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#rockbox log for 2008-06-06

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00:05:05balug_Am I allowed to ask questions if I compiled with USB support and see broken files? Or should I be more patient and wait for official inclusion?
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00:20:44linuxstbbalug_: Feel free to ask...
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00:32:45balug_When I copy some flac files to a microSDHC in my Sansa via rb USB, at first the files are ok (sha1sum are the same as the original).
00:33:27balug_But after umounting and unplugging it and trying to play the songs, rb skip in the middle of the track.
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00:33:55balug_When I then mount again and look at the files, the sha1sum have changed. So the files are broken.
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00:36:23balug_Is there any special measures I have to take when unmounting?
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00:37:58dionoeamaybe the first checksums you computed were done on cached versions of the file in the OS' memory
00:39:05balug_This should then change after a "sync" call, shouldn't it?
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00:42:25robin0800can someone with appropiate perrmissions change the c200 wps gallery entry delete revisions 3,4 & 5 and on revision 2 remove the second attachment
00:43:21linuxstbbalug_: Did you read this page? (especially the description of the Sansa microSD bugs) ?
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00:50:34balug_linuxstb: Ah, thanks. Ok, this is exactly the stuff I see.
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00:53:21linuxstb_balug_: I'm curious, how did you know how to enable USB without reading that page? Or did you just miss the section about Sansa problems?
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00:56:33balug_I read it, but because it said that it affected the c200 more than the e200, I did not read until the end of the paragraph and looked for the #defines...
00:57:14balug_Mea culpa
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01:15:50diego63I've installed Rockbox on my iPod video 5g 60gb, converted the iTunes database to Rockbox Database, and exported playlists from iTunes as .m3u and loaded them in the Playlist folder. Rockbox recognizes them as playlists and tries to play them, but can't find the files. Is there a way to fix this?
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01:25:04pixelmahow did you convert the iTunes playlists to m3u and what do you mean with "converted the iTunes database to Rockbox database"? Also, could you open such an m3u in a text editor and see what the filenames look like? Don't know if it leads to something but from what I know about iTunes it might be worth looking.
01:26:15pixelmadiego63: the first question includes "how did you transfer the music files to the Ipod"?
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01:36:41diego63The playlists were converted using iTunesExportUI. I mean that I used itbd2tc. The text format looks like this: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music\Musicals\Bat Boy\07 - Dance With Me, Darling - Bat Boy.mp3 I transfered using iTunes and I know the easier way would be to transfer the files directly, but I'd like to keep using iTunes to update my mp3 player automatically since I use iTunes on my
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01:40:21krazykitdiego63, the problem is the apple firmware puts all your songs into the ipodcontrol directory using 4 letter filenames, so your playlists formatted as they are won't work
01:40:24pixelmaiTunes stores the files in a different directory structure and obfuscates the file names when transferring the songs to the Ipod, so the filenames won't look like in your m3u
01:41:47diego63Yeah, I understand that, but is there any way around this or am I just screwed unless I transfer the files directly onto the player?
01:42:52krazykityou could remake all your playlists by hand using the files on the player, but that's going to take awhile if you have a lot of playlists
01:43:06krazykitand you'd have to use another application than itunes.
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01:47:20diego63okay thanks
01:50:14pixelmaI think there were a few threads in the forums which mention ways (and tools) around it
01:52:23pixelmae.g. - not sure if that's still valid and I neither have an Ipod nor ever used iTunes
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05:48:48capricahi im new to using rockbox (on sansa e280) and ive set up for all my songs to be in the playlist, and was wondering how to be able to select a single song without creating a dynamic playlist just for that song
05:50:24capricanevermind was obvious pretty soon after i asked (how typical)
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06:23:15saratogaBuschel: i ldid some testing of libmad on my sansa
06:24:22saratoga(for 192k) DCT: 16%, SynthFull: 48%, IMDCT: 27 %
06:24:50saratogaso those 3 functions occupy virtually the entire runtime, and they're already written in arm assembly
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06:52:35MarkDavidoffhi all
06:52:50MarkDavidoffi need write permission on the wiki so i can submit my WPS
06:56:16cool_walking_MarkDavidoff: done
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06:58:11MarkDavidoffcool thanks! I look forward to FINALLY contributing to rockbox after years of using it :)
06:58:19MarkDavidoffpeace out
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07:37:55wpyhI usually get errors like "arm-elf-gcc not found" when compiling, because the path is not set
07:38:08wpyhcan we make it so that the path is automatically set properly for compiling?
07:41:06scorcheit varies according to your environment
07:41:15scorche(how to do that, i mean)
07:45:54wpyhI mean how about we change that in SVN?
07:47:42scorchebecause it changes according to your environment and it would be a bit of a pain to compensate for each way
07:47:47scorchethat is the short answer, at least
07:48:01wpyhwell... ok
07:48:21wpyhmaybe we can use a variable to determine the OS (windows/linux) then set the appropriate path
07:49:40scorchedetermining between windows and linux would be pretty useless as the script wont run in windows...
07:50:31scorcheif you had said "cygwin/debian" that would have been a bit more that what you mean?
07:51:52scorcheand even if you checked which distro the computer is using, that still wont concretely tell you the way to set the path...there are other factors
07:53:20scorchehowever, even if you made a nice checking of all the verious variables, i dont think it would be nice to just add it to the path...what if they have another version of arm-elf-gcc that they use?...what if they are testing multiple versions and must have a specific one in the path?
07:53:30scorche(this is getting into the longer answer) ;)
07:54:52wpyhoh, I thought the script can run on windows :p
07:55:06wpyhno, I'm not checking for the distro
07:55:30wpyhI mean, we can use tools/ to download and build the crosscompiler, right
07:56:05wpyhthen the easy way would be to take this variable prefix="/tmp/rbdev-usr" from that script and then prepend it to PATH
07:56:06ShaidI, for example, have a bunch of cross compilers installed
07:56:31Shaidand don't particularily like things playing with my path variables without my knowledge.
07:56:46wpyhWell, one way would be to create a config file that is user configurable
07:56:49Shaidbecause then other things I run break. which is a pain in the arse.
07:56:51scorchelike i wouldnt be very nice to screw with those things through the script
07:56:59wpyhthe makefile sources this config file
07:57:18Shaidif we made a userconfigurable config file, we might as well just make them add their path themselves.
07:57:22Shaidwhich ruins the point...
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07:57:39scorcheand what would be so much simpler about editing a config file versus....yeah...what he said ;)
07:58:49wpyhRight now I use a script to set the path , named set-path
07:58:58wpyhI source it before compiling, like this ". set-path"
07:59:05wpyhif I forgot then make will complain
07:59:09Shaidwhy not edit your .bashrc (or whichever shell you use)
07:59:29wpyhwell, I didn't think of that (editing the bashrc)
07:59:41wpyhbut I don't compile other cross targets anyway...
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08:18:21Buschelsaratoga: a pitty we're not in the same time zone :o)
08:19:43Buschelsaratoga: your profiling seem reasonable. and yes, libmad has dct/synth/imdct asm'ed for arm −− all with 64bit mulitplies
08:20:59Buschelsaratoga: is the imdct-windowing contained in your imdct profiling? and is alias reduction contained in some of those functions, too?
08:22:07Buschelsaratoga: those sub functions are quite "small". so, it should be not that hard to change those to 32but multiplies and check the performance as well as precision then
08:24:42 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:25:00Buschelsaratoga: also synthfull might be a candidate for 32bit multiplies (as done in mpc). but for this the D-array needs to be carefully pre-scaled −− as well as the input V which is the output of dct32. it's better to do the prescaling of V within dct32 as each V-sample is used mutliple times in synthfull
08:26:32Buschelsaratoga: changing dct32 to 32bit multiplies is quite hard imho.
08:27:16Buschelsaratoga: gotta go now, maybe we can manage to talk later
08:27:18 Quit Buschel ()
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11:14:03*GodEater 's GBS fails to see it's USB connection.
11:14:07*GodEater gets frustrated at it
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11:20:47GodEaterokay what does "Waiting for usb" mean on the bootloader screen ?
11:22:28gevaertsI waits for someone to tell it about the usb spec ?
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11:33:46GodEaterI've discovered that what it means is "your OSes USB stack is temporarily hosed, please reboot your PC"
11:34:25*GodEater tried rmmod'ing ehci_hcd, but failed to take into account his keyboard and mouse are both usb too. So it didn't work well.
11:37:19gevaertsWeird. Keyboard and mouse should work just fine without ehci_hcd
11:37:44n1susb seems to be pretty unstable in all desktop os's...
11:38:14 Join goffa_ [0] (n=goffa@
11:38:25GodEatergevaerts: ah - well I only assumed that was the problem
11:38:28GodEaterrmmoding just hung
11:38:47GodEaterI assumed it was waiting for all devices to disconnect or something, and then assumed again it was the keyb/mouse
11:38:52GodEaterso perhaps something else was wrong
11:39:45gevaertsUnless you have really exotic hardware, keyboard and mouse are connected to (u|o)hci
11:39:47GodEaterI feel somehow cheated that I had to reboot to make it work
11:39:58GodEaterI have an exotic(ish) keyboard
11:40:05GodEaterit has a smart card reader built into it
11:40:51*GodEater can provide an lsusb or similar info if it's interesting enough to look into ?
11:42:22gevaertsMy guess is that the keyboard is still full speed (smartcard doesn't sound like a high bandwidth device)
11:42:57GodEaterI wouldn't have thought so, it only contains secure keys, which even if they've been put together with a silly number of bits are still going to be quite small
11:43:38GodEaterthe card capacity is so low, they can't even store our vending machine profiles on them at the same time as the secure keys
11:43:45GodEaterso we have to have a seperate card for that now
11:44:12gevaertsYou can check by "lsusb -c -d <vendorid:deviceid>|grep bcdUSB" with the correct numbers for the keyboard
11:45:46GodEater-c isn't a valid option to my lsusb
11:46:02GodEaterI guess you meant -v ?
11:46:14GodEaterbcdUSB 2.00
11:49:58dionoeagevaerts: I had lots of reconnect issues when using High Speed usb on the microSD card on rockbox. No reconnects at all in Full Speed. I don't know if that's to be expected
11:50:34 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:50:38dionoea(and I think that some files were corrupted because some of them have skips durring playback)
11:51:17dionoeaThe other thing I noticed, but that looks compleletely unrelated, is that I get interference on the headphones when the SD card is being read.
11:51:51 Quit AndyI ()
11:52:01gevaertsGodEater: -v indeed. Although I was wrong, that doesn't prove anything...
11:55:15gevaertsThe only way is to actually know is to see how it's connected
11:55:42GodEaterwith a usb cable? ;)
11:55:45 Quit DerDome (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:00*GodEater suspects this isn't the right answer
11:56:23gevaertsdionoea: reconnects or bus resets? bus resets are not unexpected. Where is it connected (hub, front port, back port, laptop,...) ?
11:56:51dionoealeft hand side port of my T60 laptop. I'll have to test the right hand side ones or those on the Macbook
11:57:07 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
11:57:12dionoeabut the left handside one is directly on the motherboard so it should be "ok"
11:57:13gevaertsaudio interference is unrelated
11:57:57gevaertsGodEater: indeed not :) Easiest way to tell is to unplug and replug and look at wat dmesg tells you
11:58:13dionoeaThis is what I got:
11:58:15dionoeaJun 5 23:32:16 muscipula kernel: usb 1-5: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4
11:59:12gevaertsdionoea: ok. That's the "normal" remaining usb issue (but not the cause of the corruption, that's in the sd driver)
11:59:34GodEatergevaerts: not keen to try that - it's going via a rather odd KVM too
11:59:52 Join AndyI [0] (n=pasha_in@
12:00:11dionoeaI can only access my card through rockbox because it's microSD HC so I guess that I'll live with the corruption issues :)
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12:00:35gevaertsGodEater: you can of course look through dmesg and match lsusb bus numbers to dmesg connect messages
12:01:13gevaertsdionoea: you could experiment with the workaround from FS #8663
12:01:14 Join CyBergRind|w [0] (n=cbr@
12:01:38gevaertsGodEater: on the other hand, it's not _that_ important ;)
12:01:44GodEaterI have this from dmesg : input: Hewlett-Packard Company HP USB Smart Card Keyboard as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.1/usb2/2-1/2-1.1/2-1.1:1.0/input/input1
12:01:54dionoeagevaerts: which patch should I try? yours?
12:02:32 Join kennyj_ [0] (
12:02:38gevaertsdionoea: a modified version of mine (as mine only modifies c200 behaviour).
12:02:53dionoeaheh, ok :) I'll dig in the source
12:03:12gevaertsdionoea: however, as I noticed that internal and microsd behave differently, maybe the delay needs to depend on that as well
12:03:33dionoeaok, i'll try experimenting and post my results on the tracker
12:03:34*gevaerts doesn't know much about the sansa sd controller
12:03:45dionoeaIs there any reliable way to check for data corruption?
12:03:52dionoea(Is read reliable?)
12:04:05 Quit desowin (
12:04:05 Quit homielowe (
12:04:05 Quit jeffdamet1 (
12:04:05 Quit [CBR]Unspoken|w (
12:04:05 Quit kennyj (
12:04:05 Quit tchan (
12:04:05 Quit HellDragon (
12:04:05 Quit FOAD (
12:04:05 Quit MU{lappy} (
12:04:05 Quit Galois (
12:04:32gevaertsdionoea: are you using linux ?
12:04:56dionoeaJust wanted to know if the read from the SD is ok. Then I can do some checksums
12:05:05gevaertsread is ok, yes
12:05:26NJoinFOAD [0] (
12:05:39dionoeaoki, then I'll experiment with variations from your patch
12:07:23dionoeaDo you have any idea why that udelay() would cause the corruptions? (just curious)
12:08:29 Join DerDome [0] (n=DerDome@
12:12:00NJoinhomielowe [0] (
12:14:40 Quit simonrvn (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:18:45NJoinHellDragon [0] (i=jd@unaffiliated/helldragon)
12:19:30 Join jeffdameth [0] (
12:20:15 Quit DerDome (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:21:37NJoindesowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
12:28:23 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:30:28 Join MU{lappy} [0] (n=Militant@
12:30:28 Join tchan [0] (n=tchan@
12:33:01 Quit n1s ()
12:40:04 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
12:41:49 Join PaulJam__ [0] (
12:47:38 Quit PaulJam_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:47:58 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
12:48:15 Join DerPapst [0] (
12:54:56 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
12:55:31 Join wpyh [0] (
12:58:21wpyhthe bubbles game is quite weird on the ipod, scrolling clockwise changes the level down and scrolling counterclockwise changes the level up
12:58:27wpyhis this intentional?
12:58:45 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:00:29 Quit PaulJam__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:04:23dionoeawpyh: I doubt it.
13:04:36pixelmaprobably not but the controls in the bubbles game aren't easily changed (without messing too much, break other targets' controls etc.) due to the system which is used there - and bubbles was even the first game to use this... hope that'll change at or after DevCon...
13:05:02wpyhI haven't looked at the code
13:06:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:06:53wpyhthe scroll wheel functions properly inside the game (clockwise for moving the pointer right, counterclockwise for moving the pointer left)
13:08:49dionoeayou could just add a special case for the LVLINC key defines in bubbles.c
13:08:53dionoea(line 84 or so)
13:09:32dionoeaand use PLA_LEFT/RIGHT instead of UP/DOWN i guess
13:12:54dionoeaah no, just swap UP and DOWN
13:13:16*wpyh is looking at the code now
13:13:21dionoeabut then it'll make it weird if people try using the keys instead of the scroll wheel to change the levels
13:13:45wpyhwhy is the tests all like "#if CONFIG_KEYPAD != SANSA_E200_PAD"
13:13:52wpyhand "#if CONFIG_KEYPAD != ONDIO_PAD"
13:14:05wpyhwhy not "#if CONFIG_KEYPAD == xxx_PAD"
13:14:17*dionoea doesn't know
13:15:18 Join DerDome [0] (
13:15:36wpyhwell, it has Adam Boot as the copyright...
13:15:40wpyhwho's that?
13:16:50wpyhah, sorry
13:16:56wpyhit's been in the tracker for some time
13:17:00wpyhFS #8950
13:21:38 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:21:54pixelmaabout the why... because bubbles uses the so-called "pluginlib actions" and the button definitions are hidden in a different file - there was already an exception to be made for the Ondio pad...
13:23:42wpyhoh, so the PLA_ actions are pluginlib actions?
13:24:25wpyhthanks for the explanation, anyway
13:25:23wpyhthen maybe we need to make another exception for the ipods
13:25:54dionoeas/ipod/scroll wheel devices/
13:26:07wpyhdionoea: yeah
13:26:07amiconnpluginlib actions should go away. asap.
13:26:29wpyhamiconn: you mean plugins should define their own button mappings?
13:26:39pixelmaand if you start making more and more exceptions, why not drop that system at all. As I said, bubbles was the first game to use that and if even that one doesn't work right...
13:27:18wpyhI'm seeing a number of apps using it (by simple grep)
13:27:31wpyhthere are 13 in total
13:29:04wpyhpixelma: yes?
13:29:36*gevaerts considers 13 to be his lucky number
13:31:04pixelmawpyh: I wished none of the plugins (at least the games) would use it... ;)
13:32:19*wpyh also likes the number 13 (not to be confused with the Number 23)
13:32:45wpyhpixelma: that can be done, right?
13:33:11PaulJam_gevaerts: so you are volunteering to convert these 13 pugins to the old buttonsystem? ;)
13:33:33gevaertsPaulJam_: and remove that lucky 13 ?
13:33:56PaulJam_oh, i didn't think of that.
13:35:09pixelmawpyh: sure, but needs time and a decision (that's what I'm hoping for DevCon and I'd volunteer to help with the necessary coding, not much I can do but that should be in my scope)
13:35:11wpyhmaybe we can just convert those plugins one by one
13:35:23wpyhpixelma: yes
13:35:25amiconnNot necessarily the old button system; using actions has its advantages. But plugins should define their own actions
13:35:27wpyhshouldn't be too hard I think
13:35:56amiconnNo, it's pretty straightforward, just time consuming
13:36:25wpyhamiconn: yes, and using a different mapping for each target enhances flexibility
13:36:45wpyhby the way, when searching for the bubbles bug, I found this FS #8931
13:36:57wpyhI don't see any information on that...
13:37:12wpyh(and the reporter didn't care to)
13:44:07 Join plasticarman [0] (
13:44:47 Join fdinel [0] (
13:48:02plasticarmangood morning everybody, I am using latest curent build of rockbox on my ipod 30G video but when i am playing ape+cue files it starts playing for few seconds and after it stops for another few seconds and all over again, is there anything i can do? Thanks beforehand
13:48:20wpyhwell, that's not so bad
13:48:30wpyhI can't even play one ape file here
13:48:54wpyh(but maybe that's because the ape file has a new format or damaged or something else)
13:49:21plasticarmanno i am pretty sure its not the file
13:49:44Lloreanplasticarman: The iPod is too slow to play ape.
13:50:11LloreanMonkey's Audio requires a lot of CPU power, and iPods just really don't have it. Use a faster lossless format like FLAC.
13:50:24wpyhLlorean: but in my case the time is displayed as 0:00
13:50:37wpyhthat couldn't be because of the slowness..
13:50:40plasticarmanyeah thats what i did
13:51:04plasticarmanwhats the reason then?
13:51:17Lloreanplasticarman: I already told you why your problem happens.
13:51:18wpyhI don't know
13:51:31plasticarmani am sorry i was asking wpyh
13:51:35wpyhI guess it's because my ape file is encoded with a newer version of monkey's audio
13:51:43Lloreanwpyh: You mentioned your file might be damaged or something. I assume you encoded yourself?
13:51:51wpyhI got it from the net
13:52:26plasticarmanhmm, i dont believe to the files from the net :p
13:52:31wpyhI'm currently verifying it using MAC.exe
13:52:56wpyhplasticarman: if MAC.exe doesn't have problems with it, I think RB shouldn't as well :0
13:53:19plasticarmanim using debian
13:53:48Lloreanwpyh: The Monkey's Audio site doesn't mention 4.01 breaking compatibility with 3.99.
13:54:11wpyhoh, I thought the RB codec was based on 3.97?
13:54:28LloreanOnly 3.97 or LATER files are supported
13:54:40LloreanIf your file is made by an old encoder, it won't work.
13:54:51wpyhhow do I know the encoder used ?
13:54:59LloreanWell, if you make the files yourself, you know.
13:55:13LloreanBeing lossless, just transcode to FLAC and then back using a newer encoder.
13:55:17wpyhis there any way of knowing it by looking at the file?
13:55:23plasticarmanare there any log files with your ape file?
13:55:31wpyhah, sorry
13:55:37wpyhno log files
13:55:39wpyhI'm stupid
13:55:46wpyhI just realized I can use the 'file' command :D
13:55:52LloreanAlso, if the file has ID3v2 tags in it, it won't work with Rockbox.
13:56:04wpyhyeah, the version is "3960", which probably means 3.96
13:56:19wpyhany reason why RB will only decode 3.97 or later files?
13:57:22LloreanNo clue.
13:57:38LloreanMy guess would be that's the last time there was a significant compatibility change.
13:58:36wpyhmaybe... but maybe we can include the older codec too
13:59:15LloreanWell, the current Monkey's Audio codec still has a lot of work to be done on it.
13:59:35LloreanOptimizing it makes more sense.
13:59:47 Join Galois [0] (
13:59:53LloreanAs they're lossless audio, old files can be transcoded to the new version anyway.
13:59:57wpyhI myself won't mind converting to FLAC though, since I can play flac more easily than APE
14:00:07wpyhbut my friends like APE better
14:00:16wpyhin China, APE is more popular than FLAC
14:00:19wpyhdon't know why
14:00:25wpyhmaybe because it compresses smaller
14:02:03wpyhyeah, and does anyone know why the scrollwheel is nonfunctional immediately after exiting bubbles?
14:02:23wpyhit is detected (the backlight lights up) but the menu won't scroll
14:02:44wpyhI have to press one button (any other button) until it would respond to my input again
14:03:01*wpyh thinks there's some improper cleanup
14:03:28LloreanPeople have reported this after turning the hold switch on and off, and other cases too.
14:03:39LloreanNobody's fixed it yet, obviously, so it's pretty unlikely the cause is known.
14:04:23wpyhis it reproducible (in the hold button case)
14:05:04LloreanI can't reproduce it, at least
14:05:26wpyhby the way, any web admins here?
14:05:56wpyhthe url gives me a 404, and the url gives me a blank page
14:06:04wpyhwould be nice to have it redirect to the tracker page
14:06:12wpyh(I'm using FF2)
14:10:56 Quit jeffdameth (No route to host)
14:11:01 Quit plasticarman ("floating star is caling me")
14:12:10 Part Llorean
14:12:30 Join jeffdameth [0] (
14:18:06 Join Llorean [0] (
14:21:01 Join Schmogel [0] (
14:24:07 Quit Seed (Remote closed the connection)
14:24:29 Join Seed [0] (
14:27:22 Quit DerPapst (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:28:56 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
14:29:08 Quit Horscht ("We don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents")
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14:47:03 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
14:50:10 Part Lucky_
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15:04:31 Quit advcomp2019 (Nick collision from services.)
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16:03:37 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
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16:12:24 Join csc` [0] (n=csc@archlinux/user/csc)
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16:27:38 Part robin0800
16:28:00 Join robin0800 [0] (
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16:48:46 Join keenox [0] (i=keenox@
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16:51:32 Join domonoky1 [0] (
16:53:19 Join guru [0] (n=gurudude@
16:53:33guruhi does anyone know an easy way to go back to the ipod firmware
16:53:39guruand remove rockbox
16:54:03LambdaCalculus37Which iPod?
16:54:09guru30 gb video
16:54:26LambdaCalculus37Instructions are here:
16:56:49 Join nuonguy [0] (
17:00:10 Quit guru ()
17:00:13 Join guru [0] (n=gurudude@
17:00:23guruthanks for that help that was easy enough
17:00:47guruone more question is there a way to back up your ipod for safe issues
17:01:35 Quit crope ("Leaving")
17:01:41krazykitthe ipod is just a regular USB drive. use whatever backup software you want.
17:02:08guruis there a chance by loading and unloading rockbox it could corrupt the ipod firmware?
17:03:20LloreanNo more chance than any other write to the device has a possibility of corrupting the data.
17:03:36guruok great just checking thanks for all your help
17:03:41guruhave a good one!
17:03:47 Quit guru (Client Quit)
17:06:12 Join crope [0] (
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17:11:44 Nick Febs_ is now known as Febs (n=chatzill@
17:14:57 Quit perrikwp (Remote closed the connection)
17:14:57 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14:57 Quit GodEater (Remote closed the connection)
17:15:31 Quit kugel (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:18:15 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a0430f@gateway/web/ajax/
17:18:57keenoxis there anybody who can help me with tcctool?
17:19:57 Quit keenox ()
17:20:19 Quit webguest68 ("CGI:IRC")
17:38:03 Quit DerDome ("Leaving.")
17:38:33 Quit nedd1 (Connection timed out)
17:45:27 Join verbal [0] (
17:46:36verbalI have looked in the wiki but I have not found any info about what language the .rock apps/games are coded in
17:46:49LambdaCalculus37They're coded in C.
17:46:56LambdaCalculus37Like the majority of Rockbox is.
17:47:26verbalAlright, thanks
17:49:17verbalouch, I just saw the For Developers section in the wiki, sorry
17:52:35 Join nplus [0] (
18:00:59 Quit crope (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:05:46 Quit DaCapn ()
18:19:29 Join stoffel [0] (
18:20:12 Join enginerd3 [0] (n=407c962a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:20:26 Join keenox [0] (i=keenox@
18:22:11 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
18:25:13keenoxdoes anybody know when linuxstb is available?
18:27:01LambdaCalculus37keenox: He's shown as being online, but I'm not if he's available or not.
18:27:43PaulJam_keenox: if you have a question, then just ask, maybe someone else can answer it.
18:28:27 Join Febs_ [0] (
18:33:25 Join DerPapst [0] (
18:34:28 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
18:35:38 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
18:35:44 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
18:36:58 Join Febs__ [0] (n=chatzill@
18:36:58 Quit Febs_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:37:32keenoxi wanted do know if there's any way to find the memory config of a certain player for the tcctool
18:38:04keenoxi want to use tcctool with x20, but no config of the available players work
18:38:23*amiconn started a runtime test on his mini G2
18:38:38*amiconn is curious whether CF really extends runtime
18:40:50 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
18:41:32LambdaCalculus37keenox: Support will have to be added for the x20, then.
18:41:53LambdaCalculus37What version of the Telechips series is in the x20?
18:42:09 Quit Febs (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:42:23 Nick Febs__ is now known as Febs (n=chatzill@
18:45:15advcomp2019LambdaCalculus37, i am not sure myself but i know the x20 and the insignia ns-dv are the same.. i do not know if that will help or not
18:45:51*LambdaCalculus37 decides to hit the wiki
18:46:05LambdaCalculus37advcomp2019: Let me see if it's listed.
18:46:51LambdaCalculus37advcomp2019: TCC8200 + codec Texas Instruments TI TLV320AIC23B, according to the wiki.
18:48:41keenoxsorry for being late
18:48:54keenoxthe chip is indeed tcc8200
18:50:59LambdaCalculus37keenox: You may want to look at /utils/tcctool.c in the source trunk:
18:51:31keenoxi think i did take a look at the source some time ago
18:52:05keenoxtatic struct device_t devices[] =
18:52:05keenox {"c100", "Sansa C100 series", 0xb021, 0x20000000, 0x42e97010 },
18:52:05DBUGEnqueued KICK keenox
18:52:05keenox {"cowond2", "Cowon D2", 0xb011, 0x20000000, 0xa2e92010 },
18:52:05keenox {"iaudio6", "iAudio 6", 0xb021, 0x20000000, 0x62e97010 },
18:52:05***Alert Mode level 1
18:52:05keenox {"iaudio7", "iAudio 7", 0xb021, 0x20000000, 0x62e97010 },
18:52:07keenox {"logikdax", "Logik DAX 1GB DAB/MP3 player", 0xb021, 0x20000000, 0x52e97410 },
18:52:09keenox {"ypp2", "Samsung YP-P2", 0xb011, 0x20000000, 0x22e92010 },
18:52:11keenox {"ypk3", "Samsung YP-K3", 0xb021, 0x20000000, 0x62e92018 },
18:52:15keenoxi need the last number
18:52:50LloreanPlease, please do not paste large pastes to the channel
18:53:33LambdaCalculus37Use pastebin for things like scripts and code snippets.
18:53:37keenoxi tried using iaudio7 (it uses a chip based on arm 946es too)
18:53:44keenoxbut it doesn't work
18:54:03LambdaCalculus37That's because the iAUDIO 7 uses a different chip as well.
18:54:07LambdaCalculus37It's a TCC771L.
18:54:11keenoxi know
18:54:32LambdaCalculus37You need to add support for the x20 into tcctool in order for it to work.
18:54:34keenoxbut it sais it's based on arm 946 es, just like the tcc8200
18:55:06keenoxthat's why i'm asking for the memory configuration
18:55:38keenoxi want to add support but i don't know how to find out the last number in the list
18:56:27LambdaCalculus37That's out of my range of expertise right now. :)
18:58:17keenoxdo you know who may i ask?
19:00:47LambdaCalculus37linuxstb and perhaps shotofadds could help, as they're both working on Telechips-based DAPs.
19:02:06***Alert Mode OFF
19:04:01 Quit keenox ()
19:04:29 Quit vort3x (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:04:48 Join vort3x [0] (n=vortex@unaffiliated/dfa001)
19:05:51 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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19:08:51 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
19:11:40 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Client Quit)
19:15:19 Join perrikwp [0] (i=4aa794a0@gateway/web/ajax/
19:34:24 Join PaulPosition [0] (
19:35:06 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:38:11PaulPositionshould the ui simulator work under the vmware image? I find it crashes with a segmentation fault as soon as I try to play a media file to enter WPS.
19:40:34PaulPositionshould == "is expected to", not a request :p
19:48:01 Quit mf0102 ("Ex-Chat")
19:49:35perrikwpPaulPosition: I have had the same problem before. The reason is because the vmware image is not set up to play audio or something like that. So the simulator crashes whenever audio is played.
19:50:28perrikwpPaulPosition: If you search the Rockbox forums I think someone mentioned a fix for that problem.
19:57:42 Quit stoffel ("leaving")
20:02:02PaulPositionperrikwp - Thanks a whole lot, I'll have a look at that :)
20:02:31perrikwpPaulPosition: your welcome
20:03:57 Join dusker [0] (n=dusker@
20:04:18duskerso what is the status of rockbox on sansa v2 models like the sansa clip?
20:04:56scorche|shthe forum thread should say the current status
20:10:24robin0800perrikwp, did you see this Problems with audio playback in the simulator
20:10:25robin0800'user' is not a member of the 'audio' group so it doesn't have permissions to access audio hardware. This causes the simulator to segfault when it tries to play back music. Running the following command as root fixes this:
20:10:25robin0800usermod -G audio use
20:11:24 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:12:34duskerscorche|sh: which thread is that?
20:13:41scorche|shdusker: the v2 thread in the new ports section
20:15:48 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
20:16:01 Join ompaulafk [0] (n=ompaul@
20:16:03 Quit dabujo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:08 Quit ompaul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:14 Quit ompaulafk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:16:38 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
20:17:54 Join windowsrefund [0] (
20:18:14windowsrefundso I'm trying to run ipodpatcher and I see this:
20:18:25windowsrefund[ERR] Firmware partition doesn't contain Apple copyright, aborting.
20:18:29windowsrefundanything I can do?
20:18:37 Join simonrvn [0] (i=simon@unaffiliated/simonrvn)
20:19:00 Quit dusker ("Leaving")
20:19:00linuxstbwindowsrefund: Install the Apple firmware...
20:19:28LambdaCalculus37windowsrefund: And what model of iPod do you have?
20:19:49windowsrefund2Gb nano
20:19:54windowsrefundI don't have the apple fw
20:20:06linuxstbwindowsrefund: I'm guessing you've reformatted it completely for some reason?
20:20:13linuxstbWhat OS are you using?
20:20:45windowsrefundyea I dd'd it to death
20:20:50windowsrefundI'm on GNU/Linux
20:20:59linuxstbDo this - - then make sure the Apple firmware works. After that, you use ipodpatcher.
20:21:09windowsrefundok, gonna check that out
20:21:38 Join Buschel [0] (
20:21:51 Join dabujo [0] (
20:23:25 Join cbut [0] (
20:23:37windowsrefundlinuxstb, I'm looking at this firmware page....
20:23:53windowsrefunddoes 1G stand for 1st Generation or 1 Gbyte?
20:24:26LambdaCalculus371st generation.
20:24:41LambdaCalculus37Is yours indeed a 1st generation nano?
20:24:55 Nick linuxstb is now known as gnulinuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:25:30windowsrefundyes it is
20:25:36windowsrefundread the note about the front/back
20:25:40windowsrefundthe materials
20:25:40 Join michael1486 [0] (
20:26:05windowsrefundok so there are 2 1G nano firmwares
20:26:13windowsrefundguess I'll grab the latest
20:26:20michael1486is anyone working in 3g nano?
20:26:38wpyhthe 2g nano hasn't been ported over yet
20:27:01scorche|shsame for the one is currently working on it
20:27:15 Nick gnulinuxstb is now known as linuxstb (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
20:27:31LambdaCalculus37Same for the iPod classic... no one is working on it.
20:27:53wpyhI saw some progress here:
20:28:09wpyhNo further news after the "breakthrough" though
20:29:12 Join hannesd [0] (
20:29:28michael1486i got a 3g nano, could i give somone the firmware so they could start?
20:29:43LambdaCalculus37wpyh: I remember when that "breakthrough" happened.
20:29:52scorche|shmichael1486: sadly it takes a great deal more than that, and i believe we already have a few dumps
20:30:11LambdaCalculus37michael1486: And ports are not done on request.
20:30:12 Join nedd1 [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-16fd9dd9cb753f2a)
20:30:48wpyhLambdaCalculus37: was that really a breakthrough?
20:30:51michael1486can't you find where in the firmware it decrypts the firmware for itself to use?
20:31:18scorche|shit really really really isnt that simple
20:31:20michael1486thats what you do to make can't be too hard.......
20:31:21LambdaCalculus37michael1486: Seriously, if it were that easy, there would be a port already.
20:31:45michael1486how were the other types decrypted?
20:32:04scorche|shvarious depends on the device
20:32:28michael1486any ipod for example....
20:32:31linuxstbAnd many firmwares are not encrypted at all (but normally protected by checksums that need to be discovered)
20:32:55windowsrefundI guess I dd'd the right fw
20:32:58scorche|shthe previous ipods did not have the firmware encrypted...these new ones do
20:32:59windowsrefundit's working :)
20:33:26scorche|shwindowsrefund: it just takes a bit of searching ;)
20:33:33LambdaCalculus37michael1486: Plus, the hardware in these new iPods is all new, and completely different from the older iPod models.
20:33:40michael1486what kind of processor does it have. does it use asm?
20:34:00scorche|shof course it does...
20:34:05windowsrefundmy lcd shows that something is happening
20:34:13windowsrefundthough now it just "do not disconnect"
20:34:27windowsrefundnot sure if it's still building something or working some magic
20:34:31scorche|shthat is disk mode
20:34:43wpyhwindowsrefund: did the ipod flash itself?
20:34:48amiconnA processor never uses asm. Asm is for programmer. A processor only knows machine instructions
20:34:51windowsrefundI think so wpyh
20:35:30LambdaCalculus37And Rockbox is written almost entirely in C with only some assembler for platform-specific performance bits.
20:35:36michael1486what kind of machine instructions? couldent it be disassembled?
20:35:55scorche|shwindowsrefund: flashing has an apple logo with a progress bar underneath....the do not connect screen is just saying that it is connected to your computer essentially (in disk mode)
20:36:07windowsrefundok so I think it completed then :)
20:36:13windowsrefundso it should workie
20:36:26windowsrefundI'm gonna be fearless and reboot it
20:36:29scorche|shmichael1486: really...if it was something simple, we would have done it by now
20:36:33michael1486somthing like hex?
20:36:50windowsrefundit's the apple stuff
20:36:58windowsrefundguess I should have realized that :)
20:37:05LambdaCalculus37michael1486: What were you just told by scorche|sh?
20:37:06michael1486it cant be to complicated or it would slow down the processor.
20:37:09windowsrefundnow I'll run the patcher
20:37:16amiconnRegarding encrypted firmwares - there are 2 possibilities to reverse engineer the encryption. (1) Get your hands on the decryption algorithm (the firmware needs to be decrypted before execution). (2) Figure out the algorithm, then try to find some flaws in it which allows to deive the key
20:37:53amiconn(1) is impossible in case of the new ipods, and (2) is very very difficult stuff
20:37:58wpyhamiconn: hasn't the decryption been done? I mean from the page
20:38:12michael1486The iTunes AES key is 8a9dad399fb014c131be611820d78895. This key is hard-coded somehow in iTunes.
20:38:14windowsrefundsweet :)
20:38:26wpyhmichael1486: what's that?
20:38:29scorche|shmichael1486: that is itunes...has nothing to do with the apple firmware
20:38:37LambdaCalculus37michael1486: PortalPlayer chips are ARM-based. Happy?
20:39:01michael1486it could be the same....
20:39:11amiconnVery unlikely...
20:39:22michael1486how could i try?
20:39:42michael1486what about brute forcing? i have 6 computers....
20:39:54scorche|shmichael1486: do you also have a couple hundred years?
20:40:00LambdaCalculus37michael1486: And a clue?
20:40:26LambdaCalculus37michael1486: That link is for something that has absolutely nothing to do with the iPod firmware itself.
20:40:36LambdaCalculus37From what I see, it's for the iTunes Music Store.
20:40:37michael1486i know its most likely aes....
20:40:40michael1486i know
20:41:19michael1486but like passwords people tend to use the same thing over and over again....
20:41:31amiconnDo you know about the RSA security contests? (withdrawm nowadays)
20:41:51amiconnBrute-forcing a 64 bit key took several years running on >30000 computers
20:42:02markunmichael1486: don't know what's inside the 3g nano, but the 2g has a samsung s5l8700 CPU. The decryption code probably is in the 50kb rom inside the chip. Without being able to run any code I see no way we can dump it.
20:42:12michael1486what about rainbow tables?
20:42:31michael1486you could open a broken one....
20:42:41michael1486or flash it...
20:42:44markuna broken cpu?
20:43:01michael1486no a broken ipod.
20:43:01amiconnBreaking a 128 bit key would take ~2*10^19 times of that
20:43:01markunit will not run unencrypted code of course
20:43:18markunso flashing will not help
20:43:31michael1486how else would it work?
20:44:12michael1486roms have to be computer code because thats all they know. but that code could decode the firmware....
20:44:23markunthe 50kb rom inside the s5l8700 contain unencrypted code of course, this bootloader then load the code from the NAND flash to RAM, decrypts it and runs it.
20:44:24amiconnThe firmware is decrypted on boot, using a part of the firmware that's stored in the cpu's *internal* rom
20:44:42amiconnAnd the cpu is glued to the pcb and uses a bga package
20:44:43 Nick drf|away is now known as drfsupercenter (
20:44:44michael1486what kind of ram?
20:44:57michael1486couldent you read it manually?
20:45:01markunmaybe it can be snooped?
20:45:04amiconnNo chance to remove it from the board without completely destroying it
20:45:05markunyes, perhaps
20:45:20scorche|shit is BGA, isnt it?
20:45:26michael1486there is always a way.....
20:45:40amiconnscorche: [20:44:46] <amiconn> ...and uses a bga package
20:45:59scorche|shwell, you were referring to "the cpu" there
20:46:13markunmichael1486: of course there is always a way :)
20:46:32linuxstbmichael1486: Of course. But the problem seems to be that no-one with the skills and hardware to do it, has done it... Apart from the person/people at
20:47:00michael1486what kind of hardware?
20:47:31linuxstbHardware to snoop memory buses, assuming they're physically available
20:47:42michael1486 shows how to take it apart....
20:48:46michael1486Another disadvantage of BGAs is that, once the package is soldered down, it is very difficult to look for soldering faults. X-ray machines and special microscopes have been developed to overcome this problem, but are expensive. If a BGA is found to be badly soldered, it can be removed in a rework station, which is a jig fitted with infrared lamp (or hot air), a thermocouple and a vacuum device for lifting the package. The BGA ca
20:48:46michael1486a new one, or can be refurbished or reballed. Packets of tiny ready-made solder balls are sold for this purpose. (WIKIPEDIA)
20:49:59amaldoHas anyone been able to connect a JTAG to a Sansa E200v2 ? I am deciding if tomorrow is a good day to solder cables onto my player. :)
20:50:15drfsupercenterwhat's a JTAG
20:50:22 Part michael1486
20:51:00linuxstbamaldo: There has been some talk on the forum thread about the v2 port, but I'm not sure if anyone has succeeded.
20:51:22LambdaCalculus37amaldo: But give it a shot if you're feeling brave. :)
20:51:51CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:51:51*linuxstb wishes he didn't have a job, so he could actually do some Rockbox hacking
20:52:14*scorche|sh wishes the same and looks over at the downtrodden themes site
20:52:58*LambdaCalculus37 wishes the same along with linuxstb and scorche|sh and looks at his poor, badly neglected Dell DJ calling out for a Rockbox port
20:54:04amaldoLooking at the forums, some have tried without sucess. A resistor might be missing, and it looks the same here, but I can't tell if a resistor was there and was later removed, or simply was never there.
20:58:07 Quit Mathiasdm ("Yuuw!")
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21:15:27 Part michael1486
21:19:35PaulJam_hi, i was just wondering: in order to test a bootloader on a target where it could potentially brick the device, wouldn't it be possible to load the bootloader binary form within rockbox to RAM and execute it from there? Or would this not work?
21:20:53wpyhYou have to find some kind of a method to load the binary
21:20:54 Join axionix [0] (
21:20:58wpyhfor example the iriver T10 project
21:21:28PaulJam_wpyh: i meant on a target where rockbox already runs
21:24:38linuxstbPaulJam_: Which device are you talking about? The H300?
21:24:52PaulJam_linuxstb: yes
21:25:46linuxstbI don't know enough about how the h300 boots (and how the h300 bootloader works) to say...
21:32:35wpyhHas anyone analyzed the Flash ROM image on the iPod Video?
21:33:07LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: The H300 bootloader would be more of LinusN's or petur's forte, right?
21:33:25 Quit moos (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:34:44linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: I guess... Although other may know how it works
21:35:25 Join moos [0] (
21:39:39 Part Buschel
21:44:48 Quit krazykit (Remote closed the connection)
21:44:51 Join krazykit [0] (
21:45:40 Quit hannesd (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:47:12 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:50:33 Quit verbal ()
21:54:03wpyhIt's weird here
21:54:18wpyhipodpatcher fails to read the AUPD image from my iPod Video
21:54:25wpyhit says "Decryption failed - checksum error"
21:54:27wpyhAny ideas?
21:56:19 Join arohtar [0] (
21:58:06 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59:02 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
22:04:30 Quit faemir (Nick collision from services.)
22:04:58 Quit arohtar (Client Quit)
22:05:13 Join faemir [0] (
22:14:46wpyhIt's certainly quiet in here...
22:20:37moos... childs are sleeping :)
22:21:20wpyhI just want to ask whether anyone uses 5.5gen ipod videos here
22:21:25wpyhthe UI is slow
22:21:36wpyh(I don't know whether that amounts to "sluggishness")
22:22:40*moos doesn't
22:24:47scorche|shthose people are around
22:25:16wpyhscorche: who do you mean by "those people"?
22:25:25scorche|shthose who use it
22:26:33wpyhyou mean they are on this channel right now?
22:31:48 Quit DataGhost (Nick collision from services.)
22:31:56 Join DataGhost [0] (i=dataghos@unaffiliated/dataghost)
22:42:44 Join arohtar [0] (
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22:46:37 Quit enginerd3 ("CGI:IRC")
22:47:16 Join tvelocity [0] (
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22:52:33 Quit moos ("Rockbox rules the DAP world")
22:59:01 Join nedd1 [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-6579589371bfa83f)
23:06:27 Join Guest01 [0] (n=c2523aa2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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23:06:50Guest01Hello people
23:08:05Guest01I was wondering if someone could help me, I've got a problem with my iPod-rockbox.
23:09:17gevaertsGuest01: you'll have to tell us what the problem is...
23:11:03Guest01The problem is that the rockbox program can not recognize my iPod Video 80gb
23:11:36Guest01it is connected corectly in Disk Mode manually and iTunes can recognize it perfectly
23:12:45PaulJam_and you are absolutely sure it is an ipod video and not a classic?
23:12:46Guest01I can open it through My Computer and write files as well as delete with no problem, But rockbox and other similar 3rd party iPod hack programs can not seem to find any iPod connected to my PC
23:12:59gevaertsIs it a 5.5G ipod (i.e. not the one sold as iPod Classic) ?
23:13:26Guest01I am pretty sure it is a 5.5G since it has the search option in music.
23:14:00Guest01How can I check that it is a 5.5G?
23:14:28krazykitGuest01, check here:
23:15:16PaulJam_or here:
23:17:12Guest01okay yeah, I was mistaken it should be iPod classic 80G with Click Wheel and current software version 1.1.2
23:17:29Guest01That makes it a 5G or 5.5G?
23:17:34gevaertsThat makes it a 6G
23:18:16Guest01Ohh... sigh, so I can not use rockbox on 6G?
23:18:40PaulJam_unfortunately not
23:19:07Guest01Do you guys know any 3rd party programs to modify a 6G iPod?
23:19:25krazykiteven if we did, it's offtopic here.
23:19:49Bagderif one existed, they would've broken the encryption
23:19:56Guest01alright, so I guess thats why the programs couldnt find any iPod connected...
23:20:25 Join webguest01 [0] (n=400c748c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:20:40webguest01join #rockbox
23:21:01Guest01bah damn, okay thanks guys for the info
23:24:47 Quit webguest01 (Client Quit)
23:27:55 Quit ompaul (Client Quit)
23:35:30 Nick drfsupercenter is now known as drf|away (
23:36:18wpyhDoes the iPod Nano support recording?
23:37:39scorche|shthere should be a forum thread about that from back when we werent sure
23:37:52wpyhhm.. let's see
23:38:03wpyhSo we are sure now?
23:38:56 Quit dabujo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:30 Quit nplus (Remote closed the connection)
23:41:50 Quit nedd1 (Connection timed out)
23:46:13 Quit flynux (Remote closed the connection)
23:46:15 Join flynux [0] (n=flynux@2a01:38:0:0:0:0:0:1)
23:47:40wpyhok, found it in the forums
23:49:51 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
23:58:34 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)

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