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#rockbox log for 2011-10-13

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00:00:59pamaurywodz: ok, then I think I understand your patch, tell if I'm wrong: you keep cpu/manufacturer/model except if soc is defined in which case it's cpu/soc/manufacturer/model ?
00:02:11pamaurystrangely enough I would have done it other way around: use cpu/soc/model except if manufacturer is defined in which case it's cpu/soc/manufacturer/model :D
00:02:49wodzpamaury: the decision was easy - it was less typing :-)
00:03:11pamaurythat's not a good reason :)
00:03:56bertrikhm, device discovery is taking a long time on windows
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00:04:46pamauryI agree with you that introducing one more level makes sense when several models share a lots because they are from the same manufacturer. However it's seems to me that the default would be that there is not manufacturer specific code, only model specific, thus defaulting to cpu/manufacturer/model seems strange (but I know we abuse it)
00:05:11wodzThis is something which can be done later and modification will be only in tools/configure. Moving files around and proof compile was massive task anyway
00:05:54pamauryyes sure, you've done the hard work but since that last steps only involves configure tweaking, let's do it properly from the beginning :)
00:06:13pamauryAnyway, I need to go to bed, I'm not thinking anymore...
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00:06:51wodzpamaury: I'll leave you this task as exercise for tomorrow :-)
00:06:54pamaurylast question: does diff support moving files ? the diff looks massive but 99% of percent correspond to file moving around
00:07:48wodzno diff doesn't know about move concept BUT if I commit this from my tree git will automagically use moves instead of delete/recreate
00:08:00pamauryok cool
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03:29:51saratogasomeone ban shenglu for spamming the forums
03:32:21[Saint]Hmmm...I thought you were a forum admin, saratoga .
03:34:47saratogano i'm just "dev" on the forums, so I can't ban people
03:35:45[Saint] Sorry, my mistake.
03:36:06[Saint] All those badges look the same.
03:36:55[Saint]I even get people pm'ing me because they mistake the artists badge for something....useful.
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05:01:10WhiplashI haven't used rockbox in ages
05:01:20WhiplashIf I want to add music
05:01:29Whiplashshould i create a folder under .rockbox
05:01:35 Quit ChickeNES (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:01:36Whiplashor outside .rockbox
05:02:15Whiplashah thank you
05:03:05[Saint]You *can* put it in .Rockbox, but you'd need to delete the database.ignore file
05:03:23[Saint]Its just best not to.
05:03:34Whiplashnah i think it' be well organized to keep it outside .rockbox
05:03:44Whiplashplus won't interfere while updating
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09:09:35CIA-14New commit by wodz (r30745): rk27xx - fix sys timer clock setup. Spotted by Andrew Ryabinin
09:09:45CIA-14New commit by wodz (r30746): rk27xx - add support for i2s in master mode. Based on patch by Andrew Ryabinin
09:10:02 Join wodz [0] (
09:11:36CIA-14r30745 build result: All green
09:13:28CIA-14r30746 build result: 0 errors, 4 warnings (wodz committed)
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10:25:28nick-pkugel: Do you still plan to commit FS #10849?
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10:34:32kugelnick-p: yes, probably this evening; however not the system->about rename yet
10:34:57kugelnick-p: did you try the latest patch? how do you like the cancel timer stuff?
10:36:16nick-pExcellent, thanks. Yes I tried it, worked fine. My only thought was "Cancel Running Sleep Timer"
10:36:16nick-p was a bit long and we could get away with "Cancel Sleep Timer"
10:36:16nick-p, other han that though, perfect.
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10:39:18kugelnick-p: I can change that. "Cacenl Sleep Timer" was also what sideral proposed
10:40:12nick-pkugel: I tested it on a Clip+, so the full text with the duration in brackets was causing quite serious scrolling
10:43:18kugelalso need to change it to hh:mm, now it's only mm
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10:51:30wodzpamury: (logs) have you seen this:
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11:58:12wodzqemu-mini2440 executes nor bootloader but throws errors on SD access :/
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12:13:18wodzpamaury: have you seen this qemu-mini2440 ?
12:14:51pamaurywodz: Don't think so, why ?
12:15:21pamauryhum wait, yes I saw it one day but never used it
12:15:40wodzpamaury: I thought you will be interested since your mio is 2440 based
12:16:07wodzit shows some sd problem which may or may not be on our side
12:17:03pamaurywell, I don't know which bootloader it uses but it will definitely require some work to make it boot !
12:17:54pamauryI guess it uses u-boot
12:18:38pamaurybut I wouldn't be surprised that it doesn't bring anything, it doesn't emulate slow hardware :)
12:18:56wodzyou can provide nor flash image so you can boot with rockbox bootloader
12:20:28pamauryI'll see, but that's not my priority :)
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12:51:20ukleinekpamaury: re your question about diffs representing renames: git creates such diffs and recent versions of patch can even apply them.
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13:46:01emj__When recording with mp3codec I seem no to be able to record. Is this supposed to wrok on the sansa v1 (Not sure about model, sorry)
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15:15:14wodzmortalis: ping
15:15:42mortaliswodz: pong
15:15:48wodzmortalis: I commited some changes & fixes based on your work
15:16:05mortaliswodz: I saw
15:16:16wodzmortalis: any progress with i2s clock?
15:17:44 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:21:51ukleinekmortalis: did you already test my nanddump stuff?
15:22:01*ukleinek simply assumes mortalis is interested in it
15:25:30mortalisukleinek: no. I very busy last time.
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16:16:42ukleinekmortalis: hmm
16:17:17ukleinekmortalis: this happens with the device in the not-ROM-DFU-mode?
16:18:41mortalisukleinek: yes. And in rom-dfu too.
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17:35:26wodzmortalis: is playback choppy or smooth?
17:37:35mortaliswodz: its choppy when Rx start in master mode 1
17:37:46mortaliswodz: smooth if 0
17:38:41wodzsorry, don't understand
17:39:56mortaliswodz: first bit in I2S_OPR register. When it 1 playback is choppy, when 0 it's smooth
17:40:51mortaliswodz: in my patch it was 0. In your last commit you set it to 1.
17:41:39wodzthat is interesting
17:42:01wodzmortalis: have you played with i2s clocking?
17:43:30mortaliswodz: I've treid to change MCLK and LRCLK but in one case playback is too fast in other too slow
17:44:46wodzmortalis: no no I am talking about PLL/clock source setting. This isn't stated in manual but I guess that MCLK is derived from PLLCODEC or from 12MHz source depending on setting in SCU
17:47:00 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
17:47:02mortaliswodz: I'm doing it right now.
17:53:46 Part Strife89 ("Leaving")
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18:13:00mortaliswodz: Looks like I've found correct settings
18:22:30 Quit Llorean (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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20:00:20mortaliswodz: updated FS #12319
20:00:21fs-bluebot HiFiMAN HM-601 initial work (patches, unconfirmed)
20:03:09 Join XavierGr [0] (~xavier@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
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20:33:49wodzmortalis: this massive sleeps() when setting up PLL are unnecessary AFAIK
20:35:37mortaliswodz: maybe. This code based on OF disassembly
20:36:50ukleinekmortalis: does it work better when you comment out handle.set_configuration(1)
20:37:15wodzmortalis: ah yes, SDK uses huge delays everywhere
20:38:47wodzcomment how clock freq is derived is wrong also - it should be Fout = ((Fref / (CLKR+1)) * (CLKF+1)) / (CLKOD+1)
20:39:30 Join saratoga [0] (
20:39:31mortalisukleinek: as I remeber I've get error on bulk transfer
20:40:18ukleinekmortalis: the log on your pastebin has the exception on handle.set_configuration
20:40:38wodzalso IIRC SDK delays are close to n*nop while sleep(100) is 1s
20:41:47mortalisukleinek: I mean that when i tried to comment set_configuration I've get error on bulk transfer
20:42:59 Quit ChickeNES (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.)
20:43:40saratogamortalis: are you the only one around with one of those HM-601s?
20:44:21mortalissaratoga: yes AFAIK
20:45:33saratogaah ok, then please stick around so someone can maintain that port :)
20:46:39mortaliswodz: Anything else? I'll test without delays tomorrow.
20:47:05wodzso you drive i2s with 11.2916667MHz base clock
20:47:24 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:47:47mortalissaratoga: ok)
20:48:43wodzthis is minor thing but personally I don't like how freq is set - passing 270 as an arg to set_codec_freq() is rather awkward to get 11.29... MHz :-)
20:48:58 Join liar [0] (
20:50:27wodz11.289600 MHz should give exact 44.1kHz samplerate - maybe it is worth to search for such PLL setting
20:51:28 Join robin0800 [0] (~robin0800@
20:52:57saratogathats a .18% error, probably not enough to matter
20:54:49wodzmortalis: since we will need just a few base clocks (I can imagine 256*22.05kHz, 256*44.1kHz, 256*48kHz) I think the easiest approach is to make a table
20:55:20wodzthat is how coldfire MCLK freq change is implemented
20:56:02wodzmortalis: this will also allow to use different samplerate without resampling
20:58:03 Quit Keripo (Quit: Leaving.)
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