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#rockbox log for 2010-03-04

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00:01:43amiconnUnhelpful: ping
00:04:25gibbon_discharge measuring is still fine after 2hrs on sansa clip+
00:05:37CIA-5New commit by peter (r25012): Enable recording histogram for h100
00:05:59kugelwtf, why is audio.h in firmware/ ? the implementations are in apps/
00:06:33kugelpetur: any target could use that histogram, right?
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00:10:19JdGordon_kugel: skin resizing... its blocking fms so I want it in soon... are you ok with me taking it over this evening? is there anything other than my comments which need to be done?
00:10:46kugelit needs more testing
00:11:01kugelfor example I'm not sure what happens with themes that exceed the todays limit
00:11:09kugelit's possible that they still fail to load
00:11:16p3turkugel: if the screen is big enough
00:11:28JdGordon_kugel: "todays limit"?
00:11:39kugelthe limit in svn
00:12:25JdGordon_doesnt the patch completly ignore that now? or do you mean what happens on boot when the size is unknown?
00:13:47JdGordon_ok, it should do a 2pass scan if it fails
00:14:03JdGordon_or just use a MASSIVE buffer, like 1MB(!)
00:14:31kugelthe first sounds better
00:14:53kugelsome targets don't even have 1MB to play with
00:15:03JdGordon_that will make boot very slow, but as long as cabbie will always fit its not a big deal
00:15:15JdGordon_the targets that dont, dont need a 1mb skin buffer
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00:15:38kugelit would only make boot slower if the theme doesn't fit, and you would need to reboot then anyway
00:17:32kugelwe could do both, increase the default buffer to decrease the likelyhood of failure but still reboot on failure
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00:19:24JdGordon_actually.. it should always do a 2 pass on boot if the size is unknown
00:20:19JdGordon_hmm.. another reason to put the size in the .cfg... what happens when nvram.bin exsists and has the size, but then you manually change the files in the config.cfg on your pc?
00:20:24JdGordon_reboot and the size will be wrong
00:20:36CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25013): FS #10756 - Free unused init code ...
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00:21:24kugeland how does having it in the .cfg help?
00:21:30kugelI don't want that
00:23:02JdGordon_its easier to outright remove in that case
00:23:13kugelit could only be written into the .cfg by rockbox on the target. most themes are developed on the sim for targets people don't even own. it will just be wrong
00:23:45kugelbesides, most people don't use the "write theme settings" feature in which case it wouldn't be in the cfg
00:24:27LloreanIf you're talking nvram.bin, aren't you talking config.cfg rather than the theme config?
00:24:31JdGordon_right, it shuoldnt be added by anything except the skin loader, but it shuold be easily clearable
00:25:02kugelwhat do you mean by clearing?
00:25:52amiconnSuch values should never be stored in the .fg
00:25:55amiconnErr .cfg
00:26:11amiconnAnd there's no reason to clear it. Ever.
00:26:39amiconnJust always calculate how much buffer you need as you go, then store it in nvram
00:26:51amiconnOn next boot the size will be optimal
00:26:55kugelthat's what I do right now
00:27:21kugelthere's the possibility though that nvram.bin is wrong, if the .cfg is changed on the pc
00:27:40amiconnYeah, but where's the problem?
00:27:49kugelit's not handled right now :)
00:28:01kugelif the at boot skin loading handles that we have no problem. I don't see why it needs clearing either
00:28:22amiconnIt can't be handled if you have it in the .cfg either
00:28:27JdGordon_if/when the .cfg is manually changed
00:28:31JdGordon_maybe its not a big deal
00:28:36amiconnIf you need more buffer than currently allocated, you need to reboot
00:29:02JdGordon_the problem is when it thinks it needs X bytes but actually needs X+y
00:29:09amiconnBut if it's in the .cfg, you create a nasty problem for people backing up config
00:30:41JdGordon_ok, ok, I give up :) then the skin loading at boot needs to be made safer
00:31:22CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25014): Fix reds. Don't use the init section in the bootloader. It's not useful there anyway.
00:32:19kugelah, my bad
00:33:16kugelI wonder why portalplayer doesn't use a single
00:33:41JdGordon_ah... sb_skin_init() cant be in INNIT_ATTR i think...
00:33:57JdGordon_isnt that called in settings_apply_skins()?
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00:34:45kugelJdGordon: yea, but that call is useless
00:35:24JdGordon_wont that cause a data abort if you try calling it when it doesnt exist anymore?
00:35:46kugelthe call should be removed
00:35:52kugelas well as the gui_sync_wps_init() one
00:36:42kugelit just sets up the pointer to the structs. the albumart part is also done in skin_data_reset()
00:36:43*amiconn thinks that init section stuff is dangerous
00:37:03amiconnHmm, and rom execution needs special care as well
00:37:44kugelcan I merge the various of PP?
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00:38:38kugelJdGordon_: when I made this patch they were only called once in main.c
00:38:48CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25015): Don't call this two, it's uneeded (and would crash since they're INIT_ATTR).
00:40:17*amiconn thinks it's too dangerous
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00:41:45kugelI don't see how it's dangerious
00:42:17JdGordon_if those init funcs ever need to be changed it will cause problems
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00:42:56amiconnYou're potentially calling functions which no longer exist
00:43:39amiconnI can think of some attribute tricks which may make it a little safer, but I can't say I like this trick
00:44:23kugelpotentially? I determine whether those functions are called again
00:44:56amiconnYes, but you get *no warning* if you're calling them
00:45:04JdGordon_right, but in 6 months when those init functoins change meaning and someone forgets to remove that INIT_ATTR
00:45:04kugelmerging the files doesn't work with our build system
00:46:52amiconnIt might be possible to make in throw a warning
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00:48:53CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25016): Fix remaining reds. I forgot to change the of the other PP targets (it's the same file as for e200/c200 though).
00:49:58kugelhm, what the heck
00:50:50amiconnYou could make INIT_ATTR include __attribute__((deprecated)) by default, and redefine it in main.c to not include that attribute
00:51:21amiconnThis would make gcc throw a warning about the function being deprecated when trying to call it from anywhere else than main.c
00:51:27amiconnStill not very nice though :\
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00:52:37CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25017): Really fix bootloaders now.
00:53:20kugelamiconn: that doesn't work for init functions that are not called from main, but from other init functions
00:53:43kugellike the one in thread.c
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00:56:03funmando you know the real name of ranmachan ?
00:56:22kugelI don't
00:56:58funmanI found with his wiki name
00:57:55kugelhm, any idea on the ipodvideo64mb red?
00:58:33funman-mlong-calls ?
00:58:49kugelah, right
00:59:21kugelwasn't the short call range 64MB?
01:00:31funmanit should use -mlong-calls already except when using eabi
01:00:41kugelyea, but that's for c code
01:00:52kugelcrt0.S does bl main, which is always a short call
01:00:56TheSevenkugel: it's +-32MB
01:02:12TheSevenany volunteers for porting uclpack to arm?
01:02:23TheSeveni need that on-target...
01:02:28amiconnWhy would you want to pack on target?
01:02:54*amiconn thinks r25013 and follow-ups should be reverted
01:03:23amiconnEven though having this space back would be nice... but the concept is too shaky imo
01:03:50kugelwell, discuss it on the ml
01:04:17kugelmcuelenaere wanted it as well
01:04:33kugelit's the same concept the linux kernel uses. I don't see anything wrong with it
01:04:39TheSevenamiconn: for an easy installation process
01:04:57funmanTheSeven: what would you compress?
01:05:11amiconnHmm, so it's one-time. Why not just compile the C code then?
01:05:12TheSevendisk mode and diag mode images for an ipod
01:05:36Unhelpfulamiconn: what's up? :)
01:05:59amiconnUnhelpful: I did experiments wrt PP5020, iram, and cache
01:06:03TheSevenamiconn: I will try to do that, but I'll need to remove all those operating system dependencies (malloc, file i/o, ...)
01:06:18amiconnMy theory holds - but it means the table based division is sub-optimal on PP5020
01:06:39amiconnThe code should be in dram, and only the table in iram for best performance
01:07:07amiconnThis requires differentiation between PP5020 and the rest - PP5020 can't use adr here but must use ldr
01:07:44amiconnDo you have some clever idea how to do this in the .S without too much ifdefing?
01:08:07JdGordon_kugel: you didnt answer before, do you mind if I take over that patch (and leave the number in nvram)
01:08:20amiconnSo far I managed to push -c1000 performance on PP5020 from 153.1% to 159,5% realtime
01:08:22Unhelpfulthe best idea i can think of is to ifdef around the ldr, and ifdef at the table head (to have it put in iram)?
01:08:24JdGordon_assuming i actually have time tonight.tomorow
01:08:32amiconnWith that divider change it's 161.0% realtime
01:08:56CIA-5New commit by funman (r25018): mkamsboot/dualboot: make the unused vectors be infinite loops ...
01:09:10Unhelpfulor, actually... this might mesh well with something else i wanted to do. ;)
01:09:12amiconn(not committed yet - need to redefine some iram attributes for this)
01:09:50kugelerr, how do I fix the ipod red?
01:10:06TheSevenmake it be a long call
01:10:07amiconnWith that change, iram is *only* used for the reciprocal table and the sample buffers - everything else is faster when located in dram on PP5020
01:10:12JdGordon_hmm... why is the m5/h100/ipod 1,2,3,4g theme sites all showing colour themes?
01:10:21kugelI thought ldr r3, =main mov pc, r3 but it doesn't seem to work
01:10:26Unhelpfuli was thinking about how to make the table size dynamic at runtime. the easiest way would be to have patch the compare in the function and copy an appropriately-sized table from dram to iram on init.
01:10:45Unhelpfulkugel: why not ldr pc, =main ?
01:11:19Unhelpfuls/be to have/be to/ :/
01:11:24kugelI thought you can't load into pc directly. gcc doesn't seem to do it either
01:11:42kugelit doesn't work
01:11:46kugelsame error still
01:12:03kugelI'm editing the wrong file :)
01:12:08 Join leavittx [0] (
01:12:26TheSevenldr pc, =main should work
01:13:05Unhelpfulkugel: sure you can, but gcc will avoid it if thumb interworking might be needed, because not *all* ARM versions will switch modes on writing a value to pc (if i recall correctly?)
01:13:21Unhelpfuland i believe that's fixed later, too :)
01:13:32kugelbut lr won't be set if I load into pc directly?
01:13:44kugelI mean, main doesn't return anyway but shouldn't it be set anyway?
01:14:03Unhelpfulkugel: um, it won't be set by your code, either?
01:14:24kugelthe current code does bl main, so it's set
01:14:37Unhelpfuli meant your ldr, mov code.
01:15:07kugelyea, I added mov lr, pc in the meantime :)
01:15:24TheSevenyou could do that before the ldr pc, ... as well
01:15:28amiconnSince main is noreturn you don't need to care about lr
01:15:50Unhelpfuland i don't thinkit's really important that lr be set "correctly" on entering main. also be careful about placing the mov lr, pc - that needs to be immediately before the instruction that modifies pc.
01:16:40Unhelpfulmov lr, pc; ldr r3, =addr; mov pc, r3; would be quite horribly broken.
01:17:14TheSeventhat would probably end up in a prefetch abort or undefined instruction vector ;-)
01:18:13TheSevenor even an infinite loop calling "addr" if the code in there doesn't kill r3
01:18:16funmanwhy? wouldn't it infinite loop?
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01:20:41gibbon_clip+ discharge measurement is still normal and linear after 3.5hrs
01:21:50kugelhm, I'm not sure if the address of cop_main is correct
01:22:18funmangibbon_: nice, so it only needs calibration
01:22:25gibbon_funman: sure
01:23:18gibbon_its currently nearly exactly 0.1V per hour
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01:24:29CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25019): Fix ipodvideo64mb by making the branch to main a long call.
01:24:32gibbon_in the source i read about pro forma shutdown and critical trippoints around 3.4V...
01:24:45gibbon_i wonder, if they affect calibration
01:25:16funmanwhen storage writes work we could disable shutdown and run battery bench, so we can see when it's out of juice
01:25:31gibbon_but i guess discharging beyond that would harm the battery?
01:26:28gibbon_do you know about a low voltage shutdown by the charging circuit? does the device protect its battery from deep draining? (or whatever it is called)
01:26:42kugelfunman: samsa wasted a bit of ram, because the stack was linked to after the iram code (which is copied to iram, and then useless)
01:26:46funmangibbon_: i have no idea
01:27:13funmankugel: nice to know it's solved
01:28:15gibbon_funman: so that test could possibly harm the device. perhaps a sane tripoint should be chosen to improve battery lifetime, but i guess there is a sane "default" for li-ion types
01:29:17TheSevenerm, *PANIC* FTL: Trying to read out-of-bounts vPage 33553920
01:29:32funmangibbon_: or we could let the Clip+ discharge from the OF, and then boot rockbox to see the voltage
01:29:50gibbon_funman: thats an even better idea
01:29:56TheSeventhat's page 0 of vBlock 0xffff... how did that get in there?
01:30:27 Join robin0800 [0] (
01:30:31funmanClipv1 OF runtime playing radio: 8h24 and counting, battery almost flat (compared to rockbox: 7h40)
01:31:08gibbon_i could try that at work
01:31:45TheSevenyeah, it *didn't* break the FTL this time!
01:32:02gibbon_at least on this device, no vendor boot code prevents the rockbox loader to start up on a "flat" battery
01:32:37S_a_i_n_tI had 3 boots in a row end in "restore using itunes" with 25003 last night... :/
01:32:46 Quit toffe82 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6/20100115144158])
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01:34:27gibbon_funman: the clip+ gets quite warm, if one adjusts the boost counter to 1 and waits
01:35:28gibbon_but its time to get some sleep
01:35:34gibbon_see you tomorrow
01:35:55TheSevenS_a_i_n_t: it's a matter of the bootloader, not of the rockbox revision
01:36:30S_a_i_n_tHmmm...well, nano2g bootloader hasn't been updated in
01:36:42S_a_i_n_tyet its never been *that* bad before.
01:36:46TheSeventhe apple bootloader will trash the whole ftl if there are minor inconsistencies
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01:37:43CIA-5New commit by funman (r25020): AS3525v2: disable cpu frequency changes ...
01:37:46 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
01:37:48funmangibbon_: i disabled the boost counter for now
01:38:12S_a_i_n_tsisnce I can't get crypt _firmware working...I've just been using ipodpatcher with embedded bootloaders.
01:38:39S_a_i_n_t*for the nano2g that is.
01:38:56kugelwarm when boosted? after the change we're constantly boosted, aren't we?
01:38:57TheSevenS_a_i_n_t: the rockbox bootloader is just being called by the apple bootloader, so the FTL is already trashed at this point
01:39:13TheSevenyou need to replace the 2nd stage loader to fix that
01:39:52S_a_i_n_tAha...any idea why it would happen 3 times in a row, and then be "sweet" (fingers crossed)?
01:39:53TheSeven(the rockbox bootloader is usually the 3rd stage)
01:40:13TheSevenwhat did you do during these 3 boots?
01:40:22S_a_i_n_tturned the ipod on.
01:40:36S_a_i_n_tnothing out of the ordinary
01:40:56funmankugel: no we use fastbus afaiu
01:41:21S_a_i_n_tboot - apple loading screen - rb splash fr 2 seconds or so - black screen freeze - reboot - restore using itunes.
01:42:00kugelit depends on system_init() probably, but for all other targets removing that define actually means removing *un*boosting
01:42:12TheSevena black screen freeze during rockbox boot with a fresh installation?
01:42:21TheSeventhat really shouldn't happen
01:42:27S_a_i_n_tI figured.
01:42:30TheSevenand after 3 tries that problem just went away?
01:42:33S_a_i_n_tthat's why I mentioned it.
01:42:41S_a_i_n_tyes, seems fine now.
01:42:55S_a_i_n_t4th time lucky? :/
01:42:55*TheSeven fears that r24999 might have broken something...
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01:46:15TheSevenhm, i looked at it again, and i can't imagine that this one would introduce a bug
01:46:22*S_a_i_n_t has no idea what broke what...but it *seems* to be OK now. I just doubted (though some may not :P ) my ability to make the same mistake 3 times in a row.
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01:48:16rbnoobhi all- little help for a hapless noob? 30g ipod video is hanging on "do not disconnect" screen after successful complete install via rbutil. what to do?
01:48:43funmanrbnoob: if you ejected/unmounted from the operating system just unplug
01:49:00kugelJdGordon|: you want the resizer patch in today?
01:49:18 Quit Rob2223 (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
01:49:35rbnoobhi all- little help for a hapless noob? 30g ipod video is hanging on "do not disconnect" screen after successful complete install via rbutil. what to do?
01:49:40*S_a_i_n_t is pushing the skin buffer *reallly* votes for "yes"
01:49:46rbnoobno, won't eject
01:49:48JdGordon|I'd love it in soon
01:54:50TheSevenrbnoob: which os? you unmounted it?
01:55:02TheSevenif it's some unix just run "sync" and unplug it, no matter what it says
01:55:02 Quit rbnoob (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
01:55:51TheSevenS_a_i_n_t: My crash was caused by a nandfsck bug
01:55:52 Join rbnoob [0] (
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02:03:38 Nick dys` is now known as dys (
02:04:45CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25021): Don't forget to initialize the wps.
02:06:12 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.53=- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.)
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02:15:05 Join Ironclad [0] (
02:18:07IroncladI have rockbox on my ipod video 30gig and whenever I turn it on its on the ready to record screen, is there anyway to stop this?
02:18:57JdGordonchange the start screen option
02:19:53IroncladOh my god its that simple? thank you!
02:23:04IroncladWhat does changing the battery capacity do? Is that for someone whose changed the actual battery itself?
02:23:38 Quit ecio (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -
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02:24:59perfectdrugIronclad: yes, and please read the fine manual
02:25:24IroncladFine :( and thanks again
02:25:36 Quit Ironclad (Quit: CGI:IRC)
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02:29:37 Join hd [0] (~jd@Wikipedia/HellDragon)
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02:31:53 Nick hd is now known as jd (~jd@Wikipedia/HellDragon)
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02:33:37perfectdruglooking at the manual, under general settings the screenshot seems to be outdated, there is "Playback Settings" at the top, which is not under general settings anymore, should I file a bugreport or should I try to make a patch with updated screenshots? (which takes longer)
02:34:26perfectdrugwhat is the command to take screenshots in the simulator?
02:35:01JdGordonf5 or numpad 0 will take screenshots
02:35:10JdGordonplease create the required screenshots :)
02:36:06perfectdrugis there somewhere a list which targets share the same display resolution?
02:36:45 Join CaptainKewl [0] (~jason@
02:36:46JdGordonDeviceChart on the wiki
02:36:54perfectdrugok thanks
02:37:09kugel$1 = 0x2f414242412f6b69 <Address 0x2f414242412f6b69 out of bounds> :(
02:37:29kugelI don't understand why get_token_value returns this from time to time
02:37:46JdGordonwhich token?
02:38:06kugelno idea
02:39:27 Join kkurbjun [0] (
02:40:20TheSevenS_a_i_n_t: I also had a very high number of unclean shutdowns today (like 20 of them), that actually were *clean* shutdowns
02:40:30TheSevenno matter whether i use disk mode or rockbox
02:40:46*TheSeven wonders what is causing that
02:40:51 Quit kkurbjun (Changing host)
02:40:51 Join kkurbjun [0] (~kkurbjun@rockbox/developer/kkurbjun)
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02:56:40S_a_i_n_tTheSeven: Oddly, my nano2g just barfed the FW again...and I just got a text at almost exactly the same time saying that the GF's 2g is borked again also...
02:56:52*S_a_i_n_t wonders why this is happening all of a sudden.
03:01:34 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
03:02:11kugelstrange, this crash only happens when I play from the filebrowser. if I simply resume playback it runs fine
03:02:43kugelJdGordon: WPS_TOKEN_STRING
03:02:54kugelthe data pointer is apparently trashed. at parsing all pointers are fine
03:21:53*S_a_i_n_t wonders if any Nano 1st/2nd Gen owners are in a "Theme Testing" mood or not....?
03:22:13S_a_i_n_tif it helps, it's the best Nano theme *EVER* :P
03:22:18 Quit Adnyxo (Quit: Leaving)
03:26:24 Quit karashata (Quit: The fluffy dragon has left completely!)
03:27:39 Quit funman (Quit: free(random());)
03:30:01S_a_i_n_tCan a theme site admin please look at taking down "Radiance Visual" from the Nano 1/2g pages? It's a re-run of a theme authored by myself that was taken down a while ago (and rightfully so) due to copyright issues.
03:30:16S_a_i_n_tI made it when I had no idea of licensing etc.
03:30:50S_a_i_n_toh...that seem sworded oddly, the original theme was mine...this one isn't.
03:41:44 Quit krabador (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:50:27JdGordonkugel: arg, howd you manage that?
03:51:05*JdGordon will be back in an hour or so
03:51:13JdGordonput the theme online and ill have a looky
03:58:29S_a_i_n_twas that directed at me?
03:59:05S_a_i_n_tAh...oops. /me guesses not.
04:02:00 Join Barahir_ [0] (
04:03:16S_a_i_n_tI can't find any documentation on it other than an old-ish email from the mailing lists but, am I right in guessing that putting %Sx|'engligh lang entry'| in a WPS will translate the entry to the user selected language?
04:04:12S_a_i_n_tie. %Sx|Now Playing:|
04:04:14 Join froggyman [0] (
04:05:05 Quit Barahir (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
04:05:42S_a_i_n_tand (if so) does it matter if its %Sx|Now Playing:| or does it have to be %Sx|Now Playing| to translate correctly?
04:19:20 Quit anewuser (Quit: Likely voting 114 entries =o)
04:21:57 Join intrados [0] (
04:32:53 Join S333 [0] (
04:34:03S333Hey all. Anyone use Rockbox on a Sansa Clip V1? Just wondering how cumbersome it is to use OF for loading files via USB.
04:35:14 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
04:35:26 Join dys [0] (
04:36:16krazykitS333, not cumbersome at all
04:36:40S333krazykit: Does it just auto-swap to the OF when you plug in the USB cable?
04:36:45 Quit planetbeing_ (Quit: planetbeing_)
04:37:45S333How long does it take?
04:38:07krazykita couple seconds
04:43:03S333krazykit: Does Rockbox Utility now support Clip? The documentation doesn't, but the guide says it's a suggested way of going
04:43:49S333err, docs say it doesn't
04:44:09krazykiti've never used the rockbox utility, so i wouldn't know
04:46:18 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
04:46:32 Join The_Seven [0] (~theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
04:46:43 Nick The_Seven is now known as TheSeven (~theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
04:46:58 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
04:49:31 Join Hillshum [0] (
04:50:38 Quit nima (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
04:51:20 Join nima [0] (
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04:58:21 Join planetbeing_ [0] (~planetbei@
04:59:45 Quit gevaerts (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
05:02:41 Quit Barahir_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:03:32 Nick froggyman is now known as clown (
05:03:56 Nick clown is now known as froggyman (
05:07:12 Join gevaerts [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
05:10:59JdGordonS_a_i_n_t: it has to be exactly like the english source
05:23:23 Quit planetbeing_ (Quit: planetbeing_)
05:35:49 Join planetbeing_ [0] (
05:39:35 Quit intrados (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
05:42:44 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
05:44:48 Quit jfc (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:45:11 Join jfc [0] (
05:52:08 Quit dionoea (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
05:52:12 Quit Utchybann (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:54:04 Join dionoea [0] (
05:55:53 Join Utchybann [0] (
06:02:13 Nick zz_shiretoko is now known as shiretoko (
06:05:56 Quit froggyman (Quit: time to go see Edzo)
06:10:19 Join S_a_i_n_t_ [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
06:12:58 Quit S_a_i_n_t (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
06:20:50 Quit kadoban (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
06:28:30S_a_i_n_t_Hmmm...just notice the SIM crashes now if it can't load a font via the %Fl tag now (ie. if the font isn't in the .rockbox/fonts/ folder), it just abruptly drops without even enough time to display the reason *why* it crashes.
06:30:10 Quit jd (Quit: Ω)
06:32:24 Join planetbeing__ [0] (
06:33:03JdGordonS_a_i_n_t_: with svn?
06:33:08JdGordonworks fine here
06:33:17JdGordonor.. doesnt crash i mean
06:33:33 Nick shiretoko is now known as zz_shiretoko (
06:35:47 Quit planetbeing_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
06:46:38S333I just installed the latest rockbox on my sansa and I get an undefined instruction error
06:49:58JdGordonwhich build?
06:50:02JdGordonand which sansa
06:51:43S333JdGordon: Sansa Clip v1 2GB, release build r25021
06:52:39JdGordonyou build it yourself?
06:52:45S333No, I downloaded it
06:52:46JdGordondid the error have a number with it?
06:52:55S333yeah I just re-formmated the sansa
06:53:02S333let me try again and make sure I didn't screw something up
06:53:19S333I downloaded it from here:
06:53:50S333 doesn't list a clip port
06:56:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:56:21S333using this bootloader:
06:57:44JdGordonits a good chance todays changes broke something.. did that error message have a number with it?
06:57:53S333yes, I will try to get it for you, hold on please.
06:58:17S333just reflashed
06:58:31S333same error
06:58:41S333"undefined instructino at : 31BFDC40
06:58:56JdGordonok one min
06:59:02Mode"#rockbox +o rasher" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
06:59:03Mode"#rockbox -b speedy2!*@*" by rasher (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
06:59:08Mode"#rockbox -o rasher" by rasher (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
06:59:47 Nick S333 is now known as Speedy2 (
07:02:00 Join Barahir [0] (
07:04:26JdGordonthat address doesnt make much sense
07:04:35Speedy2That's the error
07:04:40Speedy2I double checked
07:05:00JdGordonI believe you
07:05:13Speedy2Is there a more stable release I can try?
07:05:28Speedy2I assume I would only replace the .rockbox folder and not the modified bootloader.
07:06:00JdGordonim building a zip for you... one min
07:10:30Speedy2Seems like it's lunched up with that
07:10:39Speedy2it seems to work
07:13:04JdGordonthats makeing me tempted to revert kugels commits...
07:15:37Speedy2it's right after you see the -25 in the upper right
07:15:39Speedy2err left
07:15:43Speedy2that the error pops up
07:15:55Speedy2with the r25021
07:16:48Speedy2-25 is the volume setting
07:16:56Speedy2so right after that status bar shows up
07:17:26S_a_i_n_t_ and, comments, praise, criticism anyone?
07:17:49JdGordonI've seen worse :p
07:18:08S_a_i_n_t_it's impossible to show the animations...but I'm just wondering about the layout
07:18:25JdGordonthe menu is very empty
07:19:31S_a_i_n_t_I like it that way myself. I'm still building the .sbs for the main screen...basically just porting the bottom half of the WPS, volume, battery, playmode etc.
07:20:00 Quit avacore (Read error: Operation timed out)
07:20:17S_a_i_n_t_so visually, it shouldn't look like anything but the menu/album art and track info changes
07:20:34S_a_i_n_t_*thats the theory anyway.
07:21:36pixelmaJdGordon: the greyscale 160x128 screen targets (also the monochrome one) show colour themes on the theme site if those work and pass the respective checkwps. That's true if a colour screen theme doesn't use colour values in viewports (for a greyscale screen) and if it doesn't use backdrop or album art, it also works on monochrome
07:22:16 Join avacore [0] (
07:22:38pixelmagreyscale/monochrome theme should also show up on the 160x128 colour screen targets etc.
07:22:59S_a_i_n_t_Hmmm, did those links I posted actually work?
07:23:07S_a_i_n_t_I can't seem to view them myself
07:23:14S_a_i_n_t_it 404's on me ;/
07:24:19JdGordonSpeedy2: i still dont understand what your talking about.... that crash doesnt happen at boot?
07:24:30Speedy2it does, right after I see the volume bar at the top
07:24:43JdGordoneven with the build i gave you?
07:25:07 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
07:26:29Speedy2JdGordon: No, with the one latest release
07:26:31 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
07:26:40Speedy2JdGordon: Your version seems to work, at least from the perspective of the UI
07:26:44JdGordonok good
07:27:34Speedy2I should get an MP3 player with a bigger screen! :)
07:27:46Speedy2Actually, I'll probably just load a different theme.
07:29:10pixelmahmm... maybe those themes should show a hint in the description, e.g. "uploaded as X5/H10 theme" or something. Then you'll get at least some explanation with it
07:30:24 Join einhirn [0] (
07:31:36*pixelma is also skeptical about kugel's changes, thinking they should have seen more testing at least and maybe a discussion beforehand
07:31:36CIA-5New commit by nls (r25022): Remove leftover unused buffer from the mdctexp branch
07:31:38 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
07:32:18pixelmathey seem to be quite fundamental and I only ever saw himself speaking about it
07:32:41pixelmaand also reporting test results
07:33:04Speedy2What were the nature of his comitts?
07:33:05S_a_i_n_t_Does anyone happen to know off the top of their head which buffer(s?) that kugel's "Resizable Skin-Buffer" patch steals from?
07:33:23JdGordonthe audio buffer
07:33:33JdGordonit doesnt do anything that isnt already happening
07:33:55S_a_i_n_t_so, it's in SVN now?
07:34:03S_a_i_n_t_or..its just pointless?
07:34:28Speedy2one bizarre thing
07:34:42Speedy2I just connected USB and the device isn't enumerating by the kernel
07:34:58Speedy2"writing" just shows up on the sansa screen after a few "connected" animations, and it's hanging there.
07:35:25JdGordonS_a_i_n_t_: neither
07:35:43JdGordonin svn it uses a statically sized buffer, the patch makes it use as much as required by the theme
07:37:01Speedy21119361.599466] usb-storage: device found at 37
07:37:02Speedy2[1119361.599468] usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning
07:37:04Speedy2[1119366.600205] usb-storage: device scan complete
07:37:21S_a_i_n_t_will the patch make the buffer smaller if it can, or just bigger if it needs to?
07:37:28Speedy2After a few of the "connected" animations, "Writing" shows up and then a hang. I can pull the USB cable and re-power and rockbox loads OK>
07:37:53 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
07:38:13Speedy2This is with the latest v1 Sansa OF
07:46:14Speedy2JdGordon: Any suggestions?
07:46:49Speedy2Well, I can't put any music on there to test it :/
07:47:16 Quit avacore (Quit: Leaving)
07:48:16 Join avacore [0] (
07:49:38pixelmaSpeedy2: do you know how to manually but into the SansaOF? On the earlier Sansas it is be pressing the Left button during boot, I believe it is the Home button on the Clips (but don't own such a device and am not sure)
07:50:02Speedy2I think I figured it out
07:50:08Speedy2I had to boot to OF and set the USB to MSC
07:50:13Speedy2Since I re-flashed it, it lost that setting
07:50:16 Join yashwa7 [0] (
07:51:23n1sUnhelpful: IIRC you mentioned a nice reference for the different instr timings on different arm cores a while ago but my google fu is failing me, care to tell me what it's called?
07:52:24Speedy2You mean how many cycles it takes for an ARM instruction to complete?
07:52:29Speedy2There's the "ARM ARM"
07:52:52Unhelpfuln1s: arm system developer's guide... it's accurate to the best of my knowledge for most of the simple things, including mul/mla etc. i'm not so sure it's correct about branches but tbh i don't understand the arm1136 manual on branches :/
07:53:34UnhelpfulSpeedy2: the nice thing about the ASDG is that it has tables for each of arm7, arm9, arm9e, and arm11... also xscale and arm10 but we don't care here ;)
07:54:26n1sah, that's it
08:06:26 Quit CaptainKewl (Remote host closed the connection)
08:18:58Speedy2Last time I wrote ARM ASM it was for an ARM7TDMI
08:27:45 Join phanboy4 [0] (
08:28:22 Join ledmonk [0] (
08:30:11 Join linuxstb [0] (~linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
08:32:42 Join planetbeing_ [0] (
08:33:20ledmonkdoes anyone have any experience using the album artwork extractor found here: ?
08:35:06S_a_i_n_t_ledmonk: personally, i use mpeTag to rip my AA, but there's probably a better way to do it.
08:36:21 Quit planetbeing__ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
08:36:45ledmonkis that on rockbox the wiki? i'm not seeing it... or am competely blind...
08:37:34S_a_i_n_t_JdGordon: / Anyone: I've finished the .sbs, you think its a bit over the top?
08:38:05S_a_i_n_t_ledmonk: google it, it has nothing to do with RB
08:38:36ledmonkyeah i found it... dumb question. lol
08:38:39ledmonkthank you.
08:40:00S_a_i_n_t_it does rely on your mp3's containing AA however...though it has an AA get reature.
08:40:04UnhelpfulS_a_i_n_t_: well, a little, as we don't support embedded AA
08:40:11 Join ender` [0] (
08:40:51Unhelpfulpicard can fetch AA as well, and checks tags vs musicbrainz.
08:42:08 Join stooo [0] (
08:42:33ledmonkhmmm... got anything I can run under linux? i just switched to ubuntu recently and i'm not exactly fluent yet, so i've been having nothing but problems trying to get AA into RB
08:42:59S_a_i_n_t_it should run under Wine
08:43:27ledmonknegative. "tmp/kCSLUkEB.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read"
08:43:43S_a_i_n_t_hmmmm :/
08:44:13ledmonkno worries. i've been beating my head against the keyboard for the last few hours. one more faliure isn't going to kill me.
08:44:55S_a_i_n_t_i had the impresion mp3Tag had a linux version...but i may be mistaken.
08:45:28 Quit planetbeing_ (Quit: planetbeing_)
08:45:29Unhelpfulpicard is available for linux :)
08:47:11ledmonkso it is, unhelpful. i'll give it a shot. thank you both.
08:48:03 Part stooo
08:49:47 Join flydutch [0] (
08:55:46 Join Wkter [0] (~Wantedkyr@
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09:02:20 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:04:35 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
09:09:34 Quit domonoky (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:12:33 Join robin0800 [0] (
09:14:37ledmonkunhelpful, you still around?
09:15:18Unhelpfulyeah... if you need help with picard you may want to join #rockbox-community, to keep this channel from getting too cluttered with not-really-about-rockbox-talk :)
09:16:13ledmonkcool. thanks
09:16:20 Quit ledmonk (Quit: CGI:IRC)
09:16:33 Join ledmonk [0] (
09:16:40Speedy2Unhelpful: What is picard?
09:17:26UnhelpfulSpeedy2: try google? ;)
09:17:42Speedy2Unhelpful: That just returns a lot of STNG hits
09:17:46Speedy2let me try again though
09:18:13Unhelpfulreally? i got as #1 :)
09:21:30Unhelpfulledmonk: try "/join #rockbox-community" :)
09:22:46 Quit ledmonk (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
09:33:32 Join bmbl [0] (~Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
09:39:38 Join pamaury [0] (
09:39:42 Quit pamaury (Client Quit)
09:39:46 Join pamaury [0] (
09:44:27 Quit n1s (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
10:01:38 Join BHSPitMonkey [0] (~stephen@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
10:03:48 Quit yashwa7 (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
10:09:23 Join fyre^OS [0] (
10:13:14 Quit fyrestorm (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
10:22:13 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:34:29 Join DerPapst [0] (
10:34:32 Quit S_a_i_n_t_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:34:39 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
10:34:57 Quit Tomis (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
10:46:12gibbon_sansa clip+ OF shuts down around 3.3V
10:46:34gibbon_at least thats what the current rockbox svn reports after the OF shuts down
10:46:54gibbon_i'll try charging in OF now and see what rockbox tells me about voltage then
10:52:14 Quit Wkter (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
10:53:44 Join MJ [0] (~MJ@
10:54:36MJbluebroth3r: sorry for never responding to, thanks for fixing hat.
10:54:59MJbluebroth3r: I think notification emails from the bug tracker were dropped by my greylisting daemon..
10:55:40MJno, the jabber notifications didn't work; switching notifications to 'both' for future tickets.
10:55:49 Join Wkter [0] (~Wantedkyr@
10:56:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:58:45 Join ledmonk1 [0] (
11:01:57 Part ledmonk1
11:03:32 Part MJ
11:18:31 Join ledmonk1 [0] (
11:19:39ledmonk1anyone around that can answer a quick question about album artwork placement?
11:20:51perfectdrugjust ask
11:22:03ledmonk1i've got a 5th gen ipod video and i've got all the 100x100.bmp's in the ipod_control/music folder, but they are still not showing up in RB. i'm a little confused.
11:23:02ledmonk1what did i do wrong?
11:24:21Unhelpfulledmonk1: here is how rockbox finds albumart:
11:25:08perfectdrugthe easiest way to get albumart is to put the file named cover or folder.bmp (or jpg) into the corresponding music folder, but If you use the database you have to use the other options provided
11:28:24 Join intrados [0] (
11:28:28ledmonk1hello again, unhelpful lol... the wiki told me to put it in the above mentioned folder.
11:28:44 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:29:13 Quit BHSPitMonkey (Remote host closed the connection)
11:29:39ledmonk1perfect, does "/.rockbox/albumart/" refer to the existing .rockbox directory (i.e placing a /albumart/ folder in the existing .rockbox directoy) or created a a new directory?
11:29:52 Join intrados [0] (
11:30:41perfectdrugyou have to create an albumart folder in the .rockbox directory
11:30:43 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:31:14perfectdrugand name the files according to their tags
11:31:38ledmonk1d'oh. yeah, i did that too... no joy.
11:31:40 Join intrados [0] (
11:32:32 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:33:37 Join intrados [0] (
11:33:41 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
11:33:41ledmonk1perhaps i have the tags wrong... "David Bowie-The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.100x100.bmp" does that look ok?
11:33:59 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:34:22perfectdrug100x100 seems to be wrong
11:34:31ledmonk1ah ha!
11:34:49 Join intrados [0] (
11:35:01perfectdrugthe manual doesn't say this, and rockbox is capable to resize your albumart
11:35:09 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:35:26perfectdrugyou can provide the unresized source pictures
11:36:01 Join intrados [0] (
11:36:22ledmonk1well i'll try removing the "100x100" and see if that does the trick.
11:36:41ledmonk1thank you for your help, good sir.
11:37:56 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:38:51 Join intrados [0] (
11:40:20Unhelpfulthere's still stuff referring to sized AA? the manual doesn't mention it anymore... and i can't remember if we ever actually removed the code for it or not :/
11:41:12pixelmaif you include the 100x100 in your file name, then those will be taken only if your WPS was made for 100x100 sized album art
11:42:11ledmonk1the file names were done automatically by a program i used, unhelpful. i didn't set them that way.
11:42:44*pixelma uses this as a trick for a small album art WPS and using different art pictures with it which show just a part of the cover (and can keep those alongside the full art pictures
11:43:25ledmonk1look like i've got this all set. thank you very much, gentlemen. i've been at this for about 20 some odd hours in one shape or another. lol
11:43:30 Join nimak [0] (
11:44:39 Quit intrados (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
11:45:41 Join intrados [0] (
11:46:00 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:46:17 Quit nima (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
11:46:54 Join intrados [0] (
11:47:10 Quit intrados (Max SendQ exceeded)
11:47:45 Quit TMM (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
11:48:01 Join intrados [0] (
11:48:06 Quit nimak (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
11:48:30 Join nima [0] (
11:53:33ledmonk1yeah that definitely did the trick. thank you very much, prefectdrug & unhelpful. Now I just need to figure out the right size to set these as for this theme. lol.
11:54:38Unhelpfulledmonk1: rockbox scales now, so if you just make them the largest size you expect to use, that should be fine... or the largest size you *regularly* use, although they may look bad if you change themes and they're scaled up ;)
11:56:15ledmonk1Sorry to ask dumb questions & thank you both again.
11:56:22 Part ledmonk1
11:57:01 Quit intrados (Quit: WeeChat
11:58:01Unhelpfulbah, i was also going to say he doesn't *have to* use bmp - some of the instructions in include converting to bmp as a step :/
12:02:15 Join TMM [0] (~hp@pdpc/supporter/professional/TMM)
12:30:55 Quit Wkter (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:43:46 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
12:45:05kugelpixelma: ....
12:45:41kugeland "nobody objects" usually means "go for it"
12:47:06kugeldon't act as if I wouldn't discuss this kind of changes
12:48:29 Join Casainho [0] (
12:56:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:02:59 Join wodz [0] (
13:04:43wodzHello. I created new port in my local rockbox tree. I am able to do bootloader compile fine, but when I try to do normal build I end up with some errors I don't understand. The first error line is: /home/wodz/rockbox/apps/action.c:26:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
13:04:56wodzwhat I am doing wrong?
13:06:38kugelhm, the clip undef instr doesn't make any sense
13:06:49 Join watto [0] (~watto@
13:09:02wodzno clue?
13:10:07Tornewodz: not without more information
13:10:18Tornewodz: stick the entire log on a pastebin
13:10:48wodzwhat is it?
13:11:10kugelhrm, the disassembly looks correct
13:14:46wodzdo You mean
13:15:14 Join perfectdrug_ [0] (
13:16:49Torneyes, any such site
13:17:40TorneAre you reusing that build directory from having built the bootloader?
13:17:47Tornebecause it didn't do any dependency generation
13:18:02Torneif so, don't do that
13:18:09Tornedelete the contents of build and start again
13:18:27wodzmake veryclean is sufficient?
13:18:29 Quit perfectdrug (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
13:18:39 Join Adnyxo [0] (
13:18:42Tornerm -rf * is more dependable :)
13:18:43 Quit kugel (Disconnected by services)
13:18:49Tornebut hey
13:18:51 Join kugel [0] (
13:19:01 Quit kugel (Changing host)
13:19:01 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
13:19:07Tornemake clean will do, because that deletes everything except the files that are recreated by configure anyway
13:19:34Torneyou can't just go from building one config to another in the same directory without cleaning; our makefiles are not smart enough to notice what you have done
13:20:13kugelsome init code apears to grab the plugin buffer :)
13:21:53wodzTorne: now I got this:
13:24:10 Quit kugel (Disconnected by services)
13:24:15Torneviewport.h should be found from apps/gui
13:24:16 Join kugel [0] (
13:24:19Tornenot the build directory..
13:24:28 Quit kugel (Changing host)
13:24:28 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
13:25:55*Torne pokes
13:27:07Torneok, you are missing "gui" from appextra in configure
13:27:12 Join b0hoon [0] (~quassel@
13:27:17pixelmakugel: two replies in November and I don't see much mention of tests (even in the patch tracker) which if I understand correctly are quite important here as it can cause some weird breakage.
13:29:36 Join markcs [0] (~Miranda@
13:30:29Tornepeople in general: isn't appextra="gui" needed by every target? why is it still an extra define? :)
13:31:50markcsHi! Has anyone got rockbox working on the Sansa Clip v1?
13:32:14CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25023): Fix as3525 lowmem targets. They put the init code into the plugin buffer, but some init functions are grabbing it.
13:33:18kugelmarkcs: sure
13:33:34kugelSpeedy2: clipv1 works again
13:33:49topikkugel, is there a list of which devices are considered 'as3525 lowmem' ?
13:33:50markcskugel: I get an error after the Rock Box startup on the clip
13:34:04markcsand then it stops
13:34:13kugeltopik: clipv1, c200v2, m200v2
13:34:22Tornemarkcs: what error? :)
13:34:23topikthank you sir
13:34:38kugelmarkcs: it has been fixed a second ago ;)
13:35:05TheSevenkugel: assuming it was a development build that he was running
13:35:16markcskugel: Undefined instruction at 31BFF840
13:35:28kugelTheSeven: there are only developement builds for it
13:36:13markcskugel: does the release fix that error? Should I download the firmware from ?
13:36:23kugelwait a few minutes that redownload the current build
13:36:46TheSevenit's still being compiled, another ~4 minutes to go
13:36:56markcskugel: thanks... I'll give it 10 and try again
13:39:20wodzwhere are keymaps defined?
13:40:09b0hoonwodz: /apps/keymaps
13:40:19TheSevenmarkcs: new build should be ready for download
13:41:15markcsTheSeven: Thanks... I just saw the revsion step... fingers crossed!
13:42:51b0hoonwodz: don't forget about /apps/SOURCES file too
13:45:14 Quit Zagor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:46:07 Join Zagor [0] (
13:46:07 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
13:46:07 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
13:50:47wodzb0hoon: what is the minimal keymap file content?
13:51:15wodzI am knocked down by the number of fields to edit
13:53:33markcsTheSeven: its working now.. thanks
13:57:54jaeWhat is a Fuze v2 most similar to? Or is it a unique beast?
13:58:25 Quit markcs (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
14:00:28Tornefuzev2 is probably most similar to clipv2 and clip+..
14:01:24b0hoonwodz: please look at the /apps/keymaps/keymap-newtarget.c file. ACTION_STD_* and ACTION_WPS_* should be enough however i'm not certainly sure, cause i've defined it all on the beginning for my target.
14:01:28kugelhardware wise yea
14:01:41 Join Casainho_ [0] (
14:01:51gibbon_clip+ OF battery voltages range from ~4.15v (fully charged) to ~3.3v (OF won't boot anymore with a battery low shutdown screen) - voltages are from the battery debug menu of the clip+
14:02:49gibbon_i am quite unsure, where to put this information
14:03:20gibbon_thanks kugel
14:03:57 Quit Casainho (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
14:04:05gibbon_anyhow the format of the table suggests another location
14:04:06 Nick Casainho_ is now known as Casainho (
14:04:49gibbon_its not a runtime test
14:05:12kugelgibbon_: the *Runtime pages are not only for plain benches
14:05:50kugelthey're for all related information
14:06:15gibbon_kugel: i then will look for an example on the other pages, thanks for blowing away my confusion
14:06:52kugelthere's also IpodRuntime, SamsungRuntime, GigabeatRuntime
14:07:11gibbon_i saw that on BatteryRuntime
14:11:35gibbon_i will add an "additional findings" section then
14:22:24 Join Schmogel [0] (
14:23:25 Quit wodz (Quit: CGI:IRC)
14:33:17 Join froggymana [0] (
14:35:52 Quit shaggy-h (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:36:30 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
14:39:28 Join shaggy-h [0] (
14:43:25 Join bertrik [0] (
14:46:15 Quit bertrik (Client Quit)
14:50:42 Quit DerPapst (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:56:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:07:21 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
15:08:15 Quit ecio (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
15:23:45 Quit perfectdrug_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:27:24 Quit anewuser (Quit: Likely voting 114 entries =o)
15:30:18 Join ecio [0] (
15:39:30 Quit Sajber^ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:40:05 Join Sajber^ [0] (~Sajber^
15:43:27 Join evilnick_B [0] (~0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
15:45:52 Quit Casainho (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
15:48:42 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
15:50:14 Quit froggymana (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:06:46 Quit Battousai (Read error: Operation timed out)
16:06:58 Join Farthen [0] (
16:08:31 Join Battousai [0] (~bryan@gentoo/developer/battousai)
16:23:47 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
16:26:54 Quit stuckey (Quit: leaving)
16:28:14 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:34:41 Join chrisb [0] (
16:35:08chrisbdoes rockbox support line-out in general, or on a model by model basis?
16:35:21chrisbaudio line-out, that is
16:35:34funmanmodel basis, there are players without line-out afaik
16:35:39kugelit's supported on some models, but I don't know if on all
16:35:44 Quit maraz_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:35:50*chrisb is wondering about audio line-out for the sansa e2xx series and ipods
16:36:20kugelthose have their line out in that proprietary connector, so it might not be supported
16:36:49Torneline out for all ipods should just work, afaik
16:36:52chrisbkugel: ah, thanks
16:37:08Tornethere's some work going on at the moment to control the power to lineout since it draws a little power..
16:37:23Tornebut currently lineout is always on; the OF never turns it off either
16:37:25kugeldon't count on me, I have really no idea about lineout on ipods/sansas
16:37:32chrisbTorne: i've never owned a PAD, let alone an ipod
16:37:49chrisbTorne: does the ipod have a line-out separate from the prop cabling?
16:37:49Tornewell, all ipods with a dock connector have a line out on the dock connector.
16:38:12Torneno, all connectors other than headphones are on the dock, except on the very very very old ones
16:38:26funmansomeone with a gigabeat S could look the FM debug menu for me ?
16:38:33chrisbTorne: thanks for that detailed information
16:38:49 Join maraz [0] (
16:38:54funmanon startup of clipv1, all the registers are set to 0 before I start FM playback
16:39:08chrisbsansa looks so attractive for a first try at a PAD, more so than iPod
16:39:16kugelwhat's a PAD?
16:39:20kugeldo you mean DAP?
16:39:29chrisbPAD, Personal Audio Device
16:39:36chrisbDAP? digital audio player
16:39:53*chrisb is very new to this, not yet TLA or buzzword compliant
16:40:57chrisbone of my requirements is that i be able to connect the DAP to a radio player with RCA inputs
16:41:07chrisblinuxstb: Three Letter Acronym
16:41:13funmanchrisb: you can use headphone connector for this
16:41:16chrisbto share the music
16:41:45pixelmathen just don't use acronyms ;)
16:41:59chrisbfunman: isn't the headphone impedance different from the RCA input impedance?
16:42:17chrisbline-out vs headphone out?
16:42:46chrisbalso volume control issues
16:43:26Tornechrisb: yes, the impedance is different, but the device you are connecting it to is unlikely to care
16:43:51Torneand rockbox has a nice numeric way of setting the volume, so if you want the output to be line level then you can, you set to 0dB
16:44:35chrisbTorne: brilliant
16:44:55Torne"real" line out is not relevant for just being able to connect to bigger speakers and play music for people
16:45:09Torneif you want perfect reproduction for recording/etc then yes, the impedance mismatch is probably bad :)
16:45:31Tornewhatever amplifying device you plug it into will work just fine connected to the headphone jack of anything :)
16:46:13 Part b0hoon ("GTG Bye.")
16:48:34chrisbi don't know that much, i just presumed the output amplifier to the earbuds would have a specialized frequency response, different from line-out
16:48:55chrisbTorne: your information is very encouraging
16:49:09chrisbTorne: for the Sansa offerings
16:50:57Tornechrisb: the output amp *does* work differently to line out
16:51:09Tornebut you are unlikely to hear the difference.
16:54:32 Join toffe82 [0] (~chatzilla@
16:56:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:57:02chrisbTorne: understood
17:04:58funmanGodEater: (or someone with a gigabeat S) could you try and tell me if FM still works ?
17:05:17GodEaternot. a. chance. too snowed with work things :(
17:05:24GodEateralso, my S is buried at home somewhere
17:05:30*chrisb looks for a 3.5mm to RCA male cable
17:07:52funmanAlexP: got a change to test this patch on Gigabeat S ? ^
17:08:08 Join jgarvey [0] (
17:18:54 Quit Sajber^ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:25:39 Quit robin0800 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:26:24 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
17:32:35 Quit pjm0616 (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
17:35:48 Join leavittx [0] (
17:38:00 Quit fyre^OS (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:38:23 Join fyrestorm [0] (
17:40:23*TheSeven needs statistics about how many users actually use nano2g dualboot
17:40:46TheSevendropping that (or at least not including it out of the box) would make things easier ;-)
17:45:13 Join Lss [0] (
17:46:28 Quit Hillshum (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:54:16 Join pjm0616 [0] (~user@
17:58:22 Join piotrekm [0] (~piotrek@unaffiliated/piotrekm)
18:00:35evilnick_BMore info on TheSeven's last remark: <TheSeven> ...right now there is a design decision that's a little tricky (easier installation vs. dualboot support)
18:00:46evilnick_B<TheSeven> my plan is to build an image that you'll just dd to the ipod, unplug it, wait some seconds, plug it again and unpack the rockbox zip file => done
18:00:58evilnick_B<TheSeven> but if we want to keep it that easy, i see no way of saving the OFW before overwriting it (which will happen during the dd step)
18:01:52TheSevenif we replace the dd by ipodpatcher, it would work, but that's one one of the things i wanted to get rid of originally
18:02:14evilnick_BI'm not sure how much dd-ing a file across would be easier for inexperienced windows users, although I admit I'm not sure how the current installation goes
18:02:14TheSevenactually, we could support both ways: dualboot install through ipodpatcher, and "bare-metal" install using dd without dualboot
18:03:03 Join komputes [0] (~komputes@ubuntu/member/komputes)
18:08:23 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
18:10:14TheSevenwhat would be really cool would be just copying a file to the data partition for installation
18:10:26TheSevenbut that's probably impossible
18:11:16TheSeven(would be OFW revision-dependent and we could only load 4K that way, which isn't sufficient to fetch the rest of it from the flash)
18:12:29 Join fml [0] (
18:12:32evilnick_BAs long as there's a (semi-)automated way using rbutil then that'd be fine wouldn't it?
18:13:04TheSevenprobably yes
18:14:34 Quit planetbeing (Quit: Poof.)
18:15:04fmlkugel: I think the recent commit needs a thorough documentation (in the wiki?) about what functions can be marked as INIT and what may not (and what consequences the violation of the rules will have). Since it's something not noticable by an even experienced programmer.
18:15:30kugelhm, good idea
18:16:11kugelin the code or in the wiki, or both?
18:17:36fmlkugel: both would do no harm :-)
18:18:48 Join perfectdrug [0] (
18:19:19 Quit pamaury (Quit: Quitte)
18:20:35AlexPfunman: Still need that testing?
18:21:13 Join planetbeing [0] (
18:21:56 Join Strife89|PalmTX [0] (
18:23:30fmlkugel: in the code I'd place it where the INIT attr is defined, i.e. in config.h. But that's too far from the actual places where it's used. Hence the wiki is also needed.
18:25:06kugelsomething like this?
18:25:37dionoea"these functions"
18:27:36kugelfml: can you suggest a suitable page?
18:27:38JdGordonthat is a useless place for that comment
18:27:56 Quit Strife89|PalmTX (Quit: Leaving the resteraunt.)
18:28:34kugelanother one could be added near main()
18:29:14fml kugel: I'd also specify where that "root_menu()" lives (main.c?). Also,you missed an underscore in one place and te full stop in the end. But otherwise I find the comment OK.
18:29:20 Join iq [0] (~iq@unaffiliated/iq)
18:30:56fmlkugel: I'd also explain what "overwritten" means, i.e. their code in RAM. On the wiki page, we can also describe that it doesn't work with ROM (or does it?) etc.
18:31:06JdGordonyes, near main() would be better
18:31:36JdGordonwith a comment in main saying /* no INIT_ATTR function calls after this point */
18:31:42 Join pixelma_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
18:31:43 Quit pixelma (Disconnected by services)
18:31:52 Quit amiconn (Disconnected by services)
18:31:54 Join amiconn_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
18:32:00 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
18:32:18 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
18:32:34fmlkugel: or a descendant thereof, maybe a new one.
18:33:39fmlI think the comment must be near the definition and maybe in main.c. But near the definition is a must IMO.
18:34:38AlexPfunman: radio is fine with that patch
18:37:35kugel ?
18:38:58perfectdrugwho does actually use the "Search Flyspray" field on the front page? I think most users don't even know what flyspray is, and if they are looking for patches or bugs, I think they go directly on the links for that. What do you think about replacing this with "Search Wiki" I think this would help people finding the information wanted, because the normal search field brings not the most important documentation results on the top.
18:40:24perfectdrugreffering to , i think it is easy with the wiki search to find the plugindict page
18:40:35kugelI use it always when firefox forgets the custom search generated from it :)
18:41:07 Join Sajber^ [0] (~Sajber^
18:42:04perfectdrugwhy not use the search on the flyspray site?
18:42:06planetbeingIs there a recommed click-path from the Rockbox front page to browsing the SVN? Or is googling for "Rockbox SVN" the best way? :)
18:42:06fmlkugel: almost :-) There two underscores missing (in "root menu()").
18:42:56kugelthe function is called root_menu
18:43:53fmlkugel: Oh, sorry, that undescore is not shown on my display. It's ok then.
18:45:00CIA-5New commit by kugel (r25024): Add a few warning comments about the INIT_ATTR stuff.
18:46:12fmlplanetbeing: I use the "SVN chages" page as an entry and then navigate where I need to.
18:49:03funmanAlexP: thanks
18:50:40 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
18:55:43 Quit Kitar|st ()
18:55:55 Join captainkewlllll [0] (~2669ecc2@gateway/web/freenode/x-rfoxrostigmvvgow)
18:56:01 Quit fml (Quit: CGI:IRC)
18:56:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:03:56 Join Kitar|st [0] (
19:14:38 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:17:25 Quit flydutch (Quit: /* empty */)
19:18:19 Quit rb_voicebot (Remote host closed the connection)
19:18:29rasherI guess that can be removed.
19:26:23 Join planetbeing_ [0] (
19:26:55 Quit CGL (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:31:19 Join bertrik [0] (
19:36:04 Join stripwax [0] (
19:36:11 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
19:39:05kugelcan someone update the manual for the fm radio screen?
19:39:29kugelI added the quickscreen to it not too long ago, but didn't get to updating the manual yet
19:40:50 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
19:41:00 Quit funman (Quit: free(random());)
19:41:02kugelI feel that we need a script for that :(
19:44:54 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
19:45:07 Part domonoky
19:46:28LloreanA script for what?
19:49:35 Quit evilnick (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:50:00 Join evilnick [0] (
19:51:36 Join Strife89 [0] (~michael@
19:59:10kugelLlorean: scanning/processing keymap files for easier manual work
19:59:40pixelmasending a reminder mail if someone committed a feature and didn't update the manual ;\
20:00:53Lloreankugel: How much work does that really save you? It won't be able to write the entry for you, so at best it can juts remind you that you changed a keymap.
20:01:03LloreanI figured you already knew you did, since you're mentioning it in here...
20:02:31kugelit would be enough if it could do the keymap*.text files
20:02:36 Join Buschel [0] (
20:02:50JdGordon_did FS #11075 get fixed with r25023 ?
20:04:05gevaertsBagder, Zagor: has new and improved builds
20:04:39kugelI'm wondering why anybody reporting that error ommits the 0 that came between the 3 and the 1
20:04:44 Quit zz_shiretoko (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:04:54*Bagder gets the new and improved builds
20:04:56kugelthe actual address was something like 301BFF8XX
20:06:16*Buschel is listening to musepack sv8 on his pc-sim :o)
20:07:44gevaertsHow do we handle release notes for release updates? Their own page, or an edit to the main 3.5 page
20:08:03Bagdera new page I think
20:08:27 Quit DerPapst (Quit: Leaving.)
20:11:59rasher3.0.1 has its own page
20:15:54 Join phanboy4 [0] (
20:17:28 Join petur [0] (
20:17:28 Quit petur (Changing host)
20:17:28 Join petur [0] (~peter@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:18:11 Join efyx_ [0] (
20:20:35 Join pixelma_ [0] (~58d977a3@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
20:21:36 Quit piotrekm (Quit: piotrekm)
20:23:16 Quit montana (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:23:16 Quit TheSeven (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.8/20100202165920])
20:27:46 Join planetbeing__ [0] (~planetbei@
20:28:45 Join inevitable [0] (
20:31:14inevitableG hear that I can use a Toshiba *GAL drive with rockbox on the H340, but I need a modified bootloader or some such. I'm having a little trouble digging up instructions or a thread for reference though. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
20:31:21inevitableG = I
20:31:38 Quit planetbeing (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:31:38 Nick planetbeing_ is now known as planetbeing (
20:31:38 Nick planetbeing is now known as 50UAAC0L7 (
20:31:38 Nick planetbeing__ is now known as 40FAAJEKU (~planetbei@
20:32:01inevitablesomething about physical sector size i guess
20:32:31inevitablewhat, irc nicks starting with a number? madhax!
20:34:38pixelma_*GAL doesn't give enough info - it just means it's a dual platter one, you need to be more accurate. And I would be very very careful with modified bootloaders for the H300 (and I'm not aware of a necessity when you upgrade drives but I didn't follow it too closely)
20:35:03 Join jd [0] (
20:35:03 Quit jd (Changing host)
20:35:03 Join jd [0] (~jd@Wikipedia/HellDragon)
20:35:08JdGordon_do NOT use a svn bootloader on h300.. it will brick it
20:35:10pixelma_a necessity of a new bootloader I mean
20:35:28 Quit pixelma_ (Quit: .)
20:36:26inevitablemm right, sec
20:37:05inevitablei was gonna buy a 1214gah, but i apparently bought the one i did about 2 days before they stopped making them, and the guy on ebay was like "lol woops i don't have ne"
20:38:22inevitableso the choice is pay like $50 more, now, or get the 1231GAL, but i don't know if i can make it work with the player
20:38:28pixelmabluebroth3r: the intermediate aiff and wav both sound fine when played back in Rockbox...
20:39:05inevitable(i do already have rockbox on it)
20:39:28inevitablei'm sure it'd be safer to buy the 1214, but i don't know if it's a big deal to make the other one work or what
20:40:57bluebroth3rpixelma: ok, now that is getting strange. Can you upload the files somewhere?
20:41:15bluebroth3r(or email them to me)?
20:41:50pixelmawhich ones - the wav and aiff or a sample talk clip - or?
20:42:06bluebroth3rthe wav and aiff files
20:42:23bluebroth3rthinking about it, a sample talk clip would be interesting too ...
20:42:44bluebroth3rhave you ever tried creating voice files on that machine using a different TTS, like espeak?
20:43:22pixelmahmm... should I try the same on the PPC where voice creation hangs completely?
20:43:35pixelmano, haven't tried a different TTS
20:43:42gevaertsinevitable: maybe ask on the forums. My impression is that there are more people there who do this sort of thing
20:44:07bluebroth3ryes, if you can. Try the "Test TTS" and check if any intermediate files are present at all. Maybe it crashes earlier −− or later.
20:44:33bluebroth3rit might also be a problem with the encoding. You're building mp3 clips or speex?
20:44:59pixelmaI'm building for the M5, so speex
20:45:49pixelmadon't have my Ondio with me currently but I could test tomorrow
20:46:46bluebroth3rwould be interesting.
20:46:59gevaertsCan someone review ?
20:48:16 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
20:48:22*kugel got perl to print \o/
20:48:36bluebroth3rgevaerts: I would link those "see 3.5 release notes" texts
20:49:03 Join stooo [0] (
20:49:10pixelma"test tts" is already hanging but I'll have a look for some files
20:49:39 Join gnuvince [0] (~vince@
20:49:52pixelmait started the VoiceOver setup once more (that didn't happen on the Intel Mac)
20:50:04inevitablegevaerts: mk. i thought there was probably already a discussion and i couldn't find it
20:50:24gevaertsbluebroth3r: in what way exactly? I just copied this from the 3.0.1 notes
20:50:28bluebroth3rpixelma: hmm. I have no idea why VoiceOver comes up. Shouldn't happen.
20:51:20gnuvinceHello. I'm sure you've all heard this one thousands of times before, but here goes: I tried to install rockbox on my iPod 4th gen, and it tells me it can't find rockbox.ipod. The .rockbox/ directory is placed at the root of the iPod's file system hierarchy and I used ipodpatcher to install the boot loader. I tried with the automatic installer on Windows and manually on Linux with the same result. Any tips?
20:51:46 Join Tomis [0] (~Tomis@
20:52:01bluebroth3rgevaerts: ah, just noticed that you linked the section titles. I'd rather link the text instead of the section title −− I wasn't expecting them to be linked
20:52:14gevaertsbluebroth3r: feel free to change it :)
20:53:47bluebroth3rgevaerts: just did it :)
20:54:00gevaertsgnuvince: maybe try checking the filesystem
20:54:56CIA-5New commit by gevaerts (r25025): prepare for 3.5.1
20:55:03pixelmabluebroth3r: seems creation of those intermediate files already failed, I can't even find a tmp folder
20:55:04gnuvincegevaerts: checking it?
20:55:15gevaertsgnuvince: fsck or chkdsk
20:55:50gevaertsrockbox is known to be a bit sensitive to filesystem corruption, and removable drives tend to accumulate this sort of thing
20:56:06gnuvinceCan this happen minutes after reformatting?
20:56:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:56:32gevaertsah, not normally, no
20:57:13gevaertsBagder: is build-info automatically generated from cron, or do I have to ping you or Zagor?
20:57:21 Join mirak_ [0] (
20:57:43gnuvincegevaerts: I'll try it out anyway
20:57:57bluebroth3rpixelma: ok. Too bad.
21:02:13CIA-5New commit by gevaerts (r25026): Add 3.5.1 to the frontpage news
21:02:23kugelvia perl:
21:02:30kugeldo we need such a script?
21:02:37pixelmabluebroth3r: mail sent but I want to go home now...
21:02:43 Join piotrekm [0] (~piotrek@unaffiliated/piotrekm)
21:03:16kugelthe output isn't completely compatible to the existing manual, due to the plain converting from the keymap-*.c files
21:03:23 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:04:20 Quit piotrekm (Client Quit)
21:04:51bluebroth3rpixelma: ok. Thanks for testing.
21:06:56gevaertsThe 3.5.1 release announcement email is ready to go out as soon as the server-side things are done
21:07:13inevitable this thread seems to indicate that just changing a couple defines would be enough, but i'm a bit dubious about that... someone more knowledgeable than me, perhaps, can say if it is a bad idea?
21:07:32 Part stooo
21:09:21gevaertsinevitable: it's definitely enough on ipod, *but* the bootloader needs to be recompiled too, and that's a very dangerous business on h300
21:09:47inevitableso it seems
21:10:16gevaertsBootloaders from current svn are known to be broken for h300, so my advice would be to not even try
21:10:16inevitableif that's all that needs changing, and there are these modern drives coming out with bigger sector sizes, i wonder why it hasn't been updated yet?
21:10:25inevitableyeah, i read that earlier too
21:11:05gevaertsWe need someone with both a H300 and the equipment to recover it from non-working bootloaders to do the debugging. Those people aren't very common
21:11:09inevitablemakes me frustrated that i didn't get that 1214GAH when i had the chance :(
21:11:19inevitableah, i see
21:11:24inevitablewhat kind of equipment is necessary?
21:12:21inevitablei don't know jack about the internals of the h340 or rockbox, but i am savvy enough and can follow instructions ... except i expect said equipment is likely to be somewhat expensive
21:13:16gevaertsI don't know how much it costs, but it does require some fine soldering work
21:13:18Buscheltoday seems to be a good day for programming :o) mpc seek is also working now with the new decoder.
21:14:04Buschelporting to little endian now
21:15:17inevitable200 bucks :(
21:15:58gevaertsIIRC there's someone on the forums who has done this recently
21:16:53inevitablemaybe i'll just pay the $50 ;)
21:17:45 Part watto
21:20:47 Quit Tomis (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:22:06 Join Tomis [0] (~Tomis@
21:22:20 Join liar [0] (
21:24:30 Join fml [0] (
21:25:10fmlHas anybody noticed this mail? What do you think?
21:26:55 Join archivator [0] (
21:29:53kugelgetting it from the keymap files doesn't quite work :(
21:30:15 Join TheSeven [0] (~theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
21:30:52fmlpetur: ^^ ;-)
21:32:41kugelor maybe it does
21:35:01*TheSeven wonders what 40FAAJEKU and 50UAAC0L7 are
21:35:13TheSevenhuman or not?
21:35:2750UAAC0L7That's my nick? o.o
21:35:3250UAAC0L7Thanks, Colloquy.
21:35:35 Nick 50UAAC0L7 is now known as planetbeing (
21:40:05 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
21:40:28 Quit fml (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:41:26pixelmaplanetbeing: there's another one of you (according to whois 40FAAJEKU is also yours)
21:42:24*Buschel listens to sv8 on his ipod now :o) will measure speed now
21:42:53TheSevenwho's responsoble for the SMAF codec?
21:43:03TheSevenresponsible even
21:45:35peturkugel: I know & I'll fix tonight
21:46:48TheSevendid *anyone* ever see SMAF working on *any* target? at least on nano2g it doesn't...
21:49:03 Join saratoga [0] (~9803c6dd@gateway/web/freenode/x-abxprnuwmbcjsfod)
21:50:26saratogaTheSeven: that would be Uchida
21:50:29saratogahe added it a couple days ago
21:50:38saratogaif it doesn't work i would file a bug report and add him to it
21:50:41TheSevenI remember discussing it with pondlife...
21:51:02TheSeven(who said that he only tested it in simulators)
21:51:25*TheSeven is unsure as to why/how it fails
21:51:46TheSevenit will display some garbage metadata briefly and skip over all of the smaf tracks
21:51:59TheSevendid it even load the codec? no idea.
21:54:13 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Going home.)
21:54:41gevaertsBagder: can you give whichever script generates build-info a push?
21:56:43Bagderit runs on every commit
21:57:08BagderI just made sure the www is now updated, so at next commit the build-info file should be correct
21:57:11gevaertsoh, so I'm basically waiting for the mirror sync?
21:57:32gevaertsactually www doesn't matter. The there is a symlink to the main one
21:57:47Bagderthe mirrors should be in sync by now
21:58:26saratoga"FS #10919 - playback pause on rebuffer" can probably be closed
21:58:31gevaertsthe file I see still mentions r25021
21:59:23gevaertssaratoga: I think so, yes
22:01:24CIA-5New commit by gevaerts (r25027): oops, it's 3.5.1, not 3.51
22:03:07 Join p3tur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:03:59 Join froggyman [0] (
22:08:04gevaertsBagder: there's apparntly two build-info files...
22:08:45gevaertsThere's which is updated on every commit (but doesn't have much information), and there's which is updated by the daily builds
22:08:58Bagderright, I noticed that too
22:09:15gevaertsThis would explain why people always complain about being unable to install from rbutil for a while longer than expected
22:09:22BagderI've updated the latter one now, but it'll take a while until it gets synced
22:09:50Bagderyes, suddenly it makes me think they didn't hallucinate! ;-)
22:10:10gevaertsI'll wait a bit before sending out the email then
22:10:41 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:14:04 Quit Adnyxo (Read error: Connection timed out)
22:14:45 Join Adnyxo [0] (
22:16:16CIA-5New commit by peter (r25028): fix typo in talk value of histogram setting
22:19:16 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
22:21:03 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
22:27:15 Join piotrekm [0] (
22:27:15 Quit piotrekm (Changing host)
22:27:15 Join piotrekm [0] (~piotrek@unaffiliated/piotrekm)
22:28:09 Join webguest01 [0] (
22:29:26 Quit webguest01 (Client Quit)
22:30:30 Quit piotrekm (Client Quit)
22:35:57bluebroth3ranyone familiar with rbspeex around? I'm wondering what exactly the difference is to plain speex files
22:36:12LloreanAren't they the speex stream without any container?
22:36:24LloreanI've seen it described as "raw" speex a few times
22:39:53bluebroth3rlooks you're right. Just found a comment in the source saying so.
22:44:49 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
22:45:16gevaerts3.5.1 is now officially out
22:46:03*bluebroth3r gets out of ideas :(
22:47:48 Quit jgarvey (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:49:45pixelmaJdGordon_: just tested a radio skin diff again on my M5 and I still have the problem that once I make it load an own fms, I can't exit the radio anymore. And I have trouble setting my own through the menu - I once deleted the fms line in config.cfg to get rid of my own, whenever I tried to load it again through the menu, nothing happened and I had to add the fms line again (no change even across reboots) with the text editor. I increased the skin
22:49:45pixelma buffer a bit but it was enough even before
22:50:01pixelmamy fms only contains "%Tn" nothing more
22:50:15JdGordon_how much did you up the buffer size to?
22:50:34pixelmaand it displays the station preset correctly even
22:52:21pixelmaI used 4 instead of 2 times the screen size. Rockbox info says 19.2kB/58.0kB
22:52:27 Quit bmbl (Quit: Bye!)
22:54:02*pixelma compiles a sim, maybe that one gives some info
22:55:29 Join FOAD_ [0] (
22:55:41JdGordon_ok, then thats probably fine
22:56:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:58:59 Quit FOAD (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:59:00 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
22:59:47 Quit ecio (Quit: Leaving)
23:00:28 Join jgarvey [0] (
23:01:10 Join ecio [0] (
23:06:23pixelmainteresting, I can change all other things in the radio - switch stations, adjust volume until I try exiting the radio and it fails. After that no keypresses do anything (except the hard power off)
23:07:22JdGordon_thats really wierd :p
23:07:26JdGordon_on target or sim?
23:07:33 Quit Buschel ()
23:08:00pixelmaon target
23:08:38pixelma"catch mem accesses" didn't turn up anything
23:12:19pixelmaif the radio screen hangs then backlight doesn't turn off either (still speaking about the target)
23:13:58 Quit p3tur (Quit: Zzzzz)
23:14:39JdGordon_that could mean its somehow got into a infitniet loop :/
23:15:05 Join Hillshum [0] (~hillshum@
23:16:14 Quit petur (Quit: Zzzzz too)
23:17:48 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:23:08 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:26:30 Join karashata [0] (
23:27:08 Join stripwax [0] (
23:30:08 Quit Hillshum (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:30:18 Quit Lss (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:30:43 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:34:03 Quit Zarggg (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:34:20pixelmaJdGordon_: by the way, I find an rwps-line with an mytheme.rwps in config.cfg even though such a file doesn't even exist. That's after I tried loading an FMS through the menu but I didn't check before
23:34:21 Join Zarggg [0] (~zarggg@2001:0:4137:9e74:0:9d72:beb1:ba3d)
23:34:53JdGordon_you added it or rockbox added it?
23:35:04JdGordon_sounds like a bit of a snafu on my part :p
23:35:17pixelmaRockbox added it
23:35:49pixelmathat could explain why setting through the menu doesn't work... ;)
23:36:00pixelmaan FMS I mean
23:37:18JdGordon_does the fms show up in the browser when fileview is "supported"?
23:40:10JdGordon_hmm, i assume it does if the fmscreen menu option displays them
23:40:18pixelmaoh nice, the sim hangs with CPU at 100% with an own fms (loaded by adding the line to the config.cfg) that's after entering the FM screen and negating the auto-scan question - this doesn't happen with your hardcoded fms...
23:41:17JdGordon_haha, yep nice snafu on my part :p
23:41:24pixelmano debug output though
23:42:04JdGordon_filetree.c has case FILE_ATTR_RFMS: where case FILE_ATTR_FMS: shuold be
23:42:09JdGordon_in ft_enter()
23:42:18JdGordon_(nano doesnt show line numbers)
23:42:23bluebroth3rthere is something broken with the zezayer wps with current builds: the statusbar is drawn over the wps
23:42:51bluebroth3rshows up pretty clearly on the sim. On the target it's only if the statusbar changes
23:43:01 Quit JdGordon_ (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:44:42 Part froggyman
23:45:31bluebroth3ranyone interested in looking into it? Zezayer is still in svn.
23:45:51 Quit efyx_ (Remote host closed the connection)
23:46:49 Join Casainho [0] (
23:46:56 Quit Casainho (Client Quit)
23:49:23 Quit CGL (Quit: Saliendo)
23:49:35 Quit moos (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6/20100115144158])
23:49:59 Quit jgarvey (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:52:01pixelmaJdGordon: I assume the case a few lines below inside the ifdef HAVE_REMOTE_LCD should have an RFMS instead of the FMS then :P
23:52:26pixelmalines 514 and 520 - for what it's worth
23:53:07 Part gnuvince
23:56:23 Quit evilnick_B (Quit: Page closed)

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