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#rockbox log for 2011-09-16

00:00:36saratogabertrik: FWIW with those changes USB still doesn't work for me
00:01:02saratogawindows reports that the device malfunctioned, or shows an empty drive
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00:03:07bertriksaratoga, ok
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00:03:54saratogaalso i get a really loud click on music start
00:04:06saratogaand volume seems lower?
00:04:35saratoga0dB sounds fairly quiet
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00:05:53bertrikodd, I don't notice anything like that
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02:04:05soapso scorche - about my VPN being unable to connect to the forums...
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13:04:04LalufuTorne: I actually found a device that uses the iPod connector, supports IAP, and tries to use over the iPod connector when the iPod is inserted.
13:05:03LalufuGiven the sample size (four devices, two of which do use USB or IAP, but just grab audio off the analog pins of the connector, one that does use IAP and USB, but does not use mass storage, and the one described above) I'd call that slightly worrying.
13:05:19Lalufus/two of which do/two of which do not/
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13:10:45Lalufu<a target="_blank" href="">> is the logf.txt for that.
13:10:56LalufuThe lines starting with R: and T: are from my iap debugging code
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14:49:45pamaurythis is weird, I received a mail saying that metaphys answered the Sansa Fuze+ thread but there is not such answer in the forum and the post is not in the delete list either
14:51:24CIA-14New commit by nls (r30558): libtremor: small tweak to cf channel coupling asm, speeding up vorbis decoding by ~0.1MHz. Drop unused macro params and add some comments.
14:53:13pixelmapamaury: maybe caught by the antispam plugin (needs a forum admin I think)
14:53:42pixelmausually those posts appear when you look in the "Recent posts" list
14:53:47CIA-14r30558 build result: All green
14:54:32pixelmapamaury: <a target="_blank" href=";start=0">;start=0a>, not a very hlepful post though...
14:55:11pamaurytrue, althought it should probably appear in the unusable list :)
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15:07:04ukleinekpamaury: you asked about that windows tool for the i.MX23. Its name is 'sb_loader"
15:07:28ukleinekwas it that you talked about?
15:07:58*ukleinek checks backlog
15:08:23ukleinekah no, you meant elftosb
15:09:02ukleineksb_loader is used for "USB Recovery Mode", check the i.MX23 Product Data Sheet
15:09:12pamaurythen I already rewrote this tool
15:09:41pamaury(for linux)
15:10:16ukleineksb_loader or elftosb?
15:11:54 Join bug2000 [0] (~bug@unaffiliated/bug2000)
15:12:12ukleinekpamaury: we already worked on elftosb, you're interested in some syncronisation, too?
15:13:19pamaurymy work has been in the svn for a long time, see utils/sbtools and utils/imx_recovery_loader
15:13:28*ukleinek checks repo
15:15:47pamaurywho are you refering to by "we" ? And what did you achieve ?
15:16:00ukleinekpamaury: great, I'll forward to my colleague ...
15:16:26ukleinekpamaury: we =, we're working on the i.MX23 Linux-Port
15:18:01pamauryJust so you know, freescale recently published the source code of their elftosb tool, along with the full documentation of the sb format and the elftosb command file syntax
15:22:51*ukleinek is away again, but maybe we'll come back to that
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16:00:07CIA-14New commit by nls (r30559): libtremor: save a kB or two limiting an array size to the maximum number of channels we support and using a shorter type for another. No speed diff.
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16:02:14CIA-14r30559 build result: All green
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16:21:10CIA-14New commit by bertrik (r30560): sansa clipzip: fix rectangle setup of type 1 lcd
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16:23:33CIA-14r30560 build result: All green
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16:28:40PurlingNayukiHi everyone and why Rockbox returns ATA Error -82 when booting on iPod Video 5.5th using SSD?
16:29:15*bertrik wonders why we do *VIC_VECT_ADDR = (void*)VIC_VECT_ADDR; in system-as3525.c
16:29:23bertrikI think *VIC_VECT_ADDR = 0; should do too
16:31:21pamauryPurlingNayuki: one would need to have a look at the code but it means something in the init code of the ssd failed
16:32:35 Join WalkGood [0] (~WalkGood@unaffiliated/walkgood)
16:33:05PurlingNayuki@pamaury: Yes, of course. I'll have a look and try to find the problem out if I can escape from my homework. There's too much homework, you know:P
16:33:56PurlingNayukiAnd BTW, what's the meaning of ATA Error: -82?
16:35:06 Join Staphylo [0] (
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16:37:10pamaury"ATA Error" is a generic message which means that disk intialization failed, but in reality it has nothing to do with ATA on most targets :)
16:37:31pamauryso you should read it as "disk init error: -82", and -82 is the error code
16:38:53PurlingNayukiOK I see. I tried re-format it and install rockbox again but it didn't work. It works well with OF.
16:39:40gevaertsreformatting won't help with ATA Error
16:40:13pamauryon which soc ipod5.5g is based ?
16:40:57PurlingNayuki@pamaury: I think it is ColdFire.
16:41:08PurlingNayukiiPod Video 32MB.
16:41:31PurlingNayukiIt's originally a 80GB box.
16:59:34 Quit PurlingNayuki (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
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17:21:20*bertrik finally added some info about the sansa clip zip port on the wiki
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17:59:28n1shmm, iiuc the ffmpeg vorbis decoder does it's residue/floor/imdct/window/overlap-add in blocksize*channels*1.25*sizeof(sample), usually 20kB, but tremor needs 32
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18:51:57Guest86310ive had about 3 "freezes" at my sansaclip+ running rockbox 3.9, they seem to only appear when paused
18:52:25Guest86310they happened in 2 weeks time and seem to only occur at random
18:52:43Guest86310nothing serious but just saying
18:53:08Guest86310my nick is messed up, im germanmushroom
18:53:15 Quit Guest86310 (Quit: Ik ga weg)
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19:27:24pamauryCan we make the fuze+ appear in the unusable list ?
19:30:12pamaury(on the main page)
19:31:50bertrikmaybe we can even remove some other ports from unuseable , for example the meizus which have stalled for more than a year now
19:34:16saratogapamaury: the front page is in SVN, so if you change it you just have to poke one of the swedes to copy it over to the web server
19:36:07 Quit GermanMushroom (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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19:37:39saratogaperhaps this would be better? <a target="_blank" href="">>
19:37:53saratogaremoves all the ports no one has worked on in ages, adds the newer ones
19:41:56pamauryis there work going on the m200 ?
19:42:07pamauryand the ondas ?
19:45:13saratogathe m200 is a several different players :)
19:45:26saratogathe m200v4 basically works but we don't set the voltage regulator right so if you turn up the volume it crashes
19:45:31pamauryyes I know but my question was in general
19:45:50saratogawell its just a clipv1 in a different box so in that sense its being developed
19:46:01saratogabut i don't think anyone actually owns one
19:46:39bertrikI think domonoky has one
19:46:45bertriknot sure if it still works
19:48:33bertriksaratoga, I'm fine with trimming the "unusable list"
19:49:15saratogajust not sure if there any other players i forgot
19:49:36gevaertspamaury: the ondas are somewhat usable I think
19:49:47gevaertsSo I don't think removing them is a good idea
19:49:50 Quit milk (Quit: baaaiiii)
19:50:05pamauryok, than I'm fine with the proposed list
19:52:10 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
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19:57:22 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
19:58:15saratogais this HTML right: <a target="_blank" href="">>
19:58:28saratogai have no idea how html works, just followed the style already there
19:59:37bertrikdon't we need at least one <li> in there, to create the bullet?
20:00:02saratogano idea
20:00:05benedikt93one <li></li> per bullet
20:00:12saratogathe current style is weird though
20:00:16saratogai would prefer one bullet per line
20:00:59benedikt93just checked, should be right
20:02:31benedikt93-> <a target="_blank" href="">>
20:02:53pamauryI would prefer one bullet per vendor, just like the other sections (usable and stable)
20:03:15pamauryyes the last one looks good
20:03:25saratogaok i'll commit it
20:03:46CIA-14New commit by saratoga (r30561): Update the unusable port list on the front page
20:04:07saratogaBagder, Zagor: Could one of you update the front page (index.t)?
20:05:03saratogapamaury: is the fuze+ nearly ready to go into the build system?
20:08:14Zagorsaratoga: done
20:09:49pamaurysaratoga: the main firmware builds but since I haven't writte the keymaps for the plugins, it will fail miserably for them
20:10:40 Quit WalkGood (Quit: caminabien)
20:10:53pamauryso I guess it's better to wait until the keymaps are written, no ?
20:11:01bertrikpamaury, you could disable plugins for now in configure :P
20:11:28pamaurythe buildserver will handle that correctly ?
20:12:31bertrikI don't know
20:13:09 Join dfkt|n [0] (
20:13:09 Quit dfkt|n (Changing host)
20:13:09 Join dfkt|n [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:13:12pamaurysaratoga: will the buildserver try to build plugins even if I disable them ?
20:13:36gevaertsthe build system runs configure and make
20:13:40bertrikI guess it will just do a make and a make zip
20:14:44gevaertsActually, it runs whatever command you like
20:14:45pamauryok cool, then I'll disable the plugins and ping you when it's ready :)
20:14:58pamaurymake dominate_the_world :)
20:15:05Zagoreach target can run a custom command, if necessary
20:15:32Zagoractually, it is necessary :-) typical command: ../tools/configure −−target=ipodnano2g −−type=s && make
20:17:52 Quit dfkt|n (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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20:27:41pamauryhey, I just realized I already disabled the plugins and yet I have build errors for missing keymaps
20:27:48pamauryor warnings, don't remember
20:28:52pamauryyes errors
20:29:09pamauryprobably when generating the dependencies
20:29:17 Quit tjb0607 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:29:26pamauryso it will probably appear in the build log...
20:41:43 Join tjb0607 [0] (
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22:19:17dfktbertrik - <a target="_blank" href="">>
22:19:38 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
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22:21:56saratogadfkt: did the volume seem weird to you with that patch?
22:22:10 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@
22:22:44dfkti have yet to listen to it, but my soundcard showed it at 4-5db louder than svn
22:23:00saratogaweird, when i tried it was very quiet
22:23:03saratogamaybe i did something wrong
22:23:39bertrikapart from the volume, it improvement seems to be quite small
22:24:02saratogaare those registers documented in the manual?
22:24:04dfktyou have to remember that RMAA wants the level to be -1db, so i adjusted it via preamp
22:24:27dfktthe volume differences of 4db more or less are too big for rmaa to analyze them
22:24:46dfktso in reality the pmu patch snr/noise level should be better than shown
22:25:15dfktsaratoga, listening to it, it is louder than before
22:26:31bertriksaratoga, yes
22:26:36dfktwhat i find weird is the behavior of the left channel without load
22:27:41bertriksome PLL is forced on, drive strength of clock outputs is lowered, USB detection value is changed, and a couple of internal voltages are set a bit higher to 2.5V (AVDD17, FVDD and PVDD1)
22:29:08bertrikall of the AMSv2 OFs use the same settings in the initialisation, and the clip zip configures one extra voltage setting
22:32:44 Quit stoffel (Remote host closed the connection)
22:33:21bertrikI hope the AMSv2 USB task isn't hijacked now by audio quality comments :\ My intent was to find a fix for the USB problems
22:34:00dfktoh, i didn't know - feel free to remove my comment
22:35:21bertrikIt's not your fault! Maybe we can move it to a forum thread though
22:35:52dfktit's not easy when usb and audio quality are so close related to each other :)
22:37:07 Quit y4n (Quit: To those frustrated with their marginal existence, we transmit: your time is now.)
22:38:28 Quit mudd1 (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:41:40 Join Keripo [0] (
22:42:03 Quit Keripo (Client Quit)
22:42:29saratogathe datasheet does sort of imply that PVDD1 (18h-1) relates to USB, shame it didn't seem to help
22:46:36 Join Keripo [0] (
22:50:22bertrikI thought it did help at some point, but the AMSv2 USB problem is a bit intangible for me, one time it works and I can copy a GB without problems, next time it won't even mount
22:52:01 Join guymann_ [0] (~charles@
22:52:03bertrikdfkt, I created a forum thread and copied your response in <a target="_blank" href="">>,28848.0.html
22:52:12bertrikI'll delete your comment from the flyspray task, ok?
22:52:35 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
22:53:52 Quit guymann (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:07:52saratogawith that patch my clipv2 just ignores USB insertion (i removed the ifdef and enabled rockbox USB)
23:08:09saratogathat said the background noise on the v2 seems a little less annoying, though maybe its just my imagination
23:13:59 Quit dfkt (Quit: -= SysReset 2.55=- Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.)
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23:29:01 Join dfkt|n [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:29:23 Quit dfkt|n (Client Quit)
23:30:24wodzpamaury: Just a minor remark about rework of 'unusable' category on the front page - vendors should be alphabetically sorted (at least this is the case for 'stable' and 'unstable' sections)
23:31:39pamauryI'm not the one who did the change
23:32:06pamauryBut I never noticed the alphabetical sorting :)
23:33:11wodzme too unless I added MPIO and was pointed out about it
23:39:18wodzis clip zip available at all?
23:39:46pamauryI think it is in the US
23:42:01wodzhmm, my parents are going to US next month. Maybe I'll ask them to buy me one
23:42:50bertrikI saw on amazon uk, that it would be released on october 10th
23:44:44wodzI wonder how much will it cost in EU, ~50$ for 4GB player is not that small and EU prices are usually higher
23:49:17 Quit Strife1989 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

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