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#rockbox log for 2009-10-19

00:00:31AlexPWasn't 10 needed for the MTP stuff?
00:00:48mc2739bluebrother: looks like it works -
00:00:51bluebrotherthis issue with the release binary of beastpatcher is really strange. It seems like GetTempPath() fails?
00:00:57AlexPIIRC the OF needed 10, but I may be misremembering here
00:01:19bluebrotherAlexP: might have been 10, not sure.
00:01:25mc2739or at least it does not get any error
00:01:42bluebrothermc2739: ok, this looks good.
00:02:30bluebrothermy main question was if it required any debug libraries installed. Doesn't seem to be the case, so we're fine here. It's just the binary being slightly bigger due to no optimizations used.
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00:12:48casainhoJdGordon: ping
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00:48:40kugelhrm, I've found a way to save quite much binsize and ramusage
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00:50:29linuxstbkugel: ?
00:50:49kugel(inspired by the linux kernel) put init (read: functions that we *know* that they're only called once during boot) functions into a special section, and let the audio data overwrite it then
00:51:56kugelI've already saved ~3.5k by doing this with 5-6 functions
00:52:00kugelon my fuze
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00:56:57kugeldoing this makes sense IMO, there's no real reason to keep dead code around
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01:12:00linuxstbkugel: Is this firmware code, or some apps code as well?
01:13:13linuxstbWhat about the code that does buffer_alloc? Won't that overwrite the init function?
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01:16:47kugelprobably yes
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01:20:29kugelrolo seems to be broken
01:21:25kugelwith that init functions stuff
01:24:22kugellinuxstb: the functions could also be put at the end of the audio buffer, or even codec or plugin buffer, to ensure stuff doesn't get overwritten by buffer_alloc
01:28:41pixelmaugh, something happened to switching to the WPS on hwcodec - while the WPS loads the statusbar is still there (it's disabled in my WPS, progressbar gets drawn first while the menu is still in the background
01:28:49kugelah wait, rolo is broken in SVN, and I wasn't even running a build with my modifications
01:29:17pixelmaand next track info pretends to always be there even if it isn't (shows an n/a string then)
01:29:44pixelmainstead of title or artist info
01:31:39pixelmasomewhere between r22193 and r23246
01:32:03kugelpixelma: I introduced n/a string
01:32:21pixelmawhat for?
01:32:32kugelit looks like it wasn't very wise
01:33:25pixelmanext track info isn't there - and you can use that conditionally to show something else if it isn't - I even use this on swcodec (end of playlist)
01:33:59kugelI forgot that it can be used as conditional (and the code didn't suggest it)
01:34:20kugelI'll change it back, or rather to return NULL
01:34:39pixelmaon hwcodec next track info is only there during the last 1..2 minutes depending on bitrate, available buffer size and actual timing
01:35:14pixelmathat still leaves some drawing problem - maybe a missing clear screen or so?
01:36:00pixelmakugel: but thanks for fixing the first then :)
01:38:03pixelmacould it be related to the rtl commit, I see the loading splash too but then it gets drawn over by the progress bar
01:38:03 Part duffrecords
01:39:41pixelmait looks like a combination of the menu and the WPS "graphical" things (bitmaps, progress bar)
01:41:03pixelmaI guess it's there on other targets too just not as visible as on my Ondio because loading the WPS takes a while
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01:52:45kugelpixelma: can filename tags be used conditionally too?
01:55:38pixelmadoesn't make much sense for current filename but I use it for next filename as a quick check if next track info is there
01:56:49kugelwell, it makes sense for custom statusbar
01:57:18kugelthe whole point of the commit was to protect the skin engine for the case where audio wasn't played at all
01:58:44CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23253): r23208 broke conditional use of metadata and filename tags. Return NULL instead of "n/a" to make it work again.
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02:08:43Unhelpfulpixelma: mostly core actions
02:09:26 Join peter__b [0] (n=peter_b@
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02:18:33Unhelpfulthe PF action tables define their own actions, which *may* override core ones, for horizontal scroll, exit, and a few other things
02:18:53pixelmaUnhelpful: hmm... I would have expected to be able to use pictureflow in an M3 sim then (controls through the core actions of the main unit which are simulated but display on the remote), not a 100% sure currently if it wasn't something weird here because just browsing the menus in the M3 sim behaved a bit wrong too as if only every second press takes action
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02:19:38pixelmait wasn't as regular though, it just didn't take sometimes
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02:26:49CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23254): Reorder members for more efficient alignment.
02:27:00pixelmaI just realised something... with petur's recording button mapping changes it seems it not possible to start a recording on the OndioFM now at all, argh!
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02:31:06pixelmaexcept in the FM screen ;\
02:31:27pixelmaand in wavrecord
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02:35:38pixelmakugel: the next track info stuff in my WPS works as expected again, thanks for that :)
02:36:02kugelno problem :)
02:36:58pixelmadrawing still looks very weird upon entering the WPS it didn't before
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02:47:05*maraz_ wishes the midi player had a WPS interface, track looping etc
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03:06:51Unhelpfulpixelma: the m3 is a special case, the PF button map uses remote buttons and chains to CONTEXT_REMOTE|CONTEXT_STD
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03:09:15casainhoJdGordon: I worote an howto for JTAG debug using Eclipse! I even recorded a small video showing a debug session. I hope you can get the debug working on Mini2440. Check here the howto and the video:
03:13:19tmztcasainho: source level?
03:13:35casainhotmzt: what you mean?
03:13:50tmztlike can you step through (c) source
03:15:15casainhotmzt: yes, yes :-)
03:15:49tmztnice, be great if this worked for linux kernel also but I'll find out for myself
03:16:07casainhoand also through assembly code, I mean, I can see the C code in assembly and run instruction by instruction
03:16:14tmztso how is the omap2 project going?
03:16:33tmztbut not the source for that assembly, symbols, etc?
03:16:50casainhoomap2? :-) eheh... no omap, just one S3C2440 ARM9 from Sansumg
03:17:04tmztah, wrong 2440
03:17:22casainhono, everything, all symbols in C and assembly.
03:17:40Unhelpfulother targets chain CONTEXT_TREE to get the return-to-wps and various other things
03:18:05casainhoproject is going ok, I wanted to document so others developers can take advantage of using JTAG debug, which I think is not usual on others targets....
03:18:35tmztright that makes sense
03:18:50tmztwhat external codec are you using and are you using s3c fb?
03:21:06casainhoeheh, I don't remember now what codec is. fb? no, I think. to say the true, I even didn't code nothing for this target, just Bob_C.
03:21:30 Quit kugel (Remote closed the connection)
03:21:45casainhoI am just trying the code and I first setup the JTAG debug. I just received my board on friday.
03:21:58tmztokay, sorry to go offtopic
03:27:41casainhokeep in touch: :-)
03:27:44casainhobye bye
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04:30:00saratogasome of the patches in FS #2911 - (S)NES emulator contain code thats not GPL compatible
04:30:03 Quit mikroflops (Remote closed the connection)
04:30:07saratogawhats the correct way to deal with this
04:30:28saratogashould the task be closed or the just the non-GPL patches be deleted, or wait and see?
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04:42:10saratogafrom the author of that SNES patch's 6502 emulator: "The above license terms are incompatible with GPL. Thus, you should avoid making the source code from this page and any derived code part of a GPLed project."
04:42:21saratogashould I just delete the patch from the tracker then?
04:47:46linuxstbsaratoga: Do you mean delete, or just close the task?
04:48:06saratogathe task itself has code under acceptable license
04:48:23saratogasome of the later patches contain non-GPL code
04:48:40saratogadue to a infones falsely claiming to be LGPL
04:48:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:50:08saratogasorry now infones
04:50:51saratogaNESCore is the problem, its a derivation of infones that has some bad code in it
04:50:58saratogastupid names are confusing me
04:52:40saratogamy preference would be to just delete the offending patch and then leave the rest of the thread open
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05:12:51linuxstbsaratoga: I don't know how you manage to make sense of that task...
05:13:04saratogalinuxstb: grep and google :)
05:13:32saratogainfones appears fine, its just the last patch using nescore that should go
05:15:40linuxstbsaratoga: The author of that patch seems to accept the issue, so I don't think he would be upset if you deleted his patch. It would seem sensible, to prevent it being spread further.
05:15:57linuxstb(not that it would matter if he was upset...)
05:17:23 Join Horschti [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
05:17:33saratogai'll delete it and email him privately
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07:34:19CIA-85New commit by FlynDice (r23255): AMS Sansa: Add voltage defines to pl180.h. No functional changes.
07:34:26CIA-85New commit by FlynDice (r23256): AMS Sansa: Adjust SD Card frequency to Identification frequency at beginning of card init instead of the end of pl180 controller init. ...
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08:52:20pixelmapetur: wanted to tell you the other day that the OndioFM does not have the rec split action... and then realised (and also confirmed) that now there is no means of starting a record (in the usual recording screen)...
08:52:36peturI know, I read the log
08:52:56petursorry for running off like that, my daughter has been quite ill for the last two days
08:53:12pixelmano worries
08:54:06peturI'll try to look at the OndioFM tonight
08:54:29pixelmawhat do you want to do there?
08:55:01peturno idea, think of a solution?
08:55:12pixelmaI don't think there is any other way than it was before
08:55:43peturso we should revert to the pre-MarcGuay state?
08:57:01 Join maruk [0] (
08:57:01pixelmawhich makes sense, I mean. The most important thing is to start and stop the record, splitting is not as important (especially on the Ondio which has 4GB of storage maximum
08:59:06pixelmawell yes, if you can think of something better I wouldn't be opposed but on the OndioFM you are very limited with buttons (and seeing that, the mapping is quite nice usually)
09:00:34pixelmaI start agreeing with Llorean in that forum thread and think maybe it's best to revert to before MarcGuays commit and add an exception for the Ipods somewhere.
09:01:36amiconnImo there is no problem with having the same action on more than one button, as long as this doesn't make other features unavailable
09:02:40pixelmapetur: maybe that exception can (or even should be) similar to the OndioFM
09:03:05amiconnWe do this in the tree context on most targets, where both center ('Select' or similar) and 'Right' enter a subtree or start an element
09:03:53peturright, revert it is
09:04:18 Join Thundercloud [0] (
09:04:35peturI'll try to do it tonight unless somebody else does it before me. I have no ipods to check what the result is for them :/
09:06:18pixelmathe recording screen is accessible in the sim and button mappings can be tested there if there are no other limitations on the target
09:07:06 Quit faemir ("Leaving")
09:09:22pixelmawhich is on the Ipods that you probably can't press the opposite buttons at the same time
09:09:42pixelmaor at least that isn't nice
09:15:59 Join Andorin [0] (n=andorin@
09:16:41 Join KBH [0] (
09:26:42AndorinHey, I have a question. I'm working on getting Rockbox on my 2G iPod Nano (computer's on Linux). The instructions say to install the "root" or "top-level" directory of the iPod, but poking around the folders, I don't see anything by that name.
09:27:15tmztAndorin: I'm sure there's wiki instructions, but do you have it in disk mode and mounted as a storage device?
09:27:23tmztif your using gpod or something it probably won't work
09:27:46AndorinI, well, I don't think so.
09:27:50tmztoh, of that name
09:27:56AndorinNo, I'm just looking through it with my file manager.
09:27:58tmztit means the very top of the set of folders
09:28:03tmztthere won't be anything by that name
09:28:07tmztpress control l
09:28:11tmztand tell me the path
09:28:31AndorinIt's /media/iPod/
09:28:38AndorinJust that directory?
09:28:58tmztthat looks right
09:29:03AndorinK, thank you.
09:33:52 Quit HBK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:35:40AndorinWow! Installing that was a lot easier than I thought it would be!
09:36:04 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:37:58AndorinAnd it's working. HUGE props to the Rockbox project for getting functional firmware for the 2G Nano.
09:39:03 Join MethoS- [0] (n=clemens@
09:39:21 Join mikroflops [0] (
09:39:31AndorinThis might be a dumb question, but I can continue using software like gtkpod to add and remove files from my iPod while running Rockbox, right?
09:40:30AlexPYou will need to use the database if you do
09:41:20AndorinUse the database?
09:41:20AlexPThe Apple firmware uses scrambled directory and file names, so if you upload music like that you will need to use the Rockbox database to access your music, as you want know which song is which through the file browser.
09:41:27 Quit Thundercloud (Remote closed the connection)
09:42:07AlexPI suggest reading the manual (the nano 1st gen should be same, except for installation)
09:42:19AndorinThat doesn't seem so bad. With Rockbox on here, I don't have much reason to use the Apple firmware.
09:42:27AlexPYou can just drag and drop, and then use either the Rockbox file browser or the database
09:42:45AlexPBut then the OF won't read your music
09:44:10AndorinHmm... listening to the music on headphones, I can hear soft little clicks during tracks.
09:44:15AndorinIs this a bug?
09:44:17AlexPYes, this is known
09:44:27AlexPThat is why it is unstable :)
09:44:35AndorinYeah, but it's better than nothing. =)
09:45:02AndorinI'm liking the GUI of this firmware more than Apple's.
09:46:29AlexPgood :)
09:46:43pixelmaAlexP, Andorin: the 2nd gen Nano manual is available ;)
09:46:44AndorinAlright, now to see how I can load .ogg files onto this thing.
09:47:00Andorin(One reason I don't much like Apple's firmware is its limited filetype support.)
09:47:03AlexPpixelma: Ah good, to my shame I didn't bother checking :)
09:47:14AlexPAndorin: Just drag and drop
09:47:37AndorinNice! I can hit Select to browse the playlist and pick a new song. Extra cool point for Rockbox.
09:48:56AndorinOkay, so I go iPod_Control/Music/ and I have twenty folders with names f00-f19. This must be the scrambled music AlexP mentioned.
09:49:17 Join AndyI [0] (n=pasha_in@
09:50:16AndorinIs there where I drop files?
09:50:44markunAndorin: no, you can drop them wherever you want
09:51:04markuniTunes renames the files in a weird way and puts them in that folder
09:51:14AndorinI'm using Linux, so no iTunes.
09:51:39markunok, then you can ignore that music folder
09:51:45 Quit MethoS- (Remote closed the connection)
09:51:52AndorinAnd still drop files wherever I want?
09:53:40AndorinWhen I first ran this, I went to Database and it updated, then had me reboot. I then started playing music from there, so I assumed that Database is where I control playback.
09:53:56AndorinHowever, the music I just added isn't in the Database; it's in Files. It plays fine.
09:56:06 Quit flydutch (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:56:07markundid you turn dircache? I think it's useful if you use the file browser a lot
09:56:13markun*turn on
09:56:48Andorindircache? No, I don't believe so. (I've never done any iPod-modding before.)
09:57:00tmztAndorin: this isn't iPod stuff, it's rockbox
09:57:20AndorinWell, I've never used Rockbox either. :P
09:57:28tmztwhen rockbox is running your iPod is basically a new mp3 player, but has the same storage (hard drive) as the Apple firmware
09:57:38tmztand uses part of the Apple firmware for disk mode
09:57:38AndorinRight, I understand that much.
09:58:44markunAndorin: dircache just stores your folder tree in RAM, so the disk doesn't have to spin up ever time you change folders
09:59:11Andorinmarkun, is this applied to my PC or to my iPod?
09:59:47markunAndorin: It's a setting in rockbox. btw, which iPod do you have?
10:00:05AndorinThis is an iPod Nano 2G. I was confused by your mention of a spinning disk.
10:00:24markunah, if it's a flash based player it doesn't matter :)
10:01:05markunI have to go again. Good luck with your "new" player :)
10:05:45tmztAndorin: sorry, iPod equals hard disk to me and I'm very tired
10:06:08tmztdo flash-based iPods use disk mode in firmware?
10:09:00AndorinI'm not sure. I've never been anything but a regular user with an interest in playing .ogg files.
10:10:31Andorin(And in having OSS on my digital audio player.)
10:11:28 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
10:23:50 Quit BHSPitMonkey ("Ex-Chat")
10:25:07 Quit fyrestorm ("lamers envy me like they envy bill g -- main boot xp, just the way it should be!")
10:29:47Tornetmzt: yes, they work the same
10:30:15tmztthank you, any reason why soft usb wouldn't work though? is that a goal?
10:34:29TorneTheSeven hasn't got usb working on the nano 2g yet.
10:34:50tmztright, of course
10:36:51topikdidn't he get it working with some hacks?
10:36:57topikbut not commited yet
10:37:27 Join manuel_ [0] (
10:38:10 Nick manuel_ is now known as casainho (
10:39:44 Quit casainho (Client Quit)
10:42:30AndorinHoly crap. These games make my iPod... fun.
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11:17:51 Join DarkDefender [0] (
11:23:04 Join TheSeven [0] (n=theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven) I think Rockbox crashed.
11:43:37Andorin*PANIC* / FTL: Scheduling bank 0 block 662 for remap!
11:43:43AndorinAnd can't get out of the screen.
11:44:01Dgby714Andorin: Menu+Select
11:44:33markunAndorin: the nano 2g port is still unstable :)
11:44:41AndorinRight, I know.
11:45:26Dgby714Yeah i only see those FTL remap PANICs when im moving around in the file browser fast
11:48:02AndorinI did an update of the database and it panicked.
11:48:49Andorin...oh, crap.
11:49:03AndorinIf I browse simply by files, I can only listen to an album at a time.
11:49:33AndorinSo I pretty much have to use the database for listening to multiple albums or all songs at once, don't I?
11:49:57linuxstbNo - read the manual...
11:51:48 Quit Andorin ("Leaving")
12:03:19tmztlinuxstb: still risk of flash corruption? that doesn't look good
12:09:59linuxstbtmzt: What are you talking about?
12:10:38tmzt19:51 < Andorin> *PANIC* / FTL: Scheduling bank 0 block 662 for remap!
12:10:48tmztor is that a stub?
12:11:02linuxstbZagor: Could you move"> onto the download server? I think we probably want it in a /bootloader/toshiba/ but that would mean that /bootloader/gigabeat/ is out of place (maybe move that and have a tempory symlink).
12:11:15linuxstbtmzt: I don't think that implies flash corruption.
12:11:26linuxstbBut TheSeven is the person to ask.
12:32:26 Quit shai (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:36:36 Join JackWinter2 [0] (
12:42:31 Join Grahack [0] (
12:47:33 Quit JackWinter (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:48:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:03:03 Join Casainho [0] (
13:03:25Casainho /msg NickServ identify chave
13:04:44 Quit Casainho (Nick collision from services.)
13:05:10 Join Casainho [0] (
13:09:27 Quit Casainho (Client Quit)
13:12:02 Join fdinel [0] (
13:30:36mc2739Zagor: www/ was modified on r23202 - can you update the server please?
13:35:28Zagorlinuxstb: done
13:36:51linuxstbZagor: Thanks. What did you do about the existing /bootloader/gigabeat/ directory?
13:36:58Zagorsymlink for now
13:37:12Zagori.e. I moved the dir and added a compatibility symlink
13:37:38linuxstbWhat did you call the new directory? Maybe gigabeat-fx is better than just gigabeat?
13:37:48Zagorthat's what I called it
13:37:57linuxstbPerfect ;)
13:42:13CIA-85New commit by zagor (r23257): Updated location of Gigabeat F/X bootloader
13:42:19 Join skyhunter [0] (
13:42:30AlexPI'll add the beastpatcher links to the manual when I get home, then we have a nicely documented manual method
13:43:04 Quit skyhunter (Remote closed the connection)
13:43:12AlexPAnd "someone" *just* needs to do rbutil :)
13:44:51AlexPThe manual currently just mentions single boot, we should add dual boot too I suppose
13:53:42Zagorwhat is needed to add new targets to rbutil? is that written down somewhere?
13:56:32 Quit fdinel ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
13:57:29 Part LinusN
13:57:59*Zagor had the scary idea of rewring rbutil in lua...
14:01:31linuxstbZagor: Yes, I think the RockboxUtilityDevelopment page has it.
14:02:02amiconnZagor: Installing rockbox from another rockboxed dap with usb host?
14:02:21 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
14:02:56Zagoramiconn: no, "just" replacing much of the c++ code with scripts. I don't know anything about the code though, it was just a thought that passed through my head :)
14:03:41Zagorlinuxstb: indeed.
14:12:44 Quit antil33t (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:12:50 Join antil33t [0] (n=Mudkips@
14:26:05 Quit Grahack ("Leaving.")
14:26:30 Join Casainho [0] (
14:28:26 Quit DarkDefender (Remote closed the connection)
14:29:05 Join jgarvey [0] (
14:34:16Zagorperhaps it's time to update wiki/IpodPort
14:37:36 Join DarkDefender [0] (n=rob@
14:38:21 Join kugel [0] (n=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
14:40:32kugelZagor: can you add the unstable ports to the player list in flyspray?
14:42:08gevaertsand while you're at it, maybe the list of people who can get assigned things should be updated or emptied
14:42:45 Join mcuelenaere [0] (
14:46:53 Join FOAD_ [0] (
14:47:17Casainhokugel: I don't know if you already got your Mini2440, in case you are interested, I wrote a page with images and 1 video showing a JTAG debug session using Eclipse:
14:47:36kugelI saw it already
14:48:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:57:29mcuelenaeregevaerts: any idea what could cause interrupt endpoints to constantly send the same "message" over and over? I'm not sure what I did wrong, but every time when I do something with HID on Rockbox it looks like the host keeps getting the same message over and over (i.e. volume louder has the effect of the volume being at max, and me not able to reduce it unless I unplug the device)
14:57:40 Join dfkt_ [0] (n=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
14:57:50mcuelenaere(this has been an issue since I first implemented interrupt endpoints on Jz4740)
14:57:59 Join stoffel [0] (
14:58:57kugelmcuelenaere: I noticed that too on my e200. it only happens very rarely there though
14:59:23mcuelenaerehmm kugel: does the e200 have a scrollwheel? (and are you using it to change the values?)
14:59:33kugelvolume yes
14:59:44kugelit has a scrollwheel
14:59:51mcuelenaerebecause I'm still not certain if this is because of something wrong with the apps code misinterpreting touchscreen events or similar
15:00:03mcuelenaerewell that specific part of apps code
15:01:17 Quit DerPapst ("Leaving.")
15:01:27 Quit dfkt (Nick collision from services.)
15:01:31 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (n=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
15:02:02gevaertsmcuelenaere: I don't know that much about HID. Maybe ask tomers?
15:02:16mcuelenaereI think I already asked him
15:02:24 Join teru [0] (
15:03:12 Quit FOAD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:03:12 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
15:03:26tmzthid would have nothing to do with volume being max on the pc, this would just be a mapping to a multimedia key right?
15:06:20mcuelenaerewith the volume being max I mean the event that increases the volume gets sent repeatedly, which results in a max volume
15:08:55kugelrasher: ping
15:10:35Zagoryay, wiki TOC link glitch fixed
15:14:45kugelamiconn: ping
15:20:48 Nick YPSY is now known as Ypsy (n=ypsy@
15:23:59Casainhokugel: and did you got your Mini2440?
15:24:12 Quit DarkDefender (Remote closed the connection)
15:27:39 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
15:27:55 Join DarkDefender [0] (
15:28:05 Join stoffel [0] (
15:29:07 Join Topy [0] (
15:29:17 Quit DarkDefender (Client Quit)
15:29:47 Join faemir [0] (n=faemir@
15:30:19 Join kyle6513 [0] (n=kyle6513@
15:35:41 Quit T44 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:44:52 Join robin0800 [0] (
16:00:38 Join MethoS- [0] (n=clemens@
16:02:36 Join evilnick_230 [0] (i=0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
16:04:00 Join einhirn [0] (
16:08:07 Nick evilnick_230 is now known as evilnick_B (i=0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
16:08:58 Join h01ger [0] (
16:08:59 Quit janne_oksanen (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
16:09:37h01gerhi. i guess i'm reading the wiki correctly that the "Archos 3 Vision" is not supported by rockbox?
16:09:38 Join janne_oksanen [0] (n=janne@
16:10:25gevaertsh01ger: that's correct
16:11:01h01gergrumpf. any recommendations for a "cheap" player with fm-transmitter and rockbox support?
16:16:23gevaertshm, I don't think any of out targets has an fm transmitter
16:19:30h01gerok. thanks gevaerts!
16:20:32h01gerleave #rockbox play it again :)
16:20:37 Part h01ger ("play it again :)")
16:26:46tmztgevaerts: anything with bluetooth chip? many of those have transmitter
16:26:57tmztfm transmitter
16:32:06 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (n=felixbru@
16:35:23Casainhotmzt: so, did you bought already a Mini2440? :-)
16:35:44tmztno, have a lot of hardware but not that one
16:36:02Casainhotmzt: I tought you were interested on it.
16:36:28tmztmore in jtag and having a working developement environment on linux
16:37:31tmzttrying to get into more hardware oriented development I mean, mostly doing software stuff on htc phones right now
16:38:02 Join dp [0] (
16:38:30Casainhotmzt: ok :-)
16:38:49dpthe wiki suggests that 3G iPod Nano's do not work with rockbox. is this still true, or is it out of date, since iPodStatus doesn't say anything about the nano
16:39:00linuxstbIt's still true.
16:39:08tmztalways interested in an open hardware project though, just don't have time to take on another one
16:39:37tmztdp: 2g just became unstable with a lot of work on bootloader and security as well as flash
16:40:39dphrm, ok. know if ipodlinux works?
16:40:56linuxstbNo, it doesn't.
16:41:15dpsuck. so there's no other firmware for the 3G that I can use, correct?
16:41:50dpok, thanks
16:41:56 Part dp
16:44:47 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:48:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:49:06kugelI would like to know whether it's a good idea to reuse LANG_CHANNEL_CUSTOM for the custom option of the statusbar setting
16:49:59gevaertskugel: I'd say that if you're unsure, don't reuse language strings
16:50:41kugelI just don't want to end up with two strings that mean the same thing
16:51:54kugelfor the languages I know it's fine. the worst thing that can happen is that we get a bug report for a wrong string, in which case a translator can fix it
16:54:45 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
16:55:54kugelmeh, alright. I'll write in the desc field that one should look whether the translation is compatible with LANG_CHANNEL_CUSTOM (and if to please the same translation)
16:56:39kugels/please/please use/
17:00:24 Quit Zagor ("Don't panic")
17:04:19 Join toffe82 [0] (n=chatzill@
17:15:33 Quit n1s (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:19:26kyle6513gevaerts, i believe the ipod has something to transmit to your car's radio, although im not too sure its FM
17:19:36 Quit teru ("Quit")
17:20:41gevaertskyle6513: they don't
17:21:22 Quit Rondom (Nick collision from services.)
17:21:33 Join Rondom [0] (
17:21:34 Join tomers [0] (
17:23:55kyle6513gevaerts, you can buy a simple thing to plug into them :) the itrip
17:25:25*gevaerts points out that he wasn't the one who asked for this thing
17:25:43kyle6513i know, but if he comes back you can tell him :)
17:25:45 Quit stoffel (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:26:00gevaertsso can you, and I assume he knows that there are external transmitters
17:26:15kyle6513thats true
17:28:19CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23258): Initial custom statusbar commit. ...
17:30:50tmztthough some, not the belkin, need software on the device
17:30:50 Quit mcuelenaere (Connection reset by peer)
17:31:24 Join mcuelenaere [0] (
17:34:09kugelno reds/yellows \o/
17:34:57 Join liar2 [0] (n=liar@
17:35:18gevaertskugel: except for the delta :)
17:35:29 Nick liar2 is now known as liar (n=liar@
17:35:48kugelI consider <1.5k successful!
17:44:05AlexPkyle6513: Every single thing out there with a headphone socket has a fm transmitter by that measure
17:44:20AlexPI'm pretty sure he meant integrated
17:48:39kyle6513ah i see
17:50:08CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23259): Splash error message when loading language from dir browser fails
17:52:58 Quit kyle6513 ("Leaving")
17:53:46kugeltomers: add new lang strings to the end!
17:54:20 Quit mcuelenaere ()
17:54:21kugelI'm not sure that we need a new lang string, we already have a string for when something failed
17:54:42 Join saratoga [0] (i=98039f25@gateway/web/freenode/session)
17:54:54saratogadid anyone ever figure out how the Fuze knows when its hooked up to line out?
17:55:07saratogapresumably some GPIO pin?
17:56:20tomerskugel: I thought it is better to have it there, near the successful message. I guess I didn't know there is a convention to adding new strings. Should I move it?
17:56:46gevaertstomers: this way breaks existing voice files
17:56:47kugelit's not just a convention, it's to not break compability
17:57:06tomerskugel: I'll fix ASAP. Do you know what is that string?
17:58:12tomerskugel: LANG_FM_PRESET_SAVE_FAILED, LANG_BACKDROP_FAILED, all handle failing to load/save. They all can use LANG_FAILED, don't they?
17:58:29kugelI think so yes
17:59:15kugelbut they exist longer so I wouldn't call it urgent to deprecate them (not sure if I would do it at all), but I don't think we should add more of that sort
18:01:06CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23260): Don't introduce a new string, instead reuse LANG_FAILED.
18:01:21 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
18:02:03*Strife89 wonders who would like a "Buffer Left" option for the status bar.
18:04:05kugelStrife89: ?
18:04:15kugelskin buffer you mean?
18:04:30Strife89Audio buffer.
18:04:31 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:04:57Strife89I'll elaborate later.
18:05:03 Quit Strife89 ("Gone to lunch.")
18:06:46JdGordoncustom statusbar \ :) /
18:07:09JdGordonnow just get rid of the code for the old bar and you can reclaim some of that delta
18:08:46CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23261): Add a browse (remote) custom statusbar item in the theme settings. ...
18:10:58 Join |DaMaGeD| [0] (n=|DaMaGeD@
18:12:43CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23262): Remove a few superfluous calls and use the correct symbol.
18:13:03 Join phanboy4 [0] (
18:14:17evilnick_Bpixelma: I asked Lambda yesterday and he told me that USB is working fine on his version of Snow Leopard.
18:14:20kugelJdGordon: maybe you can do it? :P
18:18:00CasainhoJdGordon: hello :-) −− how is your Mini2440? −− could you run already Rockbox on it?
18:18:40 Join daggett [0] (n=denis@
18:21:20JdGordonits good.. and no, not yet
18:21:51CIA-85New commit by gevaerts (r23263): Change control handling to start expecting host packets before sending data to the host. This makes the handling less timing sensitive on some ...
18:23:20CasainhoJdGordon: I wrote a page, using some picutres and one video showing how to do JTAG debug (using Rockbox bootloader code):
18:29:10 Part maruk
18:32:23 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:37:00 Join Lear [0] (i=chatzill@rockbox/developer/lear)
18:41:02 Quit robin0800 (Remote closed the connection)
18:42:32 Quit DerPapst ("Leaving.")
18:43:27 Part mnemoc
18:48:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:49:26tomerskugel: I know you're very busy today :-) But can you have a look at "FS #10692 - Viewpority USB screen" ? I would like to commit it, but I think I would like you to review it first. Thanks
18:49:47kugelstupid WYSIWYG wiki editor
18:50:36 Join Lss [0] (
18:51:27kugeltomers: a) no typedefs :)
18:51:52kugelb) you seem to remove putsf() calls which n1s introduced recently
18:52:57 Join bertrik [0] (
18:54:05kugeltomers: the whole usb screen should probably be in its own file, just calling some usb_screen_run() from screens.c
18:54:48tomerskugel: Thanks for the feedback. Uploading...
18:56:19tomerskugel: Please see the updated patch I just uploaded
18:56:48tomerskugel: I was just about to ask you about separating screens.c into several files, possibly under apps/screens/*
18:58:33kugeltomers: or maybe just apps/gui there are few other screens as well
18:59:34tomersAre there any other screens besides usb screen that shouldn't be in screens.c?
19:00:52 Quit SUSaiyan (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:01:17tomerskugel: Do you want to create a new function usb_screen_run()? I can just expose the existing usb_screen()?
19:01:41kugelthe name of the function hardly matters :)
19:02:01 Quit thegeek ("( :: NoNameScript 4.2 :: )")
19:04:10tomerskugel: Is FS #10692 ready to commit?
19:04:41kugeltomers: please don't use stop_scroll()
19:04:54 Quit Casainho ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20091007095328]")
19:04:56kugelat least not after setting the NULL viewport
19:05:02 Quit |DaMaGeD| ("Back in reality.")
19:05:10kugelthat will stop scrolling on the whole display, very nasty for custom statusbar for example
19:05:20 Join pamaury [0] (
19:05:35 Join SUSaiyan [0] (
19:05:44tomerskugel: I saw it in gui_quickscreen_draw() which I took as a reference
19:06:53kugeltomers: quickscreen does it only for the viewports it draws in
19:07:16kugelah on entering, that seems like a bug to me
19:07:26tomerskugel: OK. I removed it. Is there is something else?
19:08:05 Join Grahack [0] (
19:11:39kugeltomers: are you doing the extra file now?
19:12:11tomerskugel: No. I think I should first commit my changes, then move to a new file without any change to logic
19:13:01kugeltomers: have you tried if it works with a custom ui vp?
19:13:43 Join JdGordon| [0] (n=Miranda@nat/microsoft/x-aswrrbvjjhqpeuqh)
19:13:54tomerskugel: I just tried it as it is and it works. I don't understand what is / how to test custom ui vp?
19:14:51kugeldepending on your target, insert "ui viewport: 30,30,100,100,-,-,-" to your config.cfg and load it
19:15:06kugeljust don't exceed the screen dimensions
19:15:37tomerskugel: I use e200. Are those values ok for my target?
19:16:02JdGordon|how does the fm screen handle the custom statusbar?
19:16:05kugelyou possibly want to ignore the ui viewport since it may be too small for the usb logo. in this case just do viewport_set_fullscreen() instead if _set_defaults()
19:16:29pixelmaand the recording screen?
19:16:39JdGordon|that too
19:17:16kugelthey both force the statusbar to be on. that means it uses whatever the user selected and if the statusbar is off it forces statusbar at top (the default setting)
19:17:37tomerskugel: Just to make sure: Do you want me to replace viewport_set_defaults(...) with viewport_set_fullscreen() ?
19:18:06kugeltomers: I don't know
19:18:22pixelmathe custom statusbar or the built-in? Especially the recording screen status bar has some very special items
19:19:03kugelmaybe like this: check if the parent viewport is big enough to hold the usb logo, and it's too small then force fullscreen
19:19:39kugelpixelma: statusbar at top is the build in one
19:21:49JdGordon|the built in one can be at the bottom also!
19:22:41JdGordon|is there anything in either rec/regular built in statusbar that cant be done with skins?
19:22:43JdGordon|so nothing... just saying
19:22:44kugelit behaves like the wps with %we
19:22:55tomerskugel: What will fillscreen do?
19:23:35kugeltomers: viewport_set_fullscreen() gives you a fullscreen viewport minus statusbar area
19:24:26JdGordon|fullscreen should probably give the real full screen... or have a param to say if the bar is included or not
19:24:43kugelJdGordon|: you can show all information the special fm/recscreen statusbar shows with the custom statusbar too
19:24:50 Join duffrecords [0] (
19:25:11 Join LinusN [0] (n=linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
19:25:12kugelJdGordon|: wait, I proposed that a whole while were against it
19:25:14JdGordon|not everything from the rec bar though?
19:25:49kugeland %cs/%mp for play status
19:26:28pixelmaspeaking of %St...
19:27:16 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:28:27tomerskugel: Are you sure we need all this check? It used to work previously... I don't see how parent vp can not be in the size of the whole screen
19:28:55kugelas I said, custom ui vp
19:29:00AlexPIf you just open a command prompt in windows, where does it put you? i.e. can I tell people to just do "cd Desktop" and they will get there?
19:29:13kugelsee FS #8799 for details/an example picture
19:29:33kugelAlexP: I did that for the samsas
19:29:38 Join raphi [0] (
19:29:40pixelmaAlexP: what does this have to do with Rockbox? ;)
19:29:51AlexPpixelma: Beast manual install instructions
19:30:00kugelI told them to create a rbinstall folder on the desktop, then do cd Destop\rbinstall in the cmd
19:30:12AlexPkugel: OK, I'll do the same
19:30:21kugelpixelma: speaking of %St, did you want to say something??
19:30:45JdGordon|AlexP: cmd /k cd dir\to\go\to
19:31:01AlexPJdGordon|: Does that have to be absolute?
19:31:30pixelmawell yes, got a bug report abd wanted to head off to the tracker but if you want to listen now I could tell again here
19:31:32JdGordon|. /k lets you do any command so you can string abunch together to get a different drive
19:31:37 Join stoffel [0] (
19:31:56AlexPJdGordon|: But if it is on their desktop I don't know e.g. their username
19:32:05AlexPI think I'll just tell them to navigate to it
19:32:22AlexPIf they are manually installing then they can handle cd
19:32:27tomerskugel: Why do people need a vp which is smaller than the actual screen? Can you provide me with a use case? Maybe targets with really big screens?
19:32:59JdGordon|tomers: there are some themes which ook really nice with a border
19:33:19JdGordon|but also the status"bar" might end up using half the screen...
19:33:31kugeltomers: see it's pure pretty-ness
19:33:32tomersok, so I will use the original vp's size, and if the usb icon can't fit in, use the whole screen?
19:34:45 Quit GodEater (Remote closed the connection)
19:34:55 Join GodEater [0] (
19:36:15 Join mrtok1 [0] (
19:36:54 Quit einhirn ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
19:38:53CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23264): rbutil: Change layout to RTL if Hebrew language is used
19:42:22kugelI hate that wiki editor
19:42:33gevaertsthen don't use it :)
19:42:41kugelyou can't easily switch back from heading X to normal
19:42:58kugelI wrote my headline, but I can't manage to get the below text in the normal style
19:42:59 Join Strife89 [0] (n=michael@
19:43:06 Part LinusN
19:43:24kugelgood that switching headings works fine at elast
19:43:33 Join phanboy4 [0] (
19:49:58LearIf I want to mix text and images in a statusbar skin, do I need separate non-overlapping viewports for the text and the images, to avoid having the text erase some/all of the images?
19:50:39 Join domonoky [0] (n=Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
19:50:52pixelmakugel: there's an "edit raw" link somewhere
19:51:04pixelmaor "raw edit"
19:51:06kugelI know
19:51:24tomerskugel: Is think this one is better (FS #10692)...
19:52:25 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
19:55:11 Quit Horscht ("Verlassend")
19:55:23 Join Horscht [0] (
19:55:45 Quit Horscht (Client Quit)
19:57:28 Join dfkt_ [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:01:15kugeltomers: looks ok to me. I think you should do screens[i].scroll_stop(title_vp); somewhere before exiting the screen
20:01:34duffrecordsI'm having trouble building my database, so I put all my MP3s in a new folder with an empty database.ignore file, but it still stops building at a particular number. shouldn't it skip all the files?
20:02:12kugelI think you actually must do that, the scroll engine might crash otherwise
20:03:20pixelmaduffrecords: are there no music files available to the database at all now? I'm asking because there's a bug in the database with no music files at all
20:04:08duffrecordsyeah, that would be the case at the present moment
20:04:20duffrecordsI'll add one and see what happens
20:04:52 Join petteyg [0] (n=petteyg@
20:06:38petteygI have an iPod 5.5 (80GB Video). When I am in the "record" screen, no button (short or long) will exit back to main menu. What keypress is required to exit the recording screen?
20:09:00kugelsaratoga: do you know why we can only have GPL'd plugins?
20:09:33kugelor anyone
20:10:27 Quit dfkt (Nick collision from services.)
20:10:32 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:11:43tomerskugel: I checked it out now, and it all *looks* ok (replaced putsxy() with puts_scroll(), and created a long string, so that it scrolls). Should I nevertheless stop scrolling explicitly?>
20:11:43*domonoky is about to commit the mini2440 initial port. Any objections ?
20:11:43 Join DarkDefender [0] (
20:11:46kugeltomers: the scroll engine saves the pointer to the viewport
20:12:00 Quit DarkDefender (Client Quit)
20:12:01kugelsince it's allocated on stack, it's invalid after exiting the screen
20:12:49kugeldomonoky: object!! my mini2440 didn't came yet :)
20:12:49tomerskugel: So I guess I should stop :-)
20:12:49 Join midgey [0] (n=tjross@rockbox/developer/midgey)
20:12:49kugeltomers: yes
20:12:53*domonoky chooses to ignore kugel :-)
20:14:29CIA-85New commit by Domonoky (r23265): Initial mini2440 port. ...
20:14:44midgeygevaerts: thanks for checking iram for me
20:14:59midgeylinuxstb: ping
20:15:12CIA-85New commit by alex (r23266): Add beastpatcher download location to the Gigabeat S manual, and add dual-boot bootloader install instructions.
20:15:13 Join flydutch [0] (n=flydutch@
20:16:32domonokyif gigabeat f is now broken, please blame gevaerts :-)
20:16:54gevaertsdomonoky: there's no proof that this commit corresponds to the binary I tested :)
20:18:24JdGordon|domonoky: did anyone make sure the beat f/x drivers wernt broken?
20:18:25linuxstbmidgey: ?
20:18:47AlexPJdGordon|: gevaerts
20:18:59JdGordon|ok cool
20:19:08domonokyJdGordon|: yes i had gevaerts as testing device, and found and fixed some lcd problems for the gigabeat f.
20:19:12midgeylinuxstb: the latest version of alac decoder has some bug fixes and support for 24-bit files
20:19:14AlexPSo are we missing anything else for the S to be unsupported not unstable?
20:19:27midgeyi synced the changes and posted them to the tracker
20:19:38midgeyif you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could take a look
20:20:03kugelkkurbjun: ping
20:20:23linuxstbmidgey: task #?
20:20:45domonokyJdGordon|: did you already play/code with rockbox on your mini2440 ?
20:20:54midgeylinuxstb: FS #10690
20:21:29 Join bmbl [0] (n=Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
20:21:30JdGordon|domonoky: no.. i havnt got a long enough cable for jtag...
20:21:50 Join Utchybann [0] (
20:22:10*JdGordon| would rather use serial and usb to get code going... but meh :p
20:22:27 Join petur [50] (n=petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:22:36domonokyJdGordon|: yes, thats a bit of a problem. i had to put the board behind my PC, to flash the bootloader. :-) But now i only need the SD card for new code :-)
20:22:53 Join efyx_ [0] (
20:23:18JdGordon|hopefully tonight!
20:25:34midgeywtf ipod mini2g
20:26:02linuxstbmidgey: Have you tested if 16-bit files still decode at the same speed?
20:27:06midgeynot yet, unfortunately i only have my e200 and a nano2g with me
20:28:30pixelmadomonoky: could it be that there is a naming clash and code you committed for th Io
20:28:55domonokythe Io ?
20:29:04pixelmaMini2 something is added to the Ipod Mini 2g too?
20:29:19petteygAnybody here have an 80GB Gen 5 iPod Video that they've successfully recorded audio with? I don't get any audio from three different mics.
20:29:37pixelmadomonoky: (just translating midgey's wtf... see delta table)
20:30:03domonokyoh, that is a nice delta..
20:31:08JdGordon|the table looks funny :)
20:33:03 Join shaggy-h [0] (n=kiwi@
20:33:03AlexPI'm quite impressed with that delta from adding something to the beast manual
20:35:05kugelmaybe the table fails to regexp mini2g and mini2440?
20:36:09 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36:14domonokykugel: mini2440 isnt automatically built at moment, so there must be something else wrong. (me starts a mini2g build to check what happens)
20:36:31 Join phanboy4 [0] (
20:36:36kugelI assume the build log for mini2g is interesting
20:37:42midgeydomonoky: i just built mini2g and the numbers in rockbox-info look normal
20:37:57midgeyBinary size: 533832, Actual size: 533824, RAM usage: 905648
20:38:21kugelbuild log looks ok
20:38:29tomersAre there targets with HAVE_REMOTE_LCD *and* !HAVE_LCD_BITMAP ?
20:38:54 Join panni_ [0] (
20:38:54kugelalso, the manual commit caused the delta, not the mini2440 one
20:39:12AlexPyeah, I'll take all the credit for that one
20:39:14kugeltomers: no, and rockbox would break if they were some ;)
20:39:27domonokytomers: no. the only target with !HAVE_LCD_BITMAP is the archos player. they have no lcd in the remote.
20:41:19bertrikgevaerts, markun, I'm afraid the meizu m6 is basically forced to use 24-bit or even 32-bit mode for the LCD framebuffer, because of the way the hardware is connected.
20:42:07bertrik(I hope I'm misunderstanding the datasheet and the schematic)
20:43:29 Join bertrik_ [0] (
20:43:39kugelspeaking of depth, I see the mini2440 has a 18bit display. would be nice if we can use it in the long term
20:44:40midgeydoesn't the h300 have an 18bit display but we intentionally use 16?
20:45:03kugelmidgey: IIRC this is true but there are some other restrictions. I'm not sure
20:47:03 Quit DaCapn (Remote closed the connection)
20:47:05midgeyalso, it seems that the statusbar is showing up during the splash screen
20:47:48midgeyis that related to getting a fullscreen viewport (the conversation you and JdGordon had earlier)?
20:48:24kugelit's initialized very early (for early-usb before settings are loaded). it's possibly drawn too early too
20:49:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:50:15kugelbertrik: can we commit the dbop patch soon?
20:53:32 Join ixi [0] (n=a-S@
20:54:53ixium, hi, i wonder if someone could help me.. i just got iriver ihp120, and the rockbox that was there wasnt responding - so i tried to reinstall it according to manual, but after installing the bootloader, it stopped responding at all.. anyone knows what to do?
20:56:02AlexPixi: Try the reset button
20:56:02AlexPAnd what is on screen?
20:56:12ixiit just stopped responding at all
20:56:18ixiit wont turn on
20:56:31AlexPWhich bootloader did you try to install?
20:57:00ixiwell, the one from">
20:57:10AlexPyeah, so non-patched
20:57:21AlexPWas the battery full?
20:57:35AlexPoh dear
20:57:48AlexPIf it ran out during flashing, then that is very bad news
20:57:57AlexPYou can try charging and hope for the best
20:58:12JdGordon|doesnt it not let you flash if its low?
20:58:17ixiwell, rockbox said it was succesfully installed
20:59:02AlexPWhy were you flashing a non-patched bootloader if you were trying to install with rbutil
20:59:07AlexPJdGordon|: I don't think so
20:59:12ixium, cause the html says so?
20:59:28 Join stripwax [0] (
20:59:33 Join Blue_Dude [0] (n=chatzill@rockbox/developer/Blue-Dude)
20:59:42ixiRockbox Utility will ask you for a compatible copy of the original firmware. This is because for legal reasons we cannot distribute the bootloader directly. Instead, we have to patch the Iriver firmware with the Rockbox bootloader.
20:59:42ixiDownload a supported version of the Iriver firmware for your Iriver iHP100, iHP115, iHP120, iHP140, H120 and H140 from the Iriver website, links can be found on IriverBoot.
20:59:42ixiSupported Iriver firmware versions currently include 1.63US, 1.63EU, 1.63K, 1.65US, 1.65EU, 1.65K, 1.66US, 1.66EU and 1.66K. Note that the H140 uses the same firmware as the H120; H120 and H140 owners should use the firmware called ihp_120.hex. Likewise, the iHP110 and iHP115 use the same firmware, called ihp_100.hex. Be sure to use the correct firmware file for your player.
20:59:51 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
21:00:05AlexPRbutil takes that and patches it
21:00:21AlexPSo when I said non-patched, the answer was no
21:00:28ixiwell, i just followed the installation step by step
21:00:56AlexPDoing it with low battery wasn't a good idea
21:01:26ixii dont think the battery ran out, it would disconnect the device, wouldnt it?
21:01:58 Join stoffel [0] (
21:02:07AlexPIf it were during flashing then the device wasn't connected to the PC
21:02:39ixiwell, what should i do now?
21:03:05AlexPLet us be clear - you did the rockbox util install, then disconnected, then went into the iriver firmware and selected upgrade firmware?
21:03:18AlexPAnd then it wouldn't turn on again
21:03:36bluebrothertomers: this looks broken to me:
21:03:55ixii installed bootleader first
21:04:02ixithen it said i should turn the device on
21:04:06ixiwhich, well, didnt work
21:04:14kugeltomers: ping
21:04:18AlexPwait, it must have been on to instal the bootloader
21:04:29AlexPRbutil wouldn't have detected it if it were off
21:04:37ixiyeah, it was on i think
21:04:38tomersלועקך: פםמע
21:04:41tomerskugel: pong
21:05:00 Quit Zarggg ()
21:05:01AlexPixi: I need to know exactly what you did, in detail, with no missing steps
21:05:06kugeltomers: are the quickscreen items swapped too with rtl languages?
21:05:27bluebrothertomers: besides, according to the Qt documentation RTL languages are detected automatically. Adding a hack for hebrew just because it doesn't seem to work seems like a pretty bad idea to me.
21:06:12kugelbluebrother: why does that look broken to you?
21:06:19ixiwell, first i connected it to pc, uninstalled both rockbox and bootloader (because the copy i got it with was probably corrupted, rockbox wouldnt turn on and iriver firmware said 0MB free), then installed the bootloader according to the manual, it said that i should turn it on, except i cant
21:07:15AlexPSo when you uninstalled Rockbox, you copied the unpatched original firmware to the player, then went into the iriver firmware, and selected update firmware?
21:07:30tomersbluebrother: It simply did not work automatically. I am not an expert with Qt, but my fix just solved it... Is the translator knows whether the language it loads is RTL?
21:07:35ixii did it all with rockbox util
21:07:44tomerskugel: I'll test
21:07:44AlexPixi: You can't have
21:07:53ixiwell, i did
21:07:54bluebrotherkugel: have a closer look at the path. It's /tmp/rbutil, so in RTL I'd expect it to be rbutil/tmp/
21:07:58 Join perfectdrug [0] (
21:08:16GodEaterixi: no you didn't - rbutil doesn't do that.
21:08:17domonokyixi: rbutil places a patched firmware on your player, you have to "update" to it with the of yourself.
21:08:17AlexPixi: To uninstall the bootloader, you *must* go into the iriver firmware, and selected update firmware
21:08:23midgeyrbutil can't flash the bootloader on the h100, you have to do it from the device
21:08:27bluebrotherkugel: also, have a closer look at the device list. Something is wrong with braces.
21:08:46kugelah the path looks strange indeed
21:08:54domonokyand rbutil can not uninstall the bootloader for a h120. (you just need to update a unmodified of again)
21:09:19bluebrothertomers: well, IMO we should rather figure why it didn't work instead of committing nasty hacks. If the next RTL language comes in we'd run into similar issues and need to adjust it again. Nothing that's good.
21:09:40ixiwell, i just pressed remove bootloader, it said it did, then i pressed install bootloader, it asked me for firmware, and said it was installed succesfull
21:09:54AlexPThen you haven't actually done anything
21:09:57domonokyixi: so if you didnt use the "update firmware" option in the OF, nothing should have changed, you you are probably just out of power.
21:09:57midgeytomers: usb hid seems very reliable on os x 10.6 now
21:10:05AlexPixi: Try leaving it to charge
21:10:17GodEaterand don't use a Nokia charger!
21:10:19ixihow should i do it, then? doesnt mention anything
21:10:25AlexPyes it does
21:10:25GodEaterjust cos the plug fits does not make it a good diea!
21:10:27ixii know, GodEater, i have original charger :)
21:10:34AlexPixi: Under finishing the install
21:10:40AlexPixi: But don't do anything yet
21:10:46midgeytomers: at least based on a quick test with an e200. it's much more responsive and the scrollwheel doesn't get stuck increasing volume repeatedly
21:10:51tomersmidgey: What happened that it suddenly works?
21:10:57AlexPixi: Leave it to charge, and then next time you try do it with it plugged in
21:11:19AlexPand follow all the instructions exactly
21:11:59domonokyixi: if i try bootloader uninstallation in rbutil for a h120. it just says: "cant uninstall bootloader, only installation log removed". Didnt you see that ?
21:12:07 Join Thundercloud [0] (
21:12:13n1skugel: plugins need to be gpl compatible because a) thay include gpl licensed headers and b) they are linked against gpl licensed code (the core and plugin lib)
21:12:15midgeyno idea, could just be a fluke. (that was with r23234)
21:12:20ixidomonoky, dont think so
21:12:30ixidoes it keep log somewhere?
21:12:41ixiso, just to be clear.. i'll plug it on, then use rockbox util to install rockbox via complete installation, and then do 2.2.3, right?
21:12:44kugeln1s: surely proprietary code can link against GPL code too?
21:13:06kugelhow do they do proprietary software on linux then?
21:13:08n1s(AFAIU) at leasr
21:13:17evilnick_Bixi: Yes
21:13:57n1skugel: you don't have to link linux software agains any gpl'ed code the libgcc thing has an exception in it's license
21:14:02ixibtw, how long should the charge take before it responds? i have it there for about a 5 minutes already, and it doesnt respond.. before, it responded right away
21:14:09AlexPI don't know
21:14:16GodEaterpersonally, I'd be tempted to just update Rockbox on the player and leave the bootloader alone until you confirm it's definitely not working
21:14:24AlexPixi: But you haven't actually done anything with Rockbox yet
21:14:28domonokyixi: no log is kept. (and for info: rbutil will also tell you what is in 2.2.3, if you actually read what rbutil says :-) )
21:14:28kugeln1s: gcc has an exception for the support code it ships
21:14:31perfectdrughi, I just want to ask if there are known issues with some of the h300 players, because I have actually two, one works fine but the other seems to have some display issues like low contrast and white flickering pixels during actions, I just thought if someone had this problem before? It's actually a very old port and I'm wondering if it is just mine player. Did you here some reports like this in the past?
21:14:46ixiAlexP, so, there is definitely no way i could brick it?
21:14:48AlexPixi: So whatever the issue is if there is one is not a Rockbox one
21:14:48kugelgpl code cannot link against proprietary code, that's all (that's where lgpl comes into play). but the gpl cannot dictate others code
21:14:59AlexPixi: Yes, the bootloader install/uninstall could
21:15:01evilnick_Bperfectdrug: That has been reported before, and only with some h300 units
21:15:01kugelbut the point about the included headers is probably right
21:15:08AlexPixi: But you haven't done that yet
21:15:16ixiat least i have a bit of hope
21:15:19GodEaterixi: the bootloader install on an h100 is one of the most dangerous things to do to a player
21:15:20tomersmidgey: I think it's my fix with the casting :-)
21:15:27ixiwell, thanks
21:15:28GodEaterbecause if you brick it, it can't be fixed without specilised hard ware
21:15:41GodEaterso DO NOT do anything with the bootloader until you KNOW it's broken
21:16:10n1skugel: see here
21:16:19perfectdrugevilnick_B: thanks i look for the bug report
21:16:27midgeytomers: yeah, i was just letting you know since I had forgotten to test it last week. i suppose i could check the usb properties to see if there's any visible difference
21:16:55*Dhraakellian pords advcomp2019
21:17:18 Quit pamaury ("exit(*(int *)0 / 0);")
21:17:21evilnick_Bperfectdrug: Try:
21:17:29Dhraakellianadvcomp2019: do you know how I could get in touch with the author of PlainTextVP re: recommendations for porting it to the Fuze's 4:3 screen?
21:17:40 Join Ubuntuxer [0] (
21:17:51n1skugel: if we really wanted to make non-gpl compatible plugins possible we would have to change the way they are linked and loaded but it is possible
21:19:12kugelplugins aren't even linked against the core
21:19:37kugelthey have a dummy pointer to the api, the pointer is set in the core's plugin loader at runtime
21:19:50markunbertrik: will you have time to look at the Meizu M6 LCD init soon? I'm really getting tired of the OF and with the LCD working and feel more motivated to work on it :)
21:20:36markunand feel -> I feel
21:21:02n1skugel: i though they were but i don't know all the details
21:21:25n1swhat non-gpl-compat plugin is it that you want?
21:21:58kugelthe nes emulator seems incompatible
21:23:02kugelI'm not really into the licensing details much, but I don't see a reason to say non-gpl code can't work
21:23:26perfectdrugevilnick_B: I also just found that, but it is not that bad with mine, so I have a correctly working player and on which does not, seems like the perfect testing condition, do you know which code I have to modify?
21:23:50Learkugel: This is more relevant for rocks:
21:24:10n1skugel: if you want to commit something that is not gpl compatible i'd recommend taking it up on the dev ml
21:24:21evilnick_Bperfectdrug: From the comments of the Flyspray entry:
21:24:37evilnick_Bperfectdrug: NB - I have not tried this personally, so the usual caveats apply
21:25:15kugelLear: well, we clearly have the "borderline case" here
21:25:52kugeln1s: I'm not suggestiing to commit it or even host it, but I think it should be possible to have non-gpl *third-party* plugins
21:25:52tomersmidgey: Please do
21:26:23 Quit Grahack ("Leaving.")
21:26:32tomerskugel: What exactly do you want me to test in quickscreen? I see shuffle to the left, repeat to the right...
21:26:38Blue_DudeDid someone change the build script to make the dependencies build faster? This thing is scooting!
21:26:39n1skugel: i'm just saying that i think any such change should be thoroughly discussed firsy
21:26:51kugeltomers: is it swapped with rtl languages?
21:27:12tomerskugel: What I just described is with hebrew, in RTL mode
21:27:18tomersSo I guess it is OK?
21:27:28kugeln1s: I'm not suggesting a change either :) I wasn't sure whether this is possible in the current situation
21:27:51kugeltomers: depends on what you mean with OK, it's not swapped at least
21:27:54amiconnkugel: Plugins with an incompatible license are legally impossible. This has been discussed several times already
21:28:13n1skugel: btw, i'm not sure i agree with you that we are the "borderline" case as the second case seems to match quite well too
21:28:25bluebrothertomers: have you tried inserting LRM marks into the translation?
21:28:48tomersbluebrother: What is it?
21:28:57tomersand how to insert it?
21:29:01kugeln1s: we call the plugins main() (which is plugin_start()) with a few (one) option and wait for it's return
21:29:08bluebrothertry RMB on the translation input box in linguist
21:29:24 Quit bertrik (Nick collision from services.)
21:29:35CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23267): rbutil: Updated Hebrew translation
21:29:36bluebrotherhaven't figured it out, but as far as I understand this is the way to tell the writing direction in a unicode document
21:29:36 Quit perfectdrug ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:29:41amiconnkugel: It's not just that. Plugins use the plugin api (they have to if they want to do anything useful)
21:29:42kugelsetting the rb pointer would be another option
21:29:49 Join bertrik [0] (
21:29:58amiconnThat plugin api is part of the gpl'd core
21:30:07kugelso it's just about the #include "plugin.h"?
21:30:28kugelwhat if we change that single file to something bsd like?
21:30:39amiconnNo. it's about the way plugins work. It is quite different from the case of non-gpl programs running on linux
21:30:50kugelalthough plugin.h includes numerous other headers
21:31:12 Join fml [0] (
21:31:23amiconnIt's not just about the headers, but also about how the binaries interact
21:32:06bertrikmarkun, looking a bit closer at the datasheet, it looks like it is possible to use 16-bit after all
21:32:09n1skugel: plugins also call functions in the core and have access to some of the core's data structures
21:32:11 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:32:16fmlkugel: hey, a cool patch (custom status bar)! Why did you choose the file extension "sbs" and not just "sb"? Status bar isn't a full screen IMO.
21:32:20advcomp2019Dhraakellian, i can get you his email address.. i could email him too.. do you want me to private message it to you
21:32:22bertrikI already wrote a driver for the m6sp based on the OF, but I can't make it work yet
21:32:24mrtok1sorry, the discussion is: gpl or not?
21:32:26amiconnIt is *not* possible, and I tend to agree that this is a good thing, even though this excludes porting XSkat (which I would actually like to do) unless the author changes its license to be gpl compatible (which is unlikely to happen)
21:32:38JdGordon|fml: s is for skin not screen :)
21:32:42kugeln1s: yes, but not the other way around, except for calling plugin's main function
21:33:04 Join webguest14 [0] (
21:33:12 Quit webguest14 (Client Quit)
21:33:12amiconnkugel: The direction is irrelevant, and btw, this isn't true. There are functions in the api which take a callback
21:33:23kugelbut well, I see it has been discussed already. I think it should be possible, but I don't really care too much
21:33:32n1skugel: yes, which was my point, from those cases it isn't clear which we match
21:33:37bertrikit seems like the hardware expects that 24-bit color is output (of which 6 bits per R,G,B is actually used)
21:34:25bertrikthe problem I'm running into now is that the meizu m6sp seems to hang when configuring the LCD output pins through the PCON_ASRAM register
21:34:25kugelfml: the latter s stands for skin
21:34:40kugelobjections about the extensions are directly directed to JdGordon|, btw
21:35:07tomerskugel: Can you please take a look at FS #10692 yet another time?
21:35:08fmlJdGordon, kugel: he-he, I'm an old school man! And what does the "s" in "wps" stand for?
21:35:19kugelfml: what you want :)
21:36:44polobricolo if i use parts of code (sometimes a file sometimes just a few lines) from rockbox in my project (which is GNU GPL), do i have to include the copy right of the authors of the code in each file or can i just add a single file which contains it
21:36:52tomersmidgey: Can you please report your results in FS #10666? Do you think we should close it? Can you also test whether r23157 is the commit that solved this issue?
21:36:58kugeltomers: I don't understand the hunk you added
21:37:11kugelthe one abouut scroll stop
21:37:12polobricoloi can't find it on the gnu website
21:37:47midgeytomers: yeah I think i can find time to do that today. I'd leave the task open for now - I might have access to 10.4 some time tonight to check if it mounts correctly
21:38:16JdGordon|polobricolo: my uneducated guess would be that you'd at the very least need to mention rockbox in the credits and say parts of your code was from there
21:38:21amiconnkugel: You pinged earlier today?
21:38:28tomerskugel: The test was wrong - I replaced the two
21:38:33kugelfml: it has ever been while playing screen, but it in theory it could be stand for skin too
21:39:02pixelmatomers: is there a new patch or something that needs trying on 10.4?
21:39:03*JdGordon| likes starship
21:39:07 Join froggyman [0] (
21:39:17AlexPJdGordon|: That's my favourite
21:39:19kugeltomers: I mean this one
21:39:38fmlkugel: then it should be "wpss" (for "while playing screen skin") since "screen" is a concept and skin tells what it looks like
21:39:55tomerspixelma: Negative, but midgey reports it works on 10.6 - Is it a new information?
21:40:07 Join thegeek [0] (
21:40:13kugelamiconn: yea, did you see the binsize saving possibility I noted tonight?
21:40:15CIA-85New commit by blue_dude (r23268): Compressor: save lots of RAM, bug fix to work with internally clipped samples
21:40:24kugelfml: are you suggesting to change it?
21:40:29midgey10.6 was "working" albeit a bit unresponsive
21:40:35 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:40:48JdGordon|While Playing Skin makes sense... the .wps is not the screen.. although it is show *in* the While Playing Screen
21:41:03tomersbluebrother: I don't like the solution to add this directive in any string. I think RTL should globally be set to the application, so the look&feel will be RTL. I can't see how it can be done when QT decides the RTL direction for each string
21:41:04amiconnkugel: Yes.
21:41:07*AlexP doesn't think it matters
21:41:44pixelmatomers: well I hope to not forget again and test tomorrow morning on 10.4, though after last weekend's discussions I have my doubts
21:41:46fmlkugel: no, wps is a very stable acronym
21:41:56amiconnI'm not sure how much it would save. We'd need to be very careful when checking which functions are really only needed at boot. We'd also need to make sure they won't get overwritten prematurely
21:42:01kugellet's break a million themes just to give an artificial abbreviation a proper meaning :>
21:42:06JdGordon|oh speaking of which
21:42:31pixelmatomers: have to check once more but I even have the possibilty of checking on both - PPC and Intel Macs
21:42:31JdGordon|kugel: for the sake of 40 bloody bytes, dont go messing with struct orders.... it makes sense to put important items (like the ID) at the start
21:42:41amiconnSeveral inits do buffer_alloc() and actually start using that buffer immediately
21:42:42JdGordon|serisouly... FUCK 40 bytes
21:43:00kugelamiconn: I already saved 3.5k with just doing it for a few functions, there's a lot more of that type
21:43:12tomerspixelma: I agree to what you said earlier, since it the size field is transferred big-endianned on the USB bus... But what if RB is compiled in big-endianed machine? Does it matter?
21:43:54amiconnJdGordon|: It makes sense to sort by element size. Iit also makes sense to put often-used elements near the start, and use increasing order for element size
21:44:04kugelamiconn: yep, it's only done before the functions that do buffer alloc, or we use the codec buffer (which doesn't have a way for others to grab space from it AFAIR)?
21:44:25tomerskugel: So what is left to do for usb screen?
21:44:31amiconnThe latter two are relevant on SH1, and the second is relevant on ARM as well. The first is relevant for all archs
21:44:43pixelmatomers: I don't know of the endianness of builds I tried but none with HID enabled worked so far (lot's of self-compiled though with cygwin)
21:44:47JdGordon|amiconn: yes, but for the sake of such a small difference (speed and size), it also makes sense to put important and required items at the start
21:44:52amiconnkugel: Codec buffer doesn't exist on hwcodec
21:44:56ixiwell, it's been in charger for about 30 minutes, and still wont even turn on..
21:45:08*tomers Wish that we drop support for the player, and get rid once and for all with the #ifdef hell of HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
21:45:22kugeltomers: you need to explain that hunk to me
21:45:23amiconnWe could use the plugin buffer, i.e. make the init code an "embedded plugiN"
21:45:28 Quit mrtok1 ()
21:46:01kugelamiconn: some code does plugin_get_buffer() so it's not entirely safe either
21:46:15kugel(the skin engine while parsing, for example)
21:46:16JdGordon|tomers: haha, you arnt the only one there :D
21:46:21tomerskugel: In LCD targets, the title scrolls. In non LCD targes (player) there is no title vp, but rather scrolling text which belongs to the parent vp
21:46:31amiconnI just know one thing that does - the playlist viewer. And it only does that when viewing a playlist
21:46:37tomersJdGordon: Why not drop support in next version?
21:46:38domonokybluebrother: the docs about the setLayoutDirections arent really clear. one one location it says it defaults to the application LTR/RTL mode, and in another place it says it just defaults to LTR. So setting it explicitly for RTL Languages sound correct. (this should ofcource be done for all RTL Languages, not nonly hebrew)
21:46:49kugeltomers: I'm confused by #ifdef HAVE_REMOTE_LCD there
21:47:42bluebrotherdomonoky: well, there has to be some way to tell if a language is supposed to be LTR or RTL.
21:47:43JdGordon|tomers: code has only been removed for a port *once* and that was a non working one... I'd kill to fork the current base and remove charcell support
21:47:50midgeytomers: i just got my e200 to mount on 10.4.11 (x86)
21:48:03tomersdomonoky: The only RTL languages are Hebrew and Arabic (and some really 'obsolete' langs). There is no Arabic translation of rbutil, therefore I only included Hebrew
21:48:24 Quit Blue_Dude ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]")
21:48:25pixelmaJdGordon|: what happened to your USB display support plans?
21:48:27bluebrotherdomonoky: but in any case, it seems to mess up several strings so this is not the proper solution
21:48:39kugelamiconn: would it be possible to set the plugin_size at compile time?
21:48:46bluebrotherat least it can't be the complete solution.
21:48:50kugelthat would protect against early plugin_get_buffer()
21:48:51tomersmidgey: Thank you very much! Please report in the FS! Can you please verify that r23157 is the one that fixes it?
21:48:54domonokythe messing up, is probably the known RTL Bugs in Qt :-)
21:48:55JdGordon|pixelma: you should know by now I'm all talk :) also no usb host support
21:49:16JdGordon|but still the drawing would be new code anyway so killing charcell wouldnt change anything there
21:49:26midgeytomers: both partitions (it's also a faux ipod) are detected and so is the microsd. Only the main partition on the internal flash auto-mounts
21:50:22midgeyhid seems to work well too
21:50:41midgeyi'll check the revisions later. right now i'm working on 24bit alac
21:50:42kugeltomers: ???
21:50:53tomersmidgey: Thank you!
21:51:11tomerskugel: So it is that you are confuzed with the #ifdef?
21:51:14domonokybluebrother: google even showed me some code, where they used a fake translated string (translated RTL or LTR) to set the layout direction :-) so there is probably no easy solution. (the sames as our screenreader bugs, damn Qt bugs ).
21:51:35kugeltomers: you just explained that there's no title vp on charcell, but you dont test for charcell
21:52:17 Quit flydutch ("/* empty */")
21:52:30tomerskugel: Indeed. Fixing
21:52:33amiconnkugel: Sure. Just make it initialized data, and set the actual value in the .lds
21:52:37bluebrotherdomonoky: maybe, but we need a solution that doesn't break strings. That's worse than using the wrong direction IMO
21:53:04 Join profil [0] (
21:53:12amiconnRockbox is already using this mechanism in several places
21:53:35 Join explore [0] (
21:53:46kugelwould we need to move the plugin buffer to right after the main sections (i.e. before audio buffer)?
21:53:49tomerskugel: Uploaded new version
21:54:06 Quit fml ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
21:54:14kugeltomers: I think it's still wrong :)
21:54:21profilHey! Anyone who knows if there is some progress in developing rockbox for the Samsung YP-P2? A guy called Soaa- were working on it but I can't seem to contact him..
21:54:41amiconnkugel: No, and that's not possible anyway if we want to keep the plugin api sorta compatible
21:54:52 Quit shaggy-h (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
21:55:23amiconn"after the main sections" is not a fixed address
21:55:29amiconnIt varies with binsize
21:56:02kugelhow would that break the api?
21:56:18amiconnIt wouldn't break the api, but all plugins using it
21:56:27amiconnPlugins are linked to a fixed address
21:56:53kugelthey know the address they're going to be loaded to?
21:57:21Bagderyes, it's a fixed address
21:57:35kugelah yes I see
21:57:41 Join nosa- [0] (n=k@
21:57:53kugelhow about -fPIC? :>
21:58:08 Quit Horscht ("Verlassend")
21:58:30 Join webguest29 [0] (
21:58:40tomerskugel: ?
21:58:43amiconntomers: Imo there is no real problem with supporting charcell. There aren't too many real differences.
21:58:58 Part profil
21:58:58kugelso what would move the init functions into the plugin buffer, I assume we don't want 32MB binaries
21:59:07tomersamiconn: The usb screen is hell with it
21:59:16amiconnMany difficulties are due to a few devs not implementing a nice unified way of handling things
21:59:36amiconnThe usb screen drawing is completely separated. Why is that hell?
22:00:05amiconnkugel: Sure, it'd need copying, the same way as the various iram sections
22:00:10tomersamiconn: Too mych ifdefs
22:00:13 Join petteyg_ [0] (n=petteyg@
22:00:28amiconntomers: If there are too many ifdefs, it's done wrong
22:02:08 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:02:36 Join phanboy4 [0] (
22:03:31kugeltomers: don't listen to amiconn, charcell is crap :D
22:03:59kugelj/k, although I wouldn't mind forking it away either
22:04:09amiconnThis is a rather bad attitude imo
22:04:12tomerskugel: :-) Have you seen the link? Is it ok
22:04:38kugeltomers: I think so
22:04:40amiconnJust because *you* don't have a charcell target and *you* don't like it personally, rockbox should no longer support it?
22:04:42tomerskugel, amiconn: No forking needed, just drop support for it... RB 3.4 is good enough :-)
22:05:03 Quit petteyg (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:05:19*tomers wonders how many users of players there is? Are there any download statistics at all?
22:05:44amiconntomers: Speaking about it, rockbox 3.4 has a nasty bug, which mainly hits targets where rockbox can be flashed (which are the archoses and the iriver H1x0), but can also hit other target, just it's less likely
22:05:48tomerskugel: Committing at last... I won't split it today. Maybe tomorrow
22:05:55ixiso, anyone here has any idea what to do now? I will be an hour since i put it in charger soon, but it still wont turn on..
22:06:02kugelamiconn: I wouldn't mind that, yes. Is that so surprising? charcell means a lot of pain when coding GUI-related stuff
22:06:18ixii hope i didnt pay 150$ for a weighter..
22:06:20amiconnIt doesn't need to
22:06:32 Join shaggy-h [0] (n=kiwi@
22:06:53CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23269): FS #10692 - Viewpority USB screen
22:07:24amiconn*I* have a collection of targets, but far from complete. I'm not saying "drop support for this or that target", even though I dislike some targets, and won't buy them
22:08:12ixiAlexP? sorry to bother you, but im really desperate here
22:08:28tomersHow shit, I committed on top of a super-reddish commit :-(
22:08:33kugelcharcell wasn't a big problem back when everything was simply line based. but since we usually do stuff pixel based (mostly since we have viewports) the situation changed
22:08:39AlexPixi: Does the charging led light up?
22:08:40 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:08:58amiconnkugel: Think about it. This is simply not true
22:09:04AlexPand hold is definately off (sorry to mention it, but you never know)
22:09:10ixiyeah it is
22:09:21amiconnFor everything text, you can handle charcell the same way as a bitmap target with an 1x1 pixel font
22:09:48*tomers Confuzed bin size row with build row
22:09:54AlexPixi: Not sure then I'm afraid
22:09:55amiconnAlso, part of the problem is that the viewport implementation is currently making unnecessary difference
22:10:15ixiAlexP, the thing is, it actually worked fine before..
22:10:29ixiwell, fine.. rockbox was corrupted, but the device itself did work
22:10:57amiconnAnd some of the Player display constraints (space wise, not the fact that it is charcell!) also apply to e.g. the mrobe remote
22:10:59 Join swiftkick [0] (n=Miranda@
22:11:06AlexPixi: If you didn't do the iriver update firmware, then I really can't think of any way it could stop it turning on
22:11:09swiftkickgreetings and salutations.
22:11:24amiconnEver checked an mrobe sim? The remote display is currently almost useless
22:11:25midgeylinuxstb: all of my test files run about 10% slower in my patch
22:11:40midgeyon the plus side, the 24bit file doesn't data abort anymore
22:11:42ixiAlexP, any idea where could someone know?
22:11:46midgey(all on a e200)
22:11:48CIA-85New commit by moos (r23270): Updated french translation.
22:12:09AlexPixi: You could try, or posting in the Hardware section of our forums
22:12:18ixiok, thanks
22:12:25linuxstbmidgey: Hmm... :( I haven't looked at your patch in detail, but it looks like you've probably just reverted some optimisations that have been made.
22:12:47swiftkickive got an e200 v2 and i notice the page says that rockbox is unstable and that everything works except USB.
22:12:53kugeltomers: what did you do?
22:13:04AlexPswiftkick: And recording
22:13:06swiftkickwhat exactly does that mean, that USB doesnt work? what USB functions are unavailable?
22:13:10 Join moos [0] (n=599ef66f@rockbox/staff/moos)
22:13:11AlexPswiftkick: And maybe a few other minor things
22:13:12 Quit phanboy4 ("Leaving")
22:13:14swiftkickAlexP: yep thats right. but im not as concerned about recording
22:13:17amiconnThe only other "specialty" of the Player lcd are the icons. But there are other targets which have equipped with special means of displaying status apart from the lcd, so this warrants a 'indicator' api
22:13:22linuxstbswiftkick: It means you need to start the original firmware to transfer files via USB
22:13:24AlexPswiftkick: It means it reboots to the OF when you plug in USB
22:13:34midgeylinuxstb: yeah i'll take a look at it. he removed basterdised_rice_decompress() and added entropy_rice_decode()
22:13:39amiconnAnd that api will help to get rid of a whole bunch of ifdefs
22:14:22mooskugel: hi, I saw your notice for translators, but it isn't posible to have the same word in french because of gender
22:15:13 Join DerPapst1 [0] (
22:15:16kugelmoos: I don't understand
22:15:35amiconnThe archoses have the red led, which is used for ata and on the recorders for recording indication. The M3 has a multicolour LED for main status, plus a green one for disk and a red one for charging. The Elio has a multicolour led illuminating the center of the button cross, etc...
22:15:46mooskugel: One word is mal and the other femal
22:16:02moosthat is in french ;)
22:16:04kugelmoos: why that?
22:16:04swiftkickAlexP/linuxstb: tho ive been reading about it for a few months now, im totaly unfamiliar with actually using roxbox. so is it farily easy to switch firmware? alexP you say it will automatically reload the OF if I plug in USB?
22:16:08 Quit bertrik_ (Remote closed the connection)
22:16:15AlexPswiftkick: Read the manual
22:16:22kugelshouldn't it just translate "custom" regardless of whatever gender?
22:16:26mooskugel: why our grammar is like this? :)
22:16:51AlexPkugel: Does AMS reboot on USB, or do you need to do it yourself?
22:17:07kugelAlexP: they reboot
22:17:15AlexPswiftkick: yes, automatic
22:17:24mooskugel: it could (mal) , but since status bar is femal, it will be gramaticaly false
22:17:28swiftkickAlexP: damn, looks like its time to flash this baby then =)
22:17:53AlexPswiftkick: I would heavily advise looking at the manual, for install and after
22:18:00swiftkickThanks AlexP, kugel and linuxstb, and big thank yous to the rockbox development team, you guys kick ass
22:18:09AlexPyou are welcome :)
22:18:29kugelmoos: alright, I begin to remember the gender stuff I had in school
22:18:30swiftkickAlexP: i have read thru portions of it, of course now i will be studying it a little more in depth =) it helps to actually have a device running the firmware
22:18:39AlexPyes, very true
22:18:49AlexPswiftkick: The pdf version is nicely searchable too :)
22:18:56mooskugel: Maybe that wil be the case for other languages, hey hehe :)
22:19:54mooskugel: bravo for finally have the customstatubars in btw
22:20:03swiftkickii cant believe the folks at Sandisk, Apple, and all the other portable media player manufacturers all force their players to place such heavy dependence on working ID3 tags
22:20:41swiftkickbetween the ability to browse & play by FOLDER, as well as support for flac and other codecs, switching to rockbox is a no brainer =)
22:20:55kugelmoos: was just a matter of time, and I didn't want it to take as long as I needed for custom ui vp :)
22:21:33tomerskugel: What do you mean? Do you mean the bin size? :-(
22:21:48mooskugel: and not that much ram increases, indeed nice
22:21:50kugelyou said something about on top of a reddish commit
22:21:51 Quit liar (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
22:22:07kugelmoos: indeed, but that credit goes to JdGordon actually :)
22:22:17mooshehe :)
22:22:31 Quit petteyg_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22:32JdGordon|it does?!
22:22:32moosremoved old statubar code to gain a bit?
22:23:17tomerskugel: I was mistaken. Saw bin size increase of previous commit, and thought it created reds
22:23:21 Join petteyg [0] (n=petteyg@
22:23:29kugelJdGordon|: wait, are you saying it was my great work that made custom statusbar possible without huge ram usage hit?
22:23:50JdGordon|oh.. haha... no :D
22:26:13moostime to leave, ciao to all
22:26:18 Quit moos ("CGI:IRC")
22:27:01 Quit stoffel (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:28:16duffrecordsI'm back with the database building issue again. this time I moved all my music to a folder with the database.ignore file except for one artist (with under 100 tracks). when I initialize the database it still finds thousands of songs and hangs at the same number (4882)
22:29:02Learduffrecords: It shows all files and folders found, .ignore or not.
22:29:11Tornethe count is all files, not just music
22:29:19Torneso it cinludes all of .rockbox and the like
22:31:12duffrecordsis it a bug, then, that the database info in the debug screen says
22:31:12duffrecordsProgress: - 1% (4882 entries)
22:31:12duffrecordsCurfile: −−-
22:32:40kugelduffrecords: I assume the wrong file is under the 100 tracks that are not in the database.ignore'd folder?
22:33:44 Join stoffel [0] (
22:33:49kugelthere could be more than 1 file with bad tags. didn't you say chkdisk found a lot of errors ?
22:34:13tomerskugel: Good job with the status bars!
22:35:15kugelthanks :)
22:35:43amiconnHmm, no blue_dude here :\
22:36:26*amiconn also wonders about the mini2g deltas for r23266/r23267
22:36:47amiconn...not even core code related commits
22:37:40*amiconn grumbles about the collapsed table
22:37:58 Quit Horscht ("Verlassend")
22:38:14 Join dfkt_ [0] (n=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
22:38:25amiconnIt doesn't seem to be possible to find out which host did that build...
22:39:37CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23271): Remove declaration of inexistent function
22:40:14 Join Andorin [0] (n=andorin@
22:40:33kugelamiconn:;type=ipodmini2g :)
22:41:52 Quit dfkt (Nick collision from services.)
22:41:59 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (n=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
22:42:20pixelmaamiconn: we had that topic before - the actual values look correct if you hover over the delta, maybe it's really something odd with the delta table or build system
22:42:29AndorinWhen I update the database on my 2G Nano, Rockbox crashes. I know it's unstable, so is this a known bug?
22:43:01 Join Horscht [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
22:43:10 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.6b1/20091014103305]")
22:43:32amiconnThe values don't look correct
22:43:38kugelAndorin: I think a few people have experienced that
22:44:22AndorinAlright... guess I just have to figure out how to use the file manager to play multiple albums at once.
22:44:40 Join AsaelReiter [0] (
22:44:44amiconnThe calculation is correct, but r23266 shows a binsize of ~3MB and a ram usage of ~2.2MB, whereas the revisions before and after have ~530KB and ~900KB respectively
22:44:48 Nick froggyman is now known as froggyman_Z (
22:45:40 Nick froggyman_Z is now known as froggyman (
22:46:00 Part froggyman
22:48:15kugelamiconn: does rolo work on pp5002?
22:48:59kugelrolo.c has a few wrong/unecesarry complex #ifdefs
22:49:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:49:52amiconnIirc it does
22:50:25kugelit doesn't look like
22:53:27kugelI was investigating why rolo doesn't work on the samsas. then I found it's not within the one ifdef.
22:54:00*gevaerts hits kugel over the head with an ams sansa
22:54:16kugelI don't see how this #ifdef is target dependent at all, so I decided to change it to #elif HAVE_CPUCACHE_INVALIDATE. then I noticed pp5002 isnn't in at all
22:54:28 Quit webguest29 ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
22:54:57amiconnRolo is quite target dependent for obvious reasons
22:55:02 Quit bluebrother (Nick collision from services.)
22:55:03 Quit raphi ("leaving...")
22:55:05 Join bluebroth3r [0] (n=dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:55:06kugelI mean the big ifdef in rolo_restart()
22:55:23amiconnAnd the mixture of low-level stuff and text output (!) is rather nasty
22:55:33 Join barrywardell [0] (n=barrywar@rockbox/developer/barrywardell)
22:55:39amiconnRolo is one of those modules which is in need of a rework
22:56:21 Quit barrywardell (Client Quit)
22:56:33amiconnPut the target dependent lowlevel stuff in target tree, and unify the (not very complex) ui stuff, e.g. using splashes
22:57:28kugelcan someone investigate whether rolo works on pp5002?
22:57:43 Join barrywardell [0] (
22:57:55kugelto me it looks like rolo_restart_cop is compiled in, but rolo_restart only partly (and not sufficiently)
22:59:08amiconnRolo does indeed not work on PP5002
22:59:32amiconnIt just splashes "Loading.." (*very* briefly - barely visible), then returns to the browser
23:02:47 Part Ubuntuxer
23:03:36kugelamiconn: I assume the #elif defined(CPU_PP502x) should be #elif defined(CPU_PP)
23:03:51 Quit esperegu (No route to host)
23:05:11CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23272): Fix FS #10689 - H10 USB HID keymap problem - continued
23:05:42amiconnkugel: This would need thorough verification. PP5002 differs considerably from PP502x
23:08:44 Join petteyg_ [0] (i=petteyg@
23:09:18 Part petteyg_
23:09:26amiconnNative DRAM address is different, and it looks like both cores jump to its beginning
23:10:48kugeldoes pp5002 have a 2nd core?
23:11:36kugelif yes, it looks like it would be caught in rolo_restart_cop which is executed on all PPs
23:11:38 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
23:12:34 Quit AsaelReiter ("CGI:IRC")
23:13:51 Quit petteyg (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:15:45kugelah, I see the #if (CONFIG_CPU != PP5002) at the very beginning now
23:18:01*amiconn tries to make it work on PP5002
23:19:31CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23273): Extract usb_screen logic out of screens.c into apps/gui/usb_screen.c
23:19:55*tomers If it becomes all-green, I can go to sleep :-)
23:21:16kugelarg, I hoped to never see the gui_ prefix in new code again :/
23:26:28domonokylooks like tomers cant sleep so fast :-)
23:27:03tomers:-) I was too aggressive with removing uneeded includes. I knew it could happen :-)
23:27:37tomerskugel: I just tried to fit myself into convention. Seems I'm bad at catching what is expected from me (conventions wise)
23:28:06 Quit Strife89 ("Traveling.")
23:28:15kugeltomers: don't worry, the gui_ prefix is used in a horrible inconsistent manner
23:28:19CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23274): Fix red: Too aggressive exclusion of includes
23:28:22 Quit evilnick_B ("Page closed")
23:29:02tomerskugel: I believe in having commits that simply put naming under conventions. Why shouldn't we do a bit of work in that matter?
23:29:28kugelbecause I can't remember that we ever agreed on using/not using it :p
23:30:23JdGordon|conventions dont happen because they are agreed to!
23:30:47*JdGordon| doesnt mind gui_ as long as it doesnt have buisness logic in it
23:31:04kugelbusiness logic?
23:31:05*tomers Hopes no more includes are missing
23:31:26JdGordon|as in doing more than just displaying the screen and handling the buttons
23:32:42CIA-85New commit by kugel (r23275): Fix rolo for AMS Sansa and simplify a few #ifdefs.
23:33:50 Join liar [0] (n=liar@
23:34:01domonokytomers: still 11 points for you :-)
23:34:28CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23276): Fix yellow: Another try at fixing aggressive includes removal
23:34:43*tomers Tiredd
23:35:19tomerskugel: You're preventing sleep from me by your commits!
23:35:32amiconnphew, no update conflict
23:36:44 Nick shaggy-h is now known as chrism (n=kiwi@
23:36:48kugeltomers: sorry :(
23:38:53CIA-85New commit by amiconn (r23277): Make RoLo work on PP5002. * Rename CACHE_CTL flag values on PP5002 for consistency.
23:41:39 Quit domonoky (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:43:40 Quit petur ("Zzzzz")
23:44:40CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23278): Fix yellow: Missing ata_mmc.h include
23:44:55*tomers amiconn also prevents me from sleeping ;-)
23:45:23 Join dfkt_ [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:45:32amiconn*I* didn't add yellow....
23:47:00CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23279): Remove redundant ata_mmc.h include in screens.c
23:47:36 Quit dfkt (Nick collision from services.)
23:47:39 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:50:53 Join fyrestorm [0] (
23:53:57CIA-85New commit by tomers (r23280): Fix yellow: Missing statusbar.h include (hopefully the last one missing)
23:55:31*tomers oops
23:55:48amiconnkugel: Since you seem to care about cosmetics: the statusbar now appears too early. It's shown at the top of the boot splash for a bit, until the rest of the browser appears
23:56:02kugelI know
23:56:12kugelit looks like that was the reason I moved it down
23:56:31amiconnDefine "it"
23:57:03 Join Stephen_ [0] (
23:57:08amiconn"... I moved it down"
23:57:31kugelah, that one. I mean the initialisation of the statusbars
23:58:07amiconnThat cannot be moved down because it must be done before it is used for the first time
23:58:27kugelyes, I know that now
23:58:38amiconnThere are screens like the splash which shouldn't show the statusbar, hence there must be a mechanism to disable it temporarily
23:58:50kugelI mean, I didn't know it's used before on certain targets

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