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#rockbox log for 2010-03-19

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01:09:26r0b-hmmm when i tell Rbuilqt to detect my player it errors
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01:11:40perfectdrug"player" is not very specific
01:12:08r0b-the case says v2
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01:13:16perfectdrugit only matters what the sansaversion tells as firmwareversion to know if it is a v2 for sure
01:13:37r0b-its v1 firmware
01:13:42r0b-but its in a v2 case
01:14:21perfectdrugwhich usb-mode did you set in the OF
01:14:22krazykitso it's a v1.
01:14:24funmanthen it's a v1, i can put a sansa e200v1 in an ipod case but it will still be recognized as a v1
01:14:56r0b-for some reason Rockbox wont recognize it
01:15:02r0b-it wont install
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01:16:15perfectdrugdoes it show up as drive on your PC?
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01:16:24funmanthen see what perfectdrug just said and paste what's in Help>Troubleshoot> both entries
01:16:25robin0800r0b-: whats the firmware version?
01:17:01r0b-v 1.02.24A
01:17:39robin0800r0b-: thats version 2 then
01:17:55r0b-v1 firmware starts with 1
01:17:59r0b-v2 starts with 3
01:18:01funmanrobin0800: nope, only the first number counts
01:18:48perfectdrugr0b-: put the troubleshoot entries to and post the link
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01:22:55r0b-its locking up when i install the bootloader
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01:25:16r0b-its a refurbished Sansa e260
01:25:25r0b-its not the R model
01:25:42LloreanAs was asked, what USB mode is it in?
01:26:05LloreanWhat operating system are you in?
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01:28:07LloreanGo to a site like and paste the Help->Troubleshoot->System Trace as funman suggested then. Make sure the player was attached to the computer, showing up as a drive letter when you do this.
01:31:39funmanr0b-: you forgot "System Info"
01:31:54r0b-i got it
01:32:01r0b-i had to use sansapatcher to get the bootloader
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01:32:32Lloreanr0b-: Generally, we'd prefer to actually figure out why the preferred tool isn't working rather than bypassing it.
01:32:49LloreanNow we don't really have a way to track down what was wrong.
01:33:51r0b-hold please :P
01:39:27r0b-oh it wasnt attached :P
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01:45:02r0b-theres the sysinfo
01:47:48r0b-its rockboxed :)
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01:51:41r0b-now to install the 125 themes lol
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01:54:37r0b-theres the sysinfo though
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06:02:18r0b-anyone around?
06:05:54r0b-i am having USB HID issues with the e200v1
06:06:52LloreanGenerally you should be as specific as possible about the problem you're having.
06:07:19r0b-well with HID enabled in Rockbox it now says the device will not start in windows XP
06:07:32r0b-but if i disable USB HID it loads as a regular drive
06:09:05LloreanSome people have had a similar issue, I think. I thought there had been some talk of disabling HID by default
06:09:34r0b-i would definatly do that
06:09:44r0b-i was thinking it was the player
06:09:54r0b-i JUST got it today
06:11:25LloreanI think it's actually related to the host computer, but I don't really know any more
06:11:48r0b-well i will try to remove all the rockbox drivers
06:15:52r0b-finding many flaws
06:16:14r0b-in the e200's
06:17:11r0b-well this is also version 3.5.1
06:17:43LloreanWhat does that have to do with it?
06:17:56r0b-no idea
06:18:17r0b-the up to date SVN version seems flawless
06:18:45LloreanThere shouldn't be many significant differences between them.
06:19:03r0b-ok i guess its the computer
06:20:03r0b-ill just stfu and go now
06:24:00 Join DV_ [0] (~DV@
06:25:50r0b-could be an issue with the USB?
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06:29:46DV_hi all
06:29:50LloreanAs I said, it doesn't work right for a lot of people, which most likely means either something still needs fixing in code, or something common is conflicting with the way we do things.
06:30:02DV_did we get shortlisted for GSOC 2010
06:30:05LloreanThere's really not something you should be doing right now or worrying about.
06:30:09DV_i cudn't find the link in here
06:30:40 Join xiainx [0] (
06:30:50LloreanDV_: I see us in the list.
06:31:23LloreanDid you try just hitting the search function in your browser and searching for Rockbox? We're in the second list, the one for accepted and has completed their profile.
06:32:39DV_can u give me that link?
06:34:07LloreanWhat link?
06:34:10LloreanIt's the page you just linked.
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07:23:47WinnungaHi, does rockbox support the iRiver e10?
07:24:49 Quit Winnunga (Client Quit)
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07:25:00n1sWinnunga: nope
07:25:00 Quit Winnunga (Client Quit)
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08:08:31 Join Greyshadow [0] (~Grey@unaffiliated/greyshadow)
08:11:30Parsii'm interested to installing rockbox on ipod nano 2nd gen, can i?
08:13:13 Join B4gder [0] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
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08:14:02Parsir0b-: can you help me?
08:14:08r0b-pm me :P
08:16:10Lloreanr0b-: Why do you seem so focused on PM? There's generally benefit to just speaking in the channel if it's about Rockbox.
08:16:24LloreanAmong other things, if you get steps wrong or if something's changed, someone can pitch in and help make sure things are accurate.
08:16:44r0b-im a one on one person :P
08:17:01scorchewell, that pretty much defeats the purpose of IRC
08:19:52r0b-:P im still irritated
08:23:11r0b-id like to contribute to coding for rockbox but i am unable to assemble a linux tool chain
08:23:22LloreanWhere does the script fail?
08:24:17LloreanBuilding the toolchain.
08:24:25LloreanThere's a script to do it.
08:24:26r0b-i dont have a linux box to use
08:24:28scorcher0b-: what step are you stuck on?
08:24:45scorchethen which route have you tried?....vmware?...cygwin?
08:25:06r0b-well im gonna try vmware
08:25:14r0b-but i must find a distro to use first
08:26:16LloreanWe provide a vmware image that's ready to go.
08:26:22LloreanMakes the whole process quite simple.
08:27:10r0b-alright ill dowload the vmware image
08:28:10r0b-thanks guys
08:28:19r0b-i really do want a chance to look into it
08:28:33topikcan a themesite admin please give me a moment. i want to replace a theme i uploaded (themeid=250) with a working version
08:28:37r0b-and attempt to improve it if i could
08:29:10Lloreantopik: I'm pretty sure you can replace your own themes as long as all the info is the same when you submit the new version.
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08:29:13LloreanOr so I heard.
08:30:46linuxstbParsi: There are install instructions in the Rockbox manual - see the "manual" link in the left menu on the Rockbox website. Ask here if you have any questions/problems you can't find an answer to in the manual.
08:30:52topikyeah, i tried that but i must be using the wrong email address
08:31:13 Quit JdGordon (Quit: Leaving.)
08:32:16 Join ender` [0] (
08:34:05Parsiif i install rockbox, can i return to the original firmware?
08:34:59topikrockbox doesn't replace the original firmware, it is dual-boot
08:35:20Parsitopik: wow, how to boot the ipod with rockbox?
08:36:04topikrockbox becomes the default. to boot the original firmware you usually have to hold a button after turning on the device
08:41:38Parsii get 'could not open ipod' error
08:42:55 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
08:43:23topikare you following the manual to install ?
08:44:30 Quit Tomis (Quit: Tomis)
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08:50:09 Quit hd (Quit: Ω)
09:05:23r0b-ok this is weird
09:05:31r0b-now USB HID works on this sansa e200
09:09:40 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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09:13:40 Join DV_ [0] (~DV@
09:16:43 Join xiainx [0] (
09:17:11linuxstbParsi: Are you using Linux, Windows, OS X, something else?
09:17:28Parsilinuxstb: windows
09:17:49linuxstbAre you logged in as an administrator?
09:18:03Parsilinuxstb: problem solved:)
09:18:25topikthat's in the manual
09:20:30 Quit Zarggg (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:21:03 Join Zarggg [0] (
09:23:48 Part Greyshadow
09:25:17 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:28:22 Join Luca_S [0] (
09:38:04Parsii couldn't load ipods default firmware:-s
09:40:27S_a_i_n_tParsi: hold "menu" to turn the ipod will boot into the Apple Firmware.
09:41:25S_a_i_n_talternatively, turn the ipod on, then quickly switch on "hold", it will boot into the Apple FW then also.
09:41:48S_a_i_n_tBut I find using menu to turn it on, and holding menu, to be the easiest option.
09:42:32 Join flydutch [0] (
09:44:58topiki never have the desire to go back to the OF on my nano2g
09:44:59 Quit DV_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:46:49 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
09:50:21 Join gill0r [0] (
09:50:25Parsitopik: why?
09:50:49S_a_i_n_tThe only reason I ever have to is in the car, the dock in there doesn;t seem to like RB :[
09:52:07Parsii'm in original FW but itunes does not recognize it
09:52:13 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
09:52:15Parsiit says i need to restore
09:53:06S_a_i_n_tThen you *probably* did something wrong during the install process.
09:54:12topikParsi: rockbox can do all i want on my player
09:54:12S_a_i_n_tRestore the iPod using iTunes (or whatever method you're used to), and try again.
09:56:33 Join DV_ [0] (~DV@
09:57:27S_a_i_n_tThe Nano2g port *is* still listed as unstable, for some reason a few people seem to get more " *PANIC*'s " than others.
09:58:19topikseems there are some different nand chips used and TheSeven only has one so he can only test for that
09:58:29Parsi:-s "The ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that are used by another applications"
09:58:49S_a_i_n_tOccasionally the *panic* will cause the iPod to need to be restored, but that's fairly rare now.
09:59:02S_a_i_n_tParsi: Are you on windows OS?
09:59:17ParsiS_a_i_n_t: yes
09:59:28S_a_i_n_tHit Ctrl+Alt+Del
09:59:46S_a_i_n_tfind "explorer.exe" and shut down the process.
10:00:18S_a_i_n_tTo fix the acces problem you're having.
10:00:26Parsilet me try
10:00:30topikor 'safely remove' it and plug it back in
10:00:34S_a_i_n_tthen go to the "applications" tab.
10:01:01S_a_i_n_tthen "new task" and type "explorer.exe"
10:01:23S_a_i_n_t*now* you should be able to restore the iPod.
10:02:09 Join DerPapst [0] (
10:03:08S_a_i_n_ttopik: Ah, right....Duh (hehe...). S_a_i_n_t slaps his forhead.
10:03:15S_a_i_n_tYes, that will work also :P
10:06:16 Quit scorche (Quit: rawr...that is all...rawr)
10:06:46ParsiS_a_i_n_t: same:(
10:13:03S_a_i_n_twhat do you mean "same"?
10:13:34topikperhaps autorun is digging through his ipod
10:14:25S_a_i_n_tit shouldn't be if the OFW's been trashed by that *panic*
10:15:34S_a_i_n_tIf iTunes is running, it should go "Hey! You need to restore that f****d up iPod before you can use it"
10:15:47S_a_i_n_tAnd then give you the option to do so.
10:16:04pixelmaI had a similar effect recently with file system errors on my M5, had to fix them first
10:17:21S_a_i_n_tHmmm...iPod may be slightly different? As long as the PC (and iTunes) can see the iPod is connected, it can restore it.
10:17:28S_a_i_n_t*In my experience.
10:21:42topikdid he get a panic? i must have missed that
10:22:45 Join FOAD_ [0] (
10:22:51Parsii'm trying itunes 7
10:23:07S_a_i_n_tWell he said it needed a restore after the install, I can't think of a reason it'd do that other than a panic.
10:23:09Parsimaybe it restore
10:23:23S_a_i_n_tOr doing something *really* wrong during the install...
10:24:08S_a_i_n_ts/after the install/after installing RB/
10:24:19Parsishould i put the ipod into disk mod?
10:24:39topikParsi: your ipod does not start the original firmware NOR rockbox atm ?
10:26:17S_a_i_n_tParsi: You said you're using iTunes 7? Isn't the current version of iTunes 9?
10:26:20 Quit FOAD (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
10:26:20 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
10:26:42Parsitopik: it is
10:28:04topiki don't know how that is an answer to my question
10:29:00Parsitopik: with itunes v9 it does not work
10:29:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:29:29topikyeah ok. but disconnected, your nano is not working right now?
10:29:38topikor it always starts rockbox?
10:30:02Parsitopik: yes, RB works, OFM works also, but itunes says restore it
10:30:18topikah ok, that's helpfull
10:30:28 Part topik
10:30:38 Join topik [0] (
10:30:42topikand that was the wrong button
10:31:56*S_a_i_n_t can't imagine why iTunes wants to restore the iPod if the OFW is indeed running fine...
10:32:17ParsiS_a_i_n_t: it sucks
10:32:48S_a_i_n_t"it" being iTunes, or the situation at hand?
10:33:11S_a_i_n_thehe...yes, that it does.
10:33:44Parsinow i'm trying itunes v8
10:33:51Parsino chance with v7
10:34:03S_a_i_n_twell, as long as RB works, then you can just drag & drop your music to the iPod...and you don;t need iTunes anymore.
10:34:36S_a_i_n_tParsi: iTunes 9.03 is the current version.
10:34:46topikwould itunes 'detect' rockbox modified the bootloader and want to restore it because of that?
10:34:51ParsiS_a_i_n_t: it does not work
10:35:03S_a_i_n_tAnd it works fine for me.
10:35:12Parsitopik: maybe
10:35:24S_a_i_n_t*for restoring my Nano 1/2/4/5g's
10:35:37ParsiS_a_i_n_t: have you OFW and RB?
10:36:00S_a_i_n_tParsi: yes.
10:36:10 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:36:11ParsiS_a_i_n_t: both work fine? also itunes?
10:37:23S_a_i_n_tParsi: yes.
10:37:31S_a_i_n_tboth work fine for me.
10:37:55Parsiso what the hell going here:(
10:39:48ParsiS_a_i_n_t: do you know where is the location of restore file in the hdd?
10:39:58S_a_i_n_tI make sure that I switch to the OFW before I plug it in when I want to use iTunes (which is hardly ever), but even if iTunes is running in the background, I'venever had it complain about wanting to restore the iPod if I plug it in while its running the Rockbox FW
10:39:59Parsii've firmware
10:40:07 Join arbingordon [0] (
10:40:37S_a_i_n_tDo you mean the Apple firmware? On the Nano, or on the computer?
10:41:05ParsiS_a_i_n_t: on the computer
10:41:19 Join xiainx [0] (
10:41:33Parsii want to use already downloaded firmware
10:42:29S_a_i_n_tC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates
10:42:49S_a_i_n_t"Administrator" will by "your account"
10:43:06ParsiC:\Users\Maysam\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates
10:43:16S_a_i_n_tyou're looking for a file called "iPod_19.1.1.3.ipsw"
10:43:28Parsii have it
10:43:46S_a_i_n_t^is the current (latest) FW for Nano
10:44:16Parsiahhhh! cannot restore
10:44:33Parsii don't know what the f**k is using ipod files
10:44:57S_a_i_n_twhat is the error you're getting?
10:46:15Parsi The ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that are used by another applications
10:46:19S_a_i_n_tIf you know how to use iPodpatcher, you can use it to install the Apple firmware.
10:46:53S_a_i_n_tI'd suggest restarting the computer.
10:47:01Parsiok, let me do it
10:47:06 Part Parsi
10:47:49 Quit arbingordon (Quit: `)
10:47:51S_a_i_n_ttopik: have you ever seen that error before? "The ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that are used by another applications"
10:48:02*S_a_i_n_t never has
10:48:36 Join arbingordon [0] (
10:49:24 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
10:53:00topiknope. but i have only ever restored my nano once after one of the earlier FTL experiments went wrong
10:54:52pamauryIf some people have free time and/or a device, please test or review "FS #11118 - Reduce the number of cached sector in the fat driver ". Otherwise I'll commit it and you'll cry because nothing work anymore :)
10:55:05 Join Parsi [0] (~Maysam@
10:55:19ParsiS_a_i_n_t: same message again
10:55:37Parsihow can i restore it with ipodpatcher?
10:55:50S_a_i_n_tParsi: this is *really* weird.
10:56:06S_a_i_n_tWhat files do you have on the iPod?
10:56:35S_a_i_n_tyou don't have some form of App installed on it do you?!?
10:56:59 Quit Bug2000 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
10:57:17Parsifolders: video, contacts, calendars, notes
10:57:39S_a_i_n_tyou have rockboxutility on the iPod?
10:57:46topikParsi: don't run the utility from the ipod
10:57:52Parsii don't
10:57:53S_a_i_n_tthat *may* be causing problems...
10:57:57topikrun it from some other disk
10:58:02Parsiit's not runing
10:58:11topiksomething is open, perhaps it's that
10:58:20topikpamaury: how to best test it?
10:59:03 Join scorche|sh [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
10:59:03S_a_i_n_tParsi: I'd definitely try removing RockboxUtility.exe and RockboxUtility.ini
10:59:07topikand any particular device you prefer it tested on?
10:59:08S_a_i_n_tthen try again.
11:00:31pamaurytopik: apply my patch, compile, run it. If it works, then it works, otherwise, you'll immediately know it :) (missing files, errors, ...).
11:01:01ParsiS_a_i_n_t, topik, same message:(
11:01:09topikwell yes, i can apply the patch. compiling now for my fuze
11:01:38topikParsi: i would try to reboot and run itunes immediately after starting up
11:01:46topikand probably yell at the screen while doing so
11:01:50Parsitopik: i did it
11:03:21ParsiS_a_i_n_t: you I can restore it with ipodpatcher, true?
11:03:42 Quit S_a_i_n_t (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
11:04:31topiki wish someone would patch away the 'refreshing database' of the original sansa firmware
11:04:54 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
11:05:11 Join jordan` [0] (~jordan@
11:05:12ParsiS_a_i_n_t: you I can restore it with ipodpatcher, true?
11:06:22S_a_i_n_tyes, you can. Have you used iPodpatcher before?
11:07:09Parsiipod patcher is open now
11:07:14Parsiwhat should i do?
11:07:26S_a_i_n_tclose it.
11:07:50Parsithen is?
11:08:20topikpamaury: applied the patch. rockbox starts fine. playing a song now from the usd card in my fuze
11:08:23S_a_i_n_tuse the one I'm sending you.
11:08:42Parsiwhat's different?
11:09:13S_a_i_n_tnow, copy the .ipsw file you found earlier to a folder on the decktop
11:09:13 Quit scorche (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:09:25Parsiit's on desktop
11:09:32 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
11:09:39linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: What are you trying to get Parsi to do?
11:09:55Parsilinuxstb: restoring ipod FW
11:10:16ParsiS_a_i_n_t: now?
11:10:18linuxstbWhy? Does the usual uninstall procedure not work?
11:10:28topiknothing works, linuxstb
11:10:39Parsilinuxstb: no, it does not work, itunes cannot restore it
11:10:49linuxstbThat's _not_ the normal uninstall procedure.
11:10:52topikpamaury: i see no difference. is there anything specific i can test to confirm the patch works like you intended
11:11:02S_a_i_n_tyou have iPodpatcher and the .ipsw file in the same folder on the desktop?
11:11:15ParsiS_a_i_n_t: yes
11:11:20linuxstbThe normal uninstall procedure is to run ipodpatcher or Rockbox Utility and select "uninstall" - does that not work?
11:11:55S_a_i_n_the wants to resore the OFW...not RB
11:12:00Parsilinuxstb: to install OFW should i uninstall RB bootloader?
11:12:04linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: I KNOW!
11:12:10ParsiS_a_i_n_t: then is?
11:12:18S_a_i_n_tfine...fuck it, you take over then.
11:12:41linuxstbThat's what the uninstall does - it removes the Rockbox bootloader from the bootloader partition. That should always be the first thing to try.
11:12:47ParsiS_a_i_n_t: fine?
11:14:15ParsiS_a_i_n_t: are you there?
11:16:48 Join mischasworld [0] (~quassel@
11:17:56linuxstbParsi: I think S_a_i_n_t was upset at my suggestion that you should first try to uninstall Rockbox using either ipodpatcher or Rockbox Utility. Did you try to do that?
11:18:24linuxstb(the "uninstall" option in those programs)
11:18:40 Join robin0800 [0] (
11:19:12Parsilinuxstb: yes, hang to see the result
11:19:45topikS_a_i_n_t: btw, i don't think pressing and holding 'menu' to turn on a nano2g gets you in the OF
11:20:06S_a_i_n_tah...right, not in the Nano2g.
11:20:34S_a_i_n_tlinuxstb: What do you think I've been doing?!?
11:20:49S_a_i_n_tI moved it to PM just so I *could* tel him how to do so.
11:20:52topikit's the hold button on the nano2g, which is a bit annoying as my hold button is broken
11:21:06linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: I've no idea what you've been saying in PMs...
11:21:33Parsithere is a white screen with "use itunes to restore"
11:21:35S_a_i_n_tI know.
11:22:06 Join liar [0] (
11:22:20topikpamaury: seems to work on ipod nano2g too
11:22:35topikthough only tested to see if rockbox starts and if a tune plays
11:24:00linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: Before asking Parsi to go to all the trouble of downloading a firmware image manually, did you ask him to simply run ipodpatcher and press "u" ?
11:24:40 Join perfectdrug [0] (
11:25:03S_a_i_n_tyes, of course I got him to uninstall the bootloader. And he already has the OFW image.
11:25:15Parsiipodpatcher can't detect the ipod
11:25:37 Quit polobric1lo (Read error: Operation timed out)
11:26:29S_a_i_n_tParsi: This is getting crazy...I canthink of no reason iTunes is giving you that error.
11:26:55Parsican i format ipod with windows format utility?
11:27:18linuxstbAnd after uninstalling the bootloader, Parsi safely ejected and unplugged his ipod, and the OFW started, but itunes still refused to recognise it?
11:27:21 Join wodz [0] (
11:27:22topiki'd get process explorer at this point to see which file has anything open on the ipod
11:27:36Parsilinuxstb: yes
11:27:44S_a_i_n_tlinuxstb: That's the sum of it, yes.
11:27:46Parsitopik: your method does not work
11:27:55topiki get that a lot
11:28:07linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: "the sium of it", or "yes, that's precisely what was done and what happened" ?
11:28:45S_a_i_n_tyes, that's what happened. except itunes *sees* the ipod...but complains of a running process.
11:29:04wodzhello: I have problem with buildclient. According to my host is not participating in buildfarm. I do not have running buildclient and when starting it I have "2010-03-19 11:26:18 HELLO failed: error duplicate name!" error message
11:29:19linuxstbThen I would guess the ipod is fine, but the PC is confused. I would reboot the PC.
11:29:29 Join polobricolo [0] (
11:29:34Parsilinuxstb: i tryed it too
11:29:34S_a_i_n_tThat was my second suggestion.
11:30:05linuxstbAll this was before attempting to restore the firmware partition?
11:30:21linuxstbHas a new firmware image been written now?
11:30:27Parsilet me try formating ipod
11:31:25S_a_i_n_tThe new FW image was written, and apparently succeeded, but then iPodpatcher lost sight of the iPod too (apparently)
11:31:42S_a_i_n_t^ linuxstb
11:32:14Parsidamn it:(
11:32:30Parsiis there something to restore OFW via linux?
11:32:53S_a_i_n_tyes, there is...there's a page on the RB wiki for that I believe.
11:33:08linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: Was the new FW image writing succesful? i.e. does the OFW start?
11:33:45S_a_i_n_tit started to "please restore using itunes"...
11:33:51S_a_i_n_t(or so I'm told)
11:35:26linuxstbSo it sounds like the restore of the firmware didn't work.
11:35:46S_a_i_n_tParsi: here's the page I was thinking of.
11:36:05S_a_i_n_ttis the "linux way" to manually restore an iPod.
11:36:23S_a_i_n_tBut I'm *not* a linux guy, someone else needs to take over there.
11:37:19Parsi there is not partition table for 2GB 2nd G
11:37:47linuxstbIs the ipod in disk mode?
11:38:29linuxstbHow did you restore the firmware image?
11:39:01Parsiipodpatcher.exe -w iPod_19.1.1.3.ipsw
11:39:20S_a_i_n_tAhhhh..there's the problem.
11:39:35S_a_i_n_tIt seems something got lost in translation.
11:39:52linuxstbParsi: By "in disk mode" I meant resetting the ipod (holding menu+select) and then holding SELECT+PLAY
11:39:52S_a_i_n_tyou need to unzip the .ipsw file
11:40:08Parsilinuxstb: yes
11:40:13ParsiS_a_i_n_t: hah?
11:40:21S_a_i_n_tuntil you see a file Firmware-X-X-X
11:40:33S_a_i_n_twhere the X's are numbers
11:40:34linuxstbParsi: OK, then it should be easy to fix in Linux. Do you need to reboot?
11:41:00Parsiguys, which you have a good way?
11:41:45linuxstbYour MBR should still be fine, so ignore that step in the manual restore instructions. You just need to "dd" the Firmware-X.Y..Z to /dev/sdX1, then "eject /dev/sdX" and reset the ipod.
11:42:09Parsilinuxstb: let me try S_a_i_n_ts method first
11:42:16*linuxstb needs to leave for about 20 minutes...
11:42:22 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
11:42:34S_a_i_n_tto get the Firmware file, you need to unzip the .ipsw file
11:42:39linuxstbParsi: That won't work if ipodpatcher doesn't find your ipod, which I don't think it will as you've corrupted the firmware partition.
11:42:48S_a_i_n_tthat's the part you missed the first time around.
11:42:57Parsilinuxstb: yes, it don't work
11:43:22linuxstbThat's why meant by "it should be easy to fix in Linux". i.e. you _need_ to use Linux.
11:43:31linuxstbBut I have to run - back in about 20 minutes...
11:44:02Parsilinuxstb: ok, i boot pc to linux
11:44:29S_a_i_n_tParsi: you have .Zip or 7z installed?
11:45:02 Join rajendrau [0] (~chatzilla@
11:45:26S_a_i_n_tbecause you need to extract "firmware-" from the .ipsw file.
11:45:41Parsii have it extracted
11:45:50Parsidd if=Firmware-X.Y.Z of=/dev/sdX1
11:46:01Parsiwhat is dd? is it supported in ubuntu?
11:46:48krazykitit's a raw copying mechanism
11:46:53rajendrauI have set a backdrop, it got applied. After restarting the player, its going off. I have placed that image in backdrops folder before restarting - sansa e260 v2 player
11:47:20 Join xiainx [0] (
11:47:40ParsiS_a_i_n_t: be there please, i'm going to linux
11:47:56 Quit Parsi (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:48:02S_a_i_n_tI'll be here.
11:53:58 Quit DerPapst (Quit: Leaving.)
11:55:58 Join Parsi [0] (~maysam@
11:56:09ParsiS_a_i_n_t: are you there?
11:56:15S_a_i_n_tsweet, you're here.
11:56:47S_a_i_n_tNow, start at step 6 on this : page.
11:57:00S_a_i_n_ttell me before you start step 7.
11:59:00*gevaerts decides to warn about being very careful with dd. If you use the wrong device name, your PC might be unbootable, or worse, it might have no data left on it
12:00:58Parsiit works
12:01:02Parsithanks a lott
12:01:20S_a_i_n_tparsi...wait...where are you at?
12:01:35S_a_i_n_tdid you format the nano with 512 sectors?
12:01:41ParsiS_a_i_n_t: linux, but default FW is back
12:01:45S_a_i_n_tit needs to have 2048 IIRC
12:02:13Parsii did what the tut said
12:02:33S_a_i_n_tyes, but that's why I asked you to stop at step 7
12:02:44S_a_i_n_tthe nano2g have larger sectors
12:02:57Parsi:-s what's wrong?
12:03:12Parsii ran mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdX2
12:03:42S_a_i_n_tyou should have used "mformat -S 2048 -M 2048 -F DRIVE_LETTER:"
12:04:17S_a_i_n_tyou can format it again, yes.
12:04:33Parsibut linux does not show DRIVE_LETTER
12:04:41S_a_i_n_tDRIVE_LETTER = is the drive letter, obviously ;)
12:04:54Parsilike R:
12:05:36Parsiwhen i run "mformat -S 2048 -M 2048 -F R:" how it determines what drive should be formatted?
12:06:36S_a_i_n_tthat's a linux question...I'm not so good with linux.
12:07:06S_a_i_n_tAll I know about that page is that the Nano2g needs to have 2048byte sectore, instead of 512
12:08:28ParsiS_a_i_n_t: are you sure i need to format it?
12:09:32Torneyou don't need to use mformat
12:09:34S_a_i_n_twell, if its working....then its working I guess.
12:09:35Torneyou can use mkfs.vfat
12:09:39S_a_i_n_tdoes the OF boot?
12:09:42Tornebut yes, you must specify the right sector size
12:09:58S_a_i_n_tyay! an iPod guy!
12:10:10Tornethe required argument for mkfs.vfat is -S 2048 also
12:10:22Torneso mkfs.vfat -F 32 -S 2048 /dev/whatever2
12:11:01 Join watto [0] (~watto@
12:11:09*S_a_i_n_t is glad Torne showed up ;)
12:11:11TorneI am assuming S_a_i_n_t is right about the nano2g having 2048 byte sectors, though :)
12:11:14TorneI don't know :)
12:11:21linuxstbTorne: Yes, it does.
12:11:21S_a_i_n_tI'm pretty sure.
12:11:27Torneright. then that's the command :)
12:11:44*Torne adds himself to the list of possible gsoc mentors
12:12:54ParsiS_a_i_n_t: are you there? i should leave the desk for 20minutes, hm?
12:13:12S_a_i_n_tI'll be here.
12:13:26 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
12:13:54 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
12:14:53gevaertsTorne: the mformat thing is because we've had several reports of mkfs.vfat generating 2048-byte-sector filesystems that the rockbox bootloader can't handle
12:14:56 Join liar [0] (
12:15:12gevaertsIf you want to go back to the OF that's not a problem of course
12:17:06Tornegevaerts: Hmm
12:17:21Tornesounds like fun.
12:17:39 Quit DV_ (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
12:17:50S_a_i_n_tFunny thing with this case is that RB & OFW worked fine...but itunes seemed to think the ipod needed to be restored for some reason...and then wouldn;t let him do so.
12:17:50 Join DV_ [0] (~DV@
12:18:03S_a_i_n_tThen skipping an instruction dug a deeper hole.
12:22:36 Quit RadicalR (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:22:59 Join mischa [0] (~quassel@
12:24:21 Join avacore^ [0] (
12:24:45 Join stavrob_ [0] (
12:25:06 Join dionoea_ [0] (
12:25:21 Join krazykit` [0] (
12:26:40 Quit Parsi (Quit: Leaving.)
12:27:03 Join antil33t [0] (
12:29:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:29:33 Quit mischasworld (*.net *.split)
12:29:33 Quit antil33t1 (*.net *.split)
12:29:33 Quit chaos (*.net *.split)
12:29:33 Quit mt (*.net *.split)
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12:29:34 Quit avacore (*.net *.split)
12:30:08 Join Tomis [0] (~Tomis@
12:34:13 Join Battousai [0] (~bryan@2001:470:8830::80)
12:34:13 Join chaos [0] (~chaos@gentoo/user/ch4os)
12:34:13 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
12:34:46 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
12:35:05 Join mt [0] (~chatzilla@
12:35:37linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: That seems to be a known issue (itunes not recognising some nano2gs after an install), although I don't know the details. I think I remember TheSeven saying that he had fixed it, but I don't know how or where. I would have preferred to have debugged that some more, rather than jumping straight to "restore your ipod manually".
12:36:04 Join m3dlg [0] (~m3dlg@
12:36:49S_a_i_n_tIt was his decision to restore
12:37:11S_a_i_n_tthe problem arose when itunes told him to restore, and he couldn't
12:37:35 Join JohannesSM64 [0] (
12:37:47S_a_i_n_tI have *no* idea why iTunes was giving him the error that it was giving.
12:38:40S_a_i_n_t*especially after a: restarting explorer.exe, and b: restarting the PC.
12:39:14 Quit perfectdrug (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
12:40:26S_a_i_n_tit was (after some intensive scrolling) "The ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that are used by another application"
12:41:03topiki think it's best you go by his place, S_a_i_n_t, and fix it hands-on
12:41:46S_a_i_n_thehehe...if you/he shouts the plane fair :P
12:42:05S_a_i_n_treturn trip to "who knows where" from NZ
12:42:12*S_a_i_n_t could use a holiday :D
12:43:16linuxstbI'm also confused (reading the logs and his quit/join messages) about exactly when he rebooted, and what changes he made to his ipod between reboots.
12:44:25 Quit gill0r (Remote host closed the connection)
12:45:02 Quit m3dlg (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
12:46:05 Join gill0r [0] (
12:46:27 Join Parsi [0] (~Maysam@
12:46:38ParsiS_a_i_n_t: hello again
12:47:01ParsiS_a_i_n_t: i'm on windows
12:47:13S_a_i_n_tNow, where are you with your re-install?
12:47:28ParsiS_a_i_n_t: syncing songs :)
12:47:29S_a_i_n_tDid you format with 2048byte sectors?
12:47:32Parsiyes :D
12:47:57Parsinow, can you help me to re-install RB on my ipod?
12:48:47linuxstbParsi: Can I ask you a question about your original installation of Rockbox? Did you click on "safely eject" after running Rockbox Utility/ipodpatcher, or did you just pull the cable out?
12:48:49Parsi130 songs remained
12:49:00Parsilinuxstb: no
12:49:15Parsii don't use 'safely eject'
12:49:15linuxstbI can't ask the question?
12:49:23Parsilinuxstb: sure
12:49:41Parsibut i'll do it before ejecting ipod
12:50:25Parsilinuxstb: you can buddy
12:50:26linuxstbParsi: If I was you, I would now do a restore with itunes, before carrying on with Rockbox. To try and ensure your ipod is in as good a condition as possible.
12:50:52Parsilinuxstb: i did a restore, it's ok now
12:51:04linuxstbOK, so itunes and your ipod are talking happily again?
12:51:04S_a_i_n_tbit late for that if he's syncing music already ;)
12:51:17S_a_i_n_tthat's awesome.
12:51:40Parsilinuxstb: yes
12:52:15linuxstbS_a_i_n_t: I'm just taking it slowly, to prevent any misunderstandings...
12:53:10Parsiafter having sync done, i'll try to install RB
12:54:31linuxstbParsi: I would have tried to install Rockbox before syncing - if the same thing happens again, you're wasting your time...
12:55:09Parsiyes:-s but it's middle of syncing
12:56:29linuxstbBut yes, just try to install Rockbox and then make sure you safely eject, and tell us what happens. Don't make any changes to your ipod after that...
12:57:09Parsii should use ipodpatcher before copyng .rockbox or after?
12:57:31Tornedoesn't matter
12:57:45Torneas long as you do both before restarting
12:58:50Parsifirst of all i should install bootloader, true?
12:59:24 Join Dobson [0] (~Rokas@
12:59:51Torneit doesn't matter. you need to install the bootloader with ipodpatcher, and copy the actual .rockbox directory on there. as long as you do both, it doesn't matter which order.
12:59:53linuxstbI would always install Rockbox first, then the bootloader, as the bootloader can't load Rockbox if it isn't there... (that's the order the manual says to do it)
13:00:14Dobsonhello, is it normal that when I conect my sansa fuze on rockbox it boot original firmware?
13:00:24topikthat is normal
13:00:34Dobsoni mean to wall charger
13:00:36topikso far, the fuze has no usb support in rockbox
13:01:18topikhmm, the fuze might not be able to notice the difference between pc-usb or a charger. hold down the center button while you connect your usb cable
13:01:24Parsilinuxstb: for the firsi first step, what should i do?
13:01:56linuxstbParsi: Are you using Rockbox Utility?
13:01:57mc2739Dobson: if you boot Rockbox first and then hold select while plugging in the charger, it should stay in Rockbox
13:02:03Parsilinuxstb: yes
13:02:42Dobsonin which programing language rockbox ir written?
13:03:20mc2739Dobson: it is mostly c with some asm
13:03:27linuxstbParsi: Then install the Bootloader and Rockbox. I'm not familiar with Rockbox Utility, so can't tell you exactly where to click...
13:03:52Parsilinuxstb: how do you install it yourself?
13:03:54Dobsoni believe if whole thing would be asm it could do more
13:03:54*S_a_i_n_t isn't familiar with RbUtil either...sorry.
13:04:27S_a_i_n_tDobson: Start coding then ;)
13:04:33Dobsoncool holding center button helps, thanks!
13:05:57Dobsoni want use external battery so external power source support is very important to me
13:06:16Dobsonbecauso battery life is 10h at the best
13:06:22Dobsonis this normal?
13:06:41vedwhat model?
13:06:44topikthat's fairly normal i think
13:06:47Dobsonfuze v1
13:06:55topiki don't think i get more on mine
13:07:11linuxstbParsi: Using ipodpatcher for the bootloader and the command-line "unzip" program in Linux for the main build. But Rockbox Utility should be equivalent, and works for many people.
13:07:17Dobsonwell it's v2 surroundings, i changed PCB to v1
13:07:25vedsansas v1 have something around 17h top, and it is a very good result afaik
13:07:40Dobsonso external battery then...
13:08:00Dobsonis it plausible to make rockbox use only external power source?
13:08:20Dobsonbecause charging from external battery is fairly efficient
13:08:53 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
13:10:10 Quit n1s (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
13:10:30 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
13:14:14 Join xiainx [0] (
13:14:26veduhh fuze v1 ~12h top according to measures at wiki/SansaRuntime; e200 can reach 20h tough
13:14:45ved14h on OF
13:21:00 Quit Dobson (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
13:30:33wodzI have hardware that needs setting some GPIO to enable charging but than it is hardware controlled. which option should I use CHARGING_MONITOR or CHARGING_TARGET. If the letter what should be in charging_algorithm_step() and in charging_step() ?
13:31:36 Join froggymana [0] (
13:36:06Torneand possibly HAVE_USB_CHARGING_ENABLE
13:36:29wodzok so where I can hook GPIO toggling?
13:36:42wodzto enable charging
13:37:33TorneAre you talking about charging from USB, or an AC adapter, or what?
13:37:49Torne(and can't you just set it to enabled all the time)?
13:39:24 Join manuel_ [0] (
13:39:34 Nick manuel_ is now known as Casainho (
13:40:44wodzTorne: I am talking about charging from AC. I don't know If I can turn it on permanently. OF does the charging ON/OFF so I will prefere to mimic this behaviour
13:41:02 Nick Horschti is now known as Horscht (~Horscht2@xbmc/user/horscht)
13:41:08Tornewell, do it when the OF does it, then
13:41:15Tornepresumably there's some GPIO for whether the AC charger is inserted..
13:41:19Torneso do it when you get that event
13:41:56TorneI suspect it's probably fine to leave it on all the time, though, but this is hard to prove.
13:42:41wodzTorne: Thats the point. in which function should I put charging enable
13:43:32Tornewell how does the OF do it?
13:43:45Torneis it getting an interrupt triggered for this event, or is it just polling?
13:43:56wodzjust polling
13:44:09TorneWell, that sounds crappy, tbh
13:44:23TorneI would suggest you experiment with just leaving it on, and see if you can find any reason not to do so :)
13:44:41 Join fred_99 [0] (~fred@
13:44:53TorneIf you are going to need to poll, there's a variety of ways to do it, either using CHARGING_TARGET or just setting up a timer event for it..
13:45:07Tornebut if you can avoid polling and still have charging work, that would probably be better.
13:46:21 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
13:46:41wodzlooking at powermgmt.c and part regarding CHARGING_MONIOTR scheme maybe I should use CHARGING_TARGET with redeclared functions from CHARGING_MONITOR with little tweak?
13:47:40fred_99hi, does anybody have an iaudio X5 and could tell me if USB works ?
13:49:11Lloreanfred_99: Are you having a problem with USB on an X5?
13:49:45fred_99Llorean: yes, since quite a long time now
13:50:00S_a_i_n_twhat is the problem exactly?
13:50:12Lloreanfred_99: If you've been having it for a long time, it's probably hardware failure.
13:50:12fred_99Llorean: never figure out what was wrong because it is dual boot
13:50:29fred_99Llorean: I don't think so
13:50:45fred_99Llorean: it's working under cowon OS
13:50:56LloreanWell, what SVN revision are you using?
13:51:10fred_99Llorean: yesterday
13:51:11S_a_i_n_tso, you can't transfer via usb on the Rockbox side?
13:51:28LloreanAnd have you tried it with the Rockbox bootloader rather than the third party dual boot bootloader?
13:51:28fred_99S_a_i_n_t: yes
13:51:40fred_99S_a_i_n_t: yes I can't
13:51:43 Join xiainx [0] (
13:52:16S_a_i_n_tTry turning USB HID off (settings/general settings/system/USB HID)
13:52:24S_a_i_n_tthis is problematic for some users.
13:52:26fred_99Llorean: I installed rockbox maybe 3 or 4 years ago, and didn't touch this side
13:52:34Lloreanfred_99: Try using an up to date bootloader.
13:52:45LloreanS_a_i_n_t: I'm pretty sure the X5 doesn't have software USB, so that feature doesn't exist on it.
13:52:50fred_99S_a_i_n_t: i'm going to try
13:53:19gevaertsThe issue is just the connection not being detected I think. IIRC my X5 also does that
13:53:27*gevaerts will have to check again
13:53:28fred_99Llorean: what I can say it's a couple of years ago it was working
13:53:44S_a_i_n_tbootloader was a good call though, if its 4 years old.
13:53:46fred_99Llorean: and the x5 web page says 100% OK
13:54:03fred_99Llorean: but I used it, before
13:54:07Lloreanfred_99: The X5 webpage doesn't take into account you using third party bootloaders that may be severely outdated.
13:54:24fred_99Llorean: ah OK
13:54:27LloreanIf you wish to receive support, you should first make sure all parts of your Rockbox install, including the bootloader, are up to date.
13:54:56LloreanThough gevaerts sounds like he may know something more about what's going on.
13:55:10fred_99Llorean: I don't want to destroy a system working for some years now
13:55:54gevaertsnot really. I've always assumed a hardware issue, so I haven't looked into it. The OF boot code sees the USB connection, rockbox doesn't. Maybe it looks at the wrong GPIO pins, I have no idea
13:55:54fred_99Llorean: I try what said S_a_i_n_t and then if I have I will try with your bootloader
13:56:17gevaertsWhat S_a_i_n_t said is irrelevant on X5
13:56:33Lloreangevaerts: I would've expected pixelma to have said something by now if the X5 was showing problems. I got the impression she had one that got pulled out from time to time.
13:56:58LloreanNot to mention a general presence of X5 users reporting problems since a lot of them don't have dual boot.
13:57:04S_a_i_n_tShe uses her X5 regularly
13:57:09LloreanDoes the X5 have two USB ports like the H300?
13:57:10S_a_i_n_teven put an SSD in it :D
13:57:24pixelmanope, since I have an M5 ;)
13:57:32LloreanDoes it fail for both of them?
13:57:40S_a_i_n_tAhhh, right. do'h
13:57:48fred_99never worked for the side one
13:57:51S_a_i_n_tX/M....*close* :P
13:57:56*Llorean would imagine the M5 to have the same problems as the X5 anyway.
13:59:10fred_99S_a_i_n_t: so is it OK to try your solution or sure it won't work
13:59:27fred_99and is anybody out there have an x5
13:59:37S_a_i_n_tApparently the setting doesn;t exist on that target.
13:59:50fred_99does USB works for them
14:00:15S_a_i_n_tI wouldn;t know, as I don;t own one...but HID is the first thing I check if USB connectivity is sucky/broken.
14:00:17pixelmaUSB is quite a bit different though. On the X5 the side mini-B port that you can use without subpack is USB host capable (it has the controller which can't be used by Rockbox though). On the M5 this port is usual USB and works quite nicely for data transfer
14:00:50pixelmahaven't tried the subpack one in a long time because it's not necessary (although I have a subpack)
14:01:48*gevaerts will have a look tonight
14:02:14fred_99gevaerts: thanks
14:03:29fred_99Llorean: can you tell me howmany chances I have that USB works if I change my bootloader ?
14:04:12LloreanIf it's not working for gevaerts, I would say it's not likely to be the bootloader. At the same time, an extremely outdated bootloader can cause a wide range of unpredictable behaviour.
14:04:37 Quit saratoga (Disconnected by services)
14:04:37 Quit captainewkl (Disconnected by services)
14:04:37 Quit froggymana (Disconnected by services)
14:04:37 Quit Luca_S (Disconnected by services)
14:04:50pixelmafred_99: did you really mean "boot into the OF and then connect USB" (because that's only possible with the inofficial dual bootloader) or did you mean "use the Cowon loader, connect to USB while the player isoff"
14:05:09gevaertsIn my case it's the latter
14:05:40Lloreanpixelma: He said he had the dual boot bootloader.
14:05:47pixelmabecause the latter is always there even with the official bootloader (just for clearing some things up)
14:06:09pixelmaLlorean: I just read that he dual boots but the latter can look like it is
14:06:27fred_99pixelma: I know that I can boot under cowon OS when I push rec buttun at the same time with on one
14:06:27pixelmait's just the loader though not the full firmware
14:07:44fred_99pixelma: sorry, I try to understand ..... language problème .... . brain too ..... but what does that mean
14:08:07pixelmaok, then it is the unofficial dual boot
14:08:48fred_99unofficial means rockbox ?
14:09:28 Quit pamaury (Quit: Quitte)
14:09:49fred_99I installed rockbox in august 2006
14:10:05fred_99and never touch to the loader since that time
14:10:23 Join theseven [0] (~50993c69@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
14:11:22fred_99just copy a new .rockbox in the / for updates
14:12:33fred_99is it possible to boot cowon OS with the new bootloader, in the case where USB won't work ?
14:13:22 Join froggymana [0] (
14:13:23 Quit froggymana (Client Quit)
14:13:27pixelmano, unofficial means that with the Rockbox bootloader you wouldn't be able to boot the Cowon firmware. This dual boot is only possible with a bootloader from somewhere else - it's not about Rockbox itself just the bootloader. You probably installed the bootloader once.
14:13:30 Join froggymana [0] (
14:14:49fred_99so, it's safer to wait gevaerts: test before changing boot loader
14:16:14fred_99when I plug I have the USB drawing on the LCD, can you tell me in which .c it is located so I can trace something
14:17:15pixelmaAre you using the subpack or not?
14:17:54fred_99subpack ?
14:18:20 Join Schmogel [0] (
14:19:10pixelmado you connect at the side or at the bottom of the player (which needs the extra connector thing, called subpack)
14:19:45fred_99pixelma: at the bottom
14:20:41fred_99so yes, with the subpack
14:20:58fred_99the side USB never worked for what I know
14:28:38 Quit DV_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:29:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:32:53 Quit Parsi (Quit: Leaving.)
14:37:01fred_99S_a_i_n_t: to be accurate, nothing happens in my messages.log file when I plug it, not even an error message.
14:38:18 Join DV [0] (~DV@
14:38:24 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
14:40:31 Quit tchan (Client Quit)
14:40:57ranmachanHmm, does anyone have that one?
14:41:27ranmachanIt's interesting because of the remote control, so I guess there must be some way to communicate with the player via the docking connector.
14:43:04 Join aniceberg [0] (
14:44:04 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
14:45:34 Join evilnick_B [0] (~0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
14:47:58 Quit fred_99 (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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14:51:28 Join fred_99 [0] (~fred@
14:52:59 Join perfectdrug [0] (
14:53:20 Nick froggymana is now known as froggyman (
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15:36:59 Join Dobson [0] (~Rokas@
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15:49:44 Part LinusN
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16:13:31CIA-5New commit by funman (r25248): lcd-ssd1303 (all Clips) : move model specific code in their own files
16:25:39 Quit funman (Quit: free(random());)
16:26:26 Quit xiainx (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:27:13CIA-5New commit by Buschel (r25249): Fix FS #11127. r25165 introduced a bug to the aac codec, which lead to not resetting the time position.
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17:01:16 Join Tomis2 [0] (~Tomis@
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18:10:12Mode"#rockbox +o TheSeven" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:10:17Topic"Please read before speaking: | Please direct offtopic/social chat to #rockbox-community | Rockbox has been accepted for GSoC 2010! Potential students see" by TheSeven (~theseven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
18:10:25Mode"#rockbox -o TheSeven" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:11:34saratogaFWIW I think the iphone is an acceptable RAAA target, even if it means it'd have to be jailbroken
18:12:36saratogaits not like having to hack devices has ever stopped us before, and in some ways the software platform is a good choice port rockbox to due to being very unix-y and having very mature tools
18:18:42 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
18:19:16funmanFlynDice: there are good chances that the as3525v2 come with an as3543 codec, i'm trying to decipher the linux code to see which bits have changed since the as3514
18:20:26FlynDiceThat's what I've been thinking too but none of the hints from the linux patch seem to help...
18:21:06funmando you understand what as3543_enum & as3543_snd_controls mean? I think they define bit positions for MUTE / volume
18:22:31funmanSOC_DOUBLE_R_TLV("Master Volume", AFE_OUT_L, AFE_OUT_R, 0, 0x1F, 0, as3543_volume_tlv), << sounds like AFE_OUT_L(==HPH_OUT_L) volume goes from 0 to 0x1f, same for HPH_OUT_R
18:24:36FlynDiceI saw them but haven't quite dug into them yet, I tried the 1<<5 on DAC_L and tried (AFE_DAC_IF, 0x80, 0x0) with no luck, I was looking at the (AFE_PLL, 0x7, 3 << 2, val) line trying to figure out sub-registers last night
18:24:56FlynDiceback in a few
18:26:27 Join ObsidianX [0] (
18:26:52 Join MagusG [0] (
18:28:00 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
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18:30:03 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
18:31:43funmanFlynDice: gentleman ....
18:32:13 Join freddyb [0] (
18:32:28 Join stoffel [0] (
18:32:35Dobsondo you guys know how long it takes rockbox fully support sansa clip+
18:32:44TorneWe don't give estimate
18:32:59TorneIt takes as long as it takes, we are all doing this for fun
18:33:09Dobsonweek, month, year?
18:33:24Torneone or more of those things, yes
18:33:32funmanFlynDice: , files work, no FM yet
18:33:44linuxstbsaratoga: I don't think we should care about which specific device(s) are the first targets for RaaA - I would like at least the initial focus to be on Rockbox, and making the code work as a portable application, not solving the problems of one particular embedded OS.
18:33:48Dobsonon what based clip+? ARM?
18:34:42Dobsonhm, sadly i only have a little bit of knowlegde in AVR programing
18:35:49Dobsonso is there capability in rockbox to power player only from external power supply without battery?
18:36:02Tornenot sure what you mean
18:36:06Tornethat sounds like a hardware thing..
18:36:24funmanis sound on Clip+ worth an email?
18:36:47gevaertsfunman: of course
18:37:13TorneDobson: do you mean "will the player work without a battery"?
18:37:18 Join m3dlg [0] (~m3dlg@
18:37:22Torneor what?
18:37:27 Join bmbl [0] (~Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
18:37:31Tornewell, that's nothing to do with rockbox
18:37:35Torneif the hardware works that way then it works
18:37:38Torneotherwise not
18:37:59TorneMost players should probably work without the battery, though; the usual charging arrangement allows for it
18:38:56Dobsoni would be nice to see feature in rockbox in settings to "enable power from external power source"
18:39:12Torneer, what would that do?
18:40:04Dobsonwell battery life on sansa fuze is quite bad, so i would place external big battery under the player
18:40:27Torneif you connect a power source that supplies the right voltage to the AC/USB/whatever input, then it will power the player
18:40:32Tornethere's no settings and no software involved..
18:40:38freddybI'm giving up on my keyboard patch for scrollwheel targets (FS #10763). Should I get someone to close it or just leave it?
18:40:44Dobsonwhile charging battery from another battery is not afficiant at all
18:40:46Tornefreddyb: giving up?
18:41:00TorneDobson: what?
18:41:04freddybYea, I don't think anyone is interested
18:41:19Tornefreddyb: I'm interested..
18:41:21Torneit takes time
18:41:31Tornethere's no point in closing things that are reasonable, anyway
18:41:38Torneeven if *you* lose interest, someone else might want it
18:41:52Torneit's a working patch, no? there's no reason to write it off
18:42:02Dobsoni mean if there is no feature to "do not charge battery, but power device" external battery charges internal battery, and in the process a lot of energy
18:42:15TorneThat's not how charging works
18:42:23Torneat least, not on most devices. i don't know about the fuze specifically
18:42:35TorneBut generally if the internal battery is full that's it
18:42:41freddybYes, it works. I use it pretty often because I like the search on the database.
18:42:41Tornethe external one will just be providing power.
18:42:55Dobsonbut if internal is not full
18:43:03Dobsonexternal power source would charge internal
18:43:07TorneDobson: that's, agai, a hardware feature
18:43:18TorneMost players do not have the facility to *not* charge their batteries.
18:43:20Dobsoni don't think so
18:43:25TorneThen you think wrong.
18:43:29TorneMost targets *cannot* be told not to charge.
18:43:30 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
18:43:35TorneI don't know about the fuze specifically.
18:43:41Dobsonprocesor do not control battery charging?
18:43:49TorneNo, not usually.
18:43:53TorneOnly some players
18:44:01TorneMost of them have a hardware lipoly charger IC
18:44:08Torneand we just get the status read from that.
18:44:24Torne(charging/not, external power or not)
18:44:29 Join fml [0] (
18:44:41Dobsonso procesor only knows battery level?\
18:44:57Dobsonit wont cut charging?
18:45:15TorneIt only even knows the battery level because it's attaached to an ADC on most platforms
18:45:31Tornethe charge controller for most of the targets gives the processor little or no informatoin at all
18:45:32Dobsoni get it
18:45:34Tornenot even the battery level
18:45:37fmlHello. I plan to make screenshots in the manual non-floating. Any objections? I think we don't indent them to be floating since the positioning is redefined to be 'H' (='Here!')
18:45:54Tornehaving said that, the fuzev1 config has CHARGING_TARGET which means it might be controlled.
18:46:01 Quit polobricolo (Disconnected by services)
18:47:13Tornei can't see any code that would od that, though, it just has pretty basic readouts afaics.
18:47:19TorneYou'd have to ask someone who knows fuze better, sorry
18:47:21freddybDobson: is your battery bad? When I was testing recording I got ~11 hours on battery on a Fuze V1.
18:47:24Tornebut generally no, what you're asking is not possible
18:47:36Torneand it really *isn't* that much of a problem to charge the internal battery
18:47:45Torneit is, technically, less efficient, but not so much you'd care too much
18:49:42Tornefreddyb: don't assume that just because nobody has done anything about it *yet* that nobody cares, anyway. Changing that kind of thing can take a long time to get interest
18:50:03r0b-ok Llorean
18:50:04Tornefreddyb: bugfixes, or obvious things like new plugins, are much easier to just go ahead and commit
18:50:25Tornefreddyb: it;'s on my list of things to experiment with, but that's quite a long list and i have other things to do than Rockbox as well )
18:51:10freddybTorne: alright, if you get to it someday contact me I get it resynced.
18:51:24 Join Dobson_ [0] (~Rokas@
18:51:26 Quit Dobson (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:51:26Dobson_well on fuze battery level indicating is not linear at all, do running "battery bench" helps to correct it?
18:57:18 Quit AlexP_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:57:39 Join AlexP [0] (~ap@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
18:58:52 Quit freddyb (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
19:01:08 Quit fred_99 (Quit: Ex-Chat)
19:01:26*FlynDice points in funman's general direction and mutters something about genious and supernatural powers again....
19:01:31TorneDobson_: possibly, but we'd need lots of people's results really, to hav confdence that the new discharge curve is right
19:01:35FlynDiceway to go!
19:01:47TorneDobson_: i dunno how confident we are about the current one :)
19:02:04topikgreat job funman
19:02:44Dobson_curent one drops to fast from 98 to 88 percent
19:03:00Dobson_and instantly drops from about 40-30 to 0
19:03:43 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
19:03:51Torneyes but an old/tired battery hmbehaves lije that anyway compared to a new one
19:04:14Torneso multiple people need to do it
19:04:15funmani would clean up the patch, but i can't stop listening to the Clip+ :)
19:04:20Dobson_well yes, but there should't be that big drop
19:05:02Dobson_yea clip+ sound is amazing amazing thing
19:05:27Dobson_espacialy with good pair of headphones
19:06:42TorneDobson_: but that big drop *is* the difference between a new battery and an old one, is my point
19:07:02 Quit m3dlg (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:07:35 Join perfectdrug [0] (
19:07:40Dobson_hm, my battery is new
19:07:46 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
19:07:50 Quit n1s (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:08:01Torneright, i'm not z
19:08:14Dobson_i believe it should midle between new and old one batteryes
19:08:19Tornesaying yours is old, but that's why multiple results are better
19:08:26topiknice mail funman :). and having sound on a music player is a nice extra
19:08:31 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:09:26 Join xiainx [0] (
19:10:55 Quit fml (Quit: CGI:IRC)
19:11:12 Join kramer3d [0] (~kramer@unaffiliated/kramer3d)
19:11:50saratogaTorne: the fuze actually has a software controlled charger, so you can disable it if you want
19:12:32Tornesaratoga: we don't have a setti for ac tho do we..
19:12:33Dobson_but thats still not realised on rockbox, i believe
19:12:56 Join jd [0] (
19:12:57 Quit jd (Changing host)
19:12:57 Join jd [0] (~jd@Wikipedia/HellDragon)
19:13:29Dobson_how much attention addressed for sound quality on rockbox is it a number 1 thing?
19:13:49Torneto the limits of the hardware, yes
19:14:20 Join Luca_S [0] (
19:14:30Tornebut that's not particularly hard..
19:14:55Dobson_rockbox is just amazing thing, buyng player without rockbox now is just useless
19:15:00Tornewrite accurate decodes, set up hardware right, and try not to lose too much precision in dsp
19:15:34Tornemost differences in quality are going to come from the hardware, not rockbox vs of
19:15:43Dobson_yea i know
19:15:52Dobson_but still it makes difference
19:16:14saratogaTorne: no its a compile time option
19:16:28Tornefor basic playba k, probably not much :)
19:16:40Luca_Samazing work, funman! you guys would be able to play music even on my toaster, given enough time :D
19:17:32Dobson_wait is that means clip+ already has playback?
19:18:09Torneas of just now, yes :)
19:18:19 Quit DV (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:18:46saratogalinuxstb: I was referring to the "iphone is not ideal" remark when a student asked about RAAA for it yesterday
19:21:28 Join DV [0] (~DV@
19:22:20 Join Dobson [0] (~Rokas@
19:22:42saratogado we have an actual rockbox facebook page or jsut a bunch of unofficial ones?
19:22:56linuxstbsaratoga: Yes, I know. All I'm saying is that I think we should steer discussions with students away from specific devices, and on to the general issues of Rockbox running as an application. So students know the project is a Rockbox project, and not a project developing for one specific device.
19:25:24 Quit Dobson_ (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:34:36AlexPfunman: félicitations :)
19:35:05 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
19:37:24 Quit DV (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:38:12 Join DV [0] (~DV@
19:42:32saratogagevaerts: (taking this from community) I suggested the google hosted option mostly because i don't know if we have anyone able to setup and maintain something like that
19:42:53AlexPI'm sure we do
19:43:15AlexPThis is referring to a Rockbox blog incidentally
19:44:24gevaertsThe idea would be to have a blog that can be posted to by multiple people I guess?
19:44:32AlexPCommitters I'd say
19:45:23saratogaother projects use them for things like "whats being worked on" posts, release announcements, and GSOC announcements
19:45:24gevaertsIf we want to avoid administrative overhead, I'd really like to see it authenticate against either the forum or the svn user list
19:45:54AlexPYes, that'd be nice
19:45:54saratogaif we use the google service i think we can set it up so any of us can add new people, which should be good enough
19:46:09saratogacertainly no harder then getting a wiki account
19:46:28 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
19:47:05saratogabut if someone wants to setup something, thats fine too, but I get the impression teh swedes are rather busy and i'm not sure who else can do that
19:48:18gevaertsI'd say either the Swedes or scorche
19:51:46 Join xiainx [0] (
19:51:47pixelmafml: what exactly do you mean by "non-floating screenshots"?
19:53:21 Join Curtman [0] (
19:53:40ranmachanascodec rewrite using interrupts:
19:54:59BagderI think we could rather easily fix for example a wordpress on the rockbox site if we want a blog, but having a united auth system might be a bit of work
19:55:32Bagderunified might be a better word
19:56:09 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:56:20saratogai don't think unified is a problem as long as one of us can add new people
19:56:45 Join DerPapst [0] (
19:56:51saratogaerr don't think its a requirement
19:57:13saratogalets just setup something, link (or better yet integrate into) the front page, and go from there
19:57:29BagderI agree
19:57:34funmanranmachan: cool
19:57:49gevaertsYes, we don't *need* integration, and it also has some downsides anyway
19:58:01gevaertsCan wordpress do multiple users for one blog?
19:58:31Bagderit has users and roles for users etc
19:58:47gevaertssounds good then
19:58:53saratogais word press more awesome then the google one?
19:59:24Bagderwell, we already run wordpress on the rockbox site so I figure just creating a new one for rockbox shouldn't be too much work
19:59:35funmanranmachan: i renamed the file with .patch extension so the details appear on the task
19:59:59*gevaerts has this instinctive and probably irrational fear of outsourcing these things
20:00:04Bagderand zagor started his blog on the same server just a short while ago so it should be fresh in his mind
20:00:14saratogaah ok that makes sense
20:00:24gevaertsah, is that your plan? ;)
20:00:42 Join Parsi [0] (~Maysam@
20:00:58Bagderyeps, I have assigned the project to a lucky winner!
20:01:10gevaertsYou're the boss anyway!
20:01:30saratogaalso i'm not applied to be a gsoc mentor
20:01:35saratoganow applied!
20:01:48BagderI just accepted a few requests
20:02:04 Join xiainx [0] (
20:08:59S_a_i_n_tAnyone used the "dictionary 2" plugin before?
20:09:57S_a_i_n_tI'm wanting to know where I need to put the .desc file to make the main menu/dictionary browser actually work.
20:13:20S_a_i_n_tduh..... S_a_i_n_t figures it out. :/
20:16:06 Join planetbeing [0] (~planetbei@
20:17:51 Join moos [0] (moos@rockbox/staff/moos)
20:18:10 Quit kramer3d (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:19:07 Join RoBzz [0] (
20:19:17ranmachanfunman: Ok, next time I'll name it .patch :)
20:19:33ranmachanI'm cleaning up the second patch right now...
20:21:11ranmachanIt's slightly confusing that there are two ascodec-target.h, one in arm/ and one in arm/as3525/.
20:21:38ranmachanIf the one in arm is only used for some other soc, shouldn't that also be in a subdirectory?
20:22:08funmanit's used by 2 different socs afaik
20:22:17funmanso as3525 includes its specific version first
20:23:18ranmachanFor the second patch I had to change arm/powermgmt-ascodec.c because it would write to IRQ_ENRD0 behind my back.
20:23:28funmanphilips sa9200 / e200v1/c200v1
20:23:30 Join robin0800 [0] (
20:23:51 Quit Dobson (Quit: Leaving)
20:23:58ranmachanI replaced the writes with ascodec_(dis|en)able_endofch_irq()
20:24:12ranmachanAnd in arm/ascodec-target.h those are just the writes.
20:24:48ranmachanIn arm/as3525/ascodec-target.h it's a reading a shadow variable for the register and anding/bitclearing the bit in question.
20:26:39 Quit PaulJam (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:27:50 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:29:16funmanif you see bertrik point him to the tasks, as he wrote those bits
20:29:22Parsiis it possible to use anti-alias font?
20:29:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:30:59 Join planetbeing_ [0] (~planetbei@
20:31:18 Quit funman (Quit: free(random());)
20:32:58 Quit DV (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:33:10 Join xiainx [0] (
20:34:50ranmachanAh, damn, I forgot to fill in the fields. Can I edit that somehow?
20:38:14 Quit flydutch (Quit: /* empty */)
20:39:35TheSevenranmachan: in case it permits that for you
20:39:41 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
20:39:48TheSevenif not, just tell me what to put in there ;-)
20:40:44 Join froggyman [0] (
20:42:32 Quit xiainx (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:43:11linuxstbTheSeven: Do you know anything about the "itunes doesn't recognise the ipod after Rockbox installation" nano2g issue? Someone was here this morning who had that problem.
20:43:29TheSevenwith the rockbox bootloader?
20:43:38ranmachanTheSeven: Type: patches, Category: OS/Drivers, Player: Sansa C200
20:43:42TheSevenafaik itunes will just try to restore anything that has an altered firmware partition
20:43:54Parsilinuxstb: i had that problem today:P
20:44:03ranmachanFor both and (^^; /me needs to get some sleep
20:44:10linuxstbTheSeven: Rockbox and the OF seemed to work fine, just itunes didn't recognise it.
20:44:19linuxstbParsi: Yes, I'm talking about you ;)
20:44:46TheSevenranmachan: done
20:45:18TheSevenfrom what i heard from itunes users, this is just to be expected with any kind of firmware mode
20:46:42Farthenitunes checks the version of the OF, recognizes that something is wrong and wants to restore it
20:47:08linuxstbFarthen: That's not the same issue then. This was itunes not recognising the ipod.
20:47:52linuxstbMaybe I'm confusing two different issues...
20:47:54Farthenas so doing nothing at all as if the ipod wasn't plugged in?
20:48:14 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:48:22linuxstbIt was Parsi's ipod. Parsi?
20:48:31elinenbefunman's not here? meh.
20:48:46elinenbeJust wanted to give him congrats on the Cipl+
20:48:53linuxstbParsi: Can you answer Farthen's question?
20:49:02Farthendoes itunes want to restore it or doesn't it recognize at all?
20:49:05elinenbejust wanted to give some congrats to funman on the Clip+
20:49:16Parsilinuxstb: what is his question?
20:49:26elinenbeI think FlynDice deserves some credit too!
20:49:45FarthenParsi: see two lines above you message...
20:51:06linuxstbFarthen: I believe Parsi's ipod is working now though. He restored it and then (I think) installed rockbox again.
20:51:09Parsihang on
20:54:44 Quit elinenbe (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
20:54:52Parsiit was my issue, after charging ipod, it was rebooting continuously and if put it in disk mod, iTunes crashed after plugging ipod
20:55:18Parsithen someone offered installing rockbox as alternative FW
20:56:13Parsiafter installing RB itunes couldn't detect ipod again,
20:56:35Parsiit forced me to copy original FW with linux
20:56:43Parsiit solved my problem
20:57:03Parsii've working RB beside OFW now:)
20:57:11Parsithanks to S_a_i_n_t and linuxstb
20:57:39 Join FOAD_ [0] (
20:58:41 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:00:08 Part watto
21:00:47Parsiis there anti aliasing fonts for rockbox(ipod nano)
21:00:47 Quit FOAD (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:00:47 Nick FOAD_ is now known as FOAD (
21:01:19AlexPThere is a patch somewhere, no idea what state it is in
21:01:29AlexP(somewhere on flyspray)
21:01:45TheSevenlinuxstb: this looks just like a borked OFW then.
21:02:35pixelmagevaerts: for what it's worth - I have no problem accessing my M% when it is connected through the subpack USB in Rockbox. The buils is r25212 and I'm currently on XP
21:02:48pixelmathe M5 I mean ;
21:03:01pixelmasmiley fail too
21:03:23gevaertsoh, right. The x5...
21:05:57 Quit robin0800 (Remote host closed the connection)
21:07:59*gevaerts goes subpack-hunting
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21:15:30 Join fyrestorm [0] (
21:15:30 Join togetic [0] (~togetic@unaffiliated/ibuffy)
21:15:30 Join Barahir [0] (
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21:15:30 Join r0b- [0] (
21:15:30 Join aevin [0] (eivindsy@unaffiliated/aevin)
21:15:30 Join Xerion [0] (
21:15:30 Join B4gder [0] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
21:15:30 Join ender` [0] (
21:15:30 Join Zarggg [0] (
21:15:30 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:15:30 Join arbingordon [0] (
21:15:30 Join scorche|sh [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
21:15:30 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
21:15:30 Join jordan` [0] (~jordan@
21:15:30 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
21:15:30 Join liar [0] (
21:15:30 Join avacore^ [0] (
21:15:30 Join stavrob_ [0] (
21:15:30 Join dionoea_ [0] (
21:15:30 Join krazykit` [0] (
21:15:30 Join antil33t [0] (
21:15:30 Join Battousai [0] (~bryan@2001:470:8830::80)
21:15:30 Join chaos [0] (~chaos@gentoo/user/ch4os)
21:15:30 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
21:16:06 Join crwl [0] (
21:16:50pixelmamaybe it also has to do with the OS? I'm aware that there could be differences with the M5 but I's expect to hear more often about it if it was a common problem with Rockbox
21:17:01pixelmagevaerts: ^
21:17:08 Quit Xerion (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
21:17:15gevaertsI don't think so. There's no USB connection detected at all
21:17:24 Quit amiconn (Remote host closed the connection)
21:17:25 Quit pixelma (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:17:26 Join kaniini [0] (
21:18:02gevaertsI'll see if I can find an old build that works
21:18:14gevaertsand if so, I'll start bisecting
21:20:57 Join pixelma [0] (~pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
21:21:07 Join amiconn [0] (~jens@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
21:23:40*ThomasAH reads "sound" and "clip+" in the scrollback, but how? I did not see a commit regarding this
21:24:28ThomasAHor is CIA-5 confused about something?
21:24:44Luca_Sfunman quit before committing, has to clean up his tree before committing
21:25:43gevaertsOK, I have the same issue with r12000, so I'm fairly confident that this isn't something that was broken recently
21:25:57Luca_Sbut the gentleman's mail is more than enough to be partying :)
21:26:12 Join fred_99 [0] (
21:26:23ThomasAHLuca_S: I'd like to have some free music for the party :)
21:27:52Luca_SI just don't get why minor mp3 player manufacturer don't start producing players with rockbox out of the box
21:28:17Luca_Sthey could make a crapton of dollars with such a device
21:29:57pixelmaamiconn: could you try your X5? Or any other X5 owner, the Swedes?
21:30:30gevaertsI'm now running r12000 with the v2 bootloader, still no USB in rockbox
21:31:08pixelmagevaerts: I'm quite sure I updated later builds or copied thing on and off my father's X5 and didn't see a problem (not a 100% sure if it wasn't the Cowon loader though)
21:31:19Parsihow should i run patches?
21:31:28Parsiit's a .c file
21:31:39pixelmagevaerts: umm... on the M5, I have a v4 bootloader
21:31:56gevaertspixelma: yes, I downgraded to make sure it wasn't something in there
21:32:24 Quit Barahir (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:32:27gevaertsMy first tries were with the current one
21:33:06 Join Barahir [0] (
21:33:22 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
21:33:33gevaertsApparently rockbox does something differently from the ROM code that does not work on some hardware, possibly due to hardware issues (since fred_99 says that it used to work for him)
21:33:40pixelmaParsi: you need to apply the patches to the source code and compile your own Rockbox build
21:34:00Parsii can't
21:34:13Parsican someone do it:D?
21:35:02pixelmathere are pages in our wiki that explain what you have to set up
21:37:12*pixelma still wonders why the supposedly "correct approach" dual bootloader for the X5 never got a review
21:38:55Parsipixelma: where are those pages?
21:41:03pixelmaParsi: you can go from here
21:41:29Parsiit's difficult :(
21:41:48gevaertsuhm, it *does* work in r9500...
21:42:15gevaertsSo something changed between r9500 and r12000
21:42:36AlexPQuite a few things I imagine :)
21:42:49gevaertsEven more if you compare to today
21:42:58gevaertsThe button map in r9500 is weird
21:43:24 Quit bmbl (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
21:44:22pixelmaParsi: it looks complicated in the beginning but once you've set everything up it's not hard
21:45:50 Join DV [0] (~DV@
21:47:15 Join CFP [0] (
21:48:37 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:51:24 Join stripwax [0] (
21:53:19stripwaxanyone seen any playback/buffering issues recently? i noticed today that the cpu got boosted on full and the buffer got reduced to the remainder of the currently-playing track , at one point. cpu stayed boosted while track continued playing and no buffering took place. then when the track ended, the rest of the playlist got buffered in and (when that finished) cpu went unboosted
21:53:31stripwaxI know there used to be bugs like this but i thought they were all fixed?
21:54:50fred_99hi, can anybody explain if I can use DEBUGF and eventualy how
21:55:36doomcupWretched ipod is acting up again
21:56:01doomcupStill have the problem with it crashing during file transfer
21:56:14doomcupI'm backing it up, gonna reset the whole thing
21:57:25 Quit Parsi (Quit: Leaving.)
21:57:42domonokyfred_99: DEBUGF only works on sim, and you need a debug build (afaik)
21:57:54domonokyfred_99: but you can use logf on target.
21:58:41fred_99domonoky: thanks, anything to help debug on the firmware ?
21:59:02fred_99domonoky: sorry I don't read
21:59:30 Quit Darkknight512 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.8/20100202165920])
21:59:34domonokyif you have a target with rockbox software usb, you can even use logf over usb-serial :-)
21:59:34 Quit planetbeing_ (Quit: planetbeing_)
22:00:20fred_99problem, it's my USB not working
22:00:43gevaertsfred_99: I'm trying to isolate the issue
22:01:13fred_99gevaerts: tks, you had the same problem ?
22:02:08gevaerts150 revisions left to go though
22:02:21doomcupEven wierder
22:02:31fred_99so I probably won't fix it but it's to fall back into C code I was used 15 years ago ..... no code since that time ... so it's for fun
22:02:37doomcupThe transfer stopped dead when I was taking music off
22:02:47doomcupBut it didn't crash, and I'm giving it a second try
22:03:00gevaertsdoomcup: is the filesystem clean
22:03:10doomcupI just fsck'd it twice
22:03:15doomcupIt should be okay
22:03:24doomcupStill haad to hard reset it twice
22:03:29doomcupThat's why I'm backing it up
22:03:39 Join phanboy4 [0] (
22:03:42doomcupGonna reset it via itunes and reinstall rockbox to it
22:04:49 Join perfectdrug_ [0] (
22:08:16 Quit perfectdrug (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:10:38 Quit CFP (Quit: Quitte)
22:12:41 Join ssbm [0] (
22:13:56gevaertsOK, I found the revision that broke USB on my x5. It's r11261
22:14:51doomcupOkay, so much for gui drag and drop
22:14:56doomcupLet's do it gui style
22:15:00doomcupEr, cli
22:15:31 Quit JohannesSM64 (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2-dev)
22:16:16ssbmAre there any plans for the Archos 2, because it's firmware sucks it probably needs Rockbox more than anyother player.
22:16:58krazykit`only if interested owners of the device do the porting themselves
22:17:06Luca_SThere are never plans for new ports, if anyone wants to contribute, he's welcome
22:17:11Bagderssbm: we don't plan ports, people just go ahead and make them!
22:17:21ssbmI see
22:17:29Bagderis that a rockchip btw?
22:17:35ssbmDid not know how the whole process worked
22:17:39 Quit krazykit` (Quit: bbiab)
22:18:00 Quit ssbm ()
22:18:03Luca_SThe first step is usually gathering information about the player's internals and posting them on the wiki
22:18:11Bagderhe left
22:18:12Luca_Soh well, too slow :)
22:18:36BagderI know some of the recent smaller Archoses are using Rockchip, but I don't know if the 2 does
22:18:48*gevaerts grumbles about commits that claim to fix things but actually break the very thing they claim to fix
22:19:22pixelmamaybe they fix it on some other players
22:19:24gevaertspresumably only for some people...
22:19:56pixelmaI mean single devices
22:20:15 Quit ichthys (Quit: Leaving)
22:20:44 Join krazykit [0] (
22:26:54gevaertsOK, reverting that on the latest trunk indeed fixes it
22:28:01pixelmaI wonder though if reverting might break it on some other X5s?
22:29:19gevaertsamiconn: according to irc logs on, your x5 might have had broken usb prior to r11261
22:31:31 Quit planetbeing (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:31:43gevaertsIf so, could you try ?
22:31:57gevaertspixelma: could you also try that one on your M5?
22:32:46gevaertsit uses the same code
22:32:51pixelmasure, just reverting that patch or is there some adaptatio needed?
22:33:05pixelmaadaptation too
22:33:33gevaertsJust apply that one. It's against trunk, but that file doesn't change often
22:33:42pixelmahmm... I guess the file could have been renamed since
22:33:45gevaerts I mean
22:36:08 Quit captainkewllll (Quit: Page closed)
22:36:54gevaertshm, maybe I'm wrong...
22:37:29*gevaerts tries something
22:39:10gevaertsno, it's definitely that commit
22:44:10*gevaerts doesn't really understand it
22:44:24 Join DV__ [0] (~DV@
22:44:52gevaertsHm, lists that particular GPIO pin as an *input* pin...
22:46:06 Quit DV (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:49:49gevaertsCould iaudio (not D2) people try ?
22:50:28CIA-5New commit by alle (r25250): Set the default character in 08-Atadore font to an existing glyph
22:50:35 Join planetbeing [0] (~planetbei@
22:51:32gevaertsfred_99: do you have a build environment set up?
22:56:56gevaertsok, can you try the patch in ? That should fix the USB issue
22:56:56fred_99gevaerts: yes
22:57:12pixelmagevaerts: that patch definitely has the opposite effect on my M5 from what it does for you
22:57:14fred_99I try and tell you
22:57:23gevaertspixelma: the first one, or the second?
22:57:43gevaertsI suspect that should work for everyone
22:57:48pixelmafirst one, didn't notice there was another
22:59:12gevaertsIf the wiki is correct, the problem is that rockbox writes to an input pin. If this pin happens to have the same value that rockbox is trying to write everything is fine. If not USB doesn't work
22:59:26gevaertsMy patch just doesn't touch the pin
22:59:33pamauryTheSeven: ping
22:59:45gevaertsThe first one did, with the other value
23:00:41 Quit moos (Remote host closed the connection)
23:01:56 Join Darkknight512 [0] (
23:02:04 Join Casainho [0] (~chatzilla@
23:02:33amiconngevaerts: The value of VBUS_POWER doesn't matter much
23:02:50amiconnIt just tells the bridge whether it should behave as a bus powered or self powered device
23:03:06gevaertsamiconn: yes, that's the theory. Setting it wrong breaks USB though
23:03:16gevaertsand "wrong" depends on the device
23:04:59 Join Kitr88 [0] (
23:07:22 Quit Kitar|st (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:08:53fred_99gevaerts: nice .... it works fine
23:09:43 Quit Kitr88 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:10:12gevaertsamiconn: does rockbox set up the GPIO direction on iaudio, or do we rely on the bootloader?
23:10:20fred_99gevaerts: I mounted and copied a file without any problems
23:12:58 Quit Lss (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:13:22pixelmagevaerts: the second patch seems to work for me
23:13:33amiconngevaerts: Rockbox sets it, see GPIO_ENABLE (set to output) and GPIO_FUNCTION (set to GPIO)
23:14:17amiconnAnd GPIO4 is actually used as an output pin, the wiki info is wrong
23:14:21*amiconn fixes
23:14:48 Join Kitar|st [0] (Kitr88@
23:15:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:16:22 Quit DerPapst (Quit: Leaving.)
23:17:41TheSevenpamaury: pong
23:18:09pamauryTheSeven: did you see my patch on FS about FAT ? What do you think about it/did you test it ?
23:19:08TheSeveni did see it, but I didn't look at it thoroughly, neither am I familiar with that part of the rockbox code. I also haven't tested it yet (which I might just do now) as I was quite busy during the last days and somebody else had already reported success on nano2g
23:25:20 Quit phanboy4 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:25:59TheSevenuntil now, i only spotted some cosmetic issues
23:26:21gevaertsIt has to be an output pin. Setting it to input causes the entire thing to reset
23:26:28pamauryTheSeven: cosmetic ?
23:27:15gevaertsDuring my experiments I did set it to input once. It wasn't a successul try...
23:28:14TheSevenpamaury: for example excessively long lines and "{" pulled up to the line where the if is, while it's below the if for most of them in the file
23:28:57TheSevenhm, or maybe not
23:29:08TheSevenseems to be already mixed quite well ;-)
23:29:21pamauryArg, perhaps. I really hate the { on the same line !
23:29:43gevaertsamiconn: Could you try setting the vbus to 0 on your X5? should do that. If it still works, there's probably something weird going on with my (and fred_99's) hardware. If it breaks for you, I think the safest thing is to not touch the bit
23:31:17TheSevenpamaury: then just go ahead and fix them all. i would appreciate it.
23:31:25TheSeven /* This should be enough to hold any name segment utf8-encoded */
23:31:27TheSeven unsigned char shortname[13]; /* 8+3+dot+\0 */
23:31:37TheSeventhis confuses me a bit, even though it wasn't touched in that patch
23:32:42pamauryTheSeven: let me check but I think the comment is not up to date, shortname is in fact just a copy of the shortname
23:32:59TheSevenyes, and the comment is simply not true.
23:33:37TheSeven(it doesn't seem to have anything in common with the line following it, having a closer look...(
23:34:24 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
23:34:56amiconngevaerts: If you don't touch the bit, it will be the same as setting it to 0 explicitly
23:35:12pamauryYes, the comment is not true, the size of shortname is sufficient as far as I can tell, even though it's not immediate
23:35:16gevaertshm, right
23:36:42 Quit komputes (Remote host closed the connection)
23:36:49gevaertsamiconn: are you sure? The only difference between and is that the first one does set it to 0 explicitely. They don't behave the same on M5
23:38:07gevaertsI'd expect the or_l(0x00800000, &GPIO_OUT); to leave the value at whatever was there, which should be what's set there by the boot code
23:38:36amiconnThe boot code shouldn't set anything as long as you don't use cowon loader usb
23:38:53amiconnThe reset default is 0
23:39:03amiconnAnd M5 is different
23:39:42*gevaerts is totally confused by this
23:41:23amiconnWhat puzzles me is that you say the X5 resets if you program this pin to input
23:43:10gevaertsI might have done something wrong there. Maybe I shouldn't code when tired
23:43:51 Part toffe82
23:44:39TheSevenpamaury: + /* ugly */
23:44:56TheSevena comment describing why this works would be more helpful
23:46:00 Join robin0800 [0] (
23:46:02fred_99gevaerts: if it works for me, I'm fine .... even tired :)
23:46:13TheSeven"utf8encode will return a pointer to the end of the converted string, subtract the pointer to the start to get the length of it" or something
23:46:30pamauryindeed, you're right
23:47:11gevaertsfred_99: that patch works fine for me as well, it's just some of the other changes I did while experimenting that were both broken and vague in my memory
23:47:58gevaertsI just don't know the iaudios well enough to feel confident in committing this without fear of breaking things for more people
23:48:27*amiconn needs to look up something in the CY7C68310 manual
23:48:58fred_99what I can say is my USB port never stopped to work under cowon OS .....
23:49:42gevaertsoh, right. Do you still have it set up for dual boot?
23:49:47pamauryTheSeven: you're right, I forgot a few { on a new line
23:50:03fred_99and I never had a copy issue or something else, so I think my hardware's fine
23:50:54fred_99instead of this impossible to talk to my RB anymore :)
23:50:59 Quit robin0800 (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:51:25 Join robin0800 [0] (
23:52:18gevaertsDoes the OF have USB related settings? Things like hub or direct connection, self-powered or bus-powered...
23:52:27*gevaerts has no idea how they would be named
23:53:00pamauryTheSeven: I'll upload a new patch, can you check cosmetics once more ?
23:55:25 Join RadicalR [0] (
23:56:23fred_99gevaerts, do you know where or_l is define ?
23:56:52amiconnHmm, that's odd
23:57:10amiconnSetting GPIO4 to 0 causes usb to fail on my X5
23:57:19gevaertsfred_99: firmware/target/coldfire/system-target.h
23:57:26amiconnThat *shouldn't* happen - it should work in both cases
23:58:27fred_99gevaerts, thanks

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