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#rockbox log for 2008-06-15

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00:01:40saratogaamaldo: I tried to trace the pins from the header to where they're soldered using one of the low res scans on the net
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00:02:17saratogaand they looked correct, but I can't say for certain since i don't have one to look at closer
00:02:32saratogahow are you trying to talk to the jtag?
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00:03:13amaldosaratoga: I've got an openocd-usb jtag interface
00:04:05amaldosaratoga: Right now I just connected the cables according to hth's suggestion, and I'm trying to get the devices on the JTAG chain detected, but I get the typical error when the communication fails: Error validating JTAG scan chain, IR mismatch, scan returned 0x00
00:04:49amaldosaratoga: at least the reset pi (nSRST) is correct, if that one gets pulled low, the device resets
00:06:35saratogaamaldo: can you see on your unit where each jtag line is going?
00:07:01linuxstbBigBambi: Still around?
00:07:30amaldosaratoga: not really. This is a E250v2, and the traces are covered by the microSD slot.
00:07:57linuxstbBigBambi: I've just looked at your ATMT photos... Almost identical.
00:08:16BigBambiyes, a couple of things differ very slightly
00:08:51BigBambiIs it worth trying to run your current code on it?
00:08:54saratogaamaldo: theres next to no info on the jtag unit in the manual other then that its the standard arm part
00:09:08saratogamaybe theres something in the arm9 manual about jtag?
00:10:09Buschelanyone offending to commit FS #9076?
00:10:14linuxstbBigBambi: Sure. Although it's still doing relatively little. Just compile a bootloader build, and upload it with tcctool
00:10:42BigBambilinuxstb: OK, will do
00:10:42bertrikBigBambi: at least the PCB of ATMT has some of its pins clearly marked :)
00:11:09amaldosaratoga: I know. I also have the datasheet of the chip. Somebody mentioned that a resistor might be removed from the board after programming at the factory. I wonder if that's standard practice (and why would they do it)...
00:11:14BigBambibertrik: not that you can see them on my horribly blurry photos :)
00:12:11saratogaamaldo: which resistor?
00:13:30amaldosaratoga: the one mentioned in this picture:
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00:18:34saratogaamaldo: grab a DMM and see if that resistor mount is connected to any of the JTAG pins?
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00:19:15BigBambilinuxstb: is it bootloader.bin I am sending?
00:20:02linuxstbI normally send player.rom, but it doesn't matter (IIRC)
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00:20:52linuxstbplayer.rom is just bootloader.bin with the header fields (crc values) filled in. Those are only needed if you wanted to flash the firmware - which I wouldn't recommend ;) But for tcctool, it doesn't matter.
00:21:09BigBambiyes, I don't want to flash it
00:21:24amaldosaratoga: good idea. Will also check the signals better with my oscilloscope on Monday.
00:21:37linuxstbBigBambi: Are you handy with a soldering iron?
00:21:38BigBambiFor a start there doesn't seem to be a firmware upgrade for this
00:21:47BigBambilinuxstb: passable :)
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00:22:04linuxstbNo... But it should be possible to extract the OF, once we get a NAND driver.
00:22:56BigBambiSo I'm sending this with the NAND disconnected I assume
00:23:18linuxstbYes - that's the only way I've found to enter usb boot mode (without a soldering iron).
00:23:29BigBambilet's see :)
00:24:11linuxstbIf you look on the photos, you can see two pairs of pins, to the left of the CPU. Currently, the "NAND" pins are joined, indicating "NAND boot mode", but if you joined the "USB" pins, it boots in USB boot mode.
00:24:28BigBambiOK, so a little switch would handy
00:24:57linuxstbYes. You could then try the DAX OF on it (with tcctool).
00:25:30BuschelFS #9076 committed −− without changing PCF for the yet untested iPods
00:25:56BigBambiOK, so at the moment I have no nand attached, with ./tcctool -d logikdax player.rom and I get [ERR] usb_set_configuration failed (-1)
00:27:22gevaertssudo ?
00:28:09BigBambidifferent :) [ERR] usb_set_configuration failed (-110) with sudo
00:28:22DerPapstsudo make me a sandwich
00:29:11linuxstbBigBambi: Try unplugging it and then try again...
00:29:16gevaertsDoes it show up with lsusb (also maybe with sudo) ?
00:29:43BigBambilinuxstb: that worked
00:29:59BigBambilinuxstb: seems to be running fine :)
00:30:16*DerPapst didn't know that making a sandwich involves a usb connection
00:30:35linuxstbBigBambi: The buttons are working OK?
00:31:20Buschelgood night!
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00:31:30*gevaerts suspects that DerPapst isn't in sudoers on the sandwich maker
00:31:48BigBambilinuxstb: going left to right on the top, then left to right on the bottom I see 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 (0) with nothing) on th btn: line
00:32:35BigBambithe joystick gives me 80 for up, 40 for right, 100 for down, 20 for left and 200 for click
00:33:12BigBambiso yes, seem to be :)
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00:34:59BigBambilinuxstb: I just loaded the dax firmware update with tcctool, it booted and went straight to saying MTP connected
00:35:27BigBambiand the id's have changed in lsusb
00:35:45*gevaerts thinks that the atmt port will be wasy once the dax port is done ;)
00:36:08BigBambiyes indeed :)
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00:42:44*linuxstb_ waits for BigBambi to do just that...
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00:43:03BigBambilinuxstb: hehe
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00:51:16BigBambiI've stuck a picture of it running on the wiki page
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01:03:05saratogafor the 6 years that it has existed, lcd-common.h has only actually contained valid c code for 17 minutes
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01:05:10DerPapstheh cool statistic :)
01:05:32linuxstbSo it wins the prize for most pointless file in Rockbox?
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01:07:38saratogai assume "svn delete" is how i remove it?
01:07:49DerPapstor svn rm
01:08:39saratogadoes that commit automatically or do i still have to do "svn commit [deleted file] -m "words"?
01:08:59DerPapstyes to the second part ;)
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01:31:32saratogathe build server seems a bit stuck
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02:30:02saratogaJdGordon: around?
02:30:53saratogai've been reading through the /uisimulator folder in preperation for merging it into the target tree
02:31:50saratogai was thinking of doing the SDL stuff mainly and leaving the common part where it is for now
02:32:14JdGordoncommon part?
02:32:23saratogathe sim is composed of two libraries
02:32:25saratogacommon and sdl
02:32:34saratogait dates back to when there where several different simulators
02:32:56saratogabut its useful here because it seperates a lot of the generic sim code from the target specific code
02:33:43saratogafor now is it a good approach to just duplicate the sdl code in the target tree and work towards being able to compile without the sdl sim library?
02:34:05saratogathat seems like the obvious next step to me, but it also seems like we'll end up with most of the sim code duplicated
02:34:41JdGordonnot a big dezal
02:35:03saratogayou mean for now, or in general?
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02:35:48JdGordonfor now
02:36:14saratogaand in the long term what do you think should happen?
02:36:44saratogai presume that on most targets, we'd want a lot of the functions implemented in a target specific way, by passing SDL for performance reasons for things like graphics
02:37:03saratogabut we'll still need a complete all sdl implementation too so theres some place to begin a new port
02:37:35saratogaand that would essentially be a copy of the sdl sim library
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03:23:04Qtaxi'm thinking that definitions of "MSC" and "MTP" would be good to have in the Glossary
03:24:08Qtaxbut as editing requeries an endless number of steps someone else might be willing to add that if it's sutable.
03:29:54*JdGordon wonders how it went from 2 steps to endless
03:33:47*Qtax thinks that the IRC rules are frightening/hilarious
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03:37:01QtaxThis is IRC after all? I can see it now, "Qtax is kicked by randomguy (Bad spelling, learn correct enlish, smileys not allowed)" ;)
03:43:24LloreanMost people don't find it difficult to at least make an attempt. We're more irritated by people who are apparently unable to type out the word "you" and stick to "u", and so forth. Specifically people who engage in intentional behaviour like that, which can make people dependent on translation software have problems.
03:44:06Qtaxm'kay, I see.
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04:17:22wpyhBuschel: I didn't notice FS #9076 before you committed it
04:17:37wpyhBuschel: is it wise to unify the config like this?
04:19:08wpyhBuschel: How about making a table with the register values, then set all the registers at once? or maybe a function that accepts such an argument
04:21:55wpyhBuschel: what I mean is something like this
04:30:40saratogawpyh: that way doesn't really make sense since both ipods get exactly the same settings
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04:31:48wpyhsaratoga: what I mean is slightly different settings for ipod video and ipod nano
04:32:16wpyhlike for example the codec set to 3.0V for ipod video and 2.4V for ipod nano
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04:32:44wpyhlast time I tried it gave some distortion for the nano, but it's the OF's default ;)
04:33:03wpyhand the distortion is not noticeable at normal volumes (-25db max)
04:33:28Jonj20hey im here to gather people to make a prot for sansa m240
04:34:18saratogawpyh: they were combined because it seems they used the same settings
04:34:28LloreanJonj20: This is where people go when they're already working on Rockbox. You should be looking someplace where there are m200 owners.
04:34:53saratogaif you've found otherwise, you should post your results and the settings that fixed any issue you found
04:34:59Jonj20i no but i already am workin on it and im just lookin for more people
04:35:06wpyhsaratoga: it seems more like "they use similar settings" ;)
04:35:20wpyhok then, I'll see what I can do
04:35:25saratogawpyh: what are you refering to?
04:35:36LloreanJonj20: And as I said, you should be recruiting in places where there are m200 owners
04:35:49wpyhsaratoga: I mean that the ipod video and the ipod nano use similar settings, not the same settings...
04:35:51Jonj20like where
04:36:07LloreanJonj20: I don't know. You'll have to go and find them. Nobody said it would be easy.
04:36:18Jonj20i know
04:37:01wpyhsaratoga: we can use the default settings, but the defaults are different. I think that should say something about the voltages
04:38:27 Quit BlakeJohnson86 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:39:00saratogawpyh: I don't think the defaults refer to the apple firmware, they're probably just whatever the pcf chip initializes to
04:39:14Jonj20so does any one want to join a team
04:39:29 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:39:32LloreanJonj20: The whole project is one team already...
04:39:38wpyhsaratoga: hm... maybe we should ask Buschel then :)
04:39:46 Join toffe82 [0] (
04:39:51saratogaif we knew what the apple firmware used, we wouldn't have to guess values . . .
04:39:52LloreanJonj20: This room is full of people who already know about the m200 and have already decided not to work on it. As I've said a few times, you need to be looking somewhere else.
04:39:53Jonj20i no
04:39:58LloreanAnd the word is "know"
04:40:27*wpyh should research some more
04:40:35Jonj20oh yea im sorry
04:40:53Lloreansaratoga: Not to mention the Apple default doesn't _necessarily_ mean the best settings even if it is what the OF uses
04:41:07saratogawell for power regulation it probably is
04:41:08 Quit Jonj20 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
04:41:20saratogawe probably do not want to run these compoents out of spec without good reason
04:41:55saratogawpyh: have you read the FS entry for that patch?
04:42:04wpyhmaybe I should learn assembly on the PP
04:42:33JdGordonsaratoga: there is nothing saying apple isnt running them out of spec anyway...
04:42:45wpyhsaratoga: yes... I've read the tracker entry:
04:43:04 Join jcbwalsh [0] (n=18da9321@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:43:21wpyhI heard that some of the meizu initialization commands were reverse engineered from the OF, so this case might be similar
04:45:10saratogaif apple is running something out of spec theres probably a good reason for it and we should do the same
04:45:59saratogaI'd imagine with their volumes they wouldn't need to run out of spec, they could just get the spec changed though
04:46:50*wpyh wonders whether that means the OF probably didn't change any register... they just use the defaults
04:48:48saratogai doubt the default happened to be exactly what was needed for all settings
04:50:21wpyhwell, we don't know for sure
04:52:49saratogawpyh: knowing for sure is irrelevent if you also know thats something is so unlikely as to be not worth considering
04:53:13saratogaif you want to know things for sure, you probably should not be thinking about this project
04:54:08saratogaports happen using large amounts of infered, estimated and experimentally determined values and relatively few that are known for sure
04:54:31*wpyh wonders why saratoga gets so worked up
04:55:46wpyhyou're right, we need to experiment with this..
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05:28:23saratogacan a driver use splash to indicate a serious error?
05:28:28saratogaor is that for apps only?
05:30:20JdGordonserious errors should call panifc
05:31:15 Part jcollie
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05:51:35Mouser_XIs anyone around?
05:51:51Mouser_XEspecially anyone who might be able to help me clean the screen on my Gigabeat S?
05:52:40Mouser_XI've disassembled it as far as I can (removed back casing, HDD, battery, and unscrewed the serial port/USB port/AC in).
05:52:57Mouser_XI'm left with the mainboard and the LCD.
05:53:17Mouser_XBased on the pictures here:
05:53:46Mouser_XIt looks like I'll need to pull out the mainboard and the LCD at the same time. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do that.
05:54:15Mouser_Xtoffe82: Around?
05:54:59jhMikeSMouser_X: I've just used a cotton towel and breath. A small amount of rubbing alchohol on screens if I printed them up badly. After that dries use the first. Then light wipes + compressed air (or blowing on it) to get little dust particles off.
05:55:17Mouser_XThere's dust behind the plastic.
05:55:25Mouser_XAs in, dust in the casing.
05:56:14jhMikeSsame thing for lcd + back side of lense.
05:56:34Mouser_XHow do I get to it to clean it though?
05:56:42Mouser_XI can't get it out of the case.
05:57:38jhMikeSThere a trick to get the metal plate out (there some tabs that need coaxing)
05:57:57Mouser_XBah... I figured as much, but I can't seem to find them.
05:58:05jhMikeSafter that it's pretty easy to pull the main board
05:58:10Mouser_XI've pushed and pulled on all the tabs I could see...
05:58:16Mouser_XI guess I'll look again.
05:58:34Mouser_XMainboard and LCD come out at the same time, right?
05:58:35jhMikeSits sort of hidden in the perimeter
05:58:42jhMikeSit's clipped on
05:58:42Mouser_XJust making sure.
05:58:58Mouser_XYah. I already got it unclipped, and had to clip it back in.
05:59:21jhMikeSno real force is needed, just patience
05:59:49Mouser_XThat's what I figured. I'm having difficulty with it... Obviously, I need to be very very careful.
06:00:19Mouser_XI'll go look again. My Gigabeat is upstairs, where there's better light, and a table.
06:03:10jhMikeSone thing to watch when putting it back together is that the tabs on the rear of the case aren't bent up. they should be perpendicular to the sides and it must be slid over the HD partially first. i did that once - oops.
06:05:38saratogaalright got all the target specific sdl stuff in the target tree
06:06:18saratogashould make it much easier to write target specific replacements for SDL functions some day
06:08:24 Join duhh [0] (
06:08:33jhMikeSwhat pieces are target specific when it comes to sdl?
06:09:15duhhhey all, I have some sansa e280s with rockbox. Whenever I attach them, the music folder is in read only mode
06:09:41duhhhave to change attributes every time, absolutely maddening, have looked around and not found any relevant solutions, any suggestions ?
06:09:44jhMikeSretailsos mucks that up
06:10:40saratogajhMikeS: sorry that wsa unclear, I meant everything thats in SDL now that might eventually be made target specific (buttons, display, sound)
06:11:01saratoganone of the SDL stuff should be target specific as is
06:16:23Mouser_XjhMikeS: I'm lost here... For the life of me, I can't figure out how to remove the mainboard+LCD.
06:17:00Mouser_XI'm aware of the plastic tabs on the side, near the middle of the case. Right above those are the black tabs holding the LCD to the mainboard.
06:17:34Mouser_XIn the uppermost corners are 2 more small black tabs, also holding the LCD to the mainboard.
06:18:07Mouser_XOther than that, I can't see what else might be holding the mainboard+LCD in place.
06:18:28 Quit codingtigger ()
06:18:40Mouser_X(Well, I do have to clear the hold switch stuff, and get the headphone jack clear as well.)
06:18:48jhMikeSthe tabs sort of fit into the perimeter of the plastic so they are hidden. you have to pry it away from the platic and perhaps hold it with toothpicks then grab another
06:19:35Mouser_XWhere would these tabs be, so that I know where, and what, to look (for)?
06:23:10 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
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07:28:33Mouser_XWhew. Got my screen cleaned off, and my S powers up, and boots Rockbox still. That's a good sign.
07:28:43Mouser_XThanks for the help.
07:28:45 Part Mouser_X
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07:49:17toffe82jhMikeS: I sent the board today, you should have it Tuesday or Wednesday
07:50:27 Part toffe82
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09:40:14linuxstbJdGordon: I don't understand your reason for closing FS #705... AFAIK, it's not implemented.
09:42:09*JdGordon is pretty sure it is on every bootlader that it can be
09:43:39 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
09:45:02scorchei suppose it could be considered implemented through the idle power off time, although that is not the same thing and can be completely negated through having resume playback turned on
09:45:32scorchebut the way it is described is not implemented..
09:49:31JdGordon? turn on hold and try to turn on any target... the bootloader wont load either OF
09:50:37scorchethis task was submitted in Archos times...
09:51:21scorcheand was *because* the Archos units didnt have any sort of hold switch...mine turned on *all the time* in my bags and discharged themselves
09:54:53 Join linuxstb_ [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
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10:06:16*linuxstb reopens 705 - if it needs to be closed for another reason, it can be...
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12:56:22 Part fml__
12:56:46JdGordondoes anyone know if "playing" and "paused" in playback.c are mutually exclusive?
13:09:07*JdGordon would really like Nico_P to magically appear :p
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14:18:08 Join Buschel [0] (
14:18:37*Buschel tweaked mpc synthesis even more now :-)
14:18:58Buschelfull precision is nearly as fast as the speed optimized version
14:20:02Buschelsaratoga: synth (64 bit) consumes 12.55MHz now −− slightly faster than libmad's now.
14:23:19 Join hullap [0] (n=____@unaffiliated/hullap)
14:24:04 Part hullap (":|")
14:25:18 Part Buschel
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16:01:40 Quit petur ("family time")
16:07:44 Join MTee_ [0] (n=mt@
16:08:30MTee_Hi all
16:15:57MTee_I want to try and make a patch .. but don't know where to start .. I've installed SVN .. downloaded the source , and tried to read some of it .. and that's it , couldn't do anything more ..
16:16:43markunMTee_: what kind of patch do you want to make?
16:17:59markunand did you manage to compile rockbox or the rockbox sim?
16:18:56MTee_a patch for the record app so that recording won't start unless the start button is pressed for a while ..
16:20:19MTee_markun : not really, I treid compiling the sim but I received an error about missing files or something .. forgot about it because I was having troubles with my internet connection
16:20:20markunto make a patch you basically 'just' change the code you want, make sure it compiles and then to "svn patch > file.patch"
16:21:35markunyou can install the crosscompiler to build rockbox by running the script tools/
16:24:09MTee_sounds simple .. but seems like I'm missing something .. question : what's pcm_record.c ? .. and how can I figure out which file is for what ?
16:27:31markunI think pcm_record.c is the device independant part which handles the recording. Some of the functions in it will be called somewhere in /apps
16:28:02markunbut to figure out which file does what you need to read/search through a lot of files
16:28:15markunand follow the various function calls
16:28:20markunat least that's what I do
16:30:09MTee_thanks a lot :).. will give it another try ..
16:30:42markungood luck. At first the rockbox source code was also very complex to me, but after a while you learn how to find your way.
16:31:34MTee_that's a bit encouraging because it seems complex indeed !
16:33:18 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
16:43:33 Join nuonguy [0] (
16:48:20MTee_markun : just curious, how did you learn C ?
16:53:14 Join fyrestorm [0] (
16:56:42markunMTee_: did you see the PM?
16:57:23 Quit desowin (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:57:47 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
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17:28:22 Join dabujo_ [0] (
17:30:10saratogaif music is paused on the sansa, is there some fast way to restart it if i'm not at the WPS screen?
17:30:36 Quit nplus (Remote closed the connection)
17:31:35 Join nplus [0] (
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18:13:02 Join RubberBelly [0] (n=Mirc4Lif@
18:13:39RubberBellyHi, is it possible to use rockbox on zenstone mp3 players?
18:14:16domonokyRubberBelly: no, see rocboxs frontpage for supported players..
18:14:39 Part RubberBelly
18:18:17 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
18:18:49 Quit dabujo_ (Connection timed out)
18:19:17markundomonoky: why not point him to the newports page instead? :)
18:19:18 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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18:40:05shotofaddslinuxstb_, BigBambi: I found it's possible to boot to m200 in USB boot just by shorting the "USB" jumper with a screwdriver while inserting the USB cable. No need to remove anything :)
18:40:45shotofaddsbtw. which tcctool configuration are you using? I went for c100
18:41:03linuxstb_Yes, c100 is the one that I use with the m200
18:42:40BigBambishotofadds: interesting
18:43:15BigBambishotofadds: I might give it a go with nand attached and try uploading the logik dax firmware
18:45:22BigBambiThe only slight issue is that I can't see the jumper with the other boards attached :)
18:46:28 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
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22:08:05 Join salty-horse [0] (n=ori@pdpc/supporter/active/salty-horse)
22:10:00salty-horsehi. I have a small annoyance with "Resume playback". suppose a dir has 10 files and I play the fifth one (ordered by name). I pause it half way through, connect to my my comupter, and put some more files in that dir with names "lower" than the last played file. now "resume playback" will "resume" playing another file since the original's position in the playlist has shifted
22:13:25 Join thegeek [0] (
22:13:53BagderI agree that's an annoyance
22:14:19salty-horseis a bug worth filing?
22:14:39Bagderno, this is already known
22:15:15salty-horseI'll keep bookmarking then
22:24:35 Join faemir [0] (
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22:39:31 Join gsdf [0] (
22:39:32ashesdoes rockbox have a pdf plugin?
22:40:00asheshello, btw
22:40:18domonokyashes: no, no pdf plugin till now..
22:40:27ashesk, thanks
22:40:31 Part gsdf
22:41:07 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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23:30:28LambdaCalculus37amiconn: Here?
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23:31:21 Join saratoga [0] (n=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:32:45LambdaCalculus37Hmmm... just got my iPod 4G color back, and updated to r17725 on it. The color issues seem to still be prominent.
23:33:08LambdaCalculus37amiconn's code addition in r17715 doesn't seem to fix all 4G colors. :/
23:33:47amiconnI know, but I don't know why
23:34:16LambdaCalculus37Do you suppose that it's due to hardware revisions?
23:34:17amiconnIt's all the code from the ipl revision that should fix the colour issues for ipod photo
23:34:28pixelmaLambdaCalculus37: (as a development question) have you tried ipodlinux?
23:34:41amiconnI have no such device, hence can't test anything
23:34:46 Quit Seed (Connection timed out)
23:34:48LambdaCalculus37pixelma: Only once, on a friend's 3G iPod.
23:35:02pixelmaI meant with that 4G...
23:35:53LambdaCalculus37I never have tried iPL on any of my iPods.
23:36:47LambdaCalculus37amiconn: My LCD type is 0, FWIW.
23:36:57pixelmawas just curious if they had solved the problem
23:37:02LambdaCalculus37HW rev is 0x00060004
23:38:16saratogahow cheap are windows moble cell phones? i'd like to get one for some rockbox hacking
23:38:33 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
23:38:36 Quit faemir (Connection timed out)
23:39:09LambdaCalculus37saratoga: My brother just got one for about $300. Got some grand plans? :)
23:39:13scorchesaratoga: which OS?
23:39:31 Quit thegeek_ (Connection timed out)
23:39:53BigBambidepends on the phone hardware quite a bit I would imagine :)
23:40:03saratogai think CE 5 and above are supported by the gcc compiler toolkit we found
23:40:15LambdaCalculus37Coolbeans! :)
23:40:26*LambdaCalculus37 just stole a word from BigBambi ;)
23:40:39saratogain theory any phone that runs a supported CE flavor and lets you run 3rd party apps should work i think
23:40:45saratogathough i know nothing about cell phones
23:41:03*BigBambi doesn't remember ever using coolbeans
23:41:26LambdaCalculus37BigBambi: I think you did once in #community.
23:41:43BigBambianyway, this shold go there
23:42:09*LambdaCalculus37 hops to #rockbox-community
23:42:11 Quit k4y (
23:42:11 Quit jhMikeS (
23:42:11 Quit Llorean (
23:42:11 Quit Rob2222 (
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23:42:38 Nick SirFunk_ is now known as SirFunk (
23:42:52amiconnpffft, freenode :\
23:43:54 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:44:01 Nick HellDragon` is now known as HellDragon (i=jd@unaffiliated/helldragon)
23:44:31LambdaCalculus37amiconn: When did the LCD color issues start?
23:44:46NJoinjhMikeS [50] (n=jethead7@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:44:48NJoink4y [0] (
23:45:14amiconnI have no idea. I think it never worked properly on those lcd type 0 ipods
23:45:35 Join hfsplus [0] (n=hfsplus@unaffiliated/hfsplus)
23:45:59LambdaCalculus37amiconn: I had run Rockbox on this iPod before. I just haven't used it in 3 months because I had lent it out to my dad and just got it now and updated.
23:46:07hfsplusHi, I accidentally rebooted into the iPod firmware - how do I get back to Rockbox? Holding down play/pause till the ipod goes dark doesnt seem to do it
23:46:34LambdaCalculus37hfsplus: Hold MENU and SELECT until the iPod reboots.
23:46:49 Join DaCapn [0] (
23:46:59hfsplusLambdaCalculus37: thanks :D
23:47:21LambdaCalculus37amiconn: Sorry. The last SVN build that I had run on my 4G color was around r167xx (don't remember).
23:47:51LambdaCalculus37I updated it to r17725 today, and found out that mine is one of the affected iPods.
23:48:21NJoinnuonguy [0] (
23:48:21NJoinconley [0] (
23:48:21NJoinBattousai [0] (n=bryan@gentoo/developer/battousai)
23:48:21NJoindaurnimator [0] (n=daurn@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
23:48:21NJoinAddicted [0] (
23:48:28amiconnThen I'd recommend to track down the exact revision where it starts
23:48:41amiconnI repeat that I can't do that because I don't have such a device
23:50:10hfsplusIs there a way to remove my iPod firmware forever if I dont want to use it?
23:50:20hfsplusso I dont accidentally boot into it
23:50:24amiconnBtw, good to know that there is one owner of such a device around. Previously nobody reacted when I asked for an ipod color owner with lcd type 0 ...
23:50:32 Quit HEx (
23:50:32 Quit z35 (
23:50:32 Quit nplus (
23:50:32 Quit crope` (
23:50:32 Quit BigBambi (
23:50:32LambdaCalculus37Instructions are in the manual.
23:50:48hfsplusLambdaCalculus37: ahh. Good point. I shall go rtfm.
23:51:00LambdaCalculus37amiconn: I found the thread where this began:
23:51:39pixelmait doesn't tell where it began though, just the first one to report it
23:51:56saratogabinary search time
23:51:56LambdaCalculus37Around 7 June.
23:52:29*LambdaCalculus37 decides it's "Find the good Daily Build" time
23:52:29amiconnThe exact svn revision is what's needed
23:52:48saratogashould take less then 10 guesses to find the right build
23:52:55amiconnBinchopping through ~1000 revisions doesn't take long. 10 builds...
23:53:16LambdaCalculus37Going to try r17696 first... that's from June 7th.
23:54:27pixelmaLambdaCalculus37: I think this poster only ever saw it this way, or am I missing where he states a working revision?
23:54:52LambdaCalculus37pixelma: He hasn't stated a working revision at all.
23:54:59LambdaCalculus37Speaking of which, r17696 works.
23:56:53hfsplusI am coming up empty here - is there a way to remove the original iPod firmware so only Rockbox is left? I cant find such a thing in the manual or the FAQ
23:56:55*pixelma wonders why it didn't work for this poster on 6th June though
23:57:08 Quit ompaul (Client Quit)
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23:57:29NJoinHEx [0] (
23:58:11*LambdaCalculus37 shrugs
23:58:51LambdaCalculus37I'm going to investigate this a little further and try a couple of more revisions.
23:58:55LambdaCalculus37I'll be back later.

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