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#rockbox log for 2011-02-26

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00:17:33thomasjfoxlinuxstb: I'm giving FS #11966 a test run now
00:18:04linuxstbthomasjfox: OK, thanks.
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00:24:49linuxstbkugel: OK, I think I understand what's going on and can clarify it in my patch. The leading "/" is only not stripped when an app build is being installed (which is not what the code implies, which is what confused me when I changed how the $app variable was calculated).
00:25:23linuxstbthomasjfox: I'm just about to upload a new patch, which fixes the bug in my patch.
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00:29:53[Saint]"[09:29] <pixelma> AlexP: I really think with the change to a button style on touchscreen targets, the cabbiev2 icons should look a bit different
00:29:53[Saint][09:30] <pixelma> playback control buttons, not playback state"
00:30:17thomasjfoxlinuxstb: ok. SDL app builds fine on Fedora 14, maemo5 build is also ok in scratchbox. Both builds survive "make reconf" :) Creation of the maemo .deb package is next
00:30:19*[Saint] agrees....I think it's a little premature. If the issue was that it wasn't obvious that they were buttons, this doesn't fix it.
00:30:24AlexPI've only swapped one set, all the others have always been buttons
00:30:46AlexPAnd the play/pause were always buttons, but the wrong way round
00:31:03AlexPThe first thing I said isn't
00:31:12AlexPEvery other thing on there has always been a button
00:31:15[Saint]No, I qwas just typing that ;)
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00:31:30AlexPAnd they all have the same style
00:31:40AlexPSo I don't see how this change has affected it
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00:32:06AlexPIf you think the buttons should look more like buttons then you presumably already thought this
00:32:08[Saint]I don't think the issue of buttons or no is subjective, just swapping play/pause is weird to me. I guess we'll se if we get any "!?!?!" posts in the forum as I expect there to be.
00:32:26AlexPEvery other touch screen player ever does it this way
00:32:42AlexPAnyway, feel free to draw some buttons
00:32:55[Saint]How many times has someone said "Player X does it this way" and some dev pipes up with "But Rockbox isn't X"
00:33:12AlexPWe don't do it opposite to the standard just to be different
00:33:30AlexPIn the situations you are quoting there are multiple choices
00:33:35[Saint]That wasn't my point....but there's never been a desire to conform either.
00:33:44AlexPAre you actually serious?
00:33:44[Saint]It's lasted this way for a long time already with no complaint.
00:33:57AlexPWe don't supply builds, and we say it isn't ready
00:34:04AlexPIt isn't on market etc.
00:34:12AlexPI don't think there is a big base of users
00:34:21[Saint]Yeah..I think it's a shit idea personally, but people thinking a commit is a shit idea hasn't ever stopped changes in the past except on rare occasions.
00:34:21AlexPAnyway, you are in a majority of one, accept it
00:34:30linuxstb[Saint]: I think that's because until recently, very few devs have tried it. My first comment on trying RaaA was that the play/pause icons were the wrong way round.
00:34:35[Saint]Hence my statement above.
00:34:56AlexPlinuxstb: along with everyone else :)
00:35:09[Saint]There's no need to be a smartass.
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00:35:28AlexPAnd I counted 6-0 (committers) in favour of the change
00:35:53linuxstb[Saint]: I really don't understand why you're so against it. It just seems perfectly logical to me for a play button to have the play icon on it, and a pause button to have the pause icon.
00:36:27AlexP[Saint]: Do you press pause to play your CD player (if they have separate buttons)?
00:36:41[Saint]Except when the "button" also functions as the play state.
00:36:56[Saint]has a play state been added?
00:37:09AlexPNor should it IMO
00:37:16[Saint]...well, it should be, IMO.
00:37:24[Saint]heh...typical ;)
00:37:50thomasjfoxlinuxstb: .deb package created successfully. Your patch seems fine to me. Can't comment on the buildzip issue as I don't use it
00:37:50AlexPTo be honest, I'm bored of this discussion. It is you vs the world, and it isn't going to change anything
00:38:15[Saint]Yeah, that attitude really pisses me off about some people here.
00:38:37linuxstb[Saint]: I don't think anyone cares about play state. On touchscreens, the main role of the icons is to act as buttons.
00:38:38AlexP[Saint]: So what do you want? It is you vs a load of devs (who is who we always say counts)
00:38:51AlexP[Saint]: You want that you alone can stop what the others want?
00:39:24linuxstbthomasjfox: Thanks for testing.
00:39:36[Saint]No, of course not...but I dislike the "I've made my mind up and I'm not even prepared to discuss it with any degree of seriousness".
00:39:44AlexPI, and everyone else
00:39:49AlexPAnd there is nothing to discuss
00:40:02AlexPWe all think it is logical this way, you think it is logical the other way
00:40:12AlexPI don't see how there can be a discussion about that
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00:41:54[Saint]Just make sure it's doccumented to fuck, it may not seem like it to some but for the people who just update now and then and never read the docs, or even those that do read the docs...I just don't want it to confuse anyone. I'm fine with the change, I don't oppose it as actively as you believe me to. I'd just like it if for instance the statusbar represented playstate (blatantly not a button) and do what you want with the "buttons".
00:43:25pixelma[Saint]: I don't see anyone except you going out of their way during the discussion btw., please calm down
00:43:43[Saint]I am calm.
00:44:02AlexPWe haven't released, and we don't have a manual for any touch screen except the D2
00:44:10AlexPAnd the D2 is all in terms of grid mode
00:44:31pixelmathen don't accuse anyone else of wrong discussion style for whatever reason
00:44:53CIA-70New commit by thomasjfox (r29401): RaaA: Update changelog for maemo extras-devel release
00:44:55[Saint]"Major Changes"? It's worth a note somewhere I's "the face of Rockbox" really, if it changes, people will want to know why, and it's be nice if there was warning.
00:45:19[Saint]Major Changes is a bit much...a sticky somewhere.
00:45:36AlexPMajorChanges: "Touch screen WPS button now behaves like every other touchscreen app on the planet"
00:46:13thomasjfoxkugel: I'm going to have a look at your new status bar switch code now
00:46:48[Saint]Hmmm, apologies. Chrome doesn't want to display Major Changes correctly for me.
00:47:05AlexPI didn't actually add that :)
00:47:19pixelmaAlexP: people can discuss if they see it as buttons btw. and sarcasm doesn't really help here I think
00:47:41[Saint]Oh, :p
00:47:51AlexPpixelma: You click on them to perform an action, I fail to see what else they are
00:47:58AlexPBut yes, sarcasm not needed
00:48:06kugelis that really a major change?
00:48:10AlexPkugel: No
00:48:14[Saint]"...errr, I still think it would be nice if a "not so blunt" note were added, somewhere".
00:48:23AlexPkugel: I was being sarcastic :)
00:48:35[Saint]As I added, it's a bit much for a major change.
00:48:39linuxstbAlexP: Didn't you say the M:Robe 500 cabbie already behaved the way you changed the others to?
00:48:46AlexPWhich as pixelma presciently said, seems to have backfired
00:48:48CIA-70r29401 build result: All green
00:48:49AlexPlinuxstb: yes
00:48:59mshathlonxpcan anyone who is here do a couple of corrections in page? :)
00:49:14AlexPmshathlonxp: you want rasher really I think
00:49:30AlexPI think it is in svn, but he knows it best
00:49:32pixelmaAlexP: if you know cabbie from somewhere else it doesn't look like buttons and some may think those aren't "clickable"
00:49:38*rasher appears
00:50:11*mshathlonxp looks at rasher
00:50:11AlexPpixelma: I'm not sure how you expect to be able to control it then :)
00:50:24AlexPmshathlonxp: You need to tell him what the problem is first :)
00:50:35rasherThat would indeed be helpful
00:50:37pixelma3x3 grid mode? ...
00:50:42AlexPpixelma: But as I said, I don't object to them being made more buttony
00:51:00mshathlonxpproblem is that I didn't mentioned correct latvian language name in that task, so it is like filename :)
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00:51:09mshathlonxp+ flag is missing, I guess I have to create one
00:52:16rasherNo I got that, what should the name be?
00:52:51pixelma"like the filename"
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00:53:37AlexPpixelma: I think he was saying it is currently like the filename, but shouldn't be
00:53:44mshathlonxplooking at the other names, it should be Latvieshu (Latvian) and "Latvieshu" like here -|lv|latvian%20language%0D%0A
00:55:59rashermshathlonxp: Is it correct now?
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00:56:28mshathlonxpoh yes, thanks
01:00:38CIA-70New commit by rasher (r29402): Add Latvian
01:01:50thomasjfoxkugel: Is host_status_bar_height() missing on purpose? I'll just add a small function that returns 60 for testing
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01:10:40Unhelpfulkugel: i convert differently because i round to nearest rather than down.
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01:16:30kugelthomasjfox: missing?
01:16:59thomasjfoxkugel: Well, I was just wondering how you compiled it on your side
01:17:01kugelIt's accidental if it is
01:18:09thomasjfoxkugel: Same for host_statusbar_enable(). But don't worry, I wrote a small replacement dummy function.
01:19:28kugelthomasjfox: I probably forgot to git add the new file
01:20:30thomasjfoxkugel: The menus get properly shifted down if status bar = OS
01:20:41thomasjfoxkugel: The WPS screen stays the same. Any modifications needed here?
01:21:25thomasjfoxkugel: Ah. I remember I had to skip host_statusbar_height() pixels in lcd_update(), right?
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01:27:14thomasjfoxkugel: The host_statusbar_enable(enable) call feels wrong: That's the enable flag of the viewport, not of the host statusbar.
01:27:40thomasjfoxkugel: Also it gets first called with enable=0 two times and later on with enable=1. That might be the display issue you were experiencing
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01:40:22kugelthomasjfox: its a quick and dirty patch
01:40:22kugelor rather prove of concept
01:40:22thomasjfoxkugel: You don't want to look at my code I just added ;)
01:40:22kugelin my case _enable does indeed toggle the statusbar
01:40:22thomasjfoxkugel: I was thinking: If I switch from fullscreen to windowed mode in SDL, I have reduce the window size by host_statusbar_height()
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01:40:22thomasjfoxkugel: I'll concentrate on code for a smooth fullscreen/windowed mode switch in SDL the next days
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01:40:22thomasjfoxkugel: Once that is working, we can add the statusbar switching on top
01:40:22DBUGEnqueued KICK kugel
01:40:22kugelyes I think you need to do that
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01:40:22kugelI also do this, in a more convenient way in the java
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01:51:44kugelthomasjfox: why do think the _enable call is wrong
01:51:44thomasjfoxkugel: I was just wondering why I see two calls with enable=0 if I enable the host statusbar
01:51:44thomasjfoxkugel: I mean, we pass the enable flag of the viewport to it, regardless if the user select host statusbar or not
01:51:45kugelthomasjfox: I think this means whether to show the statusbar or not (jdgordon knows the details)
01:51:45kugele.g. you can enable it in the settings, but still disable the statusbar in the wps with %wd
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01:51:46saratogasomeone reported to me that upon measuring the output of Rockbox with a good meter, they get 1 level different volume with the buttons the clip+ as they do actually going into the menu and selecting a given setting
01:51:46saratogathis sounds like an off by one error to me, but i'm not 100% sure how its supposed to work
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08:33:42pixelmasoap_: scorche, AlexP: cocokwok wants a ban in the forums
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11:20:19AlexPpixelma: OK, done
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11:49:28kugelUnhelpful: do you think that your conversion yields better results?
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12:08:33kugeldoes anyone know how our .bdf fonts were generated?
12:08:42kugeli.e. the options passed to otf2bdf
12:11:44Unhelpfulkugel: some of them may *be* native bdf fonts?
12:12:09Unhelpfuland i think that rounding is preferable to truncation in general, but maybe some tests are in order?
12:12:29kugelif O pass -r 60 to it I get something that's comparable to the existing .bdfs
12:12:42kugel-r 60 == 60 dpi
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13:07:28AlexPWhat do people think about repeat one behaviour? At the moment it locks out controls so that you can't skip track - it seems to me that you should be able to manually skip to another track, and then it keeps repeating that
13:08:00marazI agree.
13:08:10marazin fact, I've found the current behaviour to be quite irritating
13:08:28AlexPI never use it, but someone brought it up in the forum and I agree with them
13:09:20marazI wonder if the current implementation just makes a one-track playlist and sets it to repeat all..?
13:10:10AlexPno idea how it actually works :)
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13:23:04Tornemaraz: i don't think so
13:25:13gevaertsIf skipping does nothing at all, I'd say that's definitely a bug. It should skip to the beginning of the "next" track, which of course may be defined as the same track
13:26:10marazI'd say that skipping should change tracks, but skipping to previous should retain the first-click rewind-to-start functionality
13:26:30gevaertsWhat does plain "repeat" do with a one-track playlist?
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13:34:10AlexPgevaerts: Yeah, that's what I mean - you should be able to skip
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13:45:00 Join mshathlonxp [0] (
13:52:06 Join ZooM41 [0] (Zoom18241@
13:54:59ZooM41Hi fellas. My sansa clip+ is 4,03 mb bricked, can someone help me with a bit explaining of the repairing operation?
13:56:49ZooM41used Ubuntu only for a day or something and it was hard to understand the command line part, actually this one: dd if=orig_image.bin of=/dev/sde
13:58:02ZooM41How i must for example write my own patch to firmware in my file system
13:58:46gevaertsThat command copies the file orig_image.bin to /dev/sde, which might be your clip+
14:02:15 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:02:24 Join antil33t [0] (
14:02:50ZooM41and where it must be placed on a hard drive?
14:03:44ZooM41bin file that i will download from internet
14:04:21gevaertsin your current directory, unless you change the dd command to use a more complete path
14:04:53ZooM41root directory?
14:06:39ZooM41first D for a "Drive" word and second for a letter of my drive yeah?
14:07:15AlexPdd is the command
14:07:30 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
14:07:40AlexPif you are running it from the directory that orig_image.bin is in, then fine
14:07:50AlexPIf not you need to give a more complete path
14:08:05AlexPsuch as if=/home/ZooM41/orig_image.bin
14:08:28AlexPLinux has no concept of drive letters
14:09:27AlexPand you need to make damn sure that /dev/sde is actually your clip+
14:09:31ZooM41Ok. And what chances to succesfully restore my player i have? Sorry, i'm not english speaking, and even think now i'm Yoda speaking)
14:09:39AlexPOtherwise you risk screwing up a hard disk
14:09:55AlexPIt depends what is wrong with it
14:10:16AlexPAlso, what do you mean by "4,03 mb"?
14:10:31ZooM41In windows it shows the size of 4,03 mb
14:10:41ZooM41and didnt want to format
14:10:57ZooM41Player was in this state withiout charge for a month or so
14:11:07ZooM41and nothing changed
14:11:19Tornethe "dd" command is a Linux thing, you can't do that on windows
14:11:25ZooM41i know
14:11:43ZooM41i will give it a try on my old notebook
14:11:59AlexPwhat directory is orig_image.bin in?
14:13:09ZooM41now i even dont have ubuntu installed.
14:13:28 Join FoolOnHill [0] (
14:13:39AlexPWell that would seem to be the first step
14:13:50AlexPA VM might be a good ideaa
14:13:56ZooM41First thing i think will be getiing size of 900 mb
14:13:56 Quit FoH (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
14:14:36AlexPvirtual machine
14:14:44Torneyou can't "get a different size"
14:14:54Tornewhen it's bricked it shows up as a small device
14:15:05Torneyou copy the firmware to that device and it reflashes itself and then will work again
14:15:21ZooM41you dont get it
14:15:28ZooM41its 4 mb now
14:16:07ZooM41i must sold two contacts with piece of wire and then i thought ill get bigger size ti be able to flash the image
14:16:38AlexPWe get it
14:16:50AlexPWhen it is bricked it shows up as a 4 MB device
14:16:56ZooM41but the image is 15 mb or so
14:17:02AlexPYou can't just change the size
14:18:18ZooM41and then how it will work?)
14:18:23Tornethere's no point in bridging those contacts unless you have a computer ready to flash it with
14:18:28Torneit doesn't *stay* in recovery mode
14:18:39Torneyou have to copy th eimage onto it right away, if you unplug it it'll go back to being small
14:18:51 Join diode [0] (
14:18:54ZooM41oh yeah i know
14:19:14diodeHas anyone used a Mintyboost to charge their player in Rockbox? Any reason not to do it?
14:19:16ZooM41Thank you guys, will ask you 1 hour later or so
14:19:26bertrikI can confirm that the clip+ firmware image is indeed about 15 MB, so it can't be written to a 4 MB block device
14:19:50ZooM41Кстати русскоговорящих здесь вообще много?
14:20:42AlexPbertrik: Indeed, but as I understand it, you have to do the bridging and dd'ing in one step; you can't do anything else to make it bigger first
14:21:09AlexPAnyway, I've never done it so I'm going to keep quiet :)
14:21:28gevaertsI'd assume that if it *already* shows a 4MB device, bridging isn't needed?
14:21:39Torneno, the 4mb state is just useless
14:21:41ZooM41Anyone here had positive experience of repairing sansas?
14:21:57Tornesansa have managed to implement recovery very badly
14:22:02ZooM41this way
14:22:30bertrikZooM41, yes, I recovered my sansa clip+ once (and I think I did it with a c200v2 too IIRC)
14:22:57ZooM41ok, you gave me a new hope)
14:24:17bertrikThere is no need to solder the contacts BTW, just keep them bridged while the device powers up, then let go
14:25:15ZooM41ok, i had read unbricking wiki
14:25:33ZooM41just used a wrong word)
14:26:07ZooM41i must hold piece of wire with my hands?
14:26:30ZooM41cant imagine how it will hold on by himself
14:27:37bertrikI think I just used a screw driver to bridge the two points
14:27:52ZooM41a screw driver?
14:28:39ZooM41in my own try i used a knife
14:28:42bertrikWith the device powered off and flat on the table, I bridged the points using a screw driver, then plugged in the USB cable on the PC side, then looked at the system log if the recovery device came up
14:31:58bertrikMake sure not to accidentally bridge any other connections points
14:39:43 Join ender` [0] (
14:44:52 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@
14:44:53 Quit GeekShadow (Changing host)
14:44:53 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
14:48:42 Quit diode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
14:49:35 Join panni_ [0] (
14:50:27ZooM41And i must use same OF that was installed previously?
14:55:40 Join Sochiro [0] (~Sochiro@
15:09:06 Quit Jerom (Quit: Leaving.)
15:28:21 Join j0ep [0] (
15:28:52j0epis there ever gonna be support for the philips hdd120/00 by philips?
15:29:24 Quit Sochiro (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
15:29:39gevaertsIf someone does the necessary work, sure
15:30:03 Quit Guest59598 (Quit: ooops)
15:31:47j0epok so when could it happen?
15:34:01JdGordonnext tuesday
15:34:26AlexPj0ep: When someone who wants it does it
15:36:50AlexPj0ep: See
15:37:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:37:37j0epi cant really do that with my mp3 :(
15:38:15 Quit j0ep (Quit: CGI:IRC)
15:39:01bertrikmaybe it's actually not that much work if it's similar to the other gogears
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16:13:12 Join Buschel [0] (
16:21:51ZooM41ok, hello again, sudo command gives me dev/sdb: 4mb, 1 heads 9 sectors/track
16:22:03ZooM41i had onsold the battery
16:23:10 Join guymann [0] (
16:25:35ZooM41on and on, already have 4 attempts
16:27:14AlexPSo you bridge the two contacts, then with them still bridged you plug in USB?
16:27:14AlexPwell I can only assume that they aren't bridged properly
16:28:37ZooM41hehe will try wire instead of my "unknown-metal-tools"
16:30:09*Buschel wonders whether it is now agreed to bring AA-fonts to svn
16:33:04kugelBuschel: looks like
16:33:11Buschelgood :)
16:33:31kugelI'm playing with convttf currently, will commit when I'm done (assuming there's no objections)
16:38:49 Join casainho [0] (~chatzilla@
16:41:00*AlexP objects!
16:41:08AlexPnot to AA fonts though
16:48:17ZooM41again an again the same result
16:49:34 Join madalu [0] (~user@unaffiliated/madalu)
16:50:53 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:56:00 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
16:56:18 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
16:58:18 Quit factor (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
17:01:39 Quit madalu (Remote host closed the connection)
17:02:06 Quit casainho (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:03:41ZooM41the interesting thing is that my player was bricked after a hard power off
17:04:44ZooM41it was playing song then stopped, then i use restart and it hadnt show any signs of life
17:05:47ZooM41need to throw it in thrash now...
17:10:00 Join madalu [0] (~user@unaffiliated/madalu)
17:13:08 Join Keripo [0] (
17:14:13 Quit Keripo (Client Quit)
17:17:00 Join casainho [0] (
17:22:47bertrikZooM41, you can try to hold power for really long (30 seconds or so), to make sure that it's really powered off, then try to keep the point bridged again while you plug in USB
17:31:57 Quit alexbobp (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
17:36:21 Quit matsl (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
17:43:50 Join alexbobp [0] (
17:47:36ZooM41battery is unsoldered
17:48:55 Join matsl [0] (
17:52:33 Join Buschel [0] (
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18:13:54 Quit amoe (Quit: leaving)
18:14:21 Part ZooM41
18:21:46 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
18:21:52casainhopamaury: hello
18:26:52 Join ZooM41 [0] (Zoom18241@
18:30:22 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: free(me))
18:35:14 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
18:36:04 Part ZooM41
18:37:50kugelgood thing I looked at convttf
18:38:20kugelit was slightly buggy
18:52:46 Join Keripo [0] (
18:55:30 Quit Keripo (Client Quit)
19:00:23 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:12:45 Quit gbl08ma (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:17:30*AlexP wonders if bagder will be around at any point tomorrow
19:23:34*kugel still wonders about the rsb decision/discussion
19:28:07CIA-70New commit by alex (r29403): Bump versions to 3.8
19:30:01 Join GodEater_ [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
19:31:32 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
19:31:57 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
19:33:15AlexPWhat tts do we generally use for voices?
19:34:47 Join {phoenix} [0] (
19:36:20 Quit {phoenix} (Remote host closed the connection)
19:37:46 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
19:41:50 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:44:32B4gderAlexP: the automated thing we run is using festival
19:44:55AlexPB4gder: Thanks, I'll use that for the 3.8 voice files then
19:45:23*Llorean still thinks espeak sounds a lot better.
19:45:31LloreanBut it's very subjective.
19:45:35AlexPI couldn't care less :)
19:45:42AlexPAs long as we can distribute one
19:45:50AlexP/them both
19:46:03AlexPI need to install one of them, and I don't care which :)
19:53:12LloreanI'd go with what we normally use, without other people chiming in.
19:53:32LloreanI tend to like espeak's pronunciation of things, but if I recall, festival actually had a better "voice" by default
19:53:53LloreanNow if you get mbrola set up so you can do espeak phonemes to embrola synth, that ends up sounding *really* good, but is a bit more hassle to initially set up.
19:54:08LloreanMaybe something to bring up again for 3.9 - improved voices.
19:55:27 Join L-Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
20:05:13*kugel just was mighty confused by the swapped play/pause icons
20:07:29 Quit GodEater_ (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:07:49 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
20:09:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:24:29 Quit shai (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:29:31 Join Stummi [0] (~Stummi@rockbox/developer/Stummi)
20:33:05 Join factor [0] (~factor@
20:33:17 Join shai [0] (
20:43:41linuxstbkugel: Looking at the AA fonts patch, one thing that seems to be missing is viewport clipping in the lcd_alpha_bitmap_part() function (see the HAVE_VIEWPORT_CLIP code in the other bitmap functions). Should just be a matter of copy/paste to fix.
20:44:14kugelI'll have a look
20:46:00 Quit avacore (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:47:09 Quit madalu (Remote host closed the connection)
20:47:18 Join avacore [0] (
20:49:12*TheSeven wonders when time will be ready for a 4.0 release
20:51:04AlexPTheSeven: I'd say with the first RaaA release
20:51:14 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
20:51:38AlexPB4gder: Are you around at any point tomorrow? For release uploading etc.
20:51:57 Quit casainho (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:54:07CIA-70New commit by kugel (r29404): Android: Simplify media button intent generation in the widget and cleanup RockboxService accordingly.
20:57:59CIA-70r29404 build result: All green
20:59:02kugelAlexP: let's hurry then, or we get a 3.10 :P
20:59:12AlexPyeah :)
20:59:55*linuxstb wonders what the criteria would be for a RaaA release
21:00:16AlexPa good question
21:03:42linuxstbAlexP: And apparently one with no answer.... ;)
21:04:15AlexPlinuxstb: Not from me at the moment anyway :)
21:06:27 Join stoffel [0] (
21:10:54 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:11:05rasherWhat would it take to bump to the Android port to Unstable?
21:13:25linuxstbrasher: I think incorporating it into the automatic build system - so we can actually provide binaries is one criterla.
21:14:12rasherDid we ever set up some criterea for the 3 categories?
21:15:07rasherI'm thinking it'd be nice with a wikipage with a slightly better description of what makes a target stable/unstable/unusable
21:15:18rasher(which would at the same time serve as a useful checklist)
21:17:04saratogathe definitions are flexible though
21:18:47AlexPProviding binaries is a little tricky for android IIUC
21:18:52linuxstbI think there's also the issue with RaaA that we (may?) want to give a good first impression when we first release binaries for it. So maybe we should be stricter than normal. But on the other hand, we can also rename it to "alpha" or "beta" status...
21:19:21AlexPas if it is built on a different machine then it is signed differently, and so can't upgrade a previous version, you have to remove then reinstall
21:19:33rashersaratoga: ah!
21:19:38AlexPlinuxstb: I agree, we really need the interface to be sorted out
21:19:52rasherMaybe that page should be linked from the front page - with a little '?' behind each classification
21:20:06saratogawe should probably do the unstable release only on, and then down the road when everthing is sorted out do the android market
21:20:29saratogapeople will understand that if you're downloading an unstable apk from a website that its not a finished release
21:20:45AlexPWe also need to offer a selection of screen sizes
21:21:02saratogaor else support multiple sizes with one build
21:21:05AlexPI wonder if the building can be done by the build farm then the signing by the server?
21:21:20AlexPyeah, or one build, multiple res
21:21:26linuxstbAlexP: Ah, that's likely to be possible.
21:22:02saratogano opinion on this patch, but it exists:
21:23:55linuxstbAlexP: If I understand the android.make file correctly, a "TEMP_APK" file is first created, and then the final step in the process is to sign that temporary APK to create the final one.
21:24:18rasherHow do other apps handle different screensizes?
21:24:22AlexPlinuxstb: Ah, good - that seems a good step to hand it off
21:24:32rasherSurely there must be a mechanism for handling this already?
21:24:32linuxstbAlexP: So yes, signing on the build server seems a sensible solution.
21:24:38linuxstbs/build/master build/
21:25:04saratogarasher: most apps are in java, which tends to use resolution agnostic GUIs
21:25:23rashersaratoga: I was thinking of bitmaps and so on
21:25:50saratogapresumably gui picks the right backdrop for the java frame size
21:26:58saratogawhen i used java ages ago with Swing, you'd have frames and such that were "as big as they needed to be", then if you wanted the frame could tell you whatever size it ended up with and you could use that to tweak it
21:27:04CIA-70New commit by kugel (r29405): Android: Remove notification item on pausing too. ...
21:27:04saratogai assume android is pretty similar
21:28:20kugelAlexP: one option is to share the signature on the build clients, the other is to build android exclusively on the build master
21:28:28kugelb) is preferred IIRC
21:28:51AlexPkugel: Or just sign it on the build master? (see what linuxstb just said)
21:28:53rasherI think it'd be better to not sign "unknown" code
21:29:08AlexPrasher: Ah yes, that is something to consider
21:29:23kugelbtw, a friend of mine told me we should grab an official rockbox market account while it's still available
21:29:39AlexPkugel: What does that involve?
21:29:46rasherI mean we distribute binaries from the build system of course, but it might be worse if something bad ends up on the market
21:29:54kugelhe said one can reserve the account and name without actually releasing anything
21:30:08AlexPrasher: I think we'd only put actual releases on the market, no?
21:30:26rasherI think so as well
21:30:28AlexPSo for a release every 4 months or so, the build can be done manually by a trusted machine
21:30:37AlexPAs now, in fact
21:30:47CIA-70r29405 build result: All green
21:30:53AlexPkugel: I'd say go ahead and do it
21:30:59kugelif you want to switch between current builds and releases you want the current builds on the same machine too
21:31:16AlexPkugel: Market fees aren't massive I don't think, and the fund is there
21:31:38kugelI think the fee is a one time thing but I haven't looked into it
21:31:45kugelIIRC one of us already has an account?
21:32:00saratoga25 dollars one time fee
21:32:05AlexPkugel: Yep, we want to sign all on build master I think
21:32:25rasherMaybe it'd be nice to setup the account from someone who can sell paid apps (for donationware)
21:32:41saratogacan't any account do that?
21:32:55AlexPI think we want a Swede to do this really don't we?
21:32:55kugelyou can't sell from every country IIRC
21:32:59AlexPah right
21:33:01rasherOnly a dozen countries iirc
21:33:11AlexPIs Sweden one?
21:33:34AlexPyes, seems to be:
21:33:44kugelI remember Zagor got an account, didn't he?
21:33:51rasherAh, it's more than a dozen now, but still limited.
21:34:36AlexPI think we want B4gder/zagor to do it - both as it is official RB, but also if we do do a donation one it is much more simple money wise
21:43:29rasherMakes sense
21:45:02 Quit L-Strife89 (Quit: Stowing laptop for now)
21:46:07B4gderI don't think that'll be a problem
21:46:49saratogaso whats the difficulty in incorporating android into the build system? just package signing?
21:47:13kugelthat and no official market account
21:47:29B4gderthe build system needs no market account =)
21:47:46kugelsure, but they'll be linked, kind of
21:48:58saratogathat reminds me, whenever verizon feels like selling me a thunderbolt, i'll try doing some battery benchmarks on my old G1 with different codecs and see how much of a difference optimization makes on application builds
21:50:18CIA-70New commit by alex (r29406): Forgot to add the help text for make elfzip.
21:50:34CIA-70New commit by alex (r29407): Forgot to add the help text for make elfzip.
21:54:09CIA-70r29406 build result: All green
21:57:31*kugel has a quick look at how you could display album art on the widget
21:58:42 Join Keripo [0] (
22:00:39CIA-70New commit by kugel (r29408): Android: Also enable some plugins ...
22:00:40CIA-70New commit by kugel (r29409): Android: Add a 3x3 sized widget.
22:04:10CIA-70r29408 build result: All green
22:08:00 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
22:08:26CIA-70r29409 build result: All green
22:09:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:10:48 Join Kitr88 [0] (
22:10:53kugelhehe, it won't that hard actually
22:11:25kugelexcept for embedded album art ;)
22:15:20 Quit Kitr88 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:15:28 Quit Kitar|st (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:20:49 Join Kitar|st [0] (
22:23:28CIA-70New commit by dave (r29410): Clarify the condition for stripping the leading / in rbdir. The calculation of $app in the current code implies that this is not done for any call to ...
22:27:20CIA-70r29410 build result: All green
22:27:31 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:28:06jhMikeSManual says, "Setting the Sound Option Channels to Karaoke may disable voice menus." <==== ?????? (not on SWCODEC it shouldn't cause them to be inaudible)
22:28:50 Join liar [0] (
22:29:44 Join Zagor [0] (
22:29:44 Quit Zagor (Changing host)
22:29:44 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
22:30:23CIA-70New commit by dave (r29411): Cosmetic change only - remove tabs.
22:34:07CIA-70r29411 build result: All green
22:38:02jhMikeS /!\
22:39:07kugel :>
22:40:16gevaertskugel: as long as it's not full theming, we're not satisfied
22:47:40 Join JesusFreak316 [0] (
22:49:24linuxstbkugel (or anyone else): Any objections to splitting the file firmware/export/config/application.h into target-specific .h files, in the same way as other targets have? (FS #11966)
22:53:50 Quit Llorean (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:54:37linuxstbrasher: Shouldn't "buildable through the build system" also be an "unstable" criteria, rather than just "stable" ? (re: your edit to TargetClassifications). Also, perhaps reword it to something like "Current/daily builds available" for "unusable", and "A stable release and current/daily builds available" for "stable" ?
22:57:21 Part Zagor
22:57:29kugelthe widget is just adorable with the album art. like a miniature cabbie <3
22:58:24saratogaare there pictures of it?
22:58:29linuxstb"miniature" ? How big is it (I'm guessing bigger than a lot of targets) ?
22:58:44kugelI posted one a few lines above
23:01:32 Quit JesusFreak316 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:02:14kugellinuxstb: don't know how big exactly. i just meant miniature compared to the real one in the app (also in terms of capabilities)
23:03:50saratogaoh nice!
23:03:56 Join Jerom [0] (~jerome@
23:05:38rasherlinuxstb: I was thinkign that, but wasn't sure
23:06:25rasherkugel: that's cute!
23:12:54linuxstbkugel: Yes, I know - I wasn't serious.
23:13:14linuxstbAnd yes, it is cute. And the buttons work?
23:14:42CIA-70New commit by alex (r29412): FS #11968 by Peter Lecky - Slovak language update
23:14:52CIA-70New commit by alex (r29413): FS #11968 by Peter Lecky - Slovak language update
23:14:56kugelI didn't notice that you weren't serious :)
23:18:00CIA-70r29412 build result: All green
23:20:18 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
23:28:01ender`hey, i noticed that my build client is reporting: Hello deepthought-ender. Your build client has been temporarily blocked by the administrators due to: Some weird error. Build logs are very short. Please go to #rockbox to enable your client again.
23:31:11 Join L-Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
23:31:18 Join Buschel [0] (
23:31:33kugelAlexP: if you do your button reordering in the wps we only can add a tiny golden bar to the widget and mini cabbie will be perfect :-)
23:31:47 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:31:50AlexPnice :)
23:37:19bluebroth3ranyone concerns about FS #11913? I'm planning to look into that tomorrow (and likely commit it)
23:40:17CIA-70New commit by bluebrother (r29414): libucl: don't error out when output folder exists. ...
23:44:04CIA-70r29414 build result: All green
23:45:14amiconnmshathlonxp: Regarding tts and voice tags in .lang files - do not apply correction for specific tts's/ voices there
23:46:34 Join Antibuddha [0] (
23:46:51amiconnThe voice tags should contain the voice string with its proper spelling. The main difference between the voice tag and the dest tag ist that abbreviations are spelled out (e.g. "wps" -> "while playing screen")
23:47:21bluebroth3rhmm. Does need adjustment when new translations get added?
23:47:40mshathlonxpmy first goal is to correct some other things anyway, but I'm afraid that there's no TTS solution for latvian language
23:47:43Antibuddhaive been trying to help someone install rockbox on an iriver h140, and i cant figure out what he's doing wrong. if anyone knows whats wrong i'd appreciate some help.
23:47:45mshathlonxpI hope I'm wrong :>
23:47:47bluebroth3rthe genlang cgi used by Rockbox Utility that is
23:48:00amiconnIf some specific language, tts or voice needs some help regarding proper pronunciation, those corrections should always be applied in the tool creating the voice file
23:48:52amiconnI don't know whether rbutil supports tts adjustments nowadays; the build system method of building a voice file does. See
23:49:03bluebroth3rAntibuddha: looks like that guy doesn't have the bootloader installed
23:49:40bluebroth3rRockbox Utility does not have TTS adjustments currently. I'm working on adding them, see FS #11913?
23:49:47amiconnspecifically correct_string()
23:51:01 Join {phoenix} [0] (
23:51:32 Join leavittx [0] (~lev@
23:57:21 Join JesusFreak316 [0] (
23:57:36bluebroth3rB4gder: ping
23:58:13leavittxhey,i have finished russian translation! FS11969
23:58:52mshathlonxpso I don't have to worry about that

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