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#rockbox log for 2011-08-22

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00:01:35Horschtgevaerts, hm... I think that might do the trick... thanks.
00:04:11jhMikeSmc2739: the cuesheet ticks are shown in the WPS when it crashes?
00:04:59mc2739jhMikeS: no, the display has not updated to the new song info
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00:14:38jhMikeShrm...I'm reading that over and over and I'm not certain at what point you're saying it crashes, or exactly what action finally causes it.
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00:15:28mc2739if the cuesheet track is loaded first, there is no failure
00:16:07mc2739if the non-cuesheet track is loaded first, is fails if you skip into the cuesheet track
00:17:18mc2739it does not fail if the non-cuesheet track completes and advances into the cuesheet track
00:17:32jhMikeShmmm...possibly the skip-ahead preview is responsible, which could fool it
00:19:19jhMikeSif I figure correctly off the top of my head, the preview id3 contains a cuesheet pointer but a cuesheet doesn't yet exist
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00:40:41tranceaddictsup peeps
00:41:20tranceaddictanybody experts about?
00:42:39mc2739tranceaddict: If you have a question, it is best to just ask it. If anybody can answer it, they will usually chime in.
00:42:42tranceaddictgota small problem with my sansa clip+
00:43:29tranceaddictah ok
00:44:07tranceaddictso yeah..... i tried to install rockbox earlier
00:46:43tranceaddictand when it said firmware upgrading and then i turned the clip+ back on it came up with the rockbox logo and at the top it said "loading firmware file not found"
00:47:20tranceaddict i tried to start again
00:47:47tranceaddictby deleting the files in the root of the clip+
00:47:58mc2739tranceaddict: it sounds like the bootloader is installed, but the firmware package did not install properly
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00:48:52tranceaddictbut now everytime i turn it on it comes up with that same screen "loading firmware file not found"
00:48:59tranceaddictwhat have i done wrong?
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00:50:38mc2739turn your clip+ back off and hold the left button while your turn it back on
00:50:49mc2739this will boot up the sansa firmware
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00:55:44jhMikeSmc2739: I posted a patch. I hope it's as simple as that too.
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00:55:58jacekowskimorning people
00:56:11mc2739jhMikeS: thanks, I'll test it shortly
00:56:14jacekowskidoes anybody know of mp3 player that has builtin fmtx?
00:56:25jacekowskiand runs rockbox
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01:08:28jhMikeSThe RaaA is quite rough I must say
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01:31:50mc2739jhMikeS: the patch looks good - sim works properly and not noticeable problems on target
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02:11:03jhMikeSmc2739: whaa? it works? :)
02:12:00mc2739yes sir
02:14:58CIA-14New commit by jethead71 (r30337): Fix FS #12234 - Simulator crashes when playing mp3 file with cuesheet. The cuesheet in a lookahead mp3entry should not be taken to be valid, since it ...
02:17:36CIA-14r30337 build result: All green
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04:01:22srbakerheya folks
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04:02:09srbakeri'm looking for a device with ~100G of storage that can run rockbox reliably. something I can buy brand new off the shelf today.
04:02:13srbakerdoes such a thing exist?
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04:02:55srbakeri bought an iPod classic, thinking that 5.5G was the current generation. whoopsie
04:03:44krazykitthe ipod classic has a port. yours might be one of the "unusable" targets
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04:04:03krazykiti think rockbox runs, but the installation has some caveats. the wiki page should have more information
04:04:35srbakeryeah, i would prefer a non-iPod and a stable port, if possible.
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04:10:37JdGordonnothing fits your requirements
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04:11:57srbakerJdGordon: that's a shame. i'll have to take a look at the unstable build then
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08:48:54amiconnZagor: Something is fishy with the build system. Since r30335 the result table doesn't update anymore, and hwcodec builds are broken (latest downloadable archives contain r30334). The delta table does update tjough
08:51:27amiconnHmm, hwcodec builds are indeed broken. That doesn't explain why the result table doesn't update though
08:51:32amiconnkugelp ^
08:52:00amiconn"apps/talk.c:356: error: ‘MAX_THUMBNAIL_BUFSIZE’ undeclared"
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09:21:10kugelpamiconn: oh :-( what would ne good dir hwcodec?
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09:56:39jhMikeSamiconn: heh, I was hitting that one too just now and having a fit
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11:44:18amiconnkugel: Could you please translate that into understandable english?
11:44:48kugelamiconn: oh :-( what would be good for hwcodec?
11:45:01kugelwhat value, I mean
11:45:42amiconnHow, what value?
11:45:59amiconnJust use what's left over after loading the voice file. That's how it used to work
11:57:00CIA-14New commit by kugel (r30338): Fix red on hwcodec.
11:59:46CIA-14r30338 build result: 36 errors, 0 warnings (kugel committed)
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12:23:13CIA-14New commit by kugel (r30339): Move stuff a bit down to fix red on TALK_PARTIAL_LOAD.
12:25:43CIA-14r30339 build result: All green
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13:31:17*kugel just submitted the final evaluation
13:32:06*JdGordon stamps a bit fat F on the top
13:44:15*JdGordon wonders about the gerrit/git changeover timeline?
13:44:43JdGordoncan we just do it and keep the gerrit permissions very strict untill everyone gets the hang of it?
13:44:52[Saint]The swedes need a post-holiday cooldown period ;)
13:47:49 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Imagination is for turbo-nerds who can't handle how kick-butt reality is. I'm a kick-butt reality master! I would rather die, than be imaginative. I mean that.)
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14:51:41God_EaterJdGordon: I'm interested in that timeline too
14:57:29*kugel grumbles at FS #12239
14:57:30fs-bluebot r30308 causes data abort going from fm radio (with fms) to resume playback (bugs, new)
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15:00:11kugelgevaerts: do we want to commit the buflib patches before the deadline ends?
15:01:16 Quit Rob2223 (Quit: Rob2223)
15:04:25 Join n17ikh [0] (
15:09:15kugelmc2739: I made a comment
15:10:01gevaertskugel: ideally, yes. I'm just not sure how realistic it is.
15:10:30kugelwell, nobody seems to be testing or reviewing those
15:10:41kugelthus I wonder what to wait for
15:10:56gevaertsThat's a very valid point
15:11:23gevaertsI'd say commit if you expect to have some time the following days
15:12:46*kugel wonders if anyone is actually still interested in this seeing how calm it is
15:14:51 Join ReimuHakurei_ [0] (
15:16:26gevaertsI think there's the usual interest
15:16:42gevaertsi.e. people want it, but can't be bothered to spend any time on it
15:16:53 Quit ReimuHakurei (Read error: Operation timed out)
15:18:08JdGordonkugel: re 12239... the fms grabs the audio buffer and does some naughty stuff with it to make radio aa work....
15:18:11JdGordonpossibly the issue
15:20:04kugelperhaps it corrupts buffering state by writing radio art into the buffer
15:21:09kugelI suspect the fms should create another buffering instance instead of re-using the normal one
15:22:13kugelI don't see the "naughty" stuff, though
15:22:35JdGordondoesnt it do interesting things with the buffering so the aa works?
15:23:51kugelyes, interesting but not necessarily naughty
15:24:12 Join nick-p [0] (
15:25:37kugelJdGordon: from what I found, the data abort is in cached_handle, so I suspect it's not cleared after closing all the image handles
15:25:54 Join nick|p [0] (
15:26:07kugelthat would however not be introduced by my change
15:26:38kugelin fact my commit changed neither buffering.c nor radio related files
15:27:16JdGordonjust lucky then
15:27:33JdGordonI do have faint memories of an open fms+aa bug which may be related
15:27:42kugeldoes radio use audio_get_buffer()?
15:28:43kugelprobably not
15:29:04*kugel needs to get his fuzev2 for testing
15:29:09 Quit nick-p (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
15:29:36kugelJdGordon: thanks for that hint anyway
15:30:05JdGordonalways happy to pass all responsibility on :)
15:33:15 Nick nick|p is now known as nick-p (
15:34:04 Quit tchan (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5)
15:36:52kugelmc2739: attached a patch :)
15:37:03 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
15:41:15 Join [Saint] [0] (~Saint]@
15:41:32 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
15:44:04 Join HaimN [0] (~quassel@
15:54:23 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
15:54:41 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
16:00:19 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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16:03:47 Join antil33t [0] (
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16:14:07 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
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17:02:36 Join maffe [0] (
17:02:54 Part Vimk
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17:08:01 Quit nick-p (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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17:12:45 Quit parafin (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
17:13:22 Join Casainho [0] (
17:18:50 Part LinusN
17:19:22 Part Zagor
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17:28:48 Join HaimN_ [0] (~quassel@
17:29:08 Quit Bagder (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
17:29:27[Saint]Hey HaimN, sorry if you've needed skin help lately...been at the hospital a LOT recently.
17:29:31[Saint]Home now though.
17:29:42 Quit HaimN (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:30:18 Join Rob2222 [0] (
17:30:55 Join einhirn [0] (
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17:38:14 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
17:39:46 Join benedikt93 [0] (
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17:40:59 Join y4n [0] (y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
17:51:03sideralkugel, Saint: I'm a bit unsure now what to do re FS #10849. On one hand, I don't appreciate when, er, someone ;) piggybacks his feature requests (menu cleanup) on top of an ongoing commit process (sleep-timer options). On the other hand, I cannot deny that the menu cleanup is mildly related.
17:51:05fs-bluebot Sleep timer options: persistent duration and start on boot. (patches, unconfirmed)
17:51:35sideralI'd be willing to do both in one go, but you need to get -dev approval for the menu change first −− which should happen in a separate thread in my view
17:52:32 Join stoffel [0] (
17:52:39sideralAlso, I'd like to pick up on kugel's suggestion to "hide" the sleep-timer default value configuration
17:52:59sideralBut I have to discuss this with the patch developer first
17:52:59[Saint]You act as if its just my idea that the intended menu layout is a stupid idea ;)
17:53:11[Saint]*I* don't need to get approval from shit :P
17:54:14[Saint]fwiw, I think tis more than "mildly related" also, the idea of renaming System to "About" should be seperate...but the rest is perfectly valid for that thread.
17:54:59[Saint]if you're touching that code, the menu might as well be cleaned up also. Its not just me that's expressed that seperating the function from the settigns is...well, stupid.
17:55:06sideralSaint: Your idea is not stupid; never said that. But I think you should go for it yourself rather than piggybacking on another -dev request
17:55:51[Saint]No, I know my idea isn't stupid...I was suggesting that seperating the setting and function was.
17:56:12LloreanIsn't the problem people are having that the feature is already reorganizing the menu somewhat (by making you need to go to a different place to use the feature than you would previously have had to) so if it's being reorganized *anyway* it may as well be done in a good way?
17:56:25 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
17:56:35[Saint]Llorean: My thoughts exactly.
17:56:56[Saint]Which is why I think my discussion in that thread (not just *ny* discussion..actually) is perfectly valid.
17:57:20sideralI hate it when you make things depend on each other like that. Both things can be fixed separately.
17:57:42Lloreansideral: But one of the things to be "fixed" is *caused* by the other thing.
17:57:54[Saint]So, commit it seperately...but that's no reason to split the discussion.
17:58:33sideralSaint: I'm afraid that people interested in that menu change may have stopped following the sleep-timer discussion, hence my idea for bringing it up in a separate thread
17:59:13[Saint]what makes you think that? How much do you think needs to be said about it?
17:59:16sideralLlorean: With either thomasjfox's or kugel's suggested changes, the issue (having to go to two separate places) is not there anymore
17:59:27[Saint]the thread seems overwhelmingly in favour or redoing the menu to me.
17:59:44[Saint]and...if you're touching the menu...why not do it at the same time?
17:59:50[Saint]it isn't like its not related.
17:59:53Lloreansideral: And neither of those suggestions would've come about if people hadn't been discussing the menu layout, right?
18:00:39LloreanI'm don't really have an opinion on what the "right" menu layout is, since I don't use the sleep timer. But I do have the opinion that if the layout is touched by the patch at all, it's something that should be discussed in the context of whether or not the patch should be accepted, rather than separated from the patch.
18:00:45sideralI'm not against discussion the menu layout, or changing the menu layout. I'm only concerned that people not interested in the sleep timer may have stopped following this email thread, so that we don't have a quorum in it any more for main-menu changes
18:00:47LloreanIf you introduce new settings, "where they are" isn't a separate feature.
18:01:03[Saint]All I'm hearing is whining because of "Oh I wanted to commit this but someone suggested actually "doing it right" and I'm pissy about it.
18:01:08[Saint]forgive me if I'm wrong.
18:01:48sideralyou're wrong, and I'll forgive you :)
18:02:08LloreanI'd have no objection to a new email thread separately about the menu layout, but I don't think it should be used as an excuse to separate it into two patches, an initial one and then a planned later UI fix that may or may not even happen.
18:02:39sideralLlorean: No, the idea is to allow me to commit both in one go.
18:03:12[Saint]I just do happen to think that this patch and the menu cleanup are tied together...if people lose interest in the thread for <whatever reason> (personally, I think if anyone *has* its only because all that needs to be said has been said already) its their own fault.
18:03:30Lloreansideral: You seemed in your first statement to object to including menu cleanups at all, and just reluctantly feel like including them.
18:03:32sideralAll I need is that you think the menu discussion is over. I kind of felt it may have been drowned in the thread.
18:04:19LloreanI think that as long as the old method for using sleep timer is not disturbed, discussion of the rest of the menu layout isn't really necessary and if people aren't watching the thread, it's probably because they don't use the feature.
18:04:44[Saint]I have, thought it over...a lot. And my position stands on "having the settings and the function in different places is stupid, and now is the time to move the Time & Date out of System if ever there was one"
18:04:49LloreanIf they don't use the feature, I don't think they'll object to the menu items necessary for it to work, if they haven't objected to the feature as a whole.
18:05:50sideralLlorean: I'd have preferred to commit them separately, yes −− but only because I thought that the menu change would have been more contentious. I agree that it seems like it isn't, so my reason against doing them in one go has largely vanished
18:06:49[Saint]I admit too that I thought there would be more contention about this, but IMO there isn't. Changing the menu seems to be largely favoured by those that have bothered to input.
18:07:23sideralSaint: I think you could have moved the menu around long before I wanted to commit this feature. That's why I "whine" about the piggybacking approach you chose.
18:07:35[Saint]I appreciate that the ongoing discussion has delayed the commit, and the position its put maintainers in. But I do favour the "do it right" attitude.
18:08:16[Saint]sideral: the discussion didn't become relevant until this was brought forward for commit.
18:08:37[Saint]so while I *could* have brought it inability to predict the future prevented me from doing so ;)
18:09:03sideralDidn't you say you've always hated Time&Date in System? ;)
18:09:31[Saint]I have, yes. But no one has touched that area of the menu for a *looooong* time.
18:09:52[Saint]so when someone pops up that's changing it already, forgive me for seeing that as the appropriate time.
18:10:16sideralJust don't do it again to me :)
18:11:10 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
18:11:17sideralHere's what I'll do: I'll post a summary and propose that we implement kugel's latest proposal and rename System to About.
18:11:47sideralDo you think the "hidden setting" approach would generate a lot of dissent?
18:12:01[Saint]It always has.
18:12:34[Saint]hidden/config only settings generally aren't favoured.
18:13:31sideralWell, it wouldn't be config only. It would just hide that it'd propose the last sleep time as the next sleep time's default
18:13:58LloreanI'm not even sure what you mean by that, then.
18:14:17[Saint]Yeah..I thought that was going to go differently.
18:14:20LloreanWhen you enter the menu, it'll default to the last used sleep time, even if the timer's disabled currently?
18:14:29[Saint]I'm not sure that meets my expectation of "hidden setting"
18:14:49LloreanSo it's less a hidden setting, and more an attempt at automating the value choice?
18:14:54gevaerts[Saint]: technically it is
18:15:14gevaertsBut yes, it does have a different feel
18:15:21LloreanAnd there's nowhere to set this explicitly, it just remembers the last value you used the next time you enter the menu, right?
18:15:26[Saint]I think that sounds like perfectly sane behaviour.
18:15:30gevaertsNot as different as pretending that time is a setting, but... :)
18:15:37LloreanThat doesn't really feel like a hidden setting as much as just remembering the setting even when it's not in use.
18:15:54[Saint]that way a user doesn't need to constantly reset a defaulting setting if its not their preference.
18:16:18[Saint]its likely a user would want this for a timer...well, I would.
18:17:04*[Saint] aways himself for a while...I'll check logs, if anything drastic pops up put it on the tracker or ML.
18:17:10sideralAny better, less objectionable phrasing I should use in place of "hidden setting"?
18:17:39[Saint]persistent user default?
18:17:43 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Imagination is for turbo-nerds who can't handle how kick-butt reality is. I'm a kick-butt reality master! I would rather die, than be imaginative. I mean that.)
18:17:48gevaertssideral: "implemented using the settings code"?
18:18:02LloreanI'd just say "it remembers the previously used value by way of the settings code" or something.
18:18:12sideralSound good, thanks guys
18:18:33Llorean"Hidden settings" is very much a hot button issue.
18:18:39LloreanThough I do think we have at least one of them.
18:19:00gevaertsWe have several write-only settings from the user p.o.v.
18:19:23LloreanI meant, I think there's one setting that can only be set by way of modifying a .cfg
18:21:31kugelpI wasn't arguing the menu layout should be fixed with the patch. but I think the menu can be fixed beforehand and then the patch be right
18:22:46sideralkugel: I see. That doesn't seem to matter much any more, it seems, except as a technicality (allowing bisecting and stuff)
18:24:51 Join [Saint_AndChat] [0] (~Saint]@
18:26:23 Quit maffe (Quit: IRC ist obsolet!)
18:26:27 Quit [Saint_AndChat] (Client Quit)
18:26:50 Join [Saint_AndChat] [0] (~Saint]@
18:27:17 Join maffe [0] (
18:30:08 Nick [Saint_AndChat] is now known as [Saint] (~Saint]@
18:31:56 Quit maffe (Client Quit)
18:40:54[Saint]sideral: I don't *try* to come off as an ass y'know …I like to think of it as "passionate" ;)
18:44:23sideralSaint: ACK. I'll remember to pull up one of my wishlist features in case you ever come up with a -dev request ;)
18:44:43 Join S_a_i_n_t [0] (~st.lasciv@
18:44:46 Quit [Saint] (Disconnected by services)
18:45:14 Join [Saint_AndChat] [0] (~Saint]@
18:45:28 Quit S_a_i_n_t (Client Quit)
18:45:58 Quit maraz_ (Quit: Reconnecting)
18:46:03 Join maraz [0] (
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18:50:50 Quit zchs (*.net *.split)
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18:57:44 Quit n1s (Remote host closed the connection)
19:12:36 Nick kugelp is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
19:14:44 Join Xerion [0] (
19:22:03 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
19:23:42 Quit TheLemonMan_ (Quit: .)
19:28:55 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:29:13 Join antil33t [0] (
19:40:10 Join bluebrother [0] (
19:40:10 Quit bluebrother (Changing host)
19:40:10 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
19:41:31 Quit bluebroth3r (Read error: Operation timed out)
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19:44:48 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:48:22 Join wodz [0] (
19:48:46wodzukleinek: ping
19:51:02 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
19:54:15 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:54:37 Join antil33t [0] (
20:00:48 Nick kugel is now known as kugelp (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:01:21kugelpsideral: thanks for your comments. I'll answer later if that's ok
20:02:33 Quit Casainho (Remote host closed the connection)
20:08:06kugelpI think its fine to implement the persistent sleep time via settings
20:14:26 Quit antil33t (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:14:45 Join antil33t [0] (
20:35:39 Quit HaimN_ (Remote host closed the connection)
20:43:33sideralkugel: Sure thing. Take your time, I won't have time to look at your reply tonight anyway
20:44:39 Join JesusFreak316 [0] (
20:45:03 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
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20:49:55LloreanjhMikeS: You know you can just say FS #12241 and the bot should automatically link it for you, these days? :)
20:49:56fs-bluebot Voice menus stop working after return to menu from recording screen (bugs, new)
20:50:17jhMikeSLlorean: haha, forgot to do that
20:50:37jhMikeSFS #12241
20:50:38fs-bluebot Voice menus stop working after return to menu from recording screen (bugs, new)
20:51:29 Quit sideral (Quit: Leaving.)
20:51:49jhMikeSLlorean: I also wondered if it just might work anyway
20:53:03LloreanIt's nice to have the little summary and such
20:53:30wodzI did some test with different timings of rk27xx. The tests were to benchmark lame128 test file with test_codec + test_mem.
20:57:13 Quit fs-bluebot (Quit: So long, and thanks for all the fish.)
20:57:47 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:00:06jhMikeSThe email subject headers for FS seem to have missing spaces between two words which the task has the proper title
21:01:08jhMikeSDevelopers is doing that too
21:02:01jhMikeScrap, it's been doing that awhile lol
21:02:15bluebrotheremail subject headers?
21:02:45bluebrotherI can't see anything wrong with FS notification mails
21:02:46jhMikeSThe subject line in the mailing list
21:02:56jhMikeSmaybe it's just me
21:03:23jhMikeSIt comes out as, for example: B#12238 Comment added by MikeS: WPS delay on pause introducedby r30097
21:03:23bluebrothermaybe font issues?
21:03:34bluebrotherI had such when printing websites some time back
21:06:03jhMikeSaha, it line breaks the subject in the message source but the email client doesn't put the space back
21:14:01 Join antil33t| [0] (
21:16:20 Quit domonoky (Quit: Leaving.)
21:16:58 Join domonoky [0] (~Domonoky@rockbox/developer/domonoky)
21:17:34 Quit antil33t (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
21:17:43 Join tronse [0] (
21:19:48 Quit JesusFreak316 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:19:56tronsehello guys
21:20:07tronsea quick question
21:20:26tronsei tried yesterday but my laptop failed me
21:21:35[Saint_AndChat]Ask away...
21:21:37tronseive got a sansa clip+ and i tried rockboxing yesterday, i messed up somewhere but im not sure where
21:22:25[Saint_AndChat]...still not a question ;)
21:22:38tronsebasically whenever i turn on the clip+ it comes up with the rockbox logo and above it says cannot load file not found
21:23:06bluebrotheryou have installed the bootloader but not Rockbox itself
21:23:19bluebrotherboot into the Sandisk firmware and install a Rockbox build
21:23:35tronsealso i tried using the rockbox utility but whenever i try to connect, it says cannot mount device?
21:23:47tronsewhat am i doing wrong?
21:23:54bluebrotherdoes it show up in Windows Explorer?
21:24:32tronseyeah it does a drive for the clip+ and another drive for the mirco SD card
21:25:00bluebrotherand it does get a drive letter, not only show up as device, correct?
21:25:52tronsethats right
21:26:09tronsethe clip+ comes up as (G)
21:26:11bluebrotherok, and the mountpoint selection in Rockbox Utility is correct?
21:26:41tronseand the mirco SD card comes up as removable disk (F)
21:27:05tronsei selected sansa clip+
21:27:17bluebrotherok. Can you try again, then go to Help / Troubleshoot / System Trace and post the output of that dialog somewhere?
21:27:27tronsethen it comes with the mount error
21:27:37bluebrother(, or save the file and upload it somewhere to the web)
21:27:53tronsei tried like 10 times yesterday
21:28:02tronsebut to no avail :(
21:28:27bluebrotherwell, that log might give some clues what's going wrong ...
21:28:35tronseah i see
21:29:00tronseim at work right now, so i'll have to wait till i get home
21:29:28tronseim just thinking
21:29:46tronsehmm..... maybe my clip+ wasnt in MSC mode
21:30:01tronsewill try again and see
21:30:01bluebrotherthen it wouldn't have had a drive letter
21:30:06 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:30:20tronseah.... so i guess it was then
21:30:37bluebrothereither way, if the problem persists upload the log somewhere and ping me. I'll give it a look as soon as I get around
21:31:01tronseok thanks
21:31:12tronsewould a screen shot help also?
21:32:13bluebrothernot as much, the log is usually rather long (and the relevant information isn't likely to be on a single screen page)
21:32:24tronseah right
21:33:15tronsei shall do as you suggested then :)
21:33:24tronseoh and another thing
21:34:16tronsein the clip+ driive (G) i keep seeing an SDK file? which i know it shouldnt be there
21:34:56bluebrotherno idea about that. Sounds like a file the Sandisk firmware likes to have.
21:35:21bluebrotherotherwise you might want to check if the drive letters are actually correct and not swapped :)
21:35:22tronseive tried deleting it, but whenever i take the clip+ from my laptop and then put it back in it reappears
21:35:38tronseoh i see
21:35:45bluebrotherthat pretty much sounds like a file the Sandisk firmware recreates.
21:35:53tronseah ok
21:36:15bluebrothermany players do such things. Like iPod_Control on the Ipods, and hiding a folder MUSIC on various Sandisk players
21:36:41tronseif i was to format the clip+ via my laptop would it delete everything?
21:37:10tronseor would it just return it to its original state
21:37:43bluebrotherI'm not really familiar with the Clip+. Generally I wouldn't recommend formatting the player since some have files on the data partition they need to operate.
21:38:34tronseok then
21:38:58tronsei'll leave that idea out
21:39:33bluebrotherif it's just a file bothering you try marking it as hidden. Rockbox won't show it unless you select the "all" file setting, and Windows by default hides hidden files as well (that's what hidden files are for, after all ;-)
21:41:17tronseah i see
21:41:54tronsewell for now i shall just send the log so you can have a look :)
21:43:33 Join Jerom1 [0] (~jerome@
21:45:18jhMikeSplayback really does need to save the elapsed time for resume since certain formats can be resumed by time but not offset (VGM being one that comes to mind)
21:54:45 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:56:28wodzbah, I made error in pll/divs setting. Corrected results for rk27xx
21:58:04 Quit tronse (Quit: CGI:IRC)
21:59:11 Quit XavierGr ()
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22:13:13wodzany clue why writes to SD card may be 44! times slower than reads in rb?
22:15:07alexbobpwodz: because writes to sd cards *are* a lot slower than reads
22:15:15alexbobpalthough 44 times seems like too much
22:15:21alexbobpso I'm not sure if that's the whole story
22:16:32alexbobpI would expect the difference to be a factor of 2 or 3
22:16:40alexbobpwodz: have you made sure you're not getting cached reads?
22:16:52wodz24kB/s is plain ridiculous
22:17:00alexbobpoh, yeah, that's horrible
22:17:04alexbobpthat's the write?
22:17:34alexbobpdo you get these results with different sd cards?
22:18:22wodzUnfortunately I have only one to test but the card works quite ok in my laptop so thats sd driver in rb issue
22:19:00wodzbut sd_read_sectors() and sd_write_sectors() are almost symmetric
22:31:14 Quit TBCOOL (Quit: .)
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22:39:47alexbobpI'm sorry, I don't know anything about the rockbox codebase so you'll probably have to wait for someone who does :P
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