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#rockbox log for 2011-08-02

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00:26:20[Saint]evilnick: bluebroth3r: Do either of you have any comments, queries, concerns or questions regarding the new RaaA theme?
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02:04:09JdGordonarg, kugel so you still have no solution for buffering a file into a handle other than using a temp buffer as a go-between?
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03:58:29bylzz_Rockbox does not work on a new iPod classic 160gb is that correct?
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04:00:29[Saint]bylzz: Correct.
04:01:51bylzzalright, thanks.
04:02:42[Saint]bylzz: This is the link you want:
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04:03:15[Saint]Rockbox is launched via emCORE on the iPod Classic, there is no Rockbox bootloader for it.
04:03:51[Saint]bylzz: Information on emCORE:
04:04:34bylzzdid read that while I was looking around if it was working, have not bought one yet wanted to find out if it would work first.
04:04:45[Saint]Oh, right.
04:05:01[Saint]Well, yes. Rockbox does indeed run on the iPod Classic.
04:05:13[Saint]All variants of the Classic.
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04:21:48[Saint]evilnick: Did you happen to try the new variant of my full-touch cabbie?
04:23:39[Saint]I'm looking for opinions on: "Are the touch areas easier to handle now? (was it difficult before?)", and "Is the new "soft-lock" really that practical? And are there any other touch areas that should be allowed while the soft-lock is engaged? (Volume perhaps?)"
04:24:03[Saint]JdGordon: Same questions ^
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04:25:21JdGordoni havnt tried the most updated version
04:25:44[Saint]pixelma: Have you by chance tried this theme yet? I have not had anyone other than myself test the 240x320 port, and I would (for this reason) appreciate it if you could test it for me and give me some feedback.
04:25:55JdGordonyou *really* should be saying "This version is done, commit as is and fix later when gerrit comes around"
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04:26:50[Saint]Well, I still don't know how the fonts would be handled.
04:27:23[Saint]I also can't commit....*anything* ;)
04:27:49[Saint]You are free to, though. But I should re-name it before that happens.
04:28:51[Saint]Ok.....suggestions on names? It can't really be cabbiev2 as I DO NOT want it to conflict with the existing cabbiev2 240x320 port.
04:29:16[Saint]Even if I made all the touch stuff conditional, only approximately half the bitmaps would fit in the skin buffer ;)
04:29:37JdGordon? it will be called cabbiev2 or it wont be in svn
04:29:56JdGordonthe source will be cabbiev2.240x320-raaa.wps
04:30:13[Saint]Why does it *have* to be "v2"?
04:30:25JdGordonv2 should be stripped from all the files
04:30:28[Saint]it having to be cabbie I understand...but its pretty definitely not "v2"
04:30:45JdGordonwe only have *one* default skin
04:31:13[Saint]I had called it cabbieV3, but it turns out there's a theme called this already in several resolutions. :/
04:31:46JdGordon*tap tap* is this thing on? v2 should be removed from the filename, not changed to a different number
04:32:09[Saint]what? so just "cabbie"?
04:32:42[Saint]Yeah...I can dig that I guess. Was there not a "cabbie" prior to the v2 variant though?
04:32:56JdGordonthat matters why?
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04:33:50[Saint]Bah....sometime you're *really* difficult to talk to.
04:35:29JdGordonwho cares if someone has cabbie.wps in their rockbox folder?
04:35:52JdGordonand changing the default from v2 to v3 has exactly the same problems
04:36:00JdGordons/v3/v4/ whatever
04:37:19[Saint]Someone that gets it over-written by a new theme? If there is indeed already a theme called <foo>, I don't want it to conflict and put all the images into the same folder, and wipe out the .cfg/.sbs/.wps
04:37:24[Saint]that's a very real concern.
04:39:52JdGordoni disagree
04:42:01[Saint]Oh, yeah...I'm sure you'd just love it if it happened to you.
04:42:17JdGordonim a developer for a reason :)
04:42:27[Saint]Avoiding naming conflicts is a very real concern afaic.
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04:47:55JdGordondo a search for cabbie on the theme site... you'd have to use v5 if you really wanted to assume no collision
04:48:00JdGordonand even then it means nothing
04:48:05[Saint]Anyway.....I can't strip the headers and rename until this evening. When I have I'll put it on flyspray and <whoever> can commit it when they're ready to. Unless I get a screaming "Noooooooo!" in my logs between now and then the theme.cfg and wps directory will be "cabbie" and the file naming scheme will be "cabbie-XXXxXXX-raaa.ext"
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04:50:32[Saint]Ah, yeah...good point. needs a bit of work to make the .application bit work though
04:52:35soapperhaps the SVN themes should be granted a "monopoly" naming wise on the theme site?
04:53:48[Saint]soap: Clarify for me please?
04:54:08[Saint]I _think_ I know what you mean...but I'm not 100%
04:55:26soapso long as people can submit themes named <svn theme>v2 or v3 or v4 to the theme site naming possibilities will be hamstrung.
04:55:46JdGordonsomeone who knows perl needs to get the -DAPPLICATION from the Makefile into and then
04:55:47soapI was saying perhaps we shouldn't allow that. Claim "trademark" over the svn theme names.
04:56:19soapNot that I think it's a big deal, but it is the only way to prevent version collisions in the future.
04:57:17[Saint]Hmmmm....perhaps it *would* have been a good idea. But the only themes in svn will be cabbiev2 and this new cabbie though.
04:57:32[Saint]I'm slightly concerned about the latter, and its possible conflicts.
04:58:16[Saint]Not sure how to handle it other than saying "sorry it blew away *your* cabbie...but, this one is the *real* cabbie.
04:58:27soapreally? All the other old themes are out of SVN?
04:58:42[Saint]As of a week or so ago.
04:59:49[Saint]r30158 and r30159
05:00:12[Saint](so /slightly/ more than "a week or so", but hey)
05:06:03JdGordona) I dont really see why it is a big deal to leave v2 there, it is after all meaningless
05:06:20JdGordonb) I dont see why it needs to be kept named cabbie if a namechange is to happen anyway
05:16:14soap[Saint], yea, just finished reading my commit backlog. Now that Cabbie is the only theme in SVN I think the import of "trademarking" the name is even more so.
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06:55:36[Saint]JdGordon: That's a change in tune...
06:55:49[Saint]what happened to "We have *one* default theme"?
06:56:27[Saint]Also, what happened to "V2 should be emoved from the name"?
06:56:34[Saint]*removed too
06:56:49JdGordonwe *do* have one default theme
06:57:06JdGordonyou arent adding one, you're replacing the one shipped with app builds
06:57:21[Saint]"it will be called cabbiev2 or it won't be in svn"...sound familiar?
06:57:34[Saint]Just pointing out that your opinion radicvally changed.
06:57:40[Saint]*radically too
06:58:36JdGordonit really hasnt
06:59:40[Saint]So, you said the opposite of what you meant and didn't tell anyone? ;)
07:00:25[Saint]I just want to know which is correct. It is a big deal, and it will be called cabbiev2, or its not and it can be called <arbitrary name>?
07:01:10[Saint]If I'm to rename ~50 odd files, I want to get it right the first time.
07:01:19JdGordonin all likelyhood it will be called cabbiev2, it will absolutly not be any other v*
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08:11:45Buschelsaratoga: could you already review FS #12176 ? I did some changes to the patch and think it is good enough to be submitted to have a basis for further optimization.
08:11:46fs-bluebot New Chiptune codec pack based on Game_Music_Emu library ;) (patches, unconfirmed)
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08:38:27aberhowdoes anyone have a favorite device of all the ones rockbox supports?
08:39:52JdGordonI'm sure everyone has a favorie
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08:43:13aberhowi was hoping for some kind of objective list
08:43:22aberhowthough i'm sure you're right
08:44:02JdGordon is your objective list :)
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10:15:51sideralInteresting. The semi-official ID3 specification at seems to have been offline for a couple of years
10:29:26sideralOr has it not? At least it's unreachable, and the last snapshot is from 2009
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10:49:56kugelp[Saint]: if you made me a 320x480 version I could have tested long ago and extensively (because I use raaa every day)
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11:00:55zoltanh7211HI guys
11:01:40zoltanh7211I have just discovered Rockbox, and I really would like to thank your hard work
11:02:39God_Eaterglad you like it
11:03:03zoltanh7211However, maybe I have an crazy idea - that makes me thinking
11:03:19zoltanh7211I would like to turm my player into an SIP phone
11:04:13zoltanh7211but I haven't found an proper SIP client
11:05:28God_Eaterthere's nothing in that sentence that has anything to do with Rockbox or its goals and ambitions
11:05:46God_Eaterwe don't want any sort of networking stack, much less applications that require one.
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11:09:42gevaertswell I'd say s/don't want/don't see a practical way to have/. Remember that none of our players have a real network interface
11:10:28ukleinekyou could simualate an usb-ethernet dongle ...
11:10:32gevaertsWe'd have to do ethernet over USB or something like that, and go through the USB host. That seriously reduces the usefulness, which means nobody is likely to spend effort on it
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13:15:57lasserHi. My problem is not directly associated to Rockbox, but some of you have good knwledge of the technique of the mp3 players on which rockbox runs. So I ask and hope for an answer. My H320's clock loses 1 hour each day. Is this related to a broken clock chip?
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13:24:30gevaertsAlexP: are there plans for a 3.9.1 release?
13:24:50AlexPgevaerts: I've not thought about it for a while, been busy
13:25:16AlexPgevaerts: I can't remember what has gone into it, or if there are things that should have :)
13:25:38AlexPgevaerts: I presume something has though, as you're asking :)
13:26:31gevaertsAlexP: max. brightness on the fuzev2 was limited a bit more, to match the OF and finally (or surely) get rid of overheating
13:27:19AlexPYeah, that's worth it if it stops us possibly damaging players
13:28:59AlexPI'll have a look if there is anything else first
13:43:42Tornelasser: probably not broken, just crappy
13:44:04Tornelasser: though, actually, if it loses exactly one hour, all at once, that sounds like dodgy summer time handling perhaps ;)
13:44:16TorneIf it just loses roughly an hour, gradually, then yeah, your rtc is just shitty
13:47:07AlexPgevaerts: r30108/30109?
13:47:55lasserTorne: The weird thing is that one day it loses 56 min, next day 80 and so on.
13:47:58gevaertsAlexP: I strongly suspect that those may be fixes for post-release bugs
13:48:08AlexPOK, good :)
13:48:15Tornethen the rtc is just rubbish, probably
13:48:24gevaertsBetter ask Slasheri though to be sure
13:48:34Torne"broken" is a difficult call to make there, all tiny cheap RTC chips are somewhat variable ;)
13:51:12AlexPgevaerts: r30149 should be though I think. The revision it says broke it was April
13:51:48gevaertsAlexP: yes, looks like it...
13:54:11AlexPr30184 too
13:54:21AlexPlang changes in that one
13:54:26AlexP(in addition)
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13:57:57AlexPand r30220
13:58:02AlexPgevaerts: agree with those?
13:58:25 Join liar [0] (
13:59:27lasserTorne: ok so I have to live with it. :-(
14:00:43gevaertsAlexP: I'd guess so, but asking the respective committers might be good
14:00:58AlexPlear is never here
14:01:04AlexPunfortunately :)
14:01:28AlexPand JdGordon will just say that releases are pointless :)
14:01:41AlexPBut I'll try
14:02:10AlexPJdGordon: Should r30184 be backported for 3.9.1 ?
14:02:11gevaertslasser: maybe ask on the forums (under Repairing and Upgrading Rockbox Capable Players, maybe) what sort of accuracy other h3x0 users typically have?
14:02:29AlexPsaratoga: And I think r30220 should be backported too?
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14:11:49AlexPgevaerts: I emailed lear
14:12:11amiconnThe h3x0 rtc is part of the pcf50605 iirc
14:12:20 Join liar [0] (
14:12:26gevaerts3.9 seems to be surprisingly solid if you look at the list of backport candidates
14:13:20amiconnIf there's such a large and varying drift, it could be the xtal. Maybe resoldering that would help (clock xtals are usually not smd but wired)
14:15:11AlexPgevaerts: Well either that or nobody has fixed anything in trunk either :)
14:15:42gevaertsAlexP: I fixed something just this weekend!
14:15:48AlexPah yes
14:16:02gevaertsAdmittedly it was a bug I introduced the day before, and I fixed it by reverting, but still
14:16:11AlexPThey all count :)
14:18:05*kugel is suspicious about r30184
14:18:25lasseramiconn: oh no, I won't stuck my solder iron in this great player. The rtc is not as important as an otherwise functional player ;-)
14:18:32kugelAlexP: I'm looking at this for a totally different reason
14:18:35AlexPkugel: The commit itself, or backporting it?
14:18:41kugelI'm not convinced it's correct
14:19:21AlexPI'll let you and JdGordon decide, then see
14:23:55lassergevaerts: good idea. done.
14:33:07kugelAlexP: I'm a bit less "not convinced" now after looking a bit more
14:40:55*kugel hates gcc for warning about dropping volatile qualifier :(
14:44:17kugelgevaerts: I guess I need to add some volatile when the callback is used rather than core_get_data()
14:47:48kugelwell, I don't hate gcc for it, quite in contrast, it shows which functions I pass the buffer to which enables me to consider the yield-ness of those
14:57:59 Join notlistening [0] (
14:58:40gevaertskugel: hm, yes. Getting things to be just volatile enough but no more would be good...
15:11:34notlistening[Saint], fixed the font issue, before I would use the fullzip options and it would include the fonts and unpack them on the SD card. I have found now that the fonts directory is not created and I have to manually add the fonts onto the SD card. This is a little bit confusing from a user point of view there might be a message to say that this folder was empty or something if there are no other fonts to choose
15:12:35notlisteningon Android for all those not party to previous conversations
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15:41:58n1slasser: just checked my h300 clock and it's off by ~40minutes and i haven't set it in months so i'd guess something in your player is failing
15:43:14lassern1s: thank you for checking it. So where's my iron... I'll get yout out you fxxxxxin xtal ;-)
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15:52:50JdGordonAlexP: r30184 might not apply cleanly to the 3.9 branch
15:52:51JdGordonand yes :)
15:54:41JdGordonif it does apply I see no reason to exclude it though, other han the lang changes which may be against policy?
15:59:00 Nick user890104_ is now known as user890104 (~Venci@
16:00:37kugelJdGordon: I'm a bit worried about that commit
16:00:57 Quit Strife1989 (Quit: Connection reset by deer.)
16:00:58kugelit uses the plugin buffer as a temp buffer and then resets to the old one?
16:01:32kugelit doesn't reset if the old one is NULL, so it stays at the plugin buffer
16:04:51 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
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16:08:20JdGordoncan* playlist->buffer be NULL?
16:09:13 Part zoltanh7211
16:11:21JdGordonI'm pretty tired so cant look into it but it certainly appears that playlist->buffer will never actually be NULL
16:12:34JdGordonah, in playlist_create_ex().. hmm.... tommoroow
16:21:31kugelJdGordon: it's initalized with NULL, I don't know what sets it to non-NULL
16:35:13CIA-14New commit by kugel (r30239): Tagcache: Rename global static variable for better readability.
16:38:57CIA-14r30239 build result: All green
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21:08:30CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30240): Sync rockbox to r475 of musepack's svn.
21:10:11y4n(plz make fast seeking kthx :P)
21:12:04CIA-14r30240 build result: All green
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21:20:17Buschely4n, you're welcome to provide a patch ;)
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