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#rockbox log for 2011-03-02

00:00:35stripwaxWhat I did was: set Auto Update=Yes, turn off, turn back on, quickly enable metadata logging, wait for the crash
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00:00:41sideralMaybe the crash happens when loading your playlist
00:00:48stripwaxif it's in the log, then it's prior to the crash
00:00:52stripwaxmaybe -
00:00:59AlexPZagor: thanks
00:01:05stripwaxthe playlist loads absolutely fine when Auto Update is not Yes, however
00:01:17stripwaxi was listening to those very same songs just this afternoon
00:01:42stripwaxi don't think that The Magic Numbers stuff is in my playlist.
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00:02:07stripwaxlet me quickly check. plus, as you say, it does look a bit corrupted in that metadata log. maybe it's coming from some random garbage location.
00:03:04sideralIt could still be DB related somehow. Your non-updated DB may not contain these files, so the DB lookup may fail early on without crashing
00:03:49stripwaxhrm, but my db has been updated. i should be able to reproduce the crash again by following the same steps, i think
00:09:50stripwaxmy bet is the files between the "17 - That Fucking Tank - Owl End.ogg" and "07 - Office Furniture (After Evidence).ogg" inclusive were the next tracks from my dynamic playlist that fit into the buffer
00:10:00stripwaxThe Magic Numbers tracks do NOT follow these in my dynamic playlist
00:10:15stripwaxJust followed the exact same steps posted above, and got the exact same crash. 0004EE60.
00:10:48stripwaxwill see what metadata.log gives me this time round
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00:13:34sideralI'll try staring at the disassembly for a bit. I learned ARM assembly only like a week ago ;)
00:14:15stripwaxverrrrry interesting
00:14:24stripwaxupdates FD#11976
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00:14:57stripwaxguessing the metadata.log from last time had all sorts of wonderful stuff from who knows when, if indeed enabling metadata logging doesn't delete the existing log but just appends
00:15:57stripwaxmore crazy garbage this time, in the new one. so some correlation between garbage and crashing...
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00:19:21stripwaxsideral - ogginfo seems perfectly happy with that file: DESCRIPTION=Track 3
00:19:21stripwaxtitle=Solid Sessions - Janiero (Saffron Mix)
00:19:21stripwaxartist=Jimmy Van M
00:19:21DBUGEnqueued KICK stripwax
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00:19:21stripwaxalbum=Bedrock [2]
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00:19:24stripwaxugh, sorry
00:19:59stripwaxso something, somewhere, is corrupting something, somewhere.
00:20:19stripwaxi ran ogginfo directly on the file on my ipod filesystem (not some other copy etc)
00:20:49sideralIt seems something corrupts the directory name before it's passed to the metadata parser
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00:23:08stripwaxlooking at ogginfo for the immediately preceding and following files I don't see any big differences. the preceding one, The Streets, was encoded using a different encoder (20030909 1.0.1 for the one with garbage, 20050304 1.1.1 for The Streets)
00:23:40stripwaxand the Nominal Bitrate is showing as 128.000000 kb/s for The Streets and 128.003000 kb/s for the Jimmy Van M. but that's probably just cosmetic differences.
00:23:59stripwaxwill quickly see if there's any correlation between the above and The Magic Numbers one (although wouldn't expect one)
00:24:59sideralPossibly the long file names are corrupted in the VFAT, or the VFAT parser causes corruption in the file name. And that may later lead to a crash in tagcache_search...
00:25:24stripwaxsideral - hrm, they seem ok when browsing from windows connected over usb
00:26:36stripwaxis there such a thing as an 'interactive fsck' to tell me if there's any corruption in the vfat?
00:27:09stripwaxI'd warrant a guess that something else is corrupting random memory, which happens to include the file path but also probably other bits too
00:27:33sideralLet me stare at that disasm code a little longer. I still haven't found out which C code line correlates to that address.
00:28:32stripwaxsideral - can you point me to the disasm files pls?
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00:29:08stripwaxalthough i guess i'd also have to check out the 3.8 branch locally too to compare to source
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00:30:15sideralstripwax: If you suspect random corruption, you might want to look at r29476
00:31:33stripwaxsideral - wow.
00:32:04stripwaxlet me see if i have the same reproducible bug on current svn. (takes too long for me to make a build)
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00:32:35AlexPsideral, stripwax: maps and elfs are now at
00:35:22 Join DJeXeCute [0] (
00:35:54sideralYeah, I noticed, thanks AlexP!
00:36:01sideralHere's a disassembly of 3.8 for ipodvideo: ... Argh, it's too long for pastebin and pastie :/
00:36:18stripwaxsideal - curious - it seems happier ...
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00:36:58stripwaxa full repro requires a full db rebuild, reboot, setting auto update=yes, reboot again, and stuff though .. but with 25% confidence I'd say that fixes it for me...
00:38:33DJeXeCuteHey I got a question I found a project that supposedly lets you use your Ipod Mini as a USB Soundcard for the PC and I pulled the Github source for it. It's a folder that resembles the folders you would find in the .rockbox folder on your ipod so do I just copy the folders and files and overwrite the existing files?
00:38:43AlexPNo idea
00:38:51AlexPAsk that project
00:39:01gevaertsDJeXeCute: you have to build...
00:39:11gevaertsAlexP: this is pamaury's tree
00:39:11DJeXeCuteHow do I do that?
00:39:18AlexPgevaerts: what now?
00:39:39gevaertsAlexP: FS #11108
00:40:32AlexPgevaerts: Thanks, I missed that
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00:40:53stripwaxDJeXeCute - you would have to ask the developers, of *that* project, not this one
00:41:25gevaertsstripwax: that's really us :)
00:41:26DJeXeCuteHow do I contact them about it? They didn't leave any info for anything just the files to do it
00:41:29gevaertsWell, one of us
00:41:34gevaertsDJeXeCute: have a look at
00:42:15stripwaxgevaerts - eh, whoops. didn't see your msg to AlexP
00:42:27gevaertsBut seriously, that's an experimental development branch. It's not going to be straightforward to get working if you're not used to that sort of thing
00:43:05DJeXeCuteWell I have no soundcard so this is kind of my only option
00:43:08gevaertsDJeXeCute: if you want to go through with this, have a look at
00:43:34stripwaxsideral - fwiw, database finished auto-updating without a problem. will zap it all away and restart testing again and see if it ever crashes
00:43:46DJeXeCuteOk ill look through the compile guide
00:44:17stripwaxDJeXeCute - your other option, I suppose, would be to buy a cheap soundcard? I suppose it depends on how you value time versus money
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00:44:54sideralstripwax: Yikes, there goes my chance to use my new hard earned ARM knowledge −− and to make an impression of our DB being properly supported :)
00:48:22DJeXeCuteWell I assume my ipod mini would make a great ipod since it sound great playing music as for the soundcard my 7.1 HD Onboard Card Finally Died and Last Friday I ordered a $20 7.1 HD USB Soundcard off newegg with 2 day delivery... well its been 4 days now and I want to play my shooters lol
00:48:42DJeXeCuteEr my Ipod would make a good soundcard*
00:49:12gevaertsMy bet is that you'll get that delivery before you get USB audio on your ipod running properly
00:49:55DJeXeCuteYea I kinda figured that to
00:50:06stripwaxsideral - wow, that's not a small file :-) 4ee60 is the line causing Data Abort.. ? actually what does Data Abort *really* mean? nothing memory mapped to the address we're trying to read from?
00:50:18DJeXeCuteI still don't know why my onboard soundcard blew out and not my entire mboard
00:50:41gevaertsstripwax: aren't most data aborts caused by unaligned accesses?
00:51:19stripwaxah, is that what it is. i dunno actually!
00:51:36 Part DJeXeCute
00:51:56sideralstripwax: Yes. Data abort means insufficient access permission or nothing mapped AFAIU
00:52:48sideralgevaerts: Probably true as well. I'm not that far in my handbook yet ;)
00:53:06gevaertssideral: that's usually what it means in rockbox :)
00:55:36sideralgevaerts: Yes, apparently unaligned accesses can generate data aborts as well when the system coprocessor is so configured
00:55:52JdGordongevaerts: reasding logs, yeah can we get the build server to upload unsinged apks and then have a script to sign them manually?
00:56:08JdGordonor do you need to have the full sdk installed anyway to be able to sing them?
00:56:32gevaertsJdGordon: while I know the apks are for playing music, you don't have to actually sing to produce them :)
00:56:35sideralstripwax: Thanks again for helping debug this! Let me know of your results. I need to go offline in a few minutes
00:59:27gevaertsJdGordon: I suspect we can get the zips (i.e. the native part) built and uploaded with minimal effort (that just requires a tiny update to rbclient to recognise the "android" toolchain I think)
01:00:16JdGordonwell thats anough for the build table, would be nice if we could get actual builds from it thoguh
01:00:22stripwaxsideral - well, same steps, and no crash this time.
01:00:33 Join JesusRivera [0] (
01:00:38stripwaxit looks ... like it works like it should..!
01:00:49gevaertsYes, that's why I want to do that first. It's easy, and it has actual results
01:01:27gevaertsBuilding full apks (signed or not) requires a bit more effort, since those need a few more steps. Zagor has an evolved version of the scripts somewhere that should be able to handle that better, but that's a bigger change. I don't really know how big exactly
01:01:41sideralstripwax: Great! Another indication than the DB is better than its reputation :)
01:02:00JesusRiveraRockboy Freezes Up Upon Clicking Rom - r29484-110301
01:02:44sideralstripwax: Could you please post a quick update to your FS ticket? I'll close it tomorrow unless something new pops up.
01:03:21sideralThank you!
01:04:20 Nick scorche` is now known as scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
01:04:34sideralAlexP: It looks like r29476 is a good candidate for the 3.8 branch
01:05:37JesusRiveraAnyone Getting The Same Problem???
01:07:18gevaertsJesusRivera: there aren't many people who use rockboy, so that's hard to say
01:08:34gevaertssideral: *why* is ATA DMA suddenly a problem though? It's been enabled since January 2010...
01:08:45JesusRiveragevaerts: Oh, So Should I Post It In Flyspray?
01:09:11gevaertsJesusRivera: that never hurts. Make sure to include as much details as you can
01:09:58kugelfinally, 6-14 three stars
01:10:16JesusRiveragevaerts: Ok, Thanks :D
01:10:33sideralgevaerts: I have absolutely no idea. I just wagered a bet after having read Buschel's commit message.
01:10:45gevaertssideral: it's weird really...
01:11:58sideralgevaerts: Is PP a multicore platform?
01:12:21gevaertssideral: it has two cores, yes
01:12:34sideralPerhaps we weren't using the 2nd core as much back then?
01:13:08gevaertsThe second core is used by mp3 since a lot longer than that, and by not much else
01:13:55sideralgevaerts: Have you seen ?
01:15:00stripwaxis the second core not a red herring? if you're just building db, you're not using the second core at all (or are you?)
01:15:45sideralBut likely some cache flushing is involved when accessing the disk, which could lead to the weird behavior described in that comment
01:16:00stripwaxer. surely cache flushing happens a lot of time, not just when using disk.
01:16:20stripwaxi don't think "not using ATA DMA" implies "not doing cache flushing"
01:16:37stripwaxmore likely, a bug in ata dma .. right?
01:17:22gevaertsI doubt it
01:17:45stripwaxMikeS said "If it's not a cacheline issue perhaps there could there be a stray drive interrupt?"
01:17:45gevaertsATA DMA was enabled fourteen months ago, and suddenly a few weeks ago people start to notice random crashes?
01:18:25gevaertsI'm fully willing to believe that disabling ATA DMA makes those go away, but I'm not as willing to believe that it's really as simple as that
01:18:31stripwaxSo nothing has changed at all in any of the pp-specific code in 14 months?
01:19:11stripwaxMikeS was referring to his changes system-pp502x.c
01:19:51JdGordongevaerts: it was definitly working <14 months ago.. something broke it and without a reliable repro its impossible to say what
01:19:54stripwaxI do agree that it's probably not really as simple as that.
01:19:54 Quit JesusRivera (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
01:20:09sideralstripwax: If you feel adventurous, you could go and bisect to see whether it was Buschel's or jhMikeS' change that fixed your problem :)
01:20:41stripwaxbut if it's the "rio karma" bug, how come it doesn't affect us all of them when doing everything especially when decoding mp3?
01:20:51stripwaxsideral - some other lifetime maybe :-)
01:20:55gevaertsJdGordon: I know that since a few weeks just about everyone sees all sorts of problems, usually involving filesystem corruption. Around the 3.7 release, there was *nothing* like that
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01:21:47*JdGordon is happy to do overnight test runs if people can suggest changes to try reverting
01:22:42stripwaxi gotta go and sleep; see you later
01:22:46stripwaxsideral - and thanks!
01:22:57sideralstripwax: No problem −− see you!
01:23:30sideralJdGordon: Have you run a test with jhMikeS' buffering fixes but without the disable-DMA-workaround?
01:23:41CIA-70New commit by zagor (r29488): Almost 30% faster.
01:24:04JdGordonsideral: I havent done any testing really... the build i have now is a week or two ago with dma disabled
01:24:12gevaertssideral: buffering changes should really not cause database-related filesystem corruption...
01:24:23JdGordonif someone can provide me a mini2g zip with suggested fixes i can test it now
01:24:36*gevaerts has no clue
01:24:57 Quit stripwax (Quit:
01:24:59*sideral neither
01:26:15sideralJdGordon: I can't. gevaerts is right that buffering shouldn't be related to DB crashes
01:26:15*jhMikeS has a data abort problem on the clip that didn't seem to be there when working on buffering but some tweak got in there that changed that :\
01:26:15CIA-70r29488 build result: All green
01:27:04JdGordonwell, i can even build my own if anyone suggests a build to try
01:27:04*JdGordon might just roll back to 3.7 and see if that works
01:27:20gevaertsIf anything, I'd say the changes to system-pp502x.c in r29053
01:27:21jhMikeSthe pp problem is definitely alignment related and I could make it come and go by adding nops into code to shift things
01:28:32sideraljhMikeS: BTW, I suspect that one of your codec/buffering changes broke mp4 playback for me. Didn't have time to produce a useful bug report yet, though
01:28:32gevaertsBut that's really guesswork
01:28:32JdGordongevaerts: na, too recent
01:28:32gevaertsJdGordon: you think?
01:28:32 Part Zagor
01:28:39JdGordonI'll search my logs but i got a logf build from sartoga months ago when i was complaining
01:28:56gevaertsThere can be other bugs
01:29:22gevaertsWhat's special now is that suddenly *everyone* has filesystem corruption. That's not months old
01:29:24jhMikeSsideral: what way?
01:29:43 Join Keripo [0] (
01:29:56sideralJdGordon: Why not do a proper bisect? With one night per test, you should be done in two weeks or so
01:30:00 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
01:30:02sideralif 3.7 works for you
01:30:08jhMikeSgevaerts: I did revert those changes and still could reproduce alignment-related crashes (which is how I discovered them in the first place)
01:30:13JdGordonsideral: HAHA yeah right, im not insane :D
01:30:29sideraljhMikeS: Playback just skips over my M4A files
01:30:49gevaertsjhMikeS: but are those alignment-related crashes related to the bugs that Buschel lists in r29476?
01:31:57jhMikeSgevaerts: not sure. simply disabling DMA without altering instruction count (to preserve alignments) did stop my H10 issues in their tracks
01:32:43JdGordonhow do i revert a svn change in git?
01:33:12sideralJdGordon: git revert <commit-id>
01:33:41JdGordonyes, but how do i get the git commit id from the svn number?
01:33:57kugelit was 1 process that froze my installation
01:34:00sideralgit log, grep for the svn rev
01:34:13kugellzma took too much memory leading to oom
01:34:13jhMikeSgevaerts: at least some, whatever was affecting it
01:34:29kugeloops, sorry!
01:35:25 Part Zagor
01:35:40JdGordon:( not a clean revert
01:35:42jhMikeSsideral: perhaps the initial file offset isn't being updated read properly for m4a
01:35:45sideralJdGordon: there should be a commit message containing "@<svnrel>"
01:36:40sideraljhMikeS: Maybe. I haven't yet verified whether it works with 3.8. As I said, no useful bug report yet
01:36:41 Nick soap_ is now known as soap (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
01:37:23kugelgenlang faster? \o/
01:37:41sideralJdGordon: git mergetool is your friend
01:38:16JdGordonno it aint :p
01:39:02wodzkugel: not faster but profiled :-)
01:39:55sideralJdGordon: Then you haven't configured it to use Emacs ediff? ;)
01:39:59jhMikeSsideral: I'll recheck that now and at least be sure I didn't just make some dumb typo
01:40:49kugelJdGordon: git svn rev-parse rXXXX
01:41:00kugelworks vice versa git commits as well
01:41:46sideralThanks jhMikeS! But don't waste too much time; I'll come up with a better report ASAP. Right now this is nothing more than just a suspicion
01:41:57sideralkugel: Nice
01:42:03 Join Zarggg [0] (
01:42:05kugelbut, git has builtin bisect, why use git revert?
01:42:30sideralNeed to leave now. Happy hacking!
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01:46:56JdGordonhow does git bisect handle revisions which dont compile?
01:47:42kugeldont know
01:48:00sideralJdGordon: git bisect skip
01:49:26JdGordonhaving no ipod cable and no reliable repro is going to make this annoying ;p
01:54:30jhMikeShmmm...I take the clip back to the last buffering changes and ... nothing, at the codec metadata wait change...aborts are simple, so...must test just before that
01:55:30 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
01:57:40JdGordonok, im putting 3.7 on my mini2g, shall see how it goes the heck? hate it when somehow I have the wrong rev. on the player than I thought :P
01:59:01 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
01:59:53thomasjfoxlinuxstb: for the record: don't waste your time on meego on n900. Currently not usable, even for developers.
02:02:21 Part toffe82
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03:12:25 Join ineedshalp [0] (
03:12:30ineedshalpok guys
03:12:37ineedshalpi need help obviously
03:13:06ineedshalpim running ubuntu 9
03:13:34ineedshalpi have a 2nd gen ipod nano and every time i go to load it says " cannot connect to ipod permission denied"
03:13:39ineedshalpwhat does that mean?
03:13:47ineedshalpoother than the obvious
03:13:52 Join timccc [0] (~timccc@
03:13:57ineedshalphow do i change that
03:14:36ineedshalphey are you an admin?
03:14:43ineedshalpor somone smart?
03:15:01JdGordontry in #ubuntu... you have permission issues with your linux setup
03:15:17krazykitthe the installer for the 2nd gen nano need root?
03:15:41krazykitif so, you need to run the installer with sudo
03:15:45ineedshalpahh ok
03:19:33 Quit t0rc (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03:19:48 Join t0rc [0] (~t0rc@unaffiliated/t0rc/x-5233201)
03:19:52 Quit logiclost (Quit: leaving)
03:19:53 Quit GeekShadow (Quit: The cake is a lie !)
03:23:50 Join Gamefreak264 [0] (~KING@unaffiliated/gamefreak264)
03:33:00ineedshalpnew issue \
03:33:06ineedshalphow do i exit doom
03:34:55ineedshalphalp please
03:36:24 Join shaw [0] (josh@
03:37:08 Quit ineedshalp (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
03:41:59 Quit sasquatch (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2)
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03:42:58 Quit shaw (Quit: Full Throttle: 1001 utilidades [])
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03:53:43 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
03:54:45 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
03:55:21 Join seneca [0] (
04:00:21senecaI have a Sansa e200v2 that I just installed Rockbox 3.8 on, which produces a "stkov dircache" panic a few seconds after boot. Any ideas on how to reflash/reinstall?
04:00:41JdGordona new install?
04:00:54senecayes, just installed it today
04:01:26JdGordonturn it off, hold |<< and plug in the usb cable
04:01:33JdGordonit should start the OF and connect to usb
04:01:43JdGordonactually, just turn it off and plug usb in
04:02:43senecavery nice, that seems to have worked
04:02:49senecathank you
04:02:53JdGordonthat wont fix your problem thouhg
04:03:01senecaI'm hoping a fresh install might work better
04:03:03JdGordonin the .rockbox folder, open config.cfg in notepad
04:05:19senecaI don't seem to have that file
04:05:35senecaI think the install got corrupted at some point
04:06:11JdGordonyou can try reinstalling, i doubt it iwll fix anything though... and dircache is disabled by default
04:06:43senecaI'll give it a shot
04:07:21 Join kugel_ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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04:10:22 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
04:11:58 Quit linuxstb (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
04:13:28Gamefreak264Is this strictly a support/dev channel or can I talk general rockbox stuff, too? Anyway, was going to ask if you guys had any favorite themes, I'm new to rockbox and the overall selection is a bit overwhelming
04:14:21JdGordonstruckly dev/support
04:14:30JdGordongeneral chat in #rockbox-community
04:14:38Gamefreak264Okay, thanks
04:24:46 Quit amiconn (Read error: Operation timed out)
04:24:46 Join amiconn_ [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:25:12 Quit pixelma (Read error: Operation timed out)
04:25:15 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
04:25:46 Join pixelma [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
04:47:47CIA-70New commit by jethead71 (r29489): r29348 changes can cause certain codecs to jump to code on early track change that assumes initializations have been done. Make sure that track change ...
04:51:51 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
04:52:20CIA-70r29489 build result: All green
04:56:06 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:02:34senecaJust for the record: looks like the e200v2 build has dircache on by default
05:04:03 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
05:07:58JdGordonah, you are correct!
05:08:25JdGordonseneca: ok, create a new text file named "config.cfg" in the .rockbox folder and add the line "dircache: off" without the quotes
05:11:02JdGordonthough... that really shouldnt be crashing!
05:16:16 Join Rob2223 [0] (
05:18:02 Quit seneca (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
05:18:36 Join mts [0] (
05:18:57mtsJdGordon: yeah, that's how I fixed my issue (also why I figured dricache must have been on by default)
05:19:19mtsI think there are some filesystem issues going on here
05:19:30 Quit Rob2222 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
05:19:44mtsthe drive is formatted with vfat, and one of the tables is a little wonky (lot of illegal filenames, too)
05:20:28JdGordonok, that could explain it... do a fsck
05:20:53JdGordonif dircache breaking it is possible rockbox will outright crash when you try browsing there anyway
05:21:45mtsapparently when doing moving some of the files around, there was a "data abort" issue prior to the whole dircache business
05:21:59mtsI haven't tried poking around much from within rockbox yet
05:25:33 Quit amee2k (Remote host closed the connection)
05:25:46 Join amee2k [0] (
05:25:57 Quit Judas_PhD (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
05:33:57 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:34:06 Join antil33t [0] (
05:39:31 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
05:41:34CIA-70New commit by jethead71 (r29490): buffering: Unusual cases when a handle ridx is briefly seeked ahead of widx need to be handled properly. In the best case, buffer useful would be ...
05:45:23CIA-70r29490 build result: All green
05:46:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:49:21jhMikeSmirages :\ ??
05:49:46JdGordonyou what?
05:51:39jhMikeSabout part of that commit, not sure it's really possible now and I might be seeing code ghosts
05:55:01mtsJdGordon: fsck fixed a couple errors, dircache doesn't seem to be crashing anymore
05:57:48 Join WilliamC [0] (WilliamC@
05:57:51Gamefreak264I read that Rockbox has Lua support, has anything interesting been done with it yet?
05:58:11JdGordongevaerts: going through my chat logs, dec 2 is when i got a logf build and i had problems way before that also so very unlikly the rev you suggested
05:58:13WilliamCI'm having issues submitting a bug report, I registered for an account and it never arrived, I even checked spam
05:58:18JdGordonI've got 3.7 going now and sofar no issues
05:58:47WilliamCI run daily stuff
05:58:55JdGordonWilliamC: the people you need to speak to about that are asleep :/
05:59:01JdGordonwhats your bug?
05:59:14WilliamCThe replay gain makes music too soft.
05:59:22WilliamCIt didn't used to do that
06:00:12WilliamCSolution is to turn it off, but I like using it because it doesn't have me adjusting the volume.
06:00:55JdGordonwhen did it start not working as expected?
06:01:06WilliamCA few daily builds ago.
06:01:17WilliamCShame I cannot pin point
06:01:30JdGordonwhy not? dont we keep the last months dailies?
06:02:01WilliamCI have lots of homework.
06:02:33JdGordonok, well unless someone else comes along with the issue it wont be fixed unless the break is pinpointed
06:02:34WilliamCAlso, you don't
06:02:44JdGordoncan you build your own builds?
06:02:54WilliamCDon't know how
06:03:35JdGordonwhich target?
06:03:45WilliamCSansa E200
06:04:09JdGordon only the last 4 dailies though :(
06:04:45JdGordon;revision=29388 <- probably that change
06:04:53WilliamCWell, I first noticed it a few weeks ago, I assume it happened before that, but I wasn't keep up with the nightlies.
06:05:25WilliamCMight have been
06:06:00WilliamCI mean, even pre-amp in ReplayGain doesn't make it much louder.
06:06:12WilliamCI'm thinking it's some sort of logic error
06:10:22 Quit milk (Quit: baaaiiii)
06:21:49 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
06:29:44 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
06:31:53 Quit Horschti (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
06:48:24 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
06:51:23 Quit antil33t ()
06:53:46 Quit Gamefreak264 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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07:04:15 Quit Gamefreak264 (Changing host)
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07:21:16 Join leavittx [0] (~lev@
07:24:50 Quit t0rc (Quit: Give someone code, help them with one project. Teach someone to code, help them rule the world.)
07:24:55CIA-70New commit by jethead71 (r29491): Do the ridx > widx check where it should be done. A small rebuffering request must completely succeed before buffer can later shrink a handle or else ...
07:27:26 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:28:31CIA-70r29491 build result: All green
07:30:28 Join mystica555_ [0] (
07:33:41 Quit mystica555 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
07:34:26 Join MikeH__ [0] (
07:37:09 Quit mystica555_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:46:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:50:39Gamefreak264Is there any way I can have my player autoresume when playing files from all subdirectories of /Audiobooks/ instead of just /Audiobooks/ without manually typing out the name of each directory?
07:51:09 Quit mts (Quit: leaving)
07:55:42 Join T44 [0] (~Topy44@
07:57:09 Quit Topy44 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
07:58:11LloreanGamefreak264: I don't understand the question.
07:58:16LloreanWhat does typing have to do with Autoresume?
07:58:27LloreanAh, wait.
07:58:32LloreanSorry, I was thinking resume on startup
07:58:46LloreanHave you tried just setting it for the audiobooks folder? I thought it used subfolders automatically
08:01:24Gamefreak264Eh, maybe I'm doing this wrong, but it doesn't appear to be working like that
08:07:39 Join Dr_Agasa [0] (
08:09:44LloreanI may be wrong about how it works
08:09:46LloreanIt's a relatively new feature.
08:09:57LloreanAnd there was some contention about how it should work when it went in, so I'm not sure how it settled.
08:10:45 Quit timccc (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
08:14:29 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
08:14:31 Join bluebroth3r [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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08:19:25 Quit faemir (Quit: Leaving)
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08:43:05 Nick MikeH__ is now known as mystica555_ (
08:44:38ZagorI'm rebooting the server again
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08:50:09 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
08:52:05wodzI looked at genlang a bit. There is one major possible optimization (algorithmic one) and a few minor (particular implementation).
08:52:35 Quit Topy44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
08:53:14wodzThe possible optimization to speedup thing by the factor of ~2 is to not parse english.lang for every single translation file. Yet I don't have idea how to archive this cleanly
08:54:36Zagorthat's not very practical. english.lang is the rosetta stone.
08:54:42 Join Topy44 [0] (~Topy44@
08:54:54 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
08:55:48wodzZagor: but doing build english.lang is not changed between parsing translations
08:56:16Zagorright, we could do it once for all instead of once for each
08:56:31wodzthats my point
08:56:45 Join linuxstb [0] (
08:56:45 Quit linuxstb (Changing host)
08:56:45 Join linuxstb [0] (~linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
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08:58:56 Join T44 [0] (~Topy44@
08:59:35 Quit Topy44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:00:00wodzand <phrase></phrase> parsing is rather naive and error prone in current implementation
09:07:53wodzah yes, we can precompile genlang into bytecode also. This will reduce calling overhead
09:08:00 Join stripwax [0] (
09:08:28 Join mt [0] (~mtee@
09:08:29 Quit mt (Changing host)
09:08:29 Join mt [0] (~mtee@rockbox/developer/mt)
09:12:38 Join einhirn [0] (
09:13:10 Quit Gamefreak264 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
09:14:00wodzehh, they dropped perlcc from mainline :/
09:17:02 Quit stripwax (Quit:
09:17:37 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
09:21:45sideralLlorean, Gamefreak264 (for the logs): Autoresume on manual track start can only be enabled or disabled globally. And yes, resume on automatic track change, when set to "in custom directories only", does apply to all subfolders automatically. It can also be set to apply to all files, or none.
09:22:18 Join webguest31 [0] (
09:22:27 Quit webguest31 (Client Quit)
09:23:08Lloreansideral: It sounds like subfolders wasn't working for him.
09:23:20LloreanIt might be worth testing that it's actually working?
09:24:21sideralLlorean: I use it every day
09:24:23amiconnZagor: I wonder why the sdl build problem didn't make all build clients stop. If the build client that has been handed out the sdl build didn't return, the master should have handed it out to all clients during speculative build, shouldn't it?
09:24:48Lloreansideral: You update builds every day?
09:25:04sideralLlorean: BTW, the manual should explain this pretty well. If it doesn't, please tell me and I'll fix it
09:25:32 Join milk_ [0] (
09:25:32sideralLlorean: That's not what I said, but yes, I update builds quite often
09:25:32amiconn(except clients which don't support sdl builds, but anyway, the round would never finish in theory)
09:25:32Zagoramiconn: not all clients announce sdl capability
09:26:09amiconnYeah, but what does the master do if there are builds left which no client is able to build?
09:26:19Zagorit drops those builds
09:26:27amiconnAnd the round fails?
09:26:36Zagorwell, the round completes with failed builds
09:27:09amiconnWhy didn't that happen then?
09:28:06Zagorgood question
09:28:08sideralLlorean: BTW, I doubt Gamefreak264 really wants resume on *automatic* track change in his Audiobooks folder
09:29:07sideralLlorean: Possibly he's just missing a feature that points out the last-interrupted track in his file/DB browser view
09:29:56Zagoramiconn: "Completed: build sdlapplication client triton-amiconn"
09:30:22Zagordon't ask me how :)
09:32:16Zagorwhat type of system is triton?
09:34:52amiconnDebian squeeze x86_64 (VM)
09:40:52 Part Zagor
09:41:38 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:49:45CIA-70New commit by jethead71 (r29492): Merge functionality of wakeups and semaphores−− fewer APIs and object types. semaphore_wait takes a timeout now so codecs and plugins have to be made ...
09:50:36 Join LinusN [0] (
09:50:36 Quit LinusN (Changing host)
09:50:36 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
09:51:30 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
09:55:17CIA-70r29492 build result: 24 errors, 5292 warnings (jethead71 committed)
09:55:37 Quit rasher (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
09:55:39 Join timccc [0] (~timccc@
09:56:52wodzZagor: I think your change to genlang match() is incorrect
09:56:59 Quit mystica555 (Read error: Operation timed out)
09:57:03 Join pyro_maniac__ [0] (
09:57:12Zagorit produces the same output
09:58:15wodzthe two lines you removed handle the case of wildcards in target name. If you remove them you change the meaning of the wildcard matching
09:58:38ZagorI didn't remove them, I moved them
09:58:42 Join pamaury [0] (
09:58:47 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
09:58:48 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
09:59:02Zagorso they are only called when needed
09:59:21wodzah yes I missed this
10:00:48wodzthis can be optimized farther. match() is called only in one place. Inlining this will remove (quite big) overhead of sub-with-args
10:00:49 Quit pyro_maniac_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
10:01:03 Join Topy [0] (~Topy44@
10:01:31Zagorwodz: yes, as you see match is in fact no longer called at all and should have been removed
10:01:38wodzarrgh you seem to do that as well
10:02:29Zagormy next step was precompiling the match regex, but I decided it was too late at night
10:02:48 Join rasher [0] (
10:02:48 Quit rasher (Changing host)
10:02:48 Join rasher [0] (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
10:02:57wodzI have it locally and it works - your read in my mind :-)
10:03:17JdGordonparsing english.lang once would probably make the other optimisations pointless
10:03:58 Quit T44 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:04:06 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
10:04:10wodzthere are a few places where we strip single chars (\r mostly) which can be optimized by using tr//d instead of s//g variant
10:04:21 Quit factor (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:04:27wodzbut yes this is minor compared to english.lang parsing
10:07:34CIA-70New commit by jethead71 (r29493): Fix pretty colors from r29492 - PP5002 need sems too.
10:09:55 Join factor [0] (~factor@
10:12:36CIA-70r29493 build result: All green
10:15:47pixelmaJdGordon: I also think only keeping the last 4 dailies is a bit too few and I've been mentioning it a few times ever since the change was made and there was a situation some slightly older dailies would have helped
10:16:25pixelmadoesn't happen very often but it does
10:20:34JdGordonare the raw/base/whatever images for cabbie in svn yet?
10:20:56JdGordonand can someone with no image skills actually do anything to port them to a new screen size?
10:22:50CIA-70New commit by wodz (r29494): genlang: Remove unused subs. Use precompiled regex in parsetarget(). Minor tweek by substituting s/\r//g with tr/\r//d.
10:24:01Zagorwodz: did you profile that change?
10:24:11*LinusN nominates jethead71 for the Best Commit Comment award - he writes really meaningful commit comments - kudos!
10:24:40LinusN(apart from doing extremely valuable commits)
10:24:43*jhMikeS bows :)
10:25:06Zagorwodz: I discovered yesterday that doing just that actually causes *more* regcomp calls...
10:25:43pixelmalike "Fix pretty colors from r29492" ? ;)
10:25:50LinusNpixelma: :-P
10:26:35Zagorwodz: ...and I had to break out the owl book to understand why :)
10:27:16CIA-70r29494 build result: 758 errors, 0 warnings (wodz committed)
10:27:36JdGordonhaha nice one
10:28:15wodzhow is it possible
10:28:47Zagorthat was a little surprising
10:29:12wodzgrr removed too much
10:29:20Zagorah, blank
10:29:40jhMikeSpixelma: isn't that lacking half the context "- PP5002 need sems too."?
10:30:03wodzZagor: regexp is compiled a few thousend times while the regexp match is performed ~30 000 times
10:30:29pixelmajhMikeS: yeah, which I can't make head or tail about too
10:31:25jhMikeSit is for heads and tails
10:33:39Zagorpixelma: the comment explains what the red fix did: add semaphore objects for pp5002 too.
10:33:57ZagorI think it was quite clear.
10:34:51jhMikeSit could have said they were inapproprately removed because the dual-core codecs use them :\
10:34:54pixelmaif you can parse sems correctly (which I didn't at first) and not read it as a typoed "seems" :|
10:35:21wodzZagor: why is this blank() needed I don't get it
10:36:35linuxstbLinusN, Zagor: Can either of you remember the history of the chip8 emulator? I noticed the code contains a non-gpl-compatible license (no commercial use, notify the author). Is there a special reason that was accepted?
10:37:08LinusNlinuxstb: my official comment to that is "oops" :-)
10:37:34ZagorI don't remember it being mentioned either. I think it was a mistake.
10:38:47Zagorwodz: it is the default/empty parse function.
10:39:57wodzeh I just revert whole commit I think
10:40:42 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
10:40:44 Join esperegu [0] (~quassel@
10:42:54CIA-70New commit by wodz (r29495): Revert r29494 as It is a) buggy b) doesn't seem to do any good in terms of speed.
10:43:39 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
10:47:35CIA-70r29495 build result: All green
10:49:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:55:44 Join webguest67 [0] (
10:56:40webguest67Hi, i was here 2 days ago about my Sansa Clip+ not being detectable on my computer
10:56:47 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
10:57:00webguest67And i've now formatted it by turning the Clip on and going to Settings > Format
10:57:16webguest67and when i try and turn it on now Rockbox still pops up but then says "Firmware not found"
10:57:20 Quit mt (Remote host closed the connection)
10:57:31webguest67is there anyway i can get it to boot up using the normal Sansa firmware?
10:58:13JdGordonhehe nice, tools/autoconf just works int he android build dir :)
10:58:27gevaertswebguest67: you mean apart from holding the button one normally holds to boot to the original firmware?
10:59:02webguest67To normally boot from original firmware i have to hold left and the on button
10:59:13webguest67i want it to go back to normal of just the 'on' button
10:59:26webguest67seeing as though Rockbox doesnt work now and just says "Cant find firmware"
10:59:40gevaertsWell, you removed rockbox by formatting
10:59:57gevaertsSo obviously it's not there any more, and the bootloader won't find it
11:00:26webguest67Yes, that's why i dont want it to boot up trying to find it every time
11:00:35webguest67I want it to boot up finding the firmware which is on there
11:00:41webguest67ie the original
11:01:11gevaertsYou have to uninstall the bootloader then, which you do by reinstalling the original firmware, as mentioned in
11:01:18*JdGordon is getting a bunch of warnings on android
11:01:27JdGordondunno who's commit broke it thouhg
11:02:17JdGordonoh joy... android doesnt build atm.. hosted/yesno.c error
11:03:17webguest67if i was to use the Rockbox automatic installer to reinstall Rockbox
11:03:20 Part LinusN
11:05:39JdGordonjhMikeS: you broke android... it uses struct wakeup
11:05:39JdGordongevaerts: can we get the first step of the android build into the build system :)
11:07:45amiconnZagor: Maybe it's due to the fact that the sdl in use is not native sdl, but migw32-sdl?
11:09:11Zagoramiconn: I don't see how that would have any effect. the hang was in tools/configure.
11:11:52kugel_amiconn: the sdl app doesn't use mingw32-sdl
11:12:58 Nick kugel_ is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
11:14:01CIA-70New commit by jdgordon (r29496): Make android compile (untested)
11:14:09jhMikeSJdGordon: oh sorry, just switch it to semaphore and for init max=1, start=0
11:14:30JdGordondone :)
11:15:58webguest67I can't get it to not boot up using the Rockbox thing
11:16:40webguest67I've tried the Rockbox automatic installer to get rid of the bootloader but it just says something along the lines of it can't and i need to do it myself
11:16:48webguest67so i tried doing this:
11:16:56webguest67but it still isn't working
11:17:39 Join liar [0] (
11:18:02webguest67(please can anyone help me)
11:18:23CIA-70r29496 build result: All green
11:22:44 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
11:24:13 Quit webguest67 (Quit: CGI:IRC)
11:29:51 Join DerPapst [0] (
11:34:34 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
11:34:34 Quit sideral (Changing host)
11:34:34 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
11:36:30JdGordonkugel: can you put your line height patch somewhere?
11:36:44JdGordonits but ugly but yeah, svn is unusable after trying it :p[
11:38:10 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
11:39:37kugelJdGordon: it's on my git repo
11:42:10 Join Horscht [0] (
11:42:11 Quit Horscht (Changing host)
11:42:11 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
11:42:57 Quit Judas_PhD (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
11:44:28JdGordonswap16/32 redefined?
11:44:34JdGordonanyone wanna claim responsability?
11:44:42kugelyea, caused by TheSeven's commit
11:45:44CIA-70New commit by jdgordon (r29497): Enable hotkey on all the touchscreen targets
11:47:39JdGordonhmm... I wonder if touch regions have ordering at all...
11:49:04JdGordonI'm getting a lovely black screen on first load on my phone
11:49:19JdGordonpressing back and reentering fixes it
11:49:48kugelyes, I need to investigate that
11:50:30CIA-70r29497 build result: All green
11:51:33JdGordonLadies and Gentlemen.... bloody use more than one letter for labels in skins! That support has been there for more than a full release already!!
11:51:59JdGordon%?C<%Vd(c)%?Tl(2.0)<%Vd(t)|%Vd(d)>|%Vd(a)%?Tl(2.0)<%Vd(t)|%Vd(b)>> <- unreadable
11:54:52 Part LinusN
11:55:34 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
11:55:49 Join Judas_PhD [0] (
11:59:23sideralLooks like −− I'm loving it
11:59:57sideralI hope that space vs tab is significant in it? ;)
12:01:27 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
12:02:41JdGordonsome people apparently think spaces are important to keep out!
12:18:43wodzJdGordon: considering the code people look at when learning new syntax it is easy to see lack of spaces as requirement
12:33:29 Quit Rob2223 (Quit: Rob2223)
12:33:38 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:33:51 Quit Rob2222 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:34:04 Join Rob2222 [0] (
12:36:43 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
12:49:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:52:40 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@
12:52:40 Quit GeekShadow (Changing host)
12:52:40 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
12:53:35 Quit bicyclerepairman (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
12:53:57 Part LinusN
13:05:04 Join bicyclerepairman [0] (~Sam@
13:13:27 Quit olejorgenb (Remote host closed the connection)
13:17:05[Saint]JdGordon: That started many revisions ago
13:17:12[Saint]I wasn't sure it wasn't my theme.
13:17:17[Saint]Glad you see it too./
13:17:28[Saint]my .sbs is *warped* on first load.
13:17:59[Saint](multiple loads after the first are all ok, though)
13:27:05 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
13:30:51CIA-70New commit by zagor (r29498): Added english id caching to speed up builds.
13:32:56n1sZagor: cool
13:35:07CIA-70r29498 build result: 190 errors, 0 warnings (zagor committed)
13:35:38 Join madalu [0] (~user@unaffiliated/madalu)
13:36:43amiconn/english.list ?
13:36:48 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@rockbox/developer/LinusN)
13:36:56amiconnThat certainly won't work in a sane build environment
13:36:58Zagorit's the cache file
13:37:06amiconnNote the '/'
13:37:14Zagoryeah, it's a bug. obviously.
13:39:34amiconnBtw, couldn't you make english.list creation a separate step in the Makefile? This way timestamp checking would be automatic
13:40:57Zagoryou could. but it would mean adding more to the makefile (in a point where it already is very complex) without really gaining much.
13:44:48 Join T44 [0] (
13:45:08kugelgenlang is also complex ;)
13:45:11 Quit user890104 ()
13:47:52CIA-70New commit by zagor (r29499): Only create english.list for binary output.
13:48:45 Quit Topy (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:50:36JdGordon[Saint]: <- can you tinhk of a better way to keep the reppopup viewport open? I think i need to make touchregions be able to share ids...
13:51:41JdGordonalso, there is a wierdness which I'm not sure is a bug or feature... the popup_area touch region gets marked as touched even when the repeat mode viewport is open....
13:52:11CIA-70r29499 build result: All green
13:52:21JdGordonthe fix i thought of which is only mark is as pressed when the action actually gets done broke the repeat button handling completly for some reason
13:53:06 Join wodz [0] (
13:53:24[Saint]I'll have a lok in ~hour or so? check the logs, I'll probably come up with something. I've been thinking of it idly.
13:53:31[Saint]*look too"> is the new bmp i added if you want to test the skin
13:56:18wodzZagor: we can drop if($_ =~ /^ *\<phrase\>/) { entirely - It does nothing
13:56:47 Join ajb_oe [0] (
13:57:52 Part ajb_oe
13:58:03 Quit T44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:58:18 Join panni_ [0] (
14:00:05 Join ajb_onms [0] (
14:00:24 Part ajb_onms
14:00:44[Saint]ew... JdGordon: just a 15 ssecond timeout?
14:00:58[Saint]yeah...we can do better than that.
14:01:46[Saint]the only alternative I can easily think of is opening and closing it manually, though.
14:02:15[Saint]it'd still be nice if there was a timeout so it closed if it was opened accidentally I guess, but not essential.
14:03:13JdGordoni started with 5 on the icon/button but it was too slow (on sdl anyway)
14:05:41[Saint]The idea I have going in my head involves a simple set of conditional viewports, but involves opening and closing the popup panel manually...which isn't too bad is it? or is it?
14:06:06[Saint](if it really is, I'll try harder to come up with something special...but this is my first idea)
14:07:09 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:07:19 Join antil33t [0] (
14:09:35 Join Topy44 [0] (~Topy44@
14:11:04JdGordonhow do you mean opening/closing manually?
14:11:23JdGordonwe have no way of forcing the viewport to stay open
14:11:30JdGordonwhich is why i thought we would need variables
14:18:06[Saint]yeah, my way needs a toggle...which I kinda forgot we couldn't do.
14:18:42[Saint]The toggle is actually the more critical element, compared to being able to timeout and I'm bloody surprised I didn't think of it last night.
14:21:38 Join silentmage [0] (
14:22:26silentmageJust fot rockbox for my toshiba gigabeat meg-f40. my win7 laptop recognized it but my xp sp3 desktop doesn't
14:23:06silentmageDo I need to get special drivers? I got the gigabeat room and firmware update from toshiba but it didn't install any drivers
14:24:12JdGordon[Saint]: so lets do toggles but more generically.... how would be do it? 2 tags? one to init and one to set the value?
14:25:32[Saint]two tags? it only needs one tag with a true/false does it not?
14:26:11JdGordonand which is the default?
14:26:15 Quit silentmage (Client Quit)
14:26:22 Quit madalu (Remote host closed the connection)
14:26:27[Saint]the first touch would be true, the second false, ino.
14:26:27JdGordonim thinking more generaly, it would store a number, not just true/false
14:27:14JdGordon%?Tl(foo, 1)<%set(bar, 1)> <- to toggle
14:27:23JdGordonthen inside the other viewpoert the same but set to 0
14:27:30[Saint]Hmmm...perhaps I need to think of what I need first before blindly suggesting things that might work. ;)
14:28:07[Saint]Hmm, no, you're right. That should work.
14:28:49[Saint]Then each could toggle the other cyclicly. yeah, that'll work.
14:30:07JdGordonexcept we need to then define what value is the default by the engine
14:30:20JdGordonwhich could be 0
14:30:44*JdGordon is going to get this turing complete one day! :D
14:30:54[Saint]yeah, I think in this case (with the intended use) it's safer for the toggles to always default off.
14:31:13JdGordonthis isnt the final intended use though
14:31:31[Saint]What else could we apply a toggle to?
14:31:56[Saint]I'll probably think of something eventually...but I can't now.
14:32:50JdGordonit isnt a toggle....
14:33:09JdGordonhow about sub-menus done fully with this?
14:33:29JdGordonhmm, you could do that with just toggles also i tinhk
14:33:38*[Saint] nods
14:34:14JdGordonthere is a patch adding variables on the tracker now, it has other uses like showing different screens
14:34:15[Saint]I had that in mind yesterday...though I wasn't sure exactly how to do it.
14:34:57JdGordonimagine a row of buttons on the sbs each showing a different block of info? one conditional to deide which viewport to display
14:36:10[Saint]then I'd be confused about yet more touch tags that work in the .sbs while we still can't control volume/playback from it! :P
14:36:10 Quit linuxstb (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:36:25JdGordonyou can
14:36:56JdGordonah no, my bad
14:36:59[Saint](with touch areas?)when did that happen?
14:38:03*JdGordon should fix that
14:38:28JdGordonyou can mute in the sbs
14:38:31JdGordonisnt that enough? :p
14:38:46[Saint]Oh, you can? Wow.
14:39:10[Saint]I didn't know that...I just assumed it wouldn't work. Oh, yes. You can.
14:39:26[Saint](all the code is in my .sbs waiting for the day it magically works)
14:43:34 Join lulzb0t [0] (
14:44:00lulzb0thi guys
14:44:08lulzb0tissue with my ipod 5g
14:44:24lulzb0ti installed rockbox 3.8 to give it a try
14:44:35lulzb0tthen uninstalled it again
14:45:16lulzb0tboth via the rockbox installer tool on windows xp
14:45:34lulzb0tnow the ipod doesnt show up on usb
14:45:55lulzb0tscreen is constantly lit in some kind of unresponsive rockbox without skin
14:46:48lulzb0treset does not work
14:47:09[Saint]How are you trying to reset.
14:47:31[Saint]the actual "reset" is hardware linked, and can't fail unless your iPod is broken.
14:47:51lulzb0tthe menu + select + hold thing
14:48:07[Saint]holding Menu+Select for ~30 seconds should be sufficient.
14:48:49 Quit WilliamC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:49:04lulzb0tso the hold key back and forth procedure is unnes
14:49:47lulzb0tapple logo now showing
14:49:48JdGordonwhile im thinking of it, if %var(name, val) sets it, is %?var(name)<...> OK to get the value?
14:49:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:49:57[Saint]In most cases, yes. But it guarantees that hold is in the off position.
14:50:44[Saint]re: "is the hold on/off step unnecessary?"
14:50:44JdGordon... and with sublines and an inc/dec command it can even automatically loop (which thinking about it isnt really that special)
14:51:22[Saint]JdGordon: doesn't _inc/dec loop anyway?
14:51:36lulzb0tsaint, i love you. i dont know how, but obviously you are good karma. worked now. was a gift to my wife. i tried to pimp it. you saved me from decapitation by the hands of a 160cm mexican executive chef.
14:51:43JdGordon[Saint]: eventually it would
14:51:52lulzb0tin a total male way of course
14:52:02*JdGordon thinks he can do a full animation with 1 image and 3 or 4 skin lines
14:52:03[Saint]Happy to help ;)
14:52:26 Join linuxstb [0] (~linuxstb@rockbox/developer/linuxstb)
14:52:30[Saint]JdGordon: Huh? 0_o
14:56:34lulzb0ton a sidenote: everything i found on the net says that rockbox cannot brick an ipod.
14:57:20[Saint]lulzb0t: In normal use, this is correct.
14:57:23lulzb0tbut isnt the bootloader thing a nand modification which can be lethal if something during the write process goes sideways?
14:57:41JdGordon[Saint]: hmmm? because it uses %if() and %xd() in the way you hate? :D
14:57:45*JdGordon really going to bed now
14:57:51[Saint]that's not counting somebody doing something enormously stupid or using the software in an unexpected way though.
14:58:08 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
14:58:17lulzb0tlike unplugging usb during flashing for example
14:58:46lulzb0ti only had experience flashing htc smartphones before
14:59:15lulzb0tso technically it is the same process the guys at xda-devs use to flash these devices?
14:59:22lulzb0ttell me if im annoying
14:59:27lulzb0tjust interested
14:59:28[Saint]iTunes should always be able to recover the device, even if it takes some manual intervention like zeroing the beginning of the disk to make it appear empty.
14:59:51[Saint]there's a few ways it can fail where iTunes doesn't want to see the device, which can be problematic.
15:00:18 Join olejorgenb [0] (
15:00:23lulzb0tthats what really gave me the cold sweats before
15:00:35[Saint]But it's also possible to restore an iPod without iTunes, long as you can write to disk, it's recoverable (pretty much)
15:00:38lulzb0twhen the device didnt show up on usb anymore
15:02:49 Join komputes [0] (~komputes@ubuntu/member/komputes)
15:03:46[Saint]with the Nano3G onwards there's also DFU mode (Nano2G has DFU mode also, but it's not accessable without opening the case iiuc) which is a special "when all else fails" mode that the iPod can be put into tel tell iTunes "I'm really messed up! fix me!" and the iPod is passed a .WTF file to restore it.
15:04:04[Saint](I may have taken some liberties in oversimplification there ;))
15:06:11lulzb0tthanks for the clarification
15:06:44lulzb0tthough it was no nano
15:06:52lulzb0tbut the ipod 5g
15:06:56lulzb0tipod video
15:06:59 Part LinusN
15:12:20 Quit krazykit (Quit: awe yeeeeeee)
15:18:21 Quit bicyclerepairman (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:18:44 Join leavittx [0] (~lev@
15:19:22 Quit mudd1 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:26:25Tornelulzb0t: the ipod video doesn't need to be flashed as part of installing rockbox, so there is no risk of that happening
15:26:37Tornelulzb0t: the bootloader is installed to the hard drive, not the flash
15:26:45Torneinterrupting it is perfectly safe
15:26:45 Quit panni_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:27:38Torneonly the more recent ipods get flashed during install, and most of those have a ROM based recovery as saint said (though sadly the nano2g is not able to be put into it easily)
15:28:20[Saint]well, it's the opening the case part that's annoying ;)
15:32:02[Saint]lulzb0t: Out of interest, and curiousity...why was it that you uninstalled Rockbox? Was there some issue with it that we might be able to help you work out?
15:32:31[Saint]The reason why I ask this is that most people don't even think about going back after the initial learning curve.
15:35:10 Join mudd1 [0] (
15:35:28lulzb0tno not really, its just that the ipod is for my wife, so its cute skin + usability over versatility.
15:36:25lulzb0tthe skins that rockbox offers dont have the same amount of eyecandy and because of the open concept are not as intuitive
15:36:45lulzb0tif i were to use it i would have kept rockbox on
15:37:16lulzb0t@torne: thanks
15:37:27[Saint]the open concept (I assume you mean because we're open source) has nothing to do with the skin being intuitive or not.
15:37:49lulzb0tnope, semantical mixup
15:37:50[Saint]there's several themes based on a theme I designed that mimick the Apple theme exactly also.
15:38:18lulzb0tmay i ask for the theme names?
15:38:58[Saint]If you hang on one second, I'll upload mine. Many impatient people loaded rather incomplete versions onto the themesite.
15:39:15lulzb0tthe nearest one was iclassic
15:39:40lulzb0talso there was no pink skin :))
15:40:07[Saint]Yeah...they're all ripped or built off a theme I did a few months back. Most give credit which is nice.
15:40:46 Join bicyclerepairman [0] (~Sam@
15:42:29[Saint]lulzb0t: extract that to the root of the iPod (assuming Rockbox is installed) and then select the theme file from settings - theme settings - browse theme files as normal.
15:43:25[Saint]it's called "iLike"
15:46:49lulzb0ti hope youll understand that ill not put rockbox on. i was on msn with the guy who sent the ipod and gave him the shock of the century when i assumed id bricked it. was kinda retarded anyway to mess with a gift meant for her anyway.
15:47:01lulzb0tthough i understand that itd be safe to do so
15:49:56lulzb0tbecause you were asking for suggestions: to prevent anyone else from being like "wtf" when the ipod hangs after uninstalling itd make sense to put a short caveat about proper resetting into the unoinstallation feedback
15:50:19[Saint]lulzb0t: It's not supposed to do that.
15:50:34[Saint]it should have reset after you ininstalled the bootloader and safely ejected it.
15:50:45[Saint]I suspect you may not have safely ejected.
15:50:58lulzb0tcos the page i found on the net spoke quite unspecifically about pushing hold back and forth instead of pointing out that is has to be off
15:51:18lulzb0twhich was the starting point for the ensuing near heartattack
15:51:52lulzb0ti id eject via the xp ejection dialog
15:52:11[Saint]lulzb0t: Hmmmm...I didn't think we needed to point out that hold needs to be off for the clickwheel to function, but it tripped you up, so I guess we do.
15:52:31lulzb0twell, first time i had an ipod in my hands
15:52:56[Saint]And I'm not sure what went wrong...but it should have reset automatically after it was ejected.
15:53:01[Saint]No idea why it didn't.
15:53:27lulzb0twould be clear to anyone with 10 minutes of experience ofc. but i was kinda virginal at that point.
15:53:44Torne[Saint]: Er, you *do* need to turn the hold switch on and off to guarantee ti works, it seems
15:53:55TorneI've been unable to reset it until I've doen that before
15:54:18Tornealso including that step saves user confusion since it guarantees the process will work no matter where the hold switch was to start with :)
15:54:51lulzb0tdunno about that, but the page simply said back and forth and nothing about the final position before reset.
15:54:52[Saint]Torne: Hmmm...see, I always thought that was a step to ensure you didn't just try to stupidly do it with the hold switch engaged.
15:54:56Torneand yes, it should reset automatically after you uninstall as well
15:55:03Torne[Saint]: I assumed so as well
15:55:04lulzb0tthough not your page, so not your problem ;)
15:55:18TorneAny write to the firmware partition or MBR causes a reset on eject
15:55:27Torneeven if you don't actually change anything at all
15:55:33Tornejust touching that part of the disk makes the ipod know it needs to reboot
15:55:54Torne..unless you were in Rockbox when you uninstalled it
15:55:56Tornesince we don't do that detection
15:56:00lulzb0tone can say about apple what one may want to say
15:56:06Tornebut if you were in rockbox then you would've had to shut down the player afterward anywya
15:56:08lulzb0tbut they think when they design stuff
15:56:10Torneand that should be sufficient
15:56:58lulzb0t@torne: it froze into a bright screen with the menu items visible but without theme
15:57:11Torneyes, that's because you deleted rockbox *while rockbox was running*
15:57:14[Saint]lulzb0t: <−− my "iPod" theme
15:57:30Tornewindows doesn't work too well if you delete c:\windows while it's running either
15:57:37Tornenext time: reboot to the emergency disk mode first
15:57:47Tornethen when you uninstall it will just reset and load the OF afterward automatically
15:58:15Tornealternatively, only uninstall the bootloader :)
15:58:25Torneif you'd left .rockbox behind that wouldn't've crashed either
15:58:33Torneand you could've deleted it later after rebooting to the OF
15:58:34lulzb0tnice theme btw, does it also have the sliding effect when changing menu levels?
15:59:17[Saint]Torne: Rockbox *should* actually handle deleting the .rockbox folder idea if it can handle something else doing it though.
15:59:25lulzb0they, not faulting you for my newbie follies
15:59:27Torne[Saint]: er, what?
15:59:36Torne[Saint]: how do you mean "handle"?
15:59:39[Saint]lulzb0t: One of two things it lacks, the other being antialiased fonts.
15:59:46[Saint](but I have a custom build for that)
15:59:57Torneif something deletes it during usb disk mode then we already closed all our filehandles on things like the UI font
16:00:08Torneso when you return from disk mode you can't load any text any more if you're using a fontcache font
16:00:12Torneand similar
16:00:14Tornebecauset hose files will fail to reopen
16:00:17[Saint]Torne: It should be ok to deletew the .rockbox folder withthe filebrowser for instance.
16:00:25Torneer, no it isn't
16:00:32Torneif it doesnt' crash that's a fluke
16:00:33[Saint]it shouldn't hard lock just beacuse of it, is what I mean.
16:00:45TorneHard locking might not be ideal, no
16:00:45[Saint]obviously things will stop functioning.
16:00:48Tornebut it may well panic
16:01:01Tornesince if you delete the font you're using and the fontcache tries to load more chars from it, what're you supposed to do? :)
16:01:03[Saint]I've tried it before and got away with it..lets see. we even handle deleting open files sanely, actually?
16:01:17 Join WilliamC [0] (WilliamC@
16:01:18Torneopen for writing, that is
16:02:02[Saint]Rockbox can delete the .rockbox dir fine ;)
16:02:07TorneEr, no
16:02:09Torneyou haven't proven that
16:02:23lulzb0tanyway, thx guys
16:02:25Torne1) are you using a cached font and did you look at something that uses a character not in the cache after
16:02:30lulzb0till go to the city now
16:02:34[Saint]I just deleted it, then it let me shut down.
16:02:37[Saint]I call that fine.
16:02:40lulzb0tmeet the wifey over some teryaki
16:02:48lulzb0tand hand her the ipod
16:02:52Tornebut it may not do that if yuo happen to be using a different font, is my point
16:03:01lulzb0tinstead of being sliced to pieces with a ginzu knife
16:03:09[Saint]I'm using a userfont.
16:03:16[Saint]should I try it with sysfont?
16:03:17TorneYes, but is it one that fits in the buffer entirely?
16:03:26[Saint]I'd say...yes.
16:03:28Torneno, you would need to try it with a font that's too big to be loaded entire
16:03:34[Saint]it's a bigass antialiased font
16:03:34Tornebecause otherwise the font isn't left open
16:03:41Tornehow big?
16:03:54[Saint]~230Kb...on a Nano1G
16:04:07Torne230kb might just about fit
16:04:11Tornesome of that is metadata :)
16:04:18Torneiirc the buffer is 200000 bytes
16:04:28[Saint]Hmmm...well, I'm still surprised it "just works" ;)
16:04:38[Saint]not many things handle deleting themselves.
16:04:43Tornealso, if you just went back to the main menyu then the odds are you still had all the chars visible in the main menu cached
16:04:52 Quit sideral (Remote host closed the connection)
16:04:58 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
16:04:58 Quit sideral (Changing host)
16:04:58 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
16:05:04Torneif you'd just been looking at a bunch of CJK filenames and it happened that the letter "S" had been pushed out of the cache, it may act different :)
16:05:21Tornemy point is your experiment doesn't prove anything :)
16:05:38Torneto actually know whether it's safe you'd have to inspect the code for everything that may potentially have a file open udner .rockbox
16:05:41 Join esperegu_ [0] (~quassel@
16:05:48[Saint]It proves what I said isn't entirely *un*true! :P
16:05:50Tornewhich is quite a lot of thigns (database stats, fonts, voice, etc)
16:05:53 Quit esperegu (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:05:54 Quit fyrestorm (Quit: lamers envy me like they envy bill g -- main boot xp, just the way it should be!)
16:06:00 Quit lulzb0t (Quit: Bacha Bazi party)
16:06:07Torneyes, youv'e shown it's not guaranteed to crash every time :)
16:06:19Tornewell done ;)
16:07:54[Saint]I'll take that bow. :D
16:10:34 Join esperegu [0] (~quassel@
16:10:51 Quit sideral (Remote host closed the connection)
16:11:14[Saint]Torne: After you try to use a font that's been just happily switches over to sysfont.
16:11:25 Quit esperegu_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:11:29[Saint]quite a nice (probably a fluke) way to handle it.
16:11:49 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
16:11:50 Quit sideral (Changing host)
16:11:50 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
16:17:37 Quit esperegu (Remote host closed the connection)
16:30:17 Quit linuxguy3 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:34:36 Quit n1s (Quit: Lämnar)
16:34:47 Join linuxguy3 [0] (
16:37:08 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:7d0:0:f9af:feed:feed:feed:feed)
16:41:30 Quit pyro_maniac__ (Remote host closed the connection)
16:41:32[Saint]#if CONFIG_KEYPAD == PLAYER_PAD <−− This is "An App build with a DPAD"?
16:41:56 Quit Strife89 (Quit: Restarting machine to clear out cobwebs(?))
16:43:35 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
16:44:04 Join bmbl [0] (
16:44:04 Quit bmbl (Changing host)
16:44:04 Join bmbl [0] (~bmbl@unaffiliated/bmbl)
16:45:50 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
16:47:48[Saint]wait...hmmm, isn't there some define somewhere to just always include shutdown in the main menu?
16:48:44 Quit WilliamC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:49:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:50:38linuxstb[Saint]: "PLAYER_PAD" means the keypad of the Archos Player.
16:51:04[Saint]thanks linuxstb
16:51:49linuxstbIt's because hardware limitations prevent shutting down via a button.
16:54:57 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:55:09 Join WilliamC [0] (WilliamC@
16:55:11 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
16:57:10 Join Roasted [0] (~jason@
16:57:30RoastedWith rockbox installed when I plug in my sansa, nothing at all happens. What can I do? I'm trying to mount it as a storage device to add more music
16:57:33[Saint]Well, lets assume I want shutdown in the menu at all times, is this sane? :
16:58:12gevaertsRoasted: which model?
16:58:25Roastedhang on it's coming to me...
16:58:29Roastedfuze v2?
16:59:15gevaertsOn the fuze v2 we don't do USB yet, so you have to boot to the original firmware. The easiest way is probably to plug it in while it's turned off
16:59:28 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
16:59:33Roastedthat's what I did, but ever since I installed rockbox, even the default firmware has issues with it.
16:59:48 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
17:00:14RoastedI plugged the thing in about a dozen times here and it just does nothing. It gets power though and begins charging.
17:00:48gevaertsIs the cable OK?
17:01:04Roastedit's pretty much brand new. hasn't fialed me yet.
17:01:42RoastedI like what rockbox offers, so don't think I'm blaming it. But the truth is I've had connectivity issues with even the manufacturer's firmware when connecting to the computer once I installed rockbox.
17:01:59RoastedI've also noticed my music listing on manu. firmware is very off now.
17:02:11*gevaerts hasn't heard of that sort of problem before...
17:02:17RoastedIt'll show up like 3 brands, when I have about 70 on here. It'll also show random characters in place of bands, like { } [] [] or something random.
17:02:28RoastedSo instead of Pearl Jam I'll see [ ]
17:02:30Roastedor random backslashes.
17:02:47 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
17:02:48 Quit sideral (Changing host)
17:02:48 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
17:02:48[Saint]Sounds like your FS is toast
17:02:56Roastedwell, all I did was install rockbox. :)
17:03:02Roastedso for that sake I sure hope it's not
17:03:37[Saint]well, there's multiple "everything you do you do at your own risk" warnings...but, still, it shouldn't happen.
17:03:54RoastedOh I understand. flashing firmware on anything is taking a risk.
17:04:01RoastedI work in IT so I know how that goes with BIOS, etc.
17:04:09 Join mystica555 [0] (
17:04:16[Saint]afaik when in the original FW there's no rockbox code, if it's messing up on both sides, it's not our fault ;)
17:04:32RoastedWell, I have to blame the most inconvenient timing in the world then.
17:04:38Roastedit only happened when I installed rockbox.
17:04:47[Saint]but it does sound like FS corruption, have you tried a diskcheck?
17:04:52RoastedLiterally. It immediately happened. I noticed it when I realized I could dual boot firmware.
17:05:08RoastedNo, because when I fire up GParted with it plugged in, the file system is protected, so I can't actually see it. It comes up as unallocated.
17:05:28RoastedOf course.
17:05:35RoastedWouldn't have it any other way.
17:05:45[Saint]there's some EHCI bug that's messing up a lot of things as I understand it.
17:06:00[Saint]we seem to trigger it somehow, but it affects more than just us.
17:06:09 Quit sideral (Client Quit)
17:06:09Roastednever heard of it?
17:06:15 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
17:06:16 Quit sideral (Changing host)
17:06:16 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
17:06:52[Saint]it's used for high speed usb
17:07:30RoastedAnd it's just a Linux bug?
17:07:31[Saint]it may or may not be related, but there's a lot of people having greif with ehci in linux presently.
17:07:39[Saint]afaik, yes.
17:07:56[Saint]If you can try on a WIn system, I would.
17:09:25RoastedEhh, I'd have to dig one up somewhere.
17:09:30RoastedCan't say I use that OS too heavily.
17:12:06[Saint]If it's not the port, or the cable...and the same thing is happening on both Rockbox and Sansa firmwares, then it's a safe step to jump to looking at the OS.
17:12:39[Saint]if it happened exclusively with one firmware or the other, I'd be less certain.
17:13:30 Join mshathlonxp [0] (
17:13:39 Part Zagor
17:13:52RoastedYeah, but the fact the FS is bringing me music in an odd way on manu. firmware makes me wonder if it sthe FS itself I suppose
17:15:24 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
17:15:26[Saint]Oh, haha...yes. I missread that earlier. I thought you had checked the filesystem.
17:16:42RoastedI did not check it because I couldn't
17:19:10 Quit Roasted (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:21:10 Quit timccc (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
17:24:05 Quit Topy44 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:29:14 Join Topy44 [0] (~Topy44@
17:29:43 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
17:30:50 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
17:30:59 Part sideral
17:37:51 Join enthdegree [0] (
17:49:14 Quit WilliamC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
18:01:38 Join WilliamC [0] (WilliamC@
18:04:07WilliamCThe bug tracker won't send me my registration confirmation, and I checked the spam folder
18:11:42kugelI have a microsd in my e200v1 which mounts fine in rockbox, but doesn't appear on my pc when I connect
18:11:50kugelwhat could be the reason for this?
18:12:00 Nick enthdegree is now known as kenrockwell (
18:12:51 Nick kenrockwell is now known as enth (
18:13:05mshathlonxpcan anyone explain how to manually create voice file?
18:13:31 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
18:13:41 Part WilliamC ("Leaving")
18:13:43mshathlonxpI mean just how to arrange and convert phrases so rockbox would undestand result, I know how to speak, record and edit :D
18:16:37n1smshathlonxp: that depends on what you mean by manually
18:21:23mshathlonxpmanually means that I'm opening and closing my mouth, creating sounds in process, recording them, editing them, and in the end should be voice file :P
18:27:55n1swell, encode them with rbspeexenc and build the voicefile with voicefont is as close to documentation that there is for this stuff
18:30:58[Saint]mshathlonxp: You should probably have the source checked out if you're wanting to develop for Rockbox.
18:31:11[Saint]The source is the best documentation there is.
18:31:31*mshathlonxp doesn't understand any programming language
18:31:55[Saint](also, when someone mentions a filename or'll know what they're talking about)
18:32:17[Saint]even still, you won't be able to run our tools if you don't have them.
18:33:18[Saint]at the very least rockbox/apps/langs, and rockbox/tools would be of use to you.
18:33:28 Join stoffel [0] (
18:33:41n1smshathlonxp: yes, you need to build the voicefont and rbspeexenc tools at least, but it's easieest to just check out the whole thing and build some native build like a sim or something to get them compiled
18:33:45 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~3f74f70d@rockbox/staff/LambdaCalculus37)
18:41:23 Join L-Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
18:43:00 Quit sasquatch (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2)
18:43:25 Join sasquatch [0] (
18:50:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:52:24 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
18:59:47 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:04:23 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
19:26:58 Join lostlogic [0] (~lostlogic@rockbox/developer/lostlogic)
19:29:43CIA-70New commit by bluebrother (r29500): FS #11913: Separate TTS correction expressions into separate file. ...
19:29:47 Quit LambdaCalculus37 (Quit: back to work)
19:31:22 Join robin0800 [0] (
19:33:57CIA-70r29500 build result: All green
19:39:07n1sjhMikeS: sounds bad ;)
19:41:50jhMikeStrying to give it a good going over
19:42:31n1sit is much appreciated
19:44:12jhMikeSthanks. is anything actually improving or has it not reached the critical point?
19:45:44n1si have not been hit by any of these issues AFAIR but i mostly just resume my playlist and leave the player alone untill i shut it down
19:46:29n1sso i'm not doing anything exotic except the occasional track skip
19:47:55 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
19:49:36jhMikeSyeah, it's mostly ok if you're easy on it
19:50:53 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
19:56:52 Join {phoenix} [0] (
20:04:53 Join krazykit [0] (
20:13:01CIA-70New commit by thomasjfox (r29501): Introduce "power" thread for RaaA ...
20:13:22*thomasjfox hopes not to break android builds ;)
20:13:54[Saint]thomasjfox: Well, believe it or not there's a way you can check that prior to committing ;)
20:16:19thomasjfox[Saint]: Nah, I just love when gevaerts points the finger at me :)
20:17:11CIA-70r29501 build result: 3 errors, 0 warnings (thomasjfox committed)
20:17:41*gevaerts doesn't really know what to think of that :)
20:17:42thomasjfoxBut why wait for the android port, break the real thing!
20:18:12 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
20:22:27 Quit mystica555 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:25:44 Quit bmbl (Quit: Verlassend)
20:26:33bicyclerepairmanZagor, did you eventually find a maildrop?
20:30:28TheSeventhomasjfox: no, it's the CIA that's pointing fingers at you!
20:30:40thomasjfoxThis time, yes.
20:31:03*thomasjfox is getting the toolchain for Archos Recorder to verify the change with a real build
20:35:42gevaertsbicyclerepairman: in case he didn't, I guess you need GodEater_, linuxstb, stripwax, Torne, or pondlife (I might be missing some of our UK developers of course)
20:36:00*gevaerts guesses that pinging some people might be somewhat efficient for this :)
20:37:20gevaertsTorne: IIRC the issue is to find a UK address to ship something to that can then be sent on to whoever needs it. I can't remember what it was though, but I suspect bicyclerepairman can remind us
20:38:07bicyclerepairmanI can
20:38:22bicyclerepairmanI'm offering a Creative Zen Micro to any developer who wants it
20:38:56bicyclerepairmanthe sounds a bit squoogley as I said but if it helps someone out to improve the port in any way, then great
20:43:15CIA-70New commit by thomasjfox (r29502): Fix red
20:43:35thomasjfoxthe sh gcc toolchain doesn't build on my host, hopefully this works
20:43:43[Saint]heh...squoogley, there's something about that word I love.
20:44:10[Saint]thomasjfox: It certainly should.
20:44:19[Saint]I'd look into why it isn't if I were you.
20:44:27thomasjfox[Saint]: Looks like a parallel build issue
20:44:41thomasjfox[Saint]: I'll try to build the arm eabi toolchain first to make sure it's not something general
20:47:30 Part Zagor
20:48:03 Join Zagor [0] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
20:50:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:54:14 Join vnl [0] (
20:54:43 Part vnl
20:55:24thomasjfoxthe arm eabi toolchain builds. I guess the old binutils version in the sh toolchain chokes on parallel make. Will try again after the arm toolchain
20:59:04thomasjfoxnow if would only make use of parallel make...
20:59:36[Saint]thomasjfox: You can edit it...
20:59:52thomasjfoxIt uses normal, serial make
21:00:15thomasjfoxI try to use a newer binutils version with it
21:00:47*thomasjfox wonders why the rockbox build is still running since 20:43
21:01:12gevaertsbicyclerepairman: I'd volunteer, but I'm just slightly on the other side of the water...
21:01:24*[Saint] kicks CIA-70
21:02:09[Saint]thomasjfox: You broke it, it won't build until you apologise to CIA-70 ;)
21:02:19*thomasjfox kicks CIA-70
21:02:29 Quit bicyclerepairman (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:02:38thomasjfoxlike that? :)
21:02:46gevaertsYou can't really blame CIA-70 for this I'd say
21:02:52gevaertsIt's still building! says the same
21:03:03gevaertsAnd I didn't change the builds file today either
21:03:09Zagoryou can, however, blame the e1000 driver
21:03:21*thomasjfox blames the e1000 driver!
21:05:05 Join Buschel [0] (
21:07:56CIA-70r29502 build result: 12 errors, 0 warnings (thomasjfox committed)
21:07:59Buschel[Saint]: you there?
21:08:58 Join stripwax [0] (
21:12:35 Quit L-Strife89 (Quit: Leaving)
21:13:26CIA-70New commit by Buschel (r29503): Backport r29476 to v3.8 branch. Disabled ATA_DMA for PP targets.
21:15:37 Join bicyclerepairman [0] (~Sam@
21:15:54CIA-70New commit by thomasjfox (r29504): Fix red on Archos Recorder
21:16:37thomasjfoxbinutils 2.16.1 and 2.17 don't compile on my box
21:16:52pixelmaBuschel: did you read mails?
21:17:05thomasjfoxI've now built the sh toolchain with 2.20.1 and it compiles rockbox just fine
21:17:42Buschelpixelma: If you are talking of Franks email. I saw it
21:18:35pixelmayes I do because I wondered why you just backported a commit that still is questioned
21:18:45*gevaerts wakes up
21:19:12CIA-70r29504 build result: All green
21:19:33[Saint]Buschel: Yes, I'm here...sorry, highlight seems to not be working correctly for me. I'm downloading the 3.8 release for my Nano1G now to confirm/deny FS #11973
21:20:00Buschelwas it questioned? from the irc talk I walked through I understood switching off this stuff was verified to fix issues. therefor I backported it...
21:20:04gevaertsIf that commit fixes things, it probably should go in. What I'm mainly questioning is the idea that there are no other commits that could have caused this (I'm not saying anyone specically thinks that), mainly to ensure that we keep looking
21:20:35Buschel[Saint]: could you already check FS #11973?
21:21:21CIA-70New commit by thomasjfox (r29505): Remove redundant function prototype
21:21:40gevaertsFilesystem corruption is definitely something that warrants a quick fix though, even if it's not the right final fix
21:21:51Buschelgevaerts: I am also not convinced that this disabling should be the final solution. maybe this bug is an effect of the ATA rework a while ago in combination with the DMA?... I don't know
21:21:57[Saint]I wasn't able to when I thought I could, as real life interrupted, and in truth I forgot about it until I saw your message just now. Am in the process doing so now.
21:23:35jhMikeSwhere did we have a big ata rework?
21:23:59 Join pamaury [0] (
21:23:59 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
21:23:59 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:24:44 Quit bicyclerepairman (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:24:47 Quit Rob2222 (Quit: Rob2222)
21:25:00 Join Rob2222 [0] (
21:25:14CIA-70r29505 build result: All green
21:26:07[Saint]Hahahah! the scrolling in pictureflow for RaaA is foolishly fast on my phone.
21:26:39jhMikeSsame thing with gigabeat S
21:26:40BuscheljhMikeS: r28950 ff
21:26:55AlexPgevaerts, bicyclerepairman (if you see this): It can come via me
21:27:57*thomasjfox wonders when we fixed the data directory for pictureflow on RaaA
21:29:04jhMikeSBuschel: It seemed to basically be a shuffling and renaming of things but no real functional change after the one revert
21:29:23BuscheljhMikeS: if you say so :)
21:29:32[Saint]thomasjfox: from at least 29466 apparently.
21:29:45[Saint](that's the revision I'm using)
21:30:16 Join Jerom [0] (~jerome@
21:31:44thomasjfox[Saint]: I'll give the SDL app a spin
21:32:33 Join Keripo [0] (
21:35:28jhMikeSBuschel: I did give it a good lookover given the issues. Am I missing something?
21:39:19BuscheljhMikeS: I think the job regarding the known issues is done. Now we need to await possible bug reports −− either new ones or known issues reported again.
21:44:33*Buschel had a looong day today and will go to bed now
21:44:38 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
21:47:05 Join s__C [0] (
21:47:11s__Cneed you help
21:47:19s__Ci have an ipod classic black : 05ac:1261
21:47:31s__Cit's not in the libipod,,,,py
21:47:42s__Cshould i edit it to get the ipod detected ?
21:48:30wodzI am sending scsi command to rk device with help of libusb. I do detach kernel driver. Now If I have usb-storage loaded everything is ok. If I rmmod usb-storage and suppress its loading CBW after command has bCSWStatus = 0x4c. According to usb docs this doesn't have any meaning
21:48:44[Saint]Installation issues are better directed to #freemyipod-support
21:48:46wodzany USB expert can help me?
21:48:48[Saint]s__C: ^
21:49:46wodzThe funny thing is that device sends correct usb data packet besides it reports command is not successful
21:50:05s__Cyes [Saint]
21:50:15 Join Keripo1 [0] (
21:50:21wodzgevaerts, pamaury ?
21:50:37[Saint]Just directing you to my prior post..but you'd figured it out anyway.
21:51:05 Part s__C ("WeeChat 0.3.4")
21:51:17pamaurywodz: yes ?
21:51:59wodzpamaury: you seem to be USB expert - could you help me maybe?
21:52:52pamauryI know well usb but not quite usb mass storage, I think gevaerts knows more. Perhaps when unloaded usb-storage it sends a command to RB saying to detach or something
21:53:02 Join u42p [0] (
21:53:35u42pTheSeven: re my "bricked" sansa clip+. i had it off since i talked here last time. just pressed on and the rockbox logo shows. gonna insert usb cable now
21:53:44 Quit Keripo (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:53:46wodzthat's not rb thing. I am sending 'private' commands to rockchip device in order to switch it into DFU mode.
21:54:04wodzFrom dissasembly I can't see why this fails :/
21:54:05u42pit just shows the logo and "Boot Ver. 2.0", nothing seems to happen
21:54:47pamauryah ok, hum, perhaps it's a custom error of the rockchip code, do you know which commands usb-storage sends when it's unloaded ?
21:55:01u42pno sign at the pc
21:55:31u42pturned off after i held power for ~15s
21:55:58pamaurywodz: and what happen if you unplug and replug the rockchip device ? Is usb-storage reloaded ?
21:56:00gevaertsu42p: maybe try the "Boot Original Firmware" button?
21:56:04u42pplugged in usb, screen stays black and i see the 4mb partition again
21:56:07u42pyes, next up
21:57:30wodzpamaury: well If I plug dap and usb-storage loads everything is ok, even after rmmod of usb-storage. The problem occurs when I suppress loading of usb-storage in the first place (by moving module file for example)
21:57:38u42phm, held power for a while, nothing happened. tried home+power, nothing. plugged in again, no sign of it
22:00:00 Part enth
22:00:20pamaurywodz: you mean that if usb-storage never loads, it doesn't work ? Perhaps you first need to send some command to the device
22:00:59u42pit was back on somehow. i plugged it back in to usb. monitored dmesg to see if i can turn it off (yes). held home+power, "hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 5"
22:01:17u42poh and the screen now shows the beginning of the sandisk animation
22:01:31wodzpamaury: but BulkOnly device handle only two mandatory commands - reset and get max lun. Everything else is SCSI wrapped in CBW
22:01:41u42pbeginning as in frozen first(?) frame
22:01:58stripwaxgevaerts - re your previous message - it doesn't cause filesystem corruption, right? (or does it .. ?) I don't recall seeing any evidence for actually requiring an fsck , but maybe I didn't look at all the related bugs on tracker
22:02:05pamaurywodz: perhaps you first need to send some scsi command like sense
22:03:19wodzpamaury: hmm good point although docs doesn't mention this
22:03:50pamauryI'm trying to have a look at what usb-storage does but the code is quite long :)
22:04:05pamauryperhaps the scsi docs says it but it's rather long
22:04:20u42pusb shows nothing off it at this point
22:04:37gevaertswodz: you could compile usb-storage with debug enabled and see what exactly it does I think
22:05:00pamauryor use whireshark :)
22:05:07gevaertsOr that :)
22:05:12gevaertsToo simple!
22:05:36wodzpamaury: I use wireshark but with usb-storage loaded it scrolls too fast :-)
22:06:02pamauryplug and unplug quickly, it stores everything in memory
22:08:40u42pwell, this still does not look promising
22:08:46u42pbedtime, good night!
22:08:47 Quit u42p (Quit: Leaving)
22:09:06pamaurywodz: if you want, I can try with a device, see which commands are sent on init
22:10:30pamauryPerhaps you can mimic the behaviour of usb-storage, see which scsi commands are sent when it's loaded
22:12:14wodzyes, first I try with sense
22:12:26gevaertsThat would make sense
22:14:31 Join user890104 [0] (
22:17:47 Quit mshathlonxp ()
22:18:29 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@
22:18:29 Quit sideral (Changing host)
22:18:29 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
22:21:22wodzpamaury: you are genius :-) Sending sense scsi as a first command fixes this
22:22:02wodznow tell me why this shit resets instead of entering DFU
22:22:18pamaurywrong command ? :D
22:22:33pamaurywhat happen with usb-storage ?
22:23:04pamaurythere might be other command too
22:25:09wodzthe command is right and sometimes the device reacts like it should. But most of the time it is not. Other 'private' commands work always
22:29:13wodzpamaury: is it normal that wireshark marks some perfectly valid usb packets as malformed?
22:31:43 Part Zagor
22:34:32 Join vnl [0] (
22:35:04 Quit vnl (Client Quit)
22:36:21 Join vnl [0] (
22:36:24 Part vnl
22:37:16 Quit Torne (Quit: back later, system maintenance)
22:39:54[Saint]why doesn't the cabbie theme .cfg set display icons to yes, or specify an iconset for that matter?
22:40:45[Saint]I assumed that "cabbie" consisted of the look you get when you install a clean Rockbox install for the first time, not just the cabbie .wps and colourscheme
22:41:48[Saint]as it is now, if you apply a theme that turns icons off, or applies a different iconset, if you them load the cabbie theme (perhaps expecting it to revert to the "default" look), it's not going to do so.
22:42:10[Saint](which in case you haven't guessed I think isn't that great...)
22:42:42wodz[Saint]: I was asking the same question when I was rewriting
22:43:04LloreanIt sounds like an error.
22:43:08[Saint]wodz: It's a question that needed to be asked I think.
22:43:22[Saint]I don't actually use cabbie, so I just discovered this now.
22:43:30[Saint]otherwise I would have mentioned it sooner.
22:43:52LloreanSetting the theme to CabbieV2 should always get you the exact same thing, no matter what you had set previously
22:44:14Llorean*should* in the sense of "if it doesn't because it's missing settings, that ought to be fixed"
22:44:19[Saint]Llorean: Yes...but, I'm not sure that the iconset *is* cabbie?
22:44:45[Saint]that's one way I can explain it, but I think the cabbie theme *should* include this iconset.
22:44:47LloreanI'd say any visual element is part of the theme.
22:45:03*froggyman got to install Oregon trail II onto 24 windows vista computers...
22:45:18amiconnthomasjfox: What was the problem with the official sh binutils on your box?
22:46:23thomasjfoxamiconn: It complained it was not able to find "cc1obj" during build
22:46:45 Quit milk_ (Quit: baaaiiii)
22:47:16amiconnDid you use -j ?
22:47:32[Saint]Llorean: I'm preparing a "Ways the look of Rockbox (cabbie/defaults) could potentially be improved" email, so I'll add that about the icons also.
22:47:47[Saint](it was previously only one way, now I have two! ;))
22:47:53 Join nirv [0] (
22:48:17*amiconn usually stays away from -j when building toolchains
22:48:17Llorean[Saint]: I wouldn't say that "improves the look" as much as "prevents it from getting screwed up by theme changes"
22:48:42amiconnThe few times I tried it often caused weird breakage
22:50:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:51:39thomasjfoxamiconn: It didn't build with -j
22:51:46[Saint]There's also the "rockbox_default_icons" theme...which is to reset the icons I assume, and it does that...but if the icon display is turned off, it doesn't turn it back on.
22:51:47 Quit ender| (Quit: Odhajam)
22:51:48thomasjfoxI just called tools/
22:51:51[Saint]And, IMO it should.
22:51:57thomasjfoxThat doesn't do -j as I first suspected
22:53:19thomasjfox[Saint]: The data dir for pictureflow on RaaA is still broken ;)
22:53:45 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:53:56thomasjfox[Saint]: It tries to write to the rocks directory
22:54:53[Saint]what does it even need to write for?'s working fine on Android.
22:55:08[Saint]Oh, that'r needs to generate the thumbnails.
22:55:49thomasjfox[Saint]: I think the rocks live on /sdcard on Android, that's why it could be working
22:56:45 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: free(me))
22:57:58[Saint]thomasjfox: Nup.
22:58:43[Saint]I can confirm that the rocks dir does indeed not live on the sdcard in Android
22:59:06 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:01:31 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:01:33 Join Torne [0] (~torne@rockbox/developer/Torne)
23:02:47linuxstb[Saint]: IIUC, "/sdcard/" isn't the SD card, if that's what you meant.
23:02:48JdGordonBuschel: well, my mini2g got through the night with the 3.7 release build...
23:03:47[Saint]linuxstb: Oh, right. It's confusing...because it is and it isn't.
23:04:53[Saint]I mean, I see my sdcard content as /sdcard/blah/ but there's some trickery there I understand it.
23:06:31JdGordonin general or rockbox?
23:07:10JdGordonROCKS_DIR is in /data/data/org./rockbox/rocks (or somewhere near there)
23:08:22 Join sampattuzzi [0] (~sam@
23:08:44 Quit TheSeven (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:09:49 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
23:09:58pamaurywodz: it can happen, I don't know why. the most common example is string descriptor usually
23:11:03sideraljhMikeS: Saw the last message on the rockbox mailing list? I think MP4 playback is broken in 3.8 too
23:11:23sideralI'm trying to find a good revision to start bisecting from
23:12:01[Saint]JdGordon: Rockbox and Astro show the sdcard as /sdcard
23:12:34 Join TheSeven [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:13:00jhMikeSsideral: no, haven't check mail today.
23:14:46jhMikeSsideral: and I haven't never managed to get the noise back on clipv1. maybe it was a poor headphone ground or something one time.
23:16:22sideraljhMikeS: Re bgnoise: Thanks for checking!
23:17:07sideraljhMikeS: Re: MP4: I think I was wrong suspecting your buffering changes to break MP4. It seems to have been broken earlier...
23:18:22jhMikeSno reason not to wonder really
23:18:38jhMikeSAre you talking about the message from Jon Nicoll?
23:20:26kugel[Saint]: /sdcard is the mount point of the sd card
23:20:44kugelon some roms it's a sl
23:20:52kugelsymlink to /mnt/sdcard
23:21:40kugelthomasjfox: on android you have write access to the insallation dir
23:21:51kugelbut you can't browse it without root access
23:22:05thomasjfoxah ok
23:22:20thomasjfoxI'm currently looking into fixing the plugins data dir (in rbpaths.c)
23:22:23kugel(you can browse it if you cd to it directly, but not if you cd to the subfolders first)
23:22:26[Saint]kugel: Ah, right. Thanks for that. I knew there was something I could be missing, this was what I was referring to earlier when I said "some trickery". But I wasn't aware of the exact details.
23:22:45kugeland generally only the app itself has read/write/exec in its installation dir, and no other app
23:23:04kugel[Saint]: mounting isn't exactly trickery :)
23:23:15thomasjfox(which is because of an unique UID for every installed app)
23:25:06sideraljhMikeS: Yes
23:26:20mc2739kugel: e200v1 now has bootloader usb mode, but it does not mount the microsd card - make sure you plug in usb after Rockbox is booted to access the microsd card
23:26:42kugeli did
23:26:56kugeli doubt the bootloader on my e200v1 is new enough to have bl usb
23:29:00jhMikeSsideral: there been alot of work on aac.codec since 3.7 it looks like
23:29:23 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:33:27jhMikeSshould the bl usb require a keypress to enter it maybe?
23:33:53sideraljhMikeS: Dang, the first release to provide reliable USB for my ClipV2, r29146, has the problem as well. Going to earlier revisions (w/o Rockbox USB) is going to be cumbersome...
23:36:19jhMikeSdo you need a clipv2 to check this?
23:36:51mc2739kugel: my microsd mounts fine on both win7 and ubuntu using r29505
23:36:55 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:37:45sideraljhMikeS: That's my target, but hmm, I haven't actually tried reproducing this in a sim :)
23:39:39 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:42:31jhMikeSif it works, it might actually print what fails
23:46:00 Quit komputes (Remote host closed the connection)
23:48:01 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:51:48sideraljhMikeS: Argh, it seems to work in the sim
23:52:10thomasjfoxkugel: I'm about to commit this:
23:52:15jhMikeSby "works" you mean it doesn't fail, or the failure works?
23:52:16thomasjfoxkugel: Any objections?
23:52:38sideraljhMikeS: it doesn't fail
23:52:47jhMikeSthe "argh" should probably have been a clue
23:53:08sideralbut the sim uses quite a different buffering mechanism if I'm not mistaken?
23:54:26jhMikeSit's the same app code
23:56:46 Join L-Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@

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