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#rockbox log for 2007-11-30

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00:01:27amiconnpreglow: Iirc it is, but can't test atm...
00:01:33amiconnBuilds crashing
00:04:01preglowdid jhMikeS get any closer?
00:04:16jhMikeSpreglow: the more I look into it the less sense it makes :p
00:04:35preglowwell, how nice...
00:04:43preglowi saw we drop those targets :P
00:05:15preglowthe SoundCodecs page is a mess
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00:05:39*linuxstb sees all the changes to the Plugin* wiki pages and wonders if it's worthwhile keeping them, or encourage contributions to the manual
00:05:45jhMikeSIt seems like something's perhaps being done incorrectly with the hardware...sort of changing some things revealed that on 5020. But of course I'm just guessing wildly atm.
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00:06:33preglowlinuxstb: well, ideally, both
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00:06:57linuxstbpreglow: You mean you want documentation in the wiki AND the manual?
00:07:06bobrulesokay I downloaded rockbox latest current build
00:07:08safetydanis the wiki really providing anything for the plugins?
00:07:10bobrulesI put it on my root folder
00:07:22preglowlinuxstb: i doubt all the people who contribute to the wiki would contribute to the manual
00:07:23bobruleswhen I unzip it it jsut creates a new folder called rockbox
00:08:00krazykitbobrules, which is what it's supposed to do.
00:08:12linuxstbpreglow: True, but maybe some would, if we somehow encouraged them...
00:08:14RilesHello guys... I have a small problem.. I installed with the "autoinstaller" for my Iriver iHP-140 and then updated the firmware.. when i reboot.. all that it does is sit at the "rockbox boot loader" and states my battery volts etc.. what am I missing?
00:08:16bobrulesI thought that when I unzip it it should just overwrite it
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00:08:36Rilesthe .rockbox dir is there and complete also.
00:08:45bobrulesso I just copy that folder?
00:08:54bobrulesand paste it?
00:09:07linuxstbbobrules: Are you on a Mac?
00:09:12bobrulesno pc
00:09:39bobrulesthe lastest build is around 1.8 MB right?
00:09:43linuxstbInside the rockbox folder you should see a ".rockbox" folder (note the dot) - you copy the .rockbox folder to your device.
00:10:13linuxstbOr ideally, just extract the zip file directly to your device (e.g. E:\)
00:10:36Rileslinuxstb once that is done and the firmware is updated it should just boot right? Nothing special needed/
00:10:40bobrulesbut it creates a folder called rockbox first and inside there's another folder called .rockbox
00:11:05linuxstbbobrules: That's your unzip program doing something it shouldn't. Or you're telling it to put it in a folder called "rockbox".
00:11:07bobrulesit's Sansa's e200's latest current build btw
00:11:22bobrulesyou're right
00:11:26Rilesbobrules only .rockbox should there
00:11:31bobrulesI always use unzip as /blah blah
00:11:32Rilesnot 2 of them
00:11:35preglowwe really should have one page for each codec instead of the mess in SoundCodecs
00:11:58bobrulesI pressed extract to /rockbox
00:11:59preglowthe table could stay
00:12:02bobrulesthanks I got it now
00:12:07linuxstbpreglow: I started that, but it never went anywhere... I think there are Monkeys and FLAC pages...
00:12:24safetydanRiles: no there's nothing else should should need to do. So you've updated the h120 firmware with the rockbox bootloader? And you've got a .rockbox folder in your e:\ (or whatever drive letter)? And there's only one rockbox.iriver file?
00:12:37stripwax_bobrules - does the rbutilqt work for you? I think we had this conversation before actually
00:12:47linuxstb(the list, not the big table)
00:12:59*stripwax_ is back
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00:13:20preglowlinuxstb: there's one for wma too, but it doesn't follow that naming convention
00:13:23Rileslinuxstb there is one rockbox.iriver and rombox.iriver
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00:13:25Rilestha right?
00:13:35Rilesif yes.. yes to everything you said.
00:13:40Lloreanpreglow: So break up the codecs page in a similar way to how the Plugins page is broken up, essentially?
00:13:51linuxstbRiles: Yes. So the only message the bootloader is saying is the battery voltage?
00:14:21LloreanMaybe even with tick-boxes for "Real time", "Playback with all DSP features enabled" and "Unboosted Playback"
00:14:40preglowLlorean: what's the plugins page called?
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00:14:58bobrulesI;m only upgrading
00:14:59preglowLlorean: yeah
00:15:07bobrulesI thought the utility was for installing
00:15:09preglowLlorean: exactly like that, basically just keep the table at the bottom of SoundCodecs
00:15:18stripwaxbobrules - you can use the utility for upgrading
00:15:26bobrulesnever knew that
00:15:32stripwaxand if you are having problems with unzipping files and folders it's probably easier
00:15:42bobrulesok thanks everyone
00:15:44linuxstbpreglow, Llorean:
00:16:26preglowlinuxstb: does our wiki system support templates?
00:16:33Rileslinuxstb any ideas? It will go into USB mode FYI
00:16:45Rilesbut just loads the boot loader then doesnt boot.
00:16:58Lloreanlinuxstb: I remember that now... it eventually broke down into discussion over finding that darn test track.
00:17:14linuxstbRiles: Sorry, no. It does sound like a problem theough - the bootloader shouldn't do that... Does the original firmware start if you hold REC when booting?
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00:17:38preglowtemplates would rockb for pages like this
00:17:46Lloreanlinuxstb: Could we just come up with some sort of generic, silly test track? Like a tone that sweeps across a certain frequency range a few times at increasing speed, or something.
00:17:53Rilesactually it trades off.. it will boot the regular firmware then the rockbox firmware
00:18:08linuxstbLlorean: Sure, we just need someone to do it...
00:19:31linuxstbAlthough on second thoughts, I'm not sure an artificially generated track would be a good compression sample.
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00:20:48stripwaxpreglow - any advice on getting developers interested in committing my patches.. ?
00:21:18preglowwell, i don't really feel comfortable commiting anything i don't take an interest in, since i can't really guarantee for quality that way
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00:21:25preglowso, i dunno
00:21:59Lloreanstripwax: Basically, you need to find someone who's willing to take responsibility if your patches end up breaking anything.
00:22:32linuxstbstripwax: I'm interested in your pacbox patch - I'll try and commit it. It looks straightforward to revert the change to run on the COP if we ever use the COP more generally in Rockbox (e.g. for codecs), so I can't see the harm.
00:22:34jhMikeSstripwax: I have some questions about that pacbox one. There's alot of stuff to beware of when using the COP.
00:22:45*stripwax boggles
00:22:50stripwaxok cool. question me
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00:23:35preglowlinuxstb: anyway, the info in the SoundCodecs page should be moved for the codecs that do have pages
00:23:45jhMikeSstripwax: 1) which processor loads the roms? 2) have you done cache handling properly? 3) do you cache align and pad the COPs cacheable data?
00:23:46stripwax(and thanks, of course!)
00:24:18linuxstbpreglow: What about moving the bulk of that page to a SoundCodecsDevelopment page, just leaving information of interest to users there?
00:24:42*linuxstb wonders if there's a wiki equivalent of "svn cp"
00:24:58preglowlinuxstb: i think development info would be cool in the codec specific pages, really, under a development header
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00:25:48gfatherguys , is thier any support for nomad zen ?
00:26:07stripwax1) main cpu 2) let me know what 'properly' means and I'll let you know if I've done it properly 3) I am not doing anything specific (if by cacheable date you mean 'any data')
00:26:21linuxstbgfather: No
00:26:37stripwaxI literally just moved the emulator execution from the main cpu to the cop (just one thread, no coherency issues - I think)
00:27:06amiconnlostlogic: Did you notice that your metadata.c change causes warnings on coldfire?
00:27:27gfatheris thier any other thing for zen ?
00:27:44stripwaxwhat sort of 'other thing'?
00:27:55gfathersomething like rockbox
00:28:10gfatheri think it should be installed on every mp3 or media player :)
00:28:51jhMikeS1) muy bueno 2) after loading roms, CPU should call flush_icache, COP should call invalidate_icache before using any data put in cacheable ram 3) anything not in IRAM is cacheable unless used from the uncached alias. Any data not in IRAM for COP must be aligned and padded to prevent conflicts between the two.
00:29:22jhMikeSFor 2) simply creating the thread will invalidate it if all loading is performed before creating it
00:29:27stripwaxjhMikeS - it is
00:30:13stripwaxbut I'm not sure I followed 3) - none of the data is in IRAM, so does everything need to be aligned (+padded) to prevent conflicts between cop cache & the iram used by the cpu for codecs?
00:30:49lostlogicamiconn: no, I didn't
00:32:02austriancoderis logf with the current svn broken? I tried it with my sansa but i only get an empty screen if i open logf in debug menu
00:32:38lostlogicaustriancoder: you need to enable logf for particular files now
00:32:40linuxstbI think you now need to enable logf in individual files - by default it's disabled.
00:32:58jhMikeSFor 3) All non-IRAM for COP does which implies it's out of the way of non-IRAM on the CPU otherwise when the map for the plugin changes, cache lines can overlap between COP and CPU when they should and "random" crashing can happen.
00:33:19austriancoderlinuxstb: is there a doc for it describing how to do that?
00:33:27stripwaxhang on , I'm having trouble parsing that
00:33:45jhMikeScorrection: ...when they shoudn't
00:33:58lostlogicamiconn: any idea how to make that warning go away? I don't see the problem / understand the warning.
00:34:25stripwaxI think it's the "does which" I'm having trouble with
00:34:30jhMikeSThe cache handling is the single biggest headache when using both cores.
00:34:58bobrulesYou know for the snake game, is it possible to change the controls to scroll wheel instead of buttons?
00:35:07linuxstbaustriancoder: I expect logf.h would describe it - something like #define LOGF_ENABLE before you include logf.h
00:35:11safetydanI didn't think we compiled with strict aliasing turned on, do we?
00:35:25 Join Klevi [0] (
00:35:35stripwax"all non-iram memory address for cop do need to be aligned+padded" which "implies it's out of the way of non-IRAM on cpu"?
00:36:06linuxstbaustriancoder: You're being optimistic asking for a doc ;) (but I agree, it would have been nice..)
00:36:10stripwax'which implies' = 'to ensure' ?
00:36:13KleviThis may be obvious, but if I use PSP video 9 to encode MPEG videos, will it work with Mpegplayer on my sansa?
00:36:43stripwaxKlevi - Mpegplayer plays mpeg1 and mpeg2 video. I don't know what PSP video 9 does but if the output is an mpeg1 or mpeg2 file, then maybe
00:36:56Kleviits mpeg 4
00:37:06jhMikeSstripwax: if data for the COP is aligned to cache line boundaries, then no cache line on CPU can share the same address range. it mutually excludes it because all data areas on the COP include a full cache line.
00:37:20linuxstbKlevi: The PluginMpegplayer page describes the requirements - and lists some suitable encoders.
00:37:41KleviWinff it is then!
00:37:58bobruleswhy does my sansa freeze when I try to open bmp files using rockpaint
00:38:17stripwaxjhMikeS - ah, gotcha. I think that would be an easy enough change to make and no, there's nothing there to currently ensure that (so maybe I got lucky when I didn't get random crashes..)
00:38:41KleviAlso, any reason why USB mode randomly thinks to disconnect?
00:38:52 Quit linuxstb ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
00:38:52KleviSometimes, that happens
00:39:01stripwaxbobrules - freeze in what way? can you still bring up the rockpaint menu>
00:39:12bobrulesI have to hold power for 20seconds
00:39:29bobrulesthe pictures are the default ones that came with my sansa
00:39:34bobrulesI can open it using OF
00:39:41stripwaxbobrules - we've had this conversation before, too
00:39:56stripwaxbobrules - if you just load rockpaint from the Plugins menu, what happens
00:40:01amiconndemystify.c changes the backlight timeouts via the multi-screen api, and isn't adjusted to the new backlight handling
00:40:05bobrulesit works
00:40:25stripwaxjhMikeS - is there an easy way to say 'I want to align everything in this .c/.h file to cache line boundaries' or similar?
00:40:27amiconnHowever, helper.c uses the lcd api directly - but doesn't have functions to handle the remote lcd
00:40:30bobruleswhen I open rockpaint I see a blank screen
00:40:32stripwaxbobrules - and you can bring up the rockpaint menu?
00:40:49bobrulesyes by pressing record
00:41:00amiconnI added those, but then using the ld api for backlight but the multi-screen api for other things is somewhat hackish.
00:41:09amiconnSo I'm undecided what to do :/
00:41:22bobruleswhen I open a bmp it freezes
00:41:27stripwaxbobrules - hm, and if you load one of your .bmps then you can't access the menu afterwards (or do anything at all)?
00:41:51bobrulesas soon as I select a bmp, the thing freezes
00:42:17stripwaxright just want to get clear what freezes means. the record key no longer brings up the menu, right?
00:42:33bobrulesno it doesn't show the picture
00:42:38bobrulesI can't click any button
00:42:49bobrulesit shows the select picture screen when it freezes
00:42:57bobrulesI can't press any buttons
00:42:58stripwaxbobrules - can you post the .bmp somewhere?
00:43:18bobrulesgimme a few minutes
00:43:41stripwaxbobrules - can you load ANY bmp using rockpaint? (e.g. pick one of the ones from c:\windows)
00:44:00bobrulesyeah i'll try that too
00:44:05bobrulesI can open jpg fine
00:44:39stripwaxbobrules - I suspect those bmp files are either in an unusual format or corrupted in a way that the OF doesn't mind...
00:44:58 Join animeloe [0] (n=animeloe@unaffiliated/animeloe)
00:45:17PaulJamstripwax: those form c:\windows wont work, rockpaint cna't load images that are larger than the screen resolution.
00:45:36bobrulesmaybe that's the problem>?
00:45:58PaulJamin that case it should show an error and not crash
00:46:05stripwaxPaulJam - oh (for some reason I thought it could.. sorry)
00:46:08bobrulesthe dimension of the bmps are 175 x 224
00:46:56PaulJam(it used to crash, but that was fixed long ago afaik)
00:47:08bobrulesdo I upload the image to downlaod, or upload it to somewhere like photobucket?
00:47:31 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
00:47:56stripwaxassuming it can be downloaded from photobucket
00:47:58preglowjmspeex: what was medfilter.c used for?
00:48:00Klevi... hm somethings wrong with Winff after installing it..
00:48:16jmworxpreglow: it's not used
00:48:26jmworx(I was hoping to use it eventually)
00:48:44preglowi'll just remove it from our repo as well
00:48:50jmworxbut I removed it recently
00:49:08preglowyeah, i noticed
00:50:17jhMikeSstripwax: there's macros to assist the alignment. CACHEALIGN_ATTR. padding is trickier
00:50:21bobrulesthis is really weird
00:50:30bobrulesI can open the files with windows fine
00:50:43bobrulesbut when I upload it to flickr or photobucket it gives me an error
00:50:44stripwaxjhMikeS - great! I'll take a look when I'm .. back from a short vacation early next week :(
00:50:47jhMikeSstripwax: I'd recommend flushing the CPU before starting the COP thread.
00:51:00stripwaxjhMikeS - thanks (I'm writing this all down :-)
00:51:09jhMikeShave fun on vacation
00:51:32jhMikeSor vacation as in just too busy
00:51:55stripwaxno, actual holiday (to sunny Norfolk)
00:52:29preglowsunny part of britain? :>
00:52:46*jhMikeS was thinking Virginia, USA
00:52:53bobrulesthe mbp is only 80.0 KB is this normal?
00:52:54stripwaxbobrules - does the error suggest there is something wrong with the file? Could you ftp it somewhere instead?
00:53:24bobrulesI'll uplaod it then
00:54:26stripwaxpreglow - right, not really that sunny, and probably very cold too
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00:55:28stripwaxbobrules - sorry, I can't even view that bitmap in windows..
00:55:29jhMikeSNorfolk, Virginia might be sunny...:)
00:55:55bobrulesdid you wait 30 seconds?
00:56:07bobrulesIt's rapid share kind of wesite
00:56:10bobrulesno direct download
00:56:25preglowi've had plenty of nice summers in the south of britain, so i should shut up, though
00:56:45 Quit stripwax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:57:58*jhMikeS likes sideways freezing rain and months of darkness himself since it matches his usual moods
00:58:19 Join midkay [0] (n=midkay@rockbox/developer/midkay)
00:58:24pixelmathe only thing I notice is that it is 32-bit
00:58:39 Quit scorche|w ("CGI:IRC")
00:58:52austriancoderserial over usb works :)
01:00:04bobruleswhere did stripwax go?
01:00:52preglowjhMikeS: you'd like the climate here, then
01:01:03preglowi only go out if i have to these days, heh
01:01:29jhMikeSpreglow: probably would suit me. if there's no boating involved, I hate the sunlight. :)
01:01:50*preglow loves sunlight :/
01:01:56 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
01:02:14linuxstbaustriancoder: Nice ;)
01:02:23preglowwhat do we use that for?
01:03:18austriancoderlinuxstb: will commit my stuff in some minutes, but the new usb stack needs some work. at the moment it supports only one hardcoded device driver :(
01:03:29bobrulesrockpaint can't open any bmp, I tried with a lot of pictures
01:03:33 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:03:54 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
01:06:05linuxstbaustriancoder: Maybe you should share a patch? There's no rush to commit.
01:06:28preglowwhat do we use serial over usb for?
01:06:47linuxstbbobrules: Your bmp files are bad - the size is shown as being "-224" pixels wide and "imagemagick" gives a warning that "Length and filesize do not match".
01:06:48jhMikeSto just say we can?
01:06:52linuxstbpreglow: Debugging.
01:07:00preglowwe currently do that, or can we do so now?
01:07:09austriancoderpreglow: at the moment it is only a proof-of-concept
01:07:15preglowok, cool
01:07:19preglowit's nice to have, that's for sure
01:07:27jhMikeSwe can start code stepping on target?
01:07:39amiconnBagder: ping
01:07:39bobruleslinuxstb but can you open it with paint?
01:07:45austriancoderpreglow: we could wirte e.g. logf/debug messasges over usb
01:07:48preglowjhMikeS: well, if we code some kernel support for it
01:08:05KleviSpeaking of USB, "Rockbox Media Player" comes up when it feels like it, does that mean a build of rockbox without using the OF for USB transfers is on its way?
01:08:08linuxstbbobrules: I'm not using Windows, but as I said, "imagemagick" can read it, but with that warning.
01:08:15austriancoderlinuxstb: the changes are very minimal and by default the charger_only stuff is used.. so I will commit it :)
01:08:44 Quit advcomp2019 ("There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence.")
01:08:58PaulJamlinuxstb: but still rockbox shouldn't freeze. i can open the .bmp fine with paint and irfanview.
01:09:32linuxstbPaulJam: Of course.
01:09:35bobrulescan anyone? try opening it with rockbox
01:09:37pixelmabobrules, linuxstb: I can open the bmp in Photopaint perfectly - reports dimensions correctly and that it is 32-bit, Photoshop on the other hand says it would be an unsupported format
01:09:43jhMikeSpreglow: would help me now for sure
01:10:39bobrulesdoes rockbox even open bmp?
01:10:50linuxstbDidn't Tomasz get gdb working over usb-serial for the iFP port?
01:10:51PaulJambobrules: maybe you should open a bugreport and if possible attach one of the problematic images.
01:11:05bobrulesokay I'l ltry
01:11:11 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC")
01:11:25pixelmadoes rockpaint get along with 32-bit? IIRC core Rockbox should do but the plugin?
01:12:28linuxstbpixelma: rockpaint uses the core bmp reading function, so support should be identical.
01:12:33bobrules does anyone actually read bug reports?
01:13:11pixelmalinuxstb: ah, thanks
01:13:12linuxstbbobrules: Of course. And all bug reports get sent to a mailing list that all (or at least most) of the devs subscribe to.
01:13:45linuxstbbobrules: That doesn't mean that someone will take an interest and fix it though - but if you don't report it, there's less chance...
01:14:03preglowi read at least the subject of every bug report...
01:14:08*jhMikeS wonders what the boot table is for IPOD_ARCH
01:14:14bobrulesanyone know a website to upload a file permanently?
01:14:56*preglow spots charset fanciness
01:15:12jhMikeSbobrules: how big is the image?
01:15:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:15:25*preglow hates "editors" that can't leave text you don't edit alone
01:15:37jhMikeSthat should attach to the FS report I'd think
01:15:38LloreanCan't the image simply be attached to the flyspray task?
01:16:06bobrulesoh my bad
01:16:25austriancoderpreglow: sorry... whats the used encoding for rockbox files - me has an utf8 system
01:16:53jhMikeSpreglow: they know better that mere humanoids and kindly reinterpret it
01:17:19 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
01:17:45amiconnpixelma, bobrules, linuxstb: The BMP is 16 bit. The only problem I can see is that the encoded height is negative, but that can't be because height is an uint32
01:18:15*amiconn checked with a hex editor. comparing with struct bmp_header in bmp.c
01:18:18jhMikeS-height = flip vertically IIRC about the spec
01:18:37amiconnThat can't be if height is specified as being an uint
01:18:45petur-height = image is top down
01:18:48bobrulesit came with my sans e200
01:19:06bobrulesthere's a software to convert images for the player
01:19:07amiconnAh, those weird sansa oroginal images...
01:19:07 Quit Klevi ("Im forcing myself to sleep for trimester exams this week.... Be well everyone =)")
01:19:26bobrulesbut I tried with a new mbp
01:19:27peturthey are more common than you think
01:19:31amiconnThat explains the funny resolution - higher than wide
01:19:32bobrulesthis time it jsut gives me an error
01:19:40preglowaustriancoder: i also have that, but my editor doesn't change anything that isn't utf8 unless i ask it to
01:19:48jhMikeSamiconn: the official microsoft spec doesn't define them as unsigned
01:20:04preglowaustriancoder: i can't remember what charset we use, i think we should just use utf8, but some people disagree
01:20:19preglowaustriancoder: just change it back to what it was and you should be ok
01:20:25austriancoderpreglow: name of your editor? me is using kwrite
01:21:07preglowaustriancoder: gvim/vim, it seems to me that anything kde based seems to obsessively try to convert the charset of anything edited, kate also does it
01:21:49 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
01:22:42bobruleshere's one I tried
01:22:47*jhMikeS wonders why COP/CPU_CTL are *(unsigned char *) when retailos uses *(unsigned long *)
01:22:51bobrulesit gives me an error when opening with rockpaint
01:22:53 Quit stewball (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
01:23:07Nico_Paustriancoder: I'm afraid you'll have to correct the char manually now that you've saved
01:23:18amiconnpetur: This is the first BMP with negative height I've ever seen...
01:23:28austriancoderpreglow: will try vim
01:23:31Lloreanbobrules: That's a jpeg...
01:23:45peturIe seen many when doing work on some image manipulation stuff
01:23:50bobrulesphotobucket converted it I think'
01:24:08bobruleson my drive it's called right.bmp
01:24:09Nico_Paustriancoder, preglow: we use latin1
01:24:21austriancoderNico_P: thanks for this info
01:24:27*petur swears at crap linux keyboard handling
01:24:35bobruleshold on i'll try flickr
01:24:45Nico_Paustriancoder: in kate/kwrite it's called iso-8859-1
01:25:12preglowNico_P: does latin1 have ?
01:25:27preglowi still think we should use utf8
01:25:32*Nico_P too
01:25:33 Nick parafin is now known as parafin|away (
01:25:34preglowonly weird people don't use utf8, it's the future
01:25:36*austriancoder too
01:25:53preglowi really, really want to put an end to character sets other than utf-*
01:26:04austriancodertime to go to bed... need to talk to Zagor tomorrow
01:26:07*preglow likes making things eas
01:26:21bobruleswait how do I tell if a picture is jpeg or bmp
01:26:32jhMikeSbitmaps have 'BM' at the start?
01:26:33Nico_Paustriancoder: it's nice that you're working on improving that code
01:26:45bobruleswhen I upload it to flickr, it's jpg again
01:27:24amiconnHmm, BITMAPINFOHEADER indeed specifies signed variables
01:27:26austriancoderNico_P: the serial stuff was quite easy... I want back that I can switch between serial and storage... we will see
01:27:50*amiconn wonders who put struct bitmap_header the way it is in bmp.c
01:27:56 Quit petur ("Zzzz")
01:28:18*austriancoder bed
01:28:22 Quit austriancoder ("Konversation terminated!")
01:28:40 Join aliask [0] (
01:28:49 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
01:29:47 Join Alonea [0] (n=chatzill@
01:31:54bobrulesokay I can open bmp's that are converted to bmp from jpg
01:32:08*linuxstb wonders what's up with the website - it's like austricancoder's commit never happened...
01:32:17bobrulesbut when it's unconverted bmp, rockpaint shows error
01:32:22amiconnI commited something too
01:32:33linuxstbYes, I just noticed. And preglow...
01:32:33amiconnThat's why I pinged Bagder
01:32:45 Quit zicho (Remote closed the connection)
01:33:01pixelmalinuxstb: that happened before too but usually only once
01:33:10*jhMikeS wonders why screen regulation seems off on 3g where screens with alot of black seem to be washed out and retailos doesn't have this problem.
01:33:55amiconnRetailos does have the same problem, it just hides it by not using too much black
01:34:14amiconnG1/G2 also have that problem
01:34:15jhMikeSsome screens have more black on it than the main menu in rockbox
01:35:05LloreanjhMikeS: Maybe they dynamically tweak contrast or something?
01:35:51 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:36:05amiconnjhMikeS: Would be interesting to know your lcd sub-type
01:36:13jhMikeSI just adjusted the contrast setting in rockbox a little higher and it keeps it from doing that
01:36:26amiconnMaybe it's a sub-type where we don't apply the dc-dc frequency tweak yet
01:36:53jhMikeSthe buffering screen still comes out a bit splotchy
01:37:03amiconnSo... the bmp loader has to learn how to handle top-down BMPs
01:37:39 Part toffe82
01:38:41 Join Klevi [0] (
01:38:59jhMikeSamiconn: 1g/2g have specific code to change converter frequency?
01:39:20Klevi... Is it possible to scale a converted video to the proper dimensions for the Sansa c200?
01:39:38LloreanKlevi: You should scale it while converting...
01:39:51Klevitheres no option for the C200 under inff
01:39:53 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
01:40:06Klevionly the e200.
01:40:17LloreanYou can just type in the width and height manually
01:40:34KleviOI! youre right..
01:40:36LloreanUse the e200 settings, then type them in.
01:40:48KleviI entirely overlooked that..
01:41:11jhMikeSamiconn: I see code to do it in there
01:41:29amiconnjhMikeS: In the G1..G3, the lcd controller seems to have problems providing stable voltages with changing display content
01:42:20amiconnUsing a higher step-up frequency helps somewhat, but I only enabled it for display variants where it was tested
01:42:34amiconnSee lcd-gray.c, lines 130..155
01:42:42jhMikeSwhat is reg 0xcf00404c?
01:43:13amiconnUnfortunately I don't know. This register check is pulled from the OF
01:43:37jhMikeSwell, I'll just see what happens :)
01:43:49KleviLlorean: What should I enter for Aspect Ratio? Or just leave it blank
01:43:54amiconnBut bit 0 indicates which panel is built in, as it seems
01:44:14amiconnYou could just output power_reg_h
01:45:01amiconnHmm, btw, 1st Gen doesn't need that fix as you might have spotted
01:45:25 Quit l7 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:45:51amiconnThere's an interesting table in the OF, listing all greyscale LCD types and subtypes, together with ipod model ids
01:45:52Klevipixelma: You around?
01:46:16amiconnThis table indicates that there was at least a prototype of an ipod mini equipped with PP5002
01:46:46pixelmaKlevi: for a bit. Git a new c200?
01:46:53KleviYes I did
01:46:55KleviJust today
01:47:01KleviAnd already rockboxed
01:47:10KleviThe Radio works perfectly.
01:47:39pixelmanice :)
01:47:40Klevibut, my question was, Has Rockboy recieved a Keymap yet? and can it or not, play GBA roms?
01:47:56karashatarockboy can't play GBA
01:48:34karashataI think the Gigabeat would be the only DAP capable of emulating GBA at anything resembling full speed
01:48:39pixelmaKlevi: but usual gameboy roms work on the c200 already - though the look funny
01:48:42karashatathe other DAPs aren't powerful enough
01:49:22karashatamy H10 has trouble even with GBC game emulation, so...
01:49:37pixelmaKlevi: I meant that there is also a default keymap prepared now
01:49:40Kleviwell remmeber when we played around with that? How Rockboy lacked a menu or escape function back into Rockbox... (the only way to turn it of was to unplug the battery)
01:49:43jhMikeSamiconn: it doesn't look as if it's as simple as the number of black pixels, but more how widely spread they are. Very "dark" screens can look fine, but the buffer thread screen with no bars filled is washed out.
01:49:45KleviOh lol..
01:50:08Kleviokie, thanks.
01:50:17jhMikeSamiconn: what address?
01:50:36amiconnHmm, don't remember
01:50:49*amiconn hopes it's marked in one of his ida projects
01:50:51Klevikarashata: I see.
01:51:13 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:51:19bobrulescan the scroll wheel be used in rockbox?
01:51:26KleviWhat player?
01:51:32bobruleslike all four direction, sans
01:51:45KleviI do believe so, yes.
01:51:46bobrulesI meant rockboy
01:52:00KleviOh, rockboy. Not sure then.
01:52:14jhMikeSamiconn: there's also a DEV_RS2 register and a device reset similar to the PP502x targets
01:52:16KleviI havent toyed with it yet.
01:53:43pixelmaKlevi: about the radio - on mine (and reportedly on others) it still doesn't work perfect. Sometimes it gets "confused" and the frequencies are off, often after I played some music files before
01:54:49Klevi.. hmm *nods* Well, I havent used it too much to run into that
01:55:11KleviWhy does USB keep.... glitching
01:55:17bobrulescan anyone explain in crossfade, fade in and fade out?
01:55:34safetydanbobrules: have you read the manual?
01:55:44*pixelma wonders why there are 2 "backlight" settings entry in the "Remote-LCD settings" in a freshly compiled M5 sim
01:55:50bobrulesyes I still don't get the difference
01:56:13pixelmamight have been there earlier but I very seldom entered that menu...
01:56:36bobrulesbtw is there a way to tell rockbox to resume playback when the player starts?
01:56:44bobrulesautomatically btw
01:57:15Lloreanbobrules: Yes, set the start screen to the playback screen. You really should spend some time with the manual
01:57:36pixelmaLlorean: I'm not too sure if that is in the manual though...
01:57:53PaulJamsafetydan: well the crossfade options are somewhat unclear (at least i havent entirely understood how the fade in/out delays work)
01:58:06preglowcrossfade options need work...
01:58:49Lloreanpixelma: I thought it was? Is it another case of "the old option is there instead"?
01:58:56PaulJamin my opinion it would work better with only 3 options: fade in time, fade out time and overlap.
01:59:05safetydanI think the crossfade documentation just needs a diagram
01:59:11safetydanI'm sure there used to be one
01:59:14KleviYes.. Whenever (Still) I switch between artists and have crossfading on.. i get a disgusting amount of static
01:59:28Kleviuntil I restart
01:59:57LloreanKlevi: By "switch between artists" do you mean the automatic folder change, or when you've created a playlist?
02:00:05bobrulesyeah I often hear what seems like a short loading noise what's it called?
02:00:41safetydanI think that's a Sansa hardware issue. Electrical sounding noise?
02:01:23bobruleswikipedia made me understand fade in and fade out
02:01:24bobrulesmay be gradually reduced to silence at its end (fade-out), or may gradually increase from silence at the beginning (fade-in)
02:01:36safetydan seems to have a good explanation of the crossfade settings
02:01:42safetydanand even a proposal on how to make it three settings
02:01:48pixelmaLlorean: I just know that the manual would need a lot of work, e.g. when filling out plugin button tables for the c200 I was surprised (to say the least) that so few were prepared for the gigabeat...
02:02:03KleviWhen I choose a different artist from the "files" view
02:02:31bobrulesI hear the noise when the player process something
02:02:37*Klevi has his music organized artist per folder
02:02:44Lloreanbobrules: The player is *always* processing something...
02:03:46KleviI doubt an MP3 players HDD would generate enough noise to cause a beep in headphones... Unless maybe its an Ipod.
02:04:05bobruleslike a really slow process
02:04:11bobrulesit's a loading screch noise
02:04:16safetydanKlevi: electrical noise, not actual physical noise
02:04:17bobrulesis it called clipping?
02:04:22safetydanbobrules: no
02:04:22Kleviespecially since most of the drives for them are solid state
02:04:34KleviNo, I know... like a static-ish noise
02:05:00KleviMy laptop does that
02:05:05LloreanKlevi: Few players Rockbox supports are "solid state", and those don't have "drive", they just have flash on the board
02:05:22pixelmaLlorean: just had a look (H100 manual as a test), there is a short paragraph about the start screen option but...
02:05:26KleviOdd design, the HDD is next to the headphone jack and audio card
02:05:32safetydanIt's a known Sansa issue.
02:05:58Lloreanpixelma: Not good enough?
02:06:14pixelmanot really, no
02:06:31KleviLlorean: I'm not sure of terminology.. but it got the point across that Mp3 players usually lack moving parts in them.. sorry.
02:06:33 Quit tliff (Remote closed the connection)
02:06:47amiconnjhMikeS: This is the table from a mini G2 OF:
02:07:11 Quit Alonea (Connection timed out)
02:07:28bobrulesI see
02:07:35amiconnIt contains settings for all other ipods known at that time. I marked those values I was able to re
02:07:56bobrulesit's due to crappy earphones?
02:08:02bobrulesand others of course
02:08:19Klevi*shrug* I havent had the problem that your talking about.
02:08:33scorchebobrules: no, it is the device...not the headphones
02:08:34 Quit atsea- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:08:35bobrulesyou need a sansa
02:08:36pixelmaLlorean: although, maybe it'll do if someone starts exploring rockbox
02:08:38amiconnThe table in a G2 firmware is both shorter *and* has less values per row
02:08:56bobrulesscorche it's rockbox, the OF doesn't have this noise
02:09:11bobrulesRockbox, however, seems to buffer the current track and each subsequent track up to available RAM. This makes sense for hard disk players, but on this flash player it's unfortunately exposing a nasty little hardware flaw.
02:09:18 Join Alonea [0] (
02:09:33amiconnThis is the table from the G2 OF:
02:09:50scorchebobrules: the device has the is just more apparent in rockbox
02:09:53Klevilol... sansa c200 screen + subtitles = not able to read
02:10:05bobrulesklevi yeah same
02:10:10scorcheread down in the thread:
02:10:24bobrulesI think the e200 has bigger screen?
02:10:29Kleviit does
02:11:12*preglow likes closing bugs
02:11:24 Join psycho_maniac [0] (
02:11:32 Join homielowe [0] (
02:11:57bobruleswhat is electrical nosie, and why can we hear these in our earphones?
02:12:27psycho_maniacanybody remember the example .wps i was making?
02:12:32bobrulesI can think of one possible way to reduce the noise
02:12:41scorchebobrules: read the thread...
02:12:55safetydanbobrules: it's caused by interference between the components of your mp3 player. It's basically bad design on the part of Sansa
02:13:10scorchewell, sandisk
02:13:30*preglow wonders why he isn't triggering a build
02:13:33bobrulesstop audio out when no music or sound is playing
02:13:46Kleviinterference of the players internal signals going back and forth between components from the motherboard.. my idea would be that theres a grounding fault somewhere in the players amplification circuit perhaps, or lack of proper sheilding of the audio being sent to your headphones.
02:13:49psycho_maniacwhat do you think of this for the gigabeat?
02:14:00bobrulesthat can fix the noise, the nosies happen when I don't play any music
02:14:33preglowamiconn: any idea what's up when builds aren't triggering?
02:14:52amiconnHow would I know?
02:15:01safetydanbobrules: the noises happen when you play music as well, you just may not be able to hear them above the music
02:15:04amiconnGuess why I pinged Bagder...
02:15:11 Join kaveh [0] (
02:15:16kavehhi all
02:15:21preglowdon't expect you to know, but worth asking anyway
02:15:38kavehsansa e260 works with rockox?
02:15:50scorchev1, yes
02:16:04rasherBagder: What happened about that buildserver-prodding interface for devs?
02:16:07amiconnCommits don't show up on the frontpage either
02:16:13kavehscorche, what is v1?
02:16:22scorchethe first version
02:16:28preglowamiconn: all four cores of the build server are happily running dnetc :)
02:16:35kavehscorche, of rockbox?
02:16:41scorcheof e260
02:16:43preglowat full capacity, heh
02:17:00kavehscorche, ow culd i know?
02:17:15scorchewhen did you get the device?
02:17:27kavehscorche, week ago
02:17:46bobrulesI got this 2gb sansa for 20 not bad eh
02:17:47scorchedoes it say that it supports audible on the box?
02:18:16pixelmadoes it have a "v2" somewhere on the label?
02:18:42safetydanare we really that deadset against a volume limit setting?
02:19:04kavehscorche, it is refurbished so i dont have theorigiakl box
02:19:05scorchesafetydan: it seems silly to add yet another setting
02:19:17pixelmakaveh: or you could check the original firmware's version (in their system menu I think)
02:19:26scorchekaveh: then you should be fine unless, as pixelma said, it says "e260v2" on the back
02:19:53bobrulesI also have a refurbished one
02:20:10psycho_maniacis any of that stuff on the wps i created unnecessary?
02:20:17safetydanscorche: actually, ignore my question. I just twigged that using the precut is exactly the same thing.
02:20:19bobruleskaveh does your casing at the back have refurbished engraved?
02:20:25kavehi did download
02:20:38kavehbobrules, yes
02:20:49scorcheit isnt is a sticker...
02:20:57bobrulesno mine IS
02:21:00scorcheno it isnt
02:21:17kavehso y rockbx desnot boot
02:21:18bobrulesit's carved in
02:21:23bobruleson my e250
02:21:33jhMikeSinteresting. if I boot a r15133 with a newer bootloader, I get the battery message when technically that should be fine.
02:21:39scorchekaveh: you followed the instructions in the manual?
02:21:52*Klevi hugs his 5$ battery powered speakers.
02:22:13scorcheplease stay on topic..
02:22:22kavehscorche, i just download and unziped it into device
02:22:24Klevi.. Sorry.
02:22:38scorchekaveh: then go back and read the installation instructions in the manual
02:22:48safetydankaveh: you've missed at least one step
02:23:27bobrulesuse the utillity
02:24:06kavehutily does not work
02:24:21scorcheis it an e260 or an e260r?
02:24:34 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
02:25:09kavehjust install the firmware
02:26:09kavehi used sansae200
02:27:03kavehis it the same?
02:27:36 Quit J3TC- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:29:42bobrulesis there a scrolling mechanism for c250?
02:32:01kavehi orgot
02:32:20bobrulesread the manual,
02:32:36kavehi am lol
02:33:17pixelmaKlevi: do you also have s microSD_HC_ by any chance?
02:34:23Klevi..? Oh the Micro SD works finme
02:34:31Kleviforgot to mention.
02:34:51pixelmaKlevi: how many GB is yours?
02:35:10 Join KB5ELV [0] (
02:35:36pixelmaok, that's also what I have got - so I know it works
02:36:07KleviHOwever Ive noticed USB is being screwy
02:36:12pixelmabobrules: because there was someone in the forums who reported that his 6GB microSD wouldn't work in a c240
02:36:54KleviHold on... I remember seeing that the c200 can only accept up to 2 gb anyway.
02:36:59Klevion the Forum
02:37:08bobrulessdhc is different from normal micro sd'
02:37:12pixelmaunfortunately it was not his Sansa and had to give it back
02:37:13rasherKlevi: microsdhcs come up to 8gb at the moment. And Rockbox supports sdhc, but the original firmware doesn't.
02:37:22KleviAhh ok
02:37:36pixelmarasher: problem is that it is only confirmed on the e200
02:37:45Lloreanrasher: I think the c200 is still having problems with sdhc.
02:37:52bobrulesits too expensive
02:37:54rasherYeah, someone should buy a sdhc already, they're not _that_ expensive
02:38:12rasherOnly slightly more than the player, heh
02:38:12Klevisdhc stands for...?
02:38:20KB5ELVHi, trying to build a rockbox voice (using linux, swift ...), and after running configure and setting up to build a voice, make voice dies straight away with rbspeex saying "gcc: no input files". I know this is new, so did I manage to miss a step, or what?
02:38:21rasherHigh capacity
02:38:27Lloreanrasher: I got my player for $16. An sdhc is probably 50 or 60 minimum, right?
02:38:36kavehoh it worked
02:38:42Lloreanrasher: But once my c200 shows up, I plan to pick up an sdhc and verify things one way or another.
02:38:49KleviRadioshack is having a sale right now actually..
02:38:59Klevi1gb one for 10$
02:39:13rasherLlorean: no idea about prices in the us, but a sdhc is slightly more expensive than the $50 I paid for my e250
02:39:14KleviTomorrow.. im All over that. lol
02:39:16kavehwhy the screen shut off soon is there any way to change it?
02:39:18bobrulessdhc is really useful when you have a flash card iykwIm
02:39:22KB5ELVOoh! A Radio Shaft sale! (Hmm, maybe I'll have tto find an excuse to get me a Sandisk player to go with my iAudio...)
02:39:27rasherkaveh: all explained in the manual
02:39:28pixelmaKlevi: SDHCs start with 4GB
02:39:34Klevi.. Oh
02:39:48Klevilmao.. I dont know about any of that. Sorry.
02:39:50kavehrasher, which par o manual
02:40:17scorchekaveh: whichever matches your device
02:41:51bobrulesjust read everysetting on rockbox , and mess aroudn with it
02:42:06*pixelma off to bed too, night
02:42:51scorchebobrules: that still might not let you understand it all...manual is a much better option
02:43:05KB5ELVAnd the manual is really quite good :)
02:43:15 Part pixelma
02:43:15bobrulesmanual is too boring
02:43:17scorchevery fine :)
02:43:19Klevinight Pixelma
02:43:33scorchebobrules: and how could we change that?
02:44:08KB5ELVWell, I mean, it isn't meant to be a riveting novel, but it's very good at what it's meant to do (which is being informative and useful)
02:44:12psycho_maniacHAHA the manual is too boring? what do you want a little animal, like the windows paper clip, bouncing around telling you what to do?
02:44:58bobrulesI don't like rockbox's theme, too blue for me
02:45:02KB5ELVA female narrator with stripper music maybe? I dunno.
02:45:13bobrulesI want rockbox to look more like wikipedia
02:45:16KB5ELVThen change it (which you'd learn to do, surprise, in the manual)
02:45:20Lloreansafetydan: See the last post of the volume limiter thread? After all that, *no* software setting would've met his desires anyway...
02:45:30psycho_maniactheme for the player or the theme on the site?
02:45:38bobruleson the site
02:45:40scorchebobrules: well, we cant always have what we want...
02:46:14bobrulesgota go
02:46:20psycho_maniacif you dont like it you can change it bobrules
02:46:24 Join ddalton [0] (
02:46:25 Quit bobrules ()
02:46:33scorchepsycho_maniac: the look of the site?
02:47:19psycho_maniacyes. well the main page. theres a topic in the forums saying to bring examples of changes.
02:47:25KB5ELVSo what I really wanna know (I mean, besides how to make building a voice work) is... is it just me, or has battery life on the iAudioX5 decreased since the August builds?
02:47:43scorchepsycho_maniac: well, we surely wont change it into wikipedia :)
02:47:55LloreanKB5ELV: Run a couple battery benches?
02:47:56psycho_maniaci would hope not
02:48:17 Quit ddalton (Client Quit)
02:48:21nanokscorche: it was mentioned at some time, by a very perceptive person, on alt sysadmin recovery, iirc, that the only way to ever get users to read manuals would be using a certain kind of pictures to ilustrate them ;)
02:48:34scorchethere are diagrams!
02:49:03KB5ELV'K, I'll check the wiki on that and see. Not a huge deal, more a curiosity really.
02:49:51jhMikeSAS3525 is an entire SoC and not just an audio codec?
02:50:10LloreanjhMikeS: Yes
02:50:16Llorean250mhz ARM processor, apparently
02:50:19jhMikeSah, sweet
02:50:21nanokscorche: i don't mean the kind of pictures _we_ like, but the kind portraying naked female representatives of the human species :)
02:50:21safetydanLlorean: indeed. I was actually going to suggest he do something like that if he wasn't happy with the software.
02:50:32jhMikeSjust one ARM? :(
02:50:39scorchenanok: are you saying i dont like those pictures?
02:50:46Lloreansafetydan: I'm kinda surprised there's not a company selling kidsafe headphones. Extra durable, lower volume to be safe for their ears, etc.
02:50:58*scorche shuffles off to -community
02:51:01nanokscorche: you did mention on several occasions you are lacking human emotions..
02:51:02LloreanjhMikeS: Not enough for you? It's nearly a gigabeat. :-P
02:51:15 Join ddalton [0] (
02:51:22*jhMikeS was hoping to see "...with four ARM v6 cores" :)
02:51:32LloreanAaah, of course
02:51:45LloreanBecause we need to have our MP3 players running Folding@home during playback
02:52:21scorcheLlorean: actually, now that you mention that, i am surprised we dont have a request for that
02:52:36jhMikeSnot only that "...with hardware controlled cache coherency to relieve the burdon from software".
02:53:24 Quit ddalton (Client Quit)
02:53:31Lloreanscorche: Folding@home doesn't like open source clients, because they feel they need to be more directly in control of the integrity of their clients.
02:53:36jhMikeSone may dream though...
02:53:39LloreanSo it wouldn't be possible even assuming a beastly player
02:53:53scorchewell, shame on them
02:54:02LloreanjhMikeS: What, the Gigabeast isn't enough for you?
02:54:20safetydanLlorean: there is at least one
02:54:28jhMikeSI'm sure I'll figure out a way to use it up :)
02:54:57 Join ddalton [0] (
02:54:58jhMikeSI'm sure some video processing task will bring it to the edge
02:55:34LloreanjhMikeS: My demands are simple: I want to be able to decrypt a DVD, copy the .vob to disk, and play it on my Gigabeast. No problem right? Menus and everything.
02:58:49jhMikeShaha...simple, no...doable...probably
03:00:49preglownot only won't it not be easy, it'll be not be trivial!
03:01:20preglowLlorean: happy to see "gigabeast" stuck :D
03:02:00 Quit obo ("KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies")
03:02:23*scorche still likes zhiggabeat
03:03:14XavierGrpreglow: is wma now seekable?
03:03:28preglowXavierGr: yes, but buggy
03:03:34XavierGrthe wma page says it is, but not the soundcodecs page
03:03:52preglowshub gigabeast
03:10:30*Alonea cuddles her gigabeat
03:12:19LloreanIt's sad that the Gigabeat F is on the verge of being dethroned as the "vastly too powerful" Rockbox.
03:12:44AloneaLlorean: awww....
03:13:06preglowdamn straight
03:13:07LloreanAlonea: The Gigabeat S could be described as about twice as powerful, I think
03:13:17preglowit's not even funny, really
03:13:41alienbiker99has there been any progress on the S with the interupts and such?
03:13:47preglowi've definitely got a feeling i'll be geetting an s
03:13:52AloneaLlorean: well, I still adore my F. You guys made it finally get its money's worth. What toshiba gave me is absolute swill compared to what it is.
03:14:01preglowmmm... swill...
03:14:11LloreanAlonea: The F is a fine, fine player.
03:14:18LloreanIt's just apparently not the pinnacle of "Ridiculous" any more
03:14:37Aloneapreglow: well, It was the first word that I could think of that didn't involve bad language.
03:15:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:15:55AloneaLlorean: ah. such is life. I got mine back when it was 300 bucks. before that i had an archos jukebox. Wonder what I will end up getting next, though wont be getting a new one for another year or two.
03:15:56 Quit PaulJam (".")
03:16:33*KB5ELV just got his iAudio last year (specifically because it supported Rockbox)
03:16:33preglowAlonea: nothing wrong it either, it just made me want beer, for some reason :)
03:16:58psycho_maniaci wish i would of gotten a gigabeat before i got this ipod 80 video
03:17:30XavierGrspeaking of Gigabeasts, I am glad to see that my S is onboard to Greece :)
03:17:37XavierGrwill try to help on the porting progress
03:17:40Aloneapreglow: lol. not a big fan of beer, now rum on the otherhand or some jack would be nice.
03:18:01*alienbiker99 wishes he could help with the s port
03:18:17*Alonea goes to look at an S and see what's so wonderful
03:18:35KB5ELVOnly thing that I hate about the X5 is the line in jack and power being on that stupid weeny sub dock thingy. The Gigabeat doesn't record, does it?
03:19:55psycho_maniacKB5ELV: correct. you cannot record with the gigabeat F
03:19:58preglowi'd kill for jack
03:20:37preglowwell, at least hurt
03:20:45preglowtickly, really
03:21:24preglowoh well, bedtime
03:21:32Aloneagawd, all the S needs is a wifi card...
03:21:53XavierGr(and maybe recording to much up the H300)
03:22:13aliaskI believe it might be possible to get recording
03:22:29Aloneabut then thats why I got my nifty cell phone that is NOT the iphone that does everything else my mp3 player cannot.
03:23:25aliaskAccording to the logic block diagram, (at least) one of the poles on the headphone jack is connected to the ADC
03:23:52Lloreanaliask: What about from radio?
03:23:59XavierGrinteresting, would be quite a surprise
03:24:31 Join darkapostrophe [0] (
03:24:35alienbiker99i would try to put the s bootloader on mine, but i think its pointless since i can't code and it erases my hd
03:24:43aliaskLlorean: The FM tuner is linked to the WM8978 on the line-in, I'm not sure if that means it's possible though
03:26:55aliaskI think the motivation behind linking the headphone pole to ADC was actually for a remote.
03:27:38 Quit homielowe (Remote closed the connection)
03:27:51psycho_maniacis there any info on the wiki about the gigabeat remote?
03:28:00XavierGrthe F one?
03:28:12 Join billenium_ [0] (
03:28:24aliaskI don't believe there's a gigabeat S remote. I guess it was left at the drawing board.
03:28:36 Quit billenium_ (Client Quit)
03:29:24 Quit qweru (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:29:54XavierGrthere is a pdf on the far end
03:30:12XavierGrjust a schematic of course
03:30:30 Quit Klevi ("Im forcing myself to sleep for trimester exams this week.... Be well everyone =)")
03:30:37 Join Soap [0] (i=41bd808d@rockbox/staff/soap)
03:30:46 Part KB5ELV
03:31:08 Quit XavierGr ()
03:31:40Aloneaspeaking of pdfs and such, is there going to be any more work on the textviewer on adding formats like tagged pdfs? or is that so closed source its never going to happen?
03:32:36psycho_maniacthis is on the GigabeatFXPort: "Allow remote use while HOLD is on." do you want to use the remote while the hold button is turned on?
03:32:59Lloreanpsycho_maniac: Yes, very much so
03:33:14Lloreanpsycho_maniac: Put the device in a bag. Turn on hold so that nothing can bump the buttons on the device. Control the device with the remote.
03:33:55psycho_maniacthat is a bug? i tried it and it seems to be working. unless i misunderstood?
03:33:56Aloneaalso, (dunno if its been added) will it be possible to have multiple bookmarks so if I change textfiles the other bookmark isn't written over? Also maybe have the ability to have the user save bookmarks as well?
03:34:09safetydanAlonea: PDF is an "open" specification so there would be no problem implementing it. It just takes someone actually interested enough to do it.
03:34:20 Join XavierGr [0] (
03:34:58Aloneasafetydan: hmmm...wonder how different the tagged pdfs are from the regular pdfs. Regular pdfs are pretty much impossible to read on small devices.
03:35:39psycho_maniacso can that be removed from the wiki page or did i not understand it correctly?
03:35:43safetydanAlonea: ah well, the reformatting for display on small screens is obviously going to be hard. Just saying that PDF itself is open
03:36:03 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:36:25 Join JdGordon [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
03:36:37Aloneasafetydan: yeah. and thats good that it is open. do you know how long tagged pdfs have been around? I just discovered them the other day for my cell phone (reflow if our friend)
03:36:49 Quit karashata ("I will *SO* make you regret that... Later... *is a lazy dragon*")
03:38:39 Quit Dark_Apostrophe (Connection timed out)
03:38:40 Nick darkapostrophe is now known as Dark_Apostrophe (
03:38:40safetydanit's been around for a while. possibly since PDF was created
03:40:02Aloneasafetydan: hmm. well, guess I am an idjit for not finding them sooner. ^^;;; I still need to go in and get rid of the buttons in text viewer that go to the beginning or end of a file. I keep accidentally touching them, which is a pain when the file is a couple hundred pages long...
03:42:06safetydanAlonea: those may have been change recently, like in the past few hours
03:42:16 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
03:42:53Aloneasafetydan: really? that would be SWEET and saves me the trouble of trying to figure out c on the spot.
03:43:46 Join J3TC- [0] (
03:44:11safetydanhrm, I may be crazy. I'm sure someone was talking about changing that earlier
03:45:15safetydanand lo' they were
03:45:23safetydancan't find the commit though
03:45:31Aloneasafetydan: me neither...
03:46:06safetydanmethinks the website is still not working right
03:46:15Aloneasafetydan: I have been complaining about it for months, bout time its been changed, or at least have an option
03:46:19safetydanthere's been several commits since the ones shown on the front page
03:46:41psycho_maniacwhen will they show up safetydan?
03:46:44Aloneasafetydan: latest commit I see is 30 Nov 01:10Thom Johansen
03:47:26Aloneasafetydan: what about having multiple bookmarks?
03:47:31psycho_maniaclast one i see is "Add some brief instructions to compile sansapatcher"
03:48:03safetydanAlonea: bookmarks are another issue
03:48:03Aloneapsycho_maniac: I see 5 above that
03:48:31Aloneasafetydan: ah. now, did I see right, but doesn't mpeg player have ability for multi bookmarks?
03:48:51safetydanpsycho_maniac: website is having issues
03:48:56psycho_maniacon the main page that is.
03:49:14safetydanAlonea: possibly, but that's not going to help the text viewer
03:52:45AloneaI am not the best on this stuff, but doesn't the textviewer save the state to a file? note that I don't really have any experience on this, but logically to me it seems easy, but then again, I am often proven wrong.
03:53:13psycho_maniacok i see 5 above that one also. but on the main page i dont see the new comments.
03:53:45psycho_maniacare the new commits on compiled in the current builds?
03:55:11Aloneai will brb
03:55:17 Quit Alonea ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
03:56:48 Quit ddalton ("leaving")
03:59:59 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
04:00:14 Quit gfather ("If you give this man a ride, sweet family will die... killer on the road")
04:06:50 Join Alonea [0] (n=chatzill@
04:07:19Aloneaok, back
04:08:07jhMikeSsomeone's been type punning again (in metadata.c)
04:09:23jhMikeSlines 336/347
04:16:56 Quit HellDragon (Nick collision from services.)
04:17:48 Join HellDragon [0] (i=jd@unaffiliated/helldragon)
04:18:27 Part rayjgu3 ("Kopete 0.12.4 :")
04:22:58safetydanjhMikeS: yup, but lostlogic wasn't sure how to fix it.
04:23:47*jhMikeS also sees the avoiding of initial spinup is messed up on recording
04:24:08 Join DarkDaemon [0] (
04:24:12DarkDaemonhey guys
04:24:30jhMikeShits the disk every time I do a file split and everything
04:24:41DarkDaemonjust wondering if you can point me in the right direction to get that "Recently Added" feature in the database up menu and running
04:25:31psycho_maniacdont the new songs you added add themselves?
04:25:48DarkDaemonthey do but they dont show in the Recently Added menu
04:26:41psycho_maniacmaybe you have to update your database?
04:26:47DarkDaemoni do
04:27:10DarkDaemonlike in theory, once i update my database, the new songs that i added should go into the recently added menu, but they dont show up there
04:27:38psycho_maniacwhat DOES show up in that list?
04:28:01DarkDaemonits says All songs, then when i go into that menu, its empty
04:28:24DarkDaemoni'll be right back, mcdonalds run
04:41:38 Join webguest31 [0] (i=48cc9937@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:41:49 Nick webguest31 is now known as paperclip (i=48cc9937@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:42:18paperclipso.. a funny thing happened on the way to installing rockbox today..
04:42:41paperclipI think i bricked my sansa c240
04:43:02psycho_maniaci hope by "funny" you mean you can laugh at it now because you fixed it?
04:43:29paperclipwell.. no.. it was like $20 deliverd.. so it's mildly humorous
04:43:56paperclipi suspect it's in manufacturer mode..
04:44:03nanok$20 delivered? you mean you only payed for the delivery? :)
04:44:26paperclipit was a deal.. $15 + $5s/h
04:44:48*nanok should start checking out that site
04:45:25paperclipit's pretty odd.. only one product per day.. but it's generally well below retail
04:45:37paperclipthese were refurbs.. i actually got two of them..
04:45:57paperclipone brick and one unbricked as of yet..
04:46:40paperclipso.. linux doesn't see the brick at all when it's on and plugged in.. i suspect that's pretty bad..
04:48:10safetydanpaperclip: it should be possible to unbrick it. There's instructions somewhere on the wiki
04:49:02paperclipeven if my kernel doesn't detect it at all?
04:49:08safetydanoh wait, that's for the e200
04:49:56safetydanpaperclip: try the trouble shooting instructions here
04:53:21 Join ddalton [0] (
04:53:29ddaltonHow do I create .talk clips?
04:54:34paperclipi think the rbutil can assist you..
04:54:44paperclipyou need the proper incoders
04:54:54papercliper.. encoders
04:55:22ddaltonI am on linux will that work?
04:55:23paperclipmaybe even just the speex encoder
04:55:27ddaltonI don't have a gui either
04:55:40paperclipoh.. you need qt
04:55:45paperclipfor that..
04:55:54ddaltonwhat on linux?
04:56:11papercliprbutil uses qt on all platforms
04:56:20paperclipqt is handy like that..
04:56:21 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
04:56:25ddaltonoh and can it run from a terminal?
04:56:38ddaltonI am blind a guis aren't very accessible
04:57:28ddaltonoh is there a bash script in the source?
04:57:42ddaltonmaybe trunk/tools I can't find one and the one I have is out of date.
04:57:46paperclipi'm new here..
04:57:50ddaltonwhere did go?
04:59:02papercliplooks like it was deprecated
04:59:17ddaltonoh... Why?
04:59:38ddaltonbecause of the new incoding?
04:59:51papercliptry tools/
05:00:02ddaltonhow do I use that one?
05:00:19 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:00:25paperclipno idea.. but i think that's where it has been moved according to the changelog
05:01:45 Quit jhulst (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:04:50paperclipi just looked at there is a new function as of 16 November called gentalkclips that does the work
05:05:27ddaltonyep I saw that. So what do I have to do to run it on /media/iriver and use espeak?
05:06:25 Quit Soap ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")
05:06:39paperclipi suspect something like `perl −−help` would give you a clue
05:07:06ddaltonand how do I adjust the rate to 320 words a minute and the volume to 2.1?
05:08:13paperclip-S=<TTS engine options>
05:08:33 Join davidfg4 [0] (n=david@
05:08:50paperclip`perl` should give you the usage options..
05:09:01paperclipthere are a lot of them
05:10:09 Join D47 [0] (
05:10:25papercliprate and volume would be in the options you pass to your TTS engine, right?
05:12:00ddaltonyes Im just not sure what espeak's are. My screenreader controls that for me so I have never had this problem
05:12:21ddaltonok but thanks anyway I will look into it
05:12:23 Quit ddalton ("leaving")
05:15:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:15:55 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
05:18:01 Quit Thundercloud_ (Remote closed the connection)
05:21:42paperclipanyone know why rbutil would crap out while trying to download themes? it complains about my (non-existent) proxy..
05:22:14scorcheit isnt on your end
05:23:08paperclipwell i figure it isn't since everything else works fine..
05:24:39psycho_maniacwould it be because of the url change?
05:27:53 Quit kaveh ("Leaving")
05:28:14scorcheit wasnt just a URL, but yes
05:30:07 Quit DarkDaemon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:34:09papercliphmm.. i wonder how long until that is fixed?
05:34:21scorchehopefully not long
05:37:59 Join DarkDaemon [0] (
05:38:05 Join lee-qid [0] (
05:38:49DarkDaemoni was here earlier about the "recently added" menu problem on an ipod 80gb
05:39:03 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
05:39:10psycho_maniacah yes. that problem.
05:39:19 Join Rondom [0] (
05:39:24DarkDaemonhaha hello again psycho_maniac
05:40:05psycho_maniacyou get it fixed or try to ?
05:41:12DarkDaemonno such luck
05:41:32DarkDaemoni was looking it up and i read somewhere that there is some feature i need to turn on but then i lost the page :(
05:43:02psycho_maniacoh i think its "gather runtime data" correct me if im wrong
05:43:17DarkDaemoni think it is
05:43:21 Join Mouser_X [0] (n=mouser_x@
05:43:28DarkDaemonlet me look this up
05:47:13DarkDaemonyes it is psycho_maniac
05:47:33DarkDaemoni will test it tomorrow but from what i read online, this should do the trick
05:47:38DarkDaemonthanks alot for the help
05:48:01psycho_maniaccool. i was just about to test it myself.
05:50:06 Part Llorean
05:53:54 Quit DarkDaemon ("If You Can't Be Famous, Be Infamous...")
05:58:17 Quit Alonea (Remote closed the connection)
06:00:29 Quit lee-qid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:02:08alienbiker99why isnt the front page and the builds not updating?
06:04:27paperclipso.. i am able to get linux to see the c240 by inserting the cable while holding the center button.. so maybe it is unbrickable
06:04:41 Nick Billenium is now known as BilleiumzZz (
06:09:58 Join Jadaira [0] (i=45cfb823@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:17:57JadairaI was researching the potential of a particular project... and was wondering on a few things..
06:18:38JadairaIm sure youve heard of cover flow and whatnot right?
06:19:24 Join DM| [0] (
06:19:49Mouser_XQuestion: If I wanted to make voice files/talk clips/those things for my Gigabeat, where can I find info on what voice types are available? For kicks and giggles, I'd like to have a voice similar to the one in "Portal" voice the stuff.
06:20:43JadairaNo clue.. havent delved into the voice area yet... im working on a library
06:21:32Mouser_XLibrary? Library of what?
06:21:54JadairaVincent 3d...
06:21:59Jadairaembeded opengl
06:22:27JadairaIm looking to make it possible to develop crap like coverflow on things like gigabeat
06:22:27paperclipmouser you can use any TTS engine and voice
06:22:50psycho_maniacmouser did you search for "voice" in the wiki? that could probably help you get started
06:24:10papercliplook for
06:25:13Mouser_Xpsycho_maniac: No I didn't. As I said, I'd only do it for kicks and giggles. Really, I was wondering if anyone happened to know what "voice font" I'd want to use, to get a "Portal" or "Apeture Science Center" voice style.
06:26:03Mouser_XIf someone directed me to a pretty close substitute, I'd consider it. It'd make me laugh to hear it when scrolling through.
06:26:06safetydanJadaira: it's possible, but not sure how practical it will be
06:26:06 Quit paperclip ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:26:09 Quit DM| ("*bashes head against keyboard*")
06:26:44psycho_maniacmouser where are those voices from? i guess i wouldnt laugh as i dont know where there from :S
06:27:37Mouser_XPortal, the game?
06:27:42JadairaWell.. 300mhz is plenty enough cpu.. and 32 megs enoguh ram for sure
06:27:44psycho_maniacjust because i can, DarkDaemon: runtime data is what you were looking for in recently added.
06:28:19psycho_maniacnope. guess i have to look it up in google
06:30:31JadairaThe library is soo close.. it will do fixed point math... any bitdepth... arm... only issue is that its dynamically linked >.<
06:32:27 Join DM| [0] (
06:32:44JadairaWelcome Back
06:36:22safetydanJadaira: dynamic linking isn't an issue. Most of the Rockbox codecs started life as libraries. What might be an issue is the slowness of the LCD frame buffer updates.
06:36:39JadairaI've seen this library work on cell phones... regardless... it is just eye candy... so im not sure its work the effort..
06:36:53Jadairaplus theres alot of non-arm players out there
06:38:40 Join paperclip [0] (i=440b3025@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:40:39JadairaSo... noone else has any opinions?
06:41:12 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
06:41:56 Quit davidfg4 ()
06:42:27safetydanopinions don't really matter, code does :)
06:44:07 Quit paperclip ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
06:45:59JadairaGoodpoint :P
06:47:11safetydanYou'll never get an OpenGL ES implementation in to the core, but in a plugin it would be more than welcome
06:48:34JadairaOf course...
06:49:08JadairaI might one off something simpler to do 2d animation animation..
06:50:08Jadairasimple sliding animations would be pretty darn eye candyish... and 75% less code and room, etc
06:50:49 Join paperclip [0] (i=48cc9937@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
06:54:29psycho_maniacwhat is this plugin you want to creatte for?
06:54:51Jadairacover flow
06:55:09Jadairaimage and album cover visualization
06:55:13papercliphmm.. anyone familiar with e200tool?
06:56:59advcomp2019paperclip, yea many people
06:58:04paperclipwell.. i'm having some fun with it..
06:58:39Jadairathats for the sansa right?
06:59:23JadairaGonna get my dad a sansa for xmas.. put rockbox on it
06:59:50paperclipi have a c200 that after running `e200tool init` i can run i2cdump and ic2verify and that looks good to me..
07:00:24 Part safetydan
07:00:27paperclipI can even turn the device off.. but recover doesn't work..
07:00:50Mouser_XI bought 2 Sansa e250's. I *plan* on giving one as a Christmas present, but I don't know to who... The other I was kind of wanting to keep for myself (I already have a Gigabeat thugh, so I wouldn't use it much).
07:01:13psycho_maniacme :)
07:01:30JadairaI have a gigabeat f40.. bought it on purpose for rockbox because it played video so well..
07:01:40Jadairahas anyone done that battery update with the ipod battery?
07:01:46paperclipi'm not terribly impressed with the build quality of the c200 series.. i also have an iRiver T10 that feels much nicer..
07:02:19 Join Dylan47 [0] (
07:05:51psycho_maniacJadaira: i plan on doing it in the next couple weeks as soon as my battery gets here.
07:06:33JadairaThe article said it was an ipod batter... but.. where can I get one of those... and does it really run for 24 hours?
07:07:10JadairaAny particular model?
07:07:14Jadairaprod id?
07:07:18psycho_maniacebay. use the model number on the wiki page to find the battery.
07:07:46Jadairacool :)
07:09:00psycho_maniacit shows the model number on the GigabeatBatteryUpgrade wiki page. hope thats the right page
07:09:58Jadairathat should roughly double the video time to like... 6 hours..
07:10:18psycho_maniaci could watch about 2 whole movies
07:10:48JadairaI watch anime often... anyone else use gigabeat for lots of video?
07:11:48psycho_maniacJadaira: are you wanting to do the battery upgrade? the battery i bought was less than 15 bucks and thats high pricing it.
07:12:04JadairaYeah.. im thinking of it. Why the hell not?
07:12:16JadairaNow I wont have to charge it for like 2 weeks at a time :P
07:12:46psycho_maniacif you didnt get the model number from the wiki page its this: CS-IPOD4HL
07:14:01Jadairaany idea why the capacity is so differnet?
07:14:35psycho_maniaci dont understand
07:15:00JadairaWhy is it that two liOn batteries (ipod and gigabeat) can be so different in capacity?
07:15:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:15:32JadairaThey are the same size.. so.. like.. maybe its that new nano-tech stuff theyve been using.
07:16:14JadairaOh.. question.. I bought my GBF40 used... and it creaks.. does yours do that?
07:16:58psycho_maniacyes but not very loud i actualllly have to listen hard to hear it.
07:17:32*Mouser_X watches about 1-1.25 hours of video on his Gigabeat daily.
07:17:45JadairaLunch break? ;)
07:17:47 Quit D47 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:18:03Mouser_XActually, it's closer to 1 hour. It's 2-3 20-22 minute shows.
07:18:24JadairaAnd how many days before a recharge?
07:19:28Mouser_XI have an 8 hour day. I to be able to have it last the whole day, I have to recharge it nightly. However, on one charge, it will last me (including videos) about 14-15 hours.
07:19:42Mouser_X*To be able to have last the whole day,
07:20:31psycho_maniaci think my battery might be bad. that is one reason why i wanted to do the upgrade
07:22:41Mouser_XThere's been times when I forgot to charge it the night before, and it dies about 1 or 2 hours before the end of the day. Thus, if I listened to it the day before (which would be about 8 hours), and it died 1-2 hours before the end of the day after (about 6-7 hours), that brings it to 14-15 hours. This includes watching about 1.75-2.25 hours of video.
07:23:25Mouser_X(1.75-2.25, being 2 days added up.)
07:25:28Mouser_XJadaira: Yes, on my lunch break.
07:26:00JadairaBattery bought :)
07:26:35JadairaThats about the performance I am getting Mouser_X
07:26:49psycho_maniaci had videos on my gigabeat but they were lost because i switched the hd in it.
07:27:16JadairaI wonder if you could put a SSD 1.8 drive in a GB
07:28:48Mouser_XI've never bothered watching a video that was long enough that it'd drain the battery. It'd be interesting to see how long it lasts though. Call me optimistic, but I'm thinking it'd be longer than 6 huors, considering that I can watch an hour + of video, and still have 13+ hours of runtime (excluding video time).
07:29:03Mouser_X*6 hours
07:31:47 Quit paperclip ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
07:32:01psycho_maniaccan you use the battery bench while playing a video?
07:32:15Jadairano.. cause the player is a plugin
07:32:23Jadairacant run two plugins at once :P
07:32:40psycho_maniacdang. i would really like to test that. though.
07:32:54JadairaUse a stopwatch? :P
07:33:37JadairaThe one thing I noticed.. was that with the new battery... the values for time left were totaly off..
07:33:44JadairaWould need to adjust those.
07:34:42psycho_maniacgot the link handy?
07:34:43JadairaWhats the capacity of the gigabeat battery? mines set at 2025 mAh
07:35:35psycho_maniacJadaira: 830mAh
07:35:48Jadairareally... no wonder my times are tottally wrong :P
07:36:49 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
07:37:52Mouser_XNico_P: I haven't tested myself, but HCS said that ADX playback still isn't working properly with backwords seeking.
07:38:06Mouser_XSpecifically, there are instances where it still doesn't loop.
07:38:31Mouser_XI mentioned it to lostlogic yesterday or so.
07:38:58JadairaAre you guys talking of the seek funkyness?
07:40:16Mouser_XJadaira: ADX is a looping format. For it to do so, it plays to the end of the file, then returns to somewhere near the beggining, and plays through again. However, with the MoB, the ADX that is at the end of the buffer is overwritten when new data is brought in. Thus, when it attempts to loop, it can't because its data is gone.
07:41:11Mouser_XI was hoping that when backwords seeking was fixed, that it'd fix ADX playback as well. However, HCS (who ported ADX support into Rockbox) says that it's still broken.
07:42:00JadairaYeah... Ive found that it does it even at the begining of a track at time
07:42:05Jadairatimes ^
07:45:26JadairaWell.. I thank everyone for their ideas about the opengl... and the help with the battery.. but its my bedtime. Talk to you all another time!
07:45:43psycho_maniacgood luck on the battery upgrade installation
07:46:31Mouser_XGood luck on the plugin. Sounds interesting.
07:47:14psycho_maniaccould one put a hd upgrade page on the wiki?
07:47:21 Part Jadaira
07:47:34Mouser_Xpsycho_maniac: Isn't there already one there?
07:48:19psycho_maniactheres one for hds over 137gbs i was thinking a page like the GigabeatBatteryUpgrade page but with a hard drive.
07:49:31psycho_maniaci only had help from Llorean i think for my hd upgrade. and had to find other instructions online
07:49:44FunkyELFare there any "contact list" type applications for rockbox?
07:51:40 Join OlivierBorowski [0] (
07:54:26psycho_maniacthe bad part is i could do a hd upgrade page but i already did it and that was a couple days ago. forgot to take pictures of my progress
07:58:24 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
08:00:03Mouser_Xpsycho_maniac: What's to stop you from doing it in reverse?
08:00:12Mouser_XOr, undoing it, and then doing it again?
08:00:55psycho_maniaci dont know. maybe ill do it again. when i do my battery upgrade also one step was to format it. but i can just show the screenshot of the info before i click "format"
08:02:17Mouser_XThat'd work.
08:02:34 Quit OlivierBorowski (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:02:35Mouser_XSo, how is it having an F80?
08:03:06Mouser_XI'm betting it's nice to have enough space to dump whatever you want on there, without having to worry about space (though, that won't last long).
08:03:42psycho_maniacim curious if i can put the program on the rockbox site. its only 84kb but its made by toshiba.
08:03:55psycho_maniacyeah but i already only have 30gbs free on it haha
08:04:18Mouser_XWhat program? The one you used to format the drive with?
08:06:11psycho_maniaccalled "gbformat.exe"
08:09:16psycho_maniacwell i have to go
08:09:18 Quit psycho_maniac (" bye")
08:09:20 Join ivan` [0] (n=ivan@unaffiliated/ivan/x-000001)
08:09:56 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:11:39 Join paperclip [0] (i=48cc9937@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:14:32 Quit ivan (Nick collision from services.)
08:14:39 Nick ivan` is now known as ivan (n=ivan@unaffiliated/ivan/x-000001)
08:25:32 Join qweru [0] (
08:26:33 Join Redbreva [0] (
08:28:54 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
08:30:19 Quit Redbreva ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
08:30:29 Quit axionix ("Lost terminal")
08:33:31 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:34:31amiconnBagder: ping
08:39:41 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:47:51*amiconn summons LinusN, Zagor or Bagder
08:51:49GodEater_I've told you people before. Summoning requires a small sacrifice and a ritualistic dance!
08:52:02 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:53:17*Mouser_X dances.
08:53:30Mouser_X(The potty dance...)
08:53:33*Mouser_X leaves.
08:54:42 Join ender` [0] (
08:54:45 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
08:59:30 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
08:59:48 Join LinusN [0] (i=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:00:00amiconnhi LinusN
09:00:11Mouser_Xamiconn: Your summoning powers seem to be a little slow.
09:00:44Mouser_XThat must be one *amazing* animation/summoning sequence...
09:00:49amiconnLinusN: One of the servers seems to have serious problems. There were several commits last night, but neither did they trigger a rebuild, nor show up on the frontpage :(
09:05:00 Join ddalton [0] (
09:05:01 Quit Mouser_X (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:05:53ddaltonrasher are you familiar with
09:07:50 Join axionix [0] (
09:07:58ddaltonLinusN: do you know?
09:09:25 Join petur [0] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:09:54LinusNnope, not a thing
09:10:06 Join Mouser_X [0] (n=mouser_x@
09:10:30ddaltonLinusN, ok. do you know how I can generate .talk clips then?
09:11:02LinusNnot really
09:11:28ddaltonLinusN, I see tools/gentalkclips was removed... was it?
09:11:34ddaltonor am I missing something?
09:12:12LinusNddalton: i know next to nothing about talk file generation
09:12:40ddaltonLinusN, ok thanks anyway. Do you know who I should ask?
09:13:22LinusNnot really...
09:13:49ddaltonLinusN, ok
09:14:13GodEater_ddalton: the dev mailing list perhaps ?
09:14:45 Join theli_ua [0] (n=theli@
09:14:48ddaltonGodEater_: ok I tried the users one but Ill try dev as well. Thanks
09:15:24*GodEater_ notices the name of a developer in the forums he's never heard of before
09:15:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:16:29*linuxstb can't notice anything in the forums at this time of day...
09:17:39GodEater_they've just died again =/
09:18:10pixelmasome here, always starting at around 9 (my time)
09:19:19*amiconn is annoyed by those repeated server problems :(
09:19:47amiconnThey always tend to happen when none of the 3 admins are around...
09:21:51amiconnlostlogic: The warnings are still unfixed...
09:22:40 Part ddalton
09:22:50*GodEater_ votes that amiconn gets made a server admin
09:23:22LinusNfixing these issues requires root access...
09:24:07pixelmaGodEater: you mean theli? He's the one that wrote zxbox...
09:24:58*pixelma needs some more coffee
09:26:11GodEater_pixelma: yes I did mean theli ;)
09:26:32GodEater_LinusN: "sudo"
09:29:32 Quit webguest37 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
09:29:47amiconnHmm. Not only are these Sansa "demo" images top-down (I just added top-down BMP handling) - they're also not exactly screen sized
09:30:06amiconn...which means they still can't be loaded
09:30:26amiconnThey are 176x224, instead of 176x220
09:31:49GodEater_does uninstalling an e200r involve e200rpatcher again ?
09:32:21pixelmainteresting that they took a different format for the e200, The c200 sample pictures are standard jpgs
09:33:25markunwhat kind of demo images?
09:33:50pixelmapictures that come with the original firmware
09:34:46linuxstbGodEater_: No, e200rpatcher doesn't have an uninstall option - all it does is patch 4 bytes in the original firmware bootloader to remove a signature check.
09:35:15linuxstbGodEater_: The actuall install on an e200r is done manually - i.e. copying the Rockbox bootloader mi4 to the device and performing a normal firmware upgrade.
09:35:27GodEater_this isn't detailed in the manual currently then ?
09:36:08linuxstbI guess not.
09:36:34GodEater_I'll leave that forum post for someone who knows what they're talking about then
09:38:10amiconnThe good thing is that top-down BMP handling adds just 16 bytes to SH1 binaries
09:39:04roxfandoes anyone have pinout of pp5020?
09:40:00LinusNok, there were not that many changes between the 32MB and 64MB models after all'
09:40:09LinusNin fact, only one
09:40:17 Join davina [0] (
09:40:33*GodEater_ tries to guess what it was
09:40:37LinusNthe 64MB model has a different charging circuit
09:41:02LinusNgiving more charge current
09:41:22GodEater_it's the same circuit between 5.5 and 5 ?
09:43:13LinusNthis came from disassembling the 5.5 ROM
09:43:39GodEater_you have the patience of a saint
09:44:03LinusNi'm working to find out how to enable the serial port
09:44:19LinusNstill no luck
09:45:30LinusNthere is code for a debugging tool over the serial port in the ROM, but i don't yet know how to enable it
09:46:33LinusNamiconn: is the oscillator exactly 24MHz on the video=
09:47:46amiconnAfaik it is. 24MHz is the standard oscillator on all PP targets
09:48:42 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
09:49:09LinusNlooks like the divider for the 16550 UART is a little wrong
09:49:37linuxstbLinusN: You're looking at the IPL kernel source?
09:50:10 Join homielowe [0] (
09:50:17linuxstbSo where is it wrong?
09:50:21LinusNunless divider == (register_value + 2)
09:52:15amiconnI didn't see +2 so far, but specifying dividers as (reg_value+1) seems to be common in the PP world
09:52:32 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Client Quit)
09:54:45 Quit ivan ("Coyote finally caught me")
09:55:15LinusNthey set the divider to 76 to get 19200 bps, but that gives 19736, it would have been better to use 78, which gives 19230
09:55:31 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-THREE-SIXTY-SEVEN.MIT.EDU)
09:55:56LinusNotoh, i hear that people sometimes have problems with 19200 when communicating with ipods
09:57:14amiconnWell, if the register value is 76 I'd expect the divider to be 77
09:59:13LinusNyea, which still isn't optimal
09:59:59LinusNthen it is 19480
10:02:10 Join pondlife [0] (n=Steve@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
10:04:05linuxstbLinusN: Sorry to distract you, but are you able to rename the WMA wiki page to SoundCodecWMA (to be consistent with other SoundCodec* pages) ?
10:04:19LinusNbien sr
10:04:48*petur congratulates LinusN on his french ;)
10:07:54 Quit homielowe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:10:41 Join stripwax [0] (
10:16:00jhMikeSamiconn: If I made no mistakes, it looks like r15655 is responsible for the battery issues on 3g. r15654 has no issue.
10:19:50amiconnjhMikeS: Very odd. This is the LCD speedup thing
10:20:02 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
10:20:13amiconnBut you can try to reintroduce the bits I left out because they didn't seem to do anything
10:20:45jhMikeSyeah...I used a good running build I know is compatible with all bootloaders at that point and binary searched the bootloaders.
10:21:00amiconnReplace the or'ed-in 0x0084 with 0x4085
10:21:21amiconn(i.e. set bits 0 and 14 additionally)
10:26:07 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
10:26:13jhMikeSusing the original line of code clears it up though
10:27:06amiconnOriginal code line?
10:27:31amiconnBefre my commit, we didn't touch LCD1_CONTROL on PP5002 apart from the backlight bit (bit 1)
10:28:14jhMikeS LCD1_CONTROL = (LCD1_CONTROL & ~0x1f00000) | 0x1700000;
10:28:14amiconnAnd I doubt that the lcd bridge speed setting influences battery reading directly
10:28:25amiconnThat line was for Mini 2nd Gen *only*
10:28:51jhMikeSah, well it works anyway. obviously it influences more than the lcd
10:29:06amiconn(Only the Mini 2nd Gen uses the bridge in serial mode)
10:29:38amiconnWell, I would not want to go back to pre-speedup lcd code. This is a factor of 2 on PP5002!
10:29:41jhMikeSI can't deny the result. It's a bootloader from latest SVN with only that line changed.
10:30:14jhMikeSprobably a bit that needs proper setting. I'm wouldn't be satisfied just reverting either.
10:30:20amiconnI think the problem is diffierent. The faster LCD might mess up the voltage reading as we might read earlier
10:31:53amiconnIt could also be something completely different
10:32:44amiconnIirc LinusN found that the ipod diag mode reads the battery voltage from ADCIN1 (?), while we're using BATVOLT (?)
10:32:50 Quit advcomp2019 (Connection reset by peer)
10:33:08LinusNthat is true
10:33:10amiconnThis might apply to all PCF-equipped ipods
10:33:16 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
10:34:11jhMikeSvoltage is read out normally
10:34:50jhMikeSbut the voltage read is tied to the disk
10:35:09amiconnYou said the battery readout problems also go away if you disable caching
10:35:29jhMikeSthat too
10:35:41 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
10:35:46amiconnThat would point towards timing problems (just reading too early with cache enabled and fast LCD setting)
10:37:01jhMikeSthe newer line clears alot of bits...leave the reg alone and I'll dump it
10:37:36amiconnThe LCD code sets the whole register except bit 1, which it keeps
10:37:53amiconnThat's the backlight bit, i.e. it keeps the backlight in the current state
10:38:42amiconnThe default register value on most targets using the mono bridge is 0x4687 or 0x4685 (backlight state dependent)
10:39:09amiconnThe register is only 16 bit on PP5002, and bit 15 is the "bridge busy" bit, i.e. read only
10:40:07amiconnBit 14 and bit 0 don't seem to do anything (and the PP502x greyscale ipods don't have them set).
10:40:32amiconnBits 10 and 9 set the bridge speed
10:40:43amiconn0b11 is slowest, 0b00 is fastest
10:40:55amiconnFor serial hookup, only bit 9 has an effect
10:41:41jhMikeSrecommend a udelay ?
10:42:32amiconnudelay where? why?
10:43:17amiconnChanging various other bits makes either display content disappear, or even freeze rockbox completely
10:44:11amiconnBit 2 is most probably lcd controller reset when the bridge is in bridge mode. It can also be used in controller mode, but no target I know of uses that. The mode is selected in DEV_EN
10:44:42jhMikeSWell, I'll find out. The effect is persistent in any case.
10:46:27jhMikeSLeaving something alone in the high byte stops the problem
10:48:00*pixelma still wonders why there are 2 "backlight" entries in the X5/M5 remote lcd settings (newer builds, r15841 has it, had an ooold simulator r14963 that didn't have it)
10:49:21amiconnjhMikeS: That sounds weird...
10:56:28amiconnAdding or removing the LCD1_CONTROL handling moves code up or down. Changing the constants might also do that on arm, because gcc might decide to either compose the values, or load them using ldr
10:57:05amiconnI think what you're seeing is the same caching issue that also seems to be responsible for the crashes
10:57:44amiconnDid you try the lcd speedup on a pre-Oct 16 build
11:01:34jhMikeSthe default reg value here is 0xc687
11:02:17jhMikeSit is on r15133
11:02:19amiconnThat's effectively 0x4687, or 0x4685, like I said
11:02:36jhMikeSI write in assemly then
11:02:39amiconnBit 15 changes dynamically
11:02:54 Quit Siku ()
11:03:02amiconnAnd bit 1 is the backlight bit, i.e. the backlight is on in your case
11:04:55 Quit Lynx_ (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC with a difference")
11:04:56 Join mrkiko [0] (
11:05:02mrkikoHi all!
11:05:18mrkikothe unique crashy place in rockbox is now the FM radio virtual keyboard...
11:05:31mrkikobut probaby it may be not my fault
11:05:56jhMikeSthe problem is 1) this is only the bootloader and is running in IRAM. 2) it's on every revision after that unlike the other problems.
11:07:19 Join atsea- [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-e9a01a070b04309d)
11:08:53jhMikeScould be bit-15 is different for reading over writing which wouldn't be unheard of
11:09:06 Quit linuxstb (Remote closed the connection)
11:09:57 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
11:12:00jhMikeSnope, using asm making sure the value is loader with ldr has the same results
11:12:54amiconnBut why would the lcd bridge influence battery readout, which is handled by the pcf on 3rd Gen and higher?
11:13:20 Join Crash91 [0] (n=evil91@
11:13:43jhMikeSwriting 0x686 to the register directly works fine
11:14:10jhMikeSdo I have datasheet or schematics? :)
11:15:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:15:40amiconnYeah, but 0x686 is slow
11:16:33jhMikeSis bridge speed a clock source select from the clocking setup?
11:16:43 Part dan_a
11:17:08 Quit atsea- (Remote closed the connection)
11:17:12 Part theli_ua
11:18:31amiconnI'm not sure.
11:19:40amiconnThe speed difference for the various bit combinations of bit 9 and 10 don't show a recognisable pattern
11:20:07pixelmawith one of tonight's commits there is 1 additional warning in the sims now
11:20:15amiconnBut I think the bridge is clocked from the core clock source, because changing that while the lcd is active makes it hang after some time
11:20:37jhMikeSIt hates anything but 0x6xx
11:20:46pixelmain wma.c
11:21:10amiconnjhMikeS: Then try to insert a delay before the first battery readout
11:21:45amiconnI'm quite sure you just see the effect of an early read
11:22:07jhMikeSearly in proximity to what?
11:22:18amiconnearly after power-on
11:23:09amiconnMay also be early after pcf init, whatever
11:24:14jhMikeSThen why when this is setup as you have, does the effect of the disk persist on the battery level (which it should not in the manner it does).
11:27:01 Quit Crash91 ("Bye Bye!")
11:29:25jhMikeSanywhere else besides the power thread I should insert a delay?
11:30:45preglowso, 1-3g behaving yet? :>
11:32:25LinusNbtw, the battery reading in the OF uses the ADCIN1 subtractor channel
11:32:37jhMikeSamiconn: ok, I'll give that one. the delay helps for sure whereas not delaying had lasting effects.
11:33:42jhMikeSpreglow: perhaps bit by bit :)
11:35:25*jhMikeS thinks that the threads just get going too fast nowadays ;)
11:36:53amiconnDelaying the first battery read a bit might be a good idea on all targets
11:40:13jhMikeSThe one I threw in was ridiculous
11:42:03jhMikeSsleep(HZ/100) seems more than enough and guarantees at least a ticks worth
11:42:09jhMikeSit works
11:46:05jhMikeSthe compensation on my batt at least seems a bit under though...quite a bit of rise after startup. I don't think the battery is very healthy anyhow.
11:51:29jhMikeSthat reminds me, I'd better double check with the low batt shutdown reenabled :)
11:56:21jhMikeSthat's committed
11:56:34 Quit Toki (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:02:29jhMikeSthere is the case that timeout blocked threads explicitly woken will run within micoseconds instead of having to wait out ticks so some hidden delays may be gone
12:02:38 Join Toki [0] (
12:03:55 Nick BilleiumzZz is now known as billenium (
12:08:22*jhMikeS wonders when #define TARGET_TREE will be unnsecessary
12:11:25 Join MethoS- [0] (
12:15:09jhMikeSSPC next track info is borked :\
12:15:15 Quit Xerion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:16:14jhMikeSor wait, that wasn't changed yet? head's been in the sand lately
12:21:25 Join Xerion [0] (
12:26:34 Join lee-qid [0] (
12:27:05 Join desowin [0] (
12:27:26 Join Nico_P [0] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:28:52 Quit MethoS- (Remote closed the connection)
12:29:45preglowjhMikeS: hcs hasn't fixed metadata handling yet
12:30:49jhMikeSIt's just that I observed something I haven't seen before
12:31:54 Join MethoS- [0] (
12:36:10 Join stewball`ghost [0] (n=WTFOMGBB@
12:40:54 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
12:44:26 Join homielowe [0] (
12:46:16 Join moos [0] (
12:55:23 Join MethoS-- [0] (
13:02:39 Quit CaptainSquid (Remote closed the connection)
13:06:47 Join atsea- [0] (i=atsea-@gateway/tor/x-0e3d91855fc403c2)
13:11:43 Quit homielowe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:12:25 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:15:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:18:31 Quit Mathiasdm ("Ik ga weg")
13:18:43 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
13:19:30 Quit Mathiasdm (Client Quit)
13:21:03 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
13:21:29 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
13:21:37 Join Mathiasdm2 [0] (
13:22:40 Quit Mathiasdm2 (Client Quit)
13:24:03 Quit MethoS-- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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13:34:38 Quit mrkiko (Remote closed the connection)
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14:16:33linuxstbscorche, Soap__ : Any idea what the problem is with ? It's now giving a 404...
14:17:18Soap__yea - redbreva needs to change some things - he tried a bad fix.
14:19:41 Quit shodanX (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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14:43:35 Part pixelma
14:52:31GodEater_where *has* the ipod classic thread gone from the new ports forum ?
14:52:46GodEater_it's all very well keep telling people to search, but if the main thread has disappeared - it won't help them much
14:55:18 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
14:55:27LinusNGodEater: seems to be this one:
14:56:33 Join Arathis [0] (
14:57:07LinusNi don't see an ipod classic thread in the "new ports" forum...
15:04:52 Join Thundercloud [0] (
15:05:29linuxstbThere's one here -
15:08:53 Quit J3TC- (".UPP.")
15:11:59LinusNlinuxstb: informative thread indeed :-)
15:13:12 Join J3TC- [0] (
15:14:03linuxstbIndeed... Although probably just as informative as any other...
15:14:17 Join MethoS- [0] (
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15:58:13 Join AEX [0] (i=50b26b19@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:59:33AEXhow can i check in which version the buttons have been changed?
16:01:48LinusNif so, you can see it here:
16:02:12Rincewindfor sansa, the relevant revision is r15461
16:02:50 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
16:05:17bobruleswho's Jens Arnold?
16:05:26bobrulesthanks for looking into the bmp problem
16:07:24 Quit AEX ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
16:09:09 Join scorche|w [0] (n=42c007b2@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
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18:06:24 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- IRC for those that like to be different")
18:06:55 Part linuxstb ("Leaving")
18:07:37 Join webguest30 [0] (i=5b135608@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:09:06webguest30Hi to all German speaking Rockboxers. It seems someone is trying to sell rockbox at Ebay. Start price is 1,99 €, p&p 2,99 €. Look for the article named "Aufrüstung für mp3 Player. Mehr Funktionen + Programme"
18:11:05 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
18:11:25Tuplanollawebguest30: i think you should report it to ebay
18:12:25LloreanRockbox is GPLed. Anyone's free to sell copies of Rockbox preinstalled on players as long as they comply with the license and provide the source or make the source available upon request.
18:13:02*Domonoky sees no mention of GPL in the auktion txt ..
18:13:37LloreanDomonoky: I don't think it'd explicitly have to be in the auction text.
18:14:38scorche|wwell, there was an instance before of someone selling rockbox on ebay as his own product, no license, etc
18:14:52LloreanThat's problematic, of course
18:14:57*Domonoky also sees no mention of the name rockbox..
18:15:06*scorche|w doesnt either
18:15:40LloreanAgain though, the name Rockbox doesn't need to be mentioned
18:15:48LloreanHe can even rename it if he wants, the GPL doesn't say anything about that.
18:16:16Domonokyand when does he need to provide the source? only if i buy ?
18:16:27LloreanPretty much.
18:16:33scorche|wwell, i know that, but it leads me to wonder if he is claiming it all as his own work
18:16:35LloreanHe hasn't distributed the program to you until you buy it.
18:16:54LloreanAnd the GPL specifies that if you distribute it, then you must provide the source upon request.
18:16:58LloreanAt least, if I understand correctly
18:17:26LloreanI would suggest perhaps an email asking him about the software. Just "What is this software? Did you make it? What does it do? Can you tell me more about it before I buy?" or something
18:17:58*Domonoky will send a message .. :-)
18:17:59 Quit zicho (Remote closed the connection)
18:18:00scorche|whaha: Darüberhinaus benötigen Sie zur Installation der Software einen PC mit Windowsbetriebssystem.
18:18:26webguest30The GPL preamble reads: "Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and *charge* for this service if you wish),"
18:18:36scorche|wDomonoky: if you wish, i can send you what i did for the other ebay person
18:18:39LloreanThe keymapping on the c200 isn't bad, but the volume controls are exactly the opposite of what I expected.
18:19:00scorche|wwebguest30: charging for it isnt the issue, as we is attribution and licensing
18:19:34 Join zicho [0] (
18:22:06webguest30Ebay doesn't allow selling software on recordable media such as CD-R's. He surely has to use those. But as he doesn't mention anything about that, Ebay will not act in any way.
18:23:41*Domonoky has sent a message, we will see what he says :-)
18:24:44paperclipwhat about electronic transfer of the files... and as far as source goes.. couldn't he provide a link to upon request and be reasonably compliant?
18:24:54Galoisno, he can't provide a link to rockbox
18:25:08paperclipa link to his own server?
18:25:14Galoisthe GPL specifies three compliant ways to distribute the source
18:25:22Galois2a) include the source with the program
18:25:22Lloreanpaperclip: If he's distributing the software *he* must distribute the source. This is because our site isn't guaranteed to always be around, and he's the one providing the copy of the program
18:25:36Galois2b) include an offer to distribute the source later
18:25:47Galois2c) provide a link to another source like
18:25:57Galois2c) is only valid for noncommercial distribution, so he can't use that
18:26:15Galois2b), interestingly, requires the source to be distributed to ANYONE
18:26:23Galoisnot just the person who originally received the program
18:26:33paperclipahh.. so he could also charge a "reasonable fee" for the media
18:26:48Galoisyes, he could charge a reasonable fee. If he did that, then he would have to open the offer up to anyone
18:27:05Galoisotherwise, he can include the source with the program at the point of sale
18:27:09Galoisthen he doesn't have to do anything else
18:27:26 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
18:27:51paperclipmost people would be like WTF is all this crap on my cd..
18:28:17Galoisoops, I screwed up the section number. All my 2's should be 3's.
18:31:47 Quit joshin ("Gotta stop the kids from rioting")
18:34:01 Quit pondlife ("Read error: 110 (Connection slimed out)")
18:34:28LloreanjhMikeS: Is there a relatively easy fix for these constant "Start Code" errors in mpegplayer, or is that going to be dependent on your larger rework?
18:40:43LearI think the e200 mapping is a little backwards too. At least the volume in the WPS...
18:41:04 Join joshin [0] (n=josh@unaffiliated/joshin)
18:41:45 Quit austriancoder (Remote closed the connection)
18:41:52 Join austriancoder [0] (n=austrian@
18:42:58 Join bertrik [0] (
18:43:10 Join DerPapst [0] (
18:43:12 Quit jhulst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43:26 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
18:44:27DerPapstLear: the volume control on e200 in the WPS is good as it is. clockwise -> volume + ; counterclockwise -> volume -
18:47:14LloreanLear: The problem with the c200 is that I think of the screen as "Up" from the controls when it's in my pocket. But they've decided "Right" is volume up, and "Left" is down, whereas I think "Left" relative to the screen is "Up" when in my pocket. It's entirely personal preference though, not something I'd change.
18:47:22LloreanThe keymapping in the WPS is a little odd feeling though
18:47:51LloreanThough, when hanging from the lanyard bit, again "Down" would be up, and "Up" would be down for volume. Hm. =/ But it's the way they have their controls
18:48:09LloreanLear: What's wrong with the e200 volume control?
18:48:34LloreanIt's the same as the direction you'd turn a dial on a stereo, for example
18:48:44 Quit webguest30 ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
18:49:49 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
18:49:50bobrulese200 mapping is great what'the problem?
18:51:35 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
18:52:11 Join BigBambi [0] (n=alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
18:52:57DerPapstthe only thing where i'm not 100% happy with the e200 keymapping is that you can't cancle a setting screen with 'down' but only with 'left' and controls of some plugins
18:53:23LloreanDerPapst: Why should down be cancel?
18:54:38DerPapstdunno. but if i want to leave the screen i always press down and not left. in a setting screen 'down' button isn't mapped anyways iirc
18:54:41 Join sdcarter [0] (
18:54:51 Quit Rincewind ("bye")
18:55:09LloreanDerPapst: I'm not sure what settings screen uses as a context.
18:55:29LloreanBut it sounds like something that could be fixed. Does the power button work as cancel?
18:56:18DerPapste.g. settings > Sound Settings > Volume there you can't use down to cancel. but menu works
18:57:03DerPapstbut in other menus 'menu' stops playback. so until you suggested to test 'menu' i would have never expected this behaviour.
18:57:09LloreanWhy does *everyone* call it "Menu" when "Power" is a good deal more accurate, since that label's actually *on* it, and that's the one function of it we can't change.
18:57:47bobrulesyou'll get use to it really fast
18:57:59DerPapstbelow my powerbutton it says "menu" that's why i called it menu :S
18:58:05LloreanBut ON it, it says Power.
18:58:17LloreanOr shows the power logo, rather
18:58:33LloreanAnyway, what exactly gives you the expectation that the button that functions as "Menu" in Rockbox would cancel?
18:58:53 Join barrywardell [0] (
18:59:21DerPapstyeah... but i don't see why this is a problem when i call it menu. i'll try to call it power from now on.
18:59:40LloreanWell, it's a problem because there's two "Menu"-like buttons
18:59:48DerPapstyep ;)
19:00:04 Join linuxstb [0] (
19:00:04DerPapstwhats why i said down... but whatever ;)
19:00:15LloreanYes, but "Down" and "Power" keeps it explicit
19:00:27Llorean"Menu" could mean "The button that says menu" or "The button that does menu"
19:00:38DerPapstok. i'll call them like that from now on.
19:01:02LloreanBut again, what leads to the expectation that Down would cancel? It could be fixed, but it's possible that the fix could clash elsewhere, and I'd like to explore where the expectation comes from first.
19:01:11 Quit sdcarter ("See Ya!")
19:01:26 Join sdcarter [0] (
19:02:00 Quit sdcarter (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:19DerPapstanyways... if i click on Volume in Sound Settings it feels like getting a menu structure deeper. and if i want to go une level up i would press 'down' and expect it to cancel
19:03:10LloreanBut Down invokes or de-invokes the whole menu... it doesn't go up one level anywhere else in the menu structure, does it?
19:03:13DerPapstif i want to use the selected setting press 'center' which does already work like that
19:03:29bertrikmmmm, press down to go up ?
19:03:54LloreanIf anything, I'd expect it to not only cancel, but take you to the "Main" menu, rather than simply going up one level
19:04:07DerPapstLlorean: correct... that's something else i'm not used to yet.
19:04:16bobrulesdoes WinFF support flash video?
19:04:36LloreanDerPapst: What exactly are you comparing it to then. I thought you were a Rockbox user previously.
19:04:41Lloreanbobrules: As an input, yes.
19:04:47bobrulesok thanks
19:05:11 Join sdcarter [0] (
19:05:20DerPapstLlorean: probably because of the iPods OF and iPodLinux that works like that
19:05:52LloreanYes, the fact that the "Menu" button on the iPod is actually a "Back" button seems really counterintuitive to me.
19:06:14linuxstbAs well as left/right not navigating up and down the menu structure...
19:06:15LloreanAnd in fact, everyone I know personally with an iPod has told me that frustrated them the first few minutes they used their iPod. :)
19:06:24DerPapsti think it depends from what you grow up with. :P
19:07:12 Quit weezerle ("...und tschüss!")
19:07:13DerPapstfor me menu was always back and anything else feels... strange. ;)
19:07:43DerPapstbut i'll get used to that too when time comes
19:07:47LloreanThe c200 has unassigned buttons, *and* features (Quick Menu) that apparently haven't been assigned a button at all.
19:07:48*Llorean is baffled
19:08:01linuxstbLlorean: Do you have a c200 now?
19:08:06LearDerPapst: I just feel down (as in cursor down on screen) should decrease the volume. I always need to think twice before changing volume, and that's no good... :)
19:08:27DerPapstLear: heh
19:08:42Lloreanlinuxstb: Yes, arrived yesterday at the office, but nobody told me. I just discovered it by checking the shipping tracking and seeing "Delivered"
19:09:28LloreanLear: Unfortunately "Down in the list" is also clockwise, while every volume nob everywhere, "Clockwise" is up. Maybe blame apple for deciding clockwise was down in a list. :)
19:10:39DerPapstLlorean: but assigning down as cancel in this kind of menus would be unwanted in the official rockbox builds i guess?
19:10:47Lloreanlinuxstb: Woot was selling them for $16, and at that price I could justify it as "a very small radio with a USB rechargeable battery" even.
19:10:52linuxstbSoap, scorche : Do you know if redbreva needs help fixing the redirects on I see the 404 is gone, but it's still redirecting to the home page...
19:11:12 Join DaCapn [0] (
19:11:12LloreanDerPapst: I'm looking into it. If it's going to be assigned, it'd probably be "Cancel & Main Menu" since there's a push to make the menu button always take you to the main menu.
19:11:44LloreanDerPapst: I'm not entirely sure what context those screens though, and by "I'm looking into it" I really mean "I'll try to get around to it." :)
19:12:28DerPapstLlorean: then better keep it as it is and i'm trying to figure out where to change this myself then ;)
19:12:50scorche|wlinuxstb: not sure...i have been mainly focused on the new site/server and letting them deal with the old one (while i still answer a few questions they have)
19:13:10LloreanDerPapst: My guess would be to edit apps/keymaps/keymap-e200.c, look for wherever BUTTON_POWER is used as ACTION_STD_CANCEL along with the ACTION_SETTINGS_ stuff, I think.
19:13:32LloreanJust duplicate the ACTION_STD_CANCEL a second time, with BUTTON_DOWN, and I'd *guess* that'll do it
19:13:33DerPapstLlorean: but while talking about button changes... have you seen the patch for 2 plugins i made about 3 days ago?
19:13:43DerPapstLlorean: thanks :)
19:13:46LloreanDerPapst: I've seen it, haven't _looked_ at it though. :)
19:14:03LloreanThe scrollwheel in plugins one, that is?
19:14:39DerPapstit's a small one. it doesn't cahnge the existing layout at all. just adds the scrollwheel.
19:14:58Lloreanlinuxstb: Unfortunately my c200 is slightly faulty. =/ The headphone jack is loose is all, probably quite fixable if I open 'er up
19:15:19DerPapstLlorean: yes. only in jewels and flipit.
19:15:38DerPapstLlorean: but i think about adding it to orthello too.
19:15:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:16:06LloreanDerPapst: Remind me in a few days (I've a very busy weekend coming up) and I'll test and see about commit if nobody else gets to it first.
19:16:24DerPapstno problem
19:16:54DerPapsttake your time. there not big and important patches anyways ;)
19:17:14LloreanYeah, but it's not nice to leave things sitting in the tracker that can actually be cleaned up. :)
19:18:22DerPapstyep. i don't want to see them rotting there either ;)
19:18:39 Quit Domonoky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:19:23linuxstbBTW, has anyone tried the "Case Game" plugin? It seems to be approaching the stage where it could be committed - i.e. supporting all possible targets.
19:20:39LloreanCase Game?
19:20:46*Llorean must've missed that one entirely
19:23:40LloreanI wish flyspray had some method for tracking multiple targets that a patch worked on.
19:24:59 Join Redbreva [0] (
19:25:22 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
19:30:34 Join Alonea [0] (n=chatzill@
19:32:44 Join evilr00t [0] (
19:33:00DerPapstanybody knows how the backspace define is called in SDL?
19:33:59DerPapstnvm... SDLK_BACKSPACE :P
19:38:29 Quit Alonea ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
19:39:21paperclipLlorean: you got the c200 with the loose jack from woot? I just got two units yesterday.. but odly I only ordered one..
19:39:43DerPapstheh cool
19:40:56paperclipI bricked one pretty good last night.. it had a corrupt filesystem so i figured I'd just format it and copy the contents of the other one back onto it..
19:41:17paperclipon second thought fdisk might have been a better idea..
19:41:29 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:42:08 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:42:11paperclipe200tool can put the boot rom on .. and then when it boots and linux attempts to mount it things get whacky
19:48:17PaulJamdoes the H10 use the same remote control like the H300/H100?
19:48:36 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
19:49:41 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
19:49:47 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:51:10 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
19:51:52 Quit austriancoder (Remote closed the connection)
19:53:45barrywardellPaulJam: no, they aren't compatible
19:54:33 Quit Thundercloud_ (Remote closed the connection)
19:54:45PaulJamthank you.
19:54:59 Join Thundercloud [0] (
19:55:11PaulJam(even though this was not the answer i was hoping for)
19:55:53 Join moos [0] (
19:56:02lostlogicgcc is a retard sometimes.
19:58:24Nico_Plostlogic: I think I made the same mistake earlier
19:59:17Nico_PI do agree your original code feels more logical
19:59:33 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:00:48 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:07:08 Join webguest60 [0] (i=57455a8f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:07:18 Quit webguest60 (Client Quit)
20:08:19lostlogicand it's not wrong, it's a GCC warning trying to detect something that _could_ cause incorrect code generation, but the situation isn't actually one that will cause incorrect code afaics
20:08:32 Join lazka [0] (n=lazka@
20:11:36 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
20:12:36 Join e2b [0] (
20:13:56e2bi have a problem with the rockbox utility software under ubuntu linux. the program says the web connecton is bad. but some files it can load
20:14:41linuxstbAre you trying to download themes?
20:14:53scorche|wif it is in regards to themes, then yes we know there is an issue
20:18:50 Join jac0b-work [0] (n=jac0b-wo@
20:18:55 Part jac0b-work
20:20:44e2boh, the other things are ok
20:21:06scorche| is just the themes
20:21:48 Join jac0b-work [0] (n=jac0b-wo@
20:21:57jac0b-workwhat is the gigabeat channel
20:22:38jac0b-workthank you
20:22:45 Part jac0b-work
20:25:45 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
20:28:36 Join evilr01t [0] (
20:28:50 Quit evilr00t (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:51 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
20:29:03 Nick evilr01t is now known as evilr00t (
20:29:34 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:29:38 Quit linuxstb ("Leaving")
20:30:30pixelmaLlorean: just read your comment about the buttons on c200 - I know however it's not easy to come up with a logical assignment (and without conflicts) :\
20:33:45pixelmathe volume is the same way as in the original firmware (if I remember correctly) and I never had a problem getting used to it
20:33:53 Join linuxstb [0] (n=chatzill@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:34:21 Join Chronon [0] (
20:46:59 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
20:49:34 Quit ompaul (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:50:43pixelmasaratoga's "fix yellow" was only halfway successful - still a warning (a bit different) on 64-bit systems
20:51:24 Quit jhulst ("Konversation terminated!")
20:53:07 Join Thundercloud [0] (
20:55:40 Quit e2b ("Verlassend")
20:57:51Lloreanpixelma: Yeah, I wouldn't change the volume. I just can't help but think of it as "Up/Down" with Up being left, for some reason
20:58:55LloreanHonestly, if the buttons weren't labeled at all, I think I could come up with a great keymap for the c200. In the interest of respecting the button labels though, it's quite a good deal harder. :) I think there may a be a few changes (context menu on long-select in the WPS, and adding the quickscreen back in, stuff like that) that can be done safely though.
20:59:09linuxstbpixelma: Fix committed for wma.c (I hope...)
20:59:14pixelmaI would agree if it was a list, but for volume I had no problem with it
21:01:32LloreanI'm just used to the gigabeat volume is all. As I said, it's merely a matter of preference.
21:01:36pixelmaLlorean: the quickscreen is there (but only in the wps) - I don't really miss it. I would have no idea where to put it if I even can't come up with a proper "resume" button (which is my biggest gripe with it). In my personal build I made "volume up" resume and "volume down" stop in the list/menu but it feels kind of hackish
21:01:54Lloreanpixelma: What button is it on in the WPS then? Is it long context menu?
21:02:16Lloreanpixelma: I was *just* about to say that if it were my choice, I'd get rid of the volume buttons entirely outside the WPS, and use them for other things
21:02:19evilr00t(PP clock scaling question) what does DEV_TIMING1 do? does it adjust RAM timings?
21:02:35 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-THREE-SIXTY-SEVEN.MIT.EDU)
21:02:43LloreanThough personally, I'd make the volume buttons move in the list so that we can respect the labels on all the other buttons.
21:02:47pixelmaI seldom use it, would have to look it up (and my c200 is charging at the moment, battery was completely flat)
21:03:11LloreanI'd really like to at least move context menu back to long-select, so that it's the same everywhere.
21:03:42LloreanBut I do admit, the physical button layout is a bit problematic
21:04:47pixelmaLlorean: I thought about volume up/down as up/down in the list too but somehow I think it wouldn't feel right because there is some kind of button "cross" and - the biggest problem I have with this idea is that you probably *need* to control it with both hands
21:05:23pixelmaI do in most cases but not when wearing it around my neck
21:06:06 Quit obo (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:06:36LloreanIt's really just kinda awkward.
21:07:08 Join Siku [0] (
21:07:59 Quit w0rd54 (Client Quit)
21:08:42 Join w0rd54 [0] (
21:10:58 Join Tavnos [0] (
21:11:08pixelmaLlorean: the virtual keyboard is kinda weird too, I already made 2 other versions but I'm not very pleased with either of them. Maybe I should still file a patch just to get the discussion going. The other possibility to make button assignments easier there would be to enabled line edit mode but I always thought it's a waste because actually you have a lot of buttons :\
21:12:39pixelmaquickscreen is "long down (submenu)" by the way
21:13:21pixelmain the WPS. I just looked it up in the code
21:15:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:15:54pixelmalinuxstb: thanks, and sorry for the delay :)
21:16:10 Join homielowe [0] (
21:16:19linuxstbpixelma: No problem - well spotted! It's getting hard to see real warnings nowadays...
21:16:31 Join merbanan [0] (n=banan@
21:21:36DerPapstlinuxstb: the case game is good on e200. haven't tested on ipod yet. have to fix my firmware partition first. i srcewed it up with abusing ipodpatcher :P
21:22:47linuxstbDerPapst: So you think it's commit-worthy? (in principle)
21:23:10DerPapsti like it :)
21:24:30 Join karashata [0] (n=karashat@
21:25:08pixelmaI'm off for another hour or so, ttyl
21:25:16 Part pixelma
21:25:30DerPapsta quick question about ipodpatcher... if you install a bootloader the first time it moves all kinds of images around (osos aupd rsrc). does it move the images depending on the size of the loader?
21:26:07DerPapstso if you install a bigger one you might corrupt e.g. the rsrc image on video iPods?
21:26:43LloreanWouldn't it have to be awful big to use up the firmware partition?
21:27:23DerPapstyou can use up the entire partition anyways.. that the loader shouldn't exceed iram size iirc
21:29:28DerPapstbut if the bootloader is (as example) 50kb in size and you install a new one with say 70kb... might it be possible that ipodpatcher overwrites an image because in the first time installation it made place for ~55kb loader?
21:30:07 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
21:30:34DerPapstiirc i saw a comment in ipodpatchers source code that mentiones a not yet implemented function that checks how much space is available to install the loader on the fw partition
21:31:02Lloreanlinuxstb_: Any idea about DerPapst's question?
21:37:48bobruleswhen I'm playing a mpg why do I see a lot of moving black spots?
21:38:10 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
21:38:22linuxstb_DerPapst: Yes, it should deal with installing bootloaders of different sizes.
21:38:32 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
21:38:47 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=chatzill@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:39:50DerPapstso if the loader gets bigger ipodpatcher should ajust the location of the images in order to not corrupt them?
21:40:13LearHe, that was a new one.. Ubuntu insisted on the installation CD in order to install libsdl-dev...
21:40:15DerPapste.g. installing rockbox loader and then loader 2 should work?
21:40:40DerPapstLear: uh....
21:41:35linuxstbDerPapst: Yes.
21:42:08DerPapstmhh.. the i wonder why my rsrc image is broken...
21:42:17 Join Buschel [0] (
21:42:21linuxstbDerPapst: The Rockbox bootloader can change in size with different releases (normally increasing in size slightly), so I would have hoped that would work...
21:43:39DerPapstwe are going to add some usabillity features to Loader 2 (to mae everything easier) but it hadn't such a big impact on size either
21:45:03DerPapsti updated rockbox in the same process and my backlight was foobar. but before i came here to complain i wanted to make sure it's not a loader 2 problem. so i installed the rb bootloader and the problem stayed.
21:45:14 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
21:45:22 Join amiconn [0] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
21:45:42linuxstbRockbox's backlight handling has changed recently on the 5g/Nano - it now uses the hardware backlight brightness setting.
21:45:46DerPapstso reinstalled the loader 2 test version and switched my ipod off. and next day the OF refused to read the itunesDB which indocates a corrupt rsrc image..
21:46:15DerPapstlinuxstb: yep i know. my build was before amiconn's changes
21:47:32linuxstbIf you can find a reliable way to recreate it, let me know and I'll investigate. I've just looked at the source, and ipodpatcher _should_ be taking care of that situation, but obviously there could be bugs.
21:47:36*DerPapst + speing == bad
21:47:58 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
21:47:59DerPapstlinuxstb: ok thanks.
21:48:07DerPapsti'll test that.
21:48:43linuxstbHave you looked at your firmware partition to see if it's definitely corrupt? Using ipod_fw/make_fw to extract the rsrc image could help.
21:49:28DerPapstnope. haven't done that yet. but isn't there a problem with ipod_fw and 5.5G iPods anyways?
21:50:10linuxstbAh yes...
21:50:36DerPapstheh... :) but maybe image extraction works ;)
21:51:22linuxstbIs make_fw still being maintained. I've been thinking of removing ipod_fw from the Rockbox SVN, as I can't think of a use for it with Rockbox any more...
21:51:28 Join Buschel_ [0] (
21:52:00DerPapstactually the iPL-Project switched over to ipodpatcher too.
21:52:07DerPapsti guess you can remove it.
21:52:29DerPapstwe will have a copy of it in our svn anyways.
21:52:48DerPapstsince ipodpatcher cannot install ipodloader1
21:53:02 Join [fab] [0] (
22:01:16 Join einhirn_ [0] (
22:02:15 Quit Buschel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:07:31 Quit nicktastic ("*poof*")
22:09:22 Quit Buschel_ ()
22:17:51 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
22:18:33 Quit homielowe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:55 Quit Siku ()
22:23:02toffe82try a search of rockbox here , no problem with rockbox but no more privacy for other chanel
22:23:27 Join kugel [0] (i=kugel@unaffiliated/kugel)
22:23:32 Join _w0rd54 [0] (
22:25:10toffe82you can search by nick name too
22:26:19amiconnlostlogic: You coul dhave solved the warning in a less cumbersome way afaics
22:27:24 Quit desowin ("use linux")
22:27:45RedbrevaI think rbutil should be able to download themes again now...
22:28:11Redbrevatested with .3.2.6
22:34:03 Join pixelma [0] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:34:18 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:35:25 Quit moos ("ciao ciao")
22:36:48 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:38:21amiconnHmm, that idea didn't work...
22:47:03 Join andrew___ [0] (
22:48:48 Quit w0rd54 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:49:12 Quit Redbreva ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
22:56:54 Join Alonea [0] (n=chatzill@
22:57:45 Quit Mathiasdm ("Ik ga weg")
22:58:47 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:02:19 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
23:04:48 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:08:08 Join linuxstb_ [0] (
23:08:13 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (
23:11:05 Quit [fab] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:16:54 Quit tedrock (Client Quit)
23:17:21 Join bagawk_ [0] (
23:17:57 Join roolku [0] (
23:21:39 Quit Alonea ("ChatZilla 0.9.79 [Firefox]")
23:25:24 Join D|STORT|ON [0] (n=Mrfelche@
23:25:32 Join rayjgu3 [0] (
23:29:59lostlogicamiconn: I trued a few other ways to no avail, I"m definitely open to better solutions.
23:30:59 Quit merbanan ("Leaving")
23:31:02 Quit bagawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:31:34 Quit Kohlrabi ("leaving")
23:32:19amiconnI thought it would be possible to cast first and then take the address. But trying that -> error: invalid lvalue in unary `&'
23:35:43amiconnpreglow: As you asked yesterday or so - speex is realtime in all modes on PP5002
23:35:51 Join jhMikeS [0] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:35:59amiconnCurrent 1st/2nd Gen build is working, so I was able to test :/
23:36:16amiconnspeex uwb -q8 vbr is 208% realtime
23:37:15 Join TopD [0] (i=57455a8f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:38:20TopDis it possible to change keys in sana e 200 device?
23:38:40jhMikeSLlorean: not an easy way to fix them but they are fixed in what I'm working on (but getting delayed on). It's due to a complete lack of error tolerance on the parser's part.
23:39:52 Quit TopD (Client Quit)
23:40:00LloreanjhMikeS: I was just curious if they were fixable without all the other work or not, since apparently I'm running into them a lot now. =/
23:40:39evilr00t(PP clock scaling question) what does DEV_TIMING1 do? does it adjust RAM timings?
23:41:03jhMikeSLlorean: I have test videos about half which don't even play without updating the parser.
23:41:04evilr00t(asked again now that people who might know are around)
23:42:29jhMikeSDEV_TIMING1 isn't actually DEV_TIMING1, it's STRAP_OPT_A (there's an error in the header (my fault))
23:42:31amiconnjhMikeS: Did you find anything new regarding the PP5002 instability
23:42:45 Quit davina (Remote closed the connection)
23:42:55lostlogicamiconn: yeah, that's one of the things I'd tried. *mutters about compilers*
23:42:56jhMikeSamiconn: was going to get to comparing the two trivially different builds soon
23:43:03amiconnI looks completely like something alignment dependent
23:43:40jhMikeSIt's still cache dependent. I never have any crash with cache off no matter what changes I make.
23:43:48amiconnThe last 2 builds I tried (some revision 2 days ago and yesterday) crashed on both cores. A fresh build is stable...
23:43:52pixelmaLlorean: what would be really really nice - if you could write the description of the c200 for the blind in the manual. I couldn't find a nice way to describe it... :)
23:44:32jhMikeSamiconn: one key thing is that delaying enabling the cache simple delays the crash :\
23:44:59amiconnSo loading the binary can't be the problem
23:45:15amiconnMaybe cache lines are longer on PP5002?
23:45:34jhMikeSI can delay it all the way to after the menu inits
23:45:43amiconnBut why do single core builds also crash?
23:45:46jhMikeSThey don't seem to be
23:46:27jhMikeSCan't answer that since letting the COP never wake up out of crt0-pp.S still acts identically.
23:47:40jhMikeSThat means it never even gets to cop_main, that's 100% single core...all the same result.
23:47:57amiconnWe don't do dma, do we?
23:48:16jhMikeSnone that I'm aware of.
23:48:17Lloreanpixelma: Remind me after the weekend and I'll do my best. :)
23:48:26amiconnMy, aac is quite inefficient on PP5002 :|
23:48:37pixelmaLlorean: I'll try to :)
23:48:44amiconn128kbps aac is just 125% realtime
23:49:02 Join [fab] [0] (
23:49:29jhMikeSACC is quite efficient on PP502x OTOH
23:49:45 Quit [fab] (Remote closed the connection)
23:50:01jhMikeSnix that...just got in...confusing with WMA :p
23:50:44amiconnMy only wma file is 151% realtime on PP5002
23:56:12amiconnSame files on PP5022: aac 184%, wma 217%
23:58:56LloreanThe aac codec is also just huge.

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