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#rockbox log for 2008-07-29

00:00:48itchegnot too bad as I prob. almost will always add the patches that I need/want
00:02:12bluebrotherhehe ... in fact I checked about file formats for sudoku saves.
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00:02:41bluebrotherunfortunately I haven't found out if this is somewhat compatible or if we are creating our own format now ... wouldn't want to do that.
00:03:28itchegown as in per device or rockbox as opposed to others?
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00:04:20BigBambiRockbox as opposed to something else
00:04:48itchegthat's what I thought, so why would it be that bad
00:05:00itchegand can't you always change it if you find somehting better
00:05:24itchegwhy is it better to not get a feature in than get it 100% right?
00:05:24BigBambiIt would be nice to change formats randomly, thus making all earlier format files useless
00:05:47BigBambiAnd it would be nice to be compatible with an existing system, so that a wider range is available, easier to swap between etc
00:06:14BigBambiBecause often if something goes in not right it doesn't get made right, it gets forgotten about
00:06:24itchegwell this patch is sitting to 2006
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00:06:36BigBambiSo if it won't go in until it is right, if someone wants it in they will do it right
00:06:41itchegso I would say it's kind of forgoten
00:06:54BigBambiitcheg: Clearly no-one bothers enough to do it properly then
00:07:06bluebrotherwell, I was bothered with that issue like two years ago. Then I stopped playing sudoku :)
00:07:30itchegI understand the thinking but if we wanted to do it 100% right 100% of the time you'll be left with nothing
00:07:33bluebrotherI'm still kinda interested in getting it in, but first I need to figure if I want to go with the current save format.
00:07:44BigBambiitcheg: That clearly isn't true
00:08:10itchegI'm no coder so my say doesn't matter much, just one mans opinion
00:08:15bluebrotherwell, the plugin itself is working right now. Question is, will we create a new incompatible format or not?
00:08:31itchegI'm happy now thanks to bluebrother I have the feature
00:08:40BigBambibluebrother: What are the other options? Is there a 'standard' format?
00:09:08bluebrothergiven the fact that I haven't found details about the way the already selected numbers are saved we could of course assume we already have our own file format version ...
00:09:28bluebrotherBigBambi: well, there are several, and those come with several flavours. So ...
00:09:35itchegmy argument is that it just seems like a shame that nothing was done for 2 years because there might be a better way
00:10:06BigBambibluebrother: Perhaps just pick a major one that comes with gnome or something (assuming such a thing exists)
00:10:07LloreanWhat patch # are we talking about?
00:10:08Bagderitcheg: I'd say nothing was done for 2 years because nobody cares very much...
00:10:35Lloreanitcheg: If people cared, they could overcome "there might be a better way" by either doing it a better way, or showing there isn't a better way.
00:10:39LloreanIt's not a one-sided process
00:10:44BigBambibluebrother: It might as well be compatible with an other, as opposed to creating another new one
00:10:47bluebrotheralso, the encoding I picked for the scratchpad was just something I found suitable that time −− but even back that time I wasn't too sure if the format was the best one.
00:10:56itchegLlorean ^
00:11:37bluebrotherBigBambi: well, my idea was to add additional information after a ; at the end of the line and hope everyone who doesn't understand this just ignores it
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00:12:09pixelmabluebrother: wasn't the sudoku format derived from "Simple Sudoku" - hence the file extension and the hint to download its puzzle pack?
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00:12:37BigBambiI downloaded some puzzles in the past, I know that
00:12:51pixelmame too
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00:12:57bluebrotherpixelma: yes.
00:14:00BigBambiDoes Simple Sudoku allow saving of the scratchpad? /me goes to look
00:14:11bluebrotherI don't think so
00:14:14pixelmawould this mean testing in Simple Sudoku would be best
00:14:28BigBambiTo see if it ignores the extras you mean?
00:14:36linuxstbIIRC, Simple Sudoku didn't have a scratchpad
00:14:38pixelmaIIRC there is no scratchpad like that
00:14:44BigBambiThat'd make sense - then at least they would still be compatible
00:14:54bluebrothergood point.
00:14:59pixelmayes, that was my question
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00:16:03n9xvtis there any limits on the number of patches a person can apply?
00:16:15BigBambiAs long as they don't conflict
00:16:31itchegThere is a bug that I'm lazy to submit, to reproduce, add a nuber to the scratchpad that is wrong and choose reload, it locks the game up and you need to reset
00:16:47itchegthis had nothing to do with this patch, I tested it with and with out
00:18:13BigBambipixelma, other manual people: Is there a define for portrait vs landscape displays?
00:19:06 Quit [CBR]Unspoken|w (Connection timed out)
00:19:32BigBambiAs I note that on portrait display manuals the scratchpad is referred to as "The thing on the left" whereas it should be something like "The thing underneath"
00:19:36*linuxstb spots the RSB results, thanks people, and also cynically wonders how the person counting the votes managed to finish top... ;)
00:19:54BigBambiAre, has that been done?
00:20:06BigBambiIs there going to be an announcement for us normals?
00:20:11bluebrotheritcheg: you sure you haven't left the invalid number in the cell?
00:20:38BagderBigBambi: yes, that'll come "soon"
00:20:45bluebrotherBigBambi: domonoky mentioned the winners earlier, and Bagder said he's planning to email -dev later
00:20:52linuxstb23.02.46 # * domonoky applauds to Bagder,LinusN,linuxsts,Llorean and amiconn !! *cheers* :-)
00:20:53*bluebrother too slow
00:21:00BigBambiaha, cheers
00:21:11bluebrotherwho's cheers?
00:22:09bluebrotherhmm, simple sudoku doesn't load the rb sudoku file.
00:23:04pixelmatrying to load a Rockbox saved (without patch) but solved gives me "this is not a valid Simple Sudoku file"
00:23:08bluebrotherotoh, the saves aren't recognized too, so we are already incompatible.
00:23:24rasherAny objections to committing a langfile only 12-14% translated? (Indonesian - FS #8456)
00:23:47linuxstbrasher: That's a new language?
00:23:48pixelmait works when there is nothing filled out
00:23:49rasherIt seems likely to get improved since both wpyh and zajacattack are around still
00:23:55rasherlinuxstb: Yeah
00:24:07bluebrotherso in that case compatibility isn't much of a concern to me anymore.
00:24:48bluebrothermaybe not save scratchpad information if it hasn't been used ...
00:25:32Lloreanrasher: Some of the translations look a little dubious to me.
00:25:36bluebrotherso we even can create new puzzles that are compatible with simple sudoku
00:25:52rasherLlorean: Which, and why?
00:26:09linuxstbrasher: My initial reaction is to wait and see if they progress further. 12-14% seems quite low...
00:26:13Lloreanrasher: I'm not sure if they're right or wrong, since I don't know the language well. But bookmarks is a literal translation (marks for books, I think), and "Off" is "Die" (which may also be "Kill")
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00:26:45LloreanSo I'm not sure if the translations are going to be understandable by a native, or if they're translations made by someone with a dictionary.
00:26:49pixelmabluebrother: this way nothing would change compared to now...
00:27:05bluebrotherright, so I'd be fine with it.
00:27:14pixelmaI think so too
00:27:25rasherLlorean: wpyh has changed some - did you look at his file?
00:27:35Lloreanrasher: Just looked at the last one in the tracker
00:27:38LloreanOr looking at, rather
00:27:58bluebrotherI'll look at it the next days. Maybe I even get around looking at this "inline scratchpad" patch
00:28:51Lloreanrasher: It's been over 15 years since I've even *seen* Indonesian. It may just be a case of "things don't translate well into this language"
00:29:18Llorean10 years, sorry
00:29:38rasherThe danish translation for bookmarks is "book + marks" as well
00:30:08LloreanWell, if wpyh is okay with it, they're probably fine.
00:31:23bluebrotheranyway, time for some sleep now. cu guys
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00:32:18rasherAny thoughts on moving to 7zip or tar.bz2/tar.gz for distribution? Would allow non-ascii in filenames (I'm thinking languages here)
00:33:15BigBambiPlus would likely be a bit smaller filesize
00:33:16rasherSeeing as rbutil is getting better fast, the users who are likely to download Rockbox manually, are also increasingly likely to be fine with using an external program on Windows
00:34:00rasherBigBambi: I wonder if that matters much - is bandwidth likely to be a problem?
00:34:26BigBambiI don't think it is a big issue at all - just another tick in the plus column
00:34:34BigBambiI wouldn't change just for that
00:34:41linuxstbrasher: How does tar deal with non-ascii?
00:34:56rasherHm, actually I don't know.
00:35:35linuxstbAnd can rbutil deal with 7zip?
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00:36:51pixelmaI wouldn't be surprised if the current font of the default theme wouldn't contain the needed non-ascii chars... on many targets (all that use a different size than "helvR12"). Which reminds me...
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00:37:20rasherpixelma: which is why the filename should also include the English name of the language
00:37:41rasherlinuxstb: It can't. It'd need to gain some code
00:37:43saratogathe new profile patch works great
00:37:46saratogai'm going to commit it
00:38:02pixelmarasher: the filenames should then consist of 2 parts?
00:38:13rasherpixelma: That's what I figure
00:38:42rasherpixelma: FS #7637
00:38:55pixelmastill it would look odd if the filename isn't displayed correctly by default I think
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00:39:24linuxstbrasher: I meant to say "can rbutil be easily extended to deal with 7zip" ?
00:39:49rasherlinuxstb: looks promising, but I'm not one to judge that
00:41:58rasherProbably not worth the hassle, just to display nicer language names.
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00:48:01pixelmahmm... looking at that list, suomi could be renamed without taking care of non-ascii chars IIUC
00:49:00 Quit HellDragon (No route to host)
00:49:10rasherNot quite sure why that hasn't been done. Maybe we should keep an empty "finnish.lang" with only the "Rockbox" string translated as "Your language is outdated"
00:49:20rasherSo people notice they should switch langauge
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00:55:25*pixelma can't ignore that "paruski" suggestion though it already has been turned down... that would be the same as naming the English one inenglish.lang
00:56:03rasherI don't think we should romanize.
00:57:34pixelmayeah and it would also have been wrong in my eyes (few years of Russian in school though I didn't keep much, still can read it)
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01:10:57kugelJdGordon: Hey, have you already looked at FS #8799?
01:11:39kugelI'd like to get some feedback on that one
01:13:42saratogahow do I get the inline source code option in arm-elf-objdump to work?
01:13:54saratogado i need to add a special flag to the makefile to get it to work?
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01:20:06JdGordonkugel: no, i havnt had much time for rockbox in a while
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01:20:47JdGordonkugel: ah, dont expect that to get much of a looking at before 3.0 ...
01:22:27kugelJdGordon: No hurry. But I think the latest version of the patch works very well, and I of course aim for getting it committed. I'd really like to hear opinions about it. Also, from what I've noticed, the feature is generally wanted by the users.
01:22:43kugelJdGordon: Sure, but there was no freeze yet, so I'm still hoping ;)
01:24:00JdGordonyes, I think it will be commited, but its a pretty "big" feature and will probably cause some problems which would delay it if it goes in right now...
01:24:07LloreanEven without a freeze, we shouldn't commit anything "risky" until after.
01:24:43LloreanIf it does get committed, it probably just means that 3.0 will be branched from the build before it. We really don't want any experimental features at this point, while *after* 3.0 is the perfect time to put in possibly-buggy stuff
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01:29:21kugelI understand. But I wouldn't call it experimental anymore :)
01:30:15rasherMajor new features not in SVN are pretty much by definition experimental
01:31:28JdGordonheck, even some of svn is still experimental :)
01:31:48kugelOkok :)
01:32:05kugelAnyway, I'd like to hear some comments on the way the patch works.
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01:34:31kugelJdGordon: BTW, MarcGuay tried the pictureflow patch and didn't have problems like you
01:35:05MarcGuaykugel: Had some quirks like I mentionned on the task but major functions were fine.
01:35:30JdGordonkugel: i'd be more insterested in getting pf fixed... maybe its a 64bit sim problem?
01:35:48JdGordonI doubt it.. but if i have time, and remmber, ill try it toinght on both my targets
01:35:58 Quit culture (Connection timed out)
01:38:32kugelJdGordon: I don't think so. AFAIK I also ran it on my 64bit machine
01:38:42kugelAFAIR rather
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03:42:49n9xvti'm haveing trouble compiling?
03:45:37Unhelpfulyou're going to need to be more specific, nobody knows how to help you from that, unfortunately.
03:47:18n9xvtwhen i go to configure it tells me that it cant find the configure file even though it's right there in the tools directory,,
03:47:29*MarcGuay wonders how long the H10 manuals have been brokened
03:47:41n9xvtall i wanted to do is try to add a couple of patches,,,
03:49:24Lloreann9xvt: You're going to need to be more precise still. Exact error messages, and exactly what you're typing.
03:50:01 Join iswm [0] (n=bslote@unaffiliated/iswm)
03:50:15Unhelpfulcut and paste is best, if possible
03:51:31MarcGuayErr, no select button on the H10?
03:52:21n9xvtthis compilier wont let me cut and paste?
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03:53:45n9xvtbash: /tools/configure no such file or directory
03:54:07MarcGuayThe two periods are important
03:54:37Unhelpfulwell, it really depends on where you are relative to the src directory
03:54:51Unhelpful../tools/configure only if you're in a subdirectory of the src
03:54:56MarcGuayIf you're following a guide, it's probably that.
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04:25:37n9xvtaright ima givin up i think,,two of the patches have errors the make command produces errors,,,this needs to be easier
04:26:41 Quit Llorean (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:28:51MarcGuayThe patch −−binary -p0 < blah.diff is throwing hunks?
04:29:07 Quit miepchen^schlaf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:29:52MarcGuayThen the patches need to be updated because the code they were patched against has changed. You could fix them yourself or ask the original coder to update them.
04:29:54Unhelpfulthen your sources are broken, until you resolve the merge errors
04:30:13Unhelpful(unless you used −−dry-run)
04:30:57n9xvti think ima just flush the works down the dain and,,
04:38:43 Quit MarcGuay ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]")
04:41:30n9xvtyep that sucked,,,
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09:34:14gammyGood morning!
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09:38:37LinusNhmmm, i'm looking into the modulo bias issue in the playlist shuffling code
09:39:06gammyI wonder - does anyone know where I can find pictures of the iRiver iHP-1xx series? I'm planning on replacing the drive and would like to have a look at the connectors. A description of these would of course suffice as well :)
09:39:26BigBambigammy: There was a good guide on the wiki
09:40:17gammyGod I hate that flash menu
09:40:19LinusNmy first attempt discards out-of-range numbers, but with the current shuffle algorithm, it needs to discard quite a few
09:40:47BigBambiThere you go :)
09:40:54gammyThat was fast! :)
09:41:00LinusNprobably not even noticeable in real life, but still...
09:41:14crwlli had it in my page history as i just replaced the battery on my h120 last week :)
09:41:28gammycrwll: How much more time do you get? I
09:41:36gammycrwll: I am still quite happy with the original battery time!
09:42:01crwllit was my third battery now
09:42:10gammycrwll: The plan for me is to replace the drive with a compact flash card
09:42:13gammycrwll: Really?
09:42:26crwllthe original battery was quite fine after about 1,5 years when i replaced it in late 2005 (or so) with a 2200 mAh noname battery from ebay
09:42:27gammycrwll: For some incredibly odd reason my battery doesn't seem to get worse through the years
09:42:46crwllthe 2200 mAh battery was still doing pretty good but for some reason it refused to charge anymore, so i replaced it again
09:43:06crwlli suspect i'm getting much over 20 hours runtime now
09:43:53*GodEater has never come close to running out of battery on his H140 now it has a 2200mAh battery in it
09:43:53gammythis is this batteries fith year I suppose
09:43:59GodEaterI've no idea how long it lasts now
09:44:05gammyYou could indeed say that I am impressed
09:44:11gammyhowever I don't think I get over 14 hours
09:44:17gammyBut still. :)
09:44:22crwllGodEater, i ran batterybench with a 2200 mAh battery when it had been in use for a little over a year, i think i got something like 26 hours out of it
09:44:51GodEatercrwll: that's pretty good :)
09:45:08gammyIs there any way from software to check the battery capacity?
09:45:11GodEaterI only use my H140 in the car now, so it doesn't get the "exercise" my other targets do
09:45:28crwllstill after almost 3 years the 2200 mAh battery was going strong and could keep at least >10 hours of charge (i never ran out of charge either) but then it suddenly refused to charge (the led was just blinking no matter what) so i had to replace it
09:45:49crwlland it was no big deal to replace it as a replacement battery cost something like 14 EUR, including shipping...
09:45:52GodEatercrwll: that's what happened to my original battery too
09:46:07Slashericrwll: nice, i have also replaced to 2200 mAh battery because mine refused to get charge too. now the H140 is working great again
09:46:12gammycrwll: Really? Where did you get it from? Maybe I should get a replacement battery at the same time as the CF
09:46:30crwllgammy, i just searched on ebay
09:46:35 Quit ahti_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:46:52gammycrwll: Oh you're in finland
09:46:55crwllthere are shops from china / hong kong selling batteries that fit directly to the h100 series without needing to change the wires like in ipod batteries
09:47:01gammycrwll: Finnish ebay or US?
09:47:01GodEatergammy: most 2200mAh batteries you find on the internet are designed for the first / second generation ipods
09:47:14GodEaterthis means you have to swap the polarity on them if you fit one in an H100
09:47:19 Quit pixelma (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:47:53crwllGodEater, ebay isn't localised to finland, but all the ebays are the same to my understanding, they just differ in default geographical search area and currency
09:48:00gammyGodEater: Doesn't sound too dreadful I suppose
09:48:11Slasherigammy: for small orders US ebay works great (no customs). For big orders, or .de (no customs either in EU)
09:48:33gammyThe problem with most US/co/de sellers is that they don't bloody ship to Sweden :)
09:48:35crwllgammy, i think it was this seller:
09:49:03Slasherigammy: you need to ask for shipping charges. most of them do ship after that
09:49:11crwllthey don't have very good feedback though, but i'm not too rigorous when it comes to low value orders like this
09:49:50BigBambigammy: I get over 29 hrs out of my H140 with a 2200 mAh battery
09:50:07crwllthis battery wasn't even a complete noname battery like my first 2200 mAh battery was, the manufacturer was "Cameron Sino" (i have no idea if it's a respectable brand, though)
09:50:13gammyHaha what
09:50:16gammyHow can it be five quid
09:50:27BigBambicrwll: It is
09:50:39gammy£3.99 as a buy now price
09:50:41gammythat's crazy!
09:50:55gammyI can even just have a british mate get that for me and send it over in an envelope
09:51:09BigBambiIndeed, but there is always a danger with no name ones that they might balloon
09:51:20gammyBalloon you say.
09:51:36crwllanother 2200 mAh noname battery my friend had his battery balloon
09:51:39gammyNot sure about what that means, but it doesn't sound very good :).
09:51:39crwllmine didn't, luckily
09:51:49gammyBigBambi: You mean it bloats up?
09:51:49BigBambigammy: Expand a lot
09:51:51crwllwell, the battery swelled noticeably
09:51:54BigBambilike a balloon
09:52:01gammyWow that's poopy.
09:52:12crwlland then it caused problems to the HD, it refused to spin up
09:52:14gammyHowever what does that imply in reality?
09:52:44crwllit didn't break his player though, he just replaced the battery again (and i think the battery kept swelling when it was out of the case)
09:52:53BigBambigammy: What do you mean?
09:53:02crwll...he broke his player with the more classical way - using a Nokia charger
09:53:22BigBambiIt means that it presses on other parts, possibly damaging them, as well as possibly causing other electrical related problems
09:53:31BigBambicrwll: Far too common that
09:53:35crwllBigBambi, yep
09:53:43crwlli'm lucky i've never had nokia phones :)
09:53:45gammyBigBambi: Swelling to some extent is (presumably) normal
09:53:53BigBambiI wouldn't say so, no
09:54:05BigBambiIt should stay the same size
09:54:08BigBambiIt is quite a tight fit in there
09:54:19 Quit scorche (Nick collision from services.)
09:54:35gammyWell I mean all batteries swell at extremes
09:54:39gammyNothing odd about that
09:54:45JdGordoncan anyone test out fs#8335?
09:54:58JdGordonpatch for pictureflow
09:55:05gammyBigBambi: But - so what you're saying is an unhealthy expansion :)
09:55:05BigBambigammy: They shouldn't in normal use, not noticably anyway
09:55:08 Join scorche [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
09:56:01gammySo, I wonder, where do I find a more "posh" battery at a reasonable price?
09:56:29BigBambiebay also is good, but look for something like cameron sino
09:56:35crwllthe link i posted should be fine, it's a brand name battery
09:56:43gammycrwll: Oh?
09:56:43crwllor at least i got one
09:56:45gammyWas it?
09:56:53gammyI couldn't see a brand
09:57:18crwllindeed it doesn't seem to say it
09:58:26crwllthere's "sino_battery" written in the picture in the auction page, but not much else
09:58:30gammyhowever their url ( certainly implies 'sino'
09:58:44gammyPresumably a ploy.
09:58:55gammy365 days warranty. Hmm.
09:59:26crwlli just checked, that was the seller i bought my battery from
09:59:29BigBambiCould I shove this into #rockbox-community - I think we are getting a little off-topic now
09:59:40gammyOh I'm sorry
09:59:43gammyI didn't know it existed.
10:00:01BigBambiNo problem (check out the channel topic though) :)
10:00:03crwllsure :)
10:00:32 Nick crwll is now known as crwl (
10:03:11 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:03:16 Join ahti_ [0] (n=ahti@
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10:15:22 Quit BigBambi (" ajax IRC Client")
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10:22:32 Quit Nico_P (" ajax IRC Client")
10:22:36 Join Nico_P [0] (i=53915df2@gateway/web/ajax/
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10:43:02 Join pondlife [50] (n=Steve@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
10:43:39 Join tehpaper [0] (
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13:13:20 Nick sacarasc_ is now known as sacarasc (i=sacarasc@xmms2/bitch/sacarasc)
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13:29:07 Join MarcGuay [0] (
13:29:40MarcGuayThere's no way to browse the menus while recording, right?
13:30:29JdGordonyeah, i tihnk recording stops when you leave the screen
13:30:51LinusNthat is true
13:31:22LinusNcall it a safety measure if you like
13:32:53 Quit BigBambi (" ajax IRC Client")
13:35:59*petur waves at LinusN
13:36:28*LinusN waves back
13:37:10*petur gets interrupted by work and sighs
13:38:00 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
13:39:13ReKleSSLinusN: I don't mean to nag, but you've built the TBLCF, right?
13:39:36LinusNReKleSS: yes i did, but i haven't had much success using it :-(
13:39:51MarcGuayThanks guys.
13:49:45 Join dabujo [0] (
13:50:30 Join Schmogel [0] (
13:57:37 Join gregzx [0] (
13:59:48 Nick MarcGuay is now known as MarcGuayAway (
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14:15:37 Join kugel [0] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/kugel)
14:16:27 Join mf0102 [0] (n=michi@
14:16:42kugelJdGordon_, JdGordon: Thanks a lot for your comments, although I don't really agree in the case of custom list vp
14:18:12 Join jgarvey [0] (
14:23:04 Join funman [0] (
14:25:54 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:31:31 Join massiveH [0] (
14:37:19 Quit culture (Connection timed out)
14:47:55 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a0430f@gateway/web/ajax/
14:59:57 Join barrywardell [0] (
15:08:11 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
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15:20:57JdGordonkugel: well... it depends on what you want the patch to do...
15:21:19JdGordonI think what I suggested is far more flexible than what your patch is...
15:22:42kugelI think just including list.h to get the dimensions is flexible as well. Adding the possibilty to have alternating dimensions for different screens (especially without the ability to change the backdrop as well) just adds complexity and is IMHO just not worth it
15:23:28kugelI didn't ever feel like having other dimensions for the quickscreen than for the list
15:23:28 Quit JdGordon (" ajax IRC Client")
15:24:34 Join JdGordon|uni [0] (i=d31c822f@gateway/web/ajax/
15:25:23kugelJdGordon|uni: Have you read my messages?
15:25:37JdGordon|uniyeah, mibbit shows the last fdew messages :)
15:26:00JdGordon|uniI'm just saying that if we are going to do this.. we may as well overdo it..
15:26:22JdGordon|unihaving the ability to put the QS in an artibrary rectangle that isnt related to the list makes sense
15:26:32JdGordon|uniif the user wants it in the same rect then so be it..
15:26:37 Nick JdGordon|uni is now known as JdGordon (i=d31c822f@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
15:27:07 Join culture [0] (
15:27:21kugelJdGordon|uni: I rather keep it simple. Imho it's very unlikely that the user chooses other dimensions for other contexts
15:27:45kugelbecause the backdrop is the same
15:28:02JdGordonand its not about the background anyway...
15:28:26JdGordonyou could make it look like the context menu is more like a overlapped menu
15:28:37kugelI want my patch to offer one custom vp, which is (in the best case) always used when the backdrop is shown
15:29:12JdGordonI know.... I'm saying that thats pretty limiting
15:29:23JdGordonwhen the bin difference would be negligable
15:30:04kugelYou call it limiting, I call it "keep it simply for the users (and for me too)"
15:30:44JdGordonthe complexity difference is negligable also
15:31:20kugelNot if the user has to create loads of files to apply the same dimensions for all the contexts
15:31:59JdGordonwhat I meant was aa single file that contained every viewport definition
15:33:24kugelJdGordon: Well, I actually don't want the patch to work this way. But the framework you've mentioned is actually already there. With the viewport_parse_viewport function you can parse any vp string
15:34:05JdGordoneven simpler than that... viewport_load_default() could do it easily without any extra changes
15:34:35JdGordonchanigng the topic.... pf needs fixing.. have you seen my comment?
15:35:33kugelIs your album art all like "cover.100x100.bmp"?#
15:36:13JdGordonideally, the aa searching function should check all cover.*.bmp files up to a maximum specified size
15:36:21kugelmine is only cover.bmp, since I use bmp resize in my build. (That does NOT mean that I tried my patch only with my build)
15:36:36JdGordonbut even fixing that call, it still wouldnt work which was irritating
15:37:02JdGordonbmp resize shuold get commited.. or fixed so it could be
15:37:50kugelbut the current bmp resize patch adds a giant bin size delta
15:38:28JdGordonand IMO that is no excuse :p
15:38:58JdGordonespecially when it probably doesnt make sense on the current bin limited targets
15:40:06kugelYou don't need to convince me, I was always in favor of bmp resize :P
15:40:26JdGordonarnt there code issues with it atm thoguh?
15:42:36kugelI didn't experience any flaws
15:43:11JdGordonno, I mean problems with how it does it or something?
15:44:28kugelNot that I know of. The only thing I think I remember is that algorithm does a bit more than we want (e.g. scaling in one direction, imho this is not needed)
15:45:08kugelthe rb->search_albumart_files looks weird to me. Why does it need a filename pattern?
15:45:27*JdGordon doesnt know
15:46:08kugelimho it should automatically use the priority list
15:50:24Nico_Pkugel: the "filename pattern" is a string with the size
15:51:02Nico_Ptake a look at the implementation (apps/recorder/albumart.c)
15:51:14JdGordonwe cant get it to just check every file which starts with cover. and get the largest one under the specified size?
15:52:06Nico_Pthat would be much more intensive
15:52:19JdGordonnot really... a few extra string compares
15:52:43kugelNico_P: I know. I meant rb->search_albumart_files() should not need such a pattern, but search for all possibly covers by default (so, cover.bmp, cover.XXxXX.bmp, <title>.bmp and so on)
15:53:00Nico_Pyou'd need to get all the files in the dir and check their names, then find out their size
15:53:24JdGordonthe first part yes... but assume the size int he file name is correct
15:53:40Nico_Psometimes the size isn't in the file name
15:55:05kugelNico_P: i'd take this priority , and only compare sizes if cover.XXxXX.bmps where found
15:55:08Nico_PI know having to specify a size isn't ideal, but I didn't think looking at all the files was acceptable... maybe there's a nice way to do it though
15:55:23Nico_Pkugel: how do you find them efficiently?
15:55:55kugelthe same way the normal implementation does it
15:56:57Nico_PI'm not exactly clear on what you mean... long time since I haven't looked at that code
15:57:15 Join PeterVasilevskiy [0] (n=53ed3ef7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:57:25kugelAnyway, the current implementation in pf together with my patch doesn't seem to find JdGordon's cover.100x100.bmp files
15:57:41kugelwhile the svn pf does
15:58:08PeterVasilevskiyHello! Could you give me permission to edit wiki pages. wiki name PeterVasilevskiy
15:58:26BigBambiWhat are you planning to edit?
15:58:59PeterVasilevskiyWell ofcourse the meizu m6 port page
15:59:02PeterVasilevskiyi am vcf
15:59:12PeterVasilevskiyform the rockbox forums
15:59:22BigBambia) I didn't know your nick, b) I don't know vcf
15:59:36BigBambiSo the of course seems a bit out of place :)
15:59:45markunPeterVasilevskiy: hi!
16:00:06BigBambiPeterVasilevskiy: Promise not to spam now :)
16:00:39PeterVasilevskiy<BigBambi> I Promise =)
16:00:45BigBambiOK, edit away
16:00:57BigBambino problem
16:01:28PeterVasilevskiy<markun> i want to edit the wiki page cause its out of date
16:03:30PeterVasilevskiy<markun> there is no info about that we have the specs of cpu as well
16:03:32 Quit LinuxMafia (Success)
16:04:01rashermarkun: Are you our font-rendering person?
16:04:34 Quit JdGordon (" ajax IRC Client")
16:04:43rashermarkun: Have you seen FS #8491?
16:04:57markunat this moment I'm not much of a rockbox person.. :(
16:05:02markunbusy with other things
16:06:03PeterVasilevskiy<markun> i see. i will try to do what i can
16:06:17markunPeterVasilevskiy: which IRC client are you using?
16:06:49 Quit ReKleSS ("Leaving")
16:07:02markunit looks like you are quoting people because it types the name <like this>
16:07:28PeterVasilevskiymarkun ah
16:07:59PeterVasilevskiy markun i use the rockbox web client.
16:16:43 Join LinuxMafia [0] (
16:20:16 Join JdGordon|uni [0] (i=d31c822f@gateway/web/ajax/
16:20:16 Quit mazling (Client Quit)
16:29:36 Quit JdGordon|uni (" ajax IRC Client")
16:32:03 Quit PeterVasilevskiy ("CGI:IRC")
16:35:42 Join DrMoos [0] (
16:35:49 Quit DrMoos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:36:07 Quit BigBambi ("Please insert girder")
16:37:42 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
16:43:26 Quit avis ("Ex-Chat")
16:45:00 Quit kugel ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]")
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17:05:10 Join avis [0] (n=ident@pdpc/supporter/student/avis)
17:07:34 Quit iswm ("Leaving.")
17:10:19 Join XavierGr [0] (n=xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
17:13:44 Join sitwon [0] (
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17:24:06 Nick JdGordon_ is now known as JdGordon|zzz (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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17:27:54 Part LinusN
17:42:15 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
17:51:14LambdaCalculus37rasher: Still here?
18:02:38 Quit snoh (Remote closed the connection)
18:04:17 Quit petur ("real life")
18:04:23crwlany ideas, why my new sansa e280 refuses to load any wps's (themes load ok, but wps stays at the default)
18:04:52GodEaterbecause the themes you're trying are still "broken" (using the pre June 23rd syntax)
18:05:11LambdaCalculus37Look for themes that have been updated after June 23rd. Those will work.
18:05:21GodEateror should do :P
18:05:41rasherLambdaCalculus37: Barely
18:05:51crwlah. any suggestions? :)
18:05:53 Join snoh [0] (
18:06:08GodEatercrwl: LamdaCalculs37 just made one...
18:06:13GodEateror else you could fix them yourself
18:06:20GodEaterinstructions are still in the sticky in the forums
18:06:56LambdaCalculus37rasher: Regarding a few of the lang files... I noticed something peculiar about the strings, as per your translation page. Here's an example:">
18:07:10LambdaCalculus37It looks like a few of the strings are in the wrong place.
18:08:07LambdaCalculus37If that's the case, I'll set out to fix the strings at lunch and submit a patch later.
18:09:17rasherI don't have time to check that right now, sorry
18:10:46 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.2 :: )")
18:11:29 Join shnee [0] (
18:11:45LambdaCalculus37rasher: No worries. I'll look into it further to see if there's some fixing to be done.
18:12:33 Quit ahti_ ("Leaving")
18:21:18rasherLambdaCalculus37: Ah yes, but that'd be the same if you did it using genlang, I'm pretty sure. It's because the string got moved into a feature section from *
18:28:31 Join Thundercloud [0] (
18:30:39crwldoes it make sense to use dircache on a flash target like e280? (does it help eg. database refreshing speed?)
18:30:54 Quit tehpaper (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:34 Join tvelocity [0] (
18:40:22 Quit Bensawsome (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:48:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
18:49:53 Join mirak [0] (
18:57:11 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
19:10:02 Quit sarixe ("Ex-Chat")
19:13:01 Join Strife89 [0] (n=admin@
19:14:02Strife89LambdaCalculus37: Just so I'm clear on it, what exactly are the "kinks" in the USB driver?
19:15:23LambdaCalculus37Strife89: There are still some risks with corruption of the volume when writing.
19:15:25 Join bertrik [0] (
19:15:45LambdaCalculus37I don't know how severe they are, but IIRC they were mostly present when using the higher speed USB driver.
19:16:31Strife89Corruption of the volume, eh? Are we talking about just files, or the entire file system?
19:16:40GodEater_and mostly on sdhc cards too
19:16:43 Join tehpaper [0] (
19:16:45GodEater_the file system
19:17:09GodEater_fairly rare though
19:17:21GodEater_I've been using the rockbox usb stack for months, and it's never happened to me
19:17:33LambdaCalculus37Same here.
19:17:50Strife89I'm considering enabling low-speed USB so I can update Rockbox and transfer small files without much hassle.
19:18:12GodEater_you won't get "low speed" - you'll get "full speed"
19:18:20GodEater_which confusingly, is slower than "high speed" :)
19:18:33bertrikAFAIK gevaerts fixed the flash corruption that was related to the extra bytes written to the flash
19:19:00Strife89Well, you knew what I meant. I try to use the right terms, but you're right: it's confusing.
19:19:31GodEater_bertrik: really?
19:19:38GodEater_then why haven't we enabled it by default yet ?
19:19:55bertrikI'll have a quick search in the commit logs
19:19:56Strife89bertrik: Really? When did that happen?
19:20:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:20:56bertrikjust before he went on holiday
19:21:04itchegdoes rpress show much here in irc?
19:21:17GodEater_who ?
19:21:24itchegRyan Press
19:21:33itchegI guess not
19:21:34GodEater_never seen him while I'm online
19:21:39GodEater_but I'm not here 24/7
19:21:56itchegok he has a patch on Ipod accessory protocal
19:22:14itcheghow some questions/comments for him
19:23:11GodEater_I'd post them on the patch
19:23:32itchegdon't have a login lazy to set one up
19:24:09GodEater_not a good attitude
19:24:16itchegI know
19:24:21itchegbut lazy I am
19:24:45bertrikgevaerts made a fix that to avoid overlapping USB transactions and SD writes, 9-11 july, around svn version 18000
19:25:04GodEater_he did that very quietly
19:32:39bertrikThere's still a problem with a USB hub of amiconn's that causes reset with RB USB, but works fine with the OF
19:32:42 Join num1 [0] (
19:33:09bertrikAt least, that's the last I remember reading of it
19:34:07Strife89bertrik: "causes reset"?
19:35:00 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:35:27 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:36:45 Quit funman ("leaving")
19:37:32bertrikUSB resets
19:37:55Strife89The "unplug-replug" effect?
19:38:30 Join DrMoos [0] (
19:38:30 Quit moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:38:44 Nick DrMoos is now known as moos (
19:38:44Strife89That's happened with the OF, for me.
19:40:17GodEater_Strife89: not quite no
19:41:16Strife89GodEater: Do tell. :)
19:42:17 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:42:36 Join pondlif1 [0] (
19:42:39GodEater_as an end user you probably wouldn't notice the resets
19:42:45GodEater_except as poor performance perhaps
19:42:47 Quit pondlif1 (Client Quit)
19:43:59Strife89Guess I'll take the plunge and try it.
19:44:29 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:45:48 Part Strife89
19:48:21*bertrik hears "loading" twice when loading a plugin
19:48:39*GodEater_ doesn't use voice
19:49:29*LambdaCalculus37 neither
19:50:23*bertrik likes to have stuff work even if he doesn't use it personally
19:53:29 Join thegeek [0] (
19:57:25 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
19:59:10 Quit pondlife (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:59:32 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:03:02 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
20:03:47bluebrotherdomonoky: any response from your student regarding your not-so-nice mail?
20:03:52 Quit barrywardell ()
20:04:09domonokynto till now.. :-/
20:04:22bluebrotherdoesn't sound good :(
20:11:30*bluebrother thinks we should get a codename for 3.0
20:11:46GodEater_"Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box"
20:12:10num1"Rockbox 3.0"
20:12:34*GodEater_ thinks BigBambi's is the clear winner
20:12:43bluebrotherand for later releases make every new code name have a part in common with the old one. That's a quite funny thing :)
20:13:22GodEater_we just need variations on the word "Bag"
20:13:27GodEater_we can go for "sack"
20:13:34BigBambiYou win this time
20:14:06BigBambiWhen (if) Rockbox gets too bloated we can go for Suitcase
20:14:14bluebrother"shit was last release"
20:14:30bluebrotherRockbox 3.0 "switch hold off"
20:14:41bluebrother"skipless playback"
20:14:55domonoky"rockbox 3.0 with Doom" :-)
20:15:07num1"Write it yourself"
20:15:18 Join Vorador [0] (n=tomas@
20:15:29num1"Think of your own damn codename" (TOYODC)
20:15:43BigBambiRockbox 3.0 - RTFM
20:15:52bluebrotherthat's a nice one as well.
20:16:17bluebrother"3.0 −− now heavily loaded (with games)"
20:16:51domonoky"3.0 −− rocks for sure" :-
20:16:57bluebrotherhehe :)
20:17:13 Quit massiveH ("Leaving")
20:17:30bluebrother"beat the player"
20:17:42num1How'd long it take to move from rockbox, "box of rocks" to BoS? :)
20:17:43 Quit shnee ("Konversation terminated!")
20:17:51LambdaCalculus37Rockbox 3.0 "Bomb More Bass"
20:18:43bluebrother"themes are broken"
20:19:16 Join shnee [0] (
20:19:31bluebrotheror ... "the themes they are a-changing"
20:19:37 Quit Cyberdyskinesia ("Leaving")
20:20:25bertrik"Man, it's so loud in here"
20:20:45LambdaCalculus37"Loud Like Nature"
20:21:57toffe82LoudBy Nature
20:22:07toffe82loud by ^^
20:22:38bluebrother"unlimited playback"
20:22:49bluebrother"beware of the bugs"
20:22:56BigBambi"You are welcome to a full refund"
20:22:59domonokyhm, shouldnt a "codename" be more like a name ? somethink like: "3.0 Codename: Icebreaker"
20:24:04scorche|shwe need to come up with some sort of theme...such as debian's is toy story characters, etc
20:24:34scorche|shspecies of badgers?
20:24:55bluebrotheror something like "Amarok - a we still love you release"
20:24:57toffe82"cool as beer"
20:25:06*domonoky wants different releases like: rockbox 3.0 basic, 3.0 professional and of course "rockbox 3.0 server edition" :-)
20:25:06scorche|shooo...varieties of beer might work
20:25:14bluebrother"Rockbox 3.0 −− beer is always on topic"
20:25:17*bertrik likes beer varieties
20:25:27bluebrotherrockbox 3.0 beer edition
20:25:41scorche|shRockbox 3.0 Trappist
20:25:54toffe82rockbox 3.0 lambic edition
20:26:03scorche|shthere are lots of beer names to supply us too =>
20:26:16*domonoky wants rockbox 3.0 "oktoberfest edition" :-)
20:26:25*bluebrother likes "Hoepfner" pretty much (a local beer)
20:26:37toffe82we are better than ubuntu with this
20:26:56LambdaCalculus37Rockbox 3.0 "Delicious Duvel"! :)
20:26:59bluebrotherbut beer would be a great theme for naming :)
20:27:12scorche|sh"As a tribute to the thing that makes Rockbox possible, we have decided to name all Rockbox releases after varieties of beer."
20:27:29*bluebrother would kinda like that
20:27:29BigBambiRockbox: Powered by beer
20:28:00bluebrother"crafted with the help of beer"
20:28:02LambdaCalculus37Now who's going to work on that beer plugin for Rockbox? :P
20:29:54toffe82this one :
20:30:57scorche|shperhaps i should write up a proposal on the dev-ml to have the releases named after beer varieties and perhaps lay down some sort of way we can agree on names? =P
20:31:32 Quit bluebrother (Nick collision from services.)
20:31:37 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
20:31:45 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
20:31:53bluebrothergrrr. stupid router.
20:32:33bluebrotherscorche|sh: good idea.
20:32:46*scorche|sh puts it on the list
20:39:56 Quit snoh (Remote closed the connection)
20:41:43 Join snoh [0] (
20:42:18 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
20:46:01Strife89Say I just made a build with USB enabled. As long as the revisions are the same, I only NEED to copy the .mi4 file, right?
20:46:29 Join neddy [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-de78d20c1493a4ff)
20:46:31GodEater_Strife89: we never recommend that approach
20:46:39GodEater_always take the entire zip
20:46:47Strife89Alrighty, then.
20:48:16 Quit coatman ("Leaving.")
20:52:52 Join coatman [0] (
20:53:55 Nick nicktastique is now known as nicktastic (n=nick@unaffiliated/nicktastic)
20:56:43 Join Plouj [0] (
20:56:56Ploujis sansa e200 a good buy if I want a good rockbox flash based player?
20:57:05Ploujit seems a bit expensive at a local store:
20:58:22LambdaCalculus37Plouj: It's a decent flash-based player, but this is a better deal (and guaranteed to get you a v1):
20:58:23domonokyPlouj: with the sansas you have to make sure dont get a "v2" model, rockbox doesnt work on these..
20:58:48tehpapercan you downgrade the firmware?
20:58:54tehpaperi got a 260 coming in
20:59:10Ploujheh, shipping to canada will be a killer
20:59:11domonokytehpaper: nope the "v2" has different hardware inside..
20:59:16scorche|shtehpaper: it isnt a firmware thing...completely different hardware
20:59:26tehpaperand that froobi one costs less than the one i got
20:59:42tehpaperand 2gig larger
20:59:55 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
21:00:20 Join Xerion_ [0] (
21:00:24LambdaCalculus37tehpaper: And they're v1's.
21:00:32tehpaperteh 260s?
21:00:37tehpaperor this 270
21:00:47LambdaCalculus37The e270 I showed you.
21:00:54Strife89Hence the "Rockbox Ready". :)
21:01:02tehpapernice to see its $15 off if you put in rockbox
21:01:10tehpaperfor the cupon code
21:02:04 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
21:06:21Ploujwhat's the diff between 260 and 270?
21:06:55BigBambi2 GB
21:07:28BigBambie260 = 4GB, e270 = 6 GB
21:07:33Ploujgiven that I can use an SD card, it's ok
21:07:37Ploujthat's a cheap price
21:07:51Strife89Law of Buying Storage: Always buy way more than you think you'll ever need.
21:09:02Ploujdoes the SD card stick out a lot when inserted?
21:09:12Ploujanyone else?
21:09:12BigBambiIt is a micro sd card
21:09:23BigBambiIt is tiny, and it goes in completely
21:10:12 Quit GodEater_ (Remote closed the connection)
21:12:50Strife89Again, my advice is to buy more storage than you think you'll need.
21:12:50Strife89Were it not for Rockbox, I wouldn't have a 260 MB chiptune collection.
21:14:02 Join GodEater_ [0] (n=ge@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
21:14:38 Quit Xerion (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:14:39 Nick Xerion_ is now known as Xerion (
21:19:49 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:20:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:20:27 Join tvelocity [0] (
21:21:49PloujStrife89: are you suggesting that I buy a player with already a lot of storage or just a lot of storage in general (including add-on cards)?
21:22:32 Join AndyI [0] (n=pasha_in@
21:23:09Ploujam I wrong in looking only at flash based players for longer-lasting solutions?
21:23:32Strife89Buy a DAP with a lot of internal storage, then buy a big card if/when you decide to.
21:23:48Strife89Hard drive players probably last longer.
21:23:54Ploujwhat's a dap?
21:24:01Strife89digital audio player
21:24:05Ploujwhy do you think that dd players last longer?
21:24:09 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:24:28Strife89Flash has a limited number of read/write operations.
21:24:52Strife89Longest estimated life of flash is about 10 years on average.
21:25:20Strife89On the other hand, HDD based players are subject to damage from shock, etc.
21:25:21 Join obo [0] (n=obo@rockbox/developer/obo)
21:25:34domonokythe harddrives also a limited lifetime.. and they are sensible to shock.. but they are much bigger :-)
21:25:57LambdaCalculus37It also depends on how well you take care of your DAPs.
21:25:58bertrikStrife89, where did you get that 10 years average flash lifetime figure?
21:26:08crwlhas anyone actually worn out a flash drive? especially in a dap type usage where you read often and don't write all that often
21:26:22Strife89bertrik: I don't remember. Too high?
21:26:26scorche|shcrwl: good luck with that...
21:27:02scorche|shStrife89: it isnt anywhere near as limited as people tend to say it is
21:27:45 Join Acky [0] (
21:29:48Galoiswow, that's a great deal on the e270.
21:29:49*Galois buys one
21:30:10crwltoo bad they don't ship outside the states
21:30:28crwli think i paid about double for my e280, but that doesn't seem that bad either
21:31:00Galoisyeah, I'll have to ship to my homies in the US, no big deal
21:33:34 Join nplus [0] (n=nplus@141.25.Globcom.Net)
21:33:46 Quit AndyIL (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:34:47Strife89Hmmmm. I've made and installed a build with USB enabled, but it still reboots to the Sansa OF. Any ideas how to make that stop?
21:36:15bluebrotheryou sure you did a full rebuild? Tried a make clean already?
21:36:56Strife89didn't think about a make clean
21:37:30bluebrotherif you put the options in CCOPTS it's quite possible the make system didn't notice that change. Not exactly sure about that though.
21:37:46bluebrotherbut doing a full rebuild is usually a good idea :)
21:39:22Strife89All I did was this:
21:39:22 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
21:39:38 Join Nibbl [0] (
21:39:48 Join coatman1 [0] (
21:40:19LambdaCalculus37Strife89: Do a make clean, then edit the Makefile and add the line before you start compiling.
21:41:16Strife89Linux Torvalds doesn't flush. He just says "make clean". :D
21:41:22 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:42:39*bluebrother prefers to add the defines to config-<foo>.h
21:43:41 Join fml [0] (n=4fd3d0ac@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:44:12fmlHello. Could an expert tell me if the approach described in would be a (or the) right one?
21:44:28fmlIf yes, I'd try to implement the feature.
21:45:01 Quit Acksaw (Connection timed out)
21:48:23 Join alex_dinamo [0] (
21:48:36alex_dinamohello guys
21:48:49alex_dinamoI just installed rockbox but need some help :(
21:49:01BigBambibest tell us then
21:49:16alex_dinamoI did somethng to my fonts (resetted color or something) and now the font color is the same as the background color, can't read anything
21:49:17BigBambiMy mind reading skills aren't very well developed
21:49:23bluebrotherhe already told us he has a problem. Now get your crystal ball ;-)
21:49:28BigBambialex_dinamo: Which player?
21:49:28LambdaCalculus37alex_dinamo: What device is it?
21:49:39alex_dinamoit is an ipod video
21:49:50BigBambiturn hold on as it starts booting
21:49:54BigBambiafter the apple logo
21:50:01BigBambiit will reset the settings
21:50:02LambdaCalculus37Time it to the backlight coming on.
21:50:05alex_dinamoit boots, it sounds... all ok... just color of font... can't read
21:50:15BigBambiBy the way, this is in the manual....
21:50:21alex_dinamooh, I see...
21:50:28LambdaCalculus37Or boot into Disk Mode, hook it to your PC, and delete the .rockbox/config.cfg file.
21:50:41linuxstbOr just edit that file to remove the fg/bg colour settings
21:50:42alex_dinamogreat LambdaCalculus37
21:50:47bluebrotherfml: I'm no core dev but it doesn't sound nice to me −− you still call apps code from the firmware level
21:50:55alex_dinamoone mor thing... little thing
21:51:02alex_dinamoI downloaded some themes.. installed... ok
21:51:05bluebrotherbut better wait for core devs to raise their voice.
21:51:15alex_dinamobut I do not get the same image as in the webpage
21:51:18BigBambiThe WPS syntax xhanged recently, so they are out of date
21:51:35BigBambiYou need to fix them - see
21:51:41bluebrotherhmm, we should _really_ get a theme site working before 3.0 gets released
21:51:43LambdaCalculus37alex_dinamo: Look for any themes that have been updated after June 23rd.
21:51:48LambdaCalculus37Or do what BigBambi says.
21:51:50linuxstbfml: I haven't looked at your patch, but calling apps/ code from firmware is a no-no.
21:51:58alex_dinamoafter jun 23
21:52:09alex_dinamoyou've been very helpful
21:52:33 Quit alex_dinamo (Client Quit)
21:52:35BigBambiThe lack of consistency in capitalisation of acronyms etc in the wiki is really annoying
21:52:36bluebrotherlinuxstb: how's the state of the themes website code?
21:52:45BigBambie.g. WpsGallery vs CustomWPS
21:53:17bluebrothermaybe there's a way to redirect pages like mediawiki can do?
21:53:38BigBambiDon't know
21:53:51BigBambiI think I'm right in saying only admin's can rename pages?
21:54:00bluebrotherI think so.
21:54:13bluebrothernot sure either
21:54:17 Quit coatman1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:14linuxstbOr switch to a Windows web server ;)
21:55:21BigBambiheh :)
21:55:48LloreanBigBambi: I think it's usually only when an acronym is the first "word" in a page name that it isn't all caps.
21:55:55LloreanBut I'm not sure.
21:56:02BigBambiHmmm, interesting thought
21:56:15 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
21:56:19 Quit coatman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:56:40BigBambiLlorean: PluginMpegplayer :(
21:56:57LloreanWell the plugin isn't named MPEGPlayer
21:57:13BigBambiMaybe not, but it isn't exactly clear
21:57:26LloreanAnd the wiki page refers to it as MPEGPlayer actually
21:57:39linuxstbbluebrother: Same as ever... :( I'll try and put what I've got in SVN asap, so others can start hacking...
21:57:47LloreanBigBambi: But I do agree, some solid rule would be nice
21:57:52LloreanFor future pages, and to eventually fix existing ones.
21:58:09BigBambiyep, I don't really care which way, I'd just like a convention
21:58:12bluebrotheryeah, I'd really like to take a peek. IMO we should really get a at least basic (read only?) website up for 3.0
21:58:36fmlbluebrother, linuxstb: I have no patch yet, just thinking about making one. The firmware code would not call app code directly. The app code would register a callback function which would then get called by the firmware.
21:59:03bluebrotherwell, that's still calling apps code from firmware from my point of view ...
21:59:20fmlSo API wise there would be no such calls.
22:00:09fmlThe possibility of a callback would be a firmware feature. I.e. the type for the callback function would be defined in a firmware .h file.
22:01:21fmlThen the firmware doesn't care who provides the function. It just happens ;-) that it's provided by the app layer in my (still hypothetical) case.
22:01:31 Part Strife89
22:02:00 Quit shnee (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:41 Join Acksaw [0] (
22:10:55 Join sepsep [0] (n=63a257ab@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:11:25sepsepcan someone help me?
22:11:56fmlNot if you don't tell us what the problem is
22:11:58bluebrotherare we in a hurry?
22:12:35bluebrotherthis is irc, people usually do things the same time ... and you need to ask a question. Crystal balls are quite problematic these days :)
22:12:36sepsepmy sansa e260 wont mount after i installed rockbox
22:12:50sepsepany help??
22:13:01bluebrotherdoes it reboot into the OF for disc mode?
22:13:06bertrikboot the OF for disk access over USB
22:13:12bertrik(original firmware)
22:13:47sepsepscreen goes black or error -4
22:14:15sepsepn origional firnware boot
22:14:21fmlDoesn't that mean that the firmware file can't be found?
22:14:42bluebrotherhmm, shouldn't that not be an issue on the sansa?
22:14:47sepseperror with it
22:14:59sepsepafter installing rockbox
22:15:05Lloreanbluebrother: Depends on how he installed
22:15:10LloreanIf he installed the old, old way.
22:15:16sepsepyep old
22:15:23bluebrotherold, old? I even can't remember how that worked :)
22:15:26sepsepdid in 2006 lol
22:15:37Lloreanbluebrother: Rockbox bootloader replaced OF, and loaded OF from a .mi4 file
22:15:40LloreanMuch like the e200R
22:15:55bluebrotherthen you need to reinstall the OF, then reinstall the bootloader ...
22:16:14sepsepusb not rechniozed
22:16:23linuxstbEnter recovery mode
22:16:33sepsephold while i do
22:16:56sepsepusb cable conected on screen
22:17:02linuxstb has instructions and links
22:17:05sepsepin recovery mode
22:18:08sepsepstill not shown on comp in rec mode
22:19:11bluebrotherwell, if you have a microsd card you could try to move the OF.mi4 file that way (given that rockbox still boots)
22:19:48sepsepit does
22:20:03bluebrotherbut recovery mode works −− I used it myself before.
22:20:27sepsepwhat should it say in recovery mode?
22:20:48bluebrothersomething like "welcome to recovery mode" −− isn't that stated on the wiki page?
22:20:59sepsepthen what?
22:21:12bluebrothernothing. It appears as (small) drive on the pc.
22:21:25 Quit snoh ("GNU/Linux the free alternative to Windows")
22:21:37 Join Kevanx [0] (
22:22:04sepsep for me after that it says on device usb cable connected only
22:23:40bertrikhow does the bootloading process on sansa work anyway? is it described in a wiki somewhere?
22:23:56mcuelenaereBagder: could you "upgrade" my FlySpray status to Developer instead of "Reporter"?
22:24:09Bagderoh indeed!
22:24:49bluebrothersepsep: just tried it, works fine for me. After the welcome it only says "usb connected"
22:24:55linuxstbbertrik: As it comes from the factory, there is a Sandisk bootloader and the OF in the firmware partition. The boot code in ROM loads the Sandisk bootloader, which in turn loads the OF.
22:24:56 Quit Acky (Connection timed out)
22:25:12bluebrotherand it appears as "16MB-FORMAT" on my pc.
22:25:15 Quit Kevanx ("Leaving.")
22:25:39Bagdermcuelenaere: done!
22:25:40linuxstbbertrik: Sansapatcher (by default) replaces the OF in the firmware partition with the Rockbox bootloader, and then writes an unencrypted version of that firmware to an unused part of that partition (so the Rockbox bootloader can dual-boot).
22:25:49mcuelenaereBagder: thanks!
22:26:06fmlbluebrother, linuxstb: so no more comments about the suppressing the backlight? I'll leave it then as it's not a very important feature for me. It was more of a academical interest.
22:26:09linuxstbbertrik: Sansapatcher can also replace the Sansa bootloader with the Rockbox bootloader, but then you lose recovery mode.
22:26:27 Join toffe82_ [0] (
22:27:05bertriklinuxstb, ok thanks, that explains a lot
22:27:07 Join andrewbeveridge- [0] (n=586f8ea0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:27:57 Join snoh [0] (
22:28:38 Quit Horscht ("IRC is just multiplayer notepad")
22:30:09bluebrotherbertrik: now "someone" write it down ;-)
22:31:27 Quit Vorador ("Ex-Chat")
22:32:05*bertrik looks around and whistles
22:33:22 Quit sepsep ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:33:56andrewbeveridge-hey, are saratoga, preglow or linuxstb around? :)
22:36:29Bagderandrewbeveridge-: try asking your question
22:37:17Bagderand I'm sure one of the guys who knows will answer if around...
22:38:01 Quit fml ("CGI:IRC")
22:38:50*bluebrother adds "question" to ignore list :P
22:38:56 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:29 Join z35 [0] (
22:41:45andrewbeveridge-well, see it is kinda specific to the people who I have already spoken to, who are working on SoundCodecWMA in rockbox. But anyway, I've posted what I wanted to in the ongoing bug (9205). I really just wanted to see if what I found was of use :)
22:42:07 Join yonkeltron [0] (
22:42:28Bagderandrewbeveridge-: still, people read logs at times so expressing the points out loud up front is often the better approach
22:42:38mcuelenaerecan someone confirm FS #7526 is fixed?
22:43:12yonkeltroni can't seem to get the bootloader to load and i'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong
22:44:55yonkeltroni have tried numerous time and done both the manual and the automagic install but no dice
22:44:56andrewbeveridge-Badger: ok sure. basically, there was some sort of bug in rockbox's WMA decoder which caused all of my WMA files to play badly, with skips every few seconds. I noticed the same behaviour in VLC media player, and as both use FFMpeg, assumed it was an FFMpeg problem. I have finally now confirmed that.
22:45:07bertrikyonkeltron, what player do you have?
22:45:54yonkeltronbertrik: iaudo x5
22:45:58domonokyandrewbeveridge-: it would be good to track down the revision of ffmpeg which made it work... *just updating rockbox wmaCodec to lates ffmpeg" isnt that easy
22:46:27bluebrotheryonkeltron: how did you install? Did you follow the flashing procedure using the AC adapter?
22:47:43 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:48:42 Quit Mathiasdm ("Invisible Internet Project:")
22:49:13yonkeltronbluebrother: oh wait, srsly, that time it worked
22:49:19yonkeltroni must have had something wrong with the dir structure
22:51:06andrewbeveridge-domonoky: yeah, I figured that - trouble is I don't know where to start. I can't realistically test more than 20-30 FFmpeg builds. I'll go have a look at the trunk and see which builds affect WMA decoding
22:51:14andrewbeveridge-domonoky: yeah, I figured that - trouble is I don't know where to start. I can't realistically test more than 20-30 FFmpeg builds. I'll go have a look at the trunk and see which builds affect WMA decoding.
22:51:29*bluebrother throws some vowels at yonkeltron
22:52:41*andrewbeveridge- yells at CGI:IRC
22:52:54rasherandrewbeveridge-: 20-30 builds should be more than enough if you do a binary search
22:53:00domonokyandrewbeveridge-: the key is a binary search, take build in the middle between rockboxs version and the known working.. if it works take the lower half, it doesnt the upper half.. and the do the same..
22:53:43 Join andrewbeveridge [0] (
22:54:09 Nick andrewbeveridge is now known as andrew_beveridge (
22:54:31*andrew_beveridge gives up on CGI:IRC and fires up mIRC
22:54:49 Nick andrew_beveridge is now known as andrewbeveridge (
22:55:15bertrikandrew_beveridge, you could narrow the search down a bit too by only testing revisions that actually contained a wma change
22:55:27 Join coatman [0] (
22:55:31bluebrotherandrewbeveridge: is a much nicer replacement for cgi::irc ... just in case ;-)
22:55:54andrewbeveridgeyeah I figured that - I can't realistically test more than 20-30 FFmpeg builds. I'll go have a look at the trunk and see which builds affect WMA decoding.
22:56:23andrewbeveridgebluebrother: thanks lol, but mIRC beats all. I was onyl using the web interface cos i was lazy ;-)
22:56:51*bluebrother tried mirc once and hated it. irssi is wayyy better :)
22:57:06bertrikandrewbeveridge, oh sorry, somehow didn't you mentioned that already :)
22:57:19 Quit andrewbeveridge ("hasta la vista! thanks to those who helped me :)")
22:57:20 Quit andrewbeveridge- ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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23:10:17bertrikAnyone have objections against FS #9217? is a patch to improve line drawing in rockpaint by using bresenham instead of using multiplies/divisions
23:11:08 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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