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#rockbox log for 2011-08-11

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01:22:29ScrompleIs someone able to let me know what a "Panic -71 storage" error means? Rockbox 3.9 on iRiver H340.
01:22:46ScrompleError appeared when the DAP was going from USB mode to normal after being unplugged form a Windows 7 machine.
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02:09:01Lone_WolfHello can someone add me to the WikiUserGroups
02:09:45Lone_WolfI was here about a week ago for Lua questions and I have some example code that I want to include in the LUA wiki page
02:09:50JdGordonjust a min is taking its time to load :/
02:11:00JdGordontimeing out here... someone else will need to help you
02:11:07JdGordonah, finally
02:11:18JdGordonwhats your wiki name?
02:12:51Lone_WolfOkay thank you
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05:41:35GigaBrickSo does anyone know what would happen if you came back out of usb mode if disk_mount_all() didn't mount anything?
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05:42:54GigaBrickI mean, would it damage anything?
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05:43:29JdGordonit will crash pretty quickly
05:43:33GigaBrickI'mt rying to figure out why my I keep getting "*panic* mount: 0" when disconnecting from USB and I found that it's because disk_mount_all() returns 0 ( no partiions mounted ) in usb.c
05:43:58GigaBrickI'm trying to figure out a way to do some kind of debugging to see why no partitions are being mounted
05:44:02JdGordonsounds like you need to wait for gevaerts to wake up
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05:46:21GigaBrickOh yeah, do they specialize in that part of the project or something?
05:47:23JdGordonanother 3hours minimum probably though
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05:49:53GigaBrickAll right, works for me
05:50:12GigaBrickSo far all I've got to go on is finding the "panicf(mount: %d", rc)" line though
05:50:46GigaBrickReally no idea what part of disk_mount_all() (or maybe even disk_mount() ) is actually going wrong
05:52:22GigaBrickI thought about using the UI simulator and gdb to debug, but then I figured if the problem is a partition not mounting, the UI simulator probably won't show what's going wrong
05:54:19GigaBrickIt's almost as if the disk is powered down or something before the back light comes on... Just a speculation anyway
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06:21:37don-ii just discovered rockbox and replaced my firmware on my old h10, how can i sync my music/playlists etc...with it ?
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06:29:55JdGordondon-i: any way you want
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07:14:22don-iJdGordon, i know i can drag and drop, but to keep the playlist ?
07:14:34don-iIm trying out banshee for ubuntu to see if it does a good job
07:14:39don-iits syncing right now
07:15:42don-ibut whats a very easy, simple way of doing it..
07:16:18JdGordonrockbox doesnt care where your files are
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07:39:38don-ioh really ? so i dont need exact paths then ?
07:47:00don-idamm still cant get the playlist to work
07:48:07JdGordonpastebin some of the playlist
07:48:49JdGordonbasically, if the files are something like "e:\music\foo\bar.mp3" then having /music/foo/bar.mp3 should work
07:50:54don-ihm...let me instead copy an entire folder, instead of using sync, and then generate a playlist..that should work
07:51:21JdGordonyou dont have to use playlists
07:51:59don-ii have an order of songs...newest on top, older towards the bottom...
07:52:22don-ii want that order, and thats why i think i need the playlist
07:52:31JdGordonah ok
07:53:00don-iya other than plays music
07:53:06don-ii just need that order
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08:04:03don-isick it works
08:04:08don-ithanks for the help JdGordon
08:05:08JdGordonno worries, enjoy
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08:18:41CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30278): 4th part of FS #12176. Volume settings migrated to fixed point for libgme.
08:21:17CIA-14r30278 build result: 1 errors, 0 warnings (buschel committed)
08:21:35Buschelbuild machine issue
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08:22:59CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30279): Reduce gain of VGM codec to avoid clipping.
08:25:10CIA-14r30279 build result: 9 errors, 0 warnings (buschel committed)
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08:25:47Buschelzagor's build machine is dying
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08:32:08amiconnZagor: lillebror1 is having problems
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08:34:30amiconnIt would be very nice if the error detection script could specifically detect machine problems, schedule the affected build on another machine, and if it builds fine there, auto-block the problematic client
08:35:30amiconnBlocking after building elsewhere is to make sure the apparent machine problem isn't caused by a completely borked 'configure' or similar
08:36:05amiconnOtherwise it would block all clients if someone breaks 'configure' in such a way
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10:24:28gevaertsJdGordon: am I the mount specialist now?
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10:28:33gevaertsJdGord: I don't really see how disk_mount_all() returning 0 is a USB problem really :)
10:28:46*gevaerts would add lots of logf lines
10:30:07JdGordExcept if usb is causing it?
10:32:54gevaertsIs there a summary of the entire issue somewhere?
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12:13:35ptrkmjI'm experiencing problem with playback of certain FLAC files (RB 3.8.1/iPod 5G). Files playback correctly in fb2k, but when I try to open them in Rockbox they don't even start to play (I can see RB skipping fast through the directory, trying to play each file to no success). I never had any problem with FLAC before. How can I troubleshoot the problem?
12:17:24Tornedo they have a weird kind of tag on them perhaps?
12:17:33Torneare they flac in ogg or raw flac streams?
12:19:35evilnickIt's also best to update to the latest version of RB in case there have been fixes in flac playback
12:20:50ptrkmjAs far as I can tell, they only have standard VorbisComments (Mp3tag reports them as 'FLAC'). They look like normal FLAC files (MediaInfo doesn't mention anything about OGG container)
12:22:20evilnickNo (large) embedded album art?
12:23:53ptrkmjNone at all
12:24:26ptrkmjMaybe they lack something in the stream?
12:25:05evilnickCan you upload the smallest file that exhibits this somewhere for a dev to have a closer look at?
12:25:46evilnickCool :)
12:27:42ptrkmjI'll just check one more time, to make sure
12:29:57evilnickCan you upgrade RB to 3.9 (or preferably the current build) too, to be on the safe side?
12:34:28*God_Eater tries to work out if he can upgrade his 5.5G ipod to the latest version to help with the testing
12:34:56God_Eaterthis however will involve some black magic, as the USB ports here are in some sort of clever vulcan nerve pinch.
12:35:29God_Eaterin that, I can copy stuff *from* a UMS device to the PC - but not vice versa.
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13:11:04gevaertsGod_Eater: how did you manage that?
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13:20:45JdGordon[Saint]: would drawing primitives be useful at all? i.e draw a line/rectangle (filled, or not)
13:21:04*JdGordon trying to figure out what needs adding to make the skinned lists "work"
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13:23:47God_Eatergevaerts: How did I manage what?
13:24:05gevaertsGod_Eater: having a unidirectional USB link
13:24:13[Saint]…maybe. But I can't imagine a use until I needed to use it, if that makes any sense.
13:24:48JdGordonthats why I'm asking :)
13:24:50God_Eatergevaerts: *I* didn't manage anything
13:24:54JdGordonI've got the same thinking
13:24:55God_Eaterit's security policy here
13:25:03God_Eaterachieved with scarey drivers
13:25:07JdGordonI'm sure it owuld be useful but dont know if anyone would actually use it
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20:07:54 Join sideral [0] (~sideral@rockbox/developer/sideral)
20:15:23 Join dhrasmus [0] (~dhrasmus@
20:31:02bertrikBuschel, I have a patch to make all local functions in libgme static. Can I commit that, or should I wait for more of your fixes?
20:31:44Buschelyou can commit it, I am just starting with some stuff. will be no issue to rebase that
20:32:32Buschelthanks for asking!
20:32:45bertrikok thanks, I'll do a little more test to see if it compiles on a few different targets (and sim), and then commit it
20:35:33 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
20:36:41 Quit GigaBrick (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:43:45 Quit dunkaist (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:44:18 Join dunkaist [0] (~dunkaist@
20:47:43 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:51:58 Join GigaBrick [0] (
20:53:46 Quit Thra11_ (Quit: kthxbai)
20:54:06 Join Thra11_ [0] (~thrall@
20:59:54 Part dhrasmus ("Leaving")
21:03:23 Join mudd1 [0] (
21:04:29CIA-14New commit by bertrik (r30280): libgme: make local functions static where possible
21:06:56CIA-14r30280 build result: All green
21:13:47 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
21:14:01 Join [7] [0] (~TheSeven@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
21:14:31 Quit HaimN (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
21:15:05 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
21:15:15 Quit ender` (Quit: The Web is a procrastination apparatus: It can absorb as much time as is required to ensure that you won't get any real work done.)
21:23:46 Quit ChickeNES (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
21:23:47kugelgevaerts: did you have a look already?
21:24:07gevaertsNot yet
21:24:17*gevaerts promises to look later tonight
21:28:10kugelgevaerts: the audiobuf patch didn't change much, just a bunch of fixes. but I hopefully made the buflib insertion one smaller/easier to review
21:29:23kugelwell, it's not really smaller, but I've taken out some compaction-enablement work so that only the core_alloc transition should be in there
21:30:11kugelthe latest 3 patches are all on top of each other, so you can apply them all and have a play
21:33:15kugelalternatively you can get them from my git repo :)
21:34:30 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
21:36:05 Quit ender| (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:36:39 Join ender` [0] (
21:42:51 Quit dunkaist (Quit: leaving)
21:47:30 Join ender| [0] (
21:52:56 Quit lorenzo92 (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110622232440])
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22:09:30 Join user890104 [0] (~Venci@
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22:36:44 Join ChickeNES [0] (
22:38:26 Join bluefoxx [0] (
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22:44:00 Join mudd1 [0] (
22:44:05 Quit HaimN (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:44:20 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
22:45:34 Join n1s [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/n1s)
22:52:19 Quit mudd1 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:53:35kugelgevaerts: not sure if I'm putting a lot of effort into the "shrink audiobuffer without stopping playback idea"
22:53:40 Join mudd1 [0] (
22:53:43kugelI'm not sure anymore if it's worth it
22:54:21kugel(not only because of the time left, but also the code complexity I expect it to add)
22:54:50*sideral makes a strange observation
22:55:09gevaertsDoes it need complexity in principle, or just to make it work with the current buffering/playback implementation?
22:55:30sideralwhen the database autoupdate is interrupted with a powerdown, on next boot the disk indicator stays on and the DB update does not restart
22:55:59kugelgevaerts: the latter
22:56:18gevaertsThen rewrite that too! You have one week ;)
22:57:14gevaertsI'd say make sure there are no needless complexities on the buflib side, and leave it to whoever feels bored next summer
22:57:15kugelthe short playback stop is rather neglible (on flash targets at least) and just works
22:57:29 Quit mudd1 (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:58:43kugeljhMikeS didn't seem to be very convinced of that idea either
22:59:21sideralSlasheri: looks like the DB thread is stuck in a loop in this case
22:59:29kugelgevaerts: well, for buflib it doesn't matter how the allocation that's about to shrink itself makes room for that :)
22:59:38gevaertsI think it would be a good thing to have, so keeping it in mind when (or if) having another serious look at buffering is useful
22:59:43kugelbuflib doesn't even know it's the audio buffer that shrinks
23:00:32gevaertsI'm leaving practical aspects to people who dare looking at the actual code :)
23:01:47 Join nostrand [0] (
23:01:54kugelI could most probably still do it if wanted, but I'm rather uneasy about it regardless of the remaining time
23:02:03kugelalso, there's hwcodec to handle
23:02:07kugel(damn hwcodec)
23:02:29gevaertskugel: I
23:02:44 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
23:04:13gevaertskugel: at this stage I would concentrate on making sure that the basics work well, i.e. testing and polishing the existing patches and making sure they work on all targets. I'd suspect that you'll find plenty of stuff to work on within that area
23:05:41 Quit evilnick (Remote host closed the connection)
23:06:17CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30281): 5th part of FS #12176. Further fixed point migration. Only two emulators (ym2413, ym2612) still use floating point.
23:06:58kugelBuschel: good think you put it on the tracker, I could even look at the first third of it before you committed it :)
23:08:31CIA-14r30281 build result: All green
23:09:03Buschelin fact I thought to not submit it now, but I was too impatient :)
23:09:11 Join mudd1 [0] (
23:11:50kugelgevaerts: my main concern is to make hardly maintained code that everyone tries to avoid because of its complexity now even more complex
23:12:05gevaertsYes, you're probably right
23:12:14*gevaerts has a thought...
23:12:52gevaertsCore buflib should be able to be exposed through the plugin api...
23:13:04gevaerts(later on)
23:13:30kugelwell my plan was to replace the one in the pluginlib with the core one through the plugin api
23:14:10kugelnot the core_wrappers, but buflib directly, that is
23:14:38*gevaerts nods
23:15:43 Quit mudd1 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:17:35 Join drezon [0] (
23:27:31jhMikeSBuschel: That vgm codec really has some nasty scratchy sounds in it now but some old version from months ago worked fine.
23:29:02jhMikeSIt's from deep inside it and souds like needle scratching on a record, not clipping
23:29:36 Join stripwax [0] (
23:29:42BuscheljhMikeS: is this audible with the first svn version?
23:30:33jhMikeSit was, yes, and now
23:32:34Buschelhmm, you said playback was clean "months ago". which patch version did you use?
23:33:43jhMikeSlooks like 0.1
23:33:50 Join ptrkmj [0] (
23:33:57jhMikeSand 0.3
23:34:41Buschelv03? this was more or less what has been submitted to svn
23:34:52gevaertskugel: I think that unless you see more issues the first patch should go in now. Your request for review is now ten days old...
23:35:32jhMikeSactually, I think the last I used was during playback engine rework, I have 0.3 on my desktop
23:36:13Buschelbtw, I hear such noise when using rockbox sim for playback under win7. when I decode files to wav and play them via the mediaplayer they sound fine
23:36:55jhMikeSit's only in certain tracks
23:37:21Buschelcan you upload one of them?
23:37:35BuschelI just have the ones that the patch author provided
23:37:40kugelgevaerts: ok, I'll see if I do it tomorrow
23:38:11 Quit ender` (Quit: "Why are we hiding from the police dad?" "They use vi. We use emacs.")
23:38:28jhMikeSBuschel: Sure, asap...I didn't take time recall exactly which
23:38:34BuschelI can hear the noise very clearly when playing "test.vgm" in the sim. but as I said, it sounds fine when decoded to wav
23:39:23Buscheltest.vgm = one of the provided samples in FS #12176
23:39:24jhMikeSthe file will usually start clean then sometime through the noise starts
23:39:25fs-bluebot New Chiptune codec pack based on Game_Music_Emu library ;) (patches, unconfirmed)
23:42:50BuscheljhMikeS: just post a link here or in FS. I need to go to bed now, but will take a look at it tomorrow
23:43:02Buschelgood night!
23:43:06 Quit Buschel (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723])
23:43:16 Join evilnick [0] (
23:43:16 Quit evilnick (Changing host)
23:43:16 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
23:45:28 Quit ptrkmj (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110615151330])
23:46:19kugeljhMikeS: but queue_post() is safe to call from the same thread?
23:47:09sideralkugel: Can you explain to me how tree caching works in the database browser?
23:47:38jhMikeSkugel: yes
23:47:57kugelwell, the same way as in the file browser, except the struct is different
23:48:36kugelit builds an array of struct tagentrys in the entries buffer, and puts the names into the names buffer (the tagentry structs point to the names)
23:48:51kugelafter it built them they're sorted
23:49:01sideralI'm wondering why changes in the database (e.g., playback completion, i.e., lastoffset=0 and playcount++) do not manage to immediately change DB views using the DB value
23:49:12kugelpretty sure sorting is the only purpose of the cache
23:49:17 Part nostrand ("Lämnar")
23:49:23kugelor the main purpose
23:50:21kugelsideral: the cache is regenerated when you change views, which is e.g. not the case when you select a songs, then go back to the browser from the wps
23:50:40kugelyou can go from the wps to the main menu and everywhere else in the meantime
23:50:51sideralI cannot seem to find a code path that uses the DB data directly without going checking the write queue first (I added store-to-load forwarding 9 months ago)
23:51:17kugelwhat write queue?
23:51:20sideralYeah, I know that, but even when I leave and reenter a view, the data is still outdated
23:51:55sideralthere is a queue in tagcache.c in which numeric DB updates are collected until the next disk access
23:52:18jhMikeSwtf, this vgm thing seems to be one of those that requires some sequence of events to occur beforehand, so doesn't just happen
23:52:33kugelwhat do you mean with leave and reenter a view? I think it's only actually regenerated if you switch to another view in the browser, not any view outside the browser (wps, main menu, ...)
23:52:42jhMikeS...invariably on some particular track
23:52:58sideralby leave I mean, press Left to go up one menu level
23:53:12sideralthen select the previous view again and press Right or Select
23:53:46 Join saratoga [0] (9803ec71@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:54:12saratogai made a new rockbox virtualbox image today if anyone wants to try it
23:54:16kugelis the one you go to the root of browser? its data doesn't come from the db so I can imagine it doesn't regenerate the cache
23:55:34 Quit maraz (Quit: "")
23:55:54 Join maraz [0] (
23:55:54sideralkugel: I tried going to the root as well, but it doesn't seem to matter how far up I go or if I enter a different view in between
23:56:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:38kugelthen I think the tagcache doesn't yield the correct data
23:56:59sideralThis stale view keeps coming up for some time, then corrects itself. So I suspect there's either some caching going on, or I missed a place where the DB array is accessed directly without checking the write queue (in find_tag())
23:57:13kugelyou can check in the sim if a new tagcache search is performed
23:57:40saratogaweirdly the disk image shows 2GB used in ubuntu, but even after zeroing the disk and compacting it with virtualbox, the image is still 3GB uncompressed
23:57:40sideralIn the sim I cannot reproduce it. Another hint that write queueing may be at fault.
23:57:50saratogashrinks to about 530MB with 7z though
23:58:10kugelsaratoga: not all filesystems support holes
23:58:58kugel(holes == sequences of zeros that don't take actual space on the disk)

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