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#rockbox log for 2009-12-25

00:00:54 Part froggyman
00:01:46Unhelpfuln1s: i'm not very confident that there will be improvements in speed with this function under coldfire. y = x + (x>>n) is one op on arm, 3 on cf if the shift is a power of two, which they're often not...
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00:02:54Unhelpfulalthough, that might still be faster than using the mac and getting the result back where we can do tests on it?
00:04:33Unhelpfulthe 7 shift/add cost, i think, a total of 42 ops?
00:04:57mc2739gevaerts: ping
00:05:07*gevaerts wakes up
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00:05:18gevaertsmc2739: pong
00:05:45mc2739are you still needing a win32 sim test?
00:07:01gevaertsmc2739: I'm not sure if win32 sims still build after r24110, so yes, someone who can test (and preferably fix...) the build is very welcome
00:07:39gevaertsthe errno bits in plugin.h and plugin.c might need more advanced ifdeffing
00:08:02mc2739gevaerts: build does fail -
00:08:07*amiconn wonders why Unhelpful is talking about a shift by power of two
00:08:53Unhelpfulamiconn: aren't non-register-specified shifts limited to powers of two on cf? ie there's a shift 8, shift 4, shift 2, and shift 1 instruction?
00:09:03amiconnConstant shifts are single instructions for shift amounts of 1..8, for longer shifts you need two
00:09:29amiconn(either two shift-by-immediate up to 16, or a moveq.l followed by a shift-by-register)
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00:10:06amiconnYou're confusing coldfire with SH1, which only has shift by 1, 2, 8 and 16 (note: *no* shift by 4!), and no shift-by-reg
00:10:10Unhelpfulah, then i misunderstood... the shift-add can be done with 3 ops for each product, then, on cf. probably not worth using mac?
00:11:11gevaertsmc2739: ok. can you try ?
00:11:36Unhelpfuldo/can add or sub set flags on cf, or must there always be an explicit test?
00:12:09amiconnArithmetic instructions always set flags on cf when used for d registers
00:12:21amiconnArithmetic instructions using a registers never set flags
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00:12:54*amiconn hands Unhelpful a copy of CFPRM.pdf
00:13:12Unhelpfuli have it, but apparently haven't read it well enough by a long shot. :/
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00:16:49mc2739gevaerts: that works now
00:17:13mc2739you're welcome
00:17:15CIA-6New commit by gevaerts (r24111): Fix windows sim builds
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00:41:24cybermouseI was wondering if ANYONE knew of a good way to format a 3rd Gen IPOD and make it fat32
00:41:38cybermouseSo it'd be compatible with RockBox
00:42:27kugeluse it with itunes on a windows pc
00:43:46cybermouseI don't have a windows PC, only a mac os x system
00:44:30kugelfollow then :)
00:47:41cybermouseI read that but the partition table isn't available for my Drive. I have a 15gb 3rd gen IPOD!
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01:13:14n1scybermouse: easiest way if you have windows is doing a restore with itunes
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01:33:41n1si found an interesting link for anyone hacking coldfire asm, lot's of examples
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02:16:46Unhelpfuln1s: here's a patch that includes moving the zero guard out of log2_int, removing log2_fix and log2_tab, and the new log2_int. would you mind giving it a try on cf?
02:17:43Unhelpfuli also suspect that the magic value returned by log2_int for 0 inputs may be in error... this is the *only* place where LOG2_MIN_INF is not used in that sort of case
02:17:44n1sUnhelpful: sure, regular aac?
02:18:18Unhelpfuln1s: the log stuff is only in he, i believe.. in fact maybe we don't care if this is worse on coldfire, it'll take magic to make it playable there, anyway.
02:19:05n1sok, i have only the one test track for HE from the test_files set
02:21:33Unhelpfulchecksums *will* change, so don't bother with those :)
02:21:46n1sok, where is that patch then ;)
02:26:56*Unhelpful hangs his head in shame
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02:30:49n1stest running
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02:31:20stephen__can i ask why themes were deleted from the theme site with saying they didn't conform with the license ?
02:31:38kugelis there a way to make gcc add a call to a function to each function entry for me?
02:32:01n1skugel: -finstrument-functions does that, basically
02:32:15n1salso adds calls on exit from function
02:32:58kugelI only want that in a single source file if possible, and I want to provide the function
02:33:44n1syou have to provide the function, and you can compile only that file with this switch with some makefile hackery i am sure
02:34:13n1swith some attributes you can even control which functions are instrumented
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02:37:19stephen__anyone ?
02:37:44n1sstephen__: i guess they didn't conform with the license
02:38:45stephen__i disagree, if a theme was under i cant update it and upload to the theme site ?
02:39:13stephen__the email is badly composed in my opinion and doesnt give enough info as why it was deleted
02:39:23n1sstephen__: if you disagree, you'd better dicuss it with whoever deleted the theme(s)
02:39:37stephen__the email doesnt say who deleted it
02:40:08stephen__i says com eto the forums or irc to discuss no name
02:40:41stephen__it says i cannot relicense but i did not
02:40:44n1sUnhelpful: 3 second slowdown, or 0.5%
02:41:32n1sbut i agree, cf is so far from realtime that this shouldn't matter much
02:43:32kugeln1s: that seems to work, thanks!
02:47:53kugelhrm, making those functions static doesn't help
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02:50:04*kugel cannot use different enter/exit functions for different source files
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02:54:23kugelah, that + logf over serial is nice to find out where rockbox crashes
02:59:33AlexPIf stephen comes back, I deleted his themes
02:59:59AlexPAs they were originally licenced -NC and he posted them to the theme site, which does not have the -NC part
03:00:07AlexPThis was explained in the e-mails he got
03:01:20AlexPAnd he did re-licence them - he took BY-SA-NC themes and posted them to the theme site which is BY-SA
03:01:34AlexPIncidently, Merry Christmas all :)
03:10:28kugelhm, that's proving hard to debug
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05:05:05CIA-6New commit by lowlight (r24112): Merry Christmas Gogear HDD6330 owners! This is the start of the HDD6330 port. At the moment, it's essentially a copy of the HDD1630 port with a ...
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05:20:45low_lightI don't think those yellows are mine in r24112
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06:07:04drf|laptopSo, guys. I apologize if this is a bit offtopic... I've been looking for a Sansa Fuze v1 so I can put Rockbox on it... if I buy a refurbished one, would it likely work?
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06:11:57tmztif you find a v1, why wouldn't it work?
06:19:58krazykitdrf|laptop, it's impossible to say if a refurb will be a v1. the v2s have been out for a while now, after all
06:26:08drf|laptopwell, I bought two of them in stores and both were v2. You'd think I'd have a higher change on a refurb, right?
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07:57:54HorizonXCould I get write access on the wiki? I have an FM presets file I'd like to add. (WikiUser: DavidOman)
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08:16:21JdGordonHorizonX: done
08:17:07JdGordon... or doing...
08:18:52JdGordonumm... crap... did I break the page?
08:40:43HorizonXJdGordon: Nah, it worked. Thanks =)
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09:41:50AaronMg'night and merrychristmahannakwanzica
09:41:59 Quit AaronM ("going to bed..........naked.........with all of you still on my mind")
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13:17:52ozone89hi everybody
13:17:56ozone89merry christmas!
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18:03:02darkhamno christmas gift for rockbox users?
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18:09:41*Llorean doesn't see one from the users to the developers either. :-P
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18:12:47darkhamLlorean, the one for the developers is the user's love
18:14:20LloreanI imagine I could say the same thing but in the other order then.
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18:17:46darkham"Rockbox, based on the love-engine"
18:17:53darkhamgreat slogan
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18:31:14isidor3I installed rockbox onto a sansa e280v2 with the utility, but I still get the "File not Found" error. Any suggestions as to what to do?
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18:43:15isidor3never mind, it appears that v24112 of rockbox for sansa e200v2 is corrupted, so a downgrade to v24111 fixed the problem
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19:27:29CIA-6New commit by mc2739 (r24113): Fix warnings on logf build
19:33:48CIA-6New commit by amiconn (r24114): Properly append advanced build options so that 'make reconf' works without requests (one more manual reconfiguration required).
19:35:17CIA-6New commit by amiconn (r24115): Make TTS options actually work (fix variable name).
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23:22:11shift__Hello, a while back on the rockbox player (hardware) page there was a recommendation for a screen which was meant to be easy to work with. I can't find which ones they were, would anyone happen to know.
23:22:23shift__They were meant to be the same ones nokia used in some phones
23:23:12gevaertsshift__: I have a *very* vague recollection about that. Weren't those screens also known for their bad display quality?
23:23:28B4gderI believe Casainho was the guy who wrote about that screen
23:24:01shift__I don't know, but I picked some up for later use, but now don't remember what they were called, so I can't find any documentation
23:24:29B4gderyou picked some up but don't know what they are called?
23:24:30Tornenokia 6110 knockoff?
23:24:45shift__yeah, I picked them up ages ago.
23:24:49Torneor just "nokia knockoff"
23:24:55Tornethey're a very common part
23:25:03Tornesee sparkfun or similar for links to docs
23:25:06shift__I'll have a look, thanks Torne.
23:25:27shift__here we are
23:25:29shift__Thanks =)
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