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#rockbox log for 2011-07-11

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00:06:04AlexPsaratoga: Could you pro him to do a progress report? It's been a few weeks since the last weekly report
00:06:30saratogayeah sure
00:06:38saratogai'll email him now reminding him
00:06:42AlexPcheers :)
00:06:51saratogaand also tell him to get his patch on the tracker so i can put my comments in public
00:07:02AlexPyeah, and so others can see too
00:08:08AlexPevaluation time starts today (tomorrow) as well
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00:36:00sudomanhow do i compile the rockbox source with a custom string for the version number?
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00:36:07Tornemake VERSION=something, i think
00:36:18sudomanok, i'll try that
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00:49:52sudomanTorne: it didn't work, but it's no big deal for me since the default was "3.9"
00:53:44gevaertssudoman: I believe the version string is hardcoded on the release branch
00:55:06saratogai think you can edit tools/
00:55:51sudomanthanks guys, i just took a look, and it looks like you're right :)
00:56:55sudomanis it common for ipods to have subtle hardware differences that surface as a bug a or two not on other ipods of the same model?
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02:01:37saratogaanyone around who can help me with a makefile question
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02:18:42saratogaif I'm cross compiling for ARM, how do I tell a makefile to use the correct libm instead of the host libm for math functions?
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05:59:04CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:59:04*[Saint] wonders if there is a kugel around
06:02:29[Saint]...apparently not. ;)
06:03:44[Saint]I'm not sure how focussed you are on RaaA at present, but I noticed something rather simple that could be done for the RaaA port. It *really* needs a ".nomedia" file in the /rockbox dir so that all thw .wps (and future themeable sound event files) don't get sucked into Google Music/Gallery
06:05:01webguest66With my mp3 player having rockbox on it, will my aftermarket headunit support it as if it were an ipod? iv read about you implementing some of ipods protocols so that it would be able to work as intended for that head unit.
06:07:04[Saint]You can always dual-boot the Apple Firmware, and your headunit will be none the wiser.
06:07:43webguest66But i do not have an apple mp3 player.
06:07:43[Saint]as to whether or not your headunit will still treat the device as an iPod or not whilst running Rockbox is entirely up to the manufacturer and choices they make.
06:07:57[Saint]Then why did you say iPod?
06:08:13[Saint]iPod != "mp3 player"
06:08:32webguest66because it had ipod support. "as if it were an ipod"
06:08:56webguest66sorry for wasting your time.
06:09:30[Saint]iPod support and "supports removable devices" are pretty different things. It depends what the headunit looks for when a device is connected.
06:09:49[Saint]If it supports "any old removable media", it should work fine by my understanding.
06:10:22[Saint]If its looking for an iPod specifically, it not being an iPod is the first issue ;)
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06:11:35webguest66yes i see
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06:36:40*[Saint] is somewhat surprised to see that subversion commits are still ticking along...
06:37:10[Saint]I had thought that by the time I got back here I'd need a crash course in git.
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09:07:27ReimuHakureiDoes anyone else here have problems with Rockbox crashing - mainly when copying files
09:07:42ReimuHakureiSometimes it crashes at a white screen with black text, sometimes a black screen with white text
09:08:33Strife89See if the OF does anything similar.
09:09:06ReimuHakurei*sighs and preoares for his filesystem to be cluttered with lots of random useless folders*
09:09:15Strife89I said my Fuze does similar thinks every now and then; it's happened in the OF too.
09:09:17ReimuHakureiwhats they key combo for that again?
09:09:24ReimuHakurei(OF boot)
09:09:30Strife89Hold Left while powering on
09:09:31ReimuHakureiNever use it, so I forget =P
09:09:54ReimuHakureiREFRESH DATABASE
09:10:04ReimuHakureithis takes forever...
09:10:10Strife89Oh, damn, forgot about that.
09:10:10ReimuHakurei(~2600 songs...)
09:10:18Strife89Freakin' Sansas.
09:10:36ReimuHakureiI got this because the e2x0 series is built like a rock
09:10:45ReimuHakureithey can take a huge beating and still work fine
09:11:22ReimuHakureiMy old v1 only died because I accidentily overwrite the i2c ROM with a NAND bootloader.
09:11:44ReimuHakureiDatabase almost built...
09:14:01ReimuHakureicopying files.
09:14:07ReimuHakurei~50% done, no crash
09:15:44ReimuHakureiNo crashes in the OF.
09:16:07ReimuHakureithough thanks to that huge database, it ran out of space for the last file
09:17:08ReimuHakureiStrife89, is there a way to enable core dumps or something, I'm sure those would probably be more helpful than an error message
09:18:43Strife89ReimuHakurei: I don't think so. Might be a useful function to add, though.
09:19:25ReimuHakureiHeh, my C skills aren't near sharp enough for something as complex as Rockbox
09:19:32ReimuHakureimy C/C++ code is good for several things:
09:19:48ReimuHakurei* Using lots of CPU cycles to make your computer act as a heater in the winter
09:19:52Strife89Right now, though, AFAICT once Rockbox discovers something's wrong, it abandons ship immediately.
09:19:54ReimuHakurei* Crashing
09:20:15Strife89"As far as I can tell"
09:20:27ReimuHakureifigured that out about 5sec after I asked
09:20:44Strife89That's how it often works for me :)
09:23:12ReimuHakureiMPEGplayer uses MPEG-TS right?
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09:29:08Strife89ReimuHakurei: Try turning off USB HID (if you haven't already)
09:29:35Strife89Settings | General Settings | System | USB HID
09:29:56Strife89NOW I'm off to bed
09:30:09ReimuHakureik gnight
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09:30:49ReimuHakureiStrife89, it is already off
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12:59:14hobby16Hi all, I'm developping on Sansa clip V1. Where can I find documentation of the USB hardware stack registers. I understand it's a Synopsys stack, but unfortunately, they only communicate the datasheet to certified customers. In short, I would like to send out a serialized packet at the USB connector's D+ & D- lines and I would like to know in which register I must write.
12:59:59hobby16Should read : "Where can I find documentation of the USB hardware stack registers ???? "
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13:47:33[Saint]hobby16: the best documentation that exists, is likely the source.
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14:01:55ricemark20Torne: thanks for the help before. I finally got my fuze booted and copied over the .rockbox folder from the microSD. works flawlessly now.
14:02:52ricemark20Torne: I used the newest version 3.9
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15:26:44saratogajhMikeS: would you look at fs#12189?
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15:33:53saratogawould be nice to get it committed if you don't mind the changes
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15:36:16saratogaalso, anyone around who feels like helping me get the codeclib to cross compile for an arm linux system :(
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17:40:18jhMikeSsaratoga: sure
17:42:09 Join keyb_gr [0] (
17:43:39jhMikeSsaratoga: is the point to remove direct global_settings references from the codecs?
17:44:18saratogaits broken out of this patch
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17:52:42jhMikeSIt looks good. I just wonder if it should be more general purpose. Maybe doesn't matter right now.
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19:44:23ReimuHakureiWhat are the technical restrictions of PluginMpegplayer?
19:44:47ReimuHakureiWould too high of a framerate or something cause it to throw "Unsupported format"?
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19:53:51ReimuHakureiThis file plays:
19:53:57ReimuHakureiThis file does not:
19:57:43n1sReimuHakurei: if your file is standard compliant i guess it could be a bug
19:58:35ReimuHakurein1s, I used MPEG1 this time because for MPEG2, MediaCoder was interlacing it for some reason
19:58:56ReimuHakureiand MPEG1 doesn't support interlacing =P
19:59:08ReimuHakureiDunno what MediaCoder did to it
20:00:03n1siirc jhMikeS and linuxstb are the ones who have worked on mpegplayer the most
20:01:11n1sso i'd recomend asking either of them or posting a bug report with a link to a file that doesn't work
20:01:55ReimuHakureik, i'll encode some 'free' content with said settings later
20:02:02ReimuHakureiand upload it
20:04:21n1si suppose it at least plays in some common desktop player?
20:04:42pixelmaReimuHakurei: by the way, I think there is a bug report for the stalls and crashes with RockboxUSB you were seeing (for the Fuze v1 I think currently). If it is you could add a comment or so, but I can't look up the tracker number easily currently (from my phone). You should be able to find it via some recentish forum thread
20:08:03ReimuHakureiMight just be AMSv1 in general then =P
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22:26:02CIA-14New commit by saratoga (r30137): Update manual to mention that we support embedded album art in MP4/M4A files.
22:30:28CIA-14r30137 build result: All green
22:34:19 Quit Jerom1 (Quit: Leaving.)
22:37:05saratogajhMikeS: did you want to comment on that patch or should it just be committed?
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23:53:57kugelsaratoga: the text above could have been updated to

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