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#rockbox log for 2011-04-23

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04:47:37likemindeadHello, all. Getting "usb_claim_interface(): Device or resource busy LIBMTP PANIC: Unable to initialize device [ERR] No devices found" when trying to install the latest version on my Gigabeat S. Ideas?
04:48:19likemindeadI'm following
04:59:09likemindeadAnyone? :-\
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05:16:36likemindeadWelp. Figured it out.
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06:10:50KaeloHave a Sansa Fuze 4gb, trying to install rockbox on it and I'm at the point where it says to select the device from the list.. well.. as far as I can tell the player didnt get assigned a proper drive letter and doesn't show up.. what do?
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07:37:41*[Saint] wonders if soon the themesite will have more iLike clones than cabbieV2 clones... :-S
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10:00:47bertrikCan I help somehow to fix forum spam?
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10:23:10CIA-87New commit by bertrik (r29768): Split off target-specific parts from firmware/drivers/serial.c
10:26:27CIA-87r29768 build result: All green
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10:43:51JdGordonbertrik: problem posts?
10:45:24bertrikIt looks someone already took care of a spam forum post.
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11:14:10CIA-87New commit by bertrik (r29769): iap: reduce code duplication in iap autobaud code
11:15:45CIA-87r29769 build result: All green
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12:03:57*amiconn suddenly remembers that he has both an iPod Mini remote and a remote for the 2nd Gen (connecting to the extra headphone socket ring, very similar to an archos remote)
12:04:07amiconnSeeing all this iap stuff happening...
12:21:26*[Saint] has a "remote" for the 2nd gen as well...but never figured it would suit.
12:21:34[Saint]I kinda forgot about it.
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12:33:58bertrikamiconn, what kind of protocol does it use? is it known at all?
12:36:50amiconnI have no idea
12:37:45[Saint]Hmmm....oops. I now realised that I may be thinking about a different product altogether, though the idea sounds similar.
12:38:10 Join DerPapst [0] (
12:38:29[Saint]the 2nd Gen I was referring to is "Nano2G", and I have am in-line remote that connects via the dock connector and the 3.5 jack.
12:39:58amiconnYeah, quite different
12:40:15amiconnI've been talking about the 2nd Gen full size ipod
12:40:27bertrikremote support for the nano2g could be done quite quickly I think (at first without autobaud)
12:40:31amiconnThis one has no dock connector
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12:41:12bertrikHow do 4-pin headphone connector remotes usually work, some kind of resistor network? or are there also ones that use some kind of serial protocol?
12:41:51[Saint]the type the Color/Photo/4G iPods (and other?) have?
12:41:53bertrikif possible, it would be nice to support a remote from one series of players on a different set of players
12:42:44amiconnThe archos remote is serial. It uses the 3rd ring both for data and power (there's a pullup in the device)
12:42:44bertrik[Saint], I guess that anything connecting through the ipod dock connector is either a dumb interface (just line-out) or uses the ipod accessory protocol
12:43:36bertrikamiconn, and communication in just one direction, right?
12:44:03[Saint]bertrik: Oh, I was thinking about the type of remote that the 4G/Color/Photo's some little 4pin thing up next to the 3.5 jack
12:44:06amiconnThe 2nd Gen remote looks as if it has two extra contacts, the 3rd ring of the jack socket, and a larger circular ring around the jack socket
12:44:15[Saint]It doesn't use the dock connector.
12:44:20amiconnbertrik: Yes, just remote -> device
12:44:59amiconnThe Mini remote connects to a little slot next to the headphone socket (4 pins)
12:45:09[Saint]Ah, sounds the same
12:45:30*[Saint] digs out his mini to check
12:45:55[Saint]Ah, yes...indeed. 'tis the same.
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12:46:05amiconnbertrik: The iriver and iaudio remotes use a resistor network for the majority of buttons (similar to many internal button hookups). A few buttons are separate, connected to gpio (and sometimes power logic)
12:48:54amiconnbertrik: The remote contact of the archos player/ recorder is what the alpine_cdc plugin uses. It allows to hook up the archos to an (older) alpine car hifi, both for displaying track info and basic control afaik
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12:49:05amiconnAll you need is a level shifter, no extra logic
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13:08:35kugelbertrik: divisor >> 0 ?
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13:55:06Florianone question regarding sandisk sansa plus
13:56:15gevaertssansa plus?
13:59:26 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
14:04:24Florianyes sansa plus
14:04:45FlorianThe question is how to install it
14:04:59Florianis it possible to damage it?
14:05:04[Saint]Sansa Clip+?
14:05:43FlorianI just bought it day before yesterday from Saturn Hansa
14:06:18FlorianHow much space is required for rockbox on the Sansa?
14:06:27[Saint]Installation is covered in our manual:
14:06:30FlorianAnd how to make it bootable.
14:09:16FlorianI am not the typical manual reader, I have it opened now on my PC, it is having 195 pages (the Sansa Plus Manual).
14:09:50 Join smk [0] (~smk@
14:09:54gevaertsThere is no such thing as a sansa plus
14:10:02gevaertsThere's a sansa clip plus, and a sansa fuze plus
14:10:12FlorianYou could also say it's written somewhere in the internet
14:10:20gevaertsAnd you don't have to read the entire manual to install
14:10:39[Saint]Installing Rockbox should not harm your player, but no warranty for anything. It's certainly possible to use the tools to do stupid things, and damage your player. But if you use the automated installer all should be well (unless you were to do something silly like reset the player while it's flashing, etc.).
14:10:59Florianright gevaert it's the Sansa Clip Plus
14:11:50*smk uses the rockbox simulator as his desktop music player. finds it better than Rhythmbox!
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14:13:14Florianhow long does the firmware flash take?
14:13:38FlorianAnd how much free space do I require on the player?
14:14:02FlorianIs it possible to install the rockbox firmware on the 8 GB Micro SD card?
14:14:18*[Saint] suggests reading the manual
14:14:25Florianor only on the player's flash card?
14:15:19FlorianI suggest You Saint read the manual and answer the questions otherwise what use are You here on the irc?
14:16:01Florianif You don't know anything then tell here You don't know anything
14:16:36n1sFlorian: we wrote the manusl so users could help themselves, not so we can read and paraphrse it to people on irc
14:16:37gevaertsFlorian: may I respectfully suggest that you might have an attitude problem?
14:16:48FlorianI earnestly believe You people here some Linux hoax (or Linux viruses).
14:17:18bertrikputting rockbox on the player takes two steps, installing the main rockbox firmware and installing a rockbox bootloader, both take about 30 seconds or so
14:17:33gevaertsYes, very true. We spent years on a hoax
14:17:43FlorianI believe You don't know anything please be silent
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14:18:16n1sFlorian: please try to be a bit more respectful to people or don't expect any help
14:18:18gevaertsFlorian: you've been muted now. I'll unmute you in ten minutes
14:18:28gevaertsUse those ten minutes to think
14:20:08 Quit Florian (Quit: Page closed)
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14:21:39gevaert-ahlehow knows smth about sansa clip+?
14:21:47JdGordonyou know we can ban your ip right?
14:22:10gevaert-ahlegevaert is an assssssssssssssssssssssssshole!
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14:23:22WarnBanlist contains 18 bans!
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17:16:39Buschelsideral: you there?
17:19:12 Join ChickeNES [0] (~ChickeNES@
17:19:32Buschelquestion: how is the memory layout for codecs, especially when using codec_malloc? is it e.g. 1 MB total size. then subtract the code and static memory = memory available for codec_malloc?
17:20:03*Buschel wonders whether his no malloc patch might have negative effect on low memory targets
17:22:06 Part Atlantes
17:23:17BuschelAAC-HE (SBR+PS) needs ~123 KB more static memory. will this memory not be available for codec_malloc now?
17:24:09Buschelthis might have negative impact on the playability of large AAC files (non-HE). especially on low memory targets...
17:25:44BuschelSBR + PS is not enabled on low memory targets... so, it at least doesn't matter for them.
17:26:53Buschelthe issue stays the same: is this change reducing the amount memory available for codec_malloc? if so, playability of large AAC files might be impacted.
17:28:19 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
17:29:08sideralHi Buschel
17:29:56Buschelsideral: I wanted to ask you, if you could make a test of FS #12077 on your target. it was a clip?
17:31:02Buschel(even though I just became aware the patch should not have too much impact on low memory targets)
17:31:05sideralI have a ClipV2 and a Clip+, and both don't qualify as low-memory targets AFAIK. But I can test the patch for you anyway
17:31:31Buschelsideral: that would be great. those have 8 MB RAM?
17:31:42sideralI always forget...
17:32:05BuschelI am interested especially i playability of your large test files
17:32:39sideral8 MB sounds about right. The Rockbox info page says I have 5MB+ buffer RAM
17:32:54 Join liar [0] (
17:33:47sideralI'd be happy to test the patch for you, but cannot promise it will be timely. I'll be on vacation next week and have visitors before that. But perhaps I can manage to test the patch tonight or tomorrow
17:34:09[Saint]yeppers 8MB is correct
17:35:13Buschelsideral: perfect for me
17:36:18kugelBuschel: try compiling for clipv1
17:36:31kugelif you don't use any sort of malloc, the linker will complain
17:36:52kugeliirc the clipb1 uses its 320KB IRAM entirely for codecs
17:38:11kugelAMSv2 also uses the IRAM for codec, but the IRAM is 1MB in this case
17:39:26kugelBuschel: what's this no-malloc patch good for?
17:39:37 Join pepsi [0] (~pepsi@
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17:58:00Buschelkugel: 1) fun to make, 2) get a better understanding of what is *really* needed, 3) easier possibilities to play around with IRAM and alignment
17:58:14 Join stoffel [0] (
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18:16:28pamauryyeah, usb working on fuze+ \o/
18:17:00AlexPcongras :)
18:17:24pamaurywell, the code is a horrible hack and that wasn't too difficult since it's the arc controller
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19:02:49[Saint]can a mod please edit the link in the post here:,27755.msg180481/topicseen.html#msg180481 and turn it into an actual link please?
19:03:01[Saint]looks as though the poster forgot a ]
19:06:04pixelmathe = is missing
19:06:31pixelmaI'm tempted to edit it in a way that the part you click says something else than "here"
19:10:53pixelma[Saint]: done anyway,
19:14:30 Join leavittx [0] (~leavittx@
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19:35:42[Saint]pixelma: thanks, I wasn't at the kb...sorry.
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22:02:44ArturskHey.i'm triyng to unbrick my sansa Clip+ using this and wanted to ask if i can use ubuntu for that? thanx
22:04:13 Join Buschel [0] (
22:04:27gevaertsI don't see why not
22:07:14 Quit Artursk (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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22:42:35linuxstbpixelma: I changed "here" to be the URL in that forum post.
22:43:55CIA-87New commit by Buschel (r29770): Minor speed optimization to m4a lookup table build up.
22:45:52saratogais it actually possible to fix the OF with those AMS unbrick instructions, or just rockbox?
22:47:06CIA-87r29770 build result: All green
22:49:03 Quit silbo (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:10:23TheSevendo i understand correctly that the MMU is completely unaffected by any exceptions occurring?
23:10:51TheSeveni.e. the exception vectors are virtual adresses with respect to whatever the current MMU state was when the exception happened?
23:13:08pamauryI think so but I'm not an ARM expert
23:23:15 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
23:26:56TheSeveni have a really weird phenomenon
23:27:23 Join liar [0] (
23:29:32pamaurywhich is ?
23:36:02 Join lovasoa [0] (~lovasoa@2a01:e35:8a2e:8080:226:bbff:fe15:33b0)
23:37:25TheSevenhm, actually it seems to be my data abort handler that's broken
23:38:09lovasoaI was just wondering, is there a easy way to debug the IAP protocol. IE communicating with the iPod via the serial port directly from a computer ?
23:38:18TheSevenand it seems to be broken enough to not even be able to reset the soc
23:38:48TheSevenlovasoa: if you build an adapter cable, you can certainly do that
23:39:20lovasoaBuild a cable? how could I build a cable ?
23:39:44TheSeventhe neccessary pinout is floating around somewhere on the net
23:40:03TheSevenwhat are you planning to do in the first place?
23:42:27 Join krazykit [0] (
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23:46:36lovasoaMy iPod dock has the ability to let the user choose a playlist. I was thinking that simulating the dock commands from the computer would make debugging easier
23:49:10saratogaits probably easiest to log the commands using rockbox
23:49:24saratogaalthough you can get snooping devices that let you record the command issued by accessories
23:53:34TheSevenbah. misaligned code!
23:54:16pixelmalinuxstb: thanks
23:58:14 Quit mshathlonxp (Quit: Leaving)

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