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#rockbox log for 2009-04-30

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00:07:23DreamgliderHow do i boot the ipod back to the apple os
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00:24:44CIA-63New commit by kugel (r20829): Simulate lcd_enable and lcd_sleep in the simulator. Therefore, turn backlight-sim.h into a .c too.
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00:59:00CIA-63New commit by kugel (r20830): Fix reds. libuisimulator.a apparently needs to be linked twice (aka quick fix as I don't know a better solution yet) :/
01:00:49JdGordon|has anyone had problems building the m68k toolchain in ubuntu 9.04 amd64?
01:01:38kugelwhat's the problem?
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02:48:02saratogathis microsoft asf debugger tool is amazing
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02:48:21saratogafor an undocumented format, they certainly go out of their way to help people troubleshoot parsers
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03:04:43linuxstbsaratoga: IIRC, asf _is_ documented by Microsoft, but that documentation is under a license which is not friendly to open source (I forget the details), so I never looked at it.
03:06:02LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Well, good news and not so good news... good news is that thanks to the guys at the libmtp and libusb MLs, I got libmtp and libusb built and installed.
03:06:14LambdaCalculus37The not so good news, beastpatcher errors out with this:
03:07:09linuxstbLambdaCalculus37: I think you need to add the OS X framworks to the Makefile. The other patchers should help.
03:07:41LambdaCalculus37I also had to modify the Makefile for beastpatcher to point to /usr/local/lib for libmtp.a and libusb.a; for some reason that's where they installed to when I ran make install on each of them.
03:07:51LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: I'll check them out.
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03:13:21saratogawhy would request_buffer return a few bytes less then requested for the end of a file?
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03:18:15LambdaCalculus37 <−− beastpatcher makefile and <−− iPodpatcher Makefile for comparison.
03:19:28LambdaCalculus37I'm figuring that adding ($SRC) and ($BOOTSRC) before and after the required files to compile beastpatcher (line 4 on the beastpatcher pastebin) may help it.
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03:24:38soapmy searches on the forums and the patch tracker have totally failed me. Didn't someone (dreamlayers?) discuss the idea of shutting off the iPod (5g only?) codec when playback was halted to save power?
03:26:06LambdaCalculus37soap: I think it was dreamlayers that was talking about that.
03:26:39soapdo you have any idea where? I was 99% sure it wasn't here in IRC, but I'm finding no mention of it elsewhere.
03:26:56LambdaCalculus37soap: I don't remember, sorry.
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03:27:21*LambdaCalculus37 also noticed that it's $(SRC) and $(BOOTSRC) he needs to append, not ($SRC) and ($BOOTSRC) :)
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03:35:26soapthank you very much, saratoga. Hmm, that didn't come up with my search of codec sleep ipod power
03:49:31LambdaCalculus37 <−− Modified beastpatch Makefile; still giving me errors:
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04:04:50Unhelpfulbest FS category for core jpeg decode? WPS (although it's not use for AA loads yet)?
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04:15:13LloreanI'd say yes
04:15:26LloreanSince it's intended for that, and that's likely what the final version of the patch will be.
04:19:22Unhelpfulanybody testing the test_core_jpeg plugin on targets would be appreciated - the decoder is up as FS #10177.
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06:29:01jingjinghi all my friend have a problem about rockbox play aac on ipod nano gen1 and rockbox it's crash!
06:29:32jingjingmy friend use ipod nano gen1 and rockbox release version
06:37:23evilnick1What error code do you get when it crashes?
06:37:40jingjingno error code
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06:38:15evilnick1So what exactly happens when it crashes?
06:38:20jingjingwhen my friend play music aac but music is not smooth
06:38:54evilnick1So it plays well for a while, then a pause, then plays well etc?
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06:42:22jingjingevilnick1: but play mp3 havn't a problem but play aac rockbox so crash when play aac
06:42:29evilnick1If the music sounds "choppy" (as if it keeps pausing and unpausing) then check what the EQ settings are, check what bitrate the files are. These problems are usually to do with asking the CPU inside the iPod to do too much all at once and Rockbox cannot decode the audio in realtime.
06:42:40evilnick1mp3 files are easier to decode
06:43:05evilnick1aac takes more work to decode
06:44:23jingjingevilnick1: thankyou so much
06:46:10evilnick1No problem! You can see some information on this page about how quickly Rockbox can decode each codec:
06:46:41evilnick1Although some of the data is from old builds and there will have been improvements since that time.
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07:07:49CIA-63New commit by alle (r20831): Remove the (part of the) check that is actually not needed since the 'properties' section is optional
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08:34:13UnhelpfulFS #10178 JPEG AA - i'll get to work shortly on some builds.
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08:39:50LloreanUnhelpful: Is it too early to estimate binsize increase? As in, is it likely to shrink significantly from what will be your test builds, or are optimizations in size unlikely?
08:47:23 Join Villen86 [0] (n=6395c0dd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:49:55UnhelpfulLlorean: i don't see any low-hanging fruit right now in terms of size optimization. the 16-point IDCT could go, but would then need to be replaced with some other means of getting subsampled chroma scaled up, since the scaler only supports rgb888 input. i did note that the 16-point expanded IDCT uses some interesting tricks to reduce the amount of math done for rounding, and this could possibly be incorporated into the other IDCT.
08:50:29 Quit Villen86 (Client Quit)
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08:53:02Unhelpfulhrm, also, scaling down to output data ranges could be moved out of the IDCT routines - just as dequantization already is. i was a bit wary of doing this, as it means writing the data back to the IDCT working array as ints one more time before they get converted to unsigned char, but it might save a *bit* of space - in particular, the idct1h routine would become a no-op.
08:54:14Unhelpfulun-inlining the various bitstream operations would also save some binsize, probably quite a bit, but at a speed cost.
08:54:45 Part jingjing
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09:14:09Unhelpfulamiconn: actually, if we add an optional seek offset for bufopen, and if the file is parsed for metadata before AA search is attempted, embedded AA might not be too hard - if you find an embedded AA, store the offset to it (maybe in a new struct id3 field?), then try to open that before searching for an external AA file.
09:15:17Unhelpfuli'm not sure exactly *how* best to attempt something like that... also, sync-safe ID3 tags with embedded AA won't work, as read_jpeg_fd will have no idea that its bitstream requires special de-mangling
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09:20:50pixelmaand then add whatever-weird-format-people-use-for-embedded-album-art support to the core? ;)
09:21:37Unhelpfulgeez, isn't jpeg enough?
09:21:42*pixelma once saw something like 500x500 pixels wide PNGs in ID3 tag
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09:24:48Unhelpfulif we're going to support bmp, jpeg, and png in core, we should maybe think about having a dedicated buffer for loadable image codecs :P
09:25:45Bagderand then support embedded mpeg-2! :-O
09:26:53 Join intrados [0] (
09:29:49UnhelpfulBagder: it's ideas like that that made me say i would try to find some way to sabotage core jpeg so that it could never be used for embedded AA :P
09:32:04peturmixed AA (different formats) would be another cause for spinups :/
09:32:29 Quit intrados (Remote closed the connection)
09:32:52Unhelpfulpetur: not really, AA is loaded on buffer and stored as an LCD-native bitmap
09:33:20petura, it is buffered as decoded image, for all buffered songs?
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09:34:49Unhelpfulpetur: as i understand it, yes. so there wouldn't be any extra spinups, but if songs buffering back-to-back keep changing AA formats, it would be a lot of extra disk reads.
09:37:15Unhelpfuli don't think it makes any sense until we have at least three image formats - right now JPEG + BMP probably takes up not much more space than would be needed for the largest image loader (JPEG) and an image codec manager and interface, i'd think...
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09:53:21MTw00t ! cook is now working in fixed-point ! (might still need some work to see if it actually uses floats anywhere, because it's ffmpeg's fixed-point patch)
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09:56:03MTsaratoga : I checked out the same old cook.c I told you about, kept applying the patches one by one, and done failed hunks by hand , then I changed the patched file to use rmctx .. etc like cook.c in the rm-wav converter. I had to modify dsputil.h and get an old fft.c too.
09:57:12MTsaratoga : I tried it first with "//#define COOK_FIXPOINT" to use the floating point part of it, since it's supposed to give the same output as the old converter, and it did
09:57:33 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
09:57:45MTfinally I uncommented "#define COOK_FIXPOINT" to use the fixed point math instead. worked and produced the same output.
09:59:02markunMT: great!
09:59:24MTmarkun : Hi :) .. Thanks a lot
09:59:53markunworking on a stand-alone decoder right now?
10:01:17MTyep, and a quick look through both cook.c and the fixed-point headers shows that floats are totally eliminated !
10:01:56markunWhat about the rm container, does it need much work?
10:02:05 Join intrados [0] (
10:02:45MTsorry, much work in what sense ?
10:02:59MTyou mean fixed point conversion too ?
10:03:31markunI thought that linuxstb already had written some code so I was wondering if there was much left to do
10:04:09MToh no, the parser was finished like 5 days ago.
10:04:21linuxstbmarkun: I just started work on a parser. MT finished it.
10:04:43MTthe only remaining part is to read the indx chunk, but afaik it's not important in the conversion and playback
10:05:22MTit seems like I could start porting to rockbox soon .. but I can't delay cleaning the code up anymore :)
10:05:37markunand no mallocs in cook?
10:05:49MT:( forgot about that.
10:06:01MTno there are mallocs
10:06:20martian67so does rockbox support jpg album art now?
10:06:20markunyou can always try to get away with one of the fake mallocs we have :)
10:06:55MTI'll first try to see if I can predetermine a fixed max. size for every thing that needs malloc
10:07:21 Quit intrados (Remote closed the connection)
10:07:31MTfor those that I can't do this to, I'll use the codec api for allocation..
10:07:33Unhelpfulmartian67: it does if you patch it and build it yourself...
10:09:03 Join intrados [0] (
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10:09:39markunMT: ok, that sounds like the right thing to do. Can't wait to play my rm files natively :) (radio recordings, now I transcode them)
10:09:48Unhelpfulmartian67: it's on flyspray. it comes at a rather large cost in terms of new code, so i'd like to wait until i get opinions from other devs. also, it's less than a day old, and there should really be more than one person who's tested it before it's merged. :P
10:11:24martian67heheh :)
10:11:33martian67you are gonna get pushback ;)
10:11:36martian67gj though
10:11:42 Join HBK- [0] (
10:11:54MTmarkun : you'll have to get me a present when rm is complete :P
10:11:54 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:15:48MTmarkun : the fake mallocs in codec API .. are there certain limits to their usage ?
10:16:20 Join intrados [0] (
10:20:25 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
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10:23:30linuxstbMT: You should try and avoid malloc - most other codecs don't use it.
10:23:53 Join intrados [0] (
10:24:04linuxstbBut the limitation will be that the codec only has 512KB of RAM - that include the code, data and the buffer used by the malloc.
10:24:17linuxstb(maybe smaller than 512KB on some targets)
10:26:08MTlinuxstb : fine, I'll trace those mallocs and see how I could avoid them. I think I'll have to slow down a little to start preparing for my finals
10:27:55linuxstbBut it sounds like good progress.
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10:35:31Unhelpfulamiconn: i noticed an interesting optimization in the jpeg-7-pre 16x IDCT - the DC coefficient gets the rounding factor added to it at the begining of the calculation, and since the DC component contributes equally to each element of the output, they all can all be rounded correctly with a plain right shift, instead of the add+shift math that the DESCALE macro uses.
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11:31:27 Join petur2 [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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12:12:28 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
12:13:20 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
12:23:36 Join hidefile [0] (n=54983032@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:25:18hidefileHi, H140; I want to hide a directory on my player but make it accessable/viewable only when I want to on a PC, how would I do that please ?
12:26:08BigBambiset it as hidden and turn on/off view hidden folders on your PC?
12:26:16Unhelpfulyou could mark the directory hidden, but, it will still be visible if you use "view all"
12:26:58hidefileaha, is there a file extension which will render it unviewable within rockbox ?
12:28:09BigBambiI thought you said directory?
12:28:31hidefileyes it'll be a directory, not a file
12:28:43BigBambiThen it can't have a file extension
12:29:01hidefilesilly me :-)
12:29:56hidefilehmm, so giving the directory hidden attributes on a pc is the only way ?, thanks
12:30:08 Quit EternalRains (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:30:48BigBambiAnd then setting the Rockbox show files setting to anything other than All
12:31:04hidefileunderstood, thanks
12:31:43BigBambior if you use windows, you could name the directory with a "." (full stop) at the front
12:32:02BigBambiThen Rockbox will treat it as hidden but Windows won't (but linux/Mac will)
12:32:09hidefileyes I'm on XP
12:32:46BigBambiXP won't let you create a directory with a . in front, but you can create it from the command prompt
12:32:56BigBambiThen once you have it, you can use it as normal
12:33:34hidefilecmd prompt huh, isn't that something "scotty" ditched years ago in Star Trek
12:33:42pixelmaXP lets you, just the explorer doesn't ;)
12:34:01hidefilethank you maam
12:35:01BigBambipixelma: OK :) Is there any built into XP thing that lets you do it though? Or for all intents and purposes do you still have to use command prompt?
12:35:30BigBambiOr a third party tool
12:35:58*hidefile googles third party tool
12:36:17pixelmad use the command prompt, in my understanding that's built into XP too
12:36:38hidefilebut if I use a third party tool I'll always need said toll to view or change the attributes right ?
12:36:38BigBambipixelma: yes, I meant anything other than the command prompt.
12:36:48BigBambihidefile: No, just to create it
12:37:02BigBambihidefile: I'd use the command prompt, it is a one line thing to type
12:38:03hidefileok, I'll use this cmd thing you speak of with such fondness
12:38:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:39:34hidefilerockbox is a fine product, thanks
12:39:39 Quit hidefile ("CGI:IRC")
12:46:47 Quit tchan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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12:57:26 Join tchan [0] (n=tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
13:08:00 Join tomers [0] (n=tomers@
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13:52:44 Part wincent ("Kopete 0.12.7 :")
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14:17:09 Join funman [0] (i=56421242@rockbox/developer/funman)
14:20:52 Join kachna [0] (
14:31:07 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
14:32:26funmanBagder: any news from AMS ? it's been 2 weeks without an answer
14:33:00Bagdernot a beep :-(
14:33:17Bagderwell, one of them bounced a "vacation notice" but nothing apart from that
14:33:36funmani'll ping them
14:34:56 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (i=44a0430d@rockbox/staff/LambdaCalculus37)
14:35:26 Quit MT (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:35:56 Join MT [0] (n=MTee@
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14:39:17 Join schrottplatz [0] (
14:42:54funmanFlynDice: i posted a patch on FS #10048
14:43:42FlynDicefunman:I'll go look now..
14:44:26funmanhit reload, i just edited the comment ;)
14:47:28FlynDicefunman: I've dropped the mapping aspect and have just been trying to get the mmu working with cacheing and no mapping
14:48:07 Join itcheg [0] (i=41d59de2@gateway/web/ajax/
14:48:19funmangood idea, so you can focus on the essential
14:48:39funmani believe mapping doesn't interfere with caching though
14:49:25 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barry@
14:49:30funmanget : the Part B gives some informations on caching & MMU in ARM cores
14:49:39FlynDiceSeems when I cache any DRAM it screws up the ascodec portion. I get an empty battery and a charging indication.
14:50:14funmanwhen I do that on the Clip I can't even boot (screens shut down)
14:50:26FlynDicesame code with noDRAM cached works fine
14:50:32funmanhum .. stupid me, perhaps we need to modify the delays used in the drivers
14:51:06bertrikwe could just stub the codec communication to see if it's really the problem or just a symptom
14:51:09LambdaCalculus37linuxstb: Ping, can you check out the logs from earlier? I tried modifying the Makefile for beastpatcher to match up a little better with the iPodpatcher Makefile, but I still get errors on building. There are a few pastebins posted.
14:51:49FlynDiceI've moved most of the cache coherency into dma-plo81.c and abandoned mmu in the bootloader to simplify things
14:52:13 Quit intrados_ (Remote closed the connection)
14:52:23funmanGood idea to centralize things in a few plages
14:52:37bertrikok, good idea, I don't see any need for initialising the mmu in the bootloader
14:53:06funmanjhMikeS mentioned framebuffers, but we don't use any mmaped I/O in Sansa AMS, so we only need to take care with DMA
14:54:51 Part LinusN
14:56:41FlynDicefunman: how long are you on for, I've been cleaning up a patch to post but I'll just post it now if you'd like
14:57:23funmanflydutch: not much , just send it in my box, i'll look at it at home
14:57:41FlynDicefunman: you bet
15:00:50 Quit screamsayonara (No route to host)
15:02:55funmandict plugin isn't documented in the manual?
15:03:22 Quit Seed ("cu, Andre")
15:06:44 Quit funman (" ajax IRC Client")
15:09:55 Join funman [0] (i=56421242@rockbox/developer/funman)
15:14:06 Quit barrywardell (Remote closed the connection)
15:17:33 Join barrywardell [0] (
15:19:06 Join grdxyxy [0] (n=chen@
15:22:36funmanFlynDice: i'm about to leave, do you have my email to send me your diff?
15:23:00FlynDicesure do thanks!
15:25:26 Join _lifeless [0] (n=lifeless@
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15:27:18 Quit bertrik (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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18:11:28 Join JohnTeddy [0] (i=unstable@tor/regular/sid)
18:11:55JohnTeddySansa e280 v2 .. is rockbox workable on it yet? I hate the of, even if there are bugs, as long as it plays music.
18:13:31JohnTeddyAnyone in here using the e280 v2?
18:13:36evilnick_7I believe that it is, but you'd have to compile it yourself as it's not officially supported yet so is really for developers
18:13:49JohnTeddyor anything with the same chipset, there is that other popular device with the same chipset..I forget what it's called
18:13:52JohnTeddycruze or something
18:14:01JohnTeddyfuze, yea
18:14:12JohnTeddyYou have either of these devices evilnick_7?
18:14:25 Join faemir [0] (
18:14:29evilnick_7No, I've got a Sansa E280 but that's V1
18:14:53JohnTeddyyea, I bought mine on ebay. and the guy advertised it as v1, and even mentioned rockbox on the advertisement, but when I got it, it was v2. hah
18:14:58 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:15:19krazykitand did you contact this person about it?
18:16:06scorche|shJohnTeddy: and did you check via the firmware version?...the backplate is wrong if you happen to be judging by that
18:16:15scorche|sherrr...can be wrong
18:16:23JohnTeddyyea, I checked the version info via of
18:16:52JohnTeddyIs what it says.
18:17:14evilnick_7Yep, that's an AMS then
18:20:58JohnTeddySo it works, but it's buggy?
18:21:06JohnTeddyscorche|sh: You use either of these devices?
18:24:35 Join Frrr [0] (
18:25:41 Quit _lifeless (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:26:08 Join _lifeless [0] (n=lifeless@
18:26:11Frrrhi, i think rockbox bricked my nano. screen is blank, hold is off. doesn't respond to anything and isn't recognized by the computer
18:26:33Frrrthis happened after i connected it to my monster wireless plus car adapter −− before that rockbox worked fine
18:26:45Frrrreset doesn't work either. Is this a known issue? Anything i can do?
18:27:02linuxstbWas (is) it charged?
18:27:09Frrryes, almost fully
18:27:58linuxstbHow long are you holding menu+select for? It can sometimes take up to 30 seconds.
18:28:13BigBambiand try turning hold on then off before doing it
18:28:32BigBambiit can be quite tricky to get the timing right, but don't worry, it isn't bricked
18:30:21Frrrreset has only taken 6 seconds for me before, but i just tried it for a minute and nothing
18:30:26Frrrdid hold on/off too
18:31:06BigBambiFrrr: You could try charging it for an extended period
18:32:33Frrrwell, i'll try. it was fully charged though
18:32:46BigBambiYeah I know - worth a go though
18:33:01BigBambiIt is always possible it just died
18:33:11BigBambior got a jolt from the adaptor
18:33:50 Quit __lifeless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:34:04Frrryeah, i was thinking that. everyone seems to insist rockbox doesn't brick ipods but it could still be some unfortunate combination of rockbox + adapter
18:34:17linuxstbOr simply that ipods die anyway...
18:34:24linuxstb(with or without Rockbox)
18:34:39Frrrwell it's a pretty old 1st gen
18:34:43Frrrshame though
18:34:54linuxstbBut try charging it, and keep trying the reset combo.
18:35:15linuxstb(preferably with a wall charger if you have one).
18:35:36Frrri just have the car charger and the usb cable i'm afraid
18:35:38BigBambiFrrr: Whilst it is possible, there hasn't been a confirmed report of Rockbox killing an ipod
18:36:15Frrrmaybe just nobody's tested it with that particular adapter
18:36:35Frrrit would be good if one of the developers could get hold of one
18:37:44BigBambiThere are far too many adapters to test them all
18:38:24Frrroh, i'm sure you're right. But if there's a 'watch list' anywhere for problematic adapters...
18:38:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:38:39BigBambiIt is of course possible but ipods do just die, and just because Rockbox was on there doesn't mean that it was the cause.
18:39:04BigBambianyway, as we don't know either way, this is by the by :)
18:40:00Frrryeah, i know it could be a coincidence. But since it happened within a couple of hours of installing rockbox after a few years of working fine, it was my first thought to come here
18:42:31 Join xy124 [0] (
18:44:42Frrrok, i'm going to add to the ipod accessories table on the wiki, maybe then someone will see it and confirm/deny. thanks aynway guys
18:45:04BigBambiWhat are you going to add?
18:46:02Frrrokay, scratch that, wiki seems to be invite only
18:46:26Frrri was just going to add an entry for my adapter in the table, and say my ipod died when i plugged it in.
18:46:28 Quit Zambezi (SendQ exceeded)
18:48:33xy124Hi, I've a question: How long does it take making the rockbox run with a new mp3-player?
18:49:10 Nick xy124 is now known as lokus (
18:49:18BigBambixy124: It can be quick or extremely long
18:49:24linuxstbDepends how similar that mp3 player is to existing ones that Rockbox works on. The fastest port has been just a few hours, but completely new devices can take a year (or more)
18:49:24BigBambiIt depends on many factors
18:49:47lokusbut at all i need skills in assembler?
18:50:36gevaertsFrrr: it's not invite-only. It just requires registration and convincing someone that you're real
18:51:49lokusI've a Philips SA3285 and if rockbox would work with it, it would be very crazy... ok then i'll read this text
18:53:06 Quit lokus ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.8/2009032609]")
18:53:51 Join obo [0] (
18:54:10linuxstbobo: How's the view?
18:54:58Frrrgevaerts: ok, well my wiki name is RobinAllen so if you or someone could accept my realness that'd be great
18:56:27obolinuxstb: sadly as-was. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment to get everything else done before the end of term. Plus I'm still waiting on my Uni to approve the work (visa issues)
18:56:39gevaertsFrrr: done :)
18:56:55BigBambiFrrr: I think it'd be good to have a note with your entry to say that it may well be/probably is coincidence
18:57:15BigBambiAnd if anyone wants to confirm/disprove that'd be good
18:57:33linuxstbobo: When is your end of term?
18:57:41Frrryeah, that's pretty much what i'm going to write
18:57:53 Join Zambezi [0] (
18:59:33obolinuxstb: 16th (then I disappear for 10 days holiday). I /hope/ to be able to spend a little time before that though.
19:03:02 Nick J-23 is now known as metale (
19:03:05 Nick metale is now known as J-23 (
19:03:43 Quit bertrik (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:04:42 Join webguest17 [0] (n=54b974f7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:04:42 Quit webguest17 (Client Quit)
19:08:07 Join saratoga [0] (i=9803c6dd@rockbox/developer/saratoga)
19:09:07 Join Ubuntuxer [0] (
19:13:12 Join salty-horse [0] (
19:13:27salty-horsehi. anyone with a gigabeat MEGF-40 around?
19:13:44saratogaprobably half this channel
19:14:21evilnick_7salty-horse: Not with me, but I do own one.
19:14:43 Join bertrik [0] (
19:15:08gevaertsWhy so specific?
19:15:10 Join ender [0] (
19:15:12 Join wincent [0] (
19:15:53salty-horseI think there's a problem with the libmtp entries, related to that device. does it have an MTP mode? can you assist me with the usb product id of MSC and MTP (if there is one) modes?
19:16:35evilnick_7gevaerts: If the question involved testing anything out _right now_ then I wouldn't be any use but if it were a general question then I might be able to help
19:16:35linuxstbsalty-horse: I doubt many people have the OF still installed...
19:17:00linuxstbBut there's a Rockbox wiki page with usb ids of Rockbox devices.
19:17:06salty-horseI'll look
19:18:04gevaertsevilnick_7: I mean, why does salty-horse want a *grey* F40 specifically :)
19:18:18salty-horsegevaerts, I have no idea what the codenames mean :)
19:18:51gevaertssalty-horse: well, the G stands for grey :)
19:18:55salty-horselinuxstb, this?
19:19:00salty-horseI guessed so :)
19:19:39*evilnick_7 thought that any Gigabeat F over 10GB was grey
19:19:58salty-horselinuxstb, does the rockbox firmware use the same product id's as the original one of the device it's installed on?
19:21:02salty-horsesaratoga, I'd prefer a definite answer :)
19:21:35gevaertsthe F uses a hardware USB-ATA bridge, as far as I know, so we can't even change the ids
19:23:33gevaertsfor the same reason I'm also pretty doubtful about any sort of mtp mode
19:24:37salty-horsegevaerts, what do you think of this?
19:24:57 Join ibseco [0] (
19:25:20gevaertssalty-horse: have a look at the comment above that
19:25:31salty-horsebut 0930 c is ums mode −− why is it even there?
19:25:36salty-horseerr.. 9
19:25:38salty-horsenot c
19:25:50gevaertsbasically they decided to break any non-mtp device to avoid having issues with mtp devices
19:26:18salty-horseit seems to break
19:27:39gevaertsit's an interaction with libgphoto as far as I understand it actually, and there's a fix in their svn now
19:28:31salty-horsesince that person reported the gigabeat error?
19:28:50gevaertsno, since I went to #gphoto toi complain
19:29:26gevaertsanyway this is a bit off-topic. It's not caused by rockbox, and it doesn't hit rockbox specifically...
19:29:36salty-horsesorry :/
19:32:19 Quit ender` (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:39:20 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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20:25:18 Part cspotcode
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20:31:26Gast_157_Hey guck mal auf dieser Seite kann man die schülerVZ profile von anderen Leuten ändern, deren nachrichten lesen und fake nachrichten verschicken und damit leute verarschen. Der Link:
20:31:40 Join intrados [0] (
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20:37:20 Quit fyrestorm ("lamers envy me like they envy bill g main boot xp just the way it should be")
20:38:20JohnTeddyI have this sansa e280 v2, of. When I plugin the device to my laptop, it pops up a folder in nautilus, but there is no music anywhere, none in the Music folder. But on the device, I have like 5 gigs of music I can play. BUt no where in this folder.
20:38:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
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20:48:12 Join kachna [0] (
20:49:24 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
20:50:10evilnick_7JohnTeddy: If it's the OF then you'd have better luck with some official forum/channel, but it might be that the files are hidden, as the OF on v1 Sansas (Sansae?) hides the music folder
20:50:31 Quit ibseco (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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21:14:30CIA-63New commit by bluebrother (r20832): Bootloader installation for ipod and sansa: override the scanning with the device pointed to by the mountpoint. This allows selecting the correct ...
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21:29:43 Join CaptainKwel [0] (i=2669ecc2@gateway/web/ajax/
21:36:24bluebrotherdomonoky: is there a reason you are passing *parent in the EncTtsSetting constructors but don't use it?
21:40:43 Quit miepchen^schlaf ()
21:44:54 Join sharkos [0] (n=sharkos@
21:46:51 Quit sharkos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:47:24 Join sharkos [0] (n=sharkos@
21:48:16domonokybluebrother: thats a error, will fix.
21:52:38CIA-63New commit by Domonoky (r20833): rbutil: correct use of parent ptr in constructor.
21:55:34 Quit advcomp2019 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:55:55 Join advcomp2019 [0] (n=advcomp2@unaffiliated/advcomp2019)
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22:08:27 Quit perrikwp (" ajax IRC Client")
22:08:29sharkoshi folks; is there a simple/established way of putting a playlist to one side for the duration of an app (to manipulate and use a new one), or should I simply save it as a temporary file?
22:09:00 Join froggyman [0] (n=47ba40e2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:10:49 Part salty-horse ("Leaving")
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23:00:45JdGordon|sharkos: it depends how much you want to fiddle with the playlist not being played...
23:01:23JdGordon|iirc you can add tracks to an exssiting playlist thats not being played... but only appending.. not insterting randomly or anything
23:04:03 Quit itcheg (" ajax IRC Client")
23:07:59 Join linuxstb [0] (n=linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
23:10:25sharkosJdGordon|: the thing is I have to play the new playlist
23:10:42 Quit fyrestorm ("lamers envy me like they envy bill g main boot xp just the way it should be")
23:10:47sharkosso I need to change the current playlist
23:11:15sharkosand my understanding of the system is that there is no way of keeping a reference to the current playlist without saving it
23:11:34JdGordon|if you only want to append the track you can use the playlist catalog option in the context menu instead of playlist
23:11:42JdGordon|that will add it to a enw or exsisting playlist
23:12:39 Join MT [0] (n=MTee@
23:13:28 Quit toffe82__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15:08 Quit Ubuntuxer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:16:57MTI asked merbanan today about whether there were any necessary/unavoidable mallocs .. His reply was : "There are only mallocs during init and all those can be replaced by fixed arrays."
23:18:07JdGordon|awesome :)
23:19:10MTSo I think the fixed-point replacement/memory optimization phase is almost complete .. next would be porting to rockbox, but I still want to go through the source to see how rockbox handles container formats. i.e, how I'm going to implement the parser and make send the packets to the decoder
23:20:26JdGordon|you wanted to have a seperate .rock for each decoder?
23:20:30saratogaMT: I think removing the mallocs shouldn't be too difficult
23:21:00*BigBambi wonders if finishing before GSOC starts is a record :)
23:21:13 Quit {phoenix} (Remote closed the connection)
23:21:51MTBigBambi : I was worried someone might consider it a bad idea
23:22:01froggymanis it normal for the games to be accelerated while plugged into a charger/usb port?
23:22:15MTbut if it would count as a record. then screw the finals, I'm on it !
23:22:17saratogaa lot of them will be for the huffman and imdct
23:22:24saratogaand we've already delt with that for wma
23:22:29Lloreanfroggyman: That might indicate the CPU is always boosted when plugged in (it probably shouldn't be)
23:22:35BigBambiMT: I don't see why particularly - especiallly as there are always more codecs :)
23:22:46saratogathough a neat solution might be to merge the wma and cook huffman code, since it is the same, and then maybe see if it can be optimized
23:22:59gevaertsLlorean: USB doesn't work on PP when not boosted
23:23:25Lloreangevaerts: You can't play games while USB is working, either.
23:23:30LloreanSo I assume it's just charging. :-P
23:23:50gevaertsLlorean: yes you can. You can't while MSC is working though ;)
23:23:51linuxstbMT: merbanan said a few weeks ago that the MDCT needed converting to fixed-point. Has that been done?
23:23:52MTsaratoga : I think it shouldn't be a problem to remove those mallocs, I just didn't have the time today to look at them and I wanted to check with merbanan as well.
23:23:54froggymanyeah it is just charging throught a usb port (held menu when plugged in
23:24:00Lloreangevaerts: Ah, well, *normal* users can't then.
23:24:17MTlinuxstb : the patch already uses a fixed point mdct
23:24:38gevaertsLlorean: while charging we have to maintain a USB connection, and the host may ask for data (descriptors). Not boosting can break that
23:24:49MTlinuxstb : even if it doesn't, I could borrow the one saratoga wrote for wma
23:24:58Lloreangevaerts: So that's why charging has gotten worse since we activated USB!
23:25:20LloreanEver since USB went in, there's been a rise in reporting charging not happening / being much slower when they hold menu and insert the cable.
23:25:37gevaertsIt shouldn't. This part of USB has been enabled for ages as far as I can see
23:25:38LloreanI thought it was more people using it, so more people noticing it could be slow, but if we're constantly boosted that'd be an increase in load right there.
23:25:46saratogalinuxstb: it came with the tremor imdct (same as we use)
23:26:00Lloreangevaerts: But when the USB stack was disabled, did we still boost when someone held menu and inserted to charge?
23:26:10 Join confused [0] (n=8e44e1a3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:26:51linuxstbsaratoga: Ah, OK.
23:27:07Lloreangevaerts: Ah well then.
23:27:51froggymanit doesnt seem to boost the clock if you plug the USB in while you are under the debug menu
23:28:25 Join webguest60 [0] (n=8e44e1a3@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:28:31gevaertsI'm not sure if the debug menu handles USB events properly
23:28:50Lloreangevaerts: Would it more or less be impossible to work around this and boost normally if we're in charging-only mode?
23:28:55MTiirc there's an asf parser that calls the wma decoder, right ?
23:29:37webguest60I can't get any videos to work on my Sansa E250, i have tryed a few different formats and none of them work, the media coder thing was supposed to change the videos to MPEG-1 but they seem to be audio files....
23:29:37gevaertsLlorean: we could unboost after enumeration and hope that the host leaves us alone or that we get lucky...
23:29:49Lloreangevaerts: Worst case if the host doesn't leave us alone?
23:30:08gevaertsdisconnect and get thrown off the bus
23:30:30gevaertsor we could connect in full speed, that seems to work better without boosting
23:30:38 Quit CaptainKwel (" ajax IRC Client")
23:30:44LloreanIf we're charging, we don't need high speed anyway, right?
23:31:10 Quit confused ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
23:31:14froggymanonly one way to find out
23:31:15LloreanIs there a likely reason why the host would want to communicate with us? Or is there any sort of "I'm busy" message we can send the host saying 'leave us alone until we tell you otherwise'?
23:31:17 Join Ubuntuxer [0] (
23:31:18webguest60can anyone help me with that problem?
23:31:19saratogaMT: wma.c calls asf_read_packet, then passes the result of that to wma_decode_superframe_frame
23:31:36gevaertsexactly. I'm not sure if it always works in full speed though. That needs more testing...
23:32:00saratoganeither really calls the other, though the asf parser is essentially just a "get packet" function and a metadata parser which is only called by the buffering thread
23:32:02Lloreanwebguest60: We don't provide support for mediacoder here. The internet is full of various ways to convert videos. If you have them in the right format, and it's still not working on Rockbox's side, we can probably help you more.
23:32:43webguest60Rockbox supports MPEG-1 and 2 right?
23:32:52gevaertsLlorean: the problem is that when the clock is too low packets just don't get on the bus properly, so we can't say anything reliably. The host will probably not say anything, but it can
23:32:58Lloreanwebguest60: Yes, with MP3 audio.
23:33:22webguest60well what about video then, what formats are supported?
23:33:46saratogadecodeing then loops by calling wma_decode_superframe_frame until the packet is consumed (i think each packet contains just one superframe)
23:33:55Lloreanwebguest60: MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video, as you said
23:34:00MTsaratoga : the parameter that I should initialize COOKContext with, come from the parser currently, I have to initialize RMContext first .. would this also be done by the buffering thread ?
23:34:49BigBambiwebguest60: If you want audio along with that video, it needs to be MP3
23:35:02scorcheMT: finishing before the coding period isnt a bad idea at fact, it is pretty damn awesome, but dont let it interfere with your schoolwork/finals =P
23:35:02saratogaMT: yeah
23:35:51webguest60MP# is audio is it not? or do they both somehow play at the same time?
23:36:02BigBambiMPEG1/2 is video
23:36:12JdGordon|... the buffering/playback thread can pass stuff to the codecs?
23:36:13BigBambiIn a film, you normally have both pictures and sounds
23:36:29Lloreanwebguest60: In the video file, it still has audio data (otherwise you can't hear the sound that goes with the video). This audio data needs to be MP3 in an MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video
23:36:31webguest60I was able to get the audio on but not the video....
23:36:33MTscorche : Sure I can't let that interfere with the finals .. although it always feel pretty nice to say ''screw the finals'' !
23:36:35BigBambithe "pictures" must be MPEG1/2, the "sounds" must be MP3
23:36:42Lloreanwebguest60: If you got audio only, you converted wrong.
23:36:44saratogain wma.c we copy the contents of the wma struct out of the codec's struct and into a seperate struct that ffmpeg expects
23:37:32saratogaJdGordon|: it stores metadata, which often encodes the codec's main datastructure in the the id3 field
23:37:45 Join itcheg [0] (i=62cb39dd@gateway/web/ajax/
23:38:04JdGordon|saratoga: ah ok
23:38:13webguest60I have read through that already...
23:38:47saratogaso whats the problem?
23:38:48webguest60I am not very tech literate.
23:39:03webguest60I cant get videos on my Sansa E250
23:39:13BigBambihow did you convert them?
23:40:34webguest60Media Coder but it just made them audio files and i find them on my device but they are audio files also...
23:40:59BigBambiWhy not try using winff as recomended on that page?
23:41:26saratogathe thing on that page you read
23:41:44webguest60et me re-read.
23:41:55 Quit Ubuntuxer ("Leaving.")
23:43:43 Quit petur (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:41webguest60found it....
23:46:18webguest60downloading now, but will it work, i have MPEG-4 VIDEO Movie/Video clips to convert to MPEG-1/2
23:46:38webguest60does it matter wich one to convert to?
23:46:49webguest60like is MPED-2 better then MPEG 1?
23:46:58BigBambiAnd winff has presets for the e200 I think
23:47:12webguest60I will instal and stuff and tell you how it goes....
23:47:16BigBambi(go for MPEG2), but just use the preset
23:48:57MTBigBambi : there's this tool called GUIEncode , on a blog called 'true journals' .. have you seen it before ?
23:49:13BigBambifor videos etc?
23:49:55BigBambinot seen it, no
23:49:57*MT is looking for the link
23:50:36webguest60there is not preset for my Device
23:51:01 Join EternalRains1 [0] (
23:52:26webguest60my Sansa looks like this: is it widescreen or full screen?
23:52:30LloreanMT: WinFF works rather well for our users. It uses ffmpeg in the backend, has GUIs for Windows and Linux at least, and has a preset file for most of our players.
23:52:39Lloreanwebguest60: It's whether the video is widescreen or fullscreen, not your player
23:52:46webguest60may have been a stupid question
23:52:48BigBambiwebguest60: You want to chose that depending on your input video
23:53:18webguest60wll i have to turn it sideways to watch videos
23:53:24webguest60so widescreen?
23:53:40BigBambiIs the video you want to convert widescreen or not?
23:53:51MTLlorean : I've never tried it, I rarely watch videos on my sansa, but my only try back then was with guiencode and it was really straightforward and simple.
23:54:20LloreanMT: WinFF basically boils down to "add a list of files, choose your player from the dropdown list, click encode"
23:54:42webguest60I'm trying to put red vs blue videos on it and it changes the size depending on the video player (quicktime whatever)
23:55:15BigBambiwebguest60: I can't see your videos - you will have to decide if they are widescrren or not and then convert appropriately
23:55:32BigBambiwebguest60: If you really can't decide, just do it as both then test
23:55:54MTLlorean : Ah, then no need for the other one. For the record, it was just as simple ..
23:56:05 Join vedlith [0] (
23:56:09LloreanMT: Did it have presets for all the Rockbox players builtin? ;)
23:56:35MTLlorean : It was designed as a rockbox MPEG encoder :)
23:56:35*Llorean thinks the presets probably _really_ need updated by now
23:56:46BigBambiand new ones added
23:56:57LloreanI think the only player it's missing is c200.
23:57:01webguest60well that is a few hours worth of videos, wonder how long it will take to convert....
23:57:05LloreanAnd a little duplication for things like the Gigabeast
23:57:12BigBambiwebguest60: Why not just do one and then test it?
23:58:13webguest60therei stoped it and picked a few minute video
23:58:31BigBambiwebguest60: Good, but we don't need a running commentary :)
23:58:55 Join _fml [0] (n=4fd3ca2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/

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