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#rockbox log for 2008-01-17

00:00:00*JdGordon|w 's sansa seems to have a metalica fetish atm :p
00:00:09BigBambiwebguest90: It is fine, but a little hard to understand
00:00:16BigBambiJacobDude: To the wiki?
00:00:29BigBambiWhat is your wiki name?
00:00:42BigBambiDude is your surname?
00:01:00BigBambiYour real name is Jacob Dude?
00:01:07JacobDudeno -_-
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00:01:12JacobDudejacob is real first
00:01:22BigBambiWell, if you read the wiki, you are required to use your real name
00:01:25JdGordon|wsimple asnwer was "yes"
00:01:30webguest90my OF makes strange things... pushing up the volume to max, without pressing a button, navigation-stick does nothing an the power-button doesnt work, only can shut down the player by resetting
00:01:35JacobDudeoh fine...
00:01:37BigBambiJdGordon: I wouldn't have believed him
00:02:02idnarBigBambi: are you going to demand two pieces of photo ID? ;P
00:02:05*JdGordon|w never got the point of the wiki forcing real names.. but ok
00:02:19webguest90and at the top of the probs: hes playing a song, that doesnt even exist on the player
00:02:39BigBambiidnar: maybe :)
00:02:43webguest90so rockbox is the only way
00:02:45advcomp2019i think i know what webguest90 want to do on rockbox
00:02:55BigBambiwebguest90: That is impossible, the song must be there
00:03:54*Bagder recalls having used the X5 OF once...
00:04:08BagderI got stuck in the FM screen and couldn't get out of it...
00:04:11BigBambiBagder: And did it play non-existant songs?
00:04:18Bagderhad to resort to reading the manual ;-)
00:04:23webguest90no, thats the weird thing... i*ve formatted the player an he still plays the song
00:04:33BigBambiwebguest90: It MUST be there
00:04:40webguest90NO ^^
00:04:43BigBambiThe x5 cannot generate songs
00:04:55webguest90know that
00:05:06BigBambitherefore it must be there
00:05:08webguest90but thats exactly my prob
00:05:14Bagderis the song "oooh cowon I love you!" ? ;-)
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00:05:31advcomp2019webguest90 wants to play the music that is inside folders within a folder without making a playlist
00:05:49webguest90no, some classical
00:05:49Bagderadvcomp2019: and BigBambi told him how to do it...
00:05:50BigBambiadvcomp2019: Which is what I gave him instructions for
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00:06:09webguest90yea... exactly advcomp2019
00:06:18BigBambiwebguest90: And I told you how to
00:06:26webguest90so i flash to rockbox an try that
00:06:26 Quit JacobDude ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
00:06:37webguest90if it doesnt work, ill be back
00:06:49BigBambiThreats! :)
00:06:52webguest90so thanks
00:07:00BigBambino problem
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00:10:09webguest90oh.. theres another question: is there a package where every patch is in it, or must i download all patches seperatly?
00:10:18BigBambiEvery patch?
00:10:29BigBambiThere are hundreds, and most don't work
00:10:43BigBambiOr are out of date, or do condradictory things
00:11:01BigBambiTo get rockbox, you need the current build + fonts + bootloader mainly
00:11:06BigBambiAll plugins are included
00:11:11webguest90ah ok, thx
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00:12:21pixelmaBagder: that's called "iAUDIO's Theme" (original spelling) by Jack Lee on "iAUDIO-Friends & Lovers" :P
00:13:11Bagderahah, oh yes I had forgot there actually was one of those. I only remembered the iriver one...
00:14:57webguest90theres a theme that looks like the iaudio? where can i get this
00:15:37*BigBambi seriously suggest reading the manual
00:15:52pixelmanah, that's the name of the song Cowon put on there
00:16:07preglowruntime definitely seems better on nano now
00:16:41webguest90ah ok
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00:26:03webguest90im back ^^
00:26:31webguest90i activated recursivly insert directories an added my music folder
00:28:20webguest90but when i'm browsing my music folder an find an artist i want to listen now and go the soundfile an select play by pressing the stick he makes a new playlist with the songs in this directory
00:28:58BigBambiyou hold select then chose insert to add to current playlist
00:28:58*Bagder says nothing...
00:29:05BigBambiAs I have already told you once
00:29:17webguest90ive done so
00:29:25BigBambiso what is the problem?
00:29:29webguest90and all files are in the playlist
00:30:24webguest90but when i browse my folder an select one title in folder Guardian/Tales/Sound.mp3 he makes a new playlist with the folder Tales
00:30:51BigBambinot if you hold select to get the context menu then chose insert it doesn't
00:31:00webguest90but i just want, that hes jumping to that file in the still existing playlist
00:31:13BigBambiyou cannot do that
00:31:36BigBambichose insert next then skip to the next song is the closest you will get
00:32:12advcomp2019in the OF of the x5 there is an option to play folder
00:32:37 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
00:32:42BigBambiadvcomp2019: I think he wants to play a single track immediately then go back to the previous playlist
00:32:54webguest90yea.. and if i told him to play folder MUSIC he played it and just jumped to the file i wanted
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00:33:22BigBambiwebguest90: As, I have said, you cannot do that in rockbox, and I have told you the nearest thing to it
00:34:13webguest90yea tried it and works
00:34:41webguest90but i see the prob in 2 weeks ^^ my playlist will be 7 times as long as usual ^^
00:35:03BigBambiuse queue next then, that will remove the file once it has played
00:35:12webguest90but if this is the only option i have to accept ^^
00:35:17BigBambiAnd please read the manual, this is all in there
00:35:38webguest90ok, i've read it some months ago ^^
00:35:46webguest90still dont remember
00:35:47BigBambilooks like it is time to read it again then
00:36:06webguest90well... so it look likes ^^
00:36:14webguest90so thanks an good night
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00:50:17BigBambinight all
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01:18:53k-manmy database always seems to list items more than once
01:19:00k-mananyone else had that problem?
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01:41:12goffaquestion... does anyone else in here use auto-change directory > random?
01:41:28goffamade a build last night and its no longer working
01:41:35goffawell auto change works.. but its not random
01:42:48goffai have the click insert patch... dunno if that affects it (just figured i'd mention it in case it does)
01:43:02PaulJam_goffa: have you run the random_folder_advance plugin?
01:43:17 Quit ompaul (Client Quit)
01:43:21goffaum... let me look
01:44:38goffaah... so i need to generate a folder list?
01:45:20goffaworking.. thanks PaulJam_
01:45:27PaulJam_yes, and you need to regenerate it everytime you add a folder that you want to include
01:46:17goffai probably did that before on the last build.. but that was like october
01:46:22goffaforgot :)
01:47:18goffasaw a directory skip patch today when searching.. going to have to check that out
01:48:11 Quit JdGordon|w ("CGI:IRC")
01:48:40goffanoticed the flyspray search field on the website is too short (i know you should probably search by number.. but text seems to work well)
01:50:30goffamy night to gripe i guess :)
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02:28:22cleaner_in win xp, my sandisk e260 isn't getting a drive letter. it just appears as a "portable media player" under Other in My Computer. Can I still use the rockbox utility with it somehow?
02:30:46 Join advlaptop2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
02:30:53 Quit ol_schoola ()
02:31:42Lloreancleaner_: That means it's an MTP device, you need to switch it to MSC mode first.
02:32:43 Join qweru [0] (
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02:39:49chrism583In Windows how do I create a playlist w/ rockbox?
02:40:50 Quit qweru ("moo")
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02:42:59 Join crazy_bus [0] (
02:43:20crazy_busis the rockbox player comparison page correct in saying the sandisk sansa e200 series has 3 times the battery life than the c200's (15 vs 5 hours.) Because I thought they had essentially the same processors in them
02:43:30cleaner_thanks. now when I select the F: drive and e200 device I get a popup "searching for sansas. No sansa found."
02:45:45soapcrazy_bus, do they have exactly the same battery?
02:47:28crazy_busI don't think so. I thought the e200 had a slightly more powerful one to compensate the bigger screen
02:47:50crazy_busbut certainly not 3 times more powerful
02:49:10 Join saratoga [0] (n=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
02:49:25saratogahow exactly is the script called?
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03:12:29countrymonkeyI am about to tackle the makevoices.vbs script. May I please know what is the last target ID representing a hw-codec target?
03:12:58*scorche pretends he didnt see "vbs"
03:13:31countrymonkeyPlease, I need something to do and the rest of the rb community would probably appreciate it.
03:13:47cool_walking_I wouldn't expect to see that in Rockbox
03:14:03countrymonkeyIf you remember when all voices were universal, you would know that there was a very handy script to help make voices.
03:14:14countrymonkeyand this is a windows script
03:15:26countrymonkeyCould my question please be answered?
03:17:44krazykitcountrymonkey, please have patience. you've been around here long enough to know that.
03:17:59krazykitto know to have patience in waiting for an answer, i mean.
03:24:40countrymonkeyAnyone here?
03:25:28 Join homielowe [0] (
03:26:47cool_walking_Yeah but I don't know the answer
03:26:52scorchecountrymonkey: did you read what krazykit just said?
03:28:24 Quit crazy_bus (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:32:30countrymonkeyI am working on the rest of what it takes.
03:34:04countrymonkeyForget it. I didn't realise I'd run into a roadblock like the one I just ran into.
03:35:00 Quit countrymonkey ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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03:35:23safetydanand there I was about to tell him to check the source for target ids
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04:49:38PuppiesOnAcidDoom is confirmed working on 2nd Gen Ipod
04:49:57PuppiesOnAcidit's not pretty, but it functions
04:49:59PuppiesOnAcidand it's playable
04:51:03 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:51:38PuppiesOnAcidwhat ist he pplugin needed to make the clicky noises?
04:52:37 Join jcollie [0] (
04:53:12safetydanPuppiesOnAcid: what clicky noises?
04:54:55LloreanI think he means the piezo.
04:55:28*jcollie_away is away...
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05:08:15crzyboysterPuppiesOnAcid: At first I thought that you were refering to the 2nd gen nano since that's what I usually hear about, but this is the 2nd gen ipod. :D
05:09:39 Quit crzyboyster (Client Quit)
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05:36:15tri170391looks like the scrollwheel in the text viewer is reversed
05:36:50tri170391more precise in the e200 build
05:44:26cleaner_gave it a second try on my e260. installed and ran great. at one point in the theme browser (w32 install utility) it started taking 99% cpu and I had to restart it, but then it was fine.
05:45:19 Quit tri170391 ("Leaving")
05:57:24 Join J-_ [0] (n=justin@unaffiliated/j/x-388422)
05:57:47J-_How's the ZVM port coming?
05:58:04 Quit jumpatrain (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:01:17 Quit rocko (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:02:45LloreanJ-_: It's exactly where the thread in the forums says it is
06:06:39J-_How many times do you repeat that per day?
06:07:27LloreanAs often as people ask questions without searching first.
06:07:38 Join ctaylorr [0] (
06:07:49J-_That's the spirit. *wink*
06:09:46 Nick |404| is now known as JETC- (
06:10:36J-_I mean, come on? How are you suppose to get people to use Rockbox, and you're like, "read thread", it's so systematic. "It's doing quite well, we're at this point, and, it won't be done for a while"
06:11:42J-_But, whatever floats your boat I suppose.
06:12:54krazykitnot everyone is familiar with the contents of the thread; it's simpler for you to go look yourself.
06:13:59LloreanJ-_: Because "Rockbox" isn't working on the ZVM
06:14:02LloreanPeople are working on it.
06:14:13LloreanIn fact, none of them are core members of the project.
06:14:27LloreanSo we only know what's going on when they say "Hey, we got this working now" etc.
06:15:36 Nick _stink__ is now known as _stink_ (
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06:19:08DogBoyit's a bit irritating when people use irc as a substitute for doing the footwork themselves
06:19:42DogBoylike they're too busy to do it but expect that other's are not so busy that they won't mind doing it for them
06:22:29J-_Is development rockbox related?
06:22:39scorcherockbox development
06:22:51J-_well, whatever
06:25:51 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
06:27:41 Quit cool_walking_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
06:27:47safetydanJ-_: the thread is the only source of information since on one on the rockbox team is involved in the port
06:31:16J-_Why are there no rockbox devs involved in the port?
06:33:05safetydanJ-_: because none of them own a ZVM
06:33:22DogBoyseemed like an obvious answer
06:33:49LloreanPeople work on what they're interested in. It is a "in your spare time, volunteer" project
06:37:03J-_I know it's a voluntary project, but yeah, anyway. Thanks for the info, and good luck.
06:39:11LloreanBut yeah what?
06:41:41J-_But yeah, who?
06:42:37LloreanWell, I thought you had another point of some sort, with the "but yeah, anyway".
06:47:33 Join cool_walking_ [0] (n=cb3b81c3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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09:03:30*GodEater awards random entry line of the day to LinusN
09:03:52LinusNi have too many windows
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10:20:00homieloweCould someone look over my makefile please? thanks in advance
10:24:48 Quit homielowe ("ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]")
10:24:57linuxstbhomielowe: Have you looked at this patch - it's very similar to what you're trying to do (it compiles the Rockbox sim to run on a Linux-based motorola phone)
10:25:04linuxstbOh well.
10:25:51peturoh... I hadn't noticed that blackhawk released his changes
10:27:13 Join homielowe [0] (
10:27:31linuxstbhomielowe: Check the logs...
10:28:13homielowelinuxstb:thanks, had to reboot from ubuntu to leopard :)
10:28:48 Quit axionix_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:38:50 Nick S is now known as conando (
10:40:43linuxstbhomielowe: Have you read my reply (in the logs)?
10:41:59homielowelinuxstb: Yes I have been using blackhawks diff as a source of my current attempt, just comparing make files now
10:44:26linuxstbhomielowe: Also, have you confirmed your iphone toolchain is working correctly - i.e. can you compile anything successfully?
10:45:48homieloweI have succesfully compiled a helloword app, and sdl sands, most or all of the problem is my lack of knowledge :)
11:00:29 Quit danab ("Leaving")
11:02:10 Join S [0] (
11:05:43 Nick parafin|away is now known as parafin (
11:11:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:15:14 Quit conando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:20:22 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/developer/desowin)
11:21:32 Join lee-qid [0] (
11:22:16 Join Axio [0] (
11:23:21 Quit desowin (Client Quit)
11:24:04 Nick S is now known as conando (
11:27:43 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/developer/desowin)
11:34:03 Quit ol_schoola ()
11:36:43 Quit aramil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:38:57 Join MethoS_mobile [0] (
11:41:07 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
11:50:25 Quit homielowe (Remote closed the connection)
12:02:58GodEateranyone familiar with the album art code besides Nico?
12:05:05*GodEater wonders why there is a strip_extension() implemented in albumart.c, when there's already one in tree.c
12:13:38 Join tri170391 [0] (n=tri17039@
12:13:38LinusNperhaps he didn't know
12:13:52pixelmaGodEater: anything against me fixing the space issue in the manual you found yesterday (in case you already made a patch)?
12:14:37GodEaterpixelma: oh no - I didn't get round to it sorry
12:14:49GodEaterI wouldn't have been able to commit it anyway
12:15:14pixelmawill do that then :)
12:15:15 Join Casainho [0] (
12:16:46tri170391The e200 scrollwhell is reversed, rotating it clockwise scroll the text up :(
12:17:31Bagderand the rule of the universe tells it is the other way that is the true way?
12:18:15linuxstbtri170391: Where?
12:18:29Bagderin the text reader?
12:18:36tri170391the text viewer
12:18:41 Quit TMM (Remote closed the connection)
12:18:55 Join TMM [0] (
12:19:08linuxstbtri170391: Someone should fix that.
12:19:16tri170391A qu\uick look at the source shows that BUTTON_SCROLL_LINE_UP is mapped to BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD
12:19:41tri170391hay cau mo trinh duyet
12:20:02tri170391sorry, worng window
12:21:04 Quit tri170391 ("Leaving")
12:21:57GodEaterdon't think he took the hint linuxstb =/
12:22:45Bagderwell, why is rotating in one direction the given correct way?
12:23:02*Bagder never used the text viewer on his sansa...
12:23:20linuxstbI assume it's the opposite to how scrolling in lists works.
12:23:32Bagderaha, that makes sense...
12:23:35conandohm i did.. but it worked "correctly"
12:23:44cool_walking_clockwise has the feeling of going "forward"
12:23:47conandoaprox 3 weeks ago
12:23:48cool_walking_i.e. down
12:23:57 Join Casainho_ [0] (
12:24:10linuxstbI'm happy to switch the #defines now, but don't own a Sansa...
12:24:25conandohm but was it switched sometime?
12:24:53conandoyou're talking about the text viewer plugin that's "launched" when you select a .txt file in the file browser, right?
12:24:53linuxstbThere was a recent commit which renamed the scroll buttons for the Sansa - I'm assuming it got switched by mistakethen.
12:24:53 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
12:25:04conandoah ok, makes sense
12:26:27pixelmaI guess that slipped in with the rename of BUTTON_SCROLL_UP/DOWN which was used on Sansa to BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD/BACK
12:26:28 Quit Rob222241 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:26:48pixelmatoo slow...
12:29:24*linuxstb commits
12:29:49linuxstbI checked, that commit definitely did change the behaviour.
12:29:58 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:30:21*linuxstb probably shouldn't just say "Sansa" any more...
12:31:14pixelmayes, I always get annoyed by people saying "Sansa" and meaning the e200 only ;)
12:32:20Bagderthe sansa family is pretty big these days
12:33:06 Join Arathis [0] (
12:33:28 Join foontick [0] (
12:33:42 Join IRCmonkey [0] (
12:34:01 Quit IRCmonkey (Client Quit)
12:34:03 Part foontick
12:35:40 Quit GodEater (Remote closed the connection)
12:35:55 Join GodEater [50] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
12:36:40GodEateranyone think it's worth patching albumart.c to remove it's own strip_extension() and replacing it with calls to the tree.c implementation ?
12:37:49markunI wouldn't mind
12:41:16 Quit Casainho (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:42:35linuxstbThey look to behave subtly different though, so it's not as simple as changing one call to use the other.
12:43:46linuxstbe.g. the tree.c doesn't perform the copy if there is no . in the filename, but instead returns a pointer to the original filename. The albumart implementation would return a NULL pointer in that case...
12:44:57GodEaterbut Nico's code doesn't check for a NULL pointer after the call though
12:45:02GodEaterhe just assumes it worked
12:45:52linuxstbSo things would go bad if the music filename had no extension?
12:45:52 Quit maraz_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:46:12GodEaterlooks that way
12:46:20GodEaterhe only uses the call in one place as far as I can see
12:47:19 Join tvelocity [0] (
12:51:25GodEaterI've just built a sim using a patched albumart.c
12:51:27GodEaterseems to work ok
12:56:34GodEaterworks fine on a target too
12:56:37GodEaterI'll submit it to FS
12:58:59GodEaterFS 8469
13:01:07 Quit MethoS_mobile ("Konversation terminated!")
13:03:20 Join MethoS_mobile [0] (
13:08:25preglownano battery runtime is still pitiful :/
13:08:54 Join PaulJam [0] (
13:10:02 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
13:11:05Lloreanpreglow: Have you tried that new patch in the tracker
13:11:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:12:01pregloweven with that, i only got 8:40
13:12:27LloreanBut it must be something like two years old now, right?
13:13:37 Join aramil [0] (
13:13:44preglowsure, but i haven't really used it too much
13:14:05preglowi should still do a retailos run, i guess
13:14:09 Part hcs
13:15:22LloreanProbably a good idea. Li based batteries just don't age well
13:16:52pregloworly now
13:17:05preglowh120 gets nice runtimes still, and that's bloody ages old, and used much to boot
13:18:55LloreanI bet a new battery of the same capacity would show a lot more
13:20:05LloreanThe base runtime of the Nano's pretty miserable anyway, and SVN still gets something like 20% less than that
13:20:47preglowyeah, know
13:20:48preglowi wonder why
13:21:14LloreanWell there's a patch in the tracker that's supposed to bring us pretty close to OF runtimes for PP targets finally
13:21:27preglow8:40 isn't blose to of runtime
13:21:40preglowso nano has worse issues than the other pp targets, it seems
13:21:51LloreanNano's actually closer to OF than others, or used to be.
13:21:55LloreanPercentage wise
13:22:14preglowbut i'm giving this sucker a good charge now, then we'll see how retailos does
13:22:16LloreanThe HD power off brought the rest of the iPods to about where the Nano is.
13:22:23preglowtoo bad i'll have to bloody monitor that by hand, though
13:22:27LloreanThe Nano's only supposed to have about 14 hours when new.
13:22:38LloreanWhich would suggest 11.5 or so in Rockbox with a brand new batter.
13:23:32preglowi could whip up some batter and see if that helps too :)
13:24:47LloreanBut FS #8379 is suppose to improve battery life a quite large amount
13:28:20 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:28:28*linuxstb now has a fully charged ipod color, so will start a battery runtime.
13:30:27preglowLlorean: will do a runtime test on svn after retailos
13:30:34GodEaterdoing a proper comparison between RB runtime and RetailOS runtime on an ipod requires iTunes loaded music presumably ?
13:30:51preglowGodEater: well, yeah
13:30:58preglowor gtkpod or something similar
13:31:05preglowwhich will be what i'll use, so i hope it works, still
13:31:29soapIf that report of 13H on a 5G with an after market battery was truly indicitive, the runtimes have regressed since the early versions of the patch.
13:31:42GodEaterpreglow: sorry, by iTunes I meant "music loaded in the iTunes manner"
13:32:28preglowGodEater: well, yeah, if not, how would you play your benchmarking music at all? :P
13:32:41GodEatersheer force of will :P
13:32:42soapwhere there's a will, there's a way
13:32:50GodEateryou WILL play my music
13:33:04linuxstbsoap: Are your power-patch builds up to date?
13:33:09preglowwe're talking about an apple device here, it is impervious to any will but jobs'
13:33:17soaplinuxstb, as of 5 minutes ago
13:33:43linuxstbGood timing...
13:33:58 Join tr00st [0] (
13:34:11soapyou'll be the first to test his new 5020 specific patch.
13:34:34soapshould quickly know if it works. If it boots - it works!
13:35:03linuxstbIt boots... ;)
13:35:21soapgood, I can now go to work. ;)
13:38:42 Quit advcomp2019 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:50:20 Quit trust (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:51:18 Join asn [0] (
13:55:06*jcollie is away...
13:55:12 Nick jcollie is now known as jcollie_away (n=jcollie@
13:55:16preglowjcollie: good to know, now stop it
13:56:16cool_walking_does that, but doesn't set /away ?
13:56:36 Nick jcollie_away is now known as jcollie (n=jcollie@
13:56:40GodEatermost people who do that don't
13:56:57GodEatersince they've never bothered finding out there *is* a /away that doesn't spam everyone
13:57:20*jcollie is away...
13:57:26 Nick jcollie is now known as jcollie_away (n=jcollie@
13:57:26*Bagder falls over
13:57:28 Join j0tt [0] (n=j@unaffiliated/jott)
13:57:40*GodEater votes for a /kick
13:57:42*preglow helps Bagder up
13:58:00BagderI think he did that to me on purpose!
13:59:23 Join enialis [0] (
14:00:16 Join rvvs89_ [0] (n=rvvs89@pdpc/supporter/active/rvvs89)
14:05:57 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
14:06:16 Quit rvvs89_ ("Migrating to notebook")
14:09:28 Quit jott (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:12:42 Join Thundercloud [0] (
14:14:22 Quit aramil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:16:36 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
14:18:55 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:20:30 Quit enialis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:25:48amiconnLlorean: hdd poweroff brought the PP5021 ipods (i.e. just the Video) up to what the Nano (and Mini G2) were at. PP5020 is still significantly worse
14:26:07amiconn(but of course better than without hdd poweroff)
14:28:33PuppiesOnAcidon any given plugin page in the wiki, where do you actually download the plugin?
14:28:45GodEaterPuppiesOnAcid: you don't
14:29:00GodEaterPuppiesOnAcid: they're all in the you already downloaded and installed on your player
14:29:30 Part cool_walking_ ("Konversation terminated!")
14:30:45 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
14:32:16PaulJamlittle question: why is the <untagged> entry in the database not localised?
14:32:41 Quit Siku (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
14:33:25 Join Siku [0] (
14:39:57 Join jcollie [0] (n=jcollie@
14:40:07 Quit jcollie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:41:11preglowi just found a retailos feature i like
14:41:21preglowffwd/rew WITH audio
14:42:06Lloreanpreglow: People have been requesting that for years now.
14:42:12LloreanI believe the H100 retailOS had it too
14:42:19preglowit did, i just forgot it
14:42:25preglowwe should have that too :>
14:42:36preglowat least as an option, i like the fact that both are possible with retailos
14:42:43preglowtoo bad it's a bitch to implement
14:42:58preglowwell, not a bitch, but not trivial either
14:43:06LloreanI bet you could get away with "seek forward X seconds, play 1 second, seek X seconds, play 1 second" type doing it.
14:43:16preglowthat's what they're doing, pretty much
14:43:26 Nick jcollie_away is now known as jcollie (n=jcollie@
14:49:19preglowretailos charges a tad bit faster than disk mode
14:49:26preglowby tad i mean four times faster
14:49:52 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (n=44a0430f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:50:59|404|The battery metering in rockbox for x5 really isn't accurate
14:51:08 Nick |404| is now known as JETC- (
14:55:45 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
14:57:07*amiconn would hate ffwd/rew with audio
14:57:42*LinusN would appreciate it as an option
14:57:45*preglow too
14:57:53preglowi've grown quite used to not having it, but i find i still enjoy using it when ic an
14:58:34*LambdaCalculus37 also thinks it would be good as an option
14:58:49LambdaCalculus37Would be useful for, say, audio books or language lessons.
14:58:53 Join gerald_ [0] (
14:59:44preglowor just about anything, if you ask me
15:10:20LambdaCalculus37linuxstb and GodEater: Knock knock!
15:10:27GodEaterwho's there ?
15:11:35LambdaCalculus37GodEater: It's not the evil monkey that lives in your cloest. :)
15:11:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:11:56LambdaCalculus37I've landed a Rio Karma from krazykit. Any luck with finding a CD?
15:12:04GodEaterthank heavens for that
15:12:10GodEaternone so far no :(
15:12:21GodEaterI *might* be able to get my hands on my old Karma
15:12:28LambdaCalculus37GodEater: Groovy.
15:12:31GodEaterI've just thought I might have left it at my parents
15:12:36GodEaterrather than at my ex-wife's
15:13:57GodEaterwhich might also mean I have the CD somewhere
15:14:07*GodEater resolves to dig through his loft soon
15:15:07LambdaCalculus37I just PMed krazykit to ask him to throw the CD into the package if he has it.
15:15:22LambdaCalculus37If you can't find the CD, I'll just dump it to an ISO and send it off to you.
15:15:53 Join cool_walking_ [0] (n=cba165d1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:21:09krazykitLambdaCalculus37, i never had a CD. i got all my karmas used
15:22:37FebsWith v10 of the power management patch, my iPod 5G has been running for over 14.5 hours.
15:26:49LambdaCalculus37krazykit: Crap... guess I'll have to hunt down the CD on eBay or something. :( I'll still take the Karma, though.
15:27:47LambdaCalculus37Febs: Wow, that's close to (if not better than) the Apple firmware!
15:28:14krazykitLambdaCalculus37, i haven't seen a post on there or the empeg forums will probably get you people with CDs lying around that the can check.
15:28:49 Quit cool_walking_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:29:36 Quit mf0102 ("Verlassend")
15:33:23 Quit conando (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:33:25linuxstbFebs: That's almost respectable ;)
15:33:40*markun would like to have some audible feedback while seeking, but not perse the audio itself
15:33:47 Join cool_walking_ [0] (n=cba165d1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:34:13linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: You could try pointing out the terms of the RHEPL to the people distributing the firmware via ?
15:34:16FebsIt's still going. I wonder if I can hit 15 hours? i'm 15 minutes shy of 15 hours right now.
15:34:33GodEaterlinuxstb: politely of course ;)
15:35:35cool_walking_I'm getting a checksum error on soap's v11 build
15:36:18LambdaCalculus37Febs: If it does, we break out the champagne! :P
15:36:51PaulJamFebs: have you done a bench in the OF too?
15:37:00FebsPaulJam: not yet.
15:37:13linuxstbGodEater: Yes, at first... ;)
15:37:37FebsIt's times like these that I wish my Gigabeat hadn't died, so I could use that for daily listening and just let the iPod run through tests.
15:37:58markunFebs: what happened to you Gigabeat?
15:38:10FebsI dropped it on a marble floor and killed the hard drive.
15:38:34 Quit idnar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:38:34GodEaterFebs: there's still plenty available on ebay for cheap
15:38:36LambdaCalculus37Poor Gigabeat...
15:38:49GodEaterI saw an F40 for $35 the other day
15:39:33GodEatermakes my $99 (including shipping to the UK) seem expensive ;)
15:39:43FebsGodEater: I've been following eBay auctions from time to time and will probably pick up another one. Ideally, I'll find one with a broken display or something similar but a working hard drive.
15:40:00FebsThough as cheap as they are, I really don't need to look too hard for a broken one.
15:40:12GodEaterFebs: for $35 I'd be reckless enough to buy a whole new one ;)
15:40:40LambdaCalculus37Hell, I'd buy one for that cheap, too.
15:40:41Febs:) It's amazing that you can buy a new one for less than the cost of a replacement drive.
15:41:21 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
15:41:22markunor replacement LCD
15:41:38 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
15:41:49*GodEater wonders how hard a V port would be once the S is up and running
15:41:49LambdaCalculus37As much as I'd love to have an iAUDIO X5 in my hands, I could just get a Gigabeat and call it a day.
15:42:05GodEaterdon't think you'd regret it
15:42:12GodEaterI <3 my gigabeat
15:42:14LambdaCalculus37GodEater: I reckon that since the V is so close to the S, it may not be hard at all.
15:42:21 Part LinusN
15:42:29GodEaterit would probably need another lcd driver and button driver
15:43:06*GodEater wants to avoid turning into toffe mark II though. With a drawer full of gigabeats...
15:43:09LambdaCalculus37When markun showed me his Gigabeat, I thought that it was really a cool little player.
15:43:53markunI flew all the way to New York for just that :)
15:44:10GodEaterI thought you went for the beer ;)
15:44:26markunpssst, don't wake up petur
15:44:36peturtoo late ;)
15:44:41LambdaCalculus37Oops. ;)
15:46:54 Quit cool_walking_ ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
15:47:02LambdaCalculus37Anyway, I'm going to test the Power Management patch on my iPod color.
15:49:34linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: I'm running a FLAC test on my ipod color now, so an MP3 test would be useful...
15:50:01LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: I can give you MP3 and Vorbis.
15:50:16LambdaCalculus37I'll also try it on my c240.
15:50:25linuxstbHave you done tests in the past? Most useful would be if you had something to compare it with.
15:51:28linuxstbMy last FLAC test was 7h 23 minutes, and 6h 50m for MP3. Apple quote 15 hours for MP3....
15:51:39LambdaCalculus37I'm going to battery bench my c240 with an official build first. So I'm going to update to r16096 on that.
15:51:43linuxstb(I haven't tested my ipod in the Apple firmware yet though...)
15:52:24LambdaCalculus37My iPod color has a bad battery that only gets about 5 hours in Rockbox and around 7 in the OF.
15:52:52 Quit stewball (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:53:28LambdaCalculus37My c240 gets about 6 hours in Rockbox.
15:53:45LambdaCalculus37Never bothered testing the Sansa OF though...
15:55:13linuxstbHmm, this isn't good - I've just looked at my ipod, and it's down to 19% battery life after about 2 hours - the hard disk seems to be constantly spinning....
15:56:02linuxstbIt spins down, then immediately spins back up. After about 5 seconds, it spins down again...
15:56:46linuxstbIt does this even with playback stopped...
15:57:56LambdaCalculus37Febs: Did it do it? Did it hit 15 hours yet?
15:58:01LloreanLambdaCalculus37: Only 6?
15:58:26FebsLambdaCalculus37: yup, still going.
15:58:28LloreanI played through a 2 hour movie and had "78%" remaining. I don't know how well the % maps to the real battery life, but it leads me to expect more than 6 hours from music.
15:59:29 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:59:39 Join dancek [0] (
16:00:09LambdaCalculus37Febs: w00t! :)
16:00:31LambdaCalculus37Llorean: On a c240?
16:00:50 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:01:43dancekHi, I'm using rockbox on an iPod Video 60GB and it totally froze while trying to play a non-standard WAV file. Anybody know how I can force the iPod to shut down? I'd rather not wait 12 hours for the battery to empty...
16:01:45LambdaCalculus37Rockbox Info on my c240 shows 100% battery (just charged) and reads 5h 10m remaining.
16:02:03LambdaCalculus37Llorean: How much does the OF give you?
16:02:17LloreanHaven't tested the OF.
16:02:23LloreanAnd really, REALLY don't believe the "Time remaining"
16:02:23LambdaCalculus37dancek: Press and hold MENU+SELECT until it resets.
16:02:25Febsdancek: press the Menu and Select buttons simultaneously and hold them until the player reboots.
16:02:40dancekLambdaCalculus37, Febs, that doesn't work (it usually does)
16:02:53FebsDo it again. It will always work.
16:03:05Lloreandancek: Try turning hold On then Off again first, before doing it.
16:03:09FebsTry turning the hold switch on and then off again, and then try again.
16:03:13LambdaCalculus37Llorean: I know the "Time Remaning" is never accurate.
16:03:18*Febs needs to be slightly faster.
16:03:47dancekThanks, it worked :)
16:04:24dancekI tried it a couple of times but didn't think of flipping the Hold switch, how silly of me...
16:04:46 Join jgarvey [0] (
16:07:04LambdaCalculus37dancek: Can you tell us what you mean by "non-standard" WAV?
16:07:53pixelmaI got about 8 hours on my c250 when I did a battery bench quite a while ago with Rockbox but the percentage is quite off - I remember one occasion where it showed 30% and after about half an hour the unit turned off due to low battery
16:08:56pixelma(8 hours with a 192kbps mp3 playlist)
16:09:59 Join scorche|w [0] (n=42c007b2@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
16:11:50*LambdaCalculus37 readies his c240 for an official bench test
16:12:44 Join iwantanimac [0] (
16:13:34LambdaCalculus37Morning, scorche|w!
16:13:36 Quit MethoS_mobile (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:13:51dancekLambdaCalculus37, I'm not quite sure, it's something with 4bit samples. If you really wanna know I can take a look.
16:14:48LambdaCalculus37dancek: Yes, please. Because I have a little trick I want to show you.
16:20:44iwantanimacI've noticed a bit of a bug. At least on the iriver H10 5GB, rockbox shuts down with the "Battery Empty - Recharge" message even when plugged into mains power if the battery is absent or at the power-down level. Is this desired behaviour?
16:22:59LambdaCalculus37iwantanimac: Sounds like my friend here:
16:24:17iwantanimacNo, that seems like a hardware related issue,
16:25:12LambdaCalculus37How long has it been doing that?
16:26:53 Join ol_schoola [0] (
16:27:32iwantanimacit appears it always has. But at least since about halfway through last year.
16:29:29LambdaCalculus37I haven't got an H10, so I can't really help on that front. But that behavior does sound very strange.
16:29:43iwantanimaci'm just wondering if i submit a bug report or a feature request about this. it appears to be an oversight, but i'm not sure. It says in the power management code that Rockbox is intended to no shut down if the charger is plugged in...
16:29:51LambdaCalculus37Is there an H10 owner in the channel?
16:30:17peturfile a report in the tracker
16:30:37LambdaCalculus37Always do what the dev orders. :)
16:31:27iwantanimaca bug report?
16:31:39iwantanimacdoing so...
16:34:14iwantanimachm.. i'm trying to log onto the tracker, but i keep getting an "Error #23: User or group not enabled for login."
16:34:54LloreanHave you registered for the tracker?
16:34:55linuxstbFile a bug report about the tracker...
16:35:19iwantanimaci have registered and used it in the past.
16:35:37iwantanimachas there been an update to flyspray which might have triggered a lockout?
16:37:14LloreanShouldn't be
16:37:59iwantanimacright well then i;ve got no idea. I tried changing password, didn't fix my login, though.
16:39:31peturworks fine here
16:40:33peturand Zagor is not here...
16:41:30 Join pnakinnfa [0] (i=0@
16:44:00 Join axionix [0] (
16:44:22iwantanimacoh well. Ill try tomorrow. It's not essential, but it's something i'd appreciate. At least then you can bring your player home, battery dead, whack it in the dock and start listening straight away rather than waiting for it to charge up first.
16:45:36 Part pixelma
16:46:11 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
16:47:24 Quit Mouser_X (Connection timed out)
16:48:04 Part iwantanimac
16:48:58 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:55:16 Join PuppiesOnAcid` [0] (i=PuppiesO@
16:55:24PuppiesOnAcid`i have rockbox on my 2nd gen ipod
16:55:33PuppiesOnAcid`when i hold down the pause/play button, it just restarts my ipod
16:55:36PuppiesOnAcid`ilike the screen will go off
16:55:38PuppiesOnAcid`then the apple icon
16:55:40PuppiesOnAcid`then rockbox!
16:56:11GodEaterPuppiesOnAcid`: correct
16:56:15PaulJam_afaik it isn't possible to power off the 1. and 2 gen ipods
16:56:17GodEateryou have to boot into apple os to shut down
16:56:32PuppiesOnAcid`how retarded
16:56:58markunanoying ipods with their secret hardware
16:57:06PuppiesOnAcid`but man
16:57:07LambdaCalculus37But proper shutdown hasn't been implemented onto the 1G and 2G iPods.
16:57:16PuppiesOnAcid`maybe i should write it
16:57:20LambdaCalculus37markun: Amen to that. :)
16:57:35PuppiesOnAcid`is there a plugin to emulate the clicking noise?
16:57:58peturI think there's a patch
16:58:00LambdaCalculus37PuppiesOnAcid: The piezo driver to make the litttle clicky sounds on the scroll wheel? No, nothing of the sort.
16:58:12LambdaCalculus37Except for that... :)
16:59:38PuppiesOnAcid`i'm not fucking with a patch
17:00:55PuppiesOnAcid`well for one
17:00:56PuppiesOnAcid`i'm at work
17:01:00PuppiesOnAcid`and i have no firewire here
17:01:18LambdaCalculus37Then try it at home.
17:01:21amiconnPuppiesOnAcid: Rockbox will learn how to suspend 1st and 2nd gen ipods. It's just not done yet
17:01:22markunare you in a hurry to get piezo clicks out of your player?
17:01:41markunamiconn: does anyone know how to do it?
17:01:43PuppiesOnAcid`but i have to wait until i get home to load antyhing on rockbox
17:02:31LambdaCalculus37PuppiesOnAcid: So do the patching at home. Just read the IRC logs to get markun's link again, or write down the FS ticket number and search for it on Flyspray.
17:02:49 Quit bb05 ("Later..")
17:04:20PuppiesOnAcid`there should be a way to edit artist names and stuff in rockbox
17:04:43LloreanAre you volunteering to write one then?
17:04:55PuppiesOnAcid`could a plugin do that?
17:05:02LloreanIf someone wrote one, sure.
17:05:21PuppiesOnAcid`when it's listing out albums/artists
17:05:24markunI was thinking about a replaygain plugin, for that we need tag writing support as well
17:05:28PuppiesOnAcid`is it pulling that from the iTunes DB file?
17:05:38markunno, just from the tags
17:05:47PuppiesOnAcid`so we just need a tag editor?
17:05:57markunyes, 'just' a tag editor
17:06:38LloreanRemember that Rockbox supports a lot of tag formats, and it'd need to basically handle all of them. You'd probably want to figure out how to use the existing metadata parsers, at least
17:06:52PuppiesOnAcid`no shit
17:07:26LloreanWell, since you thought it used the iTunesDB, it seemed somewhat likely you might not know it ran on non-iPod devices, for example
17:07:37markunLlorean: well, maybe we can start by supporting just a few formats and show a message for unsopported files
17:07:58Lloreanmarkun: Well the code already exists to read every supported tag format, anyway.
17:08:59LloreanBut yeah, starting with the most common metadata types probably wouldn't be bad. ID3, Vorbis Comment, and MP4 tags to start with, I'd imagine.
17:09:17markunI hope id3.c can one day be moved to apps/metadata
17:09:17linuxstbOnly? ;)
17:09:33LloreanWell, there's already an ID3 editor of some sort somewhere in the tracker
17:11:30linuxstbRegarding replaygain, I think it would be most useful if Rockbox could "auto-tag" - i.e. add the metadata whilst playing the files. A plugin seems a bit pointless.
17:11:41*Llorean agrees
17:11:48PuppiesOnAcid`yeah but like
17:11:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:53PuppiesOnAcid`in my library i have Bjork
17:11:54LloreanJust an option "Add if not present"
17:12:00PuppiesOnAcid`and then Bjork with the two dots above the o
17:12:00markuna plugin is nice too, for use in the sim
17:12:15markunI use vbrfix in the sim too on my files at home for example
17:12:15*LambdaCalculus37 agrees
17:12:29linuxstbYou could just write an app to do it, borrowing the Rockbox metadata parsers...
17:12:41Lloreanlinuxstb: Another idea. We support "metadata in external files" in a sense, by way of .cue.
17:12:43PuppiesOnAcid`yeah, but i want to be able to do it ON my ipod
17:13:02LloreanWe could also add song.extension.metadata files to allow tagging (and replaygaining) of "untaggable" formats.
17:13:02PuppiesOnAcid`is there documentation for the rockbox text editor?
17:13:12PuppiesOnAcid`like the part when you're selecting characters
17:13:15PuppiesOnAcid`i don't know how to backspace
17:13:19LloreanPuppiesOnAcid`: Try the manual.
17:13:24PuppiesOnAcid`Llorean: doesn't say there
17:13:39LloreanThe virtual keyboard keymap should be covered there.
17:13:50LloreanIs it not covered at all, or just not the backspace?
17:14:23LambdaCalculus37Llorean: Here's what's listed on the manual:
17:14:44PuppiesOnAcid`ah nvm
17:15:06LambdaCalculus37PuppiesOnAcid: The virtual keyboard entry:
17:15:34 Join lee-qid [0] (
17:18:47 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
17:19:13 Quit TMM ("Ex-Chat")
17:20:28dancekLambdaCalculus37, you asked earlier about the wav file. It turns out to be IMA ADPCM.
17:21:35 Quit crwl (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:21:51 Join webguest61 [0] (n=dee41b91@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:23:09webguest61hi is the current bleeding edge stable ?, I dont see any notification as to whether the daily or current is stable.
17:23:53webguest61I dont follow logs, no time, to determine which is stable
17:24:35LloreanBoth the daily and current are automatically generated. There's no special "stable" version
17:24:43dancekwebguest61, just try it. There's no stable release.
17:25:13webguest61so how doI know if recent activity has broken anything
17:25:29dancektrial and error
17:25:35webguest61I really dont have thew time to fiddle with this stuff
17:25:39LloreanThen don't.
17:25:51webguest61just need a working build
17:26:02LloreanThen pick one, and hope, then if you find one, don't upgrade.
17:26:25LloreanOdds are pretty good you'll pick a working one, we haven't had any major "it doesn't work at all" bug reports any time recently
17:26:28webguest61Im a user of your product not a fiddler
17:26:43PuppiesOnAcid`are there any docs for plugin developers?
17:26:43LambdaCalculus37dancek: You mean this?
17:26:45LloreanYes, well as it's not in a "release" state yet, you're a user by choice.
17:28:11webguest61I think ill stick to my current build, it works, so there is no reson to upgrade, thanks
17:28:15dancekLambdaCalculus37, I mean compression code 0x0011 in the RIFF header which corresponds to "IMA ADPCM". I don't know about this stuff, I just hexdump'd it and looked at some docs.
17:28:49 Quit webguest61 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:28:53LambdaCalculus37dancek: Well, anyway, let's get started. Grab your iPod. Go navigate to the file, but don't play it yet!
17:30:22LambdaCalculus37Press and hold SELECT on it until the context menu comes up, then navigate to "Open with...", select, and find "wav2wv".
17:33:15dancekIt says "incompatible wav file"
17:33:39dancekMy rockbox is a build from November or so.
17:33:46 Join stewball [0] (n=WTFOMGBB@
17:34:20dancekNo prob though, I already encoded the problematic files to vorbis on my computer.
17:34:21LambdaCalculus37It was worth a shot. :(
17:34:39LambdaCalculus37Does the Vorbis play correctly, at least?
17:34:46dancekYes, it does.
17:35:47LambdaCalculus37I don't know very much about how IMA ADPCM files are structured, so my only guess is that it does something just slightly different from a regular ADPCM WAV file.
17:35:56*LambdaCalculus37 needs to read up more on this subject
17:36:03 Join _slacker_ [0] (n=mauro@
17:37:19dancekAre you a rockbox developer?
17:38:13LambdaCalculus37No. Just another user who took the time to learn how to use it, and use it well enough to guide others.
17:39:27dancekOk. I think it might be worthwhile to check the header more thoroughly before playing in order not to freeze... I'm not a C programmer, might write a bug report though.
17:39:48dancekAnyways, thanks for the help, gotta go now.
17:40:25 Quit stewball ()
17:40:43PaulJam_according to rockbox should support IMA ADPCM, maybe there is something else wrong with the file.
17:42:39LambdaCalculus37PaulJam_: We should ask the devs about IMA ADPCM support.
17:43:10LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Since you commented on that FS entry, do you know if IMA ADPCM support is indeed in Rockbox or not?
17:43:42 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:49:18 Join toffe82_ [0] (
17:49:19 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:49:26 Nick toffe82_ is now known as toffe82 (
18:00:14 Join Domonoky [0] (
18:00:14linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: All I know is what I wrote there - that from a quick read of apps/codecs/wav.c, it appears to support IMA/DVI ADPCM.
18:00:27linuxstb(i.e. format 0x0011)
18:01:44LambdaCalculus37So it looks like dancek's WAV really was problematic.
18:01:59LambdaCalculus37Good call, PaulJam_
18:02:55PaulJam_well, rockbox still shouldn't crash in that case.
18:05:01LambdaCalculus37Thanks for the info, linuxstb.
18:05:03 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
18:06:54 Join Llorea1 [0] (
18:06:55 Quit Llorean (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:07:02linuxstbI can't remember who wrote that codec - it has my name as the (C), but I just wrote a simple initial codec, someone else (not a core dev) almost completely rewrote it, and added support for those other formats.
18:07:50 Nick Llorea1 is now known as Llorean (
18:10:55 Nick JdGordon|zzz is now known as JdGordon (
18:11:45 Join theroue [0] (i=lymeca@
18:12:04theroueOnce Rockbox is installed how do I boot into Apple's proprietary firmware without uninstalling Rockbox?
18:13:12Domonokytheroue: there is a button combo for this, take a look into the manual..
18:13:25theroueYes I know there's a button combo but I forget it.
18:13:31theroueMenu+Up or something?
18:13:35 Quit ol_schoola (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:13:41Domonokyits in the manual... *hint*
18:13:51 Join ol_schoola [0] (
18:14:17theroueRight...I just would've thought it'd be easier for you or someone else who knew to say which 2 buttons
18:14:58Domonokytheroue: it depends on the target... so its easier if *you* take a look into the manual..
18:15:02 Quit Seed (Nick collision from services.)
18:15:09 Join Seed [0] (
18:15:58 Join nanok [0] (n=nanok@
18:16:04theroue5th gen video...I'm at the manual for it but am unsure of which section.
18:16:53LambdaCalculus37theroue: Click hold on immediately after turning on your iPod.
18:17:00LambdaCalculus37It's the same for every iPod model.
18:20:43 Quit GodEater (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:24:06linuxstbOr alternatively, turn your ipod on by pressing MENU, and keep MENU pressed.
18:25:55 Join hannesd [0] (
18:29:20 Join Buschel [0] (
18:36:09 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:42:08 Join rixon [0] (n=dag@unaffiliated/rixxon)
18:43:49rixonHi, does "Sansa c200 series" mean c250 is supported?
18:44:22PaulJam_yes (but not the v2)
18:44:36rixonYea, that much I understood. Thanks. :)
18:44:46 Join BigBambi [0] (n=alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
18:45:16rixonI bought a samsung yp-k3 and this MTP stuff is driving me crazy
18:46:47nanokis that mtp as in "usb mass storage is not cool, let's invent something else"?
18:47:45rixonyea, and as in "lets build drm in to it and make windows media player 11 a requirement plus three other proprietary programs"
18:48:59nanokrixon: is samsung doing this? damn, i had a better oppinion regarding them..
18:49:21rixonMTP is microsofts doing, but Samsung chose it for this player yes.
18:49:35nanoki had a similar wonderfull experience with a sony minidisc. and i am a linux user, so imagine that..
18:49:44krazykitplease keep in mind this is an on-topic channel
18:50:00rixonThere is a Korean firmware upgrade but you can only upgrade to it if you've got 3.05 already, mine's got 3.09 o_O
18:50:01nanokkrazykit: right, sorry
18:50:17nanokrixon: #rockbox-community
18:50:18rixon(The upgrade gives it USB mass storage support)
18:50:31rixonnanok: huh?
18:50:33nanokrixon: this is more like a devel channel, as krazykit kindly reminded us
18:50:40rixonOh, sorry.
18:51:12 Quit nanok ("leaving")
18:51:37 Join nanok [0] (n=nanok@
18:51:41krazykitwell, this is the development and user support channel. if you haven't read the guidelines in the topic, i'd urge you to do so :)
18:52:19LambdaCalculus37Besides the fact that we don't even support any Samsung devices yet. :)
18:52:50nanokLambdaCalculus37: btw, they are mostly sigmatel, right?
18:54:06rixonLambdaCalculus37: well the point was I might plan to change it, but I'll shut up about off-topic now. *ducks*
18:54:52*LambdaCalculus37 picks up a slice of lemon wrapped around large golden brick to throw at the next off-topic speaker
18:55:32*nanok is quiet as a fish
18:55:45theroueYou know,I really love the title track on Muse's debut album Showbiz.
18:56:06*LambdaCalculus37 throws the brick at theroue
18:56:09*nanok sits back and watches the brik fly..
18:56:35*theroue catches it,eats the lemon,and runs away with some motha fuckin Au!
18:56:53nanokLambdaCalculus37: damn it, man, that hurt. get your routing protocols together..
18:58:16theroueBut really folks...time to smoke a bowl and go to programming class. It's been lovely.
18:58:41 Join ally_xoxo [0] (
18:58:45 Quit PuppiesOnAcid (Nick collision from services.)
18:58:49 Nick PuppiesOnAcid` is now known as PuppiesOnAcid (i=PuppiesO@
18:58:50ally_xoxois installing rockbox easy?
18:58:52 Join PuppiesOnAcid` [0] (
18:59:15Domonokyally_xoxo: yes
18:59:19LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: It is.
18:59:23LambdaCalculus37What device?
18:59:30ally_xoxofor ipod :P
18:59:35ally_xoxoabout how long does it take?
18:59:38Domonokyall devices are easy, just use rbutil :-)
18:59:50LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: I got it done in 10 minutes. Did it the manual way.
19:00:12LambdaCalculus37Here's the link to rbutil:
19:00:34LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Which iPod model?
19:01:50ally_xoxoits the ipod video
19:01:55ally_xoxoi belive its the 4th generation/
19:02:10ally_xoxohas the click wheel on it
19:02:13LambdaCalculus37No, the iPod video is a 5th Generation iPod.
19:02:13Domonokyipod video is 5the and 5.5th generation..
19:02:36LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Like this?
19:02:51LambdaCalculus37Or like this?
19:03:42LambdaCalculus37Or perhaps even like this?
19:04:52ally_xoxoactually like this
19:05:15LambdaCalculus37Cool, then you're set to travel. :)
19:05:24ally_xoxoi bought my ipod in 2006
19:05:33Domonokyally_xoxo: just rbutil on it, it will tell which it is... (and wont work on the classic)
19:05:51LambdaCalculus37And here's the manual for the iPod video:
19:06:38LambdaCalculus37Domonoky: I was making sure it was indeed a video. Some people seem to be confusing the Classic with the video, especially on the forums.
19:07:20ally_xoxohow do you like your rockbox?
19:07:25 Join stewball [0] (n=WTFOMGBB@
19:07:44ally_xoxoinstalling rockbox from ubuntu, is that okay?
19:07:51preglowof course
19:07:57LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Yes, it's perfect.
19:08:14ally_xoxoi've been on linux for 48 hours
19:08:16ally_xoxostill learning
19:08:19LambdaCalculus37As for Rockbox, I would never have given my iPod a second thought if it hadn't been for Rockbox.
19:08:22ally_xoxoits kinda hard
19:08:29Domonokyally_xoxo: beware, the linux version of rbutil (only 1.0.2 aviable) has a big bug !!
19:08:37ally_xoxooh no
19:08:51linuxstbDomonoky: Do you build the Linux binaries, or does bluebrother?
19:09:04LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: The manual has a link to download iPodpatcher for Linux, so you can do it the manual way if need be.
19:09:05Domonokydont use the buttons on the first tab of rbutil, use the install options on the second tab of rbutil 1.0.2
19:09:41Domonokybluebrother build the last liny rbutil binary.. i dont have the right setup for it ( i generate windows version) :-)
19:09:51LambdaCalculus37And Linux help can be had by Googling "The Linux Documentation Project", or visiting the page for your distro.
19:10:08nanokLambdaCalculus37: same here, i had a sigmatel i liked a lot, but i just had to have rockbox, only reason for which i bought the sansa
19:10:30*Domonoky would be really greatfull if somebody could generate a new static linux binary of rbutil..
19:11:14ally_xoxowhat is the easiest way for a beginner like me
19:11:27Domonokyally_xoxo: you can also just use the manual way to install rockbox, it isnt hard either..
19:11:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:13:19 Quit Casainho_ ("ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]")
19:13:19 Quit pondlife ("Leaving.")
19:13:44LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: The manual will explain what you need to do. What Linux distro are you using, by the way?
19:14:16ally_xoxohopefully i can have it installed in 20 minutes !
19:14:56Domonokyally_xoxo: sure, it only a matter of running a small tool, and unzipping a file to your ipod..
19:15:34LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: What size of iPod video are you using? 30, 60, or 80?
19:16:21LambdaCalculus37Download this: and unzip it into the root of your iPod.
19:16:36LambdaCalculus37And you still didn't tell me what distro of Linux you have. :)
19:17:31ally_xoxoim using ubuntu distro
19:17:55LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Okay, open a terminal window.
19:17:57BigBambi19:07 <ally_xoxo> installing rockbox from ubuntu, is that okay?
19:18:18*LambdaCalculus37 needs to get his eyes checked :)
19:19:08LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Here's iPodpatcher for Linux:
19:19:38LambdaCalculus37In the terminal, you can type wget, then copy that link right after it.
19:19:50 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
19:19:58 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:21:49ally_xoxothank you LambdaCalculus37
19:21:53 Join qwedsa [0] (
19:22:02ally_xoxowhat does that patcher do?
19:22:15LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: We're going to get to that. Is it in your home folder?
19:22:28ally_xoxoits on my deskstop
19:22:47LambdaCalculus37Copy it into your home folder.
19:23:35ally_xoxoyou mean extract?
19:24:06LambdaCalculus37No, copy the file itself. It's a binary... an executeable, if you will.
19:25:12LambdaCalculus37Once you do that, go into the terminal and type sudo chmod +x ipodpatcher, and give it your password when it asks.
19:25:40ally_xoxoim in my home dir
19:25:54 Join gtkspert [0] (
19:26:28LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Look right above for the next instructions.
19:26:29asnLambdaCalculus37: deleting the .rockbox folder, won't uninstall rockbox right? You have to also uninstall the bootloader?
19:26:41LambdaCalculus37asn: Yes, that's correct.
19:26:51asnIs there a way to uninstall the bootloader "manually"?
19:26:58asnor do I have to use ipodpatcher or Rockbox Utility?
19:27:02LambdaCalculus37asn: What device?
19:27:08asnGenerally speaking
19:27:11asniPod 5G for exmaple
19:27:13LambdaCalculus37asn: Never mind. Use either one.
19:27:25asnNo, I'm just wondering if there is a way to do it manually
19:27:26Domonokyasn: depends on the target,
19:27:45asnI see
19:27:46Domonokyfor ipods you need ipodpatcher/rbutil, or restore it with itunes..
19:27:52LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: How far are you now with the installation?
19:28:07LambdaCalculus37Because we're at the last stretch here.
19:28:47ally_xoxoi cant get the next instructions
19:28:58ally_xoxoi see it now
19:29:32ally_xoxogive me a sec
19:29:38ally_xoxoi got a problem with ndiswrapper
19:29:39ally_xoxohold up
19:32:31 Join JdGordon|w [0] (n=836b0065@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:38:09 Quit gtkspert_ (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
19:38:56 Quit qwedsa_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:38:57 Join stripwax [0] (
19:39:58 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
19:40:35 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
19:41:51 Join Schnueff [0] (n=mah@
19:53:16 Join spiorf [0] (
19:57:14 Nick Arathis is now known as Arathis|afk (
19:58:51 Join idnar [0] (i=mithrand@unaffiliated/idnar)
19:59:09 Join crwl [0] (
20:04:39 Join pixelma [50] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:04:45 Join conando [0] (
20:10:21 Join Bagder_ [0] (
20:11:19 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
20:12:33 Join bluebrother [0] (
20:23:18 Quit Buschel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:49 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:25:56 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:27:58 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:28:14 Quit ally_xoxo (Connection timed out)
20:29:49 Part zule ("Leaving")
20:32:11 Join Honkboy [0] (
20:36:03 Part Honkboy ("Leaving.")
20:36:37 Join Febs [0] (n=chatzill@
20:37:18 Quit asn ("Lost terminal")
20:37:56Febssoap, your iPod video 64 MB build is giving me a bad checksum.
20:37:57 Join Subliminaut [0] (n=cd9cbcfe@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:38:05SubliminautHey all
20:38:45 Join ally_xoxo [0] (
20:38:54Subliminautlittle rockbox issue on my ipod 5g; when I load a theme and then hit Menu at the 'while playing screen', it defaults to some other font than the one the theme had loaded
20:39:06Subliminautscrews up my WPS layout badly until I re-load the theme
20:39:16 Quit bluebrother ("Verlassend")
20:39:25Subliminautany ideas why? Doesn't seem to matter what theme I've loaded, they all do this
20:39:48PaulJam_Subliminaut: are you using an official current build?
20:42:57LambdaCalculus37Subliminaut: Which theme?
20:43:24Subliminautcurrently, dosbox
20:43:54LambdaCalculus37I was using that theme for quite a long time until I switched to Cabbie 2.0 for Album Art.
20:44:25LambdaCalculus37Clear your settings and try reloading it again.
20:44:33LambdaCalculus37I find it helps sometimes.
20:46:32SubliminautWhere can I clear settings?
20:46:45SubliminautI liked the original, near-monochrome cabbie better :)
20:48:46 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
20:48:57SubliminautNah, it still reverts to some other font when I use that screen
20:49:12LambdaCalculus37Turn your iPod off, then turn it back on again. Click the hold switch ON just as the backlight turns on.
20:49:59Subliminautto boot to standard ipod firmware?
20:50:43SubliminautOh, I see, I did it and it says Cleared
20:50:47Subliminautcool, let's see what that gets me
20:51:07LambdaCalculus37Reload DOSblue and then try playing a song.
20:54:03SubliminautSTILL does it
20:55:25PaulJam_Subliminaut: what is the exact version number shown under System=>Rockbox Info?
20:55:36 Join sushku [0] (n=d52a153b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:56:15 Nick JETC- is now known as |404| (
20:56:51ally_xoxohey lambdaCalculus37
20:56:56ally_xoxosorry, I am back
20:58:21SubliminautLemme check, and thanks for helping
20:58:59ally_xoxoim new to rockbox
20:59:05ally_xoxotrying to set up my ipod to rockbox
20:59:32LambdaCalculus37We're at the last step.
20:59:34 Nick Arathis|afk is now known as Arathis (
20:59:54LambdaCalculus37Did you do sudo chmod +x ipodpatcher as I instructed?
21:00:07 Quit sushku (Client Quit)
21:00:32LambdaCalculus37Be right back.
21:00:36*LambdaCalculus37 will be back
21:03:09 Join |charles| [0] (n=kvirc@
21:03:50PaulJam_Hmm, thats the most recent version. i have no idea what could be wrong.
21:07:44 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
21:07:51 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
21:10:10 Join MethoS- [0] (
21:10:30 Join GodEater [50] (n=bryan@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
21:11:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:13:56 Join Mouser_X [0] (
21:15:53ally_xoxoneed help getting started with rockbox
21:16:03BigBambiWhat in particular
21:16:11*BigBambi hasn't got his psychic hat on
21:16:14LambdaCalculus37ally_xoxo: Did you do the chmod instruction I gave you earlier?
21:16:30ally_xoxoi lost the log to that my wireless gave me probs
21:16:45BigBambially_xoxo: The instructions are in the manual
21:16:47 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:16:53ally_xoxolet me read it real quick
21:17:04BigBambiIf you have any problem with them, please ask, but we do ask you read it first
21:17:25 Join merbanan [0] (n=banan@
21:17:54PaulJam_btw, the logs can be found here:
21:20:09 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:20:52*jcollie is away...
21:20:58 Nick jcollie is now known as jcollie_away (n=jcollie@
21:21:09BigBambijcollie_away: Stop doing that
21:27:11 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
21:27:17ally_xoxohey need some help
21:27:22ally_xoxoim on ubuntu
21:27:27ally_xoxoi need Linux m1.0.2 / r15191
21:27:32ally_xoxohow can i open that
21:27:40 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:27:40BigBambiIt is compressed
21:27:50MethoS-over cmdline with tar
21:28:03BigBambiOr ubuntu will open it automatically from the gui
21:28:11BigBambiWith something like archive manager
21:28:12GodEaterwhen did #rockbox become #teach-me-to-use-ubuntu ?
21:28:12MethoS-if you have KDE, you can use ark
21:28:19*BigBambi forgets the exact name
21:29:30*ender` yawns
21:30:55 Quit PuppiesOnAcid (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:35:06*scorche|w taps his foot waiting for jcollie_away to come back
21:35:16 Part rixon
21:36:02LambdaCalculus37GodEater: I wish I knew the answer to that. :)
21:36:34LambdaCalculus37I wonder if that's an actual channel, though. :P
21:37:42 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
21:40:10 Join advlaptop2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@
21:41:11 Join kugel [0] (i=kugel@unaffiliated/kugel)
21:41:15 Quit advlaptop2019 (Client Quit)
21:42:02 Join advlaptop2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
21:42:48 Quit krazykit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:43:09 Quit hannesd (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:46:33 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
21:49:19 Join krazykit [0] (n=kkit@
21:49:32 Quit advcomp2019 ("Leaving")
21:52:07 Nick jcollie_away is now known as jcollie (n=jcollie@
21:54:01 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:54:17 Join morrijr [0] (
21:54:26 Join Casainho [0] (
21:55:54Casainhohello Rockbox people
21:56:19CasainhoI am looking a way to attach files on TWiki pages... how can I do that? :-)
21:56:41scorche|wjcollie: can you please stop changing your name to _away? is getting annoying
21:56:45GodEaterCasainho: with the "attach" link at the bottom of the page
21:57:13LambdaCalculus37Time to go home now... bye everyone!
21:57:35 Quit LambdaCalculus37 ("CGI:IRC")
21:57:51pixelmascorche: not only the nick change - the "action" is annoying too
21:57:57CasainhoGodEater: I can't see that link :-(
21:58:09 Quit |charles| ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
21:58:31scorche|wjcollie: see pixelma's comment as well :)
21:58:34CasainhoGodEater: I just have the "Formatting help:"
21:59:12CasainhoGodEater: is not because of permissions?
22:00:16pixelmaCasainho: it's next to the "edit" link, not on the site you're editing (so you either attach or edit a page)
22:00:21 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
22:00:55*amiconn wonders what's so annoying about nick changes
22:01:04amiconnI agree regarding the action though
22:01:44scorche|wthey typically arent that annoying, but when done often...
22:01:49Casainhopixelma: thank you, I got it now :-) thank you both :-)
22:02:19Casainhoanother question, where sould I uplod datasheets? - in the same page that is used or on some general page for datasheets?
22:02:50scorche|wi assume these are publically accessible datasheets?
22:02:58amiconnThere is a general page for datasheets - but that one is a bit overcrowded these days
22:03:07Casainhoyes, they are public datasheets
22:04:07Casainhookok, I will them on the same page :-)
22:04:23 Quit n17ikh|Lappy ()
22:07:05 Join MethoS-- [0] (
22:08:30ally_xoxohey im having a problem with rockbox
22:08:50ally_xoxosays "Configuration Invalid"
22:08:50iamben_that happened to me once!
22:09:02iamben_dunno what i did
22:09:42iamben_is this during the install, or after a successful install?
22:09:45ally_xoxosomething about "mountpoint not detected"
22:12:04scorche|wally_xoxo: that isnt rockbox...that is rbutil
22:12:33ally_xoxowhats wrong with rbutil?
22:12:45BigBambially_xoxo: Are you ising 1.0.2?
22:13:08ally_xoxoi am on ubuntu
22:13:22BigBambiSelect your mountpoint manually
22:13:29ally_xoxook um, how?
22:13:35ally_xoxoi did "automatic"
22:13:43ally_xoxo5th generation ipod video 30GB
22:13:46ally_xoxowhich is what I have
22:15:04BigBambiYou see where it says selected device?
22:15:12 Quit GodEater ("Leaving")
22:15:22BigBambiClick change, and select your device and mountpoint
22:15:40 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
22:16:04ally_xoxoall it says is: /media/alison
22:16:26BigBambiand is that your ipod?
22:16:35ally_xoxoit is my ipod...
22:16:41BigBambithen there you go
22:16:53ally_xoxoinside alison folder is "calendars/contacts/ipod control/notes/music/etc
22:16:56BigBambiNow select your model in the list below, then click OK
22:17:01ally_xoxoi did
22:17:17BigBambiwell done
22:17:23ally_xoxoand it says my configuration is invalid...
22:17:49BigBambiclose rbutil and restart it, then try again
22:18:02amiconnAre you installing for the first time?
22:18:05ally_xoxoi am
22:18:07BigBambiamiconn: trying to
22:18:16preglowmy nano is on its seventh retailos hour now, and about a third battery left
22:18:28 Join Daishi [0] (
22:18:41amiconnThen you probably need to run rbutil as root, so that it can install the bootloader
22:19:09BigBambially_xoxo: Are you running it as root?
22:19:23ally_xoxookay I still get the same error when i restarted my rbutil
22:19:24BigBambiI had assumed so, as I'm pretty sure it says to in the manual
22:19:27*BigBambi goes to check
22:19:32ally_xoxobigbambi: i belive i am root
22:19:50BigBambiYou used su to run rbutil?
22:19:53nanokally_xoxo: type "whoami"
22:19:55amiconnYeah, manual probably says so. It's just that I still didn't try rbutil at all
22:20:10ally_xoxoNo. I just opened rbutil and the screen poped up
22:20:17pixelmaBigBambi: I'm not so sure...
22:20:22BigBambiSo you are not root then
22:20:42ally_xoxowhoaafrika@afrika-desktop:~$ whoami
22:20:57 Quit JdGordon|w ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:21:25BigBambipixelma: Ah, it does say so for manual install, but not rbutil
22:21:55ally_xoxowhat am i doing wrong?
22:22:02 Quit MethoS- (Network is unreachable)
22:22:37amiconnYou need to run rbutil as root for a first-time installation
22:22:52ally_xoxoi thought i was in root
22:22:57BigBambially_xoxo: go to a terminal
22:23:00ally_xoxoso what should i type in terminal
22:23:04amiconnThis info is missing in the manual for installation via rbutil, for some unknown reason
22:23:04ally_xoxoyes im in terminal now
22:23:07nanokally_xoxo: sudo /path/to/wherever/you/have/rbutil
22:23:18amiconnally_xoxo: Not _in_ root, but as the user 'root'
22:23:28BigBambially_xoxo: go to the directory where rbutilqt is
22:23:32ally_xoxologin root?
22:23:42BigBambigo to the directory where rbutilqt is
22:23:44 Join JdGordon|w [0] (n=836b0065@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:23:47ally_xoxook i am in the dir where rbutil is
22:23:50BigBambiand type sudo ./rbutilqt
22:24:15BigBambiit will prompt for your password
22:24:18nanok(it may ask for a password, give the user password)
22:24:22amiconnAh, ubuntu....
22:24:26nanokamiconn: :)
22:24:27BigBambiamiconn: yep
22:24:45ally_xoxoits in /home/alison/rockbox/rbutil
22:24:46*amiconn would use 'su' in a terminal (debian), but on ubuntu, root is disabled iirc...
22:24:54BigBambiit is, yes
22:24:56ally_xoxoso cd /home/alison/rockbox/rbutil ?
22:25:19BigBambi<BigBambi> and type sudo ./rbutilqt
22:25:19BigBambi<BigBambi> it will prompt for your password
22:25:20nanokamiconn: exactly. and not such a bad idea, either
22:25:29*amiconn prefers the 'su' way
22:26:05ally_xoxoi did that
22:26:15nanokamiconn: sometimes it is needed, anyway. or more confortable
22:26:25pixelmaBigBambi: yes, I began a rework of the installation chapter (doesn't mention the v2 Sansas for example too) but having a bit of a hard time with the phrasing (and to find a nice order)
22:26:43ally_xoxoi did that bigbambi
22:26:44BigBambipixelma: I'm sure :) It isn't a nice job
22:26:49ally_xoxobut i still get an error
22:26:54BigBambially_xoxo: cool, so rbutil is running now?
22:26:55ally_xoxoabout invalid configuration...
22:27:06ally_xoxoyes its running..
22:27:07BigBambiLets do it the manual way
22:27:17pixelmaally_xoxo: and you remember what Domonoky told you earlier?
22:27:18ally_xoxothe FUN way :)
22:27:22BigBambiI seem to remember earlier you downloaded ipodpatcher
22:27:27ally_xoxoabout the ipodpatch?
22:27:28BigBambiDo you still have it?
22:27:37ally_xoxoi have the patch, but i never installed it
22:27:40pixelma"dont use the buttons on the first tab of rbutil, use the install options on the second tab of rbutil 1.0.2" - did you do that?
22:27:41ally_xoxoi got disconnected
22:27:57ally_xoxoso what should i do with the ipodpatch?
22:28:11BigBambiand did you already do chmod +x ipodpatcher?
22:28:38ally_xoxoi dont know how
22:28:47ally_xoxogo to termina and type "chmod +x ipodpatcher?
22:28:58BigBambiyes, in the directory ipodpatcher is in
22:29:02ally_xoxoyup ok
22:29:03ally_xoxolets try it
22:29:42ally_xoxok i did that
22:29:48ally_xoxonothing happend, or did something happen?
22:29:53BigBambinow type sudo ./ipodpatcher
22:30:02BigBambiSomething happened, you made it executable
22:30:19ally_xoxoEnter i to install the Rockbox bootloader, u to uninstall
22:30:19ally_xoxo or c to cancel and do nothing (i/u/c) :
22:30:27ally_xoxoinstall yes?
22:30:27BigBambiso I would suggest i
22:30:30BigBambiyep :)
22:30:51ally_xoxookay its doing its thing...
22:30:59BigBambicool :)
22:31:04ally_xoxokind slow
22:31:07ally_xoxonormally take this long?
22:31:27BigBambiI don't really know, I've never done it
22:31:42 Join Seraph [0] (
22:31:42BigBambiI don't have an Ipod
22:31:51ally_xoxo[INFO] Bootloader installed successfully.
22:31:51 Quit XavierGr ()
22:32:06ally_xoxoso now what?
22:32:07BigBambiNow we just need to install a build and the fonts
22:32:23ally_xoxohow to install a build?
22:32:29BigBambiGo here: and download the current build for your player
22:32:34Mouser_Xjoin #rockbox-communityI'll ask again then.
22:33:20ally_xoxookay BigBambi
22:33:22ally_xoxodownloaded it
22:33:31BigBambiSo we need to unzip it to the ipod
22:33:38BigBambiOne way is from the terminal
22:33:47 Join MethoS_mobile [0] (
22:33:55BigBambiIn the directory with in it, type the following:
22:34:10BigBambiunzip -o -d /media/alison
22:34:25BigBambiassuming I have spelt alison correctly
22:34:54ally_xoxohaha, you did :)
22:34:58ally_xoxodont worry hun
22:35:10BigBambiA firend is alyson :)
22:35:10ally_xoxook did that command
22:35:14ally_xoxolooks uh bad...
22:35:16BigBambiAnd it worked
22:35:27ally_xoxocheckdir error: cannot create /media/dj-fu/.rockbox
22:35:27ally_xoxo unable to process .rockbox/rockbox.ipod.
22:35:42BigBambiwhat is /media/dj-fu?
22:35:42ally_xoxomaybe its the wrong name
22:35:46SeraphUh... Hello, I've got little problem with ipod video with rockbox. Basicaly after selecting a vid lcd turned black and it froze. no response on clickwheel or to the pc. Amy idea what to do?
22:35:53ally_xoxosuppose to be alison
22:36:02BigBambiSeraph: Menu + select to reboot
22:36:18BigBambially_xoxo: You need to put wherever the ipod is mounted
22:36:33ally_xoxostill get the same error..
22:36:38ally_xoxoyou sure i can use 'unzip" ?
22:36:51BigBambiwhat happens if you just type unzip on its own?
22:36:54SeraphBigBambi: Thanks, i owe you one
22:37:01BigBambiSeraph: no worries
22:37:22 Part Seraph
22:37:23ally_xoxounzip on its own, i get help questions
22:37:31BigBambiok, so that is there fine
22:37:46BigBambiCould you try unplugging (safely), and pluging your ipod back in?
22:38:12ally_xoxosure i think i can do that
22:38:36 Nick |404| is now known as JETC- (
22:38:42ally_xoxodo i just hit "Unmount"
22:38:44 Join weezerle [0] (
22:38:53ally_xoxophew ok
22:38:55 Quit merbanan (Remote closed the connection)
22:39:11ally_xoxook plugging back in
22:39:14ally_xoxoone second
22:39:23Casainhobye bye
22:39:25 Quit Casainho ("ChatZilla 0.9.80 [Firefox]")
22:39:26ally_xoxohow sexi, i see rockbox on it
22:39:37BigBambiIt is working?
22:39:41ally_xoxosays rockbox boot loader
22:39:55ally_xoxoalso says no partition found
22:40:03BigBambino partition eh?
22:40:11ally_xoxohold menu+select to reboot
22:40:11BigBambiDid it work with the Apple Firmware?
22:40:30ally_xoxowhat do you mean apple firmware?
22:40:44ally_xoxoi think i restored the ipod already
22:40:52ally_xoxousing my Mac computer
22:40:52BigBambiThe thing that appears when you turn the ipod on normally
22:40:59BigBambiIt won't work then
22:41:04ally_xoxooh noooo
22:41:08ally_xoxoso what should i do?
22:41:10BigBambiThe Mac formats the disk as HFS+
22:41:15BigBambiIt needs to be FAT32
22:41:23ally_xoxono wonder...
22:41:28ally_xoxowell i dont have windows on
22:41:32BigBambiThe easiest way is to restore it from a windows itunes pc
22:41:40ally_xoxomight have it on my other machine...
22:41:42BigBambiIf not there is a manual way, but it is more complicated
22:41:52ally_xoxolets try the manual way
22:42:51BigBambiI have to find the instructions
22:43:07ally_xoxook well i just checked my brothers computer: locked and hes at work
22:43:09ally_xoxoso no luck :(
22:44:13 Join dewdude [0] (n=dewdude@
22:44:51ally_xoxoso i have to download a parition table?
22:44:55dewdudeis it normal that if you boot rockbox with the usb plugged in, windows pops up with "rockbox media player" as new hardware, then the unit reboots into disk mode only to start a cycle of constant rebooting?
22:45:02BigBambially_xoxo: If it says so
22:45:08ally_xoxoi did
22:45:18BigBambiAll I'm doing is reading the instructions at the same time as you
22:45:37ally_xoxowhat is the difference:
22:45:40ally_xoxo 30GB Video (512-byte sectors) mbr-video30gb.bin
22:45:40ally_xoxo30GB Video (2048-byte sectors) mbr-video30gb-2048.bin
22:45:44krazykitdewdude, please read the MajorChanges wiki page
22:45:45ally_xoxoboth are 30GB VIdeo...
22:46:18dewduderight....a simple "yes" would of sufficed
22:46:20 Part dewdude ("Leaving")
22:46:31ally_xoxoNOTE: If you have the 30GB video ipod, you need to determine your sector size. This can be done with the ipodpatcher command - after identifying your ipod, type "ipodpatcher /dev/diskN" (replacing diskN with the device name assigned to your ipod). This should then display the sector size.
22:46:41BigBambiplease don't paste loads here
22:46:49ally_xoxosorry :(
22:46:56BigBambidon't worry
22:47:10ally_xoxomy computer doesn't recognize my ipod anymore...
22:47:28BigBambiNo, you need to reboot to disk mode
22:47:41BigBambiThe instructions on how to do so are in the manual
22:48:22BigBambiIt really would be much easier to do this on a windows PC
22:48:49ally_xoxoi'd have to wait 2 hours :(
22:48:58ally_xoxobut i guess i'll do that for you bigbambi
22:49:18amiconnDoes the ipod updater run under wine?
22:49:27BigBambicheers - I think it would be better for both of us
22:49:36*amiconn doesn't really expect it to though
22:49:46ally_xoxoi agree too
22:49:56ally_xoxobut i hope you will see be on to help me :)
22:50:10BigBambiWell, it is 11pm now so probably not
22:50:20BigBambiBut I'm sure others will be
22:50:27BigBambiamiconn: I doubt it
22:50:56 Join safetydan [0] (n=safetyda@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
22:52:46 Quit JdGordon|w ("CGI:IRC")
22:53:56amiconnMight be worth a test
22:54:55 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
22:55:14 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-SIX-THIRTY-SIX.MIT.EDU)
22:55:27 Quit EspeonEefi (Client Quit)
22:56:15 Quit Domonoky ("Trillian (")
22:57:15 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57:57 Join toffe82_ [0] (
22:58:05 Nick toffe82_ is now known as toffe82 (
23:00:41 Join TMM [0] (
23:00:52 Join JdGordon|w [0] (n=836b0065@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:01:20pixelmahow typical - something looking like a small change turns out to be a bigger one :\
23:01:52*pixelma discovers that the radio chapter is not enabled for the c200 manual at all...
23:03:18ally_xoxowho developed rockbox?
23:03:26BigBambilots of people
23:03:41ally_xoxoi mean, did it start off as 2 kids from MIT
23:03:44Bagderally_xoxo: we downloaded it from the internet! ;-)
23:03:45ally_xoxoor was it a small company..
23:03:52ally_xoxolol i bet!
23:04:13BigBambiNo, it was a few Swedish people (including Bagder) who where fed up with the Archos firmware back in 2002 or so
23:04:13 Quit uwe__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:04:30ally_xoxocool ;P
23:04:36Bagder"Over the entire history of the project, 89 contributors have submitted code. 52 have done so in the last year."
23:04:41BigBambiscorche|w: I claim my or so covers that :)
23:04:43ally_xoxoBigBambi what is your rockbox theme?
23:04:59pixelmathere once was a history link on the frontpage
23:05:08BigBambially_xoxo: Various ones on various players
23:05:12 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-TWO-NINETY-SIX.MIT.EDU)
23:05:20Bagderthe history file is still in svn though
23:05:32ally_xoxoi like this one...
23:05:36ally_xoxonot sure what its called
23:06:58BigBambially_xoxo: Also see
23:07:04 Quit desowin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:31ally_xoxolots of people!
23:08:08 Quit EspeonEefi (Client Quit)
23:08:12Bagdervery lots!
23:08:40 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-TWO-NINETY-SIX.MIT.EDU)
23:08:52BigBambiand the history file:
23:09:06 Join stripwax [0] (
23:09:29 Join uwe_ [0] (
23:11:29ally_xoxorockbox makes the batter last longer?
23:11:45preglowdepends on your player
23:11:48BigBambiOn most players
23:11:54BigBambiBut not the 4G and later ipods
23:12:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:12:02BigBambiH10, and not so bad the E200
23:12:04preglowand any other portalplayer device...
23:12:15BigBambi1G to 3G ipods hqve better
23:12:17ally_xoxorockbox is very stable yes?
23:12:26BigBambidepends on the player too
23:12:38preglow"very", no, "somewhat", yes
23:13:00 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:13:15 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
23:17:16 Quit jhulst (Connection timed out)
23:17:48krazykitally_xoxo, actually, battery life on those targets might get better sometime in the relatively near future, as significant work is being done on the power managementt side of thigs
23:18:26 Join Rincewind [0] (
23:19:24 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:22:54 Quit stewball (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:36:05 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
23:38:16preglowlooks like retailos will be only marginally better than rockbox on the runtime
23:38:26preglowwhich means my battery is really busted
23:39:04 Quit advlaptop2019 ("Leaving")
23:44:46 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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