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#rockbox log for 2009-01-23

00:00:03bertrikLambdaCalculus37, can't you simply make screenshots of the simulator for the clip?
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00:00:49LambdaCalculus37bertrik: I was trying to do that, but the screenshots are coming out looking like Archos shots.
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00:01:01saratogatoday's SVN is the first version that has ever been able to reboot into USB mode on my sansa
00:04:11LambdaCalculus37bertrik: Hang on, I'll show you a screenshot.
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00:04:40bertrikLambdaCalculus37, you mean it looks like light-green on black?
00:05:32gevaertsLambdaCalculus37: "screenshots of the similator" != "screenshots using the simulator"
00:06:09gartralyou _could_ take system screens and crop them...
00:06:25gartralthough its a bit of work, i can help with that
00:06:56kugelor, fix the sim so that it yields accurate screenshots
00:07:23gartrallinuxstb: as far as my page edit goes, what do you think i should do too the line in question?
00:07:25kugelwell, not exactly fix, as it's probably just dumping the framebuffer
00:08:02linuxstbgartral: The original sentence on the page is clear to me.
00:08:03Bagderwell, the fix would probably involve changing colors
00:08:34saratogashould be easy enough to #ifdef a color transform into the screen dump function
00:08:50kugeldoes the m:robe sim give similar screenshots?
00:09:26gartrallinuxstb: that really doesnt answer my question, i as asking for a suggestion, not a reference...
00:09:55LambdaCalculus37kugel: Not sure, let me find out.
00:10:04linuxstbgevaerts: Huh? My suggestion is to do nothing.
00:10:09*LambdaCalculus37 remembers the manual
00:10:14linuxstbI mean gartral...
00:10:28LambdaCalculus37kugel: The screenshots in the manual are the proper red on dark red of the m:robe screen.
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00:11:41kugelif the sim gives accurate screenshots for the m:robe, that it'll maybe just be a matter of adapting the mechanism to the clip (I don't know what the mechanism is)
00:11:59LambdaCalculus37kugel: Me neither. That's best left to someone who knows it.
00:12:25kugelthough, maybe without having the 1 pixel black line between the yellow and blue parts, but that would be acceptable, wouldn't it?
00:12:56kugelbut maybe the magic funman did to make the sim dual color my be a difficult to handle :(
00:13:12*LambdaCalculus37 wishes funman were here
00:13:38gartrallinuxstb: reload and check, please
00:13:40linuxstbkugel: It's unrelated to the sim. The screendump function simply dumps lcd_framebuffer[] - it's the same function in the sim and on the target - apps/misc.c:screen_dump() I think.
00:14:29kugelah yes, I thought so, that's why I wondered if the m:robe sim is similary bad
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00:16:57linuxstbgartral: Reload what? I can't see any changes to RockboxPlayer or your pastebin.
00:17:52*LambdaCalculus37 rolls an m:robe 100 sim
00:18:31saratogaLambdaCalculus37: perhaps this is a clue:;revision=17033
00:18:34gartralthe patebin just updated
00:19:08Bagderright the mrobe colors =>
00:19:49*LambdaCalculus37 scratches his chin in thought
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00:20:14LambdaCalculus37Indeed that's a clue.
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00:21:43linuxstbgartral: Ah, you mean the newer posts to the same pastebin site?
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00:24:17gartrallinuxstb: yes,im using pastebin as my editing platform for ease of review
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00:30:18saratogathere is agreement that problems with ipod accessories should not be filed in FS bug reports right?
00:30:38gevaertsI don't know. It's in svn now
00:30:56saratogawe don't implement like 90% of the protocol though so most things are going to be buggy
00:31:09saratogai'm not sure we need a seperate FS entry for every device that uses a feature we don't implement
00:31:15saratogaparticularly when theres a wiki page
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00:31:58linuxstbsaratoga: How are people supposed to know? Does the manual mention anything about accessories?
00:32:50saratogai don't think it does
00:33:01*LambdaCalculus37 checks the manual
00:33:23saratogai'm not sure what the manual could realistically say other then "you device will work, or else not work"
00:33:32saratogaan exhaustive list is impractical
00:33:40linuxstbgartral: As I said, I prefer the existing 3rd paragraph to your version. Some of your other changes are fine, but I don't like the phrase "hack the OF" - it's not what Rockbox is about, plus readers of the page probably won't understand "OF".
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00:34:07LambdaCalculus37saratoga: I think a quick blurb that says "Some iPod accessories may or may not work with Rockbox" is sufficent.
00:34:07linuxstbsaratoga: Maybe just something like "Support for accessories isn't complete - for further information, see page....
00:34:38linuxstbPlus. don't people need to enable accessory power for some (all?) accessories?
00:34:47saratogai think thats on by default now
00:34:53saratogain either case I favor closing FS tasks and directing people to the wiki
00:35:15gartralok, how about rephrasing it to: "understanding the original firmware"?
00:35:18linuxstbYes, I think I agree - although be polite ;)
00:35:21LambdaCalculus37linuxstb, saratoga: "Support for accessories isn't complete - you may or may not be able to use your device with Rockbox. For further information, see http://....bla bla...."
00:35:26linuxstb(that was to saratoga)
00:35:28LambdaCalculus37Sound good?
00:35:34saratogayes that sounds fine
00:35:45saratogai think soap was working on a wiki page with all the info he collected from the forums thread anyway
00:35:54LambdaCalculus37saratoga: Where in the manual should it go?
00:35:56pixelmakugel: I found out why DancePuffDuo and iAmp don't work on the Clip (sim). The packages are alright and the bmp is there btw..., thing is that the on the Clip bitmaps which are wider than LCD_WIDTH refuse to load. The two themes reuse one bitmap each which has the width of the H100 main display (160), probably not to duplicate unnecessary and it works for the Iriver remote (can only test in the sim though)
00:36:11linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: We can't be any more specific about what kinds of things are likely to work or not?
00:36:52pixelmanow, question of the day - why are there differences and what is the proper behaviour. And does it make sense to have "dedicated" but then 2 bitmaps more?
00:37:22saratogai don't know much about the manual so i'm not the one to ask
00:38:55LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Thus far, from my own tests, my docking station works, but it's audio-out only and has its own dedicated volume control. And I tried a car adapter with my video and got both audio out and charging.
00:40:34linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: Did they require the accessory patch to work at all? Sounds like they might have worked without it...
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00:42:15LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: They didn't need it.
00:43:30linuxstbgartral: Maybe simply "understand how the device works"
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00:46:07gartralok, i did that change
00:46:20pixelmasoo... what about bitmaps wider than LCD_WIDTH (or height) in the WPS: should they be rejected or not? Of course I can fix the issue first by introducing a smaller bitmap (would save some space on the Clip, need a bit more on the Irivers), the general question remains though
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00:48:14linuxstbpixelma: Which bitmaps are you talking about? (in those WPSes?)
00:48:48pixelmathe bg.bmp used as a small background like part, loaded statically
00:49:14pixelmain case of DancePuffDuo
00:49:34pixelmaline.bmp in iAmp
00:49:35linuxstbIn practice, assuming they still fit in the buffer, there's nothing to be gained by sharing one bitmap, so I would say to split them
00:50:21linuxstbIn fact, won't bg.bmp be loaded from disk twice anyway? Meaning that all that's saved is disk space.
00:50:25pixelmayou save a tiny bit of disk space ;)
00:50:33*linuxstb is catching up...
00:51:15pixelmayes, I think it'll be loaded twice so no load time saving
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00:52:07*LambdaCalculus37 heads off for a beer
00:52:09gartralthe sansa clip's screen can be considered a "trichrome" scheme, right?
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00:53:10Bagdermonochrome is two colors so three colors would rather be bicrome ...
00:55:13gartralok, but what im getting at is: wouldnt it be sensable too have rockbox's render code render in the native colors for the screen?
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00:55:56*Zagor has been chasing ghosts for an hour
00:56:08Zagorclip doesn't handle −−rbutil for some reason
00:56:15ZagorI mean −−rbdir
00:56:19Bagdergartral: isn't this what we've talked about the last hour(s) ?
00:56:59pixelmaquite a few themes look odd on the Clip's screen though because positioning was optimised for the Iriver remote which obviously does not have such a weird gap and two colors
00:57:01linuxstbgartral: The only problem is the screen_dump() function.
00:57:20linuxstbAnd yes, I think that needs fixing.
00:58:03linuxstbpixelma: Yes, the clip is "special"
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01:10:15linuxstbZagor: Hmm, so the bootloaders don't use ROCKBOX_DIR ?
01:10:57 Part toffe82
01:11:20Unhelpfulpixelma: i'm pretty sure that the loader fails unscaled loads of bitmaps wider than LCD_WIDTH on all targets
01:12:03pixelmawell, it worked in an H100 sim (from early January though)
01:12:44Zagorlinuxstb: yes they do. but I didn't change the bootloader, I merely did a new test build in a different rbdir, and tried to rolo into it. and it fails, the same code that works with standard rbdir.
01:13:02Unhelpfulright, but the bitmap is exactly LCD_WIDTH wide in that case, right? or did i misread?
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01:13:44pixelmaUnhelpful: more precisely, it was a bitmap which was LCD_WIDTH of the main display and was reused in the smaller remote WPS too
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01:15:10linuxstbZagor: rolo is working on the Clip?
01:16:10Unhelpfulpixelma: interesting... the unscaled loader reuses the same chunk loader that the scaler frontend uses, but unlike the scaler, it fails outright if the bmp file is wider than LCD_WIDTH (which is also the maximum chunk size)
01:16:41Zagorlinuxstb: yes it does. but it somehow only runs builds made with rbdir=.rockbox
01:16:57Unhelpfulbasically because the code is smaller if it never has to check to see if it's used all of the current chunk - it assumes that 1 chunk == 1 line
01:17:29Zagorlinuxstb: though it could of course be something else, this is just the symptom. I haven't looked deeper into it.
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01:19:18Unhelpfulthis is justified on the basis that 1) i'm pretty sure that's what the old loader did, anyway (though i'd need to check to be certain) 2) it's a waste of memory to load a bitmap larger than any screen the device or its remote has
01:20:19linuxstbs/larger/wider/ - Rockbox uses "bitmap strips" in the WPS.
01:20:56Unhelpfullinuxstb: sorry, yes, i did mean "wider".
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01:25:16*Zagor runs his clip at 4 MHz
01:25:56gevaertsCan it decode APE?
01:26:08ZagorI'm playing ogg
01:26:19Zagorusing boosting, of course
01:26:29Unhelpfulgevaerts: of course it can!
01:26:50*gevaerts was too vague :)
01:27:10ZagorI'm boosting memcpy(), lcd_update() and ov_read_fixed(). that's enough to make it quite usable.
01:28:03Unhelpful"play" might've been a little better, or you could've said "in realtime" ;)
01:29:41Zagorsomething in pcmbuf seems to need a little nudge too. wav works nicely at avg cpu speed ~6 MHz until something goes wrong and it stops
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01:32:02gartral <−− any suggestions before i commit this too the Rockbox player page?
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01:41:57*Zagor didn't know there was a lossless wma codec
01:42:39UnhelpfulZagor: for a while now. it is, of course, not in any way the same codec. MS seems to have a problem with that. :/
01:43:10gartralso my commit is safe?
01:43:47rashergartral: looks good, and it's a wiki anyway, so no harm
01:44:52Unhelpfulindeed, it's versioned, if we hate it after your edit, we can just change it back, and maybe ban you ;)
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01:48:25gartralwell, theres nothing really ban worthy in it, its just to mainly fix to poor grammar
01:49:17Unhelpfulno, i really do think it's just fine. the ;) was there to indicate that the "ban" comment was a joke. it has failed, and will be disposed of.
01:50:34gartraloh, ssorry, i dont take jokes too well >.>
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01:51:56Zagormy troubles seem to be SD related. when playback stops I can't go into the file browser anymore.
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02:14:28pixelmaUnhelpful: so loading a wider image than the remote display worked on the Iriver RWPS because the limits are set by the main screen's specifications?
02:14:58Unhelpfulpixelma: exactly.
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02:48:24gartralthe e200s use the 176 pixel wide USB logo, right?
02:49:27 Join geokite [0] (
02:50:25Unhelpfulwell, their displays are 176 wide
02:50:59 Join n17ikh [0] (n=n17ikh@
02:51:38geokiteHi everyone. Got a reply on the forum after stating that I'm booting from RAM on my H120 that "then you need to update the flashed rockbox to be in sync with the files in .rockbox" Any idea as to where information to do this would be? Tried searching the wiki for "flash sync ram" but no luck.
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03:09:42gartralUnhelpful: nope, uses the smaller one
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03:15:59soap_I believe is where you need to start.
03:17:43soap_That being said - I was not familiar with this procedure outside anecdotal knowledge until I searched the wiki for "iriver flash" so I am not sure if this procedure is depreciated or not. That being said (x2) - I think if this is what you did the first time around then...
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03:27:08geokiteThank you soap. I didn't find anything there concerning syncing the flash with the files in .rockbox
03:27:55Unhelpfulgeokite: basically, the flash and the stuff in .rockbox needs to be the same version
03:28:05Unhelpfulor at least, that's what i would expect is meant
03:29:09geokiteThe player is a CF modded player, and I was under the impression that I needed the 7pre4 bootloader.
03:30:28Unhelpfuli'm not sure about the bootloader, but if you've flashed the rockbox executable, it should be the same version as your installed codecs and plugins.
03:31:22 Join shadearg [0] (
03:31:43geokiteAre you saying that I need to flash the player under the version I intend on using?
03:33:37Unhelpfuli don't have an iriver, but if you're flashing rockbox, your codecs and plugins will need to be from the same version as the flashed rockbox. codecs and plugins are tied to API versions, which change over time in the rockbox executable.
03:33:38geokiteThe main problem I'm having is further detailed at
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03:46:15saratogageokite: so how are you updating versions in the fs entry if you don't know how to flash?
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05:37:07 Part geokite
05:37:17shad0w1ehey is anyone familiar with the Toshiba Gigabeat? I've formatted it and now it will not flash no matter what I do - just says NO SYSTEM FOUND ON HDD. thanks
05:38:49LloreanThe instructions don't say to format it.
05:39:01krazykitshad0w1e, you'll need to go through the recovery procedure as detailed here:
05:39:18krazykitand restore the GBSYSTEM directory and contents
05:39:47shad0w1ehmm I think I did
05:40:18shad0w1ewell theres only GBSYSTEM/FWIMG
05:40:24krazykitclearly you didn't, or you formatted it as NTFS
05:40:31shad0w1eits fat32 :)
05:40:55shad0w1emaybe i need to use the original cd rather than the download?
05:41:03shad0w1ealthough the download did come with a format and firmware flash tool
05:47:13 Join GuyInDentonTx [0] (
05:48:55shad0w1eAHHH GOTIT!
05:49:06shad0w1ei think it was the missing fonts
05:49:12shad0w1ei used the rockbox dummy fonts...
05:50:52krazykitwhich work just fine when you're using rockbox.
05:51:16shad0w1eyup im screwed
05:51:30krazykitare you not using rockbox?
05:51:36shad0w1enot now
05:51:39shad0w1ei had no fonts files
05:51:43shad0w1eso i figured id use those
05:51:59shad0w1ethe player boots further but now i dont get mass storage access...
05:52:05shad0w1eso i may need to take it apart..
05:52:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:54:42krazykitit might be best to do the recovery procedure (a very simple operation) and restore your gigabeat with the files included with the gigabeat room software, then reinstalling rockbox
05:55:02shad0w1erecovery wont work now ... i made things worse
05:55:08shad0w1esince the PC never recognizes the drive now
05:55:24shad0w1eunless thers some way to get the device to stop booting midway
05:57:00krazykitthe recovery procedure works, no matter what you do to the drive (short of physically damaging it)
05:57:44shad0w1epc isnt recognizing device though.
05:58:06shad0w1ewhere do i find out about the recovery procedure?
05:58:15krazykiti linked it earlier.
05:58:19shad0w1eo that link
05:58:47shad0w1eits suggesting i disconnect the HD
05:59:16krazykitthat's correct.
05:59:28shad0w1esimple eh
05:59:32shad0w1ethis is gonna be fun..
05:59:54shad0w1eguess i wanna do this sooner or later anyway to upgrade the drive with the one from my other jukebox
06:00:14krazykitas long as you don't rush, you'll be fine
06:00:34shad0w1eim stuck at step 1 :)
06:01:34krazykitwhat, reading the Gigabeat Disassembly page?
06:01:41shad0w1eoh i got it
06:01:44shad0w1eneeded some prying
06:02:31krazykityou'll want to remove only the two screws that hold the backplate in. you can leave the ones for the front plate alone
06:02:51shad0w1eyep gotit
06:02:58shad0w1eit was that font that did me in
06:05:47 Quit sbhsu ("leaving")
06:05:59 Join sbhsu [0] (
06:13:38 Join nuonguy [0] (
06:13:41shad0w1egreat .. i need those fonts
06:15:00krazykitthose should be available on your cd or from the gigabeat room software you can download (i don't know about this part though)
06:15:04 Join gartral [0] (n=Gartral@
06:15:21shad0w1eit appears as though its only on your PC once it grabs it off your device
06:16:06shad0w1ei thnik i found a download though ... really slow..
06:16:06krazykiti believe i've read several forum posts suggesting it is in the gigabeat room install directory.
06:16:13shad0w1eit is
06:16:19shad0w1ebut what i see there appears to be the rockbox fonts
06:17:21gartrali found two bugs in the Mandelbrot fractal renderer, mainly, if you keep zooming into the center, you'll see a break in the render, also, keep going far enough, it will start to only render a blue screen, no matter how far either way you go afterwards
06:25:25 Join Alystair [0] (
06:32:15intradosis it desired behavior that when inserting music by artist, tracks get added in alphabetical order instead of album order? someone said this was in the faq but I couldn't find it
06:33:40shad0w1ekrazykit, thanks a lot. ive successfully gotten rockbox to load ... although not gigabeat firmware!
06:35:43krazykitshad0w1e, that's good to hear. and no loss on the gigabeat firmware ;)
06:35:50shad0w1ehaha i know
06:36:53shad0w1estarting to think i shouldve stuck to my iriver h140...
06:52:06Lloreanintrados: They're sorted by whatever order your tagnavi file defines for them to be sorted by.
06:54:46intradosLlorean: thanks
06:57:16 Join __lifeless [0] (n=lifeless@
06:57:50 Quit _lifeless (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
06:58:54 Join tajlero [0] (
07:00:57intradosLlorean: that's the order in which they're displayed but that doesn't control the order in which they get added to the current playlist, does it?
07:08:35LloreanThey *should* insert in the same order they're displayed.
07:11:42 Join daurn [0] (n=daurnima@unaffiliated/daurnimator)
07:11:44 Join daurnimator [0] (
07:12:07intradosLlorean: err. they do but I don't see how to change the part that I want to. when I do artistFoo > <All Tracks>, it shows me the tracks in alphabetical order. is there anyway to display them as tracks from albumFoo1 and albumFoo2 in album order
07:15:12LloreanWouldn't know, I don't use the database.
07:15:29LloreanIf you want all tracks, sorted divided in albums, why not just insert the Artist via the context menu option on it?
07:16:13Unhelpfulit would need us to support multiple sort keys... i don't know if we do?
07:16:57intradosLlorean: I do just insert the artist via the context menu and it inserts tracks in alphabetical order
07:17:08Lloreanintrados: I thought you said you were playing the All Tracks listing
07:17:47intradosLlorean: no. I was just showing you what the result of that was since you said that they should insert in the same order that they show up under the database
07:18:43LloreanI thought insertion of a filter iterated through the results and inserted them in the order they were displayed to the user (skipping <All Tracks>) but I guess I'm wrong
07:19:23intradosUnhelpful: I guees that's true. unless, you could creat some temporary key from joining the albums sequentially and then sort on that
07:19:41LloreanBut when I said "Order they're displayed" I don't know why you told me about All Tracks when we were discussing the order they were displayed under the "Artist" view
07:20:17Unhelpfulintrados: somehow i expect RB doesn't support that
07:20:19 Quit shad0w1e ()
07:20:25intradosUnhelpful: yeah
07:21:34 Join nibbler [0] (
07:23:19lucentcan we update to document the new features?
07:23:32lucentit still says to edit the script
07:23:48lucentshould that be left on the Wiki page for earlier build releases?
07:24:37LloreanThe wiki page should reflect what's available if you checkout current source for dev tools.
07:24:40LloreanSo feel free to update it.
07:27:51UnhelpfulLlorean: so, as i understand it, at present, if i insert or queue multiple directories, i'm creating a playlist, and then random folder no longer works?
07:28:45Unhelpfulif it were implemented decently, would a playlist-friendly, database-oriented "random album" mode be considered for inclusion? or are there serious barriers to doing something at the end of the playlist instead of at the end of directory?
07:30:46LloreanUnhelpful: I don't know if it'd be possible, currently, to identify a unique playlist as just being an album
07:32:43 Join FlynDice [0] (
07:34:01Unhelpfuli was more thinking "extend the playlist with a random album upon reaching its end, if this mode is enabled"
07:35:36LloreanI'm not too sure, either way, whether that would be accepted, honestly
07:37:05Unhelpfulhrm... i'll need to think about how i'd want it to work. tbh, if it's considered too bloaty to be acceptable in core, i would not really object to a TSR plugin, and not being able to use other plugins :)
07:38:41LloreanI think an "advanced playback modes" plugin might be kinda neat anyway
07:38:55LloreanSomething like, you can tag several genres, and it randomly plays albums (or individual songs) selected from those.
07:39:10 Quit nibbler (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
07:40:06Unhelpfulactually, i think what i would consider ideal would be queueing one or two albums ahead of time, so that you can review them... a "remove album" playlist edit option might be helpful there
07:40:56LloreanBy the time you're at the playlist, right now, there's no real metadata information available to the playlist editor
07:43:51Unhelpfulso, pretty difficult to do, right now...
07:52:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:56:01 Quit FlynDice ()
08:03:26 Join ender` [0] (
08:04:14 Join Rob2222 [0] (
08:14:20 Join nibbler [0] (
08:20:47 Join Acky [0] (
08:22:06 Quit Rob2223 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:25:42 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:32:37 Join Zagor [0] (n=bjorn@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:34:46 Nick Barahir_ is now known as Barahir (
08:34:51 Join n1s [0] (n=nils@rockbox/developer/n1s)
08:37:04 Quit BigBambi (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:46:07 Quit cool_walking_ (" ajax IRC Client")
08:46:52ZagorI think it would be nice to use a Car Adapter Mode flag file, to let the bootloader know that it shouldn't enter usb mode on usb boot.
08:47:31amiconnThat'd mean more ifdefing
08:47:53amiconnHmm, or maybe not, because every platform has its own main bootloader file
08:48:27amiconnAnyway, the bootloader should be able to distinguish a charger connection from true usb now?
08:48:36amiconn(provided you compile a new one)
08:49:08Zagoraha. /me checks the code
08:49:27amiconnI mean on software usb targets
08:50:01Zagordo we have any hw-usb targets without separate dc charger?
08:51:08amiconnHmm. The only ones that come to mind are the Ondios. They don't have charging at all, but can be powered from USB
08:51:52amiconnAtm they don't offer car adapter mode
08:53:17 Quit Acky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:53:33 Join Acksaw [0] (
08:56:12Zagorit looks to me like only IMX31L uses USB_DETECT_BY_DRV in the bootloader (firmware/export/config.h:443)
08:57:02 Join Bagderr [241] (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
08:57:18Zagorit's a little odd having the usb defines depend on SWCODEC...
08:58:38ZagorjhMikeS: a little comment explaining the difference between USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT and USB_DETECT_BY_DRV would be nice
08:58:50 Join bertrik [0] (
08:59:40amiconnZagor: I think that is due to the fact that software usb is currently enabled for i.mx31 only, due to the problems on PP
08:59:53 Quit XavierGr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:00:13ZagorI thought we at least do charger detection on pp
09:00:13 Quit bertrik (Client Quit)
09:00:40amiconnYes, we do, but probably not in the bootloaders
09:00:52amiconnAs soon as those problems are solved, the PP bootloaders should handle usb on their own, imo
09:01:43amiconnRight now the handling differs between the various PP targets
09:02:36amiconnSansa (v1) bootloaders detect usb, and load the OF right away if a connection is found. iPod bootloaders don't touch usb at all.
09:04:11Zagorsansa loads OF is usb is inserted (powered). I'd like to enable the host/charger detection there. car adapter mode is pretty worthless without automatic poweron imho.
09:04:14amiconnH10 differs from both, in that the built-in loader comes before our own bootloader, and handles usb itself.
09:05:49 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote closed the connection)
09:07:05Zagorin fact I think car adapter mode should be disabled on sansa until they have working powerup. having to pull the usb plug, manually power up, then insert the plug again everytime you start the car is not exactly something to brag about.
09:07:55LloreanZagor: Does it work if the Sansa's never shut off?
09:08:11Lloreanfor example, if you set idle time to long enough that the period you're out of the car isn't long enough to shutdown the player.
09:08:35LloreanI mean, that's more or less what you have to do on H100 anyway, since they can't power on with charger, so Car Adapter should just stop/start music with charger detection
09:08:54LloreanIf that much at least works on Sansa, it should probably stay for those who'd use it that way, until we have it even better.
09:08:56ZagorLlorean: it does. which would be nice for something like couriers I suppose.
09:09:04LloreanOr pizza delivery, but yes.
09:09:17 Nick Bagderr is now known as B4gder (n=daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
09:09:29amiconnZagor: I think the number of targets where car adapter mode is broken is larger than the number of targets where it works
09:09:41 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:09:50ZagorI'd like to know if we have a technical reason for not enabling host detection in sansa bootloaders though. gevaerts? bertrik? jhMikeS?
09:10:18amiconnOn some targets it's due to the hardware (e.g. H100, Player), on others it's due to how we're handling things
09:10:51 Join flydutch [0] (
09:27:11 Quit JdGordon (Remote closed the connection)
09:28:21Unhelpfulamiconn: i meant to ask you... i looked at api init on codecs. it's done in codec_crt0.c now, so really it's only a matter of moving the init to the loader. it only took a couple of minutes, but i'm not sure it really gains anything?
09:30:30 Part gartral
09:42:52n1sUnhelpful: consistency between plugins and codecs would be nice imo
09:44:40Unhelpfulok... that's at least one thing in favor. i notice the codec iram init is handled in the crt0... but there's probably no reason to change that to match plugins, since it's rather less common for plugins, and plugins have to stop audio playback to claim iram
09:48:43 Join Thundercloud [0] (
09:50:45 Quit kachna (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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09:59:37ZagorI'll write this here for the log. Apple Inc has applied for a patent covering one of our feature requests (FS #301 - Volume adaptation to external noise). Our feature request was filed in 2002. Their patent application was filed in 2007. Patent application here:
09:59:37Zagor2329 Independent date confirmation of our feature request here:
10:04:59gartralduly logged, and permma pated to
10:06:13Unhelpfulwe do already have logs of the channel...
10:07:10 Quit tarbo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:07:17gartralyes, I'm aware, but with some things, redundancy does help
10:07:23 Join tarbo [0] (n=me@unaffiliated/tarbo)
10:07:23 Quit tarbo (Client Quit)
10:08:02 Quit Slasheri (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
10:10:21 Quit AndyIL (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:11:17Unhelpfulwell, for what it's worth, here's the codec loader api init patch. i don't think it really needs nearly as much discussion as the plugin one did, since it's not changing any codecs, just changing how the init happens.
10:12:15Unhelpfuloh, i suppose i'd need to add an API version bump to that, as well. other than that, any thoughts, suggestions, objections?
10:14:54 Join AndyI [0] (i=AndyI@
10:20:04 Join vallhalla81 [0] (
10:22:10 Quit m0f0x (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:22:19 Quit tyfoo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:25:27vallhalla81hello there al i have been trying to use rockbox utility to install rockbox to my ipod 5th gen (60gb) but when i click full install it fails to ad the boot loader i have also tryed ipod patcher to add it but n luck there, any help or tips would be great thank you in advance
10:26:18 Join Acky [0] (
10:28:11vallhalla81oh and to ad i have done this from both win xp and Linux
10:30:50Zagoralso for the log:
10:32:46lucentvallhalla81: I don't know.
10:32:58 Quit gevaerts (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:32:58lucentif it's a supported target, then it should work
10:33:13 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
10:33:16 Join gevaerts [0] (n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
10:35:36B4gderZagor: that url doesn't work when not logged in
10:36:44Zagorright, we closed the sf tracker when we moved to flyspray.
10:37:05Zagorit can be opened if needed
10:39:42ZagorUnhelpful: looks good to me
10:40:20 Quit Acksaw (Connection timed out)
10:40:47B4gderhah, this apple patent was filed two days after they filed another "from-rockbox" patent
10:42:57B4gderhm, no I'm wrong
10:43:28B4gderthe patent office link pointed out a different patent application now ;-/
10:44:22B4gderit links to an application, but that application was filed in 2007...
10:44:52Zagorthe uspto url:s are a mess
10:46:54Unhelpful'k, i'll go ahead with that, then. i think we shook out most of the gotchas with the design when i did it for plugins :)
10:49:14 Join tarbo [0] (n=me@unaffiliated/tarbo)
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11:11:04 Part vallhalla81
11:12:39 Quit tarbo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:12:51 Join tarbo [0] (n=me@unaffiliated/tarbo)
11:16:48B4gder3 build servers dropped in the last round :-(
11:18:33 Quit tarbo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:18:45 Join tarbo [0] (n=me@unaffiliated/tarbo)
11:20:03 Join Slasheri [0] (i=miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
11:20:12 Quit tarbo (Client Quit)
11:21:47lucenthrm.... I'm getting graphics corruption on the Fuze 8gb now
11:22:04lucentwonder if kugel would know why that is happening
11:25:14linuxstb"now" ? So when did it stop working?
11:27:59lucentlinuxstb: there's always been some odd pixel values, what I talk about "now" is that the whole screen goes screwy for a split-second in some instances
11:28:08lucentthis is a new behavior I think since last week or so
11:28:20lucentI would have to do some regression testing to find the exact commit
11:28:34 Join PaulJam [0] (
11:28:36lucentgoing to wait first maybe kugel knows it's causing problems and he's still working on something
11:32:22linuxstbOK, but looking at the recent commits, r19791 and r19792 look possible candidates - so I would try r19790.
11:37:02 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
11:39:25gartralhow do i reset the pitch controls?
11:41:16lucentlinuxstb: also, just to note, the existing hack to allow the 8gb microSD to be present while booting rockbox without panic, it's panic'ing now
11:41:21lucentthough it works after boot
11:41:25lucentthis is kind of strange
11:41:42lucentI wish I had the answers and not problems
11:41:51 Join vallhalla81 [0] (
11:42:11lucent2gb normal microSD works okay present on boot
11:42:29lucent8gb class 6 microSDHC present on boot = panic (-4)
11:43:52Unhelpfulhrm... as far as implementing "remove album", would walking the playlist to find files that belong to the same album be a way to do that? and yes, i know that's an awful thing to be doing :/
11:44:36lucentUnhelpful: I'm the minority that prefers albums to be a single file
11:44:42lucentthat's easy to randomize.
11:46:00Unhelpfullucent: well, i'm looking to implement random albums without having to do anything quite so nasty... Llorean thought that maybe a plugin that supports various advanced playback whose utility is too marginal for most users to justify core inclusion might be an idea :)
11:46:15lucentUnhelpful: can't it be done? just activate when N number of entries after the current playlist position exist, fill with a randomly selected database album
11:46:25vallhalla81hey all I have just got a ipod 5th gen(60gb)from a friend he had rock box on it at one point but it is now blank when i try to install rockbox on to it now it fails to load the boot loader i havealso tryed ipod linux instaler but it telsme there is an error with sysinfo file so i had a look and it is blank please advise thank you
11:46:52lucentvallhalla81: it might need a filesystem before the Apple tools will touch it
11:47:14lucentdepends on how "blank" you are talking about ;)
11:47:56vallhalla81 lucent: i have manage to downgrade the firmware then upgrade the firmware but it stayes the same
11:48:08 Quit GodEater_ (" ajax IRC Client")
11:48:56lucentwish I could help
11:49:01*lucent wanders off to sleep
11:50:36PaulJamvallhalla81: does the apple firmware work fine on the ipod?
11:51:30vallhalla81yes it all good
11:51:32 Join GodEater_ [0] (i=c2cbc962@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
11:52:08PaulJamwhat is the error you get when you try to install the bootloader with rbutil?
11:52:36vallhalla81failed to install bootloader
11:52:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:53:08PaulJamhmm, do you run rbutil with administrative rights?
11:53:28vallhalla81yes in both windows and linux
11:53:48Unhelpfullucent: yes, but depending on what you want this to do, it gets more and more questionable whether it belongs in core...
11:54:27Unhelpfulfor example, calculating average-last-played and average-rating values for albums based on the per-track stats, and using those as weighting factors in random album selection?
11:57:43vallhalla81is there a way to make or download a sysinfo file and replace the blank one?
12:00:20Unhelpfulwhat sysinfo file?
12:00:39vallhalla81the one in my ipod
12:03:48 Join MTee [0] (n=mtee@
12:03:59Unhelpfulwhy, does something not work? i really have no idea what this file is supposed to do.
12:04:15vallhalla81hey all I have just got a ipod 5th gen(60gb)from a friend he had rock box on it at one point but it is now blank when i try to install rockbox on to it now it fails to load the boot loader i havealso tryed ipod linux instaler but it telsme there is an error with sysinfo file so i had a look and it is blank please advise thank you
12:04:45vallhalla81in short;)
12:05:19Unhelpfulwhat exactly happens when rockbox fails to install or load?
12:05:39PaulJamthe ipod linux installer is not supported here. (to me it sounds as if the sysinfo error came from that)
12:07:08vallhalla81no the main issue is that i can not load/install a boot loader
12:07:30Unhelpfulyou need to tell us what exactly happens when you try to install the boot loader
12:08:33vallhalla81it just downloads it but fails to install it to pod
12:10:39linuxstbvallhalla81: The Rockbox install tools never look at the sysinfo file - so that's not your problem.
12:11:05Unhelpfulhow do you know that it fails to install?
12:12:08linuxstbvallhalla81: Have you tried using ipodpatcher instead of rbutil?
12:14:11pixelmaand did you only use the "complete installation"? I remember there was a problem with that in the Rockbox Utility once (not sure if it is solved); the workaround was to use the seperate bootloader installation on a second tab
12:14:31 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
12:14:45pixelmaso install build and bootloader seperately, you need both
12:14:58 Quit tajlero ("Leaving")
12:16:57vallhalla81 linuxstb: yes tryed the patcher too
12:17:35linuxstbvallhalla81: And what was the message displayed by ipodpatcher? Can you post the output to somewhere like ?
12:17:54 Part gartral
12:18:13MTeeHi all
12:18:56MTeelinuxstb : are you still working on the rm codec ?
12:19:47linuxstbMTee: I've done nothing on rm apart from my start at writing an rm parser a few years ago...
12:21:15linuxstbvallhalla81: That would point to usb issues - are you using a hub, or just connecting the cable directly to your computer?
12:21:44vallhalla81directly to pc
12:21:48MTeelinuxstb : my mid-year vacation is starting in a few days and I might start working on it, but I think I will need help with some stuff :)
12:21:56 Join funman [0] (i=8168f702@rockbox/developer/funman)
12:23:21MTeelinuxstb : why do you need to write a parser ? couldn't we just use the demuxers and the decoders available on ffmpeg ? (after converting them to use fixed point)
12:24:51linuxstbMTee: Because we want a small efficient parser designed for Rockbox's codec infrastructure - i.e. one with no dynamic memory allocation, and (if possible) no copying of data.
12:25:07linuxstbOf course, existing parsers can be used as inspiration though.
12:26:05MTeeI see
12:26:24linuxstbThe other issue is that ffmpeg is a huge library, and it's not easy to extract parts from it directly - there is lots of internal code-sharing between codecs.
12:26:36 Join robin0800 [0] (
12:27:34linuxstbvallhalla81: Are you using the front USB ports? If so, trying the rear ones may help. Although I have a suspicion this could be considered a bug in ipodpatcher - short reads should be accepted and then further read attempts made before giving an error.
12:28:01linuxstbBiut the odd thing is that no-one else has reported it as an issue (as far as I know).
12:28:38linuxstbvallhalla81: Have you also tried ipodpatcher on Windows?
12:28:46vallhalla81 linuxstb: just have backports on this machine
12:28:51MTeelinuxstb : about vallhalla's problem, could this be a free-space issue ?
12:29:00vallhalla81yes same out putthere
12:29:22vallhalla81MTee: 50gb free space
12:29:53linuxstbMTee: The problem is with the reading, so I'm not sure what you mean.
12:30:29MTeesorry, mistake.
12:32:55vallhalla81the thing is i can transfer files to it no problem
12:33:32linuxstbMTee: Going back to realaudio, I think the first thing I would do is to try and make Rockbox play an existing codec (e.g. mp3 or ac3) in a Realaudio.container. I think I would then try and port the Cook decoder from ffmpeg (but only for the Sim, as it's floating-point), and then as a last step convert the Cook codec to fixed-point.
12:34:55linuxstbvallhalla81: I'm not sure what to suggest, unless you're a C programmer... Do you have access to other computers to try ipodpatcher on?
12:36:14linuxstbAlso, are you in the main Apple firmware's USB mode, or the "emergency disk mode" (the one you get by holding SELECT+PLAY whilst booting) ? If you haven't tried both USB modes, then you could try the other one.
12:37:13 Quit funman (" ajax IRC Client")
12:38:39 Join tarbo [0] (n=me@unaffiliated/tarbo)
12:43:10 Join tajlero [0] (
12:46:03vallhalla81 linuxstb: i will try the oher mode ty or your help
12:50:23 Quit tvelocity ("Αποχώρησε")
12:51:18 Part LinusN
12:52:12 Join janne_oksanen [0] (
12:52:57janne_oksanenI'm probably just freaking out for nothing, but my 5th iPod Video went unresponsive
12:53:21janne_oksanenthe battery should be almost full fwitw
12:53:55janne_oksanenkeylok on/off + menu&select doesn't seem to work this time either
12:54:18janne_oksanenI've been charging it for an hour no and it's still not coming back to life
12:54:24janne_oksanenany ideas?
12:54:42linuxstbHow long are you holding menu+select for? It can sometime take up to about 30 seconds.
12:54:53janne_oksanenprobably only for like 5 seconds
12:55:16janne_oksanenheh, there you go
12:55:19janne_oksanenthanks :)
12:58:35 Quit tajlero ("Leaving")
12:58:54rasherMaybe the manual should be more explicit about this?
12:59:41janne_oksanenmaybe I should have read to manual to know if it should :P
13:08:24 Join petur2 [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:11:04 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
13:13:37 Quit petur (Nick collision from services.)
13:13:41 Nick petur2 is now known as petur (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:17:51 Quit robin0800 (Remote closed the connection)
13:25:28 Join petur2 [0] (
13:26:01 Quit vallhalla81 ("Leaving.")
13:31:51 Quit petur (Nick collision from services.)
13:31:53 Nick petur2 is now known as petur (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
13:33:47 Part B4gder
13:39:16 Join kachna [0] (
13:41:05 Part janne_oksanen
13:41:42 Quit nibbler (Remote closed the connection)
13:44:40 Quit romain (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:44:42 Join romain [0] (
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13:58:15 Quit agaffney (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:05:14 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
14:06:06 Join thegeek_ [0] (
14:06:10 Join agaffney [0] (n=agaffney@gentoo/developer/agaffney)
14:20:20 Quit thegeek_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:46 Join thegeek_ [0] (
14:21:11 Quit kachna (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:23:52 Quit thegeek (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:28:29 Quit soap_ ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox]")
14:33:17 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a04303@gateway/web/ajax/
14:38:21 Quit GuyInDentonTx ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008121622]")
14:42:36 Join Seed [0] (
14:43:07 Join petur2 [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
14:46:50 Quit petur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:48:15 Nick petur2 is now known as petur (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
14:52:57 Join Nico_P [50] (n=nicolas@rockbox/developer/NicoP)
15:03:41 Join gromit` [0] (
15:04:22 Join vertic23 [0] (
15:04:37vertic23some iPod pros here?
15:04:49vertic23is the 80GB ipod v 5.5?
15:05:02vertic23or could it be that it is 5
15:05:29LambdaCalculus37As long as it doesn't look like this:
15:06:08vertic23it says version 5
15:06:08linuxstbvertic23: Why do you ask? As far as installing Rockbox, there is no difference.
15:06:30vertic23I like the 5.5 design more
15:06:42linuxstbThe "5" and "5.5" look identical...
15:06:52vertic23so this one is good to go
15:07:06LambdaCalculus37vertic23: Be aware that some people don't know the difference and mistakenly mark the new iPod Classics as "iPod video".
15:07:15LambdaCalculus37And the iPod Classic is not compatible with Rockbox.
15:07:27vertic23oh - even if it is generation 5?
15:07:36linuxstbvertic23: That auction calls it an "iPod Classic"...
15:07:43linuxstbWhich is the 6th generation.
15:08:02vertic23...ok but there stands also generation 5... that's why ... ok
15:08:24LambdaCalculus37Generation 5 is officially known as 'iPod video" by Apple. Those have a plastic face and metal back.
15:08:38LambdaCalculus37It looks like this:
15:08:57linuxstbMaybe the battery life could be a clue - it claims 5 hours for video, and 30 for music in that auction (if my guesses at German are accurate)
15:09:09ZagorOnce again "classic" proves an excellent choice of name for a new product
15:09:16linuxstbOr the dimensions/weight
15:09:34vertic23they could have copied it from g5 auctions...
15:09:43linuxstbThen they are mis-advertising...
15:10:02vertic23still no reason to buy it :P
15:10:04PaulJamvertic23: the best is probably to directly ask the seller to make sure.
15:10:32vertic23or we ask someone from apple to finally get rockbox working on v6 :P
15:10:39vertic23120 GB would be a dream
15:10:40LambdaCalculus37vertic23: Not going to happen.
15:11:00LambdaCalculus37vertic23: I would recommend that you ask the seller to take a picture of the actual device you're getting.
15:11:06linuxstbvertic23: My guess would be a Classic - according to the Classic has 30/5 hours of runtime. The 5th and 5.5th gen had 20/6.5
15:12:27vertic23thanks a lot
15:12:43vertic23btw have you experience with ipod + rockbox?
15:12:48vertic23is it good to handle with the wheel
15:13:59GodEater_works fine if you ask me
15:14:13LambdaCalculus37vertic23: It's a decent target.
15:14:13GodEater_the ipod is my rockbox workhorse, I use it more than any of the other players I have
15:14:33GodEater_but not the best by any means ;)
15:15:39LambdaCalculus37My iPod video is also my workhorse, but my H340 and beast also fill that void when needed.
15:17:35vertic23anybody got an idea what it'd cost to repair a display of my iaudio x5v?
15:18:15 Join itcheg [0] (i=41d59de2@gateway/web/ajax/
15:19:23 Part LinusN
15:19:24LambdaCalculus37Quite a bit?
15:19:30 Quit Alystair (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:24:21 Quit film42 (Client Quit)
15:34:15 Join tvelocity [0] (
15:41:45 Join evilnick [0] (i=0c140464@gateway/web/ajax/
15:46:10 Join zerozillion [0] (
15:46:31jhMikeSZagor: 1) I guess I can clarify or try to invent a more self-describing name. 2) No PP bootloaders can have interrupts enabled and this detection depends on the USB bus reset interrupt
15:46:49zerozillionhey, a quick question. i just got my first ipod ever and installed rockbox. so where do i place my music now (folder wise)?
15:47:50PaulJamzerozillion: where you want ( but i would suggest to NOT use the .rockbox folder)
15:48:38ZagorjhMikeS: so we cannot add charger/host detection in the bootloader?
15:49:36jhMikeSZagor: Possibly. I have to either use that vector remap feature or set up memory mapping there.
15:50:39zerozillionPaulJam ah thnx. so the folders are like scanned automatically for media files?
15:50:50 Join tyfoo [0] (
15:50:59Zagorotherwise I don't think the flag file solution is too bad as a workaround
15:51:08 Join faemir [0] (
15:51:26zerozillionwohoo, got my ipod mini and installed rockbox. now i need hvsc
15:51:35linuxstbzerozillion: Rockbox has two ways for you to view your music - a file browser to browse the disk's content, or a database built from scanning the entire disk.
15:51:38zerozillionworn window ;)
15:51:52linuxstbzerozillion: It also has a nice manual ;)
15:51:56zerozillioni see. thnx for the infos
15:52:36zerozilliony know, with walkmans i didn't need manuals, so i believe i need no manuals now
15:52:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:53:26linuxstbYou obviously do, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking questions...
15:54:22 Join jgarvey [0] (
15:54:44LambdaCalculus37And we spent a lot of time writing the manual.
15:55:02zerozillionk, i'll read it when i have probs again
16:06:54 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
16:21:33 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
16:22:02 Join robin0800 [0] (
16:27:09 Join tajlero [0] (
16:30:24 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
16:39:42 Join toffe82 [0] (
16:39:45 Join gregzx [0] (
16:44:14 Join film42 [0] (n=GT@
16:45:07 Quit Zagor ("Client exiting")
16:47:16 Join kugel [0] (n=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
16:49:06 Join icatorze [0] (n=icatorze@unaffiliated/icatorze)
16:51:28 Quit Xerion (" ")
17:04:07markungevaerts: Do you know if it's possible to dump the whole flash of the Meizu in DFU mode?
17:05:22gevaertsmarkun: no idea
17:05:50markunI'm asking since the Meizus and the iPhone both use the Whimory FTL and it looks like the iPhone guys are making some progress:
17:06:02zerozillionok, the manual does not really cover this - is it normal that .sid files have no sample/digi playback?
17:06:35gevaertsmarkun: one of the first things I'd like to concentrate on is USB. Once we have that, we can dump the flash easily
17:07:31markungevaerts: is there anything USB related I could help with tomorrow?
17:07:42 Join vertic24 [0] (
17:08:04 Quit petur ("life sucks")
17:08:19zerozillionok, i reset and it works now :???:
17:09:06 Join saratoga [0] (n=9803c6dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
17:10:45gevaertsmarkun: maybe interrupt setup. I've never done that before
17:11:32markungevaerts: do you have a player now with a working display driver?
17:11:44markun(that was the M3, right?)
17:13:02 Join T0paz [0] (
17:13:42T0pazanyone here used zenutils?
17:14:43saratogaT0paz: probably not, since theres only 1 or 2 people working on the Zen
17:15:12markunT0paz: maybe mcuelenaere, but he's not here now
17:15:59T0pazah, i'll hang around
17:16:29toffe82saratoga: any luck with the t400 ? or you don't want to try :)
17:16:35rashersaratoga: There's a guy on the -dev list having trouble with building arm binutils on Ubuntu - what was your solution?
17:17:31*kugel sees casahino's patch
17:17:33saratogarasher: I replied to that, but basically my problem was specific to a newer version of the tools
17:17:57saratogatheres no issue with the version hes trying to compile, and using ubuntu and his gcc version I can compile them easily
17:18:10saratogaso its something wrong with his system I think
17:18:12T0pazi had issues earlier having set PATH wrong
17:18:26saratogatoffe82: I hadn't given it anymore thought since asking you
17:18:30gevaertsmarkun: yes
17:18:32T0paz(it was using arm-gcc as both CC and HOSTCC)
17:18:45*rasher mumbles something about using shorthand names in email headers
17:18:53rashersaratoga: didn't know that was you
17:21:57saratogatoffer82: i looked around a bit for a firmware update, but couldn't find anything
17:22:55T0pazi'm in awe of the RE of the zen so far - detailed checksumming algorithms and blowfish keys?
17:23:10toffe82saratoga: thereis not, there is only the one for the t401 (with wifi)
17:24:14 Quit vertic23 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:24:35toffe82saratoga: do you have it? do you want it to have a lokk
17:37:04LambdaCalculus37 <−− Has anyone ever heard of this kind of behavior before?
17:38:51 Join bmbl [0] (n=Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
17:40:22 Quit zerozillion ()
17:40:53 Quit itcheg (" ajax IRC Client")
17:40:54 Join nuonguy [0] (
17:52:27 Join at0m|c [0] (
17:52:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:57:15 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
17:59:33mcuelenaereT0paz: you have some question(s) regarding zenutils?
18:00:18T0pazah, hello
18:00:29T0pazi'm currently messing about (trying to see how things work)
18:01:04T0pazand have extracted the firmware, made some comedy mispellings in the .jrs file, re-made and signed the firmware, and loaded it back onto the zen, and it seems to work
18:01:35mcuelenaereyou're talking about the Creative ZEN?
18:02:17mcuelenaereyes, the firmware format itself has been broken some time now
18:02:24T0pazi'm currently trying to decrypt the binary itself to have a look
18:02:31T0pazi can see various keys in your wiki page
18:02:39T0paz(very impressed by the way, how on earth did you figure this stuff out?)
18:02:41mcuelenaereyes, they are also integrated into zenutils now
18:03:00mcuelenaerewell, most of the encryption/decryption stuff was reverse engineered by some one else
18:03:07mcuelenaereI helped him a bit
18:03:22mcuelenaereand after that, he disappeared and well now we're here :)
18:03:44mcuelenaereit's all in the creative ZVM forum thread, but that's quite long to read..
18:05:00 Join BigBambi [0] (n=Alex@rockbox/staff/BigBambi)
18:07:21mcuelenaereT0paz: so, are you looking into porting Rockbox to the ZEN or .. ?
18:07:32 Quit Horscht ("Verlassend")
18:10:57 Join Zoxc [0] (
18:11:11T0pazthat was my initial aim
18:11:16T0pazalthough i'm probably aiming too high!
18:11:49mcuelenaereI think there's quite some information regarding the chipset available
18:11:57mcuelenaereeven some (linux) drivers
18:11:58T0pazi figured a good start would be getting some ARM code to run and provide some kind of output, perhaps flash the LCD or something
18:12:05T0pazaha, that makes it easier
18:12:17mcuelenaerewell, the last time I checked the site was offline
18:12:22mcuelenaerebut I got a backup of those files
18:12:25T0pazhave you succeeded in restoring firmware via the rescue mode?
18:13:07T0pazi don't want to brick it (mainly since it isn't mine)
18:13:14mcuelenaereyes, it's perfectly unbrickable
18:13:20mcuelenaereunless you overwrite the bootloader :)
18:13:27T0pazi shall avoid doing that ;)
18:13:31mcuelenaere(I haven't tried on the ZEN, but it's all the same)
18:14:07T0pazso does zen_crypt normally take minutes to decrypt the firmware file?
18:14:10T0pazi'm probably doing something wrong
18:14:55mcuelenaerehmm no
18:15:03mcuelenaereyou're using the latest SVN version?
18:15:17*mcuelenaere wonders why there's no link from the creativezen wiki page to the soc..
18:16:03T0pazi've got both the latest SVN and one from aug 12th 2008
18:16:22T0pazsince SVN's update_extract doesn't work (gets the wrong offset)
18:16:36mcuelenaereit gets the wrong offset while the older doesn't?
18:16:50T0pazi haven't bothered to investigate why
18:16:53mcuelenaerehmm then there's still something wrong with that offset detection
18:17:11T0pazit's only off by a few bytes
18:19:28mcuelenaerecan you tell me how much off?
18:22:47 Join XavierGr [0] (n=xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:24:59 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
18:25:58Zoxcso, who likes sansa fuze?
18:30:00LambdaCalculus37This isn't a social channel.
18:30:06*LambdaCalculus37 points to the topic
18:31:57T0pazDecrypted length is unexpectedly large: 25c4e18f Check the endian and key settings.
18:32:08mcuelenaereehm, give me a minute
18:32:13mcuelenaereI'm trying to replicate your setup
18:32:17T0pazah, cheers
18:32:22T0pazi can provide files if you like
18:33:10T0pazoh, my error
18:33:13T0pazTL decryption fine
18:33:29mcuelenaere(I'm also trying to fix the update_extract error)
18:36:02T0pazzen_crypt -m CENC uses a lot of RAM
18:37:11T0pazit doesn't look very compressed
18:37:24T0pazthe output from the -m TL looks like code
18:37:54mcuelenaereah, I got that error myself too
18:38:00mcuelenaereif it uses a lot of RAM, something's wrong :)
18:38:11mcuelenaereoh yes, I forgot to mention
18:38:15T0pazyeah, it seems the final CENC step is unnecessary
18:38:20mcuelenaere-m TL implicitly does CENC
18:38:43T0pazfound all the id3 genres
18:38:47T0paz'Polsk Punk' eh
18:39:52mcuelenaereok I fixed the update_extract error I think
18:40:02T0pazis the IDA pro freeware version worth using?
18:41:12 Join bertrik [0] (
18:41:52mcuelenaereI don't think there's any freeware IDA..
18:42:11T0pazIDA Pro 4.9 Freeware
18:42:53mcuelenaerehmm I didn't know they had freeware'd that
18:43:07mcuelenaereI'm using 5.1 I think, but you can always see whether it works with the plugins
18:43:25saratogai don't think the free version does arm
18:45:26ZoxcARM in the free version is grayed out :(
18:46:34T0pazhrm :/
18:46:43T0pazheh, you could probably use IDA to re-enable it ;)
18:47:09mcuelenaerethey probably just didn't include the module(s)
18:47:32T0pazso, this firmware file with its EDOC header - is that some proprietary creative format too?
18:47:44mcuelenaerethere's an IDA parser for that :)
18:47:50 Quit Llorean (Connection reset by peer)
18:47:51T0pazi see
18:47:55mcuelenaerebut it's also documented on CreativeZVMPort
18:48:07mcuelenaereor at least it should
18:49:12mcuelenaerehmm ah yes, if you use Windows: there are quite some 010 Editor templates
18:49:21T0pazwine could probably run it
18:49:26mcuelenaereyes I believe so too
18:49:36 Join Llorean [0] (
18:49:46T0pazso this EDOC file immediately loads the userspace code into RAM?
18:50:34mcuelenaerebut I don't think it's only user space
18:51:01mcuelenaerethe bootloader is running in the highest ARM mode at that moment I think (can't remember the exact term)
18:51:15mcuelenaerethe data in that file is split up in sections
18:51:34mcuelenaerefor example section A should get loaded at address 0xABCDE and has checksum 0xFE134C
18:51:42mcuelenaereand then comes the data
18:51:50mcuelenaereoh and there's of course a length indicator too
18:51:54 Quit yhuang ("Leaving")
18:51:54T0pazpresumably they're all consecutive?
18:52:04at0m|chi, i'm trying to 'make' a plugin for which i have the source. how would i go about that? get the rockbox source, and add the source plugin to the directory structure?
18:52:23mcuelenaereT0paz: you mean in the file itself? yes
18:52:29at0m|crunning debian i've compiled some source before, but not for other targets..
18:52:43at0m|c(h300 in this case)
18:53:29T0pazin the memory blocks which it is loaded into
18:54:20T0pazoh, i forgot about static variables
18:55:11mcuelenaerethis is what 010 editor gives:
18:55:21kugelpixelma: hey, I have a DancingPuffDou version for 176x220, what do I need to take care of if I wanted to commit?
18:55:33T0pazheh, i've forgotten all the terminology
18:55:35mcuelenaereyou can see what data gets loaded at what addresses in the BLOCKARRAY list
18:56:07mcuelenaereoh that's a Zen X-Fi dump
18:56:16mcuelenaerewell, it runs the same chip as the ZEN
18:56:21mcuelenaereso it doesn't really matter actually
18:56:45T0pazso interrupt vectors at the start, with user code starting at 0x40000000 ?
18:57:01mcuelenaereI'm not familiar with the STMP37xx SoC ..
18:57:14T0pazme neither, i'm guessing
18:57:16mcuelenaereinterrupt vectors are probably at 0x0
18:57:28mcuelenaereyes, you're probably right
18:57:38mcuelenaereand 0x28000 is probably IRAM
18:57:43T0pazah, the last block goes at 0
18:57:47T0pazi didn't spot that
18:57:54at0m|cT0paz, do you happen to have used Creamware dsp cards? (i remember a t0paz from back then eh)
18:58:11T0paznah, different person
18:58:17at0m|coki :)
18:58:27 Quit robin0800 (Remote closed the connection)
18:59:21T0pazi shall write some silly utilities to extract and create the code
18:59:41mcuelenaereyes, that's probably useful
19:00:21mcuelenaereif you want, I can include them in SVN
19:01:59 Join gartral [0] (n=Gartral@
19:02:35 Part gartral
19:03:51mcuelenaereT0paz: just to be clear, never flash a modified FRESC file
19:04:16mcuelenaerethis is the rescue mode, so if you get this to not work; you're device is truely bricked :)
19:04:45mcuelenaereI know of one case where a user modified a Zen X-Fi firmware to be Zen compatible, and just flashed all of it to the device
19:07:01T0pazi do have a hot air SMD rework station if it comes to it :P
19:07:26T0pazthough making the carrier board would be a lot of work
19:08:06kugelok, make zip properly includes DancingPuffDuo, seems I got it right
19:08:23kugelanyone opposed to committing a 176x220 version?
19:09:21kugelhm, no, not exactly properly :(
19:11:40 Quit film42 (Remote closed the connection)
19:12:27 Join EspeonEefi [0] (i=eefi@STRATTON-SIX-FOURTY-SIX.MIT.EDU)
19:13:19T0pazthe ZEN only appears to have two blocks
19:13:24kugelspots a bug
19:13:35T0pazmore than likely ;)
19:15:19 Quit blkhawk (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:16:12T0pazah, here we go, 7 blocks
19:17:14 Join Acksaw [0] (n=omgwtfbb@
19:17:54*mcuelenaere wonders whether 0x28000 is some kind of SoC USB memory register
19:18:49T0pazi think you might be right
19:18:58T0pazlemme lsusb
19:20:44pixelmakugel: did you name it right? The theme is called DancePuffDuo, the wps file needs to be named DancePuffDuo.176x220x16.wps then (you could even substitute the 16 with 2 (if it could work on a same resolution greyscale screen) or 1 (if it could work on a same sized monochrome screen) there. What's the problem?
19:21:00kugelpixelma: yea, I did that.
19:21:10kugelthe only problem I have is that the font isn't included/installed
19:21:16kugelbut that appears to happen on h300 too
19:21:28 Join toffe82_ [0] (
19:21:42T0pazmcuelenaere, it looks exactly like the output of lsusb -v in hex form
19:21:46kugelit's DancingPuffDuo.176x220x1.wps, and after installation it
19:21:53 Quit tajlero ("Leaving")
19:21:56kugel's DancingPuffDuo.wps
19:22:13mcuelenaereT0paz: it probably won't get directly loaded into a SoC mem register doesn't match "Font: *" in WPSLIST, only "Font.widthxheightxdepth: *"
19:22:51pixelmakugel: why Danc_ing_?
19:22:59 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:23:01mcuelenaerenormally, this is part of a full USB stack (which should be implemented in software, not hardware)
19:23:06kugeloh, it's Dance, sorry
19:23:08mcuelenaereespecially when it supports MTP & UMS
19:23:11 Nick toffe82_ is now known as toffe82 (
19:24:35 Quit Acky (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:25:54kugelrasher: any idea?
19:26:06kugelrasher: wpsbuild-pl doesn't match "Font: "
19:26:17 Join Jim7 [0] (
19:26:49pixelmakugel: is it wrong in the generated cfg or is only the font not included in the zip?
19:27:02kugelthe font isn't in the zip
19:27:17kugelI see it's not in the h300 zip either
19:27:26kugelseems like a bug to me
19:27:29T0pazmcuelenaere, any idea what −−march the ARM962EJ-S is?
19:27:50T0pazi'll try armv5
19:27:55rasherkugel: tried adding some debug statements at line 440?
19:29:02kugelrasher: hm, the debug texts shows (doing make install for the sim)
19:29:08pixelmaseems like a few themes suffer from that. E.g. unifont is not included in the H100 although needed for the shipped UniCatcher
19:29:15 Join Rondom [0] (
19:29:29pixelmameant an H100 build
19:29:35mcuelenaereT0paz: you mean for disassembling or gcc? (or both?)
19:29:37rasherkugel: maybe it should do copythemefont()? I don't really know - I've never touched
19:29:54T0pazyou're about to discover how little i know about ARMs
19:30:07T0pazi've also managed to crash the zen
19:30:13pixelmakugel: I believe saratoga did the changes to the system for the font file inclusion
19:30:18mcuelenaereT0paz: cool :)
19:30:25mcuelenaereisn't there a -mcpu switch?
19:30:37mcuelenaereif so, -mcpu=arm926ej-s should work
19:30:49rasherkugel: try adding copythemefont(); at line 440, and see if that does the Right Thing, but this is a shot in the dark
19:30:58kugelrasher: ah yea, that did the job
19:31:26kugelactually, I tried that before asking you, but I didn't see there was a "Font: " at the top, so I added one (which ofc didn't match)
19:31:40rasherPlease check that it doesn't install too many fonts or something - I don't want to be held responsible
19:32:02kugelrasher: it seems to work
19:32:22mcuelenaereand yes, ARM 926EJ-S seems to be ARMv5TE
19:32:24kugeli.e. I only get 1 12-adobe..fnt, instead (so not all those which are for the other targets)
19:32:39kugelmake install installed 6 fonts now (before it was two)
19:32:40Jim7damn Data abort errors.... i don't know if i should toss my e280 at a wall or go back to original firmware
19:32:41rasherSo it's been wrong for all this time? Interesting..
19:33:47mcuelenaeredoes anyone still have that theme dump package for the rockbox theme site laying around somewhere?
19:34:26*kugel committed the fix
19:34:37rashermcuelenaere: I have it
19:34:56mcuelenaereT0paz: if you got disassembling to work, look for references in the 0xF0060000 area, that's the stmp36xx LCD interface
19:35:03mcuelenaererasher: could you upload/send it?
19:36:04rashermcuelenaere: uploading to"> - I'll notify you when it's done
19:36:11mcuelenaereok, thanks
19:39:04kugelpixelma: is this good?
19:39:30*kugel made the next song info a bit more detailed, since there's enough height
19:40:19 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
19:40:39 Join Acksaw [0] (
19:40:45 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
19:41:25 Quit Rondom ("Ex-Chat")
19:41:43 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:42:51pixelmaquite nice, yes
19:42:59kugelcool :)
19:43:32kugelthe bg-...bmp was troublesome again ;)
19:45:11rashermcuelenaere: done
19:45:27 Quit Darksair ("People who are zhuangbility want to show their niubility but only reflect their shability.")
19:45:44mcuelenaerewow I didn't think it was that big
19:47:31 Quit EspeonEefi ("さよなら")
19:48:06gevaertsI have a list of committers from the pre-svn days that I'd like to commit. Should I add them to COMMITTERS, or do they go into a separate file (COMMITTERS-HISTORICAL)?
19:48:58kugeldo they have still access?
19:49:23BagderI think they should do into the regular COMMITTERS
19:49:24gevaertsSome of them actually do, with different usernames
19:49:41Bagderto make it easier for scripting etc
19:50:45 Join xnyhps_ [0] (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:219:e3ff:fed7:c57c)
19:51:43gevaertsOK. That makes three votes for COMMITTERS and none for COMMITTERS-HISTORICAL. This is easy :)
19:51:53 Nick xnyhps_ is now known as xnyhps (n=xnyhps@2001:470:1f14:da:219:e3ff:fed7:c57c)
19:52:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:11amiconnDoes COMMITTERS allow for more than one username per realname?
19:55:30Bagdersure, it's just use for shortname => realname lookups
19:55:37 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
19:55:42rasherI think they should be added to COMMITTERS as well
19:56:16amiconnBagder: Wouldn't that break then?
19:56:29LambdaCalculus37I think they should also go into COMMITTERS.
19:56:31gevaertsAs long as you don't go back it works
19:56:56Bagderamiconn: all short names need to be unique, that's all
19:57:08 Join {phoenix} [0] (
19:57:18amiconnHmm, you mean multiple usernames -> multiple lines?
19:57:35Bagdersorry, I thought that was implied
19:57:50*amiconn might be a bit slow today
19:58:26*gevaerts commits
19:59:36 Quit kugel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:06 Quit mcuelenaere (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:04:30 Join mcuelenaere [0] (n=mcuelena@rockbox/developer/mcuelenaere)
20:05:23*amiconn wonders what the best fix for the annoying endian macro warnings for some sims could be
20:05:50 Join Acky [0] (
20:07:30amiconnObviously there are some systems where /usr/include/endian.h defines these macros - both Debian and Cygwin don't have that
20:08:19 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:08:25 Quit Acky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:08:42 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:09:46 Quit Strife89 ("Gotta go.")
20:11:00 Join miepchen^schlaf [0] (
20:11:21pixelmakugel (for the logs), rasher: now all fonts that are needed in some themes are included on all targets even if they are not all used on this specific target - e.g. shipped themes for bitmapped Archos only use 08-Schumacher-Clean or 08-Rockfont. The zips include Unifont or some Nimbus sizes too which are only needed on other targets
20:11:54*rasher told kugel to test this...
20:12:29T0pazmcuelenaere, do you reckon the smtp37xx has the same LCD driver as the smtp36xx then?
20:12:38rasherI really have no idea what does, so I'm not the right guy to do anything about this
20:12:53gevaertsamiconn: maybe #if !defined(SIMULATOR) || !defined(htobe32) around them?
20:12:54pixelmaUnifont itself is probably bigger than the rest that's needed in the zip...
20:13:10 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:13:18*gevaerts doesn't like the idea of more #ifs though
20:13:26 Join Acksaw [0] (
20:14:00T0pazmcuelenaere, do you also have the linux BSP for the sigmatel then? you're right in that the site is still down
20:16:51amiconngevaerts: I'd rather want the build to use our own...
20:17:05gevaertsgood point
20:17:45*gevaerts tries a dirty trick
20:19:56gevaertsThat didn't work...
20:20:51 Join blkhawk [0] (
20:20:54 Quit faemir (Remote closed the connection)
20:21:05 Join faemir [0] (
20:22:53 Quit Rob2222 ()
20:23:38 Join Rob2222 [0] (
20:24:00 Quit jgarvey (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24:17 Quit nuonguy ("This computer has gone to sleep")
20:24:58 Join nuonguy [0] (
20:28:30 Join jgarvey [0] (
20:31:40mcuelenaereT0paz: yes I do, I'll upload it
20:31:55mcuelenaereand with a bit of luck, the stmp37xx is based on the stmp36xx
20:32:34T0pazi wonder how much model-specific LCD init code there is
20:32:39amiconnpixelma: It seems he logic in is broken - iiuc it will copy every extra file for a wps - even if this wps is discarded later due to size constraints
20:33:47mcuelenaereI currently can only find the Linux BSP, but I remember there were 3 gzip's
20:33:54mcuelenaerebut the others weren't that interesting
20:34:36mcuelenaereit'll probably be uploaded within 15min
20:35:19amiconnExtra file == {font, backdrop, icon set, viewer icon set}
20:35:40pixelmaperhaps the reason why someone introduced the "Font.someresoltution: " and only used that for the inclusion
20:38:00amiconnThose files are now copied while analysing the <wps>...</wps> section, but the size check happens after that
20:40:49 Quit nuonguy (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:45:31*amiconn now has a preliminary patch - testing...
20:46:09amiconnThe font.someresolution is necessary for wps'es using different fonts depending on target
20:46:19 Join Acky [0] (
20:52:43 Quit saratoga ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:00:37amiconnHmm, debug output is confusing (if enabled)
21:00:39T0pazmcuelenaere, bbl
21:00:51 Quit Acksaw (Connection timed out)
21:00:55 Join advcomp2019_ [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
21:01:03amiconnIt outputs height x width, while we're using width x height almost everywhere else
21:04:43 Join jvoegele [0] (n=jvoegele@
21:06:00jvoegeleHi all. I am trying to build the cross compiler for iPod (arm) on Ubuntu, but it is not working.
21:06:08jvoegeleI've been told that it's a problem with Ubunt gcc and that there is a patch somehwere.
21:06:14jvoegeleDoes this ring a bell for anyone?
21:07:03 Quit advcomp2019 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:07:19mcuelenaereT0paz: sorry, I was away and apparantly mediafire doesn't allow files > 100MB so I'll need to reupload :/
21:08:16 Nick advcomp2019_ is now known as advcomp2019 (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
21:09:00 Quit Jim7 ()
21:12:02 Quit Acky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:12:29 Join Acksaw [0] (
21:14:16 Quit jvoegele (Remote closed the connection)
21:14:26 Join kachna [0] (
21:15:12 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
21:16:48 Quit icatorze (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:16:55 Quit Horscht ("Verlassend")
21:17:01 Join miepchen^schla [0] (
21:17:52 Quit T0paz (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:24:21 Join Xerion [0] (
21:27:47 Join Jaykay [0] (
21:28:42JaykayLlorean: around?
21:34:43 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:37:07 Join itcheg [0] (i=62db4767@gateway/web/ajax/
21:37:36 Join Acky [0] (n=omgwtfbb@
21:39:15 Join icatorze [0] (n=icatorze@unaffiliated/icatorze)
21:40:20mcuelenaereT0paz (logs): &
21:41:09 Join vallhalla81 [0] (
21:42:05vallhalla81just a quick question can any1 suggest where i can get the roms for pack box?
21:43:02 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:44:50LambdaCalculus37We do not discuss where to get ROMs here. At all.
21:45:20Jaykayi think this time google is your friend
21:47:05 Quit itcheg (" ajax IRC Client")
21:47:19vallhalla81ok sorry i didnt know that thnk you
21:47:31 Part vallhalla81
21:49:40amiconnImo would probably benefit from a rewrite. It's a mess...
21:52:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:52 Join Aurix_Lexico [0] (
21:56:53 Quit dfkt (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:15Jaykaywhats a proper message for text_editor when trying to save a file without entering a name for the file?
21:58:44 Join Acksaw [0] (
21:58:46Jaykayi a fix by yoshihisa uchida it says "can not save !!" but i think thats not the best solution
21:58:57Jaykay*in a fix
21:59:01 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (" ajax IRC Client")
22:00:19 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
22:02:09CtcpPing from gevaerts!n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
22:02:19amiconnHmm, still not entirely correct - 08-Schumacher-Clean.fnt is included for the Player, which makes no sense...
22:03:20 Nick miepchen^schla is now known as miepchen^schlaf (
22:04:31 Join gregorovius [0] (
22:04:48 Quit Acksaw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:06 Join Acksaw [0] (
22:07:04 Quit Acky (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
22:12:21Jaykayany idea for the splash? also "Changes NOT saved"?
22:18:15 Join itcheg [0] (i=62db4767@gateway/web/ajax/
22:19:54 Join Llor_Phone [0] (n=Llorean@
22:24:11 Quit tyfoo (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:29 Quit mcuelenaere ()
22:24:55Zoxchow is font rendering done? what color modes does rockbox support? and how is anti-aliased fonts done? :)
22:25:43Llor_PhoneAs I said before, Rockbox doesn't support antialiased fonts.
22:26:00BagderZoxc: and the "redereing" is just putting images next to each other
22:26:05Bagderrendering even
22:26:39 Join tyfoo [0] (
22:27:03Llor_Phone1bpp bitmaps
22:27:09 Quit MTee (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:16*Zoxc wonders how 16bit + alpha channel would perform
22:28:41 Join gregorovius_ [0] (
22:29:47Llor_PhoneZoxc: Remember, slow hardware and if you use cpu time it's wasting listening time
22:30:25Zoxcyes, but I really do hate aliased fonts :D
22:30:35amiconnFont rendering is slow as it is now. And there's another concern - memory usage
22:31:18Llor_Phonezoxc: So come up with fast, lowmem AA fonts.
22:32:19amiconnCheck how big unifont is already, and take that *8 for an 8bpp font (we're doing lru caching, but the lru cache needs a decent size in order not to reload continuously)
22:32:54 Quit jgarvey ("Leaving")
22:33:15rasheramiconn: have you looked at the patch in the tracker?
22:33:38Llor_PhoneAnd multifont increases needed cache size again.
22:33:57 Quit tvelocity (Connection timed out)
22:34:22Zoxchow much memory does the average rockbox device have/use?
22:34:55Llor_PhoneUse as little as possible.
22:35:00 Quit XavierGr (Nick collision from services.)
22:35:11 Join XavierGr [0] (n=xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
22:35:17Llor_PhoneThey can have quite a bit but you want as much as possible for buffering.
22:37:40 Join balug_ [0] (
22:37:41 Quit Jaykay ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]")
22:40:41Llor_PhoneThe goal isn't "fit it in this much" but rather "how small is possible" usually
22:42:21 Quit gregorovius (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:43:37 Nick gregorovius_ is now known as gregorovius (
22:49:07Zoxchow fast is blitting 1bpp fonts? :D
22:52:50 Quit Llor_Phone (Remote closed the connection)
22:55:49 Join lu6cifer [0] (
22:56:09lu6ciferI'm planning to install rockbox and linux on my ipod...which one should I do first?
22:56:49 Quit icatorze ("")
22:59:23Bagderyou ask this in #rockbox and think we wouldn't say rockbox?
22:59:41Bagderin fact, linux on the ipod is pretty useless so you can skip that
23:02:31 Quit lu6cifer ("leaving")
23:02:42 Join Acky [0] (
23:15:10 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:10 Quit pixelma (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:20 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:15:24 Join pixelma [0] (
23:23:12 Quit bmbl ("Woah!")
23:23:24 Quit Acksaw (Success)
23:24:34 Join CG2 [0] (n=4b53f26c@
23:26:15 Join webguest78 [0] (n=4b53f26c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:27:32 Quit Acky (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29:26 Quit CG2 (Client Quit)
23:29:46advcomp2019webguest78, hello
23:30:01webguest78I'm having trouble with my Rockbox database
23:30:26webguest78let me dwell into it
23:30:28webguest78hold on
23:32:51 Join MTee [0] (n=mtee@
23:33:24 Join Acksaw [0] (
23:33:24 Quit webguest78 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:33:36 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
23:33:39 Join amiconn [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:33:39 Join amiconn_ [50] (n=jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:44:54 Part amiconn_
23:48:39 Quit XavierGr ()
23:50:39 Quit itcheg (" ajax IRC Client")
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