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#rockbox log for 2009-12-23

00:02:02bertrikthe tea5767 code that mcuelenaere just updated makes it seem as if there are two i2c addresses that the radio chip can be on, but it's really a difference in the i2c drivers rather than in the radio chip
00:04:06bertrikideally all i2c drivers would use the same convention for i2c slave addresses
00:08:56*flyback bbl, family dinner
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02:04:31Unhelpfulamiconn: i'm trying to figure out your log in grey_core.c... it normalizes the input value to put the highest set bit at 1<<30, and then it tries a series of multipliers... if a multiplier leaves the result less than 1<<32, then the result replaces the value and the log of the multiplier is subtracted from the result?
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04:52:52CIA-6New commit by kkurbjun (r24100): Brickmania: Improve screen collision detection.
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05:47:59*flyback be back later
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07:19:25JdGordonso why the heck do we allow the delete option in the WPS context menu?
07:21:29JdGordonit really makes no sense that we allow the delete there... especially with its current undefined behaviour
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07:29:50JdGordondoes "#define LCD_BACKDROP_BYTES (LCD_FBHEIGHT*LCD_FBWIDTH*sizeof(fb_data))" look correct?
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07:46:29*JdGordon doesnt like it when its quiet in here....
07:46:44JdGordoncan anyone tihnk of a reason to want to disable the theme but still show the users backdrop?
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07:53:26JdGordonanyone know if its currently possible for a theme to set a backdrop but have no backdrop displayed in the WPS?
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08:06:19amiconnJdGordon: The delete option makes very much sense in the wps, for when you're test-listening a folder with new music
08:06:38JdGordonsure, but it should skip to the next track then
08:07:02JdGordonbecause otherwise you are in an undefined state
08:07:13JdGordonthe whole track might not be buffered
08:07:26amiconnYes, but what's the problem with that?
08:07:43amiconnBtw, that's much more likely on lowmem targets
08:07:53JdGordonyou get a crappy track jump
08:08:12JdGordonA possible solution to all this is queuing the delete to only happen at the end of the track
08:08:22amiconnWell, it would just switch to the next track like if the track was shorter
08:08:37JdGordonI think thats very ugly
08:08:52JdGordonThe delete action should be well defined
08:08:53amiconnI think that's 100% acceptable (and iirc it's documented)
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08:09:21JdGordonits acceptable, but having it guarentee that the track will play to the end, but the track will be deleted once its played its much cleaner
08:09:21amiconnMost of the time you will skip after the delete anyway
08:09:41JdGordonyes, so it shoud either auto-skip, or delete once the skip happens
08:09:42amiconnImo that would be superfluous
08:10:20amiconnEither keep it as it is, or skip right after delete
08:10:51amiconnBut I think the former is better.
08:11:04JdGordonFS #9929 is what brought this up
08:11:22JdGordonI prefer the latter
08:13:39amiconnToo much hassle for something that isn't really ann everyday feature, imo
08:13:53JdGordonbefore I start pulling my hair out... was the backdrop define before correct?
08:14:12JdGordonand I agree... but I'd like to close the bug one way or another
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08:15:07amiconnThe question is whether it behaves as described
08:16:17amiconnIf rockbox gets confused by deleting *while* buffering, it would need to be fixed. Afaik it doesn't, but then I used this feature maybe once or twice during all the years, and only on hwcodec
08:16:43JdGordon"Delete the currently playing file." is the sum total of the manual text for this feature
08:17:30JdGordonthere very possibly is a potential bug if the delete happened at exactly the right time while buffering, but hugley unlikely
08:19:32amiconnWell, a manual fix would also be a fix, wouldn't it?
08:20:00amiconn"Rockbox will continue playing what's already in the buffer."
08:20:28JdGordonfrom a users POV that sounds unexpected though
08:20:41JdGordon"the file is deleted, why is it still playing?" which is exactly that bug
08:20:53amiconnTo answer your other question - that #define looks correct
08:24:53amiconnThat's the question, is it a bug or a feature? How intuitive should "intuitive" be?
08:25:43amiconnYou can see it as a feature - rockbox deletes the file as soon as possible, yet continues playing as long as possible, or until you skip - you decide
08:29:52amiconnBtw, deleting at end-of-track wouldn't fix the "bug", it would even make it worse
08:31:15JdGordonhow do you mean?
08:31:41amiconn"I hit 'delete', but nothing happens. The file is still there, and is still playing"
08:32:01JdGordonwell yeah, that was just a quick and obviously bad idea
08:32:28*flyback <=== learn cool stuff
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08:34:04amiconnSkip after delete would solve it - more intuitiveness at the cost of losing an admittedly tiny feature
08:34:21amiconnAnd more code (probably also tiny).
08:34:23JdGordondoesnt that tiny feature trigger an error in the playback engine?
08:34:37JdGordoni.e its expecting to load more from the file but gets a read error instead
08:34:59amiconnThat I don't know. Back then I didn't observe any on hwcodec
08:35:02JdGordonadding the skip is 1 function call
08:35:38JdGordonhmm, maybe a bit more than that
08:35:52*JdGordon closes
08:36:21amiconnSure it will see a read error. It should be able to handle it though, otherwise the error handling is broken and needs fixing
08:38:30JdGordonmoving the backdrop buffers into the skin buffer isnt as trvial as I was hoping :(
08:40:58*amiconn wonders what would be the advantage
08:41:18JdGordonright now... none...
08:41:18JdGordonwell, little
08:41:32JdGordonbut when more than one skinnable screen can have its own backdrop, heaps
08:41:51JdGordonespecially if you dont use themes
08:43:20JdGordonunless we decide to give up on keeping all the backdrops in memory
08:43:46JdGordonwhich means reloading from disk when changing between screens, which sucks
08:44:12 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
08:44:36amiconnDifferent backdrops per screen?
08:46:01JdGordonscreen being wps, fm, rec, main
08:46:06*amiconn wonders where this will lead
08:47:39*JdGordon thinks its actually in amiconn's interest if this goes ahead... considering its probable RAM savings.
08:49:02amiconnn1s: Is this bitreverse function really used often enough to give a measurable speedup?
08:49:22amiconnIf so, there's more potential in it, also for ARMv4/v5 and coldfire
08:51:53*kugel recommends amiconn to read the ml sometimes
08:52:14 Join tomers [0] (
08:52:45tomersjdgordon: Have you reach any sort of concensus with other developers before closing "FS #9929 - context menu delete does not work as expected
08:53:02JdGordonred the last 30min of the logs
08:53:48kugelif it's documented it's not a bug anyway, even though one could argue that it's strange behavior
08:53:50n1samiconn: i measured a speedup, but on pp and coldfire it was in the 0.3-0.5% range (so possibly caused by some side effect like cache alignment) on the beast it sped up decoding of some files as much as 2%
08:55:10n1sit isn't called *that* often it was just a simple optimization i wanted to do for the beast since gcc doesn't use the rev instruction to do the byteswap
08:56:35amiconnWell, there's more to it because the 4-bit, 2-bit and 1-bit stages can be optimised further
08:58:11amiconnThis very much reminds me of my geek bitswap for SH1 :)
08:58:24n1samiconn: i tried doing half the masks before shifting to use half as many constants and that gave slightly better code on arm but only gave a speedup when *not* using the swap32()...
08:59:18amiconnYou only need the mask once - the other half can be done using xor
09:00:46 Join stoffel [0] (
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09:04:08amiconnThis should even improve things when written in C
09:04:39n1samiconn: ah, yeah, the coldfire swap32 does that
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09:11:13*JdGordon has a cunning plan!
09:16:08JdGordonsetting a viewports colour to TRANSPARENT_COLOR wont work :p
09:16:57kugelno surprise
09:17:46*JdGordon is *trying* to find a workable solution to having these settings outside of the sbs
09:20:19 Quit tomers ("CGI:IRC")
09:20:59JdGordonthat could work if the lcd driver stored its default colours from a setting callback... but frankly, that seems like more effort than its actually worth
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09:30:44webguest94when i uninstalled rockbox from my ipod, it went crazy and now it won't even work properly
09:31:17GodEaterwebguest94: first: How did you do the uninstall. second: how do you define "went crazy" and "won't even work properly".
09:31:46n1samiconn: the xor version is 4 instructions shorter on coldfire (when compiling with O3) but also uses only 4 large immediates instead of 8
09:33:09webguest94well from the rockbox that i installed menu, theres the uninstall and so i did that, after the process my ipod started saying some stuff like loading rockbox-error!can't load rockbox on ipod
09:33:20webguest94and now its stock like that
09:33:35GodEaterwebguest94: do you mean you used rbutil?
09:33:40webguest94no matter what i do my comp can't even recognize the ipod
09:34:01GodEaterwebguest94: have you reset it and restarted it in disk mode?
09:34:04webguest94yes, thats what was installed
09:34:41webguest94yes i have reset it and started it back to disk mode, but it takes me back to the same place with the error screen thing
09:34:49GodEaterin that case you're not in disk mode
09:35:02GodEateryou may find this page helpful :
09:35:52GodEaterpay attention to the bit where it says "immediately". I means it.
09:35:56GodEater*It means it.
09:36:38 Join Grahack [0] (
09:36:53n1samiconn: scrap that, it's only one instruction shorter, but also gcc is braindead
09:37:26webguest94yes thats what i have done...immediately pressed and hold the select and play and it did the check and what not but no more than a minute it went back to the same screen with the rockbox can't be loaded
09:38:08amiconnn1s: The latter isn't exactly breaking news ;\
09:38:23GodEaterwebguest94: if you keep seeing that message you are NOT going into disk mode, it's as simple as that.
09:38:27webguest94how so not breaking news? do i fix it...well it goes through the whole process of disk mode with the check screen then back to the can't load screen after a minte
09:39:36webguest94or less
09:40:04GodEaterif you're seeing a "check screen" then you're putting it into diagnostics mode, not disk mode
09:40:09GodEateri.e. you're doing the wrong thing
09:40:33n1samiconn: so the only gain is less immediates and one instr less
09:41:19webguest94how so..i followed the instructions?
09:42:05GodEaterwebguest94: search me, you're the one doing it - not me. But if you follow those instructions properly, your ipod will enter disk mode, and your computer will be able to see it again.
09:45:44amiconnn1s: Less immediates is good for speed too
09:46:40n1samiconn: ok, it's actually a few instructions shorter on arm too so i'll have to benchmark this again
09:46:41amiconnOne thing is that smaller code means better cache efficiency (although the effect might be covered by cache aliasing)
09:47:11amiconnAnother is that too many instructions with more than one extension word starve the instruction fetch pipeline
09:47:21amiconn+in sequence
09:47:31 Quit Grahack ("Leaving.")
09:49:24*amiconn can also think about some arm asm trickery that should be even better than what gcc comes up with
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10:02:16*n1s curses inline asm
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11:45:52biancahey guys, I'm having a bit of an issue. I rockboxed my sansa over a year ago on an old laptop. I'm now using a different computer and want to add some media to the blasted thing, but I seem unable to add it as a device in the rockbox utility, despite looking over the faq and manual. any suggestions?
11:46:24 Join bertrik_ [0] (
11:49:25Horschtbianca, you want to add music to your rockbox player?
11:50:46Horschtif so, just connect it to your PC using USB and use your computers filemanager to copy the mp3 files to the player. The Player should appear as a Mass Storage Device
11:51:01 Quit Horschti (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:53:35pamauryHello, could someone here try to reproduce a bug related to "open" and "dircache_get_entry_ptr" ? I strongly suspect that dircache_get_entry_ptr is buggy and this bug makes open buggy. It requires to add code and compile
11:54:32 Quit bertrik_ ("mandatory reboot")
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12:06:36 Join kugel [0] (i=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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12:20:51JaykayJdGordon: cleaning up the bug tracker is fine, but you are overdoing it. you closed FS #9929 with the reson "it might seem odd, but this is the expected behaviour", which is just plain wrong. a user never expects odd behaviour.
12:21:03*Jaykay suggests reopening it
12:22:18gevaertsJaykay: users expect a lot of odd behaviour
12:24:18Jaykaygevaerts: in this case we expect normal behaviour and rockbox does something odd
12:24:39gevaertsJaykay: "normal" and "odd" are both subjective. I'd expect it to keep playing...
12:25:27gevaertsso I think that while some people might think it's odd, it's not a bug, and if you want different behaviour that's a feature request
12:25:32 Quit mikroflops (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:25:40 Join mikroflops_ [0] (
12:25:44Jaykaygevaerts: i guess because you know how the buffering works. a user doesn't know this, and thinks the file doesn't exist anymore, and wonders how rockbox is still able to play the non-existent file
12:26:47gevaertsJaykay: for lots of people, the way our playlist system works is odd. Shall we drop playlists and expect people to manually select the new track to play every time?
12:26:55gevaertsAgain, "odd" is not a bug
12:26:56 Quit Lss__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:27:10Horschthow is our playlist system odd?
12:27:30 Join Lss [0] (
12:27:35Jaykaygevaerts: but expected behaviour != shown behaviour is a bug
12:27:41gevaertsJaykay: expected by who?
12:27:50Jaykayby users
12:28:07kugelJaykay: I think that is *documented* behavior, hence it's not a bug
12:28:08Horschttechnicaly inexperienced users
12:28:14gevaertsUsers also expect avi files to work. Is that a bug?
12:28:44Jaykaykugel: make rockbox freeze on boot, document it, and call it "expected behaviour"
12:29:03HorschtJaykay, i don't realy see your point here
12:29:26Jaykaygevaerts: then they expect too much. but this just a different behaviour
12:29:30Horschtwhat you just proposed would "break" rockbox, therefore it would be a bug, not a documented feature ;)
12:29:40kugelJaykay: it wouldn't be a bug then indeed. In that case we officially declared rockbox unusable. that's nothing you can file a bug for
12:30:19Horschtunless you didn't do it on purpose
12:30:28kugelthe chain goes like documented -> intended -> not a bug
12:31:56Jaykaykugel: then document every bug and close the reports.... for me that doesn't make sense
12:32:23kugelthis is not a bug
12:32:28kugelit's intended
12:32:59Jaykayi just thought that, if just a small change is needed to make rockbox show the behaviour the user expects, why not make this small change?
12:33:13Jaykaykugel: then explain why this is intended
12:33:17GodEaterwe are the users, and it is the behaviour we expcet
12:33:24Horschtjust because *you* expect it, doesn't mean everyone does
12:33:49Horschtfor me it's perfectly reasonable the file continues playing
12:34:04JaykayHorscht: even if it shouldn't exist anymore?
12:34:04 Join mikroflops [0] (
12:34:12Horschtit doesn't
12:34:22Jaykaythe user just deleted it...
12:34:33HorschtI may have deleted the file, but I didn't clear my buffer, did I?
12:34:40 Quit mikroflops_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:34:46Jaykaydoes the user know anything about buffering?
12:34:48 Join bertrik [0] (
12:34:52Horschtwell, yes
12:34:59GodEaterJaykay: yes - we're the users, and we know about it
12:35:19Jaykayok, do most users know much about buffering?
12:35:35GodEateryou're not asking the right question - the question is "do we care?"
12:35:57Horschti'd say the majority of users knows about buffering
12:37:07JaykayHorscht: wow. imo thats just plain wrong. how should a user know this?
12:37:21 Quit bianca ("CGI:IRC")
12:37:27Horschtcommon sense?
12:37:47kugellooking at the buffering screen for example. I think most people have had a short look at it at least
12:37:51Horschtnote: I *am* a plain user. Not a developer!
12:39:12 Join watto [0] (n=watto@
12:39:25kugelJaykay: this is intended behavior. that's a fact, not an opinion
12:41:15Jaykaykugel: shouldn't rockbox be intuitive to use?
12:41:46GodEater"intuitive" is subjective again
12:42:01JaykayHorscht: so you really think the majority of usrs know how buffering works...?
12:42:53bertrikI do think too that it is a bit odd, but also perfectly explainable and harmless and I don't consider it a real bug
12:45:04Jaykaykugel: this behaviour is not documented btw
12:46:35kugelit should be then. I admittedly haven't looked, but someone said it was (hence "I think it is documented...")
12:47:57 Quit pamaury ("exit(*(int *)0 / 0);")
12:49:59Jaykayok, maybe i'll open a new task for the missing documentation in a few minutes, if everyone here agrees that this is the behaviour a user expects.
12:50:35Jaykayis it possible that rockbox buffers a 5mb-file in about 2 seconds?
12:51:05GodEaterI would imagine so
12:51:35*Jaykay does a test with a bigger file
12:51:47rvvs89If I unlink a file on UNIX, I can expect that any open file descriptors to that file will remain unaffected by the file being deleted.
12:51:52kugel" if everyone here agrees that this is the behaviour a user expects." <- Again, that is not the question
12:52:00rvvs89In my opinion this is expected behaviour.
12:52:24AlexPIt is both expected and unexpected, depending on who you are
12:52:27Jaykayrvvs89: how many % do use unix...?
12:52:30GodEaterand on windows you'd simply be unable to delete it
12:52:36AlexPEither way, it is intended and therefore not a bug
12:52:46AlexPAnd in this case it is the correct behaviour
12:53:24rvvs89Jaykay: You were asking for a consensus on what is expected behaviour, I am providing my opinion.
12:53:38AlexPAnd I'm not sure where you would document it
12:54:12AlexPIf we stick every little thing in the manual that some people may or may not expect or know, it is going to get even more huge than it already is
12:54:17GodEaterthe point is it doesn't really matter what the consensus is. Rockbox is developed by and for it's developers. We always reserve the right to say "this is the way it works, and if you don't like it - well, sucks to be you"
12:55:26JaykayAlexP: imo the manual is for documenting rockbox' behaviour, and this belongs to it
12:55:37AlexPI disagree in this case
12:55:40GodEaterJaykay: feel free to submit a patch for the manual then
12:55:57AlexPAnd the how many % use unix is completely irrelevent
12:55:58rvvs89I suspect that the majority of users do not consider deleting music they are currently playing.
12:56:13GodEaterrvvs89: it's a very edge case indeed
12:56:14JaykayGodEater: i'll report a bug instead, ok? :)
12:56:16AlexPShould we make Rockbox behave exactly like Windows by that reasoning?
12:56:20kugelAlexP: I think it's fine to document behavior if it's not clear to everyone
12:56:22AlexPJaykay: It isn't a bug
12:56:30AlexPkugel: I agree to an extent
12:56:30GodEaterJaykay: no, if you want the manual change, then write the change.
12:56:48AlexPkugel: I'm just saying that we can't go down that road ad infinitum
12:57:10JaykayGodEater: if i find a bug, i'll report a bug. if it's not a bug, i won't
12:57:11kugelthat would require questionable behavior everywhere
12:57:22AlexPkugel: There are always things that aren't clear to everyone, and it is a trade off between listing them and having something readable
12:57:31AlexPkugel: Yes, which there is (to someone)
12:57:45kugelI don't think so
12:58:03AlexPTry and follow the logical argument
12:58:09kugelanyway, I think this specific bit should be documented
12:58:51GodEaterWe can cover it pretty easily : Rockbox tries to be POSIX compliant. For what this means, please refer to the POSIX standards.
12:59:05*kugel didn't know that
12:59:06 Join zMastaa [0] (
12:59:29GodEater(caveat: where it makes sense for a DAP OS to be POSIX compliant at all)
12:59:37AlexPJaykay: Incidently, a patch here would be a piece of piss
12:59:53GodEaterAlexP: assuming you can think of a good way to write it.
13:00:22JaykayAlexP: i don't understand what you mean
13:01:05AlexPJaykay: Find where delete in the context menu is described then have \note{If the file that you have just deleted is currently buffered in the dap memmory, then it will not be removed and will still play. It has however been deleted from disk.}
13:01:15AlexPJaykay: piece of piss = trivially easy
13:01:31Jaykayah, ok
13:01:39*kugel would word it differently
13:01:47AlexPkugel: well, whatever
13:02:09AlexPkugel: That was an example off the top of my head. Feel free to do it - you are the one that thinks it should be documented, not me
13:02:44Jaykaymay i report it as a bug with a patch? because bugs get closed faster than patches :)
13:03:20AlexPIf you have a patch, it is a patch :)
13:11:37JaykayAlexP: but it's also a bug with a fix :D well, ok, i'll maybe do it later
13:12:08 Join Horschti [0] (n=Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
13:14:35 Quit Xerion (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:16:26AlexPJaykay: It is just the wording that is a bit tricky - you need to find something concise
13:16:55Jaykayso, as the devs expect different things as the users, is it expected that a deleted file plays up to a certain point, then stops (i think at the point where it stopped buffering) and that it's not possible to start any track after this?
13:17:17AlexPFirst bit yes, second bit no
13:17:23*Jaykay thinks that just skipping a track which gut deleted would be much easier :D
13:17:34AlexPWhat do you mean by not possible to start a track?
13:17:43AlexPYou click on it and nothing happens?
13:17:48AlexPIf so, then that is a bug
13:17:49Jaykaythe wps shows, but the track doesn't play
13:17:58AlexPThat does sound like a bug to me
13:18:09AlexPDoes the deleted file have to be semi-buffered?
13:18:28AlexPi.e. if it is all buffered and it completes, then everything is fine
13:18:31JaykayAlexP: what would be the alternative?
13:18:42Jaykayerm, wait
13:18:42 Quit Horscht (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:19:29Jaykay...that would be normal playback... why should this happen? but i'll test it
13:19:43Jaykayand shutting down needs ~15s after this
13:20:00AlexPNo, I mean that if you deleted a file that was fully buffered then you can start new tracks as normal
13:20:19Jaykayaaah, ok, wait
13:20:20AlexPi.e. the bug only appears when the system tries to buffer the remaining part of a file that is no longer there
13:21:15Jaykayhow big is the buffer on a e200?
13:21:41AlexPv1 is 32 MB, so ~£) MB ish I'd guess
13:21:46AlexPer, ~30
13:22:06Jaykayok, thanks
13:23:24Jaykayis the already played part of a track immidiately deleted from the buffer?
13:24:22Jaykaywhen is it deleted? on rebuffering?
13:24:42kugelit's overwritten by the next rebuffer. and in some cases the old buffer is used when skipping backwards
13:26:53 Join arohtar [0] (n=faemir@
13:28:01 Quit arohtar (Client Quit)
13:28:21 Join arohtar [0] (n=faemir@
13:29:11 Quit faemir (Nick collision from services.)
13:29:14 Nick arohtar is now known as faemir (n=faemir@
13:30:06 Join sampattuzzi [0] (
13:30:36sampattuzziI'm getting compile errors with rockbox. It's the first time I try compiling and I'm not sure what is wrong,
13:32:00sampattuzziCould anybody please tell me what dependencies I'm missing (if any)?
13:32:57JaykayAlexP: if the deleted file was fully buffered, playback continues as normal.
13:51:45 Join FlynDice [0] (n=FlynDice@
13:53:30 Quit BHSPitLappy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:09:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:09:28 Join Grahack [0] (
14:09:44 Quit zMastaa (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:09:59 Join zMastaa [0] (
14:22:55 Quit pixelma (
14:22:55 Quit ps-auxw (
14:22:55 Quit parafin (
14:22:55 Quit bzed (
14:24:18NJoinparafin [0] (
14:24:18NJoinps-auxw [0] (
14:24:18NJoinbzed [0] (
14:24:18NJoinpixelma [0] (i=quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
14:30:24 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
14:38:14 Quit zMastaa (Remote closed the connection)
14:38:27 Join zMastaa [0] (
14:40:33 Quit einhirn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:52:22 Quit n1s (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:53:17 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
14:56:28 Quit stoffel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:59:21 Nick dys` is now known as dys (
15:00:02ZincAlloyhi everybody. somebody put my Slick-Bushfire theme onto the h300 theme site, although its license is not compatible with CC-BY-SA. could somebody take it off, please?
15:03:04JaykayZincAlloy: don't you want to relicense it?
15:04:03ZincAlloyI can't. The background image is licensed cc-by-nc
15:07:49 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
15:09:12AlexPZincAlloy: Will do
15:09:31ZincAlloyAlexP: thanks a lot!
15:10:46AlexPZincAlloy: Could you PM me your e-mail address? Just to double check it with the submission one :)
15:16:04 Quit zMastaa (Remote closed the connection)
15:16:18 Join zMastaa [0] (
15:16:29 Quit kugel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:17:36AlexPZincAlloy: Sorry, I misunderstood - I see now he has taken your -NC theme and put it on there
15:18:19ZincAlloyarbox widgets and hazzard have the same issue
15:18:36AlexPOK, Slick-Bushfire has gone, I'll remove those others too
15:18:56 Join DerPapst [0] (
15:18:57ZincAlloyand free state as well
15:20:45AlexPOK, they are all gone
15:20:52ZincAlloythanks a lot
15:21:03AlexPNo worries, we want to respect licences :)
15:21:24AlexPHe has submitted loads though, I bet there are similar issues for other targets
15:22:33ZincAlloythere are some far worse issues on the theme gallery..
15:23:16ZincAlloylike itunes 0.1 for e200
15:24:10AlexPcan you arbitrarily relicence gpl to CC-SA-BY ?
15:24:55GodEatersampattuzzi: can you post the output of running configure as well?
15:30:20 Quit ZincAlloy ("CGI:IRC")
15:30:24 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
15:33:03 Quit Sajber^ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:39:09 Join GeekShadow [0] (n=Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
15:45:14 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
15:53:51n1samiconn: that xor variant of bitrev is indeed ~0.5% faster on pp
15:54:12n1seh vorbis decoding is 0.5% faster
15:56:34n1s... for medium bitrates, and about 1% on higher bitrates so worth it imo
15:57:40 Join StealthyXIIGer [0] (n=stealthy@
16:01:47sampattuzziGodEater: ^^
16:02:05 Quit ZincAlloy ("CGI:IRC")
16:04:09sampattuzziAlexP: depends on if you hold the copyright
16:04:19sampattuzziin which case you do whatever you like
16:05:36AlexPsampattuzzi: Clearly, but in this case they don't
16:06:37AlexPShould we not just close FS #10872 and be done with it? It scraps anything other than latin alphabet left to right text so is never going to go in
16:07:15Llorean AlexP: Does it _actually_ scrap their ability to be used, or does he just think it does?
16:07:30AlexPLlorean: I'm just going on what he said
16:07:32LloreanI haven't tried it, but I'm having a hard time understanding from his descriptions what exactly he's doing that would make RTL impossible.
16:08:15LloreanIs it that it would make other font use impossible as a whole?
16:08:27GodEatersampattuzzi: that's very odd output you're getting there from your compile attempt
16:08:31GodEaterconfigure looks like it worked fine
16:08:36 Join kugel [0] (n=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
16:08:43sampattuzziGodEater, seemed that way to me too
16:08:55GodEatersampattuzzi: which platform are you building on?
16:09:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:11:32sampattuzziGodEater, Ubuntu
16:11:55GodEaterand you say this is the first time you've ever tried building rockbox?
16:13:06sampattuzziyes but I built the UI testing build
16:13:21*GodEater has no idea what that means
16:13:35sampattuzzithe simulator
16:13:40GodEaterah right
16:13:43GodEaterin the same directory
16:14:30sampattuzziGodEater, nope, don't think so
16:15:00GodEaterand ran ok?
16:15:16sampattuzziI might try running that again
16:15:43sampattuzziI'm pretty sure it worked first time though
16:16:11gevaertsthis doesn't look like a failure
16:16:32gevaertswhich files do you have in build-dir?
16:17:05sampattuzziapps autoconf.h firmware make.dep Makefile
16:17:37gevaertstry removing them all and then start again
16:19:08sampattuzziIt's getting further now
16:19:19sampattuzzithanks GodEater and gevaerts
16:19:31GodEateryou're welcome
16:21:37amiconnn1s: C or asm?
16:25:56*amiconn thinks that asm allows some further shifter trickery that gcc certainly won't do
16:26:13n1samiconn: pure C for armv4 i did two lines on inline asm, one for coldfire, and one for armv6
16:26:43n1ssince gcc messes up badly for coldfire and just misses the rev instruction on armv6
16:28:39n1samiconn: oh?
16:32:10 Quit StealthyXIIGer (Connection timed out)
16:38:43 Join jon-kha [0] (
16:43:55 Quit elcan (SendQ exceeded)
16:45:45 Quit rphillips ("reboot")
16:53:43 Quit n1s ("Lämnar")
16:53:57 Join n1s [0] (n=n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
16:54:51n1samiconn: this is wat i came up with a small speedup on coldfire too, no real difference on the beast
16:55:37 Join liar [0] (n=liar@
17:01:06*amiconn wonders what that compiles to on arm
17:02:08 Quit kugel (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:10:02 Join rphillips [0] (
17:15:45 Join Sajber^ [0] (
17:17:02 Join ifonefox [0] (
17:18:46 Quit ifonefox (Remote closed the connection)
17:20:28n1samiconn: this when compiling with O2 for arm7tdmi
17:22:03n1sinteresting thing is that m68k-gcc only goes mad when specifying a coldfire target, when compiling for a regular m68k it just generates the swap directly
17:25:21 Join Xerion [0] (
17:27:39 Join pamaury [0] (
17:30:48n1si guess i should test a new gcc and report a bug if this is still done
17:35:34 Quit Jaykay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:47:46 Join Jaykay [0] (
17:58:48 Join stoffel [0] (
18:00:37 Join b1uebrother [0] (n=dom@
18:02:08 Quit Xerion (" ")
18:08:26 Join jae [0] (
18:09:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:12:56jaeHmmm... I'm on Win7 and, trying to update my Fuze, get "Target mismatch detected. Installed target: sansafuze, selected target: Sansa Fuze (Unstable)"
18:13:59jaeIs that due to a more recent change, or due to using autodetection (which didn't work back on WinXP, but that was pre-24000 ;-)?
18:15:36bertrikjae, there have been some target renames recently indeed, this could explain your problem, but I'm not completely sure
18:15:45jaeInstalled version is r23894 :D
18:16:03*jae goes and checks SVN logs
18:16:47 Join AaronM [0] (
18:17:39jaeAnyone got an idea why I can't switch machines with synergy when rbutilqt is up (Win7)?
18:19:02 Quit petur ("work->home")
18:19:08CIA-6New commit by bluebrother (r24101): Rename player sections to match the platform section. ...
18:20:13 Join toffe82 [0] (
18:20:32b1uebrotherjae: yes, that's caused by target renames. The next version of Rockbox Utility will be adjusted to that
18:20:58 Join merbanan [0] (
18:21:10b1uebrothersynergy as in
18:21:55jaeYes, as in that
18:23:57b1uebrotherno idea what's the problem, but I might give it a try some time later.
18:24:27*b1uebrother wonders if it would be possible to try that using a vm
18:25:25jaerbutilqt doesn't have to be visible, just has to have input focus
18:26:18b1uebrotherdoes that issue also appear on wxp?
18:26:44jaeHaven't noticed it there (so probably didn't), but not sure, will check later
18:26:57 Quit Hillshum (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:38:55*jae is really weird...
18:39:21jaeApparently, since setting a different cache directory doesn't work...
18:40:29jaeI get a "Mountpoint does not exist"... even though I did create the directory (okay, externally, since the selection dialog doesn't (for some reason) have "Create directory" option)
18:41:24gevaertswhat would be the point of creating a mount point from within rbutil?
18:42:03sampattuzziI'm trying to pinpoint which revision a bug occurs in for better debugging. Is there a faster way of compiling or some tips for doing this?
18:42:09jaeHmm, news to me that Win7 has mount points...
18:43:56jaegevaerts: so how *do* you change the cache path? Or: what do I miss?
18:44:27gevaertssampattuzzi: ccache can help a lot. Also, if you're looking for a bug in the core (i.e. not a codec or plugin thing), just "make bin" will be enough (codecs or plugins might then not work properly though). Also, are you doing a binary search over revisions? Going back one by one is slow
18:45:12gevaertsjae: hm, sorry. I probably misunderstood what you were seeing. The cache selecting dialog could indeed use a create option
18:45:38sampattuzzigevaerts, I'm trying some revisions I think might have caused it first then I will do binary search.
18:45:50 Join bluebroth3r [0] (n=dom@
18:46:00 Join Xerion [0] (
18:46:10gevaertsthat seems sensible enough
18:47:17bluebroth3rjae: you have problems with mountpoint or cache path?
18:48:44sampattuzzigevaerts, how do I know which revision was the official release?
18:49:13jaebluebroth3r: Cache path... trying to set it gets me the mountpoint message (OS is Win7 x64)
18:49:49gevaertssampattuzzi: the official releases are on a different branch, so if you're just looking at trunk you won't get those anyway
18:49:49jaeHunting a daily build of rbutil to check, my installed version is 1.2.3 (r22749)
18:49:58bluebroth3rhmm. Maybe there's something up with 64bit? There have also been reports in the proxy settings not working correctly on 64bit linux
18:50:07sampattuzzigevaerts, ok thanks
18:50:15bluebroth3rjae: there are no daily builds of Rockbox Utility
18:50:30gevaertssampattuzzi: apart from that, 3.4 branched at r22748
18:50:39jaebluebroth3r: I feared as much ;)
18:50:56bluebroth3rthere's an svn build from some days back here:
18:51:49 Quit b1uebrother (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:53:29jaeThanks... oops, gone
18:53:44gevaertshe's not :)
18:53:58jaeInteresting message "Your configuration is invalid. This is most likely due to a change device path."
18:54:15jaeSounds to me like it really doesn't like that path to change at all ;)
18:54:44 Quit sampattuzzi ("Ex-Chat")
18:54:48jaeOh, yeah, that was another brother :D
18:55:28bluebroth3ryeah, I'm split personality ;-)
18:55:40 Quit HBK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:56:36jaeOkay, reporting bug... as it doesn't even let me set the *previous* default.
18:57:16jae(Which was "Users\jae\AppData\Local\Temp"... it complains with that mountpoint nonsense)
18:58:02bluebroth3rI guessed you checked the mountpoint? It also needs to be writeable.
18:58:49bluebroth3rcan you post the system trace (from About / Troubleshoot / System Trace) somewhere?
18:59:45jaeOh, and despite the error message, it seems to actually take the value anyway
18:59:57jaeLemme try to download a theme or five
19:02:50jaeGets weirder... I *do* have data in the previously empty directory... (AppData\Local\Rockbox, new dir rbutil-cache, some hex-named file that could be the compressed theme I "tried" to d/l)
19:03:21jaeBut it *did* complain with "Mount point is wrong!"
19:05:06jaeGood thing I haven't yet logged a PR
19:05:26CIA-6New commit by nls (r24102): Improved bitrev with approach suggested by Jens Arnold, gives 0.5%-1% speedup for tremor decoding on sansa c200 (PP) and a tiny speedup on coldfire as ...
19:05:32jaeProblem was... the messages
19:06:12jaeI didn't expect the config to not work when the player isn't connected. Which it wasn't.
19:06:42jaeAnd the theme installer error... well, "Mount point is wrong" is just wrong if the player isn't connected at all
19:07:02jaeIt should better say "Mount point is wrong or player isn't connected"
19:07:14bluebroth3rwell, if the player is not connected then the drive letter assigned to the player doesn't exist. Which makes the mountpoint invalid :)
19:07:37jaeOr reversed order if the player *had* been connected in the past
19:08:04jaebluebroth3r: are you, by any chance, a mathematician? (CS student works just as well... ;)
19:08:47bluebroth3rthe main problem is that the user can enter anything into the mountpoint input box. I'd really like to move that to some "experts" view, but for that to work the autodetection has to get more reliable. Which it currently isn't ...
19:09:24bluebroth3rjae: no, I've studied electrical engineering
19:09:44 Join StealthyXIIGer [0] (n=stealthy@
19:10:24Lloreanjae: How can there be a right mount point if the player isn't connected?
19:10:47LloreanOr rather, how can "mount point is wrong" be incorrect if the mount point *is* wrong?
19:11:24jaeBut it wasn't...
19:11:30LloreanIt was.
19:11:47jaeWell, we can split hairs over that bit of semantics all night long. Not that it would have any beneficial effect...
19:11:51LloreanHow can you have the correct mount point for a player that's not mounted?
19:12:42bluebroth3rjae: well, I agree that the error message could be better, but as soon as you disconnect a removeable drive it doesn't have a drive letter assigned anymore, and there is no guarantee that reconnecting it again will yield it getting the same drive letter
19:13:00bluebroth3rthe same is true for mountpoints on linux and OS X.
19:13:19bluebroth3rso in this case we need to consider the mountpoint as wrong. We simply can't rely on the OS here.
19:13:31jaebluebroth3r: that bit with that changing path/driveletter is true
19:13:37 Join Casainho [0] (n=chatzill@
19:14:05LloreanI'm confused though. Why were you pointing it at a device that wasn't connected and expecting it to work?
19:14:08jaeI fought (successfully) with udev this last week to get it assign a persistent /dev to the fuze
19:14:31jae(complicated a bit by the external microSD being an additional drive...)
19:14:46jaeLlorean: I wasn't at any one time
19:14:59bluebroth3rso, displaying something like "Mountpoint wrong. Check if the player is connected and is mounted / assigned a drive letter" might be an idea.
19:15:06Lloreanjae: "(12:06:08 PM) jae: I didn't expect the config to not work when the player isn't connected. Which it wasn't."
19:15:24jae"the config" == "the configuration dialog"
19:15:41LloreanDoesn't that include pointing it to the player?
19:15:45bluebroth3rcompletely detecting the player upon startup would be really nice and completely "fix" such issues, but autodetection still isn't good enough.
19:15:53jaeI was changing the cache path, and got a weird error that had (apparently) nothing to do with what I changed
19:16:28jaeIt does include it, yes... and since it's one dialog with one OK button, it has to check the whole config when this is clicked
19:16:42jaeI've realized that by now
19:16:49 Join Hillshum [0] (
19:16:50bluebroth3rno, it does not. The problem is that when clicking "ok" all values are checked, and apparently some other value became invalid ;-)
19:17:10Lloreanbluebroth3r: That is a problem. The rbutil settings shouldn't be impossible to change without a device attached
19:17:22*bluebroth3r really needs to find time to work on autodetection ... and the GUI ... and the configuration ... :o
19:17:42jaeThey aren't... it did accept the cache path change, it just threw a (seemingly) weird error
19:17:47bluebroth3rLlorean: well, when should those values get checked instead?
19:18:14Lloreanbluebroth3r: Only when values on that tab are changed, or when you attempt to start an install?
19:18:17jaeIf it could/can detect which values were *changed*... and only check those?
19:19:14bluebroth3rLlorean: well, that only defers the error. I'd prefer to give it as soon as possible. I've already thought about something like done for the TTS configuration −− display a hint inline if the value is incorrect.
19:20:03Lloreanbluebroth3r: The problem is that it interferes with other configuration. Maybe give the error as soon as RBUtil is launched? Something like "rbutil requires an attached player to use. The previous player configuration appears to no longer be valid."?
19:20:11bluebroth3rso the values that are still the defaults (like on first startup no player selection) won't get checked ever.
19:20:18LloreanThat way people don't try to use it without a player attached.
19:20:50bluebroth3rLlorean: we already give such an error on startup, it just doesn't tell anything about a connected player.
19:21:03LloreanMaybe change the message then.
19:22:05bluebroth3r"Your configuration is invalid. This is most likely due to a changed device path. The configuration dialog will now open to allow you to correct the problem."
19:22:13bluebroth3rI don't see anything that could be unclear here.
19:22:21pamauryIs there someone here that has free time to test a plugin I wrote to check that open is buggy due to a dircache bug ?
19:22:32bluebroth3rthis message also appears if the configuration is missing
19:22:38jaeDang. Thought those cache files would be usable, but it appears they aren't
19:22:54bluebroth3rjae: they are :)
19:23:16bluebroth3rthe cache files are the files as downloaded, with the md5sum of the URL as filename.
19:24:18jaeBut since they
19:24:31bluebroth3rsvn creates a file cache.txt with the mappings
19:24:56bluebroth3rbut that feature isn't included in the latest release.
19:25:20jaeBut since they're w/o endings, they're just binary blobs to Windows.
19:25:27jaeWhere's that cache.txt?
19:26:09jaeOr do you mean the svn version of rbutil?
19:26:21bluebroth3ryes, the svn version of rbutil.
19:27:16bluebroth3rit was added after the last rbutil release.
19:29:15bluebroth3rhmm, rbutilqt.php returning links to download.php instead of the files makes the rbutil download dialog show up a very weird filename :/
19:30:58jaeAnd another one: your SVN build gives me "No themes available for the selected target"
19:31:23jaeWhile 1.2.3 does give me themes.
19:32:18bluebroth3ryes, that's a known issue. Also caused by the target renames.
19:35:48jaeWould be nice if the themes dialog didn't quit after every install... yes, multi-select is possible, but not that simple to use
19:35:52 Join pixelma_ [0] (i=quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
19:35:52 Quit pixelma (Nick collision from services.)
19:35:59 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
19:36:02 Join amiconn_ [0] (i=quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:36:07 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (i=quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
19:36:21 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (i=quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
19:36:22 Quit dfkt ("-= SysReset 2.53=- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.")
19:38:40 Join Strife89 [0] (
19:38:50bertrikI just built a clip-build from svn but with compiler option -Os and the resulting build works but menu items miss their first character
19:39:04bertrikIdeally, the optimisation level should only affect the speed, right?
19:39:45jaeIdeally, yes ;)
19:43:32*bluebroth3r bbl
19:43:34 Quit bluebroth3r ("leaving")
19:55:34pamauryUp: Is there someone here that has free time to test a plugin I wrote to check that open is buggy due to a dircache bug ?
20:00:33jaeCan someone point me to how to disable that stupid Sansa-side database refresh? I know I've seen it before, but for the life of me, I can't find the info anymore.
20:01:59bertrikI think it's in the SansaFAQ wiki page or something like that
20:04:02 Quit toffe82 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:06:01jaeOuch. Thanks, yes, that's it... and I'm stupid.
20:06:44n1sbertrik: speed and size but yeah ;P
20:06:51jaeOr maybe it isn't? Doesn one of these work for the Fuze?
20:08:00jaen1s: <nitpick>speed and/or size</nitpick>
20:08:41n1sjae: it will *very* rarely only affect one of them
20:09:30jaeNot *another* hair-splitting session please! ;-)
20:09:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:10:15n1si though that's what we're here for :)
20:10:20*jae does nitpick, but he doesn't split hairs ;)
20:10:43 Join kugel [0] (n=kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:10:45bertrikActually it seems that the icon overwrites the first character. if I disable icons, it looks OK. If I enable a pointer-selector, the text does shift 1 icon-position to the right
20:12:26 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (n=BHSPitLa@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
20:16:06sagemfreak_liar: is there any new progress on the ipod nano 2g flash problem?
20:17:01sagemfreak_(ive used your patch successfully yesterday - but ive noticed that it is under strong discussion)
20:19:23 Join toffe82 [0] (
20:22:26amiconnn1s: How inefficient...
20:22:36liarsagemfreak_: TheSeven said he is going to commit it, but he wants to see some test results
20:23:53 Part watto
20:27:55 Join HBK [0] (
20:29:52sagemfreak_liar: do you have some testbenches to prove the reliability of the patch (which i can run)?
20:30:17 Join Martin9988 [0] (n=xojolito@
20:31:59 Part Martin9988
20:40:33 Quit flydutch ("/* empty */")
20:43:25amiconnn1s: That's 27 instructions (excluding the bx lr) if I counted correctly. I can shorten this to 18 instructions.
20:43:45 Quit GeekShadow (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:44:02amiconn(15 for ARMv6)
20:44:13 Join GeekShadow [0] (n=Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
20:45:27amiconnn1s: What do you think: (untested, but should work)?
20:47:44 Quit stoffel (Remote closed the connection)
20:48:40liarsagemfreak_: if one of the patches in FS #10775(especially the last one) fails for you then it is unreliable
20:49:18sagemfreak_liar: :-) then i will watch for any errors
20:49:58sagemfreak_btw - who has experience with the usb subsystem?
20:50:07gevaertswhich bits?
20:50:37liarsagemfreak_: usb isnt working for you too?
20:51:10sagemfreak_nand writing / reading is working since ive applied the patch
20:51:39sagemfreak_the ipod is detected (when i disable hid)
20:51:44sagemfreak_and i can write onto the ipod but
20:52:03gevaertswhat OS are you using?
20:52:07sagemfreak_after restart, the ipod is broken and itunes is needed (everything is wiped)
20:52:14sagemfreak_ubuntu 9.10 and 8.10
20:52:36sagemfreak_havent tested windows yet
20:53:38sagemfreak_but before restart everything looks fine (i can browse files and so on) - maybe the partiton information is wiped?
20:54:19gevaertsOK. That means that hid not working is not because of an OS bug (some OSX versions can't handle it, as well as windows 2000 apparently)
20:54:21liarsagemfreak_: i have seen that too but that should be fixed with my patch
20:54:40liarsagemfreak_: hid isnt working for me too
20:55:34 Quit dys (Remote closed the connection)
20:55:47liarwithout my patch the first sector of the flash gets zeroed
20:56:07sagemfreak_ive applied this patch:
20:56:25liarsagemfreak_: and usb with hid disabled still fails?
20:56:39sagemfreak_after patching it was possible to run plugins and browse files (was not possible before)
20:57:33 Join dfkt [0] (i=dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:57:54sagemfreak_yes still fails (patch from Sunday, 20 December 2009, 22:25 GMT+1 )
20:58:43sagemfreak_is Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 00:19 GMT+1 signifficant different?
20:59:03liarsagemfreak_: no
20:59:32sagemfreak_yesterday i had 3 devices here
21:00:12sagemfreak_2 of them can browse/start plugins without the patch and the third is needing the patch
21:00:25sagemfreak_but all devices crash after usb write
21:05:32CIA-6New commit by alle (r24103): Improve typesetting and fix a typo
21:08:33liarsagemfreak_: does not happen on mine
21:08:39liarsagemfreak_: could you try Friday, 13 November 2009, 00:00 GMT+1
21:09:17sagemfreak_liar: which type do you use? ive used 2 8gb models.
21:09:52liarsagemfreak_: 8gb
21:10:01liarsagemfreak_: it seems like only 8GB models have this problems
21:10:39sagemfreak_liar: i think so too - yesterday ive only tested 8gb models.
21:11:12sagemfreak_liar: but i own a 4gb model too. first of all i will test the 4gb model with the current patch
21:12:44sagemfreak_liar: how much bytes have to be saved for backup purposes (with dd)?
21:14:44liarsagemfreak_: i think only the first sector needs to be backed up, but i am not sure if it delets other sectors too
21:16:56sagemfreak_liar: ok - i will copy all contents using the apple file tranfer mode. the 8gb is prepared for christmas :-)
21:17:23sagemfreak_liar: so this night is the last night i will have my hands on it :-)
21:20:01bertriksagemfreak_, liar, I think theseven was also quite interested in being able to distinguish between players that have different NAND behaviour
21:21:17liarsagemfreak_: can you check the return value of nand_get_chip_type?
21:21:55liar(on the nano where NAND reading/writing fails)
21:22:01sagemfreak_liar: how?
21:22:37liarsagemfreak_: you have a build system installed?
21:25:04pamaurygevaerts: have you got a player and time to check something ?
21:25:25gevaertspamaury: yes. Does it matter which player?
21:27:05amiconnn1s: Better order (avoiding all unnecessary duplication):
21:27:22sagemfreak_liar: yes
21:27:32pamauryI don't think so, it has to do with dircache. I suspect open is buggy when it uses dircache. In fact, I suspect (from the code) that dircache_get_entry is buggy or too weird. I have coded a plugin which does some tests and print the results in the log. See
21:28:45pamaurygevaerts: I think that with dircache, opening a directory opens the first file within the directory instead of failing. If you can, try it with and without dirache.
21:30:57*gevaerts compiles
21:31:06liarsagemfreak_: put a splashf(200,"%8x",result); before the return in firmware/target/arm/s5l8700/ipodnano2g/nand-nano2g.c in nand_get_chip_type
21:31:44n1samiconn: looks very nice and should be faster on arm7tdmi i am sure, iiuc there are quite a few stalls in that for arm 11 so it would be interesting to benchmark, have you done so?
21:32:15n1si'll do that then
21:32:39n1si guess the gain from inlining would be very small
21:32:40amiconnThere are essentially two tricks vs. what gcc does
21:33:12amiconn(1) The constants are derived from their predecessors, that takes just *one* eor per stage
21:33:49amiconn(2) The and/eor/orr sequence pre-shifts (and corrects that for eor), saving an extra mov just for shifting
21:34:09n1svery clever indeed :)
21:34:54amiconnThe byte-swap constant isn't necessary for byte swapping on armv6, but it is used to compute the nibble-swap constant. That's 3 instructions in total - same as if I would construct the nibble constant directly
21:36:01n1samiconn: i noticed that gcc doesn't construct these constants when compiling for arm11, it just ldr's them
21:36:33amiconnThen it might make sense to do the same here
21:37:22 Join dys [0] (
21:38:09Unhelpfulhow many cycles is LDR on older arm? arm11 has a *lot* of one-cycle instructions (but with >1cycle result latencies)
21:38:27amiconn3 cycles on ARM7TDMI iirc
21:38:43kugelamiconn: would reordering help pipelining a bit on that paste?
21:40:01kugelprobably not
21:40:03Unhelpfulamiconn: and that's throughput? it makes more sense to construct constants in that case, if they can be formed from 3 valid immediates with add/subtract etc...
21:41:23 Quit bmbl ("Bye!")
21:41:41Unhelpfuln1s: a constructed constant on arm11 takes as many cycles as it takes instructions... ldr takes only one cycle, *provided* there are other instructions that can be scheduled during the result delay. that would be why the behavior changes on arm11 :)
21:42:02n1smakes sense :)
21:43:14pamaurygevaerts: still alive or did my plugin successfully blow up you dap ;)
21:43:16Unhelpfulit can make arm11 much faster, but also a bit more difficult to work on as you must be careful about not just execution times, but also result latencies, and early and late operands
21:45:20 Quit Jaykay (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:46:27 Join froggyman [0] (
21:48:43gevaertspamaury: still alive, doing three things at the same time :)
21:49:50amiconnARM11 will need 6 cycles for each 4-insn sequence in this code whereas ARM7 will only need 4
21:50:25 Join relentless [0] (
21:50:32amiconnThat is because Rm is an early reg when using fixed shifts
21:50:40n1samiconn: yeah, it needs an register that is shifted in one instr as an "early reg"
21:50:51relentlessIs there a way in the config file that I can make it auto maticly go to shuffle?
21:51:01relentlessI broke my screen, so I cant see what I am picking..
21:51:20amiconnThere is no useful reordering possible. Perhaps the more "classic" sequence is better on ARMv6 then
21:51:35amiconn(can still profit from constant deriving)
21:51:41bertrikrelentless, you could put a set of voice files on the player so hear what you're doing
21:51:58relentlessOk, but I cant turn it on
21:52:20bertrikIIRC, voice is on by default, you just need to put the voice files on it
21:52:30relentlessI will try that
21:53:34Unhelpfulamiconn: you're referring to this?
21:55:17gevaertspamaury: without dircache, "something is wrong", with dircache "open is buggy"
21:55:34pamauryOk, I get the same. So open is buggy
21:55:37n1samiconn: your code seems correct as it gives the same crc as the c code but it's a little slower than when using the inlined c function so i guess i'll try to convert this to inline asm...
21:55:52n1son c200 that is
21:56:31pamaurygevaerts: is there a dircache expert or nobody has touched this piece of code for ages ?
21:57:37gevaertspamaury: you are ;)
21:57:43relentlessok, I went to download the voice files and it 404'd
21:58:30Unhelpfulpamaury: Slasheri is the *cache guru. i think you may already know more than anybody save him :P
21:58:53pamaurygevaerts: crap, I'll have to modify dircahe to fix this, but this is all due to the weird behaviour of dircache_get_entry.
21:59:21*gevaerts is trying to understand the test code
21:59:29*bertrik fixed the problem with list text being overwritten by list icons with -O3 but doesn't really understand the fix yet
21:59:37bertrik-Os I mean
21:59:43 Quit topik ("Changing server")
21:59:56pamaurygevaerts: the only interested part is the test_open. The rest is administration
21:59:59kugelbertrik: can I see the diff?
22:00:36gevaertspamaury: didn't you swap the "This is normal" and "Hum, something is wrong (2)" strings?
22:00:45amiconnn1s: Optimised for ARMv6 (no stall in the logic sequence, and ldr'd first constant):
22:01:14gevaertsApart from that I think it looks like you're right
22:01:42n1samiconn: cool, seems we'll have to do inline asm to beat the c function unfortunately :/
22:01:54bertrikkugel, see , moving the const int icon_width seems to fixs the problem
22:02:23 Join Sajber^1 [0] (
22:02:25kugelpamaury: a (possibly very) related question, how does dircache handle opening files which don't exist?
22:02:43pamaurygevaerts: no, This is normal if open fails to open a directory (iirc) but if it manages to open it (due to dircache bug) then it should read the text in the file !!
22:02:48 Join topik [0] (
22:03:00kugeli.e. is it possible that the file is still cached even if it has been removed? and what happens in that case?
22:03:13gevaertspamaury: ah, right. So the normal open is also wrong...
22:03:19pamaurykugel: as far as i have read the code, not very well.
22:04:06 Nick topik is now known as sark (
22:04:09 Nick sark is now known as topik (
22:04:25kugelthere's this bug that deleting a file while playing it confuses buffering. I haven't looked at the buffering code, but assuming it checks the return of open() properly, I suspect dircache on fault
22:04:49pamaurykugel: I have tried to break the code this afternoon and there are several cases where I think I could manage to delete/rename a file and make the cache inconsistent
22:04:56amiconnThere's a simple solution for testing that theory - run with dircache disabled
22:07:02pamauryThe bug I showed here is due to the fact that opening a directory with dircache will return a handle to the first file in the directory and not to the directory itself but there also are some weird behaviours when a file doesn't exist
22:09:32*Unhelpful glares at kugel and says something that might actually be rockbox-related :P
22:09:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:09:53*gevaerts doesn't understand why open() without dircache doesn't fail on a directory
22:10:10gevaertsoh, wait
22:10:48gevaertsWhy is open() allowed on directories if it's read-only?
22:10:56pamauryPerhaps open manages to open the directory but can't read anything
22:11:24Unhelpfulamiconn: you can get error on the order of 2^-7 on log2 with two 32x16->[47:16] and one 32x32->top32 multiply. this is fairly efficient on armv6 but i thought might be possible to to quickly on coldfire as well
22:11:44gevaertsexactly. What's opening a directory supposed to achieve anyway?
22:12:30pamauryNothing but it is allowed. But in linux there's a O_DIRECTORY option to fail if the path is not to a directory !
22:12:44pamauryPerhaps to do some fcntl on it ?
22:12:54gevaertsmaybe on POSIX, but on rockbox?
22:13:01pamauryAh, nothing :)
22:13:18pamauryIt shouldn't be allowed I guess, or only to check existence
22:13:35pamauryBut there's opendir to do it
22:13:41gevaertsThe commit message says "You can't open() a directory as a file (at least not for writing)"
22:13:49gevaerts(r4359, LinusN)
22:13:56HillshumThat's old
22:14:22pamauryWow, that's ages ago ! What did he changed ?
22:15:02gevaertshe added the protection against opening directories in write mode
22:15:13gevaertsI want to know why...
22:16:15gevaertsor at least why he allowed it for readonly
22:16:41kugelperhaps it would result in undefined breakage with our drivers?
22:16:53pamauryI really think it's to allow open to check the existence of a directory. It could be strange if you can't open something but then opendir it.
22:17:50gevaertsprobably. But what's reading supposed to do in that case?
22:18:59Unhelpfulgevaerts: i propose that reads return "you shouldn't do that."
22:19:05pamauryNothing, but you have to have a mode to open it
22:21:16JdGordonkugel: can you help me get rockbox on my mini2440?
22:21:31gevaertspamaury: if I change your test to RDWR, it works properly both with and without dircache.
22:21:49kugelJdGordon: not sure. bob_c guided me but that's a while back
22:22:02JdGordondid you do it in linux or windows?
22:22:08gevaertsI agree that not reading anything would be cleaner, but is returning the contents of a file really a bug?
22:22:23kugelthe windows tools on the cd didn't work for me
22:22:44 Quit Sajber^ (Connection timed out)
22:23:36pamauryWell yes if you didn't open that file.
22:23:56pamauryWhat would happend if you delete that file ? No open is opened on it so it would be valid.
22:24:38kugelJdGordon: I've used latest openocd (git checkout); it has some syntax changes so the files in the hg repo need a bit of changing
22:25:00JdGordonhave you got the config file that worked?
22:25:12pamauryAnyway, there is something unclear with dircache_get_entry which is the reason of the "bug". And there should be no different behaviour between dircahe and without dircache modes
22:25:19gevaertsI don't know. Either read() should return EISDIR, or the results are undefined I'd say
22:25:23kugelyea, I should have those
22:25:55JdGordoncan you email them please?
22:25:55*gevaerts notices that the test code doesn't check the return value of read()
22:26:05*JdGordon needs to figure out how to build openocd
22:26:34pamaurygevaerts: yes, indeed because the code is bulletprof
22:27:03*n1s fails at converting that asm function to inline asm
22:27:17kugelJdGordon: the packages of your distros might be sufficiently up-to-date
22:27:45kugelalthough I needed to pass 2 options to configure so that jtag-via-parport works
22:29:08 Join Jaykay [0] (
22:29:48JdGordonOpen On-Chip Debugger 0.2.0-in-development (2009-06-30-01:49) svn:r2403
22:30:26kugelwait a few minutes, I'll have a look what version I used
22:30:47kugelthey switched to git at some point though, the svn should be out of date
22:31:48gevaertsuh, can't you access errno from plugins?
22:32:09gevaertsor sprintf?
22:32:28kugeldoes rockbox implement errno?
22:32:34pamaurygevaerts: I don't think errno is accessible from a plugin which is a shame
22:32:46gevaertsit's not a shame, it's a serious bug
22:32:59kugelhm, then I wonder why some (IIRC for example lua) fake errno
22:33:06pamauryThere should be a get_errno function in rb.
22:33:36kugelor a pointer to errno as with current tick, but it doesn't really matter
22:33:58kugel(although I would prefer the getter function way)
22:34:00 Join Jethro85 [0] (
22:38:33 Quit Grahack ("Tu m'as vu ?")
22:39:37gevaertskugel: people will be used to errno as a global
22:40:14JdGordonit could be added as a #define then
22:40:41kugelso #define errno *rb->errno (or rb->get_errno())
22:41:14 Quit Jethro85 (" HydraIRC -> <- Now with extra fish!")
22:41:18pamauryI also prefer this way, errno is a variable in people mind.
22:42:14gevaertson the other hand, via rb-> we can't do better than a pointer anyway
22:42:23bertrikerrno always seemed a hack to me in C
22:42:46kugelto me too
22:42:53JdGordondoes anyone want my clip+ to try getting code running on it?
22:42:57JdGordonits already open
22:43:00kugeland not very thread safe
22:44:29pamauryerrno is clearly a hack but it's better than nothing. The greatest problem is that it's not thread safe
22:45:17pamaury(but it could be made thread safe with some ugly #define)
22:45:58bertrikI think each thread needs its own errno, at least what I remember seeing VxWorks do
22:46:18pamauryVxWorks ?
22:47:47CIA-6New commit by alle (r24104): Describe how 'delete current file' works
22:48:06bertrikpamaury, it's a real-time OS, probably off-topic for #rockbox
22:49:14pamaurySo do we add a errno getter in rb ?
22:49:52 Join syrou [0] (n=aramon@
22:49:52gevaertsI think we should
22:50:03syrouhi all
22:50:04amiconnn1s: You mean like this:
22:50:07gevaertsah, more bugs!
22:50:46pamauryWhy more bugs ?
22:50:51n1samiconn: yes!
22:51:00syroui'm experiencing some weird problem trying to upgrade the drive in my ihp-120 unit. can anybody please help me?
22:51:13n1sobviously my failed attempt is't identical :)
22:51:31CIA-6New commit by gevaerts (r24105): only get the file pointer if fd is actually valid.
22:51:35n1ssyrou: if you describe the problem, maybe we can :)
22:51:47syrouok thanks n1s
22:52:32syroui'm trying to use an mk1231gal drive. have recompiled with the 24105 release and upgraded the boot loader with it
22:53:04syrouhave tried both with or with out the MAX_PHYS_SECTOR_SIZE set to 4096 in the h120 headers
22:53:26syroubut i only get a "no partition found"
22:53:31pamaurygevaerts: I'll add some code about errno tomorrow. I will think about this dircache issue, there is something to be fixed clearly. Did you say that there is no sprintf in rb ?
22:53:57pamaurygevaerts: because there is actually a snprintf
22:54:08gevaertspamaury: exactly. I didn't look properly the first time
22:54:24gevaertsThere's no sprintf, but you don't need it if you have snprintf...
22:54:55syroubeing a 120gb drive i suppose i don't have to activate the LBA48 support
22:55:48kugelGeekShadow: we have sprintf
22:55:50 Join b1uebrother [0] (n=dom@
22:55:53amiconnThe mk1231 doesn't need MAX_PHYS_SECTOR_SIZE afaik
22:55:53kugelgevaerts: ^
22:56:16amiconnWhile using it should work, rockbox will be slower than without it
22:56:16gevaertskugel: not in plugins anyway
22:56:19kugeloh, that was only a test file apparently
22:56:26syrouamiconn: yes, for what i've read it's firmware it's capable of mapping 4096 blocks into 512 ones
22:56:34*kugel didn't know firmware/test/ exists!
22:56:43gevaertsDoes anyone think that will lead to problems? it makes read() and write() fail on directories
22:57:12n1ssyrou: obvious question, is there a regular primary partition on it?
22:57:34syroun1s: yes, there is a 0c FAT32L primary one
22:57:44gevaertsIt should be safe, and things still work, but you never know if there's some weird code that depends on this...
22:58:03syrouand i'm using a very small ZIF to CE-ATA adapter which makes the drive spin
22:58:13pamaurygevaerts: the real question is: what do it returns without this ? Nothing ?
22:58:52n1ssyrou: did you test if the Original Firmware can read it?
22:58:54 Part toffe82
22:59:14b1uebrotherhmm. Are the result codes of ipodpatcher meaningful in any way?
22:59:14bertrikgevaerts, existing code that fails with this, was probably already incorrect, so you're basically just making any possible bugs more visible (which is a good thing IMO)
22:59:25syroun1s: the original firm loads but it shows a single directory with garbled chars. i cannot cd into it
22:59:59n1sthat sounds bad...
23:00:31syroubut with the zif>usb bridge, everything seems to be ok
23:04:14gevaertspamaury: in that case the existing code just reads, but since file->size is 0, it reads zero bytes.
23:04:39gevaertspamaury: so it seems that it's really dircache_get_entry_ptr() that returns the wrong file
23:04:47pamauryOk. Yes
23:05:05pamauryIn reality I traced the bug starting from dircache
23:05:30syrouwhat i'm going to try is to zeroize the whole drive
23:05:36syrouand the repartition it
23:06:08syrouthe drive comes from a transcend mini case, and curiously, it has the apple logo on the hard drive label
23:06:22syroumaybe the apple logo means trouble?
23:08:20gevaertspamaury: I think I see what's wrong
23:08:42*gevaerts isn't sure though
23:09:08pamaurygevaerts: with dircache you mean ?
23:09:19pamaurygevaerts: I know what is wrong
23:09:25gevaertsah, ok :)
23:09:58pamaurygevaerts: It's because its goes through ->down at each iteation whereas it should not at the last one if it's a directory. That's what I believe is the bug
23:10:07pamauryBut's perhaps there's more ;)
23:10:20gevaertsthat's what I think too, but yes, it could be more difficult
23:10:25*bertrik still doesn't know what is wrong with the menu text alignment when compiling with non-standard optimisation level
23:10:59gevaertspamaury: do you object to my EISDIR patch? It would make your test plugin meaningless
23:11:14n1samiconn: gives a speedup of 0.1% for 96kbps going up for higher bitrates to 0.7% for 500kbps on c200 over the version i committed earlier today
23:12:08pamaurygevaerts: I don't object, it's a partial fix but it won't fix the dircache problem. Anyway EISDIR is better than 0 size read
23:12:44pamaurygevaerts: the difficult part with dircache is that this ->down behaviour could be expected in other parts of dircache :(
23:12:50gevaertsIt's not a fix for the dircache issue, true. It's more of a general fix
23:13:08gevaertsand yes, changing dircache without fully understanding it sounds risky...
23:13:26n1samiconn: on the beast it gives "Error: invalid literal constant: pool needs to be closer" though
23:13:39CIA-6New commit by gevaerts (r24106): Make read() and write() return -1/EISDIR on directories
23:14:18pamaurygevaerts: but my test plugin will still fail with dircache: it will read the buggy.txt file
23:14:29gevaertsah, yes
23:15:37gevaertspamaury: regarding your (much?) earlier comment that using sector offsets for file ids breaking on defragmenting : do we care?
23:16:35gevaertsI mean, using dircache indexes will break if the wrong file gets deleted, and so on. There will always be some sort of edge case where whatever scheme you use breaks
23:17:10pamauryYes, the question is: what is best solution ? I think the sector way is quite good
23:18:18gevaertsI think so too. It's simple, it doesn't require much RAM, and it's not as if people defragment every day
23:19:00bertrikthis is about the MTP id?
23:19:03amiconnn1s: Then let gcc do that part:
23:19:38 Quit syrou ()
23:20:16pamaurybertrik: MTP persistent unique object id, a stupid object property that is needed by windows
23:20:22gevaertspamaury: actually, the cluster offset is probably better. It allows bigger disks
23:20:52pamauryIt's a 128-bit offset, so sector is not a problem :)
23:21:05gevaertsah, ok
23:21:17bertrikis this just some number that just needs to be unique for each file during one session, or does this also need to be persistent in the life time of the DAP?
23:21:28*gevaerts was assuming 32 bit
23:21:37bertrikand does MTP use it as a key to retrieve files?
23:22:28pamaurybertrik: persistent for object life time
23:22:43pamauryMTP doesn't use it AT ALL, it's getter only, totally useless
23:23:15gevaertsbut windows breaks if you don't have it?
23:23:41pamauryYes. That's was my big problem this last days
23:23:58 Join matsl [0] (
23:25:16bertrikpamaury, ok, sector number sounds good to me too in that case, but you're the expert now :)
23:25:54 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:26:08 Join matsl [0] (
23:27:03n1samiconn: yeah, that works nicely, no speed diff on the beast so i'd say go ahead and commit :)
23:27:28amiconnAny speedup on PP?
23:27:46n1s<n1s> amiconn: gives a speedup of 0.1% for 96kbps going up for higher bitrates to 0.7% for 500kbps on c200 over the version i committed earlier today
23:28:05amiconnAlso, did you check whether the armv4 sequence is indeed slower on armv6?
23:28:30n1sno, can do that now
23:28:53 Join evilnick [0] (i=5752157c@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
23:33:09Unhelpfulhrm... potentially useful for things that divide repeatedly by a fixed constant?
23:33:42 Join Omlet [0] (
23:33:51Unhelpfulthe scaler does this, but right now calculates either 1<<24 or 1<<32 / N during setup
23:34:41n1samiconn: doesn't seem to make any difference larger than measuring uncertainty
23:34:45Unhelpfulthe coprime-to-modulus part could be handled by factoring out powers of two from the divisor and storing an amount to shift...
23:36:24GeekShadowkugel, what it means ?
23:37:08kugelGeekShadow: nevermind, bad nick completition
23:37:19GeekShadowoh ok :p
23:37:46GeekShadowit was for gevaerts so ;)
23:37:56GeekShadowyou can ping me to test anything on meizu m3
23:40:38amiconnn1s: Did you check what gcc produces for PP from your C version?
23:42:06n1s<n1s> amiconn: this when compiling with O2 for arm7tdmi
23:42:33amiconnThat's not svn...
23:42:48*flyback wants his own death for xmas, too much bullshit everywhere
23:42:59 Join fdinel [0] (
23:44:52amiconnn1s: An svn build produces this (inlined fragment):
23:46:24n1sah, i just compiled the bitreverse function stand alone, which gives what i pastebinned
23:46:37n1sthat is a bit different
23:47:55n1sit sure spends a lot of instructions to construct the masks
23:48:41 Quit b1uebrother ("leaving")
23:49:14amiconnIt doesn't construct - it directly applies the partial masks
23:50:23n1sright, i'm too tired for this, anyway what is it you want to say by showing this?
23:52:05n1sand what it generated for the original c must have been horrid since that is a lot faster...
23:52:30Unhelpfulwriting C that explicitly constructs masks from the previous mask would probably force it to construct or load the first mask...
23:53:08amiconntrue that
23:53:24amiconnIt might make things slower on coldfire though
23:53:28 Quit matsl (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53:32amiconnOr mips (which I cannot test)
23:53:43 Join matsl [0] (
23:54:11 Join Kitar|st [0] (
23:54:13 Join saratoga [0] (i=5f4b4473@gateway/web/freenode/x-dkwvdxxfrbjhjzut)
23:54:52amiconnThe construction is fast on arm because of the shifter operand
23:55:17saratogastripwax: (for the logs) I didn't use any code to estimate the mul count in the fft, I just traced it on paper and counted by hand
23:55:25saratogaassuming that message before was meant for me

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