:04Nico_Papparently the elpased time needs to be saved for the previous track too
19:49:49*Domonoky is experimenting with the sapi_voice.vbs script from the svn, trying to use it with rbutil.. one problem: if i issue a Speak command, i dont know when the generated wavfile is ready.. so at moment, i am to fast, and lame doesnt find a file to encode to a talk file.. :-/
19:49:59DarkJediChronon, can i just use the jbuild-5g?
19:50:23ChrononIt would seem so. I'm not sure how current it is, though.
19:50:51DarkJediChronon, ok thanks for your help, im gona try that now, stand by :)
19:51:31Nico_Pamiconn: I had problems with codec_pcmbuf_position_callback() from playback.c:1400
19:52:01rasherDomonoky: you should be able to read a "response" from the script on stdout
19:52:14rasherDomonoky: when the wav is done, that is
19:53:27Domonokyrasher: i dont think the sapi_voice sript resonds anything.. but i will try again..
19:53:55*low_light loads the c200 OF from the rockbox bootloader
19:54:02amiconnDomonoky: (1) The vbscript is also able to execute commands, that's how uses it (with the added advantage that starting a program this way (== creating a process) is *way* faster from vbscript (windows native api) than from the perl script (going through cygwin's posix layer)
19:54:13n1scongratz low_light!
19:54:20Domonokyamiconn: i am using it this way..
19:54:38low_lightI tried so many thing I'm not sure which was the critical one :/
19:54:54amiconnThen lame is only run after the wav is ready
19:55:12 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
19:55:12amiconnAll commands passed to the vbscript are serialized
19:55:29amiconnAnd if you need to sync - that's what the SYNC command is for also needs to do that in order to know when the .mp3 is ready, in order to e.g. copy it to the pool
19:56:05Domonokyamiconn: but i use the sapi_voice.vbs script without the perl script..
19:56:32amiconnYou don't need the perl script, but you need to feed sapi_voice.vbs the same way as the perl script does
19:56:38SoapDarkJedi: the jbuild-5g is almost _six months_ old. Not much of an upgrade.
19:57:03Domonokywhat does the SYNC command do ?
19:57:18***Server message 505: 'logbot- :Private messages from unregistered users are currently blocked due to spam problems, but you can always message a staffer. Please register! ( )'
19:57:38amiconnIt just echoes its argument
19:58:05amiconnSo if you wait for this echo, you know that the SYNC command executed, and hence all preceding commands executed as well
19:58:23Domonokyah.. so i issue SPEAK ... then SYNC bla and wait for the response of bla ?
19:58:39Domonokynice.. thats the way todo..:-)
19:59:01amiconnNo, you issue SPEAK .... , then you issue EXEC lame ..... and finally you issue SYNC bla and wait for bla
19:59:48amiconn(and issues SPEAK.... then EXEC wavtrim.... then EXEC lame... and then SYNC bla)
19:59:50n1sanyone against using an iniyializer for the screens[] struct in screeen_access.[ch] instead of having a function doing essentially the same?
19:59:57Domonokyno i will leave out the lame call and encode it my self.. to support other tts engines..
20:00:27amiconnDomonoky: You can do that, and still have the vbscript run the command. also supports multiple engines
20:00:42 Join Xerion [0] (
20:01:16Domonokyamiconn. jeah i will have to think aout to integrate it best into rbutil.. :-)
20:01:29rasheramiconn: there's not much reason to do a special-case for sapi in rbutil
20:01:36rasherSince it's already running natively
20:01:48amiconnYeah, maybe
20:01:56*amiconn still didn't try rbuitl
20:01:59Domonokyrasher: there is, SAPI with c++ is ugly.. :-)
20:02:06preglowrbutil rocks
20:02:17amiconnI have no use for it...
20:02:38Domonokyrbutil already can generate talkfile with espeak and flite, of course on all 3 plattforms .. :-)
20:02:42preglowme neither, but it's a nice app, worth checking out
20:02:55rasherDomonoky: No I meant that there's no reason to do the encoding inside sapi_voice.vbs
20:03:02*amiconn just uses voicebox for talk clips
20:03:08Domonokyrasher: true..
20:03:33rasherThe only reason it's done like that is that cygwin is dog slow
20:03:35amiconnDomonoky: In fact I was already pondering to handle sapi in an exe instead of a vbs
20:03:59amiconnIt would improve things for sapi4, as the C++ api allows to set the speed (up to 8x)
20:04:17amiconnThe automation interface is supposed to allow that as well, but it doesn't work
20:04:43*low_light curses cygwin
20:04:59low_lightcompiling is fast enough, but it sits on make for like 2 minutes
20:05:10amiconnBut that's all cosmetic, not worth anything if the basics aren't stable
20:05:18preglowamiconn: what did you say made cygwin slow again? process creation?
20:05:21Domonokyif you do this in c/c++ i will nick your code... i took a look at microsofts doku of sapi for c++ and its horrible :-)
20:05:21rasherIt's all the processes that are being spawned in the makefiles.
20:05:25amiconnAnd the vbs works, and it works very well as long as you stick to sapi5
20:05:32amiconnpreglow: Yes, mainly
20:05:51amiconnDomonoky: There are examples in vb...
20:05:52preglowyou have to emulate fork() in nasty ways on windows :/
20:05:57preglowthat might be doing it
20:06:15amiconnThe way cygwin implements fork() is documented somewhere
20:06:28*amiconn remembers having read that
20:06:35rasher$ time ./
20:06:36rasherreal 0m0.498s
20:06:52rasherThat's called approximately a million times during a build
20:07:00preglowthat's friggin nasty
20:07:14amiconnrasher: Did you look into converting
20:07:22rasheramiconn: I'm afraid not
20:07:41low_lightI'll just sit and suffer then :) is what annoys me most about the build system on cygwin atm - especially fullzips are slow
20:07:57 Join Frazz [0] (
20:08:09amiconn(which therefore also affects 'make install')
20:08:59 Join webguest81 [0] (i=3ab2c1aa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:09:17 Join break- [0] (
20:09:18amiconnn1s: If you can manage all the ifdefing in the initializer - go ahead
20:10:08webguest81is rockbox able to view .pdf or .lit files?
20:10:23 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
20:10:25webguest81is it able to fastforward\rewind movies?
20:10:36amiconnAh, structs also allow designated initializers - so it shouldn't be too hard :)
20:10:50Domonokyjay talkfile generation works with rbutil and sapi.. now to find a nice way to integrate it ( the problem: sapi is only for windows ) ... me thinks about tts plugins for rbutil.. :-)
20:11:28n1samiconn: yep, it was basically a search and replace with some tweaks
20:11:31amiconnrasher: is only called once during a build afaik? Am I missing something?
20:11:59amiconn(btw, 0.7..0.85 seconds here)
20:12:00rasheramiconn: Hrm, maybe I remember wrong, I just seem to recall seeing it pop up often
20:12:03n1swebguest81 no, and no
20:12:04 Join Arathis [0] (
20:12:12webguest81guess no one knows =(
20:12:34webguest81oh ok thx n1s
20:12:49rasherDomonoky: I don't really understand this need for plugins in rbutil. Is there really any reason why users should have to download multiple files? And what's the benefit?
20:12:53 Quit barrywardell ()
20:13:26 Join MethoS- [0] (
20:15:19Domonokyrasher: we wanted to put non core features (like replaygain taggin or scrobbler submission) of rbutil into plugins.. to keeb bin size down, and not pollute it with functions..
20:16:26 Join barrywardell [0] (
20:16:27 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
20:17:15 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:17:18preglowis keeping the bin size down really so important that we want to complicate rbutil with plugins?
20:17:40rasherThat's more or less what I'm wondering - is this significant enough to complicate things for the users?
20:18:33Domonokycodewise its not complicated.. qt provides plugin support.. and for users... hmm..
20:18:34 Quit webguest81 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:18:47break-i hate to ask this, but is there a general channel for asking questions about the stock sandisk sansa e series?
20:20:18pixelmalow_light: nice progress! :)
20:20:26Domonokyif we would put a plugin download/install dialog into rbutil, is this to comlicated for the users ?
20:20:50rasherDomonoky: certainly more complicated than just having the feature available from the start
20:21:08Lloreanrasher: Yes, but what about third-party features?
20:21:21advcomp2019break-, you can try #rockbox-community or #AnythingButiPod
20:21:24rasherSuch as?
20:21:24LloreanPeople like to make 'utilities' to do job X or Y. Download Album Art from Amazon, or some other source, etc.
20:21:44rasherSo either include it in rbutil or deem it unrelated
20:21:56LloreanInstead of having to worry about which patches to include or not, plugins can make these things usable for the users until included in SVN.
20:22:25LloreanAs long as plugin installation is easy enough, why *not* at least allow plugins?
20:23:15rasherI guess you could, but I really think it'd have to be more unrelated that voice generation
20:23:34LloreanYeah, for me plugins should be things like "Album Art download" or "Image scaling" or possibly even "Video Conversion"
20:23:56LloreanBasically things currently handled by third-party apps, but that it would be nice to offer on the "Extras" page.
20:24:07rasherI mean, it's great that qt offers plugin support, but we don't have to use it Just Because
20:24:24Domonokyjeah, i wouldnt want the talk generation as a plugins.. more the tts engines used by this.. (eg. qt code that uses the sapi_voice script..)
20:24:33LloreanPlugins do mean we don't have to constantly publish new versions of RButil every time someone wants it to do something new.
20:25:06 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:25:06 Join BobShield [0] (
20:25:46 Join The-Compiler [0] (
20:25:56Domonokyfor the tts engines it would be nice, because you only need one at a time, but there are many different ones with different options and differnt logic how to use it..
20:27:20Domonokyso a plugin with a voice(..) function and a configure screen... for every tts engine we would support.. :-)
20:27:31 Join Soul-Slayer [0] (n=Administ@
20:27:54rasherSo you'd have to download 4 different plugins if you want to try out flite, festival, espeak and sapi?
20:28:28rasherI don't see why you wouldn't include this in the core
20:28:44Domonokyjup, in addition to installing flite/espeak etc on your system..
20:29:54 Join webguest58 [0] (i=46991783@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:30:44 Join einhirn_ [0] (
20:30:58webguest58i've got a question about the database functionality - i've got an iriver ihp-120 and i just installed the latest rockbox
20:31:32webguest58when i turn on my mp3 player i get the message "commiting database [1/9]" but it never goes through the other steps
20:31:57webguest58whenever i select database from the main menu it says "database is not ready. initialize now?"
20:32:05webguest58when i try to initialize it, it never finishes
20:32:22 Join agm3nt [0] (
20:32:29webguest58so i go to debug, under database info and it says "DB ready: no"
20:32:33Lloreanwebguest58: This usually means you have files with bad tags. What format is your music in?
20:32:35webguest58progress: -1%
20:32:39webguest58mp3 and FLAC
20:32:40 Part break-
20:33:02webguest58i had added some WMA and MPEG-4 which i thought might be the problem, so i deleted them and tried again
20:33:03LloreanDo your FLACs *only* have Vorbis comments? Sometimes they end up with ID3 tags.
20:33:09amiconnLlorean: To me this just means there's a bug in the database code
20:33:18Lloreanamiconn: Means the same thing to me. :)
20:33:18webguest58not can i find out? i'm on ubuntu linux
20:33:27webguest58i've never had a problem with flac before
20:33:28Lloreanwebguest58: Did you create them with grip?
20:33:36 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
20:33:47webguest58my most recent FLAC's have been with sound juicer, but the database worked fine
20:33:55webguest58what i added most recently was some new mp3's
20:34:12LloreanHave you tried removing those and re-initializing then?
20:34:28pixelmamaybe your mp3s have APE tags?
20:34:46LloreanI think Rockbox safely ignores APE tags, though. Not sure if they affect database building.
20:34:46webguest58i'm not sure which ones they are, and i've got about 15 GB of music on there so i don't want to have to copy it all there a way to check the tags straight off the player?
20:34:50*rasher wonders why the database breaks on bad tags, rather than ignoring them
20:35:17webguest58is there an error message log i could check?
20:35:26Lloreanrasher: It may not be "bad tags" but it's almost always a problem song/file of some sort.
20:35:42webguest58is it something i can fix in the audio file?
20:35:47webguest58like correcting the tag/information?
20:35:52rasherLlorean: Still, this shouldn't cause a crash in any case
20:36:09Lloreanrasher: I agree.
20:36:16webguest58well it's not a crash, per se, just the database not working−−it hasn't locked up or anything
20:36:22pixelmawebguest58: yes, if that's the cause you can fix the tags in the files
20:36:27Lloreanwebguest58: Unfortunately, you'll have to figure out what file is causing it (if any) first.
20:36:51webguest58alright, well i guess i could check the dates to see which ones i added most recently..what should i look for as far as problem tags?
20:37:05rasherIt would be really helpful if the database debug screen showed the name of the last file it tried to read
20:37:14amiconnrasher: That's why I said it means there must be a bug in the database code
20:37:15n1swebguest58: we would actually be interested in such a file so we can fix the code so if you find out which files cause it could you send it to some interested rockbox dev?
20:37:41amiconnNo matter what tags you throw at it, it should ignore them when they're invalid, but not freeze or crash
20:37:56webguest58yes i will−−i just found the last two albums i added, and i'm about to check the tags and i'll tell you what i see
20:37:56LloreanIf database scanned in the foreground, it could actually provide the user with information when it failed, couldn't it?
20:38:00n1swebguest58: the easies way to find which files break it is via a "binary search"
20:38:11rasherPerhaps it would be interesting to try a file-fuzzer
20:38:48rasherNot in your case, webguest58. Just generally, to expose rockbox bugs
20:39:19 Join pr0n-xxx [0] (
20:39:29amiconnLlorean: Why should it? Database scan should never fail, just skip invalid files
20:39:46webguest58i checked a file from each of the two albums, using the "file" command-line program under linux; here's the output: "Audio file with ID3 version 23.0 tag, MP3 encoding"
20:39:58webguest58the second file is exactly the same except it says "version 24.0"
20:40:00Lloreanamiconn: Yeah, but it could then provide feedback as to which files were skipped that are of valid formats.
20:40:07webguest58do you know of a problem with either of those versions?
20:40:13*amiconn much prefers to be able to use rockbox while it is scanning in the gackground
20:40:21webguest58i agree
20:40:29webguest58but it would be nice to have an option to scan in the foreground
20:40:30Lloreanamiconn: Well, a log would be equally suitable.
20:40:47rasherLlorean: far more suitable if you ask me
20:40:51amiconnWell, you already have that option
20:41:30 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
20:41:34 Join XavierGr [0] (
20:41:44webguest58i'm pretty sure a lot of my other mp3s that work fine are id3 version 23
20:42:08rasherwebguest58: it's almost certain to be more specific than just the id3 version
20:42:25webguest58so i need more tag info?
20:42:39webguest58how can i get more specific info?
20:42:41rasherFirst you need to figure out if these are the problem files
20:43:06*Domonoky is back from the phone.. and is still thinking about plugins for rbutil.. we could even compile the most common tts plugins into rbutil..
20:43:06webguest58ok, i'll remove the two albums and see if i can get a proper database
20:43:13 Quit webguest02 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:43:39LloreanDomonoky: If they are plugins, we should provide all the official TTS ones (plugins in SVN) as either part of the rbutil download, or as one archive on the extras page.
20:43:42 Quit BobShield ("leaving")
20:43:48LloreanDomonoky: Which then rbutil could download and install for itself.
20:44:18rasherI really dislike this idea of rbutil downloading executables.
20:44:57low_lightarm asm question...why do I have to use "ldr r2, =0xfff0" instead of "mov r2, #0xfff0"?
20:45:00Domonokywe could even put those svn plugins into the rbutil.exe... but then we would have an interface for external tts plugins..
20:45:04rasherWhere would it save them? This is rather awkward on Linux, especially assuming a Debian/ubuntu package
20:45:12rasherDomonoky: that seems much asner
20:45:15rasherDomonoky: saner
20:45:22webguest58on the building database screen it says "building database...0 found" and that number never gets above 0
20:45:28 Quit fir3 ("Leaving")
20:45:55webguest58that number used to count up into the thousands, as i have a large collection of songs
20:46:13webguest58i've removed the two possibly problem albums of mp3s, but the database is still not building
20:47:33 Quit DarkJedi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:50:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:50:33webguest58i can't get the database to build at all any more, even after removing the files i've added since the last time it worked
20:50:52webguest58is the next thing for me to try to just remove all the files and start over?
20:52:13 Join webguest46 [0] (i=d572ec3a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:52:37 Quit webguest46 (Client Quit)
20:54:27webguest58do you have any more suggestions?
20:55:16 Quit einhirn_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:55:22Domonokywebguest58: remove the tcd files in the .rockbox dir..
20:55:32webguest58what does that do?
20:55:58Domonokyremove the db complety..
20:56:10Domonokyso you can let it recreate
20:58:09webguest58i removed the files, turned off the player, turned it back on, went to database, started to initialize it, but it still says (building database... 0 found) and that number never gets bigger than 0
20:59:28webguest58under database info in debug it says "initialized: yes; DB ready: no; ram cache: no; ram: 0/0 B; progress -1% (0 entries); commit step: 0; commit delayed: no"
21:00:31 Join linuxstb [0] (i=5343d4aa@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:02:38webguest58i just removed rockbox.tagdb as well
21:03:26webguest58i think it's building now−−apparently removing rockbox.tagdb was what did it
21:03:51n1swebguest58: try scanning your disk with scandisk or fsck.vfat or whatever similar tool to see if it has errors
21:03:52webguest58i had had a lot of wma's with very large comment tags, and i noticed these long comments in one of the tag database files−−i don't know if that could have caused the problem
21:04:14webguest58should i wait to scan until it finishes building the database, or stop it and scan now?
21:06:27 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
21:07:26n1swebguest58: doesn't matter, just ruling out possible disk corruption as a source of the troubles but the tags are more likely I'd say
21:07:52webguest58well apparently it's building the database right now, but i'll definitely scan it once it's done
21:08:33webguest58the player has been bumped around a bit though..i'm not really sure exactly how fragile or sturdy these things are, but reading files from disk takes a long time sometimes and i don't know if that's normal
21:09:08n1swebguest58: they can usually take quite a beating :-)
21:09:37webguest58that's what i thought
21:10:00webguest58is there a way to reformat the disk and put rockbox back on afterwards?
21:10:33webguest58if i've got filesystem problems (hoping that there's nothing wrong physically with the drive...) i thought reformatting would be the easiest way to take care of any potential problems
21:13:01sgsaxflash memory is usually pretty durable
21:13:06webguest58obviously that would destroy the .rockbox directoy, and i didn't know enough to know if i would lose all of rockbox along with it..or is rockbox loaded in the firmware, and the directory only used for configuration storage, etc.?
21:14:01Lloreanwebguest58: Generally speaking, you need the Rockbox directory, but you'll be able to extract a new one onto the player after deleting it.
21:14:06sgsaxdepends on the nature of the possible failure
21:15:36webguest58do you know the command for formatting it correctly using a linux machine?
21:16:40n1swebguest58: mkfs.vfat
21:17:46webguest58are all the default settings appropriate? (such as sectors-per-cluster, logical-sector-size, etc.)
21:17:55sgsaxshould be
21:18:03webguest58ok thanks i'll try that
21:18:14sgsaxunless you're really picky about that kind of thing and want to do your own tuning
21:18:28webguest58i wouldn't even know how
21:18:46sgsaxsame here, that's why I just trust the defaults :)
21:18:51webguest58does it degrade battery performance to use the player while it's charging, or should i wait till it's fully charged before using it?
21:18:56sgsaxguess that makes me less geeky
21:19:32sgsaxI charged mine for maybe an hour when I first got it, so it's never really been fully charged
21:19:50sgsaxprobably depends on the player and what its power circuit is like
21:20:05webguest58i've almost always let it almost die, and then completely recharge before using it again, which i thought would lead to longer battery life
21:20:25webguest58but lately i've noticed the length of use after a full charge has decreased noticeably
21:20:32sgsaxhow old is it?
21:20:55sgsaxli-ion batts degrade over time, I think you start noticing it after about a year
21:21:08sgsaxat least on laptops
21:21:11webguest58i'm not exactly sure. a friend gave it to me. i don't think he'd used it very much, but he'd had it a long time i think.
21:21:56webguest58it used to be that i'd go for sometimes weeks without recharging it, now i have to charge it every few days
21:22:02tumudumb compiles and links
21:22:29rasherYou're not supposed to let li-ion batteries discharge fully
21:22:38rasherThey like frequent re-fills, afaik
21:23:29webguest58dangit..i usually let it get down to where it give a low battery alert and shuts off. sometimes it gets so low the backlight starts to flicker and it doesn't have enough power to read the disk, but i try to shut it off before it gets to that point.
21:23:56webguest58but i guess my philosophy of letting it completely discharge hasn't helped it
21:24:30Lloreanli-ion are supposed to like frequent, shorter charges according to what i've read too.
21:24:36webguest58would it be better to charge it whenever the battery meter gets down to about 25% or what do you recommend?
21:24:36n1safaik the three things that li-ion batteries like the least are being (1) hot, (2) deep discharged, (3) fully charged for during a long time
21:24:45LloreanThen again, li-ion also just lose a decent chunk of capacity every year no matter what
21:25:06Lloreann1s: And I imagine charges from 0% to 100% make them hotter than from 80% to 100% :)
21:25:54webguest58according to wikipedia, my player (iHP-120) has a li-polymer battery
21:25:59webguest58is that significantly different?
21:26:26LloreanNot really, no.
21:26:36n1sLlorean: probably :) also for example leaving the dap in a car on a hot summer day is A Bad Thing (tm)
21:26:40*amiconn votes for removing pluginlib_actions.* _asap_, and reverting to individual button handling for plugins
21:26:43Lloreanwebguest58: Replacement batteris are available though.
21:26:52Lloreanamiconn: For all plugins?
21:26:58amiconnPerhaps using the action system - that's up to the plugin author/maintainer
21:27:16amiconnBut pluginlib_actions causes more problems than it solves
21:27:17Lloreann1s: Yes, the only one I don't mind leaving in my car is my Nano, because it's sole job is to run in my car, while plugged into an adapter.
21:27:28 Quit Chronon ("working")
21:27:41webguest58dang..i've left it in the car tons of times
21:28:00webguest58is it pretty easy/cheap to change the battery yourself? or do you have to send it in
21:28:26amiconnI wouldn't leave a LiIon powered device in the car on hot summer days
21:28:30 Join bluey- [0] (
21:28:55sgsaxold nimh liked a full drain before a recharge
21:29:02sgsaxcome to think of it
21:29:08Lloreanwebguest58: It involves removing 15 screws, the disk, and somewhat wedging out and in a plug, but it's really not very bad despite the sound of it.
21:29:23Lloreanwebguest58: Batteries are available for less than US$30 for it.
21:30:44webguest58i've taken apart a couple palm pilots before so i think i could handle it..though i don't know much about electronics. are there detailed pictures anywhere online that you know of?
21:31:17 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:31:41 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
21:32:41 Join darkless [0] (
21:33:04pixelmaLlorean: I got weird problems when working on the patch for the c200 buttons in plugins - and it took really long to find out what was going on because I had to look in a few places. When thinking of changing the keymap in the pluginlib, I always get to the point "what impact does it have on other plugins" - and there are already hacks in e.g. bubbles.c (the first plugin that was moved over!) to circumvent the problem... basically defining on own
21:33:49pixelmasorry for lengthy statement
21:33:51Lloreanpixelma: If it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, then no reason to keep it around, I guess. :_
21:33:57linuxstbCan ipod owners give the new ipodpatcher release a quick test?
21:34:33preglowjhMikeS: alive?
21:35:50linuxstbamiconn: Can you build an amd64 binary? The bootloader binaries are at
21:37:10webguest58thanks everyone for all your help and the info. i appreciate it! later
21:37:57 Part webguest58
21:38:37 Join Oldgeek [0] (i=a277e869@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:39:23 Nick parafin is now known as parafin|away (
21:41:09 Quit Oldgeek (Client Quit)
21:41:10low_lightpreglow: maybe you can help...I asked this earlier: why do I have to use "ldr r2, =0xfff0" instead of "mov r2, #0xfff0"?
21:41:42amiconnBecause 0xfff0 can't be used as an immediate constant
21:41:50amiconn(on arm)
21:42:43low_light"immediate constant"?
21:43:23 Join haemmy [0] (i=stefan@
21:43:45low_lightturns out the c200 OF wants some magic numbers in r0-r3 when it loads
21:43:58 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:44:25amiconnlow_light: ddi0100e_arm_arm.pdf part A section 5.1.3
21:44:46amiconn(page 222)
21:44:50preglowlow_light: you can only load constants formed from rotated eight bit constants on arm
21:45:05preglowlow_light: 0xff00 would be ok, 0xfff0 is four bits too many
21:45:32amiconnAnd the rotation must be by an even number of bits
21:45:43preglowlow_light: that particular constant i'd code as "mov r2, #0xff00; orr r2, r2, 0xf0;" though
21:46:34amiconnThat ldr is easier to write & understand, and I doubt that it's slower than the mov/orr
21:46:50preglowyeah, but the second is very common
21:47:13amiconnI know that it is common, but I don't understand why
21:47:16preglowfor some reason
21:47:30amiconnMaybe it's a leftover from earlier arm generations
21:47:43low_lighthere's the magic numbers:
21:48:01preglowamiconn: well, in theory, the second one is one cycle faster
21:48:11preglowldr can be three cycles minimum
21:48:18preglowthe mov + orr sequence is always two cycles
21:48:32preglowdepending on arm revision, of course, talking arm7tdmi here
21:48:36amiconnWhere did you find arm execution times?
21:48:39low_lightit's probably more straight forward to leave it as is.
21:48:54preglowamiconn: either arm arm or some other doc on
21:49:03preglowamiconn: i would be surprised if the arm arm doc didn't have it
21:49:13linuxstbSo how does the ldr work? Is it encoded in more than 32 bits?
21:49:14amiconnI couldn't find it there
21:49:17preglowlinuxstb: 32 bits
21:49:42amiconnlinuxstb: No, it performs a pc relative load, and dumps the constant into the constant pool
21:49:51preglowlinuxstb: ldr rx, =0xbleh is coded as ldr lr, [pc, #offset] plus one entry in the constant pool
21:49:55preglowso it's turned into 64 bits effectively
21:50:00preglowthe same amount as the two instruction sequence
21:50:38Soul-SlayerAm I just unlucky, or does the Ipod Mini G2 not go directly into disk mode when the USB is entered now, instead it crashes?
21:51:03preglowamiconn: probably found it in the arm7tdmi doc on
21:51:18linuxstbpreglow: Ah OK, so it's not really an instruction, the assembler expands it?
21:51:21*amiconn wonders whether sh-elf-as also understands that =<constant> shortcut
21:51:36 Quit The-Compiler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:52:04amiconnSoul-Slayer: That's a known problem and affects all ipods
21:52:10Soul-SlayerAh, okay.
21:52:17amiconnIt's build dependent though, and we don't know why that happens
21:52:36amiconnSo if you're lucky, the next build you install won't have that problem
21:53:00preglowlinuxstb: well, it's kind of a mix between an instruction and an asm macro
21:53:09preglowlinuxstb: it is very common, though, all arm assembler i know of supports it
22:03:34 Join SofianBabai [0] (
22:04:54 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:08:04preglowwhat the hell has happened with arms docs section
22:08:19preglowi can't find any pdf anymore, but this is the same info
22:09:09Bagderhas anyone figured out how to control the SDRAM timings in PP chips?
22:09:38preglowi don't think so, no
22:09:44preglowwe don't really know much about configuring timings at all
22:09:50 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
22:09:51BagderMrH asks...
22:10:02rasherBagder: any chance you could replace [rR][0-9][0-9][0-9]+ with a link to$1 in the logs?
22:10:20rasherLike the flyspray links now
22:10:23Bagderseems like a good idea
22:10:37Bagderit's zagor's script so I prefer him doing it though
22:11:06 Join floola [0] (
22:11:47*linuxstb repeats his request for testers of the new ipodpatcher and bootloaders release - (win32, linux and mac binaries included)
22:13:09low_lightlinuxstb: what is needed to use sansapatcher for the c200?
22:13:22 Part floola
22:13:35pixelmaBagder: I made c200 drawings and also have the small png here for the build table, in case you already want it in preparation...
22:13:50preglowBagder: what's he up to...
22:14:07Bagderpreglow: I don't know really
22:14:17Bagderpixelma: sure!
22:14:19preglowBagder: whisper "ata timing" to him :P
22:14:34Bagderthe sansa has no ata ;-P
22:14:57 Join hannesd [0] (
22:15:18linuxstblow_light: Do you know what sansapatcher does?
22:15:26amiconnpreglow: Hmm, so it makes sense to not use a loaded register immediately in the next instruction
22:15:36amiconnOtherwise that shadowing probably won't work
22:15:41preglowlinuxstb: success, linux
22:16:21low_lightHas MrH tried the sansa emulator? I wouldn't have gotten very far on the c200 without it. I wish Toni would continue his work on it.
22:16:38Bagderdoesn't that run on windows?
22:16:51preglowlinuxstb: anything new going on in the bootloader?
22:17:21preglowamiconn: what shadowing?
22:17:25low_lightBagder: yes, but only for drawing and buttons. It could easily use sdl.
22:17:27obolinuxstb: okay on 64bit linux, I've a version with those compiled in if you still want one?
22:17:39linuxstbpreglow: I don't think so no, it's really just testing nothing is broken.
22:17:45amiconn"This third cycle can normally be merged with the next prefetch cycle to form one memory N-cycle."
22:18:05linuxstbobo: Yes, it would be helpful if you could give it to Bagder.
22:18:44preglowamiconn: the prefetch cycle is the first stage of every instruction decoded, i don't think register usage enters into it
22:18:46amiconnHmm, arm execution times are not what I expected...
22:18:57preglowamiconn: what is unexpected about it?
22:19:15amiconnE.g. that shifted operands need one extra cycle
22:19:31preglowamiconn: only if shift amount is in a reg
22:19:39preglowfor constant shifts, you're cool
22:20:08low_lightlinuxstb: no. I can't say I know the details of how it works or what it really does.
22:20:43oboBagder: what's a good way to get it to you? I don't have any webspace to upload it
22:21:16 Join bluebrother [0] (i=HF0Jl6st@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
22:22:14linuxstblow_light: On the e200 (and R), the firmware partition contains both the Sansa bootloader and the main Sansa firmware (with a mi4 header). sansapatcher replaces the main Sansa firmware mi4 image with the Rockbox bootloader mi4 image, and appends an unencrypted copy of the Sansa firmware mi4 to the end of the RB bootloader mi4 (for dual-booting).
22:27:26low_lightright...that much I kind knew.
22:27:40low_lightkind of
22:28:16low_lightI was hoping it would be a matter of adding the appropriate id's & offsets for the c200
22:29:00linuxstbFirst thing would be to make sansapatcher identify a c200 (and distinguish it from an e200).
22:32:29low_lightlooks like it just checks for "PPBL" & "PPMI" in the appropriate places?
22:33:36 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
22:33:47Bagderlow_light: you can disassemble the i2c boot rom to figure out the exact details
22:33:55Bagderassuming it works similar to the e200
22:35:28linuxstblow_light: Yes. Maybe there is version info or something else in the bl/mi4 header which will differ.
22:36:10 Quit random_desu ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
22:37:51linuxstblow_light: What happens if you try sansapatcher at the moment?
22:38:17 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:39:00low_lighte200 not found...or something like that
22:39:27linuxstbThen the first thing is to find out why that is - i.e. what is different.
22:39:57 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
22:42:54 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:43:01 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:43:09low_lightI have a disk dump of my c250 (2GB). The bootloader starts at 0x79380000 and the firmware is loaded from 0x79400000.
22:43:49low_lightI don't know how that compares to the e200
22:43:52linuxstbThe offsets are relative to the 2nd partition - BL should be 0 and MI4 at 0x80000
22:44:07linuxstbI also have a copy of Zagor's firmware partition from his c250. The offsets match.
22:46:14 Quit Frazz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:48:33 Quit petur ("switching")
22:48:42 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:48:53 Quit oskie ("leaving")
22:50:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:10low_lightlinuxstb: in the sansapatcher makefile, is PP5022.mi4 the OF? or the rockbox bootloader?
22:51:11 Join AceNik [0] (n=AceNik@
22:52:23low_lightI guess that's the rockbox bootloader and bootimg is the unencrypted OF?
22:53:42 Part bluey- ("Leaving")
22:57:18linuxstbPP5022.mi4 is the RB bootloader, and bootimg.c is created from PP5022.mi4.
22:57:35 Join My_Sic [0] (
22:58:07linuxstblow_light: Looking at zagor's dump of his c250, I can't see why sansapatcher wouldn't think it's an e200.
22:58:26 Quit ompaul (Client Quit)
23:00:50low_lightperhaps it's a windows problem. I can try linux later.
23:00:52 Quit Soul-Slayer ("Leaving.")
23:01:47linuxstbYou need to run it as administrator, and your c200 needs to be in UMS mode.
23:03:42low_lightah. that's why then. I have no administrator rights.
23:05:54 Quit My_Sic ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:10:58 Join AceNik_ [0] (n=AceNik@
23:11:07AceNik_hey guys rockbox seems to hang less now on svn 14735, it only hangs sometimes on "shutting down" & "loading" (while resume or playback), & the bu pointed out in FS #7785 & FS #7730 are still partly there, like the .wps or any file not opening with test editor, but current builds seems to cause a lesser concern
23:12:42 Quit Domonoky ("Trillian (")
23:15:59LloreanAceNik_: Have you figured out exactly which build these problems started in, like I suggested?
23:16:17alienbiker99what player is he talking about?
23:16:55AceNik_well yes rearding the wps n txt files not opening in text editor , they stopped from the revsion ive described in FS #7785 please read there
23:17:42AceNik_but the playback & random han up have got me in a soup , cause i tried 14735 & thins work decently well, i havent got a hang up in 12hrs atleast, jus shuttin down sometimes causes one
23:17:57LloreanAceNik_: I mean "exactly", you've stated that the bugs start a 146XX. Then you state that new bugs started at later revisions.
23:17:59 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
23:18:06LloreanAceNik_: Please do more testing and give more precise information
23:18:33 Quit AceNik (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:18:42 Part AceNik_
23:19:03 Join AceNik_ [0] (n=AceNik@
23:19:32 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:20:57 Join Oldgeek [0] (i=a277e869@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:21:01AceNik_Llorean please visit FS #7785, thats the maximum, i could figure out with the text editor issue, nothin else can help me figure out the random hang ups, cause they were there till 146XX, after that i tried 14735 n things smoothened, on the 146XX's the h10 will freeze too often
23:21:18 Part low_light
23:21:41LloreanAceNik_: Do you mean that it happens in EVERY build from 14600 to 14699 but does not happen in 14599?
23:21:55preglowBagder: i haven't got a chance to go, so markun can have it for sure
23:24:12Bagderalternative mailing list archives are coming up
23:27:47AceNik_Llorean i didnt say that , all i know is every build i tried in 146XX works pathetic, 14735 worked good
23:28:03peturhmmm if I edit button-e200.c, the build system doesn't care, is it even used?
23:28:12LloreanAceNik_: And I told you that you need to figure out exactly which build the problem *started* with.
23:28:20AceNik_i identified the wps problem at 14487
23:28:47AceNik_i cant identify the hang up problem i told you its confusing since things work well now on 14735
23:29:23LloreanWhat you need to do is investigate each bug separately
23:29:40LloreanYou should never have opened a single bug report for three different problems, especially since one is a plugin problem, and one seems to already have a bug report
23:29:52 Part agm3nt
23:29:58AceNik_i did with the wps text editor stuff, now ill see aain with the playback then in a few days
23:30:38 Quit haemmy ()
23:30:54AceNik_well ok
23:31:08 Join webguest02 [0] (i=591a9f55@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:31:52 Quit billytwowilly (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:32:06AceNik_LLorean: will revert back to you later , but can you figure out text editor at 14487?
23:32:23n1spetur: ddi you see the doc freescale has published on interfacing a phillips 1362 (usb otg thingy) to the mcf5249 ? thought it might be interesting
23:33:18 Quit webguest02 (Client Quit)
23:33:25Soaplinuxstb: still need ipodpatcher testing? Assuming you do I'll fire up my 5th gen and Nano. Is there something in particular I should look for?
23:33:35 Join chrisjs169 [0] (
23:33:47LloreanAceNik_: Viewer.c wasn't changed with 14487. The last two changes were 14680 and 14413
23:33:48linuxstbSoap: Thanks. Yes, just test it's still working, including dual-boot.
23:34:00peturn1s: won't be of use probably as iriver hasn't hooked it up in a usual way. But I'll check.... got a link?
23:34:22AceNik_Llorean but text editor worked perfect on 14486 i tried it
23:34:39AceNik_no problem on 14486 strange
23:35:05Soapwait wait wait. I have to boot into Apple OS as part of this test? Sheesh - first I sign up for 1 weekend a month, 1 month a year and they ship me to Iraq, now I sign up for a _rockbox_ test and they make me boot the Apple OS.
23:35:30AceNik_guys would you visit my website it has allt he latest product detail on it, its kind of my blog can i give out my address here ?
23:35:42LloreanAceNik_: No, please do not advertise in the channel.
23:36:09AceNik_i thouht so
23:36:20 Join billytwowilly [0] (
23:36:24BagderAceNik_: it'll be easier for us if you just keep the bug report correct and updated
23:36:35LloreanAceNik_: 14487 was a change to the file option_select.c, and that's it.
23:37:26AceNik_well how else do you expect me to test i tried a few builds before them , i tried a few after , 14486 didnt ive any issues , 14487 ave
23:38:35peturn1s: thanks
23:38:51 Part AceNik_
23:39:16n1sit seemed suspiciously familiar :-)
23:39:30Soaplinuxstb: the new ipodpatcher installs fine on my Nano, booting into both rockbox and apple firmware appears to be normal. I'll try my 5th gen in a moment.
23:39:48preglowany new thoughts on getting rid of the id3 prio setting? :P
23:39:53preglowi think i'll just commit this patch and see what people say
23:39:56 Quit Oldgeek ("CGI:IRC 0.5.7 (2005/06/19)")
23:41:06linuxstbpreglow: If you wanted to be democratic, you could mail the mailing list and see if anyone can justify keeping it. I don't use id3 tags at all...
23:41:29*n1s hadn't realised this was a democracy ;-)
23:42:00n1spreglow: I'd say kill it, but I have only about 40 mp3 tracks on my player
23:42:13preglowi will just kill it, but i need to test it first
23:42:20preglowcan't be bothered to do that now
23:42:21linuxstbnls: I didn't say it was ;)
23:43:21 Join ddalton [0] (
23:43:25linuxstbBagder: Still awake?
23:43:32BagderI am
23:43:53 Part ddalton
23:44:02 Join ddalton [0] (
23:44:09linuxstbAssuming Soap doesn't shout in the next few minutes, can you update ipodpatcher and the ipod bootloaders on the download server?
23:44:27 Part ddalton
23:44:47Bagderyeps, the one?
23:44:56BagderI got obo's binary as well
23:45:11linuxstbYes, and at the same place.
23:46:29tumuthe docs about running firmware file on e200 is wrong
23:46:31linuxstbBagder: BTW, is there a way to change the VERSION string in a build? I made a change to configure to allow it, but maybe I missed something that's there already.
23:46:44tumuextension .e200 does nothing
23:46:45linuxstb(a bootloader build)
23:46:57tumuhas to be .mi4
23:47:09 Join rocko [0] (
23:47:11 Join My_Sic [0] (
23:47:23 Join sarixe [0] (
23:47:51Bagderlinuxstb: can't you just set it on the command line? "make VERSION=moo" ?
23:48:18Bagdertumu: sounds like a left-over from the past then
23:48:21linuxstbDoes that override the value set in the Makefile itself?
23:48:50BagderI thought that's what you wanted. ;-)
23:49:03linuxstbIt is, but I wouldn't expect that to work.
23:49:08tumuBagder, seems like that.. any of the manual people around?
23:49:29n1stumu: I'm looking at it, it's a simple fix
23:50:09n1sbut while I'm at it I thought I might fix it for other targets too...
23:50:18n1sso, does the H10 even have rolo?
23:50:23n1sand the ipods?
23:50:53linuxstbBagder: Hmm, seems it does work, but I don't understand why - the main makefile explictly does "export VERSION=....."
23:51:04Soaplinuxstb: No apparent problems on the 5th gen either.
23:51:24Bagderlinuxstb: the environment simply has higher prio so the assignment in the makefile is ignored
23:51:46 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
23:51:54 Quit My_Sic (Client Quit)
23:52:17Bagderlinuxstb: upload it is then?
23:52:21 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
23:52:38linuxstbBagder: Yep. And I guess we can add 1g/2g to the front page.
23:53:04linuxstb(unless amiconn objects...)
23:53:28linuxstbAt least it's installable, unlike the e200r...
23:55:49 Quit freqmod (Remote closed the connection)
23:57:06n1stumu: ok, should be fixed now and will go into tomorrows manual
23:57:25linuxstbSoap: BTW, thanks for testing and enduring the OF.
23:57:39Bagderdownload server and front page updated

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