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#rockbox log for 2008-09-10

00:00:06*amiconn came across this WM8731 driver bug while defining lots of macros for the WM8975
00:00:16amiconnThe fix should probably go into 3.0
00:00:41amiconnIt might not be that important though
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00:16:00amiconnLooks like several targets fail in adhering to the philosophy to give the user all the controls the hardware offers
00:16:14amiconnE.g the WM8975 has selectable bass & treble cutoff
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00:41:01Hillshumwhat's the best way to view a disam.txt file?
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00:42:01wyatt___hey guys, i need help
00:42:13advcomp2019wyatt___, say what you need
00:42:23wyatt___can i put rockbox on a newsmy mp4 player
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00:42:40wyatt___are you sure
00:42:50wyatt___the file manager thats on it blows
00:43:19wyatt___is there anything i could use
00:43:22Hillshumsee for supported devices
00:44:51HillshumDoes Cygwin have a good way to view disam.txt files?
00:45:05wyatt___i want to try something better than what is has, does anyone know of any other sorts of things i could try???
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00:46:45bluebrotherHillshum: use less or vim?
00:46:48wyatt___no thanks, i want to try different firmware or some other file manager thats works with winmo 6 ce
00:49:20wyatt___"The Cygwin DLL currently works with all recent, commercially released x86 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows, with the exception of Windows CE"
00:50:36bluebrotherI'm not exactly sure what you want to do. To view a text file you can use "less file.txt"
00:52:26bluebrotheror open it up in any text editor you like −− either directly from windows or use a command line text editor. vim is one you could use, or try joe
00:52:39bluebrotheror emacs.
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00:56:04markunwyatt___: any idea what kind of hardware is inside that player?
00:56:20markunCPU architecture
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00:57:13MarcGuayDisclaimer: I have a question regarding C programming with the purpose of porting RB.
00:57:17Hillshumwhat CPU
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00:58:23markunHillshum: talking to me?
00:58:26MarcGuayI've included a header file in telechips.c which has function stubs (not the right term, but "void function(void);"), and a matching .c file which contains those functions, but I get an implicit declaration error when building. Any, thoughts?
00:58:45Hillshummarkun: yes
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01:00:01markunHillshum: in that case I don't understand what you wanted to say/ask
01:00:15Hillshumwhat kind of CPU?
01:00:22MarcGuayThe .c file #includes the .h file.
01:00:22CtcpTime on #rockbox from delt_away!i=1000@
01:01:16markunHillshum: yes, that's what I wanted to know
01:01:43*MarcGuay goes to study the C Header File wikipedia page again...
01:02:01Hillshumyeah, now if wyatt___ would answer..
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01:12:59markunHillshum: I couldn't find anything unfortunately. Time for sleep.
01:13:16Hillshumnot that i really care
01:13:31Hillshumto busy porting to sansa v2 for another target
01:13:39Hillshumtime to go
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01:14:33amiconnThe WM codecs have an interesting, modular register layout
01:14:53wyatt___markun: ive looked all over and i cant find it. its a clone/mp4 player so ...
01:15:15advcomp2019wyatt___, open it an find out
01:15:19amiconnRegisters with identical function have identical register numbers, and it even looks like the bit positions are also the same
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01:16:06wyatt___upon opening it, will a banner pop out and tell me?
01:16:09amiconnIf a function became upgraded and uses different settings now, the old registers/ positions are reserved
01:17:23advcomp2019wyatt___, not sure.. some chips might say and others might not
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01:21:44wyatt___i dont think i will, i know about computers, not mp3 players.
01:24:04*MarcGuay trips over the firmware/SOURCES file.
01:25:31wyatt___i found out that it runs @ 200mhz. that should help you gather your advice advcomp
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01:40:01wyatt____anyone have ay advice for that newsmy mtouch i mentioned??? 200mHz. useless file manager. ANY ADVICE???
01:40:27krazykitwyatt____, my advice; sell it and buy something actually supported by rockbox.
01:40:47wyatt____i want to but no one wants not an ipod.
01:41:00wyatt____ppl dont understand what it is
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01:46:37ea_suterdoes anyone know if rockbox will work on a sansa e280
01:46:47krazykitea_suter, provided it's a v1 sansa, yes.
01:46:54wyatt____yes it will, not v2
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01:47:08ea_suterhmm, how can I check that?
01:47:46krazykitcheck the firmware revision; if it's 1.x, it's a v1. if it's 3.x, it's a v2
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01:55:57webguest65in my e260 rockbox database I cnt see the new songs I added
01:56:10webguest65and in files>photos there aren't any
01:58:26*amiconn wonders why WM8975 recording (ipods..) doesn't enable audio outputs
01:58:36amiconnThis way there's no monitoring...
01:58:58ea_suterwell, I havent bought the e280 yet...just one last question though, does the e280 firmware suck very badly or is it endurable?
02:00:10krazykitea_suter, if you're buying it new, it very well may be a v2
02:00:34ea_suteri see...
02:02:29MarcGuaywebguest65: search the manual for "Show Files" and "Database"
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02:05:08amiconnAlso, why audio_enable_recording() resets *everything on wm8975 is beyond me...
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02:10:43ea_suterwhats the problem with the firmware compatibility though?
02:10:58krazykitthe problem is the v2 has completely different hardware.
02:11:05ea_suterjust asking cause if i get one I might try hacking at it ;)
02:11:25krazykitthere is a port effort in the New Ports forum that you could check out :)
02:12:17ea_suterdont have much experience with this kind of thing though. the most advanced "embedded" programming i've done so far is mips assembly :(
02:12:42krazykitsounds like a good time to learn, hmm? :)
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02:22:08amiconnDoes anyone know where to buy ipod dock connectors?
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03:01:29VirtualX1hey, can someone help me?
03:02:37advcomp2019VirtualX1, what can we help you with withou knowing what to help with
03:02:44VirtualX1im trying to change my macpod to a winpod, and the instructions at the wiki arent working
03:03:12VirtualX1when i try to rewrite the table, it says permission denied
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03:37:17jgsprengeranyone know if the WMA codec was fixed?
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04:46:39tlkghey does anyone know that status of the port to the ipod classic?
04:47:15HBKi'm sure that would be on the wiki
04:48:06tlkgall it says is that it is not supported
04:48:19tlkgi dont know if anyone is working on it or not though
04:48:38advcomp2019look in the "new ports" in forums
04:55:49Darksairtlkg: That will might be quiet a long time to wait
04:56:34tlkghonestly all i really want is a 160gb drive. if i could cram that into a 5gen then i would be happy.
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04:57:56advcomp2019you could.. have you looked at the hard drive replacement wiki
04:58:45tlkgim looking at some other site right now. its in the rockbox wiki?
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05:00:33advcomp2019here is the wiki:
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05:01:56tlkgive got a 60gb video so i would assume that as long as i get a 8mm with zif connection i should be fine right?
05:03:34advcomp2019if you read the wiki page right you should be ok.. there is models there too
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08:14:13amiconnadvcomp2019: Fyi: if someone wants a 160GB drive in *any* rockbox target (precisely: A drive larger than 136GB, i.e. 128GiB), it needs a custom rockbox build to make full use of it
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08:15:53advcomp2019o ok thanks.. i did not know, amiconn
08:16:12zimba42i got two sansa e200v2 devices today.. what can I do to support rockbox development for those?
08:16:26amiconnAlso, on some older targets (doesn't apply to ipods), it's not possible to present the whole drive capacity via USB, if the USB-ATA bridge doesn't support the required LBA48 ATA protocol extension. There's a workaround to make use of the complete disk capacity in rockbox in this case, needing some more options in the custom build
08:17:29amiconnOn ipods, the question will be whether the OF resp. diskmode support LBA48. If they don't, the custom build would need to have rockbox USB enabled (with all its current quirks)
08:20:09advcomp2019amiconn, could that info be helpful on that page?
08:20:13amiconnThat said, once these drives become more widespread, we should probably enable LBA48 support in rockbox by default, at least for those targets where it can also be supported in USB mode and which aren't short on RAM
08:20:22 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:21:14amiconnThere is a page about this already, albeit focusing on archos and the necessary workaround for the limitation of the usb-ata bridge
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08:22:22advcomp2019o ok.. like i said i did not know this, sorry
08:29:52GodEaterwhy *don't* we enable LBA48 by default?
08:30:06GodEateris it a real performance hit having to do all the extra ATA register writes ?
08:37:28 Quit bughunter2 ("bye")
08:40:42JdGordonGodEater: it only makes sense of course on the targets which that limit is actually possible to hit... are there any 136GB+ drives available for the current hdd targets?
08:43:04GodEateryes, but is the reason we keep it off because it DOES cause a performance hit on targets that don't need it ?
08:43:12GodEateror is there something else I'm missing ?
08:43:33 Join JdGordon_ [0] (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
08:44:03amiconnIt doesn't cause a noticeable performance hit at all
08:44:30amiconnAll the extra register writes are only done if the disk actually needs lba48
08:44:43GodEaterbin size then ?
08:44:48amiconnAll that happens for an lba28 disk is an extra if() check
08:45:02amiconnYes, bin size, and untestedness
08:45:11GodEaterthank you :)
08:46:25amiconnOnce a dev has access to such an 1.8" 160GB hdd, it should be tested in as many targets as possible
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10:45:14gevaertsamiconn: the rockbox MSC implementation doesn't support those large disks yet either, although implementing that shouldn't be too difficult (basically implementing the READ16 and WRITE16 scsi commands)
10:48:15amiconnDoesn't scsi have a natural limit of 2TB (i.e. 32 bit sector addresses) by default?
10:49:46 Join Thundercloud [0] (
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10:53:59gevaertsThe *16 commands use 64 bit block addresses
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11:01:49amiconngevaerts: Those won't be needed then for >128GiB support, unless we exceed the 2TiB limit
11:05:35 Part zimba43
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11:07:54gevaertsamiconn: indeed. I was slightly confused
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11:26:06directhexa fresh RB install on my gigabeat seems to have gotten it working again, but there's one oddity - it won't warm boot (i.e. if i turn it off, it won't turn on again unless i flip the battery switch to off, wait a few seconds, then back to on)
11:26:37markundirecthex: gigabeat F?
11:26:55markunI've never seen that, but I haven't updated in a few weeks either
11:27:52directhexit's a "current build" from the rockbox website from a couple of days ago
11:28:09directhexsince album art is mainline now, no more need to patch/build myself
11:28:49markunyou could try to update the bootloader as well, but it's probably already the current one
11:29:01markunsince we haven't updated it in a while
11:30:20directhexhow long is "a while"?
11:30:41directhexi last updated a year ago, so i have whichever bootloader was current in sept '07
11:30:53GodEaterI thought the current F bootloader was "broken"?
11:31:21directhexGodEater: define ""broken""
11:31:40GodEaterI don't know - gevaerts was claiming he was going to look into it
11:33:11 Join webguest97 [0] (n=75c48ebf@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:33:15gevaertscurrent as in current svn, not as in latest released
11:33:35 Quit webguest97 (Client Quit)
11:34:00JdGordonspeaking of broken... my e200 started crashing for no apparent reason today :( first time in AGES
11:46:09 Join crash91 [0] (n=7aa23b23@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:49:08JdGordongevaerts: (re fs#9391) well dont do that then.... :p
11:49:46 Quit crash91 (Client Quit)
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11:58:15gevaertsJdGordon: that's why I don
11:58:23gevaerts't consider it a 3.0 blocker :)
11:59:27 Join culture [0] (
12:06:26 Join nplus [0] (n=nplus@141.25.Globcom.Net)
12:07:32 Join Darksair [0] (n=user@
12:12:24directhexehm... is there a way to check my bootloader version versus what's available?
12:25:59 Join lasser [0] (
12:32:36 Quit lasser (Remote closed the connection)
12:33:22linuxstbdirecthex: The Gigabeat F bootloader was last updated in April 2007, so if you installed in September 2007, you'll have the latest.
12:33:58directhexhm. i wonder why it won't boot properly then
12:34:10directhexi'd blame the hardware, but it's fine from cold boot
12:34:31 Quit culture ("KVIrc 3.4.0 Virgo")
12:37:02 Join culture [0] (
12:38:24 Quit culture (Client Quit)
12:41:25 Join culture [0] (
13:08:15 Join dabujo [0] (
13:15:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:26:13*linuxstb reads the forum thread about distributing the windows version of rbutil as a .zip vs .exe, and thinks distributing the .exe is far more sensible
13:27:28 Join iPodClock [0] (
13:28:48markunhi there iPodClock
13:28:51iPodClockI was wondering if anyone could tell me if MPEG is the only video format that rockbox supports?
13:29:01markunyes, it is
13:29:07 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (
13:29:25iPodClockLooks like I've got to convert all my files agan
13:29:30Lloreanlinuxstb: I think if it's a safe assumption that there will only ever be one file, distributing the .exe is fine, but I don't see any actual harm to it being a .zip, and that at least means that future versions won't be changing the instructions.
13:29:32markun(we have another format, but that only works on very old Archos players)
13:29:54markuniPodClock: which player do you have?
13:30:03iPodClockI'm using an iPod Video, I must say I am very impressed with rockbox
13:30:25iPodClockdespite the off putting skin screenshots I saw on wikipedia.
13:30:33markunI think for ipod video you would be much better of playing the videos in the original firmware
13:30:50iPodClockyeah, but I don't want to keep swapping over
13:30:51markunit has a special chip for decoding video which we can't use
13:31:26LloreanBasically, quality and performance will be worse for video in Rockbox on the iPod Video, at least until such time as we can use that chip (which may be never).
13:31:55iPodClockthat's kinda lame :/
13:32:05iPodClockDamn apple
13:33:21LambdaCalculus37iPodClock: We're basically rendering the entire video in software. Couple that with the fact that the iPod video's 320x240 LCD doesn't make things any faster.
13:33:27linuxstbLlorean: No-one can say what rbutil will be in the future, so I don't think that should affect what we do now - currently it's just a single .exe file, almost the same size as a .zip, so I don't see the point in zipping it, and adding another step to the process
13:34:16iPodClockOk, thanks for the help anyway :)
13:34:44markunyou're welcome
13:34:45iPodClockCan I switch between rockbox and my original firmware without deleting rockbox then?
13:34:50iPodClocksay, I'm at college or work
13:35:00LambdaCalculus37Yes you can. It's documented in the manual.
13:35:00LloreanYes. Just turn off the ipod, then immediately after turning it back on, put on the hold switch
13:35:06LloreanIt should start you in the Apple OS.
13:35:12iPodClockThank you!
13:35:14LloreanTo get back to Rockbox, you'll have to hold Menu+Select to reboot
13:35:19iPodClockyeah ;)
13:35:20LambdaCalculus37Simple as pie. :)
13:35:37iPodClocksimple pies, are usually the best
13:35:52*linuxstb prefers to turn off, then press MENU to turn it back on, keeping his finger held on MENU
13:36:23LambdaCalculus37You can also get into the OF by turning off the device, clicking HOLD on, then connecting it to a computer.
13:36:59LambdaCalculus37It's all here... in our lovely manual, which can be *yours*! For only... 2 seconds of download time! :)
13:37:33 Quit Darksair ("ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs)")
13:38:03iPodClockI've been reading the online manual
13:38:20iPodClockvery helpful, I just couldn't find anything about video formats.
13:38:53iPodClockoh god
13:38:58iPodClockas soon as I went back on it
13:39:06iPodClockI noticed the huge "File Formats" link
13:40:30LambdaCalculus37Rockbox only plays MPEG1/2 videos. There's a page on the wiki that'll tell you more:
13:43:36 Join funman [0] (
13:48:17 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
13:49:37 Quit LambdaCalculus37 ("Do quit now, there's a demon around the corner!")
13:51:29 Join FastKatt [0] (
13:52:30 Quit FastKatt ("Life without danger is a waste of oxygen")
13:53:04 Join FastKatt [0] (
13:53:55 Join Darksair [0] (n=user@
13:55:57 Quit iPodClock ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]")
14:10:45 Quit FastKatt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:15:22 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
14:15:28 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
14:15:56 Join Bagder_ [0] (
14:31:43 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:34:44 Join kugel [0] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/kugel)
14:34:51 Join Rogg [0] (n=jean@
14:35:06 Quit Strogg (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:35:11kugelNico_P: Sorry for the bug I introduced :S
14:36:12 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a04303@gateway/web/ajax/
14:37:01 Quit culture ("Changing server...")
14:37:37 Join culture [0] (
14:38:07 Nick Rogg is now known as Strogg (n=jean@unaffiliated/strogg)
14:44:22 Quit Llorean (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:45:31 Join mf0102 [0] (
14:46:55 Nick JdGordon is now known as JdGordon|zzz (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
14:47:25Nico_Pkugel: I tried to reproduce it but couldn't. have you managed?
14:47:50kugelNico_P: Well no
14:50:52funmankugel: how is your fuze working ? can you still use the buttons without the wheel ?
14:51:14kugelfunman: it's in the package on his way back to the shop
14:53:30kugelNico_P: Ah wait, yes, it's reproducable without showing fps
14:53:36 Quit mazling ("Inde da'covale misain ye; Caballien misain ye!")
14:54:11kugelNico_P: The fix is trivial though. Initializing titletxt_y with 0 should do it
14:59:09 Join mf0102_ [0] (
15:11:02 Quit mf0102 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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15:48:58 Quit goffa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:54:05 Join lasser [0] (
15:54:49 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:05:27 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
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16:13:06 Quit Strogg ("quiting.")
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16:25:59 Part Xecide
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16:46:44 Part LinusN
16:47:37 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
16:48:10 Quit lasser ()
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17:52:48 Quit funman ("leaving")
18:00:06 Quit petur ("work->home")
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18:47:56 Join MethoS- [0] (
18:51:34 Join wpyh [0] (n=william@
18:55:37 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
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19:06:24 Quit Darksair ("zzz...")
19:07:41 Quit daurn ("Cyas later...")
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19:17:23 Join svpe [0] (
19:18:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:19:53 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
19:23:16wpyhhi all
19:23:20 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:23:35wpyhdoes anyone here feel there's a problem with the organization of the current source tree?
19:24:49wpyhI do feel there's a problem
19:24:56wpyhthe whole build tree feels clunky
19:25:06gevaertsIn what way?
19:25:15svpewell, i've been digging into it the last two days and it's imho quite well organized.
19:25:45wpyh1. some binaries are built outside the tree, some are inside. target builds are outside, utilities, tools, etc. are inside
19:26:22gevaertsah, ok. Yes, I must agree that that's not perfect
19:26:36wpyh2. sometimes "make" doesn't pick up source code changes. I had a bad build a couple of weeks ago (can't play ogg files at all) and remaking doesn't help. I had to delete the build tree and start over
19:26:49 Join funman [0] (
19:26:53gevaertstrue, patches welcome :)
19:27:11wpyhgevaerts: I don't have a good idea on how to fix it though...
19:27:42wpyhlike, how the source builds should be arranged ideally
19:27:45wpyhbut I'll think about it
19:28:53funmandoes this routine look valid for sleeping X milliseconds ?
19:29:50funmanif the msleep_loop is effectively 1ms, one iteration over subs and bne is 1us, with a cpu clock which rings 250 times per microseconde
19:30:19wpyhfunman: seems like a busy loop to me
19:30:51 Join jhulst_ [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
19:30:53funmanwpyh: this is the intended feature, but I need precise timing, and am looking for ~100 nanoseconds delay
19:31:34wpyhfunman: hm...
19:31:34n1swpyh: there's a bug in the build system that makes it necessary to 'make' twice when changing a codec, also in some cases 'make clean' is necessary...
19:31:47wpyhn1s: so it's a known bug?
19:32:02funmanand I just don't understand how 2 instructions last 250 cpu clocks
19:32:32funmanthis cpu should be able to do 200MIPS but maybe when branching this adds another delay
19:32:51n1swpyh: FS #6847
19:32:55 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
19:33:19 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
19:37:57 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
19:38:46wpyhfunman: sorry, I can't comment anymore...
19:39:22wpyhn1s: thanks
19:40:10funmanwpyh: np
19:41:52funmanor maybe the clock isn't at 250MHz when it boots ...
19:42:28 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
19:44:15 Quit jhulst (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44:54 Part directhex ("Leaving")
19:45:05funmanI found linux/arch/arm/lib/delay.S
19:47:50wpyhfunman: what does it do?
19:48:07funmanmicrosecond delay, but it uses constants/variables I haven't found yet in the kernel
19:48:34funmanHZ is CONFIG_HZ , can be defined when configuring the kernel
19:49:28amiconnHmm. That Transcend 4GB MMC definitely works as such, and it also definitely supports SPI (since the OF can read the directory)
19:49:37amiconnBut our driver fails...
19:51:39wpyhgevaerts: I tried the svn (with your blinkenlights-shutdown-warning code)
19:51:44wpyhi found that it doesn't shut down my M3
19:52:10funmanHZ is 100
19:52:52 Quit Nico_P (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:53:50gevaertswpyh: from my reading of it should behave the same as the m6sl...
19:54:22markunwpyh: you do remove the USB cable?
19:55:19funmanand the loops_per_jiffy is calibrated at boot
19:56:12wpyhmarkun, gevaerts: yes, 1) plug in the m3, 2) load the code, 3) play around with the play button, 4) the backlight blinks, then dies, 4) unplug, 5) now the m3 hangs
19:56:40gevaertsWhat happens if wou unplug first (after (2))
19:57:12 Quit jhulst_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:57:12wpyhhm...let's try
19:58:09wpyhgevaerts: now it just hangs
19:58:23wpyhplease note that I'm still using the svn code, not yours or markun's
19:58:30wpyhyeah, immediately after I unplug the thing
19:59:03gevaertsthe new code is for slider testing. Don't try that until you have basic functionality
20:00:37wpyhgevaerts: ok... you mean until the m3 shuts down properly, don't try the new code?
20:01:36gevaertswpyh: the new code is known not to work properly anywhere
20:01:58 Quit neddy (Connection timed out)
20:02:55markunI made have made a mistake when I looked at the M3 firmware
20:03:19markunor maybe this info is from 'kgb2008', I don't remember
20:03:48markungevaerts: we could test if we at least have the buttons correctly
20:04:17wpyhhmm... ok
20:04:55gevaertsYou could. I'm currently copying the QT1106 configuration things into defines
20:05:11 Join neddy [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-52b92223116f5d07)
20:11:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:11:07funmaniirc i386 assembly, different instructions would require more or less cpu cycles to complete
20:12:09funmanI expect it's the same for arm, but can't find a list
20:14:08 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
20:16:03funman nice
20:18:09mcuelenaerefunman: if you're looking for an ARM instruction list, you could try the ARM quick set reference card
20:18:11*amiconn points funman to the arm infocenter
20:18:57mcuelenaerewpyh: first, try compiling the vx767 tree and upload it using usbtool
20:19:05mcuelenaere(usbtool 10)
20:19:34funmanmcuelenaere: I have the list, I am looking for the time length of each instrction
20:19:53mcuelenaerefunman: in that case, try amiconn's link
20:23:35 Quit atrus ()
20:26:27 Quit MethoS- (Remote closed the connection)
20:27:18 Join tvelocity[a] [0] (n=tony@
20:27:42wpyhmcuelenaere: which bin files do I need for "usbtool 10"?
20:27:51mcuelenaereonly 1.bin
20:27:55 Join MethoS- [0] (
20:27:56mcuelenaere(and onda.bin of course)
20:28:08mcuelenaerewhich is a renamed rockboot.vx767
20:28:20*wpyh makes a symlink
20:28:45wpyhok, the lcd is still not initialized properly
20:28:49 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:29:02mcuelenaerewpyh: in what way?
20:29:05mcuelenaerehow does it look?
20:29:13wpyhit looks washed out
20:29:18mcuelenaeredo you have some kind of way to take a picture of it?
20:29:27wpyhit's the same as using the old version before you added the lcd init
20:29:47mcuelenaerehmm bugger
20:30:11mcuelenaereI imitated the exact same vx767 initialisation routine
20:30:13mcuelenaerelike you send me
20:30:22mcuelenaereat least the backlight turns on, doesn't it?
20:31:20 Join {phoenix}_ [0] (
20:31:21 Join bughunter21 [0] (n=Jelle@
20:31:43 Quit {phoenix}_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:31:44mcuelenaerewpyh: perhaps what we should do, is look what the LCD controller could be
20:32:01mcuelenaeredo you know of any disassembled vx767 pictures?
20:32:17*wpyh has made a video
20:32:51wpyhmcuelenaere: there is
20:32:52mcuelenaerehmm /me thought he made a VX767 wiki page..
20:32:54wpyhlet me check
20:33:20mcuelenaereah it probably was lost with the server crash :/
20:33:23 Join {phoenix} [0] (
20:33:35 Join {phoenix}- [0] (
20:33:35 Quit {phoenix}- (Client Quit)
20:35:11wpyhmcuelenaere: here
20:35:23 Quit blithe (Remote closed the connection)
20:35:27mcuelenaerethx, I'll add it to the wiki
20:35:31*wpyh thought he saw the 767 page a few days ago
20:35:34 Join blithe [0] (
20:35:42 Join beta__ [0] (
20:36:54mcuelenaereit existed, but it was deleted with the server crash thingy a couple of days agoo
20:42:51amiconnpetur: ping
20:44:41 Quit bughunter2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:45:00mcuelenaerewpyh: could you check the VX767 wiki page for mistakes?
20:45:03 Nick bughunter21 is now known as bughunter2 (n=Jelle@
20:45:11mcuelenaerebtw we'll need the GPIO configuration to be filled in
20:47:49LambdaCalculus37mcuelenaere: Do you and wpyh want to add USB IDs for the VX767, VX747, and (for wpyh) the Meizu to the DeviceDetection wiki page?
20:48:21mcuelenaereLambdaCalculus37: I thought I already added the ones for the VX747... apparantly not
20:49:44wpyhLambdaCalculus37: I have already added the id's for the meizu
20:49:47 Quit PaulJam_ (".")
20:49:56LambdaCalculus37wpyh: Great. :)
20:50:20wpyhmcuelenaere: isn't the vx767 based on the 4740?
20:50:33 Join herrwaldo [0] (
20:50:41mcuelenaerewpyh: could be
20:51:19 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
20:52:37 Join neddy1 [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-dd3cfaa5566f824a)
20:53:10wpyhI think it is
20:53:38 Join shotofadds [0] (i=502c653d@gateway/web/ajax/
20:54:10mcuelenaerethen the picture should be updated
20:54:47*gevaerts can read out the touchpad on the m6sl :)
20:54:52 Quit {phoenix} (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:55:54wpyhgevaerts: wow
20:56:07mcuelenaerewpyh: it doesn't really resemble the same behaviour as mine did, but perhaps I can figure it out
20:56:10mcuelenaeregevaerts: \o/
20:56:39wpyhhmm... ok
20:56:47mcuelenaerehmm that fading to white seems like a good sign
20:56:56wpyhmcuelenaere: why?
20:57:07mcuelenaereit looks like it can (half-)initialise the LCD
20:57:43mcuelenaerewpyh: could you reset your device and do usbtool 3 on it?
20:57:49mcuelenaerethen press a key and do usbtool 3 again
20:58:01mcuelenaerenote the difference in the GPIO values and then write them on the wiki
20:58:02 Join {phoenix} [0] (
20:58:09mcuelenaerethen at least we have the keys working ;)
20:58:24 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
20:59:42wpyhshould I put it into recovery mode?
21:00:02mcuelenaereotherwise it won't work
21:02:47wpyhmcuelenaere: besides buttons, what else?
21:02:59mcuelenaereI'm afraid there's not much else to do..
21:03:06wpyhI notice that INTC_ISR is sometimes different, sometimes not
21:03:21mcuelenaerethat has something to do with the interrupt
21:03:27mcuelenaere(INTC = Interrupt Controller)
21:03:47wpyhis it significant here?
21:04:07wpyhbecause sometimes it's 0, sometimes it's 1000000
21:04:29wpyhhey, I found that the microsd slot alos affects the GPIO ;)
21:04:38mcuelenaerecool :)
21:04:42gevaertsNot that surprising :)
21:04:47*mcuelenaere doesn't have any MicroSD cards
21:05:10wpyhgevaerts: surprising for me :p
21:05:45mcuelenaerewpyh: that's the Interrupt Controller Source Register (ICSR)
21:05:50 Quit gromit`` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:05:51mcuelenaereThis register contains all the interrupts status. A 1 indicates that the corresponding interrupt is pending . A 0 indicates that the interrupt is not pending now. The register is read only.
21:06:30mcuelenaereah no I'm wrong
21:06:40mcuelenaereor not, I'm right
21:09:10mcuelenaereif anyone wants to see wpyh's VX767 getting inited wrongly:
21:09:35gevaertswpyh: code is committed if you want to try on M3
21:09:59wpyhgevaerts: ok
21:10:10 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
21:10:18mcuelenaerewpyh: what happened when you rebooted to the OF after running that code?
21:10:29skatteolaAny updates for the endian issue with meizu_dfu, markun? :)
21:10:34mcuelenaereI mean, what did you saw?
21:12:45wpyhskatteola: eh, endian issue?
21:13:09gevaertsskatteola: markun isn't here right now, but he should be back in a few hours
21:13:19skatteola"hangs" on my ppc ibook, apparently a known issue
21:13:29wpyhah, ok
21:13:38wpyhppc is big-endian right?
21:14:30gevaertsFor all practical purposes, yes
21:14:35svpemost are big-endian though
21:14:51wpyhok, I leave it to markun then
21:15:08wpyhmcuelenaere: you mean rockboot.vx767? nothing, since it's not written to the NAND
21:15:17amiconnSimilar thing on arm. It can be both, but LE is much more common
21:15:17wpyhthe OF functions normally
21:15:20skatteolaIt's already fixed, just not checked in as I understood it
21:15:21gevaertsIt shouldn't be that hard to fix, but markun has already done that, so...
21:15:30wpyhamiconn: I thought BE is more common?
21:15:34wpyh(on arm)
21:15:47wpyhhm.. ok
21:15:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:15:58mcuelenaerewpyh: what I meant was if you would perhaps see something interesting on the LCD, but that's probably not the case because the OF won't init the backlight before the LCD
21:16:25 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
21:16:36*amiconn repeats his question from yesterday
21:16:47peturamiconn: pong
21:16:57amiconnDoes anyone know where I could find an ipod dock connector?
21:17:04 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
21:17:13wpyhmcuelenaere: ah, ok. nothing interesting there...
21:17:13amiconnI'd like to test recording somewhat more thoroughly
21:17:29mcuelenaereamiconn: I think I saw some links somewhere
21:17:46amiconnpetur: The gain increase/decerase in the ipod recording screen are still swapped
21:18:00amiconnMaybe this also applies to other wheel targets - not sure
21:18:19mcuelenaereamiconn: have you seen ?
21:18:36*amiconn is about to test a build on his Photo that's supposed to not break playback after recording
21:18:38*bertrik checks recording gain increase/decrease on e200
21:18:50peturamiconn: must have been wrong before my changes, I checked them and they didn't change it
21:19:12*petur has no ipod to test/fix :/
21:20:02*petur tries the sim
21:21:19wpyhmcuelenaere: how about calling the lcd init directly from VX767_V1.0.dl?
21:21:22bertrikmaybe I misunderstand something, but on e200 the left/right buttons are used to decrease/increase gain, the wheel just selects volume/gain/filename items
21:21:30amiconnmcuelenaere: Ah, thanks :)
21:21:43mcuelenaerewpyh: that should be temporary
21:21:53mcuelenaerewe can't include the OF's binary
21:21:54bertrikleft is decrease, right is increase, as I would expect
21:22:03mcuelenaerewpyh: but it's possible, but shouldn't be needed actually
21:22:04wpyhmcuelenaere: yes, since that can be used to make sure our init code works as the OF's does
21:22:10wpyhbut how?
21:22:50mcuelenaereI don't want to spend time doing how, but I'll just compare the Rockbox version against the OF
21:22:54mcuelenaere(in assembly)
21:23:00mcuelenaereperhaps I made a mistake somewhere
21:23:21mcuelenaeremy best guess about what's currently wrong, is the lcd_set_target() function
21:23:25mcuelenaere(in Rockbox)
21:23:34mcuelenaereI just guessed that one
21:23:50*wpyh doesn't understand
21:23:58mcuelenaerewpyh: could you try recompiling with #if 0 #endif what's in that function?
21:24:16 Join saratoga [0] (n=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:24:24bluebrotherwhat's this DFU mode on the nano 2G?
21:24:44wpyhbluebrother: thank LambdaCalculus37 for that
21:25:08LambdaCalculus37bluebrother: Thank linuxstb for the original idea.
21:25:27mcuelenaeredomonoky: shouldn't FS #9362 be committed?
21:25:43*linuxstb doesn't think he thought of that idea...
21:26:07LambdaCalculus37bluebrother: I trashed the firmware partition on my 2nd gen nano, then discovered that there's a hidden-away key combination on it that reveals a DFU mode.
21:26:33 Quit goffa_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:27:00domonokymcuelenaere: yes, maybe i should commit it... there is still the bug with the wrong error line, but that bug is in rockbox itself, and i should bug jdgordon about it :-)
21:29:26domonokybluebrother: we should prepare rbutil for the rbutil release...(like disabling theme installing temporary, changing the ini, and maybe other things) should we do this on the v3.0 branch or on trunk ?
21:29:32linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: Have you tried that key combination with a working ipod?
21:29:35mcuelenaerebtw I haven't seen krz lately, have you?
21:29:42 Quit tvelocity[a] (Connection timed out)
21:30:16domonokyi have seen him, something like 2 days ago..
21:30:37 Join tvelocity[a] [0] (n=tony@
21:31:14mcuelenaereis he still working on WPS editor?
21:31:50LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Yes, and it does nothing.
21:31:51domonokyyes, he was still doing something on it, at least he asked Qt questions for it :-)
21:32:13LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: You have to intentionally trash the firmware partition in order to access DFU mode.
21:32:55wpyhmcuelenaere: same result with that code commented out
21:33:25mcuelenaerehmm I seem to get errors on the compilation of vx767..
21:33:42wpyhbtw, does anyone know why bootloader/mrobe500.c is executable?
21:33:46bluebrotherLambdaCalculus37: so it's nothing an average user will enter (and therefore nothing we need to detect in rbutil, right?)
21:34:05wpyhmcuelenaere: errors?
21:34:23bluebrotherdomonoky: I think we should do that on the branch. It'll be a kinda special version anyway
21:34:53linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: Does itunes recognise the ipod on this mode? A USB trace of itunes communicating with such an ipod would be interesting...
21:35:16bluebrotherI'm also still working on my bootloader thingy but IMO it would be better to leave that after 3.0
21:35:26mcuelenaerewpyh: fixed (mrobe500.c)
21:35:40mcuelenaerewpyh: local tree modifications (in reply to 'errors?')
21:35:42domonokybluebrother: if we make the next rbutil from the 3.0 branch, i maybe should also commit the last language addition there.. :-)
21:35:43bluebrother(one of the reasons why there wasn't too much activity on that lately ... the other one is the usual time issue)
21:35:44 Quit Strife89 ("Leaving")
21:36:04LambdaCalculus37brother: Correct.
21:36:14*LambdaCalculus37 slaps his tab key
21:36:16bluebrotherdomonoky: indeed.
21:36:41LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: I haven't tried out the nano with iTunes yet. I'll do that, though.
21:37:10bluebrotherbut especially if we do 3.0 preparation on the branch I might try to commit my rework soonish ... hopefully I'll find some time on the weekend
21:37:58domonokybluebrother: then lets do it like this...
21:38:26ZambeziCan I in someway access the menu in Rockbox without using the touchpad? The touchpad is faulty now.
21:38:33ZambeziiPod Mini
21:39:00LambdaCalculus37Zambezi: Why not fix it?
21:39:19LambdaCalculus37Also, is the entire pad faulty, or does clicking work?
21:39:37linuxstbdomonoky, bluebrother: Is there a reason to release rbutil from the 3.0 branch? Couldn't it just be released from trunk?
21:39:42*bluebrother puts "check for updates" on the todo list
21:40:01domonokybluebrother: hwo do we want to handle Complete/Small install for 3.0 ? at moment it alwas installs bleeding.. (the seperate rockbox install will work correctly and default to the release , when we change the ini)
21:40:06bluebrotherwell, when is 3.0 scheduled? This week?
21:40:35bertrikmcuelenaere, do you mind if I have a look at the mrobe sources for missing #includes and functions that can be made static?
21:40:39bluebrotherlinuxstb: well, we need to change some things, so I'd prefer to not have to change them back on trunk.
21:40:52mcuelenaerebertrik: those sources aren't mine ;)
21:41:01mcuelenaerebtw, thx for the ZVM static fixes
21:41:03linuxstbbluebrother: What needs changing? Wouldn't future versions support "3.0" and "current" ?
21:41:13ZambeziLambdaCalculus37: The clickwheelcable broke, but it might be better buying the entire clickwheel casue the cable is hard to attach.
21:41:29wpyhZambezi: have you tried soldering/
21:41:43LambdaCalculus37Zambezi: Then check out the link I gave you. They sell the parts you'll need.
21:41:44Zambeziwpyh: No skill, no tools.
21:42:12ZambeziLambdaCalculus37: I did, but I need a store from UK so that or Ebay.
21:42:19bluebrotherlinuxstb: domonoky mentioned disabling the themes installation temporarily. As the site's down there isn't too much point in it
21:42:36domonokythe only thing we want to change back in the future, would be the disabling of theme installing, when the new theme site is ready..
21:42:40LambdaCalculus37Zambezi: This store does international shipping.
21:42:51linuxstbThat's not really a 3.0 issue though...
21:43:06ZambeziLambdaCalculus37: VAT, the custom.
21:43:14bluebrothermaybe we should get the latest release version from the download server in the future ;-)
21:43:42bluebrotherI'd also like to consolidate the daily and bleeding build info downloads into one. Would make things a bit easier
21:43:48mcuelenaerewpyh: I see at least one mistake in the vx767 LCD init
21:43:57mcuelenaereI'll check if there are others too..
21:43:58wpyhah, ok
21:44:01wpyhhow should I change it?
21:44:08mcuelenaereI'll commit it to SVN :)
21:44:17domonokybluebrother: the ini change is not only the version number, but also if it is released vor a specific target..
21:44:17mcuelenaereI'm currently diffing it with the OF
21:44:28bluebrotherwell, of course we could simply update the ini file and create new binaries from trunk
21:45:04domonokybluebrother: any idea on what todo with the Complete/small install ? which version should it install ?
21:45:18bluebrotherdomonoky: I know. My idea is to have the latest release version for each target in some file rbutil grabs upon start, similarl to the bleeding build info it currently gets
21:45:29*petur spots a very obvious mistake
21:45:53bluebrotherif we create dedicated 3.0 binaries then it should install 3.0. If we just create updated binaries I think it should get a bleeding edge build
21:49:24domonokybluebrother: so what do you like more: a "rbutil1.0.7-v3.0ready" or just a rbutil1.0.7 ? :-)
21:51:06bluebrotherwell, we could simply release it as 1.0.7 given that sansapatcher now supports the updated c200 firmware
21:52:25bluebrotherthen do some more code rework and release 1.0.8. Adding the cli interface would be something nice for 1.1
21:53:40bluebrotherbtw, having release names would be kinda fun imo :)
21:54:40n1sisn't 3.0 "mayday" ?
21:54:51domonokyif someone has good ideas for release names, why not...
21:55:09LambdaCalculus37domonoky: Weren't we agreeing on beer names? :)
21:55:23*domonoky likes (the more slogan like) "Rockbox v3.0 - Rocks for sure" :-)
21:55:37bluebrotherwasn't that for Rockbox releases? Wouldn't mind them for rbutil releases though
21:56:37*LambdaCalculus37 would codename 3.0 "Westmalle" :)
21:56:59n1sThe history for the ReleaseTodo page reveals codenames "mayday" for 3.0 and "fireworks" for 3.1 they were however edited out and twiki history is impossible to read
21:57:59bluebrotherwell, we can still name 3.0 "mayday", even if it's september ;)
21:58:24 Quit wpyh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:38n1sor just "fall" ;)
21:58:42 Join wpyh [0] (n=william@
21:58:44domonokyn1s: true, but they were for the old abandond 3.0 attempt, we have now "rockbox v3.0 - the new one" :-)
21:59:01 Quit wpyh (Client Quit)
21:59:04n1sah yes, 3.0v2 :P
21:59:13domonoky"rockbox 3.0 - Second attempt" :-)
21:59:27 Join wpyh [0] (n=william@
21:59:30 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
21:59:33*domonoky opens a beer...
22:00:19bluebrotherwell, as it's attempt 2, why not "mayday, mayday"? ;)
22:00:38mcuelenaerewpyh: could you try with svn up?
22:00:39amiconnSomething isn't quite right here... now I don't get hanging playback, but no soud after recording....
22:00:56n1sanyways if we go with the beer names we must make sure everyone has the correct brew around for the release announcement!
22:01:41gevaertsn1s: those are not beer names. They are placenames!
22:01:42*amiconn thinks it might be impossible to find a beer which every dev likes (not counting those who don't like beer at all)
22:02:13gevaertsamiconn: many of those places also produce cheese. Maybe that helps
22:02:30domonokythen we have to brew our own beer: "rockbeer" :-)
22:02:34wpyhmcuelenaere: same result
22:02:43peturamiconn: recording inc/dec on ipod should be ok now
22:03:01mcuelenaerewpyh: ok, then we should try identifying the LCD driver
22:03:02n1sgevaerts: right! let me reword, if we go with placenames we must make sure everyone has a beer with the same name around (by coincidence, no less!)! :)
22:03:06mcuelenaere(I mean the chip)
22:03:30gevaertsn1s: That works :)
22:03:30mcuelenaerewpyh: and with eenode is a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center, an
22:03:30mcuelenaere- IRS 501(
22:03:46mcuelenaerewpyh: and with lcd_set_target() disabled?
22:03:56wpyhhm.. let me try
22:04:05domonokyn1s: we should use googles mentor money to distribute one beer of the right brand to all rockbox devs in time for the release :-)
22:04:35 Quit Lambduh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:04:45*petur will go to the shop himself
22:05:04wpyhmcuelenaere: I got "LCM_T480272_11_RGB" from VX767_V1.0.dl
22:05:08wpyhis that the lcd driver?
22:05:20wpyhwith lcd_set_target() disabled, still the same result
22:05:25mcuelenaereyes, but try deciphering it :)
22:08:02mcuelenaerewpyh: nice :)
22:08:13 Join mirak [0] (
22:08:16mcuelenaerewhat's the manufacturer?
22:08:24mcuelenaereif it's Truly, we can get the datasheet
22:08:31mcuelenaereI mailed them and they mailed it back
22:08:43mirakdo you think it would be feasible to build the rockbox simulator on the iphone ?
22:08:59mirakor for
22:09:16mirakto have rockbox as a standalone application on this device for exemple
22:10:23wpyhseems to be this:
22:10:46mcuelenaereseems like the VX767 has the same (shielded) FM chip
22:12:15gevaertsmirak: it's not impossible, but I'm not sure if it could be installed on a non-jailbroken iphone
22:12:50wpyhmcuelenaere: I need some help documenting the GPIO pins
22:13:23wpyhfor example, with the microsd it's GPIO_PXPIN(1) -> deffffff, while without the microsd it's like GPIO_PXPIN(1) -> feffffff
22:13:26 Quit {phoenix} (Remote closed the connection)
22:13:42wpyhcan I just say "GPIO_PXPIN(1) ^ (1 << 29) => Micro SD slot"?
22:14:16wpyhhow, then?
22:14:17mcuelenaerethe ^ operator is a bit toggler
22:14:33mcuelenaere!(GPIO_PXIN(1) & (1 << 29))
22:14:38wpyhah, ok
22:14:43mcuelenaereor am I wrong?
22:14:57wpyhI was just following the examples from the OndaVX747 page
22:15:06mcuelenaereyeah, I was asking #rockbox ;)
22:15:23domonokymirak: should be possible, there are already some attempts to run the simulator on some phones in the tracker. (but you need SDL for it, dont know if this available for the iphone) ..
22:15:24wpyh!(GPIO_PXPIN(1)) & (1 << 29)
22:15:33wpyhthat seems to be the correct one
22:15:56mcuelenaereok, could you post the button configuration somewhere?
22:16:03mcuelenaerethen I'll merge it into the Rockbox button driver
22:16:22mcuelenaerewhat GPIO values change when you press a specific button?
22:16:34wpyhmcuelenaere: are you talking to me (about the button configuration)?
22:16:38*wpyh is a bit disoriented
22:16:40mcuelenaereyep :)
22:16:46wpyhah, ok
22:16:53wpyhI'll put it on the OndaVX767 page then?
22:18:04*domonoky somehow messed up the commit comment for the wpseditor commit. :-/ *remember: dont drink beer and commit things* :-)
22:21:33amiconnDrink scotch instead? ;)
22:22:26 Quit mf0102_ ("Ex-Chat")
22:22:49gevaertsNo. That would be off-topic :)
22:26:05*mcuelenaere thinks he found the/a similar vx767 LCD IC driver :)
22:26:45 Join jgsprenger [0] (n=63e8f93f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:27:27 Quit tvelocity[a] (Connection timed out)
22:27:48jgsprengeranyone experiencing WMA codec problems? as of mid august, all my WMA files are playing SLOW speed...?
22:27:56 Join tvelocity[a] [0] (
22:28:14mcuelenaereseems like a lot of LCD IC engineers chose 0x22 as Write to GRAM..
22:28:38 Quit svpe ("leaving")
22:28:42 Quit funman (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:31:12wpyhmcuelenaere: I decided to upload my restore tool
22:31:18bluebrotherBagder_: ping
22:31:44 Quit jgsprenger ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:31:46 Quit Horscht ("IRC is just multiplayer notepad")
22:33:45linuxstbbluebrother: He left yesterday, saying "back again on the 18th"....
22:34:17bluebrotherah, dang.
22:35:10 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:39:51mcuelenaerewpyh: the LCD IC driver could an Ilitek
22:40:37 Join Lambduh [0] (
22:41:09mcuelenaerethe registers seems to match the ones used in the vx767
22:42:51wpyhmcuelenaere: I don't see register documentation there...
22:43:09mcuelenaere & &
22:43:16mcuelenaerethe .txt is the most clear
22:43:48 Join ole_ [0] (
22:44:58mcuelenaerewpyh: do you also have the binary which actually calls the functions in the VX767_1.0.DL ?
22:45:26wpyhwpyh: yes, it's 5.bin in my terminology
22:45:30wpyhand 3.bin
22:46:56*amiconn found the cause for the silent playback after recording :)
22:47:09amiconnNow I just need to find the cause for the silent recording as well...
22:47:53amiconnStupd gpio magic from ipl in pcm-pp.c was missing its counterpart
22:55:49mirakgevaerts, jailbreaking is ok, at least for me
22:56:10mirakdomonoky, if it work on mac os x, chances it could work on iphone
22:56:20gevaertsmirak: in that case, go for it. You probably only need SDL
22:56:20mirakno ?
22:56:29 Join beta___ [0] (
22:57:06mirakgevaerts, ok. though I am not sure the arm assembly will work
22:57:25gevaertsThe simulator doesn't use assembly bits I think
22:57:28domonokymirak: if you have SDL on the iphone, and a way to run custom programs, it should not be too much work.. (only some button mappings, and choosing a screensize)
22:57:55mirakgevaerts, I have tried vlc4iphone. It can play mp3 ogg flac. video is too slow for now. I guess they didn't implemented anything in assembly
22:58:08*gevaerts doesn't know
22:58:24domonokythe simulator doesnt use asm as far as i know...
22:58:51mirakdomonoky, mmm. ok but iphone cpu will probably need some
22:59:02linuxstbFS #9222 is a step in the right direction...
22:59:08gevaertsIn that case you'll have a bit of work
22:59:37mirakdomonoky, gevaerts vlc4iphone uses ffmpeg, so I guess they will need to work directly on ffmpeg
22:59:38domonokymirak: yes, the sim on the iphone may be slow, but we wont know until it runs on it :-)
23:00:14mirakdomonoky, and rockbox uses ffmpeg code sometimes, and anyway that's just particular functions
23:00:28miraklike idct and stuff, but that's still work :)
23:00:38linuxstbI wouldn't expect it to be slow - doesn't the iphone have a relatively fast CPU? i.e. faster than all current targets (perhaps excluding the beast)
23:00:52mirakdomonoky, assembly is usefull at least to save battery
23:01:37*linuxstb reads that it's likely to be a 667MHz arm1176jzf
23:01:43miraklinuxstb, what is the beast ? I have seen it has a 620mhz cpu 133mhz memory, underclocked to 412mhz/100mhz
23:02:01linuxstbGigabeat S
23:02:02domonokymirak: sure, but asm is always target/cpu specific, so the sim doesnt use it (so it can run also on ppc macs) :-)
23:02:12mirakI have also seen maybe the iphone 3G have a more energy efficient cpu
23:02:22 Quit petur ("*plop*")
23:02:40mirakthat can go up to 800mhz, but for application compatibility I have a doubt about that
23:04:45CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
23:04:45mirakdomonoky, well rockbox code is also relatively generic and target independent, there are lots of #ifdefs etcetera. I guess it could be possible to also create a special target
23:04:45mirakI don't know
23:04:47 Join Spasysheep [0] (
23:04:59Spasysheepanyone here?
23:05:23domonokymirak: thats the way, search the tracker and maybe the forums, others have take some steps to it for other phones..
23:05:24Spasysheepevidently not
23:05:34domonokySpasysheep: patience !
23:05:35Spasysheepoh yes, someone is here
23:05:56miraklinuxstb, well all i know is that currently iphone can't play a 612x352 divx without (I guess) no cpu asm optimisations, at least to use vectorisations for idct etcetera
23:06:15mirakSpasysheep, I am not here
23:06:17Spasysheepsorry, i'm used to the very busy chatrooms, i forgot that one like this will have far fewer users
23:06:40gevaertsSpasysheep: we mainly don't do social chatting here
23:06:48Spasysheepfairy nuff
23:06:57domonokySpasysheep: there are many users here. but only on-topic chat allowed here.. :-)
23:07:07linuxstbmirak: That's not really Rockbox's area either though...
23:08:00 Quit tvelocity[a] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:08:05CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
23:08:05Spasysheepcan anyone tell me why you need to get past the encryption on 6th gen iPods, why can't you just overwrite the firmware
23:08:10 Quit beta__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:08:11scorche|shSpasysheep: ROM...
23:08:44miraklinuxstb, yeah, but of course reading divx without reencoding would be pretty interesting :D
23:08:56bluebrotherRead Only Memory
23:09:14Spasysheepoh yeah (D'Uh)
23:09:15mirakI don't know the hardware of the iphone. and probably like other ipods it will never be possible to use there hardware to play video or music
23:09:35mirakare the ipod using any chip help or is it only from cpu for music ?
23:10:23linuxstbSpasysheep: Also, there is no hardware documentation, so the only way to write a new firmware is to reverse-engineer the existing one, which is encrypted...
23:10:36Spasysheephow long is it likely to take to get past the encryption (or is it one of those things with no timescale apart from "when we do")
23:10:40bluebrotherSpasysheep: and on top of that it's a SoC (System on Chip) so you can't simply go, disconnect the ROM chip and read it out / replace it
23:11:06gevaertsSpasysheep: if it's decent encryption, thousands of years
23:11:11bluebrotherit's not a "when we do" thing but a "when someone does" thing
23:12:10Spasysheepwell thats s**t. i may have to try and exchange my iPod for an older one, as i bought it on the assumption that I would be able to put rockbox on it
23:12:11ole_how long should it take to install rockbox on the iAudio 7?
23:12:17mirakSpasysheep, how can it be a rom ?
23:12:45Spasysheepmirak: why are you asking me?
23:12:56zehey, i saw on /. (sometime within the last month i guess) something about new mathematical techniques to break most current forms of encryption in a fraction of the traditional time... anybody familiar and know if its applicable to that sorta thing?
23:13:00mirakSpasysheep, because I made a mistake
23:13:08n1sole_: that port is not ready for users
23:13:44n1sze: a fraction of thousands of years may still be hundreds of years :)
23:13:51ole_n1s: fair enough, but i'd really like to give it a run
23:14:01zen1s: it might not be thousands-of-years encryption though
23:14:28gevaertsze: in that case, tell us which one it is and how you'll break it, and then we'll talk
23:14:36n1sze: vitja (iirc) is the only dev working on it so you'll probably want to ask him, or maybe linuxstb knows something?
23:14:48ole_I've managed to make a new I7_FW.BIN, but nothing happens when i upload it
23:15:07linuxstbYou're using tcctool?
23:15:14zen1s: working on which?
23:15:19Spasysheepze: you mean
23:15:24n1sthe iaudio 7 port
23:15:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:56zeSpasysheep: looks like it
23:15:57n1sze: sorry my earlier remark was for ole_
23:16:07zen1s: ah ok
23:16:26linuxstbole_: vitja is probably the only person that can help - I'm guessing you're read this thread?
23:16:28 Quit MethoS- (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:16:41linuxstb^you've read
23:17:01ole_linuxstb: I've followed his instructions, yea
23:17:53 Quit phinze ("leaving")
23:18:52ole_chessclock.c:194:2: error: #error No keymap defined!
23:19:03ole_anyone encountered this error before?
23:20:04 Quit neddy1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:20:05linuxstbIt is simply because the iaudio7 port is still in the very early stages, and most things don't work...
23:20:07 Quit neddy (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:21:03ole_ok, I see
23:21:06 Quit wpyh ("Leaving.")
23:21:42CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
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23:34:14mcuelenaerewpyh (logs): probably what causes the LCD on the VX767 not to work, is that they use the LCD functions instead of the SLCD (Smart LCD)
23:39:27mcuelenaerewpyh: scrap that
23:39:54 Quit ompaul (Nick collision from services.)
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23:42:23desowinis that bug or not? when there's already .scrobbler.log (of .scrobbler-timeless.log), the write_cache func doesn't check if the contents of that file is really audioscrobbler log
23:43:53desowinalthough that files isn't supposed to be created by user, nor rockbox code would create empty log file (if file doesn't exists it writes header there)
23:46:10linuxstbdesowin: I think it's a fair assumption to make, unless checking the contents is trivial...
23:47:42 Join Llorean [0] (
23:48:55mcuelenaerewpyh: I think you forgot the HOLD button in the GPIO documentation
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