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#rockbox log for 2010-08-20

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00:35:49Jmaxhi, has anyone used a MK2431GAH hard drive in a Toshiba Gigabeat S?
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00:36:07Jmaxthe size and thickness are right
00:36:16Jmaxi'm concerned about the firmware being able to read the extra platter
00:36:59tmztwon't it use LBA?
00:37:24Jmaxi don't know
00:37:54Tornethe beast should be fine with any hard drive up to 128GiB
00:38:27Jmaxso the MK2431GAH is confirmed to not work?
00:38:29Tornethe bootloader doesn't understand how to format drives that need LBA48, and doing it manually is fraught with hilarious danger
00:38:37Jmaxunderstood, thanks
00:38:41Torneit's hypothetically possible to do it if you create a seperate partition for the space over 128gb
00:38:50Tornebut people who have tried this so far haven't managed it afaik
00:38:53Jmaxthat sounds like a huge PITA
00:39:06Torneif it sees anything it doesn't like it will just reformat the disk
00:39:10Torneover and over until you stop messing with it :)
00:40:14Tornei know how todo it in theory, though, so if you want to try it, bug me for a walkthrough and you can see if it works
00:40:25Tornewhile in rockbox it would be able to see both partitions just fine and expose them over usb
00:40:33Torneassuming it boots like that at all
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00:41:13Jmaxi would love to give it a try. unfortunately, i lack the monetary assets to do so
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01:44:17*Ramsey[LC] testing
01:44:38Ramsey[LC]Testing amsg
01:45:12mc2739Ramsey[LC]: please test somewhere else
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01:45:53Ramsey[LC]Sorry; I was testing amsg (message all) in Colloquy
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02:27:47Ramsey[LC].voice JdGordon|
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02:28:15JdGordon|Ramsey[LC]: turn your bot off or you will be kicked
02:37:46Ramsey[LC]Ugh; my script wasn't reading the property watchedChatRoomz
02:37:56Ramsey[LC]Major fail on my part :(
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03:25:21soapRamsey[LC], there are channels for testing your client / scripts / bots - and this in not one of them. :)
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03:29:05Ramsey[LC]I wasn't testing it
03:29:12Ramsey[LC]It was supposed to only do that in my room
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08:07:13lestatarhey folks, anyone free? got 2 superquick questions re: db initialization and user ratings :D
08:07:56lestatarso, when u initialize the db all previous user ratings get wiped?
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08:22:59GodEaterdid we change the eabi compiler we're using? The one I have installed calls the binary arm-elf-eabi-gcc, but the configure script for building for android is looking for arm-eabi-gcc ?
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08:37:30pixelmalestatar: I think so but I don't use it myself so take it with a grain of salt. You could just "update" or "auto-update" the db (will be slow without dircache enabled too) - and somewhere you can export and reimport these runtime data things IIRC
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08:39:10lestatarthanks pixelma. i ask cause i got a weird crash on gigabeat. when i rebooted, the db was not ready and i was forced to reinitialize
08:39:27lestatarno biggie as i am only starting to experiment with ratings
08:39:53lestatari have auto update enabled as well and dir cache of course
08:40:09lestatarother question tho please....more a best practice thing...
08:40:36lestatarwhen i copy new music to my gigabeat, should i be running rockbox when i connect usb?
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08:40:54lestatarthis kinda caused my odd crash...
08:41:01Slasherilestatar: you should use the "export modifications" regularly and backup the database_changelog.txt
08:41:27Slasherithat way all statistics and rating are kept safe
08:41:31lestatarthanks also slasheri, will start doing that!
08:42:00lestatarthat sounds like exactly what i need - cheers all :D
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08:55:06pixelmalestatar: is this a Gigabeat F or an S?
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08:57:40pixelmahmm, IIRC the F has hardware USB and I haven't heard about crashes whem connecting to USB and Rockbox running. I don't have a Gigabeat myself though
08:59:07lestatarno, no, sorry for confusion
08:59:16lestatarcrash was not related to usb
08:59:31lestatari connected usb while rb was on
08:59:37lestatarcopied over music
08:59:51pixelmaplease put more on one line
09:01:14lestatarsorry... disconnected then for some reason when i went to resume playback it crashed. i reset, which and then the db was not ready so i had to reinitialize
09:02:23lestatarupdate did not work so i had to initialize. that was when i discovered i had lost about 100 user ratings. this is no problem now that i know how to use export modifcations and can import if need be
09:03:13lestatarbut i guess my best practice question is this: should rb be running when i connect to usb? if not, then since i have auto-update enabled, if i add new music, when i power up rb again, it should pick up the new music
09:03:57lestatarcurrently, if rb is running, i do connect usb. so i am wondering what is best thing to do or if it even matters :)
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09:14:41GodEaterhmm - the android eclipse project doesn't appear to build =/
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12:26:42soapthanks for the logical comparison of WPS tags, JdGordon. I have thought about how neat that could be for years and years!
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14:20:39jjmartindoes rockbox come with an iTunes like podcast manager?
14:21:12Tornerockbox doesn't come with any PC software at all, other than the installer
14:21:24Tornethere are lots of programs that can download podcasts, and/or sync them to an mp3 player.
14:22:51Torne might be some help
14:31:14GodEateroops - password change time!
14:38:49jjmartini always use god sex or money as my passwords
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15:10:56AsusFreakHi all, we have a major problem wit the last releases for Cowon's D2. At iAudio forum I got some comfirmations regarding it: with the current release we only see the bootloader screen and then: Blackscreen. With older releases it still workes. I opened a task FS11558.
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15:26:39FlynDiceGodEater: Did you get eclipse to build your .apk for you yet? I just built it and it waorked fine.
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18:47:31likemindeadWell, drat. My 4th Gen iPod 60GB finally gave up the ghost. D:
18:47:59likemindeadDoes Rockbox play nice with any high capacity models other than the iPods and Gigabeats?
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18:55:37pixelmaor the Iaudios, all of those are upgradable and ther are Iaudio X5s that come with 60GB HDDs
18:56:49likemindeadSweet. Yeah, I'd like a 60GB model. My music collection is ~43GB now. :D
18:57:30likemindeadI bought that iPod on eBay like three years ago for $50. It installed Rockbox on it right away. It served me well... ;__;
18:59:26gevaertsIf you can get it, I'd recommend a gigabeat X60
18:59:35gevaertsYou'd have to beat me in the auction though
19:00:00likemindeadI thought the X series wasn't supported, only F and S.
19:00:12likemindeadOh... nevermind.
19:02:12likemindeadThose Archos are pricey. ;-[
19:03:08gevaertsDon't forget that the Archoses we support are a bit different...
19:03:22pixelmawho knows what he's looking at ;)
19:03:45gevaertsYou can upgrade them to 320GB though
19:04:45 Quit GodEater (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:05:13likemindeadWhy are the Gigabeats so scarce? :-\
19:05:39gevaertsThey never were hugely popular
19:07:28likemindeadWell, those old 60GB are pretty cheap. I think that's the way to go again...
19:07:39*toffe82 thinks some people buy too much of them and doesn't want to resell .... :)
19:09:00gevaertslikemindead: toffe82 is well known here for having a huge stockpile of gigabeats
19:09:05toffe82except a f10
19:09:26likemindeadAh. ;-)
19:10:18toffe82all the gigabeat alphabet : F,S,X,T,U,V,M.....
19:10:43dovshapI really like my S30 except for the battery life
19:10:46likemindeadWere they more widely released in Asia? I wonder if I could check with a friend or two in the Orient?
19:11:52toffe82the X was only Asia and Australia
19:16:03*TheSeven wonders if *anyone* who's experiencing the nano2g stkov panics is around turned up nada...
19:19:56toffe82I don't think you will find an X
19:20:20likemindeadI'll settle for another 4th Gen iPod 60GB. :::sigh:::
19:21:06toffe82you can find some F40 and change the hard drive
19:21:45likemindeadOhhh... I like that idea.
19:22:12gevaertsIs your current hard drive still OK?
19:23:56likemindeadFrom the old iPod? I think so. Will it fit an F40? :D
19:25:32*toffe82 have a f10 to sell, but he also have some back case of f40....
19:31:13gevaertslikemindead: might be helpful
19:31:31likemindeadI've got to run.
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21:22:43 Part watto
21:24:24stevnhello, i own a Fuze 8b, how can i check what i have and/or change from MTP to MSC
21:25:04stevni am thinking about using rockbox on a sansa fuze V2
21:28:13 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
21:29:00stevntx exactly what i needed
21:29:06evilnick_Bstevn: That's a link to the fuzev2 manual, which tells you how to identify which model you have (either v1 or v2) and also how to change the USB mode
21:30:45 Quit h3po (Quit: Leaving.)
21:39:07stevnok i found out im using: Sansa Fuze Version 2.03.33. Rockbox Utility shows me that Fuze v2 is (unstable)
21:40:14stevnis there a severe risk installing bootloader and rockbox to my player?
21:41:48 Join h3po [0] (
21:42:53pamauryhello back !
21:43:32pamaurydid something happened to rbutil ? I can't install the latest bootloader, I have this nice error message: "model name cli+ not found in <temporary file name>"
21:45:39 Join Tarvis [0] (~Tarvis@
21:46:43stevnany fuze owners with v2 had any problems installing rockbox?
21:48:32stevni guess ill go ahead and try
21:48:32pixelmastevn: I don't think so and you can revert if you wish. You should be aware though that the Fuze v2 port is still quite new and called unstable for a reason, usually you can recover easily from a crash. I've heard of crashed of *some* v2s though when connecting to USB from within Rockbox and recovery needed a complete running dry of the battery though
21:49:00pixelmathere was a talk about some workaround but I'm not sure that was implemented yet
21:49:53stevnalright thanks for the answer, ill do the research first then.
21:52:21gevaertsstevn: the worst thing that has happened to people is having to wait a few days for it to get back alive (or opening it and disconnecting the battery, but that's hard to do without slight damage to the case I guess).
21:53:17pamauryAny idea about my problem ? I'm not really familliar with the bootloader things.
21:53:25gevaertsIn theory, the bootloader install could fail (the same way that any regular original firmware upgrade could fail). If that happens I believe it can still be recovered by opening the case and shorting some pins, and then doing some software manipulations
21:54:39lestatarstevn: i own a v2 Fuze and am using rockbox heavily with nearly zero probs for almost 2 months
21:54:57stevnUSB driver is fully operational?
21:55:07 Quit user890104 (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:55:08lestatarmy build is older
21:55:26stevnlestatar: i see your post
21:55:33stevnr26906 ?
21:55:39lestatarbut i understand that this week a USB supported build is available :D
21:55:56stevnthis week, coming up release?
21:56:00gevaertsstevn: USB isn't operational yet. You still have to reboot to the OF to copy files
21:56:18stevni see.. that's not difficult
21:56:28lestataryes, partial USB only at the moment i believe but these guys are the experts, i am only a new-ish user
21:56:46stevnat least u have 1st hand experience, i do appreciate
21:57:59lestatarwell, fwiw, rb has been near flawless for me on v2 fuze. only 4 hiccups in heavy daily use and at least 2 were cause i am a moron
21:58:15lestatarfollow the instructions carefully and i think you will be fine :D
22:00:02 Part likemindead ("So's your face.")
22:01:47stevnso, as i see it you did a manual install?
22:04:18stevni mean, it's recommendeded to use newer rockbox or older version eg. r26906?
22:06:25gevaertsstevn: use either the stable release (which doesn't apply to the Fuzev2), or the latest current build
22:07:52CIA-88New commit by amiconn (r27848): Fix configure to always prepend a missing leading '/'. Also don't require perl regexp support as it's not necessary and not all grep installations ...
22:09:31CIA-88r27848 build result: All green
22:09:55 Quit evilnick_B (Quit: Page closed)
22:11:16 Quit GeekShadow (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:13:21stevninstall complete, looks good, so Many options
22:13:30 Join dennis-p [0] (
22:15:30dennis-pCan I put a link to picture flow in the main menu?
22:15:46dennis-pIt's now under files.
22:18:08 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
22:25:45 Quit h3po (Quit: Leaving.)
22:26:21 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
22:28:08 Join h3po [0] (
22:29:13 Quit Judas_PhD (Client Quit)
22:29:48 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
22:32:25 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
22:40:39stevnhi im trying to delete my recording in rb, im really new about this, submenu wont give me any options
22:43:17 Quit scorche (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:43:31stevni got it, press long select. sorry
22:43:50pixelmalong Select to get to the context menu if I read the manual correctly... ok :)
22:45:29 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
22:49:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:00:17CIA-88New commit by amiconn (r27849): Enable wheel acceleration and repeats for iPod 1st/2nd Gen, using the same settings as on iPod 3rd Gen.
23:02:06CIA-88r27849 build result: All green
23:02:57amiconnOh, interesting. A feature that saves binsize :)
23:04:07gevaertsIt must be buggy! ;)
23:09:20 Quit stevn ()
23:12:07dennis-pCan cover flow be used as the main navigation for rockbox? Is it possible to create a hierachy of subdirs with jpeg icons like Music-icon > Cover Art and Games-icon >
23:13:30dennis-pGot a kid that lend me his sansa to put games on it but he can't read yet :-)
23:19:16 Join piggz [0] (~piggz@
23:19:59piggzhey.....seems the current build on my ipod video doesnt move next/prev track with the l/r buttons
23:21:14 Quit Jerom (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:21:30 Quit ehntoo (Remote host closed the connection)
23:21:48pixelmapiggz: maybe you accidentally turned on "prevent track skip" or one of the "skip length" settings
23:30:13piggzpixelma: lets see
23:32:01piggzpixelma: seems to work now...tho those settins seemed ok
23:40:12 Quit piggz (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:41:38 Join RyuRabbit [0] (
23:42:17RyuRabbitquick question, any help would be greatly appreciated.
23:42:40pixelmait would be even quicker to just ask ;)
23:42:58RyuRabbittrue pixelma XD
23:43:02RyuRabbitso, anywho
23:43:36RyuRabbitdoes anyone know if the one user that was doing the zune port development is still active?
23:43:44RyuRabbitand how to get in contact with him/her?
23:44:07pixelmayou mean a page in the wiki?
23:44:51RyuRabbitsure, that would work, I guess
23:45:08RyuRabbitI just remember that the zune port was really only being worked on by one user
23:45:27RyuRabbitor, only one user actually had a zune to work on
23:46:17pixelmasorry, that might have been a misunderstanding... I wanted to know what "zune port development" you are referring to and assumed there was a page in our wiki about it. Other than that I don't know of any Rockbox development on the Zune
23:46:20 Join saratoga_ [0] (9803c22e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:47:16saratoga_looks like battery life on the fuzev2 is basically caught up to the OF
23:47:33RyuRabbitthere was one user that was working on a port for Zune
23:47:34 Quit ender` (Quit: The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs. -- Charles de Gaulle)
23:47:37saratoga_what was the issue with enabling voltage sacling again?
23:47:47saratoga_if he was, I don't think he ever told us about it
23:47:50RyuRabbitand it was p. much a one user project
23:48:07Tornethere were a variety of people who were *interested* in one, and fiddling with the exploit
23:48:12pixelmaRyuRabbit: haven't heard about it
23:48:17Tornei don't recall ever seeing anyone actually do anything toward a port
23:48:29Torneor even anyone who found a way to use the exploit to get to kernel mode..
23:49:09Tornejust being able to run user mode code is not super useful, unless you're going to use it as a way to launch RaaA, but then you'd have to port to CE...
23:49:52Tornemaybe someone did but pretty sure they haven't shared anything with us :)
23:50:05RyuRabbitmaybe I'm just retarded ._.;;
23:50:10 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
23:50:36Tornewell, some people tend to communicate a bit optimistically about what they're looking at
23:51:23RyuRabbiti mean, cause I've been able to access every file on the Zune30's HDD
23:51:55RyuRabbitand I know that the bootloader has to be loaded, but would that be loaded to the MBR of the HDD? or would that be in the flash mem?
23:51:59Torneright, so the next step after that would be picking something to modify/overwrite such that it runs something on boot
23:52:10Torneideally in kernel mode with full control ofthe hardware
23:52:24Torneyou'd want to demonstrate this by prodding some hardware register that has a visible/audible effect, probably :)
23:52:46Tornethe zune's bootloader is in flash
23:52:56Torneyou probably don't want to overwrite that
23:53:15Tornebut, whatever file it loads from disk to boot is probably signed..
23:53:20Torneso you can't just replace it, i expect.
23:54:19Tornei forget how the exploit works, so i dunno if it would be too annoying to do that every time
23:54:48Torneand i'm not sure hwo to get to kernel mode on recent CE versions; old ones had a syscall that just did it, but they made it actually vaguely secure later
23:55:11 Quit jgarvey (Quit: Leaving)
23:56:01RyuRabbitI know there have been a few "mods" to older firmwares, by opening the cab files that are in the firmware
23:56:37RyuRabbitand just realized, if you try to open the Zune in Linux via Nautilus, or any other file browser, the Zune restarts
23:56:57 Join bunnyboi [0] (

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