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#rockbox log for 2010-08-21

00:00:46Tornea lot of people who say they are working on something actualyl mean they're going to go read how to do a port :)
00:00:59Torneand then they discover it's actually pretty difficult and timeconsuming and don't come back ;)
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00:02:11amiconniPod 1st Gen adc isn't working anymore
00:02:33*amiconn guesses that arm-elf-eabi is "optimizing" the delay loops away
00:04:59amiconnIndeed that is what's happening
00:05:19*amiconn vaguely remembers a similar problem on another target having the same problem
00:05:36*amiconn doesn't remember which target though :\\
00:05:55pixelmathe D2 had some problem with eabi
00:06:38amiconnAh, yes, in i2c driver
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00:21:09CIA-88New commit by amiconn (r27850): iPod 1st Gen: Fix battery ADC not working due to the EABI compiler optimizing the delay loops away. Use udelay() instead, not wasting CPU time when ...
00:22:27pixelmaso - no difference between the Mini 1st and 2nd gens' manuals anymore...
00:22:46amiconnNo change in that area...
00:22:55CIA-88r27850 build result: All green
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00:23:27amiconnHmm, arm-elf-eabi-gcc produces a sub-optimal loop for udelay()
00:25:04amiconnThe rsb/cmp sequence could simply be replaced by rsbs - I wonder what gcc is doing there
00:25:05pixelmais the Mini first gen scroll wheel still something different?
00:25:17amiconn[00:22:41] <amiconn> No change in that area...
00:25:53pixelmait could just have been referring to the manual...
00:26:59amiconnMini 1st wheel acceleration + repeat needs to be implemented by someone having that target
00:27:15*pixelma looks around for wodz ;)
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01:56:26lestatarfolks a quick question re: v2 fuze and the "90MB" issue
01:57:01lestatarhave read some info on this being a prob with the OF, a lack of space on main mem
01:57:15lestatari assume this is not an issue under rb?
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02:40:53VuzeTroubleshey guys I have this fuze 8gb refurb and having trouble installing rockbox
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02:41:36VuzeTroublessays wrong firmware
02:41:43VuzeTroublesim using V 01.02.31A
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03:23:08seaniCould someone close FS11557 for me? There is no bug (at worst a mild inconsistency) it was just me being something of a cock. Ta!
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03:39:36fleebailey33all links for install the ipl2 on 5th gen ipod seem dead =/
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03:51:00Misanthroposhi everybody
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03:51:30Misanthroposjust received my sansa clip+ and tried the rockbox installation with a current OF firmware
03:51:44Misanthroposit said ok and .rockbox and bootloader seemed to be installed correctly
03:51:56Misanthroposhowever: the OF gets booted like nothing happened
03:52:48MisanthroposRockboxUtility-v1.2.7, clppV010215
03:52:58Misanthroposand current build
03:53:03Misanthroposany hints?
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03:59:49Misanthroposi see, that maybe i have to use mkamsboot?
04:02:25saratoga_Misanthropos: i think the utility hasn't been updated since the newer clip+ model came out, so you need to either compile a newer build or use mkamsboot
04:05:57Misanthropossaratoga_, since it downloaded the current build i should do the mkamsboot
04:06:13Misanthroposthanks for the reply
04:07:07saratoga_there should probably be a new rbutil release soon
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04:13:03Misanthroposit boots rockbox
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04:31:31Misanthroposi compiled the svn version before i received the device and a big THANKS to all who participated in this project
04:31:33Misanthroposi love it
04:32:07Misanthroposnice to have the ability to play with a "simulated" device
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05:43:15fleebailey33ah, ok, found a mirror for ipl 2.5
05:43:22fleebailey33not easy :(
06:11:30 Part AzureSky
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07:09:51bieberJdGordon: If you catch this later, could you put together a Wiki page or make ml posts for all the changes you're making? I'm not on IRC a lot this week, so a more permanent medium would be helpful ;)
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12:13:20amiconnHmm. Seems dircache chokes on a broken filesystem
12:14:37amiconnMy iPod Photo had two cross-linked files. With dircache disabled rockbox had no problem, but enabling dircache caused a data abort during scan
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12:19:20n1samiconn: did rockbox read them at all when you had dircache disabled?
12:19:24 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:20:42n1si mean did you try to access them
12:20:52amiconnI didn't try to read those files; only noticed during talk clip generation
12:21:58amiconnSo yes, the bug might be in standard filesystem code as well
12:22:01n1swould be cool if we could handle such cases in a nicer way, i think we are pretty bad when i comes to corrupted filesystems
12:25:25amiconnActually that's quite likely, now I remember having seen sporadic checksum errors on rolo. That was with dircache disabled
12:26:33*amiconn thinks it's not possible to notice cross-linked files on a low-mem system
12:26:49amiconnIt would require the whole fat to be kept in ram afaics
12:28:29 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
12:29:41amiconnOtoh checksum errors just mean rolo read wrong data (possibly also belonging to a crosslinked file). There was no data abort in this case
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15:41:33dennis-pCan I remap keys in rockbox for rockbox and all plugins? Power <> Rec buttons?
15:41:56dennis-pon a e270 with rockbox 3.6
15:42:33JdGordonyes, but it depends how much effort you want to get into to do it
15:44:38dennis-pI think the youngest can't use use it without a swap, with a swap the keys would become similar to the Fuze of his older brother.
15:45:28JdGordonwell either way you have to recomple to do it... if you want to just swap those buttons then its a 2 line fix
15:47:30dennis-pAh, that is indeed too much. I request a config file :-(
15:48:53TheSevensomebody might be kind enough to provide a custom build for you though
15:51:04dennis-pAh, that would be nice as the e200 series would look and behave like the fuze if its Power and Rec microswitches would be swapped. I use the latest stable release 3.6.
15:51:46*TheSeven boots his build client
15:51:58TheSevenI have to commit some FTL fix anyway
15:52:07TheSevenJdGordon: what needs to be changed?
15:52:41JdGordoni image just changing the button-e200.c file to swap the return values
15:53:15TheSevenok, that sounds like a plan
15:57:51*TheSeven starts compiling
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16:15:17dennis-pCan I remove the difficult games from the menu by removing .rock and .lua files from /.rockbox/rock/games ?
16:29:13 Quit h3po (Quit: Leaving.)
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16:39:40TheSevensorry, had to leave my pc for a while
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16:40:57CIA-88New commit by theseven (r27851): Some Nano2G FTL cosmetics
16:42:46CIA-88r27851 build result: 33 errors, 0 warnings (theseven committed)
16:43:40TheSevenwhat the hell
16:44:06TheSevendennis-p: got them?
16:44:29dennis-pi see them
16:44:37TheSevendoes anyone have an idea what kind of weird race condition i've triggered with that commit?
16:47:30TheSevendennis-p: does everything work as expected?
16:48:05gevaertsTheSeven: it could be a local issue on that client
16:48:25 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:48:25gevaertsor not
16:48:31*gevaerts isn't sure
16:48:33 Join antil33t [0] (
16:49:00 Join h3po [0] (
16:49:07TheSevenaren't roolku's "n" machines more or less clones? shouldn't that happen more often then?
16:49:56gevaertsit's a makefile issue
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16:50:13gevaertsThere's a missing dependency somewhere
16:52:17gevaertshm, interesting
16:52:39TheSevengevaerts: ASMDEFS core_asmdefs.h
16:52:47TheSeven/bin/sh: /home/robert/rb/builds/build-samsungyh925/apps/core_asmdefs.h: No such file or directory
16:53:14TheSevenshouldn't that command create that file?
16:53:59gevaertsSo yes, that's where it goes wrong
17:05:26 Quit mc2739 (Quit: leaving)
17:08:21dennis-pTheSeven: Excellent, works great.
17:11:26 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
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17:49:44CIA-88New commit by nls (r27852): Remove two unused defines.
17:51:16CIA-88r27852 build result: All green
17:52:29 Quit h3po (Quit: Leaving.)
17:57:47*n1s wonders about a 7 year old commit
17:58:36n1sr3174, including time.h there seems very arbitrary
18:07:36CIA-88New commit by nls (r27853): Remove unneeded include.
18:09:11CIA-88r27853 build result: All green
18:14:20CIA-88New commit by nls (r27854): Safeguard against possible stack corruption when the string in the tempbuffer is as long as the buffer and strcat adds a char.
18:14:30 Quit hebz0rl (Quit: Ex-Chat)
18:15:58CIA-88r27854 build result: All green
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19:54:19 Quit storm` ()
20:07:16CIA-88New commit by funman (r27855): makefiles ...
20:08:02funmani don't know why, but now 'make make.dep; rm -fr apps/; make $PWD/apps/core_asmdefs.h' no longer gives me an error (no such directory)
20:09:04CIA-88r27855 build result: All green
20:09:34funmanif the problem still appears, we might consider using make V=1 on the build clients
20:09:55gevaertsyes, maybe
20:10:27gevaertsAnyway, I have the same results here
20:11:11funmando you understand why the error message appeared? i suspected $(dir)
20:11:49gevaertsno, I didn't really investigate
20:12:01TheSevenjudging from the message, it might have been a missing directory for a file being piped into
20:12:17funmanthe mkdir should run prior to the script
20:12:42funmanin fact the error appeared before the first rule for xxx/%_asmdefs.h was run
20:13:11funmansaratoga: the 'User Guides' for downloading AMS OF are nice, should we put them in manual/getting_started/sansaAMS_install.tex too?
20:17:16 Quit CaptainKwel (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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20:35:33krabadorsome new cowon stuff are planned?
20:44:34funmankrabador: of course, we plan to help all the persons who are doing decent and qualified work on cowons
20:44:50 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: Aaarrrggghhh!!!)
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22:27:51eboyer93Can I get write permission for the Wiki?
22:28:30gevaertssure. What's your wiki name?
22:32:42gevaertsYou should be all set now.
22:34:22Jaykayhow is the build chart url?
22:34:23 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
22:34:58gevaertsJaykay: you mean ?
22:35:00 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:35:16Jaykayah, build. ... thanks :)
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