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#rockbox log for 2011-08-06

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00:24:35webguest99Hi, I have a problem. I am blind and want to make a voice file for my new sansa clip plus. However, rockbox utility is erroring out and the previous version (which someone told me to try) is inaccessible with my screen reader. Can anyone suggest a different way to do it?
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05:54:51*[Saint] wishes that spam posts were culled from "Recent Posts" also.
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07:52:22*[Saint] is about ready to throw his recent changes through a window...
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07:54:14[Saint]I've added a "Yo, locked the screen yet you're trying to manipulate touchscreen areas" warning (not in those words, obviously ;))...but the problem is it persists for some time *after* unlocking the screen.
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08:08:42[Saint]jhMikeS: Are you perhaps interested in (I saw your comments, and with your addition to event management with the fancy new playback engine) FS #5111 ?
08:08:44fs-bluebot Ipod piezo driver (patches, unconfirmed)
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08:09:00[Saint]I'd *really* like to get this into SVN.
08:09:36[Saint]...but I'm not entirely convinced that that whole patch shouldn't just be scrapped and started anew.
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08:11:00[Saint]iiuc, (the) blocker(s) is(/are) menu integration, and integration with the current keyclick implementation.
08:11:54[Saint]Menu integration isn't really an issue, its getting the HW keyclick in sync with the SW keyclick events that has me stumped.
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08:55:36amiconnIirc there are two piezo patches, and both are not really suited for svn integration.
08:57:37[Saint]The one I'm talking about, #FS5111, has been mentioned in reference to committing several times (even quite recently). It just needs the interest and a small push to get it committable.
08:58:12[Saint]the main areas of contention being lack of integration with SW keyclick, and poor menu integration.
08:59:40[Saint]jhMikeS recent changes present an opportunity for the "do-it-right" approach to make sure the HW/SW keyclick is in sync.
09:00:15amiconnThat one is wasting an entire thread just for the piezo
09:00:46amiconnThe other patch I'm remembering is too simplistic - it handles the piezo synchronously
09:00:48[Saint]The reason it uses a thread is defined in the patch comments iirc, the older iPods need this.
09:02:04[Saint]"The thread seems to be needed on older iPod models where the piezo isn't controlled by a timer, but by <insert weird signal generator thing here>"
09:02:27amiconnThis could be handled using just a tick task
09:04:21[Saint]IMO, its one of the small things that makes a rather big difference...quite a few people (even several developers) comment on the lack of it, but don't seem to want to do the work.
09:04:35[Saint]I can certainly handle the menu, but the rest is a little beyond me.
09:05:21[Saint]added in 2006, and *still* being actively synced...has to say something, I guess.
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09:55:24*[Saint] is suddenly hit be the annoying "iPod needs hard reset to power on" bug again after a long spell of not experiencing it.
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11:20:54CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30259): Fix replaygain for wma files which was broken since r29388.
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11:24:14CIA-14r30259 build result: All green
11:24:25CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30260): Backport r30259: Fix replaygain for wma files.
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11:32:08jhMikeS[Saint]: Well, I've got one iPod...a 3g
11:35:29bertrikBagder, did saratoga contact you about uploading a new clip+ bootloader?
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12:21:22ukleineksideral: afk = away from keyboard
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12:39:31[Saint]jhMikeS: Is SW keyclick already using your changes? Or its own magic?
12:39:47*[Saint] isn't in a position to look, presently.
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14:12:41*[Saint] wonders if its actually possible to kill diskmode on an iPod without *seriously* messed up HW
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15:04:08speedyhi guys, is it possible to change keymaps in HID USB rockbox feature? or even link it with RB internal virtual keyboard? my point is i have laptp with broken keyboard so it wont let me through login screen.
15:04:37speedyso it would be great if i could change keys in HIDprofile to letters
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15:07:18gevaertsYou can change apps/usb_keymaps.c
15:07:33[Saint]Sounds a little convoluted, hut hey...who am I to judge? ;) I guess the ultimate question is "How many buttons dows your DAP have vs How long is your password" it would *suck* to go down this road only to find out its not possible due to such a limitation.
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15:08:06gevaertsYou'll have a bit of fun figuring out how it works I guess
15:08:07speedyok, i have two sansa c250 so it is.. 8 keys *2=16
15:09:08speedyits not a long password
15:10:24speedybut HID has three modes so it could be enough.. let me look at that c source
15:10:25[Saint]I take it that you don't have another machine you can just drop the HDD in and pull everything you want to keep? That would be the simpler option, IMO. I mean, its never going to be functional with a broken KB unless you replace the KB.
15:10:50[Saint]s/functional/fully functional/
15:11:44speedyeverything else is okay, its booting, i know im not going to useit anymore as normal but it would be only server/downloader so mouse is enough for that
15:12:01speedyi just want to hgo through login screen :)
15:12:07speedythx fr advice
15:12:33[Saint]USB keyboard?
15:12:45gevaertsUse an on-screen keyboard and be done with it...
15:13:01speedyXP cant use OSK on login :)
15:13:08speedythats why im trying to use sansa
15:13:15[Saint]It can if its setup to do so prior.
15:13:37speedycan i do that if im not logged in?
15:13:48[Saint]Nup ;)
15:14:00speedyand heres the problem :)
15:14:13speedyits not necessary for me to buy brand new keyboard
15:14:33speedyif ill figure out how to use sansa
15:15:26speedygevaerts: editing that file means i have to download source and recompile it yep?
15:15:48gevaertsBorrowing a keyboard is less work
15:15:48[Saint]No neighbours? Friends? While its offtopic, I'm simply trying to save frustration for something that could really take a few minutes vs a highly convoluted system that will likely take at least an hour just to setup the development environment.
15:17:03speedyim in a flat in capital city where im gonna to college so i dont have friends here yet, but i guess it would be really lot less work to save some money and buy new board
15:17:24speedyso, thanks for your time guys :)
15:17:42speedyat least i realized this is not the way to go :)
15:18:13[Saint]I suspect your college has an IT room, where you could borrow a KB for a few hours.
15:20:19speedyim not at college yet :) semester starts in september 4
15:21:13speedyi guess cheapest way is to bring ultimate boot cd with me when ill go home. i would download it but im running on GPRS now - thats why recompiling is out of question
15:21:57speedysimply reset login pass and problem solved
15:22:20speedyurious why i havent bring it last time i was there :D
15:22:55speedyanyway, thanks a lot for your help
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16:29:17*[Saint] wonders why building RB spills into swap when there's 4GB or RAM on hand.
16:29:26[Saint]*of RAM
16:29:48[Saint]...not just "spills into swap", but damn near consumes all of it.
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17:44:42jhMikeS[Saint]: Most all beeping uses the changes. iirc I left one raw beep call.
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19:35:25HaimNJdGordon didnt fix all in the tag %cs, ill show you:
19:35:25HaimN you fix it?
19:35:57 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
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21:49:38ruler5I have a Sansa Fuze v2. I installed rockbox a while ago and now when going through the file manager I can't find any of my music. When connected to my computer running Linux Mint 11 I can find the files just fine. How can I fix this?
21:50:16 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
21:53:22ruler5It started right after I added 3 albums if that helps someone understand how to fix it
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22:00:39HaimNruler5: mabe you change "show file" to playlist only...
22:01:05ruler5how would I turn that back?
22:03:05HaimNpress and hold on the "files" line, then go to "show files"
22:03:34ruler5thank you so much it works now
22:08:20 Quit wtachi (Quit: &)
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23:08:45[Saint]HaimN: What exactly is the problem you have with %cs?
23:11:45HaimNwhen I press and hold on every line in the main manu, the menu that open, set as the main menu (number 1)
23:12:30 Quit evilnick (Remote host closed the connection)
23:13:00HaimNand also the "system" menu defined as main menu (1)
23:13:21HaimN[Saint]: ^
23:13:52[Saint]Did you update since?
23:14:00[Saint]context menu was added very recently.
23:14:39[Saint]Well, you won't be able to get hold of JdGordon until about this time tomorow.
23:14:54[Saint]Also, it was never stated that the System menu would be added.
23:14:58[Saint]Only the Context menu.
23:17:17HaimNI wish now :)
23:17:49HaimNWhat does it mean "Context menu" ?
23:18:30[Saint]the item you keep referring to as "when I press and hold on every line in the menu"
23:18:36[Saint]reference the manual.
23:20:55[Saint]The selections presented via the context menu are (surprise! ;)), dependant on the context the menu was invoked.
23:21:21[Saint]...basically, "you are offered different selections based on the item you envoke the menu from"
23:25:06HaimNSo you can not set them as another menu...
23:25:57HaimNBy the way, I apologize for my English, I do not speak English very well ...
23:28:36[Saint]I'm not sure what that first question/statement means, sorry.
23:28:45[Saint]Its rather difficult to parse what you mean.
23:32:26HaimNso you can not change the %cs tag that the context menu will be another menu, and not as the main menu
23:35:20[Saint]Yes, you can (If (and only if) you mean what I think you do. The context menu is just a menu the same as any other, only the items presented in it differ according to where it is called from.
23:36:53[Saint]I need to log off and repair this machine, we can continue this in ~20 minutes or so.
23:37:37 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
23:47:11sideralI have an Ogg Vorbis stream recorded from an Internet radio station that Rockbox won't play back. (Audacious has no problems with it.) Is that what is meant by "Chained Ogg files are not supported." in the manual?
23:51:59 Join [Saint] [0] (
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