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#rockbox log for 2011-09-10

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01:04:34MarkSolimeoHi can I please be added to the Wiki Users Group? thanks.
01:05:35gevaertsMarkSolimeo: sure. Is MarkSolimeo also your wiki name?
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01:07:05Ac-townSo I just installed rockbox on a sansa fuze, is there any other files on the disk that I need to keep other then .rockbox/ for the device to work?
01:07:44gevaertsAc-town: no, although if you boot the original firmware, it will recreate some of them
01:07:46MarkSolimeoto gevaerts
01:08:11Ac-towngevaerts: ah, okay
01:08:15gevaertsMarkSolimeo: ok, you should be all set
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01:09:17Ac-townso, mtable.sys, sys_conf.sys, upgrade.fin and video_bm.sys can all be blown away?
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04:52:15CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30493): Migrate some floating point code to fixed point in libgme.
04:55:15CIA-14r30493 build result: 1 errors, 1 warnings (buschel committed)
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10:52:21JdGordonkugel: did you figure out why trying to free() a vild handle crashed it?
10:52:44JdGordonor was it just allocating after the unshrinkable audio buf killed buflibs state?
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11:01:54JdGordongevaerts: did yoiu figure out the option count thing?
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12:45:46CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30494): Further work on libgme's emu2413. Fully remove floating point, introduce another precalculated table, directly use predefined tables instead of ...
12:48:01CIA-14r30494 build result: All green
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13:18:05gevaertsJdGordon: no. the option count and the CODE bit still elude me. I'm not sure if I still want to work on %if() though, I mainly need %substring() :)
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13:25:23JdGordFor what?
13:26:32gevaertsI was thinking of making the list background change colour or add a marker or something when the first letter of the text changes
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13:27:01gevaertsI need more than substring() for that of course
13:27:28gevaertsWell, that depends on what I do
13:27:45gevaertsThe text of the previous item would also be useful, but probably not that simple
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13:29:06gevaertsOh, substring would also be useful to chop off the first letter and replace it with an image of one of those medieval-style illuminated initials
13:32:35gevaertsAh, yes, I remember now... Having %if() be optionally case-insensitive would be useful for that, which is what got me confused about this option count
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13:40:22gevaertsOh, one other thing, is %LI usable as a conditional?
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13:56:18JdGordgevaerts: don't think so.
13:56:33JdGordIt should always be true
13:56:48JdGordSubstring should b e ptrtty simple
13:57:12gevaertsIt should be, yes. I just got lost trying to figure out something that takes text input
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14:23:42JdGordongevaerts: you want to show a big letter indicator when scrolling down long lists quickly?
14:23:47JdGordonshould be dead simple :)
14:24:27gevaertsThat's not really what I was after, but sure :)
14:25:03JdGordonit might need a tag to check if a button was pressed, or specifically, if list scrolling is happening
14:25:18JdGordoni thought a last button press tag existsed but dowsnt look like it
14:27:53*gevaerts wants a list that looks like
14:29:28gevaertsWell, roughly, anyway
14:29:46JdGordonI'll add sybstirng if you've given up?
14:30:00gevaertsThat would be nice
14:30:31gevaertsI'll have a proper look at it when you're done. Maybe I can do that sort of thing myself next time then...
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14:32:24JdGordonI should probably put up a wiki page on how to add skin tags
14:32:28JdGordonits insanely simple :)
14:33:16JdGordontags which want other tags as params are slightly ocmplicated though
14:33:40gevaertsI'm pretty sure I can do tags that just output something or take simple parameters
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15:05:59JdGordonI've got it half working :)
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15:08:38JdGordonnow the other half is workin but not the first half :p
15:10:34gevaertsI now have a set of letter images that's good enough for testing at least
15:10:49gevaertsThey would be good enough overall if it weren't for licensing
15:11:12JdGordongot it working :)
15:13:06gevaertsJdGordon: I guess I can't use a tag to specify the name of an image?
15:14:10JdGordonyou can with an image strip
15:14:29JdGordonyou want a way to get the number from the letter though
15:15:10gevaertsI'm sure I can do that one as soon as I see the substring code
15:16:51JdGordon%ss(start, length, tag) i.e %ss(0,1,%TL) to get the start and %ss(1,-,%TL) for the rest
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15:17:23gevaertsWhat an interesting coincidence! I also picked %ss when I tried last night :)
15:21:13 Quit TheLemonM (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5)
15:21:20JdGordonyou're goint to probably end up with somthing like: %xd(letters, %si(%ss(0,1,%TL),no)) :)
15:21:32JdGordon%si(tag, case_sensitive)
15:21:54JdGordonI dont imagine this being very usable though :)
15:22:34gevaertsIt's going to look ugly, yes :)
15:22:41gevaertsBut it will work!
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15:56:12rbbrittainI'm new at this, but could someone look at FS #12269 with an eye to committing it ASAP?
15:56:12fs-bluebot Add "USB Hide Internal Drive" to english-us.lang (patches, unconfirmed)
15:57:05rbbrittainIt simply adds the newest phrase to the english-us.lang file, which was perfect until now.
15:58:02rbbrittainForgive me if I didn't write the filename properly; I just used genlang from SVN to create new-english-us.lang...
15:58:44rbbrittain...and since the phrase itself is OK in US English, I just removed the comments and posted the file to FS.
15:59:16gevaertskugel: rbbrittain I'm sure one of our language people will look at it soon
15:59:38gevaertskugel: oops, sorry. my message for you was different :) I seem to have a buflib issue
16:00:19rbbrittaingevaerts: Thanks.
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16:01:12Lalufubertrik: I've set up a git repo for the work I'm doing on IAP. It already contains the patch from FS #12135. Repo URL is , branch iap-rework
16:01:12fs-bluebot IAP large packet support (patches, requires)
16:02:36LalufuThe branch is basically guaranteed to compile. I try to test the things I touch, but stuff may slip through.
16:03:24 Quit rbbrittain (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
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16:05:42gevaertskugel: buflib_alloc_ex() seems to be stuck in an infinite loop
16:12:33gevaertskugel: is buflib.c:182 correct? At first sight that condition looks inverted to me
16:15:11gevaertshm, I'm pretty sure this thing shouldn't be trying to allocate 68280320 bytes
16:17:19*gevaerts finds that renaming a png file to bmp does not make it a correct bmp...
16:18:19gevaertskugel: so in general, there seems to be a problem if something tries to allocate unrealistically large amounts of memory
16:28:10kugelgevaerts: indeed
16:29:45kugelthe problem with large allocs might be that playback shrink_callback never fails
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16:52:50dhrasmusCan anybody tell me about "USB Keypad Mode: Multimedia" and how that works? I discovered it plugging an ipod into an Ubuntu system and it blew me away. Haven't seen/heard of that before!
16:55:59gevaertsdhrasmus: have you read the relevant parts of the manual?
16:56:02 Join zchs [0] (
16:56:19gevaertsJdGordon: I think I know what I'm mainly missing now: multiple viewports...
17:03:02dhrasmusgevaerts: what I was wanting to find was whether that mode was ipod-specific, or if other devices could do it too. I'm wanting to use my Clip+ the same way. Reading manuals and doing Googling, trying to figure out why I don't see a "USB HID" option.
17:03:53dhrasmusMaybe I don't have the right plugins installed on the Clip+ or am looking at the wrong menu section
17:04:05gevaertsdhrasmus: it's supported on most players where we do software USB from within rockbox. The clip+ isn't one of those (yet) unfortunately
17:04:25kugelgevaerts: did that line 182 cause problems or how did you find that?
17:05:08gevaertskugel: I was stepping through the code trying to find the issue (I hadn't spotted the unrealistic size yet).
17:05:33dhrasmusgevaerts: would you say it's within the realm of possibility that it might happen someday?
17:05:44gevaertsdhrasmus: yes
17:06:13gevaertskugel: doesn't "handle == ctx->last_handle" mean that nothing was changed?
17:06:23 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:06:23kugelI think so
17:07:20dhrasmusgevaerts: sweet, that's what I wanted to know, thank you!
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17:09:10gevaertskugel: right. I don't know what the impact is, but that at least doesn't seem to match the comment above that function
17:11:58kugelUnhelpful: ^ ?
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17:16:17CIA-14New commit by kugel (r30495): Buflib: Correct return value of handle_table_shrink() to match comment.
17:18:43CIA-14r30495 build result: All green
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18:13:52kugelgevaerts: does this help?
18:18:08gevaertskugel: seems to work
18:21:54kugelis 200k minimum good?
18:22:32*gevaerts doesn't know
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20:05:02Lalufuis there a generic memory allocation infrastructure in rockbox? something resembling malloc/free, that can be used from apps?
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20:06:08saratogaLalufu: we don't have malloc since we have no virtual memory, but there might be something for what you need
20:06:11saratogawhat did you have in mind?
20:06:43Lalufusome of the iap functions return varying amounts of data, sometimes rather large buffers.
20:06:55LalufuI'd rather not statically allocate a char[] for the maximum size
20:07:26Lalufuespecially as the buffers would be quite shortlived
20:07:41Lalufuallocate, fill with data, push out of serial port, free
20:08:40saratogahow big are buffers?
20:09:52Lalufuthe maximum frame size defined by the protocol is 64k+a handful of bytes
20:12:05saratogahmm thats tricky
20:12:20saratogayou might want to ask kugel if his new memory allocator can be used here
20:12:42LalufuI might get away with allocating one static buffer for the whole of IAP and use that.
20:12:56Lalufuthe protocol is rather serial, so I need one buffer at a time
20:13:00Slasheriis asynchronous operation required? if not, you could just block the call until everything is flushed down the serial port (and use a small transfer buffer)
20:13:21Lalufuno, all synchronous (so far)
20:13:38Lalufuis that a bad thing? can I block in appspace?
20:13:39saratogaall ipods have a lot of RAM, so i suppose it might be reasonable to statically allocate it at first
20:14:52 Quit stoffel (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:14:59Lalufuiap is built for ipods only so far?
20:15:11saratogaand only some of them
20:15:30saratogaalthough if we ever get USB IAP support, we'd probably want to enable it for more devices
20:17:20LalufuThat might be tricky. Even switching an iPod int extended ui mode requires authentication via USB
20:18:18Lalufuso most accessories supporting that would want to authenticate first.
20:18:27saratogayes, but its unclear how many devices actually bother to authenticate the ipod
20:18:47Lalufuwe may get away with faking device->ipod auth, but ipod->device is a non-starter
20:18:48saratogathe emphasis seems to be eliminating unauthorized accessories, not knockoff ipods
20:40:14CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30496): Remove residual floating point code from libgme's ym2612_emu. Saves several KB of codesize.
20:42:28CIA-14r30496 build result: All green
20:57:03 Quit ReimuHakurei_ (Quit: And therefore, dye this sky red. The time has come again for my body to only go forward / Even the 'people' who pass by and the 'things' which become lost in confusion / Will one day be like vanished memories)
21:13:32kugelLalufu, saratoga: buflib can be used, though short-lived buffer is not ideal
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22:00:47kugelFS #12270 is strange
22:00:48fs-bluebot Loading sbs crashes uisimulator since r30478 (bugs, new)
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22:35:06CIA-14New commit by buschel (r30497): Fully remove floating point code from libmusepack. Introduce two small const arrays for precalculated scalefactors, correct the integer type of ...
22:37:37CIA-14r30497 build result: All green
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22:51:14bertrikBuschel, there's again a lot of local stuff that can be made static in the gme lib
22:51:56Buschelyou have a patch?
22:54:38bertrikno, but I can fix it up
22:56:19BuschelI have no patch in work right now. if you want to, do it :)
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23:06:12AlchymistaThere is an italian in this chat??? Please
23:08:14CIA-14New commit by bertrik (r30498): libgme: make local functions static, where possible
23:08:52bertriknot sure if this actually improves performance, but I just think it's cleaner
23:10:08bertriknice to see the roolku farm is back up :)
23:10:46CIA-14r30498 build result: All green
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23:17:21Unhelpfulit is *not* a ball of fire... it's not burning, it's undergoing nuclear fusion. most of it isn't even doing that, it's just *hot*.
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