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#rockbox log for 2011-06-25

00:02:01Tornekugel: that profiling is much better than what i did on the eurostar just now, thanks for looking
00:02:17Tornekugel: i may poke it a bit more but probably not soon; feel free to steal/modify/commit my patch in the meantime if you want
00:02:34*Torne will not have much time free for rockbox this coming week or so
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01:15:56PoodlemastahSo guys, I'm having trouble finding a good looking font for an upcoming theme.
01:16:57PoodlemastahAnyone got any suggestions? So far I've tried Tahoma, Segoe UI, Helvetica. All AA fonts though.
01:21:53marazcomic sans
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01:55:19CIA-27New commit by amiconn (r30066): (Heavily) shorten the .lang string shown when generating the database ...
01:59:32CIA-27r30066 build result: All green
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02:01:39CIA-27New commit by amiconn (r30067): (Heavily) shorten the .lang string shown when generating the database ...
02:04:50amiconnThat's something that annoyed me for quite a while...
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03:01:02Viperfangwhat does the icon in the top right indicate?
03:01:16Viperfangit looks like a spanner in a circle to me
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07:17:22pixelmaoops, forgot that German may need an update for the release but won't have much time this weekend :\ Additionally, the internet connection from home here is currently down and I'm only here using my phone
07:18:32pixelmaso maybe someone else could help out
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07:30:32pixelmaI'm not sure though that amiconn's change should have gone into the release branch as it outdates already finished transkations ("only" for the Player though but to me the principle matters)
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07:53:24amiconnHmm, didn't think of that. It doesn't make the other translations worse than they were before though
07:53:42*amiconn will probably look into updating German tomorrow
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12:17:14PurlingNayukiHi everyone! I downloaded the latest Rockbox source code and try to compile Mini2440 target. However, I got an error
12:17:16PurlingNayukiIn function `touchscreen_get_scroll_threshold':
12:17:18PurlingNayukitouchscreen.c:(.text+0x31c): undefined reference to `lcd_get_dpi'
12:17:29PurlingNayukiCould anyone tell me why?
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12:18:53Tornebecause it's broken?
12:18:55bertrikthe mini2440 doesn't see much development, so I guess this is just lack of maintenance
12:19:18Tornethere is no automatic build for mini2440 and the people who did the original port are not active at present
12:20:39PurlingNayukiBut I remember compiling it successfully when using the older code.
12:21:07bertrikwell, I can confirm the problem.. :)
12:23:50bertriklcd_get_dpi only seems to be implemented for "hosted" platforms, while mini2440 is native AFAIK
12:24:11PurlingNayukiBut how is it there?
12:24:27PurlingNayukiIt should not be in the code of Mini2440.
12:24:51bertrikkugel added this functionality as far as I can tell
12:25:25PurlingNayukiMaybe I should use svn to blame it.
12:26:30bertrikI think this can be fixed by adding a #define LCD_DPI with the DPI of the LCD to the target config file
12:27:08bertrikWhat is the DPI of the mini2440 LCD?
12:28:37PurlingNayukiWell I don't have the commit permission.
12:29:27PurlingNayukiMini2440 can use varies set of screens.
12:29:40PurlingNayukiIt's a board.
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12:33:00PurlingNayukiWhere is the touchscreen.c fiel?
12:33:16bertrikOur code assumes a 3.5" screen with 240x320 resolution, so that's 400 pixels wide diagonally, so density =400/3.5=114 DPI
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12:35:01bertrikWith LCD_DPI defined, it compiles for me, I'll post a patch to pastebin
12:35:56PurlingNayukiShould I define it into the autoconf.h, or in mini2440.h?
12:40:13bertrikIs there a way to detect which display is attached at runtime?
12:40:32PurlingNayukiYes, I think.
12:41:10PurlingNayukiBut it will make Rockbox slower.
12:42:00PurlingNayukiMaybe we can detect it using confiugre
12:42:03bertrikWhy do you think that? I think we can detect it at initialisation time, then cache it.
12:42:31 Join matsl [0] (
12:43:30bertrikDoes it currently even work for more than one type of display? It seems a bunch of "magic" LCD commands is hardcoded now.
12:44:01PurlingNayukiThere're many LCDs and each has it's own info.
12:44:03PurlingNayukiWe can
12:44:12bertrikBut does it actually work?
12:44:33PurlingNayukiWell, I'm trying out.
12:45:08PurlingNayukiWe CAN'T promise we can detect it right everytime.
12:48:27bertrikWe can add the LCD_DPI (for a 240x320 3.5" screen) for now and worry about runtime display detection later
12:50:16PurlingNayukiMaybe we should make configure ask the user to tell it the resolution and the size.
12:51:13PurlingNayukiThen it can automatically calculate the DPI and maybe we can define it in autoconf.h?
12:54:31PurlingNayukiThe patch works.
12:54:39PurlingNayukiIt can compile successfully.
12:56:09PurlingNayukiMany thanks.
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13:29:18Viperfangsweeeet, got it compiled for my ipod 6g with vgm support :-)
13:30:41Viperfangawesome work on rockbox people. Really love it
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13:43:40PurlingNayukiVgm doesn't work on my OndaVX747.
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17:29:34CIA-27New commit by bertrik (r30068): Define an LCD_DPI for the mini2440 (this change makes the mini2440 compile again)
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17:34:05CIA-27r30068 build result: All green
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18:53:09 Part PurlingNayuki
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19:16:08enr1xhello everyone!
19:16:24enr1xhas anyone used rockbox on the ipod classic successfully?
19:16:50enr1xi'd like to know what exactly means the "partial" status and "battery consumption issues" stated on the wiki...
19:18:48 Quit enr1x (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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19:19:26 Join enr1x [0] (
19:19:48enr1xsorry, i don't know if anyone saw my messages before, i was using the CGI version and got some connection problems
19:20:25 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:20:27enr1xbasically i wanted to know if the port to the ipod classic is somewhere near usable. i can't help coding, but would like to help reporting bugs or trying out new versions, as i am getting really tired of the vanilla firmware
19:20:58CIA-27New commit by bluebrother (r30069): Fix a source string whitespace error.
19:21:03CIA-27New commit by bluebrother (r30070): Fix bootloader uninstallation on Gigabeat F / X. ...
19:21:08CIA-27New commit by bluebrother (r30071): Rockbox Utility: fix proxy password getting lost (FS #12166). ...
19:24:12CIA-27r30069 build result: All green
19:24:15Poodlemastahenr1x: I'm currently using it on my 3g iPod classic, it works pretty well.
19:24:37PoodlemastahThe battery time is slightly horrible.
19:24:42PoodlemastahAround 8h.
19:25:03PoodlemastahGeneral playback and such seems just fine.
19:27:19CIA-27r30071 build result: All green
19:30:44 Quit Thra11 (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:30:45 Join Thra11_ [0] (
19:31:16 Join froggyman [0] (~seth@unaffiliated/froggyman)
19:31:44enr1xmine is a 80GB iPod Classic, it's a 6gen i guess
19:33:24enr1xPoodlemastah: it seems that the original firmware underclocks the cpu when the screen is not lit, i guess there's no way to force this in rockbox right?
19:34:08PoodlemastahWell, there is.
19:34:15 Quit froggyman (Client Quit)
19:34:32gevaertsrockbox uses frequency scaling on all targets where it's known how to do that and where it makes sense. I have no idea about the ipod classic for this though
19:34:53PoodlemastahOn the classic it was disabled because of stability issues.
19:35:29PoodlemastahYou can always just put in the code to undervolt it and recompile
19:35:42PoodlemastahIt would only be ca. 2-3 lines of code
19:36:44enr1xwell, i wouldn't do that if the player wasn't stable enough
19:36:50 Join Strife1989 [0] (
19:36:57nefertyTheSeven told me the other day that it doesn't save a lot of battery, and yeah, like Poodlemastah said, it's unstable
19:37:18 Join froggyman [0] (~seth@unaffiliated/froggyman)
19:38:19TheSevenenr1x, gevaerts: the apple firmware doesn't even do clock scaling. yet it uses way less power. no idea why.
19:38:55PoodlemastahMy best guess would be magic.
19:39:17enr1xoh it isn't clock scaling? yeah, i bet it's magic too
19:39:34TheSevenit's just sleeping very well
19:39:45TheSevenprobably a higher percentage of the time that we are, and much deeper
19:39:58 Quit L-Strife1989 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
19:40:14PoodlemastahDidn't you try something extreme like turning off the LCD, undervolt and more. But you still didn't get to the OF levels?
19:40:33TheSevennot even below twice that
19:42:05PoodlemastahWhile talking about the classic, mine always hangs after I've had it connected to usb and I try to play music.
19:42:10TheSevenand even on the nano2g there seems to be something that's still hidden from us
19:42:42PoodlemastahEvery encountered something like it?
19:42:46 Quit Kudo-san (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:42:56TheSevenapple playing mp3: 11.0mA, rockbox playing mp3: 14.0mA, apple in the main menu: 8.7mA, rockbox in the main menu: 12.5mA
19:43:04 Join Kudo-san [0] (~reimu@
19:43:25TheSevenand that's with undervolting and clock scaling, which apple both doesn't do
19:43:38PoodlemastahStill a hell of a lot less than the current classic levels.
19:44:22 Join Strife89 [0] (
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19:48:10enr1xTheSeven: how do you get those measurements?
19:49:48TheSeveni've built myself a measuring device for that
19:49:58TheSevenbased on an arduino board and some electronics
19:50:06enr1xnice :)
19:50:30enr1xi hope that helps improving the battery consumption in ipods eventually :)
19:50:34TheSeventhat's measuring the voltage and current on the USB bus, which is basically power consumption + 1mA (for the charger chip) if the battery is fully charged
19:51:08TheSevenso the actual current of the apple firmware sitting in the menu on a nano2g running off a fully charged battery would be ~7.7mA
19:51:44 Join Keripo [0] (
19:51:46PoodlemastahIs there any change between using freq scaling or not? It's stable on my iPod but I'm not sure if it's worth the recompiling..
19:52:42TheSevenmight get you another hour or two of runtime
19:52:53TheSevenhowever some ipods crash way more often when it's enabled
19:54:24enr1xanother question: if i dd a backup of the ipod that includes the firmware right?
19:54:41 Join gandaro [0] (~gandaro@wikipedia/Gorlingor)
19:54:47TheSeventhat depends on your definition of firmware
19:55:11TheSevenit includes apple's main firmware or rockbox, but it doesn't include apple's bootloader or emcore
19:55:13enr1xi cannot currently mount the ipod under linux (neither on powerpc nor i686), and the software still has some bugs...
19:55:23 Quit Keripo (Client Quit)
19:55:45enr1xah ok, TheSeven, so if something goes wrong when installing emcore i am out of luck without itunes right?
19:55:50TheSevenenr1x: running into trouble with lots of bus resets in dmesg?
19:56:13PoodlemastahI am Seven. Is there a fix?
19:56:13enr1xTheSeven: actually i have bad superblock errors...
19:56:29TheSevenif you have an image of your ipod's boot flash you could in theory flash that back from within emcore
19:56:42TheSevenbut you can't obtain such an image without booting custom code on it
19:57:20TheSevenso what you can do is booting the installer up to the point where it asks you to read the disclaimer, then connect to the debug interface and dump the hdd and the boot flash, and then continue with the installation
19:57:38TheSevenoh, and actually on the classic a dd dump doesn't even include the firmware partition
19:57:51enr1xoh wait, i can install itunes to my work laptop if something goes wrong
19:57:55TheSevenso the data being dumped through emcore's debugger will be different from an HDD dump
19:58:32TheSevenhm, bad superblock errors? that sounds weird
19:58:38enr1xyeah, basically i used gnupod but didn't work well, the songs would transfer but the ipod wouldn't read them...
19:58:43enr1xTheSeven: indeed
19:58:53TheSeventried sudo mount /dev/sdX /whatever -t vfat?
19:58:56enr1xwith a freshly os-x formated ipod
19:59:02enr1xwell, it's hfsplus
19:59:11enr1xyeah, many times
19:59:24TheSevenhm, I don't know much about hfsplus
19:59:31TheSevenour code doesn't support it anyway
20:00:34enr1xneither me, that's why i wiped the ipod (zeroing first jut in case) with dd, then installed a firmware with dd too (found the .bins somewhere) but still using gnupod or gtkpod didn't help much, so i had to use itunes on a friends' mac
20:01:16PoodlemastahI love the current state of my iPod..
20:01:47nefertyPoodlemastah: mine's nearing that :p
20:01:47TheSevenenr1x: eh, so what's the current state of it now?
20:01:52TheSevenyou can't dd firmware to a classic
20:03:08PoodlemastahSeven, can't he just format it to fat32?
20:03:16enr1xTheSeven: ipod filled with music from a friend's itunes
20:03:19PoodlemastahAnd then use the fallback image to mount it?
20:03:58enr1xTheSeven: i thought i could dd the firmware because i saw a tutorial doing exactly that, but yeah, if that didn't work, it's for something :)
20:04:33TheSevenenr1x: does that ipod have emcore installed?
20:05:13enr1xno it doesn't yet
20:05:49enr1xi came here to know if it was worth it to install rockbox into the ipod, but the main issue is battery consumption...
20:06:45PoodlemastahYou could try undervolt + UC, see how it works on your ex.
20:07:15PoodlemastahIf you aren't happy with it, go back to OF?
20:18:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:24:10enr1xand from within emcore i can boot the OF right?
20:26:05 Quit MethoS- (Remote host closed the connection)
20:27:09PoodlemastahNot yet.
20:28:04PoodlemastahBut you can uninstall emcore by doing a itunes restore while in DFU mode.
20:28:17PoodlemastahAt least, that's what I remember.
20:30:14enr1xso i will do it after my short trip :)
20:30:34enr1xthanks for the help guys!
20:32:36 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:39:13 Quit froggyman (Quit: Ex-Chat)
20:45:43PoodlemastahTheSeven, care to explain the vcore, vmem and vlcd values?
20:45:56PoodlemastahIs it simply, vlcd = 0x31 = 0.16 x value. Vcore = 0.067 x value. Vmem = 0.0043 x value
21:15:11 Quit fdinel (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:23:11 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:43:11 Join fdinel [0] (
21:48:24TheSevenIIRC it's 0.625 + 0.025 * x for the switchers and 0.9 + 0.1 * x for the LDOs
21:48:52TheSevenPoodlemastah: does that fit?
22:03:42 Join stoffel [0] (
22:05:01CIA-27New commit by funman (r30072): english.lang: remove trailing spaces ...
22:06:56 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:07:25TheSevener, wasn't there some fuss that touching english.lang while the branch exists might break the translation tool?
22:07:38TheSevenin this case this commit should probably be committed to the branch as well?
22:08:36CIA-27r30072 build result: All green
22:12:04 Quit ender` (Quit: The best way to accelerate a Macintosh is at 9.8m/secĀ²)
22:16:25 Join ender` [0] (
22:18:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:19:52 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:21:07*Viperfang begins to dance
22:24:00ViperfangIf I connect my iPod Classic G2 to my PC (Win7 x64 Pro) it crashes... the iPod that is
22:24:56ViperfangAbout 1 in 20 does the drive appear properly, otherwise I get a drive letter with a 0 byte empty drive
22:25:41Viperfangrunning rockbox v300067M
22:25:49Viperfangidk what the M means
22:26:26ViperfangAh, yes
22:26:34Viperfang... how does it know?
22:27:05ViperfangI applied a patch to make it decode VGM files
22:27:06B4gderit checks for modified files!
22:27:36ViperfangAt compile time?
22:27:50Viperfanga hash list somewhere?
22:27:52B4gderyes, when it generates the revision string
22:28:07ViperfangFair enough
22:28:19ViperfangCrashes without the VGM patch though
22:29:47Viperfangalso happy to test builds for iPod classic gen 2
22:36:19 Quit bertrik (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:43:53 Part gandaro
22:45:15 Join bertrik [0] (
22:45:15 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
22:45:15 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
22:50:09 Join [Saint] [0] (
22:56:06 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
22:56:15 Join Bug2000 [0] (~bug@unaffiliated/bug2000)
23:12:17 Quit Stummi (Quit: Bye!)
23:18:19amiconnbluebrother: Your commit made me realize that rombox would be dead easy to implement for the iaudios
23:18:53amiconnDualboot and rombox would be mutually exclusive though
23:19:46amiconnEseentially running rombox would not use a rockbox bootloader - rockbox would be loaded directly by the cowon loader (which also handles flashing)
23:23:38 Quit user829385 (Quit: Leaving.)
23:24:12 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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23:49:06 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
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23:54:10 Join froggyman [0] (~seth@
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