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#rockbox log for 2011-07-02

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01:27:14TheLemonMani ran a i2c scan and it reports me that all the address are valid huh
01:32:36pamaurysomething is wrong :)
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01:43:23TheLemonMannow it has found 12 valid address
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02:21:34TheLemonMannow reduced to just one, that looks like the touchpad one
02:21:50TheLemonMani wonder how the hell is attached the fm radio then
02:22:42pamauryperhaps it's powered off
02:28:54TheLemonManyeah, havent taught of that
02:29:16TheLemonManso, my i2c code works even without setting the pin driving
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02:54:42pamauryurg, how do I completely disable the bootloader logo ?
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04:12:03CIA-14New commit by pamaury (r30110): elftosb: support 'strings' in section id, support load binary at address, support call/jump at address
04:12:12CIA-14New commit by pamaury (r30111): imx233/fuze+: make config.h more correct, remove logo from bootloader, update linker file and crt0 to produce a single blob into dram
04:16:31CIA-14r30110 build result: All green
04:21:07CIA-14New commit by pamaury (r30112): imx233/fuze+: don't compile {touchpad code,sd} in bootloader mode, fix style in mmc
04:21:12CIA-14r30111 build result: All green
04:25:32CIA-14r30112 build result: All green
04:28:07CIA-14New commit by pamaury (r30113): imx233/fuze+: simplify ssp pin code
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04:31:50CIA-14r30113 build result: 1 errors, 1 warnings (pamaury committed)
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04:48:55CIA-14New commit by funman (r30114): mkamsboot: correct old comments
04:49:03CIA-14New commit by funman (r30115): mkamsboot: remove useless casts
04:49:10CIA-14New commit by funman (r30116): as3525: make interrupts struct static and merge declaration & definition
04:49:17CIA-14New commit by funman (r30117): bootloaders: cleanup ...
04:49:21CIA-14New commit by funman (r30118): sansa AMS bootloader: make strings static
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04:53:07CIA-14r30114 build result: All green
04:57:06CIA-14r30118 build result: 1 errors, 1 warnings (funman committed)
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10:52:44TheLemonManmmh, i think i spotted a little error in the i2c driver
10:53:19TheLemonMansda isn't clocked high in getack
10:54:58TheLemonManand looks like it's needed for my player to avoid going nuts
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12:09:47pamauryTheLemonMan: what do you mean by sda isn't clocked high in getack ?
12:11:35TheLemonManto get a successful read i have to do sda(1) wait scl(1) before getting the ack bit
12:11:48pamauryno that's wrong
12:12:41pamaurynormally the i2c bus works with pullups, if you don't drive it it shoud stay high unless the receiver ack by driving it to low
12:12:48pamauryno ?
12:14:37TheLemonManwell, this tutorial doesn't say so
12:15:33pamauryhey, I just realize now that the bot told me r30113 had a build error but the build table disagree !
12:17:06pixelmathe build table agrees, it's just too wide... ;)
12:17:17pamauryah :) but it's not my error :-/
12:17:27pixelmabut I guess it's one of those new gcc bugs
12:18:53pamauryTheLemonMan: I'm reading the original i2c spec and doesn't say something like driving sda high for ack but I'm not an expert
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12:19:20pamaury"Data transfer with acknowledge is obligatory. The acknowledge-related clock pulse is generated by the master. The transmitter releases the SDA line (HIGH) during the acknowledge clock pulse."
12:20:30TheLemonManim not either, but i googled and found that, also my code goes nuts if i take that away
12:21:18pamaurythat's weird
12:22:33pamaurybecause if you drive it to high and the receiver to low, you are relying to the receiver being stronger than the master
12:22:57pamaurydid you enable the pullups ?
12:23:56TheLemonManthe pullups are changed when driving the pins low
12:24:09pamaurywhat ?
12:24:16TheLemonManat least this is how the bootloader does it
12:24:54pamauryI'm not a super i2c expert but the way I understand it, pullups must be enable at all time
12:25:44pamaurythis the code from the OF ?
12:25:59TheLemonManyup, wich i'm successfully using for bus scanning
12:26:28*pamaury thinks #defines are good for something :)
12:26:57pamaurywhat is the purpose of this: R32(0x80018000 + 0x608) = 0x200;
12:27:08TheLemonMantoo lazy to write down all those address heh
12:27:20pamauryclearing DIN1 is a stub basically
12:29:07pamauryI don't understand this code, it seems like DIN and DOUT are reversed !
12:29:52TheLemonMan...exactly...only god knows what the hell they did
12:30:21pamaurythat looks like a fucking miracle
12:31:00TheLemonManthe cool thing is that it works
12:31:14pamauryI wouldn't call this cool
12:31:33TheLemonManmiracles are cool, don't you think ?
12:31:44marazi wouldn't either, it's +28C in the shadow
12:31:46pamaurynot when you don't understand why they work ;)
12:31:58pamauryand using rockbox's i2c code you have this sda problem ?
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12:32:40pamaurycan you paste the code for the i2c rockbox's callback
12:33:36TheLemonManhuh, i'm not exactly using that code, i copypasted it and changed it a bit
12:34:22pamaurywhat did you change ?
12:34:31pamaurywell then copy it :)
12:35:21TheLemonMani added just a bit of pin toggling based on the bootloader reverse
12:36:03TheLemonManbut not that much, it's just that sda thing and another sda write before starting a read
12:38:07pamaurywell, do it as you want, but I'm pretty confident that the generic i2c code is correct
12:38:54TheLemonMancan you try a build with that change to see if works ?
12:39:20pamaurywait a minute, I need to check something before
12:46:39pamauryarg, my i2c code doesn't work anymore, I haven't tested it since I included one more stage of the fuze+ bootloader, what the hell did it changed ? :)
12:50:31TheLemonManhah, kinda like the code that self-screw itself during the night
12:51:01TheLemonMananyway this touchpad is mep over i2c, not rmi
12:51:43pamauryhum, apparently if the cpu is clocked too fast, my rmi code doesn't work, I might have screwed up the i2c timings
12:52:51pamaury(assuming that's the only change made by the bootloader)
12:53:11pamauryindeed, timing problem
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13:01:54pamauryTheLemonMan: tell me your changes, I'll figure out the right timings after
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13:03:41TheLemonManin generic_i2c.c add an iface->sda_out(1) and an usleep right after line 73
13:04:20pamaurya usleep ??
13:05:03pamaurybut it won't change anything, there is sda_dir(false) so the pin is not driven, the out will not change anything
13:05:58pamauryand usleep(what) ?
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13:09:41 Part chattr ("gone")
13:10:03TheLemonManmaybe i need that because theres no driving change :|
13:10:26TheLemonManand i use 2 as usleep interval
13:10:49pamauryyou need to implement driving change to make i2c work
13:12:58TheLemonManbut the OF doesnt!
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13:14:13pamaurydon't do it like the of :)
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13:55:40CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30119): Use playback channel directly for peakmeters and plugins using peak calculation. Also, for now, don't allow mixer playback to overlap recording, even ...
14:00:19CIA-14r30119 build result: All green
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14:32:06*pamaury realize with horrible that the generic_i2c impl doesn't seem to do clock stretching
14:34:37pamaurythat explain the timing problem...
14:35:03pamauryTheLemonMan: ^
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15:15:34TheLemonManpamaury, i implemented that into the callback
15:16:29pamauryI was certain that it implemented it but perhaps that another of several sw implementation of i2c we have which does it :)
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15:49:28TheLemonManmeh, this touchpad is using yet another synaptic protocol
15:49:55pamauryyou told me it was using mep
15:50:50TheLemonManit's similar to mep but using i2c + an attention line
15:51:13pamauryI think this is standard mep, all synaptics module have an optional attention line
15:51:33TheLemonManmmh, somewhat it doesn't match with the specification
15:51:56pamauryin which way ?
15:52:40TheLemonManno parity bit sent and command inconsistencies
15:53:14pamauryhow do you know it's mep ?
15:54:58TheLemonManit's completely different from rmi
15:59:24TheLemonManOneTouch protocol
16:00:43pamauryI understand OneTouch is technology not a protocol
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16:27:11TheLemonManherp a derp, the i2c code stopped working
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17:19:10amiconnpamaury: i2c is supposed to use pullups, but, as usual, not all implementations follow the standard. There are several targets where we have to "emulate" pullups because they arent there
17:20:45amiconnThis is done by first driving sda high, then switching to input mode. If the other end drives low, the line will go low, but if the other end signals 'high' (i.e. high-z) the line will stay high (floating)
17:21:27amiconnOf course this condition doesn't stay forever, but for the short timing involved it's reliable
17:22:41amiconnSo you're not relying on one end being "stronger", instead you're relying on the line capacity to hold the level long enough
17:24:47pamauryyeah, I know that but this is strange since the imx233 already has internal pullups so it's basically free. furthermore, the code that TheLemonMan extracted from the OF doesn't really make sense afaict
17:26:35pamauryanyway, that's not important as long as it works :)
17:26:50TheLemonManheh, it doesn't work anymore
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18:33:35adnaAfter installing 3.9, there's no "context" menu. How does one create a persistent (not dynamic) playlist?
18:43:54 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
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19:11:19adnaIs there documentation online that is up to date (doesn't refer to "context" heading that doesn't exist in 3.9?
19:13:34Lloreanadna: What do you mean there's no context menu?
19:13:48LloreanHow are you trying to get to it?
19:14:19AlexPUnless there is a massive bug in 3.9, then the context menu is there
19:14:27AlexPWhat target, what buttons are you pressing?
19:16:59AlexPI've just tested gigabeat f and e200v1 and the context menu is working fine on those
19:24:15 Join funman [0] (~fun@rockbox/developer/funman)
19:32:18adnaI can't get to "context menu" from any top level category (Files, Database, settings Playlsts...) where do I access it?
19:32:33 Quit TheLemonMan (Read error: No route to host)
19:32:40AlexPWhat target?
19:32:44AlexPYou hold select normally
19:32:51AlexPThe key you press is in the manual
19:32:54 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
19:33:42adnaLlorean: Thanks for replying.
19:34:26AlexPadna: Do you have me on ignore or something?
19:34:37adnaAlexP: Thank you. It seems it's accessed differently on different devices.
19:34:46AlexPIt is the same action
19:34:54AlexPYou hold whatever button is select
19:35:02AlexPIf you would just tell me what target...
19:35:06adnaAlexP: Just holding select doesn't seem to do anything.
19:35:20adnaI have an iPod nano 2nd
19:35:58adnaAlexP: Thanks you so much!
19:37:00AlexPSee, the documentation is up-to-date :)
19:37:20Lloreanadna: Think of the context menu like "the right click menu" in many PC apps. You need to pull up the menu *on* something
19:39:37adnaLlorean: Thanks so much I think I get it now. That was very helpful.
19:41:38adnaAlexP: Right.
19:54:00 Quit Judas_PhD (Quit: This is a quitting message)
19:55:41kugelSlasheri: thanks for fixing the dircache thing
19:55:53kugelbtw, what's wrong with the svn log on the front page?
19:58:36TheLemonMani killed the battery but no luck with the i2c still
19:59:35 Join Mischif [0] (
20:00:45pamaurydid you try the hardware i2c ?
20:00:57pamauryI'm trying to make it work but this is not trivial :)
20:01:26pamaurybut you can perhaps hack something quickly
20:02:23Mischifare there plans to make some sort of "podcasts" directory in the database?
20:02:58LloreanMischif: You could create a tagnavi filter for only things with genre "podcast" fairly easily
20:02:59TheLemonManthe hardware i2c is kinda overcomplicated from what i can read
20:04:59pamauryyes, but on the other hand it uses dma so you are not loosing time doing bit banging
20:05:30pamaurydoing 100kHz bit banging on a 500MHz is kinda of waste imo :)
20:06:06 Quit Mischif (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
20:06:18pamauryotoh the hw i2c has a errata so beware !
20:07:27TheLemonMani'd like to get it working again using gpio first
20:07:44TheLemonManbecause this morning it was working
20:09:07 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:11:01 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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20:13:48*pamaury wonders if he will have to resort to is logic anayzer or he will find his i2c problem befor
20:14:14TheLemonManthe timing problem ?
20:15:34pamauryno, I'm trying to use the hw i2c
20:16:04pamaurythe "timing" problem was that the software doesn't implement clock stretching but if possible, I would prefer to use the hardware
20:20:18 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
20:21:43 Quit dan_a (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:25:58pamauryhaha, powering down the synpatic module by chance is not a good way of testing it !
20:27:14 Quit adna (Quit: Thanks for the assistance!)
20:27:54 Join dhrasmus [0] (
20:32:26TheLemonMandefinitely not
20:33:06pamaurynow it's half working :)
20:33:21amiconnpamaury: You can do bit banging with only minimal waste of time - using a timer interrupt
20:35:17pamauryyes but I don't consider this as ideal
20:36:24amiconnThis is actually used in rockbox, e.g. (the only place *I* know) in the ipod G2 adc driver
20:37:41 Quit benedikt93 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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21:12:56sideralkugel: The dircache is not fixed for me with Slasheri's latest fixes
21:13:25kugelthe stkov?
21:13:34kugelthats a separate
21:14:20sideralHave you seen my note about jhMikeS' and my latest dircache observation?
21:14:54sideralThat is, trashed filenames displayed in file browser
21:16:22sideralThis could again be related to the dircache being reloaded after a DB update. That's my normal use case.
21:17:40sideralAnyway, I lost a database with SVN-current (possibly because of the sanity checking Slasheri added), so I've disabled the dircache for now for day-to-day use
21:18:41kugelsideral: is that before or after Slasheri's fix?
21:18:50kugelbecause before anything could happen
21:33:08 Join froggyman [0] (~seth@
21:33:08 Quit froggyman (Changing host)
21:33:08 Join froggyman [0] (~seth@unaffiliated/froggyman)
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22:25:29GermanMushroomHey, i just received my sansaclip+ (2gB) this morning, and after a bit of playing around i updated its firmware to rockbox
22:25:45GermanMushroomim a bit confused about audiobooks at rockbox
22:26:19GermanMushroomin the default firmware i could select music->audiobooks
22:27:32GermanMushroomhow would i achieve this in rockbox?
22:35:23AlexPTwo options
22:35:42AlexPIf you want to browse by filename then just put them wherever you want
22:36:10AlexPIf you want to use the tag database, then e.g. set the genre on all of them to e.g. audiobooks and then do it that way
22:46:51GermanMushroomah, tags, why havent i thought about that
22:47:50AlexPRockbox doesn't force anything on you
22:47:58AlexPSuch as file locations etc.
22:48:13AlexPSo if you want to just organise them how you want then you can
22:48:30AlexPAlternatively, tag them as you wish then set up database filters as you wish
22:49:53GermanMushroombut there isnt a specific location that makes rockbox consider the files as ebook, as in the default firmware?
22:50:03GermanMushroomaudiobook, sorry
22:50:06AlexPThank heavens :)
22:50:27AlexPI hate being forced into someone else's idea of how things should be organised :)
22:50:40GermanMushroomsame, unless i agree :P
22:50:52AlexPheh, yes that makes it easier :)
22:51:06 Quit stoffel (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:54:57GermanMushroomi love rockbox, so many options, and all on a tiny sansaclip
22:55:00 Quit dhrasmus (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:55:08AlexPta :)
22:55:24GermanMushroomthough kinda annoying is that the database needs updating everytime songs are added
22:55:31GermanMushroombut i can live with that easily :P
22:55:43AlexPYou can turn on auto update
22:56:19GermanMushroomi gtg again, thanks for the friendly help
22:56:28AlexPno worries, have fun :)
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23:35:48 Quit keyb_gr (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:40:11preglowjhMikeS: awesome work dude
23:40:36 Join keyb_gr [0] (

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