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#rockbox log for 2011-04-22

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00:36:14CIA-87New commit by bertrik (r29757): iap: introduce cmd_ok_mode0 and cmd_ok_mode4 functions to reduce code duplication
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00:37:39lovasoais there anyone ?
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00:39:35CIA-87r29757 build result: All green
00:40:14lovasoaDoes everyone sleep ?
00:40:47wodzIf you have rockbox related question just ask
00:40:57lovasoayes I have
00:41:27lovasoaI am trying to hack iap.c, and got some problems
00:42:41lovasoaWhen I shut down my iPod dock, the playback in rockbox doesn't stop, so the dock immediatly switch back on
00:43:40lovasoaSo I went into iap.c, and added a case in "mode Ox00
00:43:55wodzFill bug report with as much details as possible. There is some work done currently in this area
00:44:11lovasoaBut I created a patch
00:45:12lovasoaBut in the code all the "cases" send a response to the accessory. And I don't knox what response to send
00:46:27wodzipodlinux had some iap documentation but the site is down I think
00:46:51lovasoaAll the doc I found is
00:47:22lovasoaBut it doesn't mention the code my dock is sending when shutting down
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00:50:16wodzhave you seen this: ?
00:50:33wodzit looks like a copy from old ipodlinux wiki
00:50:35bluebroth3ra case Ox00 can't work.
00:51:05bluebroth3rit needs to be 0x00 if at all
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00:51:48lovasoaSorry, it was a missplelling
00:54:04lovasoaMy dock sends, when shutting down 0x00 as mode, and 0x06 as command
00:54:47lovasoaAccording to the page you gave, it's "Switch to iPod Remote mode (same as 0x01 0x02?) "
00:56:15wodzI guess you mix up command and response
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00:57:13wodzhmm or maybe not
00:58:47lovasoaHmm? I got this information by reading the "serbuf" array... This array only contains commands, doesn't't it?
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03:30:15JdGordon[Saint]: changing list item icons is dead simple, its just a matter of changing a value in the code, no real code changes... so if you're game you could fix it all
03:32:51JdGordoneven adding items wouldnt nivolve any actual code changes
03:41:50*Buschel manages to get faad free of malloc
03:42:12Buschelonly the m4a demuxer keeps using malloc
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04:14:07mtBuschel: Nice work. :)
04:14:37Buschelstill not finished though :)
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04:36:44pepsiim trying to compile code for a mini2440, but im getting undefined references to __divsi3 and similarly named functions
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04:37:27pepsii tried linking with libgcc but that didnt resolve it
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04:42:41kugelpepsi: I think nobody tried to compile for the mini2440 in a long time
04:43:11kugelwe provide our own functions for (u)divsi3, IIRC, in some .S file so you might start looking if it's compiled at all
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04:50:54pepsiso this is a common problem for bare metal code?
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04:54:45JoshuaChangwhile try to cmpile the manual under cygwin, it report: ! LaTeX Error: File `inputenx.sty' not found.
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05:00:36furoniim having issues locating any type of changes for my mp4 player, the current rock box doesnt detect it. im using a Altus MP4 player. and find very little help with searching forms
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05:07:05JoshuaChangare you sure your player is in the rockbox's support list?
05:08:00furoniits not on the support list, i was just wondering if they had, any type of support coming with it. all ive gathered is its a rockchip player. sorry if im wasting peoples time
05:20:19JoshuaChangi don't think it could be possible to support all the player, even with similar cpus
05:21:31furoniok thanks for your help i will keep my search ongoing
05:23:10JoshuaChangrockbox support running as an application on android, if you have one android compatible device, it's possible to be supported by rockbox
05:25:44furoniok i think this isnt quite as high tech as android i will probly have to attempt to find some new coding or auto run on my player. its just a 22 dollar mp4 4gigi player form menards
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07:41:46pixelmaJoshuaChang: you need to get an inputenx.sty from some newer tex package, the tetex ones provided by the cygwin package manager are quite outdated. There is one report in the forums where to get one and bluebroth3r updated the install instructions (and split them to another page) just a few days ago and recommends texinfo if I remember correctly
07:42:54JoshuaChangthanks, i'll check the instructions.
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09:58:47jhMikeSpixelma: skipping is different enough now I'd be surprised to see the same issue if in fact that originates in playback.c, rather than say, pcmbuf.c or something else.
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12:12:23PurlingNayukiHi everyone!
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12:12:41PurlingNayukiI have a question.
12:13:27PurlingNayukiIn the source code of Rockbox, SYS_FONT stands for the built-in font, then how can I use the user-selected font?
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12:52:54 Part PurlingNayuki
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14:48:57dfktwould it be possible for someone with no experience in C programming (i.e. me), to add a "swap L/R channels" feature to the channel configuration settings?
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15:23:43Kuschelhi everyone, is there a way to modify the output format of %bs in a theme?
15:32:08CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29758): Use System TTS if none is set. ...
15:32:16CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29759): Make TTS names translatable and change Sapi to SAPI.
15:35:28CIA-87r29758 build result: All green
15:38:25CIA-87r29759 build result: All green
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16:38:47linuxstbdfkt: Look at dsp.c and see if you can work it out. It looks relatively easy to do if you can understand the existing code...
16:46:58pixelmafml said he was interested in adding this feature just yesterday
16:47:08pixelmaor maybe the day before
16:48:51JoshuaChangwhat featureļ¼Ÿ
16:50:48dfktlinuxstb, thanks. i had a look at dsp.c, sound.c, sound.h, and audiohw.c, all of them containing some sound channel references. will try to work it out :)
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17:00:54pixelmaJoshuaChang: swap left and right channels
17:02:15*pixelma also points to the link to a channel log in the topic
17:03:14JoshuaChangi'm also reading dsp.c, try to understand the buf[]
17:03:55dfktpixelma, fml wanted to add channel swap?
17:04:01JoshuaChangi do want to write a delayline process function, if there is a workaround
17:05:02JoshuaChangdon't want
17:08:12pixelmadfkt: , fml is hard to catch "live" in IRC though but he usually reads logs
17:10:03dfktah very nice. thank you. i see bertrik finds that to be a "useless feature". well, i have several pairs of in-ear phones that are more comfortable worn with the 'wrong' earbud per ear, and having channel swap would be a much better choice than soldering a swap cable adapter
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17:38:44CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29760): Fix "Test TTS" button not working. ...
17:42:11CIA-87r29760 build result: All green
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17:46:11*mshathlonxp is wondering why rockbox doesn't have "load .cfg" option [yes, I know how it's supposed to load them]
17:46:29bluebroth3rit does not?
17:47:14mshathlonxpexecuting them in file browser doesn't counts
17:47:40 Join tguinot [0] (
17:47:41bluebroth3rSettings / Manage Settings / Browse .cfg files
17:47:48pepsithis is driving me absolutely crazy.. i can't divide
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17:48:07*mshathlonxp grabs ipod
17:48:27bluebroth3rit _could_ be named differently, yeah. But IMO there's no real reason for that
17:48:31mshathlonxpoh, sorry
17:48:36pepsii get undefined references to things like __divsi3 and such, trying to build other code for an arm target
17:48:42*mshathlonxp as sometimes happens, overlooket that
17:49:13pepsirockbox seems to be able to divide, but there are too many makefiles and scripts and whatnot to dissect it
17:49:17bluebroth3rthere's always this thing when you're looking for something and those guys gave it a slightly different name ;-)
17:50:36bluebroth3rpepsi: what are you trying to do?
17:51:00pepsibluebroth3r: compile code for a bare metal arm board.. not rockbox
17:51:15pepsiive been looking at rockbox because it has a port for the mini2440
17:51:21bluebroth3rah, so you're missing division functions for that?
17:52:08pepsiyeah, but rockbox builds fine.. i had to comment out a line in the crt0.S file about a symbol beingf in a different section, but that was just to make it compile
17:52:27pepsiotherwise it builds perfectly, and division doesnt cause those undefined references
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17:53:54wavedigithi, just a quick question, Rockbox OS itself is exclusively located in the HDD (of the iPod 5g 80gb) right?
17:54:43wavedigitso basically, if I were to remove an HDD with a working RB OS and put it in another (working) ipod, I would get a working RB OS right?
17:54:56wavedigit*the same working RB OS
17:55:18dfktwould this go in the right direction for sound channel swap? -
17:55:45bluebroth3rwavedigit: yes.
17:56:09wavedigitbluebroth3r, thx!
17:57:24linuxstbdfkt: I haven't even tried to compile it, but this may work -
17:57:48dfktoooh, i will give it a try asap - thanks!
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17:59:14dfkti see i wasnt't too far off with the structure at least :)
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18:00:55saratoganice work
18:09:52 Join Keripo [0] (
18:12:22amiconnChannel swapping would be possible on hwcodec too (in fact it's rather simple)
18:12:33 Join komputes [0] (~komputes@ubuntu/member/komputes)
18:18:51 Join Jerom1 [0] (~jerome@
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18:42:11dfktlinuxstb, it compiled fine, but the channels aren't swapped
18:44:25dfktoh, wait, the channels are swapped, but pan/balance still works as if it's regular stereo
18:44:27bertrikI guess there need to be more ++'es
18:44:53bertrikoh, no
18:46:35dfktie. panning left with swapped stereo results in a pan to the right
18:46:58dfktwhen wearing earphones the wrong way around :)
18:47:11*bertrik is confused by channels_process_sound_chan_swap
18:47:13dfkti guess that would be a separate issue
18:47:50gevaertsdfkt: I think balance is usually done by hardware
18:48:01gevaertsSo that setting should be inverted too
18:48:18gevaertsAnd possibly others too...
18:48:28dfktah ok, i'm trying it on a clip+ at the moment
18:48:55bertriksome codecs already have a cross gain IIRC
18:49:05 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:49:26gevaertsdfkt: see firmware/sound.c
18:51:15bertrikfor the clip+ there is no cross gain from DAC to headphones unfortunately ...
19:15:49 Join gbl08ma [0] (
19:17:07gbl08mahello everyone. I just came here to report a problem in the forums, more specifically at this thread,27813.msg180436
19:17:49gbl08maI replied and I can't see my reply, again. It already happened before, and it has been commented on IRC already
19:18:51gbl08mathe worse is that I've just discovered that I wrote a mistake and i'd like to rewrite it, and I can't modify the post as I only see it on the reply page.
19:21:35gbl08maAlso, regarding the problem zlodey is having, I wonder if it's a problem like another that appeared on the forums some days ago, on the same iPod Nano model, related to LCD voltage reduction.
19:22:16gevaertsgbl08ma: I've marked it as not spam now
19:22:52gbl08maI thought it was that spam filter again... thank you
19:25:00 Quit Jerom1 (Quit: Leaving.)
19:26:40dfktgevaerts, i assume you mean there need to be additional instructions in case channels are swapped, to this part? -
19:27:58gevaertsdfkt: maybe the changes are better done in apps/settings*
19:28:01gevaertsNot sure...
19:32:03saratogamaybe it would make more sense to flip the channels earlier in DSP so that each individual effect doesn't have to be aware of the change
19:33:26gevaertssaratoga: the way I understand this (but these things confuse me anyway!), in this use case, i.e. actually swapping the left and right earphones, that won't work for at least balance
19:34:07saratogaah ok
19:34:41gevaertsI actually suspect that this may need two separate settings to cover all cases
19:35:16bertrikwhy two?
19:35:21bertrikbalance is the only other one I think
19:36:05bertrikI mean balance is probably the only thing to change in addition to swapping the channels
19:36:20gevaertsPeople who have left/right swapped files, or people who want to reverse because they don't hear well in one ear and want to find out what they're missing (IIRC that was mentioned on the forums) don't want to swap balance (and other similar things if they happen to exist), while people with dfkt's use case want to swap both channels and balance
19:36:48saratogais balance done in hardware?
19:37:09gevaertsIt's done in firmware/ for all players, and in hardware for several
19:38:24dfktmy confusion with linuxstb's patch actually stemmed from the fact that i hear less in my left ear, so i always use pan/balance (around -8 to -10) - thus why i falsely assumed the channels weren't swapped.
19:38:28bertrikalternatively, people could just accept that balance doesn't go along with the channel swap ...
19:39:11CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29761): Better hilight detected item after autodetection. ...
19:39:38gevaertsdfkt: you could of course make your own lang file with "left" and "right" swapped :)
19:40:49saratogawe're so random about effects are applied, replaygain is software in dsp, while balance gain is firmware or even hardware :)
19:41:33dfktgevaerts, i could blast loud noise in my right ear, so both ears are evend out ;)
19:42:09CIA-87r29761 build result: All green
19:42:19gevaertsI think I once suggested that very solution to someone :)
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19:43:40bluebroth3rhmm, when trying a change just committed on a different machine I should update from svn first :o
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19:45:51Buschelgbl08ma: the photos of the nano 2g look like photos I have seen before (about beginning of this year)
19:46:33Buschelmight be connected to the voltage stuff. I should build a test build for him
19:48:11gbl08maWhat do you mean by seeing the photos before? Are they reused, or??
19:48:49Buschelno, the issue looks very similar
19:52:16Buschelgbl08ma: btw, from what voltage on does your display start to buzz?
19:53:41gbl08maI don't know, I never messed up with that values
19:54:00gbl08maand I'm away from my build PC now
19:54:33BuschelI didn't for a while... Can you do some tests when you have access again? No need to hurry, but I would like to check how much we could go up.
19:54:54Buschelbtw, the voltage is +100 mV per step
19:54:54gbl08maI didn't even know the buzz was related to the voltage the display is working at.
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19:55:40 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~rmenes@rockbox/staff/LambdaCalculus37)
19:55:40gbl08maOK, but I'll only have time perhaps next week
19:56:24Buschelthat's fine, I'll work on my aac stuff until then :)
19:57:12saratogaBuschel: did you see that new Google AAC decoder?
19:57:42Buschelno, I just read in the logs that it must be documented very well
19:57:52saratogayes that was my impression
19:58:14saratogamany of the headers had references for the algorithms implemented
19:58:47saratogawas going to suggest that before you go too deep into rewriting bits of libfaad you check if the equivalent code is any better
19:58:57Buschelfixed point?
19:59:48CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29762): Implement simple run for non-multithreaded TTS. ...
20:00:04saratogasadly they did not include any significant ASM
20:00:08bluebroth3rsooo ... anyone around who did experience the voicefile problem with Rockbox Utility?
20:01:16 Join ChickeNES [0] (~ChickeNES@
20:02:06saratogadoes the database still hang if theres no music on the device?
20:02:38bertrikI see there are ipods (besides the nano 2g and the classic) that do not support iap in rockbox, any special reason for that?
20:03:00CIA-87r29762 build result: All green
20:03:09linuxstbbertrik: Which ones?
20:03:19bertriklike the ipod 3g
20:03:49linuxstbThe ipod 1g-3g use a different SoC to the later ones. So I guess no-one has written the low-levle drivers.
20:04:23saratogaplus the 3g port became stable in rockbox so much later that hardly anyone has that device
20:05:47 Join Buschel_ [0] (
20:06:04 Join zlodey [0] (
20:06:07gbl08maI'm under the impression that those who have 3G iPod and don't use apple FW use IPL, not Rockbox.
20:06:46bertrikWhich SoC is in the 3G?
20:06:48saratogaprobably not, they're even less function then we are
20:07:58 Quit Buschel (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
20:07:59 Nick Buschel_ is now known as Buschel (
20:08:23bertrikiap is currently using a PP serial driver AFAIK
20:08:40Buschelzlodey: good to see you!
20:08:49zlodeyme too
20:08:57zlodeyit's the first time i use irc ;)
20:09:06zlodeyso i guess i did everything right
20:09:11Buschelzlodey: I just updated the forum and placed a link to a new buiild
20:09:35bertrikso with some luck and minimal changes it could work for the 3g as well
20:09:42Buschelzlodey: would be good if you could give a try
20:11:29bertrikassuming the serial port stuff is similar between pp5002 and pp502x
20:11:32zlodeyand put it instead of the one on my iPod ?
20:11:41gbl08mazlodey: yes. obviously, you need to have Rockbox bootloader installed - in case you have uninstalle dit already, install it using RB utility
20:13:38zlodeythe one installed on iPod is 40 MB weight
20:13:56zlodeythe one you gave me is 8.77 MB
20:14:06zlodeyis OK to replace it ?
20:14:21saratogato upgrade rockbox you just copy a new folder over the old
20:14:26saratogathe OS merges the two
20:14:49zlodeyand now eject iPod ?
20:15:49gbl08maand reboot using menu+select
20:15:53zlodeygreat !!!!
20:15:58zlodeyit work good
20:16:03zlodeyi see the screen
20:16:28gbl08maBuschel: oh well. I wonder how many million devices need to have voltage at max to work.
20:16:38Buschelok, then let's go deeper :o)
20:17:20 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:18:10*Buschel wonders why it took so long to have bug report for this issue...
20:19:06zlodeyhow does the seek function works here ?
20:19:17*gbl08ma wonders how many users have tried Rockbox on their nano2g and thought it was a piece of s*** because the LCD worked incorrectly!
20:19:25 Quit Kuschel (Quit: kernel Oops)
20:19:30Buschelzlodey: <- can you copy this to your ipod (into the /.rockbox folder) and restart?
20:19:36zlodeyi mean, in it's firmware i click SELCT and rotate the wheel
20:20:56Buschelzlodey: you navigate in rockbox via the scrollwheel and using SELECT or LEFT/RIGHT
20:22:21zlodeyyes but when a song is playing, if i click SELECT, then the root menu appears
20:22:32wavedigitwhere can I find some basic troubleshooting tips when I'm having the sad ipod logo (and a link to the apple ipod support) is showing up everytime I try to start my 5g ipod 80gb
20:22:45gbl08mazlodey: you should really read the manual! You press and hold >> (next) or << (back) during a music to jump on the song-
20:22:52zlodeyin ipod by clicking SELECT i could navigate IN track with wheel
20:23:12zlodeyi tryed this
20:23:17zlodeyand it works
20:23:51zlodeybut i wanted the apple naviagtion :)
20:24:00zlodeyhold a minute
20:24:11zlodeywill try to copy the file you gave me
20:24:31Buschelzlodey: can you please copy this to your ipod (.rockbox folder) and restart it again? I would like to see from which voltage on your LCD work properly
20:24:46gbl08maRockbox is not Apple FW. If you want to use Rockbox like Apple FW, you use Apple FW, not Rockbox.
20:32:44*Buschel nano2g = silent @2.6V, low buzz @2.8V, very low buzz @2.6V
20:33:41Buschelahem: loud buzz @3.0V, low buzz @2.8V and very low buzz (near silent) @2.6V
20:33:50zlodeynothing unusual
20:34:38zlodeythe one i pasted was of the same size as the old one
20:34:43zlodeyis this important ?
20:35:24Buschelzlodey: no, they only differ in one value which is set to the power controller
20:35:41Buschelnext one:
20:36:09Buschelthis uses 2.8V (which in the middle of the non-working and the last firmware)
20:37:01gbl08maWe need to test lots of builds because we are changing the voltage every build in order to discover what voltage works.
20:37:38Buschelwell, there is a range from 2.6V to 3.0V in 0.1V steps. not too many ;)
20:37:49Buschel3 of 5 we already have
20:38:04gbl08maBuschel: perhaps a temporary test setting on a single build that allow voltage to be changed from inside RB would be useful for debugging more cases like this, no?
20:38:29saratogayeah but thats harder then just compiling a bunch of builds :)
20:38:36Buschelyes ;)
20:39:09zlodeyworks good
20:40:03zlodeyand a some kind of bug
20:40:38zlodeywhen i scroll a list, the cursor goes to the end of list and then skips to the first item in list
20:40:46zlodey2 or 3 times this happens
20:40:57zlodeythen doesn't happen
20:41:00Buscheldoes it wake up from sleep properly (just letting it switch off after timeout of a few seconds, and then wake it up again via pressing a button)
20:41:55Buschelfinal test build ->
20:41:55zlodeywhere do i find sleep menu ?
20:42:32Buschelisn't the sleep timeout on by default?
20:43:18zlodey0.05 are minutes ?
20:43:26zlodeyor second ?
20:43:30gbl08maBuschel: the "few seconds" are 30 by default, I think. It only sleeps after backlight has turned off.
20:43:50Buschelzlodey: Settings / General Settings / Display / LCD Settings / Sleep (After Backlight Off) -> 10
20:44:28 Quit Buganini (Remote host closed the connection)
20:44:39zlodeyon my ipod it's the following menu
20:44:57zlodeysystem - time&date - sleep timer
20:45:21zlodeyand there i se 0:05 0:10
20:45:33Buschelthat's another timer. go to the main menu and follow the path I wrote above
20:45:35zlodeythese are minutes or seconds ?
20:47:36zlodeyby "sleep" you mean that the display turns off after the light goes down ?
20:47:57zlodeyand then when i touch the will it lights on
20:48:04zlodeyseems to work good
20:48:15 Join Buganini [0] (~buganini@2001:288:c237::2)
20:48:35Buschelgbl08ma: I think it will be a good idea to go for 2.8V. this will ensure function for iPods like zlodey owns. and it is still not as loud as OF
20:48:46Buschelzlodey: thanks, sounds good to me
20:49:11gbl08maBuschel: but does it buzz?
20:49:11Buschelzlodey: can you just update to the last test build ->
20:49:33Buschelgbl08ma: even 2.6V buzzes very slightly
20:50:02Buschelgbl08ma: try it -> :)
20:50:14Buschel(= 2.8V)
20:50:55gbl08maok, just let me find the iPod>USB cable, download, make a backup of my custom build, copy the files, etc.
20:51:07gbl08maI'll let you know when I'm done
20:52:01zlodeythis is the problem i started with
20:52:08zlodey this one
20:52:30zlodeyand the screen shakes
20:52:41Buschelok, then 2.8V is the lowest possible voltage...
20:52:42zlodeyand goes white
20:53:07zlodeynot as white as a paper, but more whiter than mine first problem
20:53:07*Buschel does not like to not have any headroom...
20:53:39zlodeyif it foes to sleep, and i touch the wheel, the screen jumps 2-3 times
20:53:48zlodeyand then goes grey
20:54:06Buschelzlodey: Can you please enter the iPod's Diagnostic Mode (first press and hold MENU + SELECT until the iPod resets, then −− during the Apple logo −− press and hold BACK + SELECT). In the Diag Mode select "Others", then "Status", then switch to the 2nd page. How are "LCD Detect0" and "LCD Detect1" set?
20:54:14zlodeyso i copy the 2.8 V back ?
20:54:32Buschelnot needed, this is Apple Diagnostic Mode
20:55:11gbl08maBuschel: I can't hear any buzz with the build you gave me.
20:55:13 Nick scorche is now known as rockbox|scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
20:55:31Buschelzlodey: I just want to check the detailed LCD type
20:55:47Buschelgbl08ma: then my ears are still quite good :)
20:55:55zlodeyafter hitting STATUS i see: hp_detect: 0
20:55:58Buschel(or my nano is louder)
20:56:04zlodeyregn: 0x0013
20:56:08zlodeyand so on
20:56:15zlodeybut not LCD detecd
20:56:21Buschelzlodey: enter the second page
20:56:38zlodeyhere it is
20:56:53zlodeylcd detect0:1
20:56:58zlodeylcd detect1:0
20:57:03Buschelsame as mine
20:57:05gbl08maBuschel: that, or my ears are as damaged as yours... I'm now going to switch to my custom build, I miss the piezo sound I have on my custom build...
20:57:30Buschelok, so I will go for 2.8V for now
20:57:44zlodeyme too ?
20:58:06CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29763): Fix SAPI default speed being way too fast. ...
20:58:28bluebroth3rso, all issues I wanted to get done for Rockbox Utility 1.2.9 seem to be fixed now. Anyone want to test / tell me what I've missed?
20:58:50Buschelzlodey: yes, please play with it for a while. I will prepare the change to svn
20:59:21Buschelshall I also submit it to v3.8 branch? might be worth to update the nano2g build
21:00:46gbl08maBuschel: BTW, you should get a file hosting with less popups... not even Chrome blocked them...
21:00:54zlodeywhat exactly 2.8 V is ?
21:00:59zlodeythe power it consumes ?
21:01:07CIA-87r29763 build result: All green
21:01:19Buschelthe voltage supply for the LCD
21:01:28bluebroth3rgrmbl. Why does the binary still have a wrong revision number?
21:01:35zlodeythe less possible, the better, right ?
21:01:45Buschelgbl08ma: any suggestion for a file hosting?
21:02:06gbl08mano... I might set up one "for the friends" at my server...
21:02:31Buschelzlodey: the nano2g LCD buzzes when the voltage is not lowered.
21:03:24zlodeyand a question i have: how much power does FLAC consumes
21:03:29zlodeymore than mp3 ?
21:03:30gbl08maand less voltage also saves some - very little - battery
21:03:43zlodeymore than ALAC ?
21:04:49zlodeyand if you know, the power that ALAC consumes, more or less than mp3 ?
21:04:52BuschelFLAC is one of the most efficient codecs in terms of CPU usage. of course it is consuming more power from the HDD/Flash compared to lossy codecs
21:06:19CIA-87New commit by Buschel (r29764): Fix issues with iPod nano 2G displays reported on the forums. The voltage supply seems to be too low for several LCDs. The buzz of the display is ...
21:07:13zlodeywhat should i say in the topic i created on the site ?
21:07:30zlodeygive the link to the .rockbox ?
21:07:35gbl08maBuschel: is it technically possible to have an option in settings that allows changing of LCD voltage from inside Rockbox? not for public release, just for my own build.
21:08:10gbl08mazlodey: don't do that. If you want, just say it's solved thanks to the help of Buschel on IRC.
21:08:34Buschelgbl08ma: would you like to share it to others? otherwis you should just patch your build −− like I will
21:08:35mshathlonxpzlodey what ipod do you have?
21:09:00CIA-87r29764 build result: All green
21:09:28gbl08maBuschel: I was just asking if it was technically possible :)
21:09:31Buschelzlodey: you can now test the standard builds >r29764. they should work for you as well now
21:09:39Buschelgbl08ma: it is
21:10:20gbl08maBuschel: Basically we can call pmu_set_voltage at any time, isn't it?
21:10:34Buschelthat makes it easy
21:11:04mshathlonxpBuschel flac doesn't much increase power usage for flash memory :>
21:11:17 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
21:11:21zlodeyi have iPod nano 2g 8 GB
21:11:50Buschelif I would go for lossless I would most likely go for flac.
21:12:05Buschelif I would go for lossy I −− of course −− go for mpc :)
21:12:10 Quit Buganini (Remote host closed the connection)
21:12:20 Quit GeekShadow (Remote host closed the connection)
21:12:26mshathlonxpmy ipod video with 32 GB CF card and crappy battery did ~17h with flac and some 15 minutes more with mp3
21:13:09Buschelmshathlonxp: did you use FS #8668 ?
21:13:40mshathlonxpwhat's that?
21:14:14Buschela patch that allows to increase your battery runtime of PP502x when you use low CPU power codecs
21:14:38mshathlonxpand when it was included in current version?
21:14:56Buschelit was not included
21:15:04 Join Buganini [0] (~buganini@2001:288:c237:0:dead:beef:cafe:babe)
21:15:08mshathlonxpthat means I'm not
21:15:33mshathlonxpwhy it isn't - does it creates some side effects?
21:16:47Buschelyes. it makes the GUI very slow. that's why the patch boosts the CPU during GUI action. this is great (!) for standard usage but makes games hard to use
21:17:19mshathlonxpplugin games?
21:17:30CIA-87New commit by Buschel (r29765): Port r29764 to v3.8 branch. Fixes iPod nano 2G LCD issues.
21:17:54mshathlonxpif it would be option with ability to turn it on or off would be great :)
21:18:09zlodey<Buschel> zlodey: you can now test the standard builds >r29764. they should work for you as well now
21:18:18zlodeywhere do i get them ?
21:18:19BuschelI was using svn today to test some stuff. svn gui is so sloooow compared to a build patched with FS #8668...
21:18:33 Nick rockbox|scorche is now known as scorche (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
21:18:37Buschelzlodey: from −− the main site
21:18:59pamauryhum, apparently the fuze+ has two kinds of lcds...
21:19:15mshathlonxpso what does that patch does?
21:19:23bertrikpamaury, annoying
21:19:25mshathlonxphow fast is CPU running when playing something?
21:19:39mshathlonxpand how fast CPU is running when GUI is being used?
21:20:35Buschelmshathlonxp: on a iPod Video the CPU is running at 30 or 80 MHz. in svn the CPU is boosted by codecs (if required) but not for GUI. I guess several plugins also boost the CPU
21:20:40pamaurybertrik: the good point is the OF includes code for both apparrently
21:20:55pamaury(and the method to disciminate, which I've disassemble but not yet tested)
21:21:01zlodeyi don't see any ">r29764" on the main site.
21:21:05mshathlonxpso where's the power saving comes from?
21:21:05pamaury((and which is nighmarish))
21:21:15zlodeyor do i need to seek harder ?
21:21:24Buschelzlodey: all builds from r29764 on
21:22:02Buschelmshathlonxp: from underclocking the CPU to 24 MHz instead of 30 MHz. this saves 1.5mA −− which is quite a lot
21:22:29mshathlonxpand 24 mhz is enough for flac?
21:22:33mshathlonxpor it is boosted anyway?
21:22:38Buschelmshathlonxp: nearly twice as much
21:23:05mshathlonxpand mp3?
21:23:07Buschelmshathlonxp: flac will not boost, except when buffering
21:23:13pamaurybertrik: you worked on sd for amsv2 right ?
21:23:32Buschelmshathlonxp: mp3 is fast on PP502x as it uses the dual core CPU. mp3 is slow on single core
21:23:56bertrikpamaury, yes, but the initial code was mostly done by funman and FlynDice I think
21:24:18pamaurydo you have an idea of what could cause the usb to only work correctly when sd is inserted ?
21:24:24 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
21:24:27pamaurythis could be related to some initializatioin
21:24:31mshathlonxpand why there's problem with games - are the games being boosted and running too fast?
21:24:50pamauryI had a look but I can't see anything related, I guess I would need to try but some advice can help
21:25:57bertrikpamaury, not really
21:26:23mshathlonxpand why there's need to boost CPU during GUI action - because it's too slow @ 24 mhz?
21:26:28bertriksd also uses dma, perhaps we do something for sd dma that has an effect on usb dma
21:27:14Buschelmshathlonxp: let me try to explain again. the CPU is not boosted for gui action. so, it is running at 24MHz with this patch. this makes the gui extremely hard to use. solution: boost the CPU during gui action. this is done via boosting on button presses and unboost after timeout. -> effect: when playing games or playing around with plugins you normally hit buttons -> you will have alternating boos
21:27:28bertrikor perhaps we're running into trouble when trying to access an empty sd slot for MSC
21:27:39 Quit gbl08ma (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:27:53Buschelzlodey: btw, many thanks for your time and help!
21:28:11pamaurybertrik: don't think so, the problem is before, even basic control transfers fail
21:28:13Buschelzlodey: the issue could only be solved with your help
21:28:44mshathlonxpsounds interesting
21:29:25Buschelmshathlonxp: the patch brings 5-10% more battery runtime
21:30:08Buschelmshathlonxp: and makes the gui really fast
21:30:20zlodeyBuschel: i'm glad to know i could help in some way :)
21:30:22mshathlonxpreally fast means what?
21:30:26mshathlonxpwhat is faster?
21:30:31BuschelI am even using the gui boost on my nano 2g :)
21:30:35zlodeyi did one good thing for the humanity :D
21:30:39mshathlonxpscrolling or changing menus?
21:30:40Buschelthe gui, list scrolling etc.
21:32:22 Quit wavedigit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:32:57mshathlonxpBuschel how do you think, what would happen with battery life of my CF ipod video with rockbox compiled for flash memory - decreased?
21:33:50Buschelmshathlonxp: comparing HDD vs. CF ?
21:34:06BuschelI expect CF to have more runtime
21:34:15mshathlonxpyes, it has more runtime
21:34:18Buschelbut not much
21:34:28mshathlonxpbut what if rockbox would expect flash memory?
21:34:56mshathlonxpcurrently the difference for battery runtime playing flac is huge
21:35:57mshathlonxpwhen rockbox will expect flash, will it keep it turned on?
21:35:58Buschelmshathlonxp: I cannot follow you. Can you try to explain in other words? It seems I am now lost in mixing up flash vs. CF vs. HDD and mp3 vs. flac
21:36:07 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
21:36:51mshathlonxprockbox ipod video port is compiled for HDD, but I have CF card - what would happen with rockbox compiled for flash?
21:37:10Buschelit will not work.
21:37:39bertrikpamaury, I have no other idea, it's very odd
21:38:20Buschelthe CF card uses the standard ATA interface and river, not any flash driver
21:38:59Buschelmshathlonxp: does flac has a decreased runtime compared to mp3?
21:39:05pamaurybertrik: ok thanks, I'll try when I have time
21:39:14mshathlonxpdoes ipod nano 1g uses something special?
21:39:31mshathlonxpBuschel yes, in benchmark about 15 mins :>
21:39:47mshathlonxpwith HDD that difference was four and half hours
21:40:01 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
21:40:08Buschel15 min can easily be "noise" ;)
21:40:18mshathlonxpwhat noise?
21:40:31Buschelprecision of the measurement
21:41:22mshathlonxpwhy measurement wouldn't be imprecise?
21:41:30Buschelwith HDD the difference was flac = 4 hours less than mp3?
21:41:37mshathlonxpof course
21:42:05Buschelthe HDD is sucking *lots* of power if running
21:42:16mshathlonxpbut how about measurement?
21:42:17 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:44:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:44:56Buschelthe runtime depends on several things: e.g. can a shutdown be triggered by low voltage. the battery voltage might just drop below such critical value because of a higher current consumption by CPU-boost, HDD-spinup, CF-access, backlight, ...
21:45:07 Join wavedigit [0] (
21:45:47mshathlonxpno backlight during test run :>
21:45:55Buschelbut buffering
21:46:37mshathlonxpwell, with HDD and flac it did turned off because of buffering
21:46:51Buschelwell, let's not overstress this. the 15 min difference is not much −− even if the measurement could be that precise
21:53:07bluebroth3rargh, svn keywords caused the problem in that script :o
21:56:46 Quit tchan (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:57:36 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
22:05:06 Quit evilnick_B (Quit: Page closed)
22:05:30 Quit zlodey (Quit: CGI:IRC)
22:06:22 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
22:17:54 Quit z35 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:19:08 Join z35 [0] (
22:20:43CIA-87New commit by bluebrother (r29766): Correct revision replacement string gotten replaced by svn itself.
22:23:39CIA-87r29766 build result: All green
22:26:43 Join DerPapst [0] (
22:27:27 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.)
22:27:37 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
22:45:05 Quit MethoS- (Remote host closed the connection)
22:47:28 Quit balintx (Remote host closed the connection)
22:47:46 Join balintx [0] (
22:49:55 Join lennyk [0] (
23:02:22bertrikpamaury, maybe you can try to disable use of the uSD slot and see if that makes a difference
23:03:00pamaurynice idea, I'll try :)
23:04:33bertrikundefine HAVE_MULTIDRIVE, set NUM_DRIVES to 1 and undefine HAVE_HOTSWAP, I think
23:05:09bertrikI checked the card detect pin (GPIO A2) and there seems to be nothing special about it
23:05:30bertrik(checked it in the datasheet, I mean)
23:13:03 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.16/20110319135224])
23:17:44bertrikTheSeven, I see a lot of functions/variables in storage_ata-ipod6g.c that can be made static, would you mind me changing those?
23:23:03TheSevenwhich ones are you talking about specifically?
23:23:14TheSevenif it doesn't break things, I certainly won't mind :)
23:23:41TheSeventhis might be remnants of emcore's USB debugging interface (from where this file has been forked)
23:26:53 Quit Buganini (Remote host closed the connection)
23:27:19 Quit tguinot (Read error: Operation timed out)
23:27:40bertrikthings like mmc_send_command, mmc_init and ata_rw_chunk_internal
23:27:42 Quit jvoisin (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:29:28 Quit leavittx (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:31:07 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
23:31:44 Join Buganini [0] (~buganini@2001:288:c237:deaf:dead:beef:cafe:babe)
23:35:35 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
23:37:17 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
23:39:20CIA-87New commit by bertrik (r29767): ipod6g: make functions and variables static where possible
23:41:51 Quit MethoS- (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:42:14CIA-87r29767 build result: All green
23:44:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:55 Join krazykit [0] (
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