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#rockbox log for 2011-07-09

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00:31:18CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30130): Have mpegplayer use the mixer (the playback channel, since it's mutually exclusive to audio playback) so the clicks and skip beep can be used ...
00:36:12CIA-14r30130 build result: 360 errors, 0 warnings (jethead71 committed)
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00:51:13CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30131): Fix r30130 red. New functions in misc.c shouldn't be compiled if '__PCTOOL__' is defined.
00:55:42CIA-14r30131 build result: All green
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01:07:18scorchesaratoga: what is the status of wtachi? i see the last mail was on the 22nd, but hasnt done a weekly update since early-ish June...
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01:39:03CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30132): Voice doesn't have to consume 100% CPU while waiting for an output buffer to be available. Use 'sleep(0)' instead of 'yield()' while polling.
01:43:27CIA-14r30132 build result: All green
01:45:14saratogascorche: he was on vacation, but i just got back from traveling myself
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01:46:13scorcheok - how are things looking progress-wise? midterm evals are coming up...
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01:46:54saratogacan i get back to you in a day or so? i've been swamped with work and traveling so i'm not sure
01:47:02*scorche nods
01:47:19scorchejoin -gsoc too ;)
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03:36:39phanboy4I'm noticing extremely slow transfer speeds to my MicroSD when attached to the PC in Rockbox versus the OF
03:36:44phanboy4in my Fuze V1
03:36:54phanboy4is this something other people are getting?
03:37:02phanboy4happens with several different SD cards
03:37:29phanboy4tried HID mode/non HID mode, no change
03:38:02phanboy4get like 680kb/s when transferring through rockbox, 2.6MB/s when using OF.
03:38:23phanboy4this is with 3.9, and latest archived build
03:40:14phanboy4oop, and found it in the tracker, sorry for the spam
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03:49:05CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30133): The voice PCM buffer has nothing to do with the playback PCM buffer any longer. Allocate it independently from the playback engine's PCM buffer and ...
03:53:04CIA-14r30133 build result: All green
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05:16:42ricemark20Torne: Yes I did, in both modes, and there's no connection except to charge it
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10:14:56kugelhow about drop non-eabi "support" (we don't officially support it, but there's code for it)
10:17:35n1si'd be surprised if building with the old toolchain still works
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10:23:37CIA-14New commit by kugel (r30134): Fix <a target="_blank" href="">FS #12179a> - Simulator build fails when using "configure −−sdl-threads" ...
10:24:23kugel"<a target="_blank" href="">FS #12178a> - make reconf in simulator build directory forgets configure option −−sdl-threads" was the task I fixed :\
10:24:25fs-bluebot<a target="_blank" href="">> make reconf in simulator build directory forgets configure option −−sdl-threads (bugs, new)
10:27:50CIA-14r30134 build result: All green
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11:26:52serenityi put rockbox on my sansa clip (v2) via rockboxutil. Seems to work, but there are no fonts. And yes: i installed the fonts
11:41:39n1show do you mean no fonts?
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12:24:02serenityn1s: i can see the menu items, but there is no text next to it
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12:43:25n1sserenity: if all fonts were missing rockbox should fall back to the built in font so something else is probably wrong, no idea what though
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12:47:09pixelmaserenity: I'm not sure I understand you correctly. Are you selecting a font and nothing changes or do you expect some preview?
12:50:18serenityinstalled it and in the menu of my clip there should be some text next to the icons
12:51:36serenity<a target="_blank" href="">>
12:51:56serenitysorry, no better cam in range. Lil' cheesy ;)
12:53:53pixelmawhat "it" did you install and how exactly? Looks very weird though, haven't seen this before
12:54:09pamaurythat looks really strange. Rockbox has an internal font in case no other font is found
12:56:16pixelmaI wonder how AA fonts are treated on monochrome displays and if this was ever tried, other than that - no idea yet
12:56:40serenitychoosing rockboxutils, full install
12:56:43serenitynothing more
13:03:09pixelmaoh, I thought you chose a different font... just now I'm even more puzzled
13:07:09serenitywill remove rb and install it once again
13:07:29serenitymaybe it'll change sth
13:14:59gevaertsserenity: is the filesystem clean?
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15:29:26pamauryomg, no, I hate those sansa guys
15:33:33pamaurythey have yet another i2c implementation for fm radio
15:34:23pamauryand this time, they make it sure you can use the hardware by using one hardware i2c but no the other, hahahahahaah
15:34:47TheLemonManwelcome to the wonderful world of bitbanging :D
15:35:08TheLemonManthanks god the audio codec is integrated heh
15:35:31pamaurybut this firmware has TWO software implementation and one hardware implementation :(
15:36:01TheLemonManone for touchpad, one for radio and an unused one :D efficiency ftw
15:36:26pamauryone for radio and one for touchpad which can be either SW and HW but they SW
15:36:32pamauryso the HW is unused indeed
15:36:58pamauryperhaps they missed the errata about the i2c hardware and wrote the software one because it didn't work
15:37:50TheLemonManthe bitbanging is ok for touchpad as long as they used the attention line properly
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16:41:57kugelthere seems to be a problem with make zip
16:42:17kugelnot sure if it's NODEPS=1 or not, but if exists then make zip does nothing
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17:00:03serenityafter a reinstall all works fine
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19:14:07CIA-14New commit by pamaury (r30135): imx233/fuze+: make SOURCES more correct, implement i2c for fmradio
19:19:36CIA-14r30135 build result: All green
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20:04:25bertrikpamaury, the fuze+ has an RDS capable fm chip, right?
20:06:24pamauryno idea
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20:07:14pamauryyou know those chip better than me, how can I know if there is RDS support ?
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20:09:31bertrikI think I saw it on a PCB scan. You can probably tell from the chip version number, I'll have a look.
20:11:35bertrikCan you have a look at the radio registers 0 and 1 in the radio debug menu? register 1 should be different for an si4703 (RDS capable) compared to si4702 (not RDS capable)
20:12:07bertrikOr you can temporarily hack the si4700 tuner driver to enable RDS and check the RDS data registers
20:13:26pamauryI only read register 0 and 1 before powerup (in the bootloader): 0x1242 and 0x1200
20:13:33pamauryso that's si4703, rev C
20:13:55bertrik\o/ that's the RDS capable one
20:14:45pamaurynice, but is rockbox RDS capable or is everything still to write ?
20:14:55bertrikthe latter ...
20:15:58pamauryhum, I'll see when I'll get to actually making the sound system work, I have no idea of what needs to be done
20:16:11AlexPThere is something one for an ipod radio accessory no?
20:16:25AlexPThe S would benefit from this too :)
20:17:52bertrikthe ipod radio accessory code doesn't really concern itself with RDS, it just receives the station name and program name from the accessory
20:18:07AlexPAh, OK
20:18:23bertrik(those are the most important too I guess)
20:20:12bertrikon the level that the si47xx tuner chips support, RDS data is sent in chunks of 64 bits IIRC, so we need to write some code to interpret and glue chunks of RDS data together
20:22:14 Join GermanMushroom [0] (
20:22:17pamauryok, anyway that's not my primary concern :)
20:22:48pamauryMy primary concern is rewriting the sdram init code and the fuze+ is definitely weird
20:24:30pamaurylike setting VDDD to 2.5V when the maximum absolute of the ram is 2.3V :-/ But this is only for a short "time" :D
20:24:57bertrikthis could be an error in the original firmware
20:25:24pamauryno idea, I don't really know how this work, the power supply of this chip is damn complicated
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22:44:20serenityis it possible to do a screendump on an oled device?
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