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#rockbox log for 2011-07-12

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00:33:17ReimuHakurei_...OK, I think PluginMpegplayer is a bit buggy...
00:34:15ReimuHakurei_It was throwing UNSUPPORTED FILE for almost everything, so I tried demuxing one of the files to see if it was just the muxing or the video stream in general at fault, the demuxed file played fine, then when I opened a previously unworking file after doing so, it played
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02:20:15selectohhdoes anyone know any commands that should be run in a plugin if you plan on leaving it running for hours/days at a time? after about a day things start falling apart (start button stops working, audio starts corrupting).. this on a c200 sansa
02:20:35selectohhlike something to help it recharge the battery while running.. or i dunno..
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02:22:31selectohherg i forgot to mention, while it's plugged into a usb charger or to a computer to keep it powered
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02:31:55mrmicHi all. I'm looking for documentation on how to play sound files with LUA. I don't know if it's possible to play files simultaniously with normal music playback.
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04:38:05JdGordon[Saint]: ou've been afk for a while..did you see my two mailing list messages re skinning?
04:39:51[Saint], I did not. I'll have a look now.
04:40:12[Saint]Oh, that's right...have you been using my RaaA theme?
04:40:15[Saint]If so, comments?
04:40:30JdGordonthe zip i downloaded apparently is broken, images not displaying
04:41:11[Saint]Oh right, I shall remedy that shortly. I'll zip up a new one.
04:43:22[Saint]JdGordon: Is it just "Possibly skin break again" I should be looking at? Or is there another thread of interest?
04:43:46JdGordonthat and the skinned lists thread
04:44:42[Saint]Oh, right. Found it.
04:46:42JdGordonIIRC the draw order change broke alot of your skins?
04:46:48JdGordonor was it cabbie?
04:47:14[Saint]Nah...cabbie survived that change I _think_
04:47:42[Saint]It did break one of my skins, one that relied *heavily* on abusing draw ordering (or, the lack of it)...but that's cool.
04:47:53[Saint]I don't actually maintain that theme anymore.
04:48:02[Saint](Although I should...)
04:51:12[Saint]Nah, a theme from a while back called "Symmetry". I'm pretty sure I ended up cleaning it up so that draw ordering didn't affect it, though.
04:51:35[Saint]Then (iirc) the draw ordering stuff was reverted, no harm, no foul.
04:51:51[Saint]It just gave me an excuse to clean up some *very* messy code ;)
04:52:04JdGordonso my plan is to put it back :)
04:52:31[Saint]I'm fine with's gonna fuck up ~50% of the themesite, though ;)
04:52:44[Saint]possibly more...
04:53:04[Saint]there's some *terrible* examples of skin code in there.
04:53:41[Saint]a lot of themes that rely on the way the drawing works now, but probobaly don't know that's what they're doing.
04:53:51[Saint]and some that do so deliberately.
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05:14:41[Saint]Does anyone know if (and if, how to) its possible to add items to the "Places" menu list in Ubuntu?
05:17:48JdGordonchange channels :)
05:23:32[Saint]Ah crap, I thought I had ;)
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06:58:13terrapin8any chance anyone in here can help a total newb out?
07:17:34terrapin8is anyone in here?
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07:23:09pixelmaterrapin8: a few... it's generally better to just ask your actual question if it is about Rockbox
07:26:44terrapin8gotcha, thanks. so i'm a moron and didn't read the manual (lesson learned) before installing rockbox on my sansa clip+. i didn't do anything with the bootloader, at all, just the rockbox installation exe. rockbox seems to be installed and working on the player, however now my operating system doesnt recognize the device when i connect it via usb cable. am i completely screwed here or is there
07:26:45terrapin8something i might be able to do?
07:35:52terrapin8or, if not, does anyone have any suggestions as to where else would be a good place to ask?
07:38:24[Saint]If I understand/remember correctly...USB is not supported on this device.
07:38:40[Saint]You must use the original firmware to transfer files.
07:39:55[Saint]If the player is off, and USB is inserted it *should* automatically boot the OF if I understand correctly. Alternatively, you can boot the original firmware by holding |<< (left) of the wheel whilst booting.
07:40:26[Saint]*s/of the wheel/on the wheel/
07:40:59terrapin8ah, perfect. thanks so much, your name is an apt one
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13:45:19mc2739Zagor: have you seen this?
13:45:53Zagorno. thanks.
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13:54:35Gamefreak264Hey, all Sansa Clip+ user here. Is there any way I can set up rockbox to exclude directories with Audiobooks from my database searches/listing? I currently have two directories with audiobooks. One on the device and one on an SD card.
13:56:47pamauryGamefreak264: you can put a .ignore file (don't remember the name, I'm pretty sure it's in the manual)
13:58:05Gamefreak264Thanks, pamaury. Does anyone know if USB support is being added to the Clip+ anytime soon? It's kind of inconvenient to have to boot to stock firmware whenever I want to add something.
13:59:20AlexPIf someone figures out the problems
13:59:29AlexPIt is impossible to put a time frame on these things
13:59:57AlexPThe filename to get the database to ignore a directory is database.ignore by the way
14:00:07Gamefreak264What I mean to say is, is there a developer currently working on the problem? No pressure, I understand you guys have lives apart from the rockbox project.
14:00:32AlexPPeople are generally poking it I believe
14:00:33Gamefreak264I'd just like to get a scope of the situation
14:00:50AlexPBut until it is done, who knows :)
14:01:09AlexPThere is a bug report on it with various patches that help more or less I think
14:02:37pamauryI'm kind of tired saying that I don't know why USB doesn't work on clip+....
14:04:49Gamefreak264AlexP: This should make it ignore subdirectories too, right?
14:05:05AlexPunless you put a database.unignore file in them
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14:06:01Gamefreak264AlexP: Thanks
14:06:09AlexPno worries
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14:16:06Gamefreak264AlexP: I -think- I've got most of my directories ignored now. I'm gonna reboot my clip and try reindexing now! :P
14:23:17Gamefreak264AlexP: It appears to have worked! Kudos!
14:23:35AlexPgood news :)
14:24:08Gamefreak264out of curiosity, what device do you use?
14:24:27Gamefreak264It's not really relevant but I like gadgets
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14:49:18[Saint]The developers (and, indeed msot of the regulars like myself) use/own many, many devices.
14:50:03 Join adprice [0] (~adprice@nat/redhat/x-posqvkndjghckwre)
14:53:24[Saint]Most of us have some form of small-to-medium capacity flash/CF based device(s) (with/without removable storage), large capacity HDD device(s), and Android/Maemo powered device(s).
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15:43:32orly_owlWhat buttons do I need to hold down to reboot an iPod Nano 1st gen running Rockbox 3.9 into the original Apple firmware?
15:44:04[Saint]This is clearly a RTFM moment...but I shall refrain.
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15:44:45[Saint]Menu+Select to reboot, then hold Menu while its booting to get into the OF.
15:45:16orly_owloh ok
15:45:27orly_owli looked at some parts of the manual online
15:45:34orly_owlassuming the html version is up to date
15:45:53[Saint]It is, yes. And dual-booting is covered in the manual.
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15:48:56orly_owlhmm maybe im not using the right search terms
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19:07:16ViperfangAre any video formats supported in rockbox?
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19:11:21saratogaViperfang: mpeg1/2
19:11:25pamaurythere is a plugin to play mpeg videos
19:11:43 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:11:58Viperfangah, not mp4 then
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20:19:47wodzpamaury: ping
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20:50:10wodz\o/ rk27xx enumarates with rb usb stack
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21:47:13pamaurywodz: pong
21:51:34saratogawatchi: ping
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21:55:02wtachisaratoga: pong, it's "wtachi"
21:55:15wtachiI admit "watchi" would be much less of a pronounciation challenge
21:55:47saratogaso i'm curious what you're working on this week
21:55:56saratogaand what you want to do next
21:58:19wtachisince my last update, I've gotten librbcodec compiling and used by both warble and normal Rockbox builds
21:58:30wtachiI'm cleaning up those patches now
21:58:53saratogawarble build == the test program you sent me?
21:59:33saratogahow is librbcodec different then what you put on the tracker?
22:00:28wtachithat just builds the test program
22:01:12wtachithe full librbcodec patches move apps/codecs/* etc. to rbcodec/
22:01:31wtachiand change the build system so everything in rbcodec/ is built as a static library
22:01:59wodzpamaury: how do I enable some usb driver? usb_core_enable_driver(USB_DRIVER_SERIAL, true); doesn't seem to work
22:03:31saratogawtachi: what would this change for ordinary rockbox builds?
22:05:34wtachisaratoga: the end result is the same, but librbcodec.a is built as an intermediate step
22:06:03saratogawtachi: so from rockbox's point of view the codecs are unchanged, but built from a different location in the source tree?
22:06:34saratogaok cool
22:06:43saratogado you think moving codecs out of apps makes sense?
22:06:58saratogathe apps/ tree contains all the application software for rockbox
22:07:10saratogai'm not sure if putting them in their own tree makes sense
22:07:20wtachiI think all of librbcodec (DSP, metadata, and codecs) should be in the same directory
22:07:36wtachiso it could be /rbcodec (what I have now) or /apps/rbcodec
22:08:55wtachiI mostly chose /rbcodec to avoid typing :)
22:09:07pamaurywodz: it's a bit tricky, usb_core_enable_driver() needs to be called at the right time, it's not meant to be used in the bootloader :)
22:09:45pamaurydid you check that the driver is actually loaded but fails due to, say, endpoint request failure ?
22:09:45saratoganot sure if I agree with putting dsp and metadata in the same tree as codecs, but we'll have to see what everyone else thinks
22:09:50 Quit Horscht (Quit: Verlassend)
22:10:23wodzpamaury: I can't force it to compile :/
22:11:01pamauryhum ?
22:11:04saratogai was thinking of using a perl script to build a tarball with them in something like /rbcodec/(codecs|metadata|dsp) but leaving them in the current rockbox tree
22:11:22pamaurywodz: you need to tweaks config.h to be able to use the serial driver in the bootloader
22:12:03pamaurysee line 1011
22:13:34wodzhmm so I need to add USB_ENABLE_SERIAL there right?
22:14:15wtachisaratoga: that would work; but it could give the impression that librbcodec is a hack
22:14:46saratogawtachi: I think the idea was to distribute it separately from rockbox
22:15:04saratogawe'd bascially package up a codec lib everytime we did an official rockbox release
22:15:24saratogabut actual codec development would happen inside/for rockbox
22:15:54wodzpamaury: almost :-) config 1 interface 0 altsetting 0 bulk endpoint 0x82 has invalid maxpacket 64
22:16:18pamaurywhat is speed ?
22:16:37pamauryFS or HS ? I don't remember the exact requirement for bulk max packet size
22:16:50wodzit enumerates as HS
22:17:42wodzhmm maybe usb_drv_port_speed() is reversed
22:18:25 Part adprice ("Leaving")
22:18:52wodzyes that did the trick
22:20:04saratogawtachi: you might want to ask on the mailing list though
22:21:01wtachisaratoga: okay, so my concerns only matter if/when outsiders want to hack on it
22:21:23wtachiI'll ask, but I think I'll leave everything where it is for now
22:21:26saratogawtachi: you mean the api or the codecs?
22:22:09wtachieither, if they're making more than just occasional patches to librbcodec
22:22:09wodzpamaury: how can I test this serial driver?
22:23:15pamaurythere is a page on the wiki about it iirc, but it's tricky and it send the output of logf() which is not used in the bootloader
22:23:17saratogaif they're editing the codecs they can just diff the files in question, won't really matter where they're located since the codecs are pretty self contained
22:23:28saratogabut yeah if they want to edit the api functions that might be ugly to sync
22:23:28pamauryso you need to manually do something like usb_serial_send("bla");
22:24:04pamauryto read on host, you can either follow the wiki or use this program: pamaury/pa-tools/tree/master/serial_reader">
22:24:18pamauryI need to leave, hope you'll suceed :)
22:24:29saratogaTorne: ping
22:43:09 Join GeekShadow [0] (~Antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
22:43:40 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
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22:48:45 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
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23:34:14 Join driftkidd [0] (~driftkidd@
23:34:31driftkiddcan anyone tell me how stable rockbox is for the ipod classic 120gb?
23:39:42 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
23:47:16n1sdriftkidd: it works quite well, some units have usb issues and the battery time is a lot worse than the OF
23:47:27n1sand the install is a bit involved
23:48:05 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection timed out)
23:48:34 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:51:20 Part driftkidd
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