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#rockbox log for 2009-12-26

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01:10:36Administratorhi everybody...
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01:10:57Guest6120I am a rockbox user for 5 years and for the 1st time i have a big problem... please could someone just help me
01:11:08Guest6120i think the boot is corrupted
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01:11:46meandyou>hi everybody...
01:11:54meandyouI am a rockbox user for 5 years and for the 1st time i have a big problem... please could someone just help me
01:11:54meandyoui think the boot is corrupted
01:12:18meandyoui tried ipodpatcher.exe but no luck
01:12:23meandyouit cant find the ipod
01:12:28meandyoulike rockbox....
01:12:37meandyoui am now trying to format it with HP toolds
01:12:47meandyouHP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
01:13:16meandyoua quick format was not enough.... it still could not read it!! (probably did not format the partition table or MBR)
01:13:26meandyouso i am doing a format FULL
01:15:00meandyouof course i am formating in FAT32
01:15:57meandyouPlease someone :-(
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01:18:46Tornemeandyou: ipodpatcher requires that the hidden apple firmware partition be present and intact
01:19:09meandyouthat is why then... thanks torne
01:19:09Torneit sonuds like you are on Windows so the easiest way to make sure of this is to use iTunes to restore the ipod to factory settings
01:19:20DerPapst1meandyou: restore your ipod with itunes first
01:19:22Tornethis will format the entire thing and also renstall the apple firmware
01:19:26DerPapst1then you can reinstall rockbox
01:19:29Tornethen ipodpatcher should work
01:19:38meandyouthat is why i did not want to do :-)
01:20:25meandyoui tried using a VMware but the VM crashes after the itunes update of my firmware...
01:20:43meandyouany other solution WITHOUT itunes?
01:20:43Tornethere are manual restore instructions on the wiki
01:20:53Tornefor linux users
01:21:03meandyoui dont have linux...
01:21:14meandyouonly on a vm also :-)
01:21:24Tornewell, they're generic really
01:21:29Torneanything with dd and other unix-like tools :)
01:22:07DerPapst1meandyou: what os are you using then?
01:22:23meandyoua not so famous one : windows XP
01:23:03meandyoui am going to ubuntu then...
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01:23:40meandyouthanks by the way :-)
01:23:44DerPapst1ah and you don't want to install itunes?
01:23:54meandyoui hate it...
01:23:59Torneyou can do the manual restore instructions on cygwin, i believe
01:24:07meandyoui even think that the word hate is not strong enought
01:24:07Tornebut a linux livecd or similar will do as well
01:24:31meandyoujust takes time then :-)
01:24:39Torneit relly is easier to just use itunes, though :)
01:25:14meandyoui think i have a mac somewhere...
01:25:26meandyoustupid me...
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01:25:40DerPapst1that would do the trick too (manual restore and itunes restore)
01:26:02DerPapst1though a hfs+ formatted ipod would be the result ;)
01:27:20TorneWhich also doesn't work with rockbox, but is easier to do by hand, admittedly :)
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01:29:50webguest87can anyone tell me how to remove the bootloader on the sansa sandisk e200 vs 2?
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01:39:19meandyouthanks guys... for your help. but also and mainly for the great job you are doing. As i said, i am using it for 5 years! I am a fan...
01:40:54meandyouplease also, find a solution for the newest shuffle, because there is really NO alternative to itunes now to make us free from installing a soft on a computer... unlike rockbox :-)
01:41:01meandyouhappy christmas
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01:55:31inflexheya all
01:55:48*inflex just got some mp4 players for Xmas and to be honest, their firmware sucks... trying to findout if I can update with rockbox
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02:23:52krazykitinflex, only if they're listed on the front page, unless you plan on starting a new port
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02:48:59inflexSeems like the s1mp3 project is more what my device uses
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08:16:06iTaybi have a problem with my sansa fuse which showed up when i first installed rockbox on my player
08:16:29iTaybfor some reason, when i connect my sansa my computer suddenly restarts
08:17:14iTaybhowever other USB goodies do work well (my keyboard, for exapmle) and the player do connect fair well on my other computer
08:17:21iTaybwhat should i do? tnx :)
08:17:56LloreanUpdate to the newest Rockbox build for your player. If you still have the problem, figure out what's different about your computer - nobody else is experiencing this.
08:18:57iTaybi know that my problem is unique, because i didnt fine solutions for it all over the net.
08:19:02iTaybill try updating it
08:24:01FlynDiceiTayb: what happens to your sansa when your computer reboots?
08:25:44iTaybit disconnects
08:26:11iTaybits like the computer experiences instant power loss
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08:45:43Architek9[AKM]I'm trying to install rockbox on my sansa fuze and i keep getting a unable to locate device msg
08:46:02Architek9[AKM]its plugged in but i cant locate it within the installs file explorer
08:47:29FlynDiceArchitek9[AKM]: are you in msc mode for usb?
08:49:33FlynDiceArchitek9[AKM]: in the of under settings/USBModewhat is selected?
08:49:41Architek9[AKM]o yes how do i switch to msc?
08:50:05FlynDiceArchitek9[AKM]: see my previous...
08:54:11Architek9[AKM]where would i find the firmware file at?
08:54:58FlynDiceArchitek9[AKM]: er, it's on your player... have you installed rockbox yet?
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09:01:03`iTaybive installed the last version of rockbox
09:01:23`iTaybthe computer still restarts when i plug in the usb cable
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09:04:42FlynDice`iTayb: : Haven't heard of that before which sansa?
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09:09:22`iTaybsansa fuse v1
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09:10:49FlynDice`iTayb: does rockbox run ok on your fuze?
09:11:19`iTaybive just installed the last build (25/12/09) and it works fine
09:11:21`iTaybso does the OF
09:11:49FlynDicehow did you install?
09:12:04`iTaybwith my other computer
09:12:15`iTaybit works fine there, however it has problems with it in my current machine
09:14:03FlynDice`iTayb: I'd say you've got a problem with your "current machine" then and not rockbox. I haven't seen any other reports of this.
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09:15:06`iTaybhmm... perhaps youre right
09:15:12`iTaybdo you know where can i ask for support?
09:15:15 Nick `iTayb is now known as iTayb (
09:17:45FlynDicewell, you can ask anywhere.... I bet you'll get better answers from a manufacturer or distro support page though. ;-)
09:19:10iTaybill try on anythingbutipod
09:19:13iTaybtnx :)
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10:26:43Unhelpfulthere's no penalty for using the shifter on arm7tdmi unless the shift is register-controlled, right? i have a very confusing performance issue...
10:26:53 Part iTayb
10:29:32Unhelpfulhrm, yes, that's what infocenter says. really odd that the inline version here should be losing so badly, then:
10:32:03Unhelpfuleven if the libgcc version were inlined it seems like it should take more cycles... and when you add function call overhead it seems like it has to be worse, but somehow it's not. perhaps i should try un
10:32:19Unhelpfulgr. perhaps i should try un-inlining the hash table version?
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13:43:53n1shmm, gcc 4.4 chokes on some of the inline asm in libmad on O2, and no wonder, using 13 registers...
13:45:49n1s"someone" should rewrite synth_full in asm entirely
13:46:42n1s... and O2 only helps a little for the mdct so vorbis is still much slower with gcc 4.4
13:47:27n1swow, wma is quite a bit faster though
13:47:50 Join Omlet [0] (
13:48:25n1sproblem probably isn't in the mdct lib then, but rather in the rest of the vorbis codec, maybe some profiling should be done...
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13:52:02n1sheh, muspeack at O0 is apparently not very fast...
13:52:06*n1s facepalms
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14:22:53CIA-6New commit by amiconn (r24116): ARM <= v5: Tiny optimisation exploiting the location of the table.
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14:28:27NewBie1122This link is dead:
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14:31:11NewBie1122I think it should be
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16:02:07n1sUnhelpful: you were right about playing with the optimization settings on coldfire gcc, most codecs are faster or about the same speed with some tuning, only vorbis is a big looser...
16:02:43n1sof course i didn't try different levels with the 3.4 version so the comparison is harldy fair
16:03:14n1shardly, even
16:04:09n1sflac looks like a good candidate for a higher O level for both coldfire and arm
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18:12:32dedI have a rockboxed ipod with hard drive problems. Currently /var/log/messages receives "sdc: unknown partition table" on plugging it in. gparted shows an unallocated partition of 18.63 Gb and starts up with the warning "Device /dev/sdc has a logical sector size of 2048". fsck -a says "Logical sector size is zero.". Can anyone suggest how to proceed to get rockbox working again on it?
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18:44:22pixelmadoes someone have an explanation (maybe a link) that could help me understand those "compressor" options like "soft knee" etc. so I'll be able to translate them better? I'll google them myself but thought someone already knows a good one
18:46:15pixelmaok, wikipedia seems to help already
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19:13:08beta2kpixelma: Still looking for info on compressors?
19:14:16beta2ksoft/hard knee is basically if the compressor starts to compress slowly as it reaches it's threshold, or if it's a hard switch from compressed to uncompressed
19:15:31beta2kIs this a software compressor or a hardware unit?
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20:07:06dedThe ipod mounts now and comes up as VFAT 80 Gb. However rbutil is
20:07:06ded producing the following error message: "[ERR] Partition layout is not
20:07:06ded an ipod". Can anyone suggest how to proceed?
20:07:45Tornedid you erase and format it by hand?
20:08:07Tornethe original firmware needs to be properly installed on the hidden partitino, with the right partition layout
20:08:12Tornethe easiest way is to restore in itunes
20:08:24Torneor follow
20:10:37dedTorne: Thanks a lot. I will try itunes first.
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20:54:23Unhelpfuln1s: no, arm7tdmi doesn't stall for that like arm11. the only thing i can think of is that the ldr of the table address in the inline version might be a cache miss. it's still hard to say how calling an external function, with register saves, etc, can possibly be faster, though.
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21:53:14CIA-6New commit by tomers (r24117): Cabbie 320x240: Fix usage of spaces to position strings
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22:17:31Kick(#rockbox ranfo :byeeee) by Torne!i=torne@rockbox/developer/Torne
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22:36:47SaThaRielMerry chrismas everyone - also a bit late
22:38:16SaThaRielIs there a build for iPod nano 5th gen planned in the near future? Or is it "impossible"?
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22:46:57Tornethere are no plans to port to anything. if someone wants to do a port they will.
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