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#rockbox log for 2009-12-21

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01:04:50JdGordonthe sbs stuff does not affect boot times unless you have one enabled...
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04:34:41Ed-209hi. I got an email saying that the h300 bug where it won't turn on with the remote has been fixed
04:34:53Ed-209is that in the current build?
04:36:28Ed-209which build do I install, and which is the most recent and most stable one?
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05:01:30JdGordonanyone want to dispute this statement? If a WPS doesnt disable the sbs, then it wont load its own backdrop so should be using the same backdrop the menus does?
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05:42:22CIA-6New commit by jdgordon (r24086): fix another bug from FS #10771 - list touchscreen handling needs to ignore presses outside the list viewport. ...
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05:48:32drf|laptopSo guys. I apologize if this is off topic, but... I'm trying to find a Sansa Fuze that isn't "v2". I found this 4GB model at Target and was wondering if it was the original packaging
05:48:57drf|laptopI got one from Walmart (then returned it), that had blue cardboard packaging and was mentioning SlotRadio, that was a v2, so I think that one's the kind I want?
05:50:34JdGordonthat pic is totally useless...
05:50:42JdGordonif its new its almost certainly v2
05:51:28drf|laptopI figured there's a difference in packaging?
05:51:41drf|laptopas far as new or old... stores keep stuff in their backrooms forever, I have no idea how long it's been there
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05:53:48*drf|laptop wonders if uso might be interested in School of Rock, if only for the muzik
05:54:07tmztif you had it you could check firmware version
05:54:30drf|laptopThat's what I did with Walmart. It had v2 so I returned it
05:54:41drf|laptopand like I said, that had blue cardboard packaging, not clear plastic
05:54:58tmztwalmart simplifies packaging all the time
05:55:28drf|laptopLOL really?
05:55:33drf|laptopI figured maybe that was the newer packaging
05:55:40drf|laptopwell... SlotRadio, that was introduced after v1, yes?
06:00:16tmztyes really, weight is money
06:00:38drf|laptopWow. I was looking through Google images and I've seen 3-4 different kinds of packaging on the Fuze
06:00:47drf|laptopwtf then? I thought Sandisk would at least be somewhat consistent...
06:00:50tmztvery offtopic so I'll end here, but go look at the package their linksys router comes in and compare to everyone else
06:01:15drf|laptopHeh, OK, well I learned my lesson, don't buy Sansas at Walmart :P
06:01:31drf|laptopBut really, is there any way to tell from the box, or do I have to resort to buying, testing, and returning?
06:02:30JdGordonyou cant even tell from the casing...
06:02:39JdGordoni.e the stamp on the back of the player
06:02:59drf|laptopwell I know with c200/e200 it actually said "v2" on the back... Fuze isn't like that?
06:03:12drf|laptop <−− also... what's the one on the left? I know the middle is the Fuze type I got from Walmart, the right is the Clip
06:03:23drf|laptopis the v1 Fuze thicker than the v2? or is that a different player entirely?
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06:11:32krazykitthe only reliable way to tell is by firmware revision
06:12:06krazykitthe v1 and v2 fuze have the same shell, so they're visually identical
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06:13:48JdGordonWTF? why is grid mode still the default touchpad mode?!
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06:17:08drf_laptopwoah, ping.
06:17:11drf_laptopAnyone see that picture?
06:18:08krazykitthe far left one looks like the sansa view
06:19:01drf_laptopohhh, because it's taller, IC
06:19:12drf_laptopthere's no chance of Rockbox ever being ported for the View, is there? :/
06:19:14CIA-6New commit by jdgordon (r24087): fix FS #10870 - slightly change the viewportmanager theme undo-er to be able to force an update even if the theme isnt being toggled from off to on ...
06:19:30krazykitthere's no chance if no one works on it.
06:20:13drf_laptopwell, is the hardware too new? Or it's just that none of the devs have one?
06:20:40krazykitit appears that there's some work on it on the New Ports forum
06:20:58drf_laptopbecause those things are the best Sansas yet, I so want one with Rockbox :)
06:23:15drf_laptop <−− that's the sort of cardboard packaging I've seen at Walmart. The one at Target, it's clear plastic, which makes me think it's older
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06:32:27CIA-6New commit by jdgordon (r24088): fix yello
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06:44:01CIA-6New commit by jdgordon (r24089): Fix FS #9660 - make warn on playlist erase work correctly when creating a new playlist from the database (a bit of a hack, but not bad enough to ...
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07:35:33CIA-6New commit by jdgordon (r24090): Fix FS #10215 - peakmeter updates breaks scrolling lines in conditionally enalbed viewports... fix is to not disable conditional viewports during these ...
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09:18:10*GodEater wonders what on earth the link can be between sbs themes and dircache
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09:24:53pixelmaGodEater: I wondered that too, can you at least reproduce?
09:27:08GodEaterpixelma: I've not tried, I don't think I have any sbs themes
09:27:42GodEaterI'm currently thinking about how to fix the manual so that the WPS controls list is accurate
09:28:35GodEateris "Select : Return to File Browser / Database" screen sufficient?
09:29:00pixelmayou could try with the that's in SVN
09:29:29pixelmawhat's missing in the list?
09:30:08GodEaterit's not missing
09:30:29GodEaterit just says for Select "return to the file browser"
09:30:37GodEaterwhich is not true if you started playback from the database
09:32:53*GodEater can't reproduce the .sbs/dircache bug
09:58:51CIA-6New commit by bryan (r24091): Clarify action of Select button in WPS screen in the manual
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10:07:57GodEaterdoes anyone think we can close #10551? It was raised in August, and we've had no further feedback on it. Or is there anyone who knows what options he's talking about?
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10:14:23n1sGodEater: i think we can close it
10:14:41bertrikis the submitter of that bug on IRC?
10:14:53n1si, at least has no idea what he means
10:15:16bertrikI think we should ask him, or close it as "non-reproducible" when we can't reach him
10:15:55GodEaterwe have asked him
10:16:04GodEaterJdGordon asked him last week
10:16:14n1s"but one is unable to view the contents of playlists" sounds like he's saying the playlist viewer isn't voiced
10:16:34n1sis it?
10:17:24GodEaterI'm don't think it is
10:17:58GodEaterwe don't have an option to voice it - we do directories, and we do menus
10:18:05GodEaterbut the playlist viewer is neither
10:18:15GodEaterit's a plugin, and to my knowledge, none of those are voiced
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10:18:23n1sit's not a plugin
10:18:33n1sit steals the plugin buffer
10:18:50GodEaterI could have sworn it was a plugin =/
10:19:08GodEaterseems you're right though
10:19:26pixelmathe playist viewer context menu is voice (move etc.) but the list is not (since it is a list of files I think it should)
10:19:32pixelmavoiced too
10:19:48n1si think it should be voiced too
10:20:04n1sShouldn't be too hard" :D
10:20:14*GodEater adds it to n1s's todo list
10:20:39pixelmaat least when I set the voice file option to "spell" it didn't work in my quick test
10:20:53GodEaterwell why would it?
10:20:58GodEaterit's not a directory, it's a text file
10:21:30n1sGodEater: unfortunately christmas preparations have taken over the list for now
10:21:51pixelmafile names are voiced (spelled or with .talk files) why should it not work in the playlist if it works in the file browser list?
10:21:55n1sGodEater: but it's a list of files
10:22:23pixelmayou could discuss if or how the playlist position should be voiced too
10:23:58GodEaterno, I agree with you both - we should make it so it *is* voiced.
10:24:11GodEaterI'm just saying that there's no reason why it would work currently - it's never been coded.
10:24:53bertrikso you mean it's not a bug, but still a nice suggestion
10:24:59GodEaterI can't really see anyone disagreeing either - if we voice lists of files from directories, we should do it from playlists too
10:25:12GodEatercorrect, it's not a bug - it's an enhancement request ;)
10:25:45GodEaterI just think it's probably not a quick thing to do - but n1s disagrees ;)
10:26:24*n1s hides
10:27:33GodEaterI think voicing a directory of files is quick - because you assume the .talk files are in the CWD - but for a playlist there's nothing that says each file is in the current directory, so there's potentially a lot of disk accesses to find where the .talk file is for each entry in the list.
10:27:57GodEaternote: this is of course irrelevant if you're just spelling the names
10:31:34*bertrik admits to not really knowing the voice possibilities of rockbox
10:32:20n1sGodEater: since the playlist has the filenames and paths of the files, just replacing the extension with .talk should give you the voice clip, no?
10:32:37GodEaterI guess so
10:33:16n1smaybe this is complicated by the dynamic playlist stuff that doesn't really store filenames
10:33:50GodEateryou mean lists generated from the database?
10:34:43n1sor the filetree, IIUC when you insert a dir, the action of inserting that dir is what the dynamic playlist remembers
10:35:03GodEaterah right
10:35:33pixelmabut this is only for storing and loading the list, no? I mean it has to know the path to access the correct file at the right time
10:35:48n1spixelma: yes
10:36:15n1sanyway chrstmas stuff todo, laters
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12:58:10ShadWeaselYep all !
12:59:07ShadWeaselSomeone he speaks French here ?
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13:00:29ShadWeaselAllo ?
13:03:34ShadWeaselIl n'y a personne ici ?
13:09:04 Join teru [0] (
13:09:48ShadWeaselAllo ?
13:11:00Bagderwe speak English in this channel
13:11:11Bagderand if you have a question, you can ask
13:13:45*flyback notes it's been fun, if he manages to fall asleep drive on the way to the doc, since he didn't sleep well last night
13:14:55ShadWeaselI have an ipod nano 2G
13:15:48 Join DerPapst [0] (
13:16:09ShadWeaselThe OS works well but I can not play videos!
13:16:53n1sShadWeasel: did you conver the videos to mpeg(1/2)?
13:18:05ShadWeaselMy videos are in 176x132 in MPEG (MP4)
13:18:20n1sShadWeasel: rockbox doesn't support that format
13:19:13n1ssee this page for instructions on converting
13:19:34ShadWeaselMy videos are in 176x132 in MPEG (MP4)
13:19:34ShadWeaselBut the bone I returned the following error: Unsuported format!
13:19:52ShadWeaselsorry -_-
13:20:03ShadWeaselBut the OS returns me the following error: Unsuported format!
13:20:30n1syes, rockbox does *not* support mpeg 4 videos'
13:20:34BagderShadWeasel: you already converted?
13:20:38ShadWeaselOK thanks n1s
13:21:09ShadWeaselYes Bagder
13:23:00ShadWeaselI use "AVIdemux" to convert my videos
13:28:09 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
13:28:43Bagderyou said they were mp4, n1s mentioned they need to be mpeg2 and you had them converted to that in a few seconds?
13:34:09ShadWeaselThey are mpeg4 but I'm looking for how to convert to mpeg1 or 2
13:34:33Bagder ?
13:35:45ShadWeaselSorry ?
13:37:13 Quit Sajber^ (Connection reset by peer)
13:38:13ShadWeaselYeah !
13:39:06 Join Sajber^ [0] (
13:41:20ShadWeaselI managed using ffmpeg!
13:43:51ShadWeaselok thank you has you all but especially to n1s
13:54:48 Join Xerion [0] (
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14:32:46CIA-6New commit by teru (r24092): properties,shortcuts_view: enable the theme while showing list.
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15:03:35flybackhas anyone here
15:03:54AlexPjust ask away
15:03:55flybackmodded a player that used a compact flash mechanical hard drive but wasn't a cf interface, so that it could use cf
15:04:25AlexPcompact flash mechanical hard drive?
15:04:33flybacki'm working on doing it using the drive pcb after stripping off all the components, assuming I didn't badly damage the traces too bad from prying off the glob plastic chips
15:04:52flybackseagate st1 had "f-flex/flex ata/ide flex" interface
15:04:53AlexPCompact flash isn't mechanical
15:05:03flybackit's compact flash form factory
15:05:05flybackit's compact flash form factor
15:05:09AlexPah, OK
15:05:19flybackseveral compaines made them
15:05:30flybackall but dead except for large or heavy write apps
15:05:50flybacki can get another hd for this thing for $9.99 and still be ahead even if I have to also buy a battery for it
15:05:54flybackbut I rather not have a hd in it
15:06:09flybackbought iriver h10 off ebay as is
15:06:13flybackthe electronics and screen are fine
15:06:17AlexPanyway, what's the question?
15:06:19flybackhd was *CANUCKED*
15:06:32flybackI just wondered if anyone did a similiar mod or know of an adaptor
15:06:37flybackI haven't seen one
15:07:13AlexPMost mods have been to use a compact flash card + adaptor to put it in a device that normally uses an ATA hard disk
15:07:39AlexPand there have been plenty of those
15:07:44flybacktechnically this is doable
15:07:47flybackbecause cf supports ide
15:07:52flybackI just have to make up my own wiring
15:07:52 Join Omlet [0] (
15:07:59flybackand cf is +5 tollerant
15:08:06flybackI would just need a ldo for vcc +3.3
15:08:24flybackI just wondered if anyone out there could save me the pain of soldering up 45 x 2 solder joints
15:08:26AlexPWhy not just use a premade adaptor?
15:08:29flybackespically with my hands shaking etc
15:08:31flybackthey don't make one
15:08:37flybackit's not standard ide layout
15:08:46flybackthat's kinda what I am asking :)
15:08:56flybackif they made one I would have just bought it already
15:09:13AlexPwell, this is what is commonly done:
15:09:17flybacki'm also likely going to have to put a extra back on it cause no adaptor will likely fit
15:09:24AlexPI don't think anyone has done what you are trying
15:09:26flybackI been over that page even before the unit arrived
15:09:32flybackbecause I wanted the hd out
15:09:49flybackit's 45 pins
15:09:55flybackI have the pinout from seagate
15:10:08flybackI just don't know about soldering shit that small with my rework station
15:10:19flybackI have problems with my eyes "hunting" when pins are that small and close together
15:10:34flybackI can't even count the pins using a needle touching each one
15:11:07*GodEater thinks investing in some magnifying glasses might be worthwhile
15:11:15flybackI have
15:11:17flybackstill have problems
15:11:35flybackI always had problems with spacial since i was born
15:11:44flybacklike when someone tells me to look for something
15:11:49flybackLook up, left, right
15:11:51flybackI get all confused
15:12:21flybacki'll let you guys know how it goes and send pics etc
15:12:22GodEaterI'm not sure how we can help then really =/
15:12:28flybackit's not a problem if you can't
15:12:37flybackI was just asking if anyone did this type of mod already
15:13:23GodEateras AlexP said, I'm not aware of anyone who has
15:13:29GodEaterwish I did - sorry!
15:13:37 Quit gnaeh ("Dana")
15:15:16 Quit xavieran (Connection timed out)
15:16:16flybackseagate claims it's in ata spec 7 I can't find it
15:16:20flybackand I got the docs from t13
15:17:04flybackhere if you are curious
15:17:10flybackdamn you google
15:19:27flybackand it says
15:19:27flybackThe following table summarizes the signal on the Seagate Flex interface connector. For a detailed description
15:19:27flybackof these signals, refer to ATA-7 Specifications Revision 7.0.
15:26:50flybacksome of the eee pc's use them
15:26:55flybackmight be able to get help thru that
15:27:02flybackthx guys, i'll keep you updated
15:27:20 Join einhirn [0] (
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15:49:52GodEaterstooo: hi - if you have a question, just go ahead and ask.
15:51:14NJoineinhirn [0] (
15:51:14NJoinpamaury [0] (
15:51:14NJoinsoap [50] (n=soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
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16:09:50 Join Jaykay [0] (
16:12:53Jaykayhi, i think FS #10353 can be closed. the first issue is already in FS #10812, and the second one is probably the same as FS #9842 and fixed now. (additionally communication with the reporter is hardly possible :) )
16:15:19 Quit Daqit-oP (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:20:36CIA-6New commit by teru (r24093): jpeg,png: Change "Off: Quit." to "Show Menu: Quit." so that the message is less confusable. ...
16:21:56 Quit einhirn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:23:52 Join Llorean [0] (
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17:30:37 Quit petur ("x")
17:33:22 Part Bagder
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18:28:28GodEaterkugel reopening it, but didn't put any comments on it?
18:31:50JdGordon|there was a bit of a complaint in here about it
18:33:45 Quit bmbl ("Bye!")
18:34:46 Quit JdGordon| ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:35:33 Quit stooo ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [SeaMonkey 2.0/20091017083424]")
18:45:11 Join bmbl [0] (n=Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
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19:04:36 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
19:12:07 Join Jaykay [0] (
19:12:48 Join spacetraveler [0] (
19:13:04Jaykaysecond try: FS #10353 can be's a duplicate of FS #10812, and FS #9842.
19:13:33 Quit spacetraveler (Client Quit)
19:15:00 Part Llorean
19:17:22GodEaterJaykay: thanks - I've closed it
19:17:34 Join darkham [0] (
19:17:39n1sisn't it a bit weird that an older task is a dupe of a newer?
19:19:55GodEaternot really, unless they're logged at the same time, one is always going to be older/newer
19:20:10GodEaterbut in this case there are two bugs in the older report - makes more sense to keep the seperate tasks
19:20:14GodEaterwhichever way round they were reports
19:21:02 Join Hillshum [0] (
19:24:31 Join JdGordon| [0] (n=Miranda@nat/microsoft/x-xmrurtlqwpbrdkcc)
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19:30:49 Join watto [0] (n=watto@
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19:35:48 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (i=quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
19:36:02 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (i=quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:36:29 Join Mouser_X [0] (
19:39:01Mouser_XQuestion: I have a friend who has a Rockbox installed on their Gigabeat S120 (IIRC, it's got a bigger HDD installed), but it's the daul-boot (with OF) one, and they want the single-boot (
19:39:32Mouser_XRockbox only) one. Does anyone happen to have an "nk.bin" file available that he could simply drop into his player via USB?
19:42:49 Quit merbanan (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:53:41HillshumMouser_X: Why not the dual-boot?
19:53:59 Join Ubuntuxer [0] (
19:56:39 Join panni_ [0] (
19:57:05Mouser_XHillshum: Single boot is faster.
19:57:35Mouser_XI have a Gigabeast S, and I'm really quite satisfied with dual-boot, but this guy is apparently horrendously impatient.
19:58:11HillshumAhh. I think the nk.bin file contains copyrighted code we can't distribute, so you'll have to make one yourself (I may be wrong however)
19:58:53Mouser_XI don't think so....
19:59:25Mouser_XI could be wrong, but according to the manual, to create a single-boot nk.bin, all you have to do is run beastpatcher.exe, without directing it to the OF.
19:59:36JdGordon|why the heck arnt zip files allowed to be attached to the forum?
19:59:52GodEaterI agree - the single boot nk.bin does not contain copyrighted material
20:00:24Mouser_XThe reason this guy doesn't do that, is apparently, beastpatcher.exe doesn't work for him. He said it errored out, or something. I'd have him come in here, in an attempt to get it diagnosed/fixed, but apparently, he can't connect to freenode (I don't remember why).
20:00:37HillshumOkay. Nevermind then
20:00:37GodEaterk-lined? :)
20:01:58 Join Llorean [0] (
20:01:59Mouser_XAnother question: Has the Gigabeat S bootloader been updated since May of its first inception?
20:02:47Mouser_XMy bootloader dates back to almost immediatly after it was "fixed" (I don't remember what was wrong with the very first one).
20:05:29Mouser_XGodEater: From what he told me, essentially yes.
20:05:43Mouser_XThough, he says his neighbor's connection was involved.
20:08:12GodEaterMouser_X: I have such an nk.bin for you
20:08:15GodEaterwhere should I send it?
20:08:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:08:36 Join spacetraveler [0] (
20:08:42Mouser_XGood question....
20:10:22GodEaterMouser_X: and in answer to your question, the gigabeat S bootloader was last changed in February this year
20:10:55GodEaterno idea in what way though
20:11:17CIA-6New commit by Ubuntuxer (r24094): blackjack: improve the menu and the buttons
20:11:21 Quit bmbl ("Bye!")
20:11:25Mouser_XDoes sound okay?
20:11:55Mouser_XInteresting.... I wonder if I should update my bootloader then?
20:15:01GodEaterand as long as your Gigabeat is currently working, I wouldn't bother
20:15:49Mouser_XAh, good to know.
20:18:04 Quit einhirn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:54 Quit Ubuntuxer ("Leaving.")
20:21:50JdGordon|anyone got a e200 or any colour target with 220x176 or 176x220 pixel display handy?
20:22:05JdGordon|e200, h300, fuze?
20:23:15Mouser_XI have one, but haven't updated Rockbox on it in over a year.
20:23:58JdGordon|never mind then
20:24:04HillshumJdGordon|: I can get mine
20:24:20Hillshumv2 FWIW
20:24:38JdGordon|can you jump into the rockbox info screen and tell me the skin usage numbers please?
20:26:14FlynDiceJdGordon|: 17.8KB/93.0KB e280v2
20:26:41 Quit Xerion (" ")
20:27:05Hillshumabout the same here
20:29:27JdGordon|the 93 was what I was after :)
20:37:35 Part watto
20:41:24 Quit flydutch ("/* empty */")
20:44:54 Join GeekShadow [0] (n=Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
20:52:03CIA-6New commit by nls (r24095): Use optimised byteswap function in bitrev for a tiny speedup on coldfire and pp and about 1-2% speedup on gigabeat s (due to the armv6 rev ...
20:57:48GodEaterthe bloke reporting this dircache/sbs "bug" is annoying me now
20:57:56GodEaterhe wants us to fix something which isn't broken
20:59:24JdGordon|yeah :<
21:01:16Mouser_XQuestion: Where would I look, for more information regarding this "new" sbs stuff? Specifically, I like the statusbar (the "old" one), but the theme/skin/wps I use doesn't have it enabled by default (if I "reload" the theme, I have to re-enable the statusbar). If I update Rockbox (the revision I have is a few months old), would I lose the statusbar?
21:01:18 Join bmbl [0] (n=Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
21:02:12JdGordon|not yet
21:02:20GodEatertalking of the sbs, is it a known issue that when you plug in USB with the menu button held down, the "connected" icon doesn't appear until after you've released the menu button?
21:02:49JdGordon|GodEater: the bar only updates when a button changes state.. so yes known issue
21:03:01*Llorean thinks he knows why some people find holding menu while plugging in USB to seem "unreliable" or "difficult"
21:03:03JdGordon|it might be fixable thuogh
21:03:23LloreanIf you have "first keypress enabled backlight" on, if that keypress is your holding of menu (or select, or whatever) it won't prevent USB mode
21:03:43GodEaterJdGordon|: does that mean the battery icon never changes level whilst music is playing as long as you don't hit a button too?
21:04:07JdGordon|no, what I said was the simplistic view of how it updates
21:04:33GodEatercan I get the complicated one then please? :)
21:04:36JdGordon|it updates once every button loop.. which depending on the screen is 5Hz or 25Hz or 1Hz
21:04:47GodEaterright - thanks
21:05:14 Join merbanan [0] (
21:05:16GodEaterso if I keep the menu button held down, it will change to "charging" eventually ?
21:05:29JdGordon|I cant answer that without looking at the code
21:05:40JdGordon|the best I can say is "maybe"
21:05:46Mouser_XJdGordon|: But, I will lose it eventually? I mean, Rockbox will lose the old statusbar at some near point in the future? Is there a replacement in mind? At all? If not, how would I go about recreating the old statusbar, for use with my (admittedly ancient) theme?
21:05:59JdGordon|its actually more complicated again, because screens can set how often the sbs should update
21:06:20JdGordon|Mouser_X: there is a replacement there already which is why I changed to "no"
21:06:40Mouser_XAh, missed that.
21:07:52 Quit gevaerts (Nick collision from services.)
21:08:04 Join gevaerts [0] (n=fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
21:12:38 Join Grahack [0] (
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21:17:38 Join hebz0rl [0] (
21:22:30 Quit Mouser_X ("CGI:IRC")
21:22:38 Join Mouser_X [0] (
21:22:41 Quit Mouser_X (Client Quit)
21:23:01 Quit spacetraveler ("Get Colloquy for iPhone!")
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22:32:04 Quit bmbl ("Bye!")
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23:26:58 Quit Jaykay ("ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.6/20091201220228]")
23:27:11 Join TheSeven [0] (
23:28:31TheSevenliar: regarding FS #10775: no offense, but I think this patch needs extensive testing on a wide variety of devices
23:29:09TheSeventhere are lots of ipods that seem to be running perfectly fine without it, and currently we're closely following what apple is doing in their driver
23:30:04TheSeventhere seem to be *some* ipods that need it - for whatever reason - but I could imagine it breaking lots of others (or at least slowing them down dramatically because of that huge 200msec timeout while waiting for the fifo)
23:30:26liarTheSeven: yes i agree
23:30:51TheSevenyou may have meant HZ/50 there
23:32:04TheSevenand there is another thing that slipped into the last hunk, which probably won't affect anything, but doesn't make any sense either
23:32:32liarTheSeven: i think that can be less
23:32:53TheSevenI personally rather like to follow the apple code, instead of the datasheet
23:33:01 Quit Topy44 (Remote closed the connection)
23:33:15TheSeven(because the datasheet is preliminary, known buggy, and for a slightly different soc anyways)
23:33:17 Join kugel [0] (n=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:34:02kugelTheSeven: the samsas wait for fifo empty too after each transfer, it's not really that slow
23:34:28TheSevenit may be slow if the bit we're waiting for isn't ever being set, and we're always running into the timeout
23:34:40TheSeven(which seems to be likely from what I observed on mine)
23:34:52kugelfifo empty bit not set?
23:35:38kugelthat is possible?
23:35:50TheSevenwe're waiting for a halfempty bit here, no idea what this actually means
23:35:51liarTheSeven: the last patch should not timeout
23:35:58*pixelma slaps kugel with a samsa :\\
23:36:15TheSevenif it does time out, will the transfer always fail, or is that just being ignored?
23:36:29kugelhalf-empty isn't the correct bit then, I assume
23:36:53 Quit Hillshum (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:36:55 Join Topy44 [0] (
23:36:56TheSevenkugel: we're not even sure if that name is correct, as the datasheet may be off
23:37:07kugelah, I see
23:37:16 Join Hillshum [0] (
23:37:39TheSevenliar: during testing, i would even suggest panicing in the various error cases, in order to better catch (and separate) them
23:39:41liarTheSeven: i have done that already... put a panicf in every timeout i added and the last version of my patch does not timeout
23:39:42 Join TheSeven|Mobile [0] (n=theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:40:23TheSevenliar: I would like to see the results of that build on other devices
23:40:35liari am going to write a patch...
23:40:59 Quit Hillshum (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:41:08TheSevenanother thing we might want to do are performance measurements with and without that patch
23:41:23TheSevenif we're actually detecting the fifo status the right way, there should be (almost) no impact
23:41:43TheSevenif things slow down noticably, we may be waiting for the wrong thing
23:42:01liarTheSeven: there is only one thing which might slow down everything a bit
23:43:06liarTheSeven: in nand_reset, i have put a nand_wait_chip_ready in there
23:43:16 Quit Kitr88 ()
23:43:21liarTheSeven: but thats a hack because i dont know which bit i have to wait for in here
23:43:42TheSevennand_reset should only be called during initialization, after a massive problem, or when powering up a sleeping chip
23:44:33TheSevenso there should be almost no performance impact because of this
23:45:10 Join Hillshum [0] (
23:45:26TheSevenmaybe a latency impact though, when powering the chip up
23:46:12liarTheSeven: in nand_power_up you do not check the return value of nand_reset have you seen that?
23:46:12TheSevenbut powering up the LDO, waiting for it to stabilize, and resetting the chip should take way longer than querying it's status afterwards, even though this involves a command transaction
23:46:40TheSevenhm, interesting
23:47:49TheSevenbut as this is void, we could only panic if that fails
23:49:08TheSevenand if it should fail, it will either just work nevertheless (i.e. we just didn't wait long enough or something), or the next command will also fail, which will result in a bad return code being passed to the storage layer
23:49:34TheSevenso this shouldn't hurt too much, but it's probably worth a panicf at least during testing
23:53:00TheSevenhm, it would be really nice if the rockbox utility would do some talkback regarding what exact hardware it found, so we could have a rough figure about how popular the different nand chip models are
23:55:03 Join Kitar|st [0] (
23:56:24 Join MagusG [0] (

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