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#rockbox log for 2008-10-01

00:00:27jfb9301after un adjusting through mp3gain
00:00:32bluebrotherwell, you just need to do it once ;-)
00:00:53bluebrotherbesides, don't you want album and track gain the same time? ;-)
00:01:23jfb9301I know, but I just got done using mp3gain on all those tracks yesterday :( that was like 6 hours of process time
00:01:25kugeljfb9301: Sorry if I didn't read correctly, but what's bad about mp3gain directly changing the file?
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00:02:02jfb9301yea I know only once, I guess I did not read deep enough in the faq stuf
00:02:44jfb9301kugel, nothing particularly, if everything goes right, but under rockbox, all the features associated with replay gain will not function.
00:02:45bluebrotherkugel: you can't just turn it off while playing? You only have "one" gain, no album gain mode?
00:03:04jfb9301no pre-amp, no prevent clipping
00:03:35bluebrotherjfb9301: well, I was looking for the same information a while ago and always found the details too hidden
00:03:37kugeljfb9301: you can set mp3tag to prevent clipping, you can set mp3gain to use album mode
00:03:48hospadarfree pizza time!
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00:04:10*bluebrother points kugel to the "album gain, track gain when shuffling" mode in Rockbox
00:04:45kugelit's not as flexible as tags, indeed
00:04:50jfb9301yes I know, but if a gain is over adjusted down, the overall track is now quiet and there is no way to compensate for that unless the pre amp gain function wokrs
00:05:32kugelwell, but you safe battery life, since replaygain isn't active
00:06:02Lloreankugel: You only save battery life if activating replaygain requires more time spent boosting
00:06:06jfb9301also you can set the gain somewhat high, which would normally result in clipping, but use the prevent clipping feature, to maximize voure while minimizing loss and distortion
00:06:32Lloreankugel: With recent improvements to MP3, this is unlikely. As well, since gain is a single multiply as far as I know, it's a very, very, very small CPU cost compared to most other DSP effects.
00:06:55kugelpossibly, I haven't made tests
00:07:07kugelsince the improvement
00:07:11*bluebrother has ReplayGain enabled all the time
00:07:11jfb9301I'm not particularly concerened with battery life as much was volume and quality
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00:07:31maddlerhi all
00:07:42LloreanI would guess that you wouldn't be able to consistently show a loss of battery life by using replaygain. I'd bet it'd fall within the margin for error of real-world tests.
00:07:46bluebrothermp3 has gain factors in the mp3 frame anyway. So what's the difference if you now multiply with a different value?
00:08:01jfb9301my frankenpod has a 12 hour batterylife for audio, more if I attach my 4 AA power supply
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00:13:26jfb9301I have to get going for now, I'll probably be back later as I work more on this.
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00:23:04funmanlinuxstb: the thumb decompressor is 186 bytes here :?
00:24:24linuxstbfunman: I'm not counting the "wrapper code" to switch into thumb mode that's in nrv2e_d8.S
00:25:08funmaneh, how will it switch to thumb mode then ?
00:25:57linuxstbEither using that wrapper code, or by using bx directly from our bootloader
00:26:22linuxstbBut I'm just talking about the decompressor function when I say it's 180 bytes...
00:26:37amiconnIt is *that* small on arm?
00:26:42linuxstbAre you sure you don't get 188 bytes (180 plus 8) ?
00:26:45linuxstbamiconn: Yes ;)
00:26:53funmanby the way I understood only today why I couldn't use the nice BLX function listed in the arm reference list of instructions : it's only available in newer processors .. :)
00:26:53linuxstbIn thumb mode...
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00:27:04funmanlinuxstb: no
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00:27:26linuxstbamiconn: If you're curious -
00:27:35linuxstb(it's macro-hell though...)
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00:29:14amiconnOh, a pure asm implementation...
00:29:16*amiconn would have use for an SH1 asm version...
00:29:36*funman handles gcc -S to amiconn with a text editor
00:29:45linuxstbamiconn: gcc generated about 1500 bytes of arm code for the C version...
00:30:07linuxstbamiconn: Sadly there isn't one (at least not in upx). There's an m68k version though.
00:30:23linuxstb(and mips)
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00:30:52amiconnThe archos flash loader has an ucl decompressor.
00:31:04amiconnWould be nice if we could save some size here
00:32:05funmanlinuxstb: it is 178 bytes actually :) probably your binary is padded to align addresses on 4 bytes ?
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00:32:55 Join Jeremy_ [0] (n=chatzill@
00:33:14linuxstbfunman: Yes, you're right... I linked it with ARM code, so maybe ld padded it...
00:33:15Jeremy_anyone have problems updating the database?
00:33:31 Part pixelma
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00:33:59amiconnlinuxstb: Is that binsize with our C code, or the reference implementation?
00:34:16linuxstbThe Rockbox code.
00:34:24funmanthe C code in rockbox quotes "thinned out version"
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00:34:33*linuxstb double-checks that figure...
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00:35:40amiconnfunman: Yes it does, and there are indeed a few features removed
00:36:09linuxstbYes, it's 1572 bytes
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00:39:33amiconnThe SH1 version is 524 bytes (compiled using -Os)
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00:42:08amiconnfunman, linuxstb: The rockbox version doesn't handle multiple blocks. Standard block size is 256KB iirc, so you need to be careful when exceeding this
00:42:28funman*K* ?
00:42:34linuxstbThat should be OK - the images we're compressing are about 120KB
00:42:57funmanoh it's an upper limit
00:43:42amiconnYou can set other block sizes iiuc. Minimum is 1024bytes, maximum is 8MB
00:44:00amiconn(when compressing, obviously)
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00:44:23linuxstbHmm, seems gcc is being silly and only using a few registers, with other vars on the stack... Adding "register" to the local vars reduces the binsize to 580 bytes.
00:44:42amiconnDid you try -Os
00:45:03linuxstbYes, but unless I was doing something wrong, all the -O options gave the same size code...
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00:45:45funmanthere's an option for that: -fdisable-gcc-weirness
00:45:59funmanfdinel: ping ?
00:46:30*linuxstb was doing something wrong - his "make clean" wasn't deleting decompressor.o...
00:46:56linuxstb-Os gives 580 bytes
00:47:50linuxstbHmm, -O1 gives 572 bytes...
00:47:50funmanlinuxstb: fdinel is atomicpunk, he should be back in ~1 hour if you want to talk with him
00:48:16funmaneh, I think there's progress to do in language algorithms ;)
00:48:17linuxstbBut still, 178 bytes is nicer.
00:48:40funmanabsolutely :)
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00:49:57*amiconn downloaded a newer version of the arm reference manual yesterday
00:50:46amiconnOne that explains the armv6 instructions as well.... it looks like they will allow a significant speedup of the ape filteris
00:51:17linuxstbThe 16-bit arithmetic instructions?
00:51:19amiconnAn interesting point is that a small part of these speedups would be possible on armv5 as well
00:51:37linuxstbOr do they have vector instructions?
00:51:41amiconnlinuxstb: armv6 can even do them packed, for both halfwords of a word at once...
00:52:19amiconnThese are vector instructions
00:53:29amiconnThere's an even more powerful vector addon in newer arm processors: neon. It is said to be able to decode 48kHz 320kbps MP3 with effectively 10MHz CPU clock...
00:54:45 Join avis [0] (n=ident@pdpc/supporter/student/avis)
00:55:05amiconnlinuxstb: armv5 adds simple 16 bit vector instructions (for multiplication only), and saturated arithmetics (but only 32 bit for add/sub)
00:55:55funmanlinuxstb: well he was online on jabber, he didn't meant toolchain to be a specific toolchain
00:56:09amiconnarmv6 extends these further into vector instructions. You can do packed 16 bit (x2) or 8 bit (x4) adds/subs, saturated or wrapping, signed or unsigned
00:56:22linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I remember seeing those instructions when writing the ARM assembler for APE - and wishing I could use them...
00:57:14amiconnAnd it even extends this to muls and mlas, so that you can do e.g 32=32+16*16+16*16 in a single instruction...
00:57:32linuxstbAnyone know if the beast still clocked at about 300MHz in Rockbox?
00:57:44amiconnIt's clocked at 264MHz
00:57:53amiconn(exactly half of the maximum)
01:01:01amiconnThose vector instructions should also be useful for mpeg motion comp...
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01:04:47amiconnidct too
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01:35:48funmangood news: we are running in ram on sansav2 as suspected by linuxstb :)
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01:47:12ameyerso, you guys are making progress on sansav2? :)
01:49:49 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
01:51:37funmanstep by step :=)
01:54:55 Quit krazykit (Remote closed the connection)
01:56:44fdinelhey peeps
01:57:02funmanhey strange timezone guy
01:57:13fdinelyou damn europeans :P
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02:08:26soapamiconn, I assume you are asking why my server barfs /sometimes/ on sim builds?
02:12:10 Join Lambduh [0] (
02:13:23soaplike, less than 10% of the time?
02:16:15 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=espeonee@STRATTON-SEVEN-TWENTY-ONE.MIT.EDU)
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02:28:53r0flc0pt3rhey guys. i got a sansa e260 with firmware v03.01.16f. is there absolutely no possibility of running rockbox on there?
02:29:04r0flc0pt3ri hate the interface without having folder access
02:31:31ameyerr0flc0pt3r: not yet...
02:32:27r0flc0pt3rcan you say how long it will approximately take until rockbox is completely ported?
02:32:32r0flc0pt3rwhat's the problem with it?
02:32:35 Join Bawitdaba [0] (
02:33:46ameyerr0flc0pt3r: the hardware's completely different, so they essentially have to port it from scratch
02:34:01ameyerand all I can say is "they're working on it"
02:34:02r0flc0pt3rbut as far as i see the main problem is the lack of a recovery mode right?
02:34:50LloreanThat's the first problem, after which it's the lack of drivers and hardware information.
02:35:03LloreanThere's no main problem as much as "the next problem we have to deal with"
02:35:18r0flc0pt3rso it could still take a year or more?
02:35:26ameyerLlorean: could you say "the main problem is the hardware is completely different"
02:36:29Lloreanr0flc0pt3r: It's impossible to predict.
02:36:46Lloreanr0flc0pt3r: Basically, it depends on how many volunteers work on it, how much spare time they have, and what random surprises come up along the way.
02:36:58LloreanIt could be six months, it could be 4 years, it could never happen.
02:37:12Lloreanameyer: That's the most significant obvious problem, at least.
02:37:35r0flc0pt3rmkay, thanks. do you know of any possibility to get the best overview on the v2's? some kind of folder view even with the official firmware?
02:38:08Lloreanr0flc0pt3r: No. And this channel really isn't for questions about the original firmware.
02:38:25 Quit r0flc0pt3r ()
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02:52:31gull025hey guys i have a silly question
02:52:37gull025i hope i can get an answer
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03:10:37gull025where can i get the themes for rockbox
03:11:04soapthere is a theme gallery in the wiki.
03:11:31 Quit Nibbler ("Ex-Chat")
03:17:49soapif you are adventurous, and are willing to read up (in the WPS section of the forums) on how to repair WPSs, there is a larger selection to be found at
03:18:26soapBut, most of those are broken, and many of them are not permissively licensed, so repaired versions can not be distributed :(
03:21:49 Join firsttry [0] (n=813fad69@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
03:22:14soapgull025, all that was directed at you. McFly?
03:22:20 Join perrikwp [0] (i=d1a8d351@gateway/web/ajax/
03:23:25gull025i have ipod video 5th come i cant rate a song in wont let me...everytime i press middle button it goes back to album playlist..any thoughts on that guys
03:24:09scorchegull025: rockbox is different than the apple firmware...i suggest you have a look at the manual
03:24:09gull025soap: U know how i can resolve this problem
03:24:50firsttryOk, so have been using rockbox for several months, a real old build. finnaly tried to upgrade to the 3.0 firmware, and whenever I try to play a song i get a codec failure. this is on a 30 gig video
03:25:01firsttryso far I have tried mp3 and ogg files, same result
03:25:25scorchefirsttry: did you make sure to extract the entire .rockbox folder?
03:26:00firsttryI extracted the folder to the desktop, then tried the resulting .rockbox folder over the old one on my ipod
03:26:01Lloreanfirsttry: This means your rockbox.ipod file is a different version than your *.codec files, and if you have a _really_ old build may mean you have a rockbox.ipod file lying around in the root of your iPod as well as the one in the .rockbox folder
03:26:13 Join cool_walking_ [0] (i=cb3b81c3@gateway/web/ajax/
03:26:19firsttrythen I tried deleting the .rockbox alltogether
03:26:26firsttrythen extracting directly to the ipod
03:26:29firsttrysame results
03:26:43scorchefirsttry: do you have a rockbox.ipod file in the root of your device?
03:26:47firsttrylet me check
03:26:48 Join mackes [0] (
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03:27:47firsttryshoot, I booted the wrong firmware, hold on a second
03:28:54firsttryno, I dont
03:29:09firsttrywait, I'm sorry I do
03:29:17scorchedelete it
03:29:18firsttryextensions aren't showing, I missed it
03:30:29scorcheand you are going to need to reinstall the bootloader...see the manual for instructions
03:30:30 Quit Siku (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
03:30:36 Join Siku [0] (
03:30:56scorche(yours is likely too old)
03:31:39firsttrymine says IPl 2.0
03:32:27scorchethat is unsupported here
03:32:46scorcheyou will need to use ours, or get help somewhere else if you wish to use that one
03:33:06firsttrythat is not a rockbox loader?
03:33:16LloreanIt's the iPL loader.
03:33:18firsttryOh, I used to have ipod linux, i guess it must be leftover from that
03:33:19scorcheit is not our software
03:33:23firsttryduh, IPL
03:33:23LloreanIt can load Rockbox, but it's from the iPodLinux project.
03:33:30 Join Waldo000000 [0] (
03:33:37firsttrythank you for clarifying
03:33:40LloreanSince we didn't write it, and we have no control over what it does, we don't provide support for it.
03:34:27firsttrymakes sense
03:34:43firsttryquick question about installing the bootloader
03:35:07firsttryit says to run a program that will tell you some information about your ipod, but it does not say what mode to have the ipod in
03:35:18firsttryshould I have the apple firware running, or be in disk mode?
03:35:24 Quit MarcGuay ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")
03:36:03cool_walking_Both will act pretty much the same, except disk mode is slower.
03:37:29firsttryok, I just realized I don't have administrative priviligase so I can't run it, ipodpatcher is saying it cant find the ipod
03:37:37 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
03:37:37firsttryI will go ahead and try again on my own computer later
03:37:41firsttrythank you for the help
03:38:01firsttryalso, just as an FYI, in ipodpatcher it says the ipod should be in disk mode
03:38:23firsttrymaybe that has changed and just didn't get updated, I don't know, just thought I would mention it
03:38:53cool_walking_Maybe it's a false piece of advice just so people don'
03:39:02cool_walking_t think "should it be normal or disk mode"
03:40:17cool_walking_I installed the boot loader in the normal OF. The HDD is the only thing being written to, so you just need UMS, which both disk mode and the normal OF provide.
03:40:19firsttrybefore I go, I just want to make sure that I needed to delete that file AND install the bootloader to get rid of the codec error message?
03:41:06firsttrybecause I can boot rockbox with the IPl, but after deleting the file i am still getting an error message
03:41:18firsttryand before updating just the firmware rockbox was working fine
03:41:50Lloreanfirsttry, cool_walking_: "Disk Mode" actually refers to "It needs to have a drive letter"
03:41:58LloreanThe "Disk Mode" screen is something else.
03:42:22LloreaniTunes has a "Allow Disk Mode" check box, and if iTunes is installed, and the box is unchecked, some iPods won't show up with a drive letter, so that only iTunes has access to them.
03:42:33 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
03:42:53firsttryso basicly what you are saying is if I can browse my ipod on the pc, I am in the right mode?
03:43:28firsttrycoolwalking: I missed your comment there, I don't know what OF or UMS means
03:44:17cool_walking_OF = Original (Apple, Sandisk, etc) Firmware . UMS aka MSC = the mode the iPod is in that allows it to appear as a drive letter.
03:46:34firsttryhow long does it take to install the bootloader? Someone just came into the computer lab(I am at school) with thier laptop, and I am going to see if they will let me use it to run this
03:46:48firsttryI assume ipodpatcher can't find my ipod because of restricted rights
03:47:02LloreanIt needs to be run as admin, yes.
03:47:07cool_walking_30 seconds maybe.
03:47:23LloreanLess with iPodPatcher.
03:47:47firsttryok, I am going to go ask
03:49:58gull025hmmm can i get solitaire game for rockbox to play in my IPOD
03:50:11gull025i mean can i get it over the net somewehre
03:50:18Lloreangull025: Rockbox comes with all its plugins.
03:51:07gull025n the games?
03:51:12LloreanAre plugins.
03:51:15LloreanPlease, see the manual.
03:51:20LloreanAs I'm sure you've been directed to before.
03:51:26gull025i have...
03:51:29gull025i know..
03:51:33LloreanSo read it.
03:51:51gull025but my friend to be quite honest with U...its i mean bit wordy
03:52:05gull025can U perhaps just help me out here.
03:52:05LloreanYes, because it answers many questions
03:52:14gull025true say
03:52:20LloreanWe wrote it so that we don't have to answer the same questions over and over and over.
03:52:35LloreanAs well, we wrote channel guidelines that tell you not to use words like "U" but instead to use real English.
03:53:11LloreanThe manual even has an index so you don't have to read the whole thing.
03:53:15gull025oppps...see READING is always good right
03:53:20LloreanReading is mandatory.
03:53:27gull025that too
03:53:28LloreanIf not, you'll get kicked from the channel sooner or later.
03:53:56gull025oppps pretty strong rules eh
03:54:59LloreanAs implied by my use of the word "mandatory"
03:55:29 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (n=stephen@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
03:58:24 Join ajonat [0] (n=ajonat@
03:58:52 Join blkhawk- [0] (
04:06:29 Join Zarggg_ [0] (
04:07:40 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:08:02 Join perplexity [0] (
04:10:16 Quit perplexity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:44firsttryok, so that kid's laptop was, well, special
04:10:48 Join perplexity [0] (
04:10:56firsttryran ipodpatcher, took less than 3 seconds
04:11:08Lloreanfirsttry: That's about the right speed for it.
04:11:17LloreanIt's not a long process, installing the bootloader.
04:11:30 Quit Zarggg (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:11:39firsttryrockbox booted, but i accidently started initializing the database
04:11:42 Quit blkhawk (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:11:49firsttrywhen that finishes I will see if it is working
04:11:50 Nick blkhawk- is now known as blkhawk (
04:12:44 Quit Zarggg_ ()
04:13:04firsttryalso out of curiousity does anyone on here know how the battery life in RB3.0 compares to the original firmware? the last version left somethign to be desired, but I like the interface enough to just deal with it!
04:15:29 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
04:15:33scorchethat depends on your device
04:16:37firsttryoh sorry, it is an ipod video, 30gig
04:16:49 Quit webguest02 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")
04:17:39LloreanYou should expect somewhere from 10% less to slightly better depending on usage habits and other things.
04:18:08firsttrythat's whole lot better than before
04:18:39Waldo000000has anyone here tried or currently use an olympus m:robe?
04:19:36firsttrylast question before I go have dinner, is it normal when I select something, say artist, for a screen to pop up saying "Searching... 0 found (play/pause to abort"
04:20:00firsttryI thought that was a problem with my old version, but 3.0 still does it
04:20:08Lloreanfirsttry: It's just the way the database works.
04:20:33Llorean0 found is the first thing it shows, you have few enough songs that it counts up faster than it updates, and goes to the next screen before it can show you a new value.
04:20:55 Quit jhulst (Remote closed the connection)
04:21:20 Quit miepchen^schlaf_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:21:27firsttryI have over 5k songs, does that qualify as few in your mind?
04:21:57firsttrymissed your first reply, so that is perfectly normal, it doesn't scroll, occasionally makes it to 2, but then loads
04:22:05firsttrythanks for your time
04:22:33firsttry3.0 seems awsome so far, love the faster adjustable rate scrolling, and apparently recording works now! phsyced!
04:24:59 Quit firsttry ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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04:30:29 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
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05:12:29ameyerstupid question, if I cfmod an ipod mini, do I really need to reinstall the apple firmware?
05:14:31LloreanThe apple firmware isn't _necessary_.
05:16:12*ameyer just really doesn't want to have to borrow someone else's windows box and install iTunes and all the other related stuff
05:16:58 Join jhulst [0] (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
05:17:09Lloreanameyer: You don't need iTunes to install the apple firmware.
05:19:04 Quit ajonat (Connection timed out)
05:20:58 Quit Seed ("cu, Andre")
05:21:29*ameyer assumes Apple's firmware is stored on the HD
05:23:00ameyerhow would one go from a blank CF drive to an ipod with a firmware partition?
05:23:05ameyerin linux
05:24:47ameyerahh well, not worth worrying about until I have an iPod with a blank CF in front of me
05:25:25 Quit gull025 ()
05:27:23Lloreanameyer: There's an IpodManualRestore (or something like that) page in the wiki.
05:27:26ameyernevermind, despite my weak google-fu, I found it, I think.
05:29:08 Part Waldo000000
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06:01:34 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:03:46 Join Janet09 [0] (
06:04:31Janet09Hey guys, I have a Sansa E280 and it seems to not be charging after I downloaded rockbox. Am I doing something wrong?
06:05:21LloreanYou need to use dual boot and charge in the original firmware on the e200 series
06:05:35Janet09How do I do that?
06:07:04LloreanPlug in the USB cable with it turned off, is the easiest way.
06:07:55Janet09I did that. Does it change if its a wall charger?
06:08:12LloreanIt shouldn't.
06:08:21LloreanI don't remember the dual boot button combination, it should be in the manual though
06:08:34Janet09I will look it up
06:08:38cool_walking_Hold left arrow while booting
06:09:45Janet09Now when I restart it will it boot in rockbox?
06:10:26cool_walking_yes, unless you hold the left arrow again
06:11:02Janet09Ok! Thanks guys!
06:11:05 Quit Janet09 ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")
06:11:10 Quit vitja ("Ex-Chat")
06:14:32 Quit fdinel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
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09:15:29 Nick Bagderr is now known as B4gder (n=daniel@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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10:10:39 Quit jeffdameth1 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:14:53 Quit Nico_P (" ajax IRC Client")
10:15:45linuxstbAnyone here know enough about ARM to confirm that the thumb code "mov r0, #0; bx r0" will branch to address 0, switching to ARM mode?
10:16:10B4gderI think it does, but I certainly am not sure
10:21:38 Join faemir [0] (
10:22:06 Join fragilematter [0] (n=barbu_do@
10:22:50*linuxstb reduces the thumb ucl unpack to 166 bytes...
10:23:05*linuxstb thinks the ucl author was quite clever ;)
10:23:35 Quit ajonat_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:23:56 Quit faemir (Remote closed the connection)
10:24:20 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
10:24:41*fragilematter rejoices, it won't be longe before rockbox will be unleashed upon the sansa v2 world
10:25:46Lloreanfragilematter: This really only opens up the opportunity to *start* development for it.
10:25:53LloreanDon't hold your breath for audio playback.
10:26:26fragilematterI know, I did my part in the development, now I'm leaving it up to the more experienced hackers to do their part
10:29:57 Join fyrestorm [0] (
10:36:32linuxstbfragilematter: There's only one way to get experience...
10:39:35fragilematterIf I had the time to concentrate more of my resources in this direction I would gladly get my hands dirty, but unfortunately I can't right now
10:44:05 Quit Nibbler ("Ex-Chat")
10:56:05 Part fragilematter
10:58:37 Join mf0102 [0] (
11:00:16 Quit einhirn (SendQ exceeded)
11:01:05 Join fragilematter [0] (n=fragilem@
11:03:10 Quit cool_walking_ (" ajax IRC Client")
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11:09:54 Join JdGordon [0] (
11:17:13 Join funman [0] (
11:19:26linuxstbfunman: Good morning, seen my commit from a few minutes ago?
11:20:24 Join Benjamin_L [0] (n=50993726@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:20:50funmanyes :)
11:21:03funmanthat must what awakened me
11:24:02funmanfor the v29 firmware we are off by 4 bytes :/
11:24:29Benjamin_Lin the tango mailing list they get also mentioned, but they are not attached
11:24:46Benjamin_Lseems the first message didn't get through
11:25:25Benjamin_Lwhere do i find the svg icons used for the target icons on the download page, maybe I'm blind ^^
11:25:26linuxstbfunman: As I mention in the comments in mkamsboot.c, we can fix that (by relocating the ucl function to another part of RAM), but for the first version, I think we should keep it in the padding.
11:26:02funmanlinuxstb: also I wonder how we can ensure that when decompressing the ucl data, we will not overwrite the source with uncompressed data
11:26:34linuxstbfunman: The function is designed not to do that (IIUC).
11:27:07B4gderBenjamin_L: isn't the svgs in the manual dir somewhere?
11:27:32 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
11:27:46Benjamin_LB4gder, I found this
11:27:54Benjamin_Lbut the are labelled
11:28:45B4gderthe pics on the download page were generated and handed to us as images already, so perpahs some hands-on was needed
11:28:55B4gderpixelma should know
11:29:38funmanlinuxstb: I see tests depending of 'SAFE' macro, but they would just indicate if it failed (or not) - to investigate
11:30:00funmanmaybe we can calculate a worst case in mkamsboot
11:30:35linuxstbA worst case for what?
11:30:36Benjamin_LB4gder: Seems the pngs do as icons in my ubuntu just fine, thanks!
11:32:18funmanlinuxstb: decompressed_size(i) > offset_of_compressed_data + compressed_data(i) # where 'i' is the percentage of data already decompressed
11:38:05 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:40:06funmanlinuxstb: what about this extra check : ?
11:40:45 Quit Benjamin_L ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:41:07funmanalso you didn't put keypress code in test.S, was it on purpose?
11:54:14 Join goffa [0] (n=goffa@
11:55:09 Quit scorche (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:56:15 Join scorche [0] (i=Blah@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
11:56:29 Join crazy_bus [0] (n=philip@
11:57:57crazy_busI added this export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin:/usr/local/m68k-elf/bin:/usr/local/sh-elf/bin to .bashrc so I could compile rockbox. However now when I open the terminal I get a page of info like this declare -x LS_COLORS="no=00:fi=00:di=01;34:ln=01;36:pi=......... do I have to have that if I want to compile?
11:59:30linuxstbfunman: I just wanted to keep test.S as simple as possible for the first test.
11:59:37 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
12:00:31crazy_busokay this is strange. I hashed the line. Then exited. Then unhashed it and now the info is gone.
12:00:33 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
12:00:49linuxstbfunman: Regarding your patch to extract_fw.c - I think that makes sense. Maybe we should also check checksums etc, just to confirm it's the right file.
12:02:20linuxstbfunman: But I think when mkamsboot.c is eventually moved into "tools", we can link it with the uclpack code directly, so we don't need a separate extract_fw.c or external call to the uclpack binary.
12:04:18funmanand remove that scary message from uclpack ;)
12:05:01*linuxstb wonders if there are any ARM emulators we could use to run this code in...
12:05:22funmanI know of one : 'my friend with an e200'
12:05:48linuxstbGood enough - although it will be hard to find bugs if it doesn't work...
12:05:56funmanthere is not a lot of factors, the code appears fine at a first (human) sight
12:06:02markunlinuxstb: maybe qemu? never tried it.
12:06:41B4gdermaybe skyeye
12:06:49linuxstbfunman: One thing I wasn't sure about is the parameters passed to the ucl function. I've set r0 and r1 as the src and dst, but didn't set r2 (the pointer to the uncompressed length). We need to check the code isn't writing to "*r2"
12:07:54funmanlinuxstb: dst is r2
12:08:02 Quit goffa_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:08:13crazy_busI'm trying to build a rockbox simulator for the first time. But I get this error before make dies. Is there anything to do? /rockbox/build/apps/language.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format
12:09:24 Join matsl [0] (
12:10:06linuxstbfunman: Ah yes, it seems it doesn't use the same params as the C version...
12:10:14linuxstb(or at least, the Rockbox C version...)
12:10:17B4gdercrazy_bus: 'make clean' first perhaps?
12:10:39linuxstbfunman: So that's bug #1...
12:11:19 Quit JdGordon ("Konversation terminated!")
12:11:32funmanqemu-arm expects elf programs
12:11:46crazy_busthanks B4gder
12:12:26 Join vitja [0] (n=vitja@
12:12:30amiconncrazy_bus: Don't mix target & sim builds, or different targets/sims in a build dir. Use one build dir per sim or target.
12:13:27 Join JdGordon [0] (
12:13:40crazy_busthanks for the tip amiconn
12:17:01funmanskyeye also expect elf files
12:23:26 Join safetydan [0] (n=safetyda@rockbox/developer/safetydan)
12:23:58crazy_busthis is also probably obvious. But is there anyway to get give the compiled simulator to a person on the same os? Should I just compress the build directory or is there a command?
12:24:18funmanthe content of 'skyeye.conf' seems to be top secret ..
12:25:42linuxstbfunman: Fix for bug #1 committed...
12:26:10funmanthanks !
12:26:56linuxstbLooking at the code, I think it's safe to ignore r3 (plen_dst) - I've commented out the code that writes to it.
12:26:57markuncrazy_bus: the 'archos' dir and the executable are all they need I think.
12:27:13funmanI agree with that
12:28:14crazy_busthanks markun
12:29:02markuncrazy_bus: which OS are you using?
12:29:31crazy_buslinux, kubuntu 8.04
12:31:38linuxstbfunman: What V2 device(s) do you own? I just have a Clip.
12:31:55funmanwell I have 2, but only 1 is usable :'(
12:32:08funmanfragilematter: ping
12:32:15 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
12:32:40 Join pondlife [50] (n=Steve@rockbox/developer/pondlife)
12:32:44funmanwould you mind testing the compressed bootloader?
12:32:44linuxstbfunman: Yes, luckily they are fairly cheap...
12:32:51 Quit safetydan ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")
12:33:15linuxstbfunman: I think I want to run the code safely somewhere first. Either on an e200v2, or adapting it to do something similar on another ARM target.
12:33:18fragilemattergive me a sec to svn up
12:33:34linuxstbfunman: But the more I look at the code, the more confident I feel...
12:33:56 Quit coatman (Remote closed the connection)
12:34:03funmanI also felt confident before finding bug #1 :)
12:34:36funmanfragilematter: I am looking at an ARM emulator if you want to wait a bit, to remove 1 chance of having to open your e200
12:35:06fragilematterokay, in the mean time I'll compile uclpack, it seems I have to do that separately\
12:35:10*linuxstb realises funman's question was directed to fragilematter...
12:35:21linuxstbfragilematter: Just typing "make uclpack" in tools/ should do it
12:35:22pondlifeLinusN: To extract my current H300 bootloader, do I use "Dump ROM contents"? It gives me a 4MB file
12:35:43funmanlinuxstb: yes sorry for confusing you ^^
12:35:53pondlifeI just scramble that, and it should be good to go...?
12:35:55fragilematteri ran make in uclpack's dir and it worked
12:36:01linuxstbfunman: So entering the e200v2 recovery mode involves shorting NAND pins? i.e. there's no key shortcut?
12:36:12funmannone was found so far
12:36:13fragilematterlinuxtsb: not yet
12:36:21 Join coatman [0] (
12:36:30fragilematterunless you seriously brick the of (we only made it once :)) )
12:36:33funmanmaybe a good eye can trace the connections and find one
12:36:38LinusNpondlife: i think so
12:36:51pondlifethink isn't quite enough ;)
12:37:03LinusNi could try it on my player first...
12:37:23pondlifeMight be safest, seeing as I have no unbrick hardware.
12:37:36*linuxstb hands pondlife a large brandy
12:37:45pondlifeI want to get the current bootloader backed up, then I can try the current SVN one...!
12:37:51*fragilematter will be right back
12:37:54pondlife(or even the 3.0 one)
12:39:56 Join tucoz [0] (i=528612c1@gateway/web/ajax/
12:41:09tucozB4gder: just fyi, the svg's are labelled. But the labels is in a layer of its own, so its easy to get rid of those with inkscape.
12:41:12*fragilematter is waiting with the e200 in one hand and the modded firmware in the other for funman's approval
12:41:54*funman is fighting with a chinese software
12:42:37*fragilematter hands funman a bigger gun
12:44:57crazy_busI downloaded a prebuilt simulator"> from here. But all the .rock files are a lot smaller. Even with the fonts deleted it's 20.8 vs 6.8mb's. I know there's was from the 9th of sep. But is there any other reason?
12:45:20 Join Schmogel [0] (
12:45:55markuncrazy_bus: those are for windows, aren't they?
12:45:58 Part tucoz
12:46:25crazy_busyes. That must be it
12:52:19markuncrazy_bus: I'm making a gigabeat sim build to see how big it is on my freebsd machine
12:53:41 Join kushal_12_27_200 [0] (n=kushal@
12:53:43linuxstbfragilematter: If you can recover from a bad firmware, I would say to try it now, but I'm impatient ;)
12:54:42fragilematterI can recover, but I cracked the case open lots of times by now and I don't want to damage the plastic threads in wich the faceplate screws are tightened
12:55:07fragilematterso if I can avoid bricking the sansa I'm a happy camper :))
12:57:50markuncrazy_bus: my archos folder is 39MB
12:57:56fragilematterhere's the make output if you want to check it out, I think I'll go for it if you say it's ok
12:58:03funmanwell I have trouble with skyeye's memory configuration
12:58:32crazy_busmarkun: interesting
12:58:36funmanfragilematter: reading that output, if you are not doing a backup of your e200 firmware it's ok :o)
12:59:08fragilematterI have the firmware backed up since the old ages ;)
12:59:09crazy_busmarkun: I wonder why the nix's are so much bigger than windows (mine was a bit smaller than that with fonts left in)
12:59:19fragilematterso, should I go for flashing?
12:59:27kushal_12_27_200Hello, is anyone else having any problems exiting out of the microphone recording in Sansa c2xx in Rockbox 3 stable? Or is it just my player randomly freezing since last evening?
12:59:37funmanif you prefer to wait testing in an emulator first, no.
12:59:51fragilematterI like the adrenaline
13:00:47fragilematterlast chance to back out, unmounting the disk and unplugging the cable...
13:01:31fragilematterupdate in progress
13:01:52fragilemattercompleted, let's try it out
13:02:19*funman vanishes
13:02:27*linuxstb hides behind funman
13:03:12funmandon't forget there is a minimal 5 seconds delay + the time needed for decompression (should be very fast anyway)
13:03:22*fragilematter credits funman for being a true killer... he killed fragilematter's e200 once again
13:03:42gevaertsJdGordon: during the last week or two, there have been several reports from people who get a Data Abort after upgrading to a new version. They all have automatic resume turned on. Can this be related to your recent changes?
13:03:58*linuxstb wonders why funman was blamed ;)
13:04:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:04:25linuxstbfragilematter: Can you upload your patched firmware file somewhere?
13:04:25JdGordongevaerts: umm.. yeah if we stuffed up the version check on the "vnram" settings
13:04:27fragilematterbecause funman always carries a full clip :D
13:06:28gevaertsJdGordon: I'll try to reproduce this tonight
13:06:37gevaertsvitja: ping
13:06:50vitjagevaerts: here
13:06:53funmanoh I can use skyeye
13:07:21funmanI just can't return from start, because it will put the emulated system in a undefined state
13:07:36vitjagevaerts: are we going to use more than one interface at time?
13:07:48gevaertsYes. That works now, so...
13:08:03gevaertsI've actually used usb serial to debug mass storage
13:08:15funmanlinuxstb: do you want my skyeye config ?
13:08:18vitjahmm... what's the best way to solve?
13:08:30vitjatcc7xx have only 4 endpoints..
13:08:41gevaerts4+control, or 4 total?
13:08:57vitjacontrol and bulk-in, bulk-out and interrupt
13:08:58linuxstbfunman: Sure, but I have no time to try it now (I should be working...).
13:09:34funmanok, give me your email then
13:09:36vitjagevaerts: btw I have bulk working, I even read first blocks of flash once )
13:09:40gevaertsYou can't choose between bulk and interrupt on a specific endpoint?
13:09:42markungevaerts: are you planning to work on the USB driver for the D2?
13:10:05vitjagevaerts: think so
13:10:18gevaertsmarkun: once vitja's driver works, the d2 should be easy
13:10:21vitjagevaerts: but the main problem is ep direction
13:10:38markungevaerts: and after that the meizu, right?
13:10:52vitjamay be there should be something like usb_drv_request_endpoint() ?
13:11:22vitjathat will return ep number and set it config in the driver?
13:11:27gevaertsGood idea. That would also solve the actual endpoint setup.
13:12:22vitjagevaerts: how arc driver will work? it can give one ep for in and one for out with the same numbers, that should be ok?
13:12:27XavierGrLinusN: where do you connect your BDM wiggler on an H300/H100? Do you actually solder the interface on the CPU?
13:13:33gevaertsvitja: that should work, yes. I can do the arc bit though (and test it...), so don't worry too much about that.
13:14:20gevaertsWe'll have to think of a way to let usb_core know which endpoints got allocated by which driver in the end. Maybe a callback there?
13:14:58vitjagevaerts: what is that for?
13:15:13LinusNXavierGr: there are pads for a connector on the PCB, i solder a connector to it
13:15:27 Join lasser [0] (
13:15:27vitjagevaerts: lets introduce usb_storage_init() that will request hw-driver for eps
13:15:45vitjagevaerts: and release that when done
13:16:10gevaertsvitja: that's the start, yes. But usb_core_handle_transfer_completion() needs to know about the allocations to call the correct completion handler
13:16:10XavierGrLinusN: How many lines?
13:17:05 Join webguest17 [0] (n=430aeeaf@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:17:43vitjaso may be usb_core_request_ep(type, dir, callback) is better it will call usb_drv_reqeust_ep?
13:17:47LinusNXavierGr: right below the lcd on the left
13:17:51XavierGrLinusN: Do you think that something like this could work:
13:18:18gevaertsvitja: that's probably the cleanest, yes.
13:18:30crazy_bushmm. I have a e200 and a theme called Mickey puts Mickey mouse on screen with moving hands (this is a default build). But I built a e200 sim on my machine and put the theme in. The backdrop is the same but the wps screen is just the main menu backdrop with no moving hands. Why is this?
13:18:47gevaertsvitja: if you don't get to it first, I'll do that tonight
13:19:15XavierGrLinusN: ah I see, must be a little tricky to solder wires there, though you mentioned a connector.
13:19:22gevaertscrazy_bus: by the way, the windows sim plugins are much smaller because they are stripped
13:19:29LinusNXavierGr: yes i use a connector
13:19:42LinusNi solder a connector to the pads
13:20:30*fragilematter resurrected his e200v2 and now goes to cast a nasty voodoo spell on funman :)) then he asks funman if he has anything else to test
13:20:39vitjagevaerts: ok
13:20:57XavierGrLinusN: sounds interesting, is it a standard connector that can be found easily?
13:21:33linuxstbfragilematter: Can you leave it open and still test things?
13:21:44fragilematteryep, that's what I did
13:22:02funmanI wonder if arm 920 & arm 922 have the same instruction set
13:22:25fragilematterfunman: there shouldn't be any huge differences
13:22:55funmanyes but I'm emulating 920, so if there is at least 1 instruction not supported by 920 used by our code, it will fail
13:23:15fragilemattertry it anyways, what have you got to lose?
13:23:38fragilematterit it works - great, if it doesn't - verify everything properly
13:24:26LinusNXavierGr: however, the P&E wiggler uses a standard pin header, so you need to build an adapter
13:24:52 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (
13:24:56gevaertsmarkun: How hard would it be to enable interrupts on the meizu, knowing that we don't have lcd yet to make debugging easy?
13:25:16kushal_12_27_200hello, how can I update my from the songs I have listened to in my sansa c250? please advise (links are welcome)
13:25:17LinusNthe cfpod will most certainly work, since it is made to be compatible with the P&E wiggler i use
13:25:56BigBambikushal_12_27_200: Have a look in google - it is on sourceforge and also has a group
13:26:09*linuxstb thinks we should probably strip the UCL header....
13:26:42markungevaerts: you could start on your M3 with the LCD code from 'denes'
13:26:56markunwhen he shows up again
13:27:09XavierGrLinusN: nice to hear that, I came by it accidentally and since it has a full schematic I started thinking of building one.
13:27:14kushal_12_27_200Thank you, Bigbambi, found it now
13:27:26gevaertsIt would be fun to have usb serial to help debugging lcd :)
13:27:44 Quit avis (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:28:04XavierGrLinusN: it won't be an easy task though and since my equipment is limited in "spaghetti" wire I don't know if I will be capable of doing it
13:28:38XavierGrbut it is an interesting project and a very good failsafe for irivers :P
13:28:44LinusNbuilding this, and attaching it to the player is not trivial
13:29:20LinusNXavierGr: fyi, i built a usb bdm wiggler, but it doesn't work for me
13:29:58LinusNheck, i don't even know if my p&e wiggler works anymore, and i am supposed to unbrick petur's player - i'm just too busy nowadays
13:30:23XavierGrLinusN: I see... well if YOU didn't manage to build one that works then I guess my chances are drastically lower.
13:30:23*gevaerts gets back to work
13:30:39XavierGrLinusN: thanks for the info anyway.
13:31:18linuxstbfragilematter: Can you apply this patch to mkamsboot.c, then type "make clean" (just to be safe), then "make" and try again?
13:31:33LinusNwell, i built it and seems functional, but i never managed to connect to the 5249, it may be because the wiggler s/w may have to be tweaked
13:31:37fragilematterright away
13:32:59fragilematterlinuxstb can you post that on, I seem to have a routing problem with
13:33:34XavierGrLinusN: I will ask my local dealer if I can find the Xilinx CPLD. Then depedning on my mood I could just start the project. But yeah it is difficult and I am not sure I would be able to cope
13:33:43linuxstbfragilematter: Does this link work?
13:35:30funmanlinuxstb: emulating with this patch will give me this error:
13:35:33funmanSKYEYE:Error in mem_read_word, no bank found, NumInstrs 12462155, mem_read_word addr = c80f0014 no bank
13:35:48funmanc80f0014 is the cgu_peri register of as3525
13:35:48linuxstbfunman: That sounds good - looks like it's running the OF...
13:36:08funmanyes, but I expected it to go in an infinite loop instead :/
13:36:39linuxstbBased on your elf program?
13:36:55 Join spiorf [0] (n=spiorf@
13:37:07linuxstbWhere did you add the infinite loop?
13:37:28funmanin test.S , after returning from ucl_unpack
13:37:34LinusNXavierGr: you need a way to program the cpld...
13:37:40 Part LinusN
13:38:06*fragilematter feels that he'll have to ressurect the bricked again
13:38:26 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
13:38:54linuxstbfragilematter: You've tested it?
13:39:05fragilematteryep, it's dead
13:39:35linuxstbfunman: Are you able to dump the RAM at 0x0 to see what's now there?
13:39:56funmanI don't have a libc (for write())
13:40:16fragilematterokay guys, I'm out, bbl
13:40:22linuxstbfunman: I mean in gdb
13:40:43funmannor a gdb
13:41:05 Quit fragilematter ("Leaving.")
13:41:10XavierGrLinusN: Indeed, I thought that was going to be easy. Must search more first then
13:43:54 Join MarcGuay [0] (
13:44:20funmanI have one now
13:45:06linuxstbfunman: Maybe the "26" wasnt correct for fragilematter's ucl file - it looks right for my Clip file. I need to look at firmware/ more closely...
13:45:44 Quit crazy_bus (Remote closed the connection)
13:45:46linuxstbIf you run on firmware_block.ucl, that gives what the Rockbox decompressor.c function requires.
13:45:57linuxstb(and hence, I hope, what our thumb function requires)
13:47:46amiconnlinuxstb: Why don't you just test it on an already working arm target?
13:48:54linuxstbamiconn: I will do if all else fails... But funman seems to be making progress using an arm emulator to test.
13:49:08 Part LinusN
13:49:12funmanlooks like the process is stuck in the middle of the decompression
13:49:18*linuxstb shouldn't really be here either....
13:49:33funmanor that the algorithm used isn't exactly the same
13:49:46 Quit webguest17 ("CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)")
13:49:56 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
13:51:35 Quit LambdaCalculus37 ("Ka-chunka")
13:54:26linuxstbfunman: How did you discover that?
13:54:31funmanI suppose
13:54:36funmanthe data is *almost* teh same
13:55:27funmanbut when I interrupt gdb, the code having been run could have modified what's at offset 0
13:56:34funmanwell the only difference is in the 0x30 first bytes
13:57:19linuxstbHmm, the first 4 bytes in memory are set to 0...
13:59:04linuxstbAnd byte 0x2a is set to 0x28...
13:59:52MarcGuayThings marked "Due in 3.0" in the tracker should get bumped...
14:00:03MarcGuayA script would be handy.
14:00:28pondlifeOverdue in 3.1? ;)
14:00:35funmanhm now I have differences only in the end of the firmware ..
14:00:59 Quit spiorf (Remote closed the connection)
14:01:13MarcGuaypondlife: :)
14:03:10linuxstbfunman: Have you tried setting a breakpoint at the end of the ucl unpack function? i.e. before you return to your loop?
14:03:50funmanoh we forgot something I guess
14:04:38funmanah no you set the modified size correctly
14:05:52 Join avis [0] (n=ident@pdpc/supporter/student/avis)
14:08:21 Part pondlife
14:09:47amiconnlinuxstb: Calling convention of rockbox's C version and the arm asm version are not the same. The asm version wants the compressed data length in r1, the C version doesn't need it
14:10:03amiconnThis is probably because the rockbox C version doesn't support multiple blocks
14:11:02 Quit Schmogel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
14:11:44linuxstbamiconn: Yes, I've discovered that, and now pass the src length in r1.
14:12:23vitjagevaerts: please take a look vitja/usb_request_endpoint.patch">
14:12:28amiconnAnd you probably need to pass a safe address in r3 where it can dump dst_len
14:13:00linuxstbafaics, I've commented out the statement that dumps dst_len
14:14:05kushal_12_27_200Hello, is anyone else having any problems exiting out of the microphone recording in Sansa c2xx in Rockbox 3 stable? Or is it just my player randomly freezing since last evening?
14:15:46MarcGuaykushal_12_27_200: I suggest trying to reproduce it, and if you can consistently, report a bug.
14:16:46linuxstbfunman: I wonder if the "in-place" decompression isn't working as I expected it to...
14:17:04linuxstbi.e. things go wrong at the end...
14:17:09kushal_12_27_200ok ... It was working fine after the update in the morning but suddenly started freezing in the r_mic recording screen in the evening (no significant system changes in between)
14:18:37linuxstbkushal_12_27_200: Have you checked the disk for errors? Maybe the filesystem has got corrupted...
14:18:58kushal_12_27_200How do I do it?
14:19:43linuxstbOn Windows, something like "chkdsk /f e:", on linux, something like "fsck.vfat /dev/sdX1", on OS X, something else...
14:20:48kushal_12_27_200You were right, linuxstb! I just verified the disk using disk utility. (Intel Mac OS 10.4.11). disk utility reports that the volume needs repair.
14:22:08funmanlinuxstb: well I discovered the 'stepi' command of gdb (execute only the next instruction) so we'll be able to debug what's going on
14:22:27kushal_12_27_200linuxstb, results here
14:22:39funmanalso I'll check how upx use the compression algorithm, maybe try a i386 decompressor
14:23:03funmanI have to leave now, we're on the right track
14:23:11 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:23:30funmanto use gdb in skyeye, just use -d and connect to it with arm-elf-gdb, (gdb) target remote
14:23:34linuxstbfunman: The UCL source has an example of "in-place" decryption, but maybe the thumb version doesn't support it. But it sounds like you'll track it down...
14:23:48preglowwhy thumb, btw?
14:23:58linuxstbThat's how it came...
14:23:58kushal_12_27_200linuxstb, looks funny to me ...
14:24:11funmanafaict the decompression seems to be stuck in an infinite loop
14:24:19linuxstbi.e. there was no 32-bit ARM version. But the fact that it's tiny (about 168 bytes) is very helpful to us.
14:24:57preglowok, so the code doesn't have to run in thumb context because of some restriction?
14:25:51funmanr1 is 0xffffffff .. ?
14:26:04kushal_12_27_200OK, linuxstb, I repaired the disk. Lets see if I can still reproduce the situation
14:26:07linuxstbkushal_12_27_200: I can't help with that - I would probably just reformat it (but be careful not to wipe the firmware partition - just reformat the existing FAT partition)
14:26:54kushal_12_27_200linuxstb, wouldn't formatting get rid of the sansa bootloader?
14:27:20linuxstbkushal_12_27_200: No, that's stored in the firmware partition. But as you've now repaired it, forget what I said.
14:27:37kushal_12_27_200ok thanks ttyl
14:28:12 Quit kushal_12_27_200 ("Leaving")
14:28:51linuxstbfunman: When?
14:31:33funmanwell forever
14:31:55funmanin gdb I mean
14:32:13funmanI'll try to put breakpoints the next time
14:32:53funmanI've put my skyeye config on the forum
14:32:58funmansee you later
14:33:04 Quit funman ("leaving")
14:38:04 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
14:38:32 Quit Twisty ()
14:45:09 Part B4gder
14:47:11gevaertsvitja: I've had a quick look at it, and I think it's fine. Eventually we will need to specify the transfer type when requesting endpoints, but as long as it's always bulk that would only increase the size.
14:48:00vitjagevaerts: I was thinking about type too, and asked that we can do it later
14:48:25gevaertsyes. We'll add that once something needs it
14:49:39vitjagevaerts: if you will write usb-drv-arc part we can commit it, so it will be more easy to improve tcc one
14:49:53gevaertsI'll do the arc bits tonight. Do you mind if I commit the infrastructure parts of your patch at the same time? I would prefer not to commit half-working usb code
14:50:20vitjagevaerts: sure ;)
14:50:38linuxstbgevaerts: Have you looked at the AMS datasheet? Is the USB hardware there familiar?
14:50:39gevaertsI haven't really looked at your serial changes yet, but I think they need to be in a separate commit anyway
14:50:53gevaertslinuxstb: no. I don't have that one
14:51:47 Join J-23 [0] (
14:53:37 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a04303@gateway/web/ajax/
14:55:20vitjagevaerts: about serial. once I found that it tries to send negative packets I rewrote ring buffer completly
14:55:45vitjagevaerts: then I added recv part, and polling
14:56:05 Quit jfc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:56:05 Join jfc^3 [0] (
14:56:20 Join HBK- [0] (
14:56:44 Quit HBK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:58:08*gevaerts sees that his compilation is done and gets back to work
14:59:49 Join Twst [0] (
15:01:13 Join nplus [0] (
15:04:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:10:54 Quit mf0102 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:13:40 Join mf0102 [0] (
15:17:47 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:18:05amiconnlinuxstb: There *is* a 32 bit arm version in the upx sources...
15:18:54linuxstbSo there is...
15:20:30 Join culture [0] (
15:27:48 Quit vitja (Remote closed the connection)
15:30:58 Join fragilematter [0] (n=fragilem@
15:31:12 Part LinusN
15:32:37 Join globi [0] (n=Drk@2001:470:1f12:d3:0:0:0:2)
15:35:32 Join PaulJam [0] (
15:41:20 Join Kopfgeldjaeger [0] (
15:44:04 Join SpaceTraveler [0] (
15:49:40 Join PaulJam_ [0] (
15:55:16 Quit PaulJam_ (".")
15:57:55 Join Honey [0] (n=enrico@
15:58:51 Join Acksaw [0] (
16:00:11 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:00:36*LambdaCalculus37 is looking at kugel's latest patch on FS #6800
16:01:05J-23still doesn't work
16:02:03fragilematterJ-23 I'm sad to hear that. But it's weird since I recovered more than a dozen of times by now
16:07:26 Join Seed [0] (
16:08:19J-23it works :)
16:08:36 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
16:08:41fragilemattertold you it had to :P
16:09:04*J-23 needs to download OF_and_padding.gz through Tor :/
16:09:10fragilematternow dd the stuff and stop trying test stuff
16:09:21fragilematterstill can't get to
16:09:56fragilematterI'll send it to you if you wanyt
16:10:01*J-23 downloads.
16:10:27fragilemattereven if I don't have much upload bandwidth it would be faster than tor
16:11:49 Quit tvelocity (Remote closed the connection)
16:12:36 Quit Acky (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:16:53 Join PaulJam [0] (
16:20:52 Quit Honey ("Sto andando via")
16:21:49J-23how long should recovery (filling /dev/sdX with of_and_padding.bin) take?
16:22:01fragilemattera couple of minutes max
16:22:12J-23done :)
16:22:17J-23now what should I do?
16:22:28J-23just disconnect my player?
16:22:49fragilematterthen put the pcb on the back plate, connect the battery and try to start it
16:23:41J-23boots properly.
16:23:51fragilemattercongrats, you made it
16:24:14J-23hmm, boots properly when connecting USB
16:24:20J-23but doesn't work with battery
16:24:31J-23with battery too.
16:24:34J-23thanks for help :)
16:25:09fragilematteryou're welcome :)
16:26:50 Quit Bawitdaba (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:33:37 Join DerDome [0] (
16:39:52 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:41:20 Quit DerDome (Nick collision from services.)
16:41:21 Join DerDome1 [0] (
16:41:27 Nick DerDome1 is now known as DerDome (
16:41:50 Join bmbl [0] (n=Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
16:43:37 Quit pixelma2 (Nick collision from services.)
16:43:43 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
16:43:45 Join pixelma2_ [0] (n=marianne@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
16:43:47 Join amiconn_ [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
16:50:08 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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17:00:34 Join andy17null [0] (n=932061fe@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:01:11 Join lol3izer [0] (i=lol3@
17:01:41andy17nullHey, this sounds pretty cool, but will I lose all the music stored on my iriver H10 20gb hard drive if I flash the Rockbox firmware?
17:03:13linuxstbandy17null: Although hopefully you have a backup and don't trust a portable device to keep working forever...
17:04:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:04:14andy17nullwell I do but it's in America and I'm in Prague and won't have access to that computer till january
17:04:38andy17nullI can't seem to pull the songs off either, since it's an MTP device and Windows seems to treat it very differently
17:04:57LambdaCalculus37andy17null: Check out the H10 manual; there's a trick listed to put the device into MSC mode.
17:05:15andy17nulli forgot about that, ty
17:05:36LambdaCalculus37The manual is everyone's best friend. ;)
17:08:15 Part fragilematter
17:14:03 Quit PaulJam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:19:19 Join n1s [0] (n=nils@rockbox/developer/n1s)
17:28:18 Join crash91 [0] (n=7aa23a1d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:29:59 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
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17:32:43 Join Hillshum [0] (
17:36:22 Quit crash91 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
17:41:22 Join fragilematter [0] (n=fragilem@
17:44:43 Join DrMoos [0] (
17:45:26 Quit moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:45:27 Nick DrMoos is now known as moos (
17:50:39 Quit lasser ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]")
17:53:25 Quit andy17null ("CGI:IRC")
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18:03:48 Quit BigBambi (" ajax IRC Client")
18:04:29 Join Siku [0] (
18:08:14 Join Mooloo [0] (
18:08:55Mooloook, silly question, but new nanos (4g) won't work, or are just not supported?
18:09:25gevaertswon't work
18:09:26Hillshumwon't work
18:12:18 Join faemir [0] (
18:13:52 Join MethoS- [0] (
18:16:55 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:21:04 Join joe2371 [0] (
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18:35:59 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
18:42:03 Quit Hillshum_ ("*puts nose in thick book*")
18:43:13 Join kugel [0] (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/kugel)
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19:03:47 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
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19:05:26 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
19:05:46 Join Thundercloud [0] (
19:07:18J-23how many time is from hacking internal ROM of player and porting ROLO to having whole Rockbox port for player and what does it depend on?
19:08:17 Join dpb [0] (n=dpb@unaffiliated/dpb)
19:08:48ameyerJ-23: it depends
19:09:06*gevaerts doesn't understand the question
19:09:17ameyerJ-23: largely based on how much time the people have to work on the port and how many surprises they encounter
19:09:36domonokyJ-23: something between weeks and years, no one can predict that...
19:10:31ameyergevaerts: I'm going with "How long does it take to have a complete port of Rockbox once the internal rom is hacked(?) and ROLO is ported?"
19:10:44ameyerdomonoky: never could be another option
19:11:20 Quit Siku (Nick collision from services.)
19:11:24domonokyameyer: sure, as always no estimates in rockbox development :-)
19:11:25 Join Siku [0] (
19:11:58*J-23 puts his glass orb on his desk ;)
19:12:20bill2or3My iriver H340 only boots RB if I go into USB Bootloader mode first, if anyone has guesses about what'd cause that, speak up. My guess is something in ata-init()
19:14:22 Join lol3izer_ [0] (n=lol3@
19:16:58*ameyer wonders how long the battery in his sansa has left after 14 hours or so of battery life testing
19:18:13 Quit mf0102 (Remote closed the connection)
19:18:48 Quit neddy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:19:57 Quit Wictor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:20:08 Join Wictor [0] (
19:20:43linuxstbbill2or3: The "ata error -1" you've reported is being displayed by the bootloader? (i.e. not Rockbox itself after the bootloader has loaded it?)
19:21:10kugelLambdaCalculus37: So, do you like the patch? :)
19:21:34bill2or3linuxstb, that is correct.
19:21:45linuxstbbill2or3: As the people who can help (probably just LinusN) are not around often, I would open a flyspray bug report giving all the information you can about it. (unless you've done that already...)
19:22:16bill2or3I haven't, but I'll figure out how and do it tonight.
19:22:21*bill2or3 is just a user, really.
19:22:48bill2or3I did find the code that generates that message, but cant figure out what triggers that clause, exactly.
19:23:37 Quit joe2371 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:28:42LambdaCalculus37kugel: It's working very nicely. :)
19:29:04kugelI've read you took a look at the patch
19:30:51 Join Horschti [0] (
19:30:52 Quit Thundercloud (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:31:37 Quit Horscht (Nick collision from services.)
19:33:13 Join Thundercloud [0] (
19:33:40kugelLambdaCalculus37: are you also surprised how a relatively small feature like backlight fading has a rather big impact on the experience?
19:34:00LambdaCalculus37kugel: Indeed.
19:34:57LambdaCalculus37kugel: Only one thing needs to be fixed on the patch... all instances of "Arbeitskopie" should probably be replaced with "Working copy".
19:35:10kugelI remember when the patch was out of sync a while ago (I couldn't sync it myself back in that time, now I'm even expanding it to other targets :o ). I couldn't use it for some month, and it just wasnt the same
19:35:15LambdaCalculus37But I don't think it'll make much of a difference, as long as the patch applies clean.
19:35:46kugelwell, that's what my german version of svn diff does. It doesn't make difference though
19:36:55kugelI believe all my patches that have been accepted said "Arbeitskopie", it doesn't need to be fixed
19:37:22 Quit fragilematter ("bye")
19:38:11dpbI'm having trouble getting rockbox installed on my 30GB iPod... When I try to boot it, it just keeps saying Error! Can't load rockbox.ipod: File not found, it surely is in the second partition .rockbox/ directory.. I couldn't find anything in the faqs. Any ideas?
19:38:48LambdaCalculus37kugel: Okay.
19:38:52kugeldpb: IIRC Rockbox does only look in the first partition
19:39:23kugelthe first fat one
19:39:37LambdaCalculus37dpb: How did you install? Manually or with Rockbox Utility?
19:39:39dpbkugel: The iPod manuals say different.
19:39:48dpbLambdaCalculus37: manually
19:40:23kugeldpb: Well I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure, that at least the bootloader doesn't support multiple partitions
19:40:44LambdaCalculus37kugel: There are two partitions on most iPods... the first is the "firmware" partition, and the second is the main "storage" partition.
19:40:52LambdaCalculus37dpb: Try using Rockbox Utility.
19:41:06kugelLambdaCalculus37: the firmware partition isn't fat32 though
19:41:17 Join bertrik [0] (
19:41:17 Quit lol3izer_ (Connection timed out)
19:41:19kugel"kugel>the first fat one"
19:41:33 Quit Hillshum ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")
19:42:18dpbkugel: Well I was talking about the real partitions. Not just the fat partitions. :)
19:42:23dpbLambdaCalculus37: I'll try that.
19:42:39 Quit lol3izer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42:39domonokykugel, the first fat partition on ipods is the second one, so that should be right...
19:42:56LambdaCalculus37dpb: And make sure to read the manual... there's a quiz coming up on it. ;)
19:43:19kugeldomonoky: I'm aware of that, but dpb sounded like he would have a second "storage" partition
19:43:43 Join jgarvey [0] (
19:43:59kugeldpb: sorry then
19:44:27kugeljhMikeS: ping
19:44:44dpbHrmm, this Rockbox Utility says my configuration is invalid..
19:45:29domonokydpb: read to the the end of the message :-) thats normal on first start of rbutil, as you have not configured it..
19:45:34LambdaCalculus37That's normal the first time you run it.
19:45:36 Quit pixelma2_ ("-")
19:45:39kugeldpb: doesn't it also say that's due to running it for the first time?
19:45:39*LambdaCalculus37 is too slow :)
19:45:47*kugel too
19:45:49 Join pixelma [50] (i=pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
19:46:23dpbWell, it says it all the time. Even after I "configure" it.
19:47:02linuxstbdomonoky: What does that warning actually mean? Is it that there is no local configuration file (how/where is that stored), or that one was found, and it was invalid?
19:47:09dpbAh. Needs to be run as root.. :)
19:47:17*linuxstb finds it odd...
19:47:38 Join ompaul [0] (n=ompaul@gnewsense/friend/ompaul)
19:47:42LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: I get that message as well, usually from running RBUtil without the listed DAP connected to my computer.
19:47:45domonokythen your are not correctly configureing it.. use autodetection, and/or set your device and mountpoint..
19:47:58domonokyand yes for ipods it needs root access..
19:48:01 Join mmornati [0] (
19:48:11mmornatihi guys...
19:48:26mmornatiI've a question for you... because I don't really understand reading on the site...
19:48:40domonokylinuxstb: its not the stored config, but rbutil detected that the mointpoint is invalid, or it doesnt have a device selected..
19:48:41linuxstbdomonoky: _may need_ root access... That depends on users/groups etc.
19:48:44mmornaticreative devices are supported from rockbox?
19:48:50linuxstbdomonoky: Then why doesn't it say that?
19:49:44domonokyisnt it that what it says ? the configuration is invalid. (not meaning a file, but the current activ configuration)
19:50:23linuxstbmmornati: No. There is work-in-progress to port Rockbox to some creative devices, but it's still in the early stages, and I think it's still only suitable for developers to hack on, rather than users to test/use.
19:51:27mmornatiOk... is it possibile to have a "guide" (line guide) about firmware porting?
19:51:47mmornatiI think I could help you with my two creative devices...
19:51:54dpbLambdaCalculus37: Using the utility didn't help. It still gives me the file not found error.
19:51:56mmornati(surely I'm a developer :P)
19:52:01kugelThere's a PortingHowTo wiki page
19:52:15gevaertsdpb: is this a 5th gen or a 5.5th gen ipod?
19:52:39*gevaerts guessed that :)
19:53:08linuxstbmmornati: You probably want to read the forum threads (in the New Ports sub-forum) about the Creative devices, to see what the current status is.
19:53:57mmornatisure... I have just started looking on rockbox web site... and I thought faster way to have a response on this was asking on channel! :)
19:53:58linuxstbdomonoky: What about just saying "No devices found" instead of "configuration invalid" ?
19:54:18mmornatinow I starting to read lot of documentation and forum threads
19:54:39gevaertsdpb: can you download bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod from and install that using "ipodpatcher -a bootloader-ipodvideo.ipod" ?
19:54:41mmornatianyway it's a really good project...
19:54:47gevaertslinuxstb: that's not true either
19:54:55linuxstbmmornati: Also, only one or maybe two developers are working on it, and they're not always around here. Most of us don't have a clue about the status of the Creative ports.
19:55:07linuxstbgevaerts: Why not?
19:55:48mmornatido you know names of those developers?
19:55:48gevaertslinuxstb: ok, technically it's true. However, it didn't find devices because it didn't search yet
19:56:29linuxstbgevaerts: OK, but that's what the second part of the message is for - to tell the user they need to help rbutil find their device.
19:56:38gevaertsmmornati: have a look at
19:58:43dpbgevaerts: tried that, no help
19:58:47 Join bughunter2 [0] (n=Jelle@
20:00:22gevaertslinuxstb: have you seen the message shown by newer versions of rbutil?
20:01:02linuxstbgevaerts: I've just looked at the source code - is this it? "Your configuration is invalid. This is most likely due to a new installation of Rockbox Utility or a changed device path. The configuation dialog will now open to allow you to correct the problem."
20:01:15gevaertsdpb: weird. I would expect that to help. Did you format the FAT partition from linux?
20:01:26dpbgevaerts: yes
20:01:35gevaertsusing mkfs.vfat?
20:01:56gevaertslinuxstb: on first start I get "This is a new installation of Rockbox Utility, or a new version. The configuration dialog will now open to allow you to setup the program, or review your settings."
20:02:10gevaertsdpb: can you try again using mformat?
20:02:32dpbwhere can I find mformat? :)
20:03:31gevaertsIt's in the mtools package
20:04:05 Quit jhulst (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:04:13dpbGot it
20:04:24linuxstbgevaerts: Hmm, I would perhaps just not display that message at all, and go straight to the configuration dialog.
20:04:46linuxstbBut that wasn't the message dpb was reporting.
20:05:01gevaertslinuxstb: I don't care much. I just rephrased that message a while ago
20:05:36dpbHow do I find out the drive letter to give to mformat?
20:05:59linuxstbI think you need to add it to /etc/mtools.conf
20:06:33gevaertsdpb: in /etc/mtools.conf add a line like 'drive a: file="/dev/sdwhatever2"'
20:07:01*domonoky would find it nice, if *others* find time to polish rb a little, it could need some love :-)
20:12:04dpbYes! That got it to work. Thanks a lot. :)
20:12:30*gevaerts summons wpyh
20:13:42 Quit Darksair ("zzz...")
20:16:38kugelLambdaCalculus37: So, do you plan to keep fs#6800 in your "custom" build, or help getting it into svn?
20:17:21LambdaCalculus37kugel: I would like to get it into SVN, but I would like that the devs take a look at it first.
20:17:51kugelsure, that's why I said "help"
20:19:47LambdaCalculus37kugel: It doesn't appear to have broken anything else. I was playing music on my beast with the patch still applied and playback and performance were unaffected. How is performance on your Sansa?
20:21:57LambdaCalculus37My c240 is performing very nicely, too.
20:22:01*pixelma wonders why the pegbox greyscale graphics are all named "x4" in the colour depth part and also why the "pieces" one exists - it is monochrome after all
20:22:30kugelIt's performing so well, since it uses the backlight thread nicely
20:22:34LambdaCalculus37pixelma: I was wondering about that myself. Perhaps someone goofed when naming them?
20:22:49 Join fragilematter [0] (n=fragilem@
20:23:24LambdaCalculus37kugel: I can't close patches on FS, but I think it should go in since it doesn't appear to affect performance on the targets it's intended for.
20:23:36*gevaerts was wondering how much FS #6800 increases the binsize, but as he's planning some work that will most probably also increase it, he'll shut up ;)
20:23:53LambdaCalculus37gevaerts: Want to try it out to see?
20:24:09 Join bluebrother [0] (n=dom@rockbox/staff/bluebrother)
20:24:16pixelmaI'm probably going to change them all anyways so maybe there is a chance to rename them (if there is no specific reason they should stay this way)
20:24:26 Quit SpaceTraveler ()
20:24:42*LambdaCalculus37 can't think of a reason why
20:24:46kugelit should actually slightly decrease binary size on the beast, since it's removing the HAVE_LCD_ENABLE #define as a side effect
20:24:53pixelma"all" was the wrong term - put the pices ones
20:25:12pixelmapieces too
20:25:23 Quit mmornati ("Leaving")
20:25:33gevaertskugel: #defines don't get into compiled code
20:25:55kugelgevaerts: but the code resulting of defines
20:26:11kugelas in the stuff between #ifdef and #endif
20:26:26*bluebrother feels like reading basic programming course
20:26:36kugelI talked to jhMikeS who told HAVE_LCD_ENABLE isn't implemented at all
20:27:01gevaertskugel: There's only one way to find out. Compile with and without, and compare rockbox-info.txt
20:27:18*gevaerts doesn't care either way. The delta won't be huge anyway
20:27:41kugelgevaerts: the size was reduced, but I had the lcd fade changes appied, so I didn't compare with a clean svn
20:27:57kugelsome 100bytes
20:28:28 Join dan_a [0] (n=dan-mirc@
20:29:27gevaertsI'd still prefer backlight_fade_state to be an enum
20:29:40kugelgevaerts: ah right, that should be changed
20:30:11LambdaCalculus37kugel: Make backlight_fade_state to an enum, and post a new patch.
20:30:21LambdaCalculus37gevaerts: Would an enum keep the binsize low?
20:30:48gevaertsLambdaCalculus37: enums disappear once the code is compiled. They're just integer types
20:31:14LambdaCalculus37gevaerts: Ahh.
20:34:08 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
20:34:48 Quit Wictor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:34:59 Join Wictor [0] (
20:35:14 Join BobJonkman [0] (n=BobJonkm@
20:37:20gevaertskugel: any reason why sansa _backlight_on() and _backlight_off() can't just call _backlight_set_brightness_helper() now?
20:38:02gevaertskugel: then _backlight_fade_down() doesn't need to have the first if() anymore, and it can drop the _backlight_off() call from the second if() I think
20:38:28kugelgevaerts: Well, that'd be the svn way, without fading :)
20:38:52kugelhelper sets the brightness
20:39:00kugelwithout fading
20:39:39gevaertsYes, so _backlight_on() and _backlight_off() can call that instead of calling pp_i2c_send() directly
20:39:43kugelthe actual design of the code isn't mine anyway, I just adapted it to beast
20:40:08*gevaerts is probably wrong on the _backlight_fade_down() thing.
20:40:44gevaertskugel: that's not major anyway. I'd prefer to see only one pp_i2c_send() call, but very probably others disagree
20:42:13kugelgevaerts: for e200 I created the helper, that helped me porting to beast (the beast needs the helper). I decided to keep it that way for consistency
20:42:34kugelthe e200 actually did it the way you proposed in the previous versions
20:43:49 Join lasser [0] (
20:44:08kugeluhh, they still do
20:44:24 Part dpb
20:45:00kugelwait, I'm confused
20:46:19kugelAhh, I read your sentence wrong. Well, your suggestion sounds fine :)
20:47:59kugelgevaerts: Sorry, I'm a bit tired today. I'll do it that way
20:48:18gevaertsDon't worry :) I am too
20:48:21 Quit jeffdameth ("Leaving.")
20:48:57*kugel gets his laptop
20:49:17 Join mf0102 [0] (
20:49:50 Join Mathiasdm [0] (
20:52:29 Join jeffdameth [0] (
20:58:36amiconnlinuxstb: *Encrytion* format?
21:00:29 Quit Mathiasdm (
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21:15:37J-23good night!
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21:45:10linuxstbamiconn: I don't claim it's good encryption ;)
21:46:39 Join vollkorn [0] (
21:46:40 Quit globi ("Lost terminal")
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21:52:41 Quit Seed ("cu, Andre")
21:52:47vollkornHi my name is Jan Girlich and I'm living in Hamburg. Since yesterday I own an iriver H10 5GB and everything works fine. So I was testing the FM radio and noticed there is no preset file for Hamburg. So I created one. Since I do not plan to contribute anymore than this I'm looking for a way to just get this file added to without creating an account. What do you recommend to do?
21:53:24 Quit Siku ()
21:54:05 Quit nplus (Remote closed the connection)
21:54:31scorche|shvollkorn: we have a real name policy with contributions which is why we require accounts
21:58:37vollkornscorche: So it's okay to register for an account just for contributing a FM presets file? I was hesitating a bit since it says "Please do not register if you don't plan to contribute."
21:58:38 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
21:59:01linuxstbvollkorn: Contributing once counts ;)
21:59:03scorche|shwell, you are contributing *something*, no? ;)
21:59:23CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
21:59:55 Join Thundercloud [0] (
22:00:15vollkornOkay, cool with me :)
22:02:38 Join einhirn [0] (
22:03:34 Join Seed [0] (
22:04:14*gevaerts doesn't like the delta for his current tree
22:05:24 Quit Mathiasdm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:06:15 Quit einhirn (Client Quit)
22:06:56linuxstbgevaerts: What's the damage? (and for what?)
22:07:57gevaertslinuxstb: nearly 600 bytes, for reorganising the USB code to allow it to handle the tcc controller better
22:08:20 Join Schmogel [0] (
22:08:29gevaerts600 bytes might be OK for a feature, but for pure refactoring that's too much
22:08:33 Join jeffdameth1 [0] (
22:08:48vollkornI registered at the wiki now. My wiki name is JanGirlich. Could I get write permission to add my preset file, please?
22:10:23linuxstbvollkorn: Done.
22:10:32 Join sandsmark [0] (
22:10:42sandsmarkhow do I upgrade my rockbox installation?
22:11:05bluebrothersandsmark: just install a newer build
22:11:10sandsmarkoh, ok
22:11:39bluebrotherin Rockbox Utility use the installation tab, then simply "Install Rockbox"
22:12:05 Join PaulJam [0] (
22:12:59sandsmarkok, seems to work nicely =)
22:15:58sandsmarkthe theme installer doesn't work, I take it?
22:17:23 Join embrion [0] (
22:17:37scorchesandsmark: thats why it gives that message ;)
22:17:49 Join ea_suter [0] (
22:18:17embrionhi, main rockbox site is up, but forums are definetly down
22:18:37scorchei am aware..
22:19:27ea_suterhi there
22:20:12ea_suteri've just got myself an e280
22:20:23ea_suterand it (unfortunately) appears o be a v2
22:20:40ea_suterso how can i participate in the porting iniciative??
22:21:01Bagderea_suter: check the v2 thread in the forum
22:21:12peturoh bugger, I think that should be updated - somebody actually followed that guide...
22:21:32ea_suterwell, i was trying to look at the forums, but i cant access the pages
22:21:33 Join webguest69 [0] (n=56936943@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:21:53ea_suteris the forum down or something?
22:22:01embrionyes it is down
22:22:24Bagderscorhe put the poor thing to sleep for a while
22:22:30Bagderscorche even
22:23:16embrionea_suter: how you can help to v2 port depends on if you can code for ex
22:23:19bertrikea_suter, you can also have a look at the currently documented information on the wiki, for example the SansaV2 page
22:23:22webguest69don't know if you know about it, but Leo has stated that they are going to cover Rockbox on FLOSS weekly (in about 40 mins on
22:23:23 Quit scorche|sh (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:23:30 Quit jeffdameth (Connection timed out)
22:23:37BigBambiwebguest69: Yes, Llorean is going to be interviewed
22:24:38scorcheembrion: ea_suter: it should be back now...
22:24:58ea_suterhow do you mean "code for x"?
22:25:28*bertrik guesses "code for example"
22:25:33 Quit webguest69 (Client Quit)
22:26:03embrionscorche: thx, betrik: good guess
22:26:16embrion*bertrik, sorry
22:26:38scorcheembrion: dont thank me...i killed it in the first place...
22:26:43*scorche weeps for his uptime
22:27:01gevaertsembrion: please use complete words
22:27:08embrion"it's alive!"
22:27:35embrionscorche: i believe you had a good couse
22:28:09peturregarding : do we want themes uploaded to the wiki or theme site (don't know the status of the themes site)
22:29:09 Quit mf0102 ("Ex-Chat")
22:29:34 Join scorche|sh [50] (n=scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
22:29:55 Join neddy [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-1ddaa1d5d82381c4)
22:30:28kugeljust delete that page or let it only contain a link to the wpsgallery
22:30:53Lloreanpetur: Well, one question is "Do we want themes in SVN?" too.
22:31:00bluebrotherIMO we want to use the theme site once its done
22:31:05kugelat least until the status of the theme site is known*
22:31:35bluebrotheralso, shouldn't the themes in svn be available for all targets? I know this currently isn't true ...
22:31:58peturIḿ just wondering regarding FS 9433 - he really followed the wiki page but I do not think it is for svn inclusion
22:32:08Lloreanbluebrother: I don't think that's necessary.
22:33:01 Quit freqmod_qu (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:37:02 Quit neddy ("Leaving.")
22:38:23 Quit ZincAlloy ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
22:38:41 Quit embrion ()
22:39:20ea_sutersorry for my asking, but whats does coding for example mean exactly?
22:39:58 Part BobJonkman
22:40:20scorche|shbluebrother: is it alright to change the file on t.r.o to say something to the effect that "this is expected to fail"?
22:40:31scorche|shmight stop all these inquiries we are getting
22:44:19 Quit perplexity ("Lying alone in my room every night, it's you that I see when I turn out the light...")
22:44:25 Quit {phoenix} (Remote closed the connection)
22:44:42 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
22:45:12 Join neddy [0] (n=john@nat/sun/x-2c2ccd664d0bb53c)
22:49:10 Join aaaaa [0] (n=dementor@
22:50:00aaaaahy i need some help
22:50:22linuxstbaaaaa: We ask you to ask, not to ask to ask
22:50:51aaaaai have a1g ipod nono and i instal rockbox
22:50:55Strife89linuxstb: Wow, that's a sentence of the day. ;)
22:51:05aaaaabut how do i put video on him
22:51:11Strife89aaaaa: There
22:51:29Strife89aaaaa: There's a Wiki page with plenty of intructions.
22:51:32blkhawkaaaaa: how can you be sure its a him?
22:51:51Strife89linuxstb: Jeez, beat me to it.... ;)
22:52:06*Strife89 is not typing at his best today.
22:52:21scorche|shblkhawk: english as a second language...many languages use male/female terms
22:52:25aaaaaok thx if i dot manege can i come back?
22:53:06aaaaathx you are a nice guy
22:53:14blkhawkscorche|sh: I meant it as a joke - don't kill the joke
22:53:16 Part ea_suter
22:54:03 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")
22:54:20kugelgevaerts: so, the helper function would only contain the i2c_send command. Would it better for helper to be inline in this case?
22:54:44 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:54:50CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
22:55:38gevaertskugel: making it inline wouldn't hurt, although I would expect the compiler to figure that out
22:56:18kugelso it's likely to not matter at all?
22:57:06gevaertsI'd expect so, yes. Of course making it explicitely inline doesn't hurt a lot either, and then you're sure
22:57:07LloreanIt sounds like "it's not guaranteed to help, but if the compiler is stupid it might help some and it shouldn't hurt either way"
22:57:24bluebrotherscorche|sh: sure. Just put in any text that is considered helpful
22:58:08scorche|shbluebrother: that could be dangerous ;)
22:58:42*Strife89 tries putting in "Make it work better." :)
22:58:42Bagdermy first shot
22:58:51bluebrother"if you see this text the autodetection has noticed that Rockbox is nothing for you. Please perform an uninstall immediately"?
23:00:39*linuxstb discovers the "overhead" factor when doing in-place ucl decompression...
23:01:00 Quit Strife89 ("Leaving")
23:02:06Lloreanlinuxstb: Is it a significant block?
23:02:30BigBambiBagder: A rbutil that can download the release (I don't know if this is a non-issue going forward)
23:03:05LloreanBigBambi: Is our rbutil hard-coded to one release right now, or abstracted so we can just post a new one somewhere and it'll use the newest?
23:03:18linuxstbLlorean: Just another bug to fix...
23:03:26gevaertsIt shouldn't be a problem, but "testing rbutil" may be good to put in the checklist
23:03:34BigBambiLlorean: I don't know, that's what I was (admittedly obliquely getting at)
23:03:43Bagder"make sure we have a rbutil version around that can install the new version"
23:03:45BigBambireposition ) as equired
23:03:49Bagderjust added
23:03:51BigBambiBagder: yeah :)
23:03:52LloreanBagder: Another possibility: Draft a press release so that any pages covering it have some basic "correct" facts about Rockbox they can use.
23:04:15Bagdergood idea
23:04:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:04:42 Quit aaaaa (Remote closed the connection)
23:04:50*gevaerts finds that his new and improved memory-wasting code doesn't actually work
23:05:32*Llorean can write code that's quite effective at wasting memory.
23:05:44*Llorean thinks "failing at wasting memory" might be a good thing...
23:06:05 Quit ompaul (Remote closed the connection)
23:06:22gevaertsActually the memory wasting bit works. It's the rest that doesn't
23:06:54LloreanWhat were you working on?
23:07:32gevaertsReorganising the USB stack so vitja's work fits in better
23:08:22 Join webguest39 [0] (n=465ad286@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:08:50 Quit lasser ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]")
23:11:04 Quit webguest39 (Client Quit)
23:12:30BagderFLOSS Weekly going live RSN
23:12:49kugelgevaerts: thanks to you I actually noticed that the i2c_sent command was actually sent twice with brightness = 0
23:12:54bluebrotherBagder: link?
23:13:03Bagder is live video
23:13:18 Join tvelocity [0] (n=tony@
23:13:31gevaertshttp:// for audio-only flash-free content
23:14:26 Quit Nico_P (Remote closed the connection)
23:15:24LloreanVideo won't matter much, since only one of the three voices is on camera anyway.
23:17:07linuxstbHmm, seems that "in-place" UCL decompression actually requires an extra 32KB of RAM... :(
23:18:11 Join ajonat [0] (n=ajonat@
23:18:57 Join fyre^OS [0] (
23:19:08 Quit webguest81 ("CGI:IRC")
23:23:36 Quit coatman (Remote closed the connection)
23:24:16 Join Twisty [0] (
23:27:10 Join coatman [0] (
23:30:03 Join webguest54 [0] (n=430aeeaf@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:33:31 Quit bughunter2 ("bye")
23:34:20 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
23:35:01 Quit fyrestorm (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:37:17 Join RandalSchwartz [0] (i=merlyn@p3m/member/merlyn)
23:37:27RandalSchwartzPaul Louden live on
23:38:30Bagderyeps, we're on track!
23:39:08domonokywow, my code runs in the show.. and it works :-)
23:39:44 Quit Twst (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:40:36bluebrothertoo bad m1.0.7 doesn't have the new bootloader stuff ;-)
23:40:46 Join funman [0] (
23:40:54 Join ZincAlloy [0] (n=d9eecac7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:45:12 Quit vollkorn ("(thanks for you help, guys)")
23:49:49 Quit petur ("*plop*")
23:52:30 Join fdinel [0] (
23:52:31 Join maddler [0] (
23:53:06 Join midgey [0] (n=tjross@
23:57:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 113 (No route to host))

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