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#rockbox log for 2011-08-09

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01:18:25dfkt_is there a simulator/emulator that lets me create WPS's for RaaA somewhat comfortably? specifically looking for 800x480
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01:22:53mc2739dfkt_: I think you could use the sdl aap for that (config option #200)
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01:26:20dfkt_mc2739, this gives a general android simulator under linux, i assume?
01:26:56gevaertsno, it gives the sdl application
01:27:50dfkt_meaning, raaa running in linux? that would be fine for theme testing, as long as it doesn't need restarts to get theme changes updated
01:29:45mc2739dfkt_: it should not require restarts for theme changes
01:30:10dfkt_very nice
01:30:35dfkt_thanks, i will give that a try
01:31:00mc2739different svreen sizes would require running config and rebuilding though
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01:32:40dfkt_that's ok - every smaller screen size is handled by some of the available simulators (e.g. onda vx for 240x400), just that there's no 800x480 simulator yet
01:34:37dfkt_i guess that all will change once raaa has dynamic screen sizes :)
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09:17:57wodzhmm, with caches enabled Strange Things Happen (TM)
09:18:35wodzrockbox claims that .rockbox dir is not present but file view shows it
09:19:15wodzfiles are displayed mostly with short 8.3 names (but not all)
09:20:42wodzif core sleep is enabled rockbox hangs with caches enabled
09:21:29wodzwhen I disable caching everything work as expected but slooooooow
09:21:56wodzany obvious reason for this?
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09:25:50amiconnEither your cache handling is wrong, or the rockchip core has a bug wrt caching and/or sleep
09:27:15amiconnPP5002 has a bug which causes it to hang if the code enabling sleep is in dram (i.e. cached) and (pc mod 16) == 0
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09:27:56amiconnSo we use a short sequence that avoids this situation
09:30:17amiconnOr rather, not hang but behave erratically (read: crash sooner or later)
09:30:27amiconnTook me a while to debug this back then
09:30:34wodzand what about file system weird behaviour?
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09:31:00wodzcore sleep might be wrong, OF doesn't use this at all
09:31:01amiconnWrong cache handling in your driver, most probably
09:31:08amiconnDoes it use dma?
09:31:22wodzsd driver? yes
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09:32:30wodzhmm, yes dma misbehaves with cache enabled
09:33:18amiconndma itself most probably doesn't misbehave, but the cpu doesn't always see what dma put in a certain area if caches aren't handled properly
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09:34:48amiconnWhen loading something using dma, you have to flush the affected cache lines before dma'ing, and invalidate them afterwards. You can also flush&invalidate at once, provided the cpu won't read the area dma'ed to
09:35:47amiconnIn order to avoid nasty problems, all buffers being used for dma should be aligned to cache line size
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09:39:46wodzmy ignorance in this area beats me
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09:49:51wodzukleinek: ping
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09:56:55wodzamiconn: The datasheet of the cache controller used in rk27xx doesn't mention ability to flush cache and discribes only how to invalidate (single entry or whole way)
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10:21:27ukleinekwodz: pong
10:23:54wodzukleinek: Are you interested of the logs from some particular rk27load session or just something for reference?
10:24:15ukleinekwodz: just something for reference and the data to retry it here to see the eventual difference
10:24:38ukleinekah, and something that doesn't brick my player :-)
10:25:17wodzsimple backlight blink should be ok than I guess
10:25:46ukleinekwodz: yeah
10:26:05wodzok, lets try
10:27:39*ukleinek currently tries to passthrough the player to Windows to see if/how it enters DFU mode
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10:34:21wodzdamn, I can't find any simple code snippet from the early days of rk27xx hacking :/
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10:48:37ptrkmjJust to make sure. Can I install 3.9 on top of 3.8.1 without loosing my settings with RockboxUtility?
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10:55:57wodzukleinek: in which format would you like to have the dump (from wireshark)?
10:58:52bertrikptrkmj, yes I think so, but you can always just backup the .rockbox directory before upgrading
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11:03:07ptrkmjI will. Thanks
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11:05:31ukleinekwodz: up to now I used libpcap stuff, but actually anything that wireshark can read is fine
11:05:54wodzlibcap doesn't hold most of the interesting informations
11:05:59 Quit [7] (Remote host closed the connection)
11:06:21wodzpdml seems to hold all is needed but I can't figure out how to read it back into wireshark
11:06:23ukleinekwodz: what is missing?
11:06:39ukleinekwodz: wireshark -r file doesn't work?
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11:09:53sideralZagor: could you please add release 3.9 to the version list in Flyspray?
11:10:00Zagorwill do
11:10:28ukleinekZagor: I have problems registering to flyspray, maybe you can help? I don't get the confirmation email.
11:11:26sideralthanks Zagor
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11:12:58wodzukleinek: how do you save in pcap? simply quiting wireshar and confirming to save?
11:13:07Zagorukleinek: I'm not sure what I can do, other than check that you didn't make a typo
11:14:37wodznevermind, sorted this out
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11:16:44ukleinekwodz: I press the save button when the capture is stopped
11:16:45 Quit God_Eater (Quit: Page closed)
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11:17:05ukleinekZagor: maybe you can check the mail logs?
11:17:17ukleinekthe webif tells me it sent the mail
11:17:21Zagorukleinek: pm me your email address
11:20:40wodzukleinek: you should have capture and reference files in your inbox
11:20:55wodzukleinek: check if its all you need
11:21:55ukleinekwodz: thanks, will take a look
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12:24:27nick-psideral: ping?
12:35:37JdGordondoes anyone want to give input into how to add line styles to the skin engine?
12:35:47JdGordoni.e inverted text colours, gradients, etc
12:37:44JdGordondo I make the style lined to a particular line? or the viewport like colours are currently done?
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12:57:39kugelJdGordon: I think per viewport as with the colors is less confusing
12:58:00kugelisn't per viewport also how it works internally?
12:58:13JdGordonit is sort of bit of both
12:58:25 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
12:58:25JdGordongradient is viewport but you can colour a line completly seperate from the vp
12:58:37JdGordonbut yes, it looks like that's how i'll have to do it
12:58:48JdGordonhopefully make it transparent to the user
12:59:24JdGordon%Vs(mode, [colour1, [colour2]]) where mode is invert, clear, colo[u]r, gradient, etc
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13:02:12 Part GigaBrick
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13:14:43 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:24:30dfktwould FS #10849 work with RaaA?
13:24:31fs-bluebot Dedicated sleep timer menu with persistent duration and "on power up" option (patches, unconfirmed)
13:25:08 Join God_Eater [0] (93722cc8@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
13:26:01kugeldfkt: sure
13:26:39dfktvery nice, makes me wonder why almost no android device has a sleep timer to begin with
13:35:47 Join chu_ [0] (
13:36:16chu_how can I restore the original firmware of gigabeat on linux
13:36:17kugeldfkt: it only turns rockbox off, though
13:36:27 Join lorenzo92 [0] (~chatzilla@
13:36:34chu_it now appear error code 1
13:39:12 Join mt [0] (~mt@rockbox/developer/mt)
13:40:06chu_on windows I plug it to the pc and run the tool come with gigabeatv and everything will restore to the default state
13:40:18chu_but I can't find solution on linux
13:44:40 Quit chu_ (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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13:59:53*JdGordon grumbles at our lcd puts* API
14:01:26JdGordondo we not hve a way to puts at a pixel x,y with a style?
14:05:43*JdGordon is annoyed this probably kills this skin work
14:06:11JdGordonunless there is a way to set the current style outside the lcd_put*() call?
14:10:14kugelJdGordon: the styles are all line based IIRC
14:10:20kugellike scrolling
14:10:48JdGordonthere is no need for that
14:10:58kugelbut I added the ability to specify a y-offset (in pixel) for kinetic scrolling
14:11:00JdGordonI *may* have a workaround
14:11:36kugelso it'll be drawn at i*line_height+y
14:13:03JdGordonSomeone really should remove all the char x/y code and force everything to be pixel ffsets
14:13:55 Join chu_ [0] (
14:14:05chu_I can finally
14:14:09chu_make rockbox
14:14:19chu_full 160GB
14:14:22 Quit factor (Quit: Leaving)
14:15:22 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
14:17:18 Quit chu_ (Client Quit)
14:22:43JdGordonwell I have an initial working version, but it is very broken in that it uses puts_xfstyle_offset() so the full line gets the style instead of the subline (or just the drawn text) - though some people might like that
14:22:51 Join MethoS- [0] (~clemens@
14:23:27 Quit God_Eater (Quit: Page closed)
14:24:38 Part user829385
14:24:57kugelJdGordon: be Someone :)
14:25:32*JdGordon has no ego isues
14:25:40ukleinekwodz: (even though you're not here) the dumps look equal enough. (Obviously timestamps, device id etc differ)
14:35:17*JdGordon uploads FS #12224 and fully expects [saint] to kill him due to another reason his RaaA theme work will never finish!
14:35:18fs-bluebot add text draw styles to the skin engine (patches, new)
14:37:54 Join wodz [0] (
14:38:45wodzukleinek: What do you compare? The traffic generated by nand dump tool?
14:39:41AlexPJdGordon: Are native widgets next on your list? :P
14:41:11 Join chu_ [0] (
14:41:18JdGordonAlexP: android? No, never
14:41:26chu_now I only have one problem left
14:42:25AlexPJdGordon: heh :)
14:42:30AlexPI hope someone does though
14:43:01JdGordonthe dont make sense!
14:43:13AlexPThe Rockbox UI on touch screen doesn't make sense
14:43:19chu_since I chane the partition ID to FF
14:43:22AlexPespecially on something like android
14:43:26AlexPIt is too different
14:43:39chu_windows can no longer recognize it
14:43:45chu_how can I copy file to it
14:44:55 Quit chu_ (Client Quit)
14:45:08 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
14:45:17JdGordonAlexP: well im working on a patch to make that better
14:45:20 Join chu_ [0] (~ma@
14:45:39gevaertschu_: you can either copy within rockbox, or add one more change to ./firmware/target/arm/imx31/gigabeat-s/usb-gigabeat-s.c
14:45:42JdGordonand while you're here, did you see my request a few days ago about making the numbered list in wps_tags.text?
14:46:22AlexPNo, could you link me again?
14:46:23 Join nick-p [0] (
14:46:23chu_what should I add to usb-gigabeat
14:46:33 Quit nick-p (Client Quit)
14:46:39 Join nick-p [0] (
14:47:48JdGordonAlexP: bassically the %cs listing would be better in a numbered list like I've done on CustomWPS
14:48:52gevaertschu_: actually, can you put the output of "svn diff" for your current code on a pastebin site? I'm not entirely sure, but depending on what you actually changed ytet, there might be another change needed
14:49:31chu_I'm afraid that I can't do it
14:49:49chu_I use the build I built last night
14:49:51AlexPJdGordon: OK
14:50:05chu_before the live usb that I use to boot to linux crash
14:50:12chu_and everythign lost with it
14:50:35chu_i only apply the patch that use give me
14:50:37chu_n debian
14:50:48chu_you give me on debian
14:51:10JdGordonchu_: please use your enter key a bit less....
14:51:55nick-pI've made the changes to my sleep timer patch discussed yesterday FS #10849 - would be grateful for opinions.
14:51:57nick-pThere's also an updated description for the FS page at - if it makes sense now, could someone with appropriate rights replace the current description with it?
14:53:09sideralnick-p: Pong. I'll have a look
14:54:23gevaertschu_: ok. is the same patch with one more change. I can do a build for you if needed
14:54:52chu_this is the same thing that i apply to gigabeat
14:55:11gevaertsOh, indeed. You also need the write filter thing
14:55:21*gevaerts looks
14:55:47chu_I still have my virtual machine
14:55:57nick-psideral: thanks
14:56:28chu_i'll recompile rockbox with the new patch
14:58:19gevaertschu_: right. The change to firmware/target/arm/imx31/gigabeat-s/usb-target.h is not in my new patch, but that's the tricky bit anyway. If that change is there, windows won't see the extra partition, but if that change is *not* there, you can't make the extra partition. That part needs some thinking to get right :)
14:59:44chu_so should I apply your new patch ?
14:59:57gevaertsYes. Apply my new patch on a clean tree
15:00:47 Join God_Eater [0] (93722cc9@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
15:01:13chu_and what should I do with usb-target.h should I leave it alone or remove the filter thing ?
15:01:50gevaertsLeave it alone. The filter has to be there to show a 0x0c (i.e. FAT32) partition instead of the 0xff partition
15:02:32gevaertsThe filter only has to be disabled to write a new partition table, but yours should now be OK so that shouldn't be a problem
15:02:41 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
15:02:49AlexPJdGordon: There are a couple of screens currently in the manual that aren't in the list on CustomWPS (System Info screen, Time and Date Screen) - is the manual wrong, and you can't get those screens from %cs?
15:03:06gevaertsOnce we know what exactly is needed for a full solution (which we should know as soon as you have tested the new patch), we can think of a solution that doesn't require a different build for repartitioning and using
15:04:15sideralnick-p: The updated FS text looks good; I'll make the edit.
15:04:41 Join mikroflops [0] (
15:04:48nick-psideral: phew, thanks
15:05:30sideralI like the changes you've made to the menu structure
15:05:55sideralIs the sleeptimer_menu.c still used/needed?
15:07:06kugel\o/ moving works
15:07:09nick-pYes, it's still needed for the settings (duration & start on boot).
15:07:10chu_yeah i hope that there are more easier way to do this. I have to restore the original firmware 3 times and do everything from the beginning to finally made it work
15:08:20JdGordonAlexP: the manual is correct. I may have stuffed up the wiki
15:08:26AlexPah :)
15:08:30sideralnick-p: right. I'd have put that into settings_menu.c by default. But I think your solution is fine as well; I'll think about it some more later
15:08:58AlexPJdGordon: The manual is correct as it is now?
15:09:07gevaertsYou're the first one who actually tries this, so yes, it's still a bit experimental :)
15:09:10JdGordonyes, updated with the c code for a change
15:09:21nick-pThere's other options people want to add in the future: changing power off to paues for example - thought it'd be good to have a place for them..
15:09:30kugelgevaerts: I enhanced the buflib debug screen to make a test free and test allocation. the test free frees something from the front so that the test alloc will cause all allocs to move
15:09:35kugelit seems to work well :)
15:09:41AlexPJdGordon: cool, ta
15:09:44kugel(after a few hours of debugging, that is :) )
15:09:55Tornegevaerts: i expect we could write a plugin that does the mbr changes to create the extra partition?
15:09:58gevaertskugel: things seem to be moving quite fast now :)
15:10:04Tornethen you just format it from a host and you are done
15:10:16gevaertsTorne: yes, I suspect that that might be the best solution
15:10:23JdGordonI'll fix the wiki now
15:11:20chu_but after I remove the filter part I'll still have to toggle the flag of the partition in linux
15:11:34sideralnick-p: The sleep timer function is under system->time&date->sleep timer, right? I'd personally prefer system->sleep timer, but it's best to postpone this discussion until this change is in
15:11:40Tornegevaerts: since we know what the mbr looks like when you stasrt it's much easier than general erepartitioning
15:12:08gevaertschu_: if the filter is there, linux should be happy with the partition table
15:13:16nick-psideral: That would have been a lot easier, MENUITEM_FUNCTION_DYNTEXT didn't cope with being exported. Thought I'd change as little as possible to ease the passage.
15:13:27chu_i'm still compiling the svn
15:13:40nick-psideral: Personally I think Time & Date is a bit of a stretch of the imagination...
15:13:42AlexPJdGordon: Plugin is there twice, I assume one is the browser, one is actually in a plugin?
15:13:47AlexPJdGordon: If so, which is which
15:14:09chu_it paintful slow
15:14:20sideralnick-p: full ack
15:14:49nick-psideral: it's under System if you don't have a RTC ;)
15:15:08bertrikchu_, to speed up compiling you can try installing ccache, or supply a -jX argument to make (where X is the number of processors in your system for example)
15:15:45Tornenot a lot of point having ccache ona livecd
15:15:47sideralnick-p: We'll use that as an argument to move it ("make more consistent...") once this is in ;)
15:16:01 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
15:16:56 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110622232440])
15:17:00JdGordonAlexP: the first is the plugin browsers
15:17:21JdGordonyou can see the order in apps/misc.h starting line 103
15:17:22bertrikDid anyone test rbutil installation of the new clip+ bootloader yet?
15:17:23AlexPJdGordon: OK, so there are 18 screens in total?
15:17:34AlexPoh, cool, I'll check there
15:17:50JdGordonthe first one in that enum isnt used though, MAINMENU is 1
15:17:59 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:18:05JdGordonyes, 18
15:18:32kugelgevaerts: :)
15:18:46ukleinekwodz: see your inbox
15:19:13chu_bertrik: last night when I try to -j it crash the whole thing and i have to do everythign from the beginning because I forgot to run the live usb in permanent mode
15:20:10sideralnick-p: If you don't mind, I'll bring this patch up on the dev mailing list as soon as I find time (likely this weekend). (Alternatively, you could try finding a more experienced / respected proponent [I'm a still somewhat "young" committer], or do it yourself entirely.)
15:21:37nick-psideral: Please do, I'm sure it would go down better from you than me.
15:22:30sideralnick-p: Don't be so sure, my posts have a tendency to ignite flame wars −− but I'm getting better at it :)
15:22:59bertrikchu_, sorry to hear that, using -j without a further argument will try to run the compile with a theoretically infinite number of parallel processes
15:23:59AlexPsideral, nick-p: Sounds useful to me
15:24:11nick-psideral: Ha ha, sure I'd do much worse, my autistic tendancies don't lend themselves to diplomacy
15:26:06nick-pAlexP: thanks
15:26:10sideralThanks AlexP.
15:27:23chu_@bertrik but I can make with just -j a few times before without any problem
15:33:20chu_windows can see both the partition
15:33:31chu_thank for your help guy ^^
15:34:10chu_btw are there anyway to increase the transfer speed of rockbox
15:34:35chu_because I can copy file to rockbox at 2MB/s rate
15:35:27chu_that pretty slow
15:40:58God_Eaterblame gevaerts for the USB stack ;)
15:50:28gevaertsGod_Eater: I'll claim this is a windows cache behaviour problem :)
15:51:43gevaertschu_: one thing to test would be to copy a file within rockbox (so no USB) and see how long that takes, to find out if it's slow USB or disk
15:51:47God_Eatergevaerts: you claim all sorts of things :)
15:53:28CIA-14New commit by alex (r30271): Manual: update %cs tag and make list more explicit.
15:53:40CIA-14New commit by alex (r30272): Manual: correct spelling of catalogue.
15:54:00AlexPBefore God_Eater gets too excited, I don't mean explicit like that :P
15:54:40God_Eaterwe need more n0rp in the source code
15:55:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:56:29CIA-14r30271 build result: All green
15:58:40 Quit B4gder (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
15:59:07CIA-14r30272 build result: All green
16:01:49 Quit kugel (Remote host closed the connection)
16:01:54 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
16:01:54 Quit kugel (Changing host)
16:01:54 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
16:08:30chu_when I try to copy using rockbox
16:08:38chu_it took longer than using usb
16:11:04Tornechu_: that's to be expected; copying in rockbox has to access the same drive for reading and writing
16:11:22gevaertsOK, that seems to point to the problem being the ATA driver, not the USB driver.
16:16:06*God_Eater thinks Torne and gevaerts answers are mutually exclusive.
16:16:36*gevaerts doesn't see why
16:17:06TorneGod_Eater: if there was a problem with USB it would be possible (though not guaranteed) that copying in rockbox would be faster
16:17:09Torneor at least comparable
16:18:41chu_are there anyway to improve it ?
16:31:28 Join mikroflops [0] (
16:39:33CIA-14New commit by alex (r30273): Manual: A few more spelling corrections.
16:41:58 Quit nick-p (Quit: CGI:IRC)
16:41:59CIA-14r30273 build result: All green
16:52:44 Join robin0800 [0] (
16:52:54 Quit robin0800 (Client Quit)
17:05:04 Quit liar (Quit: hallowed are the ori!)
17:12:09 Part Zagor
17:15:24 Quit user890104 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:17:48 Join dunkaist [0] (~dunkaist@
17:20:03 Join powell14ski_ [0] (
17:24:06 Join user890104 [0] (~Venci@
17:30:48 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
17:33:53 Quit dunkaist (Quit: leaving)
17:49:25bertrikAlexP, how did you find those spelling errors? Manually, or with some script?
17:49:42AlexPbertrik: With the script in manual/
17:49:57AlexPIt could do with a little tweaking, but works quite well
17:50:17AlexPIt comes up with lots of flase positives
17:50:40AlexPAnd doesn't remember ignored words across files, maybe an ignore list file could be used or something
17:52:11bertrikThe thing I have the most trouble with, is whether words should be separate or combined, like in filename, keyclick, etc.
17:52:33AlexPI tended to leave those except when they were clearly wrong
17:53:13AlexPIt is a little tricky in English as you can't just combine words like in e.g. German, but if it happens enough then the combination can become a new word in its own right
17:55:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:56:09bertriknice script, BTW
17:58:48AlexPbluebrother's work :)
17:59:09 Join Zxen [0] (
17:59:50bluebrotherbluebrother: it might be a good idea to add a personal dictionary holding all Rockbox specific words :)
17:59:56bluebrotherAlexP: ^^
18:00:00AlexPyeah :)
18:00:00 Quit Zxen (Client Quit)
18:00:04*bluebrother wonders why he hilights himself :o
18:00:09AlexPwords like "Rockbox" for instance :)
18:00:38AlexPalso, ignore all files in manual/platform/
18:04:05 Join Zxen [0] (
18:04:19bluebrotherthat's easy
18:05:07amiconngevaerts: (re beast mbr filter) I'll repeat my suggestion to make a two-way filter
18:07:57ZxenHi all. I'm attempting to install Rockbox on my iPod Nano 2G, 4GB. I'm running Rockbox Utility on a Mac as root and my iPod is FAT32 formatted. Does it need to have the OF for Rockbox to install? For a variety of reasons, I had to just outright format it via right-click>Format, and now I'm getting "could not open iPod" when I try to install the bootloader. Oh, and I don't have access to that Windows computer anymore. Any help?
18:08:54Torneyes, the OF shoul dbe working beforehand
18:09:55ZxenOkay then. Any ways to get it working without a Windows computer or am I screwed?
18:10:22Tornethe easiest way is certainly a windows macine
18:10:31Torneyou can try and do a manual restore following the instructions on the wiki
18:11:19ZxenOh boy. This looks complicated...I'll give it a shot
18:11:25Tornehm, actually i don't know that that works for a nano 2g
18:11:31Tornethe nano 2g is different from the earlier ipods
18:11:55ZxenYeah, I just noticed there's no partition table download.
18:11:56amiconnDoes itunes work in wine?
18:12:18Torneamiconn: should do
18:12:38Torneno, actually maybe not
18:12:45Torneat leas tnot enough to resore an ipod
18:12:53Torneit does work in a vm :)
18:13:00 Join ptrkmj [0] (
18:14:01ZxenSo I'll just have to find a Windows computer and handle things from there?
18:14:14 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
18:14:19ZxenThe one I was using wasn't connected to the Internet and iTunes wouldn't let me Restore.
18:14:40Torneunless someone else knows how to restore a nano 2g manually, that's your best bet
18:14:53ZxenAll right, thanks for your help!
18:15:22bluebrotherZxen: there is no need to run Rockbox Utility as root user on OS X.
18:15:41bluebrotheryou might need admin permissions ... not sure how exactly my account is set up
18:16:15bluebrotherand restoring with a partition table works for the Nano 2g, at least it did last time I did it :)
18:17:37ZxenOh, thanks! So where would I find a download for the partition table?
18:17:42 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:17:56ZxenIt's not listed on the wiki page, unless I'm being stupid again and missing it.
18:18:07bluebrotherit's not on that page.
18:18:20bluebrotherthe MBR is 2048 bytes for me −− what size is your nano2g?
18:18:52bluebrotherI only have a 8GB MBR around. You could try that and change the data partition after dd'ing the MBR
18:19:03bluebrotherthat did work for a mini2g for me. No idea bout that nano
18:19:58ZxenThat flew straight over my head...let's just say I have no idea what I'm doing.
18:20:09 Quit chu_ ()
18:20:32sideralamiconn: Last I tried, I could not get itunes to run in wine. After the installation completed, it complained about it being incomplete, asking for a reinstall
18:20:51bluebrotherZxen: bluebrother/nano2g-8gb-factory-mbr.bin">
18:21:22*bluebrother wonders how likely it is for that MBR to be the same as others
18:21:33bluebrotheryou could try the MBR for the nano1g 4gb
18:21:54 Join Llorean [0] (~DarkkOne@rockbox/user/Llorean)
18:22:02ZxenAnd if it doesn't work, I'll be able to get my iPod back to a usable state?
18:22:35bluebrotheryou can always restore.
18:22:51bluebrotheris that Ipod HFS+-formatted right now?
18:22:58amiconnIf the nano2g uses 2048 byte sectors through usb, a nano1g mbr won't work
18:23:02ZxenNope, FAT32.
18:23:11*user890104 can dump his 4GB Nano 2G's MBR
18:23:17bluebrotherthen there shouldn't be a need to fiddle with the MBR anyway
18:23:26ZxenHuh. Okay then.
18:23:45bluebrotheramiconn: the nano2g MBR I have around has everything after the first 512 bytes zeroed, so the nano1g _could_ work
18:23:54sideralbluebrother, saratoga: I've stumbled over some MP3 files that contain a lot of 0x55 (padding?) bytes after the ID3v2 header (after id3->first_frame_offset bytes), interspersed with some "LAME3.98." strings and other junk. This defied my attempt to ID these files with a CRC (see FS #12076 for context). Any idea what that might be?
18:23:55fs-bluebot Autoresume feature can start from wrong offset due to resurrection of old runtime stats (bugs, assigned)
18:24:17bluebrotherZxen: so what exactly is the issue you're experiencing during installation? It should "just work" in that case
18:24:44bluebrotherah, spotted it
18:25:05bluebrotherZxen: is itunes running? ;-)
18:25:32ZxenI haven't even agreed to the license on this computer XD
18:25:37bluebrotherso it's actually stopped, not only sitting in the dock?
18:26:33ZxenUh, "actually stopped?"
18:27:32bluebrotherwhen clicking the close button it keeps running in the dock. Preview e.g. does that as well.
18:28:21ZxenIt is actually closed. I swear I know how to use a Mac ;)
18:28:40bluebrotherwell, not everyone is aware of that behaviour ;-)
18:28:57ZxenFair enough. I did mention that I don't have the OF installed, right?
18:30:19bluebrotherI might have misse dthat :o
18:30:44user890104 - ipod nano 2g 4gb mbr, if anyone needs it
18:31:14user890104can i post it to the wiki on the page where the other MBR dumps are?
18:31:20bluebrotherhmm. So do you have the Ipod partition layout on that Ipod? Or did you remove all partitions using diskutil and create a single one?
18:31:20Zxen<Zxen> Hi all. I'm attempting to install Rockbox on my iPod Nano 2G, 4GB. I'm running Rockbox Utility on a Mac as root and my iPod is FAT32 formatted. Does it need to have the OF for Rockbox to install? For a variety of reasons, I had to just outright format it via right-click>Format, and now I'm getting "could not open iPod" when I try to install the bootloader. Oh, and I don't have access to that Windows computer anymore. Any help?
18:32:24ZxenI didn't even touch diskutil. I had access to an offline Windows machine for about five minutes and just outright formatted it.
18:32:44Tornethat shouldn't be a problem if it was partitioned correctly to start with
18:32:48Tornethe firmware is not store don the data partition
18:32:52Tornedid the OF work before?
18:33:02Tornewas it mac formatted before?
18:33:07ZxenY'see, there's also one more problem I didn't mention...
18:33:14ZxenI can't really check if the OF is actually working
18:33:18Zxenbecause the screen is out.
18:33:42Tornewell, was it originally a mac formatted ipod, or a windows formatted one?
18:33:47Torneat some point when it worked :)
18:34:05ZxenOkay, there's a little bit of a story behind this one...
18:34:15ZxenRockbox was working about a week ago.
18:35:05ZxenI decided to wipe most of my music off the iPod and start over, but apparently it or the OS or something thought the files were still there, because the drive was empty save .rockbox and it said 3.7 GB used.
18:35:12ZxenSo I decided to format and start over.
18:35:14ZxenOn a Mac.
18:35:48Tornewell, if you just formatted the data partition thta shouldn't've caused any permanent problems
18:36:04Torneformatting it back to fat32 would fix it
18:36:06ZxenWell, I decided to Restore and start over.
18:36:20Zxenand it is formatted to fat32, I did that after I realized that HFS wouldn't work.
18:36:22Torneif you actually restored it on a mac using itunes then that would've made it mac formatted, yet
18:36:37Torneif you then plug it into a windows machine it will not recognise the mac partition table
18:36:43Torneand will make a new partition table in DOS format
18:36:46Tornewhich destroys the firmware partition
18:37:05bluebrotherwindows does automatically create a partition table?
18:37:17Tornebluebrother: depends how you format it
18:37:33Tornewell, it may not have made one, but if not it will've just formatted the *entire drive* as fat32
18:37:36*bluebrother would expect it to complain about a missing partition table or format as superfloppy
18:37:38Tornewhich will also destroy the firmware partition
18:37:44Tornebluebrother: it never complains about missing partition tables
18:37:52Torneit eithe rmakes a new one, or formats as superfloppy, depending how you do it
18:37:58bluebrotherTorne: I rarely format drives using Windows :D
18:38:23bluebrother(even when planning to use the drive on Windows :)
18:38:25TorneZxen: so yeah. you need a new partition table, *and* yo uneed to recreate te contnets of the firmware partition as well
18:38:37Tornejust replacing the partition table is not enough
18:39:00Torneit is technically possible to do this by hand, but we don't have a partition table for the nano2g handy anywhere or particularly good instrucitons that will cover it :)
18:39:16Tornei suggest that you borrow access to a windows machine and restore with itunes, or do it in a VM
18:39:19Tornetbh :)
18:39:32Tornebut yes, restoring requires internet access as it downloads the firmware from apple
18:39:54bluebrotherTorne: a link to a nano2g partition table is in the backlog :)
18:39:55ZxenIf that was an option it'd be the first thing I'd do, but sadly the next time I can get access to a Windows computer is in three months ;.;
18:40:00Tornebluebrother: Ah, ok
18:40:03Tornewell, you could use that
18:40:12bluebrotheruser890104: I don't see a reason not posting that in the wiki
18:40:15Tornebut you will also then need to dd a copy of the firmware onto the firmware partition
18:40:31bluebrotherwhich isn't much more complicated than dd'ing the mbr :)
18:40:45Tornebluebrother: i can never remember how man levels of unpacking it requires :)
18:40:56Tornethe firmware blob is one kind of archive in another kind of archive and so on ;) am I just following the wiki instructions for getting the partitions laid out correctly?
18:41:58ZxenOh no.
18:42:00Torneuse the mbr that user890104 linked earlier
18:42:06ZxenOkay, got it downloaded.
18:42:09Tornethen get the firmware for it and unzip it and copy onto the firmware partitoin
18:42:15Tornethen format the data partition as fat32
18:42:21Tornepossibly with 2048 byte sectors?
18:42:23Tornenot sure :)
18:42:32bluebrotherZxen: (1) dd the mbr to the player, (2) make sure the Mac recognizes the new partition table (probably by just dis- and reconnecting), (3) get the firmware file and extract it using unzip, (4) dd it to the first partition on the player
18:42:36Torneten, er, try and see if the OF is working. which may be tricky with no screen.
18:43:02ZxenUh, confession time. I have no idea what you're talking about when you say "dd."
18:43:09*Zxen is a bit new to all this.
18:43:16 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:43:22bluebrotherdd is a command line tool to write data from some file / device to another
18:43:39bluebrotheras in the commands on the wiki
18:43:46bluebrotherjust run it in Terminal as root
18:44:05ZxenOkay. Not a problem.
18:44:38ZxenThanks for your help, everyone!
18:44:42ZxenI hope I can get this working...
18:45:02drezonZxen: watch your arguments to dd. you can easily destroy your mac data with it
18:45:37Zxen...oh boy. Should I be doing this with no prior experience?
18:45:59Tornejust double check that you are using the right file/device names
18:46:00drezonAlso I would "sync" between (1) and (2) (i.e. disconnect / reconnect)
18:46:34ZxenOkay then.
18:46:42 Join wtachi [0] (
18:46:57ZxenI'll check back when I have the MBR set up.
18:49:21bluebrotherthe device file would be /dev/disk<number>, and /dev/disk<number>s1 for the firmware partition
18:49:39user890104bluebrother: all partition tables are hosted on, how do i upload mine there?
18:49:58user890104or just link to the file i uploaded before?
18:50:08bluebrotherwith <number> according to what diskutil list says
18:50:29bluebrotheruser890104: hmm, in that case one of the server admins is needed.
18:50:34*bluebrother looks around for Bagder
18:54:51ZxenI got dd: /dev/disk2: Resource busy
18:55:10 Join mudd1 [0] (
18:55:11 Join GodEater [0] (
18:55:11 Quit GodEater (Changing host)
18:55:11 Join GodEater [0] (~bibble@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
18:56:08user890104Zxen: you need to unmount (but not eject) the ipod before running dd
18:56:24user890104diskutil unmount /dev/disk2 could help
18:56:56Zxenokay I'll try that
18:57:17ZxenUnmount failed for dev/disk2 >.<
18:58:24user890104can you try "diskutil list" and post to for example
18:58:38ZxenA moment, please.
18:59:31bluebrotherZxen: diskutil unmountDisk disk2 should do it
19:00:13ZxenIt worked!
19:00:17ZxenNow to continue...
19:01:31user890104after you copy my partition table, you should have 2 partitions - a 94 MB one, and a 3,7 GB FAT32 one
19:02:04ZxenOh look, it's got the iPod icon back!
19:02:11ZxenIt even has the old name I gave it!
19:02:21ZxenSorry. Continue.
19:03:04ZxenSo, how do I figure out what partitions it has?
19:03:15user890104diskutil list
19:03:29user890104and look at the bottom
19:04:45ZxenUm, it's working, but there's a problem again...
19:04:48user890104after /dev/disk2
19:05:08ZxenThe original reason I formatted it was because there were practically no files on the disk but it still said it had only 26 MB or so of free space.
19:05:17ZxenIt's doing that again.
19:05:29Tornehave you formatted the data partition yet?
19:05:39Tornebecause if not then, yes, whatever the problem was before will still be there now
19:05:48*Zxen facepalms
19:06:15Torneyou still need to dd the original firmware onto the firmware partitoin, and reformat the data partition
19:06:26ZxenIn that order?
19:06:33Torneit just happens taht nothing has overwritten the old data yet, so now hte partition is back where it was you are seeing the old data again
19:06:48Torneit doesn't matter what order
19:07:07ZxenOkay then. So the data partition is the one with 3.96GB free space, right?
19:08:04ZxenAnd I just tell DIsk Utility to format it as MS-DOS FAT?
19:08:59Tornenot sure what the sector size is supposed to be there, and not sure whether disk utility will do the right thing or not
19:09:50ZxenDo you know of any way that will for sure work?
19:10:01 Quit ptrkmj (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:10:48Tornethe ipod convertion to fat32 page explains how to do it
19:11:01Tornei *think* the nano2g needs the same format command as the 5.5g but not sure
19:11:11ZxenOkay then, I'll try.
19:11:24bluebrotherthe nano2g has 2048 byte sectors
19:11:30Tornethen that should work
19:11:36bluebrotherat least mine has :)
19:11:43ZxenBang. Formatted.
19:12:01 Join Keripo [0] (
19:12:03Tornedownload the OF from and unzip it then dd th efile onto the firmware partition
19:12:08amiconnbluebrother: It's not about zeroed parts, but a different base for sector number calculation
19:12:10 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
19:12:28amiconnAn mbr is always *exactly* 512 bytes, regardless of the underlying sector size
19:12:41bluebrotheramiconn: oh. Forgot about that :o
19:13:37ZxenOkay, downloaded. Now I just dd it with if=<that file> and of=/bin/<the other partition's name>?
19:13:53Torneyou need to unzip it first
19:14:04Tornethe .ipsw file is a zipfile
19:14:14Tornei forget what the file inside is claled
19:15:24ZxenOh, I'm an idiot.
19:15:32ZxenGot the one for the 2G instead of the Nano 2G.
19:15:46Torneso yeah, dd if=Firmware- of=/dev/disk2s1
19:15:52 Quit drezon (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:16:28 Join stoffel [0] (
19:19:26ZxenI got "permission denied."
19:19:35ZxenAttempted a sudo, "operation not supported."
19:19:56Torneagain, you need to unmount the disk
19:20:14 Join ptrkmj [0] (
19:20:41 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:21:09ZxenSame thing.
19:22:05Tornewell, i dunno, i'm not a mac guru
19:22:38 Join Keripo1 [0] (
19:22:39ZxenUgh. I'm going to just disconnect/reconnect and try again.
19:22:55ZxenI'm so close...
19:23:31 Quit Keripo (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:24:23ZxenOne of my partitions seems to have gone missing in Disk Utility...
19:25:06ZxenI can't see the firmware partition anymore.
19:25:22Tornewhich device did you format?
19:26:20ZxenI formatted the data portion.
19:26:33Tornewhat actual command did you type?
19:27:16ZxenFormatted via Disk Utility, just picked "MS-DOS FAT" and clicked Erase
19:27:41Torne18:11 < Torne> i *think* the nano2g needs the same format command as the 5.5g but not sure
19:28:00Tornedid you not read the section for the 5.5g on the wiki page?
19:28:17Torneit sounds like you have just reformatted the whole device again
19:28:22Torneerasing hte MBR, *again*
19:28:37ZxenI thought those instructions were for Linux or something...
19:28:46TorneNo, they are specifically for mac os
19:28:52Zxenonce again I have failed to properly read the directions
19:28:55TorneIf you don't see what to do then don't just guess
19:29:08Tornei suggest you start over and follow the instructions on the conversion to fat32
19:29:13Torneer, conversion to fat32 page
19:29:21ZxenI'll do that. Sorry.
19:29:23Torneuse the mbr you got above, and the same format command as the 5.5g
19:29:41Torneyou also then need to dd the firmware image which is not normally part of this process (since normally it can jus tsit in the same place when the ipod gets converted)
19:30:01ZxenOkay. Will do.
19:30:02Torneall the commands on the fat32 conversion page are for mac os
19:32:48 Join T44 [0] (
19:33:27 Quit mystica555_ (Remote host closed the connection)
19:33:28 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
19:33:29 Join bluebroth3r [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:35:40 Quit Topy (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:35:40 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:36:51 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:37:40ZxenI dd'd the mbr again and the firmware partition is still missing. I'm confused...
19:38:35gevaertsZxen: missing, or type 0?
19:39:06TorneOh, right
19:39:12Torneyeah, it won't show up in most things :)
19:39:14Tornebecause it has type 0
19:39:24Tornewhich normally means unallocated :)
19:39:36ZxenIt showed up before...okay then. So, now I need to install mtools?
19:41:13Zxen...what, then? because the 5.5 instructions on the wiki say I need 'em...
19:41:29Torneno it doesn'y
19:42:24Zxen"For 5.5th Generation iPods (older, alternative method) If the method above doesn't work, then use this method. You will need the mtools package installed"
19:42:28ZxenI'm confused.
19:43:01Torne(older, alternative method) suggests you shouldn't try this first
19:43:45Zxen...I'm an idiot and didn't took up two lines...
19:43:54*Zxen really needs to pay more attention
19:45:39ZxenOkay. That's done. Now, before I screw things up again, I'll dd if=Firmware- of=/dev/disk2s?
19:46:05Tornethat depends if it actually sees that the firmware partition exists
19:46:18Tornewhat does diskutil list say?
19:47:39TorneSo no, you can't
19:47:45TorneIt is ignoring the firmware partition entirely
19:47:51Tornesince it's type 0, which doesn't exist :)
19:48:00TorneApple do this on purpose to stop things from touching it
19:48:10Tornelinux happens to ignore this and provide a working device for it anyway :)
19:48:14ZxenAgh, more sandboxing. I should have known.
19:48:18Tornebut evidently mac os x doesn't
19:48:30Torneso, hm
19:48:37Tornethere's a couple of options, i guess, none of them particularly easy
19:48:49Torneyou can hex edit the mbr to change the type to something thta osx will see, and then change it back afterward
19:49:04Torneor you can work out the offset into the disk where the partition starts and just dd to the whole disk with thta offset applied
19:49:33Zxen...I'm gonna need some help with that one :P
19:49:49Torneyeah :)
19:50:28Torneokay, so sanity check here
19:50:33Tornehow many bytes is that firmware file?
19:51:50ZxenThat's Firmware-
19:52:00 Quit mdipolt (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:52:03Tornei think you missed a digit there but nevermind
19:52:05Torneclose enough
19:52:39user890104looking at my ipod's flash data, the firmware start at offset 0x1F800 bytes
19:52:56Tornedd if=Firmware- of=/dev/disk2 bs=512 seek=63
19:53:21Torneuser890104: really?
19:53:23user890104so the 63th 2048-byte sector
19:53:24TorneYUeah, sorry
19:53:34Tornedd if=Firmware- of=/dev/disk2 bs=2048 seek=63
19:53:51Zxenwell crap I just copy-pasted the last one.
19:53:55Tornedoesn't matter
19:54:07Torneit's written it to the wrong place then but there is nothing in that gap to overwrite
19:54:11Torneso just do the second one
19:54:37ZxenIt's running...
19:54:54 Quit stoffel (Read error: No route to host)
19:55:03Zxen11799+0 records in 11799+0 records out 24164352 bytes transferred in 21.723075 secs (1112382 bytes/sec)
19:55:08 Join stoffel_ [0] (
19:55:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:55:15Tornelooks good that it?
19:56:51ZxenCan I try installing now?
19:57:55Torneyou should see if th eOF works first
19:58:01Tornewell not "see" if the screen is broken, i guess :)
19:58:06TorneThis might be tricky to determine
19:58:58Zxenany ideas?
19:59:18Tornenot sure :)
19:59:25TorneAnyway, try rebooting it i guess
19:59:35Torneand yeha, you can try installing rockbox :)
19:59:37*Torne shrugs
19:59:47Torneit's not like it can get worse :)
19:59:50ZxenWait, I can hear the click wheel clicks.
19:59:55ZxenOkay, I think it's working.
19:59:59ZxenHere goes!
20:00:35TorneYeah, that's a good point
20:00:43Torneif it boots enough to make noise when you scroll then you won
20:00:57Torneplug in again, install rockbox, go :)
20:01:43ZxenIt's suspenseful...
20:02:30Zxengenerating a voicefile...
20:03:05 Quit ranmachan (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:03:25 Join ranmachan [0] (ranma@2a01:4f8:130:9321::2)
20:04:36ZxenIt's working!
20:04:41Tornegood stuff
20:04:50ZxenLots of thanks and hugs to everyone who helped ^^
20:05:05 Quit ptrkmj (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110615151330])
20:12:08 Join Thra11 [0] (
20:14:40*bluebroth3r returns
20:15:03dfkti just built the SDL for RaaA theme creating/testing... i'm a bit confused where to put the themes, since i don't see rockbox's usual folder structure in the SDL folder
20:15:37bluebroth3rZxen: sorry, got a phone call. Great to see it's working now :)
20:16:09Tornebluebroth3r: i fumbled through without mac skills :)
20:16:15kugeldfkt: it's meant to be installed on the system (unlike the sim) so things aren't in the build directory
20:16:38kugelyou can put stuff into $HOME/.config/
20:16:56bluebroth3rTorne: nice work :)
20:17:25bluebroth3rmaybe someone should write a simple application that does the restore / format thing on OS X. Shouldn't be too hard.
20:17:41bluebroth3rand could help some OS X users
20:18:20Tornemaybe we should just add that into rbutil
20:18:39bluebroth3rthat could be a bit more work.
20:18:40dfktkugel, thanks - so i just create folders for wps, fonts, themes in there?
20:18:48bluebroth3rbut yeah, it would be a nice feature
20:33:56kugelgevaerts: I will update the buflib insertion patch and add the compaction enablement one
20:34:08 Join drezon [0] (
20:35:49 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
20:41:03 Quit stoffel_ (Remote host closed the connection)
20:44:23 Join stoffel [0] (
20:47:50gevaertskugel: I'll have a look at it soom
20:48:41 Quit Zxen (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
20:50:06 Join Thra11 [0] (~thrall@
20:50:21kugelgevaerts: that would be nice
20:50:32 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
21:00:59 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
21:01:42 Join gbl08ma [0] (
21:02:11 Join Az|Mob [0] (~fuzzylomb@
21:02:58gbl08maHi everyone. Does anybody know how I can implement a file chooser in LUA? (I mean: does Rockbox have any API for this?)
21:03:01Az|Mobcan anybody tell me the approximate dimensions of the battery in the gigabeat s series?
21:04:22Az|MobI think it was around an inch and a half by an inch and a quarter and perhaps the millimeters wide?
21:05:10Az|Mobif anybody would like to confirm put correct that...
21:06:24gbl08maI just discovered a lua script for Rockbox that converts html to plain text, but it's unfinished and currently only looks for a fixed file 'test.html'. It'd be good if I could show a file selector so users can choose the HTML file to convert.
21:09:47Az|Mobbleh, have to run now, battery life etc. if anybody does know though, it'd be well appreciated info :)
21:10:19 Quit Az|Mob (Quit: batteries and bandwidth)
21:16:07 Join robin0800 [0] (~robin0800@
21:18:05 Join mdipolt [0] (
21:21:35 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
21:22:22 Join Ebolalex [0] (
21:23:13EbolalexI just registered myself on the wiki
21:25:21EbolalexI would like to add an Ipod accessory in the wiki page
21:26:09gevaertsEbolalex: what's your wiki name?
21:27:45gevaertsEbolalex: ok, done. You should be able to edit now
21:27:53Ebolalexok thanks
21:28:06 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:29:20EbolalexIt works ^_^
21:33:57dfktkugelp, do you have any idea why the sdl won't play audio files? they just flash for a split second, then the screen goes back to the file browser
21:41:40kugelpdfkt: perhaps no codecs installed? did you run make install?
21:45:47dfkti ran make fullinstall as root
21:46:08dfktwithout root it gave an error
21:46:09 Join stripwax [0] (
21:48:39dfktoh, another instance of the sdl was open... :p closed and restarted, now it works
21:48:43dfktthanks for your help
21:52:21 Quit robin0800 (Read error: Connection timed out)
21:53:56EbolalexI've also filled a comment in the FS #9951 bug
21:53:57fs-bluebot Ipod Accessory bug reports (bugs, new)
21:55:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:26sideralgbl08ma: I think there's a C API for choosing a file. I don't know whether it's already exported as a Lua interface, but it likely could be
21:55:54 Join robin0800 [0] (
21:56:15sideralgbl08ma: Another option for viewing HTML would be to have an HTML viewer plugin. It would be cool if a Lua script could be run as a viewer plugin
22:00:04 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
22:02:10 Join mystica555 [0] (
22:03:09 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:03:41 Join ChickeNES [0] (
22:14:34 Join Buschel [0] (
22:15:11gbl08masideral: I think arguments can be passed to LUA scripts just like with binary plugins, the problem is, for a LUA script to work as a viewer, it must be compiled along with Rockbox (so it is added to the viewers list)
22:15:39gbl08maand the point with lua scripts is not having to compile for them to work
22:17:52gbl08maI was thinking of a script that would let the user select a file from inside the script when the script is run without arguments, and when opened as a viewer (with arguments) would convert the passed file without file selection UI.
22:18:09kugelthey are not compiled with rockbox, they are just part of the distribution
22:18:42gbl08maanyways, they're added to the viewers list along with the filetypes they support
22:19:05kugelsideral: we don't really have such an api, do we?
22:19:23sideralgbl08ma: The script could add itself when first run. I think it's an ascii config file
22:20:01sideralkugel: I thought I saw this used somewhere, but I'm not 100% sure
22:20:02kugelit is only parsed at boot
22:20:36sideralkugel: an unimportant implementation detail :)
22:20:48kugelthe only api I know is a pre-filled keyboard input
22:21:57CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30274): 2nd part of FS #12176. Tempo setting migrated to fixed point for libgme.
22:24:06kugelBuschel: is that tempo similar to pitch or time stretch?
22:24:26CIA-14r30274 build result: All green
22:24:56Buschelyes, it is similar
22:25:28*Buschel will now focus on migrating gain to fixed point
22:26:13 Quit robin0800 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:26:49 Quit kugel (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:27:04 Join robin0800 [0] (
22:29:02sideralkugel, gbl08ma: I think it can be done with rockbox_browse or one of its callers, such as browse_folder.
22:29:14sideralrockbox_browse is in the plugin API
22:29:30sideralnot sure whether it's visible to Lua programs as well; it should be
22:32:28 Quit Thra11 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:33:09 Quit God_Eater (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:35:02 Quit HaimN (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
22:35:25 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
22:39:46 Quit Ebolalex (Remote host closed the connection)
22:41:59 Quit HaimN (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
22:42:36 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
22:49:30 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:50:09gbl08masideral: I just don't know how to use rockbox_browse with lua as it seems it requires a specific struct
22:51:09 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:51:11gbl08mabtw, when I call rb.rockbox_browse() from a LUA script, it throws an error complaining the value is nil (null, empty). this means that probably rockbox_browse is not accessible to lua
22:51:18sideralYou may be able to initialize that struct with browse_context_init (also in the plugin API)
22:51:52gbl08malet me check...
22:52:43*gbl08ma wishes it didn't take so much time for the player to be mounted, the file to copy and the filesystem to be unmounted...
22:53:38 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:54:25 Join HaimN_ [0] (~quassel@
22:54:32 Quit HaimN (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:55:27 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:56:51 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:56:57gbl08marb.browse_context_init() throws an error: "attempt to call field 'browse_context_init' (a nil value)"
22:57:36gbl08maso basically file browsing is a no-do with lua
22:57:58gbl08maeven because IIRC file browsing code is static and isn't suitable for a dynamic environment like LUA
22:58:11sideralgbl08ma: I'd rather say that there are bugs that need fixing
22:58:24Tornei think that jus tmeans it's not actually compiled into your versoin of the plugin api
22:58:55*gbl08ma remembers the problems with the menu API on the lua contacts plugin; too many contacts would lead to strange menu entries and artifacts in the menu
22:59:20gbl08malook, i think rockpaint allows you to browse for files, and that's a plugin
23:00:55gbl08maexactly. rockpaint has a load function. however, it doesn't seem like it uses the rockbox_browse void like I think the themes and langs menus do.
23:01:33gbl08mait looks like it's a custom menu (the theme isn't even applied, no statusbar)
23:04:12gbl08mai was wrong. Rockpaint uses rockbox_browse. see lines 877~892 of apps/plugins/rockpaint.c
23:04:34 Quit HaimN_ (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:05:03 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
23:07:01gbl08maalso, I assumed rockbox_browse showed a themed menu, but it seems it returns a list widget (which has no status bar)
23:10:14 Quit HaimN (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:10:41 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
23:15:06 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723])
23:15:21 Join HaimN_ [0] (~quassel@
23:15:31 Quit HaimN (Client Quit)
23:18:00 Join liar [0] (
23:20:55 Quit mystica555 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:26:31 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
23:27:59 Quit HaimN_ (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:28:30 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
23:35:22 Quit amiconn (Remote host closed the connection)
23:35:22 Quit pixelma (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:36:13 Join amiconn [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
23:36:15 Join pixelma [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
23:38:36 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
23:53:29 Quit drezon (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
23:55:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:55:42 Join JasonGriffee [0] (
23:56:42JasonGriffeei have sansa fuze v2, reverts back to sansa firmware after media refresh. Why?
23:57:41 Quit ruler501 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:58:23 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110804030150])
23:58:46 Join ruler5 [0] (

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