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#rockbox log for 2010-10-07

00:00:14gevaertsah, for the portalplayer sansas we enabled USB in the main build first, and then we had a release (or two even), and only after that the bootloaders were updated
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00:00:27gevaertsWhich isn't ideal either
00:00:35bertriksaratoga, I don't know exactly to be honest
00:01:08saratogaon AMS i guess there was more hurry since the Sansa OF is insanely annoying
00:07:16bertriksaratoga, I think the first address is the address of the instruction that caused the data abort and the second one is the address that it tried to access
00:08:33saratogaah ok, for some reason i wasn't thinking that data aborts should be load/stores
00:10:35saratogabattery bench is still running
00:11:02saratogaalthough it occurs to me that theres basically no way mp3 can make an amsv2 sansa ever boost, so in reality i'm just testing the stability of a build locked at the unboosted clock . . .
00:11:26saratogai should probably mix in an APE file
00:11:59bertrikI guess a data abort can happen for an unaligned access, but I don't know what happens if you try to access "dead" space (with no peripheral or memory behind it)
00:12:28saratogaif you try to execute it you should get a prefetch abort IIRC
00:12:35saratogaif you try to load/store it you get a data abort
00:13:09saratogaFWIW the data abort i'm seeing now does in fact point to a random block of memory not mapped to anything
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00:34:07krazykitwebguest32eh73, do you have a question?
00:35:39webguest32eh73my key got stuck, sorry.
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00:38:34webguest32eh73>sigh< ICH BIN verlassen.
00:38:58webguest32eh73just seeing what the irc channel was .
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00:46:44krazykitwebguest32eh73, please read the IrcGuidelines wiki page linked in the topic
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00:52:29andromedeagevaerts: thank you
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01:09:08asderixAnyone know if its possible to pop a nano 2g screen into a nano 1g?
01:09:24JdGordon|everything is possible...
01:09:34JdGordon|you shouldnt expect it to work, but sure
01:10:10asderixGuess I'll be buying a new screen then
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01:17:02asderixwill a nano work without the screen in?
01:18:11 Part andromedea
01:19:11krazykitpossibly. you'll want to add voice and talk clips, of course.
01:20:14asderixYeah, I'm just gonna bust the parts from the screen out to use the mount for the screen to keep things steady
01:22:15asderixrandom related topics anyone know if a 1g nano supports host USB mode?
01:24:14Tornethe hardware does in theory, but maybe only 1.1
01:24:25Tornewe don't know how and t needs a special dock adapter
01:24:39Torneso in practise no
01:25:49asderixWell, I don't know what controls the ipods host mode, but I know if you put a usb connector at 0ohmz into a droid x while booting,it goes into host mode
01:26:31Torneno, it's nothing like that
01:26:47Tornethose devices have usb otg, a special kind of controller that can switch
01:27:08Tornethe chip in the ipods has a seperae host controller that we don't know how to use
01:27:28asderixits own port,perhaps?
01:27:29Torneand we don't know how to enable it to be hooked up to the right pins either even
01:27:57Tornethe photo upload adapter from apple uses it.
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01:28:20asderixToo bad my sister is too pro apple
01:28:54asderixIf she wasn't, I'd be able to ask her to grab any devices or parts heading to the trash can forme
01:29:30geeko55I need some help here. I'm getting this error message: *PANIC* Dir entry 9 in sector 2 is not free! 81 52 0C 00
01:31:49saratogano idea what that means, but you should say which player
01:32:14geeko55Sansa e200
01:32:15gevaertsgeeko55: sounds like a corrupt file system
01:33:12geeko55How do I go and fix that?
01:33:26gevaertsWhat OS are you using?
01:33:41asderixCan you connect the device to a PC in either FW?
01:33:41geeko55Windows XP
01:34:09geeko55I can connect it, but it gives me that message as soon as it boots up unconnected
01:34:10kisak"too pro apple"? how can someone be "too pro apple"?
01:35:08asderixShe's yelled loud enough that someone calling the cops wouldn't have been an overreaction over a negative comment I made about apple
01:35:36gevaertsThat's not really on topic here...
01:35:59geeko55So I use that to check my Sansa?
01:36:00kisaksorry about the tangent
01:36:09gevaertsgeeko55: yes
01:36:41asderixI just made the initial comment because it would be great to have access to a lotof "ruined" apple parts
01:37:27geeko55All right, I'll check back once that's done.
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01:41:01geeko55It's scanning
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02:17:49geeko55Whoever helped me, thank you so much!
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03:19:57darkenvyWhos good at tagnavi?
03:20:40darkenvymy usually successful method of trial and error is taking too long so I thought I would ask someone who knows ;)
03:26:43darkenvyI having difficutly making a custom selection for "comments"
03:27:38JdGordon|tagnavi is mostly considered black magic around here :)
03:27:44darkenvy(rewriting all the comments into 3 categories - Techno -> Non-Techno -> Rap - I want to be able to choose between the three)
03:27:48JdGordon|does the db even store the id3 comment?
03:28:07darkenvyaccording to "Supported Tags "
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03:29:33darkenvylink for your convenience:
03:31:40asderixAnyone know of any cheap MP3 players that work with rockbox thatCan take an SDcard?
03:32:23JdGordon|any of the recent sansas pretty much (except view)
03:32:27darkenvyso JdGordon, it doesn't look good huh? I wanted to use the comment section as its the graffitti of ID3 tage :\
03:32:32JdGordon|fuze, e200, clip+
03:32:51JdGordon|darkenvy: I havnt got a clue how tagnavi works :)
03:33:00darkenvyah perfect XD
03:33:02asderixHopefully I can get a V1 Fuze this time
03:33:17darkenvyIt takes so long to trial an error with starting, initializing, rebuilding db :\
03:33:32asderixThe V2's USB compatibility was disappoingting comparedto this ipod
03:34:25darkenvywoah those fuses are rockboxable?! :D
03:34:38alexbobPI run rockbox on my v2 fuze
03:34:44alexbobPwhat's the usb compatibility issue?
03:34:58JdGordon|darkenvy: you dont need to reinitialise the database for tagnavi changes to take effect
03:35:00asderixMine got broken by a freak accident
03:35:16darkenvybut for the db to rebuild?
03:35:22asderixand last I checked,its USB functionalitywas way up
03:35:45darkenvyokay ill come back later when I figure more stuff out
03:35:47JdGordon|darkenvy: ? tagnavi is the interface for the db, you dont need to rebuild it for changes to work
03:36:02alexbobPasderix: well it still doesn't have usb host :P
03:36:03darkenvythat does make my life easier then
03:36:21alexbobPnot even usb guest, really... it goes to OF when I connect it to the computer
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03:36:59asderixI love the USB HID mode on this iPOd
03:37:12alexbobPwhat's different about it?
03:37:26asderixI'm using a keyboard,mouse, that and touch pad atthe same time
03:37:43alexbobPwait, keyboard and mouse on the ipod?
03:37:52asderixmouse on the ipod
03:37:52alexbobPdoesn't that require usb host?
03:38:06asderixI mean I'm using 3 mouses and a keyboard simultaneously
03:38:07alexbobPis the mouse connected to the ipod's usb port?
03:38:32JdGordon|he's saying he uses the ipods wheel as a mouse
03:38:42asderixI mostly use the browser,actualy
03:38:48asderixbrowser mode*
03:39:01asderixI end up with a lot of tabs open finding materialto read
03:39:19asderixI like pretty weirdthough
03:39:43asderixNot a lot ofpeople use their footon a touch pad
03:40:30alexbobPand I can't imagine why not, it's probably sooo useful...
03:40:45asderixwell,I can't do it now
03:41:06asderixI had to perform some surgery on myself today
03:41:46asderixI have no clue how an inch and a half of copper wire got stuck straight through my foot, without unraveling the ends ofthe wire
03:42:12alexbobPwell that sounds pretty unpleasant
03:42:32asderixI'll hold back the other details,but it was worsethan that
03:42:49asderixBut yeah, I guess I"m hitting ebay for another fuze
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06:19:29asderixanyone know any devices that are supported by rockbox that supportother alternate FW?
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06:22:48JdGordon|ipodlinux and sansalinux (if that is still around) is pretty much it i tihnk
06:23:21asderixHm, I've never heard of sansa linux
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06:23:36asderixnot bad to know about though
06:24:00sinthetekwtf, there's a sansaliux?!
06:24:31JdGordon|ipodlinux ported to the e200,.. dunno if that got anywhere, IIRc it booted the kernel and that was it
06:24:56asderixI won't be searching for it now, as I'm still working on mydroid X wire, but I'm definitelygonna chek it out
06:25:21asderixThough I have to say, rockbox is far superior for normaluse of the mp3 player
06:25:35asderixipod linux can burn some battery
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06:34:16tmzt_JdGordon|: it was?
06:34:54tmzt_I thought about trying a port to ams, but too busy for that
06:34:58tmzt_and limited usefulness
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08:36:18funmansaratoga: in the data abort handler, the first address points to the faulting instruction; the second address is the address causing the fault
08:37:14funmane.g. if r0 = 0xFFFFFFFF (invalid address), pc = 0x30000000 => ldr r1, [r0] will abort with "0x30000000, 0xFFFFFFFF"
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08:39:03funman(what bertrik answered, i'm just seeing it now)
08:39:49funmansaratoga: do you see the data abort with cpufreq enabled on amsv2 ?
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09:42:04JdGordonthere was talk yesterday/last night about changing the default to stylus mode on android... this is a bad idea untill we have a proper touch sbs
09:42:23JdGordonand by proper I just really mean something which displays some soft buttons on the screen
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10:38:56wodzamiconn: ping
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10:46:46wodzamiconn: I narrowed down my problems with display buffer corruption in imageviewer plugin on my mini1G. grey_init() is called with GREY_ON_COP flag. If I remove this flag I have no screen corruption. Are there any special precautions I have to take into account when using greylib on COP?
10:48:18n1swods i think you need special care with regard to caches
10:48:39 Quit bmbl (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
10:49:05amiconnYou shouldn't need to do anything special. The greylib takes care of cache alignment etc itself
10:49:46n1sdon't you need to flush main CPU cache before accessing data from COP?
10:50:55amiconnGuess what "etc" in my statement means?
10:51:39wodzamiconn: If I place small sleep() before calling grey_show(true) it makes situation better (smaller corruption when greylib on COP)
10:52:14amiconnThe actual greybuffers (phase/ value) are uncached when the greylib is running on cop, and the drawing buffer (when using buffered mode) is always accesed by the CPU only
10:52:36wodzwithout delay either display is totaly screwed up or device simply hangs
10:52:53wodzI don't use buffered mode
11:01:07 Quit timcccccc (Quit: timcccccc)
11:02:23amiconnThis is weird... it should just work
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11:03:02wodzhmm now it hanged with greylib on CPU
11:03:20wodzjtag would be extremely handy :/
11:04:10wodzshould grey_show(true) be called at the very end?
11:04:28amiconnEnd of what?
11:05:26 Join timcccccc [0] (~timcccccc@
11:06:07wodzdraw_image_rect() is call to mylcd_ub_gray_bitmap_part()
11:07:04wodzthe text "showing ...." is displayed and than it hangs
11:07:22wodzbut not always
11:13:52wodzhmm there is unpopulated 8pin zif connector near the cpu
11:23:02amiconnYou can switch the overlay on & off as often as you like
11:23:25amiconnJust don't call grey_show() before grey_init() or after grey_release()
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11:39:58 Part Zagor
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11:44:28wodzamiconn, pixelma: May I ask for test of recording with FS #11189 applied?
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12:00:42 Quit timcccccc (Read error: No route to host)
12:01:44 Join sundar [0] (~IMeMyself@
12:04:53sundarHi... I couldn't find Cowon J3 even in Pre-development ports list, is there something I'm missing or has there been no interest in developing for it?
12:05:29Torneif there's no references to it anywhere then probably nobody is working on it, no
12:07:39sundarTorne: Ok, thanks. What does it take to start work on such new devices?
12:09:19 Join Jaykay [0] (
12:10:09n1ssundar: basically a lot of know how, a lot of time and a lot of motivation and some luck
12:11:10 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
12:12:40sundarCrap, I'm not going back to electronics now... :) Guess I'll take a look at some device that has had its electronics analyzed already...
12:19:36n1sit's usually very little electronics involved in a port but a lot of RE of the frimware if there are no docs
12:25:10 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
12:28:48 Join drizztbsd_ [0] (
12:30:11 Quit drizztbsd (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
12:30:29sundarn1s: what does reverse engg involve? the newport page doesn't have info on that..
12:31:41Tornenot wanting to be dismissive or anything, but if you don't know what it involves already then you aren't likely to be able to do it :)
12:31:51n1ssundar: it's very port specific but usually involves finding out how to communicate with the different components in the player like dac and power management chips, etc
12:32:17 Nick drizztbsd_ is now known as drizztbsd (
12:32:25JdGordonkugel: does make apk work reliably with changing the java?
12:32:30JdGordonespecially hen adding new classes?
12:32:35n1sbut first you need a way to execute code on the player for a port to even be possible, that might involve RE too
12:32:58kugelJdGordon: yes, but the file needs to be seen by the makefile
12:33:19kugeli.e. not in a subfolder
12:33:39 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:33:40JdGordonim building in the android folder...
12:36:32kugelI mean not in a subfolder in src/org/rockbox
12:36:52kugelthe makefile just does javac src/org/rockbox/*.java basically
12:36:55JdGordonwas deleting the bin/ folder a bad idea?
12:37:13kugelyou can try make clean, maybe that helps
12:37:15JdGordonmake apk builds the java files but errors out
12:37:52JdGordonah, that worked
12:38:33*JdGordon wishes there was a nice(r) way to debug this
12:43:37*kugel has some nice kinetic scrolling working
12:44:04 Join funman [0] (
12:44:12 Quit funman (Changing host)
12:44:12 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
12:46:02funmanpSiKO: i received the µSD card
12:46:25funmanit works flawlessly in my clip+ (i copied a folder from internal storage and played it back)
12:46:52funmanfrom the outside it's also 100% identical to the card i have, but from the inside it is a bit bigger (just like i had seen from the disk info)
12:57:07sundarn1s: Ok. Is there a resource that can be starting point to learn how to do these things?
12:58:22sundarTorne: True, it would definitely not be easy. :) But I've completed a supposed electronics engg course (though I skipped it mostly and studied programming), so not entirely impossible hopefully.
12:58:23n1ssundar: not really, learning the asm code for the cpu in the player is the first step to RE anything at all though and finding a firmware to work on
12:59:33sundarn1s: Ok, thanks.. I'll look around and see what I can do.
12:59:52Torneyes, the majority of the reverse engineering that is needed is reverse engineering the original *software*
13:02:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:05:39 Join teru [0] (
13:12:01 Join timcccccc [0] (~timcccccc@
13:14:50pSiKOfunman: good news, fast shipping !!
13:15:23pSiKOI hope you can find why RB doesnt want use it
13:15:44funmanpSiKO: the card works fine for me
13:15:52pSiKOno !
13:16:03pSiKOon sansa fuze ?
13:16:24funmani don't have the fuzev2 here but i will try to get it to test
13:16:51pSiKOit was super
13:17:20pSiKObecause I think it's related to SD card acces by the fuze hardware
13:17:35pSiKOthe problem may be not reproductible on all hardware
13:17:35funmanhmm pSiKO which variant of the fuzev2 do you have ?
13:17:51pSiKOwhat do you mean ?
13:17:51funmansystem->debug->view hw info
13:18:12pSiKOok , I dont have my player with me , I give you this info tomorow
13:18:21funmanmy clip+ and fuzev2 are variant 0 but there are models with variant 1, and the SD driver is a little bit different
13:18:49pSiKOI knows it's a v2, but that all
13:19:03pSiKOthere is different fuzev2 hardware ?
13:19:50pSiKOhahaha !! I check my hw version and I tell you
13:21:04pSiKOI knows the sd card is working on my player but with the OF only
13:21:46funmando you remember which version of the OF you had installed?
13:28:19pSiKOjust a sec
13:28:46pSiKOOF 02.03.33
13:28:56pSiKOthat I patch with RB loader
13:29:23pSiKOand I put RB r28208 which allow me to "see" the sd card
13:29:40pSiKOwith next version of RB the player hang as I insert the card
13:30:47pSiKO*lauch time* i'm back in 1 hour
13:38:21 Quit Jaykay (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:41:56 Join bmbl [0] (~Miranda@unaffiliated/bmbl)
13:48:15 Join namnuf [0] (
13:48:18 Quit namnuf (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:48:20 Join funm4n [0] (
13:48:20 Quit funm4n (Client Quit)
14:08:27 Quit funman (Quit: Quitte)
14:10:30 Join funman [0] (
14:10:30 Quit funman (Changing host)
14:10:30 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
14:15:55Stummiwho is working on the USB-Support for Sansa AMS actually?
14:16:13funmannobody. you perhaps?
14:16:16Stummi(Sansa Clip/Fuze-models)
14:16:33Stummifunman, i don't belive that my skills are good enought for that :/
14:16:33funmanClipv1/Fuzev1 work flawlessly afaik
14:18:40 Quit sundar (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
14:18:44Stummifunman, so, USB-Support for Sansa Fuze v2 ist not sight for next time?
14:19:07funmani wish my skills were good enough for this
14:19:39 Join giovanni_ [0] (~giovanni@
14:21:21giovanni_kugel: about the issue I'm having with touch screen on onda, you can easilly understand it by running in absolute mode the current onda vx777 simulator
14:27:29CIA-81New commit by teru (r28216): use CONTEXT_LIST in simplelist_show_list() so that button combinations for page down/page up work.
14:29:36CIA-81r28216 build result: All green
14:29:49funmanStummi: you can check SansaAMS page on the wiki to see if the status changes
14:33:51 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
14:43:56Stummifunman, last time when i looked there, it said something about "80% progress" for implementing the USB-Stack.. Now it just says, that the usb-stack has some problems and is disabled
14:44:49funmanyes nothing change, i just reworded the sentence
14:45:03 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:48:04 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
14:51:19StummiHm, where should i look if i want to see or work on the usb-implementation für the fuzev2?
14:52:29 Quit anewuser (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
14:55:05funmanStummi: uncomment USE_ROCKBOX_USB in firmware/export/config/sansafuzev2.h and hack firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-drv-as3525v2.c
14:55:21 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
14:55:24 Join Jaykay [0] (
14:58:50 Join evilnick_B [0] (0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
15:02:43 Quit funman (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:02:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:03:01 Join funman [0] (
15:03:01 Quit funman (Changing host)
15:03:01 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
15:08:53 Quit kugel (Quit: exit(0);)
15:13:45 Join drizztbsd_ [0] (
15:14:56 Quit drizztbsd (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
15:15:04 Nick drizztbsd_ is now known as drizztbsd (
15:19:23CIA-81New commit by teru (r28217): alarm clock: don't have user pause the playback manually. make the plugin pause it.
15:21:17CIA-81r28217 build result: All green
15:24:01spike___i'm also intrested in fuzev2 usb support
15:25:09 Quit funman (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:48:57*AlexP summons funman
15:56:45 Quit CGL (Remote host closed the connection)
16:05:38 Join darkenvy [0] (d826be44@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:05:51 Quit teru (Quit: Quit)
16:06:59 Join jgarvey [0] (
16:07:03darkenvyWho knows tagnavi.conf well?
16:09:58darkenvythat 'black magic' tool :P
16:11:02darkenvyIm trying to section my music in 3 sections. Techno, non-techno and rap. All by using the comment section of the ID3 tags
16:11:14darkenvythis is what I got. %menu_start "custom" "Type" "Techno" -> title = "fmt_title" ? comment = "Techno"
16:11:43darkenvythe only problem with that is that now it just shows the title of the song and not the Artist then Album then title
16:14:32evilnick_BI think that the format of how the songs are displayed is defined earlier on in tagnavi.conf
16:18:43 Join hebz0rl [0] (
16:19:42evilnick_Bdarkenvy: I guess that you've looked through: ?
16:22:11darkenvyIts a little rough of a guide
16:26:18darkenvymust I add fmt_artist under "# Basic format declarations"?
16:28:46evilnick_Bdarkenvy: The majority of the devs use the filesystem rather than the database
16:28:59evilnick_BI don't knwo enough to give any advice, sorry :(
16:32:29darkenvysomeone has to know ><
16:33:18darkenvyI'll eventually figure it out I guess
16:34:37Tornedarkenvy: do you mean you want it to have submenus for artist/album/title?
16:34:53Tornedarkenvy: or just have one list where it shows all three things in each entry?
16:35:34darkenvythe first one. submenus with artist/album/title
16:36:59Torneyou need to include all the levels you want to have, then..
16:37:14Torneyour filter menu there only has title
16:38:11darkenvywell I tried "%menu_start "custom" "Type" "Techno" -> artist = "fmt_artist" ? comment = "Techno"" but apparently artist = fmt_artist isnt already declared?
16:38:32darkenvyoh, finish what you were saying XD
16:39:03Torne"Techno" -> artist ? comment = "Techno" -> album ? comment = "Techno" -> title = "fmt_title" ? comment = "Techno"
16:39:16TorneYou only have a format for the last thing
16:39:31TorneI think that will work
16:40:02Tornelist artists who have a track with comment techno, then albums by that artist which have a track with comment techno, then titles of tracks formatted with fmt_title with comment techno
16:40:09darkenvywow that surprisingly makes sense
16:40:26Torneif you want multiple levels of menu you have to specify that with more than one -> clause
16:40:32darkenvybrb i'll try it out
16:40:46Tornethe format string is just for how an invididual list entry is formatted
16:40:54Torneit has no effect on the actual hierarchy
16:41:13TorneI think you do need the condition on every level or else it'll display every artist/album in your library but most of them will be empty :)
16:41:48darkenvywhat is the "fmt_"? Is this the actual ID3 variable?
16:42:12Torneno, it's just the name of a format string declared in tagnavi.config
16:42:33Torne%format "fmt_title" "%d.%02d. %s - %02d:%02d" discnum tracknum title Lm Ls ? discnum > "0"
16:42:50Torne(or several fallbacks for tracks which don't have a disc number or track number)
16:43:13Torneyour custom tagnavi config extends the default one, so you can still refer to the format strings defined in the default one
16:43:46darkenvyhey guess what? It works like a charm ^^
16:43:50Torneit does? cool
16:43:53Tornethe docs imply it should
16:44:08Torneso yeah it's a bit verbose because you have to repeat the condition
16:44:14Tornebut that's just how it works.
16:44:49Tornei don't think any of our default menus have to do that, because they just don't happen to need it :)
16:45:26darkenvyI can figure this out myself but is it possible to make a search condition above "Artist"? So that when you access the db its the first menu icon? or must it always reside in "custom view"?
16:46:32TorneDefine your own version of what you want the main menu to look like
16:46:43Tornecall it something else, like my_main
16:47:02Tornethen put %root_menu "my_main" in your tagnavi_custom.config
16:47:12Torneif you specify a root menu it overrides the default one
16:47:54Torneyou can just copy and paste the definitionof hte normal main menu from the default config, rename it and edit it
16:49:46darkenvythe default menu for tagnavi_cusom.config resides within that "custom view" then basicly?
16:50:04Torneyes, the default config just has a "Custom view" entry which leads to a menu called custom
16:50:05darkenvysounds simple enough
16:50:14Torneso if you define your menu as being "custom" then it appears under there
16:50:23Tornebut if you call it something else it won't, and you can make it appear anywhere you like
16:50:33Torneincluding as the root menu
16:51:31darkenvyoh it makes sense! %root_menu "main" isn't executed untill after %include "/.rockbox/tagnavi_custom.config" which includes %root_menu "my_main" thus my menu comes first
16:51:55Tornethta's why root_menu works that way ;)
16:52:58Torneit's good to see someone else who actually customises the tag menu
16:53:02Tornei have lots of odd stuff on mine :)
16:53:42darkenvywell I have loads of techno and regular music. but I hate how they are mixed together :P
16:53:47evilnick_Bdarkenvy: If this is making more sense, then it'd be useful if you could update the Wiki page to be more understandable
16:54:06TorneYeah, if you can think of any way the wiki page could be improved that'd be good
16:54:17Tornenothing i've just said is *not on there* but it may not be there in the most understandable way
16:54:28darkenvyactually I have been fighting itunes and ID3 tags for years. especially those compilation CDs of "best techno of 2010" has 100s of different artists all with one song XD
16:54:41Torneah, that's what albumartist is for ;)
16:54:49Tornei never use the actual artist tag
16:55:13Tornejust referring to albumartist everywhere eliminates all the "just one song from a compilation" submenus
16:55:30 Quit giovanni_ (Quit: Sto andando via)
16:55:52darkenvywell hey I never updated a wiki but I figure ill be messing around with tagnavi for a while
16:56:02 Join funman [0] (
16:56:02 Quit funman (Changing host)
16:56:02 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
16:56:16Tornewell, if nothing else if you come up with something you think is interesting you could add it as an example
16:56:41Tornei understand the wiki page because i've actually looked at the code and know vaguely how it works under the hood ;)
16:56:47Torneit's probably not equally useful to users
16:57:52darkenvyYea it just needs a bit of cleaning up really
16:58:21darkenvyi'll add a few example in due time ;)
16:58:37 Join [sko] [0] (~sko]
16:58:55 Quit Dreamxtreme (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
17:00:35darkenvyhmmmm by declaring %root_menu "my_main" my custom stuff seemed to have dissapeared
17:00:55darkenvyI'm just gonna declare it as "main" :P
17:02:35saratogafunman: no the battery bench finished normally, 16:47:26
17:02:40saratogai don't have anything to compare that too though
17:02:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:03:01saratogawill try stock next
17:07:17darkenvyactually now this is confusing me :S
17:08:10darkenvywhat do I need to add after %root_menu "my_main" in tagnavi_custom.config to create a selection above "Artist"?
17:09:45darkenvyif I use " %menu_start "main" "Type" " then my menu looks like: "Techno" "Non-Techno" "artist" "album"
17:10:51darkenvyI need to create one more layer too keep "techno, non-techno and rap" within the "%menu_start "main" " so it lookes like: "Type" "Artist" "Album"
17:12:42 Join wodz [0] (
17:14:56wodzamiconn: I tested other image formats on mini1G to eliminate bug in png decoder. The images are corrupted when greylib uses COP.
17:15:32 Part Zagor
17:17:52 Join _s1gma [0] (~d.d.derp@
17:18:27 Join balintx [0] (
17:20:33darkenvygot it!
17:20:42darkenvyHey Thanks Rockboxians!
17:20:49 Quit anewuser ()
17:21:27darkenvynow I can fully enjoy my 240gb ipod :)
17:26:07evilnick_Bdarkenvy: Nice player :)
17:26:47darkenvyI love it. the only thing I dont like is that ipod 5th gens have rare parts
17:27:01 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
17:29:02 Join Thanatos [0] (
17:29:15evilnick_BNot compared to most other Rockbox targets! (Although this is veering into #rockbox-community talk now)
17:30:01darkenvywhat are you saying? (I can take that 3 different ways heh)
17:31:00darkenvyI assume you were saying that most rockbox targets are common players
17:31:19n1sno, most are rare because they are very old
17:32:05darkenvyah. yes I see
17:32:39darkenvyI just replaced a mobo on my ipod last summer. :\. luckily I found ONE on ebay for cheap
17:33:27evilnick_BThe iPods have by far the largest amount of replacement parts, I would have thought, check out sites like
17:35:03darkenvyyea expensive
17:35:33darkenvydo you suppose those parts are 3rd party made? and yes we derived of topic but I gotta go now anyways :\
17:36:20 Part LinusN
17:37:04*evilnick_B has no idea
17:41:35 Quit darkenvy (Quit: Page closed)
17:47:36 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
17:51:40 Join Strife89TX [0] (~cstrife89@
17:52:31 Quit petur (Quit: Page closed)
17:53:55 Join DSStrife89 [0] (~Strife89@
17:53:58 Quit Strife89TX (Client Quit)
17:56:57DSStrife89Wow, I definitely want one.
17:57:23 Quit yosafbridge (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
17:57:25 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
17:57:34DSStrife89Blazer fails at rendering the page though, so I can't read the price. :/
17:57:48evilnick_BDSStrife89: Switch back to #rockbox-community
17:58:14 Join yosafbridge [0] (
18:05:05 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dreamxtre@
18:15:20 Join Staphylo [0] (
18:20:11 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
18:20:14 Quit kugel (Changing host)
18:20:14 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
18:27:37AlexPfunman: Have you seen ?
18:28:14funmanno but there was a similar report
18:28:22funmanperhaps on flyspray
18:28:31AlexPLooks like the've narrowed down the commit on that thread
18:28:48funmani already knew about this commit
18:29:04funmanFS #11608
18:30:13funmanno idea what the problem is though
18:40:40 Quit swilde (Quit: ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs))
18:44:37 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
18:45:03 Quit antil33t (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:52:35 Quit [sko] (Quit: Leaving.)
18:54:10 Quit kugel (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -
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18:54:27 Quit kugel (Changing host)
18:54:27 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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19:03:15 Quit Staphylo (Quit: Bye les gens =))
19:04:22 Join anewuser [0] (anewuser@unaffiliated/anewuser)
19:07:04 Quit Thanatos (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:07:21 Quit DerPapst1 (Quit: Leaving.)
19:10:04 Join lestatar [0] (
19:12:34 Join sssUser [0] (
19:14:08 Join isthisnametakeny [0] (
19:14:36 Join antil33t [0] (
19:15:01isthisnametakenyHello, I don't have much time to chat right now but I tried to join the wiki and need my account activated eventually.
19:16:11gevaertsisthisnametakeny: what's your wiki name?
19:16:43 Quit DSStrife89 (Quit: Heading for the library.)
19:16:47isthisnametakenyCan't stay on much longer
19:17:31 Quit sssUser (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
19:17:31gevaertsisthisnametakeny: ok, you're added
19:17:39isthisnametakenyBye now
19:18:13 Quit isthisnametakeny (Client Quit)
19:20:00crwlhey, you should have asked why Daikatana sucked so much
19:26:57 Join user890104 [0] (
19:27:35 Join sudoman [0] (d8ecfce7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:38:10dfkthow are the odds? sharing the same name with the founder and main game designer of ID soft?
19:38:21 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:40:11 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:43:28 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
19:43:30 Quit kugel (Changing host)
19:43:30 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
19:51:08 Join stoffel [0] (
19:53:51 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:54:01 Join funman [0] (
19:54:01 Quit funman (Changing host)
19:54:01 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:56:23 Join Buschel [0] (
20:02:23 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:06:47 Join shai [0] (
20:07:39 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:7d0:0:f000::135d)
20:09:37 Quit funman (Quit: Quitte)
20:09:48 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
20:09:48 Quit kugel (Changing host)
20:09:48 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:11:54 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
20:16:37 Join panni_ [0] (
20:17:28funmanubuntu has both libusb-0.1-4/libusb-dev and libusb-1.0-0/libusb-1.0-0-dev ; which one should be used for rbutil?
20:18:06funmanthe first one seems to work
20:18:36 Quit thegeek (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:18:46 Join thegeek [0] (
20:24:41 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
20:24:41 Quit stoffel (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:31:54funman <- do i miss something in my config? directories / filenames continue to be spelled despite the presence of talk files (generated with rbutil)
20:33:10 Quit t0rc (Quit: Give someone code, help them with one project. Teach someone to code, help them rule the world.)
20:41:58sudomanfunman: i'm not really sure about this, but you could check the voice settings menu. i think there's an option to speak file names instead of spell them.
20:43:28soapAlexP, Llorean what feature of HA were you all talking about in reference to soap?
20:43:28 Quit funman (Quit: Lost terminal)
20:43:58Lloreansoap: Users can't delete their own posts after they have been replied to
20:57:46 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854])
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21:19:19 Quit bmbl (Quit: Bye!)
21:20:20 Join factor [0] (~factor@
21:24:17 Quit sudoman (Quit: Page closed)
21:24:42 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
21:25:58CIA-81New commit by learman (r28218): Update Swedish translation.
21:27:43CIA-81r28218 build result: All green
21:31:54 Join CGL [0] (~CGL@
21:42:16 Join Thanatos [0] (
21:45:01funmanso do we fix the wps/sbs bugs before thinking about 3.7 ?
21:48:47 Join Dreamxtreme_ [0] (Dreamxtrem@
21:49:49 Join esperegu_ [0] (~quassel@
21:51:38 Join ender [0] (
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21:55:49 Join spike_ [0] (
21:57:37 Join cozo [0] (
21:57:55cozohi everyone
21:58:05cozoi need a little help with tagnavi
21:58:08 Quit Dreamxtreme (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:59:10cozoi want <all tracks> to be sorted by album
21:59:41cozoalbum / track number really
22:00:22cozocan anyone instruct me on how to do it?
22:00:55AlexPYou'll be lucky :)
22:01:10LloreanI don't believe that's possible at this time?
22:01:19AlexPThe vast majority of devs don't use the database, and I don't think many if any of those that do customise it :)
22:01:21 Quit krazykit (Quit: later)
22:02:22 Join Jaykay__ [0] (
22:02:22 Join m|c [0] (
22:03:14 Join jgarvey_ [0] (
22:03:21 Join balintx_ [0] (
22:03:54 Join Gabe_G23_ [0] (~gabe@bzflag/player/GabrielG)
22:03:55cozois there any way to generate a playlist of all the tracks (internal memory + SD card) sorted by artist / album / track ?
22:04:07 Join xvello_ [0] (
22:05:13kugelcozo: the database
22:05:36evilnick_Bcozo: Just a playlist? Depending on the directory structure you're using then you could do that on the player
22:06:31 Quit gevaerts (Disconnected by services)
22:06:39 Join gevaerts_ [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:06:42 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:06:44 Quit Gabe_G23 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:44 Quit jgarvey (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:44 Quit blithe (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:44 Quit balintx (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
22:06:44 Quit Galois (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:44 Quit guymann_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:45 Quit Jaykay_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:45 Quit xvello (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:45 Quit Kohlrabi (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:45 Quit miceh (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:45 Nick Gabe_G23_ is now known as Gabe_G23 (~gabe@bzflag/player/GabrielG)
22:07:34 Nick gevaerts_ is now known as gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:07:49 Join Kohlrabi [0] (~kohlrabi@
22:08:09cozoerr. how do i do it?
22:08:17 Quit Jaykay (*.net *.split)
22:08:17 Quit esperegu (*.net *.split)
22:08:17 Quit spike___ (*.net *.split)
22:08:18 Nick Jaykay__ is now known as Jaykay (
22:09:02cozomy folder structure is artist / album / ## - trackname
22:10:14 Join blithe [0] (~blithe@
22:10:35 Join guymann [0] (
22:11:21cozokugel ? evilnick_B ?
22:13:19evilnick_Bcozo: long-select on the music folder then add to a new playlist
22:15:04cozobut i want to combine my 2 music folders (internal memory + SD card)
22:15:09cozowill that work?
22:19:10evilnick_BThere is a way to make a root.m3u playlist, but I'm not sure if that would inclue the sd card and if it did then it wouldn't be sorted exactly how you want it to be
22:19:45evilnick_Bi.e. if you have the same artist folder in both locations then they wouldn't be sorted next to each other
22:19:45pixelmaI think you can do that with the database if you don't mind the entries in the list include the album name
22:20:03 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
22:20:05 Quit kugel (Changing host)
22:20:05 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:20:16pixelmabut I'm not a big tagnavi expert either, I admit
22:20:56evilnick_BIt'd be possible to do when connected to a desktop, but that would have to be done each time you changed the music on the player
22:22:47 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:23:01 Quit hebz0rl (Quit: Leaving)
22:24:05cozomm i guess i'll just have to prepend <microsd1> to the playlist and merge/sort them in the pc
22:24:35cozoi dont change the music that often so i guess it's ok
22:25:03cozorockbox needs a "sort playlist by..." anyways
22:25:14cozothat would solve many things
22:27:34*evilnick_B wonders if RB would find the files on the sd card even without prepending
22:28:57 Join stoffel [0] (
22:29:10cozodont think so, because if i look in track properties the path inlcudes the <microsd1>
22:32:47cozowouldnt that sort the files alphabetically instead of artist/album/tracks ?
22:33:47evilnick_BI guess that it'd sort the location of the files alphabetically
22:33:57evilnick_BSorry, the path to the files
22:34:06evilnick_BThis might be interesting reading too:
22:42:14 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:45:24cozomm lets see if it works
22:52:23 Join Staphylo [0] (
22:54:29hondzaHello. is it possible to change the volume without getting the display lit (without changing the sources, that is)? sansa clip +
22:56:43LloreanOnly if you turn off the backlight entirely, which makes it somewhat hard to use
22:59:22 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:00:39cozoevilnick_B: nope rockbox needs the full path
23:01:03evilnick_BFor the sd card?
23:01:58 Join fffnkf [0] (
23:01:58 Nick fffnkf is now known as Galois (
23:02:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:03:08cozoanyways i found a cool little app for M3U stuff
23:03:20cozoM3U Dropper
23:03:41cozomakes the work easy
23:05:01evilnick_BDo you use Windows?
23:05:14cozoalso mac
23:05:25 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia
23:05:29cozolinux in a VM sometimes
23:05:44evilnick_BOK, the way that I would do this would be as follows:
23:06:13evilnick_BUsing Windows and foobar2000, insert your player so that both the internal memory and the sd card are mounted as separate drives
23:06:35evilnick_BThen drag and drop the music directories (from both drives) into foobar
23:06:43evilnick_BSort that playlist however you want
23:06:52evilnick_BSave it as a .m3u file
23:07:26evilnick_BThen open the .m3u with Notepad or equivalent and find and replace the drive letter with <microSD> (or whatever the exact term is)
23:08:12 Join kazaik [0] (
23:08:29evilnick_BSave it to the player and then play it in Rockbox
23:08:38cozoi use mediamonkey, so it creates a m3u file when i sync the devices
23:09:11evilnick_BWhat should then happen is that it'd find the music on the sd card as you've specified that, and the music on the main memory will be found with Rockbox's path-stripping
23:10:26cozothe i use M3U dropper to open one playlist, prepend the <microSD1>, copi the list add it to the other M3U, and Sort by full path
23:10:31cozoworks like a charm
23:15:03 Part domonoky
23:17:51 Quit balintx_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:20:18 Join balintx [0] (
23:24:39 Quit n1s (Quit: Lämnar)
23:24:59 Quit aevin (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:26:20 Quit preglow (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:27:05 Quit evilnick_B (Quit: Page closed)
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23:57:14 Join KillzoneAgency [0] (
23:58:01KillzoneAgencyI have a question, does Rockbox work on a Ipod Nano 8GB?
23:58:34KillzoneAgencyI believe it's fourth generation

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