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#rockbox log for 2008-04-17

00:00:50goffahmm... in a dilemma... hd is dying on the f60...
00:01:53goffado i want to get an ipod 5.5 80gb ($190)... or get a new hard drive for the gigabeat ($130)
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00:02:52goffalooks like no one is awake
00:03:22*scorche votes for the latter
00:04:05LloreanI suggest a new HD as well
00:04:12goffayeah.. was thinking of going that route
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00:04:51goffathat's assuming an mk8009gah will work
00:05:58toffe82no, connector problem (LIF)
00:06:35goffahmm... glad i asked... so... what model 80gb drives am i looking for?
00:08:02goffawas thinking that was the 50 pin connector according to
00:08:28linuxstbThe one that's almost impossible to find...
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00:08:39goffaah... 8007?
00:08:51BuXY95bug: using latest rockbox with ihp-120. during record standby with agc turned on, scrolling BELOW agc exchanges the line "AGC: ..." to "AGC max gain: ..." they should be two lines below each other!
00:09:03goffagrr.. i hate bogus spec sheets from vendors
00:09:19linuxstbgoffa: Yes, I think so. It works nicely though ;)
00:09:45goffayouch... that's $250
00:09:51toffe82you need this interface and it should work :
00:10:03goffathat still better than a $190 ipod?
00:10:06toffe82I received on ethis week but didn't have time to test
00:12:38linuxstbgoffa: I think it probably is. Battery life should be slightly longer, and the CPU in the gigabeat never struggles...
00:12:40Alex_SC2en1s: Eh, How do I reset settings
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00:13:21n1sAlex_SC2e: settings->Manage settings->Reset settings
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00:28:19goffawonder if that adapter will fit in the case
00:29:04markungoffa: better wait for toffe to try first
00:30:11toffe82I need to steal the f11 of my wife, I don't have any F working :)
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00:31:13markuntoffe82: do your kids all have gigabeats as well? :)
00:31:38toffe82no I sold them :), they have a nintendo ds now
00:31:42Alex_SC2en1s: setting reset unsuccessful
00:32:03Alex_SC2eI'm looking for a good theme
00:32:39scorche|shAlex_SC2e: then find one...we cant really tell you a good one as "good" in this case is extremely subjective
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00:42:05Alex_Sc2eback. I still can't get this to work correctly.
00:44:01goffayeah.. my drive will probably hold for a while
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00:44:33goffabeen putting in $150 bids on 80gb ipods on ebay (been unsuccessful)
00:44:47goffamight have to wait and see if the adapter works
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01:14:16*shotofadds is pleased to have made the "beast" peoples' Rolo experiences better today :-)
01:14:40preglowshotofadds: anything new and fun going on in d2 world?
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01:15:23shotofaddsnot that I'm aware of, other than JdGordon doing a lot of the hard work for me ;)
01:15:36preglowisn't he adorable? :>
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01:15:57shotofaddsindeed ;-)
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01:16:37shotofaddsI've had waaay less time this week than I thought I might. Are you still thinking of getting a D2?
01:17:00preglowyeah, i'm pretty certain i will
01:17:14preglowi'm just in a time trap again, and i don't want to get one before i'm sure i have some time to hack on it
01:17:38BuXY95good night folx
01:17:45preglowi have a notorious lack of self-control when it comes to stuff like this, so i just have to make sure i prioritize the right things :>
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01:19:05shotofaddsthat's no bad thing... I tend to work on whatever seems interesting at the time. Eg I said I'd get the touchscreen working and ended up playing with PCM drivers in the couple of hours I have had this week,..
01:19:21shotofaddsso far I've just managed to make it crash, though...
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01:23:30preglowheh, know the feeling
01:23:36preglowi don't really know what i'll do first when i get one yet
01:24:25*shotofadds thinks someone else needs to look at the NAND driver ;-)
01:24:33preglowahh, yes, reverse-engineering
01:24:42preglowjust want i want as a break from the ipod :P
01:25:31shotofaddsor get logf-over-usb working... then I can finally investigate the flash off-target
01:26:46shotofaddsjust as a nice, simple introduction task, obviously.....
01:26:46preglowit might be cool to try to get usb working
01:27:13preglowi really haven't even tried usb over serial on my nano yet
01:27:18preglowsurely should as soon as i get the chance
01:27:36shotofaddswould be nice
01:27:45*shotofadds has had 1 beer too many and needs to sleep. back tomorrow....
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01:28:33*DerPapst_ wonders how may beers that where :-P
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01:32:46 Part Alex_Sc2e
01:35:37 Part toffe82
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01:54:30donsdwMy Sansa e200 stopped booting into Rockbox. It now boots into Sansa.
01:54:40donsdwDoes this mean I have to reinstall Rockbox?
01:55:30*DerPapst_ just figured out how to do something like symbolic links under windows :-D
01:55:43advcomp2019donsdw, just reinstall the rockbox bootloader if you still have the .rockbox folder
01:55:54 Quit phinze ()
01:56:24donsdwI still have .rockbox. Thanks, I'll do a little more research to see how that is done.
02:00:34*DerPapst_ wonders why his gigabeast sim always says "Nothing to resume" regardles what option he selects
02:02:04LloreanAre you maybe pressing Play instead of Select?
02:03:33 Join JdGordon|uni [0] (i=82c20d6a@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
02:03:41*DerPapst_ is used to his custom sim button definitions for ipods :-P
02:03:42donsdwLlorean: are you talking to me?
02:04:34Lloreandonsdw: No, it was to DerPapst_
02:04:42DerPapst_seems like cabbie is broken for the gigabeast
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02:53:27LambdaCalculus37Ugh... now I realize why I never bought an MTP-only device.
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03:19:43Thundercloud_Heh what was LambdaCalculus37's problem I wonder?
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03:34:40 Join critter- [0] (
03:35:29critter-what do i use to add music files to a newly installed rockbox on linux ?
03:36:23JdGordon|unicopy music onto your dap
03:37:49mokkurkalvecritter-: USB I guess ;)
03:38:24critter-should i create a mp3 directory in the root of the drive and just add stuff to it ?
03:39:20mokkurkalvecritter-: You could make any directory... what player do you have BTW?
03:47:13critter-gigabeat, f40. sorry for delay
03:52:06mokkurkalvedon't know anything bout that player, but rockbox is rockbox, just make some directory, add music, and access it either by simple file browser, or generate a tag database and browse that, rockbox allows for both approaches, I just use simple filebrowsing...
03:52:57critter-ok. thank you. i am guessing if i use the file browser method i could listen to all songs in the directory with shuffle on ? or would have to tag them first and then create a playlist
03:53:27mokkurkalveit's all described in the manual BTW
03:53:39critter-ok. got it. thanks
03:53:50mokkurkalvein a directory you cold jus shuffle
03:55:34mokkurkalveif you want to shuffle all songs you must generate a playlist for all songs, just browse to root of player, make playlist and shuffle that
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03:58:02boxerorangehello all
03:59:15 Quit Thundercloud_ (Remote closed the connection)
04:00:55mokkurkalveyou can shuffle directories too, but this involves the use of a plugin: random_folder_advance_config
04:03:00 Quit RoC_MasterMind ("Leaving")
04:03:17critter-thank you mokkurkalve
04:06:23mokkurkalveit's all in the zip you downloaded BTW, and rockbox generates it's own playlists, just transfer the music from your comp, and your set to go. good luck!
04:08:22boxerorangecould somebody tell me what "fisk -l" DOES?
04:08:53Shaidgoogle could, I bet.
04:09:12Shaiddid you mean 'fdisk -l'?
04:10:31boxerorangeer, yeah
04:10:37mokkurkalve"fisk" is "fish" in norwegian.... :)
04:10:43critter-i'm having a difficult time being able to play anything with rockbox. i've created a /media/GIGABEAT/mp3 folder and added files though creating playlists or just simply playing files is difficult for me on the F40. i'll see what the manual says
04:11:58mokkurkalveman fdisk
04:13:25boxerorangewhat's the point of iPod Diagnostics?
04:13:48scorcheto help doagnose hardware issues
04:14:15Shaidto freak you out when you accidently activate it.
04:25:07critter-how do i enable album artwork ?
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04:29:55boxerorangeif I'm going to disassemble something are pictures good enough?
04:30:25 Quit icemang (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:34:35LloreanHigh resolution scans are preferred, but as long as chip labels are clear, that's a good start.
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04:48:23keanuwhat's with the ad-like box on the main page?
04:50:43LloreanThey're ads.
04:51:52goffajust curious.. is that a condition of google summer of code?
04:52:15LloreanThe ads have nothing to do with Summer of Code, or Google for that matter.
04:52:21goffafigured those were google adwords
04:53:19goffaah... seemed to happen around the same time frame too.. .so i just assumed :)
04:54:00keanuthey're actual ads?
04:55:29 Quit m0f0x ()
04:56:30LloreanThat's what I said, yes.
04:56:46 Quit EsotericWisp ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:56:52keanusaw the message from the mail archive
04:57:13keanuThe "Huh?" after "They're ads" threw me off a little ;)
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05:01:54Harlequin0Any zune users here?
05:03:37LloreanHarlequin0: Probably not. It's not a Rockbox target.
05:05:39Harlequin0ooh okay then =]
05:05:49 Quit Harlequin0 (Client Quit)
05:07:11boxerorangeI couldn't even get the damn thing open.
05:13:58TaylorKillianlol, i had to look for the ad's, lol
05:14:42critter-whats a good forum to sell a rockbox enabled device ?
05:15:17goffawhat you looking to sell critter-?
05:15:28TaylorKilliannot a forum... but ebay?
05:15:41critter-a gigabeat f40. put rockbox on it today. decided i dont need it. its brand new
05:16:05TaylorKilliancritter-: oh... i could actually use one of those
05:16:10critter-i received a sealed box today and decided to put rockbox on it. decide i just dont need it
05:16:16TaylorKilliancritter-: how much?
05:16:54critter-ok. it seems to run just fine. how about $125 shipped ? its brand new. i got it today, opened the box, and hasn't really been used exceppt the past hour
05:17:13 Quit boxerorange ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]")
05:17:24goffai've got an iriver h140 and an iaudio x5l 30gb.. reluctant to sell... even though i've got 2 gigabeat f60's
05:17:31TaylorKilliancritter-: give me a sec
05:18:25*TaylorKillian is looking up prices on froogle
05:18:59LloreanTaylorKillian: $125 is a pretty fair price for "new" and not having to deal with auctions or anything.
05:19:18goffayeah... they are getting harder to find
05:19:27LloreanI got mine for $99, but that was a company clearing out stock of 'em.
05:19:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:19:59critter-i paid 150 + 15 shipping for it on ebay. it was the only sealed f40 there was.
05:20:02goffamy 60 giggers were ~$140 same deal.. clearance
05:20:09 Join phinze [0] (
05:20:14goffaand timing
05:20:38TaylorKilliancritter-: alright, sounds good, lemme pm you
05:20:50critter-sure. thanks everyone
05:26:24TaylorKilliancritter-: did you get my pm's?
05:26:31critter-i didn't.
05:26:44LloreanYou need to be registered to PM
05:27:09critter-i identified with nickserv. i pmed you and didn't get a response
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05:42:50 Nick Xerion_ is now known as Xerion (
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08:09:10 Quit critter- ("may your dreams not have teeth")
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08:20:11 Part mokkurkalve
08:24:37 Part toffe82
08:28:43*GodEater it appears tricky to find things not to like about the iphone (except of course for it's music playback ;) )
08:29:02*GodEater has no idea why he "/me"'d the above
08:29:19scorcheGodEater: lack of MMS?
08:29:24scorchesearchable contacts?
08:29:28scorcheclosed system?
08:29:38B4gdermade by apple? ;-)
08:29:45scorchelack of tactile keyboard?
08:29:46GodEatermy last phone has MMS, and I barely used it
08:29:53GodEaterthink about 3 times in two years
08:29:54GodEaterso I won't miss it
08:30:08GodEaterI have no idea what you mean by searchable contacts
08:30:19GodEaterthey're there, I can search through them
08:30:34scorchewe should remove codecs in rockbox to only the ones i use...i wont miss it, so obviously it isnt needed :)
08:31:05GodEaterthat's not fair - this is only my own personal opinion. If you like and use MMS then yes, clearly the iPhone is not for you
08:31:21scorchewait...why is this in #rockbox?
08:31:37LloreanGodEater: Not 3G?
08:32:02GodEaterto be honest Llorean, I'm not sure I can tell the difference
08:32:16GodEater3G seemed very poor on my previous phnoe
08:36:28 Join aliask [0] (n=aliask@rockbox/developer/aliask)
08:49:08 Join Rob2223 [0] (
08:52:13 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
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09:16:59 Join homielowe [0] (
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09:22:46amiconnB4gder: ping
09:22:50*B4gder repongs
09:23:11amiconnIs there a reason why the beast is missing in the delta table?
09:23:20B4gderyes :-)
09:23:32B4gderbecause I haven't enabled any zips to get transfered
09:23:46B4gderas I forgot the delta table needs them
09:23:54B4gderso I'll just go and make it happen
09:23:56amiconnAlso, why is the delta table in a very different order compared to the main build table?
09:24:09B4gderbecause the first table is alpha-sorted and the other isn't
09:24:37amiconnThe main build table is also a bit strange. It seems to be sorted alphabetically by manufacturer/brand. But why is the Cowon D2 places before all Archoses?
09:25:09B4gderthat's not easy to spot, but it's because it is sorted on the full name and the full name isn't displayed in the table header
09:25:26 Quit aliask ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]")
09:25:51amiconnOh, and the m:robes are between the fmr and the other archoses... but Olympus should come way later...
09:26:16B4gderyeah, but that's because the original archos models don't have the full names done the same way
09:26:31B4gderlegacy all over ;-)
09:26:38amiconnAre the used full names visible somewhere, and could they be changed to be consistent?
09:27:13 Join homielowe_ [0] (
09:27:17B4gderin the build log
09:27:28B4gderthey can be renamed, but then they will appear as new builds
09:27:31amiconnThe gigabeats and sansas are also oddly placed
09:27:55B4gdernot really, they follow the same rules
09:28:26amiconnI mean, of course they follow the full name sorting, but G clearly comes before S
09:29:47B4gderToshiba vs Sandisk
09:30:40amiconnI thought the gigabeat would be sorted by its brand name, hence Gigabeat vs. Sansa
09:30:51B4gderno, the full names have company names first
09:30:56B4gderwell, apart from the Archoses
09:31:00amiconnBut if it's manufacturers, all ipods and irivers are placed wrong
09:31:14B4gderif you just read the full names you'll see
09:32:24B4gderit's not really an issue I've bothered a lot with
09:32:31B4gderit works and I've been fine with it
09:32:48amiconnI can't find the full names in the build logs...
09:33:02B4gdertop line
09:33:23B4gderdate, full name
09:33:43 Join wpyh [0] (
09:33:59amiconnBut then the irivers and ipods are still placed wrong. I clearly comes before S and T
09:34:10LinusNamiconn: it's probably case sensitive
09:34:26*amiconn wouldn't have expected that
09:34:46LinusNme neither, bit still i haven't cared at all
09:34:54B4gderin a *nix world, everything is case sensitive by default
09:35:15amiconnYou said alpha sorting, not internal code sorting...
09:35:34B4gderinternal code?
09:35:59LinusNcharacter code
09:36:03amiconnWell, alpha sorting is case insensitive by definition
09:36:14amiconnOtherwise it's not alphabetically anymore
09:36:40LinusNwell, the alpha sorting code is still in beta :-P
09:36:45 Join fyre^OS [0] (
09:37:46B4gderforeach $t (sort keys %alltypes) ...
09:41:54 Quit homielowe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:42:46 Join cq [0] (
09:43:33cqmorning... quick question... any suggestions on what player to buy for best price/performance? Since the OS will be Rockbox,it should obviously support it, and usability reviews are less important...
09:47:39cqthanks, i was trying to fins stuff inteh forums...
09:48:39cqwait, all are listed as not in production ??!?
09:48:56scorcheebay is a great place to get devices
09:49:30B4gdercq: exactly, no unit now in production has a full rockbox port yet
09:50:01cqi'm a bit wary of buying things wit hard drives over ebay.... or are HDDs reliable enough these days not to have to worry?
09:51:37markuncq: if you are an interested programmer you could of course buy a player and try to help port rockbox to it :)
09:51:52scorchethere is always a risk, i suppose, but a good number of us have gotten them over ebay and been just fine
09:51:54cqinterested programmer yes, time not so much ;)
09:52:27scorchei would trust ebay just fine as long as the device is not horribly abused (which is usually apparent from pictures)
09:52:57 Quit Shaid (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:53:08cqhm, where can I find out what's supported? i.e. onthe current builds page ipod videos are listed, but i can't tell if a 6th generation is supported or not.
09:53:22cqi have an iriver h120, works really well, just want a second one as a car jukebox
09:54:01 Quit fyrestorm (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:54:07LloreanThe 6th generation isn't the "iPod Video"
09:54:37cqsorry, its the classic, youre right
09:54:50LloreanThe players supported are listed on the front page of the site
09:55:38cqmissed that, i was too deep in teh site already ;) ok, 6th gen not supported then, thanks
09:55:48LloreanFor a car jukebox, I'd recommend a Gigabeat.
09:56:16LloreanCharges from USB (meaning easy to find car chargers), very cheap compared to other equivalent players, and works quite well.
09:56:56advcomp2019cq, there is a few ports that is being worked on that you might want to look if you want to try to help out too
09:57:12 Join J [0] (
09:58:55cqlooking at now...
10:01:22 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
10:02:17 Quit Rob2223 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:02:35 Join Rob2222 [0] (
10:06:56markuncq: on the main page of the wiki you will find the most active ports under 'New Ports' (except for the Tatung I think)
10:07:38markunalthough I'm not sure howmany of those are still in production :)
10:10:53advcomp2019cq, i know cowon d2 is still in production right now
10:11:16 Quit wpyh (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:11:20scorcherockbox isnt fully running on it though...
10:14:20markunthe meizu might still be in production, but the port still has to really take off
10:22:33Mouser_XSince people seem to be up, would anyone be willing to build me some Linux tools? I still haven't been able to restore my S60...
10:22:47Mouser_XThe hacked updater crashes on every machine I try it on.
10:23:18 Quit TaylorKillian (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:21Mouser_XAs for jhMikeS's Windows sendfirm, it's spitting out a lot of errors when I try to use it.
10:24:02 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
10:26:17 Join JdGordon [0] (
10:26:31 Join crazy_bus [0] (
10:26:48 Join wpyh [0] (
10:27:11crazy_busdaylight savings has ended and my clock is fast in rockbox. I can't seem to find the option to find it. Can anyone tell me where it is?
10:28:08Mouser_X(Time & date?)
10:28:17 Join dai_vernon [0] (
10:28:20Mouser_X(It's around there somewhere.)
10:32:13crazy_busah thanks Mouser_X, I've found it now
10:45:03 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
10:46:23 Join pondlife [50] (n=Steve@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
10:47:32 Quit wpyh ("Leaving.")
10:47:38pondlifeSometimes I think the daily builds are more trouble than useful - they seem to confuse users as to what we mean by current/latest build...
10:48:13LinusNthe daily builds are more or less obsolete nowadays
10:48:24pondlifeMaybe they should be referenced only by rev number, not by date.
10:48:28B4gderthey're still somewhat usefull for their backlog
10:48:39LinusNand they are the only ones that build the voices
10:49:11pondlifeI suggest we remove the date from the table and put the rev up front...
10:50:20 Quit [CBR]Unspoken|w (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:50:21dai_vernonWhen I was new I was confused a bit
10:50:32dai_vernonbut poking around lead me to what to di
10:53:15 Quit cq ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]")
10:53:48*Mouser_X has never bothered with a daily build.
10:54:09Mouser_XI started using custom builds a few months after I got Rockbox...
10:55:25 Quit crazy_bus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:57:27*Llorean kinda wishes it were possible to more actively discourage use of dailies too
10:58:23dai_vernonWell, it's a common practice among open source communities
10:59:15Lloreandai_vernon: Why is that relevant? We provide bleeding edge builds instead.
11:00:13LinusNi think dailies are a good thing, and i think it's bad that the bleeding edge builds are so dominant
11:00:16LloreanWe've averaged something like 7.5 builds per day if you just take the number of revisions divided by the difference between today and r1
11:00:41 Quit TMM (Connection timed out)
11:00:45LloreanLinusN: What advantages to dailies give to users who regularly use them?
11:01:04LinusNback in the days, the developers actually strived to make the dailes stable
11:01:31Mouser_XThat was then. This is now. :P
11:01:35B4gderthat was futile anyway
11:01:38LloreanI don't see how that'd be remotely possible with everyone on such disparate timeframes, though.
11:01:48 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:01:52LinusNnowadays, the poor bug reporters are constantly bashed because they didn't try the latest and greatest bleeding edge build
11:02:01LloreanDepending on your work schedule, you're racing the clock before the daily build hits, or waiting for it to hit and hoping nothing crops up before the next one.
11:02:48LloreanLinusN: It's surprising how often that it *does* go away when they switch from the daily to the current.
11:02:59LloreanEspecially considering how often they're using the previous daily, not even the current one.
11:03:06B4gderbtw, gigabeat S is now in the delta table too
11:03:06LloreanDue to time zone differences.
11:03:21B4gder(and all lines below it are screwed up)
11:03:36LinusNand unfortunately, rockbox is currently quite fragile. every change in the playback code fixes one bug and introduces two more
11:03:57 Quit cool_walking_ (Remote closed the connection)
11:05:14LloreanIf you ask people to use dailies rather than current builds, when a bug does crop up, you'll just be saying "Well, there's something committed that might fix it. Either build your own, or wait for the next daily" rather than saying "Please verify on the current build."
11:05:22LloreanI don't see how it's any different really
11:05:44LloreanEither way you don't know if the bug is fixed or not until they try it with the potential fixes that happened after their build was made
11:06:16 Quit dai_vernon (Remote closed the connection)
11:06:18LloreanEven with "good" dailies this is true.
11:07:03B4gderthe fragility is unfortunate, but I don't see how using dailies is a solution
11:07:48LloreanI think there is some problem with people just saying "Come back when you've updated to current" to every non-current bug report.
11:07:52B4gderif we'd keep every single revision in a backlog, we could have a system to "flag" somewhat stable ones
11:07:59LloreanThere is a general level of impoliteness with how that's often delivered.
11:08:17B4gderit needs to be delivered in a polite way
11:09:30 Join dai_vernon [0] (
11:09:52LloreanIf we're flagging,, 17148 seems quite good to me right now. :-P
11:11:46B4gderflagging is complicated as well
11:12:09LloreanWho gets to flag, which factors take priority for making something be rated "good", etc.
11:12:26B4gderand still no guarantee for anything really
11:12:47LloreanWell, if the bugs are documented, at least the user downloading it will have a warning for what problems to expect.
11:13:28B4gdersure, but documenting them for each flagged version is a lot of work
11:13:28amiconnAnd flagging doesn't help e.g. if one bug gets fixed that triggers another one for a different target
11:13:33LloreanWe could just do quarterly pseudoreleases. Every 3 months, pick a build around then that seems "okay", document what we know is wrong with it, and update the documentation if anyone reports anything new.
11:13:46B4gderwe could, yes
11:14:22 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:14:42LloreanThough I wonder how popular that would be, or how much users would even care.
11:15:18*Mouser_X would continue using custom builds, and thus most likely "bleeding edge" for the time that the custom build was made.
11:16:46LinusNi wonder if it is possible to invent some kind of automated testing for the playback engine... my guess is "no way" :-/
11:16:57pondlifeI think most users will upgrade to the latest (current or daily) regardless of flags and/or releases...
11:17:19Mouser_XNewer users wouldn't.
11:17:26Mouser_XAt least, I wouldn't, if I were a new user.
11:17:33pondlifeMy main point was that the rev number should be the main indicator of a build... the date is not important.
11:17:38LinusNmaybe do it the other way around - flag "in flux" commits as unstable?
11:17:58pondlifeOr allow users to put comments against daily builds?
11:18:37pondlifeMight be positive or negative
11:18:37pondlifeNot sure how you'd control the access, of course.
11:19:14Mouser_XNeed wiki access?
11:19:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:19:44Mouser_X(I don't know how easy it would be to work that way, but it's an idea.)
11:19:52 Join gevaerts [0] (
11:19:52*pondlife would ideally like a binchop website that could do SVN custom builds for users trying to hunt down a reproducible bug...
11:19:54B4gderLinusN: tests could be done but it would need to be some kind of unit tests and that's a huge undertaking to add and setup now for it to even start being useful
11:19:58 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:20:02LinusNback in the days, i compiled a test suite of "problem files" that i used to play once in a while to see if the playback worked (hwcodec)
11:20:11*pondlife has one of those
11:20:33pondlifeI collect them off Flyspray
11:21:02B4gderI've played with the thought of being able to use the build server pool for such a build-a-custom-svn-version service
11:21:13 Join _cyanide [0] (i=cyanide@
11:21:28pondlifeCould we automate the Rockbox UI somehow?
11:21:41pondlifeOn the sim, I mean
11:22:04pondlifeI guess button presses could be popped in by a test app.
11:22:30_cyanideafternoon everyone
11:22:40pondlifeAssuming SDL is well behaved, of course... but you'd probably need to listen to the audio output..
11:23:06Mouser_X_cyanide: It's nowhere near afternoon here...
11:23:13Mouser_XCloser to midnight/4 am.
11:24:21*gevaerts disagrees with both Mouser_X and _cyanide. It's 11:24 AM
11:24:31*pondlife disagrees with gevaerts too
11:24:40pondlifeWe'll never agree...
11:24:40_cyanidea hello would've been better i guess
11:24:44Mouser_Xgevaerts: I specified, _here_.
11:24:51gevaerts_cyanide: probably :)
11:25:23_cyanideim buying a sandisk sansa e280 soon, luckily, it rockbox seems to work well on that player
11:25:48Mouser_XIt does, so long as you don't get a v2.
11:26:27_cyanideare they labelled well enough? or is it only possible to know which version it is via some cryptic way?
11:26:44pondlifeGenerally only by turning them on and checking the firmware version.
11:26:45Mouser_XThe best way to know is the OF version.
11:27:11pondlifeI had a v1 in what was allegedly v2 packaging.
11:27:13Mouser_X1.x.blah.whatnot = v1. 3.x.blah.whatnot = v2.
11:27:43*Mouser_X has a v1 he ought to get rid of/sell...
11:28:03Mouser_XUnopened, but it's a refurb.
11:28:09_cyanidethe v1 has been discontinued, correct?
11:29:31Mouser_XAre there any Gigabeast users here willing to build me some Linux tools to restore/send firmware to my S60?
11:31:56pondlifeI'm trying to test . What's the keymap for H300 ACTION_STD_CONTEXT ?
11:33:26 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
11:37:46 Join [CBR]Unspoken|w [0] (n=cbr@
11:39:37BigBambiMouser_X: What do you need>
11:39:59LinusNpondlife: why not have a look at apps/keymaps/keymap-h1x0_h3x0.c?
11:40:00Mouser_Xsendfirm for one. I don't know what else I need.
11:40:10pondlifeI did, but got confused
11:40:12BigBambiWhat are you trying to do?
11:40:29Mouser_XRestore my S60. It's been wanting firmware for over 24 hours now.
11:40:29BigBambi@ Mouser_X
11:40:30pondlifeNow I understand - it's the context menu...
11:40:42Mouser_X(I put it in recovery mode to format it.)
11:40:47*pondlife slaps forehead right into the monthly stats
11:40:47BigBambiMouser_X: I can send you sendfirm and a patched bootloader
11:41:08Mouser_XBigBambi: That'd be nice. It'd allow me to put Rockbox on it...
11:41:13BigBambiOK, one mo
11:41:46_cyanidehow good are the default sansa e280 ear/headphones?
11:41:50Mouser_XBigBambi: I have access to a Linux machine, but I don't have the tools. I figured that someone here could help alleviate that problem.
11:41:59 Join TMM [0] (
11:42:01BigBambiNo problem
11:42:22Mouser_X_cyanide: Default earphones are usually (not always) among the worst you can get.
11:42:27Mouser_XSaying that, I have no idea.
11:43:45 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/developer/desowin)
11:43:52*Mouser_X never uses default earphones/buds. They rarely fit, and usually hurt.
11:44:13_cyanidethey look crappy
11:44:26_cyanideill probably buy those ear-canal earphones i guess
11:44:57Mouser_XBigBambi: How long will that stay up? The Linux machine only has 1 USB port. It'd be useful if I could download it from there, rather than have to use USB devices... And I can't use the Linux machine for a few hours.
11:45:10BigBambiMouser_X: I can leave it there
11:45:16BigBambiMouser_X: PM
11:49:35 Join Thundercloud [0] (
11:57:49 Join goffa_ [0] (n=goffa@
12:01:26 Join corevette_ [0] (n=corevett@
12:07:13 Quit corevette (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:07:22 Quit goffa_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:08:11 Quit dai_vernon (Remote closed the connection)
12:10:32 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:23 Quit advcomp2019 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:18:37 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
12:22:07 Join TaylorKillian [0] (
12:22:50 Join parafin|away [0] (
12:23:08 Quit parafin (Nick collision from services.)
12:23:12 Nick parafin|away is now known as parafin (
12:30:06 Join webguest89 [0] (n=d9e1f553@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:30:06 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
12:30:36webguest89H140 Sim, what keys simulate quick menu ?
12:31:27webguest89I'm trying to load my config in the simulator
12:31:33BigBambiwebguest89: If you launch it with −−background you will see what key on the keyboard represents what key on the player
12:32:09*gevaerts wants those keys to be clickable
12:32:10webguest89I dont understand, background ?
12:32:26BigBambiwebguest89: You typed uisimulator or something similar to launch it
12:32:36BigBambiSo type uisimulator −−background instead
12:32:56webguest89do i type this in the run cmd window
12:33:11BigBambigevaerts: I would really love rockbox as an app, with nice clickable things etc
12:33:23BigBambiwebguest89: How did you launch the sim?
12:33:35webguest89double click an icon
12:33:48BigBambiOK, yes, do it from a command prompt
12:34:00 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
12:34:05 Join Mick [0] (n=Mick@
12:34:18webguest89dos freaks :-)
12:34:29BigBambiDos? No thanks
12:34:35gevaertswebguest89: no dos involved here, thanks :)
12:34:54webguest89well you like to type full syntax, urrgh
12:35:07BigBambiBecause it is more powerful?
12:35:09*gevaerts hates clicking
12:35:10webguest89click an icon much easier
12:35:21BigBambiAnd lets you do exactly what you want
12:35:29BigBambiwebguest89: Whatever, that is off topic
12:35:58webguest89if you use it on a daily basis and can remember the exact syntax and the entire vicabulary that goes with it
12:36:08BigBambiwebguest89: Stay on topic
12:36:20 Quit webguest89 ("CGI:IRC")
12:36:41Mickis the battery problem fixed for the gen5 ipod videos?
12:36:44Mickif anyone know
12:36:50BigBambiWhich battery problem?
12:37:00Micki thort there was a problem
12:37:06BigBambiWhat problem?
12:37:10Micklike the battery running out really quckly
12:37:23Mickwhen using rockbox
12:37:37BigBambiIn recent months the runtime in rockbox has got significantly better if that is what you mean
12:37:39Mickbut when useing apple lasted much longer
12:38:43 Join webguest71 [0] (n=d9e1f553@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:38:51Micki like the new theme
12:39:52webguest71i tried that uisimulator −−background in run and it doesnt recognise a error, so how do i call the quick menu please on the simulator
12:40:04BigBambiwebguest71: Go to a command prompt
12:40:05 Quit TaylorKillian (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:40:29BigBambiThen navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the sim to
12:40:43webguest71oh joy
12:41:58PaulJamwebguest71: do you have a background.bmp in the same dir where the uisim executable is?
12:42:36webguest71this stupid dos thing, one sec "navigating" to where it is
12:42:51BigBambiwebguest71: Do you want help or not? If so, please stop bitching
12:43:47webguest71yes I would like help, but please bear with me while I "Navigate"
12:43:47BigBambiwebguest71: In fact, you can just double click on background.bat I think
12:43:53PaulJamhmm, wait it isn't called background.bmp but UI256.bmp (or something similar
12:44:42BigBambiwebguest71: In the same directory as the uisimulator executable, just double click on background.bat instead
12:45:09*BigBambi just downloaded a win sim from rasher and looked inside the zip
12:45:59webguest71ah that click on background worked a treat, thank you for your patience, and to hell with dos syntax
12:46:14 Quit webguest71 ("CGI:IRC")
12:46:51linuxstb_Kids today...
12:46:57BigBambiI know...
12:46:58 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
12:47:12GodEaterlinuxstb: did you get your Eee yet ?
12:48:13 Quit parafin ("So long and thanks for all the fish")
12:48:15 Join parafin|away [0] (
12:48:32 Nick parafin|away is now known as parafin (
12:48:32 Join webguest71 [0] (n=d9e1f553@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:49:48webguest71lol, err for your info, I am 48 years old, a flight engineer, and hate pc's hence my intense for anything that isn't simple
12:50:07webguest71intense dislike
12:50:29*BigBambi never would have guessed
12:51:06webguest71flying an aeroplane is much simpler than trying to get software working, I should say the kids of today, you guys have no idea of what user friendly is
12:51:20webguest71but thanks anyway for your help
12:51:23 Quit webguest71 (Client Quit)
12:51:27*GodEater will go apply for his pilot's license straight away
12:51:47*BigBambi shakes his head
12:52:47Mickis the ipod 80gb 5th gen 800mHa battery?
12:52:51Mickif anyone knows
12:54:01GodEater750 I think
12:54:07BigBambi640 mAh I remember reading, but don't quote me on it
12:54:17BigBambiAny more offers?
12:54:22Micki thort 800
12:54:35*GodEater has one here in front of him
12:54:38Mickso we all got different ansers
12:54:39GodEaterit doesn't not say
12:54:43GodEaterdoes not say
12:54:58 Join webguest33 [0] (n=d558f5ac@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:55:02Mickso godeat
12:55:20webguest33What is RoLo?
12:55:25BigBambiMick: People only get notified if you use the proper nick
12:56:10PaulJamwebguest33: i think RoLo stands for "Rockbox Loader"
12:56:14Mickdo i sign up
12:56:25BigBambiMick: No, you just type the full nick
12:56:40BigBambiAnd please use proper words
12:56:58Mickwill do. next time. just poped in for some questions
12:57:03Mickthanks for your help
12:57:14BigBambiwebguest33: It will load a different version of rockbox from inside the running one
12:57:21BigBambiwebguest33: Very useful for testing
12:57:22linuxstbwebguest33: Yes, RoLo is short for "Rockbox Loader" and is the feature (not implemented on all devices) that allows Rockbox to "play" a firmware file in the file browser to run it.
12:57:24 Quit Mick ("Great success, GoodBye")
12:57:33GodEaterthat's the one I bought for mine
12:57:56BigBambiGodEater: Is that an official or a bigger one?
12:58:00*GodEater apologises for any confusion
12:58:11GodEaterBigBambi: the official one is unmarked, so impossible to say
12:58:43BigBambiI meant was that an official replacement, eben if different to the one that came with it
12:59:24webguest33Ok thanks. It's talked about a fair bit & I couldn't find it's meaning
13:00:06BigBambiI think 850 mAh is an extended life one from a quick google
13:00:12BigBambiSo the original will be less
13:01:00 Quit webguest33 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
13:01:59 Quit J ("leaving")
13:02:10BigBambihmm, says 600 for the 80 GB
13:02:14 Join J [0] (
13:03:37*gevaerts seems to remember that for batteries using similar technology, capacity is more or less proportional to weight
13:07:29PaulJamlittle comment for the deutsch.lang update: shouldn't line 4150 be 'mrobe100: "DISPLAY = Abbrechen"' in order to be consistent with the entrys for the other targets?
13:07:59 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
13:09:21 Quit ashes (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:09:34 Join ashes [0] (
13:12:08*jhMikeS is browsing his gigabeat in UMS mode
13:12:24BigBambiwooo, major congratulations
13:12:40jhMikeSanother partition is showing up though
13:12:55BigBambiIn windows I assume?
13:13:05jhMikeSyes, it's shows nk.bin and other (no directories)
13:13:15BigBambiwow :)
13:13:25GodEaterwell that's right
13:13:26gevaertsWhat were the remaining problems ?
13:13:30GodEaterthere are two partitions
13:13:38GodEaterone for the firmware, one for everything else
13:13:46jhMikeSgevaerts: something in memory mapping I'll look into later but it works
13:14:15gevaertsThat explains why it didn't make sense to me ;)
13:14:18jhMikeSI just threw all the buffers in that one unmapped 1MB section
13:15:10*gevaerts accuses jhMikeS of cheating ;)
13:16:07markunjhMikeS: man, really great news!
13:17:08markunI guess the gigabeat will not boot with only 1 partition, right?
13:17:10jhMikeSI'll have to look at the memory mapping but it least shows that this will work
13:17:42jhMikeSFor UMS can't we mount the one rockbox is on?
13:18:41jhMikeSor whatever the proper term is for UMS
13:19:18gevaertsYou could, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing to do.
13:19:41jhMikeSwhy not?
13:19:44gevaertsDoes it still work if you set the firmware partition to one of these hidden types ?
13:19:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:20:27jhMikeSI don't know what works if you start changing things around but I don't want to render OF non-functional just yet.
13:22:17jhMikeSit sometimes doesn't work on first plug but it may be the case the transceiver should be reset in usb_enable...have to try that.
13:22:57 Join FOAD_ [0] (
13:24:13gevaertsCould you also try disabling the EHCI controller in windows ? I'd like to know if the full-speed problems are related to the force full speed bit, or if they are more general
13:24:23jhMikeSgevaerts: why is it not a good thing to use the MTP partition? we already do.
13:25:04jhMikeSI'm not forcing full speed here.
13:25:06gevaertsjhMikeS: maybe I misunderstood what you meant.
13:26:01gevaertsjhMikeS: (full speed issue) I know, from BigBambi's tests the force full speed doesn't seem to work. What I'd like to now is if "normal" full speed works (i.e. if the host doesn't have high speed)
13:26:06 Quit Hillshum (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:26:33gevaertsjhMikeS: what exactly did you mean by 'mount the one rockbox is on' ?
13:27:07*BigBambi is happy to do more testing if required
13:27:15jhMikeSthe hidden partition is showing up in my explorer window, not the storage one
13:27:19 Quit JdGordon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:27:45gevaertsSo not both. What does the partition table look like ?
13:27:58*gevaerts doesn't know how to see that in windows...
13:29:03*jhMikeS wonders where/if he can even disable the EHCI
13:29:31gevaertsjhMikeS: you can, in the device manager.
13:29:51gevaertsEHCI stops working once you disable the driver
13:32:19jhMikeSwhich category of devices would that be (I'm very green on the USB front)
13:32:38gevaertsUniversal Serial Bus Controllers
13:32:59jhMikeSI've got four host controller and four hubs
13:33:14gevaertsSome of the host controllers should be Enhanced
13:33:31gevaertsThose are EHCI.
13:33:40 Join JdGordon [0] (
13:35:11jhMikeSyeah, one is enhanced, the others not
13:35:27gevaertsOK. Right click on the enhanced one, and select "disable"
13:36:11jhMikeSyeah, did that already. have to reboot. :\
13:36:19gevaertsReally ?
13:36:31*gevaerts is a bit surprised. He does that here regularly...
13:36:51jhMikeSperhaps because I've got a printer there?
13:37:22gevaertsMaybe. You could try reenabling, disconnecting the printer, and disabling again
13:39:38jhMikeSbah, still won't let me
13:39:42gevaertsOr just ignore the reboot thing. It probably will behave as it should
13:39:51 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:39:51 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
13:40:13gevaertsIf you plug in a random USB device and it says that you should connect it to a faster port, EHCI is properly disabled
13:40:41 Quit markun ("leaving")
13:40:53jhMikeSnope, still enabled
13:41:10 Quit jhMikeS ("reboot")
13:45:20 Join CaptainSquid [0] (
13:47:45 Join jhMikeS [50] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
13:48:25gevaertswelcome back :)
13:48:40jhMikeSI get that message, yes
13:48:53jhMikeSand the driver still mounts anyway
13:49:38gevaertsGreat. That means it's just an issue with this force bit that you shouldn't need anyway.
13:49:49 Join DefineByte [0] (
13:50:11jhMikeSit always connects fine at high speed except for the trouble on first plug after booting
13:51:34jhMikeSthe S locked up when I enabled the enhanced driver while still connected
13:51:49 Join markun [50] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
13:51:58 Join dasjojo [0] (
13:52:22jhMikeSdoesn't it handle a reconnect ?
13:52:23gevaertsThat forces a re-enumeration.
13:52:40jhMikeSdoesn't like that at all
13:52:49gevaertsMaybe it doesn't handle fast reconnects too well
13:54:16*gevaerts isn't sure why...
13:57:41jhMikeSany other buffers it might try to use? that need to be non-cached device?
13:58:21gevaertsMaybe the one in usb_serial.c
13:58:35 Part dasjojo
13:58:37jhMikeSI'm not using serial
13:59:06gevaertsI think for UMS the buffers should be fine now
14:00:13gevaertsI'm not sure why you don't see the second partition. Can you look at the partition table ?
14:00:40 Quit markun (Remote closed the connection)
14:06:30gevaertsI've just tested a usb flash drive with two partitions in XP, and it only shows one...
14:06:57B4gder"one partition ought to be enough for everyone"
14:07:02BigBambiDoesn't it depend on whether it reports as removable or not?
14:07:51jhMikeSwhat's the linux command to see that?
14:08:10gevaertsjhMikeS: try sfdisk -l
14:08:19 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
14:08:22BigBambiI seem to remember reading somewhere that you can report as one of two things, and with one of those it only shows the first partition, but doesn't do all the recycle bin stuff, and with the other it acts more like a hard drive - you get all the partitions, but also all the recyling stuff
14:08:39gevaertsjhMikeS: also you could try removing the tb.inquiry->DeviceTypeModifier = DEVICE_REMOVABLE; at the very end of usb_storage.c
14:08:45BigBambiBut, I could be horribly mis-remembering/making it up :)
14:10:09jhMikeSsfdisk -l doesn't print anything
14:10:28 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
14:10:31*gevaerts adds stuff
14:10:33 Quit corevette_ (Remote closed the connection)
14:10:45gevaertssfdisk -l /dev/sd<whatever letter was assigned>
14:11:25jhMikeSdo I have to mount it first?
14:11:48jhMikeSit comes out on bus1 dev20
14:12:34gevaertsIt should say something like 'sd 3:0:0:0: [sdb] 3963904 512-byte hardware sectors (2030 MB)' in the dmesg output. The 'sdb' is what you need
14:13:06gevaertsBut seems to show that the DEVICE_REMOVABLE thing is the real issue
14:13:11jhMikeShow do you even find out which /dev path it's on
14:14:26gevaertsYou can also use devices nodes from /dev/disk/by-id/
14:14:36gevaertsThose could be easier to identify
14:14:53jhMikeSI just kept trying ad<a,b,c> - it was on c
14:15:42gevaertsThat's also a way to do it :)
14:16:23 Join miepchen^schlaf_ [0] (
14:18:08gevaertsjhMikeS: looks good...
14:18:41gevaertsjhMikeS: in windows, you should be able to assign a drive letter from Computer Management->Disk Management
14:18:50 Join TaylorKillian [0] (
14:20:16jhMikeSit doesn't seem to mind the reconnect when having VMWare grab the device or giving it back to windows
14:22:00 Join MethoS- [0] (
14:22:10jhMikeS"The operation did not complete because the partition or volume is not enabled..."
14:22:40BigBambiLooks like the same error in gevaerts' link coz of the removable storage
14:23:13 Quit DefineByte ("Bye all")
14:23:41jhMikeSI'll try it without the removeable guff
14:24:33gevaertsThe "problem" is that then OSX will stop liking it... But if that helps, it will have to do for now
14:24:33jhMikeSshould the modifier just be 0?
14:26:02 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:27:25*JdGordon not sure what to think about the latest ml thread
14:27:39jhMikeSnow I have two drives in exporer
14:28:11BigBambiWithout the removable storage?
14:28:17 Join MethoS-- [0] (
14:29:36jhMikeSTFAT/Local Disk
14:30:23jhMikeSbeing able to do drag/drop bootloader updates is kind of nice
14:31:15linuxstbjhMikeS: Is UMS mode in a bootloader build, or just Rockbox itself?
14:32:12 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Connection timed out)
14:35:14jhMikeSlinuxstb: I just have enable it.
14:35:53 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
14:36:03 Quit miepchen^schlaf_ (Connection timed out) doesn't come out of sleep mode very nicely though
14:38:03jhMikeSif that's even it. something causes other threads to stop responding but the UMS is still accessible.
14:38:07 Join markun [50] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
14:38:36jhMikeSseems to happen after letting it sit idle while connected
14:40:01*gevaerts looks around for thread specialists :)
14:41:41jhMikeSmessages are never posted to the queues unless the usb thread initiated it? I'm just wondering if anything could come up to flood them.
14:42:04 Join disorganizer [0] (n=c2785409@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:43:29 Part B4gder
14:44:02gevaertsThere should only be one message per transfer completion, so it's basically rate-limited by disk performance
14:44:21jhMikeSwhat about interrupts for other things?
14:45:51 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:45:56preglowLinusN: good idea
14:46:00gevaertsThose should be handled directly, not via the message queue
14:46:19LinusNpreglow: thx
14:46:30*gevaerts wonders if the Steering Board can decide on DevCon dates ;)
14:46:36jhMikeSgevaerts: ok
14:47:20jhMikeScould be something with the tranceiver. can notifications be had about entering power conserving modes?
14:47:43gevaertsI don't know
14:49:42jhMikeSwhat contexts is usb_drv_set_test_mode called in?
14:49:45 Join MethoS- [0] (
14:50:24*JdGordon hopes his reply makes sense
14:50:28gevaertsjhMikeS: only in response to a specific request coming from the host. It's only meant to be used for electrical (i.e. signal quality) tests
14:50:54jhMikeSI meant interrupt or thread?
14:51:01 Quit disorganizer ("CGI:IRC")
14:51:06preglowJdGordon: it makes sense, but i think i disagree :)
14:51:10gevaertsAh, that would be thread
14:51:25jhMikeSah, so a sleep can be there instead of udelay
14:51:26preglowpart of the point of a steering boards would be the fact that it contains few people, if you ask me
14:51:27*Nico_P is reading the logs... congrats to jhMikeS! :)
14:51:42preglowif you load more people onto it, you'll just have the same old problem of people never agreeing
14:52:09jhMikeSand thanks to gevaerts for helping me through this :)
14:52:10preglowi think five sounds like a reasonable number to try out with
14:52:48JdGordonits easier to get majority with 10 people than it is with 5...
14:53:08 Quit feisar ("leaving")
14:53:24 Join feisar [0] (
14:53:25preglowi don't really hope any such committee will ever have to throw votes to agree on something
14:53:54JdGordonpreglow: isnt that the whole point though?
14:54:33preglowi'd really like a bit more talk involved than that. if all we want are votes, we can set up voting for committers on our board
14:55:36 Part LinusN
14:55:53 Join DerPapst [0] (
15:03:44*preglow kicks the eq
15:04:33 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (n=44a0430f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:08:40 Quit MethoS-- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:09:04JdGordonwho's going to join in the improptu tracker clean up?
15:09:21 Join ys76 [0] (
15:15:51 Quit desowin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:16:30pondlifeJdGordon: How impromptu?? ;)
15:16:42preglownow! now!
15:16:48JdGordonstarted and stopped in all of 5 min :p
15:17:00JdGordontrying to decide if a patch should be commited or closed
15:18:50preglowif it is to be commited, i'd prefer a manual update with that
15:18:52pondlifeNo opinion here, sorry
15:19:03preglowif the viewer has a manual entry...
15:19:31JdGordonI tihnk i will commit it.. I was more checking if that is still needed (if someone commited something similar)... looks like it wasnt
15:19:36JdGordonremoving the next/prev thing though
15:19:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:19:57preglowi was about to mention that
15:20:22pondlifeIs it still synced, from July 2007?
15:20:34preglowviewer hasn't been touched much
15:20:37JdGordonviewer.c doesnt get much love
15:22:52Nico_Ppondlife: hi! still having that dirskip crash?
15:22:57JdGordonoh bloody hell.... someone please tell me kva is in CREDITS already
15:23:08pondlifeNico_P: I haven't tried today, hang on...
15:23:41Nico_PJdGordon: who? what did he do?
15:24:03JdGordonthis simple viewer.c patch... its fine to go in but he hasnt got a name with the patch
15:24:12preglowthen it doesn't go in
15:24:17Nico_Pah, right
15:24:38preglowrequest a name and see what happens
15:24:43 Join MethoS-- [0] (
15:24:51Nico_PI'd suggest mailing him directly
15:25:59pondlifeNico_P: I can still repro a non-crash weirdness with dir skip, on the H300 simulator with nearly default settings, if you're interested.
15:26:14pondlifeIt jumps lots and lots of dirs
15:26:24Nico_PI am
15:26:40Nico_Pno more crash? weird
15:26:43pondlifeOK, I suggest you make yourself an H300 sim, and reset settings.
15:27:05pondlifeThe crash was on targat, probably unrelated to this sim issue, but similar method
15:27:16pondlifeI don't have the device with me at the moment
15:27:50pondlifeSee if you can repro this - you might need a large music collection though.
15:27:54Nico_PI have an H300 at hand ATM. I tested r17143 on it for quite a while and didn't have a single issue
15:28:15 Quit Rob2222 ()
15:28:33pondlifeI've been running 17143 with almost perfect results. One lock up which needed a pin, that's all. It was during buffering though....
15:29:11pondlifeOnly happened once, so not much info to be gained
15:29:37pondlifeIf you can get a sim up, then enabled auto-dir-change (Yes), and disable Repeat...
15:30:49Nico_PI really want to get it as stable as possible before going further with audio_check_new_track
15:31:57 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/developer/desowin)
15:32:25*Nico_P is doubtful about FS #8891
15:33:01pondlife8891 is odd
15:38:18*Nico_P thinks the sim keymaps lack consistency
15:38:32pondlifehehe, what are you looking for?
15:38:43pondlifeInsert is MENU
15:38:44Nico_PI had to enalble the background
15:39:01Nico_PI just had a few flawless auto dir changes
15:39:13pondlifeOK, it's only a problem if skips overlap, I think
15:39:31pondlifeGo to a dir in the middle of your collection, and play track 1
15:39:45Nico_Pwhat do you mean by "skips overlap"?
15:40:01pondlifeIf you skip directories faster than Rockbox can keep up
15:40:10pondlifeMake sure you have dircache off
15:40:21pondlife(Which it should be with default settings.)
15:40:39Nico_Pyep it's off
15:40:53pondlifeOK, so when it's playing track 1, keep pressing LEFT repeatedly
15:40:59Nico_Pso then what do I do? skip ack and forth between a dir and the previous one?
15:41:17pondlifeThat's one way, but it seems easier just to keep going back
15:41:45pondlifeKeep going back one track at a time, and at some point it should seem to go slow, then return to the file browser
15:42:20 Join n1s [0] (n=nils@rockbox/developer/n1s)
15:42:20pondlifei.e. just keep on tapping on the LEFT key
15:42:27Nico_Pit worked ok. I was on track 1, pressed left a bunch of times and got to track 12 of 18 of the prev album
15:42:33pondlifeKeep going
15:42:36 Part DerPapst
15:42:58pondlifeIt's timing related, but always happens here
15:43:19 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:20pondlifeI'm using a slow (network) drive, that's probably a factor.
15:43:29Nico_Poh, indeed
15:43:46pondlifeWhy should that matter?
15:44:42pondlifeSometimes it ends up in the WPS but not playing nor locked - stalled, but pressing STOP will lock it
15:44:45Nico_Pit shouldn't of course, but there probably are some weaknesses with timing
15:45:15pondlifeI know this is "abuse" but thought it might be a useful way to investigate threading stuff
15:45:22Nico_Pyes I agree
15:45:52pondlifeIt's 100% reproducible here, and when I say slow, it's just a drive on another XP machine across the room.
15:46:04 Join MethoS- [0] (
15:46:56 Join DerPapst [0] (
15:46:59preglowJdGordon: it seems kva is just the guy who synced the patch
15:47:06 Part DerPapst
15:47:07preglowJdGordon: you'd want the name for rubbergove
15:47:20 Join DerPapst [0] (
15:47:38JdGordonhmm... I didnt actually look at the previous patches
15:48:02preglowsyncing doesn't really give you copyright, i'd imagine
15:48:15pondlifehehe, no
15:48:26JdGordonwell.. kva did add a fair bit
15:48:41*pondlife wonders if Slasheri wants to hand playback.c's copyright over to Nico_P....
15:49:32preglowboth can have it
15:49:55preglowunless it's really apparent none of slasheri's work remains, which i kind of doubt
15:49:56*JdGordon hates those bloody (c) notices :p
15:50:43preglowi guess slasheri can have a 200x-2007 copyright, with nico_p a 2007-2008
15:51:00pondlifeI just thought that Slasheri might sleep better at night, not being associated with playback.c ;)
15:51:13pondlife(Although, to be fair, it's getting much better now.)
15:52:30 Nick shenson_not_here is now known as shenson (n=shenson@nat/redhat/x-8d2d9b67ba79f9d0)
15:52:37 Join phinze [0] (
15:53:01Nico_Pthe structure is still Slasheri's
15:53:20Nico_Pbut svn would probably blame me for most of the file by now
15:53:45JdGordonand we will for the parts it doesnt :p
15:53:49preglowin which case i think my last proposal is The Most Correct
15:54:03*preglow runs off to the store
15:54:09Nico_PI think so too
15:54:23Nico_P(about the proposal, not the store)
15:56:05 Join saratoga [0] (n=9803c50e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:58:36*Nico_P remembers he was a bit quick to put his name in gwps-common.c
15:58:40Nico_PI should correct that
15:59:42 Quit phinze ()
16:02:15 Nick JdGordon is now known as JdGordon|zzz (i=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
16:03:51 Join ZincAlloy [0] (n=d9eefa6e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:03:56 Quit CaptainSquid ("Miranda IM!")
16:04:29 Join FOAD_ [0] (
16:04:49 Quit MethoS-- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:15:05 Quit shenson (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:16:52 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
16:16:54pondlifeNico_P: Will you be able to try a networked drive and a sim (running rockboxui −−root n:) ?
16:17:20Nico_PI might be able to set it up
16:17:27Nico_Pbut it would take me some time
16:17:31pondlifeWell, no rush...
16:17:40pondlifeI'll see if I can find a more suitable case!
16:17:45Nico_Pmaybe an sshfs mount would do?
16:18:39Nico_PI think I'll go over the code and try to make it more robust
16:19:16pondlifeThere are some LOWDATA tests - I bet one of those is being triggered...
16:19:45Nico_Pin tue buffering thread?
16:20:12pondlifeCan't remember - don't have the source in front of me at the moment either
16:21:07Nico_Pthe buffering thread calls the low buffer callback a bit too often in my taste
16:21:21 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:21:21 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
16:26:12 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
16:31:47 Join jgarvey [0] (
16:31:55 Join kugel [0] (i=kugel@unaffiliated/kugel)
16:32:04kugelSomeone should update
16:32:21 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
16:32:50gevaertskugel: you should know by now what 'someone should' means around here ;)
16:32:55 Join ByeongKeon [0] (n=skysign@
16:33:17kugelgevaerts: Of course :)
16:33:28kugelBut I have hope!
16:34:31Nico_Psomeone should really finish my work on playback.c
16:35:20kugelNico_P: Ah, I wanted to say, that your latest commits to that file work well (r17109 in particular)
16:35:29Nico_Pthanks :)
16:35:37pondlifesomeone should really pester Nico_P to get someone to fix playback.c :)
16:35:42*gevaerts looks around for people to finish the usb stack
16:35:58pondlifegevaerts: I'm sure someone will do that soon.
16:36:36pondlifekugel: The term you meant was "someone else"....
16:36:40kugelNico_P: Skipping is so nice now
16:37:03Nico_PI'm glad it's noticeable.
16:37:41kugelI guess reducing the wait time to skip backwards from 2s to near 0s is indeed noticable :)
16:40:42saratogawhy is playback.c so difficult to fix?
16:41:00 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:41:37Nico_Psaratoga: concurrency, many edge cases
16:41:52Nico_Pinteraction with the playlist
16:41:52pondlifesaratoga: It's getting much better - it was rather uncommented and somewhat full of race conditions.
16:43:16*scorche|sh smirks at petur
16:44:22pondlifeNico_P: I reckon you have attained the status of playback guru. Can I suggest you write a book about your experiences, or seek therapy, or write up all you know on the wiki. And soon, before the knowledge takes you down in an attempt to stay hidden.
16:44:32Nico_Psaratoga: it used to be a very long file too, with voice, codec, playback and buffering mixed
16:44:54Nico_Ppondlife: hehe, yeah :)
16:45:04Nico_PI still need to make that skipping diagram
16:45:08pondlifeNico_P: I did not add a smiley.
16:45:16pondlifeYet... ;)
16:46:12pondlifeA documentation session would be very useful for future generations...
16:46:25pondlife...and me
16:48:19 Quit _cyanide ()
16:48:45*Nico_P fires up OODraw
16:51:33 Quit ZincAlloy ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
16:55:18*GodEater does the "playback.c being documented in OODraw" dance
16:55:29GodEaterit's quite complicated, and I shall fall over a lot
16:55:31*pondlife googles
16:56:28*n1s reads good news about usb in the logs, great work jhMikeS! :D
16:57:12*LambdaCalculus37 gives jhMikeS a beer for USB :D
16:57:37LambdaCalculus37The Gigabeat S port is really shaping up now!
16:57:40pondlifeI missed that, was it the beast? Or high speed?
16:57:54n1spondlife: beast
16:58:19pondlifeDoes it suffer from the "signal quality" or "hub" issues too?
16:58:25LambdaCalculus37I await the day my beast does the "Happy Rockbox Port" dance.
16:59:32pondlifeI await the day that PortalPlayer USB is enabled (including the Sansa SD fix, natch)
16:59:52*gevaerts promises to look into the hub thing again soon
17:00:29pondlifeMy e200 is USB-ing like a champ at full speed, not had any corruptions or anything.
17:00:47pondlifeI've not tried high-speed yet though...
17:01:12LambdaCalculus37pondlife: Full Speed is working great on my iPod video.
17:01:22LambdaCalculus37No file corruptions of any sort.
17:01:31pondlifeSo why can't we enable it in SVN?
17:01:44gevaertsI expect that we can work around the SD issue by not doing simultaneous USB and SD operations
17:01:58gevaertsI haven't tested that yet though
17:02:01saratogadoing so on the ipods would seem safe enough, you can't brick one of those
17:02:11saratogai'd worry about the sansa though
17:02:21pondlifeI thought that issue was purely an SD thing - i.e. a copy from internal to SD without USB could corrupt...?
17:03:06gevaertsIt could, but nobody ever saw this from file operations within rockbox
17:03:37pondlifeAh, ok.. I misunderstood some log text then
17:04:35*gevaerts suddenly thinks... I have to retest that using IRAM as well. Maybe it's exactly the same DMA vs CPU SDRAM access issue as USB...
17:05:29 Quit ByeongKeon ()
17:05:32 Nick ved is now known as vedlith (
17:06:41*gevaerts knows what to do tonight
17:08:16 Join xlizard [0] (
17:08:36xlizardhi thre
17:10:36GodEaterdid jhMikes post a patch for his working usb yet ?
17:10:37LambdaCalculus37saratoga: I've been using high speed USB on my iPod for some time now. I've never had an issue with it.
17:10:51LambdaCalculus37GodEater: Haven't seen one yet.
17:11:12xlizardi've got a mp3 player on ebay ( but fail to identify it ... anybody knows this device? inside it runs on an rockchip rk2608a and have 4g flash manf. samsung
17:11:26LambdaCalculus37xlizard: Won't work with Rockbox.
17:11:55xlizardLambdaCalculus37, ok, most important question answerd :)
17:12:00*pondlife might have to buy an SD card...
17:12:27 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
17:12:33xlizardLambdaCalculus37, do you know the manf. ?
17:13:06LambdaCalculus37A lot of supported and future Rockbox players have Samsung parts in them.
17:13:10saratogaxlizard: probably some chinese generic
17:13:47 Join Rincewind [0] (
17:14:04 Join UnaKRon [0] (n=41a56e91@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:14:38UnaKRonAnyone on?
17:14:46saratoga134 people
17:14:56xlizardwell, not the result i hoped, but thanks ...
17:15:00UnaKRon...awake or not AFK is what i meant; P
17:15:19xlizard133 now ... good by :)
17:15:33LambdaCalculus37I think plenty of us are awake.
17:15:37LambdaCalculus37Do you have a question?
17:15:45 Part xlizard ("Leaving")
17:15:52saratogai think i'm going to just commit the c200 battery calibration i came up with
17:15:58saratogaits been a week and no one else has commented
17:16:06LambdaCalculus37saratoga: Sounds great.
17:16:14*LambdaCalculus37 will test it tonight
17:16:17UnaKRonSo I picked up a Dell c640 second hand and the darn HD is password protected. I'm not looking to get the data back just be able to Fdisk it and move on. its a hitachi 60gb
17:16:34toffe82I think it would be good to modify the main rockbox page to include a coming soon panel with a list of player already running some code (displaying something from rockbox) with a link to the new port forum. So perhpas we can attract more people ( the ones who doesn't want to browse the different page..
17:16:38LambdaCalculus37UnaKRun: And what does that have to do with Rockbox?
17:17:05UnaKRonthere is a ATApwd page on how to unlock
17:17:05LambdaCalculus37toffe82: Sounds like a good idea.
17:17:10UnaKRonwas hoping somene could help.
17:17:35*LambdaCalculus37 points the channel name to UnaKRon, and the topic
17:18:11UnaKRonAll i see in the Webclient is "Rockbox" sorry
17:18:23n1stoffe82: seeing how unpredictable the speed of progress is I think that would only attract more questions of the "When will rockbox for X be ready?" typ...
17:19:11toffe82this is the downside ;)
17:19:11 Quit UnaKRon ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:19:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:21:35n1sbut maybe I am too negative. it could perhaps have a "In _early_ development" section or something as to not imply that they will soon be usable.
17:22:07saratogathe current status page linked from the front page could be cleaned up a little more i guess to make it clear that some ports are actually running in some state
17:23:17LambdaCalculus37Which means listing the D2, Gigabeast, and m:robe 500, right?
17:23:23Nico_Ppondlife: here?
17:23:29toffe82and the sa9200
17:23:29*LambdaCalculus37 wonders if the ZVM will be part of that list
17:23:38LambdaCalculus37Ah, that's right.
17:23:59saratogaso many interesting targets coming up
17:24:04toffe82I think that if they run some code and display something on the screen, it is a good start
17:25:49pondlifeA bit of text would be good too - to explain the stuff you found out (like when the playlist_next() must happen, and when the WPS changes over).
17:25:58toffe82also when you google alternative firmware and the name of the player they could show up also, not only the target working, so more person would know that there is work on more player
17:26:07pondlifeIt's the silly details that get forgotten....
17:26:19Nico_Ppondlife: the wps "changes over" too often actually
17:26:31Nico_Pbut yeah
17:27:27pondlifeAlso, how a manual and auto skip differ...
17:27:43pondlife(and what triggers the audio_initiate_track_change() call, maybe)
17:28:12Nico_Pyes, I have this in my original diagram (the one I'm copying from)
17:29:31pondlifeThis documentation will be useful for unification, one day, I hope...
17:29:37Nico_Ppondlife: an automatic skip involves some PCM clalback magic I won't put there
17:29:43pondlifeWhy not?
17:29:44Nico_P(twoards the end)
17:29:49pondlifeMaybe in a different colour?
17:29:55Nico_Pit would complicate things i think
17:29:59pondlifeOr a second diagram?
17:30:05Nico_Pmaybe a second one, yes
17:30:42pondlifeThis should all end up at I suppose
17:31:01pondlifeAnd a quick fact-check of the existing text.
17:31:11pondlife(I fear it's not correct any more.)
17:31:37Nico_Pthat page needs an update, yes
17:34:59Nico_Ppondlife: updated. same link
17:35:25pondlifeThat's clear enough
17:35:29amiconnpondlife, LambdaCalculus37: Rockbox usb on portalplayer isn't that great atm. It works for me, but only on root ports, and even there I get occasional bus resets
17:35:50amiconnNo corruption though - but then I only have small H10 and Mini G2
17:36:28pondlifeamiconn: But you can still use the OF. Would you think it essential to wait until these problems are resolved before enabling it in SVN?
17:36:50toffe82Nico_P: is there a way to have a program like sendfirm but that read instead of write, to see if we can retrieve the firmware on the T400 for example
17:37:34amiconn(@ pondlife)
17:38:12Nico_Ptoffe82: I don't think the firmware file is accessible via MTP.
17:38:30Nico_PI'm really not sure though. my knowledge of MTP is *very* limited
17:40:34GodEaterNico_P: it must be, or sendfirm wouldn't work ? :)
17:41:04Nico_Pwhat I mean is I don't think you can retrieve it the same way you can send it
17:41:27linuxstbI would be surprised if you can read firmware files via MTP - why would you need to?
17:41:41 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
17:42:15gevaertsIsn't that actually one of the reasons that manufacturers like MTP ?
17:42:23 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
17:42:33LambdaCalculus37Quite possibly.
17:42:41 Join waldo [0] (
17:42:46LambdaCalculus37Personally, I'd much prefer MSC.
17:43:07*GodEater would be surprised if you can't get at it with MTP too
17:44:06 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
17:45:49toffe82via MTP you can read file on the drive, when you sync with media player, it retreive all the files, why it should be possible?
17:46:33*gevaerts doesn't follow
17:47:21GodEaterI think he means "why shouldn't it be possible?"
17:47:44GodEaterand I agree with him :)
17:48:04GodEateras far as I could tell the only thing sendfirm does different to mtp-sendfiles, is specify a different partition
17:48:07 Join Bagder [241] (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
17:48:12GodEaterI see no reason why it shouldn't be possible to retrieve the same file
17:48:34gevaertsIt's much easier to block this though
17:48:44toffe82it would be good to try , on the S for example
17:52:32LambdaCalculus37That sounds good.
17:53:46Nico_Pif you can get the id of the firmware file, it might be possible. however I doubt the firmware file gets an id
17:54:13*Nico_P tries
17:54:14 Join phinze [0] (
17:54:56 Quit phinze (Client Quit)
17:56:19Nico_Pwow, rockbox.tar is appearing a bunch of times in my mtp file listing
17:57:13LambdaCalculus37How many times so far?
17:57:46linuxstbNico_P: That's not surprising - I would expect it to be there as many times as you've copied it.
17:57:58linuxstb(the MTP database won't know the file was deleted)
17:58:22Nico_Plinuxstb: indeed
17:58:27Nico_PLambdaCalculus37: 19 times
17:59:01LambdaCalculus37Nico_P: Invasion of the Rockboxes. :)
17:59:30Nico_PGetting file/track 267386880 to local file test.bin. Error getting file from MTP device.
17:59:49Nico_Pthe ID I gave was the one sendfirm had returned
17:59:52toffe82Nico_P: can you try the nk.bin
18:00:18 Join webguest68 [0] (n=d90cc09b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:00:44 Quit webguest68 (Client Quit)
18:01:02Nico_Ptoffe82: nk.bin doesn't appear in the file listing so it probably won't work
18:01:04*Nico_P tries
18:01:51Nico_Phmm yeah you need to give mtp-getfile a file ID anyway
18:02:04Nico_Pit doesn't accept filenames
18:02:20toffe82there is not a function read a partition ?
18:02:33toffe82getfile is to download the file
18:02:43toffe82there is not a read ?
18:02:46gevaertsNo. That's what MTP is about
18:03:19 Quit MethoS- (Remote closed the connection)
18:03:22 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
18:04:01Nico_Pthere seems to be a storage thing
18:04:12Nico_P(I'm reading the libmtp source)
18:05:54*Nico_P might whip up a quick test program
18:06:50LambdaCalculus37Nico_P: A few apps like Gnomad2 can allow simple data storage on MTP devices.
18:07:23LambdaCalculus37The Creative devices allowed you to take advantage of it.
18:07:54Nico_Pyes, but libmtp seems to have some calls that I haven't seen used
18:07:59linuxstbAnyone have any ideas about how end-users will be able to install Rockbox on the S yet?
18:08:33Nico_Punder linux: with sendfirm. under windows: with jhMikeS' firmware updater (?)
18:08:37linuxstbIs the nk.bin file now 100% Rockbox code, or is it a modified version of the OF?
18:08:45Nico_Pit can be either
18:09:26Nico_PI think 'make' in a bootloader build produces a valid nk.bin with only rockbox code, but it is also possible to patch an OF BL
18:09:38LambdaCalculus37It is.
18:09:52LambdaCalculus37I have a patched OF bootloader on mine.
18:09:56Nico_Pme too
18:10:14linuxstbIs jhMikeS's tool reliable? I thought I read (in -community?) that someone couldn't make it work?
18:10:16Nico_Pthe plain rockbox nk.bin boots rockbox *much* faster too IIRC
18:10:26BigBambilinuxstb: Mouser_X has had trouble with it
18:10:26Nico_PMouser_X had a bit of trouble AFAIK
18:10:36*Nico_P leaves for a bit
18:11:08BigBambilinuxstb: As I understnad it, you need to uninstall windows normal MTP/USB stuff, install it and use it, but then other usb doesn't work properly so you have to put it all back to use USB normally
18:11:18BigBambii.e. a royal pain in the arse
18:11:21LambdaCalculus37I just kept the patched OF bootloader on until USB is fully enabled, then I'll switch to a 100% Rockbox BL.
18:13:01BigBambijhMikeS's explanation
18:13:15BigBambiyou have to piss around making infs and things as well
18:14:17 Quit kugel (Remote closed the connection)
18:14:19linuxstbAh, so it's still using libmtp/libusb?
18:14:45linuxstbI would have thought it would have been possible with the native windows MTP lib (I'm assuming there's one...)
18:18:41*jhMikeS just copied the first build to the 'beast using UMS :)
18:19:35gevaertsjhMikeS: do you have a usb hub ? It would be interesting to know if it works properly over a hub
18:19:56BigBambijhMikeS: \ô/
18:20:06BigBambiHow do I do a screenshot in the sim?
18:20:47linuxstbjhMikeS: Did you ever investigate the possibility of using native windows MTP functions?
18:21:56LambdaCalculus37BigBambi: F5.
18:22:03BigBambiLambdaCalculus37: thanks
18:22:37jhMikeSgevaerts: can try it
18:23:27jhMikeSlinuxstb: a little bit but I wanted to just get up and running fast
18:24:17 Join gregzx [0] (
18:24:28jhMikeSgevaerts: there were some of sneaky little uses of UNCACHED_ADDR but now there's just a DEVBSS_ATTR on IMX31 that places data in the 1MB uncached section and things seem ok now.
18:24:37linuxstbjhMikeS: Of course. I'm thinking ahead to creating a user-friendly install tool...
18:25:10jhMikeSlinuxstb: would be nice to have. using sendfirm on windows is just a pita.
18:25:33*linuxstb starts researching beastpatcher
18:25:46gevaertsjhMikeS: we'll have to clean these up properly sometime
18:26:05*jhMikeS goes to plug into a hub
18:26:39*linuxstb finishes the 73MB SDK download for the Windows MTP SDK, but it won't install with Wine...
18:27:00Nico_PjhMikeS: when do we get to try the patch? :)
18:27:20*linuxstb hugs cabextract
18:28:21jhMikeSworked fine
18:28:36*BigBambi is on tenterhooks
18:28:38jhMikeSI'll put one up pronto
18:28:39LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: Great work!
18:29:13jhMikeSthanks. and /me thanks gevaerts again for cluing him in on many things.
18:29:34*gevaerts did that only to get non-PP testing of this stack ;)
18:30:16toffe82linuxstb: this can help also
18:30:34toffe82it is the Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit
18:31:02jhMikeSThere were some UNCACHED_ADDR uses that should have been flushed first but that's fixed too">
18:32:47jhMikeSI still don't know why it often needs to be plugged and replugged right after boot though so if it doesn't connect the first time, just do it again.
18:33:11 Quit TaylorKillian (Connection timed out)
18:33:38linuxstbtoffe82: Yes, I'm there already - I found this page as a starting point:
18:39:50Nico_PjhMikeS: do you know that an usb serial build will fail to compile?
18:40:23jhMikeSno, I didn't try that yet
18:40:35jhMikeSwhat errors?
18:42:34 Join ZincAlloy [0] (n=d9eefa6e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:43:09*jhMikeS will put up a fixed patch momentarily
18:44:52BigBambijhMikeS, gevaerts: With the latest patch I get">
18:46:36*Nico_P isn't as lucky as BigBambi
18:46:53gevaertsBigBambi: what did you do with the partition table ?
18:47:04BigBambigevaerts: Nothing, just a normal S
18:47:11BigBambiIt boots Rockbox and the OF fine
18:48:18gevaertsreally strange
18:48:30jhMikeSdo try a second connect
18:48:34BigBambiI get the same with v6
18:48:36jhMikeSwithtout a rb reboot
18:48:42BigBambijhMikeS: OK
18:48:56BigBambijhMikeS: Same again
18:49:04 Join Lynx_ [0] (
18:49:12jhMikeSfrom physically plugging and unplugging?
18:49:16*Nico_P gets error -110
18:49:18BigBambijhMikeS: Yep
18:49:46*jhMikeS thought that windows was the one being bad before
18:50:23*gevaerts knows that -110 is timeout, but doesn't know what caused this
18:50:26BigBambiIn the rockbox debug/partitions screen P:0 S:40 T:B 150 MB and P:1 S:4B040 T:B 57081 MB
18:50:45Nico_Pmy beast seems to freeze the moment I plug USB in
18:51:39BigBambiMine doesn't freeze, but I can plug and unplug as many times as I want and the dmesg looks the same - unknown partition type
18:54:00 Quit DerPapst (Connection timed out)
18:54:36jhMikeSOne thing I didn't do was use USB_SERIAL if that could matter
18:55:19Nico_PI disabled it to be able to build
18:55:39BigBambiI didn't, it built fine with a normal build
18:55:51LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: Just performed a run with test_disk enabled on the beast; want me to post the results?
18:56:19jhMikeSLambdaCalculus37: of course
18:57:07LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: What's the driver revision on the S?
18:57:28gevaertsBigBambi: can you read from the device with dd ?
18:57:42BigBambigevaerts: I can try - suggested command?
18:58:35gevaertsdd if=/dev/sdb of=/tmp/image bs=512 count=64
18:59:03BigBambigevaerts: seems OK
18:59:04jhMikeSLambdaCalculus37: which driver?
18:59:27LambdaCalculus37The disk driver.
18:59:31LambdaCalculus37Is it still r16370?
18:59:32gevaertsBigBambi: Now you can hexdump that and see if you find a FAT bootsector :)
18:59:43BigBambihaha, sure...
19:00:19gevaertsactually, maybe try sfdisk -l /dev/sdb
19:01:04jhMikeSr16370? my source is r17150
19:01:35BigBambigevaerts: looks a little odd
19:02:11*jhMikeS isn't sure what LambdaCalculus37 wants him to look at here
19:02:29gevaertsBigBambi: looks more or less the same as the one on the wiki, and the one jhMikeS got
19:02:38BigBambiOh, OK, cool :)
19:02:56gevaertsSo the question is why your kernel doesn't see it
19:03:14BigBambiI can try a reboot - I haven't since mucking around with usb serial and stuff yesterday
19:03:18*jhMikeS better add a cache invalidate before picking up the audio buffer
19:03:29LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: Hang on, I'll show you.
19:03:57LambdaCalculus37See the column labeled "disk driver revision"?
19:04:25 Quit BigBambi (Remote closed the connection)">
19:05:34 Join wpyh [0] (
19:06:12jhMikeSnever mind that, that's only PP :p
19:08:07 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
19:08:33BigBambigevaerts: No, still the same
19:08:49gevaertsBigBambi: is that a PC ?
19:09:02jhMikeSgevaerts: do any of those config descriptors in storage get modified and use directly in send/recv?
19:09:13BigBambigevaerts: yep, Core2Duo running kubuntu 32bit, 2.6.24-16-generic
19:09:22*Nico_P can't send a file anymore
19:09:26 Join bertrik [0] (
19:09:28Nico_P(to the beast)
19:09:38BigBambigevaerts, (laptop)
19:10:22gevaertsjhMikeS: they get memcpy-ed into response_data in usb_core.c
19:10:52BigBambigevaerts: My e200 with Rockbox USB is automounted perfectly
19:11:22Nico_PI think I need to reboot. bbs
19:12:22 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
19:14:07gevaertsBigBambi: I really don't understand this. Try running sfdisk -V /dev/sdb
19:14:55BigBambigevaerts: Warning: partition 2 extends past end of disk
19:14:57 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
19:18:24Nico_Pdamn... I keep getting "Error 2: PTP Layer error 2002: LIBMTP_Send_File_From_File_Descriptor():Could not send object property list."
19:19:34 Join phinze [0] (
19:19:41gevaertsNico_P: is your cable ok ?
19:19:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:19:53Nico_Pit's fine AFAIK
19:20:58gevaertsBigBambi: can you send me the output of sfdisk -d /dev/sdb ?
19:20:58Nico_Psendfirm works fine
19:21:06BigBambigevaerts: sure
19:21:23Nico_Pwow the rockbox-only BL is *fast*
19:21:30 Quit petur ("work->home")
19:22:08*Nico_P reformats
19:22:17bertrikfast but dangerous?
19:22:34 Join nplus [0] (n=npl@141.25.Globcom.Net)
19:22:53Nico_Pbertrik: well you need to enter restore mode to be able to connect
19:23:15Nico_Pbut that's no big deal
19:24:21Nico_Pcrap! reformatting didn't do... seems I'm stuck :/
19:24:46 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:25:14BigBambiNico_P: Have you been doing any usb serial?
19:25:24Nico_PBigBambi: no
19:26:22Nico_Pgnomad2 has been able to send a couple tracks though. I'll try to send rockbox.tar with it
19:26:45gevaertsBigBambi: that warning is not the cause of the problem
19:27:09gevaertsIf I put that partition table on my memory stick, the kernel finds my partitions
19:27:09BigBambiThe partition past the end of disk warning?
19:27:28BigBambiSo the partition itself isn't the problem?
19:27:39gevaertsnot that I can see.
19:27:40BigBambijust a symptom?
19:28:03 Join webguest30 [0] (n=4cb57995@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:28:13 Quit webguest30 (Client Quit)
19:28:14gevaertsthe partition past the end of disk probably is not a "real" problem if the FAT is a bit smaller to compensate
19:29:35 Quit mf0102 ("Verlassend")
19:29:46Nico_Pseriously, wtf?
19:29:55Nico_PI can send tracks fine, but not files
19:30:15BigBambiThat is odd
19:30:35jhMikeScould the .bcdUSB being wrong (USE_HIGH_SPEED not defined) possible do anything bad?
19:30:55 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:32:01 Part pondlife
19:32:10gevaertsjhMikeS: no. 0x0110 is not wrong...
19:32:45*gevaerts has to go home now
19:32:49*LambdaCalculus37 looks at the last revision of ata.c in the source
19:32:56LambdaCalculus37How silly of me... :P
19:33:02LambdaCalculus37It is r16370.
19:33:21gevaertsNico_P: did you use high speed ?
19:33:27bertrikgevaerts: you normally stay at work until 19:30?
19:33:38Nico_Pgevaerts: I don't think so. I just applied jhMikeS' patch
19:33:38gevaertsbertrik: I came in late
19:34:07gevaertsNico_P: then you have high speed. No idea what's wrong then
19:34:17 Quit gevaerts ("work->home")
19:34:22 Quit phinze ()
19:34:29Nico_Pbut why would that patch change anything in the OF?
19:35:28jhMikeSit shouldn't
19:36:02Nico_Psomehow since I applied it I can't use mtp-sendfile to send rockbox.{tar,gigabeat} anymore
19:36:39Nico_PI rebooted my comp, restored the S
19:37:00jhMikeSeven after the recovery mode?
19:38:01LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: test_disk results are up now.
19:39:35*Nico_P goes to have supper
19:39:37jhMikeSCPU clock = 169MHz? <= ??
19:40:39jhMikeSIt's 264MHz actually
19:40:50LambdaCalculus37CPU clock: 16934400 Hz.
19:41:01 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
19:41:17jhMikeSthat's defined in the headers somewhere but it's not right
19:41:33Bagderthat's 16.9MHz
19:41:43*jhMikeS was just pointing that out too :)
19:41:45bluebrotherNico_P: around?
19:42:11jhMikeSthat was pulled from CF for some reason
19:42:17LambdaCalculus37Bagder: So should I make it 16.9 on the DiskSpeed wiki then?
19:42:44BagderI don't know if it's accurate or not
19:42:46*LambdaCalculus37 wonders how he got such a speed on the test
19:43:53jhMikeSIt's 264Mhz (I know 'cause I checked all the PLL and divider settings)
19:44:46LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: I'm still on Bootloader 4 and running r17150, built from source.
19:45:26jhMikeSit doesn't change any of that
19:45:41 Join odb|fidel [0] (
19:45:57*jhMikeS wonders if all the devices failing to connect are S60 when his is an S30
19:46:11LambdaCalculus37Huh... my CPU freqency is 17MHz.
19:46:14preglowBagder: had any more fun with the d2? :-)
19:46:22linuxstbAnyone here have a Windows mingw installation? If so, can I have a copy of reimp.exe from the mingw bin directory?
19:46:32jhMikeSLambdaCalculus37: I think not :)
19:46:33LambdaCalculus37Went to Debug > View Buffering thread to read it.
19:46:39odb|fidelhi guys. Short question: is it possible to edit the main menu of rockbox ? i.e. i really dont need database, record, playlist etc... Is that stored in a single editable file ?
19:46:41preglowBagder: any verdict on which of the two players you got that is the nicest?
19:46:45Bagderpreglow: not really, haven't had time to poke on it. rockbox time has mostly been gsoc-related the last couple of days
19:46:58jhMikeSit's not measure or calculated from registers, it's just a constant in rb that isn't defined right
19:47:11preglowBagder: ah, not necessarily rockbox-related, just thinking allround
19:47:13BagderI think I prefer the D2, mostly because the touchpad thing on the meizu is terrible
19:47:23preglowBagder: yeah, that does look terrible
19:47:25bertrikodb|fidel: AFAIK it's fixed in the code, but it's been suggested a couple of time to do it like that
19:47:43odb|fidelbertrik: mh ok
19:47:45Bagderbut the size and weight make the meizu sexy...
19:47:59 Join MethoS- [0] (n=clemens@
19:48:07BagderI had a lovely blackout with the OF on the D2
19:48:19Bagderwhile playing music the screen died and it accepted no key input...
19:48:20odb|fidelbertrik: thanks. may i ask how sure is your afaik ? :D
19:48:44Bagderand there's no hw-reset (that I know of)
19:49:08Bagderalthough inserting usb brought it back to life!
19:49:15bertrikodb|fidel: 95%
19:49:27odb|fidelhehe ok. more then enough.
19:49:32odb|fidelthanks again
19:49:46odb|fidelwould be a very user-friendly feature
19:49:53preglowBagder: i'm pretty sure there's a hardware reset, it's behind the panel with the line power and usb
19:50:49 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-THREE-O-SEVEN.MIT.EDU)
19:51:13ZincAlloyodb|fidel: I think what people call user-friendlyness is lack of options
19:52:05odb|fidelZincAlloy: any option in mind regarding the idea of customizing the menu ?
19:53:02bluebrotherodb|fidel: customizable menus are not wanted generally.
19:53:04ZincAlloyodb|fidel: not me, I have no clue about programming.
19:53:22bluebrotherat least amongst developers ...
19:53:28odb|fidelhehe ok
19:53:52odb|fidelanyway. like always when i am inhere. big thanks to the developers
19:53:58bluebrotherbut you can always edit the sources yourself −− iirc it's rather easy to remove items from the menu
19:54:23bertrikroot_menu.c around line 324
19:55:06LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: Should I just leave my results up for now, or would it be best to remove them?
19:55:16 Quit markun ("leaving")
19:55:30 Join markun [50] (n=markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
19:55:48jhMikeSIt think they're fine. Just change the frequency to 264 since that's what it is.
19:56:52 Join gevaerts [0] (
19:57:22 Join Rob2222 [0] (
19:58:31 Join MethoS-- [0] (
19:58:55 Join TaylorKillian [0] (
19:59:35odb|fidelbluebrother: any good keyword for my search in mind ?
20:04:00jhMikeSF40 should be the proper value too
20:05:07bluebrotherodb|fidel: as bertik said ... struct root_items items[] in root_menu.c:324
20:05:34 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
20:06:03odb|fidelbluebrother: oh, seems like i have not realized that comment. thanks again
20:09:37bertrikodb|fidel: at least I think that's the place to modify, I haven't actually tried that
20:10:04 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11:49odb|fidelgonna give it a try
20:12:02odb|fidelif i get the project compiled on my mac
20:12:23odb|fidellets see :D
20:14:09 Join Buschel [0] (
20:14:24 Join toffe82 [0] (
20:14:58*Buschel wonder, if is cuased by r17097
20:15:19Buschelanyone with a PP5002-target here to do some listening test?
20:16:09 Join DerPapst [0] (
20:16:22bluebrotherhmm, what was the file function to get the current position in a file?
20:17:01 Quit perrikwp (" ajax IRC Client")
20:17:02*bluebrother feels getting old
20:17:36 Quit MethoS- (Success)
20:17:37bertrikodb|fidel: it appears it's a little more complicated than just editing the items[] array in root_menu.c
20:18:19odb|fidellike ?
20:18:42BigBambiTo get rid of some things (database, recording for instance) you can just comment out the define in firmware/export/config-xxx.h and it won't get built at all
20:19:23bertrikodb|fidel: like I-haven't-figured-out-yet-but-it-crashes, better listen to BigBambi :P
20:19:59odb|fidelok. thanks guys
20:20:08BigBambiheh, that's only if you want to completely remove a feature (including from the menu), not just edit the menu
20:20:25odb|fidelwell yeah np in my case
20:20:33 Quit MethoS-- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:37odb|fidelif the rest is not affected. gonna give it a try
20:21:23BigBambidatabase is referred to as tagcache in that file
20:21:50 Join perrikwp [0] (i=98214ef4@gateway/web/ajax/
20:23:34 Join gevaerts_ [0] (
20:23:41 Quit gevaerts_ (Client Quit)
20:25:29bluebrotherhmm −− Rockbox does not have ftell?
20:27:17gevaertsbluebrother: I can't help you with ftell, be careful with that sort of thing. The rockbox fseek and ftruncate do not behave exactly the same as unix ones
20:27:31jhMikeSno, use fseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR)
20:27:49jhMikeSlseek ??
20:28:41*gevaerts also meant lseek
20:28:58jhMikeSgevaerts: were and other alignments important besides qh_array?
20:29:18bluebrotherthanks, just found this way myself (in the mighty Rockbox sources ;-)
20:29:43 Join stripwax [0] (
20:30:04Nico_Pbluebrother: here now
20:30:16preglowBuschel: not many people have a 5002 target...
20:31:26gevaertsjhMikeS: td_array needs to be 32 byte aligned. I think all other alignments are only for CPU reasons
20:31:33bluebrotherNico_P: I had a reproduceable playback issue with folder skip ... no idea if it's already known.
20:31:58bluebrotherif you skip a folder playback "hangs". Pause and unpause, and it starts at the beginning of the file
20:32:04 Quit bertrik ("bye")
20:32:27Nico_PI've had that a couple of times, but not reproducibly
20:32:38bluebrotherI just figured that you can also produce this effect by skipping quite fast to some track out of buffer. Skip back several times, same.
20:37:13bluebrotherI can reproduce it easily. Would try running a logf-build help you?
20:37:15 Join Drivas [0] (
20:37:23DrivasHello all
20:37:30DrivasI was just wondering
20:37:49DrivasI have a lot of artists starting with 'The'
20:38:07bluebrotherthe "ignore The" patch was rejected.
20:38:23DrivasHow so?
20:38:28Drivasfrom the main project?
20:38:37Drivasany idea how I could possibly apply it?
20:38:59bluebrotherwell, you could check if the patch still applies or resync it
20:39:18bluebrotherit's not a proper solution. The proper solution would be to support sorting tag information
20:39:56Drivasthank you
20:40:03bluebrotherignoring just a prefix will break on every other language −− for example, the german "Die", which is basically the same as "The"
20:40:18bluebrother(ok, it also depends on context a bit ...)
20:40:28 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:40:44*gevaerts solved this by not liking music where artist names start with The
20:41:03bluebrotherhehe :)
20:41:05Nico_Pbluebrother: yeah a logf log (duh) would help
20:41:32 Join pixelma [50] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:42:13 Quit Drivas ("ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox]")
20:42:21*linuxstb just uses the file browser, and names his directory "Something, The", with the band names correct in the tags
20:42:24bluebrotherDrivas: feel free to name your artists as "The, The" :)
20:43:48*jhMikeS already has "The, The"
20:44:32Rincewind"The The" are the only exception to my "artist, the" rule in my collection
20:45:12 Quit ze (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:45:39bluebrotherNico_P: do I need to enable logf in specific files (like playback.c)?
20:46:24 Join phinze [0] (
20:46:45 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
20:47:20 Quit ZincAlloy ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
20:47:38 Join bluebroth3r [0] (
20:48:07 Quit bluebrother (Nick collision from services.)
20:48:11 Nick bluebroth3r is now known as bluebrother (
20:48:28*bluebrother curses network
20:52:10 Quit phinze ()
20:54:02Nico_Pbluebrother: yes, playback.c should be enough
20:54:25Buschelpreglow: yes, seems so. hard to check the issue then. amiconn test shortly and it seemed ok though
20:54:33Nico_PjhMikeS: I just tried sending rockbox.tar to my beast on another comp with a freshly installed libmtp and got the exact same error message
20:54:55Nico_Pso it's definitely my beast that has a problem
20:56:09preglowBuschel: i think jhMikeS has one too, if you badger him :>
20:56:22 Join ze [0] (
20:57:50toffe82Nico_P: can you try the original firmware ?
20:58:01Nico_Ptoffe82: what do you mean?
20:58:22Nico_Pusing sendfirm to send the unpatached OF?
20:58:26toffe82to transfer files
20:58:32Nico_PI'm using the OF
20:58:51toffe82on windows, with the v updater
20:59:00jhMikeSpreglow: it's in need of service. I totally broke the HP jack connector. :(
20:59:01Nico_PI could try that, yes
20:59:11toffe82you remeber my problem with one my s30 ?
20:59:50Nico_Ptoffe82: what's weird is that gnomad2 manages to send audio tracks just fine
20:59:54toffe82it works when I update the firmware but didn't connect from winthin windows
21:00:06Nico_PI'll try it on a windows comp
21:01:00*jhMikeS did something odd to the stack that a PP device won't mount but the S works fine (which makes no sense)
21:01:09BuscheljhMikeS: so, it makes no sense to fall on my knees and beg for testing support? ;o)
21:01:22BuscheljhMikeS: about your PP5002
21:01:44jhMikeSBuschel: read up about 9 lines
21:02:21BuscheljhMikeS: that's why I guess it makes no sense...
21:02:23jhMikeSthe little flat connector got torn from the plug
21:03:11jhMikeSotherwise I'd test. a replacement is expensive for such a part but it's looking like i'll have to just pay up.
21:03:33 Quit stripwax ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
21:03:51Buschelso I'll aks the forum guys. maybe someone is able to build a software by his own
21:04:49 Join phinze [0] (
21:05:06 Join DerDome [0] (
21:06:02 Join ZincAlloy [0] (n=d9eefa6e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:06:27 Quit phinze (Client Quit)
21:09:29Nico_Ptoffe82: what do I need on an XP comp?
21:09:46Nico_PI'd like to try sending the file from there
21:09:49bluebrotherNico_P: wanna look?
21:10:03toffe82the v updater and wm11
21:10:19toffe82or 10
21:10:22Nico_Pbluebrother: was that made on sim or on target? target it seems
21:10:25bluebrotherI had a codec change between albums this time, but I'm pretty sure I also observed otherwise
21:10:29bluebrotherthat's on target.
21:10:45bluebrotheroh, and I was somewhat wrong earlier: the second album starts playing but is muted.
21:11:06toffe82when it connect you should see the gigabeat S in the explorer
21:11:06 Quit perrikwp (" ajax IRC Client")
21:11:20Nico_Pyes, and pause/unpause unmutes it, right?
21:11:44 Join Crash91 [0] (n=29e8cfe0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:11:50Nico_Pmaybe something wrong with PCM
21:12:03preglowjhMikeS: can you think of any reason why my nano should perform far worse when accessing the disk/flash now than three months ago?
21:12:05Nico_Pand what issue does the log show?
21:12:21preglowif it's accessing the flash, everything has a latency of five seconds
21:12:38Nico_Ppreglow: not just in playback?
21:12:58preglowNico_P: well, i haven't really tested that thoroughly, to be honest
21:13:09preglowNico_P: yeah, it might be playback indeed
21:13:30Nico_PI'm interested to know if it's only in playback, or in other areas as well
21:13:37preglowi'll give it a shot when it's charged
21:14:08jhMikeSpreglow: not really. you tracked it to three months ago?
21:14:16Nico_Pbecause I observed that playback was more responsive on my c200 with dircache enabled, so it might be related
21:15:01preglowjhMikeS: no, just an estimate, and a rough one at that
21:15:41Nico_Ppreglow: if it wasn't only in playback, it would explain a lot
21:15:56preglowNico_P: only playback
21:16:13preglowNico_P: i'll press pause or next, and it'll take ages to respond, but a menu press will be instantaneous
21:16:31preglowNico_P: but only while buffering. it's ok enough when not buffering
21:16:42jhMikeSpreglow: try enabling the hack in ata.c.
21:16:48preglowwhat hack?
21:16:54jhMikeSthe lock hack
21:17:12jhMikeSand thread.c on the lines that have MAX_PHYS_SECTOR_SIZE
21:17:18jhMikeSI'm just wondering
21:17:32jhMikeSjust #if 1 should do the trick
21:17:50preglowthere's only one max_phys_sector_size line in thread.c
21:17:56preglowand that seems to be a video 64 meg check
21:18:39preglowwhy would a nano be affected by sector size stuff, btw?
21:18:51jhMikeSata.c line 69, thread.c line 164, just #if 1
21:19:26Nico_Ppreglow: sounds exactly like what's happenning on the video
21:19:26preglowanother 5g line, you did catch i'm talking about a nano, right? :>
21:19:45jhMikeSit's to support something presumably related to the large sector disks. the nano stuff sounds just like the 5.5g issues
21:19:50Nico_Pbluebrother: what issue does the logf dump showN
21:19:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:19:58preglowjhMikeS: so i should if 1 these bastards?
21:20:05n1slinuxstb: do you have an idea about the ipodpatcher question in FS #8901 ?
21:20:13jhMikeSjust the two I mentioned
21:20:40preglowkiedoke, having a compile now
21:20:42bluebrotherNico_P: well, as described: I played one album, then skipped to the next one (the skip - hold skip thingy)
21:20:42*jhMikeS wishes somebody would investigate for ata errors that may be going by silently
21:20:45RincewindI have a Sansa C240 here that is acting strange on usb connect. It is taking ages and there are a lot of messages in dmesg:
21:20:54 Join m0f0x [0] (
21:21:00Rincewindis this a problem I can fix with e200tool?
21:21:10 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
21:21:12bluebrotherthe 2nd album starts playing, but sound is silent. I paused, unpaused, and then logfdump'ed
21:21:17preglowjhMikeS: how do rockbox usually handle ata errors?
21:21:38RincewindI already formatted the device with original firmware and loaded rockbox on it. Booting the OF works, but booting rockbox hangs
21:22:37gevaertsRincewind: how much free space does the OF think it has ?
21:22:39 Quit Crash91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:23:09jhMikeSreturn negative values? I think threre's a retry loop in there too.
21:23:18Rincewindgevaerts: 688MB of 953MB which is about right, I put some music on
21:23:45Rincewindthe OF doesn't do any database updates on usb disconnect, wich is strange, too
21:23:50gevaertsSo it's not extreme FS corruption...
21:24:25gevaertsMaybe you can try the sansa.fmt trick, although I'm not sure if it works on c200
21:24:45preglowjhMikeS, Nico_P: no change in behaviour i can detect
21:25:10 Quit TMM (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25:36 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26:02jhMikeSpreglow: how's the PCM level?
21:26:05amiconnBuschel: Regarding the freezes reported in the forum thread - it seems there's still an alignment problem wrt cpu sleep on pp5002. It only became less likely by my fix
21:26:09preglowman, this nano is such a pain to use these days
21:26:28 Join toffe82 [0] (
21:26:32linuxstbn1s: No, I've never heard of that before.
21:27:02RincewindI suppose the file system is corrupted in some way, when I boot, the sana logo comes, then there is a short flash of a blue background then the sansa logo again and it hangs. when I boot with << it shows the rockbox bootloader and boots the OF
21:27:03amiconnRegarding the clicking noise - I didn't notice any, and I've been using my 2nd Gen daily this week. But then I'm not sure whether I am running with your patch or without (the build is from before r17097)
21:27:20amiconnpreglow: hmm?
21:27:36preglowjhMikeS: always full, and no wonder, it's locked to 80 mhz....
21:27:38preglowanother bug
21:27:42gevaertsRincewind: I'm pretty sure the filesystem is corrupted, yes
21:27:45jhMikeSamiconn: maybe sleep_core should just be a call and in IRAM like it originally was
21:27:51preglowamiconn: hmm what?
21:27:58amiconn[21:26:09] <preglow> man, this nano is such a pain to use these days
21:28:00Rincewindgevaerts: what options do I have?
21:28:04Buschelamiconn: can you check with a build that definately contains my patch?
21:28:05preglowamiconn: well, it is :)
21:28:10jhMikeSpreglow: skip backward so you hit something not buffered
21:28:14preglowamiconn: it's slow and unresponsive when flash accesses happen
21:28:18amiconnjhMikeS: I should probably test that. Any luck with the headphone jack?
21:28:31jhMikeSamiconn: not finding it cheaper :\
21:28:39amiconnBuschel: I'll upgrade to the latest & greatest now
21:28:55preglowjhMikeS: that fixed the boost problem
21:29:02toffe82jhMikeS: what kind of jack it is ?
21:29:33jhMikeStoffe82: the hp jack and hold assembly for an ipod 3g 15GB
21:29:45gevaertsRincewind: you could try restoring the firmware and bootloader via recovery mode, but I'm not hopeful about that.
21:29:52bluebrotherlinuxstb, n1s: I had a fear about FS #8901, added a comment ...
21:30:07toffe82jhMikeS: you have a photo?
21:30:32*jhMikeS doesn't have an iPod photo but could take a picture of a 3g
21:30:36n1sbluebrother: ah, yes, didn't think of that possibility :)
21:30:43gevaertsRincewind: I can adapt my c250 wipe tool to work on c240, and send it to you. After running that and restoring via manufacturer mode (e200tool), it should be fine
21:30:43amiconnjhMikeS: haha ;)
21:31:04Rincewindgevaerts: what does this tool do?
21:31:26gevaertsRincewind: zero out everything, write a new partition table, and write a correct FAT
21:31:48bluebrothern1s: I had to read it a couple of times until that popped into my head ... kinda ... impressive
21:31:52gevaertsRincewind: but the partition table and FAT are hardcoded for c250, so I need some time to adapt it
21:32:05Rincewinddosfck is giving me this: on /dev/sdb1: Invalid disk format in boot sector.
21:32:05Rincewind on /dev/sdb2: Logical sector size is zero.
21:32:26BigBambiWhat would sdb-1 mean in terms of a partition? I'm looking at the S disk in qtparted and it shows number 1 sdb-1 (tyoe free) 0-0.03 MB, number 2 sdb1 (type fat32) 0.03-150.03 MB and number 3 sdb2 (type fat32) the rest.
21:32:40*jhMikeS has an ipod photo now and will extricate it from the camera
21:33:22gevaertsRincewind: That's "normal". The OF is a buggy pile of half working code that can't export its flash over USB any more if the FS or partition table are corrupted
21:33:56Rincewindgevaerts: this might be useful: (fdisk output)
21:35:04gevaertsRincewind: I actually collected that data a while ago just for this sort of case
21:35:08 Join jgarvey [0] (
21:36:38gevaertslinuxstb: can you send me the first 512 bytes of your c240's flash ? I can build one from scratch if I need to, but a real one would be easier
21:40:42gevaertsAny c240 owners here ?
21:41:08*LambdaCalculus37 raises his hand
21:41:50gevaertsLambdaCalculus37: can you send me the first 512 bytes of it (the partition table) ? I could create it from scratch, but that's a hassle
21:42:10*Nico_P is still out of luck with his S
21:42:23LambdaCalculus37gevaerts: I can do it when I get home.
21:42:34LambdaCalculus37gevaerts: PM
21:42:42Nico_Ptoffe82: I updated it with the hacked V updater but that didn't change anythinh
21:42:48BigBambiNico_P: :/
21:43:02Nico_Pwindows refuses to send files to it too
21:43:19toffe82and it connect when using the of ? you see the connect animation on the screen ?
21:43:40 Join lee-qid [0] (
21:43:43gevaertsLambdaCalculus37: I'll try and do without
21:44:56n1sNico_P: if you can send music files, couldn't you send an rockbox.gigabeat disguised as an mp3 and rolo it?
21:45:02bluebrotherdomonoky: what do you think about releasing rbutil?
21:45:19Nico_Pn1s: I tried that, but it didn't work. I'll try again though
21:45:25domonokybluebrother: yes would be good to make a new version..
21:45:35Nico_Ptoffe82: yes, it connects fine and even accepts music files
21:45:44bluebrotherI think we should consider it. The only thing I _really_ don't like is that creation of arbitrary folders upon bootloader installation without asking the user
21:45:48*LambdaCalculus37 left his Sansa at home by mistake today
21:45:49Nico_Pit just refuses data files
21:46:04 Join perrikwp [0] (i=9821698e@gateway/web/ajax/
21:46:24Nico_Pn1s: I think I'll have to hack the BL a bit to get a disguised MP3 file to work
21:46:42BigBambiNico_P: Does rockbox boot?
21:46:47Nico_PI think they're not sent to the same dir
21:46:59Nico_PBigBambi: no, because I can't get a rockbox binary on there anymore
21:47:10BigBambiSorry, missed that
21:47:12amiconnBuschel: Latest revision has the described ticking
21:47:12Nico_Pthe BL is ok though
21:47:20n1sNico_P: ah, yes of course...
21:47:20amiconnCompiling r17096 now
21:47:27Nico_Pmaybe I could get out of this mess with an USB enabled BL
21:47:37jhMikeSNico_P is the first to brick a 'beast? :(
21:47:48amiconnBuschel: It almost sounds like a vinyl with some dust on it...
21:47:58Nico_PjhMikeS: it's not quite bricked, I still have hope ;)
21:48:04BigBambiNico_P: I can't get a build to connect to linux properly
21:48:10BigBambiBut it may be my beast
21:48:15*Nico_P has to leave now
21:48:20jhMikeSamiconn: kind of like short PCM underruns it sounds like
21:48:21toffe82Nico_P: you can use the updater to tranfert the file
21:48:22BigBambigevaerts: Did you see my question about the partition table?
21:48:47Nico_Ptoffe82: would you mind expaining? I'll read the log when I get back
21:48:59jhMikeStoo high interrupt latency
21:49:01gevaertsBigBambi: no (or else I forgot...)
21:49:02Nico_P(I need to send rockbox.tar)
21:49:03amiconnIt's not regular
21:49:04*bluebrother is uncertain about this OF saving "feature"
21:49:17BigBambigevaerts: Is probably not important, but: What would sdb-1 mean in terms of a partition? I'm looking at the S disk in qtparted and it shows number 1 sdb-1 (tyoe free) 0-0.03 MB, number 2 sdb1 (type fat32) 0.03-150.03 MB and number 3 sdb2 (type fat32) the rest.
21:49:19jhMikeSamiconn: it rarely is. e200 sounded like that for awhile
21:49:26amiconnAnd it doesn't depend on wps vs. non-wps
21:49:41gevaertsBigBambi: probably some unallocated space
21:49:53BigBambigevaerts: I thought so too, but thought I'd mention it
21:50:00BigBambiGiven the connection issues
21:50:16gevaertsbut even with that, it should work...
21:50:33BigBambigevaerts: I'm going to try connecting the beast to my Windows PC (once it has finished booting)
21:50:34toffe82Nico_P: create the nk.bin and transfer it with the updater, the player must be in recovery mode
21:50:48amiconnBigBambi: The beast or the PC? ;)
21:50:50jhMikeSthen I probably still have something out of sorts. PP is giving trouble connecting now but it's not making sense at all.
21:51:08toffe82Nico_P: like we did at the beginning, I think it is still working
21:51:12BigBambiamiconn: hehe :) The beast is a damn sight faster than XP boots :)
21:51:21gevaertsBigBambi: Maybe you could try rewriting the partition table, but if it has more magic in it than normal, that might be dangerous
21:51:27*jhMikeS asks if all these 'beasts are S60s too
21:51:33BigBambijhMikeS: Mine is
21:51:53toffe82S30 and S60 ;)
21:51:54*jhMikeS 's is an S30 and wonders if that's a factor
21:52:07BigBambigevaerts: Yeah, I thought about that, but given we don't know exactly what it is, and after Nico_P's problems...
21:52:09jhMikeStoffe82: If you aren't too scared, try the patch on each of them
21:52:58amiconnBigBambi: I'd just dump the first few MB of the disk, and take a closer look with a hex editr
21:53:26toffe82if I find some time, it would be easier for me if you can send me the file, as I have to do that between 2 kid's fight :)
21:53:29BigBambiamiconn: I could, but I'd need to be told what to look for
21:53:45preglowlinuxstb: i see there are several dab bands in use, which is the most popular?
21:54:33 Join phinze [0] (
21:55:05linuxstbpreglow: I think Band 3 is most popular in Europe, but Band L is also used in some places (not the UK though)
21:55:09amiconnSomehow the cpu is now boosted permanently??!
21:55:18BigBambigevaerts, jhMikeS OK, it works in XP - I get two drive letters and I can browse them etc.
21:55:30preglowamiconn: what target? i just had that on nano
21:55:36BigBambiSo a linux not beast issue
21:55:39amiconnHmm, and back to normal...
21:55:46amiconnpreglow: 2nd Gen
21:55:49preglowamiconn: skipping tracks fixed it, very nice bug...
21:55:51*gevaerts still doesn't understand the issue
21:56:00Rincewindgevaerts: I have second (working) C240 here
21:56:06 Quit phinze (Client Quit)
21:56:08amiconnpreglow: It fixed itself here, after doing it for a while.-.
21:56:22linuxstbpreglow: This site may help -
21:56:29gevaertsRincewind: that would help. Can you dd the first 512 bytes off it ?
21:56:53BigBambigevaerts: Me neither, but from plugging it into XP, took about 5 secs to 'install' and now works perfectly
21:57:00preglowi wonder if the d2 does both bands
21:57:11Rincewindgevaerts: I'll try. Normal connect or recovery?
21:57:24gevaertsRincewind: normal connect. I need the partition table
21:58:22 Quit LambdaCalculus37 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")
21:59:10 Join low_light [0] (i=c730180b@gateway/web/ajax/
22:00:09 Join FOAD_ [0] (
22:00:15amiconnBuschel: Very odd. Now I don't get the ticking anymore... (still the same build)
22:00:39Rincewindgevaerts: is dd if=/dev/sdb count=512 > dump the right command?
22:00:43Buschelamiconn: strange...
22:00:43*amiconn reboots the ipod and retries
22:00:55amiconnRincewind: count=1
22:01:01amiconndd counts in blocks
22:01:14Rincewindah, ok
22:01:19*low_light has Rockbox with sound on the Philips SA9200
22:01:25Buschelamiconn: what revision is your build based on?
22:01:45*gevaerts expects a mail from low_light on the ML now
22:01:45n1slow_light: wow, congrats!
22:02:42 Join stripwax [0] (
22:02:51low_light:) Most of the credit goes to the e200 developers
22:02:58Mouser_XAwesome news.
22:03:09Mouser_XThat was a fast port.
22:03:22Mouser_X(And yes, I realize it's mostly due to the e200 and such.)
22:03:32Bagderlow_light: btw, do you have a BL file for the SA9200?
22:03:34low_lightstill a slight touchpad buttons
22:03:47*amiconn wonders whether someone has beaten his porting speed record
22:03:48bluebrotherlow_light: congrats
22:03:56low_lightBagder: want it for your collection
22:04:14Bagderyes, and MrH was interested as well
22:04:14bluebrotherdang, another new player that needs to get added to rbutil ;-)
22:04:37 Join fehmicans [0] (n=canavar@
22:04:43Mouser_Xbluebrother: If you're working on RButil, please get Windows support for the S...
22:04:44amiconnBuschel: Very strange. I cannot reporduce the ticking now, even after rebooting and playing the very same song as before...
22:05:03Mouser_Xbluebrother: Thus far, working with the S on Windows really really sucks...
22:05:07low_lightI'm not sure how the installation is going to work being as the OF is MTP only (so we can't use sansapatcher)
22:05:15bluebrotherMouser_X: we don't have official support of the GB S right now, do we?
22:05:23Mouser_XHmmm. No...
22:05:34bluebrothersounds like we need libmtp in rbutil :o
22:06:12*bluebrother wonders if libmtp allows filesystem-like access
22:06:40amiconnAnd now it ticks a bit again - very weird...
22:06:42*scorche|sh wonders when we can get MrH to be one of us in here
22:06:56n1sbluebrother: I don't think the mtp protocol supports (or requires support for) that
22:07:35BigBambigevaerts: However, I just transfered some files to the beast in windows, and got just under 1 MB/sec
22:07:42*n1s no sees the "-like" bit and is not sure he understood bluebrother
22:07:53amiconnBigBambi: fullspeed?
22:08:13BigBambiamiconn: Should be high speed, but those speeds made me wonder
22:08:16domonokyfor gigabeats in rbutil, we would first need beastpatcher :-)
22:08:18bluebrotherwell, I just started reading the libmtp homepage.
22:08:33BigBambiAs we had issues with S full speed before
22:09:51bluebrotherhmm −− doesn't look like libmtp would easily run on windows :/
22:10:21linuxstbbluebrother: I think we will need to use the native WIndows MTP functions, rather than libmpt.
22:10:31gevaertsBigBambi: you can find out from the device manager, if you switch to the connection tree view
22:10:33bluebrotherurgh :(
22:10:40Buschelamiconn: at least you can reproduce it randomly. now it's of interest whether it's the same behaviour on r17096 and r17097
22:11:00bluebrotheradding the usb detection stuff for windows was annoying enough, and now that ...?
22:11:05amiconnYeah, I just tried once more with earphones - it's more noticeable there
22:11:12amiconnInstalling r17096 now
22:11:27linuxstbbluebrother: I found this page (and tried to get that example app compiling with mingw) but haven't succeeded yet - mingw doesn't play nice with MS SDKs... -
22:11:34toffe82jhMikeS: just looking the photo, I don't have anything like this
22:11:36Buschelamiconn: i had similar findings on PP5022 when I calculated a wrong loop count for the FIFO-writing
22:11:43BigBambigevaerts: yes, it is on a standard not enhanced
22:11:54BigBambigevaerts: But windows didn't warn me
22:11:56amiconnBah, r17096 won't boot
22:12:06amiconn...adding 'nop' magic....
22:12:45BigBambigevaerts: And USE_HIGH_SPEED is defined in export/config-gigabeat-s.h
22:14:06BigBambigevaerts: and dmesg just before the partition table issues says "usb 5-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 7"
22:14:16toffe82low_light: we can copy the file to the system folder and it should use it
22:14:33bluebrotherlinuxstb: thanks, will check that.
22:15:33linuxstbbluebrother: Also, I'm not sure what MS's license means in terms of using their libs with GPL code...
22:15:41BigBambigevaerts: And I've just unplugged then replugged into XP, and this time it has shown up under enhanced
22:16:25gevaertsBigBambi: maybe some timing issue. The controller is only enabled when a connection is actually detected
22:16:29low_lightBagder: email sent
22:16:55BigBambigevaerts: and this time it is copying *much* faster
22:16:59bluebrotherwouldn't GPL forbid linking anyway?
22:17:01 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:17:01 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
22:17:15low_lighttoffe82: copy a firmware file?
22:17:40jhMikeSstill don't rely on results from the first connect after booting rockbox
22:18:02*amiconn is actually using one of the shipped wps'es on his 2nd Gen now that the bmp strips allow fast loading
22:18:03pixelmacongrats low_light :)
22:18:14toffe82when you connect the player, you see a system folder, you can copy the ebn file there and the player should use it at the next reboot
22:18:32amiconnNot cabbie v2 though, which I still don't like at all
22:18:49BigBambijhMikeS: yeah, first time it connected and worked fine but at full speed, and second time at high speed
22:19:11amiconnBuschel: No ticking with r17096
22:19:14BigBambibut still not on linux
22:19:37jhMikeSsometime it doesn't recognize it. I'm guess it's either trouble bringing it out of sleep or something not initialized properly that gets setup after the first failure.
22:21:15Buschelamiconn: hmm, bad news
22:22:40amiconnWill try r17097 now
22:23:06*jhMikeS is pluggin PP and seeing "slow reset" alot
22:23:52Buschelamiconn: FIFO buffer is smaller on PP5002 (than in PP502x), and each sample needs two slots (one for each sample). maybe the additional latency before filling the first slots is critical here...
22:24:23amiconnWell, jhMikeS wanted to find out how to do packed samples on PP5002... but now his 3rd Gen is broken
22:24:40*amiconn still has an extra 2nd Gen, but without a working hdd
22:26:22low_lightjhMikeS: did you see my question yesterday...using ata-c200_e200.c seems to require HAVE_HOTSWAP in other parts of Rockbox. The SA9200 doesn't have a microsd slot, so no hotswap.
22:26:31bluebrotheramiconn: how about putting in a CF card? ;-)
22:26:42low_lightI had to replace several HAVE_HOTSWAP checks with a new HAVE_ATA_SD define.
22:26:57jhMikeSlow_light: the bootloader is built without hotswap
22:27:03 Quit nplus (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:27:43 Join Buschel_ [0] (
22:27:43 Quit Buschel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28:02low_lightjhMikeS: right...I think usb and debug_menu were the main problem areas (not compiled for the bootloader)
22:28:06 Nick Buschel_ is now known as Buschel (
22:30:32 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
22:30:42 Quit desowin ()
22:32:08low_lightjhMikeS: for example usb_storage.c line 593 uses HAVE_HOTSWAP when it should be checking for the ATA SD interface.
22:34:55amiconnBuschel: I don't get ticking with r17097 either... tried 3 times now, with reboots inbetween
22:36:04Buschelamiconn: now it's getting really weird
22:37:32jhMikeSthe bus_reset doesn't seem to be entirely implemented according to the docs
22:37:50*amiconn will binchop
22:38:34*amiconn planned to do something else :/
22:38:53 Quit goffa (Remote closed the connection)
22:41:49Buschelamiconn: thanks for your tests. if the forum guys cannot build for themselves I will undo my patch for PP5002 in svn −− we will get the results then
22:42:30Buschelbye for now
22:42:32 Quit Buschel ()
22:45:09 Join Fluffy [0] (n=52603f3a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:46:09 Quit Fluffy (Client Quit)
22:47:19 Join Thundercloud_ [0] (
22:47:50 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:50:05 Quit n1s ()
22:57:07preglowBagder: around?
22:57:24preglowBagder: does the d2 look like it's easy to dismantle?
22:57:37Bagderyes, there are visible tiny screws
22:57:40toffe82low_light: did you see what I wrote for the file transfer ?
22:57:41preglowhmm, good
22:57:59preglowBagder: nothing fancier than torx?
22:58:14Bagdernope, plain philips I believe
22:58:19toffe82low_light: can you send your file so I can test ?
22:58:31preglowcan't seem to find any naked d2s with dab
22:58:37preglowso i'll probably have to yank mine open when i get it
22:58:59 Quit m0f0x ()
22:59:07Bagderpreglow: you decided to go for it then?
22:59:17 Quit gregzx (Connection timed out)
22:59:46preglowBagder: oh, i'm quite sure, i'm just waiting for time enough to be distracted by it :)
22:59:52bluebrotherdo we have a Gigabeat FAQ?
22:59:58preglowi'm desperately lacking in self-control when it comes to allocating my time properly
23:00:37markunpreglow: you're not alone in that
23:00:50toffe82bluebrother: no
23:01:44bluebrothersomeone in the forums has deleted his system folder. Maybe it would be a nice entry in a GB FAQ how to enter disc mode in that case?
23:01:53bluebrotherno idea how this works ...
23:02:03toffe82it is on the wiki
23:02:24toffe82it is not really a faq but the recovery mode is on the wiki
23:02:47bluebrotherok −− posted that.
23:02:49preglowThe disassembly is fairly easy if you are somewhat mechanically inclined.
23:02:56preglowsounds like i won't destroy it first thing, then
23:03:26bluebrothersome people are kinda smart −− deletes the system folder but keeps recycle bin
23:03:49 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:04:13 Quit waldo ("Konversation terminated!")
23:10:05preglowanyone tell me what that huge black thing is?
23:10:23preglow <- straight ahead
23:10:49Bagderlooks like some kind of cover
23:11:10preglowfor the fm radio, probably
23:11:15preglowi forgot it had one
23:11:33linuxstbSD card reader?
23:11:38preglowlinuxstb: very likely...
23:14:48Bagderah yes it almost has to be
23:15:12preglowi forgot about that as well
23:15:41linuxstbIs it a 24-bit colour LCD?
23:16:03Bagderwho knows? ;-)
23:16:24Bagdershotofadds might've tested it
23:16:46preglowwell, everybody says it's 24 bit, whether it's _Really_ that i don't know, but people say gradients and the like look great
23:17:02*preglow goes trawling through online stores for his d
23:18:07 Quit low_light (" ajax IRC Client")
23:19:43 Part Llorean
23:19:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:19:58preglowsweet lord, if only ordering from the us was practical
23:20:15preglowless than half the bloody price
23:21:11*amiconn *hates* bugs that disappear when hunting for them :(
23:22:29 Join alleyoopster [0] (
23:22:54preglowi wonder why cowon stuff is called iaudio here
23:22:56*scorche|sh coughs at preglow
23:23:18*gevaerts hands scorche|sh a throat lozenge
23:23:20linuxstbpreglow: Not the DAB version though? (in the US)
23:23:38*scorche|sh thinks gevaerts needs to script that
23:23:48preglowlinuxstb: true enough
23:23:49*scorche|sh thinks he shall implement that in a future bot
23:23:57preglowoh well, i'm used to having to pay through the nose
23:25:22preglowhah, d2 supports ripping dab straight to mp2
23:25:35preglowi would never have guessed they'd include that in the retail firmware
23:26:12linuxstbtranscoding to mp3 might be quite hard...
23:26:25linuxstbAlthough it does have two CPUs.
23:28:07preglowi would rather expect that than straight ripping
23:28:23preglowpeople in those circles seem to not like lossless ripping, heh
23:28:24amiconnUh, why?
23:28:29 Join tessarakt [0] (
23:28:39amiconnTranscoding really wouldn't make sense
23:28:42preglowindeed not
23:28:56*amiconn 's car stereo also records mp2 straight to sd card
23:29:09preglowgood, perhaps it's more common than i guessed
23:29:48amiconnFrom dab, that is - and it's the only way the thing can record (no adc, I guess)
23:30:10alleyoopsterare any of you guys using linux to compile rockbox?
23:30:15Bagderthe D2 has a mic
23:30:27linuxstballeyoopster: I expect the majority of people are.
23:30:39preglowBagder: and line in
23:30:44preglowBagder: though through a converter :/
23:30:57Rincewinddoes anyone know if the newer e200 OF firmwares are useful if I only use the OF for usb (or if there are problems like missing msc mode and such if I upgrade)?
23:31:07*Bagder is no recording person
23:31:40krazykitRincewind, the OF is completely useless except for providing MSC (in my opinion)
23:31:42alleyoopstergood, I get this error "Your cross-compiler arm-elf-gcc 4.2.2 is not of the recommended 4.0.3" and not sure if there is a workaround
23:32:05Bagderalleyoopster: install the "proper" version?
23:32:07scorche|shalleyoopster: the work around is to use the correct compiler...did you try and run ?
23:32:17 Join EspeonEfi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-ONE-FIFTEEN.MIT.EDU)
23:32:52alleyoopsterscorche|sh: no I was just running configure
23:32:55Rincewindkrazykit: I know, same opinion here. But if there are improvements to the database update speed then I would consider a firmware upgrade. I just discovered that I have a very early one
23:33:11 Join Llorean [0] (n=DarkkOne@rockbox/administrator/Llorean)
23:33:57bluebrotheroh, finally some kind of decision regarding Devcon? Nice to see.
23:33:57alleyoopsterdoes this mean I need to find the source for arm-elf-gcc and compile it>
23:34:08 Quit EspeonEefi (Nick collision from services.)
23:34:16 Nick EspeonEfi is now known as EspeonEefi (i=espeonee@STRATTON-ONE-FIFTEEN.MIT.EDU)
23:34:28Bagderalleyoopster: just run the script and it'll do all that by itself
23:34:46Bagderpossibly edit some variables at the top if you want to install elsewhere from the defaults
23:35:06alleyoopsterBagder: ok, and I can install past CVS versions with this?
23:35:45 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:36:02Bagderyou can build any svn version with it
23:36:23alleyoopsterBagder : excellent thanks for your help
23:39:44alleyoopsterfantastic, yeah it is downloading bin utils now, thanks
23:40:44bluebrotherwow ... I can't believe the Gigabeat HDD being a USB drive?!
23:41:29markunmaybe something worth posting in :)
23:41:38markunor perhaps wait till we have sound as well
23:41:49markunwhat's preventing the audio playback?
23:41:52gevaertsWho needs sound ?
23:42:06Bagderwe don't want sound, we want doom!
23:42:20markunexactly my thoughts ;)
23:42:20*Llorean wants doom with sound.
23:42:28LloreanIf I can't hear the monsters, what's the point?
23:45:24 Quit jhMikeS ()
23:45:50 Quit vedlith (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:46:55 Quit domonoky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:55*preglow rubs hands
23:48:59 Quit davina ("GNU/Linux the free alternative to Windows")
23:49:02preglowhigh time for a new target!
23:49:14 Join [TiZ] [0] (
23:49:31[TiZ]Hey, guys. Really quick question. Conditional backdrops: yes, or no?
23:49:47preglow[TiZ]: no, afaik
23:49:52preglowtime for a celebratory cup of darjeeling!
23:50:02*petur is pleased to see a devcon mail and goes looking for tickets
23:50:06[TiZ]Alright, thank you very much. That's all I needed. Toodles!
23:50:11 Part [TiZ] ("WTF is part?")
23:50:19scorche|shpetur: well, we still need a date ;)
23:50:58*amiconn needs something to do against his extreme email laziness :\
23:52:38*scorche|sh has been trying to nudge amiconn...
23:52:42*bluebrother suggests practise :)
23:52:59 Quit alleyoopster (Remote closed the connection)
23:53:23linuxstbpreglow: Have you placed an order then?
23:53:31preglowlinuxstb: aye
23:54:17 Quit lee-qid ("aufwiederbyebientotsayonara")
23:54:59 Join jhMikeS [50] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:55:33*preglow does not look forward to the touch screen rework of the ui
23:55:40preglowluckily, there are more people working on that
23:55:44Lloreanpreglow: The basics of it are coming along nicely
23:56:27 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
23:56:28LloreanBy my math the touchscreen can mimic up to 42 buttons/actions (but I think it should be limited to about 13 for maximum usability)
23:56:54LloreanAt least, with the way it's partitioned up right now
23:57:37preglowany wiki pages on what's been done?
23:58:06LloreanI don't know. Just seen it discussed in the forum so far. JdGordon's done a lot of the work
23:58:39LloreanBasically, touchscreen is divided into a 3x3 grid. Tapping in any cell, or holding in any cell, are actions. As well, moving the stylus from one to another counts as an action (similar to very simple gestures)

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