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#rockbox log for 2009-06-27

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00:27:36bertrikI think I found out which RTC the mr100 uses :)
00:28:04bertrikIt seems to be the same as in the meizu M3, which is the Seiko S35390
00:30:31bertrikthe OlympusMR100HardwareComponents wiki shows a chip with markings S35380A
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00:38:14gentoo_user2Hi, I have a trouble. I tried to emerge rbutil from this ebuild;filename=rbutil-9999.ebuild I configured my proxy settings in /root/.subversion/servers but it didn't connect. How I can connect with your ebuild??
00:38:35AlexPI was unaware that we offered an ebuild
00:38:44AlexPCan't you use the prebuilt static binary?
00:39:10rasherThis is not really "our ebuild", but some guy's ebuild.
00:39:11gentoo_user2Not yet
00:39:15AlexPIt looks like that ebuild is on the wiki and not official
00:39:49gentoo_user2Then I will compile from sources.
00:40:02AlexPgentoo_user2: Or use the binary we provide
00:40:29gevaertsAlexP: didn't you see his nick?
00:40:37gentoo_user2Well, I will try the binary
00:40:59AlexPgevaerts: I know, I know :)
00:41:05Horschtgentoo users don't like binaries :p
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00:41:12AlexPgevaerts: I just live in hope that they aren't all mad :)
00:41:14gentoo_user2Ja ja ja ja ja
00:41:15bertrikit would be nice if we could re-use the mr100 rtc driver for the meizus
00:41:29AlexPYeah, they save 0.2 ms after wasting 3 days compiling :)
00:41:33bertrikbut that's probably more work than writing a new one for the meizus ...
00:42:11gentoo_user2I suppose that this is the "Binary"
00:43:13AlexPI'm not sure why binary is in quotation marks, it isn't a pretend binary
00:43:46AlexPgentoo_user2: So you can be sure:
00:44:21gentoo_user2Thank you
00:45:05AlexPWhy is that ebuld listed in the download table?
00:45:15AlexPIf it isn't official it shouldn't be presented as such
00:45:51rasherShould probably be shoved somewhere else
00:46:24bertrikmeh, we have too many i2c prototypes
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00:49:08gentoo_user2Thanks a lot, binary works perfect!!!!!
00:50:02AlexPI moved the e-build out of the table a put a note that it is user contributed and may or may not be up-to-date
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01:03:22notlisteningdomonoky, really great work on the rbutil tonight, just a quick idea that might be a sticking point in windows is the firewall can be an issue
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01:14:33archivator_domonoky: any hints on how to build a proper static rbutilqt? You seem to be missing a 2.2 64-bit build and I happen to have a compiler stack installed. I tried qmake CONFIG+=static but it still compiles with -DQT_SHARED
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01:15:06archivator_that'd be 1.2.2 of course*
01:15:39gevaertsarchivator_: do you have a static qt installed?
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01:17:43archivatorgevaerts, I *should* have, I just compiled it. It's probably finding the shared one though. Hm, let's see if I can get it right this time
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01:19:10archivatorNah, I compiled it with the wrong flags. It's gonna take forever to compile it again (virtual machine on top of windows). I'll se what I can do tomorrow.
01:19:29archivatorWhere should I post the binary once I'm done compiling?
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01:21:20AlexParchivator: Somewhere, then let Bagder know where it is so he can put it on the download server
01:22:00archivatorRight, will be done.
01:24:39domonokyarchivator: help with building the different rbutil binarys is always welcome :-)
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01:26:22notlisteningdomonoky, did you see my message about the firewall?
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01:27:33domonokynotlistening: yes, but we cant anything about the firewall, rbutil needs to download stuff, or do you mean something else ?
01:28:00*domonoky rereads the message and slaps head.
01:28:21domonokyno i dont have a firewall running.
01:29:05notlisteningwhat windows are you running?
01:29:29domonokywindows XP
01:29:39notlisteningwish the tcl interpreter usually requests access to the web or seems to when starting sockets
01:30:05notlisteningif your filewall if off then that is not the issue
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01:33:06notlisteningI will steal my gf laptop and give windows a whirl when i get the chance over the weekend, do you changes work in linux and windows for the client?
01:34:14domonokythe newest patch doesnt work on linux/windows anymore. :-) i need to debug it a little..
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01:35:48notlisteningokay, I will go ahead and make the changes needed, great idea for the filenames and as for the efficiency issue that's on the wish list
01:37:29domonokyrbutil doesnt give dublicate wavfiles to tts engines anymore. i changed that too :-)
01:38:25domonokynow i can connect on windows... :-) now lets find out why the server doesnt like the speakMe message anymore..
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01:39:51notlisteningIt will fail every time due to the way i have hardcoded the server to generate files
01:40:26notlisteningwine uses the Z: driver for access to the root filesystem ;)
01:41:10notlisteninghehe i have been lazy and not added the changes in yet
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01:53:41lilltigernotlistening: why are you runing the server in wine?
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02:15:12notlisteninglilltiger, cause it is an interface into the SAPI TTS speech engine and it is running in linux
02:16:15lilltigerahh so there is no port of SAPI TTS?
02:16:48domonokySAPI is the windows Speech API, not a TTS :-)
02:17:30domonokybut you have access to it via Wine on Linux. And as there are many good Sapi TTS engines its worth it :-)
02:17:52notlisteningSorry for the bad terminology there
02:18:34notlisteningthere are speech engines under linux but not as many and a varied and high quality
02:20:39notlisteningsome languages only exist in SAPI 4 format but that's a rainy day project :D
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03:07:26lilltigeroki :)
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03:32:10Cheese_NinjaI got a refurbished sansa e260 today, and tried installing rockbox on it for the first time. First I tried a manual install, but when problems occurred (of which I'll go into greater detail), I used the Rockbox Utility. It's not a v2 or a rhapsody model. The probelm is this, whenever I turn it on and allow it to load as rockbox, it immediately shuts down, and appears to freeze for a few minutes on the "Shutting down.." screen.
03:32:26Cheese_NinjaSo, is this my fault or the refurbished sansa's?
03:32:35Cheese_NinjaThanks for any and all assistance.
03:33:05tmztwhat is the firmware version?
03:34:55tmztokay, should be v1 then
03:35:10Cheese_NinjaI can get it to do the sansa bootloader just fine with the left button + power
03:35:40tmztwhat build are you using?
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03:36:53Cheese_NinjaI'm not the best with computers, so I thought anything else might be a bad idea.
03:37:26Cheese_NinjaI'm pretty sure it's not a rhapsody version because the two options it gives me for USB are MSC and MTP.
03:38:56Cheese_NinjaI'm a bit bothered by the shiny R on the back though...
03:38:58gevaertsIf you press play while booting, does any text appear?
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03:39:36gevaertsIf it was a rhapsody version, you wouldn't have been able to install the regular bootloader
03:39:57tmztthe R might be refurbished, I have a c200 like that
03:40:01Cheese_Ninjahow long should I have to hold the power button for it shut down?
03:40:37gevaertsif it's running normally, about 3 seconds. If it's stuck somewhere, up to 30 seconds or so
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03:42:19Cheese_Ninjathe scroll wheel works, but it doesn't seem to be shutting down even after 30 seconds
03:42:38Cheese_Ninjacould it just be a hardware problem because of a bad refurb?
03:43:39MU{lappy}it takes quite a bit more than 3s to hard-shutdown my e200...
03:43:56gevaertscould be, of course. Holding power for a while to shut down should really always work, it's done by the hardware
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03:45:54MU{lappy}Cheese_Ninja: my refurb'd e280 had a shiny "REFURB" on the back, that came off quite easily... perhaps the "R" is all that stuck?
03:46:32Cheese_NinjaI think they must have just felt cheap with the shiny lettering after a while.
03:47:32Cheese_Ninjawell, it did reboot after a few minutes, but it starting loading rockbox, and since I wasn't holding the left button, it's stuck at the "Shutting down..." screen again.
03:49:19Cheese_Ninjadid it again
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03:51:49Cheese_Ninjaand again, and now it's finally back on sansa software
03:52:02Cheese_Ninjaso, is it my screwup or this thing itself?
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03:53:03Cheese_Ninjaactually, it seems like the left button my work better as a power button than the actual power button? that just doesn't seem right.
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03:57:31Cheese_NinjaI'm not sure what's turning this off and what's turning it off, is my best bet just to send it back to newegg?
03:57:42Cheese_Ninjaone of those really should be "on"
04:00:30MU{lappy}there's no dedicated "on"... just on/off.
04:03:43Cheese_Ninjai didn't think there was, but it seems to require some odd combination of the left button and the power to turn on and off, and functions erradically.
04:04:18Cheese_Ninjashould I try the unbricking method?
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04:06:57MU{lappy}it really doesn't sound like it's bricked. can you navigate in the sansa FW? does it seem to respond to all of the controls reasonably?
04:08:30MU{lappy}a "bricked" device shouldn't even be getting as far as the bootloader.
04:10:06Cheese_Ninjait doesn't respond to the power button well
04:10:30Cheese_Ninjai guess I should try it without the rockbox for a bit, see if there's still any problems
04:12:46MU{lappy}if the power button regularly fails to do anything, my guess would be that the button is bad
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11:01:43LightHammerwhats about a shell? i mean rockbox is linux^^
11:15:19pixelmait's not
11:16:19LightHammerrockbox doesn't operate on a linux kernel? thats new for me
11:16:54pixelmaI also don't understand the actual question, could you phrase it differently?
11:17:24MU{lappy}i believe he wants to know why there's no shell / terminal emulator.
11:17:36LightHammerthats it xD
11:17:49pixelmaRockbox is written from scratch and is not Linux
11:18:08MU{lappy}LightHammer: rockbox is not linux, and does not support executables in the usual sense, either. it supports exactly one plugin executable at a time, loaded at a fixed address. a shell would not be of much use, as you could only use builtins.
11:21:26CIA-71New commit by unhelpful (r21526): ARM assembly 8-point IDCT, both passes. No ARMv5/6 optimizations yet, aside from usat for final output.
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11:35:41CIA-71New commit by bluebrother (r21527): Make sure the build folder is created before trying to generate the dependencies file. Fixes issues building Rockbox Utility and voice file creation.
11:39:03mtI need some help getting usbserial to work.
11:39:56mtWhenever I plugin my dap I never get a /dev/ttyUSB# device
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11:52:00robin0800mt: version of rockbox and version of linux required please
11:54:27mtrobin0800 : rockbox r21477 - Ubuntu 8.04
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12:01:26CIA-71New commit by unhelpful (r21528): Use single-instruction shift-and-saturate in place of range_limit for JPEG on ARMv6. Only affects the 16-point horizontal-pass IDCT.
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12:07:54 Part Cheese_Ninja
12:08:08amiconnMU{lappy}: Quite a bit of binsize savings in r21526... :)
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12:19:06MU{lappy}amiconn: proper ARMv6 support will do even better - sign extension is one instruction, anything that needs to be multiplied can skip sign extension, many of the adds can be parallelized
12:20:16 Join robin0800 [0] (
12:20:55*amiconn wonders whether asm idct would pay off for sh1
12:21:40amiconnEven though the huffman decoding step is probably more demanding than idct on sh1, it would probably help saving binsize, and the jpeg plugin is a tight fit...
12:22:56MU{lappy}for example, we calculate d0+d4 (even-part tmp0), and d1+d5 (odd-part z4) - both can be done at once, although the former will need unpacking and shifting since the values are later added but never need to be multiplied.
12:24:27MU{lappy}it surely wouldn't hurt for binsize, but i don't know how well gcc does in that regard on sh... its output on ARM is fairly miserable, it does things like immediately copying parameters to new registers, even though it will not need the unmodified parameters again :/
12:26:53amiconnGcc is doing stuff like that on all 3 target architectures I know. ARM is usually still the best of the three...
12:28:22 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
12:28:53 Quit TheSphinX^ ("XChat@Linux")
12:28:54MU{lappy}i can also save some by managing my own constants pool... the ARMv4 version can pack them into halfwords and use ldrsh in place of ldr, and ARMv5+ can save 4 bytes for every two constants loaded by using ldrd as you suggested. unfortunately gcc/gas's auto-constant notation is *only* recognized for bare ldr instructions. :/
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12:33:42*amiconn doesn'
12:33:46 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
12:33:48amiconnt consider that a problem
12:34:13amiconnOn the other architecures, gas doesn't support this auto-constant notation anyway
12:35:15*amiconn rarely uses it because arm was the last of the 3 architecures he learned
12:38:10 Join Kopfgeldjaeger [0] (
12:38:46 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
12:39:39MU{lappy}i'll need to unlearn it, since it's pretty clear that both code-size and constant-pool size can potentially be saved by avoiding it. i doubt i'll be doing *much* coldfire or sh-1 work going forward, though, since i don't have one handy to test on
12:42:59*amiconn should probably read up on (i)dct in order to actually understand what he's doing
12:44:01amiconnThere seem to be two ways of calculating it - one involving "butterflies" and another one which doesn't and seems to be better if the architecture has fast mac instructions
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12:48:44MU{lappy}i'm pretty sure there are more than two... AAN looks interesting if you have vector floating point, or *maybe* with vector shifted-output integer multiplies. the implementation i saw had quite a bit fewer multiplies in the per-row/per-column parts, but did a per-element premultiply with an 8x8 array of constants.
12:49:08MU{lappy}that sort of operation can be done very quickly on a vector processor, of course. :)
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13:11:15mtI'm guessing my dap isn't detected as a usb-serial device ? :
13:14:51CIA-71New commit by Ubuntuxer (r21529): FS #10294: reform the weird buttons in maze and mazezam for Fuze, E200 and ipod3G
13:16:06Horschtidoes enabling the replaygain option in Rockbox have any effect on the battery runtime?
13:16:56pixelmayay for more PLA exceptions ;\
13:18:04 Quit evilnick_home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:18:54domonokymt: yes, this dmesg output only shows a rockbox hid device.
13:20:41 Join _lifeless [0] (n=lifeless@
13:21:00domonokymt: maybe you have to disable hid, to get usb-serial working ?
13:22:52mtI'll try that .. I'll also check out an older revision to experiment with it.
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13:27:33*pixelma thinks Ubuntuxer should be here more often though
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13:30:06kugelweird commit, he seperated 3G from the other ipods keymappings.
13:31:16Horschtiwell, the 3G has a completely different button layout...
13:31:48kugelah yea, that one
13:32:40Horschti(I also had to consult the "current build" page to find that out :D)
13:32:48kugelI'm not sure why it's "weird" enough when the scrollwheel is used on the e200/fuze, but "less weird" on the 3G
13:35:25Horschtii don't think the 3G actualy used the scrollwheel
13:35:39 Quit __lifeless (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:35:56Horschtiat least on the ipod video, maze only uses play/pause, menu, ffwd and rwd
13:37:47 Join MU{lappy} [0] (
13:37:54 Quit MU{lappy} (Client Quit)
13:37:59 Join MU{lappy} [0] (
13:38:28Horschtiwhich, looking at the button layout of the 3G, looks confusing
13:38:37 Quit mt (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:39:59pixelmaI wonder whether he'll also adapt the manual's button table(s)
13:41:20 Join AlexP [0] (n=alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
13:44:48s1mple_m4n__hi all - just installed rockbox on a gigabeat f20 i was given. really enjoying it.
13:46:50 Join mt [0] (n=MTee@rockbox/developer/mt)
13:49:45 Quit s1mple_m4n__ ("Ex-Chat")
13:50:39 Quit robin0800 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:50:56 Join robin0800 [0] (
13:52:22 Join darkhamm [0] (
13:55:10 Nick J-23 is now known as Niemoralny_Janek (
13:55:36 Nick Niemoralny_Janek is now known as J-23 (
13:58:44 Join lee321987 [0] (n=chatzill@
13:59:41lee321987I'm trying to find a Sansa e200 on eBay. Is there any way to tell if it's a v1/v2 while the player is sealed in it's original packaging?
14:00:13rasherlee321987: Not with 100% certainty, but if the packaging mentioned Audible support it's most likely a v2
14:00:30rasherAnd if it doesn't, it's most likely not a v2
14:00:59rasherBut there have been cases of v2s in v1 packaging and vice versa
14:01:56lee321987Very rarely, right?
14:02:38 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
14:04:52 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
14:05:05 Quit krazykit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:05:48 Join krazykit [0] (
14:08:17MU{lappy}amiconn: found it. one multiply per element for prescale, plus 6 multiplies per row or column, it appears.;a=blob;f=libavcodec/faanidct.c;h=dc3d8fbb812b743d83b2cdba65140f9e4278afce;hb=HEAD
14:20:07 Quit lee321987 ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.11/2009060215]")
14:22:00gevaertslilltiger: it happens fairly often
14:22:17gevaertsthat was meant for lee321987
14:24:00 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
14:29:06mtgevaerts : Do I have to disable HID enumeration to get the dap to be recognized as a usb-serial device ?
14:32:22gevaertsmt: are you enabling logf over usb in the debug menu?
14:32:52mtgevaerts: yes.
14:33:27gevaertsdid you modprobe usb_serial with the right parameters?
14:34:13mtYes .. nevermind, it works now. :)
14:34:35gevaertsgood :)
14:38:35mtBut something weird happens when I'm using logf .. When logf is called (I suppose) the dap just powers off, and I won't be able to power it on again unless I remove the battery and put it back in place.
14:39:47 Join framo4 [0] (
14:40:05gevaertswhat dap is this?
14:40:45gevaertsyou should be able to power it off by pressing power for a long time (around 30 seconds should do it)
14:41:11gevaertshm, wait
14:41:13*gevaerts re-reads
14:41:59rasherIt could in fact be turned on but not responding
14:42:05rasherIn which case long power might help
14:42:39 Quit at0m (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:42:44rasherI've had that a few times, where I thought it wouldn't turn on, but it turned out that it *was* turned on all along
14:43:24Mikachuthat happens sometimes with my nano too, when i boot it just flickers and the display doesn't come on, and i have to menu+select
14:43:31mtrasher : All the lights go off in a pretty short time so that's why I assumed it's turned off .. I'll try again
14:45:06mtAfter establishing a usbserial connection .. is there any tests I could do to check ? like send something from the dap to the computer or the other way round ?
14:47:17 Quit robin0800 (Remote closed the connection)
14:47:26mtrasher : Turns out it was in fact turned on. :)
14:48:11rasherThat's a lesser mystery solved, then
14:48:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:48:32gevaertsmt: enable logf in usb_serial.c :)
14:48:55gevaertsThat should echo back what you send from the computer
14:49:18mtgevaerts: Great. Thanks !
14:59:43 Join faemir [0] (n=faemir@
15:01:31 Join n00b81 [0] (n=taylor@unaffiliated/n00b81)
15:01:55 Part n00b81 ("Leaving")
15:04:29 Join notlistening [0] (
15:09:39 Join cmwslw [0] (
15:09:50 Part cmwslw ("Ex-Chat")
15:11:22 Join n00b81 [0] (n=taylor@unaffiliated/n00b81)
15:11:29 Part n00b81 ("Leaving")
15:15:28 Join moos [0] (i=mustapha@rockbox/staff/moos)
15:23:12notlisteningdomonoky, there is no need to worry about the .wav file extension now as i have coded around to alow any file extension to be used ;)
15:23:49domonokygood :-)
15:26:18domonokyalso the the wine/windows issue could be easily solved in the server by looking at the filename rbutil gives you. if it starts with "/" add a "Z:" if it already starts with a drive letter, dont change it :-)
15:28:42domonokyand the server should output something recongniseable when its ready to accept connections. Then i can let rbutil wait for that.
15:31:21 Join robin0800 [0] (
15:33:32domonokynotlistening: also improving the sapi server protokoll would be nice. like standardizied message format. OK/Fail reponses to all commands etc.. so there is work for you :-)
15:36:28notlisteningyep will do that ;)
15:37:08notlisteningcurrently the test spech engine generates a clip and then removes it in rbutil should it playu the clip as well?
15:37:55domonokyyou mean the testMe command, or the testTTS function in rbutil ?
15:39:57domonokythe testTTS function in rbutil should play the generated file, but it looks like QSound::play() doesnt work on some linux (probably depended on audio subsystem).
15:41:05notlisteningah okay, best leave that one alone
15:41:28notlisteningi am using pulseaduio on ubuntu and did not get anything
15:42:11domonokyi should probably change it to use a test function of the tts, like your testMe command. But then i need that for all tts engines (should be possible, but is more work).
15:43:14domonokythe other option is to use Phonon instead of QSound, but that means we need to include a whole new Qt subsystem for one function.. :-/
15:43:42notlistening:P humm maybe not
15:43:52notlisteningaudio is a real pain huhj
15:44:18domonokyDocs say QSound only works with NAS on linux :-/
15:45:54notlisteningoh how many people are using NAS?
15:47:25domonokydont know. i will just change it to use a tts specific test function :-)
15:47:46notlisteningmaybe allowing to specify a tool to play sound like another app i use aplay $file as the command to get sound
15:49:29notlisteningat the moment the server pipes sound through wine so if a users wine is not configured for sound then the test sound will not work but outputting a wav file wil
15:50:25domonokyhm, true generating a wav file is also a better test if it really works.. maybe i should look into Phonon :-)
16:00:33domonokyanother idea is to just call a external exe to play the file on linux. is there some standard command to play wavfiles in linux ?
16:04:30 Quit petur ("weekend....")
16:17:43 Quit framo4 ("muuh")
16:17:47notlisteningaplay is the safest i think but that is alsa specific are also paolay and others
16:18:44notlisteningthere's a good question for someone who know more than i
16:21:57 Quit moos (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:23:17domonokyeverything has its drawbacks.. i will just let it be broken on linux for now :-)
16:24:34 Quit notlistening ("Leaving")
16:24:39lilltigerdomonoky: aplay
16:25:00lilltigeris the only that is avaible on "all" systems
16:28:44lilltigerdomonoky: are you already using Qt libs, then using Phonon is no issue for linux users as 99% of em uses an dynamicly linked Qt and got the whole suit avaible
16:29:49gevaertsAlso, rbutil is distributed as a statically linked binary
16:30:02domonokylilltiger: but we provide rbutil as static binary on linux for maximum compatibility. Dont know how big it will get, if we use Phonon too.
16:30:14domonokygevaerts: Phonon is part of Qt now.
16:30:25gevaertsit is?
16:30:26lilltigergevaerts: Phonon is now a part of Qt not KDE
16:31:06lilltigerdomonoky: ahh ok
16:31:51domonokyand it still complicates everything, as the prebuild-qt-dev package doesnt ship the phonon lib, you have to rebuild Qt.
16:33:19lilltigerstatic linking is horrible :p
16:33:22*gevaerts still thinks rbutil should have used plain xlib ;)
16:33:31gevaertslilltiger: do you have a usable alternmative?
16:34:35lilltigergevaerts: for linux in general dynamic is better, while that would exclude most of the embedded systems
16:35:16domonokylilltiger: but how do you handle depencies then, if the programm isnt in the package repository ?
16:35:17gevaertslilltiger: if you manage to make a dynamically linked binary that works on all systems, sure. Good luck with that though
16:36:07lilltigerdomonoky: you adds checks for them on the build file, ex. cmake have the Find* scripts to check for them
16:36:31gevaertsthat's build-time
16:36:50lilltigeryes why supply binary on linux?
16:36:57domonokylilltiger: binary distribution please :-) users who need rbutil, are not neccessary able to compile.
16:37:18Mikachushouldn't libao give you playback on most unices?
16:39:01lilltigerdomonoky: but what linux users arent able to build, ie let the distros stand for the packaging like for all other apps?
16:40:17gevaertslilltiger: in the long run, sure, but that requires being able to guarantee that today's rbutil can install any version of rockbox between now and about two years in the future
16:41:02lilltigergevaerts: hmm that could be solved by making it able to upgrade itself
16:41:20gevaertslilltiger: you mean by having it download a binary from
16:41:43gevaertsMikachu: not sure. Doesn't libao use lots of dynamic linking to get that compatibility?
16:41:45Mikachuthat sort of defeats the purpose of packaging it
16:41:56lilltigergevaerts: well using Qt, you could use the plugin system and just download binary plugins
16:42:22Mikachugevaerts: you could link dynamically to libao
16:43:00gevaertsMikachu: how stable is the libao ABI?
16:43:10Mikachudunno :)
16:43:12domonokyMikachu: we dont want to link dynamically, users without libao will come and complain that rbutil doesnt work..
16:43:27Mikachui can promise you more people have libao than qt-phonon
16:43:59gevaertsMikachu: if they all have a libao with exactly the same ABI, that works
16:44:10Mikachulast release was in 2007 :)
16:44:38domonokyMikachu: if we use phonon, it would also be statically linked (on linux).
16:44:38gevaertslilltiger: that requires a stable unchanging base. domonoky may correct me, but from what I see I don't think that's there yet
16:44:58 Quit robin0800 (Remote closed the connection)
16:45:03domonokyrbutil still changes often..
16:45:13*gevaerts thinks that exec(aplay) will be the most reliable solution
16:45:16lilltigerdomonoky: in the core?
16:45:47domonokylilltiger: yes, we are in the middle of some rework to better seperate gui and core :-)
16:45:52lilltigeri agree with gevaerts, using aplay and play, (check if aplay is there if not try play)
16:46:16domonokyyes using aplay sounds like the sanes solution for now.
16:46:19Mikachudoesn't aplay require alsa?
16:46:20gevaertscat >/dev/dsp? ;)
16:46:23lilltigerdomonoky: ahh ok ;)
16:46:37lilltigerMikachu: yes, thats why fallback on play
16:47:03domonokygevaerts: that would work nearly everywhere, but might play wrong, depending on samplerates etc.
16:47:26gevaertsdomonoky: you can't have everything!
16:47:52 Quit avacore^ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:47:58lilltigergevaerts: and that would require root access as well as some distros limits the access to /dev/dsp
16:48:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:48:34gevaertsThe nice thing about using aplay or play is that there's only this tiny bit that fails if they're not available
16:48:54gevaertslilltiger: in that case I'd expect play to fail as well
16:49:15Mikachuplay is from sox, it could use any audio output subsystem
16:49:38Mikachumine supports alsa, libao and oss
16:49:41lilltigergevaerts: thoes distros often have play/aplay flag to allow em to access root devices
16:50:02gevaertsbut anyway, I think having this particular feature fail for some users is not a problem I think, as long as the rest of rbutil keeps working
16:50:25*gevaerts thinks that maybe he shouldn't have thought twice
16:51:00 Quit darkhamm (Client Quit)
16:51:02gevaertsThere are also those who just don't have working sound at all...
16:51:24*domonoky now trys aplay/play. Its non-fatal if there arnt there (better than a lib which is not available).
16:51:34lilltigergevaerts: god for aplay and if that fails either to play or not found try play, play is less solid, crashes more often and not avaible on men alsa systems, while it's as good as always avaible on non alsa systems
16:51:41 Join avacore [0] (
16:52:27gevaertslilltiger: I somehow suspect that people who use non alsa systems can be expected to know what they're doing :)
16:53:31*kugel has a go at reworking PLA
16:53:45lilltigergevaerts: mmm, or using some damn old linux dist ;)
16:57:37lilltigerdomonoky: you should look up the QPlugin classes, awsome way to support new players and stuff by just having the users to download plugins
16:59:09domonokylilltiger: i know about the QPlugin system. but you need to correctly design it to make it useable. Also it clashes with the current system of a single binary :-)
16:59:33 Quit FlynDice (Remote closed the connection)
16:59:40 Join Teemu123456 [0] (
16:59:40lilltigerdomonoky: indeed, was just suggesting it :) as I dident know if you knew about it or not
17:00:44 Join FlynDice [0] (
17:01:11 Quit Teemu123456 (Client Quit)
17:04:30 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:04:57CIA-71New commit by Domonoky (r21530): rbutil: make the test TTS Function use aplay or play on Linux.
17:05:01 Join robin0800 [0] (
17:05:22domonokylilltiger: feel free to helput improving rbutil :-)
17:07:35lilltigerdomonoky: I already have to meny projects in the fire right now ;D im making an program that will adjust the size of LE exec (old dos games) to make em bigger to help modders, im also building an game lobby for Master of orion 2, and im reverse engineering the same game.. and I need to start looking for jobb.. so much to do :(
17:08:49 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:10:07 Join tvelocity [0] (
17:12:49 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:18:54 Quit merbanan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:19:29 Join n00b81 [0] (n=taylor@unaffiliated/n00b81)
17:21:44CIA-71New commit by Domonoky (r21531): rbutil: move ProgressloggerInterface to base/
17:21:54 Join merbanan [0] (n=banan@
17:22:58 Join Cory [0] (
17:23:07 Nick Cory is now known as Cory` (
17:51:03 Quit matsl_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:51:07 Join toffe82 [0] (
17:51:52 Part n00b81 ("Leaving")
17:56:22 Join archivator [0] (n=archivat@
18:00:41archivatorI've compiled a 64 bit version of rbutil 1.2.2 and it's up at - if someone could test it first, that'd be great
18:01:25archivatorAlso, you might want to recompress it, it's not at max settings.
18:02:47 Quit merbanan (Remote closed the connection)
18:04:40archivatorBagder, ping
18:09:29 Quit kugel (Remote closed the connection)
18:17:28 Join |desowin| [0] (
18:17:51 Quit |desowin| (Remote closed the connection)
18:18:36 Join n00b81 [0] (n=taylor@unaffiliated/n00b81)
18:18:39 Join desowin [0] (n=desowin@atheme/member/desowin)
18:18:47 Quit Sajber^ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:24:08 Quit SUSaiyan` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:27:06 Quit archivator (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:27:29 Part n00b81 ("Leaving")
18:27:39 Join archivator [0] (n=archivat@
18:28:07 Nick archivator is now known as Guest11199 (n=archivat@
18:29:23 Quit dfkt ("-= SysReset 2.53=- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.")
18:32:24 Join bertrik [0] (
18:47:00 Quit bmbl ("Bye!")
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18:49:53 Quit faemir (Remote closed the connection)
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18:56:02 Quit desowin ("KVIrc Insomnia 4.0.0, revision: 3289, sources date: 20090520, built on: 2009/06/27 15:42:20 UTC 3289")
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19:33:37 Quit ender` (" The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for th")
19:39:58 Join n00b81 [0] (n=taylor@unaffiliated/n00b81)
19:41:28 Join Sajber^ [0] (
19:45:34 Join Thundercloud [0] (
19:47:45 Join matsl_ [0] (
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19:49:53 Join PaulJam [0] (
19:51:03 Join notlistening [0] (
19:51:37 Join stoffel [0] (
19:52:27notlisteningdomonoky, I have an issue now that the directorry for my mp4 player and e200v2 is becomming read only cring the encoding session and them the files can not be moved to the player anymore
19:53:07gevaertsnotlistening: you have a corrupted filesystem
19:53:16Llorean"mp4 player"?
19:53:29notlisteningmp3 typo ;)
19:53:36LloreanEither way.
19:53:55notlisteninghow do i ix tht do i need to go it to the of and format?
19:53:56LloreanYou said "mp3 player and e200v2", so what's the other player? Is it even a Rockbox target?
19:54:09Lloreanis this even Rockbox related?
19:54:32notlisteningsorry the e200v2 is the player i am talking about
19:55:04notlisteningyeah i am working on the SA{i stuff for rockbox with rbutil
19:58:18domonokynotlistening: check your filesystem for corruption..
19:58:52notlisteningok ;)
19:59:55 Quit froggyman ("CGI:IRC")
20:02:56notlisteningumm got a question not it says fats seem to differ use withch fat firdt or second?
20:03:17notlistening*first or second?
20:05:53gevaertsdo you have a coin handy? If so, flip it
20:06:21notlisteninghaha humm well if lets see first it is :D
20:08:39notlisteningwell rockbox is being naughty on my player :D
20:09:43 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
20:10:11notlisteningis it intresting for anyone to know what the problem are
20:12:52domonokydepends. did you reinstall rockbox after fixing the filesystem problem ? (we only want bug reports about latest, non-modifed rockbox versions)
20:21:53 Join ender` [0] (
20:22:14 Join efyx [0] (
20:25:13 Join Ubuntuxer [0] (
20:30:24 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
20:45:09 Join _Auron_ [0] (
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20:52:47 Join dmb [0] (n=dmb@unaffiliated/dmb)
20:58:45 Join bluebrother [0] (
21:01:55bluebrotheramiconn: I've changed the rbspeex Makefile earlier today and later recognized that my change reverted r21265. When looking at that change I don't understand why that should prevent rbspeex from getting compiled every time. Can you explain that to me?
21:10:48CIA-71New commit by bertrik (r21532): Meizu M3: implement logarithmic brightness curve (curve provided by markun) and increase PWM frequency for the backlight.
21:11:22 Join at0m [0] (
21:15:35 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
21:18:42gevaertsbertrik: we got as far as talking to the LCD controller over SPI, but after getting back the correct ID value we didn't see anything happen
21:19:07bertrikgevaerts, oh well, that's a good start already
21:19:22gevaertsso basically we don't even know if the spi write is working, there's no ack involved
21:19:23bertrikI could check the OF for an initialisation sequence
21:19:50bertrikah you mean, you're only really sure that the spi read worked (not the write)
21:20:52bertrikand backlight was also enabled during those tests (ok, stupid question)
21:20:52gevaertsthere's an initialisation sequence over on, but we should have the same ones in lcd-m6sl.c and lcd-m6sp.c
21:21:14gevaertsyes. backlight and slider were the only things we used
21:21:32gevaertsdid you get markun's spec package?
21:21:58bertrikif you also got the SPI controllers initialisation from the OF, then I would be surprised if write wouldn't work
21:22:04bertrikgevaerts, yes
21:22:18gevaertsok. The initialisation sequences are also in there
21:23:01gevaertsWe did the SPI by hand from the datasheets
21:24:49 Part Llorean
21:25:06 Join Llorean [0] (
21:25:28 Quit matsl_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:25:56bertrikdoes the display controller have some kind of scratch register that you could write over SPI and then read back?
21:28:10 Quit courtc (Remote closed the connection)
21:29:50 Join courtc [0] (n=court@unaffiliated/courtc)
21:32:15 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:34:05 Quit bluebrother (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:37:38 Quit PaulJam (".")
21:38:23 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:39:18 Join moos [0] (i=mustapha@rockbox/staff/moos)
21:41:03gevaertsnot that I know of
21:42:46 Join cmwslw [0] (
21:42:59 Quit cmwslw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:50:58 Quit petur ("*plop*")
21:54:25 Quit Cory` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:57:25 Join Cory` [0] (
22:05:08 Join villen86 [0] (n=6395c390@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
22:05:59bertrikhi villen86
22:06:53 Quit villen86 (Client Quit)
22:11:15CIA-71New commit by bertrik (r21533): S5L8700: implement i2c driver (used for communicating with the RTC and the codec in the meizus)
22:16:14 Quit BlakeJohnson86 (
22:16:14 Quit goffa___ (
22:16:14 Quit jkl (
22:16:14 Quit crashd_ (
22:16:14 Quit pabs (
22:16:14 Quit Kohlrabi (
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22:19:36 Quit Kohlrabi (
22:19:54*bertrik spots red in the build table
22:22:29NJoinBlakeJohnson86 [0] (
22:22:29NJoingoffa___ [0] (n=goffa@
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22:22:29NJoinKohlrabi [0] (
22:25:39*domonoky tries to review wincents big patch. The plugin is too big for the plugin buffer. Short inspections shows a ~130kb big cosinus table :-)
22:25:55gevaertsnice :)
22:28:41lilltigerbtw i wonder about the data corruption on the sansas, isent the storage plain vfat?
22:29:45bertriklilltiger, yes it is FAT as far as I know
22:31:26lilltigerthen why does the corruption appear, as the support for FAT should be kinda flawless?
22:31:53gevaerts(a) it doesn't appear anymore as far as I know, and (b) it was at a lower level, in the sd driver
22:32:00bertrikI think it happens in the block layer, not in the filesystem layer
22:32:17bertrik*if it still happens at all
22:32:37lilltigerahh ok
22:33:09bertriklilltiger, I work on the ams sansas, but I don't have a target that showed corruption
22:33:48 Quit Ubuntuxer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:33:49lilltigerohh so it should be pretty safe to run rockbox on an sansa fuze now? (8GB with 8GB SD)
22:34:27gevaertsah, you mean the v2 sansas?
22:34:46bertrikI don't know, but better make sure you have backups of the files on the player
22:35:12*gevaerts was thinking about FS #8663
22:39:29bertrikhm, does the zen vision m have problems with RTC? I think there's a bug in it: it returns a buffer allocated on the stack
22:41:13bluebrother^130kb cosine table? Nice.
22:41:17bertrikmaybe this driver just isn't ready yet
22:41:19*bluebrother^ is building Qt 4.5.2
22:43:06lilltigergevaerts: i think it's an v1, the firware i have installed is v1, does the sansa v1 firmware work on v2
22:43:16lilltigercos i maybe installed the wrong the first time then...
22:43:32gevaertslilltiger: do you have an actual problem?
22:44:01lilltigergevaerts: i havent installed rockbox yet, cos of the data coruption issue :)
22:44:25lilltigerbut if thats very rare ill give it a try :)
22:44:44lilltigerafk 20mins
22:45:16gevaertsI haven't heard of it happening in ages
22:46:27bertrikgevaerts, there was (maybe still is) some corruption issue on the ams sansas > 1GB after we enabled the MMU and the caches
22:46:44gevaertsbertrik: yes, but that's totally unrelated
22:48:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:52:40 Join BeChris [0] (i=5c89760a@gateway/web/freenode/x-fb201f9c7da6b5c3)
22:52:48BeChrisHi everybody
22:53:05BeChrisSomeone has tested profiling a plugin recently ?
22:59:36lilltigerSo wich rev. of rockbox should I try?
23:03:55domonokylilltiger: rockbox on e200v1 should work just fine, just install latest.
23:04:02BeChrissorry to ask again but someone has tested profiling a plugin recently ?
23:05:01rasherBeChris: No need to repeat yourself. I think the answer is "no".
23:05:43lilltigerdomonoky: so the fuze is e200v1? :)
23:06:13lilltigerthought e200 was another player hehe
23:06:20domonokyups :-)
23:07:03domonokyno the fuze is a AMS target, which is still in development. But you should still just use latest. :-)
23:11:24lilltigerand the data corruption, does the rareness still apply? :P
23:11:59 Quit J-23 (
23:12:18NJoinJ-23 [0] (
23:13:11domonokylilltiger: the chance is there, but its probably rare. Dont store precious things on it.
23:13:20tmztlilltiger: e200v1 is portalplayer, e200v2 is ams, fuze is ams
23:14:04lilltigertmzt: so there is amsV1 and amsV2?
23:14:39tmztthere is e200 v1 and v2
23:14:44lilltigerso on the fuze the firmware dosent matter?
23:14:49tmztthis should all be in wiki
23:14:58tmztI don't understand
23:15:03lilltigercos there is 2 different firmwares for the fuze, v1 and v2
23:15:08lilltigerfrom sansa
23:15:24tmztI believe there is a v2 fuze now but it's still ams
23:15:36lilltigerahh ok :D
23:15:54saratogalilltiger: the V1 AMS players are AS3525
23:16:02saratogathe V2 are AS353X
23:16:23tmztthat's the codec chip or cpu/soc?
23:16:30lilltigerthanks for clearing it up :) I got confused
23:16:39saratogaits the SOC
23:19:42 Quit J-23 (
23:20:44 Join faemir [0] (n=faemir@
23:23:01NJoinJ-23 [0] (
23:24:46 Join WillHauck [0] (n=4b9fb4d0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:25:19WillHauckCan I have wiki write privilidges please?
23:25:35amiconnbluebrother^: If the depfile depends on the output, it creates a circular dependency, meaning it will rebuild everytime
23:25:52amiconnThis was highly annoying for voice creation especially on cygwin (sapi...)
23:26:08bluebrother^really? The output is only a folder in that case
23:26:23bluebrother^and that is needed for creating the depfile.
23:26:24amiconnYes, but changing the content of the folder changes its timestamp
23:27:07amiconnThat's the very reason why I changes it - the endless rebuilds cost at least half a minute per voice per target
23:27:15bluebrother^doesn't that make the folder newer, thus not requiring it to get recreated?
23:27:18 Join ForumJunkie [0] (n=464ec4cd@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:27:31ForumJunkieIs anyone there that can help me o_o
23:27:39amiconnHigghly annoying when building voices for 18 targets and two languages
23:27:58bertrikForumJunkie, just ask and maybe someone who knows will reply
23:28:00domonokyamiconn: but you broke it with this change. building will fail if the folder doesnt exist :-)
23:28:13WillHauckCan I have wiki write privilidges please?
23:28:17bluebrother^sure. But how can this made working correctly? Building the depfile requires the folder
23:28:18ForumJunkieI am having difficulty installing skins with scrolling margins... Where can I find scrolling margins?
23:28:27ForumJunkieAnd AA patch...
23:28:29amiconnIt didn't fail here, with and wothout 'make clean'
23:28:42LloreanForumJunkie: Maybe you shouldn't install horribly outdated themes
23:28:43bluebrother^ForumJunkie: you neither need scrolling margins nor AA.
23:28:43domonokyWillHauck: your wikiname ? and promise not to spam !
23:28:56amiconnLet the depfile rule create the folder instead of making it depend on it
23:28:59 Join Faethin [0] (n=faethin@
23:29:05LloreanWillHauck: Also, be careful with spelling in the wiki.
23:29:06ForumJunkieHow come my skin looks warped. T_T;
23:29:13amiconnI think several other places create the necessary dirs like this
23:29:19WillHauckmy wiki name: WillHauck
23:29:19LloreanForumJunkie: Because it's outdated and was never updated to work with current code.
23:29:49domonokyWillHauck: done.
23:29:55ForumJunkieOkay thanks
23:31:24 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (n=BHSPitLa@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
23:31:50ForumJunkieI bricked my iPod yesterday trying to triple boot iPL and RB. :D
23:32:02bluebrother^you can't brick an Ipod.
23:32:06scorche|shno you didnt\
23:32:14ForumJunkieWell, broke it.
23:32:24scorche|shdefine "broke"
23:32:38ForumJunkieI installed iPL on top of
23:32:41ForumJunkieRB yesterday
23:32:49ForumJunkieand I cancelled halfway though
23:32:53ForumJunkieI fixed it
23:32:58ForumJunkieIt's a minor ting
23:33:08AlexPForumJunkie: Please don't use the enter key as punctuation
23:33:15scorche|shwell, neither "breaking" nor "bricking" a device tends to be minor...
23:33:49ForumJunkieWhat do you mean by enter key as punctuation... Oh never mind.. o_o
23:36:21 Quit ForumJunkie ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
23:41:47 Join tessarakt [0] (
23:46:55 Quit _lifeless (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
23:47:18 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:47:57 Quit tvelocity (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:42 Join tvelocity [0] (
23:48:52 Quit tvelocity (Connection reset by peer)
23:49:28CIA-71New commit by bluebrother (r21534): Create the output directory in the dependency rule instead of depending on it to prevent recreating it every time. Thanks to amiconn for clarifying ...
23:51:14 Quit BeChris (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
23:53:37 Quit BHSPitLappy (Remote closed the connection)
23:55:42WillHauckI am new to compiling c and when I try to add a patch on Cygwin, It says that the file 'main.c' cannot be found. The patch is RockLock. I have heard something about it having to 'synced'. How do I do this?
23:56:34 Quit DarkDefender ("Leaving")
23:57:06gevaertsWillHauck: that patch wasn't made entirely properly. For this one, you need to be in apps/ to apply it

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