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#rockbox log for 2008-05-30

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00:02:59Lucky_Hello. My Problem is: rockbox on an iPod Video (30 GB) and after shutting down and restarting after some time the battery is always empty. Any ideas? (r17397-080506)
00:09:35LloreanLucky_: Do you mean, when you turn it on again you get a battery low warning?
00:09:47Lucky_it seems to consume (a lot of) energy when turned off
00:11:25Lucky_Llorean: no, it just wents off or does not even start
00:12:15Lucky_Llorean: if i hear for example with a full loaded iPod a few minutes and turn it off and on the next day the battery is (nearly) empty
00:13:18PaulJamhow is the overall performance of the battery? how much runtime do you get in rockbox or the apple os?
00:13:59Lucky_but if I keep it running or use the default firmware the battery lives a few hours, so the battery itself isn't the problem
00:15:19LloreanLucky_: Have you tried running a benchmark on the battery?
00:15:32Lucky_PaulJam: I didn't look at a clock but I think the battery could play about 5 hours or so
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00:15:37Lucky_Llorean: no
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00:16:02Lucky_Llorean: because I did not suspect the battery itself
00:16:24LloreanVery old batteries may trigger Rockbox's "low power" warning on spinups.
00:16:33Lucky_but I could
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00:17:12Lucky_it's not a warning it is really empty. sometimes it powers off at the bootloader
00:17:45Lucky_does it help you if I run an benchmark on the battery?
00:18:02n1sLucky_: there's probably a hard low voltage poweroff function
00:18:30LloreanA battery benchmark would give us some clues.
00:18:34Lucky_n1s: and that means?
00:18:37n1sLucky_: how many hours do you typically get out of a fully charged battery?
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00:19:11n1sLucky_: if the power controllign chip's low voltage limit is triggered it will cut the battery power, no warning
00:21:22Lucky_n1s: I didn't time the hours but I could take the exact time tomorrow
00:21:33Lucky_n1s: a few hours
00:22:09n1sLucky_: I'm asking because significantly shorter runtime is a sign of battery decay
00:22:48n1sso if you get ~ half of the runtime of a new battery i'd say it might need to be replaced
00:23:12Lucky_n1s: the problem isn't a short runtime the problem is that it seems to loose energy during poweroff
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00:24:12n1sLucky_: _both_ shortened runtime and sudden voltage drops are a sign of a worn out battery, if you are experiencing one, it makes sense to look for the other
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00:27:03Lucky_n1s: okay I could benchmark the exact time tomorrow and I can try to write a statistic of the energy with the benchmark plugin. I could try a few situations like playing until poweroff; playing, short poweroff, playing; playing, longer powerff, playing and so on. but it will take a few days
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00:46:40r4v5 has a 404 link to "contributing" in the last section.
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00:52:24votetrevxhey guys
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00:54:15votetrevxanyone know if its possible to play files back at like 1.5x speed
00:54:19votetrevxusing rockbox
00:54:44r4v5click-hold to bring up settings
00:54:52r4v5it goes up to 200%
00:55:10r4v5but it shifts pitch; i don't think there's resampling to just time-stretch though
00:55:15LloreanWhat he means is "hold select to bring up the context menu"
00:55:37LloreanOf course, this depends on your player, not every player has it mapped to that, so see your manual for specifics.
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00:58:09votetrevxawesome thanks guys
00:58:23r4v5thank you Llorean, those were the words i wanted to say but expressed better
00:58:29votetrevxi have a 5.5 gen ipod
00:58:44votetrevxi dont really mind pitch shift to much
00:58:49votetrevxits the information i need to consume at a faster rate
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01:21:57MU{lappy}i hope this is developer-channel appropriate. afaict the beast DAC only supports 44.1KHz w/ the current code. 1) am i correct about that? 2) if so, how hard is it expected to be to extend that (ie, how likely is it that i could help change that, as somebody who's mostly-python-but-has-some-C)
01:22:48LloreanRockbox itself only plays back to analog outputs at 44.1 on all the swcodec targets.
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01:26:50MU{lappy}heh. sorry if that's documented somewhere. i missed it, i'll just continue resampling everything.
01:27:57LloreanWell, it's something that we (generally) want fixed, where output can be anything that the hardware itself supports, but there's no framework for this yet.
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01:31:30MU{lappy}it seems like there's the beginnings of one, since there was stub code for changing samplerate in the beast driver, and it just doesn't do anything? the whole solution would be much bigger than just handing output, though, i'd think... :/
01:32:02LloreanWell, changing the sample rate of the DAC is just a part of it.
01:32:10MU{lappy}i'd imagine there's be some sort of business of setting sample rate/format for the next track, and then have it actually applied at an on-track-change trigger?
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01:33:15LloreanYeah, if I understand correctly. The playback engine is geared right now to all data in the PCM buffer being 16-bit, 44.1khz, and all played data is resampled to this during/after decoding.
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01:36:01MU{lappy}are the decoders expected to do that themselves, or do they decode data as it's encoded, and then pass the buffer to some unified resampling handler?
01:36:26jhMikeSif not done very carefully, the results will be horrible anyway not to mention samplerate switching during playback can sound outright nasty on some targets so gapless between files of differing samplerates will be impossible and muting between tracks needed
01:38:11jhMikeSdsp.c does the resampling btw on the 32-bit output samples
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01:40:44MU{lappy}instead of a on-track-change trigger, though, a sort of tagged-buffer setup might work, w/ buffers having a very brief header w/ their output settings, and the output driver doing whatever is necessary when it gets a buffer w/ changed options
01:41:04MU{lappy}assuming the data from the next track will always be in a completely different buffer :/
01:42:45MU{lappy}and yeah, gapless would pretty much have to break on rate/format transitions. i don't *think* many albums would cause trouble there?
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01:53:08kkurbjunwhats up with the attachment on the Wiki webhome page?
01:53:37kkurbjunit was added by unknown user and there is no history of it being added that I saw
01:53:38MU{lappy}is tools/ what i'd want to look at if i want to add db-update-on-transcode to my python transcode script?
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02:08:30DPi1Hey, does rockbox aim to do a stable release?
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02:09:13LloreanMU{lappy}: I think it's horribly, horribly out of date.
02:09:40MU{lappy}look at the C stuff, then?
02:10:03LloreanBest bet, yeah
02:10:42LloreanThe database code should be standalone enough that making a small c app to do it should be reasonable. I think it used to be possible to compile one, but that build is probably broken.
02:10:56DPi1is rockbox aiming to have a stable release ever?
02:11:05MU{lappy}i can still *read* C... too much python has pretty much ruined me for *writing* it :/
02:12:07LloreanDPi1: Exactly one person has entered the channel since last time you asked that.
02:14:07DPi1well there are 130 people in here
02:14:51LloreanMy point is that if nobody answers, and the situation doesn't change, there's no point in asking again. Your question doesn't disappear.
02:16:02LloreanAnyway, doing a quick google search will give you information about the last attempt Rockbox made for a release, and searching the site for "release" will get you more information.
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02:18:00MU{lappy}ah, apps/tagcache.* is where i want to look, then. assuming i don't get bogged down in other transcoder details first. thanks.
02:21:37DPicLlorean: am i doing research for something you know the answer to? I did a search from the site but it just came up with old email archives talking about a v3 release in 2006
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03:04:58MU{lappy}hrm. will rockbox even reread the on-disk db if i modify it from the PC while plugged in?
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03:20:09JdGordonwhats the wps tag to show/hide the statusbar?
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03:21:12saratogaMU{lappy}: no idea, but that'd be pretty trivial to fix if there was a need
03:35:21MU{lappy}hrm, since there seems to be *some* support for a pc database tool, i'd imagine it should? but i was really just seeing if anybody already knew. i'll see if i can find anything definitive in the src
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03:36:57drf|awaySo, this is the official Rockbox channel, eh?
03:37:15MU{lappy}development. there's another one for community.
03:37:28drf|awayI just bought a Sansa e280 (original, not a v2) from a few days ago - Computer sees it in MSC mode but the installer can't find it, even in manual select
03:37:39drf|awayWell I got a few ideas for stuff anyway :P
03:38:15drf|awayOn the Sansas, (I have a c250 with Rockbox), it would be nice if you could see the current song in the list when pressing enter, rather than it always going to the very beginning of the list (kinda like the existing firmware)
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03:41:30JdGordondrfsupercenter: I've never had a problem installing rb on my e200's
03:41:43drfsupercentere280 is still considered a e200, right?
03:41:59drfsupercenterWell I see "Sansa e280 (M:)"
03:42:14drfsupercenterbut using the auto-installer it says "no sansas found", even when I selected type e200 and drive M:
03:42:22drfsupercenterI'd try it manually but I'm afraid to break something./..
03:42:48JdGordonyour definatly sure its a v1?
03:42:55drfsupercenterfirmware is 01.00.something
03:43:17MU{lappy}... yah, but what's the hardware version?
03:43:17r4v5drfsupercenter: you need to dl and run sansapatcher
03:43:36drfsupercenterHow do I find the hardware version?
03:43:43drfsupercenterand o.o, sansapatcher is for manual, right?
03:43:51drfsupercenterI installed it fine on my c250 with the auto-installer
03:43:53r4v5there's something with current rbutil that wasn't detecting the sansa until after i ran sansapatcher on it.
03:44:00drfsupercenterlemme try then'
03:44:06MU{lappy}that i don't know, but the v1/v2 thing is about different revisions of the hardware, isn't it?
03:44:14drfsupercenterbtw, how do videos work on Rockbox?
03:44:21JdGordonput them in the same directory then run sansapatcher.exe
03:44:22drfsupercenterIs it sideways like normal? (I like that feature, I'm a Zune user)
03:44:23r4v5MU{lappy}: yes, but firmware 3.x versus 1.x is how you ID the hardware
03:44:38MU{lappy}ah, ok. then he should be good
03:44:40r4v5JdGordon: you don't even need the firmware to run sansapatcher, i don't think
03:44:56*JdGordon isnt sure what version is compiled in for that build..
03:45:06r4v5fair enough
03:45:19drfsupercenterand speaking of Sansas, there's no way to force a e250 v2 to load in MSC, right? I tried the thing about turning lock on and holding rewind, but it just showed the lock symbol...
03:46:44r4v5i thought there was a mentioning of a way
03:46:55drfsupercenterNot for v2 at least
03:47:00drfsupercenterI tried what the site said, it didn't work..
03:47:10drfsupercenterand I hate having to use my mom's computer to transfer stuff
03:47:18drfsupercenterMTP mode is stupid, thank god the e200s have an option o wi
03:47:20drfsupercenter*to switch
03:47:46r4v5drfsupercenter: update the firmware, maybe
03:48:04drfsupercenterupdate? or downgrade? LOL
03:48:12drfsupercenterAnd heh, now the e280 worked, after I ran sansapatcher
03:48:15r4v5whatever. sidegrade
03:48:16*drfsupercenter is doing a full install
03:48:22drfsupercenterBut can you run v1 firmware on a v2?
03:48:27r4v5you're moving diagonally across mutually broken firmwares
03:48:30drfsupercenter(I really don't care what Sansa firmware, since I use Rockbox LOL)
03:48:35r4v5no, they're different machines
03:48:47r4v5i'm saying on the v2 devices wikipage, it says "
03:48:51r4v5"As of Firmware version 03.01.14A, you can go to Settings/USB Mode and select between three options: "Auto Detect", "MTP" (Media Transport Protocol), and "MSC" (USB Media Storage Class Device aka USB Drive). "
03:49:03drfsupercenterLet me see what I have
03:49:16drfsupercenterwait I can't ATM, I only have one cable
03:49:20r4v5i don't know what you have but there are a bunch of fws floating around if you need to sidegrade
03:49:21drfsupercenter(too lazy to open the new one)
03:49:29MU{lappy}i don't know, mtp being a file-oriented rather than block-oriented protocol has definite advantages
03:49:39drfsupercenterCan yo uboot the normal firmware from the player without plugging it in?
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03:49:47r4v5yes, hit the power button
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03:49:51MU{lappy}but that's probably off-topic in here
03:49:54drfsupercenterThat boots Rockbox
03:49:58drfsupercenterI didn't see an option to boot it
03:50:04drfsupercenterI mean the normal firmware
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03:50:06r4v5power + rewind
03:50:11drfsupercenterThat didn't do anything
03:50:13drfsupercenterI'll try it again though
03:50:26drfsupercenterit makes a black screen
03:50:27drfsupercenterI see
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03:50:39drfsupercenter>_> so what if I talk fast
03:50:56r4v5talk fast, just press return less
03:50:56drfsupercenterOK, wtf
03:51:03drfsupercenterMy firmware is apparently 01.01.05P
03:51:14r4v5yes, you have a v1 device with that firmware and rockbox installed
03:51:21drfsupercenterThat's supposedly less than 03.01.14A... they added that feature rather than removed?
03:51:24r4v5you should have a menu option for msc mode
03:51:31drfsupercenterIt says "v2" on the battery cover... is that an error then?
03:51:37drfsupercenterAnd no, there's no option
03:51:41saratogadoesn't matter what teh cover says
03:51:48saratogaonly the firmware determines what you have
03:51:55drfsupercenterStupid refurbished stuff
03:52:10drfsupercenterBut point being, there's no selection. It's determined by your Windows Media Runtime.
03:52:14saratogawoot or whoever just takes a stack of sansas and puts them together from whatever working parts they have
03:52:34drfsupercenterThe c250 was from
03:52:38drfsupercenterit was just refurbished
03:53:09drfsupercenterAnyway, though, you're saying just upgrade firmware? How do I tell which one I have, there's like 6
03:53:12drfsupercenterAll very similarly named
03:53:29r4v5hang on, i'll see what i have, which definitely does have the feature
03:53:41drfsupercenter <−− That list
03:53:48drfsupercenterAll I see is the firmware and model number
03:54:00drfsupercenternot the fancy terminology that site uses
03:54:16drfsupercenterhm, would it be P1 since mine has a P in it? That'd be my best guess
03:54:52r4v5ohhhh you're talking c200s.
03:55:09drfsupercenterthe c280 works fine, that has an option
03:55:14r4v5i'm not sure about mtp/msc in the c series. i apologize, i must have misread the c-to-e topic switch
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03:55:36r4v5when you get a chance, look at the firmware version of the c280, and then install that version on the other?
03:55:41drfsupercenterWell if I do indeed have v1 (based on the 01 in the firmware), then that firmware change should work...
03:55:44drfsupercenterbut which one do I need?
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04:02:20saratogaJDGordon: in place of scramble, what does the sim run to make a binary?
04:09:04 Quit dan_a ()
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04:11:58JdGordonsaratoga: you need to fix the extratools line in configure... scramble isnt needed
04:12:07JdGordongenericbitmaptools should be all thats needed
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04:31:54goffarockbox fat32?
04:32:57drfsupercenterWhat does "bidirectional scroll limit" mean?
04:33:07drfsupercenterI'm trying to make the scrolling go in one direction only...
04:33:15JdGordonset it to 0 then (i tihnk)
04:33:28JdGordonits the length a line should be so it goes both ways...
04:34:44 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
04:35:32drfsupercenterbut what's the percent mean
04:35:39drfsupercenterlike the 100%, is that 100% the width of the screen?
04:36:30JdGordonnot sure... probably explained in the manual
04:37:12goffagot my 100 gb drive and i need to format it
04:37:22goffai've got cfdisk seeing it
04:37:24 Quit votetrevx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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04:54:07drfsupercenterWhy do Sansas only support 22kHz for recording? Is that a hardware limitation?
04:54:13drfsupercenter(I noticed the recordings suck no matter what firmware you use)
04:54:52 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
04:55:39ShaidI believe it's a hardware limitation
04:55:49drfsupercenterThat sucks
04:56:05drfsupercenterMy old RCA thumb-drive style player had awesome 44.1kHz recordings
04:56:13drfsupercenterit's just only 1GB and recording as PCM WAV on a Sansa would be cook
04:56:55drfsupercenterVideos aren't showing up in Rockbox
04:56:59drfsupercenterdoes it not support videos yet or something?
04:57:27Shaidlook up mpegplayer in the wiki
04:57:36 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:58:07drfsupercenterso no mjpeg?
04:58:15drfsupercenter(though that's fine, mjpeg and Sansa Media Converter suck)
05:00:37advcomp2019drfsupercenter, could you please stop using the enter so much too
05:00:49scorche|shthe wiki page you are looking for is PluginMpegplyer
05:00:54drfsupercenterI can't find a download link... only a patch or something
05:01:08drfsupercenteradvcomp2019, sorry, I've been using IRC for 5 years and always talk like that... I'll try though
05:01:11scorche|shwhat do you want to download?
05:01:48goffawell.. i hope its fat32... copying files to it now
05:01:51drfsupercenterthe thing that lets me plays videos
05:01:58scorche|shit comes with Rockbox like the rest of the plugins
05:02:14scorche| that wiki page
05:02:20goffashould have an f100 if i can get the case closed
05:03:13drfsupercenterWhat wiki page?
05:03:21drfsupercenterI just went to and searched for mpegplayer...
05:03:29soapsearch the manual.
05:03:44 Join homielowe_ [0] (
05:03:50 Quit homielowe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:04:23scorche|shdrfsupercenter: hitthe wiki button...then paste the name of the page that i said in the box at the top...hit enter
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05:08:48drfsupercenterOh, so I just have to have mpeg?
05:08:53drfsupercenterDoes it matter if it's mpg1, mpg2, etc?
05:09:08scorche|shdid you read the page? answers that
05:09:09drfsupercenteroh duh it says
05:09:12drfsupercenterYeah, I skimmed LOL
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05:11:24drfsupercenterAnyone know the resolution for the e200s? I need to know what to encode my videos as. (And do I make them sideways like Sansa does or does the player automatically rotate?)
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05:54:33 Quit Zarggg ("Pursued by a bear")
06:03:01 Quit BlakeJohnson86 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:06:29goffahmm.. struggling here... got a gigabeat that won't boot.. not sure what i'm doing wrong
06:06:38goffai can get linux to mount it as vfat
06:06:45goffaseems to have the gbsystem dir intact
06:09:06saratogaif you can mount it i'd just reinstall rockbox
06:09:09saratogaand hope that fixes it
06:09:19goffawell that's the problem
06:09:26goffacan't get it to boot into rockbox
06:09:51goffaget a system error 000000020 or something like that
06:10:46goffai dunno if i needed to format it in windows
06:12:49saratogadid you install the rockbox bootloader and all that
06:13:25goffathat's the gbsystem right?
06:14:44saratogai think its fwing or something like that
06:15:47saratogamaybe check the wiki and google to find out what that error means and go from there
06:16:08goffayeah working on that too
06:17:53LloreanDid you turn off the battery and back on after installing the bootloader?
06:18:00LloreanUsing the tiny switch.
06:21:17 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC")
06:21:54goffai'm wondering if it can recognize fat32 formatted from linux
06:22:19 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
06:25:53 Join BlakeJohnson86 [0] (
06:33:33 Quit axionix ("leaving")
06:33:47 Join axionix [0] (
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06:38:07 Quit linuxstb_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
06:38:10 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
06:47:20MU{lappy}most should out of the box, i'd think
06:47:39MU{lappy}if you're building your own kernel, or such, you might have to make sure you didn't leave vfat support out
06:51:32 Join AndyIL [0] (n=pasha_in@
06:53:30 Quit vertic23 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:58:15 Quit AndyI (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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11:31:30 Join lolmaus [0] (i=lolmaus@
11:32:44lolmausamiconn, are you here? ^_^
11:49:17 Quit GodEater (" ajax IRC Client")
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12:23:49 Part lolmaus
12:23:54 Join lolmaus [0] (i=lolmaus@
12:27:00 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:28:09lolmausWhy is there no manual for Cowon M3? :( Am i a complete loser?
12:29:14lolmausI would like to look through the history of changes. Is there one?
12:30:30linuxstbFor a history of changes, see the small links under the "Subversion" table on the homepage of the website.
12:31:04linuxstbOr for major changes only (updated manually) -
12:33:23B4gderand I'm sure you can join in and help us get the things done to make the M3 manual complete
12:34:27pixelmalolmaus: there's no manual for the M3 yet because it is problematic and will probably take a long time to adapt the current style (of button tables mostly) to the M3 remote and main player input - the remotes haven't been considered in the other manuals yet
12:35:00 Part B4gder
12:35:05 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
12:35:16lolmauslinuxstb, thx
12:35:33lolmauspixelma, so much trouble with the fact that some buttons are on the remote?
12:36:59 Quit japc_ ("Ex-Chat")
12:37:51 Join vort3x [0] (n=vortex@unaffiliated/dfa001)
12:39:24pixelmawe will probably need another column for the remote buttons or something (in places where both is possible) and somehow, somewhere need to explain the remote and its buttons etc. I don't even know whether there is a "plan" or list of things that need to be done for it
12:41:07pixelmabut it's important for the M3...
12:43:49BigBambilolmaus: The manual is written in latex with a lot of macros to automatically adjust things for the capabilities/layouts of different players etc. Those all need to be adjusted etc. for the M3
12:44:34BigBambilolmaus: It isn't just a case of writing it - that would be easier the first time but keeping all the manuals up-to-date if they were independent would be even more difficult than it is now
12:47:23 Quit Miles (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:48:18 Join tvelocity_ [0] (n=tony@
12:50:42 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
12:52:41lolmausIs amiconn the one who codes the M3 part?
12:52:52lolmausI've talked to him when i first tried Rockbox
12:53:10lolmausI failed to use it 'cause there was a screen ripple bug
12:53:24lolmausamiconn said he was going to fix that next
12:53:30lolmausI wonder if he had
12:58:34lolmauspixelma, and it's already in the latest build?
12:58:43 Quit ender` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:58:43 Join ender` [0] (i=krneki@
12:58:48desowinif it's commited, then yes
12:59:12desowinbecause there're automated builds on commits, which doesn't take long, thanks to build farm
12:59:13lolmausHow to find out whether it is? :)
12:59:46pixelmalatest available build is r17660 - the fix was in r17621 (r = revision)
12:59:49desowinyou go into current build page, and check the rNUMBER here under your target
13:00:12desowinif it's higher than commit you want (in this case 17621), then yes, it's included
13:00:23pixelmaand viewvc (what I linked) only knows about things that changed in svn...
13:00:34desowin(unless it wasn't later reverted, but that's unlikely to happen)
13:00:58desowinor should I say "was" instead of "wasn't"?
13:01:55lolmausGreat, thank you ^_^
13:02:34lolmausdesowin, you should say either "unless it was" or "if it wasn't" i think :)
13:02:46 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:03:06 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
13:04:54 Quit midgey ()
13:06:55lolmausSorry for a lame question, i've failed to find any guidelines how to set up the TSS Engine and the LAME Encoder.
13:08:00 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
13:08:22 Join Arathis [0] (
13:09:01 Join ctaylorr [0] (
13:09:36pixelmayou mean TTS for the voice UI? And do you just want voice to speak menu items etc. or also talk clips for your files? Also, the lame encoder won't help you for voice on an M3
13:10:42lolmausI dunno. There's a "TSS and Encoder" tab in the Rockbox utility and i don't know how to set it up.
13:12:05 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
13:12:14lolmausIt says "Configuration INVALID (=)"
13:13:00 Join fdinel [0] (
13:13:57 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:14:40pixelmalolmaus: what OS are you on?
13:14:55lolmauspixelma, XP SP3
13:15:23 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
13:15:29 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
13:16:28 Join AndyI [0] (n=pasha_in@
13:17:20 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
13:19:03pixelmaand do you have any tts engines installed on your computer? Just tried with rbutil 1.0.5 and my M5 and here's what I had to do (also XP SP3 and SAPI tts engine installed) to get a valid configuration at least: press "change" and in the next window chose "SAPI TTS engine" from the engine dropdown list and "Rockbox speex encoder" from the encoder one.
13:20:40 Quit fdinel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:21:44pixelmaif you just want to try how voice works in the menus you could simply download the voice file from ("Daily builds and Voices" from the current build page)
13:22:57 Join Thundercloud [0] (
13:25:26pixelmaor chose "Install voice file" in rbutil, I think it'll just download the file too
13:27:13 Quit ctaylorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:28:49 Quit ch4os (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:33:57 Join ch4os [0] (n=ch4os@unaffiliated/ch4os/x-059673)
13:35:30lolmausWhy does M3 manual has to have a separate table for remote buttons? All remote buttons clone the ones on the body.
13:39:20lolmausamiconn, hi! ^_^
13:39:32lolmausI've just installed the latest build into my M3
13:39:34 Part rooaus
13:39:52lolmausI've still got some screen ripple. A little. Mostly when reading from the HDD.
13:40:17lolmausOoooh and i've also catched the blank screen. :(
13:40:29lolmausDam' :(
13:41:10lolmausamiconn, the blank screen bug means that i still can't use Rockbox. :(
13:43:35lolmausI've got screen ripple while playing and then the screen goes blank. The device continues to work, everything fine, the backlight is okay, but the screen is blank. :(
13:45:10 Quit feisar (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:49:55 Join feisar [0] (
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13:50:43 Join Miles [0] (i=[U2FsdGV@
13:53:22*amiconn waited almost a week before committing the fix for the iaudios, and only got positive reports so far
13:54:25lolmausamiconn, so i'm just a loser with no chance to have a rockbox on my M3?
13:57:46 Join DerDome [0] (
14:02:53 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
14:04:51 Join TaylorKillian [0] (
14:05:52TaylorKillianLinusN: I had a question for you if you have time
14:06:01 Join Seed [0] (
14:06:48TaylorKillianI just want to confirm that fwimg02.dat is the bootloader and rockbox.gigabeat is the kernel
14:06:48 Quit jdcx95 (Remote closed the connection)
14:07:24TaylorKillianI've been trying to launch rockbox on qemu with little success
14:08:43 Join Zarggg [0] (
14:09:05linuxstbTaylorKillian: FWIMG01.DAT is the bootloader
14:12:39TaylorKillianwhat does fwimg02.dat do? I know that is what rockbox replaces
14:13:31TaylorKillianjjust looked it up, i see i'm mistaken
14:14:30 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
14:14:41linuxstbI'm not an expert on the gigabeat, but there is an initial bootloader in flash ROM, which I assume then loads fwimg01.dat, which (when Rockbox is installed), loads the rockbox.gigabeat file.
14:15:19TaylorKillianalright, thats what i was thinking, thanks
14:16:17TaylorKilliani have gotten qemu to load rockbox.elf and not crash, but thats about all i can get out of it
14:17:06TaylorKilliannot even the bootloader will continue without crashing
14:17:11linuxstbHow much of the gigabeat's hardware is emulated? I assume you've at least mapped some RAM?
14:18:46TaylorKillianI'm not all that sure. I know the cpu should work well enough, and it isn't complaining about the memory
14:19:10TaylorKilliani have looked at the file, but I'm not quite sure how to apply that
14:20:47linuxstbThe linker files are probably easier to understand - see firmware/target/arm/s3c2440/
14:21:21TaylorKillianalright, I'll take a look at those, thanks
14:23:48TaylorKilliando you know if rockbox is based off any other distrobution? linux for example. or is it build from the ground up?
14:24:29 Quit Seed (Remote closed the connection)
14:25:20 Quit Horscht ("We don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents")
14:25:32linuxstbFrom the ground up.
14:25:33domonokyTaylorKillian: rockbox is not based on linux, its built from scratch..
14:26:59 Join crash91 [0] (n=crash@
14:28:20 Join Seed [0] (
14:28:35 Quit domonoky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:28:51 Quit Seedy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:29:50 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
14:31:07 Join dabujo [0] (
14:31:43 Join Schmogel [0] (
14:43:13 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
14:54:05 Quit DerDome ("Leaving.")
14:54:50 Quit s3 (Remote closed the connection)
14:55:58 Join s3 [0] (
14:56:24 Join svpe [0] (
14:58:38pixelmaoops ;)
15:02:07 Join Arathis2 [0] (
15:04:53 Quit Seed (Remote closed the connection)
15:04:53 Join Seed [0] (
15:20:11 Part LinusN
15:20:59 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
15:21:54 Quit Arathis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22:28 Quit crash91 ("Ex-Chat")
15:24:01 Quit Arathis2 ("Bye, bye")
15:24:28 Quit linuxstb (Nick collision from services.)
15:24:29 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
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16:05:17 Part theli_ua
16:10:07 Join theli_ua [0] (n=theli@
16:10:29 Quit Nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
16:21:30 Quit s3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:22:20 Quit Ragnor (Nick collision from services.)
16:22:30 Join Ragnor [0] (
16:29:43LambdaCalculus37jhMikeS: Ping!
16:31:38PaulJampetur: i was just wondering, do you still work on the h300 bootloader problems? I'm getting more and more tempted to try an unofficial one with RTC wakeup but i would really prefer to use an official one.
16:32:22 Join kugel [0] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/kugel)
16:32:28kugelalbum art seems to be broken on the sim
16:33:04peturPaulJam: I'd like too :/ I think the bootloader on the CFMod wiki page contains the RTC alarm
16:34:31kugelnevermind! Sometimes I hate linux being case sensitiv
16:35:31PaulJamok, thanks for the information
16:35:42 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:35:57 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:38:59 Quit borges|afk ("ChatZilla [Firefox]")
16:40:23 Quit desowin ("KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia")
16:47:06 Quit DataGhost (Nick collision from services.)
16:47:14 Join DataGhost [0] (i=dataghos@unaffiliated/dataghost)
17:02:34 Part theli_ua
17:11:45 Join Arathis [0] (
17:12:04 Quit petur ("connection reset by beer")
17:24:51 Join DerDome [0] (
17:32:30 Quit GodEater (" ajax IRC Client")
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17:35:41 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:35:55 Join DerPapst [0] (
17:46:21 Join bertrik [0] (
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17:52:38 Quit Schmogel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
17:59:52lolmausamiconn, do you mean that you're not going to further try solving the ripple/blank screen bug on M3? :(
18:02:30 Quit Kupop (Remote closed the connection)
18:02:52 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
18:04:22 Join Schmogel [0] (
18:06:00 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
18:06:18 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:06:32 Join DerPapst [0] (
18:07:18 Quit kugel ("ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008051206]")
18:10:20 Quit inversions (Connection timed out)
18:19:45 Quit TaylorKillian (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:38 Quit BigBambi (" ajax IRC Client")
18:27:30 Join crash91 [0] (n=crash@
18:29:02pixelmahmm... maybe someone knows here: if I just use %pb - does that take the dimensions of the viewport it's in into account or still the full screen size?
18:30:58 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
18:31:04 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
18:33:05crash91pixelma: Its most probably the viewport, any tag with coordinates specified after a viewport is called is relative to that viewport, so this should be true for %pb as well.
18:33:15 Join goffa_ [0] (n=goffa@
18:36:08pixelmaI know this applies to bitmaps but not sure about the %pb (and it doesn't seem to be this way, though I'm currently testing a patch and can't tell for sure). I could test but hoped that someone who knows the code could just tell me :)
18:37:10crash91pixelma: Well, its true for %C so im guessing %pb as well, ill test it if you give me a min
18:38:45 Quit Schmogel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:42:49linuxstbpixelma: It _should_ be relative to the viewport, and I'm pretty sure it is. If not, then it's a bug (IMO).
18:43:15pixelmapositioning seems to be alright but not sure about the length
18:43:47*pixelma needs to test in a different sim
18:43:51crash91pixelma: It is relative, just checked.
18:45:17 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:46:59crash91pixelma: It acts normally, just the coordinates are relative..the width/height/length etc. are all normal.
18:49:24pixelmaok, I see now
18:52:08 Quit DaCapn ()
18:52:42PaulJamcrash91: concerning you latest forum post, could you paste the .wps file somewhere? i think those lines are caused by some wps tags which shouldn't display any text, but still clear the line on the display. i think %C is one of those. for me it helped to insert blank lines, so the tags that don't dilplay text are "below" the visible area.
18:52:43pixelmathanks for testing and the answer
18:53:27crash91PaulJam: Refresh the page.
18:53:42crash91pixelma: you're welcome
18:54:36 Join Schmogel [0] (
18:54:51 Quit desowin (Remote closed the connection)
18:57:53 Quit Zarggg (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:00:15 Quit merbanan ("Leaving")
19:03:49 Join bertrik_ [0] (
19:09:58 Quit crash91 ("Ex-Chat")
19:17:33 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
19:17:46 Join midgey [0] (
19:18:51 Quit Arathis ("Bye, bye")
19:19:02 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
19:19:42 Quit Horscht ("I got raided by the FBI and all i got is this lousy quit message")
19:20:23 Join stripwax [0] (
19:20:57 Join bughunter2 [0] (n=Jelle@
19:21:30 Quit bertrik (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:27:39 Join archos_6000 [0] (n=4a5f7f65@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:28:01 Join borges|afk [0] (
19:28:30archos_6000hi all, can someone please point me to the most up to day information on flashing rockbox to an archos player (old version, only 6GB)
19:29:01archos_6000all i see is thi
19:30:53LambdaCalculus37Wow, that page needs a serious re-write.
19:31:03LambdaCalculus37Do you have Rockbox already flashed onto the player?
19:31:12pixelmaI *think* the RomBox wiki page is more up to date, but I keep hearing that descriptions of the Archos flashing procedure need to be updated (and don't know much about it myself unfortunately)
19:31:30pixelmathat applies to the manual as well, I believe
19:31:39LambdaCalculus37pixelma: A lot of the pages are marked in big red letters that the information contained within is seriously out of date.
19:31:55archos_6000no i only added archos.mod and .rockbox to my device
19:32:08archos_6000but i want to get rid of archos firmware 5.06 and only use rockbox
19:32:18 Quit svpe ("leaving")
19:32:52archos_6000right now I am dumping all the data on my archos player to my's going to take another 45 min...
19:32:53amiconnarchos_6000: Did you already check whether your box is flashable?
19:33:12archos_6000amiconn, how do i do that?
19:33:18amiconnFlashing it won't influence any data on the hdd
19:33:27 Join wpyh [0] (
19:33:46archos_6000according to the manual ( it talks about flashing it
19:33:59archos_6000i know but if the flash fails then I won't be able to access the data
19:34:32amiconnSystem -> Debug -> View HW Info
19:35:00LambdaCalculus37If you see Flash M=?? D=??, then you can't do it.
19:35:02archos_6000i'm in usb mode right now, I will check that out as soon as I can :)
19:35:48wpyhhi, i have a question about the ipod video 80g port
19:35:51amiconnThe walk through the various items until you see "Flash:"
19:36:17amiconnThere are either some values displayed, or just ??,??
19:36:22LambdaCalculus37wpyh: Go ahead and ask.
19:36:29wpyhI noticed an empty page on the wiki
19:36:35amiconnIf you only see the question marks, you're out of luck and the thing isn't flashable
19:36:40wpyhabout the problems porting RB over to the video
19:36:53wpyhI mean video 5.5G 80GB model
19:37:06wpyhThis is the page:
19:37:08LambdaCalculus37That page is old and holds no meaning anymore.
19:37:21LambdaCalculus37That was before we could figure out how to access the disk on the 80GB models.
19:37:28LambdaCalculus37Rockbox works just fine on them now.
19:37:35wpyhYeah, so I looked at the older revisions to find that the disk access was done in 1024 byte blocks
19:38:00wpyhAnyway, I'm new here, and I didn't search the archives, so...
19:38:04LambdaCalculus37So you can install and enjoy Rockbox with no worries. :)
19:38:08amiconnIt *is* done in 1024 byte blocks, because the hdd in the G5.5/80 requires it
19:38:18amiconn(drive firmware shortcoming)
19:38:30wpyhI'm thinking of buying one now, but I'm planning to swap it out with a CF card
19:38:31 Quit desowin ("KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia")
19:38:48wpyhI'm wondering whether it will work...
19:39:04BigBambiwhy get an 80 with its quirks, and not a 30 that is cheaper
19:39:06wpyhUm, so Toshiba didn't release a firmware to fix this?
19:39:23BigBambiIt isn't a bug in that sense
19:39:28wpyhBecause the 80 GB model (supposedly) has better battery life and better screen?
19:39:42amiconnIt should, although if you want to go CF anyway you probably should start from the 30GB model
19:39:49LambdaCalculus37The 30GB models were slightly revised to have the better screen as well.
19:39:51wpyhBigBambi: It's just a limitation though :)
19:39:53amiconnIt's slimmer and cheaper
19:40:16BigBambiwpyh: is the battery any bigger? The 80 has more memory for buffering that is pretty inconsequential if you are going to swap for flash
19:40:22amiconnIf you want looong runtimes, ipods aren't for you anyway
19:40:32wpyhI live in China, so I'll check the local availability :)
19:40:44wpyhI'm buying secondhand :)
19:41:00*BigBambi has something at the back of his mind that says the 80s do in fact have larger batteries
19:41:02wpyhBigBambi: I heard that the battery is bigger
19:41:14PaulJamwpyh: make sure you don't get a Classic
19:41:17BigBambibut as amiconn says, if you want battery life, don't go ipod
19:41:19LambdaCalculus37BigBambi: They have a slightly higher capacity.
19:41:30wpyhYeah, I don't like the Classic's design anyway
19:41:35BigBambiLambdaCalculus37: ok, cheers
19:41:54LambdaCalculus37wpyh: And it doesn't work with Rockbox anyway.
19:42:07wpyhNah, the battery life is not why I go for ipods; it's why I wanted a 80 GB model instead of a 30 GB one
19:42:18 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
19:42:23wpyhYeah, I heard that the Classic's FW is encrypted
19:42:31LambdaCalculus37wpyh: If we may be a bit bold for a moment? Can I recommend a player?
19:42:43wpyhWonder whether it's the same encryption as the Nano 2G
19:42:55wpyhLambdaCalculus37: OK :)
19:43:17LambdaCalculus37Why not look for a Toshiba Gigabeat F or S series instead?
19:44:06LambdaCalculus37You get good capacity, very good battery life, and no silly proprietary USB "dock" connector.
19:44:08wpyhAh, I considered that option, but didn't find *any* of them online, for sale, here in China.
19:44:17LambdaCalculus37Not even eBay?
19:44:51wpyhI saw a few on Taobao, but they don't seem good (the place's full of tricksters)
19:44:58wpyhum... I didn't look on eBay :P
19:45:25wpyhHere, we're mostly trading stuff on forums and BBS's (you know, the telnet type...)
19:45:34 Join gevaerts_ [0] (
19:46:04wpyhBut since you mentioned it, I will keep an eye on those models
19:46:28wpyhAh gevaerts has come
19:46:34 Quit gevaerts (Nick collision from services.)
19:46:37 Nick gevaerts_ is now known as gevaerts (
19:46:51wpyhgevaerts: are you the one working on the USB driver for the Meizu players?
19:47:17gevaertswpyh: I'm the one _planning_ to work on that, yes :)
19:47:34archos_6000I'll be back when I can check my FW information thanks :)
19:47:38 Quit archos_6000 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")
19:48:02wpyhOh, so that's just a plan :)
19:48:21wpyhI also have Meizu players, so I'm actually looking forward to those ports
19:48:42wpyhDo you happen to run Linux?
19:48:45linuxstbwpyh: Download the Rockbox source code and join the fun...
19:48:55amiconnLambdaCalculus37: What's the typical gigabeat runtime?
19:49:08gevaertswpyh: yes, why ?
19:49:12amiconnBtw, it seems my mini's runtime got a lot better by going CF
19:49:21wpyhlinuxstb: I've downloaded it, compiled it, ran it on my H10, then sold the H10 because I didn't like it... :p
19:49:23*amiconn needs to measure
19:49:53wpyhgevaerts: because I run (almost) exclusively linux, and I can't do the DFU thing to flash the FW on Linux
19:49:56BigBambiamiconn: JdGordon|afk reported a very large increase after going cf on his mini
19:50:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:50:08wpyhamiconn: how much better? with OF? with RB?
19:50:19LambdaCalculus37amiconn: I don't have an F (my girlfriend's getting one soon), but until jhMikeS gets proper power management working on the beast, I'm only getting around 5-6 hours of runtime.
19:50:47 Quit nplus (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:50:50amiconnwpyh: RB of course. The OF is completely useless for me
19:51:25wpyhamiconn: oh :) Maybe you can put the results up on the BatteryRuntime page
19:51:49amiconnYeah. With the original microdrive I got around 9 hours
19:51:56amiconn(it's a 2nd Gen Mini)
19:52:19wpyhgevaerts: have you found a way to use the DFU tool on Linux?
19:52:34gevaertsNo, but I also haven't really looked yet
19:52:39wpyhgevaerts: because if I try some test code, I'd most certainly have to use it
19:52:51 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:53:14wpyhI've tried it using QEMU running Win XP
19:53:18wpyhI used the USB passthrough
19:53:38wpyhbut QEMU crashed when I clicked the "Download" button
19:53:49 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
19:53:52wpyhany ideas?
19:54:19wpyhLambdaCalculus37: does the power management have a large impact?
19:57:50 Join votetrev [0] (
19:58:33 Quit tvelocity_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:58:55 Quit Schmogel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58:59 Join shotofadds [0] (n=rob@rockbox/developer/shotofadds)
19:59:11 Join tvelocity_ [0] (n=tony@
19:59:42shotofaddslinuxstb: out of interest how much was your M200? do you reckon an M230 (512Mb) for £15.51 delivered is good value?
20:00:57linuxstb_My 4GB (M250) was £19.99, plus about 1.99 postage IIRC
20:01:19shotofaddsI'm thinking the smallest capcity possible might help us with the NAND issues...#
20:01:31shotofaddswhere was that from?
20:01:37LambdaCalculus37I have the second smallest capacity... the m240. - I've just checked, and they don't have it any more.
20:02:34*linuxstb_ checks his device and sees it is an m260 (which is the 4GB)
20:02:35 Join Schmogel [0] (
20:02:54linuxstb_Matching model numbers with capacity is obviously beyond Sandisk...
20:02:59 Part votetrev
20:03:19wpyhI found one gigabeat (maybe the F series) for 600 RMB (~$90) but it couldn't charge
20:03:23amiconnm250 should be 2GB then, to match the sandisk model numbering scheme
20:03:33 Quit stripwax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:45LambdaCalculus37wpyh: The battery might be old. But you can replace them.
20:03:53wpyhand another gigabeat (F20 I think) for 1000 RMB (~$110) @_@
20:04:12wpyhthe seller says that the charging circuit may be broken
20:04:21LambdaCalculus37amiconn: The m200 series are 230 (512MB), 240 (1GB), 250 (2GB), and 260 (4GB).
20:04:38wpyhHe says "it can only be used while connected to power"
20:04:59amiconnLambdaCalculus37: The e200 and c200 series use the exact same scheme...
20:05:01wpyhAnd I also found a bunch of gigabeat U series, which I think is not supported (at all)
20:05:06 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:05:14 Nick linuxstb_ is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:05:30amiconnx30 (512B), x40 (1GB), x50 (2GB), x60 (4GB), x70 (6GB) and x80 (8GB)
20:05:44amiconnNot all series are available with all capacities of course
20:05:48linuxstbwpyh: No. Just the F/X series, plus the S is "almost" supported. (the S works quite well, but the port is very new).
20:06:17wpyhI didn't find an S series here...
20:06:34linuxstbI think they're even rarer than the F.
20:06:34wpyhwell, I'm actually from Indonesia, so I'll try to look for one while at home
20:06:46LambdaCalculus37The install method for the S is rather daunting at this time.
20:06:46wpyhI'm in China only formy undergrad
20:07:05wpyhLambdaCalculus37: "daunting"?
20:07:56LambdaCalculus37Yes, because you have to compile it yourself, plus patch an original firmware file with the Rockbox bootloader, then upload it to the device somehow (the S is MTP only), and also send a rockbox.tar file to it as well.
20:07:56shotofaddsI might put in an order from here:
20:07:58 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
20:08:08shotofaddsit's almost certain to be a v1 at that capacity/price
20:08:08*LambdaCalculus37 takes a breath
20:08:39linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: No, the rockbox.tar step isn't needed any more - the Rockbox bootloader has a UMS driver.
20:08:53LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Ah yes, that's right. :)
20:08:56shotofaddsBut right now I must dash. Real Life wins again...
20:09:07LambdaCalculus37Been a while since I last did an initial install. :)
20:09:24LambdaCalculus37See ya, shotofadds!
20:09:33 Quit shotofadds ("Leaving")
20:09:36wpyhLambdaCalculus37: well, the only "daunting" part is transferring the fw to the device which is MTP only
20:09:51LambdaCalculus37Not the compiling and patching part? :)
20:09:54wpyhlinuxstb: oh
20:10:20wpyhUh, compiling is only ../tools/configure right? Then make
20:10:32wpyhpatching, well just cat x | patch for me :p
20:10:45linuxstbwpyh: The S installation is documented here -
20:10:57wpyhlinuxstb: Thanks
20:11:00linuxstbCan Rockbox charge on the S yet? I haven't been following the commits...
20:11:16wpyhI don't have it and can't find it here in China, but I'm quite interested anyway :)
20:12:18LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: No, not yet. jhMikeS has been doing some power management commits, but charging isn't working yet.
20:12:40LambdaCalculus37He's only been making the commits so that he can better understand how it works, as the comments state.
20:13:23LambdaCalculus37That's also why he told me to stick with a dual-booting bootloader for now.
20:14:39wpyhBy the way, about the ipod video 80 GB: is it detected by determining the IPod version, or by determining the disk type/model/firmware? I can't seem to find it in the sources.
20:17:54 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:25:12 Nick amishfury__ is now known as SgtPnkks (
20:25:55 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
20:30:24markunhi wpyh!
20:30:36wpyhmarkun: hi too :)
20:38:32 Quit Mouser_X (Nick collision from services.)
20:41:28 Join archos_6000 [0] (n=4a5f7f65@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:42:36archos_6000hi all i'm trying to find resources on flashing my archos player (6gb) version and i checked my HW INfo and see FLash: BF, D6
20:46:56 Quit archos_6000 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
20:47:28LambdaCalculus37Well, I was about to say that he was in luck.
20:49:48 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
20:52:15 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
20:53:59 Join inversions [0] (
20:57:08 Join gregzx [0] (
20:57:50 Nick bertrik_ is now known as bertrik (
21:07:38 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
21:18:40 Quit midgey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21:50 Quit bughunter2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:23:16 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
21:25:34 Join midgey [0] (
21:32:38 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
21:33:58mcuelenaerelinuxstb: at what dir is that download currently?
21:36:17linuxstbIt appears to be finished... Downloaded: 3,836,171,524 bytes in 2427 files
21:36:32 Quit SirFunk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:32 Join DerPapst_ [0] (
21:36:40mcuelenaerewow, nice
21:36:49mcuelenaere4gigs of data..
21:37:00mcuelenaereis that including 2soc & 4hw?
21:38:22 Join SirFunk [0] (
21:38:55linuxstbmcuelenaere: No, I'll start those now.
21:39:07*linuxstb discovers the c100 has the same LCD as the c200...
21:39:19mcuelenaereok thanks; now where are you going to upload these files?
21:39:48linuxstbI've no idea... It will take about 3 days to upload that anywhere...
21:40:21mcuelenaerehmm I think there are some redundant files in there, maybe it could get compressed a bit
21:40:24mcuelenaerebut still, it is huge
21:42:26linuxstbThe 01linux directory is 3.6GB
21:42:53bertrikhas summer-of-code started yet?
21:42:59linuxstbAnd about 1.7GB of that is the toolchain
21:43:11linuxstbbertrik: I think it officially started last Monday
21:43:24mcuelenaereare those (3d party) tools that big? or is that just the source of the linux kernel?
21:43:30linuxstbBut I think some of our students are still doing their exams...
21:43:43bertrikok, nice to hear
21:45:56amiconnlinuxstb: 3 days? o.O
21:46:52linuxstbamiconn: Maybe... It's been a while since I uploaded anything that large.
21:47:14*amiconn would estimate 1 day for uploading 4 GB via his connection
21:48:58mcuelenaerelinuxstb: perhaps only the really interesting files should get uploaded? ie the docs and the patches against linux/celinux/cos/... ?
21:50:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:52:00*linuxstb likes how the documentation for ecos from that ftp site starts - "1. Download GNU toolchain source code from Internet and build it"...
21:58:19 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:02 Quit borges|afk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59:22 Quit bertrik ("bye")
22:00:03 Join borges|afk [0] (
22:02:35*pixelma thinks its weird that you can simulate the hold switch in the sim (so the status shows up in the statusbar and the WPS) without the other keys being "deactivated"
22:09:56 Join stoffel [0] (
22:15:18Bagderit'd be fun to add a mips target...
22:16:33mcuelenaerehmm anyone familar with the sim & touchscreen support ? (TOUCHPAD_POINT)
22:16:56mcuelenaereBagder: it would require a toolchain update to all build servers
22:17:14Bagderwell, to all that want to build mips at least
22:17:22mcuelenaereBTW, the C54xx would require that too :)
22:17:27Bagderbuild servers can opt-in for particular archs
22:17:34mcuelenaereah I didn't know that
22:18:45mcuelenaereI have even been offered a Jz4740 player for free/Rockbox development :)
22:18:55Bagderah, nice
22:21:37 Join nedd1 [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-bc93bacc9cfcb307)
22:28:23 Nick drf|away is now known as drfsupercenter (
22:32:38 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
22:37:53 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
22:42:08 Quit mf0102 ("Ex-Chat")
22:43:07 Quit mcuelenaere (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:44:35 Quit goffa_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:46:28 Join guru [0] (n=gurudude@
22:46:34guruwats up newbie
22:46:48guruim looking to upgrade my video ipod 30 gig
22:46:50guruhelp please
22:48:23 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
22:48:37PaulJamif you have a (rockbox related) question just ask.
22:48:42 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:48:53guruwell im trying to find out more about rockbox and how it works
22:49:10bluebrother"help please" but haven't asked a question yet? Interesting.
22:49:28*bluebrother points to :)
22:50:02guruso lets sit here all day and look at a blank screen ok thats fun NOT@
22:51:14BigBambiguru: Do you actually have a question, or are you trolling?
22:51:29bluebrotherBigBambi: don't feed the trolls! ;-)
22:52:28gurui just wanted to know how good is rockbox
22:52:33BigBambier, very
22:52:49BigBambiyou are in the Rockbox irc channel, what do you expect?
22:52:53bluebrotherwell, this is a channel about Rockbox. What exactly do you expect? People telling you it's crap?
22:52:56 Nick drfsupercenter is now known as drf|away (
22:53:42advcomp2019guru, i think rockbox is great if that is what you want to know
22:53:57guruif i lost rockbox will it clear any of my stuff of my ipod?
22:54:27BigBambiYou should check out the manual...
22:54:32gurudoes it come with some themes and stuff
22:54:40guruim looking for that now on the site
22:54:57gurui need the loader and the progarm for my 30 gig right?
22:55:10BigBambiThe manual has install instructions...
22:55:17*bluebrother wonders what "loader" and "program" exactly means ...
22:55:27gurudo you have the link?
22:55:37bluebrotherwebsite -> manual?
22:55:42BigBambiThe link "manual" on the left of every page?
22:55:49 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
22:55:59bluebrotherseems websites are _really_ hard to read. *sic*
22:56:58guruyep real hard to read blue ball
22:57:25BigBambiguru: behave please
22:57:59guruI said when i came in here im a newbie cut me some slack i didn't know about the site
22:58:09guruthanks for your help bigbambi
22:58:13BigBambiguru: We just ask that you read a little :)
22:58:18BigBambiguru: no problem
22:58:29 Quit nedd1 ("Leaving.")
22:58:33gurui understand just didn't know about the site
22:58:40BigBambihehe, ok
22:59:06guruhow often do they do updates?
22:59:18 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
22:59:32bluebrotherguru: have you read the channel topic?
22:59:42BigBambiguru: There are many per day
23:00:35 Quit ompaul (Client Quit)
23:02:54 Join Guest27359 [0] (n=gurudude@
23:03:59 Quit Guest27359 (Client Quit)
23:10:06 Join midgey_ [0] (
23:10:06 Quit midgey (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:11:25 Join midgey [0] (
23:11:25 Quit midgey_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:13:06 Join DarrenCT [0] (
23:17:20 Part DarrenCT
23:21:28 Join przemhb [0] (
23:22:54 Quit guru (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:24:35 Quit mcuelenaere (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:24:47 Quit lolmaus ()
23:25:32 Quit Horscht ("I am root. If you see me laughing, you better have a backup")
23:26:57advcomp2019hello preglow
23:27:07advcomp2019oops przemhb
23:30:06przemhbjhMikeS: we were once (2007.12.11) discussing line-in gain for H10 tuner. I have prepared a patch recently. Could you take a look on it and commit it? FS #9024
23:30:25przemhbhi advcomp2019
23:31:07 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
23:32:14 Quit Schmogel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
23:33:51 Nick drf|away is now known as drfsupercenter (
23:38:05 Join fdinel [0] (
23:43:30drfsupercenterHey, anyone here know how to update the firmware on a Sansa c200?
23:43:39drfsupercenterThe sansa patcher only installs the Rockbox bootloader...
23:44:52BigBambidrfsupercenter: just unzip the new build to the root of the c200, overwriting the existing install
23:45:04BigBambiOr better still, use rbutil
23:45:14BigBambiEven better, read the manual - it tells you this
23:45:53drfsupercenterI'm talking Sandisk firmware, not Rockbox firmware
23:45:59BigBambithen that is off topic
23:46:07BigBambiThis is #rockbox
23:46:23drfsupercenterI know
23:46:30BigBambiThen why did you ask?
23:46:34drfsupercenterbut I figured that updating the firmware to allow Rockbox and updating the firmware are the same process
23:47:03drfsupercentercan rbutil do anything with Sansa firmware?
23:47:09BigBambiYou don't update the firmware to install rockbox, you patch the existing firmware with the Rockbox bootloader
23:47:11gevaertsWhat do you mean by "updating the firmware to allow Rockbox" ?
23:47:12 Quit desowin ("KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia")
23:47:21BigBambidrfsupercenter: no, it is for *rockbox*
23:47:44drfsupercenterUh, never mind
23:47:54drfsupercenterLet's just say that my Sansa has old firmware that won't let me select between MTP and MSC
23:48:01drfsupercenterSomeone told me yesterday to get this firmware upgrade
23:48:05drfsupercenterI have the file, but don't know what to do with it
23:48:27drfsupercenterI ran sansapatcher with that .mi4 file in the folder, but it didn't upgrade anything
23:48:36BigBambiThe SansaFAQ wiki page might tll you, if not ask Sandisk - I'm sure they give instructions on how to update their own firmware
23:49:25BigBambithere you go :)
23:50:05drfsupercenter"Try rolling back the Sansa firmware to an older version. Download version 1.01.00 from here (choose the letter version that matches your existing firmware). The files are compressed in .7z format; you can download 7-Zip to open them. Now enter Recovery Mode and upgrade the firmware. (Info gathered from here)"
23:50:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:09drfsupercenterI have that firmware, but hm
23:50:10drfsupercenterwtf is recovery mode
23:50:18drfsupercenterI'm not asking, I'm thinking out loud
23:50:19 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
23:50:19BigBambidrfsupercenter: why not read the link
23:50:48BigBambidrfsupercenter: then please don't - this channel is logged and people don't want to have to trawl through pointless waffle to get to the useful bits
23:50:55 Quit desowin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:14drfsupercenterOK, well on topic with Rockbox - Do any of the betas let you change what keys do what?
23:51:23drfsupercenterAs some of the default key allocations suck IMO
23:51:26BigBambiwhat betas?
23:51:34 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
23:51:38BigBambiIf you mean in Rockbox, no, you need to edit the code
23:51:49BigBambitechnical terms are importasnt to get right
23:52:16gevaertsdrfsupercenter: just be careful with recovery mode. Only copy files that the instructions tell you to copy, don't get creative if something is not clear
23:52:28drfsupercenterwell, how easy is it to modify rockbox code?
23:52:34BigBambiYou have to edit the code then compile to change keys - I agree that some of the current c200 keymap is rubbish, and pixelma has written a patch that vastly improves it, that I can't remember the number of
23:52:59 Part przemhb
23:53:06BigBambidrfsupercenter: Incidently, what is funny? If we don't use the correct terms, we get confused, and that way badness lies
23:53:07drfsupercenterWell the e200's is worse
23:53:17BigBambithe e200 is much better IMO
23:53:22drfsupercenterI just bought a e280 and the whole scroll wheel vs. buttons are weird
23:53:29drfsupercenterBut there's no way to adjust the volume when in the menu...
23:53:35BigBambidrfsupercenter: but feel free to change it for your own personal build
23:53:44drfsupercenterI also don't like how pressing Power shuts the song off, why can't it do what the c200?
23:53:51drfsupercenterHow easy is it to do that without breaking something?
23:53:56BigBambidrfsupercenter: very
23:54:00drfsupercenter<BigBambi> drfsupercenter: Incidently, what is funny? If we don't use the correct terms, we get confused, and that way badness lies <−− I just LOL at everything, bad habit
23:54:07drfsupercenterHm, is it in binary, or like written out somewhere
23:54:13BigBambino, it is source
23:54:18BigBambiwhat OS are you using?
23:54:43drfsupercenterThat link redirects me to Sansa Store... not what I need
23:54:49BigBambino, it doesn't
23:54:52pixelmait can be tricky to get everything working as intended when editing the keymap files
23:55:31BigBambipixelma: can be, but you can't ever really break anything
23:55:43advcomp2019i think the old e200 keymap was ok but the new e200 keymap is lots better
23:55:47pixelmathat's true,
23:55:54 Join einhirn_ [0] (
23:57:01drfsupercenterand hmm
23:57:14BigBambipixelma: I still think you ought to go ahead with the c200 as is :)
23:57:29drfsupercenterOne suggestion I have, is to have it so when you press enter to go to the song list, it highlites the song you're listening to so you don't have to start at the top of the list every time
23:57:41BigBambigiven nobody else seems to have taken an interest, and in my mind whatever the shortcomings, it is much better than the existing one
23:57:53BigBambidrfsupercenter: turn follow playlist on
23:58:11drfsupercenterWhere is that at in Rockbox?
23:58:22BigBambithe manual tells you
23:58:27BigBambi*please* read it

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