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#rockbox log for 2010-07-03

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00:14:12BdN3504hey, yesterday i received my clip+. i put the current build on it and have the following q: where is the hold switch
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00:16:38pixelmathere are devices without hold switch...
00:16:55AlexPthe clip+ has one according to the manual diag though
00:17:15AlexP(which may of course be wrong :))
00:17:38pixelmaeh, that picture shows a non-plus Clip
00:17:48AlexPSo it may well be wrong then :)
00:18:06gevaertsIIRC the + indeed doesn't have a hold switch
00:18:25AlexPDoes it have software hold?
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01:49:30CIA-6New commit by bluebrother (r27251): Rockbox Utility: Explicitly link zlib. ...
01:51:16CIA-6r27251 build result: All green
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02:47:17SnuupyHi there.
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02:48:54SnuupyHi there?
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07:35:30frumiousI'm sure it is a FAQ somewhere (that I can't find) but how can this newbie figure if my Sansa Fuze if v1 or v2?
07:35:59wombatmancheck firmware
07:36:07wombatmanif it starts with a 1 then it's v1
07:36:11wombatmanif 2 v2
07:36:26wombatmanunder settings or something
07:38:25wombatmanif you do rockbox a v2 fuze let me know how it goes
07:38:47wombatmani originally rockboxed my v1 fuze before it was stable and it was relatively stable then
07:39:09wombatmanbut my niece has a v2 and im curious if it would be worth rockboxing hers yet
07:40:23wombatmanthe page seems to suggest it's good
07:40:28wombatmanjust lacking the usb
07:40:42wombatmanwhich was more then v1 unstable had before it became stable
07:41:46frumiousAh, thanks. settings->system settings->info tells me v01.02.26a
07:41:50simonrvnit works. i have it on mine
07:42:03simonrvnrock solid
07:42:36simonrvnjust finished copying over latest svn build
07:42:39wombatmanfrumious: yea v1 fuzes are really good. Recommend using the newest build and not just the latest stable release
07:43:05wombatmanfrumious: my favorite feature there is lrc lyric file support
07:43:06simonrvnthis is the v2
07:43:20wombatmani do appreciate that news as well
07:46:15frumioussimonrvn, was that at me? v2 not v1 with v01.02.26a?
07:46:33simonrvnno it wasn't
07:46:39wombatmanit was to me
07:48:43frumiousOkay, thanks.
07:56:43frumiousMy current player is an iAudio D2 which I like a lot. Out of the box, this new fuze sounds really good! But the controls makes me feel like an idiot.
07:57:12wombatmanyea the controls take getting used to
07:57:50wombatmanthe systems price and specs are pretty good
07:58:43frumiousFor sure. This one came from woot for like 50 bucks.
08:00:28frumiousHard to beat that.
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08:09:02CIA-6New commit by bieber (r27252): Theme Editor: Removed some old debug code in skindocument.cpp, began implementing a new find/replace dialog, due to licensing issues
08:10:43CIA-6r27252 build result: All green
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08:19:34frumiousWith my Cowan O2 I can upload most any format of video and resolutions and the file will play okay. How about with the fuze (w/ and w/out rockbox)? Do I need to plan to reformat any videos to play on this guy?
08:34:18wombatmani have it as a bash script in gnome nautilus
08:34:35wombatmanso i just right click convert but let me dig it out and i'll show you the line
08:35:43wombatmanmpeg2video mp3 audio and resolution 220x176
08:36:20wombatmanit might support more but that seems good for me
08:37:27wombatmanthe custom format of unrockboxed fuze is some proprietary bs so it's harder to make in linux but the fuze has custom software for handling that in windows
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08:46:43frumiousGot it, thanks. This fuze came with no software media, but I can't do much with windows/mac stuff anyways so no worries. I'll target that resolution and now have no reason to delay rockboxing this new toy.
08:53:07CIA-6New commit by bieber (r27253): Theme Editor: Made irrelevant menu items disabled at startup, made wrap-around search work in the find/replace dialog
08:53:22wombatmando ypu want a simple nautilus script for conversion
08:53:35wombatmanif you run something for that
08:54:46CIA-6r27253 build result: All green
08:56:42frumiouswombatman, sure, that would be great! I don't use nautilus so much but the script would tell me what to do.
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09:01:40frumiousI just have to say that I'm enjoying Jane's Addiction, Nothing Shocking with this new Fuze thing right now. Rocks!
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09:02:45wombatmandid that work
09:03:21wombatmanim on chatzilla and apparently nothing shows as sent
09:03:26wombatmanok nm
09:03:28wombatmanthere it went
09:03:38wombatmani'll paste it somewhere
09:05:42frumiousI got the notice of the file and accepted it but I can't see any new files on disk. (I'm using xchat, fwiw)
09:06:10wombatmanit said it was aborted
09:06:17wombatmanprobably my sides issue
09:07:18wombatmanit's based on a flv to avi converter originally
09:13:18frumiousGot it, thanks. I'll give it a try. I've never used ffmpeg before, just mencoder, but that shouldn't be any problem. Thanks!
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09:53:12[Saint]what's the deal with the "while recording screen"(?), can that be skinned?
09:53:23*[Saint] never uses it, so doesn't know.
10:00:47JdGordonnot fully
10:11:57[Saint]Can it use an .sbs?
10:12:42JdGordonthe rec part just sits in the UI area and sort of autosizes if it can
10:12:57[Saint]Aha, awesome.
10:14:05*JdGordon sees he was pinged a few times overnight about lang stuff
10:15:16[Saint]Yeah, I remembered you mentioned it may not be too har (potentially) to get a theme to get lang strings from somewhere other than the lang file.
10:15:23[Saint](or something to that effect)
10:16:38JdGordonyeah, The way I would do it would be to have a single text file /.rockbox/wps/strings.txt which users would add to as needed
10:17:02JdGordonit would only need themers to work together to not make the list crazy long
10:18:08[Saint]I remembered it was something along those lines, there was another "Gee, it would be nice if you could translate other words without making the lang files stupidly bloated" conversation.
10:18:18JdGordonbassically the same idea I had a while ago about being able to add custom "settings" to skins, so someone could add %clock to the skin and that would expand to %ch:%cm because that is the way the user wants it
10:19:50 Join DerPapst [0] (
10:21:53[Saint]Hmmm, I see what you mean actually. There's a 12/24hour conditional that gives some freedom back to the user from the theme, but ultimately as a themer you have to "force" formatting on a user. Clock is a good example for that, you may have hh:mm:ss in the theme, and the user only wants hh:mm, etc. etc.
10:23:17JdGordonIt was shot down though because there really arnt that many uses for it
10:23:23CIA-6New commit by bieber (r27254): Theme Editor: Implemented replace and replace all in find/replace dialog
10:24:02bieberJdGordon: Is SVN rockbox using the new theme format yet, or is that still coming
10:24:14JdGordonusing the new format
10:24:19JdGordonhas been for ages
10:24:32bieberOkay, cool
10:24:59CIA-6r27254 build result: All green
10:25:05bieberI'm thinking I'll see if I can actually make a theme with the editor sometime
10:25:17JdGordonwhat a crazy idea!
10:25:35bieberI fixed that update bug, by the way. I'd just left in some really stupid old hash code :/
10:25:55bluebrotherages meaning a couple of weeks :)
10:25:57simonrvni did
10:26:51biebersimonrvn: Built a theme with it?
10:27:14simonrvna rather personal theme, but yes i di
10:27:16bluebrotherbieber: so you didn't got a positive response from the replace dialog developer?
10:27:40bieberWould you say it helped? Any pet peeves, other than the stuff that just isn't finished yet?
10:28:05bieberbluebrother: I haven't heard back from him since he said he would look into it, so I just went ahead and cut out his dialog for now
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10:28:13simonrvnvery much so. i'm a very visual person, very. i learn that way, and was a great help.
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10:29:14bluebrotherhmm, ok.
10:29:27simonrvnit "explained" the tags, and how they interact. barring bugs/stuff not implemented of course.
10:30:38biebersimonrvn: That's awesome :) It's cool to see that people are already starting to use it
10:32:16[Saint]I was wondering about the output of the eventual wps/sbs file etc. and how homan readable it will be.
10:32:42[Saint]There's a few conventions I use with comments etc. that I think make code a bit more human readable.
10:32:48AlexPIt is just a text file using the skin code markup
10:32:55AlexPSo just as readable as any other
10:33:17bluebrotherI don't see a reason why it should be less readable than your handwritten code. Except the comments, of course :)
10:33:50AlexPIt has to be what it has to be to achieve what you asked for
10:34:07[Saint]EVen just blank commented lines to break up sections of code can help to read it though, a lot.
10:34:08bieberIt may be worthwhile to include some automated comments when starting viewports and such
10:34:47[Saint]that's exactly the type of thing I'm talking about.
10:35:02AlexPNot a high priority IMO
10:35:04[Saint]it really helps when its not just one huge chunk of code.
10:35:23bluebrotherwhen you're editing it manually :)
10:35:31AlexP[Saint]: Surely the point of the editor is that you don't need to read it
10:35:57bluebrotherhowever, if you edit everything from a menu / drag and drop / whatever exactly the theme editor will do here I don't see much need to read the resulting code.
10:36:07[Saint]And no, it's not high priority, but I can't imagine it would be terrible hard to implement considering the complexity of some of the other thigns it can do.
10:36:33bieberAlexP: I dunno, I think most will probably end up using the editor more as an aide than a complete drag and drop replacement. I intend it to be _usable_ that way, but I don't imagine that anyone would actually want to do that in practice
10:36:52[Saint]A theme made on the theme editor isn't necessarily going to be read by others on the themeeditor.
10:37:01AlexPbieber: I thought that was more or less the point
10:37:13bieberFor viewports, images and so on drag and drop is great, but when it comes to assembling, say, a status line with a bunch of tags, it would be a royal pain to select each tag you want from a menu
10:37:14AlexP[Saint]: Sure, that's down to them though
10:37:15bluebrotherit would be good to keep comments the user added in the code editor. Though I guess this already is how it works?
10:37:31AlexPbieber: Sure, for you who knows what you are doing
10:37:47[Saint]I see it as more of an aide also, once the syntax is understood I still agagine it will be a lot easier/quicker to code by hand.
10:37:54AlexPbieber: But I suspect many less technical people will do exactly that even if it takes longer
10:38:08AlexPbieber: Look at how many people prefer gui over command line
10:38:14bieberOf course I'll include a capacity to do something like that, but I think the serious users are probably going to end up typing out a lot of stuff by hand, and mostly using drag and drop for positioning and such
10:38:29simonrvnas for me, i'm just typing stuff in. i'm using the preview as a visualisation aid
10:38:44AlexP[Saint]: Of course it will be quicker, but people at large don't like that, they like a gui - see the age old linux arguments
10:39:29AlexPYes, I don't disagree that advanced people will use it like that, but people like that (us) are a different target
10:39:42bieberSooo, if something like auto-comments will help make serious users happy without getting in the way of the drag/drop crowd, I'm all for it. It should be a really trivial feature to add, too, I'll just make sure to include an off switch for it somewhere
10:39:44bluebrotherbieber: there's also the convenience issue. Just think about Qt's Designer. I do prefer that even if I would be able to create all GUIs from the code
10:40:04AlexPbieber: I'm not arguing against comments :)
10:40:20JdGordonauto comments are a bit annoying
10:40:25bluebrotherbut in any case it's also a matter of preference of course :)
10:40:34AlexPI'd like to be able to turn them off, certainly
10:40:59simonrvnyeh auto comments with an off switch. perfect :).
10:41:06bieberTo make things clear for all, I absolutely do intend to include methods for drag and drop editing of line contents, I just hope no one will use it ;)
10:41:19AlexPbieber: I'm sure people will
10:41:19bluebrotherauto comments might be helpful if you start your theme via GUI and later move on using the editor
10:41:38AlexPI think people here are not understanding how others will use it
10:41:50AlexPLots of people get frightened by the idea of having to edit atext file
10:41:51bluebrotherbieber: if you release any kind of software people _will_ abuse it in any way you didn't imagine. Had to learn that with Rockbox Utility ;-)
10:41:51JdGordonI think the biggest thing you could add to make things better would be help text for the current tag, like intellisense
10:42:06bieberJdGordon: I've been thinking a lot about that, actually
10:42:07AlexPI think with drag and drop gui theming lots more people will start making them that didn't before
10:42:33JdGordonquality will go through the floor :)
10:42:46AlexPWhether or not we think it is hard, lots of people have a scared of non-gui mindset
10:42:47bluebrotherwho needs quality anyway? ;-)
10:42:52AlexPJdGordon: Probably, yes :)
10:43:20bluebrotherAlexP: yes. And others are scared away by GUI-only things :)
10:43:33AlexPindeed :)
10:44:14*bluebrother would absolutely *hate* to have to GUI-edit "code" (and might need to do so some time at work :o )
10:44:25bluebrotheri.e. drag-and-drop coding *shudder*
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10:44:41JdGordonbieber: is it too late to do something about the SUBLINE element name? would it be terrible to at least rename that define to LINEALTERNATOR or something?
10:44:56JdGordonseen as you wouldnt expcet LINE to be a child of SUBLINE
10:48:09bieberJdGordon: No problem at all
10:48:38bieberIf you change it, you should be able to do a simple text replace in all the theme editor code at the same time and everything will work out fine
10:49:00bieberI'm pretty well certain the symbol SUBLINE isn't used anywhere else in the code base
10:49:36JdGordonk cool
10:51:41JdGordonbieber: ah, just spotted a bug. the inbuilt statusbar is never drawn unless %wi is there, even if %we is there (or %wd isnt)....
10:52:20bieberIt isn't? The status bar should always pop up by default
10:52:43bieberI see it at the top of the screen as soon as I create a new document, unless it's supposed to behave differently?
10:53:05JdGordongah, I mean it shouldnt be drawn unless %wi is there
10:53:15JdGordonthe current behaviour is wrong :)
10:53:23 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
10:53:47bieberOhh, it's disabled by default?
10:54:15JdGordonno, the %wi does the drawing, so if that isnt there is no drawy :)
10:54:58bieberSo by default it's not there, %we puts it at the top of the screen, and %wi puts it in the current viewport?
10:55:21bieberDoes that mean %we is just totally extraneous?
10:55:26JdGordon%wi draws it at the top of the current viewport. %we enables the "theme", %wd disables the theme
10:55:33JdGordonyes, %we is totally useless
10:55:59bieberEr, wait, %wd is useless
10:56:15*JdGordon wonders if we can mark tags as deprecated? that would be sweety
10:56:27JdGordonno, %wd is used in the wps to disable the sbs
10:56:58simonrvndefault status bar
10:56:58biebersbs is the screen with the menus, isn't it?
10:57:15JdGordonwell, umm, sort of
10:57:27bieberSo %wd keeps the user from getting to it? Or could it otherwise be shown within the wps?
10:57:29JdGordonsbs is the skin which all screens others are drawn over
10:58:13bieberSo strictly speaking, in a wps file, I should be drawing the SBS first, and then the wps on top of it?
10:58:14JdGordonwithout %wd the wps's default viewport will be the UI viewport (%Vi) from the sbs
10:58:39JdGordonpreferably with a simple toggle to make it easier to see which is which
10:58:46bieberOkay, now this makes sense
10:59:45 Quit kachna (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:59:57bieberSo the SBS lets you just frame every other type of screen, if you so please? And %wd turns that off and just gives the WPS the whole screen?
11:01:31JdGordonthe WPS wont stopp you drawing outside the ui viewport in extra viewports but it is almost guarenteed to not work right, visible drawing bugs
11:02:02JdGordon%wd disabled the sbs and sets the default viewport to full screen, without it the sbs is enabled and the default viewport is the ui viewport
11:02:20bieberDo you know of any themes offhand that normally draw the WPS within the Custom UI viewport, so I can test this?
11:02:49JdGordonI tihnk AlexP did one.. one sec
11:03:58bieberAlso, in an SBS document, will %wd actually turn off the status bar?
11:04:15JdGordonumm, %wd in the sbs is i guess undefined
11:04:30bieberSo is there any way you can turn off the inbuilt status bar altogether?
11:04:33JdGordonit doesnt do anything because the default viewport is ignored
11:04:45JdGordonnot ignored, just not drawn in
11:07:21bieberSo can you relocate the status bar but not altogether disable it?
11:07:35 Join stripwax [0] (
11:08:34JdGordonif the sbs/current skin doesnt include the %wi tag the inbuilt bar wont be drawn
11:08:49bieberOh, okay
11:08:51JdGordonthe hardcoded sbs uses the "statusbar" setting to choose where to draw it (if at all)
11:09:21bieberHeh, every time I think I've got this theme stuff figured out :P
11:09:51bieberThis shouldn't be hard to implement, though, I'll see if I can get it in this weekend
11:10:47bieberOh wait, one more question
11:10:56JdGordonstupid constantly evolving system!
11:11:02bieberCan the WPS see any themes/fonts/etc. loaded from SBS, or is it rendered completely independently?
11:11:24JdGordonhrm? I dont understand
11:12:15JdGordon:) put it this way... every WPS update causes the SBS to be updated also (order isnt guarenteed)
11:12:23bieberSuppose I have an xl in the SBS. If I want to use that image in the wps, do I have to load it there?
11:12:35JdGordonyes, you have to reload the images
11:12:38JdGordonand fonts
11:12:45bieberOkay, good
11:12:45JdGordonidentifiers aren't shared
11:12:53JdGordonthat would cause masive problems :)
11:13:30bieberSo from my perspective, I can just render the WPS in a screen the size/position of the Custom UI viewport in the SBS, and everything will be peachy
11:14:12JdGordonwell... that might get confusing
11:14:33bieberWhat would go wrong?
11:14:46JdGordonthe best way to do it is draw the sbs first, then the wps on top of it. but allow the user to disable the sbs drawing
11:15:29bieberThat's what I'll be doing
11:15:30JdGordononly the default viewport is restricted to the ui viewport... others can draw outside it but shouldnt
11:16:45bieberNow, if you define a custom backdrop in the WPS, does it apply to the entire screen, or just the area the WPS is being rendered in?
11:17:40JdGordonbackdrops are fun :) umm... iirc the wps will draw its backdrop always
11:18:29JdGordonthe way the backdrops work though is they are only shown when the viewport is updated
11:18:51JdGordonso you can get into a wierd situation where you have bits of different backdrops (IIRC)
11:19:43JdGordonumm, maybe not, you'l probably get the sbs drawn on the wps backdrop
11:19:51bieberOkay, I've got to sleep now
11:20:13bieberLater all
11:24:16 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
11:37:01 Quit stripwax (Quit:
11:42:18bertrikamiconn, didn't you transplant radio modules from one player to another?
11:43:21bertrikI see at sparkfun they're selling these kinds of radio modules, they mention the TEA5767. It's a 10-"pin" module. With a bit of luck they are compatible.
11:50:01 Join stripwax [0] (
11:54:51n1sbertrik: iirc that tuner is used in various rb targets, but might be available in different packaging(?)
11:57:28 Quit stripwax (Quit:
12:00:57 Join pamaury [0] (
12:00:57 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
12:00:57 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:03:41 Quit binaryhermit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:04:43bertrikI think I've seen disassembly pictures where the TEA5767 was mounted on a sub-PCB along with some peripheral components (crystal et.c), this sub-PCB was easily solderable
12:16:58 Quit anewuser (Quit: Sixth edition of 25 samples + 48 hours + detroit party (july 31) (maybe streamed online!))
12:18:14 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
12:19:57 Join Jerom [0] (~jerome@
12:21:16 Join mt_ [0] (~mtee@
12:23:05 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:23:14 Nick mt_ is now known as mt (~mtee@
12:24:58pixelmabertrik: if you mean the tuner in my M5 - that's just exchanging one daughterboard without the chip replaced with a daughterboard from an X5 with the chip (there are the so-called X5Vs out there that also don't have the radio which makes them a bit cheaper, where Cowon probably does the same the other way round)
12:25:53 Join halmi [0] (
12:27:25bertrikpixelma, ok thanks for the explanation
12:37:25 Quit halmi (Quit: halmi)
12:37:44 Join halmi [0] (
12:38:25 Join Luca_S [0] (
12:40:49 Quit MethoS- (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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12:53:42 Quit stripwax (Quit:
13:02:31 Join ender` [0] (
13:02:56 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
13:03:31 Quit MethoS- (Remote host closed the connection)
13:06:22 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
13:06:33 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
13:07:36 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
13:12:05 Quit Jerom (Quit: Leaving.)
13:12:54 Join Jerom [0] (~heidi@
13:21:19 Join halmi_ [0] (
13:25:26 Quit halmi (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
13:26:14 Quit halmi_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
13:36:39CIA-6New commit by nls (r27255): We already build with -fomit-frame-pointer so there's no need to specify that again.
13:37:13 Join karim_ [0] (
13:37:14 Join Zarggg_ [0] (
13:38:14CIA-6r27255 build result: All green
13:40:41 Quit Zarggg (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
13:44:19 Join halmi [0] (
13:48:38 Join Topy44 [0] (~topy@2a01:608:ffff:2619:2e0:4dff:fe83:a45e)
13:53:58 Join halmi_ [0] (
13:57:02 Quit halmi (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
13:58:45 Quit flydutch (Quit: /* empty */)
13:59:20 Quit halmi_ (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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14:12:48 Quit xavieran (Remote host closed the connection)
14:27:10 Quit Luca_S (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
14:35:45 Join JdGord [0] (~jd@
14:37:08 Join Kitr88 [0] (
14:37:25 Quit Kitar|st (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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16:11:11 Quit JdGord (Quit: Bye)
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16:59:45 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
17:11:24mtsaratoga: No overflows !
17:11:52mtsaratoga: max error between fixed point and ffmpeg is 3.4 * e-3
17:13:04mtI think a 0.3% error is not bad
17:20:34 Quit frumious (Quit: Ex-Chat)
17:26:18 Join kramer3d [0] (~kramer@unaffiliated/kramer3d)
18:09:01 Join xavieran [0] (
18:19:08 Join Luca_S [0] (
18:21:22 Quit xavieran (Quit: ➤➤➤➤➤➤ Unicode shall reign forever! ➤➤➤➤➤➤)
18:26:38 Join flydutch [0] (
18:29:24 Join Highlander_ [0] (
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19:14:41 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:20:39 Nick funman is now known as funbot (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:25:53 Join JGeigerM [0] (
19:29:55 Quit linuxguy3 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:31:23funbotPlease allow attaching .diff and .patch to the forum threads so we don't have to add a .txt extention to work-around the forum limitations
19:31:38funbotscorche: i think you can do that as forum admin ?
19:33:07 Join froggyman [0] (~me@unaffiliated/froggyman)
19:34:14 Quit JGeigerM (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:35:22gevaertsIIRC those are rejected because it was decided that flyspray is the place for them
19:36:32funbotpatches which just need one quick testing are simpler to put on the forum (and i did that several times already)
19:37:09funbotit's less hassle than opening a flyspray task, filling the forms, and paste the URL again on the forum, until it's tested and then closing the flyspray task
19:38:06funbotso for some special cases, forum is ok. the general rule is put the patch on flyspray of course
19:41:37 Nick funbot is now known as funman (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:42:11 Quit fdinel (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
19:42:47funmansomething unrelated: is there any reason we shouldn't add -Wl,-z,defs to GCCOPTS ? This would break linking of codecs/plugins (and rockbox) when using an undefined symbol instead of breaking at loading
19:43:39 Join saratoga__ [0] (463f90ed@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:43:48funmannative builds already break but simulator silently links and then loading the plugin/codec fails
19:46:21 Quit kramer3d (Quit: Leaving)
19:48:08 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (
19:48:19 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
19:48:19 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:50:36saratoga__i don't know what those settings do, but it would be really nice
19:50:48saratoga__i hate how codecs don't catch all sorts of errors during compiling
19:52:10funmansaratoga__: if you use an external symbol which isn't in the final binary/shared object; linking will fail
19:52:43funmanwithout it, the binary will rely on the fact that the executable loading it will have this symbol defined
19:53:10funmanif it's not, it will give something like: dlopen(simdisk/.rockbox/rocks/viewers/wav_encoder.rock): simdisk/.rockbox/rocks/viewers/wav_encoder.rock: undefined symbol: ci
19:53:58 Join peterson [0] (~chatzilla@
19:55:23 Quit saratoga__ (Quit: Page closed)
19:59:40bertrikfunman, I'm making a flyspray task for the AMS v2 wakeup poweroff problem
20:04:18 Nick peterson is now known as dpeters2 (~chatzilla@
20:04:58 Quit dpeters2 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.10/20100504093643])
20:12:06funmanbertrik: i somehow hope that jhMikeS recent commit about atomic register modification will solve weird problems
20:12:25funman.. including the cpu frequency changes (/me is gonna put this patch on his clips)
20:13:27bertrikfunman, yes indeed, not protecting the CGU_PERI register looks like an accident waiting to happen in hindsight
20:14:11bertrikhopefully also fixes the weird problem with AMSv2 players hanging in some zombie state
20:14:31 Join allele [0] (~chatzilla@
20:15:22alleleI was skimming the lua page on the wiki, is it safe to assume all implemented functions in the rockbox plugin api are accessable via rb.<function> in a lua script?
20:20:18 Quit allele (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:20:33bertrikfunman, I would prefer to investigate the possibility to handle ascodec events in a separate thread rather than handling them in interrupt context (and keep i2c processing much simpler)
20:22:28 Join allele [0] (~chatzilla@
20:30:51 Join AusShir [0] (
20:31:00 Part AusShir
20:31:11gevaertsfunman: I'd say those GCCOPTS are probably a good idea
20:32:40 Quit allele (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.6/20100628124739])
20:36:05*n1s gets interesting results from his benchmark run
20:37:17CIA-6New commit by funman (r27256): Add -Wl,-z,defs to GCCOPTS ...
20:37:52funmanbertrik: which events ? the AFE interrupts ?
20:39:18CIA-6r27256 build result: All green
20:39:23funmanthe current code is fine for me, i think adding a thread would be more complex
20:39:31funmanbut eventually it could be moved to its own .c file
20:39:49 Join linuxguy3 [0] (
20:44:37 Quit flydutch (Quit: /* empty */)
20:44:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:50:08CIA-6New commit by funman (r27257): Clip+ LCD: support devices with a different controller ...
20:52:00CIA-6r27257 build result: All green
20:52:46balintxCurrently on Rockbox I can't play any video.
20:53:25pixelmawhich build are you running exactly?
20:56:15 Nick dfkt_ is now known as dfkt (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:58:44balintxbuild r27164
20:59:03funmanbalintx: please always update to the last current build before reporting a bug
20:59:40balintxI really don't think this should solve my problem, but you know.
21:00:04funmanif the bug is already fixed in svn you're wasting everyone's time (yours, and ours)
21:00:19pixelmathere was a bug in mpegplayer introduced in r27159 which was fixed in r27171...
21:03:27 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
21:10:59balintxnow I updated rockbox.
21:10:59 Quit Luca_S (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:11:12balintxNow the mpg is not visible
21:11:50balintxnow good
21:13:10funmanbalintx: don't press enter after each word, write full sentences. It helps the people reading the logs (that includes myself).
21:14:55balintxIt plays 1 seconds of the video, then it shows as playing, but the image is frozen
21:18:33pixelmawhich device is this and is this a video that worked before or does this happen with all videos, even the sample one?
21:21:44n1swhat's the deal with makefiles and tabs, do they have a special function there? several of ours are a mix of spaces and tabs...
21:21:46balintxit is a Sansa Fuze V2. the avi is made by SansaMediaConverter, works on the OF. the mpeg converted by mencoder suggested by on PluginMpegplayer wiki page. Vlc can play it.
21:22:18funmann1s: tabs are part of the definition of makefiles
21:23:04n1sfunman: so we use tabs where we have to and spaces when we can in the same file?
21:23:18funmanwhere did you see spaces used in a makefile?
21:23:40n1slibmad.make has 2 lines indented with 3! spaces...
21:23:59n1sthe two different MADFLAGS lines
21:24:30funmanit's not part of a rule so perhaps spaces are ok here
21:24:48funmanbut clearly whoever used a 3 spaces indentation is looking for trouble with me
21:27:29funmanGNU make doc says tab is needed in front of every command line, to distinguish it from the rest of the file. So you can do what you want elsewhere
21:32:25 Quit n1s (Quit: Lmnar)
21:41:25 Join binaryhermit [0] (
21:43:23 Quit nk_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
21:44:13 Join nk_ [0] (
21:50:34 Quit Zarggg_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:53:35 Join Zarggg [0] (
22:05:09funmansaratoga_: btw panics in SD code help tracking bugs, but should be removed when the code is deemed stable
22:05:28funmani think it's still possible to trigger a panic by inserting/removing quickly the µSD from AMSv1
22:06:09saratogai don't think they should be removed, hopefully the drivers just get so good theres no way to have one :)
22:06:47funmanperhaps we should detect bad users and panic("PEBKAC") ;)
22:17:18 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:18:15 Join saratoga [0] (9803c6dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:20:43CIA-6New commit by wodz (r27258): HD200 - add support for remote in button_read_device()
22:21:25funmanwodz has found a remote? nice
22:22:22 Join wodz [0] (
22:22:45CIA-6r27258 build result: 20 errors, 0 warnings (wodz committed)
22:23:26funmanwodz: hm strange error
22:24:00funmancan you paste the content of GCCOPTS in Makefile ?
22:24:39funmanah no the error is not related to the LD warning
22:25:01gevaertsfunman: can you change your GCCOPTS change to only be used for gcc 4 or higher?
22:25:07 Quit togetic (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:25:14funmanwhy gcc4 ?
22:25:38gevaertsI suspect that that's the cutoff for this "-z: linker input file unused because linking not done" message
22:26:00wodzwhat was the address of the page with build status?
22:26:58funmangevaerts: how did you identify this as a gcc < 4.x problem?
22:27:08 Join togetic [0] (~togetic@unaffiliated/ibuffy)
22:27:28balintxIf I want a new game on Rockbox, but I cannot implement it, can I paste it to the tracker, if someone wants to do it?
22:27:42gevaertsfunman: it seems to be m68k vs the others. I'm looking a bit more
22:29:00gevaertsfunman: ignore me for now :)
22:29:07funmanWl,XXX,YYY should give the option to ld when calling it so if linking isn't done, nothing bad should happen
22:29:27funmanhelp is welcome
22:30:38saratogabalintx: no
22:31:57gevaertsfunman: funman nothing bad does happen, but I don't like this huge amount of messages...
22:32:07funmannor do I
22:32:30funman% LANG=C m68k-elf-gcc −−help|grep Wl -Wl,<options> Pass comma-separated <options> on to the linker
22:32:56funman'm68k-elf-gcc -E -Wl,X' is enough to reproduce
22:33:23funmansame for SH
22:33:43funmanor arm-elf-gcc (4.0.3, like SH)
22:34:25saratogadisable it on coldfire then?
22:34:38saratogai doubt anyone is doing codec development on those targets anymore
22:34:39gevaertsI suspect the best solution is to only add them to LD lines
22:34:55funmansaratoga_: no, it only works on arm eabi (because gcc is recent enough)
22:35:05saratogawhat about the sim?
22:35:17funmansim uses whatever host gcc the user has
22:35:40saratogawell sim and arm are probably 99% of all new work being done on the codecs these days
22:35:42funmannative 4.4.3 doesn't warn, like arm eabi 4.4.4
22:35:54gevaertsfunman: does the flag actually make a difference for target builds?
22:36:08funmandunno but it doesn't matter
22:36:20gevaertsif not, we could enable it for sim only
22:36:21funmanlike you said we should put it in LD options and make sure that these options are used
22:36:29gevaertsyes, that's best
22:37:12funmanLDOPTS is only used on the sim binary afaict
22:38:26gevaertswe can change that
22:38:55funmanright but we'd need different LDOPTS for the binary and the plugins/codecs
22:39:27*gevaerts shuts up
22:40:20funmancan you do that? i'm not in the mood for going through a bunch of Makefiles right now
22:40:57funmangrep -r ,LD apps/ should give you all calls which needs changing
22:41:18funmanalternative: switch all targets to gcc >= 4.4
22:41:36gevaertschanging the makefiles is easier :)
22:42:41 Quit funman (Quit: ++)
22:44:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:08 Join kachna [0] (
22:54:05CIA-6New commit by wodz (r27259): HD200 - add missed defines for remote buttons and remote_button_hold() function prototype in button-target.h
22:54:56pixelmawodz: do you have a picture of the Mpio remote?
22:55:54CIA-6r27259 build result: All green
22:57:53 Join Highlander__ [0] (
22:58:24CIA-6New commit by gevaerts (r27260): Move -Wl,-z,defs to GLOBAL_LDOPTS (instead of GCCOPTS), to avoid noise in older gcc output when not linking
23:00:09CIA-6r27260 build result: 1080 errors, 0 warnings (gevaerts committed)
23:01:14*gevaerts suspects that this is exactly why funman wanted those options
23:02:05 Quit Highlander_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:15:32 Quit Highlander__ (Quit: Quitte)
23:17:03CIA-6New commit by gevaerts (r27261): Add -lm to pdbox sim build
23:18:40CIA-6r27261 build result: All green
23:20:50 Quit karim_ (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:23:13 Quit ender` (Quit: Women and Cats will do as they please. Men and dogs had better get used to it. -- Robert Heinlein)
23:24:58bertrikhm, the clip+ battery voltage after charging in the OF is 4.22V, so the OF is probably charging up to 4.25V
23:30:47saratogaisn't the difference between 4.2 and 4.25 tiny in terms of energy stored?
23:31:12wodzit is
23:34:43 Join EgyParadox [0] (~egyparado@unaffiliated/egyparadox)
23:34:53 Join JGeigerM [0] (
23:36:46bertrikAs far as I can tell, the AMSv1 sansa charged up to 4.20V
23:37:52bertrikThere an entry on the wiki saying the battery indicates about 4.15V after charging in the OF. Maybe this was changed in different OF versions.
23:43:13soapIs there a difference one can bank on between 4.25 and 4.15v when the tests were not done by on the same unit with the same load? (If I'm understanding correctly that one is you, now, and one is wiki (somebody else presumably), older)
23:44:52CIA-6New commit by wodz (r27262): HD200 - Increase ADC clock when boosted. Scan all 4 ADC channels during system tick
23:45:10soapNot to mention, isn't a tenth of a volt a believable variance in contact quality amongst the removable battery Sansas?
23:45:34TheSevenif it isn't drawing power from the battery during the measurement, that shouldn't make a difference
23:45:44soap*believable variance _due to_ contact quality
23:46:20TheSevencontact quality/inner resistance will only affect the readings if there is non-neglegible current
23:46:36soapI guess I was assuming readings from within Rockbox.
23:46:44CIA-6r27262 build result: All green
23:46:56TheSevenpowered by battery or USB? that's the question
23:55:39wodzhmm HD200 remote keymap will be tricky as remote misses REC key used as cancel/back
23:56:31CIA-6New commit by bieber (r27263): Theme Editor: Status bar no longer drawn by default
23:57:44 Quit JGeigerM (Quit: Leaving)
23:58:06CIA-6r27263 build result: All green
23:58:55 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)

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