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#rockbox log for 2010-08-13

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00:17:27kugelrasher: (and 480x800 android people):
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00:27:10kugelBagder: the backdrops are huge (1.5MB for cabbiev2), and there are two of them. is that really suitable for svn?
00:27:59Bagderhow else would we deal with them?
00:28:32kugelno idea, that's why I just proceeded as usual this time :)
00:28:52BagderI think its fine
00:29:53kugelI think someone suggested to store them as png in svn. could convert to png
00:30:07kugelbut if that's all not a problem for the svn server I don't mind
00:30:25kugel(although I wouldn't mind png-in-core now as it comes into my mind)
00:30:44Bagderhehe, me neither but no it isn't a problem to the svn server could convert to bmp* of course
00:33:08kugelit would probably really a good idea to make the image decoders more codec like
00:33:28kugelI wonder if Unhelpful likes that idea :P
00:35:30krazykithe'd probably like it more if you were the one doing the work ;)
00:35:34kugelsame goes for metadata parsers IMO
00:37:04kugelkrazykit: actually, I think we need to poke teru about png in core :)
00:39:44bieberAnyone know if %ax also mirrors image positions inside a viewport?
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00:44:03kugelrasher: do you like it?
00:45:24rasherkugel: Well the skin works nicely, but the font is tiny and it doesn't actually play music, so one step forward two steps back I'm afraid
00:45:30rasherIt just sits at 0:00
00:46:16kugelrasher: have you downloaded the font package?
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00:46:38rasherWhich font is it supposed to use?
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00:52:52kugelrasher: arg, the 480x800 sdl app is too big for my laptop screen, but it seems to work as intended
00:53:22rasherkugel: It seems to have loaded 12-Adobe-Helvetica
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00:53:39kugelhave you tried loading cabbiev2 from the browse themes menu?
00:53:52kugelthat worked for me just a few seconds ago
00:53:59rasherit's.. not there? :-|
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00:54:20kugeloh I see, have you installed other themes?
00:54:29rasherMaybe I should've cleared everything first
00:54:36rasherI think I'll start from scratch
00:54:41kugelthe trick is, as soon as rockbox sees a folder in the user dir, that user dir overrides the installation dir
00:55:23kugele.g. if there's /sdcard/rockbox/themes it won't see /data/.../themes anymore
00:55:36kugelthere's no fancy unionfs thing yet
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00:58:52 Part toffe82
00:59:59kugelBagder: ok, if it's not a problem for the svn server I would like to commit some .xcf files to make porting cabbie easier
01:00:42kugel(these are usually quite big)
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01:02:21*kugel thinks cabbiev2 is a great default theme and can't imagine how much energy went into the whole process of making it the default (especially convincing all the people)
01:03:14rasherkugel: do it do it do it!
01:03:21rasher(commit the xcf files)
01:05:56CIA-9New commit by bieber (r27795): Theme Editor: Implemented some basic viewport/text mirroring with the %ax tag
01:07:56CIA-9r27795 build result: All green
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01:10:00saratogaamiconn: I tested PP at 30MHz, FLAC and MP3 don't really change (presumably since they mainly use IRAM), but WMA 128k gains 1.8MHz (about 8% faster)
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01:12:08*kugel eagerly awaits rasher's results
01:12:13saratogavorbis_128k only improves by 400kHz!
01:12:22saratogaapparently WMA doesn't make as good use of IRAM as it ought to
01:12:38saratogai had an old patch for improving it, but lost it ages ago, maybe i should look at it again
01:13:08saratogaoh hmm maybe WMA was optimized more since my last stock bench, better double check
01:14:47rasherkugel: I'm confused :\
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01:15:34pixelmaspeaking of wma - I noticed that the wma codec throws some debug output in a "usual" simulator currently. Looks like something wasn't disabled again for the casual user - or?
01:15:50saratogawhat does it print?
01:16:14kugelrasher: it should definitely work if you *uninstall* rockbox and *delete* /sdcard/rockbox (which would be starting from scratch)
01:16:31rasherkugel: should I not install the font pack?
01:16:34kugelother than that I have no idea why it wouldn't "just work"
01:17:02kugelthe fonts that shipped themes need come with rockbox since a while, but it doesn't hurt if you install it
01:17:16kugelunless 35-adobe is not in it
01:17:18*[Saint] wonders where JdGordon has buggered off to
01:18:16saratogahuh WMA is 100kHz faster per clock when boosted
01:18:21rasherkugel: okay trying now with nothing installed
01:18:54rasherkugel: No font
01:19:15kugelok, I tried a fresh install on my laptop and get sysfont as well
01:19:20pixelmasaratoga: e.g. when starting a wma file to play it prints "**************** IN WMA.C ******************"
01:19:33rasherkugel: okay so I'm not going completely crazy
01:20:43pixelmasaratoga: nothing else so far on this comp but I saw a few other messages on another box
01:20:44CIA-9New commit by saratoga (r27796): Remove old debug line from wma.c.
01:21:30*Strife89 noticed a very interesting problem while he was away:
01:21:37saratogaall the other DEBUGF messages are for real errors that should never happen
01:21:41saratogaso they should stay
01:21:50kugelrasher: and I was sure you are! :P anyway, installing the font package makes it work again (I'll have a look why it breaks at the font)
01:22:14Strife89Start a track from the file browser and hit Next after being in the WPS for a few seconds, while the tracks are buffering.
01:22:19CIA-9r27796 build result: All green
01:22:20Strife89Then prepare your ears.
01:22:53pixelmasaratoga: wma file ended and playback goes on with an mp3 - "read_packet error 2048, errcount 1" (actually 6 times, errcount goes up respectively)
01:22:53saratogaits interesting that for WMA, the move from ARM7TDMI with its 32 bit wide cache and 5 cycle multiplier to ARM9E with its 64 bit cache and fast multiplier only speeds things up by ~13%
01:23:06Strife89The behavior was observed in r27790.
01:23:09saratogapixelma: that means you have a broken WMA file
01:23:33saratogait'll print that if theres no packet where the header says there should be one
01:23:41Strife89I reverted to r27759 and the problem went away.
01:23:53saratogawell that or maybe we have a bug in the parser
01:24:57kugelrasher: I started with a complete fresh empty installation dir (/usr/local/{bin,lib,share} in the sdl app) and a complete fresh user dir ($HOME/.config/ in the sdl app). after extracting the fonts to $HOME/.config/ cabbiev2 works as intended
01:25:08Strife89Would anyone care to attempt to reproduce the problem?
01:25:24Strife89I experienced it on an iPod Video (64MB of RAM).
01:25:30rasherkugel: Yeah, it does
01:25:38kugelon android: installation dir is /data/data/ (which you really can only clean by uninstalling the app), user dir is /sdcard/rockbox
01:26:01rashertiny icons!
01:26:07kugelpoke [Saint]
01:26:13rasherI'll have a go
01:26:16saratogai wonder why the speed up for ARM9E is so small, I'd expect making single loads and all multiplication ops ~2x as fast would be worth more then 13%
01:26:18rashershould be reasonably easy
01:26:21pixelmasomeone with a coldfire target around currently for a quick test (possibly needs a paperclip on H100/300)?
01:26:26kugelrasher: I recommend turning on absolute point mode on now
01:26:32saratogai wonder if we're doing something stupid that cancels out some of the gain somewhere
01:27:02saratogathough maybe the IRAM is slower somehow then PP and that slows it down
01:27:15saratogai guess there could be a delay verses PP with its custom memory controller
01:29:44kugelrasher: [Saint] promised to make bigger icons
01:30:07kugelthey're still accaptable on 27-adobe but I guess not on 35-adobe
01:30:30pixelmasaratoga: the same happened on a second wma file (they come from the same source though). I missed it before but there is another message before: "Could not read packet (requested 5974 bytes, received 5962), curpos=3328684, aborting". I never noticed before but don't listen to the 3 wma files too often in a sim...
01:31:01pixelmacurpos is different between the 2 files, guess that's expected
01:31:23rasherkugel: yes well I'm impatient! :)
01:31:34rasherand the icons are right there..
01:31:56kugelso how do you like the cabbie port?
01:32:29rasherLooks pretty nice
01:32:58pixelmasaratoga: same thing with the third file. I would need to download some other test files if I should try others
01:33:14rasherkugel: how does one back out of a menu in point mode?
01:33:28kugelclick the menu title
01:33:55saratogapixelma: do they skip when you get that error or keep playing
01:34:08rasherit even plays now
01:34:50pixelmait just happens at the end of the file, I can't hear an error but don't listen at a very high volume. Playback moves on to the next track as normal
01:35:17saratogaoh i'm wrong about WMA on AMSv2 vs. PP, its actually 28% faster
01:35:41saratogathat seems a little bit more reasonable, since WMA spends most of its time doing load, mul, store loops
01:35:45Strife89Would anyone be willing to attempt to reproduce a bug I may be experiencing? Revision is 27790, problem has not occured in r27759. Device is an iPod Video. To reproduce, load a track through the file browser and wait a second or two after entering the WPS, then skip to the next track while the songs are still buffering. Brace your ears for noise, and note the lockup.
01:36:11saratogapixelma: could be that the end of the file is clipped, or that the header is wrong, or maybe we parse it incorrectly
01:36:40saratogaif it doesn't skip i wouldn't worry about it
01:37:08pixelmano, but I'm not sure that should be in a "normal" sim output
01:37:27saratogai think it should be, something is clearly wrong, either with us or the file
01:37:43pixelmaare wma tags at the end or beginning of the file?
01:38:04pixelmathere goes that idea then
01:38:14saratogaits weird that the file is just a few bytes short
01:38:26saratogacan you upload it, MS has a nice tool for parsing ASF files
01:38:58pixelmaall three files show the same numbers for "requested" and "received"
01:38:59saratogadoes it make sense to have a speex test file using the normal test track, or is speex only expected to work correctly with real voice?
01:39:33saratogathe requested makes sense, since they'll probably all have the same packet size if they're encoded at the same time, not sure why the last packet would be smaller though
01:39:46saratogaAFAIK ASF has constant packet size
01:40:44pixelmabut as I said, they come from the same source... I'm sure I already sent you one of those, back at the beginning of the WMA codec; guess you don't have it anymore though
01:40:52saratogawhats the file name
01:44:53kugelrasher: soooo, do you agree that rockbox quite nice and usable with a proper cabbiev2 port (/me needs to convince people that native widgets is not so important)
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01:48:06 Join piotrekm [0] (~piotrek@unaffiliated/piotrekm)
01:48:38rasherkugel: Well it's usable
01:49:20rasherI'd much prefer the menus being android listviews though, but I do recognise that this is significantly more involved
01:50:10*Strife89 grabs copies of r27796.
01:50:27kugelwhat do you mean with list views?
01:51:19rasherI believe that's what android calls them
01:51:25rasherThe widgets
01:52:09CIA-9New commit by saratoga (r27797): Missed some more debug statements in libasf.
01:53:47CIA-9r27797 build result: All green
01:54:44rasherWhat's the 4th icon in tango_small.png?
01:56:11 Quit Jerom (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
01:56:30pixelmaStrife89: I might try to reproduce on any of my targets but not now. First some sleep and then I also need to update if it isn't already in 27759 (I think)
01:57:01rasherAh, think I'll go from the 20x20 tango in the wiki
01:57:33Strife89pixelma: Fair enough; I'm attempting to reproduce on my other targets for the time being.
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01:57:48Strife89I'll be using r27796 for bug testing.
01:57:56kugelrasher: looks like a play icon to me
01:59:45 Join Jennifur [0] (
02:00:37kugelrasher: IMO our lists lack only 2 things: kinetic scrolling and a no-selection-state
02:01:02kugel(maybe also a minimum height to make items clickable easily)
02:01:36[Saint]JdGordon|: Are you able to have a look at the bug with %t(timeout) please?
02:01:42[Saint]It's really bloody annoying.
02:02:00rasherkugel: Still, I'd prefer it to feel like an android app rather than Rockbox shoehorned into Android
02:02:24Strife89[Saint]: The background that should be used in the WPS only is being used in the SBS. :/
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02:03:05[Saint]If you're not aware of it, if you missed it in the logs, the timeout is reverting to default no matter what it is set to.
02:03:10Strife89On the plus side, I can't seem to reproduce the playback bug.
02:03:10[Saint]JdGordon|: ^
02:03:14kugelrasher: unfortunately I don't feel that way
02:03:21Strife89... Yet.
02:03:50[Saint]Strife89: Thay're actually two different backgrounds...but what do you mean?
02:03:58[Saint]The background in the wps is not loading?
02:03:59 Join bunnyboi [0] (
02:04:13JdGordon|[Saint]: bugs go in the tracker
02:04:31Strife89[Saint]: The background for the WPS (which has the "empty" progress bar) is being used in the SBS.
02:04:38[Saint]So they can sit there for ages and not get looked at? :P
02:05:02[Saint]Strife89: Oh.....*weird*
02:06:06[Saint]JdGordon|: No offence, but I have better luck (in my experience) asking you to look at something personally....UI bugs just seem to sit in the tracker doing nothing.
02:06:38JdGordon|friday morning while im at work means abosulty no chance of even being looked at till sat night (more likely sunday evening)
02:07:09[Saint]I wasn't saying "could you look at it right now", I do know you're at work.
02:07:14[Saint]Just making you aware of it.
02:07:18 Quit Jennifur (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
02:09:26kugelrasher: ok, one more try: have you made the scrollbar bigger (and moved to the right)? our scrollbar is much better than the native android one IMO
02:09:42JdGordon|and I was saying that by then Assuming I dont have anything else I'd rather work on, there is a good chance I will forget about it unless it is starred in my flayspray email filter
02:10:41rasherkugel: how?
02:10:59kugelin theme settings
02:11:58rasherHonestly, it feels clumsy to me
02:12:26kugellook-wise or usability-wise?
02:13:01[Saint]Strife89: I load the backdrop for the menus with the theme .cfg.
02:13:14[Saint]I'll try loading it with the .sbs and see what happens.
02:13:27[Saint]That *totally* shouldn't be happening.
02:13:41rasherkugel: usability wise
02:13:50Strife89[Saint]: I loaded the theme the "normal" way (Browse Theme Files, select iLike in the list).
02:13:51kugelwhat's wrong with it?
02:14:03*JdGordon| agrees 100% with rasher
02:14:07[Saint]Let me get it straight, the backdrop used in the WPS is being loaded for the menus?
02:14:11[Saint]Strife89; They way you load it shouldn;t matter.
02:14:28rasherkugel: Hard to say for sure. It just feels like it's only sort of reacting to what I do
02:14:29JdGordon|someone needs to make the java ui work with androids widgets
02:14:33Strife89[Saint]: Yes to your question.
02:14:41[Saint]I'm talking about the way the theme itself loads its backdrop for the menus.
02:14:45Strife89[Saint]: Again, r27796; I JUST noticed.
02:14:47kugelI mean, you can touch the bar and move the entire list with it or simply click on empty space to jump to the location. on android the scrollbar is in most situations a mere indicator
02:14:56[Saint]Strife89: That is *really* weird.
02:15:42[Saint]perhaps it is getting confused as they are both named the same...but, they are in totally different locations...and the theme .cfg points to the correct file.
02:15:51rasherkugel: but it feels like I'm poking at it to coax it into doing what I want, rather than simply controlling it directly
02:15:59[Saint]It never used to do this...right?
02:16:03[Saint]Strife89: ^
02:16:20[Saint]ie. you updated, and...boom?
02:16:32*kugel can't parse that
02:16:33Strife89[Saint]: I didn't see it do this until just a few minutes ago, when I updated my copy of the build.
02:16:58[Saint]Strife89: Do you have an old build lying around?
02:17:05[Saint]the one you were running?
02:17:06Strife89[Saint]: Yes, thankfully.
02:17:21Strife89I mass-archived my .rockbox folders from my DAPs.
02:17:23[Saint]Does reverting fix the theme?
02:17:38Strife89[Saint]: Let me get back to you on that.
02:17:54[Saint]Thankyou, it would be nice to know a GOOD/BAD revision.
02:19:19Strife89Why, Windows, why?
02:19:31Strife89*channel shift*
02:20:06rasherkugel: well it doesn't feel like it's really responding to what I'm doing
02:20:39 Join evilnick [0] (
02:22:06Strife89[Saint]: The problem does NOT occur in r27759.
02:22:31kugelrasher: strange, I cannot really confirm that. I will ask some mates in my uni (one has a galaxy s) after the break
02:23:43 Quit Kitar|st (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
02:23:55Strife89Copying r27796 back over, reboot, and ....
02:24:05Strife89Presto, problem's back.
02:29:14 Quit komputes_ubuntu (Remote host closed the connection)
02:34:02[Saint]Strife89: So, 27759 == GOOD, 27796 == BAD?
02:34:27Strife89[Saint]: So it seems ... but I'm not sure where the problem begins.
02:34:27*[Saint] wonders what happened there.
02:34:44Strife89Wait, you did that?
02:34:48[Saint]well, at least there is a range I can work from.
02:34:55Strife89I thought XChat was bugging out on me. XD
02:35:09[Saint]Apparently I triggered some kind of flood somehow.
02:35:23*[Saint] shrugs
02:36:05[Saint]It narrows it to 35 revisions...which isn't so bad I guess.
02:36:20[Saint]If you're able to narrow it any further, it'd be appreciated.
02:36:46[Saint](but, not necessary...I can do it if need be, just not right now)
02:38:40Strife89I'll attempt it in a bit; right now, I'm trying to rebuild my .rockbox folders from scratch.
02:39:24kugel[Saint]: shows 3 related commits, but I hadn't considered any of the them to be the cause
02:39:41bieber[Saint]: Does %ax flip image coordinates?
02:40:08[Saint]bieber: No.
02:40:26[Saint]Only %V, %Vl, and %Cl IIUC
02:40:48[Saint]and alignment tags inside %V and %Vl
02:41:51[Saint]Oh....wait, if an image is called inside a viewport, then it will mirror its coordinates also.
02:41:57[Saint]is that what you're asking?
02:42:02[Saint]bieber: ^
02:42:07[Saint]Ah, then yes.
02:42:07JdGordon|ax will set a viewport to align right which means that 0,0 will be the top *RIGHT* corner not left
02:42:24bieberOh, okay
02:42:35[Saint]JdGordon|: It does a bit more than that.
02:42:43JdGordon|bieber: I made your job abit harder last night :) Do you handle the list icons at all yet?
02:43:23bieberSo now, if it does that, then what is the point of putting a %ax before a %Cl?
02:43:27bieberJdGordon|: List icons?
02:43:42JdGordon|I'm not sure %Cl need ax
02:43:53JdGordon|the iconset loaded for the lists
02:44:02JdGordon|I made that dislkayeable with the %xd tag
02:44:23bieberI don't know anything about the iconsets
02:44:32bieberWhat's the syntax for it?
02:44:45JdGordon|its loaded in the cfg
02:44:54[Saint]bieber: %ax before %Cl will swap the position the AA is loaded. Just like it would an image.
02:45:05JdGordon|I made it so if the flename for %xl is __list_icons__ it uses that image strip.
02:45:10[Saint]AA isn;t necessarily called in an AA sized/shaped viewport
02:45:57[Saint]But, there doesn't seem to be *much* point to it, no.
02:46:06[Saint]%V and %Vl are the important ones.
02:46:35bieberOkay, so just look for the special filename __list_icons__ and transform it into the settings value for the list iconset?
02:46:38bieberWhat's the key for that?
02:49:32[Saint]kugel: The theme .cfg loads a backdrop from .rockbox/backdrops/Backdrop.bmp, the .wps and .fms load a backdrop from .rockbox/wps/iLike/Backdrop.bmp, *somehow* the .sbs is loading the backdrop from .rockbox/wps/iLike/Backdrop.bmp instead....despite the fact that the theme .cfg clearly points to the correct path/file.
02:51:31 Join angelwolf71885 [0] (
02:52:15 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
02:52:20S_a_i_n_tI _think_ it's getting all messed up because they share the same name "Backdrop.bmp", but...this is only a recent thing.
02:52:28S_a_i_n_tEeeeek, fell off the internet.
02:52:45S_a_i_n_tThis backdrop loading bug/thing/fuckup is certainly a weird one.
02:53:39S_a_i_n_tStrife89: has narrowed the revisions somewhat...I haven't looked at the range yet though.
02:53:45kugel[Saint]: that's most likely my fault, I'll have alook tomorrow
02:53:57S_a_i_n_tIs there any one commit that stands out as a potential cause of this?
02:54:15kugelr27791 I think
02:54:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:54:21 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
02:54:25S_a_i_n_tI'll have a look, thanks.
02:54:46S_a_i_n_tkugel: Is it because the images share the same name?
02:54:54kugelno idea yet
02:55:11kugelit's just a very related commit so
02:55:52S_a_i_n_tAha. I'll try to see if I can work around it for now by loading the backdrop from inside the wps/iLike folder with the .sbs instead of the theme .cfg
02:56:22S_a_i_n_tI'll have to change the filename, but, that is a non-issue
02:56:40kugelor you are patient until I had a look :p
02:56:54kugelthat's up to you though :)
02:57:09S_a_i_n_tI know, regardless if a bug can/can't be fixed I like to know I have alternate ways of doing things ;)
02:57:17S_a_i_n_tIt gives me excuses to experiment :P
02:57:43 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
02:59:23S_a_i_n_tStrife89: If you'd like, or if you could try building 27790 and see if that revision is good, and, if it is try building 27791 and see if it is bad.
02:59:51Strife89S_a_i_n_t: I would, but I haven't set up a build environment on this machine yet. :(
02:59:58S_a_i_n_tNo worries if you can't though, I could do it later this evening.
03:00:08Strife89Which I want to do anyway, to patch and compile with FS #8806.
03:00:09S_a_i_n_tOk, no worries.
03:07:09JdGordon|S_a_i_n_t: is the sbs and wps using the same theme name?
03:07:40JdGordon|are they both iLike.wps and
03:08:20 Quit piotrekm (Quit: piotrekm)
03:08:57 Quit Ludo6431 (Remote host closed the connection)
03:10:26Strife89I understand that the current cygwin setup instructions are not up to date .... Can I get some clarity on what exactly should be done?
03:10:42JdGordon|install the linux vm :)
03:14:29saratogakugel: for what its worth, the native android list things have the advantage of being pretty well optimized (e.g. NEON acceleration in the drivers) whereas our drawing code is not
03:14:52saratogafurthermore, they're supposedly going to be GPU/DSP rendered at some point in future releases
03:15:13saratogaso in the long term there might be significant advantages
03:15:31S_a_i_n_tJdGordon|: Yes.
03:15:37S_a_i_n_tOf course
03:15:46 Join Strife1989 [0] (
03:16:26 Quit Strife89 (Disconnected by services)
03:16:30 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
03:17:36JdGordon|S_a_i_n_t: ah never mind, read the other half of the discussion... seems you have the answer?
03:19:59rasherHm, where's the default font and icons set? And the size of the icons buffer?
03:21:01rasherOkay, first question figured out
03:21:35JdGordon|icons are current hard coded to have ebnough space for 24x24 iirc
03:21:46JdGordon|apps/gui/icon.h probably
03:21:51JdGordon|or icon.c
03:23:02 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
03:23:55 Quit amiconn (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
03:24:05 Quit pixelma (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
03:24:51rasheryeah, icon.c
03:27:37JdGordon|thats another buffer which we should get directly from the host eventually
03:28:05 Join shai [0] (
03:31:01 Join amiconn [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
03:31:31 Join pixelma [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
03:32:24 Join CaptainKwel [0] (
03:37:06 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
03:42:45 Join Strife1989 [0] (
03:42:52 Quit Strife89 (Disconnected by services)
03:42:58 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
03:44:41 Join Strife1989 [0] (
03:45:59 Quit Strife89 (Disconnected by services)
03:46:03 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
03:47:36 Quit MethoS- (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
04:02:18 Join fdinel [0] (
04:03:18 Quit angelwolf71885 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
04:05:40CIA-9New commit by bieber (r27798): Theme Editor: Altered implementation of %ax tag so that viewport now simply mirrors itself across the screen.
04:07:33CIA-9r27798 build result: All green
04:13:16Strife89Some feedback I collected.
04:16:30bieberJdGordon|: When loading the icons list in a %xd, is there an implied number of images in the strip, or does the user still specify it explicitly?
04:17:37JdGordon|maybe just draw a solid block of fontheight*font_height for the image
04:17:41Strife89v2 Fuzes' OF have a version number that starts with 03., right?
04:19:22 Quit fdinel (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
04:20:15 Quit guymann (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
04:20:18Strife89Crap, I can't find the info and I could use an answer fast
04:20:19mc2739Strife89: no, Fuzev2 OF is 02.
04:20:50 Join enthdegree [0] (
04:22:12bieberJdGordon|: Do you mean the height of the default font?
04:22:29JdGordon|no, the height of the users font choice
04:23:04JdGordon|those icon sizes are guessed and they cant be taller than the font height
04:23:14JdGordon|and they are usually square
04:23:32bieberAs in the font of the current viewport, or is that a device setting?
04:23:48bieberHmm, so I should be safe if I just use the width of the image as the height?
04:23:51JdGordon|the font being used of the ui viewport
04:24:30bieberThe width of the bitmap strip, that is, as the height of each individual icon
04:25:13enthdegreeHello, all. I know i've probably asked this before, but how are joke apps like rockblox1d included in favor of a usable dictionary app? Will rockbox provide a repository precompiled binaries for plugins in the future?
04:27:17enthdegreeAlso there are some excellent patches like the antialiasing patch that are not included in the vanilla rockbox build. To get them you have to cross-compile rockbox to ARM on a laptop or something which isn't that hard, ( Very well documented ) but it takes a while and might scare some people away. :P
04:28:15JdGordon|enthdegree: well, developers only have a limited amount of time, for a plugin to get commited it needs a dev to have the time/energy/motivation to get it in
04:28:34JdGordon|then there are the patches which are not wanted (mabe in their current form), like that aa patch
04:29:02bieberJdGordon|: Is "iconset" the config key I want for the list icons?
04:29:12JdGordon|I think so
04:29:21JdGordon|I wouldnt really bother loading it if you dont want
04:29:40bieberEh, may as well
04:29:52 Quit tchan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.3-dev)
04:29:53enthdegreeThat is true.
04:32:30 Join Vixie [0] (
04:32:46*Vixie waves.
04:34:19 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
04:38:47Strife89Is the automated method usable for the v2 Fuzes?
04:38:58Strife89JdGordon|: Ping.
04:39:21Strife89.... Nice.
04:39:51Strife89JdGordon|, do you have a few minutes?
04:40:48JdGordon|yeah, not doing very much atm
04:41:22Strife89JdGordon|: Vixie is interested in putting Rockbox on their Fuze v2.
04:41:29*Vixie blush.
04:41:55Strife89And I've not used the automated method for that model.
04:42:10*Strife89 used the manual method for a Fuze v1.
04:42:28JdGordon|automated should just work
04:42:50Strife89Also, IIRC Vixie is using Ubuntu.
04:43:40VixieOkay, just installed the bootloader. ... I think.
04:43:44Strife89JdGordon|: Doesn't rbutil automatically download the files needed to make the bootloader?
04:43:52JdGordon|no idea
04:43:52Strife89For the Fuzes, I mean.
04:44:33Strife89For the Fuzes it's more of a modded OF than a "normal" bootloader.
04:45:01Strife89Vixie: After the bootloader's installed, installing the build is cake (manually or not).
04:45:21Vixieokay, so
04:45:33Vixiedo I want to install the fonts package, et al, prior to actually installing it on my device?
04:45:38Vixieor after?
04:46:16 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
04:46:18Strife89Either way works for the extras (fonts, themes, etc.).
04:46:44Strife89They're essentially just a bunch of files, formal installation isn't necessary.
04:46:46VixieAny recommendation?
04:47:25Strife89IMO, fool around with Rockbox for a bit, decide whether you want to keep it, and then move on to the extras.
04:47:27VixieApparently I have to install Rockbox first regardless
04:47:46Strife89Technically yes. :)
04:48:56Strife89Hmm, the v2 Fuzes don't support USB yet.
04:49:03Vixie... eep?
04:49:10Strife89If you plug in the cable, it'll reboot to the OF.
04:49:16Strife89So you can charge and transfer data.
04:49:29VixieSo... can I not do it, then...?
04:49:51Strife89Vixie: You can boot into the OF at any time by holding Prev. while turning on the power.
04:49:56Strife89Vixie: ?
04:50:27VixieI thought you said it doesn't support USB?
04:50:29*Vixie is a bit lost.
04:50:35Strife89Vixie: Just Rockbox itself.
04:50:50VixieSo, can I not get Rockbox onto it, then?
04:50:57Strife89Vixie: As long as your Fuze is in the original firmware (OF), USB is availible.
04:51:10 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven), wait
04:51:33VixieI wouldn't be able to transfer music that way, though?
04:51:45Strife89Vixie: But Rockbox itself currently does not support data transfers - so if you try to plug it into the computer, it reboots into the OF.
04:51:56Strife89Hence allowing you to transfer music, etc.
04:52:01VixieSo it is not a terribly huge deal, then
04:52:11Strife89Pretty much, just a tad annoying. :)
04:52:26Strife89I lived with it on my Sansa c250 for almost a year. :P
04:54:02Vixieleave "Don't use locally cached copy" unchecked?
04:54:12 Quit pixelma (Disconnected by services)
04:54:14 Join pixelma_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
04:54:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:54:30 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
04:54:40Strife89Vixie: Yeah, I believe so, but lemme ask.
04:54:43 Quit amiconn (Disconnected by services)
04:54:46 Join amiconn_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:54:49Strife89pixelma, did you catch the question?
04:54:59 Join Barahir [0] (
04:55:05 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:55:28Strife89Vixie: I assume it's preparing to download the build?
04:55:46Strife89Yeah, leave that box unchecked, then.
04:56:49Strife89Might come in handy if you're ever stuck offline.
04:56:59Vixie"Not enough disk space." ohboy
04:57:08Vixieshould I.. wipe it first?
04:57:17Strife89Delete a song or two.
04:58:10Strife89Vixie: Were you putting songs on the Fuze with MSC or MTP?
04:58:50VixieI was putting them on with Rhythmbox? .-.;
04:58:50 Quit Barahir_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
04:58:53Strife89Vixie: You know ths USB Mode option in the OF?
04:59:05Strife89Which setting was it on?
04:59:09VixieI don't... remember
04:59:15Vixiethat doesn't sound familiar at all
04:59:24Vixieokay well I deleted a few things
04:59:42Strife89Hmmm .... Try to install the build again and we'll go from there.
05:00:00VixieStill not enough space
05:00:29Strife89I suspect MTP mode is to blame.
05:00:55VixieSo should I unplug it and check?
05:01:04 Quit S_a_i_n_t (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
05:01:31Strife89The bootloader is installed, so further installation is cake.
05:01:46VixieDo so, then?
05:01:48Strife89Stop the process for now and safely unmount the Fuze, then disconnect it.
05:03:01Vixie... okay
05:03:07 Quit Zarggg (Quit: Zarggg)
05:03:08VixieI try to turn it on, and it says not enough space
05:03:10Vixieand shuts off
05:03:18 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
05:03:50Strife89Vixie: Hmm, wasn't expecting that.
05:04:42 Quit AndyI (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:05:25Vixie"not enough space for music DB. please free 90MB"
05:05:35mc2739Vixie: what happens if you plug in the USB cable now?
05:05:55VixieNautilus opens
05:06:18Vixieso I can still go through the folders and stuff
05:06:21Vixiebut I deleted all the music
05:06:50Strife89Vixie: Try connecting the cable while the Fuze is off, then disconnect it when you see the Fuze logo.
05:08:00Vixieerror message, that is
05:10:42 Quit Dreamxtreme (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:10:47Strife89mc2739: IIRC there's a way to reset the OF at boottime, but I forget the method. Any ideas?
05:11:06 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
05:11:36 Join G4Oblivion [0] (
05:12:02 Join AndyI [0] (~pasha_int@
05:12:10VixieShould I just format it?
05:12:15mc2739Vixie: try this: with power off, switch hold on, press and hold the left button (|<<) and then plug in the USB
05:12:20Vixiedid that
05:13:14G4OblivionFor the Nano 2G problems I would check commits from june 20th - 21st. June 20th - 21st is when this started happening.
05:13:24mc2739now run a disk check - fsck.vfat (I think)
05:13:38Vixieer... how? .-.
05:13:38G4OblivionI don't having anything setup right now to compile/revert. Just giving a heads up.
05:14:19 Quit G4Oblivion (Client Quit)
05:14:28Strife89sudo fsck.vfat /media/SANSAFUZE I think
05:15:31Vixieno such directory
05:15:42Vixielooks like it might be 0123-4567
05:16:05Strife89mc2739: Any arguments needed?
05:16:12Vixievixie@Falda:~$ sudo fsck.vfat /media/0123-4567
05:16:13Vixiedosfsck 3.0.7, 24 Dec 2009, FAT32, LFN
05:16:13VixieRead 512 bytes at 0:Is a directory
05:16:31mc2739Fuze needs to be unmounted
05:16:57JdGordon|S_a_i_n_t: wanna try a quick change for the backdrop snafu?
05:17:35Strife89Vixie: sudo umount /dev/sdb
05:17:46Strife89Vixie: Then run the fsck command again.
05:18:01Strife89I'm assuming with the /dev/sdb bit.
05:18:11VixieI'm not... sure what it actually is
05:18:33Vixieumount: /dev/sdb: not found
05:18:39Strife89Vixie: Open System Monitor and look at the File Systems (or was it Resources?) tab.
05:18:45Strife89Vixie: It'll tell you there.
05:18:53JdGordon|Strife89: if you can do builds there is a quick patch which prob fixes that
05:18:58Vixieaha, /sdc
05:19:05Vixieshould be unmounted
05:19:14Vixieit poofed under File Systems
05:19:23Vixierun disk check again?
05:19:29Strife89JdGordon|: I was working on getting a cygwin environment set up.
05:19:31Strife89Vixie: Yeah.
05:20:02Strife89JdGordon|: But yeah, that looks pretty odd.
05:20:34JdGordon|oh crud.. I dont even have a box I can ssh into from here anyway :/
05:20:40Strife89JdGordon|: How much do you know about working with cygwin?
05:20:59JdGordon|enough to not use it :)
05:21:04Strife89'Cause I set it up and wound up with a Home directory with a fucking space in it.
05:21:12VixieStrife89: ... directory not found
05:21:22Strife89Which is fatal to any build environment.
05:21:35Strife89Vixie: Ah, I'm an idiot. Here .... :
05:21:56Strife89Vixie: sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdc
05:22:32VixieFATs differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT ?
05:22:32Vixie1) Use first FAT
05:22:32Vixie2) Use second FAT
05:22:52mc2739take your pick
05:22:56Vixiedoes it matter?
05:23:02Strife89Select one and we'll go from there.
05:23:09Strife89First one if you can't decide.
05:23:13VixieGuess I'll do 1, then
05:23:18JdGordon|mc2739: are you getting that backdrop bug?
05:23:20mc2739no, you have a 50/50 chance of picking the right one
05:23:41mc2739JdGordon|: no, haven't updated yet
05:23:49VixieReclaimed 10725 unused c
05:23:49VixieFree cluster summary wro
05:23:49Vixie1) Correct
05:23:49DBUGEnqueued KICK Vixie
05:23:49Vixie2) Don't correct
05:23:51Vixieassuming 1 here
05:24:10JdGordon|mc2739: can you? and then can you check a one word patch? (and commit it?)
05:24:20Strife89JdGordon|: Wait, so that background thing is a bug y'all are working on ATM?
05:24:31Vixiewent back to prompt now; try seeing if I get the error message now?
05:24:47Strife89Vixie: Never hurts to scan again. :)
05:24:51JdGordon|;r2=27791;pathrev=27791 the bottom change is wrong, but backdrop_dir back to bmpdir and it shold fix it
05:24:56Vixieokay, then
05:25:05 Join guymann [0] (~charlie@
05:25:15JdGordon|Strife89: no, but im not doing anything and the change seems to be identified
05:25:16Vixiesame exact thing
05:25:18Strife89Vixie: Just to make sure there aren't any other issues.
05:25:39Strife89Vixie: Meaning?
05:25:50Strife89Vixie: Two FATs?
05:26:00Vixieyes, and then same thing when I say 1
05:26:35Strife89Continue with the run, and when it finishes, close the terminal and disconnect the Fuze.
05:27:04VixieSame error message
05:27:38Strife89Filesystem problems rear their ugly head.
05:28:04VixieI don't understand if there's nothing on it...
05:28:05Strife89Just so happens that we fleshed 'em out during this install.
05:28:37Vixie... hm
05:28:43Strife89mc2739: Any ideas? My tired brain's running dry.
05:28:45Vixiethe .trash folder is still full
05:29:02Strife89Nuke it.
05:29:43Vixie"Firmware upgrades in progress."
05:29:51Strife89Ah, there we go.
05:29:55Strife89Leave it be for a bit.
05:30:22Strife89The bootloader wasn't even installed yet - you didn't have enough space!
05:30:59Strife89Perhaps this should be alluded to in the manual - if not rbutil itself.
05:31:38Strife89Vixie: Don't worry, it's not usually this troublesome to install Rockbox. >.<
05:32:01Strife89Vixie: And this bit is basically a one-time deal; upgrading your copy of Rockbox takes all of 30 seconds.
05:32:19Vixieshould it be plugged in right now? (it's not)
05:32:30Strife89Wait for it to reboot.
05:32:37Vixiewell, it's just... off right now
05:32:44Strife89Turn it on real quick.
05:32:58Strife89If you get an error message, reboot and hold left.
05:33:38mc2739JdGordon|: patch?
05:33:55JdGordon|;r2=27791;pathrev=27791 the bottom change is wrong, put backdrop_dir back to bmpdir and it shold fix it
05:34:09Vixiejust got the "refreshing your media" message
05:34:13Vixieand everything's normal
05:34:13Strife89Vixie: \o/
05:34:20Strife89Vixie: Okay, we're almost there, then.
05:34:26Vixietry installing again, then?
05:34:45Strife89Vixie: Might as well introduce you to manual updates.
05:34:50 Quit enthdegree (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
05:34:52Strife89They're easy enough.
05:35:06Strife89You just unzip a folder and then copy it to the root of the Fuze.
05:35:15Strife89Vixie: First, let's check the USB mode.
05:36:03Strife89Vixie: Once the Database Refresh completes, go to Settings, then System Settings.
05:36:03Vixieokay, plugged it in
05:36:29Vixiehaha right
05:36:40Strife89Vixie: Then, scroll to USB Mode, and choose MSC.
05:36:46Vixieit's already on MSC
05:37:01Strife89Good, then. :)
05:37:45Strife89Vixie: Plug in the Fuze and go to this page:
05:38:30Vixiepick latest/
05:38:38Strife89Vixie: Normally, I'd have you get the latest, but ...
05:38:45Vixiemanual, then?
05:39:05Strife89Vixie: That's the instruction manual. :)
05:39:12Strife89Get it anyway for reading.
05:39:17Vixiethank you, English language
05:39:25Strife89Vixie: Get this .zip for now.
05:40:01Strife89Vixie: Extract the zip to your Fuze (or extract it to the computer and then copy the .rockbox folder).
05:40:31Strife89Vixie: A folder named .rockbox should be in your Fuze's root directory.
05:41:24Strife89Vixie: Finally, make a music folder and put all your music in it. How you arrange it, the folder name, etc., does not matter.
05:41:53Strife89Just don't put your music in .rockbox. :)
05:43:04Strife89Once you've done that, safely unmount the Fuze, unplug it, and reboot, without pressing Left.
05:43:45Vixieokay, there's already the default "MUSIC"
05:43:47Vixieshould I just leave it?
05:44:04Strife89You can if you want, but it's hidden by default.
05:44:20Strife89It's the OF's fault for it being hidden.
05:44:29Vixieit's... not hidden?...
05:44:41Vixiethe only default hidden folder was ".trash-1000"
05:44:42Strife89It doesn't appear to be hidden in Linux.
05:44:56Strife89In Windows, and therefore Rockbox, however, it IS hidden.
05:45:21Vixieso, uh, does that not matter for me, then?
05:45:35Strife89If you still want to put your music there, that's fine.
05:45:48Vixieit wouldn't make a difference?
05:45:53Vixie... oh wait
05:45:53Strife89Just enable "Show all files" for the file browser once you're in Rockbox.
05:45:58VixieAh, now I see
05:46:09Vixieyeah I think I'll leave it
05:46:24Strife89Just make some new folder, then, if you like.
05:46:51CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:46:51*Vixie creates a "stored_music" folder.
05:47:37mc2739JdGordon|: reverted the last change (line 88) and backdrop still does not load
05:49:18VixieStrife89: when I reboot, it still goes to the default interface
05:49:57Strife89The firmware upgrade wasn't modified properly, then.
05:50:06mc2739JdGordon|: completely reverting r27791 corrects backdrop problem
05:50:30Strife89mc2739, JdGordon|: Any ideas how to resolve this?
05:50:48Strife89Vixie: Leave some free space. ~100 MB.
05:51:08Strife89Just in case.
05:51:21Strife89And just for now, at least.
05:51:26mc2739Strife89: some newer Fuze v2s need the latest bootloader and mkamsboot installed manually
05:52:21mc2739follow the manual installation instuctions here:
05:52:49JdGordon|mc2739: ok then, kugels problem
05:59:46Strife89JdGordon|, mc2739: So, use r27790 to avoid that backdrop issue for now?
05:59:58Strife89Refer to the screenshot I linked earlier./
06:00:14Strife89( )
06:00:23JdGordon|sounds like it
06:00:30*JdGordon| forgot to update his ipod last night :'(
06:02:25Strife89I assisted with patching the OF upgrade to install the Rockbox bootloader. Moment of truth now.
06:08:22Strife89Vixie: So, is it in Rockbox?
06:10:20Strife89Vixie: I recommend that you play with it and read the manual.
06:10:35Strife89Vixie: Look around in the Settings menus, in particualr. :)
06:11:15Strife89Vixie: Enjoy. :)
06:11:39Strife89(signed: The Rockbox devs)
06:13:22Vixiehaha thanks :3
06:13:22 Quit bunnyboi (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
06:33:59 Quit Vixie (Quit: rebooting)
06:38:10 Quit anewuser (Quit: FAMICOMPO 7 - August 15 Through August 31 JST -
06:38:36Strife89Hmmm, suddenly Vixie's computer isn't recognizing her FUze/.
06:38:44Strife89mc2739: Ping.
06:49:50 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: Aaarrrggghhh!!!)
06:54:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:05:38sasquatchmy e200 tells me "data abort at ..." and i cant find a way to reset or reboot... maybe i'm overlooking something in the manual (not born with english tounge)?
07:06:13krazykithold the power button. i think it takes 10 or 15 seconds
07:06:29sasquatchok... i didnt try it that long...
07:07:00sasquatchbig thanks!
07:07:32sasquatchthat happened while trying to remove stations from the radio preset list
07:09:00Strife89For the logs: Vixie's final problem was that the OF reset the USB Mode setting to Auto-detect, which Ubuntu doesn't play well with.
07:09:17Strife89Changing it back to MSC allowed it to mount again.
07:12:09 Quit CaptainKwel (Quit: Ex-Chat)
07:14:27 Quit sasquatch (Quit: rockbox didnt like my other usb-hd)
07:19:34Dhraakellianso, what would be the best bet for running Rockbox on an 800x480 touchscreen device?
07:20:24DhraakellianNokia N900, specificly
07:21:26Dhraakellianfigure out deps and use a sim for a touch-based target?
07:22:28Dhraakellianor would an actual RaaA port be needed/best?
07:23:30Dhraakellianit's a busybox/linux/X11 device
07:23:35 Join stoffel [0] (
07:24:20 Join user890104_ [0] (~Venci@
07:24:27 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
07:24:54 Quit user890104 (Disconnected by services)
07:25:04 Nick user890104_ is now known as user890104 (~Venci@
07:26:17 Quit Horschti (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
07:32:00JdGordon|Dhraakellian: you should be able to build a sdl Raaa build, you just need to make that work on the n900 then
07:33:27Dhraakellianjdgordan: so mostly a matter of having the proper deps?
07:34:00Dhraakellian...and sdl raaa compiled for ARM?
07:36:38 Join sasquatch [0] (
07:38:26 Quit pjm0616 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
07:39:48 Join pjm0616 [0] (~user@
07:44:38 Quit JdGordon| (Quit: leaving)
07:54:54 Join FlynDice [0] (
07:55:38 Join roxasisalive [0] (
07:55:53roxasisaliveHello room
07:56:47roxasisaliveAs of now i am using rockbox on my sansa e200 v1... are there any new games or applications?
07:57:09roxasisaliveif i were to update
07:57:21Strife89roxasisalive: Nothing notable, mostl likely.
07:57:30Strife89roxasisalive: What revision are you using?
07:57:34 Quit FlynDice (Remote host closed the connection)
07:58:46roxasisalivei was getting my mp3
07:59:08roxasisalivethe rev. is ver 3.6
08:00:25roxasisaliveYou are a saint Strife89
08:00:37Strife89No new plugins, but a handful of notable improvements (plus several unmentioned ones).
08:00:55roxasisalivehmm radio skins
08:00:57Strife89Nah, S_a_i_n_t is. ;P
08:01:12roxasisalivewhere would i find those
08:01:25roxasisaliveyour a saint
08:01:33Strife89They're included with a handful of themes, but not many.
08:02:07roxasisalivewell, arent they just wps images?
08:02:17Strife89Obviously you need to update your build first, in any case.
08:02:20 Nick Slasheri_ is now known as Slasheri (
08:02:38Strife89I advise you to not update to the current revision right now.
08:02:47Strife89Something broke WPS rendering.
08:02:48 Quit Slasheri (Quit: Reconnecting)
08:02:48roxasisalivewhy is that?
08:02:52 Join Slasheri [0] (miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
08:02:59roxasisalivethanks for telling me
08:03:30Strife89r27774 should be fine for now.
08:03:33roxasisalivei use v1
08:03:37roxasisalivenot v2
08:03:45Strife89Ah, whoops.
08:04:10roxasisaliveits sad that sadisk is cannceling the sansansa line
08:04:22Strife89I was not aware they were.
08:04:30Strife89Unfortunate indeed. :/
08:04:34CIA-9New commit by bieber (r27799): Theme Editor: Enabled __list_icons__ special file name for %xl tags
08:04:53roxasisaliveyeahm if you look for a sansa e200 series mp3 they will be like 50 bucks for a used one
08:05:04roxasisalivethats a sign that they are becoming rare
08:05:04Strife89roxasisalive: If you want to update, I recommend this package.
08:06:33CIA-9r27799 build result: All green
08:06:39roxasisaliveHey everyone in the room, i have an important suggestion... if you think that in the future your mp3 players screen may get broken i should suggest you download the voice thing for rockbox
08:06:52roxasisaliveit worked for my sansa
08:07:17roxasisaliveif your sansa's screen breaks atleast you have the voice telling you what your looking at
08:07:34Strife89roxasisalive: On that note, update your voice file as well.
08:07:59roxasisalivethanks again
08:08:04roxasisaliveyou are very helpful
08:08:07 Join LinusN [0] (linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
08:08:21Strife89I don't see any themes for the e200 that have an FMS.
08:08:33roxasisaliveyou know how they have doom on rockbox
08:08:41roxasisalivewhat if they could have wolf 3d
08:09:04roxasisaliveis it an incompatiblity thing
08:09:35Strife89I suppose it might be possible; if so, then there's probably just a lack of interest from coders.
08:10:05roxasisalivei bet duke nukem would get an app
08:10:56roxasisalivebut im just chewing the fat and throwing ideas around
08:13:16roxasisalivei wonder if the ipod touch could have rockbox support...
08:13:39Strife89That has been gone over many times.
08:14:04Strife89There's been a lot of work on Rockbox as an Application (RaaA).
08:14:15Strife89The current focus is an Android port.
08:14:29roxasisaliveit sounds useful
08:14:50Strife89If the devs are interested and they come up with a way, then MAYBE the iPod Touch will see Rockbox.
08:15:06Strife89I wouldn't get my hopes too high.
08:15:11roxasisalivei love this irc... its so quiet and there are no flamers
08:15:37Dhraakellian$50 for a used e200?
08:15:50roxasisaliveyes, 50 on ebay
08:15:56Strife89What capacity?
08:15:59Dhraakelliantoo much, IMO
08:16:01Strife892 GB? 4? 8?
08:16:07roxasisalivemore specifically... its a 4
08:16:12roxasisalivee260 v1
08:16:24roxasisalivethe classic
08:16:45Dhraakellianspend an extra $10 and get a refurb 8GB Fuze
08:17:03 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
08:17:12roxasisalivelol, you could just clean out the mp3 player and reload it with the lil' monsta video's and the demo mode and your looking at 90 bucks
08:17:27roxasisalivebut that would be wrong
08:17:55DhraakellianI payed $45 for my refurb e260v1 two years ago
08:18:21roxasisalivei know
08:18:33Dhraakellian(april '08)
08:18:44roxasisalivei dont know why sansa is trying to stop the e200 line
08:18:57roxasisalivealot of people buy it for the rockbox compatibility
08:19:21roxasisalivesorry for allcaps
08:19:22Dhraakellian...because its controls are rather clunky compared with the Fuze's
08:19:30roxasisalivei got ahead of myself
08:19:48roxasisalivebut wasnt sansa and rockbox in agreement
08:19:49Dhraakellianand the Fuze runs Rockbox pretty well, if not so long on a single charge
08:20:07DhraakellianSanDisk didn't really give the Rockbox devs too much
08:20:13Strife89Fuze gets, what, 14 hours?
08:20:25roxasisalive14 hours is 14 hours
08:20:27Strife89The OF claims up to 22, IIRC.
08:20:32Dhraakelliana couple prototype e200v1s, if I remember the story right
08:20:50Dhraakellianthe FuzeV1 gets much better battery life with the OF
08:21:16DhraakellianI think I've heard that Rockbox on FuzeV2 doesn't fare quite so poorly
08:21:28roxasisalivea quick query... what is the average hours a sansa e260 v1 can get on a full charge
08:21:37Dhraakellianbut neither has close to the kind of optimizations the e200v1 port has
08:21:56Dhraakellianroxasisalive: take a look at the SansaRuntime page on the wiki
08:21:59roxasisalivethe e200v1 port in my opinion is great
08:21:59Strife89roxasisalive: In Rockbox? IIRC the best Battery Bench hit 19 hours.
08:22:09roxasisalivethats awesome!
08:22:53Dhraakellianeven with the decreased battery life, though, I still think the Fuze's controls are enough nicer to be well worth it
08:23:04 Join JdGord [0] (~jdg@
08:23:59roxasisaliveyeah, the fuze's scrollwheel is better and doesnt get stuck like the e200 series did
08:24:59roxasisalivedhraakellian, what mp3 player are you using?
08:25:12Dhraakellianoh, and you can actually click the fuze's buttons without contorting your thumb
08:25:23Dhraakellianroxasisalive: I take offense at the way you phrased that question
08:25:43DhraakellianDAPs: 8GB FuzeV1, 4GB Clip+
08:25:46roxasisalivei am very sorry
08:25:51DhraakellianApps: Rockbox
08:26:12 Join Zagor [0] (bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:26:15Dhraakellianwell, truthfully, I shouldn't be the offended party
08:26:25DhraakellianApps: Amarok
08:26:35 Quit JdGord (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:26:40roxasisalivei should have asked what digital audio players do you utilize rockbox on
08:26:41Dhraakellianwish I had RaaA on my n900
08:27:07Dhraakellianbut I think the n900's media player is a tweaked version of Rhythmbox
08:27:24roxasisalivewhat is your favorite theme?
08:27:25*Strife89 can only dream of RaaA on the now-depreciated Palm OS.
08:27:29DhraakellianI used to have an e260v1, but I handed that one down to my older brother when the FuzeV1 got Rockbox
08:27:46DhraakellianStrife89: deprecated? </pedantry>
08:28:03Strife89Dhraakellian: I still use a Palm TX. :)
08:28:21Dhraakellianright now, on the Fuze? BlueBlackness with Helvetica 12
08:28:29Strife89But as far as most of the world is concerned, Palm OS is dead.
08:28:31DhraakellianOn the e200, PlainTextVP
08:28:55 Quit roxasisalive (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
08:41:12*amiconn found a potential problem in 'configure'
08:41:59amiconnIt uses grep -P for figuring out some path stuff. Not all grep versions are built with perl regexp support
08:42:32amiconnThe one in debian lenny isn't, for instance
08:42:51 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
08:43:53amiconnkugel, r27656 ^^
08:45:11 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
08:52:02 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
08:52:24 Join ender` [0] (
08:53:04 Quit tmzt (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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09:10:46 Quit Dreamxtreme (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:11:33 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
09:12:00 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
09:12:18 Join stooo [0] (
09:17:52 Join tmzt [0] (
09:17:59 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
09:22:29pixelmaStrife89: I don't see a question
09:23:25Strife89pixelma: Wha?.... When did I attempt to ask one?
09:24:22pixelmawell, I just saw a highlight of you asking if I caught the question about 5 hours ago
09:25:29Strife89pixelma: Ah, nevermind it.
09:25:46 Quit stooo (Quit: Leaving.)
09:32:25 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
09:36:25 Join Rob2222 [0] (
09:39:26 Join bmbl [0] (~Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
09:40:15 Quit Rob2223 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
09:41:05 Join delt [0] (
09:41:31*delt your favorite idler is back
09:45:04 Nick delt is now known as delt_zZzZ (
09:53:11pixelmadelt_zZzZ: no need for this "welcome" message and also not for changing the nick (right after joining too). Please read the guidelines and stick to them
09:54:04pixelmaS_a_i_n_t, Strife89: is there a bug report for the broken %t yet?
10:06:02 Quit Judas_PhD (Remote host closed the connection)
10:06:55 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
10:17:46 Join JohannesSM64 [0] (
10:25:52S_a_i_n_tpixelma: not to my knowledge
10:26:05S_a_i_n_tI fell asleep until just now sorry :P
10:29:08 Join sko [0] (~AndChat@
10:30:51 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
10:31:02 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
10:31:55pixelmareminds me that I need to fix the 128x96x2 cabbiev2 and put the progressbar into an own viewport :\
10:33:46 Join DerPapst [0] (
10:34:33skoi made a launcher (and maybe statusbar) icon for android (files at FS #11234), here is how it looks:
10:48:34pixelmado touchscreen targets not have the forced horizontal scrolling at all (holding "left" or "right" to make a line shift left or right quicker)? The action code is a bit confusing there but it doesn't seem to work in the sim
10:49:10pixelmaa line that needs to scroll, of course
10:54:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:40:58 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
11:52:05 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: Aaarrrggghhh!!!)
11:53:23 Join einhirn [0] (
12:03:55 Quit AndyI (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
12:06:09 Part LinusN
12:10:24 Join AndyI [0] (~pasha_int@
12:26:56 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
12:27:23 Quit JohannesSM64 (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.3-dev)
12:32:15 Quit AndyI (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:39:31pixelmadoes someone know what JdGordon wanted to point out here:;r2=27787;pathrev=27787 (why __list_icons__)?
12:42:47pixelmalooks like it needs to be that literally with all the underscores, if I understand the commit message correctly
12:43:02 Join watto [0] (~watto@
12:44:22 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
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13:17:07 Quit angelwolf71885 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
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13:17:25 Join Topy [0] (
13:18:11 Quit angelwolf71885 (Client Quit)
13:18:22 Join angelwolf71885 [0] (
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13:37:39 Join Mr_Sensitive [0] (~Dreamxtre@
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13:44:37 Join Horschti [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
13:47:47 Quit Horscht (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:48:27pixelmabluebrother: ping
13:48:32 Quit angelwolf71885 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
13:48:44 Join angelwolf71885 [0] (
13:49:23 Join shai [0] (
13:56:17 Quit Mr_Sensitive (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:01:57 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
14:13:22 Join mt [0] (~mtee@rockbox/developer/mt)
14:16:30 Quit sko (Quit: Bye)
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14:25:59 Join fdinel [0] (
14:27:40 Nick fxb__ is now known as fxb (
14:38:49 Quit bmbl (Quit: Bye!)
14:44:31 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~LambdaCal@rockbox/staff/LambdaCalculus37)
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14:48:46 Join incant [0] (
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14:58:46 Join wodz [0] (
15:00:19wodzI found interesting 'feature' of wm8751/wm8750 driver in rockbox. It claims to support gains in range -73 to 6 dB but according to datasheet the setting is -67 to 6 dB actually.
15:00:47wodzdo You know if this is for some 'historical reason' or something?
15:06:40 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
15:06:58CIA-9New commit by mt (r27800): Fix a bug in the asf parser that led to dropping packets in WMA voice. WMA voice now outputs the correct number of samples/packets.
15:07:15wodzthe only reason I can think of is that -73 +6dB range gives nice integer division in tenthdb2master() (but yields incorrect result)
15:08:49CIA-9r27800 build result: All green
15:12:12 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:13:05 Join Ramsey[LC] [0] (~RamseyLC]
15:14:53 Quit Ramsey[LC] (Remote host closed the connection)
15:15:40 Join Ramsey[LC] [0] (~RamseyLC]@
15:19:30 Quit gevaerts (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:22:01wodzPlease take a look at FS #11534.
15:28:44CIA-9New commit by mt (r27801): Update libwmavoice's README.
15:30:17CIA-9r27801 build result: All green
15:30:17*TheSeven wonders how important dualboot on nano2g is
15:30:55TheSevenand is we should sacrifice bootup time in favor of shutdown time
15:31:06TheSeven(and flash wear)
15:31:36kugelsaratoga: I don't think the neon argument is very strong
15:32:16TheSevenand of course what to do with the current bootloader dilemma
15:35:18*TheSeven has the opportunity to kill a whole bunch of problems at once
15:35:43wodzWhat is the status of h300 bootloader?
15:36:23TheSevenS_a_i_n_t: (if you're still awake) do you still use the apple firmware one some nano2gs?
15:41:54 Join sko [0] (~AndChat@
15:44:39 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:46:06 Quit mt (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.11/20100701023340])
15:49:24angelwolf71885TheSeven: well IMHO duel boot is uselful in the unstable stage but after the GM has hit then it should be RockBox all the way
15:50:50mc2739kugel: can you revisit r27791 - it seems to be causing problems with backdrop loading
15:51:06 Join evilnick_B [0] (0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
15:51:17angelwolf71885and with the nano2G boot up vs shutdown times if it takes less time the the apple FW then it dosnt matter
16:17:57 Join gevaerts [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
16:18:47kugelmc2739: yes
16:19:15 Join mikroflops [0] (
16:20:04 Quit cjcopi (Quit: ... going, going, gone)
16:21:00 Join robin0800 [0] (
16:21:41kugelmc2739: works for me
16:21:53kugelmaybe I'm lacking some steps to reproduce
16:25:45kugelamiconn: I saw that, do you have a better idea to do it in mind?
16:26:51amiconnWhy do you need perl regexp there?
16:27:19*amiconn isn't sure what this statement is meant to do at all
16:28:32kugelfind if it's absolute or relative path (i.e. starts with /), like the commend above indicates
16:28:52kugelthere are probably easier ways but I couldn't find one
16:29:28*amiconn doesn't understand
16:29:55amiconnIf $need_full_path is set to 'yes', it uses realpath to figure out the full path
16:30:58mc2739kugel: backdrops loaded in the themes cfg file do not load
16:31:00kugelrealpath only works on files/dirs that exist on the system
16:31:19kugelmc2739: yep, I was missing the sbs. it works fine without
16:32:59amiconnYes, but if it's not set, it means that an absolute path isn't needed
16:33:36amiconnI also wonder how "converting" a relative path to an absolute path by just prepending a '/' will ever work
16:34:24kugelhmm well I probably forgot to rename it properly, an absolute path is actually always needed, the else case is more for cross compilations
16:35:16kugelprepending the / is specifically for use with −−rbdir=XXXX, so that −−rbdir=.rockbox leads to /.rockbox
16:36:25amiconnWhy not just use −−rbdir=/.rockbox in this case?
16:36:51kugelbecause since −−rbdir was introduced −−rbdir=.rockbox worked
16:36:53 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
16:37:03kugeldidn't want to break it
16:38:21amiconnI presume the check should hit if there's a leading / ?
16:38:45amiconnEven with a grep that does support perl regexp (e.g. Cygwin's) this doesn't work
16:38:57amiconnIt hit's on *any* slash, even a trailing one
16:40:13amiconnA check for a leading slash is e.g. grep '^/'
16:40:21 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
16:40:37 Quit pamaury (Client Quit)
16:40:47amiconnAnd you don't need -P - grep does support regexp by itself. Dunno what's different between that and perl regexp, but for this kind of stuff it doesn't seem to matter
16:41:35kugelthen grep '^/' is much better indeed
16:41:53kugelI didn't know it does regexp on it's own
16:41:56Tornethere are some quite dramatic differences between grep and pgrep, but ^/ is a better idea :)
16:42:55*pixelma tries another question...
16:43:14kugelit looks like the need_full_path case is also taken for android where it wouldn't work
16:43:31pixelma"The default for the WPS screen..." - does anyone else think the "screen" is redundent there?
16:44:15 Join krazykit [0] (~kkit@
16:44:39 Join Lear [0] (chatzilla@rockbox/developer/lear)
16:46:27kugelmc2739: seems to fix it
16:47:29kugelit works for non-sbs because bmpdir == BACKDROP_DIR when not coming from an sbs, but when it comes from an %X-less sbs bmpdir is the .rockbox/wps/<theme> one
16:48:38 Join stoffel [0] (
16:54:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:55:57 Quit sko (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
16:56:07 Quit DerPapst (Read error: No route to host)
16:57:29 Join DerPapst [0] (
16:58:27kugelS_a_i_n_t: ^
17:00:58 Quit DerPapst (Read error: No route to host)
17:01:09 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:01:14 Join DerPapst [0] (
17:01:17 Join antil33t [0] (
17:02:55Strife89pixelma: Not that I'm aware of. Did anyone file one while I was a sleep?
17:02:55 Part Zagor
17:03:33 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Reboot.)
17:07:29mc2739kugel: looks good with that patch
17:08:42 Join Strife89 [0] (
17:09:24CIA-9New commit by kugel (r27802): Fix backdrops from sbs not being loaded correctly (caused by r27791).
17:11:02CIA-9r27802 build result: All green
17:12:05mc2739Strife89: can you test r27802 to see if it corrects your backdrop issue?
17:12:08pixelmaStrife89: I didn't
17:12:29Strife89mc2739: Sure, give me a minute.
17:19:32 Join Strife1989 [0] (
17:19:45 Quit Strife89 (Disconnected by services)
17:19:49 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife8 (
17:19:51 Nick Strife8 is now known as Strife89 (
17:20:37 Quit angelwolf71885 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
17:30:20 Join captainkewll [0] (2669ecc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:49:14 Join toffe82 [0] (~chatzilla@
17:56:52Strife89mc2739: Well, the backdrop issue seems to be gone, but .....
17:59:31Strife89My iPod Video's disk churning is incessant. :/
18:04:14 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:05:34LambdaCalculus37Strife89: Check the disk with any scanning tools. Make sure it's not going south on you.
18:06:39Strife89I'll check with the desktop; Ubuntu is the host OS there.
18:07:41Strife89What was it again? fsck.fat /dev/sdx ?
18:08:05LambdaCalculus37fsck.vfat IIRC.
18:08:25 Join komputes [0] (~komputes@ubuntu/member/komputes)
18:12:54pixelmaok, I found a difference (if it's really true) between 1st and 2nd gen Ipod Mini that is already interesting for the manual. The first generation with the different wheel doesn't define "HAVE_WHEEL_ACCELERATION", is that true?
18:14:02pixelmawell, the better question is, if it's impossible on the first gen Mini or just hasn't been done yet
18:14:13 Quit Lear (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 4.0b4pre/20100813031657])
18:17:10pixelmasince this is a feature and option automatically parsed, the resulting Ipod Mini manuals differ slightly. Not a big problem but the site seems to only compile the 1st gen one and symlinks this for the 2nd gen
18:23:09kugelpixelma: IIRC the 1st gen mini has a simpler wheel (hardware wise) which makes proper acceleration impossible (or very hard to implement)
18:25:06pixelmayes, it has a different wheel which also isn't touch area aware but is it really not possible, seeing that e.g. the 3rd gen Ipod also has wheel accelaration?
18:25:29 Join Strife1989 [0] (
18:25:49 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89Desktop (
18:26:23kugelI don't know
18:27:41pixelmaanyway. Compiling the manuals lead to slightly different manuals as I said, depending on which generation it is configured for - even though both manuals use the same platform file. I'd think that should be more "accurate" and compile both, especially since it already offers two different links
18:32:35mc2739pixelma: that should be an easy change in tools/buildspm - remove the line "manual => 'ipodmini1g',
18:32:42amiconnpixelma: It hasn't been done for the older wheels (those which don't have touch position either)
18:33:05amiconn3rd gen has acceleration?
18:33:21pixelmaamiconn: there is an HAVE_WHEEL_ACCELERATION in the 3rd gen Ipod config file
18:33:43pixelmaI guess jhMikeS
18:34:31pixelmamc2739: is this the build script for the dailies?
18:35:33amiconnHmm, r26962
18:35:39mc2739pixelma: yes
18:35:49amiconnWhy he only implemented it for 3rd Gen is a mystery though
18:35:58mc2739well, not really a script
18:36:04amiconnWheel readout works exactly the same for all the old style wheels
18:36:09kugelamiconn: the e200v1 does "async" lcd updates right? I mean it memcpy's to a magic buffer and then the hardware displays from that at some time later. am I right?
18:36:30pixelmamc2739: ok, still something I don't know much about
18:37:00kugelpixelma: I added the HAVE_WHEEL_ACCEKLERATION define. is it possible that I made a mistake there and it doesn't actually have it?
18:38:47 Join Ludo6431 [0] (
18:39:32pixelmakugel: no, jhMikeS added it to the 3rd gen together with changes to the 1st-3rd gen Ipod button driver
18:39:54pixelmaas amiconn mentioned
18:39:59kugelI guess he only had a 3rd gen to test then
18:40:17kugelI seem to have overlooked his sentence, sorry
18:41:31mc2739pixelma: my mistake ( I was looking at mini2g
18:41:35pixelmamaybe. If it is possible to just enable it for the other older Ipods then the differences between the manuals go away for now
18:42:02kugelamiconn: if yes, is that good or bad? Right now it's that "async" in the android port, but I could sync it (block the calling thread until the previous lcd update has finished). of course that dramatically drops the fake-fps. I just don't know if it's good or bad (cpu usage doesn't seem to be influenced by the change)
18:42:26amiconnIt's not just an enable. The 1g..3g driver needs adjustment (effectively removing code duplication), and it needs to be implemented for Mini 1st
18:42:39pixelmaI remember wodz saying he has a first gen Mini
18:43:59amiconnkugel: lcd_update() is always synchronous, i.e. the calling thread has to wait until everything is copied either to the lcd controller, or some back buffer
18:44:17amiconnOther threads may run in the meantime if the copying is done using dma (e.g. on H300)
18:44:22kugelyea, it copies to a back buffer now
18:44:36kugelthe OS updates from that back buffer once in a while
18:44:46pixelmaand well, even if there is no difference between the result then, the daily manuals could still be more "accurate" and I don't think building one manual more or less hurts
18:44:49amiconnThe copying from back buffer to lcd may be asynchronous. Afaik it is both on e200v1 and the beast
18:45:13amiconniPod Video is similar - there our "back buffer" is actually the bcm's internal buffer
18:46:42 Join Mr_Sensitive [0] (~Dreamxtre@
18:49:06 Quit Dreamxtreme (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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19:07:34 Quit linuxguy3 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
19:08:57 Join linuxguy3 [0] (
19:10:05 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:13:04kugelamiconn: I guess it's ok either way since you've not answered my question :)
19:13:35 Join GodEater [0] (
19:13:35 Quit GodEater (Changing host)
19:13:35 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
19:15:07 Join chaos [0] (~chaos@gentoo/user/ch4os)
19:16:30amiconnkugel: It doesn't matter, as long as it is guaranteed that (a) copying to the back buffer is finished when lcd_update[_rect]() returns, and (b) each lcd_update[_rect]() triggers an update of the display from the back buffer. Whether this means cancelling a prevoius (partial) update or delaying this update doesn't matter
19:17:26kugelok, I just thought it's perhaps not so nice if some updates are skipped
19:18:39amiconn(a) makes sure that the back buffer resembles what should be on the lcd at all times
19:19:34amiconnSo if you implement (b) by cancelling or skipping intermediate updates, you have to make sure your current update rectangle covers all changed areas
19:19:51kugelthere are no partial updates currently
19:20:28amiconnCopying the whole thing is easiest, of course. That's what we're doing on the bcm, because changing the rectangle would cause the internal buffer to change size, and then we couldn't use it as back buffer anymore
19:21:18 Quit GodEater (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:24:02kugelI'll leave it as is then, thanks
19:29:18 Quit r0b- (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:30:51 Join sko [0] (
19:36:12pixelmafwiw - the manuals are currently broken, easily seen in the only and html version. I already have a fix but wanted to wait until someone could tell me if there is a cleaner solution (bluebrother?)
19:36:26pixelmas/only/online ...
19:42:33 Quit user890104 ()
19:42:56 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
19:46:23 Quit DerPapst (Quit: Leaving.)
19:46:27 Quit GodEater (Client Quit)
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19:49:48 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
20:11:48 Quit MethoS- (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
20:15:24 Join DerPapst [0] (
20:16:20 Quit CGL (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:16:48 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
20:17:34 Join stoffel [0] (
20:18:06 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
20:19:07 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (Remote host closed the connection)
20:20:35 Join user890104 [0] (
20:37:05 Join r0b- [0] (
20:37:08 Part r0b-
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20:48:15 Quit Mr_Sensitive (Quit: IRC is just multiplayer notepad)
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21:09:04 Nick fxb is now known as fxb__ (
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21:13:34 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
21:14:40 Join Blue_Dude [0] (~chatzilla@rockbox/developer/Blue-Dude)
21:14:57CIA-9New commit by bieber (r27803): Theme Editor: Added warning messages for missing resources
21:15:29 Join soaa [0] (d8dd3dc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:15:40Blue_DudeHi. Did something change in the last week or so that affected the playbar in the WPS? I can't get it to show if a viewport is visible.
21:16:46CIA-9r27803 build result: All green
21:17:24soaaHi everyone. I just made a font for Rockbox. I figure there might be people who will want it. Where do I post it?
21:17:45pixelmaBlue_Dude: with the recent parser rework the progressbar needs to be in a viewport too once you start using more than the default viewport
21:18:53Blue_DudeAh, that would do it. It was displayed before outside of any viewports. Are any other items affected? Icons, etc.?
21:19:48pixelmatext I believe. As far as I know bitmaps should be unaffected
21:20:05Blue_DudeThanks. I'll give that a go.
21:24:26Blue_DudeHm, that didn't work. I've got a customization of Cabbie with several viewports. Here's how I'm trying to display the progressbar: %V(0,181,-,10,-) /// %pb(5,182,166,8,pb-176x220x16.bmp)
21:24:56Blue_DudeThe second line is identical to the standard cabbie line.
21:25:19 Part watto
21:25:52kugelI think you want to correct the %pb parameters
21:26:08pixelmathe y-coordinate can't be true (the 182), coordinates are relative to the viewports the item is in
21:27:07pixelmaif your viewport is just 10 pixels tall, 182 doesn't make sense...
21:28:22Blue_DudeNow we're cooking. I didn't know it was relative.
21:29:09Blue_DudeThis seems to work: %V(0,182,-,8,-) /// %pb(5,0,166,8,pb-176x220x16.bmp)
21:29:20pixelmathe same applies to bitmaps and albumart (%xd and %Cd is what counts there). It's always been this way IIRC
21:30:26Blue_DudeThe bitmaps and viewports coexist OK, so they are still displayed using absolute coordinates.
21:31:03Blue_DudeI've never tried to display an item with its own coordinates inside a viewport before.
21:31:36pixelmaif your bitmaps are in the default viewport - then it's relative to that one...
21:31:51soaaOh, another question. Is there a button I can press to return to the WPS from anywhere? Sansa Clip+.
21:31:54Blue_DudeOK, I didn't think of it that way.
21:33:03 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
21:35:48pixelmasoaa: Home + Select if I read the keymap file correctly. The manual is wrong there currently
21:35:58Blue_DudeEverything works again. Thanks!
21:37:11soaapixelma: Thanks, that works, but it requires both hands.
21:37:33soaaOtherwise, I'm really enjoying RB on my brand new Clip+.
21:40:39pixelmayou need a free button (combo) that works in menu and browsers and isn't used elsewhere
21:41:19soaaThat's true.
21:43:08pixelmathe c200 uses a long press of "Right" there but that means you can't use the forced horizontal scrolling (to the right). Back then I also played with "Volume Up" but someone meant that being able to change the volume in lists would be important too
21:45:52 Join soap [0] (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
21:48:03 Join bluebro [0] (
21:55:46 Quit Strife89Desktop (Quit: Leaving)
21:57:31 Quit Dreamxtreme (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:58:14Blue_DudeI uploaded a WPS screen last year, but it obviously needs an update. Is there a way to update the theme zip file without redoing the theme upload from scratch?
22:01:36 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
22:07:04 Quit ender` (Quit: Education is learning the rules...experience is learning the exceptions.)
22:09:49 Quit Dreamxtreme (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:11:19 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
22:19:32 Quit Blue_Dude (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
22:20:19 Join leBMD [0] (
22:20:38leBMDHey guys, I was wondering about something...
22:21:43leBMDSo, I noticed that there's now a release for the Sansa Fuze v2. Does that actually work now? Last I checked it didn't do anything.
22:22:42saratogaclick the link
22:24:56 Join sko1 [0] (
22:25:49leBMDIt gives me a download of the zip for v2, but I'm still trying to figure out if this build works before putting it on my player.
22:26:11leBMDMainly since I don't want to accidentally brick my Fuze.
22:26:16saratogaon the front page, theres a link with information about the fuzev2 and a manual, read one or both
22:27:59leBMDOh wow, it looks like it's working now! Last I checked it couldn't display yet.
22:28:03 Quit sko (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:29:12leBMDSo, from the looks of it, the only risk is having my player freeze randomly.
22:29:17 Join ender` [0] (
22:31:31 Quit captainkewll (Quit: Page closed)
22:33:58leBMDSo, when it has warnings about how I could brick my player by doing this, does it happen very often with supported models, or is it just a disclaimer for the rare chance that it will?
22:42:58TorneIt's a general warning; it depends on the model what the actual risk is
22:43:14Tornefor the Sansa devices, the only time there is an actual risk of bricking is duringthe installation of the bootloader, which you only have to do once
22:43:41leBMDOkay. So, if I later decide that I don't like it, can I just remove the rockbox files, or does it flash itself to the ROM?
22:43:44Tornethe bootloader install program checks you are giving it a known, tested version ofthe OF as input, so the only real chance of bricking is if the power were to go out while it's installing it
22:44:10TorneTo remove everything you can just update to the latest OF, which will erase the rockbox bootloader, and then delete the rockbox folder
22:44:59leBMDOkay, so if I don't want Rockbox anymore I just go to the sansa website and click to update my Fuze?
22:45:05pixelmaleBMD: be aware that there currently is a bug that hits some Fuze v2s that make them freeze and the only way out is letting the battery run empty. Look around in the forums a but
22:45:12pixelmaerrr bit
22:45:16leBMDI saw that.
22:45:27TorneYeah, there is that
22:45:31Torneit's not fatal, but it is annoying
22:45:37leBMDBut, as long as I can still put songs on it and there's a way to fix it, I see no issue. :D
22:46:00Tornewell, it doesn't brick it, but you may have to wait several *days* for the battery to run dry if it happens
22:46:09Torneso while it's fixable, you can't just fix it right away
22:46:40leBMDTrue, but I mainly just use it going to and from school, so I could hold off for a few days while waiting for it to die.
22:47:12Tornesure, we're just making sure you know :)
22:47:22Torneit doesn't happen for everyone, it seems, so you might be ok ;)
22:47:46 Join stoffel [0] (
22:49:01 Join Strife1989 [0] (
22:49:01 Quit krazykit (Quit: bbiab)
22:49:57 Quit Strife89 (Disconnected by services)
22:49:58leBMDOkay, well, I know where the latest OF is, so I guess I'll try Rockbox.
22:50:01 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
22:51:34leBMDwhew, ok, so, I'm about to download the installer. So I just run the installer and it puts it on my Fuze, regardless of charge? Yes, I sound like a noob, but I've never done a firmware mod before.
22:53:32 Nick Strife89 is now known as Strife1989 (
22:53:38 Nick Strife1989 is now known as Strife89 (
22:54:28soaaleBMD, welcome to the Sansa club.
22:54:41soaaIt would be safer to do it on a full charge.
22:54:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:55:20leBMDshould I use rockboxutil?
22:55:22soaaAlthough, I seriously doubt there would be any real danger on doing it at half charge.
22:55:44soaaI installed it on my Clip+ using the manual install procedure because I'm a junkie like that.
22:55:47 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:55:58soaaThe Wiki recommends using the official Rockbox installer though.
22:56:13Torneuse the utility
22:56:24Torneit does exactly the same things as the manual install, just with less typing
22:56:38soaaDo what Torne says. :D
22:57:09Tornethat's right, everyone obey me >:)
22:57:17soaaLast time I really used Rockbox was back in the Gigabeat F days. My poor Gigabeat has since died. Actually, a long time ago.
22:57:23leBMDCrap, it requires admin.
22:57:37leBMDdos the utility run under windows 98?
22:57:43Tornei doubt it
22:57:55Tornealso, i'm not sure if it really requires administrator privs to isntall on a sansa
22:58:00Torneit does for some models, but not all
22:58:07Torneyou might be able to do it anyway? not sure.
22:58:13leBMDwell, even to just open it it requires a password.
22:58:31Tornethat's just because it has a manifest to ask for admin privs, i think
22:58:38Tornenot sure if you can override it..
22:58:47leBMDwell, I gotta go.
22:58:50*Torne tries.
22:58:56leBMDI guess I'll do this later. Seeya!
22:58:56soaaThe manual install should require any admin privileges.
22:59:03soaaSee you, leBMD.
22:59:09Tornesoaa: the utility won't either, then
22:59:14 Quit leBMD (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.0.13/2009073022])
22:59:25Torneit's only asking for them because it does for some models, and it has to get them when it starts if it's going to have them
23:00:13Tornehm, that's kinda annoying actually.. you can't run it without them, if you say no it just exits
23:01:29soaaManual junkies like me don't get hit by logistics as much. ;)
23:02:18soaaHuh, so apparently we can theme the status bar now?
23:02:22Torneanyone who knows about rbutil: maybe we should set the execution level to highestAvailable in the manifest instead, and throw up a dialog box warning that it can't install if it runs into something that needs admin privs when it doesn't get it?
23:02:32Torne implies that this is a viable strategy
23:02:44Tornein that if the user is able to elevate it will prompt them to
23:02:58 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection timed out)
23:03:39 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:09:20balintx_When will Rockbox available for Android? Can download it (for example, testing) now?
23:10:42 Join krazykit [0] (~kkit@
23:14:03pixelmaTorne: I think it already informs about needing admin priviledges for bootloader installation on targets it needs them (haven't tried myself though)
23:15:00Tornepixelma: Yes, but you can't launch it at all without giving it admin privs on Windows
23:15:05Tornebecause its manifest says it requires them
23:15:18Torneso if you have a nonprivileged user who can't just click "allow", and needs to actually type an admin password..
23:15:21Torneyou can't run it
23:15:24 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
23:15:35Torneon vista/win7
23:15:40Tornethis doesn't apply on xp, no UAC
23:15:54pixelmaI definitely ran Rockbox Utility as a simple user... XP though
23:16:04Torneright, that doesn't use that manifest entry
23:16:11Tornei just tested it on my win7
23:16:16Torneit prompts me to elevate, because i am an admin user
23:16:22Tornebut if i say no it just doesn't run it at all
23:16:37Torneand if i become a user who isn't an admin it prompts for an admin's login, and if you can't provide one it doesn't run.
23:16:58Tornesee the MSDN link above for the behaviour
23:16:59pixelmabluebrother doessn't seem to be around today, IIRC he did most of this stuff
23:17:33Tornei think if we set it to highestAvailable it will continue to prompt for users who have admin, but will just run as mortal for others
23:17:40pixelmaspeaking of which... I need to commit that manual fix
23:17:45Tornethey can still explicitly run it as an administrator from the right click menu if they know a suitable login
23:18:09Tornei don't have any stuff to build it with to try it, though
23:21:07 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
23:22:19 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:25:47 Quit S_a_i_n_t (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:27:52 Quit sko1 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:31:18 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (S_a_i_n_t@
23:34:13krazykittoffe82, my gigabeat f crosspad doesn't work well anymore. i'm not sure when the issue started, but it only works part of the time. sometimes i can traverse menus, but after a moment the cross won't respond and it'll keep hitting left on its own. thoughts?
23:35:53toffe82krazykit: the front cover press to much on the cross perhaps ? try to reconnect it or to use it without the cover, if still problem , change it
23:36:46CIA-9New commit by pixelma (r27804): Fix manuals broken by r27787 - underscores have a meaning in tex and need to be escaped. Put the name into quotes like the .bmp above while at it. The ...
23:37:01krazykiti tried reseating the cable but it didn't seem to help. the front didn't seem to be pressing down on the cross overly hard, either
23:37:17krazykiti'll have to try with the front cover off
23:37:38 Quit ender` (Quit: Connection Reset by Gypsies with Wire Cutters)
23:38:39CIA-9r27804 build result: All green
23:39:21pixelmais the battery in good shape?
23:40:24 Quit jhMikeS (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:40:24 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection timed out)
23:41:14 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:41:25 Quit Rob2222 (Quit: Rob2222)
23:41:36 Join ender` [0] (
23:42:21 Quit bluebro (Quit: leaving)
23:43:04 Join Rob2222 [0] (
23:45:31 Join jhMikeS [0] (
23:45:32 Quit jhMikeS (Changing host)
23:45:32 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
23:54:10 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Electrical storm.)
23:55:02krazykit the battery didn't seem to be bulging

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