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#rockbox log for 2011-01-21

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01:55:19mudd1How can I get translated strings from within a plugin?
01:55:46mudd1#include "lang.h" gets me a linker error
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02:04:51mudd1I'm going to go to sleep
02:05:01mudd1just highlight me if you think you can help me out
02:05:04mudd1I'll check the logs
02:05:13mudd1good night
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02:43:14[Saint]Does your audio need to be in the sdcard/rockbox/ directory for the database init to find them on RaaAoA?
02:43:56[Saint]I wouldn't have thought so personally. But this seems to be the case.
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02:50:43[Saint]'s the only way I can get the DB to work on my Galaxy... :/
02:51:28[Saint]kugel: (logs) Any suggestions? ^
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03:12:36[Saint]yo, JdGordon|...what magic is involved in getting a particular target to use a larger bootsplash?
03:12:53[Saint]Do I just have to add it to SOURCES?
03:13:18[Saint]s/add it to/change it in/
03:16:35[Saint]hmmm...trial and error time I suppose. ;)
03:17:55JdGordon|it is probably just manginglg sources
03:23:43[Saint]I made a really nice bootsplash, but it's way too small.
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06:54:28ThopterIs it generally not possible in Rockbox to send a currently-playing song to a not-playing playlist? Say I'm playing through all my music on the player, and I come across a song I want to add to a different playlist. Is there a way to do that while playing, or do I have to stop playback and do it roundabout way?
06:56:43JdGordon|you dont have to stop [playback
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07:02:34Thopterreading the manual, it says that if music is playing, then the selected song will be added to the current playlist. I figured that meant I had to stop playback to add to a new playlist
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07:36:22ThopterIs it generally not possible in Rockbox to send a currently-playing song to a not-playing playlist? Say I'm playing through all my music on the player, and I come across a song I want to add to a different playlist. Is there a way to do that while playing, or do I have to stop playback and do it roundabout way?
07:37:02Torneplease don't just ask the same question over and over, especially when only two people have joined who weren't here the first time.
07:37:20Torneif nobody knew half an hour ago, then nobody knows now, probably
07:37:25Torneask on the forums where it will get a wider audience
07:37:28Thopterway to overreact to a SECOND post
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07:38:02Torneby "overreact" they mean "ask politely that you stop and suggest a better way to get an answer", i guess
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08:05:56CIA-7New commit by jethead71 (r29099): Gigabeat S: Renovate bootloader a bit to show splash, implement verbose, shutdown on low battery, handle hold-switch-on and wait only so long for USB ...
08:09:58CIA-7r29099 build result: All green
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09:31:41CIA-7New commit by jethead71 (r29100): WM8978: sound.c weirdness strikes again. Prescaler values have to be in centibels.
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09:35:18CIA-7r29100 build result: All green
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10:00:15 Quit DerPapst (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) there any particular reason you can't make an .apk out of a fullzip?
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12:08:06newuserhello, I am a new rockbox user. I have just installed on my clip+ first thing I want to do is enable user ratings but I can't see how to do it in the manual. It states that you have to enable GATHER RUNTIME INFORMATION but it does not explain how to do this, does anyone know?
12:11:11pixelmathere's a seperate option in the database settings you have to enable
12:12:30newuserok, i have searched though the documents but i can't find a tutorial or explination as to how to set this option. Is this a rockbox setting I can find on my player under the database section?
12:13:56pixelma and related may be a nice read
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12:14:54AlexP for the database bit
12:15:08AlexPAnd yes, gather runtime data should be in the database menu
12:19:10newuseri see it under setting, general settings, i am trying to set it now
12:20:33newuserok i now see an entry "Set Song Rating" in the context menu however when i select it i get "<no Info> then it exits me back to the playing song
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12:25:48newuseralso the icon for set song rating is a '?' this this correct for this function
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12:27:25newuserwhat does <no info> mean anyway, do i have to load my own menu here somehow?
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12:30:46newuserdoes anyone here know about to enable the Set Song Ratings?
12:31:07AlexPDid you turn on gather runtime data?
12:31:18AlexPAnd do you have an initialised database?
12:31:41newuseri found the setting and i selected yes
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12:32:08newuserdo i select initialize now next?
12:32:54newuserok i have selected initialise now and it says updating in background
12:33:08newuserwill it notify me when it if finished?
12:34:30AlexPshould do
12:34:35AlexPOr maybe not :)
12:34:41AlexPI never use the database so I'm not sure
12:35:05newuserok i will try it
12:35:24newuserso that means you don't use the user rating right?
12:35:39AlexPI know what music I like :)
12:35:52AlexPAnd I have it nicely organised and use the file browser
12:36:46newuseri like to load new music and discover new tracks that i like this way, do you know why the rating feature is not installed by default? I think in the origial firmware they had this function im not sure i installed rockbox right away but i think it was there it is a basic feature
12:39:00AlexPbecause the database needs to be enabled, which uses resources if you don't want it
12:39:06AlexPAnd lots of people don't want it
12:39:35AlexPAnd it is only a basic feature if you want it, I think it is a useless feature for instance
12:40:35newuserinteresting i love metadata, i build complex playlists with ratings, playcounts etc btw thanks for pointing me in the right direction
12:47:42AlexPno worries, I hope you get it going :)
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12:49:05pixelmait doesn't really notify you when it's finished when it's updating in the background but you should be able to see it in the statusbar - there's a symbol to the far right that displays disk access. During the initiliase process it is on all the time and off when it's finished, on initialising you need to reboot after that has finished (on next boot you'll see a splash "Commiting databes x/9")
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12:53:22CIA-7New commit by rmenes (r29101): Get the Croatian language file to build. Overlooked ...
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12:57:10CIA-7r29101 build result: All green
12:59:41newuserhi pixelma, yes i do see the icon, it has been on for around 30m or so, should i continue to wait? also if i see the message "Commiting databases" is that a bad sign or normal?
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13:38:07CIA-7New commit by mcuelenaere (r29102): Fix Onda VX747+ LCD not working on boot ...
13:42:26mcuelenaereoops, I was a bit too fast to commit that..
13:42:34CIA-7r29102 build result: 18 errors, 0 warnings (mcuelenaere committed)
13:42:34*mcuelenaere wonders whether that defined(x || y) actually works
13:42:40mcuelenaereseems not
13:46:02CIA-7New commit by mcuelenaere (r29103): Fix red: defined(x || y) is not valid C preprocessor
13:49:54CIA-7r29103 build result: All green
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17:28:32 Join Horscht [0] (
17:28:38 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
17:28:38 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
17:30:32 Join Kitar|st [0] (
17:31:47 Part Zagor
17:40:37 Quit diode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
17:52:39 Join {phoenix} [0] (
17:52:48 Join tchan1 [0] (
17:53:31 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
18:00:45 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
18:00:55 Join {-phoenix-} [0] (
18:01:52 Quit {phoenix} (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:04:56 Quit mudd1 (Remote host closed the connection)
18:09:25 Join Cowboy308 [0] (
18:16:47CIA-7New commit by alle (r29104): Add a delay between text scroll rounds when scrolling forward similarly to how it's done when scrolling bidirectionally (FS #11892)
18:19:38 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
18:20:48CIA-7r29104 build result: All green
18:23:39pixelmafml (logs): is the delay settable, or maybe - does it use the scroll delay setting for bidirectional scrolling or so?
18:24:32 Join fml [0] (
18:25:06fmlpixelma: hello. The delay between rounds is settable. It's the double of the "Start scroll delay".
18:25:45 Join dway1 [0] (
18:26:03fmlpixelma: yes, like it's always been
18:26:18dway1hello, is it ok to ask for help here?
18:26:27pixelmafml: sorry, I didn't understand
18:26:37fmlpixelma: it's the delay between two rounds. The delay before the first scrolling is just the setting.
18:26:43pixelmadway1: if it's Rockbox related then yes
18:27:14dway1yes, it is. i'm trying to install rockbox on an 2th gen. ipod mini, using a Mac
18:27:37pixelmafml: so it reuses the current setting that was used for bidirectional scrolling?
18:28:21dway1I have formatted my ipod to fat32, and now I'm trying to install rockbox
18:28:37fmlpixelma: there was (and is) only one setting: scroll start delay. It was used when scrolling bidirectionally and is now also used when only scrolling forward.
18:28:54pixelmafml: aha, all I wanted to know
18:29:16 Join gbl08ma [0] (
18:29:33dway1when i try to use rockbox utility, it tells me that bootloader is already installed. i say reinstall. then it says: Failed to read firmware directory
18:30:05dway1my question is: Do I need to restore the apple firmware there, before using rockbox utility?
18:30:13dway1If yes, how do I do that on a Mac?
18:30:24fmlpixelma: I never use bidir scrolling and was annoyed by the fact that it's hard to catch the start of the text when it's only scrolling forward. There was a patch adding "+++" between two rounds, but what we have now is even nicer.
18:30:34dway1(so that fat32 stays)
18:31:36 Part fml ("Back in a min")
18:32:46*pamaury made his gps/pda accept his custom wince image, now the question: is it running it ?
18:33:07pixelmadway1: yes, as far as I know, the Apple firmware needs to be in a working state. The easiest way to get a FAT formatted, working Ipod is an Itunes restore on a Windows PC but there is also a manual way but it's more complicated. There should be a page in our wiki, I believe it is called IpodManualRestore or similar
18:33:46pixelmafml (logs): yes, sounds more intuitive
18:33:59 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: free(me))
18:37:39dway1pixelma: all i can find is this:
18:37:44gbl08maHi everyone. Yesterday I registered on the wiki and asked for write permission. But the activation email didn't come. AlexP, are you there? Yesterday I talked with you...
18:37:47dway1and it doesn't help with restoring the firmware
18:39:10dway1ah, i now see the page you mentioned
18:39:25pixelmadway1: (I don't have an Ipod myself though, maybe others are a better help - be a bit patient)
18:39:32 Quit GodEater_ (Remote host closed the connection)
18:42:08 Join kadoban [0] (
18:44:09 Quit tchan1 (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)
18:44:21dway1pixelma: thanks for your help.
18:44:56 Join GodEater [0] (
18:44:56 Quit GodEater (Changing host)
18:44:56 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
18:46:14 Quit swilde (Remote host closed the connection)
18:49:19 Quit Cowboy308 (Quit: Leaving)
18:57:23 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~3f74f70d@rockbox/staff/LambdaCalculus37)
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19:06:14 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
19:06:16 Quit bmbl (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:11:21 Part dway1
19:11:29 Join bertrik [0] (
19:11:29 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
19:11:29 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:16:07 Join captainkewllll [0] (2669ecc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:22:40 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
19:24:44 Join panni_ [0] (
19:29:25 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06))
19:30:51 Join Buschel [0] (
19:41:39gbl08maAnyone there who can solve my wiki registration problem? I just don't get the email, and almost 24 hours have passed...
19:44:48 Join foolsh [0] (
19:46:02 Join vee [0] (
19:47:27AlexPgbl08ma: You need either Bagder or zagor
19:47:42AlexPgbl08ma: Hang around until one of them pops up :)
19:47:44pixelmaI guess the safest way is to mail Zagor even though it may take a while
19:47:51AlexPyes, probably
19:48:08AlexPI can never remember which of them is more wiki ish :)
19:48:38pixelmaAFAIK Zagor is in charge of it
19:54:47 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
19:55:47 Quit solexx_ (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
19:57:22 Join solexx [0] (
19:58:16gbl08maand where can I find Zagor email address, or other reliable mean of "finding" him?
19:58:47foolshFS #11898 I worked on this all night hope some one likes it plugin keymaps for the android port. but now im off to bed
19:59:48 Quit Dreamxtreme (Quit: +++ OK ATH OK)
20:04:23pixelmagbl08ma: bjorn at IIRC (this channel is logged so I won't write it out completely)
20:13:43gbl08maalready sent an email. thank you.
20:14:46 Join Xerion [0] (
20:20:34 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:25:52bluebroth3ris it really needed to get an activation mail when registering for the wiki?
20:26:20bluebroth3rI thought you only need to get added to the users list page with write permissions
20:26:40bluebroth3rgbl08ma: are you also gbl08ma in the tracker?
20:28:29gbl08mabluebroth3r: yes I am gbl08ma on the tracker and on the forums
20:29:01bluebroth3rgbl08ma: can you still reproduce FS #11865?
20:31:04gbl08mabluebroth3r: since I initialized the database, no.
20:31:17 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:7d0:0:f9af:215:c5ff:fe7e:794d)
20:31:46bluebroth3rok, then I'm going to close that as fixed. I can't reproduce it with an outdated or missing database anymore
20:31:49 Join Dreamxtreme [0] (~Dre@
20:31:51gbl08mabluebroth3r: it seems the bug was because the changes on the DB broke something that only got fixed after re-initializing.
20:32:46gbl08mabluebroth3r: i don't really know, but AFAIK if a new field is added or removed from the DB, it breaks the whole thing
20:35:51 Quit vee (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:37:15 Join webguest [0] (
20:37:22 Quit webguest (Client Quit)
20:37:39 Join webguest2 [0] (
20:41:26 Join audio-i [0] (
20:41:30 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:42:08 Join factor [0] (~factor@
20:42:38 Quit audio-i (Client Quit)
20:42:54 Join audio-i [0] (
20:43:48audio-iHello, I'd appreciate some "official feedback" about this,27055.0.html
20:46:28audio-ithat is the forum thread about someone asking to make a custom theme, in Themeing and appearance
20:46:35*gevaerts thinks
20:47:14 Quit Galois (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:47:21gevaertsI personally don't see a problem
20:47:24bertrikI don't mind if you create a theme for someone else for money
20:47:40audio-iI'm not taking the money
20:47:48audio-iso that's even easier :)
20:47:57gevaertsYou're also free to create themes without taking money :)
20:47:58 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
20:48:33audio-iok fine I'll do it then... it semed a bit odd at first... thanks!
20:48:47gevaertsIt's unusual, yes
20:49:42gevaertsBut we don't have specific places for people to look for "contractors", so those end up on the forums or the regular mailing lists
20:50:24bluebroth3rdo we actually have "contractors" around Rockbox?
20:51:04gevaertsNo idea. We've had people asking for specific modifications on the mailing list, but it's not clear if those were ignored or handled privately
20:54:20 Join dantje_ [0] (
20:57:53*domonoky really likes this theme sketch with postits and all.. someone should take this exact picture and create a theme out of it :-)
20:58:29domonokysimilar to those pen&paper themes, a pen & post-its theme :-)
21:00:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:01:23 Join Keripo [0] (
21:02:29 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lem0n@
21:04:41audio-idomonoky: yeah... I'll just go for the easy one this time :)
21:06:25 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:06:31S_a_i_n_tuuuuurrrrgrh....well, at least it's not a private mail.
21:06:56 Join factor [0] (~factor@
21:07:05S_a_i_n_tI get quite a few "theme requests" (sometimes demands) in my inbox each month.
21:09:02S_a_i_n_thow have you done it audio-i?
21:09:14S_a_i_n_thave you used bitmaps for the numerals?
21:09:28CIA-7New commit by kugel (r29105): FS #11828: Fix in core mod parser to blindly accept any .mod you throw at it. Based on MikMod.
21:12:42kugelerr, "to *not* blindy accept" :\
21:13:06CIA-7r29105 build result: All green
21:14:23 Join Strife89-L [0] (~Strife89@
21:16:42webguest2hi, still cannot register because of captcha ("invalid answer"). would be great if you take some action ;)
21:17:07 Join krazykit [0] (
21:19:10audio-iS_a_i_n_t: I haven't done it yet, but I think I'll just go for a big font. It will be needed for the menus also
21:20:23S_a_i_n_taudio-i: It's a little bit of extra effort, but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to find a CC-BY-SA font in that style to convert to .fnt
21:21:06audio-iS_a_i_n_t:you mean hand writing?
21:21:18S_a_i_n_tI was just thinking about it, and in that particular's the font that gives it the full effect.
21:22:54audio-ithere's the font used for Pen&Paper and nerdSketch 320x240... I'll just have to choose "the most readable"
21:23:29S_a_i_n_tWill you be including the "post-its"?
21:23:57 Quit esperegu (Remote host closed the connection)
21:24:14audio-ihahah... nope... I'll do something very simple, readable and configurable
21:30:18 Quit audio-i (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
21:31:12 Join Horschti [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
21:33:40 Quit linuxguy3 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:33:45 Join wodz [0] (
21:33:53 Quit evilnick_B (Quit: Page closed)
21:34:18 Quit Horscht (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:34:57wodztoday I faced weird behaviour on my nano2g - when I leave WPS and enter system->rockbox info and that came back to WPS album art is gone
21:35:11wodzhave anyone seen this before?
21:40:07 Join stoffel [0] (
21:41:24 Quit Strife89-L (Quit: BRB)
21:44:19 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:44:55 Join L-Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
21:47:21S_a_i_n_twodz: which theme, can it be reproduced with cabbiev2?
21:47:51S_a_i_n_tif so, which revision.
21:47:52 Quit markun (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:49:32 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
21:50:17wodzI checked again - it is reproducible
21:54:39 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
21:55:34wodzand another bug - If I choose iLike which disables icons and than select cabbiev2 again the icons are not restored
21:57:16wodzhmm in cabbiev2 it is harder to trigger but in cabbiev2 Blue it is 100% reproducible
21:59:04 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
21:59:06 Quit kugel (Changing host)
21:59:06 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:03:06 Join markun [0] (
22:03:07 Quit markun (Changing host)
22:03:07 Join markun [0] (~markun@rockbox/developer/markun)
22:06:54 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:10:05 Part toffe82
22:12:42 Quit gbl08ma (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
22:13:59 Quit kugel (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:15:35 Quit webguest2 (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
22:18:36wodzS_a_i_n_t: the problem I described is easily reproducible in sim with cabbiev2 Blue theme
22:19:58pixelmaI guess then the cabbiev2 blue theme doesn't set icons (or doesn't reset it to "-")
22:20:44S_a_i_n_tyeah...that's not really a bug...just an inconvenience.
22:21:00S_a_i_n_tman...I'm not sure I could have spelt that worse.
22:22:31wodzI was referring to missing albumart after leaving WPS and entering again
22:22:53S_a_i_n_tOh, right.
22:22:54wodzperhaps cabbiev2 Blue is buggy
22:23:10S_a_i_n_tbasically...I only care if that happens in cabbie.
22:23:32S_a_i_n_tany themes we don't ship can be as buggy as they want.
22:24:38pixelmaoverlapping viewports? Maybe not completely off but still ;)
22:24:44 Quit designate72 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:25:34 Nick Mic92|away is now known as Mic92 (
22:26:51 Join Buschel [0] (
22:34:55Buschelas FS #11865 has been closed. how do we proceed with FS #11746 and FS #11797 ?
22:36:17wodzBuschel: as of FS #11746 - I couldn't reproduce on my CFed mini1g
22:39:16Buschelwe could of course wait a few days and see whether we get some more response. if not, we should close it −− just my opinion.
22:39:25Buschelsame of course for FS #11797
22:39:46 Join Keripo [0] (
22:40:08 Quit user890104 (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:41:28 Join rapid99 [0] (
22:41:35rapid99can someone help me with a simple question?
22:42:06rapid99I'm trying to use the automated rockbox installation... do I need to format my iPod using FAT32 first?
22:43:47wodzAny opinions about FS #11893 ?
22:45:40Buschelwodz: sorry, but I cannot really judge this :/
22:47:18Buschelrapid99: at least I didn't do this when I installed rockbox.
22:47:30rapid99do I need to have iTunesHelper running?
22:47:33rapid99cause I don't
22:48:15 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:48:58Buschelrapid99: I never used iTuner or the OF (except when starting it by accident). so, no
22:49:16rapid99ummm, the drive shows up in windows but windows asks me to format the drive
22:49:37rapid99but I don't think that's the right thing to do... however, trying to use the Rockbox Utility it says that the partition is not writable
22:49:55rapid99so what do I do to make it writable without formatting?
22:50:02AlexPrapid99: It needs to be a winpod
22:50:23AlexPIt needs to be an ipod initialised by itunes for windows, not mac
22:50:28rapid99it is the iPod classic 4th gen..
22:50:39AlexPThere isn't a classic 4th gen
22:50:49AlexPDo you mean the 4th gen aka Color?
22:50:50rapid99so maybe I should get it initialized with my iTunes, then try using the Rockbox utility again?
22:50:52AlexPor Photo
22:50:55rapid99yeah the Color
22:51:13AlexPIt needs to be a fat32 ipod, hfs+ from Mac isn't supported
22:51:17rapid99I just got this iPod and haven't used it with iTunes on this computer yet, so that's what I should do first ?
22:51:30AlexPyeah, restore it on windows itunes is the easiest way
22:51:37rapid99yeah ok
22:51:48rapid99so don't use the format feature in windows, let iTunes reformat it?
22:51:50rapid99cool sounds good
22:52:13AlexPyes, as it isn't just the filesystem, but also partition things
22:52:18rapid99ic ic
22:52:28 Join Galois [0] (
22:52:32AlexPIt is doable manually from linux, but if you have access to Windows itunes it is easier
22:52:58rapid99haha yep!!! iTunes says : "iTunes has detected a Macintosh-formatted iPod. You must...."
22:53:02rapid99you guys rock
22:54:49Buschelsoap: you saw my question in FS #11830?
22:55:07*Buschel assumes his ipod's were pre-formatted then
23:00:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:03:15 Quit bluefoxx (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:04:44 Join gbl08ma [0] (
23:10:07 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
23:10:09 Quit kugel (Changing host)
23:10:09 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:10:12 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.0.2 Insomnia
23:11:32 Nick Mic92 is now known as Mic92|away (
23:12:33 Quit froggyman (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:16:15 Join mudd1 [0] (
23:17:55pixelmakugel: I think it would be nice to state the revision of the premade apks on the android port page (if we want to keep them there at all)
23:18:21 Join Deas_nwz-A826 [0] (
23:19:47kugelthe text is pretty clear I think
23:19:54Deas_nwz-A826thank you, i just heard about rockbox, and i was wondering, what's the difference between a player without it and with it? i didn't see anything that really intreseted me on the site.
23:20:44pixelmakugel: does it hurt to put an "rXXXXX" in front of the download links instead of just saying "arbitrary SVN revision"
23:21:12pixelmakugel: would be nice to see how outdated they are before downloading them
23:21:17 Nick Deas_nwz-A826 is now known as Deas_SonyNWZ-A82 (
23:21:40Deas_SonyNWZ-A82ok cool @ wodz
23:23:17Deas_SonyNWZ-A82but, what if i was to build rockbox to my mp3? i havent seen that my device is "supported"
23:23:17wodzDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: although the main WhyRockbox for most of the people on this channel is "because it is fun to hack"
23:23:35Deas_SonyNWZ-A82haha i see.
23:23:40BagderDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: rockbox only runs on the devices for which it has been crafted to run on
23:24:10AlexPwith loving care
23:25:28Deas_SonyNWZ-A82i want more features on my device, im too lazy to find a new device with bluetooth listing capability :[
23:25:56AlexPRockbox won't magically make hardware appear
23:26:07Deas_SonyNWZ-A82of course not.
23:27:00Deas_SonyNWZ-A82but features such as making playlist or even delete songs from the device directly doesnt exist on my device thought u can delete videos on it.
23:27:51AlexPyes, Rockbox can do that
23:28:02gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: would you mind, at least, say what device you talk about?
23:28:11Deas_SonyNWZ-A82see my nickname?
23:28:21AlexPBut if you don't have a supported device, see
23:28:48pixelmagbl08ma: I guess it is in his nick ;)
23:29:28Deas_SonyNWZ-A82what pixekna said ;}
23:29:47 Quit L-Strife89 (Quit: Heading out)
23:31:50gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: sorry for that i see so many nicks on the net every day i stopped looking at theme. It's like my head automatically attributed a number ID to them and doesn't interpret the nick as a text :)
23:32:19gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: oh well. I see your device... from the menu screenshots, i'd say it'd allow things like deleting files...
23:32:48Deas_SonyNWZ-A82yeah, it looks like you can, but you cant.
23:32:57Deas_SonyNWZ-A82not songs atleast.
23:33:12Deas_SonyNWZ-A82or pictures.
23:33:19Deas_SonyNWZ-A82just videos.. <.<
23:33:55gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: anyways, if someone in the Rockbox community were interested in porting Rockbox to your device, either you wouldn't get bluetooth, or else it would be a lot of work to port rockbox since none of the supported players have bluetooth.
23:34:50gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: so, all the bluetooth code would have to be written from the scratch, to not talk about the drivers.
23:35:21Deas_SonyNWZ-A82yeah, i figured that too because its so rare for a mp3 player to have bluetooh .__.
23:36:04 Quit domonoky (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:36:37gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: I would suggest you searched for communities dedicated to hacking your specific device or others similar to yours, but after a quick google search there doesn't seem to be much open source nor hacking community interest.
23:37:35gbl08maDeas_SonyNWZ-A82: perhaps, one day when your device gets as older as the Archos models Rockbox is able to run on, it will be supported by Rockbox or any other alternative firmware. for now, there's nothing Rockbox can do for you.
23:38:24gevaertsuhm, rockbox doesn't magically start to support devices when they get old...
23:38:39Deas_SonyNWZ-A82lol, what he said -^
23:38:42AlexPDo we add anything other than binsize to archos these days? (serious question, not trying to be provocative)
23:39:40 Join robin0800_ [0] (
23:42:18 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:42:24Deas_SonyNWZ-A82too bad that people get tired of these opensource project so fast.. i've seen it happen to several other projects, no updates for years, but they still hang around on irc x[
23:42:39AlexPhow does that apply here?
23:42:40 Join Alchimysta [0] (
23:43:03AlexPRockbox has an average ten or more updates per day
23:43:09soapBuschel, I haven't seen shit from IRC since we last talked realtime.
23:43:40soapMy trip for next week to Virginia has been canceled, so after tonight I'm yours re:testing.
23:44:04gbl08magevaerts: of course. but there's a higher chance that older devices get supported, because they have been available for more time and there has been more time to do reverse-engineering. obviously, everything is relative, that's why i wrote a "perhaps" before anything i said.
23:44:22pamauryregarding bluetooth, it might not be exactly true: I have a GPS device with a SoC supported by rockbox and I nearly know how the run custom code. Furthermore, it has bluetooth, so one day we never know :D
23:44:59Deas_SonyNWZ-A82ok, see you in 10 years when i do not need this ? Dx
23:45:26gbl08maMy bad. I forgot about Rockbox as an appllication
23:45:28 Quit Alchimysta (Client Quit)
23:45:36 Nick Deas_SonyNWZ-A82 is now known as Deas (
23:46:06pamaurywell, perhaps there is a way to port bluez, the linux bluetooth stack, I'm not sure bluetooth is that complicated
23:46:21gbl08maDeas: it's a bit like that... and it's not ten years, but two or three. it depends... :)
23:46:21pamaurybut what bluetooth would be useful for ?
23:46:45Deasusing bluetooth sound devices
23:46:55Deassuch as headphones or handfree
23:47:08gevaertsgbl08ma: maybe for distant observers. For us, devices have a higher chance of getting supported if people actually *work* on them
23:47:10gbl08maexactly... Rockbox as an application acts as a music player and recorder, why would it send/receive files by bluetooth?
23:47:11 Quit robin0800 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:47:11pamauryI see
23:47:11 Quit robin0800_ (Remote host closed the connection)
23:47:51gbl08magevaerts: yes, and how much time does it actually take before people actually *work* on them?
23:48:05pamaurydepends on lots of things
23:48:10AlexPgbl08ma: There is no set time
23:48:12gevaertsA few days, sometimes
23:48:22AlexPgbl08ma: It depends if someone with the skills that wants it turns up
23:48:22gevaertsOr a few years
23:48:44 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:48:52 Join robin0800 [0] (
23:49:08gevaertsThe point is that telling people to come back in a year is about the most counterproductive thing you can do
23:49:50gevaertsIf you own a device and want rockbox on it, ideally you work on it yourself. If you can't do that for whatever reason, you try to convince other people who own the device to work on it.
23:49:51pamauryWhat is the shortest time difference between market entrance time and rockbox working on it ?
23:50:28Bagderit depends on how you count I guess
23:50:43Bagderwe've done very fast ports when new variations have been introduced
23:50:44pixelmaAlexP: well, some options and features are valid for all players
23:51:11pamauryah yes, it's true that some devices only required minor modifications
23:52:05gbl08magevaerts: i didn't tell anyone to go away. i just said that it *might* take several years for a device to be supported. but it *might* not. it depends.
23:52:09 Join user890104 [0] (
23:52:34gevaertsYes, but it mainly depends on what the people *wanting* it do, not on anything else
23:54:02 Join robin0800_ [0] (
23:55:35gbl08maThe problem is, most users that post on the forums saying "I want a port for device XXX" are people that won't work on it. and it *might* pass several years before someone says "I want it" AND works on it.
23:56:03pamauryThat is true, but we can't do anything :)
23:56:08gevaertsThis is where the second option comes in
23:56:11AlexPyes, and it might not, and it may well be that someone turns up in x days
23:56:15gevaertsFind other people who *can* do the work
23:56:22AlexPOr if you really really want it you do lots of learning :)
23:56:47gevaertsYou likely won't find those here, because people here likely won't care about your particular device
23:56:59pamaurybut then it might takes years too :)
23:57:06gbl08maI don't know of anyone which actually learned lots of things in order to port Rockbox...
23:57:27Bagderwe've seen many here
23:58:26AlexPOf all levelsd
23:58:41 Quit mudd1 (Read error: Operation timed out)
23:58:53AlexPe.g. people who started off adding the odd patch to a custom build, and now are integral members of the team.
23:58:55gbl08maLet me know, has any of the Rockbox ports come from people that have been paid to do that specific port? It's that I only know Rockbox for one year... and I only know it's past from the documents available on the wiki...

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