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#rockbox log for 2011-03-27

00:01:33bertrikok thanks
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00:31:32CIA-2New commit by bertrik (r29652): AMSv2 SD: use INTERNAL_AS3525 and SD_SLOT_AS3525 defines instead of a direct value
00:35:16CIA-2r29652 build result: All green
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04:54:06tsgmob_I've got a question relating to the iPod Classic build (assuming it's not offtopic...?)
04:54:48tsgmob_is there any way to charge the iPod (USB cable + Apple USB adapter) without the USB Sync screen popping up?
04:55:28JdGordon|rtfm... hold menu while plugging in usb
04:55:52tsgmob_ah, thank you
04:56:10tsgmob_(puts head down in shame)
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05:19:24mshathlonxptsgmob_ thanks for asking and JdGordon| thanks for replay, that's what I wanted to know ;) :D
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05:22:06webguest521Hi all
05:24:51webguest521Prompt please as in rockbox to adjust storing of a position of a track at an accumulator discharge
05:25:40webguest521Model of player Sansa Clip +
05:28:35webguest521Automatic resume it is established, bookmarks are adjusted. But at a discharge of the accumulator the player is simply switched off without keeping a listening position.
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05:42:58JdGordon|webguest521: Are you using a translator? I have no idea what you are asking
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05:46:48webguest521JdGordon yes.
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07:09:26JdGordon|[Saint]: hey, do you remember what was missing from skin vars?
07:09:40JdGordon|or, you wanna test the latest patch quickly before i commit?
07:09:46[Saint]was there something?
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07:10:59JdGordon|im not sure :p
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07:13:45[Saint]I seem to remember you thinking you could solve the problem I had with the popups with what you had on the tracker...
07:14:13[Saint]Did you get to looking at that weird mute-bug?
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07:18:20[Saint]I remember there was something else before I fell off the net that I was supposed to put on the tracker...but, I don't remember what it is.
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07:48:32JdGordNup, I think it should be simple-ish to fix though
07:49:01[Saint]I need to check the logs and see if anything happened with crazy volume bug
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07:49:42JdGordI got the volume boasting bug this morning... android volume needs a good looking into
07:50:30[Saint]it seems esecially weird when switching between the widget and RaaA
07:51:14[Saint]as you have to get used to two different styles of volume, and then get blasted at full in between switching.
07:51:45[Saint]Not nice if you've not got the headphones plugged in, or if you do and they're in your ears at the time.
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08:12:59[Saint]JdGordon|: 480x800 with some changes you mentioned (greying out the ffwd/next rwd/prev button on stop, and fiddling the UI viewport a bit):
08:13:28JdGordon|put it on git! :)
08:13:44[Saint]230x320 for others interested:
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08:13:47[Saint]na! ;p
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08:17:22*[Saint] wonders if r29642 fixes (or makes easier) the weirdness with cyclic &* touch areas...
08:17:48[Saint]I found it's not *impossible* to use mute on long press...but, it's not easy.
08:18:02JdGordon|480x800.wps doesnt load
08:18:18[Saint]glargh...what'd I di this time.
08:20:11JdGordon|sbs isnt loading either... hmm
08:21:00[Saint]I can't see it in the syntax...though, that's happened before.
08:21:33[Saint]Ah...I might have it.
08:23:58 Quit jdgord_ (Quit: Bye)
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08:31:14[Saint] <−− (don't assume graphics are there that arent.)
08:31:42[Saint]the theme editor really needs to be smarter, and I not so tired.
08:31:56JdGordon|seriosuly.... im going to stop even bothering clicking that link pretty soon
08:32:25[Saint]you probably should.
08:32:32JdGordon|still not loadling
08:32:52[Saint]Well then I officially, have NFI
08:34:06 Quit BHSPitLappy (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
08:34:45JdGordon|helps if configure sets the res correctly
08:34:47[Saint]I'm tempted to say the problems on your end.
08:35:03[Saint]oh...heh, my recent spat has left me doubting myself.
08:35:24JdGordon|looking good
08:35:50[Saint]it's "just" skin vars and sorting out that popup now.
08:38:10JdGordon|hmm, not sure how to fix mute...
08:39:06[Saint]it'd involve messing withthe entire button repeat system, or setting up a way to ignore that.
08:39:13JdGordon|wtf, the sim is showing the mute bug now
08:39:31[Saint]perhaps it's just not worth it, and I put it on a tap instead of a hold area
08:40:07JdGordon|gdb time /me thinks
08:40:07[Saint]and, oh...good. I mean, bugs aren't good, but I'm glad it's reproducible easily.
08:45:52JdGordon|ah, wtf? this code is a bit... whacked! :p
08:53:48JdGordon|and fixed mute...
08:54:03JdGordon|now, how do i fix it properly so buttons which actually make sense to repeat repeat?
08:54:28JdGordon|&<action> == repeat, !<action> == long press?
08:54:35JdGordon|or some other character
08:56:54*JdGordon| reckons some other char
08:57:01JdGordon|and is open to suggestions...
09:07:44JdGordon|[Saint]: you cant put ffwd/rewind in the sbs
09:08:35JdGordon|umm.. wtf? how does this even work!
09:09:09JdGordon|ah, you havnt... ok
09:16:13[Saint]I might of...I think I just left it there for "if it works at some point".
09:16:35 Quit mystica555 (Quit: Ekkusu Chatto)
09:16:49*JdGordon| adds "ability for the wps to check sbs touch regions" to his todo list
09:17:00[Saint]yeah, the .sbs does have touch areas for ffwd/rew...but I didn't think it'd matter.
09:17:04JdGordon|i managed to break repeat long-press buttons :/
09:17:10 Join mystica555 [0] (
09:18:06[Saint]though, I wasn't sure if they'd be safely ignored and just "not work", or if they'd break .sbs parsing...but it seems to work out.
09:18:29JdGordon|no i havnt... you fucked up the icon positions :D
09:18:33[Saint]If ffwd/rew is never going to be added to .sbs control, I'll take it out of course
09:19:09[Saint]for what?
09:19:24JdGordon|ffwd/rewind buttons in th wps
09:19:50[Saint]how are they messed up?
09:19:55[Saint]do they look cut in half?
09:19:56*JdGordon| wants a button in the wps to go to the wps
09:20:14JdGordon|put it this way... if you stopped bveing a twat and put it on git it would be fixed
09:20:23JdGordon|but now im not going to tell you how it needs to be fixed :D
09:20:36[Saint]there's always pastebin... ;p
09:20:50JdGordon|I'm using *<action> for long-press+repeat mode and &<action> and single long press mode
09:21:18[Saint]seems sane.
09:23:41CIA-2New commit by jdgordon (r29653): Fix touchregions muting volume, and change &<action> to mean 'needs long press but only fire once'. Use *<action> for 'long press and allow repeats'
09:23:56[Saint]besides...I didn't mess up the *icon* position...I messed up the touch area sizing...jeez...get it right :p
09:25:41[Saint]I'm starting to think the theme editor has issues with keeping two different themes, with the exact same directory/filename/code/image structure open at the same time.
09:26:25JdGordon|do you want to test skin vars? or shall i just commit and can tweak it later if needed?
09:28:33[Saint]as long as it doesn't break anything...I don't see why not.
09:28:54CIA-2r29653 build result: 25 errors, 0 warnings (jdgordon committed)
09:30:26CIA-2New commit by jdgordon (r29654): Fix red
09:35:01CIA-2r29654 build result: All green
09:40:38[Saint]what was the other small change you wanted? you wanted the .wps to specify it's own font right? So a bigger one could be loaded for the lists.
09:40:43[Saint]JdGordon|: ^
09:41:06JdGordon|and a button to get to the wps from the sbs
09:41:19JdGordon|and hide all the playback controls in a tab
09:42:01[Saint]the titlebar will get you back to the menu/long select for context menu (a little ugly I know)
09:42:17[Saint]that can be removed if too many people hate it.
09:42:30JdGordon|i dont want to get back to menu, i want to get from anywhere too wp
09:43:01[Saint]can we even to that?
09:43:10JdGordon|shuold be able to
09:43:13[Saint]presently, without adding stuff.
09:43:33JdGordon|resumeplayback action
09:43:50[Saint]doesn't appear to be a duccumented touch action.
09:44:03[Saint]*doccumented even
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09:51:26[Saint]the last request there "[20:41] <JdGordon|> and hide all the playback controls in a tab" is certainly possible, but requires a bit of a shuffle around.
09:51:55[Saint]It's something I was thinking about anyway, so the fact you thought of it too seems to suggest good things.
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10:02:02CIA-2New commit by jdgordon (r29655): Skin variables for touchscreen targets (origional implementation by Jens TheeƟ) ...
10:03:35*bertrik wonders at what point the wps will be able to calculate primes
10:04:02JdGordon|primes only needs math tags :)
10:06:15CIA-2r29655 build result: All green
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10:17:39[Saint] <−− Doesn't iPod do some craziness with swapping the L/R headphone channels?
10:20:27[Saint]Hmmm...yes, I can find multiple complaints of Apple HW with swapped L/R headphone channels...I wonder if this is the case here, and it's not an RB bug at all.
10:21:59 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
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10:24:44bertrikfunman, FlynDice, do you remember the details of the relation between the button light and the sd card controller on the AMS players?
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11:02:30CarcinoCompiling rbspeexenc under cygwin with gcc-3.4.4 gives me the following: anyone know what could be causing this? This happens in the 3.8 source tree.
11:06:11 Join ender` [0] (
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11:26:38[Saint]what the heck?
11:27:00[Saint]you have the same machine name as me, the same user name, and *exact* same cygwin dir structure?!?
11:27:24[Saint]that's.....that's f**kin' creepy.
11:27:33CarcinoNo. I just used the same pastebin because you have the exact same problem as me.
11:27:48[Saint], that was creepy ;)
11:27:51CarcinoThat would indeed have been creepy.
11:27:56[Saint]but, that explains a lot.
11:28:10CarcinoSure it does. Lol
11:29:43CarcinoDid you get that problem fixed then?
11:30:51[Saint]No, tell the truth I've not looked into it too hard since then.
11:31:06CarcinoAh, ok.
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12:11:19bertrikI think the sd card initialisation if off by 2 (two times too slow) for AMSv2
12:12:03bertrikBoth the LPC3100 documentation and the dw_mmc linux driver suggest the clock divider has a built-in factor of 2
12:12:36bertrikIt doesn't really matter, because too slow is not a problem (too fast might be a problem)
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12:22:05 Part Carcino ("I'm a happy Miranda IM user! Get it here:")
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12:46:20JdGordon|kugel: ping?
12:47:31bertrikI have a suspicion that sd card low power mode doesn't work on AMSv2 variant 1
13:08:48 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
13:15:04JdGordon|does rockbox's idle poweroff need RTC?
13:16:02pixelmasince it works on non-RTC targets too, I'd say no :)
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13:18:45 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
13:18:45 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:23:02bertrikhm, sd card clocking for AMSv2 variant 1 may also be incorrect, probably always running at full speed (no low-speed during initialisation)
13:29:00bertrikI think rockbox should buy a and a
13:29:10bertrik(sd card interface sniffers)
13:30:36JdGordon|at that price i'd be very surprised if The Fund didnt buy one for woever asks
13:38:41 Join StefARM [0] (51b4dfc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:40:57u42psomeone please tell me to stop trying to revive this clip+ and finally send it to TheSeven... :-D
13:41:19 Join jdgord_ [0] (~AndChat@
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13:44:36preglowamiconn: well, not really, i see what the iriver people do for resampling, but it doesn't help much
13:45:00preglowthe upsampling part was pretty standard, the downsampling (esp 48->44.1) is not
13:45:37preglowgot the feeling they use hard coded filters for certain conversion factors, which i suppose we cannot
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14:08:41amiconnpreglow: Why not? There aren't that many standard sample artes
14:12:09 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
14:12:41 Join JdGord [0] (~AndChat@
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14:20:45preglowamiconn: so we just keep the usual linear interpolator for the playback speed changer, for example?
14:21:44preglowthat can generate all kinds of crazy ratios
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15:30:02bertrikI think I'm getting closer to understanding the differences in the sd controller / sd circuitry between AMSv2 variant 0 and variant 1
15:30:41JdGordon|gevaerts: Zagor: can a line be added to saying something along the lines of "Add @reboot screen -dmS build_client /path/to/" and make it cd to that dir before going into the while(1) loop?
15:30:46bertrikThis possibly means we can reduce more power on the AMSv2 variant 1 players (some clip+es and fuze v2s)
15:30:57 Join Leif [0] (
15:33:59bertrikIt seems the AMSv2 variant 0 clip+ uses two CIUs (card interface unit), one for each sd slot (internal and uSD external), while the AMSv2 variant 1 shares a single CIU for both slots. Possibly this means we can power down one CIU on AMSv2 variant 1.
15:37:42 Quit JdGord (Quit: Bye)
15:37:50bertrikThe controller part in the SoC actually seems to be the same between AMSv2 variant 0 and 1, it's basically just the supporting sd card circuitry that's different
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15:52:49gevaertsJdGordon|: I don't really see what you mean
15:57:15bertrikbah, we seem to have too many #defines related to having more than one storage
15:57:20 Join bluefoxx [0] (
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16:22:59bertrikFlynDice, funman, do you know what is exactly enabled by CGU_IDE, CGU_MEMSTICK and CGU_SDSLOT on AMSv2? Do we need to specifically enable all of them, or can we leave one out when using only the internal sd card?
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17:28:16 Nick Ayla is now known as AwAyla (
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17:41:45 Part herefornow
17:42:45 Join Jerom [0] (~jerome@
17:43:05 Join stripwax [0] (
17:45:06 Quit StefARM (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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17:52:43 Join Buschel [0] (
17:52:50 Join slooopy [0] (
17:56:42 Nick msh_ is now known as mshathlonxp (
18:05:51 Join EXTREEM [0] (
18:07:32EXTREEMHello, is there anyone who could consult me on updating RB on Sansa E250? I can't find it on the list, but I already have RB installed on it by my friend.
18:09:10 Quit AwAyla (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:09:19 Join Lear [0] (
18:09:26 Join AwAyla [0] (
18:12:38gevaertsEXTREEM: do you have specific problems or questions?
18:12:49 Quit EXTREEM (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
18:13:12[Saint]guess not.
18:13:21gevaertsCGI:IRC strikes again!
18:15:57 Join EXTREEM [0] (
18:18:24 Quit EXTREEM (Client Quit)
18:19:50mshathlonxpis it possible to somehow adjust sensitivity of ipod touch wheel?
18:20:04 Quit Jerom (Quit: Leaving.)
18:20:59 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
18:23:26 Join u42p [0] (
18:27:32 Quit stripwax (Quit:
18:33:26 Nick AwAyla is now known as Ayla (
18:36:38 Join bmbl [0] (
18:36:38 Quit bmbl (Changing host)
18:36:38 Join bmbl [0] (~bmbl@unaffiliated/bmbl)
18:42:59 Quit sasquatch (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2)
18:43:24 Join sasquatch [0] (
18:45:34 Join mudd1_ [0] (
18:45:35 Quit mudd1_ (Client Quit)
18:46:20 Join T44 [0] (
18:49:46 Quit Topy44 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:51:45 Join gbl08ma [0] (
18:53:05 Quit JesusChrysler (Remote host closed the connection)
18:53:23 Join JesusChrysler [0] (
18:54:46Buschelmshathlonxp: yes, when you change the code and recompile
18:57:51Buschelyou'll need to play with WHEEL_SENSITIVITY in firmware/target/arm/ipod/button-clickwheel.c
18:59:48 Quit balintx (Remote host closed the connection)
19:00:05 Join balintx [0] (
19:02:01mshathlonxpactually there's nothing wrong with it's sensitivity, but small delay would be useful, otherwise sometimes song change doesn't occurs because small finger movement triggers volume change instead
19:02:33gbl08maHi everyone. Lately I've been using my iPod dock a lot, and seeing the option for pausing and resuming playback at headphones remove/insert, I wonder if it is possible to detect somehow when the iPod (Nano 2G) is connected (and disconnected) from the dock, so it can pause and resume playback like it does with headphones.
19:03:01gbl08ma(the dock works with the lineout of the iPod)
19:07:32Buschelmshathlonxp: I do not really understand what you want to achieve
19:07:59 Join BHSPitLappy [0] (~BHSPitLap@unaffiliated/bhspitmonkey)
19:12:18mshathlonxpI want that touch weels "motion" would be accepted after some position change and not immediatelly, when position has been changed for, let's say, 8 points - ideally such delay would be only in WPS
19:13:57Buschelmaybe you can play with WHEEL_UNTOUCH_TIMEOUT. sounds like this is similar to you need
19:14:59[Saint]not sure you could make it .wps specific without adding a lot of additional magic though.
19:15:21mshathlonxpyeah, I'm afraid of that
19:15:28[Saint]increasing the margin where the wheel considers a touch "true" should be easy to do globally.
19:15:59 Join Hindu [0] (d2d43df0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:16:09mshathlonxpif that would be option in settings and not in source code, that probably would be acceptable
19:16:34mshathlonxpbut I guess delay for general use would be annoying - at least in file manager
19:16:41[Saint]no, you won't find a nice user configurable setting for this I'm afraid.
19:18:28mshathlonxpmaybe my specific needs - unability to accidentaly leave WPS while using unlocked ipod in pocket and this one could be solved by some relatively simple plugin?
19:18:44mshathlonxpI guess at least first one could be done that way...
19:19:33 Join Necronix [0] (
19:20:34 Quit Necronix (Client Quit)
19:21:39 Quit guymann (Quit: boop)
19:24:13 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:24:14 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:25:37 Quit bmbl (Quit: Verlassend)
19:25:58 Join robkmcgill [0] (
19:27:01 Quit Hindu (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
19:28:45 Quit robkmcgill (Client Quit)
19:29:48 Join Necronix [0] (
19:29:58NecronixHi! Can you help me? About a year ago I've installed rockbox unstable firmware on my iPod Nano 2g and it worked great, but recently Ive decided to upgrade the firmware. And now it works horrible: sometimes cover disappears or player totally frezees. I upgraded firmware during 2 month but all the same. What are you think about this?
19:30:25 Quit Ayla (Quit: bbl)
19:30:44[Saint]I believe it's odd, as all my Nano2Gs run fine.
19:31:21[Saint]Have you checked if there might be filesystem corruption present on the disk?
19:32:02NecronixHow can I do tis?
19:33:27[Saint]That depends on what operating system you're using.
19:34:30Necronixwindows 7
19:36:47[Saint]In that case it's probably easier for you to right click the disk, click properties, click the tools tab, then click "check now"
19:37:27[Saint]then there'll be something like two checkboxes, with attempt recovery of bad sectors, and automatically fix errors.
19:39:38[Saint]However, if you have your data backed up, the "sure fire, guaranteed way" of restoring the iPod to a default state is to restore it with iTunes.
19:43:20NecronixErrors hadn't been found. Probably I'll try to restore with iTunes
19:45:05 Join Hindu [0] (~chatzilla@
19:45:39 Quit Necronix (Quit: CGI:IRC)
19:45:47 Join Necronix [0] (
19:46:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:46:28 Quit Necronix (Client Quit)
19:50:51 Join Darkenvy [0] (~werkinshe@
19:51:02DarkenvySo I dug myself a hole and cant get out :S
19:51:16 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:51:22 Quit gbl08ma (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:52:05Darkenvyit all started when I used my ipod as storage space. The transfer stopped halfway for 8 hours (only a 10gig file) and the computer finally went down
19:52:06 Quit funman (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:52:30Darkenvymy ipod would liock up both my windows7 and my linux. only upon unplugging it would the computer speed back up from a hault
19:52:59DarkenvyNow I tried reformatting my ipod but this also froze and now my ipod is unejectable nor reconized by HDD terminal utilities
19:54:23 Quit BHSPitLappy (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:56:14 Join Nexus-Wind [0] (~werkinshe@
19:56:24 Quit Darkenvy (Read error: No route to host)
19:56:25Nexus-Windsorry computer crashed
19:56:35 Nick Nexus-Wind is now known as darkenvy (~werkinshe@
19:56:44darkenvybut yes I am unable to format my ipod
19:56:56 Quit Lear (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 4.0/20110318052756])
19:57:55 Join Hindu_ [0] (~Hindu@
19:58:40 Join funm4n [0] (
19:59:20 Quit Hindu (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:59:22 Nick Hindu_ is now known as Hindu (~Hindu@
20:09:31 Join Hindu_ [0] (~Hindu@
20:09:39 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
20:11:35 Quit Hindu (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:11:42 Nick Hindu_ is now known as Hindu (~Hindu@
20:16:20funm4nbertrik: re 16:22 i don't remember
20:21:08deeiceI don't think you can put a 10GB file on an ipod. FAT file system tops out at 4GB filesize.
20:22:43darkenvyit was split into many 2gb files
20:22:51darkenvyit was just a 10gb total transfer
20:23:18darkenvybut yes, so I was finally able to swipe the partition with my mac (both linux and windows failed)
20:24:00darkenvywindows itunes restored to obtain WinPod... boots into Ipod again but no go on plugging into windows
20:24:09darkenvyit still locks up windows and linux when the ipod is plugged in
20:24:27 Join n1s [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/n1s)
20:24:58darkenvywhen I unplug the ipod everything resumes then I get messages like "Itunes has detected an ipod that appears to be corrupt"
20:25:13darkenvywhich is supposed to appear while the ipod is plugged in
20:27:09 Join TheLemonMan_ [0] (
20:32:13 Join wtachi [0] (
20:33:42 Quit trtr3434 ()
20:34:43 Join guymann [0] (
20:36:09 Join einhirn [0] (
20:39:42 Quit guymann (Quit: fuck that lag)
20:46:19 Join Necronix [0] (
20:47:01 Quit esperegu (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:47:38 Quit Necronix (Client Quit)
21:03:20AlexPHindu: Please stop posting random punctuation marks to the channel. You've been asked before.
21:06:39saratogaHIndu: did you see preglow's reply on the tracker?
21:09:07HinduYes , I saw
21:09:38 Part u42p ("Leaving")
21:09:42saratogai tested your patch and it slowed decoding down only a little, but he seemed to think there was a more optimal way to test for invalid data
21:10:13saratogaalthough i don't know much about how prediction works in flac so i can't really comment on it
21:10:59Hindusaratoga : yeah , I too observed a little slow down ,
21:11:18saratogaabout GSOC, which projects were you interested in?
21:12:01Hindusaratoga : I think that the suggestion by preglow must work here
21:12:42 Quit Strife89 (Remote host closed the connection)
21:13:01 Join panni_ [0] (
21:13:19Hindusaratoga :I am interested in the Audio Codec Optimisation projects
21:13:33saratogayeah, but which?
21:14:09saratogai think we listed 5-10 ideas, and theres other possible ones we didn't write down
21:14:10Hindusaratoga : especially the MP3 , AAC codec optimisation
21:14:31saratogamind if I ask what makes those interesting?
21:15:24 Quit n1s (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
21:16:24HinduYeah , basically , I saw the comparative analysis data of libmad vs official ARM decoder
21:16:27saratogawell we can't really compare libmad to the arm decoder since we don't have access to it, but that was meant to suggest the possibility of improving it
21:17:43Hindusaratoga : for MP3
21:17:44 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
21:17:44saratogai've done a lot of work since i wrote that idea last year on libmad's synthesis filter for arm9e and arm11, but its still incomplete, and of course there are other things that could be done
21:17:44saratogaare you familiar with the mp3 or aac formats?
21:17:44HinduYeah , but there still must be ways to improve it to some extent
21:18:29HinduNo not now
21:19:08HinduBut , can surely work upon them
21:19:55saratogahave you done any assembly programming or DSP in your course work?
21:20:54Hindu saratoga : As per my course , I did some assembly programming in my Networking Course
21:21:12saratogawhich CPU ?
21:22:06HinduActually , those were meant to be run on Network Simulator established
21:22:58Hindusaratoga : NS2 and NS3 programming
21:23:58saratogawhat are those?
21:25:16 Join lennyk [0] (
21:25:49HinduThese are Simulators which can be used to test Networking codes on our computers I don't see any assembly language there
21:26:26wtachi"ns-3 is a discrete-event network simulator written in C++ and with an optional Python scripting API."
21:27:12Hindusaratoga : They can be easily setup and then we can test our networking programs using this
21:27:36saratogabut they're not programmed in assembly as far as I can tell?
21:27:40saratogathey're not even CPUs
21:27:54HinduThose involving TCP , UDP connections and all others originated from these
21:29:41 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
21:30:30Hindusaratoga : Yeah but I have made programs in ns2 as well , those in .tcl formats
21:30:38 Quit ZincAlloy (Client Quit)
21:30:58 Join Zinc [0] (
21:31:06 Quit Zinc (Client Quit)
21:31:10 Join {phoenix} [0] (
21:31:20 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
21:31:21saratogaHindu: assembly programming == programming in machine language for CPUs, i don't think that simulator is the same thing
21:31:27HinduI didnt do much work upon that , just finished the programs I was required
21:32:52lennykhey rockbox people! quick question, those of you who are developers, what sort of environments do you use? do you use IDEs? or command line tools to develop rockbox?
21:33:04Hindusaratoga : yeah , I understand that
21:35:41saratogalennyk: we use the rockbox development toolchain, and i think most people do not use IDEs
21:35:41wtachilennyk: I'm sure there's a lot of Vim and Emacs
21:35:41HinduBut I am confident that I can work , what really matters to me is that I understand codes when I try to
21:35:41saratogaHindu: so you haven't taken a course on assembly language programming yet?
21:35:41lennykok cool, I already have the toolchain setup
21:35:41Hindusaratoga : Yes
21:35:59saratogayou were studying computer engineering right?
21:36:06lennykI'll get vim fired up!
21:36:12HinduSaratoga : I am
21:36:41saratogaah ok, what year were you on?
21:36:51saratogayear of study that is
21:37:09Hindusaratoga : 3rd year
21:37:25 Join Tenfoot [0] (
21:37:45saratogaah ok so you're relatively far along, have you done much DSP coursework yet?
21:37:57 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: Destructor called)
21:37:58 Quit TheLemonMan_ (Quit: Destructor called)
21:39:21Hindusaratoga : Its included in our fourth year , but can work upon it if given some time
21:39:27 Quit Tenfoot (Client Quit)
21:41:01 Join StefARM [0] (4f7072ff@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:41:03 Quit saratoga (Changing host)
21:41:03 Join saratoga [0] (9803c6dd@rockbox/developer/saratoga)
21:43:17Hindusaratoga : I want to mention that about last 4 or 5 days , I have been working on flac decoder and I think that I understand it ,maybe not fully but yes
21:43:46saratogaare you interested in FLAC?
21:45:10Hindusaratoga : No , I am actually interested in codecs stuff
21:45:25saratogawell flac is a codec :)
21:45:58Hindusaratoga : working on flac was just to understand one of its kind
21:46:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:46:29saratogaflac and the other lossless codecs work quite differently then lossy codecs though
21:47:01saratogamost lossy codecs revolve around a fourier transform or similar, while lossless codecs are usually time domain, so they're quite different
21:49:44Hindusaratoga : I didnt go that much in detail till now but what I know about them is that in lossy compression , some part of data is discarded
21:50:00Hindusaratoga : which is considered unnecessary
21:51:43saratogaso they work quite differently, and lossy codecs are generally more complicated, often much more so
21:52:48Hindusaratoga : Although , lossless compression retains each & every original byte of the data
21:53:10 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:54:14Hindu saratoga : however in case of audio files , generally lossy codecs are popular because they reduce the file size to much better extents
21:57:12 Join mars [0] (
21:57:38 Nick mars is now known as Guest54351 (
21:58:19saratogaAlexP: regarding 3.8.1, the AMSv2 SD stuff is moving forward, but it might be nice to have some more time to get the remaining patches committed and then test them
21:58:37 Nick Guest54351 is now known as _mars (
21:58:37 Join Xerion [0] (
21:58:52AlexPsaratoga: OK, sure :)
21:58:52Buschelalso: do we have a solution for the DB issues yet?
21:59:15AlexPBuschel: Isn't that a symptom of something else?
21:59:25AlexPI remember sideral saying something like that
21:59:30Buschelnot sure...
21:59:51gevaertsI'd expect DB issues if we have storage flakyness
22:00:06saratogaweren't the DB issues mostly on AMSv2?
22:00:09saratogai've had no issues with it otherwise
22:01:07gevaertsYes, that's my impression too
22:02:21 Join stripwax [0] (
22:04:06BuschelI just have the feeling we have several posters in the forums who describe lockups and other issues in the area of DB since 3.8
22:04:43 Quit lennyk (Quit: lennyk)
22:05:12saratogawell db stability was never very good, but my impression is that its better then it was
22:05:36gevaertsBuschel: on anything other than AMSv2 and PP?
22:06:11 Join tenfoot [0] (
22:06:59Buschelno, but that might just be caused by the high rate of those targets
22:07:34AlexPI'm just searching for what sideral said about it
22:08:02tenfootfunman: One of the forum threads mentioned you may have a patch for reading the DBOP pins on the Fuze V2 - I'm looking at the dock/line out detection
22:08:26gevaertsI'd say unless we find actual indications against the link to storage, we ignore that. We can always release 3.8.2 if and when needed
22:09:14 Quit mudd1 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:09:39Buschelthat's right
22:10:16Buschel3.8.1 would at least fix lots of stuff and not make anything worse
22:10:29saratogafunm4n: ^^
22:11:57 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley)
22:12:31gevaertsAnd even if we find actual separate issues, as long as we don't have a fix, knowing they're there doesn't help much
22:12:58gevaertsI mean, it might still take a while for them to get fixed
22:13:13 Part Hindu
22:14:22AlexP[14/03/2011 20:43:08] <sideral> In the two cases I've been handholding here, one was the PP ATA DMA problem, and the other was the r29169 change we're discussing right now. In each case, the DB crashed during commit
22:23:08 Join mudd1 [0] (
22:23:23saratogadfkt: neat find
22:23:35saratogathat link has a lot of info about telechips
22:23:38funm4ntenfoot: i have no patch around, who told you that?
22:25:01saratogai think hes thinking of your comment about figuring out how to enable DBOP reads on AMSv2
22:25:17tenfootfunm4n: this post on the forums,22942.msg179139.html#msg179139
22:25:38 Quit panni_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:25:54 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
22:26:42saratogawas anyone working on telechips still? i think they GPLed a lot of their flash translation layer
22:27:25 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:27:45funm4ntenfoot: look at dbop_read_input() in dbop-as3525.c
22:27:59funm4nit's for AMSv1 but should/could work on AMSv2 too
22:28:38 Join dfkt|x [0] (
22:28:38 Quit dfkt|x (Changing host)
22:28:38 Join dfkt|x [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
22:28:54 Join guymann [0] (
22:29:57tenfootI've tried that - tweaked the #ifdefs to do it for fuzeV2 - but it gets stuck in one of the loops waiting for DBOP_STAT
22:30:14tenfootI'm rebuilding with a limit on those loops
22:30:21tguinoti was wonderng if someone who never contributed to rockbox would apply to gsoc?
22:30:32 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
22:30:49gevaertstguinot: of course
22:30:54saratogatguinot: yes, thats fairly common
22:31:30funm4ntguinot: which loop?
22:31:34 Join lennyk [0] (
22:31:34tguinotok, because one of the subjects ( the one abut docks, with electronics) does interest me
22:32:09 Join lennyk_ [0] (
22:32:09 Quit lennyk (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:32:09 Nick lennyk_ is now known as lennyk (
22:32:19saratogado you have one of those devices?
22:32:32tguinotand because i am a student in electrotechnc/electronic i do not code a lot
22:32:42tguinotjust in C / asm
22:32:58saratogawell those are the only languages we use here
22:33:00tguinotsaratoga: nope, just a apple dock for my piod
22:33:10tguinotnot a sansa
22:33:13 Join _ray [0] (
22:33:27tguinotbut i can get one to study it without problems
22:33:42saratogahave you found one? i remember they were quite hard to find in practice
22:35:11tguinotnot that models
22:35:11 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:35:37dfktsaratoga, it seems it has lots of the official fwdn recovery stuff in it... i tried the 0x07282000 number (which i don't even know what it is), but it didn't work
22:35:48tguinotmaybe on online shops i will look
22:35:52_rayhey, i have one question, i installed rockbox on my n900 but i can't see the .audio folder, but after initialising the database the software found the tracks ... 0o
22:35:58dfkti guess the correct sdcfg has to be calculated from something else?
22:36:26saratogai'm not sure, was mostly just interested that they also released a lot of code for the NAND driver
22:37:07 Join panni_ [0] (
22:39:10 Join bugensa [0] (daf840b1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:44:27tenfootfunm4an: it's getting stuck on the loop at line 74: waiting for the read to complete
22:45:12tenfootif I skip that loop or only loop a few 100 times, DBOP_DIN always comes back as 0000 even with the dock plugged in
22:45:13funm4nline 72 ?
22:45:30tenfootyes - I'd added a couple above
22:45:32funm4nbtw do you have the as3525 datasheet?
22:45:39tenfootI have as3527
22:46:06funm4ndon't remember if as3527 has useful info at all
22:49:34funm4ntenfoot: btw i think kugelp wrote this dbop code
22:51:32rashersaratoga, gevaerts: So what *would* you need to do to try and figure out how the Sansa accessory protocol? Curious if I might have a shot at it (considering I have access to one of those fabled Sansa docks)
22:52:59saratogai guess pop open one of those docks, find the signal pin and then snoop it to figure out what it is (probably serial or maybe i2c)
22:54:48tenfootfunm4n: thanks - I'll have a look through that for DBOP info - the AS3527 one did have a DBOP section that seemed to match the code, but there may be some difference in the as3525
22:54:52rasherI'm thinking "no", then :)
22:55:45saratogarasher: might be neat to see if newer ams devices work with the device, like the fuzev1 or v2
22:56:30rashersaratoga: Sure, send me one and I'll try!
23:00:35 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
23:00:59 Quit {phoenix} (Remote host closed the connection)
23:01:35 Join saratoga [0] (9803c6dd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:01:43 Quit saratoga (Changing host)
23:01:43 Join saratoga [0] (9803c6dd@rockbox/developer/saratoga)
23:07:17 Quit _ray (Quit: Verlassend)
23:09:22 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:13:03bertrikAlthough several of the DBOP data signals are accessible as GPIO, there are also some that can *only* be accessed through DBOP (like some of the buttons on the sansa c200v2)
23:14:36 Join [Saint] [0] (
23:15:26 Quit dfkt|x (Remote host closed the connection)
23:18:25tenfootno luck so far - it either gets stuck spinning on the read complete, or if I skip the check, always reads as 0x0000
23:18:36tenfootthe code looks OK according to the datasheet
23:20:51bertrikThe trick with reading the DBOP is that first you write some value to the data lines, then wait a tiny bit, then read the data lines back. A button that is pressed (or a dock that is present), will pull the voltage on the data line a certain way (either low or high). So the essential part is to first write a value to the data lines that is opposite of the voltage that the button imposes.
23:21:01tguinotsaratoga: all the sansa docks are available on various online stores
23:21:54saratogatguinot: i don't think its easy to find ones that actually implement the remote protocol
23:22:24tguinotyou mean with a remote control?
23:22:47tguinotor with remote control working with rockbox?
23:22:47bertriktenfoot, just checking, you did enable the DBOP clock in CGU_PERI, right?
23:23:00saratogaremote, or anything at all that would communicate with the player
23:23:39 Quit wtachi (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)
23:24:14tguinota friend of mine got this one :
23:24:15bertrikoh sorry, it has its own clock register, CGU_DBOP (at least on as3525)
23:24:39tguinotbut i don't know if it is the kind of dock to study
23:24:56tguinotthe name on the wiki seams to be the same
23:25:37tenfootbertrik: I haven't made any change for that - do I need to?
23:26:12saratogai think it should already be one, IIRC we use the DBOP for the Fuzev2 display so it'd have to be clocked
23:26:49saratogaso you can't read from any of the DBOP pins, even the ones that are shared with GPIO (and have known function)?
23:27:41 Quit simonrvn (Read error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number)
23:28:37 Join pamaury [0] (
23:28:37 Quit pamaury (Changing host)
23:28:37 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:29:30tenfootI can see CGU_DBOP is enabled - is that the right clock.
23:35:16 Join robin0800 [0] (
23:36:20 Quit mshathlonxp (Quit: Leaving)
23:37:35 Join simonrvn [0] (simon@unaffiliated/simonrvn)
23:42:15tenfootI notice the GPIOx_AFSEL are all 0x00 - i.e. pins not under DBOP control - I wonder if this is why the read isn't working
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23:55:22saratogaFWIW I think maybe the Sansa accessory project should be more open ended to include any device accessories (apple, sandisk, etc)

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